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Northeast Prep Academy

Special points of interest: War of Roses Black History Month program

Tailor Made Today V o l u m e

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Valedictorian Jonasia Pink Takes on City Hall Under the exceptional guidance of NEP’s very own technology guru, Ms. Jennifer Wright, NEP’s Valedictorian, Jonasia Pink, was handselected to participate in the Business Technology Job Shadow Day

Valedictorian participates in Business Technology Job Shadow Day Out-of-state professional development opportunity Scholarship opportunities

event. Once there, Jonasia took a tour and met numerous City Hall officials who even gave her an opportunity to sit in one of the City Council member’s chair.

Honor Roll celebration

Inside this issue: War of Roses 2 Out-of-state 3 professional development opportunity 3 People to People Leadership Ambassador Program

Who’s Who 3 in Language Arts scholarship List of Honor 4 Roll students and Students of the Month

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Honor Roll So-Social Celebration Northeast Prep is celebrating yet another quarter of student achievement. 3rd Quarter Honor Roll students and Students-of-theMonth will be honored Friday, April 4, 2014 in the “Cafetorium” during 5th block. Please refer to page 4 for a list of students attending event.

Dress for Success Honor roll students are encouraged to dress up in business casual attire for medal ceremony. More specifications about attire pending Mr. Dickerson’s approval. For immediate answers regarding event, please contact Mr. Martin by e-mail at

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You may write me down in history With your bitter, twisted lies, You may trod me in the very dirt But still, like dust, I'll rise…

NEP Commemorates Black History: “War of Our Roses” Retracing the rich and illustrious past of African Americans, NEP students highlighted the pivotal moments in history that helped shape the social consciousness for people of color. Students captured the essence of black culture, highlighting the plight of influential leaders who have demonstrated the principles of courage, determination, and perseverance .

- Maya Angelou

Yes They Can Through a series of performances such as skits, poems, PowerPoint presentations, and political renditions, students showcased their talents and appreciation for the African American heritage. Nonperforming students contributed in other ways- paintings, posters, and other decorative items.

Meet the Production Team Mrs. Lakita Herring (Director, Writer, & Producer) Mr. Jeremy Martin (Co-Producer) Mrs. Angela Martin (Narrator/Host) Ms. Jennifer Wright (Design Coordinator) Painting by: Steven Pettis, Class of ‘15 Tailor Made Today

Volume 2, Issue 2

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Interested in Out-of-State Professional Development? Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu & African 1. Ways to reduce the number of American Image, Inc. are hosting African American and Histheir 20th annual national conferpanic males in special educaence: “Educating the Black and tion Hispanic Male Child National 2. Ways to reduce their suspenConference.” The conference will sion and dropout rates be held May 5th-7th at the Hilton Hotel, 9333 S. Cicero Ave., Oak 3. Ways to increase their GPA Lawn, IL 60453. 4. Motivational strategies to imThe conference will address the prove their perception of following topics: school

5. Understanding male learning styles Attendees will be allowed to tour Urban Prep, a black male school with 5 straight years of 100 percent acceptance into college. Registration deadline quickly approaching. To register click the link below:

People to People Leadership Ambassador Program NEP has been invited to nominate 12 of its top students to participate in the People to People’s 2015 Leadership Summit.

Ability to take initiative and make decisions to effect positive change Growth and progress within their grade level

Qualification Criteria Seeking 5th through 11th grade students with an overall aptitude for academic achievement. Consider the following qualities:

Selected students will have the unique opportunity to earn academic credits and foster world citizenship. Those accepted into the program will be eligible to apply for

more than 20 competitive needbased or academic-based scholarships. Upon acceptance, students will also receive a press release for his or her local news media. Want to nominate students? Please e-mail Mrs. Martin your nominees by April 6, 2014. Include student’s name, home address, and Be of service. grade level. Whether you make yourself available to a friend or coworker, or you make time every What will students receive? month to do 1. Congratulatory letter volunteer work, 2. Official student biography form there is nothing 3. News release that harvests more 4. Scholarship application of a feeling of 5. Exclusive USAA membership empowerment than 6. Opportunity to compete in being of service to short story and essay contests someone in need. E-mail nominations to Mrs. Martin - Gillian Anderson

Scholarship Alert: Who’s Who in Language Arts The non-profit USAA Scholarship Foundation is seeking nominations for outstanding students to feature in its national publication. Nominated students will qualify for over 400 scholarship awards.

2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Requirements (minimum of 2) 8.

1. 3.0 minimum in your nominat-

ing subject Academic potential Personal motivation Cooperative classroom attitude Dependability Enthusiasm for education Leadership qualities Serious acceptance of responsibility

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Mission The mission of the Alternative Schools is to establish a nontraditional academic program designed to meet the educational, behavioral and social needs of students.

Northeast Prep Academy

Vision 968 N. Mendenhall Memphis, TN 38122

Our vision is to improve academic achievement through positive, rigorous classroom experiences which encourage students to make sound decisions and solve problems as leaders of our community.

Phone: 901-416-2132 Fax: 901-416-2157 E-mail:

“Tailoring students today for their success in the future.”

3rd Quarter Honor Roll Students and Students of the Month Principal’s List 1. Savon Pierre 2. Jonasia Pink Distinguished Honor Roll 1. Savon Pierre 2. Victoria Coates 3. Derek Puryear 4. Darrell Randolph 5. Tenia Tousana 6. Kevin Watkins

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Honor Roll Kaylum Bell Maurice Boles Billy Dexter Chasity Gragg Angle Scott Di’Andre Street DeAntonious Taper Najee Taylor

9. Kimberly Triplett 10. Kylan Williams 11. Raneva Wray

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Citizenship Award Cameron Austin Darryl Dates Myisha Farr Ben Jones Savon Pierre Quaneshia Sistrunk DeAntonius Taper Taylor Townsend

7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.

Carlos Ramirez Darrell Randolph Angle Scott Martavius Stewart Di’Andre Street* Najee Taylor

Feb. Students of the Month 1. Cameron Austin 2. Kyle Booker 3. Shanika Boyd 4. Justin Love 5. Savon Pierre 6. Jonasia Pink Jan. Students of the Month 7. Derek Puryear 1. Kaylum Bell* 8. Carlos Ramirez 2. Lanika Boyd 9. Darrell Randolph 3. Miracle Johnson 10. Di’Andre Street 4. Terry Moore 11. Kimberly Triplett 5. Carnesia Pierce 12. Kevin Watkins* 6. Savon Pierre 13. Malik Wilkins

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