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Why ensuring Lead paint abatement is a must Lead paint removal is a serious topic and should not be underestimated in any way. This topic has been under discussion for a very long time. It comes as a surprise that most people tend to over look this threat.

hoW this probLem started For decades lead paint was used and for decades it has been the cause of various health related problems. Even though its usage has been banned, yet health concerns remain to this day. This is because homes that were built before the year 1978 were painted with lead paint. With time, these houses were passed from generation to generation. They stand very much in the same way today as they were in 1978. To make matters worse, lead paint removal has not been ensured in the majority of these homes. So the threat still remains there undetected. There have been lots of attempts on part of the government to raise awareness about this impending danger. However, significant attention to this problem has not been paid by the people in general. The problem persists in many houses to this day and continues to afflict people like a silent killer.

What started the probLem? We all know now that the usage of lead paint is harmful. We would certainly never use this paint in our homes. However, it was being used before 1978. The most common reason for its usage was the belief that lead being a richer color would come out to be more durable for protecting the homes from moisture. People were unaware in those days that despite this attractive benefit its usage would prove to be harmful not only for the people but also for the environment.

banned in 1970s but threat stiLL remains The negative repercussions on health were the reason that led to the ban despite its positive effect. However, a good development is that houses built earlier than 1978 are required to be made lead free as a condition before they can be sold by their owners. The bad news is that despite this regulation, it still remains present in most of the houses.

possibLe side effects on your famiLy Lead could possibly be fatal which increases the urgency to fix this problem. Kids and pregnant women stand out as being the most vulnerable. Lead paint apart from causing neurological damage also harms the reproductive system. Kids and especially babies have a tendency to swallow things which they pick from the ground. They may also lick at their fingers after they have touched objects contaminated with lead paints.

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Why ensuring lead paint abatement is a must  

As we all know lead paint is very dangerous for kids and pregnant women here are some point which will be helpful. For more information rega...

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