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• Plan to have resource oficer in La Grande School District close to being finalized Inside

By Dick Mason

The Observer


Chris Baxter/TheObserver

Micah Grammon, left, and KodyYounger have spent the past few weeks preparing engines for GCT Construction, the company with which they have joined as wildland firefighters. The new recruits are anxiously awaiting their first assignment.

Jared The fatal shooting at Michael Reynolds High School in Padg ett was Troutdale Tuesday will push a straightmany school districts in arrow kid Oregon to ramp up security wh o had a measures in their schools. fas c ination The La Grande School Dis- with guns, trict is among those which pla n ned a intends to boost its security, c a r eer in the but its plans were in place mil i t ary and priorto Tuesday'sshooting. was deeply The school district began de v oted to taking steps earlier this his Mormon springtoadd a resource f a ith, those officer, which is expected to wh o knew be a deputy from the Union h i m say. County SherifFS Office, for Pa g e 11A the upcoming school year. The law enforcement officer will be present in schools in the La Grande district SeeOfficer / Page 5A


• New firefighting recruits prepare for their first season battling western wildfires By Kelly Ducote The Observer

Nineteen-year-old Kody Younger never saw himself sitting behind a desk for eight hours a day. This summer, he will join a host of new recruits from across the nation who will instead be behind the fire line. Younger, a 2013 graduate of Baker High School, said he's always had an interest in becoming a wildland firefighter. Up through last summer, though, he was

busy playing baseball. "Now, a job's more important,"

Younger said. He and high school classmate Micah Grammon applied to join a crew with GCT Construction and are now preparing to head out where ever Mother Nature calls. "It wasn't as easy as I thought it would be," Grammon said of the weeklong training the new recruits underwent last month. "It's a risky job. It's not going to be easy." Grammon has spent a lot of time since the training helping engine boss Mike Aguirre work on the company's trucks.

GCT has utilized Younger's welding experience to help ready the engines. New recruitsalsohave a plethora ofpaperwork to fill out. ForYounger,becoming a wildland fi refighter hits close to home. Though he is the first in his family to do so, he said his family life revolves around recreational activit y in theforest. aWithout a forest, you can't do anything," he said."Most people around here live on logging." Grammon said after this summer he SeeRecruits / Page 5A

ro ose ores aria urne • Deschutes Land Trust still wants to acquire land burned in the Two Bulls Fire

still 638 firefighters on the fire, which had burned 6,908 acres — nearly 11 square He said Thursday it's too miles — and the fire was 55 By Dylan J. Darling WesCom News Service early to estimate how much percentcontained,according Since the Two Bulls Fire was l ost and how much might to the state-led team fighting the blaze. The cost of fighting startedSaturday,BillSw arts, be salvage logged. "It's a little bit too soon to forester forCascade Timberthe fire is at $4.3 million. lands, has been assessing do th a t yet until we get all the The Deschutes County the impact on the company's fi r e fighters out," he said. SherifFs Office has said the timber holdings. As of Thursday there were Two Bulls Fire, as well as



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another small fire Tuesday south of Skyliners Road, was suspicious and potentially arson. The reward for information leading to a conviction in the Two Bulls Fire was up to

$36,825 Thursday. The fire burned 6,100 acres of the nearly 33,000 acres northwest of Bend owned by SeeFire / Page 5A

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State: New wolf territory labeled near Meacham By Katy Nesbitt The Observer

A new wolf territory was designated this week on Mt. Emily north of Meacham in Umatilla County. OR-26, a male wolf collared last month, is thought to have a mate and pups, but the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife's report said further field surveys are needed to confirm. Wolf Biologist Russ Morgan said based on game trail photographs,tracksand reports, OR-26's home range appears to be in a different area than the Mt. Emily pack's territory. SeeTerritory / Page 5A


Fu ll forecast on the back of B section


Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife photo

OR-26, a wolf recently collared on Mt. Emily, has his own range north of Meacham in Umatilla County.

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FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 2014





Police: Injured

TODAY Today is Friday, June 13, the164th day of 2014. There are 201 days left in the year.

man out

• $81.85 million bond wouldpay form ajor construction and maintenance

of coma /

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By Dick Mason

TODAY HIGHLIGHT IN HISTORY On June 13, 1944, Germany beganlaunching flying-bomb attacks against Britain during World War II.

TODAY INHISTORY In 1927, aviation hero Charles Lindbergh was honored with a ticker-tape parade in NewYork City. In 1942, the first of two four-man Nazi sabotage teams arrived in the United States during World War II. In 1966, the Supreme Court ruled in Miranda v. Arizona that criminal suspects had to be informed of their constitutional right to consult with an attorney and to remain silent. In1983, the U.S. space probe Pioneer 10, launched in 1972, became the first spacecraft to leave the solar system as it crossed the orbit of Neptune. In 1996, the 81-day-old Freemenstandoffended as 16 remaining members of the anti-government group surrendered to the FBI and left their Montana ranch.

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2-10-24-26-74-7-x5 Powerball: $40 million

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14-51-68-73 Pick 4: June 12 • 1 p.m.: 9-1-5-7 • 4 p. m.: 5-9-1-1 • 7 p. m.: 4-2-8-0 • 10 p.m .: 0-6-0-4 Pick 4: June 11 • 1 p. m.: 2-5-7-9 • 4 p. m.: 8-3-9-7 • 7 p. m.: 1-6-8-1 • 10 p.m .: 7-3-1-4

By Kelly Ducote The Observer

A 22-year-old man who was seriously injured after falling out of a pickup last Saturday isbelieved to beoutofa com a in an Idaho hospital, sherilFs officials said today. "Our understanding is that the victim is out of a coma. Wehave notyetbeen able to interview him, but we look forward to doing that," said Capt. Craig Ward of the Union County SherifFs Office. The man, whose name has not been released,lost consciousness after hitting his head on the roadway. He had fallen from a black Ford pickup as its driver was pulling out of a business on Main Street in Union shortly after 8:30 p.m., officials said earlier this week. He was transported to Grande Ronde Hospital by ground ambulance and then Life Flighted to St. Alphonsus Regional Medical Center in Boise, Idaho. ''We believe that there was one or more people in the bed of the pickup truck,"Ward said.'The indications are there was a period ofrapid acceleration that dislodged the victim." The captain added that there arenotindicationsthatthe man was then hitby another vehide as has beenrumored, but he also said that he could not deny that. Ward added that they have more statements to get finm witnesses. ''We feel we have identified the pickup truck and its driver. We are notreleasing names at this tim e,"Ward said. The driver of the pickup, a 31-year-old man, has been contacted by the sherifFs office. Nobody has been arrestedorcited in the case, which remains under investigation.

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The Observer

The La Grande School District is abigstep closerto askingvotersto approve a bond for major maintenance and construction work. The La Grande School Board on Wednesday asked Superintendent Larry Glaze to present it with a resolution for a $31.85 million bond levy at its June 25 meeting. The board will vote at thatmeeting to support orrejectthe resolution. Support of the resolution would mean the district will ask voters to approve a $31.85 million bond levy in the Nov. 4 election. The levy would cost taxpayers $1.99 a year per $1,000 of assessment property value. For example, the owner of a

Observer file phato

Of $31.8 million worth of building and maintenance projects, Central Elementary School is at the top of the list for the La Grande School District's Long Term Facilities Planning Committee. Building and maintenance projects would be funded by a bond that the district may seek in November. ticipants in the online survey showed greater support since they were presented with more information about the school district's needs than those participating in the phone poll. Blackman said this means that the more information the district presents to voters, the greater the chance that they willpersuaded to supportthe proposed

play field. This building would have significantly more classroom space, in additi onal property taxes. eliminating the need for the modulars Central currently uses. It would also Recent surveys have given board members and school officials reason to providethe space Central needs for allbelieve voters may support the bond. A day kindergarten classes. Presently, kindergarten instruction phone survey conducted for the school district by the Nelson Report of Salem in the district is half day and provided in April indicates that 54 percent of the at Willow Elementary School. The registeredvoters surveyed in the school bond. school district wants to move kinderdistrict said they would support the Blackman was the chair of the school gartenclasses back intoitsneighborhood elementary schools. This would proposed bond levy. Thirty-five percent district's facilities committee, which said they would oppose the levy, and 11 developedthe bond proposalthe school allow kindergarten students to have improvedaccess to additional services percent said they were not sure where board is now considering. "The recommendation of the facilities such as counseling, media services and they stand. Glaze said that responses from the committee was very sound," said Joe special education, Glaze said. The bondproposalcallsforclassroom phone survey indicated that those beJustice, chair of the La Grande School ing questioned expressed more support Board. spaceto alsobe added atGreenwood for the bond at the end of the question The big ticket item in the proposed and Island City elementary schools bond is the replacement of Central so they have enough room for full day session than in the beginning. He believesthisisbecause respondents were Elementary School. The school has kindergarten. La Grande presently has half day kindergarten, but the state presented with information about the $3.85 million worth of repair and will begin providing school districts school district's building needs in the constructionneeds,according tothe reportprepared by the schooldistrict's with the funding they need for full course of participating in the survey. "As you educate, the support grows," facilities committee. day kindergarten starting in 2015-16 Glaze said. If Central is renovated, much of the if they have the extra space a full day money would cover the replacement Votersexpressed ahigher levelof program requires. ofitsdeteriorating roofand heating Major capital construction projects support for the bond in an online surthe bond would cover include the advey conducted in February, March and system, the purchase of new windows April. The survey was completed by and more. dition of an industrial arts building at the high school. people who had attended public inforIt would cost $9.6 million to remation sessions on the school district's place Central as its stands today. The facility needs. facilities committee recommends that a ContactDick Mason at 541-786-5386or larger $14.6 million structure be built School board member Greg Follow man said it is significant that parto replace it on what is now Central's Dickon Twitter C IgoMason.

$100,000 home would pay $199 a year


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MARKETS Wall Street at noon: • Dow Jones average — Up 30 points at 16,765 Broader stock indicators: • SBrP 5001ndex — Up 5 points at 1,935 • Tech-heavy Nasdaq composite index — Up 10 points at 4,307 • NYSE — Up 17 points at 10,842 • Russell — Up 2 points at 1,161 Gold and silver: • Gold — Down 20 cents at

$1,273 • Silver — Up 8 cents at $19.61

GRAIN REPORT Soft white wheat — June $728; July, $7.17; August, $7.17 Hard red winter — June, $8.19; July, $8.17; August, $8.12 Dark northern springJune, $8.31; July, $8.26; August, $8.24 Barley — June, 177 — Bids provided ty Island City Grain Co.

QUOTE OFTHE DAY "What intellectual snobs we have become! Virtue is now in the number of degrees you have — not in the kind of person you are or whatyou can accomplish in real-life situations." — Eda J. LeShan

until you'veseen what we have.


ar Platters

Final version of Eastern's

sustainabili plan released Many of the changes in the plan address how it will be implemented and carried It is official. Eastern Oregon University out. The changes were made will be making $4 million based oninput received after in budget cuts over the next the draft plan was released. The amountofmoney and year. The cuts are called for in positions to be cut have not the final version of a sustain- been reduced, but the revised ability plan the university plan does contain encouraghas released. The plan, now ing news for students: available to the public, is • The computer science quite similar to a draft verdegree, which had been sion released in early May. slated for elimination, will The plan calls for 15 fullbe retained in 2014-15. The time faculty positions for degree will be suspended after2014-15 unless stable those on tenure track or on fixed-term contracts to be cut. funding for the program is It also calls for 10 full-time obtained, said Sarah Witte, faculty who are online or ad- interim provost. • The chemistry degree, junctprofessorsto becutand which had been slated to be seven administration stafF positions to be eliminated. cut, will be at least partially By Dick Mason

The Observer

retained. Students will have an opportunity starting in 2014-15 to earn a chemistry/ biochemistrydegree. • EOU's public administrationdegreeisbeing suspended, not eliminated as originally planned. Suspending the degree rather than eliminating it means that it will be much easier to bring back in the future, said Tim Seydel, Eastern's vice presidentfor university advancement and admissions. Eastern will add a public policy minor to compensate for the suspension of its public administration degree. 'This will help us continue to meet the needs of the region in public administration,"Witte said.

6 Ft. Sub

Serves 5-9

Serves 20-25

10102 N, McAlister, La Grande• 541-963-3411 2310 Island Ave,, La Grande• 541-963-7277


A totofPeoPledegend on m e. Even with arthritis, I need to stay strong. If you get your heart rate up with moderate exercise, your arthritis won't slow you down. But it takes more than just staying busy.You need to walk, bike, swim, or choose an activity that gets your heart rate up for at least 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. Or try 10 minute sessions, 3 times a day. In just 4-6 weeks, you'll notice less pain and stiffness. It will also improve your mood, andkeep you strong. For more information, visit or call 1-800-CDC-INFO (800-232-4636).


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tftftl8|rhihIIzghmkvszzrs ggog Qoag ~ ®0 ~u o O ~o





Footsvear tor the Famlly 54 1-969-8898 2 7408


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d , OR 97 8 5 0



FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 2014



LOCAL BRIEFING From stag reports

Market features shearing demos JOSEPH —TheJoseph Farmers' Marketis featuring Ag Day Saturday with sheep to shawl and shearing. Come watch shearing and demonstrati ons offi beruse and pmducts, with live music by The Lyndsey Family. The marketruns fmm 10 a.m. to 2p.m.atJoseph and Main streets. For more information, visitwwwwallowacountyfarm

Oregon Green Free meets Saturday The local chapter of Oregon Green Free meets at noon Saturday at the Integrated Services Building, 1607 Gekeler Lane. Lunch this week will be tacos. Oregon GreenFree is an Oregon Medical Marijuana Program's resource center committed to providing information, education and a

sense of unity for those who choose to use medicinal cannabis. For more information, call 541-963-2529.

Flag Day: Volley to be fired on Saturday A volley of shots will be firedSaturday during a lag-burningceremony forthe f honorable disposalofAmerican flags. Three to four rifles firing blanks will fire sometime between 10 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. at the American Legion parkinglot,301FirSt.

Born Wild

presentation set A"Born Wild Created to be Free" program will be given Sunday by Professional Bull Riders' PastorTodd Pierce of Riding High Ministries. The program will begin at 6 p.m. at Mavericks Arena next to the Union County Fairgrounds.

Pierce will break in a wild horse while sharing a gospel message about true freedom in life. The program is free. Food and beverage concessions will be available starting at 5 p.m. Donations are welcome to help cover the expenses of the project.Theprojectisthe senior high project of Shania Ryan of Imbler High School.

June 26 and July 3 and 10 at the Art Center, 1006 Penn

Ave. Costis$75,$65forArt Center members. All tools and supplies are included. To register ,call541-624-2800 or go to www.artcenterlagrande. org.

Dragon Puppet Theater visits soon Oregon College Savings Program presents Dragon PuppetTheater at4 p.m . Wednesday at Cook Memorial Library. The free puppet show for kids includes a presentation forparents.Refreshments will be provided. The same show will take place at noon Wednesday at the Enterprise City Library, 101 N.E. First St.

Health district board meets Tuesday UNION — The South County Health District will conductitsregularboard meeting at 7 p.m. Tuesday in the Union Family Health Center conference room. The public is welcome to attend.

Stained glass class starts Thursday A stained glass class with Bob Sunderman for ages 16 and older will run from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Thursday and

Wildfire rapeller visits library Wednesday Kane Lester fmm the Blue Mountain Rappellers will be at Cook Memorial Library at

2 p.m. Wednesday for"Fire," a Teen Summer Reading Pmgram activity. Based in La Grande, the Blue Mountain Rappeller sserveremote amas acmss the nation. Lester will speak about life as a wildland fnefighter and whatit takes to be a Blue Mountain Rappeller. This activityis fiee and open to teens and tweens in middle and high school.

OTEC mails members capital credit info Oregon Trail Electric Cooperative lastw eek mailed members their annual notification of capital credit allocation. OTEC, as a not-for-profit electric cooperative, delivers electri cserviceto m embers atcost. When revenues exceed the operational expenses, OTEC allocates these operating margins back to the members. The amounts shown

on the notice represent each members' share of the operatingmargins realized by OTEC in the previous year as well as the cumulative unpaid capital credit balances. These funds are returned to the members as the cooperative is deemed financially ableby theboard ofdirectors. "Allocating and retiring excess revenue to members helps distinguish the cooperativebusiness model," said OTEC Board of Directors President Greg Howard. ''We're proud to support our communities by putting money back into the local economy — and into the pockets of those we serve." These statements are a record of each members' ownershipin thecooperative and should be preserved. These noticesareforinformation only, and are not negotiable and cannot be applied to a member's electric bill.

OIIITUARIES Sandra L Engelson La Grande Sandra L Engelson, 67, of La Grande, died Wednesday at Grande Ronde Hospital. A full obituary will be published later. Loveland Funeral Chapel & Crematory will be handling the arrangements.

Patricia Hamilton Formerly of La Grande 1942-2014 Patricia Hamilton of Richland and formerly of La Grande died May 19. She was born Oct. 23, 1942, in La Grande and raised here. She met her companion, Harold, in 1970, and they reunitedon May 11,1986,at the Earth Tavern in Portland. She and Harold moved to Hermiston soon after. Then six years later they moved to Cornucopia, where they lived for six months, before moving to Baker City. Eventually, they found a place to call home and settled down in Richland. Pattyloved to collectrocks.

She had her favoritesset aside on her porch. She also loved to take Hamilton pictures, but did not like the camera pointed at her. Patty was a happy person; she loved everybody. She never had a bad word to say about anyone. This trait was repeated by her children, who shared this What we loved most is that she could have used her precious breath to cry, vent, badmouth or spread hate. Instead, she was positive and loving, and we always left the conversation on a positive note and with a happy, healthy feeling in our hearts." Patty is survived by her companion of 28 years, Harold E. Dietzen; children, Valerie Jean Hamilton, Earl Michael Hamilton and his wife, Samantha Lyne, Margaret Mary Martha McLean and husband, Scott; 10 grandchildren; sister Pam Tierney and her husband, Rafael, and many other loved ones. A private family service will be held over the Labor

Wyoming. A fiiendof his parents talked them into coming McKinney to Wallowa. They worked 543, Halfway OR 97834. Online condolences may be for Bates Mill for a couple of left at www.tamispinevalley years. His parents didn't like it out here and moved back to Missouri, but Howard stayed here. He worked at the mill in Pilot Rock for a while and then moved to John Day, where he worked Wallowa 1926-2014 several years at the Ford Motor Garage. Then he went Howard W. McKinney, 88, to work at the Hudspeth of Wallowa, died April 15 at Lumber Co. his home in Wallowa after a Howard met and married long illness. his wife, Irene Pritchett, in A celebration oflife and 1956. They had two sons, Craig and Bryce. In the next potluck was held at the Wallowa Senior Center May 31. few years, they moved back Howard W. McKinney was and forth between John born Jan. 3, 1926, in PawDay and Missouri, but they nee City, Neb., to Earl and always came back to home in Julie Hayes McKinney. He Oregon. In 1965, they moved to was only a few months old when they moved to Misthe Wallowa area. Howard souri, where he was raised worked a couple of years for Warren Scott on their ranch. and went to school. In his younger years, Howard drove In 1967, Howard and his produce truck in and around family moved to Wallowa and Tulsa, Okla. He went with started cutting timber. He his parents and brothers to loved working in the woods; when he was no longer able cut timber in Colorado and Day weekend. Memorial donations may be made to the charity of choice through Tami's Pine Valley Funeral Home and Cremation Services, P.O. Box

Homard W. McKinney

PUBLIC SAFETY REPORT LA GRANDE POLICE Vandalism: A car window was reported broken in the 1000 block of Adams Avenue Wednesday morning. Police took a report. Arrested: DerekTyson Haney,35, unknown address, was arrestedWednesday on a Union County warrant charging probation violation on original charges of felon in possession of a weapon and unlawful possession of a firearm. Arrested: Lonnie Ray Kennedy, 57, unknown address, was arrested Wednesday on a Union County warrant charging failure to appear on an original charge of contempt of court. Arrested: Jessica Rose Kast, 25, La Grande, was arrested Wednesday on a Union County warrant charging failure to appear on original charges of second-degree disorderly conduct and harassment. Accident: No one was injured

in anaccident near 305Adams Ave. Thursday morning. Theft: A cattle theft was reported on High Valley Road Thursday afternoon. A report was taken. Cited: Madeline Clara Nilsson, 23, La Grande, was cited Thursday on a charge of thirddegree theft.

UNION COUNTY SHERIFF Arrested: Mi ch aeI Davi d Hanson,36, unknown address, was arrested while lodged in the Union County Correctional Facility on a Union County secret indictment warrant charging failure to report as a sex offender. Arrested: Cindy Irene Marshall,39, unknown address, was arrestedWednesday on a Union County warrant charging violation of a release agreement on original charges of unlawful possession of methamphetamine and possessionof less

than an ounce of marijuana. Arrested: Gabriel Glynn McDonald, 32, unknown address, was arrested on three Union County warrants charging: 1. probation violation on original charges of possession of meth, possession of less than an ounce of marijuana and probation violation; 2. failure to appear on original charges of possession of meth, driving under the influence of intoxicants, possession of less than an ounce of marijuana, driving while suspended and manufacture of meth; and 3. secret indictment warrant charging first-degree failure to appear. Arrested: Robert LaFollette Breeze Jr., 47, unknown address,

was arrested Wednesday on a parole and probation detainer. Arrested: William G. Rogers, 33, La Grande, was arrested Thursday night on a parole and probation detainer. Laura Jenny Rogers,30, La Grande, was arrested on a Union County warrant charging contempt of court on original charges of third-degree escape and second-degree theft. Arrested: Michael Shawn Saling, 46, unknown address, was arrestedThursday night on three Umatilla County warrants with original charges of fourthdegree assault, harassment and four counts of contempt of COUrt.


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She makes you wish you cou11 live forever Because that's how long you'll 1ove her.


1913 Main Street

H a Ler Citv

524-1999 M o nJay — SaturJay 9:30 — 5:30

Wallowa & Asotin counties'11th Annual

%aan Toue

Meet at CloverleafHall at 9:00for coffeeanddonuts, and learnhowIo calibrate yourhandheld, backpackandATVsprayers. Thetour thenwill be focused onthe Zumwalt Prairie, with emphasis onthe control of annual grassesin rangeandpasture land. Carpooling and avanwil be available from the Cloverleaf IoZumwalt andback.

Or orderoffthe regular menu

Restaurant & L o unge



Flying J

AnimleadfamiI fealure Dai 1 40, 420,7102D, 9 203D

• Identifying Rush Skeletonweed R. Other noxious weeds

With corn on the cob, potato salad and a dinner roll with chocolate cakefor dessert. .


Topics include: • Rangeland Weed Control • Calibrating Spray Equipment • Ventenata Control •


1311 Adams • La Grande • 963-3866

13.99 per per On start II:00 a I



Join us on the Weed Tour to discuss the region's top invaders, share management approaches, and visit a few sites


Mayville, Okla. He was preceded in death by his parents, Julie and Earl McKinney; brother, Hurbert McKinney; and two sons, Bryce and from a former marriage, Jerry. Arrangements were made by Bollman Funeral Home.

Saturday June14th• 9 am - 4 pm

Still your and now offering •

to work in the woods, he startedworking atBoise Cascade mill in Elgin. He worked there for 11 years until he was forced to retire with a disability. He then started making wood items to keep busy. Finally he starteda small business and started doing craft shows. He loved going to the shows and meeting new people. Howard loved to hunt and fish. He coached Little Leaguebaseballfora couple of years. When he couldn't hunt andfi sh,he played cardsand liked playing cards at the Range Rider. Howard is survived by his wife, Irene, of Wallowa; son, Craig McKinney of Wallowa; his brother, Jack McKinney of Wyoming; two grandsons; and a daughter, Rita Cowan, by aformer marriage,of

6 Pesticide recertification credits areavailable at theconclusion of theday. WallowaCountycost shareforms, weedbrochures andseveral weedand grass expertswill beavailable Io talk Io. A Freelunch will be provided.The tour hasalwaysbeena great wayfor folks Io learnabout the collaboration of all weedpartners involved incontrolling noxiousweeds,andhownoxious weedsthatcauseso mucheconomic damagewithin Wallowa County.

• •

Please RSVP IoAllen Schnetzky 541-263-1963 so


we canhavea headcount for lunch

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The Observer


nion- ove 1"e ecI.t 1S

I( ~(( ~'-

im ressive Winningone state title is amazing. Winning two or moreinarow,however, is aneven bigger accomplishment. The Union-Cove softball team did just that, claiming the Class 2A/1A state title a week ago in Corvallis with a thrilling 2-1 victory over a hard-fighting, talented Bonanza team. Coach Paul Phillips' squad put themselves into elite company. The fete was even more amazing considering the team had no seniors. None. The whole squad gets a chance to come back, if all goes well, and try for that most rare of accomplishments, the three-peat. Sports dynasties require several key ingredients. From the UCLA men's basketball team coached by legend John Wooden that won 10 national titles in 12 seasons, including seven in a row, to the University of Oregon women's track team coached by Robert Johnson that earlier this year won its fifth straight indoor title, repeat titleists tend to be cooked up with a similar recipe. On the short list of ingredients are talent, chemistry and confidence. You can't win without talent, and Union-Cove has that in abundance. Good chemistry, too, is important. Most winning teams like each other and play well together. As wins accumulate, confidence builds. As the two-time defending champion Miami Heat's struggles in the current pro basketball championship series prove, winning titles year after year is a huge challenge. Other teams rise up, as are the San Antonio Spurs. In any league or state, there are a lot of great players, coaches and teams. Not everyone will take home the title. Wooden, however, had it right, putting winning in perspective — even while absolutely, positively hating to lose. Get players to achieve as close to 100 percent as possible. Keep improving one day at a time by paying attention to the smallest of details. If you properly prepare, Wooden said, you'll win your share. The bottom line is, enjoy the wins, learn from the losses and keep setting high goals for the future.


," N i llgkE4 A'(„Alg I Illl(I



ime for a bit ofhistory I guess. The big dust up over moving the shelter offices — not the women's shelterwould benefit from some historic facts. As apastshelter board member, a participant in the locating and facilitating the building of the actual shelter itself and the person who came up with the name Shelter From the Storm, a line from a Bob Dylan song by the way, I think I can speak to the history involved. Add to that my being on the Board of Commissioners when the shelter was granted temporary housing in the county building and you will understand why I am saddened and ashamed of the direction the issue has taken. Back when the women's advocacy group was just starting, my husband and I put together an event at the old armory to raise money for them. It was several bands and we called it Shelter From the Storm. Not long afterward the group asked if they could use the name, and not longafterthat,Ibecame a board member. Eventually, plans were put together to build a shelter house for abuse victims to transitio n from bad situations to abetter life. Therewas alotofnegativeresistance to the idea in the community, but we



. . .



-4%~IIA «XXh(d(-

Q<h l ~IIIIjj, IIa ~' + u$1> . iili ' -~<4lt«(l ))I

e reis e T

' ggFQ©H..•



My Voice Colleen MacLeod of La Grande is a business owner and a former Shelter From the Storm board member and county commissioner.

educated misconceptions and succeeded. Now let's move to 1998. I am on the county board of commissioners and we have signed a joint contract with Shelter From the Storm to accept grant funds to build a county building which, to fulfill grant requirements, will house the shelteroffices,rentfreeforfi veyears. That would give the shelter until 2003 rent free. The shelter did stay in the county building for those five years — plus another 10-plus years if my m ath is correct. Was it rent free? You bet. Are they still there today rent free? You bet. There was a lot of grumbling at the time about this as well. There are a greatnumber ofhard working, valuable


advocacy groups in this county who do not exist rent free. In fact, the Shelter From the Storm is the only women's shelter group in Eastern Oregon whose office sexistrentfree. That's pretty generous on behalf of Union County. You would expect gratitude atthevery least. Before anyone takes up picket signs and marches on the county because they have inconsiderately thrown the shelter out into the street, you might want to know that in January of this year "a long-term home was offered ito the shelter) in the Joseph Building once the new building is completed and the state courtsare relocated."Thiswa s again offered rent free and with the addition of free utilities as well. It is important to know all the facts. No one I have spoken with knows this history and the generous extensions offered by the county. It is incomprehensible the situation has gone so far as a lawsuit against the county. Not only is it biting the hand that has fed you generously, but it is a potential costoflegalfeestothecitizens of Union County. Where is the gratitude?

Commencement a day to reflect on accomplishments, look to the future omorrow, I have the extreme pleasure of conferring 783 degrees and certificates at Eastern Oregon University's 84th commencement exercises. This is, for the third consecutive year,thelargest graduating class in our history. Commencement is my favorite activity at EOU, and it will be my last act as president. I thank all of you who make Eastern so special. EOU is fortunate to be located in the Grande Ronde Valley, surrounded by beautiful mountains and terrain. More importantly, our university is encircled by a community that prides itself in supporting and advancing EOU as a critical cultural, economic and civic engine for


BOB DAVIES the greaterarea ofthe state. This is witnessed by the numerous business and civic leaders engaging our students through internships, attending performancesfrom sold-out productions of"LesMiserables"to the symphony or any number of athletic contests — supporting Eastern Promise as we involve high school, middle and elementary students in collegiate activities and the many individuals supporting EOU students directly with fundraisers, scholarships, employment and a host of other means.

As EOU faces its challenges — fiscal, enrollment and political — I know you will supportitscause.Aswe seize new opportunities through establishing our own institutional board, furthering Eastern Promise, recruiting and retaining students and other activities, I know your actions will be immediate and profound. And as a new president begins his tenure at Eastern, I trust you will be there to assist and help him be successful, just as you did for me. Commencement is a time to celebrate the achievements of students as they enter a new phase in their lives. However, it is more than just a day marking their accomplishments. It is

a time when the university and community join together in rejoicing and celebrating what has been accomplished, and, more importantly, what will be achieved in the future. It is also a time for all of the individuals who assisted students in their studies to be acknowledgedfortheir support and dedication. Each of you, in one way or another, has contributed to the success of Eastern. And as such, you contributed to the success and future achievements of the nearly 800 individuals who will earntheirdegrees tomorrow under the bright blue skies of La Grande. You should be pi'oud. As our graduates go for-


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A division of

ment" as the end of the process of studying, learning, writing papers and taking tests. No. Commencement is the beginning of a new chapter in the lives of individuals who performed exemplarily at EOU. A beginning m ade possibl ebecause ofthe dedication of all of you who make this valley more than a beautiful place to liveyou make it a beautiful community. On behalf of my wife, Cindy, and our daughter, Katie, we thank you for all of the support you have shown us. As we move forward in our own new chapter, the people we have met in Eastern Oregon will always be with us.

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ward and serve their communities, we know they will add even more value anywhere they live. We know they will give back and repay others for the generosity and support they were shown. While many of our students traveled to La Grande to attend Eastern — and many more earnedtheirdegrees online or at one ofour sites— we do know that a majority will remain in the region and in Oregon. They become leaders. They educate future generations. They improve business and civic life. They spur on new ideasand ventures ofall kinds. In short, they make a difference. Many think of"commence-

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FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 2014




s.Ag !



r -4



Chris Baxter/The Observer

New wildland firefighters Kody Younger, left, and Micah Grammon fill out paperwork to become certified. The recruits must go through a weeklong training, sign liability waivers and more to become wildland firefighters.

RECRUITS Continued from Page1A plans to enlist in the Army, so firefighting will be good experience. Younger, though, is thinking of firefighting in the long term. "I'm going to see how this year goes," he said."I am hopingit turns into a career thing." After the summer, he

hopes to head back to school to work toward his EMT certification. Once their paperwork is ready, crews are expected to be out for 14days ata tim e, with extensions possible, Aguirre said. This week they will be packing their bags for GCT engine bosses to inspect and critique. Younger and Grammon, who say they are more like

OFFICER Continued from Page1A throughout each school day. aWewill be beefing up our security," said La Grande School District Superintendent Larry Glaze. The La Grande School Board adopted a 2014-15 budget on May 28 which

included $80,000 to hire a deputy to serve as a resource officer. The school distric twould cover about 75 percent of the officer's cost with the sherif's office covering the balance. A contractual agreement between the schooldistrictand the sherifFsdepartment is now being finalized for the position. The resource officer, once on board, will be asked by the school district to evaluate its security and develop a plan which will correct any shortcomings. Improving security at entry points will be one of the officer's focuses. "Preparing a security plan for the perimeter, that will be job one," Glaze said. Glaze wants each school to have a

FIRE Continued from Page1A Cascade Timberlands. It's the second time in four years that wildfire has charred the company's land. The 6,143-acre Rooster Rock Fire in 2010 blackened 4,000 acres of its holdings.

Acquiring land for a 'Skyline Forest' The company's land is what the Deschutes Land Trust envisions as the "Skyline Forest." Despite the fires, Brad Chalfant, land trust executivedirector,said the

single entry site, each of which will be monitored. "That is my ultimate goal, to secure all entry points," Glaze said. He said this will be challenge, especially at La Grande High School, which has a multitude ofbuilding entrances. The resource officer, who will be armed, will work throughout the school district and will not have a set school schedule. This will free the officer to be at a school at any given time, possibly warding off anyone who wants to inflict harm. "The officer will be a regular visitor at all the schools," Glaze said. The resource officer's responsibilities, in addition to developing a security plan, will include resolving student conflicts caused by social media interaction and monitoring and evaluating lockdown, earthquake and fire drills. The school districthad aresourceofficer from the La Grande Police Department until about six years ago when the position was cut because ofbudget problems. La Grande High School Assistant Principal Scott Carpenter said the

Bend-based organization is still interested in acquiring the land. "All the reasons that we are interested in Skyline Forest continue," he said. H e said protecting the forestfrom potentialdevelopment would provide wildlife habitat and a place for education and recreation, as well as preserve scenic views. "This continues to be the view from much of Central Oregon looking toward the mountains," he said. The land trust has been working on the idea of the Skyline Forest for more than a decade and made offers on

You are invited to attend

Summer Bible School at GrandeRonde Mennonite Church Tues-Fri, July 15-18 & Mon-Fri, July 21-25, 6:30-8:30 each evening

Pre-K through 10th grade BRING YOUR FRIENDS! To Register ca11: James Martin (541) 786-0811 Transportation


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To La Grande Hwy. 237

brothers than friends, are soaking in the new experiences and are looking forward to their first assignment. aYou can't control fire," Grammon said.aYou have to use your head, be safe and you'll be fine." They are ready for strenuous physical activity and challenges of Mother Nature, but are embracing the cama-

CrandeRonde MennoniteChurch 693 71 bstzLane cave, OR 978a

~ lxMrle ~ bstzbse -r

Resularservicer SundayMormn r 1000 wednesday Evermr 2nd \rh wednesdays r30 Sunday Evermr 2nd ehandrthsundap 600 Eerrone always welcome!

raderie that comes with the territory. "Just from the fire training, we've become pretty good friends,a Younger said."That's kind of what the crew is, a little family. You watch out for each other." Contact Kelly Ducote at 541-786-4230 or kducote Cai Follow Kelly on Twitter @IgoDucote

regularpresence ofa resource offi ceron campus will reduce the chances of drug use orsafety-related incidentsoccurring. 'These are less likely to occur if people know that a resource officer may be present," Carpenter said. He noted that the resource officer would be a familiar presence on campus, which should help if there is an incident the deputy needs to address such as a

it means to have wolves in theirarea,"M organ said. M organ said thecollars Continued from Page1A will help the department "OR-26 is in a different in a new way this summer while it initiates wolf, area so far," Morgan said. "He is very localized and cougar and elk research on not where we know the Mt. Mt. Emily. "OR-26 and OR-28 are Emily pack to be." Biologists identified a goingto serve a dualservice. In thepast,collarswere breeding pair on Mt. Emily in the spring of 2013 and used for understanding the collared a yearling female pack and helping people live member of the pack this May. with wolves. The collar data aAfler one year we got a will be a really key part of collar on that pack," Morgan thiswhole research project. said.'The message to me W e are looking to getm ore is this is just the starting collarson in thearea as point. Hopefully, we will well," Morgan said. figure out how that pack As wolves expand works more effectively." throughout Oregon, MorA report released by gan said thecollarsprovide ODFW said the Mt. Emily information on what he called a relatively secretive pack has at least four adult members. carnivore. ''What the collared wolves Right now there is a large circle drawn on a map on do represents what other the department's wolf page wolves might be doing," he indicating OR-26's range, sald. but data from his collar will better define his territory. Contact Katy Nesbitt at When it is better known, 541-786-4235 or knesbittCai Morgan said he will post a polygon representing a Follow Katy on Twitter more defined area. CailgoNesbitt. "Declaring an area of known wolf activity is a function of our new rules," Morgan said. In May 2013, a lawsuit settlementdictated that ODFW must post regular updates on collaring and MOST wolf activity to keep the ADVANCED "I TECHNOLOGY public betterinformed. AVAILABLE aWe are stepping up ACDelcoTSS coordination with folks and Tawnie Horst talking to them about what



P'ASSOCIATES An IndependentInsuronceAgency

/Auto IHome I Medicare I Life insuranc e Ccl ol' $ropII Todc i >

fight. 'This will allow kids and parents to feelmore comfortablein a stressfulsituation," Carpenter said. The assistant principal added that the regularpresence ofa law enforcement officer will help students view law enforcement officers from a positive perspective, not just as someone who m akes arrests and givestickets. 'They will not be viewed as negative but instead as people working very diligently for the community," Carpenter sald. Contact Dick Mason at 541-786-5386 or dmason C lagrandeobserver com. Follow Dick on Twitter C lgoMason.

the Cascade Timberlands property in 2012. The company rebuffed theoffers. For Swarts, who guides the management of the forest, the land is still called"Bull Springs Tree Farm." He said he hasn't been involved in any of the talks about a possible sale. Timber giant Crown Pacific owned the tree farm before it went bankrupt in 2002. The land was sold off tocreditors and eventually came to be owned by Cascade Timberlands, which has an office in Bend. Fidelity National Timber Resources, a subsidiary of Jacksonville,

Fla.-based Fidelity National Financial, owns Cascade Timberlands. Along with the land the Deschutes Land Trust wants for the Skyline Forest, CascadeTimberlands has forests near Gilchrist and close to Chiloquin. Chalfant said it appears Fidelity wants to sell off all of its holdings in Oregon — about 200,000 acres — ratherthan sellpiecesof them. So he's been working thepastcoupleofyearsto bringpartnersinto a deal. Those partners include the Klamath Tribes, which want to acquire92,000 acresfrom Fidelity near Chiloquin.


p'g.ik. June 14, 2014 • 1-3 pm Erl Mcl aughlin from Sunrise Iron Will be out demonstrating how to age wood, restore iron farm equipment, and sharing pieces from his personal collection at Wallowa Lake State Park.

The Riverside Day-Use Area of Wallowa Lake State Park Contact: Jenny Arnold (541)432-8855 EX 25

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Keey Your Rid.e Tuned.f

Do the same for yOur teeth — make a,n appointment today!

x, 3 .=

Koza Family Dental Care PC 2502 Cove Ave., Suite D, La Grande Mountain west Plaza 54 1 - 963-4962 The 2014 La Grande High Sehool Graduating C>lass wouild li ike to thank the folilowing sponsors for their

generous donations iri support of our Aleohol and Di rug-Free Grad Night Party; Centers for Human Development, Inc. Union County Safe Communities Coalition Legacy Ford Lincoln Sherry Kavanaugh Hermann Financial La Grande Education Association Cam Credits Blue Mountain Acupuncture Jennifer Moore, LAC Dr. Richard Holecek Dr. Michael Rushton Dr. Joseph Petrusek Commercial Tire Maridell Center Obsidian Urgent Care Red Cross Drug Law Office of David Baum & Brent Smith Law Office of Charles Gilles Shaw's Auto Body Wal-Mart Subway El Erradero Haines Steakhouse Mamacita's McDonald's Bi-Mart

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FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 2014

School shooting: Students, dignitaries gather for prayer vigil (MCT)

The teens moved slowly into the Greater Portland Baptist Church in a daze. Some rolled in and carried theirskateboards carefull y to the church's back pews. Some came with their parents, proppedup by moms wiping tears away as they entered the Tuesday evening vigil. "I'm here for him, for Emilio," said Jose Medel,

15, a freshman who played soccerfor severalyearswith Emilio Hoffman, who was killed in Tuesday morning's shooting at Reynolds High School, just five miles away from the church located near the border between Portland and Gresham. M edel's mom heldup her phone. There, so alive and silly and posing in the bright pic-

as he recalled how in an earlier term he saw hisstate through the 1998 Thurston High School shooting, one of the first to introduce the country to the horrors that can unfold in the supposed safe confines of a school. Now many of the students in this church understand. "I was so scared, I couldn't believe what was going on and it was petrifying," said

ture, was her son and Hoffman and a few others from the community recreational team, Crystal, which Medel's uncle coaches. Along with the many friends, many of the Gresham church's members came out to show support, as well as Gov. John Kitzhaber and Multnomah County Chairwoman Deborah Kafoury. Kitzhaber shookhis head

Mercedes Pennie, 17, a junior who spent an hour huddled in the school before she was shuttled out and safely aboard a bus. Reynolds student Jordan Olson said she spent an hour in the science building, within earshot of the rampage a few walls away. She hid, checking her phone and texting family, experiencing the shock of understand-

ing that the headlines and pictures of SWAT teams and sherifFs office assault vehicles were justafew feet away. "I was just hoping that no one was getting hurt, that we wouldn't get hurt," said Olson, 16, a sophomore who had several classesw ith Hoffman in middle school and saw him occasionally in the halls at Reynolds.

served Saturday night.

a luncheon at 2 p.m. Wednesday at Stoplight sponsored by the Women's Ministries. The CommunityFood Bankis from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. June 21. Future activities include a June 29 special "Pet Blessing" service, beginning at 11 a.m. and led by Pastor Mike Lamb on the church lawn.

HIGHLIGHTS Church celebrates Trinity Sunday As the First Christian

Church iDisciples of Christ), 901 PennAve., celebrates Trinity Sunday, Pastor Don Dunn will speak on'The Trinity and Discipleship," fiom 2 Corinthians 13:11-13 and Matthew 28:16-20. Wo rship beginsat 10 a.m. The children have prepared special gifts for the men attending worship on Father's Day.

Guest pastor visits Cove church Sunday COVE — Guest pastor Sue Peeples from Union will give the sermon at the Cove United Methodist Church Sunday. The service will start at 9 a.m., with a coffee fellowship afterward. Pastor John Shukle upon returning from the annual Church Conference in Salem next week will continue the

study in Matthew, focusing on Matthew 1:18-25, the birth of Jesus the Messiah. M en's breakfast ispostponed until further notice. The multi-denominational church effort continues to start a'Young Life" program in Cove and Union.

They began with a small Bible study on the fiont porch of their home in Port-auPrince in 1974 and for the last 36 years have maintained as theirsolepurposethesaving of souls for the kingdom of

preach. The vestry will meet following the service. Morning prayer is offered at 8:30 am Tuesdays and Thursdays in the chapel. A midweek Eucharist is offeredat 12:15 p.m. Wednesdays, also in the chapel.


Over the years, they expanded to include many Sermon based ministries and programs. on Genesis, Psalm ENTERPRISE — 'With The impact of the mission Trinity Sunday will be celYouAlways or Coming Again?" reaches far beyond the city isthehottopicfor9:30a.m . of Port-au-Prince outinto ebrated this week during the Bible study and 11 a.m. wor9:30a.m.worship serviceat the countryside surrounding the First Presbyterian Church. ship at Enterprise Community the capital city. The mission Church Sunday, with MatPastor Keith Hudson's serprovides Haitian people with mon,"A Little Lower,"is based thew 28:16-20forscripture. education, m edicalcare, on Genesis 1:1-2:4 and Psalm food, employment and child 8. The Lord's Supper will also Mission reps visit sponsorship. The Prophets oversee 56 be commemorated. Fellowship La Grande, Imbler will follow the service. churches, 53 schools, the SuEtienne and Betty Prophet fiom Haitian Christian perior Institute of Translation Midweek Eucharist Mission will speak at 6 p.m. and Interpretation for high offered Wednesdays Saturday atValley Fellowschool graduates. a medical clinic that serves a population St. Peter's Episcopal ship 4y the city pool) and at Church will observe Trinity 10 a.m. Sunday at the Imbler of morethan 80,000 people and a mobile health clinic. Sunday with Holy Eucharist Christian Church. Haitian Christian Mission The eventis free. Ice cream at 9 a.m. The Rev. Kathryn Macek will preside and was founded by the Prophets. and all the toppings will be

Community church presents hot topic

I Come and worshiPwith our churchfamily

CHURCH OF CHRIST 2107 Gekeler Lane, La Grande 805-5070 P.O. Box 260 Website;

sunday school sunday worship sunday Evening

9:30 am 10:30 am 6:00 pm No meeting on 3rd sun. night of month Wednesday Night Small GrouP: 7:00Pm Call for I xntIon Preacher: Doug Edmonds


First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) 901 Penn Avenue 963-2623 web: firstchristianlagrande.orI.

Worship 10:00 a.m. Sunday School 8:45

Zion Lutheran Church (an ELCA church) 902 Fourth Street, La Grande, oR 7a/QN hR4N (541) 963-5998 lk MIUIOE

9:30 am - Worship 10:30 am - Fellowship & Refreshments 11:00am - Classes

If Ife.ZiOntagrande.Org

First Baptist Church Crossroads SIXTH 8c SPRING • 963-3911 Community Church

UNIoN UNITED METHoDIsT CHURcH 601 Jefferson Ave., La Grande Hwy. 237• Union, OR

JOIN US... Catch the S iritt Worship: 9:00 a.m. Cove Worship: 11:00 a.m. Union

Coye: 541-212-5S95 (Johnj Union: 541-562-5748 Sue

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EVERYONE WELCOME Pastor Dave Tierce• 541-605-0215 10200 N. McAIIster, Island City

Sundays at 10 a.m. DCIn Mielke 541-663-6122

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North Powder - Saint Anthony's- 500 EStreet Sunday 6:00 pmMass Tuesday 6:00 pmMass

Sunday School — 10:00 am Worship I I:00 am Sunday Afternoon Bible Study — 2:00 pm Wednesday Evening — 6:30 pm

"Where you canfind TRUTH according Io the scriptures" www,lagrandemissionarybaptist,com

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Meetingevery Saturday 9:30 a.m.- B>ble Study/Fellowsh>p 10:45 a.m. - Worsh>p Serv>ce

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c lry p o o l )

SundaySchool 9 '.15 a.m. SundayWorship 10'.30 a.m. Pastor TimGerdes


Baptist Church 1531 S, Main St,, Union• 562-5531 Pastor Dave 805-9445

Come and share in a ti me of worship, prayer and the study of God's word with us. Worship inc l u d e s communion on Sunday.

S unday School 9:45 a m Morning Worship 11 am sunday Night 6 pm Wednesday Night 6:30 pm Thursday AWANA 6 : 3 0 pm Email: church Q

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Holding Services ac

Seventh Day Adventist Church

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You are invited to join us as we searchScripture for answers to Life Questions —come, enjoy warmfellowship. A Southern Baptist Church.

2705 Gekelcr Lane, La Grande Roger Cochran, Pastor

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Sunday Services 9:00 a.m. 10:00 a.m.

Sunday School Worship Service


(541) 663-0610 9 am Sunday School 11 am Worship

Solus Chnstus,SofaScrrptura, SofaGraua, Sofa Fide,SoADeoGlona

BAPTIST CHURCH • 9:45AM sunday Biblestudy • 11 AM sunday worship • IpM Wednesday prayerService


1114 Y Avenue, La Grande

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Churches and faithbased groups are encouraged to submit Highlights for the Spiritual Life page by 4 p.m.Tuesday for publication Friday. Submit by email to news@ (with Highlights in the subject line), by fax to 541-963-7804, or by hand to the office.

A Place where hoPeisfound in Jesus Come join with us io Worsbip and Fellowsbip

(Corner of 'Y" Avenue and N Birch Street)

':-BAPTIST CHURCHCommunity Church

A churchforyourwholefamily

ousl e as l of



Sunday Services: SundaySchoolk Adult BibleClasses 9:45AM Children'sChuzh k WorshipService 11:00AM Family Worship Service 6:00PM Wednesday: PrayerMtg,Chilchen'sBible Club,Youth Group7:00PM

507 P a l m e r A v e

Weuse the King JamesVersion Bible


La Grande Seventh-day Adventist Church

109 1SthStreet • 963-3402

Sunday Worship 10:00 am Wednesday Night 6:15 pm "...where you can begin again"

UNION — Pastor Sue Peeples' message at 11 a.m. Sunday at the United Methodist Church of Union is 'Who Are You Anyway?" Fellowship and refreshments follow, with discussion of Bizarre Bazaar projects. The church plays host to Fresh Food Alliance from 12:30 p.m. to 1 p.m. Monday. At noon Tuesday is senior lunch, followed at 2 p.m. with Emotions Anonymous, a 12 Step program for anyone desiring to explore emotional reactionsto various situations. For more information, callMary at541-805-4826. Wednesday Prayer Meeting is from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. People with prayerrequests can contact a church member or call 541-562-5848. Othercoming activities are


(541) 963-4342

Kingdom Kids - Youth in Action

Anyway?' is message


Pastor: Rev. Colleen Nelson

-Join us at The Lord's Table-

'Who Are You



~ c~= -





"We are called to Serve" Brst Service 9:00 AM — 10:30AM Sunday Schoolfor allages -9:00 am SecondServiceII:00AM — 12:30 PM Sunday Worship 10:00 am Sanctuary 6:00 PM — 7:30 PM Pastor Carl Aeelho ff I0300South "D" Street - Island City OR97850 Phone: 541-805-0764 (54I)963-8063

Elgin Baptist Church 800 N. 13th Ave. Pastor Bradford Richmond

Bible Study 9:30 am Worship R Praise 1 0 :45 am

(541) 663-1735


Regular services 9:00 am Sunday School Classes 10:00 am Sunday Worship Service

Everyone invited to hear the word of' Cod.

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on the seventh DayAdvent>st church bu>ld>ng)


1612 4th Street — 963-249S Pastor Steve Wolff www.lgumchurch.

org Office Hours: Mon-Thur 9am-Noon




]3F!II • Chair Exercise Class:9:30 a.m.; Union County Senior Center, 1504 N. Albany St. • DAR Lone Pine Tree Chapter:11:30 a.m.; Flying JTravel Plaza, 63276 Highway 203. • Fishtrap Fireside: 7-9 p.m.; Fishtrap House,400 E. Grant St., Enterprise. • La Grande Free Summer Lunch Program:kids 1-18 free, $3 adults; 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.; Riveria Activity Center, 2609 Second St. • Live 'Section Ate' Music by Terry LaMont:free; 11 a.m.; Union County Senior Center, 1504 N. Albany St. • Lostine River Habitat Restoration Work Party:9 a.m.; Wallowa LandTrust Office, 116 S.River St., Enterprise (or meet at old Willett Hayshed on Highway 82 upstream from Spring Branch Wildlife Area). • Pinochle Social Club:must be18; 6 p.m.; Union County Senior Center, 1504 N. Albany St. • Riverfest:9 a.m.7 p.m.; Downtown Elgin. • Taco Feed Fundraiser:benefits LHS volleyball; $5, $3 kids, $20 family of 6+; 6-8 p.m.; La Grande Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1802 Gekeler Lane. • Mt. Howard Wildflower Hike: meet at top of Wallowa Lake Tramway; free (requires Tram ticket); 11 a.m.-1 p.m.; 59919Wallowa Lake Highway.

I48aT • 'Light up the Night' Fundraising Car Wash:by donation; 10 a.m.-2 p.m.; Wallowa High School.


• Boy ScoutTroop 514Yard Sale: 8 a.m.-noon; Presbyterian Friendship Center, 1204 Spring Ave. • Dan Warnock Book Signing:proceeds from booksales go to veterans' Divide Camp; 11 a.m.-2 p.m.; The Bookloft,107 E. Main St., Enterprise. • Eagle Cap Excursion Train Family Fun Day: 10 a.m., train to Minam and bus back to Elgin Depot; 11:30 a.m., bus from Elgin Depot to Minam and return by train; $50 adults Bi. seniors, $20 age 3-16, younger than 3 ride free; buy tickets at Alegre Travel (800-323-7330 or trainC alegretravel. com); Elgin Depot, 300 N. Eighth St. • Elgin Fire Dept. Riverfest Pancake Breakfast:$5, $3 kids age 11Bi. younger; 7-11a.m.; Elgin Fire Department Hall. • Faith Lutheran Church Rummage Sale:8 a.m.-2 p.m.; 12th Street and Gekeler Lane. • Flag Burning Ceremony:10 a.m.; La Grande American Legion Post 43, 301 Fir St. • Free Yoga in the Park:11:30 a.m.; Riverside Park pavilion, North Spruce Street and Fruitdale Lane. • HMJSTree Farm Tour:meet at junction of Highway 82 Bi. Bramlet Road, about 5 miles west of Wallowa, to carpool to the Pubols' farm; 9 a.m.-3 p.m.; HMJS Tree Farm, Smith Mountain, west of Wallowa. • Joseph Farmers Market:10 a.m.2 p.m.; Joseph Bi. Main streets. • La Grande Farmers Market:9 a.m.-noon; Max Square, Fourth Street and Adams Avenue. • Mountain High Broncs & Bulls: $12; 2 p.m.;Wallowa County Fairgrounds, 668 N.W. First St., Enterprise.

• Oregon Green Free: noon; Integrated Services Building, 1607 Gekeler Lane. • Restoring Antique Farm Equipment Demonstration: Art in the Park program featuring Erl McLaughlin from Sunrise Iron; 1-3 p.m.; Wallowa Lake State Park day-use area. • Riverfest:7 a.m.6 p.m.; Downtown Elgin. • Wallowa County WeedTour:meet at 9 a.m.; Cloverleaf Hall, 600 N.W. First St.,Wallowa County Fairgrounds, Enterprise.

IgSll!I • Supper & Study: free food, coffee Bi.Wi Fi; 7-10 p.m.; La Grande Church of Christ, 16th Street and Gekeler Lane.

I) Mil!I • Bridge: 1:15 p.m.; Union County Senior Center, 1504 N. Albany St. • Chair Exercise Class:9:30 a.m.; Union County Senior Center, 1504 N. Albany St. • CUCU Strum Circle:7-8:30 p.m.; Bear Mountain Pizza, 2104 Island Ave. • Free Summer Lunch Program: kids 1-18 free, $3 adults; 11:30 a.m.12:30 p.m. at Riveria Activity Center, 2609 Second St., La Grande;12:151 p.m. at Stella Mayfield School, Elgin. • Fresh Food Alliance:12:301 p.m.; Union United Methodist Church. • Live Music by Dennis Winn:free; 11 a.m.; Union County Senior Center, 1504 N. Albany St. • TOPS OR 98:Take Off Pounds Sensibly; weigh-in at 5:30 p.m., meeting at 6; Faith Lutheran Church,12th Street and Gekeler Lane. • Union County

Chess Club: 3-7 p.m.; Sub Shop, 111 Depot St. • Union Food Bank: 9-11 a.m.; Union United Methodist Church. • Wild Ones in Concert:$10 at the door; 7 p.m.; OK Theatre, 208W. Main St., Enterprise.

gTll<S • BabyTot Bop Story Circle:ages 0-3; free; 11:30 a.m.; Cook Memorial Library, 2006 Fourth St. • Brown Bag Lunch at the Josephy Library:free, bring your own lunch; noon; Josephy Center for Arts Bi. Culture,

403 N. Main St., Joseph. • Ceramic Artists Exhibit Preview & Presentation: 7 p.m.; Josephy Center for Arts Bi. Culture, 403 N. Main St., Joseph. • Free Summer Lunch Program: kids 1-18 free, $3 adults; 11:30 a.m.12:30 p.m. at Riveria Activity Center, 2609 Second St., La Grande; 12:151 p.m. at Stella Mayfield School, Elgin. • Emotions Anonymous: 2 p.m.; Union United Methodist Church. • International Order of Rainbow for Girls:above post office, enter on Center Street side; 7 p.m.; Union Masonic Hall, 125W. Center St. • Island City Lions: 7 p.m.; Denny's, 2604 Island Ave. • La Grande Blood Drive:noon-6 p.m.; La Grande Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints, 1802 Gekeler Lane. • La Grande Farmers Market:3:306:30 p.m.; Max Square, Fourth Street and Adams Avenue. • Live Music by Blue Mountaineers:free; 11 a.m.; Union County Senior Center, 1504 N. Albany St. • Pinochle:1 p.m.;

Union County Senior Center, 1504 N. Albany St. • South County Health District: 7 p.m.; Union Family Health Clinic. • TOPS (fragrancefree):8-10 a.m.; Island City City Hall. • Union Senior Lunch:noon; Union United Methodist Church. • Wallowa City Council:7p m Wallowa City Hall, 211 E. Second St. • Wallowa Dulcimer Club:7 p.m.; Woodshed, 705 S. River St., Enterprise.

ISwED • Chair Exercise Class:9:30 a.m.; Union County Senior Center, 1504 N. Albany St. • Dementia/ Alzheimer's Support Group: free, lunch included; noon; Wildflower Lodge Assisted Living Bi. Memory Care,508 16th St. • Dragon Puppet Theater:sponsored by Oregon College Savings Program, puppet show for kids Bi. presentation for parents; free; noon at Enterprise City

Library, 101 N.E.First St.; 4 p.m. at Cook Memorial Library, 2006 Fourth St. • Free Summer Lunch Program: kids 1-18 free, $3 adults; 11:30 a.m.12:30 p.m. at Riveria Activity Center, 2609 Second St., La Grande; 12:151 p.m. at Stella Mayfield School, Elgin. • Live Music by Blue Mountaineers:free; 11 a.m.; Union County Senior Center, 1504 N. Albany St. • Ned Crisp & Bottom Line in Concert:$12 at the door; 7 p.m.; OK Theatre, 208W. Main St., Enterprise. • Rails &Trails Proposal Presentation:noon; St. Katherine's Parish Hall,301 E. Garfield St., Enterprise.

• Rotary Club of Wallowa County: noon; St. Katherine's Parish Hall, 301 E. Garfield St., Enterprise. • Teen 'Fire!' Summer Reading Program:Kane Lester from Blue Mountain Rappellers speaks about life as a wildland firefighter; open to teens and tweens in middle Bi. high school; 2 p.m.; Cook Memorial Library, 2006 Fourth St. • Wallowa County Blood Drive:noon6 p.m.; Enterprise VFW Hall,800 N. River St.

]9Tiill!IS • Country Swing Thursday:$3 before 8 p.m., $5 after 8; • 7:30 p.m.; Maridell Center, 1124 Washington Ave. • Cove Library Summer Reading Program:free; 10-11 a.m.; Cove Public Library. • Diabetes Support Group:6:30 p.m.; Grande Ronde Hospital Mt Emily Conference Room. • Free Summer Lunch Program: kids1-18 free $3 adults; 11:30 a.m.12:30 p.m. at Riveria Activity Center, 2609 Second St., La Grande;12:151 p.m. at Stella Mayfield School, Elgin. • Enterprise Farmers Market & Courthouse Concert Series:live music at5:30p.m.; 4-7 p.m.;Wallowa County Courthouse, 101 S. River St. • Live Music by Fine Tunes:free; 11 a.m.; Union County Senior Center, 1504 N. Albany St. • Oregon Employer Council:11:30 a.m.1 p.m.; Chrisman Development Bi. Viridian Management Building, 200 E. Main St., conference room, Enterprise. • PFLAG Board Game Night:

BakerValleVIacesmosauitoinvasion By Jayson Jacoby

vvescom News service

BAKER CITY — The mosquitoes got the jump on Matt Hutchinson this spring. Not that mosquitoes jump, exactly. But they fly. And in the case of the females, they bite. "It's been pretty busy," said Hutchinson, who's in his second year as manager of the Baker Valley Vector Control District. To put it another way, he's the hired mosquito killer for a 200,000-acrearea thatincludes Baker City and most of the Baker, Bowen and Keating valleys. Hutchinson said the combination of an earlier-than-usual onset of flood irrigation in Baker Valley and acoupleofperiods of warm weather in early May produceda crop ofm osquitoes sooner than is typical. And some of those mosquitoes flew or were pushed by a persistent north wind into Baker City. '%e've definitely gotten more complaints &om inside town than the year before," Hutchinson said on Thursday. The warmer the air, and the

• 0

warmer the water where their eggsarelaid,the faster mosquitoesprogress through their larval stages and hatch into adults. Hutchinson said most of the "obnoxious" mosquitoes plaguing Baker City residents hatched in flood-irrigated fields north of town. Although many farmers have switched &om flood irrigation to sprinklers overthe past20years or so, there's still a considerable amount of ground in the valley that's submerged during the spring, Hutchinson said. Duane Chandler knows this firsthand. His family owns Chandler Herefords, a cattle ranch in Baker Valley about midway between Baker City and Haines. The Chandlers use flood irrigation in their hay pastures. Chandler said mosquitoes this spring"are the worse they've been in as long as I can remember." "If you don't have mosquito repellent on — and I mean everywhere — you feel like you're

going to be carried og" Chandler said."They're horrible." Chandler understands that

floodirrigation provides breeding grounds for mosquitoes. But he agrees with Hutchinson thatthe proliferation of mosquitoes this year has more to do with timing than anything else. '%e're part of the contributing factor," Chandler said."But nothing's really changed as far as the way we go about things. It's just one of those years." Hutchinson said the persistent wind, besides pushing mosquitoes from the valley into Baker City, also has hampered his aerial campaign against mosquito larvae. The Vector Control District hires a company that uses airplanes to spray products that kill mosquito larvae and as well as adult insects. The district's focus, though, is on the larvae, Hutchinson sald. "That's the best way to do it — get them before they become biting adults," he said."Obviously that doesn't always work out." Although city residents are helpless to thwart floodwater mosquitoes from migrating into town, they can prevent local infestations by making sure

• 0

there's no standing water on their property. Even a bucket or an old tire can harbor mosquito eggs and larvae, Hutchinson said. He also recommends residents who are plagued by mosquitoes to avoid going outside at dawn and dusk, when the bugs are m ost acti ve. When you are outside, wear long pants and long-sleeved shirts, and use a repellent that contains DEET. Hutchinson urges residents who either have major mosquito problems — one or two isn't an infestation — to call his ofIIce at 541-523-1151 and leave a detailed message. Do the same if you thinkyou'vefound a major breeding ground for larvae, as well, he said. Hutchinson said he hopes mosquito population has reached its peak, at least temporarily. Most flood irrigation has ceased until later in the summer. Also, his crew of three seasonal employees is working full time. They don't start until June, so this spring's unusually early mosquito onslaught left Hutchinson alone to deal with the problem.

6-8 p.m.; Bear Mountain Pizza, 2104 Island Ave. • Storytime:free; 11:30 a.m.; Cook Memorial Library, 2006 Fourth St. • ThirdThursday at 10 Depot:8-10 p.m.; Ten Depot Street. • Wallowa County Chamber AfterHours:event at top of Mt. Howard; $10 for Tram ticket Bi.dinner; 4-7:30 p.m.;Wallowa Lake Tramway, 59919Wallowa Lake Highway. • Third Thursday Open Mic:free; 7 p.m. (sign-up begins at 6:15); Lear's Main Street Pub Bi.

Grill,111W. Main St., Enterprise. • Union County PFLAG:6 p.m.; Shelter From the Storm, 1111Fifth St., La Grande. • Wallowa County Chess Club:48 p.m.; Josephy Center for Arts Bi. Culture,403 N. Main St., Joseph.

gPF!II • Chair Exercise Class:9:30 a.m.; Union County Senior Center, 1504 N. Albany St. • Free Summer Lunch Program: kids 1-18 free, $3 adults; 11:30 a.m.12:30 p.m. at Riveria Activity Center, 2609 Second St., La Grande; 12:151 p.m. at Stella Mayfield School, Elgin. • iCraft:tweens Bi. teens ages 11Bi. older; 3-4 p.m.; Cook Memorial Library, 2006 Fourth St. • Live Music by Fine Tunes:free; 11 a.m.; Union County Senior Center, 1504 N. Albany St. • Pinochle Social Club:must be18; 6 p.m.; Union County Senior Center, 1504 N. Albany St. • Hells Canyon Wildflower Hike: 10 a.m.-noon; Hells Canyon Overlook, off Wallowa Mountain Loop Road (FSR39).


On the PrOW1 BALTIMORE (AP) — Baltimore police say oScers shot a cow that had escaped from a city slaughterhouse on a downtown street. Sgt. Sarah Connolly, a police spokeswoman, says the animal was shot shortly after 10:15 the Mount Vernon neighborhood, home to numerous bars, restaurants and shops. Connolly says she believes the animal was killed, but that hasn't been confirmed. She says it no longer poses a threat. Police believe it escaped &om a slaughterhouse in west Baltimore. Connolly says police received calls from business owners concerned about the animal running loose on the streets.

SENIOR MENUS UNION COUNTY SENIOR CENTER LUNCH MENU JUNE 16-20 Monday: almond chicken, rice or noodles, steamed vegetables,Asian salad, bread, fruit. Tuesday:stuff ed peppers,steamed broccoli, salad greens, fresh fruit. Wednesday: Community Appreciation Day: hamburgers, seasoned fries, coleslaw, fresh fruit, cookies. Thursday: Barbecue chicken, baked beans, Caesar salad, steamed green beans, olive bread, fresh fruit. Friday: southwest tacos, Mexi rice, fruit, chips, flan.

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Friday, June 13, 2014 The Observer

ON DECIC TODAY • American Legion baseball:La Grande Legacy Legends vs. Kuna, Idaho at Smokey Mountai n Invitational, Caldwell, Idaho, 9 a.m. • American Legion baseball:La Grande Legacy Legends vs. Eagle, Idaho at Smokey Mountai n Invitational, Caldwell, Idaho, 11:15 a.m.


ic an ertossesa no- itterin - victorv

Tyson Wicklander throws a fastbaII for the La Grande High School baseball team during a 5-1 win over Tillamook in the OSAA 4A play-in game. Wicklander graduated from La Grande after playing football, basketball and baseball all four years for the Tigers.

Observer staff

Chris Baxter/The Observer

a highly efficient performance The La Grande Legacy Leg- pitching for the Legacy Legends, throwing a no-hitter ends got offto aterrifi c start to open the Smokey Mountain with six strikeouts and two Invitational in Caldwell, Idaho walks in the win. aTyson did a great job Thursday, beating Vallivue, Idaho, 15-0 in five innings. of changing speeds on his Tyson Wicklander enjoyed pitches," head coach Parker


Spurs trample Heatyet again

SATURDAY • Pro rodeo:11th annual Mountain High Broncs and Bulls, Wallowa County Fairground, Enterprise, 2 p.m. • American Legion baseball:La Grande Legacy Legends vs. TBDat Smokey Mountai n Invitational, Caldwell, Idaho

The Associated Press

MIAMI iAPl — Gregg

SUNDAY • American Legion baseball:La Grande Legacy Legends vs. TBDat Smokey Mountai n Invitational, Caldwell, Idaho


Brazil wins at World Cup SAO PAULO (Apj — Neymar showed why he is carrying Brazil's hopes at the World Cup, scoring twice on Thursday to help the underwhelming hosts escape a disappointing start to the tournament. With Brazil struggling and down a goal against a spirited Croatian team, Neymar came through to lead his team to a 3-1 win in the opening match, scoring once in each half. The killer goal to make the score 2-1 was a hotly contested penalty awarded by Japanese referee Yuichi Nishimura. Brazil got off to a slow start in its home tournament. Defender Marcelo found his own net while trying to clear a low cross by Ivica Olic in the 11th minute, stunning the crowd of more than 62,100. But Neymar equalized in the 29th, firing a perfectly placed low shot that went in off the post. He said he didn't hit the ball perfectly, "but it went in, and that's all that matters."

Chris Baxter/TheObserver

Union point guard Keesha Sarman goes up for a shot against Oakland to open the 2A playoffs last season. The Bobcats won by a 75-45 margin, and advanced to the quarterfinals before losing to Western Mennonite, 66-40.

• Sarman aims to play basketball in college By Eric Avissar The Observer

After finishing her junior year at Union High School, Keesha Sarman will have one more year to star in volleyball, basketball and softball. While Sarman said she loves all three sports, basketballis her potential ticketto a college scholarship and the sportshe loves themost. Averaging 22 points, 8 steals and 6 assists pergame lastseason,Sarman led the Bobcats to the OSAA 2A state quarterfinals and a district championship, but to those who know her best, it is her intangibles that make her an invaluable asset to any team she plays for. As a quick point guard who loves the dribble-drive and locking ball handlers up on defense, Sarman is always capableoftaking overagame atanygiven

moment. At the same time, Sarman is a bona fide star who possesses a rare combination ofleadership ability and humility. Consequently, she has become an invaluable asset to the Union High School volleyball and basketball teams, as well as the Union/Cove softball team thatwon itssecond consecutive state championship last Friday. Yet in spite of all ofher skill, Sarman is much more comfortable speaking about the talents ofher teammates and fiiends than her own. If someone were to ask Sarman about the strengths of one of her teammates in any given sport, heranswer isalmost guaranteed to be substantially longer than one addressing her own gifts. "Keesha is simply the complete package," Union girls basketball head coach Rhondie Johansen said."Her scoring is a given, but she inspires the team by always staying so positive and always boosting our team. Keesha is always

ormer nionstar vanscommitsto Observer staff

McKenzie Evans will be sticking aroundthearea forcollege aftera decoratedhigh schooltrack career. The recent Union graduate inked aletterofintenttocompete in both cross country and track and field for Eastern Oregon University, track

and field head coach Ben Welch announced Thursday. "McKenzie is one of the most successful athletes to come out of Union's historic program and will help provide EOU with leadership, and strong academic and athletic skills," head coach Ben Welch stated.

Tyson Wicklander dominated every facet of the game for the La Grande Legacy Legends in a 15-0 win over Vallivue, Idaho, Thursday in the Smokey Mountain Inviatation in Caldwell, Idaho. Pitching five innings with six strikeouts and two walks, Wicklander threw the first no-hitter of his baseball career. Wicklander was perfect for the Legacy Legends offensively, going 4-for-4 from the plate.

"As part of Union's powerhouse cross country teams, McKenzie has helped raisethe barfor allofNortheast Oregon high school running." As a runner on the Bobcats cross country team, Evans finished third in state in 2011,second in 2012 and won the state meet in 2013.


Wicklander dominates openinggame

giving absolutely everything she has in every game and every practice. She is a trueleader because she doesn'texpect her teammates to do something she wouldn't do. She pushes herself to her absolute limits and expects the same 6om the team." Union/Cove softball head coach Paul Phillips wholeheartedly echoed Johansen's sentiments ofhis shortstop Sarman, calling her the team's clear leader. "She is so positive in everything she does," Phillips said."I have never heardher say anything negative even during a bad game. She's a coach's dream becauseshe isa greatleader that is very coachable and always wants to get better. She will never ever be satisfied." Johansen said Sarman's leadership ability is well-known throughout Union High School, as she was recently electedseniorclasspresident. SeeSarman / Fbge10A

Popovich called Game 3 of the NBA Finals an anomaly. He couldn't use the same word to describe Game 4.It was repeat show of dominance, one that put the San Antonio Spurs one win away from ending the Miami Heat's reign as NBA champions. Kawhi Leonard scored 20 points and grabbed 14 rebounds, Tim Duncan set a pairofplayoffrecordsand the Spurs controlled play throughout on the way to a 107-86 win over the Heat in Game 4 of the NBA Finals on Thursday night. San Antonio leads the series 3-1, and can capture its fikh NBA championship by winning at home Sunday night. 'They're playing beautiful basketball," Miami's Chris Bosh said. aWe're playing Spurs basketball," San Antonio's Tony Parker said. Different sentences, same meaning. The Spurs' game is the beautiful one right now, and the way they came into Miami and frustrated the Heat not once but twice was simply remarkable. "Now we've got to go back home and play as well — or better, "said Popovich,the Spurs' coach. Hard to imagine them playing much better. In Game 3, the Spurs' biggest lead was 25, wlnle Miami never led by more than two.



• 0

McKinley said."He was really hitting his spots." The Legends finished the game with 12 hits and 12 RBI. They are now 2-2 on the season, and will be back in action today with games against Kuna, Idaho and Eagle, Idaho.


San Antonio hosts Miami After dismantling the Miami Heat in both games on the road, the San Antonio Spurs will attempt to clinch the NBAchampionship Sunday at home. 5 p.m., ABC

• 0


She set the 3A/2A/1A state meet record with a time of 18 minutes, 42 seconds in her senior year. Evans won the 2A state track and field title in the 3,000-meter race during her junior season, and this past May took home state titles in the

1,500 and 3,000.


NEYMAR: Brazil's superstar winger continued his elite level of form Thursday, scoring two goals in Bra-

MIAMI HEAT: Dwayne Wade looked old and tired, Chris Bosh struggled, while LeBron was unable to carry the zil's 3-1 win over Croatia to Heat against the Spurs, open the World Cup after as the Heat are now in a dealing with an injury 3-1 deficit heading to San Antonio. scare.

• 0

FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 2014




W L 39 29

East Division Pct GB WCG B . 5 74

34 31 34 31 30 3 6 25 4 2

,52 3 3'/ 2 ,52 3 3'/ 2 ,4 5 5 8 .3 7 3 1 3 '/ 2

W 34 33 33 33 31


Str Home Away L-3 20-17 19-12 W-2 15-15 19-16 W-3 13-16 21-15 W-1 16-17 14-19 W-1 14-20 11-22

4'/ 2 10

Central Division Pct GB WCG B . 548 . 5 0 8 2' /~ 1 493 3' /~ 2 493 3' /~ 2

Str Home W-1 16-15 W-4 18-16 L-1 19-15 L-3 21-11 W-2 15-17


Colorado FC Dallas Vancouver Portland Los Angeles San Jose Chivas USA

6 5 4 22 6 7 4 22 5 2 6 21 4 4 8 20 4 3 5 17 4 5 4 16 2 7 5 11 All Times PDT

21 18 28 28 25 20 28 27 16 11 15 14 14 26

Wednesday's Games

D.C. United 4, Montreal 2 Portland 2, FC Dallas 2, tie

World Cup

All Times PDT FIRST ROUND GROUPA W L T GF GA Pts Brazil 1 0 0 3 1 3 484 4 2'/g Cameroon 0 0 0 0 0 0 West Division Mexico 0 0 0 0 0 0 W L Pct GB W C GB L1 0 Str Home Away Croatia 0 1 0 1 3 0 6-4 W-1 17-12 23-14 Oakland 40 26 . 606 Thursday, June 12 6-4 L-1 20-14 16-15 LosAngeles 36 29 . 5 5 4 3' / ~ At Sao Paulo ' /~ 6 - 4 L-3 14-18 20-14 Seattle 34 3 2 . 515 6 Brazil 3, Croatia 1 Texas 32 3 4 . 485 8 2'/~ 4-6 W-1 16-19 16-15 Friday, June 13 Houston 31 37 . 4 5 6 10 4'/~ 7-3 W-2 16-18 15-19 At Natal, Brazil Mexico vs. Cameroon, 9 a.m. NATIONAL LEAGUE Tuesday, June 17 East Division At Fortaleza, Brazil W L Pct GB W C GB L1 0 Str Home Away Brazil vs. Mexico, Noon 8-2 L-1 19-15 16-15 AWashington 35 30 . 538 Wednesday, June 18 4-6 L-2 18-14 16-17 Atlanta 34 3 1 . 523 1 At Manaus, Brazil 6-4 L-1 22-11 12-20 Miami 34 3 1 . 523 1 Croatia vs. Cameroon, 3 p.m. New York 29 3 7 439 6' /~ 5'/~ 2-8 L-2 14-19 15-18 Monday, June 23 Philadelphia 28 3 6 . 4 3 8 6' / ~ 5'/~ 4-6 W-3 15-19 13-17 At Brasilia, Brazil Central Division Brazil vs. Cameroon, 10 a.m. W L Pct GB W C GB L1 0 Str Home Away At Recife, Brazil 6-4 W-2 19-13 21-14 Milwaukee 40 27 . 597 Croatia vs. Mexico, 10 a.m. St. Louis 34 3 2 .5 1 5 5' /~ /2 4-6 L-1 16-14 18-18 GROUP B Pittsburgh 32 3 4 . 4 8 5 7' / ~ 2'/~ 6-4 W-2 20-16 12-18 W L T GF GA Pts Cincinnati 31 34 . 477 8 3 5-5 W-2 17-17 14-17 Australia 0 0 0 0 0 0 Chicago 26 3 8 406 12 ' / g 7'/g 6-4 L-2 15-14 11-24 Chile 0 0 0 0 0 0 West Division Netherlands 0 0 0 0 0 0 W L Pct GB W C GB L1 0 Str Home Away Spain 0 0 0 0 0 0 6-4 W-1 23-12 20-12 San Francisco 43 24 . 642 Friday, June 13 LosAngeles 35 3 3 .5 1 5 8' /~ /2 5-5 L-2 13-19 22-14 At Salvador, Brazil Colorado 31 35 . 4 7 0 1 1 '/ ~ 3'/~ 3-7 W-2 19-14 12-21 Spain vs. Netherlands, Noon San Diego 28 3 8 424 14 ' / g 6'/g 2-8 L-4 16-19 12-19 At Cuiaba, Brazil Arizona 29 4 0 . 4 2 0 15 7 6-4 L-2 12-24 17-16 Chile vs. Australia, 3 p.m. Wednesday, June 18 At Rio de Janeiro Spain vs. Chile, Noon All Times PDT (Estrada 5-3), 11:10 a.m. At Porto Alegre, Brazil AMERICAN LEAGUE Washington (Fister 5-1) at St. Louis Netherlands vs. Australia, 9 a.m. Wednesday's Games (J.Garcia 2-0), 11:15 a.m. Monday, June 23 Minnesota 7, Toronto 2 Colorado (Nicasio 5-5) at San FranAt Curitiba, Brazil Kansas City 4, Cleveland 1 cisco (Bumgarner 8-4), 1:05 p.m. Spain vs. Australia, 9 a.m. Baltimore 6, Boston 0 Arizona (Arroyo 6-4) at L.A. Dodgers At Sao Paulo Tampa Bay 6, St. Louis 3 (Beckett 4-3), 1:10 p.m. Netherlands vs. Chile, 9 a.m. Texas 6, Miami 0 L.A. Angels (H.Santiago 0-6) atAtlanta GROUP C Houston 5, Arizona 1 (Minor 2-4), 5:05 p.m. W L T GF GA Pts Chicago White Sox 8, Detroit 2 Colombia 0 0 0 0 0 0 Oakland 7, L.A. Angels 1 Greece 0 0 0 0 0 0 N.Y. Yankees 4, Seattle 2 Ivory Coast 0 0 0 0 0 0 Thursday's Games Japan 0 0 0 0 0 0 Baltimore 4, Toronto 2 Saturday, June 14 Boston 5, Cleveland 2 At Belo Horizonte, Brazil At TD Ameritrade Park Omaha Houston 5, Arizona 4, 10 innings Colombia vs. Greece, 9 a.m. Omaha, Neb. Detroit 4, Chicago White Sox 0 At Recife, Brazil All Times PDT N.Y. Yankees 6, Seattle 3 Ivory Coastvs. Japan, 6 p.m. Double Elimination Friday's Games Thursday, June 19 x-if necessary Toronto (Hutchison 4-4) at Baltimore At Brasilia, Brazil Saturday, June 14 (U.Jimenez 2-7), 4:05 p.m. Colombia vs. Ivory Coast, 9 a.m. Game 1 — UC Irvine (40-23) vs. Texas Minnesota (Gibson 5-5) at Detroit At Natal, Brazil (43-19), Noon (Smyly 3-4), 4:08 p.m. Greece vs. Japan, 3 p.m. Game 2 — Louisville (50-15) vs. Cleveland (Masterson 4-4) at Boston Tuesday, June 24 Vanderbilt (46-19), 5 p.m. (Lackey 7-4), 4:10 p.m. At Cuiaba, Brazil Sunday, June 15 L.A. Angels (C.Wilson 7-5) atAtlanta Colombiavs. Japan, 1 p.m. Game 3 — Texas Tech (45-19) vs. TCU (Harang 4-5), 4:35 p.m. At Fortaleza, Brazil (47-16), Noon Kansas City (Guthrie 2-6) at Chicago Greece vs. Ivory Coast, 1 p.m. Game 4 — Virginia (49-14) vs. MissisWhite Sox (Quintana 3-6), 5:10 p.m. GROUP D sippi (46-19), 5 p.m. Tampa Bay (Cobb 1-4) at Houston W L T GF GA Pts Monday, June 16 (McHugh 4-3), 5:10 p.m. Costa Rica 0 0 0 0 0 0 Game 5 — Game 1 loser vs. Game 2 N.Y. Yankees (Phelps 1-4) at Oakland England 0 0 0 0 0 0 loser, Noon (Gray 6-2), 7:05 p.m. Italy 0 0 0 0 0 0 Game 6 — Game 1 winner vs. Game 2 Texas (Tepesch 2-2) at Seattle Uruguay 0 0 0 0 0 0 winner, 5 p.m. (F.Hernandez 8-1), 7:10 p.m. Saturday, June 14 Tuesday, June 17 Saturday's Games At Fortaleza, Brazil Game 7 — Game 3 loser vs. Game 4 Kansas City (Duffy 3-5) at Chicago Uruguay vs. Costa Rica, Noon loser, Noon White Sox (Noesi 2-4), 11:10 a.m. At Manaus, Brazil Game 8 — Game 3 winner vs. Game 4 Cleveland (House 0-1) at Boston England vs. Italy, 3 p.m. winner, 5 p.m. (Peavy 1-4), 1:05 p.m. Thursday, June 19 Wednesday, June 18 Toronto (Dickey 6-4) at Baltimore At Sao Paulo Game 9 — Game 5 winner vs. Game 6 (B.Norris 5-5), 1:05 p.m. Uruguay vs. England, Noon loser, 5 p.m. Minnesota (Deduno 2-4) at Detroit Friday, June 20 Thursday, June 19 (A.Sanchez 2-2), 1:08 p.m. At Recife, Brazil Game 10 — Game 7 winner vs. Game Tampa Bay (Archer 3-3) at Houston Costa Rica vs. Italy, 9 a.m. 8 loser, 5 p.m. (Cosart 5-5), 1:10 p.m. Tuesday, June 24 Friday, June 20 L.A. Angels (Richards 6-2) atAtlanta At Natal, Brazil Game 11 — Game 6 winner vs. Game (Floyd 1-2), 4:15 p.m. Uruguay vs. Italy, 9 a.m. 9 winner, Noon N.Y. Yankees (Kuroda 4-4) at Oakland At Belo Horizonte, Brazil Game 12 — Game 8 winner vs. Game (Kazmir 7-2), 7:05 p.m. CostaRica vs.England, 9 a.m . 10 winner, 5 p.m. Texas (J.Saunders 0-2) at Seattle GROUP E Saturday, June 21 (E.Ramirez 1-4), 7:10 p.m. W L T GF GA Pts x-Game 13 — Game 6 winner vs. Sunday's Games Ecuador 0 0 0 0 0 0 Game 9 winner, Noon Minnesota (Nolasco 4-5) at Detroit France 0 0 0 0 0 0 x-Game 14 — Game 8 winner vs. (Porcello 8-4), 10:08 a.m. Honduras 0 0 0 0 0 0 Game 10 winner, 5 p.m. Cleveland (Kluber 6-4) at Boston Switzerland 0 0 0 0 0 0 If only one game is necessary, it will (Workman 1-0), 10:35 a.m. Sunday, June 15 start at 5:30 p.m. Toronto (Happ 5-3) at Baltimore (TillAt Brasilia, Brazil Championship Series man 5-3), 10:35 a.m. Switzerland vs. Ecuador, 9 a.m. I Best-of-3) Kansas City (Shields 7-3) at Chicago At Porto Alegre, Brazil M onday, June 23: Pairings TBA, 5 p.m . White Sox (Rienzo 4-3), 11:10 a.m. France vs. Honduras, Noon Tuesday, June 24: Pairings TBA, 5 p.m. Tampa Bay (Price 4-6) at Houston Friday, June 20 x-Wednesday, June 25: Pairings TBA, (Peacock 2-4), 11:10 a.m. At Salvador, Brazil 5 p.m. N.Y. Yankees (Nuno 1-2) at Oakland Switzerlandvs. France, Noon (J.Chavez 5-4), 1:05 p.m. At Curitiba, Brazil Texas (N.Martinez 1-3) at Seattle Ecuador vs. Honduras, 3 p.m. (Iwakuma 4-3), 1:10 p.m. Wednesday, June 25 L.A. Angels (H.Santiago 0-6) atAtlanta At Manaus, Brazil NBA Finals (Minor 2-4), 5:05 p.m. Switzerland vs. Honduras, 1 p.m. NATIONAL LEAGUE All Times EDT At Rio de Janeiro Wednesday's Games IBest-of-7; x-if necessary) Ecuador vs. France, 1 p.m. Pittsburgh 4, Chicago Cubs 2 San Antonio 3, Miami 1 GROUP F Philadelphia 3, San Diego 0 Thursday, June 5: San Antonio 110, W L T GF GA Pts Cincinnati 5, L.A. Dodgers 0 Miami 95 Argentina 0 0 0 0 0 0 Milwaukee 3, N.Y. Mets1 Sunday, June 8: Miami 98, San Antonio Bosnia-Herz. 0 0 0 0 0 0 Tampa Bay 6, St. Louis 3 96 Iran 0 0 0 0 0 0 Texas 6, Miami 0 Tuesday, June 10: San Antonio 111, Nigeria 0 0 0 0 0 0 Houston 5, Arizona 1 Miami 92 Sunday, June 15 Colorado 8, Atlanta 2 Thursday, June 12: San Antonio 107, At Rio de Janeiro Washington6, San Francisco 2 Miami 86 Argentina vs. Bosnia-Herzegovina, Thursday's Games Sunday, June 15: Miami at San Anto3 p.m. Cincinnati 4, L.A. Dodgers 1 nio, 5 p.m. Monday, June 16 Philadelphia 7, San Diego 3 x-Tuesday, June 17: San Antonio at At Curitiba, Brazil Colorado 10, Atlanta 3 Miami, 6 p.m. Iran vs. Nigeria, Noon San Francisco 7, Washington 1 x-Friday, June 20: Miami at San Saturday, June 21 Pittsburgh 4, Chicago Cubs 0 Antonio, 6 p.m. At Belo Horizonte, Brazil Milwaukee 5, N.Y. Mets 1, 13 innings Argentina vs. Iran, 9 a.m. Houston 5, Arizona 4, 10 innings At Cuiaba, Brazil Friday's Games Bosnia-Herzegovina vs. Nigeria, 9 a.m. Chicago Cubs (Arrieta 1-1) at PhiladelWednesday, June 25 phia (R.Hernandez 2-4), 4:05 p.m. NHL Stanley Cup Finals At Porto Alegre, Brazil Pittsburgh (Locke 0-1) at Miami (EoArgentina vs. Nigeria, 9 a.m. All Times PDT valdi 4-2), 4:10 p.m. At Salvador, Brazil IBest-of-7; x-if necessary) San Diego (Cashner 2-5) at N.Y. Mets Bosnia-Herzegovina vs. Iran, 9 a.m. Los Angeles 3, N.Y. Rangers 1 (Colon 5-5), 4:10 p.m. GROUP G Wednesday, June 4: LosAngeles3, NY L.A. Angels (C.Wilson 7-5) atAtlanta W L T GF G Rangers 2, OT (Harang 4-5), 4:35 p.m. G ermany 0 0 0 0 Saturday, June 7: LosAngeles 5, NY Cincinnati (Bailey 7-3) at Milwaukee Ghana 0 0 0 0 Rangers 4, 2OT (Garza 4-4), 5:10 p.m. Portugal 0 0 0 0 Monday, June 9: LosAngeles 3, NY Washington (Zimmermann 5-2) at St. United States 0 0 0 0 Rangers 0 Louis (Lynn 6-4), 5:15 p.m. Monday, June 16 Wednesday, June 11: NY Rangers 2, Arizona (C.Anderson 5-0) at L.A. DodgAt Salvador, Brazil Los Angeles 1 ers (Kershaw 5-2), 7:10 p.m. Germany vs. Portugal, 9 a.m. Friday, June 13: NY Rangers at Los Colorado (J.De La Rosa 6-5) at San At Natal, Brazil Angeles, 5 p.m. Francisco (Lincecum 5-4), 7:15 p.m. Ghana vs. United States, 3 p.m. x-Monday, June 16: LosAngeles at NY Saturday's Games Saturday, June 21 Rangers, 5 p.m. Chicago Cubs (E.Jackson 4-6) at PhilaAt Fortaleza, Brazil x-Wednesday, June 18: NY Rangers at delphia (Buchanan 1-3), 12:05 p.m. Germanyvs. Ghana, Noon Los Angeles, 5 p.m. Colorado (Bergman 0-1) at San FranSunday, June 22 cisco (Vogelsong 4-3), 1:05 p.m. At Manaus, Brazil Pittsburgh (Morton 3-7) at Miami (Wolf Portugal vs. United States, 3 p.m. 1-2), 1:10 p.m. Thursday, June 26 San Diego (Undecided) at N.Y. Mets At Recife, Brazil MLS Standings (Z.Wheeler 2-6), 1:10 p.m. Germany vs. United States, 9 a.m. Cincinnati (Cingrani 2-7) at Milwaukee EASTERN CONFERENCE At Brasilia, Brazil (Gallardo 4-4), 4:15 p.m. W L T P t s G F GA Portugal vs.Ghana, 9 a.m. L.A. Angels (Richards 6-2) atAtlanta D.C. 7 4 4 25 22 1 6 GROUP H (Floyd 1-2), 4:15 p.m. New England 7 5 2 23 21 1 8 W L T G F G A Pls Washington (Strasburg 6-4) at St. Louis Sporting KC 6 5 4 22 21 14 Algeria 0 0 0 0 0 0 (S.Miller 7-5), 4:15 p.m. Toronto FC 6 4 1 19 15 13 Belgium 0 0 0 0 0 0 Arizona (Collmenter 4-3) at L.A. DodgNew York 4 5 6 18 22 22 Russia 0 0 0 0 0 0 ers (Haren 6-4), 7:10 p.m. Columbus 4 5 6 18 18 18 South Korea 0 0 0 0 0 0 Sunday's Games Houston 5 9 2 17 16 2 9 Tuesday, June 17 Pittsburgh (Undecided) at Miami Philadelphia 3 7 6 15 22 27 At Belo Horizonte, Brazil (H.Alvarez 3-3), 10:10 a.m. Chicago 2 4 8 14 22 2 5 Belgium vs. Algeria, 9 a.m. San Diego (Kennedy 5-7) at N.Y. Mets Montreal 2 7 4 10 13 2 6 At Cuiaba, Brazil (Matsuzaka 3-0), 10:10 a.m. WESTERN CONFERENCE Russia vs. South Korea, 3 p.m. Chicago Cubs (TWood 6-5) at PhilaW L T P t s G F GA Sunday, June 22 delphia (A.Burnett 4-5), 10:35 a.m. Seattle 10 3 2 32 32 2 3 At Rio de Janeiro Cincinnati (Leake 3-6) at Milwaukee Real Salt Lake 6 2 7 25 25 21 Detroit Kansas City Chicago Cleveland Minnesota

28 32 34 34 33

18-13 15-16 14-19 12-23 16-16









Belgiumvs.Russia,9 a.m. At Porto Alegre, Brazil Algeria vs. South Korea, Noon

Thursday, June 26 At Sao Paulo

Belgium vs. South Korea, 1 p.m. At Curitiba, Brazil Algeria vs. Russia, 1 p.m. SECOND ROUND

Saturday, June 28 Game 49 At Belo Horizonte, Brazil GroupA winner vs. Group B second place, 9 a.m. Game 50 At Rio de Janeiro Group C winner vs. Group D second place, 1 p.m. Sunday, June 29 Game 51 At Fortaleza, Brazil Group B winner vs. GroupA second place, 9 a.m. Game 52 At Recife, Brazil Group D winner vs. Group C second place, 1 p.m. Monday, June 30 Game 53 At Brasilia, Brazil Group E winner vs. Group F second place, 9 a.m. Game 54 At Porto Alegre, Brazil Group G winner vs. Group H second place, 1 p.m. Tuesday, July 1 Game 55 At Sao Paulo Group F winner vs. Group E second place, 9 a.m. Game 56 At Salvador, Brazil Group H winner vs. Group G second place, 2 p.m. QUARTERFINALS Friday, July 4 Game 57 At Fortaleza, Brazil Game 49 winner vs. Game 50 winner, 1 p.m. Game 58 At Rio de Janeiro Game 53 winner vs. Game 54 winner, 9 a.m. Saturday, July 5 Game 59 At Salvador, Brazil Game 51 winnervs. Game 52 winner, 2 p.m. Game 60 At Brasilia, Brazil Game 55 winnervs. Game 56winner, 9 a.m. SEMIFINALS Tuesday, July 8 At Belo Horizonte, Brazil Game 57 winner vs. Game 58 winner,1 p.m. Wednesday, July 9 At Sao Paulo Game 59 winner vs. Game 60 winner, 1 p.m. THIRD PLACE Saturday, July12 At Brasilia, Brazil Semifinal losers, 1 p.m. CHAMPIONSHIP Sunday, July13 At Rio de Janeiro Semifinal winners, Noon

GOLF 2014 Northeast Oregon Junior Golf Schedule IRegistration due five days prior to tournament) June 17 Wildhorse Golf Course (Pendleton) June 26 Pendleton Country Club July 1 E c ho Hills Golf Course July 11 LaGrande Country Club July 14 Wine Valley Golf Club (Walla Walla, Wash.) July 22 Big River Golf Course (Hermiston) August 5 Wildhorse Golf Course (Pendleton)

Jim Furyk Shane Lowry Adam Scott Retief Goosen Geoff Ogilvy Hyung-Sung Kim Rod Pampling Luke Guthrie Ryan Blaum Chad Collins Kyoung-Hoon Lee Roberto Castro


American League CLEVELAND INDIANS — Activated INF Nick Swisher from the 15-day DL. Placed DH JASON GIAMBI on 15-day DL. Signed C-INF Simeon Lucas and INF Drake Roberts to minor league contracts. TORONTO BLUE JAYS — Signed RHP Sean Reid-Foley, C Matt Morgan, CF Lane Thomas, RHP Justin Shafer, 2B Ryan Metzler, RHP Jordan Romano, RHP Chase Mallard, 1B Ryan McBroom, RHP Dusty Isaacs, CF Cliff Brantley, SS Aaron Attaway, RHP Conor Fisk, LHP Bob Wheatley, CF Chris Carlson, C Kevin Garcia, 2B Dave Pepe, RHP J.T. Autrey, RHP Chase Wellbrock, RHP Chase Houston, LHP Barndon Hinkle, RHP JoeyAquino, LHP Michael Kraft, OF James Lynch, OF Trent Miller, LHP Joe Claver, RHP Jon Wandling and UTL Austin Davis to minor league contracts.

National League ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKSClaimed INF-OF Jordan Pacheco from Colorado (NL). Designated INF-OF Nick Evans for assignment. Optioned RHP Trevor Cahill to Visalia (Cal). PITTSBURGH PIRATES — Signed SS Cole Tucker, C Taylor Gushue, RHP Austin Coley, RHP Sam Street, INF Erik Lunde, OF CarlAnderson, RHP Nick Neumann and RHP Montana DuRapau to minor league contracts. FOOTBALL National Football League ATLANTA FALCONS — Signed S Dezmen Southward and K Sergio Castillo. CINCINNATI BENGALS — Signed CB Darqueze Dennard to a four-year contract. NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS — Signed WR Jeremy Johnson. TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS — Signed WR Mike Evans and RB Charles Sims. HOCKEY

FS1 — 24 Hours of Le Mans, finish of race, at Le Mans, France 10 a.m. TNT — NASCAR, Sprint Cup, Quicken Loans 400, at Brooklyn, Mich.

8 p.m. ESPN2 — NHRA, Thunder Valley Nationals, at Bristol, Tenn. (same-day tape) COLLEGE BASEBALL Noon ESPN2 — World Series, game 3, Texas Tech vs. TCU, atOmaha, Neb.

5 p.m.

ESPN2 — World Series, game 4, Mississippi vs. Virginia, at Omaha, Neb. CYCLING

8 p.m.

NBCSN — Criterium du Dauphine, final stage, Megeve to Courchevel, France

(same-day tape) GOLF

9 a.m. NBC — USGA, U.S. Open Championship, final round, at Pinehurst, N.C. MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL 10:30 a.m. MLB — Regional coverage, Cleveland at Boston or Washington at St. Louis (2


Major League Soccer MLS — Suspended Colorado MF Dillon Serna one game and fined him an undisclosed amount for serious foul play against FC Dallas MF Victor Ulloa during a June 7 game. Fined the Seattle Sounders FC and coach Sigi Schmid undisclosed amounts for violating the mass confrontation policy in a June 7 game against Chicago. Issued a warning to Chicago for violating the mass confrontation policy. Fined Chicago's MF Benji Joya andD Gonzalo Segares undisclosed amounts for instigating/escalating the confrontation. Fined Chicago D Jhon Kennedy Hurtado and Seattle F Obafemi Martins undisclosed amounts for failing to leave the field after receiving red cards. FinedChicago MF JeffLarentowicz an undisclosed amount for hands to the face/ head of Seattle MF Gonzalo Pineda. NEW YORK CITY FC — Acquired D-MF Jeb Brovsky from Montreal for a 2016 second-round SuperDraft pick.

TELEVISION Sports on TV All Times PDT Saturday, June 14 AUTO RACING 5:30 a.m. FS1 — 24 Hours of Le Mans, at Le Mans, France 7:30 a.m. ESPN2 — NASCAR, Nationwide Series, pole qualifying for June Michigan Race at Brooklyn Mich 11 a.m. ESPN — NASCAR, Nationwide Series, June Michigan Race, at Brooklyn, Mich.

3 p.m.

ESPN2 NHRA, qualifying for Thunder Valley Nationals, at Bristol, Tenn. (same-day


5:30 p.m.

FS1 — NASCAR, Truck Series, Drivin' for Linemen 200, at Madison, III. BOXING

7 p.m.

HBO — Champion Demetrius Andrade (20-0-0) vs. Brian Rose (25-1-1), for WBO junior middleweight title; champion Ruslan Provodnikov (23-2-0) vs. Chris Algieri (19-0-0), for WBO junior welterweight title, at Brooklyn, N.Y. COLLEGE BASEBALL

Noon ESPN2 — World Series, game 1, UC Irvine vs. Texas, at Omaha, Neb.

5 p.m.

ESPN2 — World Series, game 2, Louisville vs. Vanderbilt, at Omaha, Neb. CYCLING

3 p.m.

NBCSN — Criterium du Dauphine, stage 7, Ville-la-Grand to Finhaut-Emosson, France (same-day tape) GOLF

9 a.m. NBC — USGA, U.S. Open Championship, third round, at Pinehurst, N.C. MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL 11 a.m. WGN — Kansas City at Chicago White Sox

1 p.m.

FS1 — Minnesota at Detroit

4 p.m.

FOX — Regionalcoverage,Washington at St. Louis, Cincinnati at Milwaukee, or L.A. Angels atAtlanta

7 p.m.

MLB — Regional coverage, N.Y. Yankees at Oakland or Arizona at L.A. Dodgers MOTORSPORTS 11 a.m. NBCSN — AMA Motocross, at Mount Morris, Pa. SOCCER 8:30 a.m. ABC — FIFA, World Cup, Group C, Colombia vs. Greece, at Belo Horizonte, Brazil 11:30 a.m. ABC — FIFA, World Cup, Group D, Uruguay vs. Costa Rica, at Fortaleza, Brazil

2:30 p.m. ESPN — FIFA, World Cup, Group D, England vs. Italy, at Manaus, Brazil

5:30 p.m. ESPN — FIFA, World Cup, Group C, Ivory Coast vs. Japan, at Recife, Brazil

Sunday, June 15 AUTO RACING

6 a.m.

5 p.m.

ESPN — L.A. Angels at Atlanta MOTORSPORTS 4:30 a.m. FS1 — MotoGP World Championship, Grand Prix of Catalunya, at Montmelo, Spain

9 a.m.

FS1 — MotoGP Moto3, Grand Prix of Catalunya, at Montmelo, Spain (same-

day tape)

10 a.m. FS1 — MotoGP Moto2, Grand Prix of Catalunya, at Montmelo, Spain (same-

day tape) NBA

5 p.m. ABC — NBA Finals, game 5, Miami at San Antonio SOCCER 8:30 a.m. ABC — FIFA, World Cup, Group E, Switzerland vs. Ecuador, at Brasilia, Brazil 11:30 a.m. ABC — FIFA, World Cup, Group E, France vs. Honduras, at Porto Alegre, Brazil

2:30 p.m.

ESPN — FIFA, World Cup, Group F, Argentina vs. Bosnia-Herzegovina, at Rio de Janeiro WNBA 10 a.m. ESPN2 — Phoenix at Minnesota


National Hockey League EDMONTON OILERS — Signed C Steve Pinizzotto to a one-year contract. PITTSBURGH PENGUINS — Named Jason Karmanos vice president ofhockey operations. SOCCER

U.S. Open At Pinehurst Resort and Country Club, No. 2 Course,Pinehurst, N.C. FirstRound Martin Kaymer 34-31 — 65 -5 Kevin Na 34-34 — 68 -2 Graeme McDowell 34-34 — 68 -2 Brendon De Jonge 34-34 — 68 -2 Fran Quinn 34-34 — 68 -2 31-38 — 69 -1 Brandt Snedeker Henrik Stenson 35-34 — 69 -1 Matt Kuchar 32-37 — 69 -1 Brendon Todd 34-35 — 69 -1 Jordan Spieth 36-33 — 69 -1 Hideki Matsuyama 34-35 — 69 -1 34-35 — 69 -1 Dustin Johnson Harris English 34-35 — 69 -1 Keegan Bradley 33-36 — 69 -1 Francesco Molinari 36-33 — 69 -1 Henrik Norlander 35-35 — 70 E Lucas Bjerregaard 35-35 — 70 E 37-33 — 70 E Marcel Siem lan Poulter 35-35 — 70 E Phil Mickelson 36-34 — 70 E Joost Luiten 36-34 — 70 E Russell Henley 34-36 — 70 E Rickie Fowler 35-35 — 70 E 38-32 — 70 E Aaron Baddeley Brooks Koepka 33-37 — 70 E Mark Wilson 35-35 — 70 E Jimmy Walker 34-36 — 70 E Victor Dubuisson 35-35 — 70 E Steve Stricker 35-35 — 70 E 36-34 — 70 E Charl Schwartzel Paul Casey 37-33 — 70 E J.B. Holmes 36-34 — 70 E Jamie Donaldson 35-35 — 70 E Seung-Yul Noh 33-37 — 70 E Danny Willett 36-34 — 70 E 37-34 — 71 +1 Pablo Larrazabal Patrick Reed 35-36 — 71 +1 Boo Weekley 36-35 — 71 +1 Webb Simpson 35-36 — 71 +1 Rory Mcllroy 36-35 — 71 +1 Zach Johnson 33-38 — 71 +1 a-Matthew Fitzpatrick 37- 34 — 71 +1 Chris Kirk 35-36 — 71 +1 Billy Hurley III 35-36 — 71 +1 a-Oliver Goss 35-36 — 71 +1 Garth Mulroy 34-37 — 71 +1 John Senden 38-33 — 71 +1 35-36 — 71 +1 Louis Oosthuizen Zac Blair 35-36 — 71 +1 Daniel Berger 35-37 — 72 +2 Erik Compton 35-37 — 72 +2 Scott Langley 38-34 — 72 +2 Miguel Angel Jimenez 37 - 35 — 72 +2 33-39 — 72 +2 Justin Rose Nicholas Lindheim 37-35 — 72 +2 Graeme Storm 37-35 — 72 +2 Nicolas Colsaerts 37-35 — 72 +2 Bill Haas 37-35 — 72 +2 Stewart Cink 35-37 — 72 +2 38-34 — 72 +2 Gary Woodland Jason Dufner 33-39 — 72 +2 Bernd Wiesberger 36-36 — 72 +2 Toru Taniguchi 36-36 — 72 +2 Bo Van Pelt 36-36 — 72 +2 Kevin Tway 34-38 — 72 +2 35-37 — 72 +2 Simon Griffiths Cody Gribble 35-37 — 72 +2 Sergio Garcia 37-36 — 73 +3 Jason Day 36-37 — 73 +3 Stephen Gallacher 36-37 — 73 +3 David Toms 39-34 — 73 +3 36-37 — 73 +3 Thongchai Jaidee Jeff Maggert 37-36 — 73 +3 Shiv Kapur 38-35 — 73 +3 Smylie Kaufman 37-36 — 73 +3 Clayton Rask 34-39 — 73 +3 Alex Cejka 38-35 — 73 +3 35-38 — 73 +3 Joe Ogilvie

38-35 — 73 +3 35-38 — 73 +3 36-37 — 73 +3 38-35 — 73 +3 33-40 — 73 +3 35-38 — 73 +3 36-37 — 73 +3 39-34 — 73 +3 36-37 — 73 +3 37-37 — 74 +4 35-39 — 74 +4 35-39 — 74 +4

Sprint Cup Schedule June 15 — Quicken Loans 400, Brooklyn, Mich. June 22— Toyota/Save Mart350, Sonoma, Calif. June 28 — Quaker State 400, Sparta,

Ky. July 5 — Coke Zero 400, Daytona Beach, Fla. July 13 — Camping World RV Sales 301, Loudon, N.H. July 27 — The Brickyard 400,1ndianapolis. Aug. 3 — 400, Long Pond, Pa. Aug. 10 — Cheez-It 355 at the Glen, Watkins Glen, N.Y. Aug. 17 — Pure Michigan 400, Brooklyn, Mich. Aug. 23 — Irwin Tools Night Race, Bristol, Tenn. Aug. 31 — Atlanta 500, Hampton, Ga. Sept. 6 — Federated Auto Parts 400, Richmond, Va. Sept. 14 — Chicagoland 400, Joliet, III. Sept. 21 — Sylvania 300, Loudon, N.H. Sept. 28 — AAA400, Dover, Del. Oct. 5 — Hollywood Casino 400, Kansas City, Kan. Oct. 11 — Bank ofAmerica 500, Concord, N.C. Oct. 19 — GEICO 500, Talladega, Ala. Oct.26 — Goody's Headache Relief Shot500, Ridgeway, Va. Nov. 2 — AAA Texas 500, Fort Worth, Texas Nov. 9 — Quicken Loans 500, Avondale, Ariz. Nov. 16 — Ford EcoBoost 400, Homestead, Fla.

Driver Standings Through June 8 1. Jelf Gordon, 498. 2. Matt Kenseth, 482. 3. Dale Earnhardt Jr., 476. 4.Jimmie Johnson,475. 5. Brad Keselowski, 448. 6. Kyle Busch, 443. 7. Carl Edwards, 441. 8. Denny Hamlin, 420. 9. Joey Logano, 418. 10. Kyle Larson, 417. 11. Ryan Newman, 411. 12. Kevin Harvick, 403. 13. Brian Vickers, 392. 14. Greg Biffle, 385. 15. Austin Dillon, 385.

Nationwide Schedule June 14 — Michigan 250, Brooklyn, Mich. June 21 — Gardner Denver 200, Elkhart Lake, Wis. June 27 — John R. Elliott HERO Campaign 300, Sparta, Ky. July 4 — Subway Firecracker 250, Daytona Beach, Fla. July 12 — New England 200, Loudon, N.H. July 19 — Chicago 300, Joliet, III. July 26 — Indiana 250, Indianapolis Aug. 2 — lowa Speedway 250, Newton, Iowa Aug. 9 — Zippo 200, Watkins Glen, N.Y. Aug. 16 — Nationwide Children's Hospital200 Lexington Ohio Aug. 22 — Food City250, Bnstol,Tenn. Aug. 30 — Great Clips 300, Hampton, Ga. Sept. 5 — Richmond 250, Richmond, Va. Sept. 13 — Chicagoland 300, Joliet, III. Sept. 20 — 300, Sparta, Ky. Sept. 27 — Delaware 200, Dover, Del. Oct 4 — Kansas 300 Kansas City Kan. Oct. 10 — Charlotte 300, Concord, N.C. Nov. 1 — O'ReillyAuto Parts Challenge, Fort Worth, Texas Nov. 8 — Phoenix 200, Avondale, Ariz. Nov. 15 — Ford EcoBoost 300, Homestead, Fla.

Driver Standings Through May 31 1. Regan Smith, 448. 2. Elliott Sadler, 444. 3. Chase Elliott, 426. 4. Trevor Bayne, 421. 5. Ty Dillon, 414. 6. Brian Scott, 391. 7. Brendan Gaughan, 341. 8. James Buescher, 332. 9. Chris Buescher, 328. 10. Dylan Kwasniewski, 303. 11. Landon Cassill, 302. 12. Ryan Reed, 300. 13. Dakoda Armstrong, 289. 14. Mike Bliss, 284. 15. Jeremy Clements, 236.

Kaymer takes three-stroke lead after First day of U.S. Open PINEHURST, N.C. (AP) —Three days Df PraCtiCe at the neW PinehurSt ND. 2 WBS

enOugh to make Martin Kaymer belieVe thiS would be the same old U.S. Open. SD When he Walked Off the COurSe Onthe eVe Df gOlf S tOugheSt teSt and WBS aSked What

he WOuld take fOr a SCOre at the end Df the Week, hefigured On 8-OVerPar.ThatChanged ThurSdaymOrning When he turned On hiSTV to WatChearly COVerage. ShotS at the flag Were CheCking uP near

• 0

the hole. He saw birdies — more than he expected. Kaymer made SiX Df them in the afternOOn, three On the final fiVe hOleS,Sending the 29-year-Old German to the 1OWeStSCOre in three OPenS held at PinehurSt ND. 2. He OnePutted the laSt fiVe hOleS, inCluding a 6-foot Par Putt On the 18th that gaVe him a 5-tmder 65 and a three-shot lead. "It was more playable than I thought," he said. "I think that made a big difference

• 0

mentally, that you feel like there are aCtually SOme birdieS Dut there, not Only bOgeyS."

Na, Brendon de Jonge and Fran Quinn, a 49-year-Old Who laSt Played a U.S. OPen in SD muCh WBS made Df the neW 1OOk at ND. 2, 1996, when Tiger Woods was still an amateur. WhiCh WBS reStOred to itS Old 1OOk frOm mOre The 15 PlayerS to Shoot in the 60S Were the than a half-Century ago. PinehurSt turned Dut m OSt fOr an OPening rOund atthe U.S.OPen since24 playersdid itatrain-softened Olymto be mOre different than anyOne imaginedat least for one day. pia Fields in 2003. Former U.S. Open champion Graeme McPhil MiCkelSOn, in hiS lateSt queSt to Win DOWell tOOk the COnSerVatiVe rOute On hiS Way the one major keeping him from the career Grand Slam, Shot a 70. MaSterS ChamPiOn to a68 thatfeatured 15 ParS,OnebOgey,One birdie and one eagle. He was joined by Kevin Bubba WatSOShot a 76.

• 0


FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 2014



to who wanted it more, and who's willing to push themselves further be cause it was so close the

Continued from Page 8A However, Sarman insists that she is never the sole leader in anything she takes part in. "It's easy to be aleaderon the teams I play for because thereare a lotofleaders on each team," Sarman said. "My teammates have the same driveand goalsas Ido, and we all want the same thing. Sometimes I need to be the one who refuses to get down on myself and encourage others while making sure they're still having fun." Sarman's unique ability to uplift her teammates was best exemplified during her sophomore year, after Union's girls basketball team lost in the state championship game. Instead ofhanging her head, Sarman addressed her teammates immediately afterwards. "I told my teammates to keep their heads up, we did something that's never been done before," Sarman said on reaching the state title game. cWe had to be proud even though it was one of our saddest moments ever." When her teammates do get down on themselves, it is usually Sarman who knows exactly how to pick them back up. After something goes wrong, Sarman said she often likes to tell her teammates,cYou have two seconds. You can be mad at yourself for two seconds, then we all have to move on." Sarman has been named Blue Mountain District Player of the Year all three years of her high school basketball career,and isthe two-time reigning 2A state Player of the Year as well. Despite proving herself capableofstarting atpoint guard early in her freshman season, Sarman said she was motivated after being given two uniforms — one for varsity and one for junior varsity. "At the start of my fresh-


Shortstop Keesha Sarman prepares to tag out a Bonanza runner off a throw from Carsyn Roberts during the OSAA 2A/1A state championship game last week in Corvallis. Sarman also scored the winning run in the 2-1 victory. man year in basketball, I got a varsity uniform and junior varsity uniform right away," Sarman said."I wasn't happy about getting a junior varsity uniform at all. After gettingthat jersey,Istayed lateat practice every night until I only had a varsity jersey." Sarman's accolades span well beyond the hardwood, as she was named an allSpecial District 5 infielder selection in softball and secondteam all-state as a freshman, first team allstateas a sophomore, and is expected to be named a first team all-state selection after her junior year. In her junior seasonon the softballdiamond, Sarman batted.487, scored 49 runs, hit 3 home runs and recorded 27 RBI. In addition, Sarman was named a Blue Mountain Conference honorable mention in volleyball as a sophomore and second team all-conference as a junior. While she's been encouraged by some to focus solely on basketball, Sarman said she simply enjoys playing volleyball and softball with her closest fiiends too much to giveeither sportup. She added that she hopes to

play basketball at the Division I level in college, and plans to spend her summer trying to impresscollegecoaches,asthe 5-foot-4 Sarman will attempt to prove she can succeed despite her height. "I really want to play basketball in college," Sarman said."Playing Division I is a huge goal of mine. I would do anything to play at a big school. I know I'm not the only short person playing basketball. It is a disadvantage, but it's not a huge disadvantage. I know that it is definitely something I can overcome." Johansen, who has known Sarman since she was in preschool, said she is very excited to watch Sarman continue her basketball career after she graduates

high school. "I really think Keesha deserves to play Division I basketball," Johansen said. "Nobody has more heart, work ethic and ability. Any college that lands her is going to be very proud and happy with her." Johansen added that she loves coaching Sarman because after each game she plays, she never asks how many points she scored.

Instead, Sarman is much more interested in more team-oriented statistics such as assists, rebounds and steals. With a 3.95 GPA, Sarman said she plans to study some form of medicine in college, and enjoys studying the human anatomy. During her most recent basketball season, Sarman's will to win was perhaps best displayed during the Blue Mountain District championship game against archrival Pilot Rock. With Pilot Rock standing the four-time reigning conference champions, the Rockets had already beaten the Bobcats three times earlier in the season, but Sarman simply refused to let history continue to repeatitself. "It was a revenge game," Sarman said."It came down

ever adversity arises. "Numerous times during her career, our girls have had their backs against the wall," Phillips said. Whenever we run into trouble, Keesha says Sarman what needs to be said, and entire time." does what needs to be done. In the closing seconds of the It's just unmeasurable trying to describe what she brings game, Sarman scored a lay up to force overtime. With the to us as a leader. She's always game on the line, Pilot Rock putting the team in front of scored to force double overherself, and she always says time, but the Bobcats eventusuch amazing things to keep ally gutted out a 60-56 win in our girls positive. We didn't double overtime. teach her how to be a leader. "The crowd went crazy, She's just a natural." and we were crying because While what Sarman will ofhow exhausted and happy accomplish in her senior year we were to win," Sarman remains to be seen, those said."It was the most physiwho watch Sarman play can cally exhausting game of any always count on her to perkindI' veever been a partof. form with a smile on her face. All of us played so well, and it Both Phillips and Johansen was a really special moment said Sarman's constant I will always remember." positivity is contagious for Sarman will begin her both teammates and coaches, senior year striving to create and will fuel their respective even more memories, as teams toperform consisher goals include making tently at their highest levels a deeprun in the state volnext year. 'The quote I live by is leyball tournament, winning 'positive attitude yields posiUnion's first ever state title in basketball and winning a tive results,"' Sarman said. "If I stay positive, I know third straight state crown in softball. that good things will happen. "I want senior year to be I'm just a generally happy a fun year worth remember- person and it's easy for me to ing," Sarman said."Somestay happy. I just love playtimes I get sad thinking ing sports, and I wouldn't about how next year will be want to be anywhere else my last one here, but I'm also with anyone else besides really excited for what we playing with my closest can accomplish in all sports." friends. I love to win, and I'm With every single player never satisfied unless I'm returning from this year's giving it my absolute all at statechampionship softball what I'm doing all the time." team, Phillips said he knows he can count on Sarman, Contact Eric Avissar at 541who scored the winning 963-3161,or e-mail him at run in the state title game eavissarC lagrandeobserver. against Bonanza, to be the com.Follow him on Twitter one the team turns to whenC Igoavissar.



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FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 2014



OREGON IN BRIEF Erom wire reports

Police arrest man sought in murder

When officers forced him to immediately known. astopaftera briefchase into White City man dies PORTLAND — Acting on Portland, the spokeswoman in pickup mishap a citizen's tip, Portland police says Utley drove toward the CENTRAL POINT — Ausay they have arrested a man officers and rammed their car with his vehicle. thorities say an 85-year-old sought in the death ofhis female tenant. man from White City died She says that's when two Milwaukie officers fired, after being trapped under his Sgt. Pete Simpson said offic ersarrested 61-year-old fatally wounding Utley. pickup. Gary Alan Lewis on ThursA spokeswoman for the Springfield seeks day night as he walked in a Jackson County Sheriff's northeast Portland neighbor- artist for mural Office says a deputy found SPRINGFIELD — OreGraham Wilkins underneath hood. Simpson said Lewis was gon's Springfield has sent out the green Ford Ranger beingbooked forinvestigaacallfor an artisttopainta Wednesday night. The hood tion of murder in the death of planned mural of television's was open and the serpentine 59-year-old Renee Sandidge- 'The Simpsons." belt was partially off, leading The Register-Guard investigatorstoconclude he Crowell. He's expected to make a court appearance reportedthat city spokeswas working on the vehicle Friday. man Niel Laudati says artist when the mishap occurred. The woman's body was proposals are due by July 10. found Tuesday at a northeast Springfield hopes for comple- Panel picks new Cover Oregon director Portland house owned by tion by Sept. 10. Lewis. The official artwork DURHAM — The board includes input from cartoon of CoverOregon selected a Wash. man dead in seriescreator Matt Groening. Kaiser Permanente official syrup truck crash It's planned for the west wall to lead the troubled health YAMHILL — Oregon of the downtown Emerald insurance exchange. The board voted ThursState Police say a Vancouver, Art Center. Groening, who grew up in Wash., man is dead after a day to hire Aaron Patnode, Portland, told Smithsonian who leads Kaiser's efforts to tractor-trailer rig hauling syrup crashed southwest of magazine two years ago that implement the federal health Portland. he named the show's fictional care law. He's previously Lt. Gregg Hastings says Springfield after the real one w orked as a publicrelations the 42-year-old driver, Jason in his home state. specialist and hospital Alan Reynolds, was dead at administrator in Massachuthe scene of Thursday's crash 3 rescued from setts, Minnesota and Oregon. overturned sailboat on Highway 47 just north of Patnode will be Cover Yamhill. LAKESIDE — A southern Oregon's fourth director in Hastings says the truck Oregon sheriff's office says six months. He'll take over and trailer traveled across the divers rescued two women from interim director Clyde highway while negotiating and a 2-year-old girl from Hamstreet, a consultant who arightcurve and rolled onto asail boat thatoverturned specializes in turning around their side in a grassy field. Thursday on a lake. troubled businesses. Coos County deputies and Police: Man shot by Lakeside Fire and Rescue Director of water cops had rammed car respondedto areportthata resources hasnew job sailboat carrying fi ve people MILWAUKIE — A police SALEM — The head of spokeswoman in Milwaukie had overturned justafterleav- the Oregon Department of ing the dock at Tenmile Lake Water Resources is taking a says a man fatally shot by Milwaukie officers after a in Lakeside. Two men got out new job. of the boat but the women and Phil Ward will be the new chase had rammed a police car before officers opened fire. child were reported trapped in head of the Oregon office of Officer Ulli Neitch says a the cabin. the U.S. Department of AgriMilwaukie officer determined The sheriff's office says culture's Farm Service Agency. afteraWednesday morning Lakeside firefighters and Department spokeswoman traffi cstop that38-year-old then rescue divers pulled all Racquel Rancier says deputy Travis Utley of Lebanon was three from the boat. They director Tom Paul will fill in as acting director while sought on an arrest warrant. were taken to a nearby hosPolice tried to take him into pital, as was one of the men. a search is conducted for a Their conditions were not custody but he drove off. permanent replacement.


The Associated Press

Alexie Malone, 15, just finishing her freshman year at Reynolds High School, hands outTshirts that a woman dropped off to be given away in Troutdale.

Suspect's hiends puzzled over Oregon s ooting The Associated Press

TROUTDALE — Jared Michael Padgett was a straight-arrow kid who had a fascination with guns, planned a career in the military and was deeply devoted to his Mormon faith, those who knew him say. And they're all wondering why the 15-year-old took an assault rifle, a handgun and nine ammunition magazines to his high school and killed a fellow freshman, injured a teacher and took his own life. Police said Wednesday that they have not been able to establish a link between Padgett and Emilio Hoffman, the 14-year-old who was shot dead in a locker room. About 200 people attending a Wednesday night vigil for Emilio at a Portlandarea church, The Oregonian reported. Those at the vigil sang

not have any classes with him. "Honestly, he looked like a really nice kid, like somebody you'd want to have on your side," DeLong said. Earl Milliron, a close fiiend of the Padgett family, said Jared planned a career in the military, was a devout Mormon and was ordained as a deacon at age 12. He was so dependable at church, Milliron said, that the bishop appointed Jared presidentofthe deacons' quorum. "His father never told me he was worried about Jared. And I never suspected that he had serious problems," said Milliron, 86, who has known the Padgett family for more than 25 years and belongs to the same church ward."I refuse in my mind to believe that Jared Michael who did the shooting is the same Jared Michael I knew."

songs and lit candles during a photo slideshow. Police have not said whether they believe Padgett had a specifi ctarget when he arrived at Reynolds High School in Troutdale on Tuesday morning or planned a random shooting. Padgett was passionate about guns and had a temper, but he also seemed like a nice and normal kid, students say. "He always talked about guns " said Kaylah Ensign a student who had a class with Padgett and was a close friend of the victim. She said Padgett could be kind and respectful but sometimes got angry.

"He helped kids, and I never would have thought he would do that," Ensign recalled."And he was really neat." Freshman Daniel DeLong, 15, said he would see Padgett in the halls but did


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FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 2014


Controllers still work'rattler' schedules

WIRE BRIEFING Nation & World News

McCarthy likely to succeed Cantor

Thousands of pounds of beef recalled



Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., isallbutassured ofbecoming the next House majority leader after a lawmaker considered to be a strong conservative challenger declined Thursday to run in the internal GOP race. The affable McCarthy, now the No. 3 Republican in the House, is by no means the top choiceamong "tea party" lawmakers who believe the currentleadership istied too closely to the party'sestablishment wing. But the path for his ascent to the No. 2 spot seemed to clear Thursday as the potential challenger, Rep. Jeb Hensarling of Texas, said he would not seek the post.

souri slaughterhouse is recalling thousands of pounds ofbeefproducts distributed to a grocery store chain and two restaurants because the processorfailed to follow federalregulations aimed at preventing mad cow disease. Fruitland American Meat in Jackson, Mo., is recalling 4,012 pounds ofbeef processedatthefacility between September 2013 and April 2014, the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced Thursday.

Insurgency forces head for Baghdad ISTANBUL — Islamist fighters pushed toward Baghdad Thursday with little interference from what remainsofIraq'sdisintegrating security forces as militias tied to religious or ethnic groupsstepped in to try to stop the advance. Only Kurdish and Shiite Muslim militias appeared toofferany realresistance to fighters from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

One killed in attack on Catholic priests PHOENIX — Authorities areinvestigating an attack on a Phoenix Roman Catholic Church rectory that left one priest dead and another in critical but stable condition, police said on Thursday. The attack took place about9 p.m. Wednesday at therectory attached to Mater Misericordiae Mission near the Arizona state Capitol building, city police Sgt. Steve Martos told the Los Angeles Times. When officers arrived they found one priest with gunshot wounds and the other assaulted, but not shot, he said. Both priests were rushed to a hospital. The Rev. Kenneth Walker, 28, died from the gunshot wounds and the Rev. Joseph Terra, 56, was listed in critical condition on Thursday, Martos said. There was no immediate motiveforthe attack,Mart os sald.

Russian tanks spotted in Ukraine MOSCOW —Russia has gone back on its promise to secure its border with Ukraine against further infusions of weapons and fighters, with at least three Russian tanks and several armoredvehiclesspotted Thursday in the eastern Ukraine town of Snizhnye, a top Ukrainian official said. "Columns of armored personnel vehicles and artillery have entered through checkpoints seized by terrorists," Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said at a news conference in Kiev.

By Joan Lowdy

reportatthebehestofCongress said FAA officials refused to allow them WASHINGTON — Air traffIc toreview resultsofpriorresearch the controllers are still working schedagency conducted with NASA examinules known as "rattlers" that make it ing how work schedules affect controllikely they11 get little or no sleep before ler performance. overnight shifts, more than three years The FAA-NASA research results after a series of incidents involving con- "have remained in a'for official use only' trollers sleeping on the job, according to format" since 2009 and have not been released to the public, the report said. a governmentreportreleased Friday. The report by the National ReThe committee stressed its concern search Council also expressed concern that controllers are still working schedaboutthe effectiveness ofthe Federal ules that cram five eight-hour work Aviation Administration's program shifts into four 24-hour periods. The to preventits 15,000 controllersfrom schedules are popular with controllers sufferingfatigue on thejob,a program because at the end oflast shift they that has been hit with budget cuts. And have 80 hours ofFbefore returning to the 12-member committee of academic work the next week. But controllers and industry experts who wrote the also call the shifts "rattlers" because The Associated Press

they"turn around and bite back." An example of the kind of schedule that alarmed the report's authors begins with two consecutive day shifts ending at 10 p.m. followed by two consecutive morning shifts beginning at 7 a.m. The controller gets off work at 3 p.m. after the second morning shift and returns to work at about 11 p.m. the same day for an overnight shiftthe fifth and last shift of the workweek. When factoring in commute times and the difficulty people have sleeping duringthe day when the human body's circadian rhythms are "promoting wakefulness," controllers are "unlikely to loga substantialamount ofsleep,if any, before the final midnight shift," the report said.

TalihancaptivearrivesinSanAntsnis The Associated Press

his family at Brooke and to spend an undetermined period there in further recuperation. OIFIcials have kept a lid on detail sofBergdahl's condition and travel plans out of concern that he not be rushed back into the spotlight after a lengthy period in captivity and amid an uproar over the circumstances ofhis capture and release. OffIcials also said Thursday that the Army has not yet formally begun a new review into the circumstances of Bergdahl's capture.

Center in San Antonio, as proper levelsoftraining Texas, early Friday morning. and education as well as job Bowe Bergdahl, who has A U.S. official said the performance. been recovering in Germany promotion list, which would The U.S. official said after five years as a Taliban have boosted Bergdahl to medical personnel had stafFsergeant, was expected captive, is returning to the determined that Bergdahl United States on Friday, to be released this week and was ready to move on to the thirdphase ofhisreintegrabut he will not receive the he would not be on it. Army Gen. Martin tion process, which would promotion that would have Dempsey, chairman of the happen at Brooke. The been automatic had he still been held prisoner. Joint Chiefs of Staff, told official was not authorized Rear Adm. John Kirby, the The Associated Press last to providedetailsabout Pentagon press secretary, Bergdahl's promotion by week that the promotion said Thursday that Bergname and spoke Thursday would no longer be autodahlhad leftGermany on m atic because Bergdahl is on condition of anonymity. OffIcials had previously board a U.S. military aircraft now free and any promotion and was expected to arrive would be based on routine said the intention was for at Brooke Army Medical Bergdahl to be reunited with duty requirements, such




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with public; ability to

accepting applications for a Cook I position at North Baker Education C enter. F o r a c o m p lete d e s cription o f the position and qualifications please go to

210 - Help WantedBaker Co. BAKER SCHOOL DIS-

cepting a p p l ications for F i r efighter/Param edic t h rough 4 : 0 0 pm, Friday, June 20, 2014 at W o rksource Oregon. Salary range:

Drwe general public bus; must work well


ter. Ask how you can get your ad to stand out like this!


hour. Vacation, Sick, & Retirement benefits.

and accurately apply care plans For a full Iob descnption or pick up an application. Please see us at 4000 Cedar Street.

this attention get-

210 - Help WantedBaker Co.

BUS DRIVER. 20 - 25 FIREFIGHTER I h ours per w e ek, o n PARAMEDIC weekdays. $9.84 per City of Baker City is ac-

ministenng medications to seniors and people with disabilities. Applicant must have the ability to read

AA MEETING Powder River Group Mon.; 7 PM -8 PM Wed.; 7 PM -8 PM Calendar Fn.; 7 PM -8 PM Grove St. Apts. Corner of Grove & D Sts. Baker City, Open Nonsmoking Wheel Chair Accessible YOU TOO can use

4© El


210 - Help WantedBaker Co.

Assisted Living Seeks an expenenced passionate and compassionate caregiver, PSA and Medication Aide to)oin our team. This position is responsible for helping our residents with daily-living tasks. Qualified candidates will have expenence in providing direct care and ad-

Baker City Animal Clinic

P lacing a n a d i n 160 - Lost & Found Classified is a very FOUND:TABBY KITTEN easy, simple process. w/white belly & paws (8wks?)Near Campbell @ AL-ANON MEETING Just call the Classified 1st. Baker 541-519-0114 in Elgin Department and we'll Wednesday Warnors help you word your ad LOST FRI 6- 6, w o o d Meeting times 1st & 3rd Wednesday f o r m a x i m u m handled loppers, 2nd Evenings ©7:00 pm & Adams. Return toElgin Methodist Church response. Tropical Swirls.

THE La Grande School

The vacancy will be filled through board appointment at th e B oard's July 23, 2014 regular school board meeting.


Baker City Be innin March 3rd Basche Sage Place 2101 Main Street Drop-In Hours: Monday, 9 — 11 AM • buy product • ask questions • enroll

LINE-1-800-766-3724 Meetings: 8:OOPM:Sunday, M onday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Fnday Noon: Thursday 6:OOPM: Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (Women's) 7:OOPM: Saturday

210 - Help WantedBaker Co. MEADOWBROOK PLACE

160 - Lost & Found


145- Yard, Garage Sales-Union Co.

145 - Yard, Garage Sales-Union Co.

145 - Yard, Garage Sales-Union Co. 1202 C O N K LIN R d , 61911 COTTONWOOD HUGE YARDsale! guns, 3 Cove at The Barn. Fn 10Rd, 8am-6pm, Fn 13th, 15knwes, tools, motors,

145 - Yard, Garage Sales-Union Co.


145- Yard, Garage Sales-Union Co.

FRI. 20TH & Sat. 21th. SU BSCRIB ERS 2 08a m-12pm. 6 1 0 5 0 C onley Rd . C o v e . finish cement tools, art & Sat, 8 am — 3 pm. Sat 14th. Stow Master TAICE US ON YOUR supplies, anitques, fur- Wide vanety of quality Odds & Ends. Several tow hitch, self-loading PHONE! niture, Elvis collection, items! b oat r a c k , dep t h families. LEAVE YOUR PAPER 11 1/2' aluminum boat, finder, 12' aluminum AT HOME 1804 F O LEY St., Fri. boat with 3 hp Johncommercial cyclone YARD SALE Sat. 14th Goin' Straight Group 4 6 /13 & S a t . 6/ 1 4 . son Motor, '56 Ford rake, 48" dia beveled 21 8am-2pm, No E arly Full editions of 8-4pm. Something for M t Sales! 86 Oak St. LG glass table, 4-32" x 6' ~ gas tank, art supplies, You can drop off your The Observer Tues. — Thurs. x 1/4" glass panels, Lot's of g ood stuff, Mon. — everyone!! and more. payment at: is now available Fn. & Sat. -8 PM coins, foreign money, c lothing w o ma n & The Observer online. 2301 E M C t, L G. Sat BOY SCOUT Troop 514 Episcopal Church child, books, home debaby vintage clothes, 1406 5th St. 5 only, 7 am -4 pm. Furcor, & lots of misc. Basement on & on. Not cheap La Grande ard Sale. Lots o f niture, misc h o use- 11Y 3 EASY STEPS 2177 1st Street stuff, very clean yard sports, outdoors, and hold, bikes, lots of nice MULTI-FAMILY SALE, sale! June 13, 14,15, camping gear. 1204 Baker City OR 1. Register your stuff! Spnng St. (PFC parking continuance 'til gone. 22Fn and Sat 8 to? 2605 account before you N Spruce LG. House69443 Craig Loop, off 'Visa, Mastercard, and 3 FAMILY yard sale, lot), Saturday 14th, First Saturday of every leave hold, electronics, furniHunter Rd. Discover are month at 4 PM 6-13 & 6-14, 8 am — 3 8a m-12pm. 2. Call to stop your ture, camping, wood accepted.' Pot Luck — Speaker pm, 201 Polk Ave, LG. pnnt paper MOVING SALE 1104 N shop items. FAITH LUTHERAN 12th Meeting 6 Nice household items, 3. Log in wherever you 16Ave, LG. Sat 8 am — 2 Yard Sales are $12.50 for 12& Gekeler, Sat 8 — 2, pictures, tools, bike p m, b o o ks , C D ' s , SAT. ONLY 1703 Jeffer5 lines, and $1.00 for NARCOTICS r ack fo r R V , b a b y Rabbit cage, books, St. Behind Papa household items, etc. 23son each additional line. ANONYMOUS: dishes, toys, plants, Murp hy's 8-2. H ou se stroller, clothes, someCall for more info: Monday, Thursday, & and more. thing for everyone! wear, toys, c ollectiMOVING SALE lots of 541-963-3161. Fnday at8pm. Episcopal bles, reloading sup17items collected over are at and en)oy Church 2177 First St., Must have a minimum of YARD SALE Sat only, 8 FAMILY YARD Sale 815 plies, and guns. 35yrs, This is a Huge Baker City. 7 am — 12 pm, 1301 5th, 13 H emlock St. o ff o f 10 Yard Sale ad's to 541-963-3161 Sale! 2508 N 4th St., LG. HWY 82 Elgin. Saturpnnt the map. LG Sat.-Sun. 9am-2pm SMALL MOVING sale! You're invited to a day. Only 8am-?. 24Sat. Only 14th, 8a-1p. Call Now to Subscnbe! MULTI-FAMILY YARD Chnst-based MOVING SALE! Starts YARD SALE Sat. 8-2. 8 sale. 8am -5 pm, Sat 2402 East "L" Ave LG Overcomer's FRI. 13TH & Sat. 14th 1 Lot's of stuff! Every- & Sun. 70589 Middle h ousehold it e m s , 189am Sat. at 106 20th Outreach Meeting 148am-?, 61888 Stone St. LG . H o u sehold s ome kid c l oths, & YARD SALE, Something t hing g o es ! 1 0 2 0 2 Rd, Elgin. 2533 Church St. H aven Ln. L ot' s o f mlsc. items, maytag washer White Birch Ln. Island 26for everyone! Girls (please use East entrance) h ousehold it em s , dryer set, & fndge City MULTI-FAMILY YARD clothing & misc. 64815 Baker City, OR air-conditioners, and 9 sale: Something for RUMMAGE SALE 3008 STORAGE SALE at C's HVVY 237 (Cove HVVY) guns! Sundays at 3:00 PM everyone! Sat, June SATURDAY 8AM-2PM Sat. & Sun. 8am-4pm Questions? Call 19Cove Ave., June 14th, 25Storage on Cove 2 1811 Y Ave. LG Wed- 14, 8 am — 2 pm. UnAve, LG, unit ¹18. 6/13 8a m-2p m. ICi d ite ms, 547-523-7377 or Check out our classified ding stuff, camping, & ion: Corner of S 2nd & Check out our classified 547-579-5890, leave & 14, 8 am -4 pm. teen clothes, & someads. mlsc. Center. ads. Everything must go! a voicemail message thing for everyone!




FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 2014

210 - Help WantedBaker Co.

210 - Help Wanted220 - Help Wanted 220 - Help Wanted Baker Co. Union Co. Union Co. T R U C K d r i v e r BAKER SCHOOL DIS- IT IS UNLAWFUL (SubWhen responding to

C DL n eeded. Ou r w o o d TRICT 5J is currently chip and lumber drivaccepting applications ers average 54IC annu- for a Special Education ally. Off w e e kends, teacher at Baker High paid vacation, health S chool. Fo r a c o minsurance. F o r 35 p lete d e s cription o f years we h ave servthe position and qualiiced Eastern Oregon, fications please go to CentralOregon, ern O r e g o n and or contact the employthe Boise Valley and ment division . Yo u you can live in any of may al s o c a II these l o cations. We 541-524-2261 or email run la te m ode l nnemec©baker.k12.or. Petes and ICenworths us a ll 550 cats w it h 1 3 speeds, our trailers are ew Directions Curtin vans (no tarps orthwest Inc. to deal w i th) 40'-23' doubles year around work. We our looking JOIN OUR TEAM! for long term drivers, our average employee has worked for us for 4 NEW POSITIONS over 8 years. So if you are looking for a home, Medical Billing Clerk M-F; 8-5. Exp. with give us a cal l all aspects of medi541-523-9202 calhnsurance coding STEP FORWARD Activiand billing. t ies h a s i m m e d i a t e openings for part time Developmental respite staff. This posi- Disabilities-Case Mgr t ion can lead t o f u l l A ssist c l ients w i t h time w o rk . F u ll-time community services positions carry beneto achieve goals and fits; medical, life insurmaintain independ-



University is looking to hire an Accountant 1. For more information






• I





University is looking to hire a O u t door Program Coordinator. For m ore i nf o r m a t i o n


pleas e go to: htt s: eou. eo

Lead Teller/MSR Old West has 2 full time openings for a Lead Teller and Member Service Representative Seeking focused and committed individuals to join one of the top member service teams. We offer a fast paced, challenging work environment and require and encourage your professional development including extensive paid training courses in member service, operations, regulation and regulatory compliance. You'll need a strong commitment to member service, a willingness to learn, grow and be challenged in order to contribute to our successful business model. An exceptional work ethic and attitude is required.

Excellent Benefits Package, includes Free Health Insurance atPaid Educational Training

• •


Mental Health Counselor Provides culturally competent and appropnate behavioral health treatment for Baker City residents. M- F; 8-5. Avail. for cnsis work on rotati ng s h i f ts . P r e f e r LCSW or LPC .


Lead Teller is responsible for receiving and processing deposits, loan payments, answering phones and other transactions for members. Prior cash handling, balancing and customer service as well as supervisory experience is preferred. MSR is responsible for opening new accounts, consumer lending, answering phones and other transactions for members. Customer service experience is preferred. You may pick up an application at any of our branch offices or go to the website at for an online application.


541-523-7400 for app.

220 - Help Wanted Union Co. LEGAL SECRETARY Send cover letter and resume to Wasley Law O ffice, PC , 1 0 5 F i r Street, Suite 204, La Grande , O re g on 97850. Pay dependent on expenence. Growth opportunities available.

You may deliver your application by fax to 541-5233471, by email to c k o, or by mail to Old West Federal Credit Union, Attn: Chris Kommer, 2036 Broadway, Baker City, Oregon 97814. Postttons open unttl filled.


We are an Equal Opportunity Employer





iHi st


Iii 8t



Rlrtatlttttk Itr



University is looking to hire a Academic Adviser. For more information please go to: htt s: eou. eo

in Baker City,La Grande, 4'surrounding areas

Excel. Knowledge of a l l office equip., filing and p h ones. Team c o o r dinator working w/ co-workers and clients




Correctional. Profic ient in W o r d a n d


please go to: htt s: eou. eo leadmin. com

Office Specialist A t P o w de r R i ver


220 - Help Wanted 220 - Help Wanted Union Co. Union Co. THE CITY of La Grande BUSY LAW Office seek- EASTERN O R EGON EASTERN O R EGON


ance, retirement plan, ence. BA or equivapd. holidays, vacation, lent w o r k e x p e r isick l e ave . S t a r t i ng ence with DD certifiwage i s $ 1 1 . 42/hr. cate desired. Qualified a p p l i cants m ust be 1 8 y r s . o f Treatment Facilitator age, pass a c r i minal All shifts available history check, (It have working with teens a valid Oregon dnver's and adults. HS d ilicense. Apply at 3720 ploma. Paid training. 10th St., Baker City.


220 - Help Wanted Union Co.

sectio n 3, O RS Blind Box Ads: Please is accepting applicaing Full Time Paralegal. University is looking to University is looking to 6 59.040) for an e m - be sure when you adtions for the following S erious ap p l i c a n t s hire a multicultural adhire a Edu c a t i o nal only. Some experience missions c o u n selor. Technologist Instrucployer (domestic help dress your resumes that p 0 s It I 0 n s: excepted) or employ- the address is complete or higher e d u cation For more information tor. For more informament agency to print with all information reAdministrative preferred. Cover letter, please go to: t ion p l e ase g o to : or circulate or cause to quired, including the A ssistantCity r esume, an d r e f e r - htt s: eou. eo leadmin. htt s: eou. eo leadbe pnnted or circulated Blind Box Number. This Manager Office e nces t o 1 9 0 2 4 t h com any statement, adver- is the only way we have Street, Suite 1 or P.O. tisement o r p u b l ica- of making sure your reRequired City application Box 967, La Grande, t ion, o r t o u s e a n y sume gets to the proper may be obtained from OR 97850 or e-mail at form of application for place. the City of La Grande anna© employment o r to website at Deadline J u n e 20 m ake any i n q uiry i n www. c ityofla g ra n de. org 2014. c onnection w it h p r oor Heather Ra)kovich BROTHERTON 330 -BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES spective employment in the Finance DepartPIPELINE which expresses diment, City Hall, 1000 CAREGIVERS NEEDED rectly or indirectly any Is seeking a seasonal laAdams Avenue, PO for adult foster care borer who is willing to limitation, specification Box 670, La Grande, home. Pt and Ft, expework in a highly motior discrimination as to OR 97850, rience preffered. Pick vated t ea m e n v ironrace, religion, color, 541-962-1316, up application at 1306 m ent. Duties w i l l i n sex, age o r n a t ional hburgess©cityoflgrande. 25th St, La Grande. clude operating equipongin or any intent to org. Opened until filled ment, digging ditches make any such limitawith first review of ap- CDL TRUCK DRIVER/ and installing pipeline. t ion, specification o r plication received by Equipment A valid class A CDL is discrimination, unless 5:00 p.m., Monday. Operator/Laborer r equired 4 0 h r s . a b ased upon a b o n a June 16, 2014. Must pass pre-emw eek © $ 1 3 . 00 fide occupational qualiAA/EEO ployment and r a nD.O.E mail resume to fication. dom drug screens. P.O Bo x 2 9 6 6 L a For application apply Classifieds get results. Grande OR. in person at Roger's Asphalt Paving Company, no phone calls.


Do a two-way favor ... get extra cash for yourself and make it possible f or s o m e on e e l s e t o en)oy those items you n ever use. Sell t h e m with a classified ad.

220 - Help Wanted Union Co.

6 8!

o' >







This yard sale map is provided as a service by Baker City Herald. Locations shown are approximations — Check individual ads for exact address. While we make every effort to be complete and accurate, we cannot be responsible for errors and ommissions.

nI ):R

9 '


iI) St ~

es 0 '



5 Lines,

s nays '

t(t Ctttttpitell Ik

I' ~



Plus Map

et g ilktiter I


0)tttrt.h SI






JLfl Grande=Hiaker'Hyfnf 8rm6etI!I '8t

Ihdttrt)f 8I

For information call JULIE 541-523-3673

L)I(a R ~, Sl Ftlr)clit D(. ~ Sttlt.ti CII!I)el I




ar d sa l e ads m a st be P R E P A I D ! Additional L i n es s/. 00 p er l i n e 10 AM th e day b e f ore desired p u b l i c a t ion d a t e.

oI '-IstadittMSll

ba)terct M




iMttthtttttt Ik


Ig a)f ~ I

Private party advertisers only. 3 days must run consecutively. Yard Sale map publishes Wednesday and Friday with minimum of 10 ads


ie CIttttdt St Bfttwlttttty !1 %

II)frttthittgi(tttt Atte

tsr g



0tttttitbell St

Private Party







Vsllie)fAtst rn

$ Plttte St ln IEiti@s 8


~ ~

g~CtrtIK' 140 - Yard, Garage Sales-Baker Co.

I M . Ittlttce8l

PItt c t: III

„ p


PJttct St


E&tt St

> Cttri@5I i t(I

C ITV )t»„ , ~

g J

140 - Yard, Garage Sales-Baker Co.

= ~ I „. . ~, S S h m a a J ~ s<~~ %„ , 140 - Yard, Garage Sales-Baker Co.

ESTATE SALE. 2548 8th 745 H St. Sat, 6/14; 8 — 4 1284 VALLEY Ave. (Corner of 8th (It A) PATV Tires: 2) 25x8x12 (Corner of Oak St.) Sat., 6/14 (It Sun., 6/1 5 2) 25x10x12. 3) trailer 8a-4p. Thurs., Fn. (It Sat. tires (It wheels, weed Dressers,stands, beds, 9AM-3 PM trimmer, generator (It NO Earl Sales! trunks, wall hangings, mlsc.

2483 COURT St. Fri 6/13 DON'T FORGETto take I I 7-?. M o v in g S a l e , your signs down after Something for everyyour garage sale. one! Northeast Oregon Classifieds

@Ittti (strttielt Ir<

e Ws

140 - Yard, Garage Sales-Baker Co. MULTI-FAMILY SALE H 2 7 25 9th St. Saturday — 7am -1pm

140- Yard, Garage Sales-Baker Co.

140- Yard, Garage Sales-Baker Co.

Check out our classified ads.

In order to publish the map, we must have a minimum of 10 ads scheduled for Wednesdays(itFndays

baby items, kids (It adult clothing, seasonal (it kitchen itmes.



HUGE SA LE ! B e hind G 2650 Resort St.(Follow signs.)Plus size clothFRI., 6/13; 8 am — 2pm. C 3095 N. 2nd St. Col- 1525 1ST St. Fn. (It Sat.; ing, furniture, houselectibles, k e r o s e ne E 8-?. No early sales. hold, b a b y i t ems (It huge vanety of crafts, l amps, s u n pu r p l e Something for everyone, Fn. — Sun.; 8am -? including mens items. glass, movies (It misc.

• 0


Office, 1915 First St., Baker City or

The Observer Office, 1406 Fifth Street, LaGrande.

• 0

• 0

FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 2014


220 - Help Wanted Union Co.


220 - Help Wanted 220 - Help Wanted Union Co. Union Co. IMMEDIATE OPENING

220 - Help Wanted 230 - Help Wanted Union Co. out of area R AILROAD S I G N A L ART TEACHER Position:

FULL TIME Accounting Clerk: AR/AP, Payroll. f or a r e c e pt ionist i n construction personnel Minimum 3 yrs expenbusy medical office. needed immediately. Full-time, experienced ence. P r o f iciency in Successful applicant Sage/Peachtree, Word must have a minimum railroad s i g n a l i nNEWSPAPER PRESS and Excel r e q uired. 2014-2015 SCHOOL Management 6 months office expestallers for vanous proOPERATOR Excellent grammar and YEAR: rience, medical office I ects i n t h e P a c i f i c FULL SERVICE, growing proof reading skills dep referred. M us t b e Join an a w a rd-winning N orthwest a n d b e press and production K-8 SPECIAL property management sired. Apply at Oregon a ble to w o r k s o m e yond. Signal foreman, team at The Observer. State Employment De- EDUCATION TEACHER firm seeking FT Apartevenings. signalman, assistants We are taking applicapartment. Job listing ¹ ment Manager in La Must have excellent cusa nd helpers with 2 + t ions to w o r k i n o u r y ears' ex p e r i e n c e 1146883 APPLICATIONS ARE LO- Grande. Office skills tomer service s k ills. p ressroom . Pre s s CATED ON OUR DIS- to include typing forBe a self-starter with with, but n o t l i m i t ed m aintenance d u t i e s Closing date: J une 17, TRICT WEBSITE: HYm atting an d p r o o f - t he a b i l it y t o m u l t i to, installation wayside and on-the-Iob press 2014 PE RLINIC reading, o r g anized, task. Must have expes ignals, s w i tc h m a training are all part of http://WWW.ELGIN. IC1 a ble t o m u l t i - t a s k rience in m a i n t aining chines, crossing equipthe Iob. Must be able 2.OR.US WW W . EL- with strong attention schedules and answerment. Hot box detecClassifieds get results. to lift a minimum of 50 G IN. IC12.OR. US AND to detail. Benefits to ing multi line phones. tors, and calrod and pounds. M e c hanical ANY SCHOOL O Finclude paid holidays, T his i s a f u l l t i m e , blower switch heaters. FICE. FOR MORE IN- PTO, matching 401k, b enefitte d p o s i t i o n . s kills a n d ap t i t u d e Also, burying cable, helpful. 40-hour work FORMATION, PLEASE and l if e i n s u rance. Wages will be based foundations, and setweek. Excellent em$11-16/hr DOE Send CONTACT THE MAIN on experience. Please ting houses. ployee benefits includO FF I C E AT resume or request apa pply i n p e r s o n a t CDL required and boom ing 401-K and paid va541-437-1211. POSIplication at 1101 I Ave, La Grande truck certification deSign up for our cation. Drug free work hr©vindianm TIONS OPEN UNTIL with cover letter and sired. Those positions place. EOE. Come by FILLED. ELGIN resume between 9-5 are 100¹% travel. Paid SNEEK PEEK FULL-TIME OFFICE The Observer for a Iob Mon-Thurs. SCHOOL DISTRICT IS lodging and per diem. ADMINISTRATOR application, 1406 Fifth AN EQUAL OPPORS alary r a ng e f r o m TRAINEE S treet , LaG r a n d e . $28.00 to $38.00 deTUNITY EMPLOYER. and we'll notify Local financial services Closing date January pending upon experifirm seeks responsible 29, 2014. ence. O n l y e x p e riyou of upcoming person for full-time poenced need apply. news features, sition in client service P lease fax r esume t o RISE, INC. is looking for G ive y o u r b u d g e t a and branch office adspecial coupon 253-322-3220 Direct Support Profesministration. Candidate RN and LPN needed in boost. Sell those st illsionals to provide life offers, local Baker St La Grande. good but no longer used 230 - Help Wanted must be a self-starter, St social skills trng for well organized, and acSome positions have items in your home for out of area contests and people with Developmoving expenses and cash. Call the classified c urate w i t h d e t a i ls. more. mental Disabilities. Bebonus. Top 100 Best d epartment t o d a y t o SAFE HARBORS is hirMust also have exceling a D S P i n v o lves lent oral and w r itten ing a full time cnsis adPlaces to Work! Its fast, easy place your ad. vocate/volunteer coorhelping in d i v i d u a ls communication skills. www. ohos and FREE! with d a il y a c t i v i t ies, dinator. Bachelor's dePlease apply online at going on o u t i ngs, St www.edward gree in social work or working on goals. Min. closely related field is ~, n ¹ ¹ 144 3 1 To receive our required or an equivaR eq: 18 y e ar s o l d , Equal Opportunity valid d r ive r l i c e nse, l ent c o m b ination o f SNEEK PEEK Employer pass background St UA f ormal t r a i ning a n d e-mails, just check, St c o m p l ete work expenence. Pay: You can en)oy extra e-mail us at: $ 13-$15 plus s o m e p aid t r a i n i ng . C a l l 541-663-0906 for more v acation m o ney b y benefits, Monday — Fncirc©baker information o r a p ply exchanging idle items day with some possiI I I o nli n e a t : in your home for cash ble weekends. Apply in person at Safe Harwww. I Ise... With an ad in ClaSSF servicesinc.or fied. bors, Enterpnse OR.

DON'T MISS OIIT! e-mails



109 Elm Street near Adams Inthe oldApple EyeCarebuilding •

aradise Truck & RVWash We Wash Anything on Wheelsi

network b ro c h u r e ca II 916-288-6011 or email cecelia© (PNDC

CDL dnver. We help

you achieve Diamond Driver status with the best support there is. As a Diamond Dnver, DID YOU ICNOW 7 IN 10 Americans or 158 milyou earn additional pay lion U.S. Adults read on top of all the comcontent from newspapetitive incentives we per media each week? offer. The very best, Discover the Power of choose Swift. G reat the Pacific Northwest Miles = G reat p a y ' Newspaper AdvertisLate-model Equipment i ng. For a f r e e b r o Available; Regional Opc hur e caII portunities; Great Ca916-288-6011 or email reer Path; Paid Vacacecelia© tion; Excellent Bene(PNDC) fits. Please Call: (866) 31 5-9763

RAHN'S SANITARY has a Iob opening for sanitation position. 40hrs,


W hy not use t h i s d ire c t o r y to inform people of rahnsanitary© Enterpnse, 541-426-3492 your business? pay DOE, benefit package, CDL R equired. E-mail Resume to:

541-523-5070 541-519-8687

Remove Unwanted Hair Permanentlyl • AII body locations• AII hair types • AII skin colors • AII phases of hair growth • Medically related hair issues

www paradisetruckwash com Auto Detailing • RV Dump Station

Embroidery by...

~ I add's AutoI I C

Blue Mountain Design

Wrecking8 Recycling Quality UsedParts New & UsedTires BuyingFerrousandNon-Ferrous Metals • Iye also Buy Cars

1920 Court Ave

54!4234433::."',. TreesDrip? Shrubs lookbad? Lawnsfull of weeds? We CanHelp! Don't let insects&weedsruin yourlawn

TQNY s TREESERYIGE wwwlacebookcom/oregontraiandscapesandnurser)3

Ctovtrr tlavtzn 541-663-I528

541-523-3708 cce(xo4





29 Years Experience



Dump Truck k

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ar Cljt ROPIII GOtili


F ine Q m l i t y C onsi g n m e n t C l o t h i n g


CCB¹ 168468

See All RMLS Listings

Residential, Rental and Commercial Cleaning g' Serving Union County since 2006 LlcensedpadInsprqd Shann ar ter

gg ~ 9







pickupt DeiiteryAtailableReasonableRaies

Featuring Services/f Repair: Walk-BehindMorrers RidingMorrers String Trimmers ChainSaws Rototillers BladeSharpeningandmore!

5 '41-910-6 6 0 9

CONSTRUCTION Wayne Dalton Garage Doors Sales • Installation • Serv>ce

963-0144 fdays) or786-4440 fcell)

S p e c i a l i z in g In A l l P h a s e s Q f C o n s t r u c t 1 o n a nd G a r a g e D o o r I ns t a l l a t i o n



3; %ViODL ~/FE>R><S owing -N- Moreicing La Grande,Cove, Imbler &Union

Rebecca do~A c zc~h,e~ 3nrerzor Paznr Speczslzsr Repaz¹trs Paux Ptnzs/ es S'/¹ecialtt/ p u r n i t u r e Q us t o ¹¹t Z-Irt¹ttork teitt¹a(c ~Dtivmtt¹ttt(tiitietiett(z¹¹t ' eev¹10)7()8' 5+1-+10-60$+

Preschool Openings for Mornings & Extended DayPrograms. Tutoring•Piano Lessons


54f663f52t oakhavenschool.wordpress. com

2906 Island Avenue La Grande, OR L INc0 t




Over 30 years serving Union County Composition — Metal — Flat Roofs — Continuous Gutters

963-0144 foffice) or 786-4440 fceII) CCB¹32022


I QSS I f) gs S •

oiintaiii ViewGlass Joe &MandyNelson 808 NW 1st, Enterprise, OR • 541-426-4141

Saturday Service Rental Cars

• Snow Removal i eat Disposal • Yard Care Trimming D avid Lillard 541 -6 6 3 - 7 0 7 5

Marcus Wolfer


541-786-5751 541-963-2161

24 Hour Tott¹in.g 4

7 1-241 - 7 0 6

J IM S T A N D L E Y 5 4 1 - 7 8 6 -5 5 0 5

54t 963 4174 10201 W. 1st St., Suite 2 La Grmde, OR cell 541 910 3393



New arrivals daily! COMPARE PRICES-SHOPWISELY. TUesthrUsa«o:00-5:30 1431 Adams Ave. La Grande 541-663-0724






Anita Fager, Principal Broker

B a k e r City, OR 97814

Equine-facilitated Learning and Psychotherapy Therapeutic Riding Horse Crazy Camp for Kids


Leave the headaches o ottrinvestment ro en with us!!


Larry Schlesser Licensed Property Manager La Grande, OR 97850


Call Angie O 963-MAID




Commercial trt Residential property

t~f's Custom gg~ 1fLf e~+

Exit 304 off -84• 2410PumSt Baker City, OR97814

phone call. For a FREE a dvertising


grow t o be an award-winning Class A

Licensed 8 Bonded Residential 8 Commercial

We cleanandsewit all - including wedding dresses!

D e l iv e ry



W ith Sw ift, y o u

Northeast Property Management, LL



K aemh a e ¹ A ¹ e l '




Enterprise School Distnct is accepting applications for a half time k-12 Art Teacher to begin in August of 2014. Please submit Application, Resume, and all 320 - Business other relevant docu- Investments ments to : E nterprise School District, 201 SE DID YOU ICNOW 144 m illion U . S . A d u l t s 4th Street, Enterprise, read a N e w s p aper Oregon, 97828. Quespnnt copy each week? t ion s p I eas e c a I I Discover the Power of 541-426-31 93. E 0 E PRINT Newspaper Adv ertising i n A l a s k a, I da h o, M o nta na, Oregon, Utah and Washi ngton wit h I ust o n e

Signs ol a kinds to meetyour needs

CNC PlasmaServices




Koleidoscope Child (k Family Therapy Tammie Clausel Licensed Clinical Social Worker 1705 Main Street Suite 100 • PO. Box 470 • Baker City, OR 97814 5u 523 5424 .fax 5u 523 5516

G et y o u r

e l e c t r i c i t y f r o m s un l i g h t f

State and Federal Tax Credits



54i-56S-4SS2 MICHAEL 541-7S6-S463

M. Curtiss PN-7077A CCff¹ 1836'49

A Certified Arborist

K~art¹ ggg

RUEE N - -RUsTlc

MERCANTILE Gun's NRA Certi fiedConcealedInstructor~ Ammo 5 41-96 2 - 7 S 3 /l More 10703-1/2Walton La Grande

All Breeds • No Tranquilizers • Dog & Cat Boarding




ALL OFFFETCOMMERCIAL PRINTING Camera ready orwe can sel upforyott, TabS Contact • BrOadSheet The Observer

• Full Color

54$ 963 3$6

Y QGA Stu d i o p


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sauna 541-910-4114


FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 2014



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R E l

Baker City HeraId: 541-523-3673• •• Fax: 541-523-6426' The Observer: 541-963-3161• • • Fax: 541-963-3674 xg w 320 - Business Investments

320 - Business Investments

330 - Business Op380 - Baker County Service Directory portunities DID YOU ICNOW News- DID YOU ICNOW that INVESTIGATE BEFORE Adding New paper-generated connot only does newspatent is so valuable it's p er m e di a r e ac h a taken and r e peated, HUGE Audience, they condensed, broadcast, a lso reach a n E N tweeted, d i scussed, GAGED AUDIENCE. Discover the Power of posted, copied, edited, and emailed countless Newspaper Advertistimes throughout the ing in six states — AIC, day by ot hers? DisID, MT, OR, UT, WA. c over the P ower o f For a free rate broNewspaper Advertisc hur e caII ing i n S I X S T A TES 916-288-6011 or email cecelia© with Iust one p hone call. For free Pacific (PNDC) Northwest Newspaper A ssociation N e t w o r k 330 - Business Opb roc h u r e s c a II portunities 916-288-6011 or email cecelia©



P lacing a n a d i n IND EP END ENT classified is a very CONTRACTED s imple p r o c e s s . HAULER Just call the classineeded forthe f ied d e p a r t m e n t Baker City Herald on and we'll help you Monday, Wednesday w ord your a d f o r and Fnday afternoons. m a x i m u m Please fill out an response. information sheet at the









wanted to deliver the Baker City Herald




SAKN CASCO. FARE DECREASE!! As of May 1st In Town Rates: $6 one- way $10 round-tnp

Out of Town Rates: $2 per mile $1.50/mi. — round-tnp 541-523-6070

vertised in the B usi-


Services: "NEW" Tires Mount & Balanced p ortunities & f ran Come in for a quote chises. Call OR Dept. You won't be o f J u stice a t ( 5 0 3 ) disappointed!! 378-4320 or the Fed- Mon- Sat.; 8am to 5pm eral Trade Commission LADD'S AUTO LLC at (877) FTC-HELP for 8 David Eccles Road f ree i nformation. O r Baker City v isit our We b s it e a t (541 ) 523-4433

routes, both c arrier and motor, will be ad-

Baker City Herald, 1915 First St., Baker City 7:30 a.m. — 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday

YOU INVEST! Always a good policy, especially for business op-

n ess O p p o r t u n i t y BOONE'S WEED 8t Pest section. Please see Control, LLC. classification ¹330 for Trees, Ornamental @ any available routes Turf-Herbicide, Insect & at this time. Fungus. Structural Insects, including Termites. Bareground 340 - Adult Care weed control: noxious Baker Co. weeds, aquatic weeds. EXPERIENCED caregiver Agriculture & Right of seeks work. Reasonable Way. Call Doug Boone, and reliable. References 541-403-1439. furnished. 541-523-3110 CEDAR 8t CHAIN link 350 - Day Care Baker fences. New construct ion, R e m o d el s & Co. handyman services. 4 NEW REGISTERED 4 Kip Carter Construction In-Home Daycare 541-519-6273 Limited openings Great references. left for summer CCB¹ 60701 Clean, safe, fun with family fnendly rates! Call today to schedule an interview.

Ashley (541) 519-2589

Monday, Wednesday, and Fnday's, within Baker City.

360 - Schools & Instruction OAK HAVEN

Ca II 541-523-3673

Summer Program


Literacy Camps Week-long immersion expenences in reading a nd w r i t in g f o r 6 - 9 year olds — Limited to 4 students, with gardening focus.

wanted to deliver the The Observer

Monday, Wednesday, and Fnday's, within

Cove La Grande 8t Wallowa Count

M. R u t h D a v e n port, Ph.D. 541-663-1528

Ca II 541-963-3161

D 5. H Roofing 5. Construction, Inc

CCB¹192854. New roofs & reroofs. Shingles, metal. All phases of construction. Pole buildings a specialty. Respond within 24 hrs. 541-524-9594


380 - Baker County Service Directory

Call: Clear Windows,

by Stella Wilder

Window Cleaning Service Commercial & Residential

FRIDAY, JUNE )3, 20)4 YOUR BIRTHDAY byStella Wilder Borntoday,you are sometimes mistaken for one who behaves in awaythat you would, in fact, disdain; this is the result of your squarely Gemini nature. The twins are very much alive in you, forging a personality that is often at odds with itself. You are not likely to give both sides ofyourself equal respect or attention, however. You tend to like one half of yourself much more than the other, giving the favored halfmuch more love and development. The result, of course, is that when your "dark side" makes itself known, it may



' •




FRANCES ANNE YAGGIE INTERIOR 8E EXTERIOR PAINTING, Commercial & Residential. Neat & efficient. CCB¹137675. 541-524-0369

Furniture Restoration Custom furniture 541-523-2480


Virus & Spam Removal Jim T. Eidson 541-519-7342

tanks SADDLES & TACK: " Vaquero Saddle "Western saddle full double "Basket stamp stock saddle " 3 Bar Saddlery unused stock saddle basket stamp full double "2 Stock saddles " Rawhide Riata " Rawhide quirt " Spurs " Rawhide head stalls " Lots of nice tack: horse hair reins, bridles, "Saddle Bags

OUTDOOR POWER EQUIPMENT & TOOLS " MTD Log Splitter W/ Brif,f,s & Stratton 12.5 CI Bas engine" Craftsman 1000 Riding Mower w / b a gger " Troybilt 21" Rear Baf, Mower" Troybilt Rear Tine Tiller "Echo String Trimmer " Troybilt Cycle Bar " Miller Welder 225V " 2800 Watt Generator (new) " Poulan Wild Thing Chain Saw " Echo CS-310 Chain Saw "Wards Rolling Top & Bottom Tool Box "Workshop Tool Box " A t las Table Saw "Drill Press "Machinist Vise (2) "Bench Vises "Stock Rollers "Shop Vac "Bench Grinders "Shop Lights "Belt & Disk Sanders "Cutting Torches " Hand Tools " Paint Sprayer " Unused Bif, Valley Gate " Misc. gates & fencing supplies "A frame Parts" Many tires FURNITURE: " Oak Bowed Front Curio Cabinet " Walnut Full bed, Dresser, Hi Boy on Chest " Oak Curio Cabinet " Carved Rocking Chair " Empire Style (Full) Bedroom Set " Drop Front Desk " Singer Treadle Sewing Machine " Carved Ball In Claw Dining Room Set " China Hutch " Bustle Chair " Oak Barley Twist Lamp Table " Twin Bes (2) " Water Color Prints & Framed Art "Occasional tables " Lots of Home & Wall Decor GLASSWARE & C O L LECTIBLE: " Norman Rockwell Plates " Figurines " Hand Carved Decoys " Hand Carved Art " Stemware " Sea Shells " Turquoise Jewelry " Kachina Dolls" Arrowhead Collection " Lots of Knick Knack Decor COINS: " 18 Presidential Coin Sets: Washington, J. Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, J.Q. Adams, Jackson, Van Buren, Harrison, Tyler, Polk, Taylor, Fillmore, Pierce, Buchanan, Lincoln, Grant " (2) 1921 Morgan Silver $ " 1891,1882, 1883, 1884, 1900, 1921 Morgan Silver $'s "Jefferson Nickel Set "Barber Dimes "Standing Liberty Quarter "2010 Uncirc. Quarters " 2013 Sacagawea Golden $1 "1923 Peace Silver $1 "Several Uncirc. Coins " Indian Head $1 coins "Bif, Game Slam Coins " (10)1 Troy Oz Silver Coins " Navy Seal Commemorative Coins " Many Commemorative Coins " Liberty Gold 1 oz. gold, G.T. Morgan " U.S. 20th Century Coin Collection

40CTjOR ~+awsc+

a c o mplete list & TO BID visit: P ickett Auction Service 208-455-14 19

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want to reach out to someone who is bearing a heavy burden on his or her own. It's a good time to offer your unique assistance. CANCER(June21-July22) - - You're eager

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37 Scraped against 39 Yell 42 Athena's father 43 Wilted 44 Zoomer on a lake 48 Stadium shape 49 Before, in combos 50 Kung fu expert Bruce51 Dad, in Dijon 52 Some youngsters 53 Toss


O R E G O N 1 Moppet 4 Carpenter's Law (ORS 671) rewedge quires all businesses 8 Golf club that advertise and per- 12 Dobbs of CNN form landscape con- 13 Fictional tracting services be liplantation censed with the Lands cape C o n t r a c t o r s 14 Whipped up B oard. T h i s 4 - d i g i t 15 Memory aid number allows a con- 17 Make tea sumer to ensure that 18 Sorts t he b u siness i s a c - 19 Knight's tively licensed and has journey a bond insurance and a 20 Cannon shot q ualifie d i n d i v i d u a l 23 Wish undone contractor who has ful- 24 Dots in filled the testing and "la mer" experience r e q u ire- 25 — out Landscape Contractors

ments fo r l i censure. For your protection call 503-967-6291 or visit our w ebs i t e : to c heck t h e lic e n s e status before contracting with the business. Persons doing l andscape maintenance do not require a landscaping license.

Sitcom alien Brown-noser Skip stones Drew the gate shut 35 Ebb or neap 36 Boathouse gear 2


t ion w o r k t o be censed with the Construction Contractors Board. An a c t ive cense means the contractor is bonded & in-


sured. Venfy the contractor's CCB license through the CCB Cons ume r W eb s i t e

• Shops, Garages • Siding & Decks • Windows & Fine finish work Fast, Quality Work! Wade, 541-523-4947 or 541-403-0483 CCB¹176389

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A S SP SA TN 6-13-14



7 Laird's prefix 8 Suffuses 9 Unusual 10 Ben Jonson works 11 Mr. Gingrich 9



















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1 European airline 2 Charged particle 3 Up for payment 4 Took unlawfully 5 Suit-pocket item 6 Orchidlike flower

29 30 32 33


Answer to Previous Puzzle



OREGON STATE law req uires a nyone w h o contracts for construc-

APPLIANCES & MISC: "Frigidaire Upright Freezer (newer) "Dell Inspiron 20 Intel Pentium processor, 3M cache G2030T (less than 1 year old) " Cannon Printer " Mira-Cool room A/ C u n i t " Estate (electric) Dryer 2011 " Maytag POE CARPENTRY Washing Machine (unused) " File Cabinets "Old Safe • New Homes • Remodeling/Additions

For Pictures, Videos, Information,

SATURDAY,JUNE )4 GEMINI (May 21-June 20) -- You will

to pursue an opportunity about which you CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan. 19)--Things haveonly received hintsand crypticmessages are readyto be done as on)yyou knowhowto from those who havegone before. do them. You'll win the approval of someone LEO (Iuly 23-Aug. 22) - Are you able to who has been aholdout. put aside your own prejudices long enough to AQUARIUS (Jan.20-Feb. 18) —Youdon't do what you haveavoided doing for aslong as want to make your work public until you you can remembert have received some kind of guarantee that it VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) - You'll be will remain in your immediate control. eagertohearhow someone onceclosetoyou PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20) — A reunion isdoing,now thathe orshe is faraway from of sorts getsyou thinking. By day's endyou'll the place you both used to call home. have devised a plan that really gets things LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) — External going in the right direction. forces will surely have internal effects, but ARIES (March 21-April 19) — It's a good nothing you cannot, with a little effort, over- daytoexplorecomfortablesurroundingsin a come in order to get your work done. new way; whatyou learn will help you underSCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) - You may stand yourselfbetter. be surpr ised to hearfrom someone who has TAURUS (April 20-May 20) — Youmay been outoftouch forsometime. Troubleyou suddenlyfind yourself in charge of someexpected is not likely to amount to much. thing that is both highlycreative andessential SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) to the general well-being. Though you may havesigned on to help, it's fEDIIQRS F dt d q u pl »« t n Ry P a « « C likely that you will take a central role in the COPYRIGHT2tll4 UNITED FEATURESYNDICATE INC major affairsoftheday. DISIRIBUIED BYUNIVERSALUCLICKFORUFS

JIM'S COMPUTERS On site service & repair Wireless & wired networks

FISHING EQUIPMENT & BOAT MOTORS" 15 HP Johnson Outboard motor "Johnson Sea Horse 35HP Outboard motor " Johnson Seahorse 10 HP Outboard motor " Vintage Evinrude Outboard" Fishing Nets " Folding Chairs " Deep Water Reels & Rods & Lures" Fly tying supplies "float tubes "boat fuel

act in a way that is counter to your own needs and desires - asan enemy ofsorts,notasan integrated part of you.

JACKET 8t Coverall Repair. Zippers replaced, p atching an d o t h e r heavy d ut y r e p a irs. Reasonable rates, fast service. 541-523-4087 or 541-805-9576 BIC

water for 5 years "Valco Aluminum Boat & Trailer 14' " BobcatAluminum Boat " Utility Trailer w/ Ramps & Winch " Honda CB360T Motorcycle

sheaves never removed from box "Sportsman Steel Gun Safe, 36 slot " NEW Tasco 4x40 scope "Camo Netting "A mmo Cans "Factory & reloaded "Goose Decoys "Duck Decoys (some vintage) " Clay Thrower "Cots " Moose Antlers" Wild game mounts & Fish mounts" Hunting Knives Many! "Reloading Supplies " Gun Cases " Cast Iron Cookware

450 - Miscellaneous

A MIXED CORD fi r e AVAILABLE AT w ood $150 a c o r d , %METAL RECYCLING THE OBSERVER We buy all scrap R ed Fir $170 i n t h e NEWSPAPER metals, vehicles round, $200 split and BUNDLES & battenes. Site clean delivered. Tamarack Burning or packing? $ 185 i n t h e r o u n d , ups & drop off bins of $1.00 each all sizes. Pick up $215 split and delivservice available. ered. 541-975-3454 WE HAVE MOVED! NEWSPRINT Our new location is ROLL ENDS FIREWOOD 3370 17th St Art prolects & more! PRICES REDUCED Sam Haines Super for young artists! $150, in the rounds; Enterpnses $2.00 8t up $185 split, seasoned, 541-51 9-8600 Stop in today! delivered in the valley. 1406 Fifth Street SCARLETT MARY LMT (541 ) 786-0407 DIRECT TV 2 Year Sav541-963-31 61 3 massages/$100 ings Event! Over 140 Ca II 541-523-4578 channels only $29.99 a CANADA DRUG Center 440 - Household Baker City, OR month. Only DirectTV is your choice for safe Items Gift CertilicatesAvailable! gives you 2 YEARS of and affordable medicasavings and a F REE tions. Our licensed CaBEAUTIFUL WOOD fuGenie upgrade! Call nadian mail order pharton w/new mattress. 1-800-259-5140 macy will provide you $1 40. 541-41 9-8523 385 - Union Co. Ser(PNDC) with savings of up to vice Directory 75 percent on all your 4-PLOTS in old section %REDUCE YOUR CABLE medication needs. Call BILL! Get a w h o l e- LARGE SECTIONAL 1yr. of Mt. Hope Cemetery. today 1-800-354-4184 old. Paid $2200. Ask- Perpetual care included. home Satellite system f or $10.00 off y o u r ing $ 8 5 0 . Firm L ike $3200/0B0 installed at NO COST first prescription and 208-365-9943 N ew 541-524-0369 a nd pr o g r a m m i n g free shipping. (PNDC) starting at $19.99/mo. ARE YOU in BIG trouble FREE HD/DVR UpTV Retailer. Startw ith t h e I R S ? S t op DISH ing at $ 1 9.99/month grade to new callers, OAK COMPUTER desk. wage & b ank levies, (for 12 mos.) & High SO CALL NOW (866) $500. 541-524-9347 or liens & audits, unfiled 984-8515 (PNDC) 541-51 9-0259 Speed Internet starting tax returns, payroll isat $ 14 . 9 5 / m o n t h s ues, & r e s olve t ax (where a v a i l a b le.) debt FAST. Seen on 445- Lawns & GarS AVE! A s k A b o u t C NN. A B B B . C a l l SAME DAY Installadens ANYTHING FOR 1-800-989-1 278. t ion! C A L L Now ! A BUCK (PNDC 1-800-308-1 563 Same owner for 21 yrs. (PNDC) 541-910-6013 AUTO ACCIDENT AttorCCB¹1 01 51 8 ney: INJURED IN AN DO YOU need papers to AUTO A C CIDENT? start your fire with? Or Call InluryFone for a a re yo u m o v i n g & free case evaluation. need papers to wrap Never a cost to y o u. those special items? Don't wait, call now, The Baker City Herald 1951 AC tractor W/ front 1-800-539-991 3. at 1915 F i rst S t r eet loader, all onginal, runs (PNDC) sells tied bundles of great, perfect for colpapers. Bundles, $1.00 lector or small farm, IS YOUR Identity Proeach. $3,200 OBO, call for tected? It is our prome-pics, 541-910-4044. i se t o pr o v i d e t h e REDUCE YOUR Past most comprehensive Tax Bill by as much as identity theft preven405 - Antiques 75 percent. Stop Levt ion a n d re s p o n s e BAKER BOTANICALS ies, Liens and Wage products available! Call VINTAGE AND Old stuff 3797 10th St Garnishments. Call the — Sat. 9-6. T oday f o r 30 D a y Open Wed. Hydroponics, herbs, Tax Dr Now to see if F REE T RIA L 9 25 2nd. St . N o r t h houseplants and y ou Q ual if y 1-800-395-701 2. Non-GMO seeds Powder. Weekly Spe1-800-791-2099. 541-403-1969 ciaIs. (PNDC) (PNDC)


450 - Miscellaneous

RUSSO'S YARD 8E HOME DETAIL Aesthetically Done Ornamental Tree & Shrub Pruning 503-668-7881 503-407-1524 Serving Baker City & surrounding areas

541-519-7033 Free Estimates •

435 - Fuel Supplies


16 Wire thicknesses 19 Wharf 20 Perfume bottle 21 Earthen pot 22 Bugged off 23 Checkers side 25 Big bankroll 26 Proofread 27 Put cargo aboard 28 Exceeded the limit 30 — does it! 31 Above, to a bard 34 Pair 35 Chore 37 J. Paul38 Clever ploys 39 Horrible food 40 Bee colony 41 FitzGerald's poet 42 Founder of stoicism 44 Elbow 45 Not up to snuff 46 Fair-hiring letters 47 Gray-clad soldier

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FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 2014




Monday: noon Friday Wednesday: noon Tuesday Friday: no o n Thursday DISPLAY ADS:

2 days prior to publication date

Baker City HeraId: 541-523-3673e •• Fax: 541-523-6426' The Observer: 541-963-3161e • • Fax: 541-963-3674 xg w 505 - Free to a goo home

450 - Miscellaneous

725 - Apartment Rentals Union Co. 2 yr. old Polled Hereford 1-BDRM., W/S/G/ pcI. AVAIL. NOW! Newly re- CIMMARON MANOR 660 - Livestock

QUALITY ROUGHCUT l umber, Cut t o y o u r s pecs. 1 / 8 " o n u p . A lso, h a l f ro u n d s , s tays , w e d ge s , slabs/firewood. Tamarack, Fir, Pine, Juniper, 505 - Free to a good Lodgepole, C o t t o n- home w ood. Your l ogs o r 10, 1 ye a r o l d l a y ing mine. 541-971-9657 Hens 5 4 1 -568-4002 •

Bulls, $2250. ea. Will b e semen t e sted gc ready to go to w ork. Ca II Jay S ly , (541 ) 742-2229.

FIISlbFII4 LlbE Free to good home

ads are FREE! (4 lines for 3 days)

One of the nicest things about NORTHEAST OREGON 3 KITTENS ready to go! 1-M, 2-F. Cute gc cud- want ads is their CLASSIFIEDS redly! 541-523-4799 serves the nght to reco st . I ect ads that d o n o t FREE KITTENS, multiple I o w comply with state and c olors, f i r s t s h o t s , A nother is t h e federal regulations or that a r e o f f e n s ive, 541-786-3855. quick results. Try false, misleading, de- TO GOOD Home/Ranch a classified ad ceptive or o t h e rwise Airedales; 5yr-M gc 3yr-F unacceptable. Hunting / Coyote control. today! Call our 760-264-3406 c lassif ie d a d 475 - Wanted to Buy d epa r t m e n t 550 - Pets, general ANTLER BUYER EI I<, t oday to p l a c e deer, moose, buying HEN gc all grades. Fair honest BLINDER, Chicken Plants. Purple your ad. p rices. Call N ate a t Cove OR

Ins's. 541-963-2282


720 - Apartment Rentals Baker Co.

LA G R A NDE F ARME R S M AR K E T Max Square, La Grande


EVERY TUESDAY 3:30-6:00pm Through October 18th.

"EBT & Credit Cards Accepted"

the only unit on t h at

WE BUY all classes of horses, 541-523 — 6119; J.A. Bennett L i vestock, Baker City, OR.

630 - Feeds ALFALFA, GRASS, and Oat Hay. Barn stored 80lb avg. $5.00/bale OBO 541-534-5410

to tackle it all at once.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) - You're in no mood to let someone else take advantageofyou the way he orshehasin thepast.

It's a good day to say,"Enough is enough." AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)--You may have to warn someone close to you about a development that is anything but desirable. Together, you can deal with it effectively.

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20) — You may not be able to swing into action quite as

quickly or efficiently as you had hoped. Evening brings a rare opportunity. ARIES (March 21-April 19) - The quality of your work, not the quantity, is what really counts. Don't let someone foolyou into thinking that more is alwaysbetter.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20) — You'll find yourself waiting for someone to do what comes nat urally before you can reciprocate, but it's taking longer than expected.

NORTHEAST PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Commercial Rentals 1200 plus sq. ft. profes sional office space. 4 offices, reception area, Ig. conference/ break area, handicap access. Pnce negotia ble per length of lease.

710 - Rooms for Rent NOTICE All real estate advertised here-in is sublect to th e F e d e ral F a ir H ousing A ct , w h i c h makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitations or discnmi-

nation based on race, c olor, r e l igion, s e x , h andicap , f a mi l i a l status or national ong in, o r

d q 0»

pl »

t n Ry

i n t e n t io n t o

make any such prefer-

P« I « «C

e nces, limitations o r discnmination. We will



C t y M O64ltl6 Mtl25567l4

SUNDAY,JUNE l5, 2014 started in another. This kind of trade-off may time to get in touch with someone who is far YOUR BIRTHDAY byStella Wilder be happening quite frequently. more reluctant than you are to put things on Born today, you may be a rather shy and LEO (Iuly 23-Aug. 22) — Thenewsyou the line. You canshow him how. retiring child, but as you mature, you will receive from familiar quarters may itself be AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) - You may discover yourself,your nature,your desires quite unfamiliar and unexpected. You must be ready to up the ante today.Several options and abilities, and you will from then on be a make some adjustments as a result. present themselves, but none seems tailorforce to be reckoned with in both your per- VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) — Coming off made for you. sonalaffairsand yourprofessionallife.You're of an exciting phase, you may not be as PISCES (Feb.19-March 20) —You're willnot the kind to say anything that doesn't enthusiastic about what is coming next as ingand abletodo foranotherwhatheorshe come from the heart;indeed,you may actu- youthoughtyou' d be— butthatcan change. did foryou only recently. Returning the favor ally cause quite a stir when you speak your LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) — Focusyour in this way is quite valuable. askeenly aspossibleon oneortwo ARIES (March 21-April 19) - - You mind, simply becausewhat you are thinking energies — and thus what you say — is not at all what endeavors that cannot wait until tomorrow. mustn't wait too long before"cleaning house." peopleare used to hearing!You're sure to Now is the time, and you know it. There are certain considerations that keep attract both admiration and criticism, but SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) - Putting you from doing all you knowyou should cx you'll also, just as surely, never go unnoticed. yoursel f in another's shoes often works for TAURUS (April 20-May 20) - You may MONDAY, JUNE16 you, but today you may still not appreciate have to tuck a newidea awayfor awhile until GEMINI (May 21-June 20) -- What what someone is going through. you have tended to some urgent business. MotherNature has to offer may not be in SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)- Soon, you'll be able to explore it fully. sync with your own desires, but you'll have to Someone close to you is likely to make a adjust, because Mother Nature certainly suggestion that gives you pause. It's an

not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in vio-

lation of this law. All persons are hereby in-

formed that all dwelli ngs a d vertised a r e available on an equal opportunity basis. EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNlTY

GREENWELL MOTEL 541-963-4134 ext. 101 Rent $450/mo. Furnished room w/microwave, small fridge, color TV, phone gc all utilities i ncluded. 30 5 A d a m s Ave. La Grande.



unconventional idea that is worth serious CANCER(June21-July 22) -- It's time to thought. call it quits in one respect, and getsomething CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) — It's


720 - Apartment Rentals Baker Co. 1-BDRM, UTILITIES paid $475/mo + $300/dep 541-403-0070


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CROSSWORD PUZZLER 38 "Mad Max" Gibson 39 Philosopher — -tzu 40 Shiny paint 43 Downhill skiing 47 Popular plant protein 48 Ready for market 50 Gull relative 51 Comics pooch 52 Mr. in Bombay 53 Sunblock additive 54 Rip apart 55 Ballerina's pivot point

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Available 07/01/14 Approx. 2,200 SF Newly remodeled. Abundant natural light t he south, east a n d North from the tallest b uilding i n B ake r . High-end kitchen appliances: D i s hw asher, Oven, Refngerator, Mic rowave. Wa Ik in c loset T i l e k i t c h e n counter tops. Tile floors in kitchen and b at hrooms.Stack-able washer and dryer loc ated in u n it . W a t e r and garbage paid for by the Landlord. Electncity is paid for by the Tenant. Secured buildi ng on e v e ning a n d weekends. No p ets. No smoking. Off-street parking available.Lease term of 1 y e a r p r ef erred . Re nt is

$1,075.00/ Month, Security D ep o s i t of $550.00 i s r e q u ired along with a Cleaning

modeled, aprox. 960 ICingsview Apts. sq. ft., 2-bdrm, 2-bath 2 bd, 1 ba. Call Century apartment unit located 21, Eagle Cap Realty. on the 7th floor of The 541-963-1210 Baker Tower. AbunCLOSE TO do wntown dant natural light with a nd E O U , st u d i o , v iews t o t h e s o u t h , w/s/g pd, no smoking, east and west. Stainno pets, $375 month, less steel kitchen ap$ 30 0 depos it . pliances: Dishwasher, 541-91 0-3696. Oven, Refngerator, Microwave. Tile kitchen CLOSE TO do wntown countertops. Tile floors and EOU, studio, no in kitchen and b at hs moking, n o pet s , r ooms. St a c k a b l e coin-op laundry, $325 washer and dryer lomo, $3 00 de p . c ated in u n it . W a t e r 541-91 0-3696. and garbage paid for by the Landlord. Elec- CLOSE TO EOU 2bdrm tncity is paid for by the basement a p t ., a ll Tenant. Secured buildutilities paid, coin-op i ng on e v e ning a n d laundry, No smoking, weekends. No p ets, No pets. $ 5 5 0/mo, no smoking. Off-street p lus $ 5 0 0 d e p o s it p arking av a i l a b l e . 541-91 0-3696 Lease term of 1 year preferred. R e n t i s CLOSE TO EOU, small studio, all utilities pd, $735.00/ Month, Secuno smoking/no pets, nty Deposit of $550.00 i s required a t l e a s e $395 mo, $300 dep. 541-91 0-3696. execution. For more information SENIOR AND DIScall 541-728-0603 or ABLED HOUSING visit: www.bakerClover Glen ments, 2212 Cove Avenue, ELKHORN VILLAGE La Grande APARTMENTS Senior a n d Di s a b l ed Clean gc well appointed 1 gc 2 bedroom units in a Housing. A c c e pting quiet location. Housing applications for those for those of 62 years aged 62 years or older or older, as well as as well as those disthose disabled or abled or handicapped handicapped of any of any age. Income reage. Rent based on instrictions apply. Call come. HUD vouchers Candi: 541-523-6578 accepted. Call Joni at 541-963-0906 TDD 1-800-735-2900

This institute is an equal Deposit of $150.00. For more information FURNISHED 1300 sq ft, c a I I: HoIIy 2 bdrm, in house. Wi-fi 1-541-728-0603 or W/S/G paid $1200/mo. visit: www.bakeropportunity provider. (541)388-8382 NICE 1 bdrm apartment in Baker City. Elderly 3-BDRM, 1 bath. $ 625 DRC'S PROPERTY or Disabled. S u bsiW/S paid. Completely dized Low Rent. Beau- MANAGEMENT, INC. remodeled.Downtown 215 Fir Str tiful River Setting. All location. 541-523-4435 La Grande OR u tilities p a i d e x c e p t p hone a n d cab l e . FAMILY HOUSING APARTMENTS: E qual O p p o r t u n i t y We offer clean, attractive housing. Call T a ylor Studio- $350.00-$375.00 two b edroom a partRE g c M g mt at 1 BD-$350.00-$475.00 ments located in quiet 2 B D- $450. 00-$495. 00 and wel l m a i ntained 503-581-1813. TTY-711 settings. Income reHOUSES: stnctions apply. 2,3,gc4 BD •The Elms, 2920 Elm 725 - Apartment S t., Baker City. C u r- Rentals Union Co. re n t ly a v a i I a b I e2109 3 RD St . , 1 b / 1 b Ad may not be current. Please stop in for a list 2-bdrm a p a rtments. Apartment, W/S/G Inor ca II541-663-1066. Most utilities paid. On cluded, Coin-op LaunM-F 9-11:30, 1-5 site laundry f a cilities dry, Fr ee W i- Fi , and playground. Ac$475/m o A v a iIa b I e STUDIO APARTMENTS cepts HUD vouchers. 7/1/14 541-963-1210 HUD A P P ROVED, Call M ic h e l l e at walking distance to loor rent, (541)523-5908. c al businesses a n d l ocated d o w n t o w n , restaurants, for more walking distance to lo +SPECIAL+ i nfo r m a t i o n c al l cal businesses, nice 509-592-81 79 $200 off and spacious, utilities 1st months rent! incl. 509-592-8179. NEWLY REMODELED, 4b/1.5b A p a rtment, This institute is an W/S/G Included, W/D CENTURY 21 equal opportunity PROPERTY included, Free W i-Fi, provider. MANAGEMENT $1400/mo . Available 8/1/14 541-963-1210

Q l8

TDD 1-800-545-1833



www.La rande










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720 - Apartment Rentals Baker Co.

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Answer to Previous Puzzle K I D S H LO U T A M N E M O N LK VO L L E Y I L E S AL F T O L A T C H E OA R S HO U T L I M P J OV A L A PE R E B

floor. Very pnvate and

with fantastic views to



$ 400/mo. 1 s t. , l a s t p lus s e curity. 1 6 2 1 Va IIey Ave., B a ker C ity. 541-497-0955

2-BDRM $500/mo. plus F OR SA L E b ull s . $375/dep. W/S/G paid. No Smoking, No Pets. Angus/salers/optimizers. 2 y r o l ds gc 541-523-5756 yearlings. bl g c red. S eaman a n d tr ic k 2-BDRM, 2 bath, plus a tested Ca n d e l i ver. den great for an office. R easonable p r i c e s . Apartment located on t he 9th floor of T he 541-372-530 3 or Baker Tower. This is 208-741-6850.

by Stella Wilder SATURDAY,JUNE14,2014 from someone who has been watching you YOUR BIRTHDAY byStella Wilder from adistance;he or she has some good Born today, you are very seldom fooled by advice -- and a possibly dangerous proposithe attempted deceptions ofthe world around tion. you, but when you are, it is likely to be of such LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) — You want to be a dramatic scale that it can change the way closer to someone who interests you than you see things, think about things and do yourcurrentcircumstancesallow,butmaybe things. Fortunately, you are determined to that should be telling you something! teach yourself the difference between what is VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) - You mustn't real and what is not, but even you can still be let the natural progression of the day upset fooled now and then! You are perhaps most you when things don't go your way; the penvulnerable to deceptions that take advantage dulum will swing back in your favor very ofyour need to be in control -- foryou do, in soon. fact,crave the driver's seatand have a deep- LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) — You mayfind seatedneed to be in charge of your own yourself in a situation that requires a more endeavorsand , often the endeavorsofthose aggressive approach than you are willing to around you. adopt. SUNDAY,JUNE 15 SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) - The events GEMINI (May 21-June 20) -- Someone of the day all add up to an opportunity to may be knocking at your door, wondering learna great deal.Tomorrow, you can put when you're going to come through with those lessons to good use! something you promised awhile ago. Youstill SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) - You have time. had planned to do acertain something step by CANCER (June21-July 22) - - You'll hear step, but things have changed. You may have

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10 Quahog or gaper 11 Sedgwick of the screen 16 Prime for Picking 20 Promise to pay 23 Villain's laugh 24 — Khan 25 Burgle 26 Quick lunch 27 Drone 28 Prospector's find 29 Carpet pile 31 Buy, so to speak (2 wds.) 34 Not susceptible 35 Plumbing joint 36 Like many potato chips 37 Fervent wish 39 Caesar's tongue 40 James or Kett 41 Eggnog time 42 Big hairdo 44 Scholarly org. 45 Pianist Peter46 McClurg of sitcoms 49 Lime cooler

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Ilonaeo Dyttas I 2004 - LOIIDDDD ' e solid F eatures ind« dace counters, dr fridge ANcro built-in wash Ite dish, air Ievelin pass-throug tfay, and a king sl b d. p,titor only b14b,bOII

Your auto, RV, motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile,

boat, or airplane ad runs until it sells or up to 12 months

20~4 Corvetts CsrttrsrtiDIs Coupe, 350, aut Ith 132 miles, gets 24 rnpg Addlo more descdpt. and interesting ac f or$ggi Look how muchfuna girl could ave tn a svreet like this!


(whichever comes first) Includes up to 40 words of text, 2" in length, with border, bold headline and price. • Publication in The Observer and Baker City Herald • Weekly publication in Observer Plus and Buyer's Bonus • Continuous listing with photo on *No refunds on early cancellations. Private party ads only.

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FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 2014



Monday: noon Friday Wednesday: noon Tuesday Friday: no o n Thursday DISPLAY ADS:

2 days prior to publication date

R E l

Baker City HeraId: 541-523-3673e •• Fax: 541-523-6426' The Observer: 541-963-3161e • • Fax: 541-963-3674 xg w 725 - Apartment Rentals Union Co. FAMILY HOUSING Pinehurst Apartments 1502 21st St. La Grande A ttractive one and tw o bedroom units. Rent based on income. Income restrictions ap-

725 - Apartment Rentals Union Co. LA GRANDE, OR THUNDERBIRD APARTMENTS 307 20th Street

& COVE APARTMENTS 1906 Cove Avenue

UNITS AVAILABLE ply. Now accepting apNOW! plications. Call Lone at (541 ) 963-9292. APPLY today to qualify for subsidized rents This institute is an equal at these quiet and opportunity provider. centrally located multifamily housing properties. TDD 1-800-735-2900 Welcome Home!


(541) 963-7476

1, 2 8t 3 bedroom units with rent based on income when available.

Proiect phone ¹: (541)963-3785 TTY: 1(800)735-2900


752 - Houses for Rent Union Co.

760 - Commercial Rentals 1 BDRM in Cove, $450, FULLY EQUIPPED SALON AVAILABLE w/s/g pd. NE Property Mgmt. 541-910-0354 1 BR, 1ba, cozy, very c lean, near EO U & GRH. Privacy d eck, small yard. W/d. Limited to 2. No smoking, no pets, $510. See at 1 204 1/ 2 F i r s t S t . 541-786-4606

2 BDRM, 1 ba, Ig yd, no smoking, n o pet s $750/mo, $700 dep. 541-91 0-3696. 3 BDRM, 2 ba in Elgin.

$800/mo. W/S pd. (541 ) 910-0354 3BDRM, 2 ba th, $780 m o, pl u s d ep 541-963-2641. 3BDRM, 2BA, Mobile in LG, w/s paid, a/c, HUD

approved, $895 + dep. 541-91 0-01 22

ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS 3 bdrm, 2 ba, fenced yard, garage, tmana er@ slcommunities.c om storage, $1,195/mo 745 - Duplex Rentals 541-91 0-4444 Income Restnctions Union Co. Apply 2 BDRM, 1 ba. Kitchen ACCEPTING APPLICAProfessionally Managed TIONS, 3 bd r m , 2 appliances, including by bath, with carport, covw/d. w/s/g, lawn care GSL Properties ered patio, gas heat, p d. N O C A TS . N o Located Behind s moking. D o g s a l - g as w a t e r he a t e r . La Grande F enced y a rd . q u i e t lowed $ 7 0 0 . 509 Town Center neighborhood. ExcelW a shington LG , 541-91 0-4938. l ent condition. $ 8 2 5 HIGHLAND VIEW mo, $6 50 de p . Apartments ACCEPTING APPLICA541-786-236 4 or TIONS o n n e w er 2 541-963-5320 800 N 15th Ave bdrm 1 1/2 bath with Elgin, OR 97827 garage. All appliances, AVAILABLE IN July, 3 bd,1 bath with baseplus w/d. gas heat and Now accepting applica-

2310 East Q Avenue La Grande,OR 97850

w ater h e a t e r . No s moking, o r pet s .

ment, close to EOU.

820 - Houses For Sale Baker Co.

825 - Houses for Sale Union Co.

2.89 ACRES w/ 2 001 PRICE R E D UCED to Manufactured 3 bdrm $155,000. Fully remodLarge, recently remodHome 99,000 C a sh eled home in beautiful, eled salon for rent. 6 541-519-9846 Durkee q uiet a nd priv a t e hair stations, 2 m a nineighborhood. Located cure stations, 2 masat 3660 9th Dr. 1300 sage/foot bath p e di- 2505 COURT St. 3-bdrm, sq. ft. home is 3-bdrm, 2-bath w/basement, Ig. cure chairs, extra room 2 bath with office/launfor masseuse or f alot, storage & MUCH dry room & attached cials, full laundry (W/D more! Broker Ann Megarage. Custom hardincluded), of f s t r e et haffy, 541-519-0698 wood cabinets, granite countertops, stainless parking and l o c ated centrally in downtown steel appliances, new Baker City. $895/mo 3-BDRM, 2 b a th M f g c arpet, tile & w o o d Call Suzi 775-233-7242 home on 1 2 0 'x150' f loors. 1/ 4 a c r e l o t l ot. B a s e m ent , R V completely landscaped with automatic sprinParking, Several Out780 - Storage Units klers. Photos can be buildings & barn, Fruit Trees & Grape Arbor, viewed at 12 X 20 storage with roll Handicap Accessible. Contac t D an at up door, $70 mth, $60 541-403-1223 1527 Chestnut St. deposit 541-910-3696 541-523-5967

855 - Lots & Property Union Co. CORNER LOT. Crooked


C reek S u b d i v i s i o n . 11005 ICristen Way .

101 ft. x 102 ft. Island City. $70,000. A rmand o Rob l e s , 541-963-3474, 541-975-4014 MT. VIEW estates subdivision, Cove, OR. 2.73 acres for sale. Electnc ava il. $49,9 00 . 208-761-4843.

Call Us Today: 541-9634174 See all RMLS Listings:

RESIDENTIAL LOTS on q uiet c u l -de-sac, i n

Sunny Hills, South LG. 541-786-5674. Owner licensed real e s t ate agent.

840 -Mobile Homes Baker Co.

2-BDRM W/LG Added L iving R m . , P o r c h , Storage, Cute Fenced TAKE ADVANTAGE Yard. Mt. View P a rk of this 2 year old H alfway $ 3 2 0 0 . 0 0 home! 425-919-9218 3 Bed, 2.5 Bath, 1850sqft large fenced yard. $219,000. 850 - Lots & Prop541-805-9676

$320,000 PREMIER PROFESSIONAL 5 PLUS semi secluded BUILDING located in acres with 3120sq. ft. convenient downtown. 3-bdrm, 3 bath home. • 8 J Thoughtfully designed 2 stone fireplaces, lots for single or multiple of po nderosa p i n es plus 45'x24' insulated tenants. One level, spaerty Baker Co. + Security Fenced shop. 5 miles west of cious well-lit office ofBaker City. $395,000. 825 - Houses for 5 .78 A CRES, 3 6 x 4 8 fers natural light. Six + Coded Entry 541-523-2368 shop, full bath, well private offices and two Sale Union Co. + Lighted foryourprotection 8t septic installed. 7 conference rooms line HOUSE FOR SALE mi. from town. Price + 4 different size units the perimeter. Full N ewly R e m odeld, 2 reduced to $166,600. basement offers stor+ Lots of RVstorage bdrm, 1bth. At 2604 503-385-8577 age. Building easily North Ash. To see call 41298 Chico Rd, Baker City , converts to two or more 541-963-3614 offRocahontas

855 - Lots & Property Union Co.

2595 Main Street. Baker City


professional offices. Building is for sale and ' lease, call for terms.

1/3 T O 3 a cr e lo t s , 12032041 South 12th, beautiful Century 21 view, & creek starting a t $ 4 0 , 0 0 0 . Ca I I i Eagle Cap Realty, 541-91 0-3568. ' 541-9634511.

OPEN HOUSE June 14, 2014 10am-12pm

7X11 UNIT, $30 mo. $25 dep. (541 ) 910-3696.

4 Beds & 3 baths Must SEE!!!

has storage units availabie.

5x12 $30 per mo. 8x8 $25-$35 per mo. $750 mo, $600 dep. 8x10 $30 per mo. Ref req. 541-786-2364 'plus deposit' or 541-963-5320 1433 Madison Ave., C HARM ING 3 B R D M , or 402 Elm St. La CLEAN QUIET South1ba large house. NO Grande. Proiect phone number: side, 3 bed, 2 bath, Pets, NO Sm oking. Ca II 541-910-3696 541-437-0452 laundry room w/ hook $775/moplus $800 TTY: 1(800)735-2900 ups, dw, new windeposit 541-215-2571 dows/doors/paint, tile, "This institute is an CUTE 3 B DRM $ 6 9 0 American West patio, No pets/smokequaI opportunity plus deposit. No pets, Storage ing. $765/mo no tobacco, no HUD. 7 days/24 houraccess provider." 541-963-9430. 541-523-4564 WSG pcI. 541-962-0398 EXCELLENT 3 bdrm duCOMPETITIVE RATES FOR RENT plex, storage, South Behind Armory on East Side La Grande locaand H Streets. Baker City La Grande Retirement La Grande-Island City: tion, close to EOU No Apartments smoking o r pet s . 767Z 7th Street, La 1 BR apts, $ 725/ m o . C a II Grande, Oregon 97850 541-963-4907. 3 BR duplex 1 BR house Senior and Disabled NICE 2BDRM, duplex La MIII STOELGI 2 BR house Complex Grande Southside loLa Grande • Secure cation, close to EOU. 3 BR house • Keypad EIlfzjj Affordable Housing! No smoking or pets. Union • Auto-Lock Gate $595/m o ca II Rent based on in541-963-4907 • Security Lilrbtang come. Income restncRanch-N-Home tions apply. Call now • Fenced Area Rentals, Inc NICE CLEAN 2 bdrm, to apply! (6-foot barb) 54 1-963-5450 1ba. w/d, stove, fndge, SEW I Ix36 units 1 /2 garage, w/s p d , Beautifully updated ComHOME IN the country, for "Big Boy Toys" suitable fo r 1 o r 2 munity Room, featur3bd, 2 bath, craft/ofa dults, n o p e t s , n o ing a theatre room, a f ice, double ca r g a S2S-1688 smoking, not HUD rage, barn and 15 acre pool table, full kitchen approved. $575/mo. 2518 14th and island, and an pasture. Avail. 6-14, $400 dep. 310 1st St. $1150 mo, 1st, last, electnc fireplace. LG. (541)910-5200 dep. No cats or smokRenovated units! ing in s i d e h o me . CLASSIC STORAGE 750 - Houses For 541-524-1534 Please call (541) 541-963-7724. Rent Baker Co. 2805 L Street 963-7015 for more information. OREGON TRAIL PLAZA LARGE 3 BDRM, 2b a NEW FACILITY!! house, good size yard, 1-2 bdrm mobile homes Vanety of Sizes Available u pdated i n t erior, l o TTY 1-800-735-2900 starting at $400/mo. Secunty Access Entry cated in land City No RV Storage Includes W/S/G pets, $900/mo. Call This institute is an Equal RV spaces avail. Nice 541-975-380 0 o r Opportunity Provider. quiet downtown location DRC'S PROPERTY 541-663-6673 541-523-2777 MANAGEMENT, INC 215 Fir Str HOME SWEET HOME S MALLER 2 B D R M , La Grande OR trailer in Lower Perry, Cute &Clean 541-663-1066 Union County $445/mo inlcuded w/s. 2 & 3-Bdrm Homes 541-975-3837 Senior Living No Smoking/1 small Storage units pet considered. UNION, 3 B D, 1 B T H PRICES REDUCED Mallard Heights Call Ann Mehaffy $ 750. 2 B D $65 0 . 870 N 15th Ave 541-51 9-0698 541-91 0-0811 UNION Elgin, OR 97827 Ed Moses:(541)519-1814 6x10 - $20.00 760 - Commercial 10x15 - $35.00 Now accepting applica- 2 B D R M / 2 Ba t h / 2 tions f o r fed e r a l ly Story Duplex. W&S, Rentals R ange, Fridge, W/ D 20 X40 shop, gas heat, LA GRANDE f unded ho using f o r hook-up Inc. No Smok12x24 - $65.00 t hos e t hat a re roll-up an d w a l k - in i ng/pets. $ 6 2 5 . m o doors, restroom, small sixty-two years of age 12x20 - $55.00 +dep 541-519-6654 or older, and h andi10x10 - $35.00 o ffice s p ace, $ 3 5 0 Sx10 - $20.00 capped or disabled of month, $300 deposit. 2-BDRM 1-BATH, Sunany age. 1 and 2 bed541-91 0-3696. room, Fridge, DW, GaM-F 9-11:30, 1-5 room units w it h r e nt rage. Close to Downb ased o n i nco m e BEARCO town $600./mo F irst BUSINESS PARK when available. and Last & $250. Dep. Has 3000, 2000 sq ft 541-51 9-8887 units, all have overProiect phone ¹: SECURESTORAGE 541-437-0452 heard doors and man AVAIL. July 1st. Lease doors. Call Surveillance option to buy: 3 bdrm, 541-963-7711 TTY: 1(800)735-2900 2 bath fully remodeled. Cameras Computenzed Entry Huge backyard. 2020 BEAUTY SALON/ "This Institute is an Covered Storage P I u m S t. $900/m o. Office space perfect equaI opportunity Super size 16'x50' 1st, last, $900 refundfor one or two operaprovider." a ble dep. N o p e t s . ters 15x18, icludeds 541-523-2128 541-379-2645. Ba ker. restroom a n d off 3100 15th St. street parking. CUTE, c ustom h o m e . Baker City $500 mo & $250 dep 1700 sq.ft. 3 bdrm, 2 541-91 0-3696 bath. Gas heat. Lots of SMALL S T UDIO apt. s torage. N ea r H i g h BIG!!! SHOP w/office, Southside La Grande. School & Sports comLocation close to EOU. 2000 sq ft, 2 overhead plex. No pets/smoking. No smoking, No pets. •Mini W-arehouse 1 st, last p l u s d e p . doors, large f e nced ca I I outside storage area, $1 95/m o • Outside Fenced Parking $825/mo. 541-963-4907 heat, a/c, will rent part 541-523-1115 • Reasonabl e Rat e s or all. Call for details STUDIO, a I I ut i l i t i e s 541-963-51 25. For informationcall: FOR SALE/RENT paid, 'ac, close t o 3 b d r m home 1750cst 528-N18days $675/mo. Call after 5 COMMERCIAL OR retail 541-91 0-0811 space for lease in his5234807eveffings pm: 541-524-1209 t oric Sommer H e l m tions f o r fed e r a l ly funded housing. 1, 2, and 3 bedroom units with rent based on income when available.

820 - Houses For Sale Baker Co.


B EAUTIFUL V I E W LOTS f or sa l e b y

MLS ¹ 14321853 RE/MAX Real Estate Team 541-786-1613 Offered by: Chnsty Marsing, Broker

No pets/HUD. $750 mo, $4 50 de p . 541-910-1807.

EVERYONE READS CLASSIFIED ADScounters $79,000. you're reading one 280 S College, Union $79,000. Please caII novv. 208-761-4843. (541) 805-8074 oooooooooooc'oooooooc'ooooooooooooooc'ooooooooooooooo~ o wner i n C ov e O R . 3.02 acres, $55,000 a nd 4 ac r e s

Must see listing! New floonng, paint, and


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t 378510th Street PICTURE PERFECT: Log Building, 1215 WashGET QUICK CASH cabin on Eagle Creek. i ngton A v e ac r o s s 0 A vail. June 15. 5 m i . from post office. 1000 WITH THE 0 0 plus s.f. great location 795 Mobile Home from Richland. Quiet & C LAS S I FIEDS! secluded, 2-bdrm, 1 $850 per month with 5 Spaces Sell your unwanted bath. Unfurnished with year lease option. All SPACES AVAILABLE, utilities included and c ar, property a n d W/D, wood & electric one block from Safeheat, range & f ridge. parking in. A v a ilable h ousehol d i t e m s 12x16 storage buildm id J u l y p lea s e way, trailer/RV spaces. m ore q u i ckly a n d W ater, s e w er , g a r ing. Iarge garden area call 541-786-1133 for bage. $200. Jeri, manw/8x10 shed. Phone, more information and affordably with the a ger. La Gran d e VI ewI n g . DSL, cable available classifieds. Just call 541-962-6246 $750/mo and $750 u s today t o p l a c e s ecur it y DRC'S PROPERTY de p os it MANAGEMENT, INC. 541-893-6341 y our a d a n d ge t 215 Fir Str 0 ready to start count- SUNFIRE REAL Estate i La Grande OR ing your cash. The LLC. has Houses, Du541-663-1066 plexes & Apartments Observer 54 1-963for rent. Call Cheryl 1000 Sq FT 3161 or Baker City Guzman fo r l i s t ings, STOREFRONT ON WWW.bakerCityherald.Com WWWlagrandeobSerVer.Com 541-523-7727. HeraId 541-523-3673. ISLAND AVE IN IC. %oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo6' ~


Call fodayfor Cusfom Prinfing 4, OiNBal PackaIes


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5 41-963-3 16 1

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FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 2014 855 - Lots & Property Union Co.

THE OBSERVER a BAKER CITY HERALD — 7B 1001 - Baker County Legal Notices

Three Locations To Serve You La Grande Office 541-663-9000 Baker City Office 541-523-7390 Richland Office 541-893-3115 •

1001 - Baker County Legal Notices NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE On July 01, 2014, at the hour of 9:00 a.m. at t he B a k e r C o u n t y C ourt H o use, 1 9 9 5 T hird S t reet , B a k e r City, Oregon, the defendant's interest will be sold, sublect to redemption, in the real property c o m m o nly known as: 1069 East S treet, B a ke r C i t y , O regon 97814. T h e court case number is 13095, w here C ITIMORTGAGE, INC., its successors in interest and/or assigns is plaint iff, a n d M A R IC E. CLINE AICA MARIC EDWARD CLINE; ELIZABETH I. CLINE AICA ELIZABETH I R ENE CLINE, AND OCCUPANTS O F THE PREMISES is defend ant. T h e s al e i s a p ublic auction to t h e highest bidder for cash or cashier's check, in h and, mad e o u t t o Baker County Shenff's Office. For more information on this sale go to: ww w . o re onsher-

1001 - Baker County Legal Notices

1001 - Baker County Legal Notices

1001 - Baker County Legal Notices

B aker and St ate o f Oregon. The sale will be held at the followi ng location: A t t h e gage Foreclosure Act of 1994, 1 2 U . S .C. m ain entrance to t h e County C o u r t h ouse 3 751 et seq., by 24 1995 3rd St . B aker, CFR part 27, subpart B, and by the SecreO R 97814 Pe r T h e tary's designation of Secretary of Housing us a s F o r e c losure and Urban Development th e e s t i m ated Commissioner" notice o pening bi d w i l l b e is hereby given that on 7/9/2014 at 10:00 AM $85,891.94. There will b e no p r o -ration o f local time, all real and taxes, rents or ot her personal property at or used i n c o n n e c t ion income o r l i a b ilities, w ith f o l l o w in g d e e xcept that th e p u rs cribe d pre m i s e s chaser will pay, at or ("Property") will be sold before the closing, his prorate share of any at public auction to the highest bidder: Comreal estate taxes that monly known as: 1305 have been paid by the Secretary to the date Valley Avenue, Baker of the foreclosure sale. City, OR 97814 APN: 0 954016CD 1 2 8 0 0 When making a bid, all More thoroughly deb idders e x c ep t t h e Secretary must submit scnbed as: Lots 1 and a deposit totaling ten 2, Block 30, Pacific Addition, according to the percent (10%) of the Official Plat thereof, in Secretary's estimated b id a m o unt , i n t h e Baker City, County of p ursuant t o po w e r v esting in me by t h e S ingle Family M o r t -

1001 - Baker County Legal Notices

form o f a c a s h i er's check made payable to the Foreclosure Commissioner C i m a r r on Trustee Services. Each o ral bid need not be accompanied by a deposit. If the successful bid is an oral, a deposit of $8,589.19 must be presented before the bidding is closed. The deposit is nonrefundable. The remainder of t he p u r chase p r i c e must b e del i v e r ed within 30 days of the sale or at such time as the Secretary may det ermine f or good cause shown, time being of t h e e s s ence. This amount, like the bid deposits, must be delivered in the form of a cashier's or certified check. If the Secretary is the high bidder, he need not pay t he b i d a m o u n t i n cash. The successful

1001 - Baker County Legal Notices

bidder will pay all conveyancing fees, all real estate and other taxes that are due on or after the delivery of the remainder of t h e p a ym ent an d a l l o t h e r costs associated with the transfer of title. At the conclusion of the sale, the deposits of the unsuccessful bidders will be returned to them. The Secretary may grant an extension o f t i me w it h which to deliver the remainder of t h e p a yment. All extensions will be fore 9-day in-

crements for a fee of $ 600.00 paid i n a d vance. The extension f ee shall b e i n t h e f orm o f c e r t i f ied o r cashier's check made payable to the c o mmissioner. If the high bidder closed the sale pnor to the expiration p eriod, t h e u n u s e d

portion of th e e x ten-

sion fee shall be applied to w a r d t he a mount d ue . I f t h e high bidder is unable t o c l o s e t h e sal e within the required penod, or within any ext ension s


t im e

granted by the Secretary, the high bidder may be required to forfeit the cash deposit or, at the election of the Foreclosure Commissioner after consult ation wit h t h e H U D Field Office representative, will be liable to HUD for any costs incurred as a result of such failure. The Commissioner may, at the direction of HUD Field Office Representative, offer the property to the s e cond h i g hest bidder to an a mount equal to th e h ighest price offered by that b idder. There i s n o




No. 00036337 vrsvwjennjnoward.eem LegaI Published: May 30, June

A public hearing on the approved budget for City of Huntington, Baker County, State of Oregon, for the fiscal year

6, 13,20,2014

INVITATION TO BID Deer Creek Restoration Project

July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015, will be held at 50 East Adams. The hearing will take place on June 24, 2014 at 6:00 pm PST. The purpose of the hearing is to discuss the budget with interested persons. The first Notice of Budget

ROSE RIDGE 2 Subdivision, Cove, OR. City: Sewer/VVater available. Regular price: 1 acre m/I $69,900-$74,900. We also provide property management. C heck out our rental link on our w ebs i t e m or c aII Ranch-N-Home Realty, In c 541-963-5450. I


880 - Commercial Property BEST CORNER location for lease on A dams Ave. LG. 1100 sq. ft. Lg. pnvate parking. Rem odel or us e a s i s . 541-805-91 23

915- Boats & Motors 15 HP Evenrud outboard m otor. S h ort s h a f t , exc. cond. $300/OBO Ca II 541-41 9-8523

1981 SEA Nymph 12 Fishing Boat w/Trailer 2002 6h p M e r c ury Clean, Good Condition $850. 1201 Place St Baker, 541-523-2606

930 - Recreational Vehicles THE SALE of RVs not beanng an Oregon insignia of compliance is illegal: call B u i lding

Codes (503) 373-1257. 2001 COLUMBIA 5th w heel, b ig sl id e , non-smoking. $10,995 OBO. 541-240-9865. PRESIDENT GOLF Cart. Good cond. Repriced at $2999. Contact Lisa (541 ) 963-21 61

970 - Autos For Sale 2007 CHEVY I mpala. Hwy miles, set snow

Request for Contracting Bids for the Implementation and C o nstruction of the Deer Creek R estoration P r o l e c t cated at 1 99 5 T h ird will be received from S treet, B a ke r C i t y , qualified vendors by the Baker Valley Soil O regon 97814. T h e and Water ConservaCommissioners will be tion District, until 4:00 adopting the 2014-15 pm July 3rd, 2014 at Baker County Budget the Distnct Office, lostarting at 10:00 a.m. cated at 3990 Midway and the Unity Budget Drive, Baker City, OR. starting at 10:30 a.m. Proposals received will A complete agenda be opened the same will be available on the day and evaluated in C ounty w e b s i t e a t June 2014. www.bakercount .or . Baker County operates under an EEO pol- A mandatory pre-bid site visit of the work area icy and complies with will be conducted on Section 504 of the ReJ une 23rd, 2014. A l l habilitation Act of 1973 and th e A m e r i cans prospective bidders inw ith D i s abilities A c t .

Assistance is available for individuals with disa bilities b y ca l l i n g

its successors in inter-

est and/or assigns is NOTICE plaintiff, and CLYDE R. The City of Haines LandBIGLEY; GEO RG I- fill is open to all resiANNE BIGLEY; CAM dents of B a ker and CREDITS, INC.; AND U nion Counties. T h e OCCUPANTS OF THE Landfill is open 7:00 PREMISES is defenam to 1:00 pm every d ant. T h e s al e i s a Saturday. Closures are p ublic auction to t h e possibl e due t o highest bidder for cash weather conditions, so or cashier's check, in please check for uph and, mad e o u t t o dates at 541Baker County Shenff's 856-3366, press ¹2 for Office. For more inforLandfill. mation on this sale go to: ww w . o re onsher- LegaI No. 00036214 Published: May 23, 26, June 4,13, 2014 LegaI No. 00036427 Published: June 6, 13, FHA ¹ 4313478864 20,27, 2014 TS¹14-13014-25

STORAGE UNIT in c l . $230 0 . AUCTION 541-524-934 7 o r Descnption of Property: 541-51 9-0259 Freezer, lamps, vacu um, t o o l s , d o l l y , 980 - Trucks, Pickd ressers, t a b l e 5 ups chairs, studded tires, 2012 GMC Canyon 5cly, lawn mower, bed, bed extended cab, Silver frame, headboard, mirMetallic Pick-up. Like r or, ki tc h e n w a r e , New! 2wd, all power, weed eater, chairs, miair conditioning, autocrowave, garden hose, m atic t r a n s m i s s i o n spnnkler and misc. Only 4,000 miles and s till unde r Fa c t o r y P roperty O w n er : R i c k Warranty. $17,000 obo and ICaran Fitzgerald 541-962-0895 Amount Due: $250.00 as of June 1, 2014

1001 - Baker Count Legal Notices PUBLIC NOTICE

Auction to take place on T uesday, J u n e 2 4 , 2014 at 10:00 AM at J a-Lu M i n i S t o r a g e ¹ 64 l o c ated o n D Street, in Baker City, Oregon.

Name of Person Forec losing: J a -L u M i n i Storage Units are managed by Nelson Real Estate, Inc. 845 Campbell, Baker City, Oregon, 5411-523-6485

The Baker County Board of Commissioners will be meeting for Comm ission S e ssion o n Wednesday, June 18, 2 014, beginning a t Legal No. 00036515 9:00 a.m. at the Baker Published: June 9, 11, County Courthouse lo13, 16, 18, 20, 2014

Visit 'I



for our most current offers and to browse our complete inventory.

M.J.60SS Mptpr Co. 1415 Adams Ave • 541-963-4161

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or obtainedat 50 EastAdams, between the hours of 9:00 am and 4:00 prn PST.

Governing Body Chairperson


Tracy MCCue

June 4, 2014

Total Budget Requirement Last Year's Total Levy

t erested i n t h e s i t e v isit w i l l n e e d t o

R.S.V.P. by June 19th, 2014. All prospective 5 41-523-8200 ( T T Y : b idders w h o hav e R.S.V.P.'d for the site 541-523-8201). v isit should m eet a t the Distnct Office (adLegaI No. 00036623 dress above) in Baker Published: June 13, 2014 City, OR at 10:30 a.m. NOTICE OF Request for Bid packSHERIFF'S SALE ages are available at t he District Office. I f On July 15, 2014, at the you have any q ueshour of 9:15 a.m. at t he B a k e r C o u n t y tions o r c o m m e n t s, C ourt H o use, 1 9 9 5 p lease c o n t act t h e ISTRICT office a t T hird S t reet , B a k e r D 541-523-7121 x 109 or City, Oregon, the deemail: w h i t n e y . colfendant's interest will lins© be sold, sublect to redemption, in the real property c o m m o nly This prolect is funded in part by funds from the known as: 3075 Cedar S treet, B a ke r C i t y , Oregon Lottery. O regon 97814. T h e court case number is LegaI No. 0036506 13228, where WELLS Published: June 9, 11, 13,16, 18, 2014 FARGO BANIC, N.A.,

t ires

Hearingand FinancialSummary was posted on June 11,2014. A copy ofthe budget document may be inspected


11/02/2000, a certain (Deed of Trust) was executed by Winnifred E. Oesterling, as Trustor, in favor of Wells F argo Hom e M o r t gage, Inc, as Beneficiary, and Amerititle, as Trustee and was Recorded on 11/13/2000 a s I n s t r umen t N o . 00460103B, in the off ice o f t he Bak e r County, Oregon Rec ord e r , and

WHEREAS, the Deed of Trust was insured b y t he U N IT E D STATES SECRETARY OF HOUSING AND URBAN D EVELOPMENT, (the Secretary) p ursuant to t h e N a tional Housing Act for the purpose of providing single family hous-

ing; and WHEREAS, the beneficial interest in the Deed of Trust is n ow ow ned b y t h e Secretary, pursuant to a n a s s ignment r e corded on 4/4/2008, as I ns t r u m e n t ¹ 08150095B in the off ice o f t he Bak e r County, Oregon Rec ord e r , and WHEREAS, a default has been made by reason of failure to pay all sums due under the Deed of Trust, pursuant t o P a ragraph 9 Subsection (i) of said d eed o f T r u s t a n d WHEREAS, by virtue o f t hi s d e f ault, t h e Secretary has declared the entire amount of the indebtedness secured by the Deed of Trust to b e i m m e d iately due and payable, NOW THEREFORE,

R ate

Amo u n t

S9.6028 $


This Year's Total Levy

Change From Last Year

R ate

R ate

Amo u n t

Amo u n t

S9.6028 S Legal No. 25-005580 Published: June 13, 2014



A public meeting of the City of Baker City will be held on June 24, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. at Baker City Hall, 1655 First Street, Baker City, Oregon. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the budget for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2014 as approved bythe Baker City Budget Committee. A summary of the budget is presented below. A copy of the budget may be inspected or obtained at saker City Hall, 1655 First Street, Baker City, Oregon between the hours of 8:00 a.m., and 5:00 p.m., ar online at This budget is for an annual budget period. This budget was prepared on a basis ofaccounting that isthe same as the precedingyean Cantact

Telephone number


Jeanie Dexter, Finance Director



Actua I Amounts


Adopted Budget

This Year: 2013-14 7,300,104 7,577,135 5,333,015 5,325,292 2,804,311 3,818,737


1. Beginning Fund Balance/Net Working Capital 2. Fees,Licenses, permits, Fines, Assessments & Other Service Charges 3. Federal, State & all Other Grants, Gifts, Allocations R Donations 4. Revenue from Bonds & Other Debt

s. Interfund Transfers/Internal service Reimbursements 6. All Other Resources Except Property Taxes

1,863,331 209,798

1,646,277 164,067

Approved Budget Next Year: 2014-15 5,865,076 5,454,617 1,626,478 2,000,000 1,667,437 204,420 2,953,954 19,771,982

7. Property Taxes Estimated to be Received 2,935,439 2,917,306 8. Total Resources — add lines 1 through 7 20,445,998 21,448,814 FINANCIAL SUMMARY - REQUIREMENTS BY osjECT CLASSIFICATIO 9. Personnel Services s,s11,869 6,132,983 6,190,841 10. Materials and Services 6,245,088 7,706,829 4,413,536 11. Capital Outlay 455,210 1,312,850 3,547,978 12. Debt Service 8,340 61,256 13. Interfund Transfers 947,823 483,548 664,092 14. Contingencies 609,206 880,244 16. Unappropriated Ending Balance and Reserved for Future Expenditure 7,277,668 5,142,142 4,075,291 17. Total Tax Requirements —add lines 9 through 16 20,445,998 21,448,814 19,771,982 FINANCIAL SUMMARY-REQUIREMENTS AND FULL-TIME EQulvALENT EMPLOYEES IFTE) BY oRGANIzATIoNAL UNIT OR PRQGRAM Name of Organizational Unit or Program FTE for Unit or Program Administration 1,081,453 1,117,536 1,132,321 6.1

3,286,110 28.175 143,854

3,843,200 28.125 147,402

3,924,305 29.125 186,448

Parks & Recreation















Community Developrnent




2,795,300 3.425 756

4,451,654 3.8 7,305

1,654,043 3.6 15,050


1,790,856 12.5

2,600,551 13.325

4,321,705 13.25


1,029,857 7.125

1,262,622 6.625

1,352,908 6.425

public safety Cemetery

Planning FTE

Transportation, Streets & Sidewalks street Trees

Building Inspections FTE Non-Departmental/Non-Program

290,230 2.05 8,747,157 2.5

294,519 1.74 7,039,481 2.5

286,913 1.68 6,426,006 2.75

20,445,998 61.775 «Public Works FTEs are based on the employees home fund; however, labor is allocated between funds as needed.

21,448,814 62.115

19,771,982 62.93


Totsl Requirements Total FTE


The City budgeted an increase ie property tax revenue (1% of 2013 tax assessed values) while other revenues were adjusted to more closely reflect actual collections and fee changes. Personnel Services reflect a COLA (cost of living adjustment) based on union contracts (Fire Union 1.5%, Police Union 1.5%,and BCEA Union 1.096), for all employees except non-represented employees. Personnel Services also reflect savings from moving all employees to a high deductible health savings plan. In addition, the public safety budget was increased by 1 fte to add a Firefighter/EMT to the Fire Department to mitigate staffing shortages. The majority of capital expenditures are included in the city's capital plans (approved bycouncil April 8, 2014). The capital plans are available on the City's website at For more information visit the City's website at

PROPERTY TAX LEVIES ate or m o u nt Imposed

ate or m o u nt Imposed

ate or m o u nt Approved




permanent Rate Levy (Rate Limit 6.3314 per S1,000) LocaI Option Levy Levy for General Obligation Bonds STATEMENT OF INDEBTEDNEss Long Term Debt

Estimated Debt Estimated Debt Authorized, but not Incurred Outstanding on July 1 on July1

General Obligation Bonds Other Bonds Other Borrowlngs Totsl

Legal No. 25-005582 Published: June 13, 2014

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SB —THE OBSERVER a BAKER CITY HERALD 1001 - Baker County 1001 - Baker County Legal Notices Legal Notices

FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 2014 1010 - Union Co. Legal Notices

1010 - Union Co. Legal Notices

1010 - Union Co. Legal Notices

nght of redemption, or the Foreclosure coming will include, but is lows the Commission 2014. Oral comments right o f p o s s e s s ion missioner and all other t o regulate, but n o t not limited to, the folm ay be given at t h e based upon a nght of d eny, t h r e e h o m e time o f t h e h e a r ing c osts incurred in t h e lowing items: redemption, i n t he c onnection w i t h t h e sites under Article 44 w hich is open to t h e mortgagor or o t h e rs foreclosure prior to re- C F h t standards . The proppublic. T h os e i n ter~ I subsequent to a forei nstatement . Da t e : C UP¹14-02 F indin se rty d e s c r i p t io n i s ested in attending are closure completed pur- April 16, 2014 FORET ownship 3 S o u t h , encouraged to do so. Eric Carlson and Carosuant t o t he A ct . Range 45 , t a x lot CLOSURE COMMISlyn Lockert request apFor persons with disTherefore, the ForecloSIONER: CIMARRON proval to establish a 1500, consists of apa bilities that w i s h t o sure C o m m i s s ioner SERVICE CORP, of b ed 5I b reakfast l o proximatel y 13 86 attend, please call at w ill issue a D eed t o acres, and is zoned ExNEVADA 425 Mechem cated at 68600 Warleast 24 hours before the purchaser(s) upon clusive F a r m Us e D rive R u idoso, N M nock Road outside of the meeting so accomr eceipt of t h e e n t i re 88345 Telephone No. Lostine. The property ( EFU) an d T i m b e r modations may be Call purchase pnce in ac(575) 808-8394 F a cconsists o f a p p r oxi- G razing (T/G). T h e made. cordance w i t h the simile N o . (575) minimum parcel size in mately 101 acres, is Ea grande 54I-~A3-3IAI or terms of the sale as 808-8397 CATHEY E. the EFU zone is 160 zoned Exclusive Farm ICen Wick, Chairman p roved herein H U D LATNER, Vice PresiUse and is accessed acres and 240 acres Wallowa County Balrzer City54I-523-3673 does no t g u a rantee dent P1098829 6/13, via Warnock Road. within the T/G zone. Planning Commission that the property will 6/20, 06/27/2014 to start a subscription be vacant. The amount Jackman CUP¹14-03theclassifierh are that must be paid by LegaI No. 00036611 Proposal to allow the The July Planning Com- Published: June 13, 2014 or place an ad. the Mortgagor, to stop Published: June 13, 20, construction of an acm ission m e e t i n g i s the place to be. t he sale prior to t h e 27, 2014 scheduled for July 29, LegaI No. 00036620 cessory farm dwelling scheduled sale date is 2014. to be occupied by a $85,716.94 a s of 1010 - Union Co. relative. The property 7/8/2014, PLU S a II Legal Notices in q u e s t io n i s d e- T his matter w ill b e r e other amounts that are v iewed f o r c o n f o r - One of the nicest scnbed as Township 2 WALLOWA COUNTY due under the m ortmanc e to t he South, Range 45, SecPLANNING gage agreement. Plus tion 7, Tax lot 2300, W CCLUP a n d t he things about clasDEPARTMENT advertising costs and consists o f a p p r oxi- WCLDO and any other WAL LOWA CoU NTY postage expenses inmately 76.59 Acres, is applicable goal, regula- sified ads is their COURTHOUSE curred in giving notice, tion or o r d inance of zoned Exclusive Farm 101 S. River St. Rm. B-1 mileage by the most Wallowa County or the lovv cost. Another Use (EFU), and is acEnterpnse, OR 97828 reasonable road discessed via Eggleson State of Oregon. All 541-426-4543 Fax: t h e q u i ck tance for posting noLane. applications and draft i s 541-426-6046 tices and for the Forestaff reports may be c losur e C om m i s reviewed in the Plan- results. Try a clasY a nke Z P¹ 13- 6 2 PUBLIC Notice is sioner's attendance at ZP¹13-63 5I ZP¹13-64 ning Department Monhereby given of a pub The Planning Commisd ay — Friday f r o m sified ad today! the sale, reasonable lic heanng to be held and customary costs 8:30am - 5:00pm. sion will consider posby the Wallowa incurred for t i tle a nd W ritte n c om m e n t s s ible c o n d itions f o r Public Notice County Planning Com lien record searches, three home sites premust be received by mission on Tuesday, NOTICE OF BUDGET HEARING the n eces s a r y viously approved unthe Wallowa County June 24th at 7:00 p.m out-of-pocket costs inPlanning Department A public meeting of the Cove Rural Fire Protection will be held on June 16th at 7:00 p.m. at 604 Main, der M49 Final Order in the Thornton Concurred by the ForecloE lection ¹ E 1 3 3 0 08 -101 S. River St. Room Cove, Oregon. The purpose of this meeting is Io discuss the budget for the fiscal year beginning July 1, ference Room of the sure Commissioner for and Circuit Court JudgB -1, Enterprise, O R 2015 as approved by the Cove Rural Fire Protection District Budget Committee. A summary of the budget Wallowa County recording documents. ment Case ¹ 97828 — by 5 p.m. on is presented below. A copy of the budget may be inspected or obtained at 1103 Haefer, Cove between Courthouse. The Plus a commission for 10-07-13380 which alM onday, J u n e 2 3 , the hours of 3:00 a.m., and 5:00 p.m. This budget is for an annual budget period. This budget was preagenda for this meetpared on a basis of accounting that is the same as the preceding year.


f Sontething


' Buying V LH



Public Notice

NOTICE OF BUDGET HEARING A public meeting of the Imbler Rural Fire will be held on June 17th, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. at lmbler City Hall, 180 Ruckman Ave. Imbler, Oregon. The purpose of this meeting is Io discuss the budget for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2014 as approved by the Imbler Rural Fire Prot. District Budget Committee. A summary of the budget is presented below. A copy of the budget may be inspected or obtained at 180 Ruckman Ave., Imbler between Ih hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5 p.m. This budget is for an annual budget period. This budget was prepared on a basis of accounting that is the same as the preceding year. If different, the major changes and their effect on the budget are: Tahphanenynyy

TSIns Tester


Worl der QSSel„............., , .

. .

. .


11. capitsl outhy ...................... 12. Cebt senrice........................ 13. InIerfund Transfers...................................................................................

57 429

*RNWAUAIASASOeaaOIherOAbI...., ....

S. IASNfund llNSAASflnlemal SrVka Mm~ S. AII OISer ReeeuWW SeePtCunent INS PROAAy lteeL... 7. Cunant%ar PAPerly Texaa EsVimded C ta be ReaaLed......

L lbal IIaoueea-Asa rines I Iheush 7..


. .

, „


, .

. .

. .



. .


. .

. . .


. . .



. . .

. .

, .

. .

. .


. . ,



. .

. .

. .

. .

. . .

. .



. .



59 500






27.500 600 63,180




41 000 213 650

51 000 72,000

53 000 63,700





14. Contingencies.......................................................................................... 10.000 10 000 10,000 15. Special Payments.................................................................................... 16. Unappoprlsted Ending Balance and Reserved for Future ExpwxlIture ... 17. 7otal Requirements — edd lines S through 16 ........................................ 306.800 160,500 140,050 .RNANOIAI.8UMMARY-REQUIREMENTs AND FULL-TIME EQUIYALENT EMPLoYEEs IETEI sv CRGANIEA'IICNAL UNIT CR PRoGRAM

game non deoartmental/non program

58 050 . . .



. . .

s. a~ ~ II. CaPilSIOuthy....


1. SSSInnlNg Fund alance/Net Working Capital ........................................ .2. Feee, UCensea, PWmils, Fmes, AssassmenIs d OIher SenriceChegeS... 3. Federel. SINe S all Other Grants, GIAs, locaEons & Donatlons ........... 4. Revsnue fromBonds SCNher Debt......................................................... 5. Interfund Transfers/Intemal Senice Reimbursements ............................ 6. All OIher ResoureeeExcept Cunent Year Propety Taxee....................... 7. Cunent VSar PrOPety TSXee EStimated tO be ReCelVNI.......................... IL TotslRosowees-add Nnes I tluaugh 7................................................ 9. Prsonnel Services .............. 10. Materisls and Senrices ........

IIRblsrrd ooisgsnwirelsss.nsf

E. RNA UNNNES PennNs,Rnas,AANN6ISNSsS Qher Senrice CIwgaa.. s, RAAAEL SsseaAE oeer enns, SIAs. NoeasDAAA ooANNAA,...

Appaved Budget Next Yeer. 20~~~



( 54t ) 5344IS51

FINANCIAI. SUSIMARY-RESOURCES Actual Amounts 2 0~ - 2 0 ~


, . .


Not Allocated to OrganIzatlonal Unlt ar Program


TOtal Reeuhemenla

0 306 800 0

. .

160,500 0 160 500 0

140,050 0 140 050 0





ee ~



Cove Rural Fire PIotecfion Districrs 2014-15 budget includes income and expenditures for operation of the Quick Response tesm snd Fire Trucks. ~ ~




PROPERTY TAX LEVIES Rate or Amount Imposed Rate or Amount Imposed Rate or Amount Approved

10 I

.. . , ,, p W

~ 6



RNA +r A+aas+ ImlÃXayg RNS~AggerS ImPOeNI RAN ~AANUAI~

Lawl OIASe Levy

Long Term oebt

STATEMENT OF INDEBTEDNESS Estlmated Debt Outstanding on July I

Estimated Debt Authonzed but not

Incuned on JWy1

0 0 0


0 0

QIher Borrowlngs ....................... Total ...........................................

Publish: June 13, 2014 Legal no. 4883

Public Notice FORM LB-1


A pubhc meeting ofthe Umon county solid llvaste ostnct Board of Directors mll be held on June 30, 2014 at 9 00 am at the Joseph Annex conference Room, 1106 K Avenue, La Grande, oregon The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the budget forthe fiscal year besnmng July1, 2014 as approved bythe Union county solid llvaste ostnct Budget committee Asummary of the budget is presented below A copy of the budget may be mspected or obtained at the Umon countyAdmimstrative oftice, 1106 KAvenue, La Grande, between the hours of900 a m and400 p m This budget is foran annual budget penod This budgetwas prepared on a basis ofaccounting that is the same as used the preceding year ontact Shelle Bur ess

Tele hone 541 963-1001

TOTAL OF ALL FUNDS Begmnmg Fund Balance/NetlNorking Capital Fees, Licenses, Permits, Fmes, Assessments & Other Service Charges Federal, State andAll Other Grants, Gifts,Allocations and Donations Revenue from Bonds and Other Debt Interfund Transfers/ Intemal Service Reimbursements ii Other Resources Except Property Taxes Pro e T axes Estimated to be Received Total Resources

Ema i l sbur ess Umon-coun or

Adopted Budget This Year 2013-14 270A45 146,200

Approved Budget Next Year 2014-15 326,495 155,000 65,000

20,000 170


u532 443 205

436 815

567 840

Actual Amount 2012-13 226,291

18u942 33A40


Personnel Services Matenals and Services a ital Outla Debt Service Interfund Transfers ontmgenaes peaal Payments na ro nated Endm Balance and Reserved for Future Ex enature Total Re uirements




191,500 10,000

234,000 10,000

20,000 215,315

20,000 303,840

436 815

567 840

51,545 96,220 420,075

o a equiremen s Total FTE

Publish: June 13, 2014 Legal no. 4882


public meeling of the cove cemelery Maintenance Districl will be held OnJune 22, 2014 et 6:00 pm at 70037 Haefer Ln, cove, oregon. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the budget for the fiscal year beginning July I, 2014 as appn>ved by the Cove Cemetery District Budget CommiIlee. A summary of the budget iepresented below. coPy of the budget msy be insPected or obtained st 70037 Haefer In, Cove, OR, between Ihe hours of 6 P.m. snd 7:00 Am. This budget is for an annual budget Period. T ele hons: 541-568-4763

Contact RickRobinson TOTAL OF ALL FUNDS


Beginning FundBeancsfeet Working Capilel Fees, Licsnses, Permits, Fines, AssessmentS &Other Swvice Chargea Federal, Sate and 811 Other Grants, Gilts, AlloCalions and Donations Revenue fromBondsand other Debt Interfund Trsnsfers I Inlemal Service Reimbursements A ll Other Resources Exce Current Year P Tax e s Cument Year P Tax e s Estimsted to be Received

75 841 3,814 5 100

Ema i l:

AdopNd e~et This Year 2013-2014 81,300

Approved Budget Next Year 2014-2015 84,975 3,000 5,100

2,930 1A700 $8,930

1200 15,900 110,175

1,172 1A712


IIateriah and Servicss ca itaf outla


interfund Tansfers Contin enaes s e l pa ments Uns ropriated Endi Balance and Resewed for Fulure n d iture Tolal Re uIremerNs

00,300 17A55 23,000


81 493

47,000 98AEO


56,150 110,175


11000 0.4 11 000


STATENENT OF CHANGES INACIIVITIES and SOURCES OF FINANCING ' The Cove Cemete~ Maintenance District plans to maintain services as in previous years.

General obli ation Bonds Other Bonds Other Borrowin s ToIal

budget is for an annual budget period. This budget was prepared on a basis of accounting that is the same as used in the preceding year. If different, the major changes and their effect oII the budget are: Phone: 541-898-2185

Contact: Beth Wendt

FINANCIAL SUIVIIIARY - RESOURCES Actual Amount Adopted Budget 2012-13 This Year 2013-14 606,785 620,716 Beg(nning Fund Balaiice/Net Working Capita) 200,207 199,322 Fees, Licenses, Permits, Fines, Assessments & 4,001,804 134,121 ' Federal, State and All Other Grants, Giffs, 120,000 Revenue from Bonds and Other Debt 165,297 177,501 IIIterfund Transfers / Internal Serv)ce Reimb 4,734 All Other Resources Except Praperty Taxes 9;470 69,647 66,992 Pro ert Taxes Estimated to be Received

Rale or Amount Imposed This Year 2013-2014 $0.1462


Approved Budget

Rate or AmountApproved Next Year 2014-2015 $0.1462

632,663 217,219 3,315,264 330,000 182,800

4,148 68,747 4,l50,841


680,001 1,211,662

117,t89 168,406 4,066,277 177,752 182,800 1II,218 28,400 4,751,041

14,700 5,164,934

FINANCIAL SUINlillARY - FIEQUIREI!IIENTS BY ORGANIZATIONAL UNIT OR PROGRAM * Name af Organizational Unit or Program FTE for that unit or program 127,511 01- General Fund 146,865 0.6 0.4 FTE 20,237 22,377 02- Library Fund 0.3 0.2 FTE 93,163 98,786 15- Water Fund 0.7 FTE 112,813 8B,393 25- Sewer Fund 0.7 0.8 FTE 55,623 1,029,3 I 1 30- Street 0.4 0.4 FTE 33,894 18,400 40- Fire I QRT Fund FTE 113,819 1,635,598 52 General Capital

55!65- Water/Sewer Capitai

1t8,395 0.5

20,019 0.3 108,531 0.6 96,108 0.7 469,683 0.4 18,4DO 1,440,634




1,211,662 2.5

5,1 64,934




FrE TotalRequirements Total FTE



Spent lass than anticipated ailowing mare carryover cash to be applied to General Capital Reserve. City has budgeted for, applied far, and is receiving various grants to improve streets, water system, and other variaus needs.

pROPERTY 7AX LEVIES Rate or Amount Im osed 4. 3114 Permanent Rate Levy (rate lirnit 4.3114 er $1,000)

Rate or Arnount Imposed 4.3114

Rate or Amount Approved 4.3114

Local Option Levy Levy For General Obligation Bonds STATEIIENT OF INDEBTEDNES

General Obli ation Bonds Qther Bonds Gther Borrcwings Total

Estimated Debt Authorized, But Not Incuned on Ju 1

Next Year 2014-15

FINANCIAL SUMII/IARY - REQUIREMENTS BY OBJECT CLASSIFICATION 111,969 95,335 165,0S7 140,458 4,533,254 103,676 1 64,076 14,693 t65,297 177,501 10,541

Personnel Services Materials and Services Capital Outlay Debt Service Interfund Transfers Contin encies S ecia)Pa ments Unappropriated Ending Balance & Reserved for Futur Tatal Requirements

LONG TERM DEBT 87ATENENT OF INOESTEONESS Estimsted Debt Outstanding on Ju 1.

Email. cItyofnp@eonucom


FTE Total Re uIwments Tolal FTE


A public meeting of the City of North Powder (governing body) will be held on June z3, 2014 at 6:3D pm at at the Wolf Creek Grange, North Powder, Oregon. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the budget for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2014 as approved by the North Pawder Budget Committee. A summary of the budget is presented below. A copy o the budget may be inspected or obtained at City Haii, 635 3rd Street, bebveen the hours of 8:30 a.m.SIId 12:30 p.m. This

23 125


Permanent Rsts L rat e limit 00.1462 r $1,000 Local 0 ron L F or General obli ation Bonds




PROPERTY TAX LEVIES Rate or Amount Imposed 2012-2013 $0.1462


Tatal Reso urces

FINANCIAL SUMMARY - REQUIREMENTS BY ORGANIZATIONAL UNIT OR PROGRAM* ameof OrgamzaEonal Unit or Program FTEforthatUmtor ro ram a ital Reserve Fund 51A95 FTE nterprise Fund 48,105 80,220 FTE ousehold Hazardous Waste Fund 96,164 305,100 FTE


Public Notice



Esiimaied Debt Outstanding an Jul 1. $125,630

EsnnIsted Debt Authcnzed But Not Incurred ori Jul 1 210,000



Publish: June 13, 2014 Legal no. 4885

Publish: June 13, 2014 Legal no. 4884



Publish: June 13, 2014 Legal no. 4880

• 0


0.6231 0 0


Lacal OIAIon Levy..................................... Levy for General Obllgation Bonds

• 0

• 0


FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 2014






HOW TO PL A Y: All the words listed below appear in the puzzle — horizontally, vertically, diagonally, even backward. Find them and C IRCLE T H E I R LEITERS O N LY. DO N O T CI R C L E T H E W O R D . Th e l eftover letters spell the Wonderword. KAPPA KAPPA PSI Solution: 8 l e tter s

Complete the grid so that every row, column and 3x3 box contains every digit from 1 to 9 inclusively. WEDNESDAY'SSOLUTION

Y T L A Y 0 L A N 0 M E M B E R I D E A S K F R N L T I U R C E E S T R I V E E C A P P A QK E D N M M I QE D U L E A O Q Y R T L A L E 0 T I I R N L T B T T L T 0 E N T S B 0 S I C A G A L F E T X R D S T A R A E G E L L 0 C N E N T H U S I A

U 0 A R E W


I 0 S T N S

R H E W R 0




I V 0 R P M S

R P 0 D I U M

E D U T S 0 U


S R 0 T C E






I T Y L E 0 A C

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al to al

C 0 L L E G




IL 4:


co nl


D IFFICULTY RATING: +'k+ + ' 4 +



ol to Ol to & Ol 0 0











0 R

34LE 6 ta 0 0


0 0








YUCK. '(EAH. YC5LI WC7W, T v W A sM K r ! M , I T S


A ttitude , B a n d , B l u e , B o o m , C h a p t e r , C o l l e g e , C o l l e g i a t e , C reed , C r e s t , C r o w n , D i r e c t o r s , D u es , E nt h us i a s m , E xcellence , F l a g , F r a t e r n i ty , G r a n t , H o n o r , I d e a s , K a p p a , K ey, Loyalty, M e m b e r , M o r a le , M o t t o , M u s i c , N a t i o n al, N i n e , P earl Ba d ge , P o d i um , P r o v i de , R e c r u it , R i t u al , S c a rf , S e r v e , S pirit , S t a r , S t i l l w a t e r , S t r i v e , S t u d e n t s , T ea m , V e c t o r




YEQGH!! ...

QQ ~)y%EIze ~ "f'

AlM ~

1 TIeneesr ~ ".0


Wednesday's Answer: Canadian

TreasUry12, 13, 14, 15 or 16 can be purchased online at www. (Contain 130 puzzles.) PEANUTS gll5Tlll HAVE N'TTOLD ME IOHA T









0 0









• Qo




6 13








tM AUR h)92LP<



IW ~

e ,

Bv&RY nPAE:.

6 I3





"HE WBhLTtb Lgf



ON A FARf4 ii












YYI7anr/DlIn I DM


G 13











Ito IT




o 0



AV/, MAId. IT'cD



c o RREcrEp



EL 01



0 e




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n 'n




I ©rtindra 201N




CLOSE TOHOME e26rttI dBHR HBPIIERScttr IISr 2IV 07/ltda284RITotrK













/» /g












$C Al~

-SE $N® oF ~ LaIAI-IASPNIto~, 13 t858ott6ric KBR



e o pp' at roaoocanoo o com



Nt g 5 PIPVP. %B ~ ~ "NI Vt


/427 "K851IIV,';,

~6QRJOb ~ i~

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Iii ll@y((ItttTI g4! (IgI~@ ~Q J

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FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 2014



Dad is eager to do everything right for his baby daugther

Gunviolenceatll.S.schools continuesto growshargly

DEARABBY: I'm a martv'ed father with like to stop for the night. That way, situations a son 19 months old, and a baby girl on like this can be avoided, and they will have a more enjoyable and relaxing trip. the way. While I couldn't be more excited — ON THE ROADAGAIN about my daughter's impending arrival, I'm unsure about whether there is a right time to DEAR ON THE ROAD: Thank you for stop doing things like changing a diaper or the suggestion. Many of my readers take seeing my daughter unclothed because she's road trips during the summer months, and I hope they11 remember your letter before a girl and I'm not. Icome from a conservativefamily,butbethey start the ignition and head for the highways. cause this is a new experience for me, I'm not sure how to go DEAR DEARABBYJ Mygtrlfriend about it. I know this dynamic changes when these roles are ABBY and I l i v e next to a mamed couoccupied by a mother and ple our age wehave befriended. her son, and that a little boy Unfortunately, the husband is probably older by the time the transition has been making unwanted advances toward occurs. I don't want to end up in a position my girlfrtend. Being frt'endly with them both, we where my wife or daughter regrets my inhave keptit to ourselves soas not to hurt the wi fe She'sill,and has beenin and outofthe hospitaL volvement in some aspects ofmy daughter's The husband is approaching my girllife. Any thoughts? — EXPECTANT DAD INNEW YORK friend saying he needs "stress relief"because DEAR EXPECTANT DAD: Fathers have his wife is ill. We now feel something needs become far more involved in child-rearing to be said to the wi fe, but we still have to live in recent years than they were in generanext door to them. We're at a loss. What's the best way to tions past, and it's a wonderful thing. You should not be worried that changing your handle this? — HAD ENOUGH IN FLORIDA daughter's diapers or giving her a bath will scarher emotionally.In fact,theoppositeis DEAR HAD ENOUGH: The next time this man hits on your girlfiiend, she should true. Discuss this with your wife and your tell him bluntly that it's not her job to daughter's pediatrician, and I'm sure they "relieve his stress." That is his responsibility. will allay your fears. She should also tell him if it happens again As to when you should stop seeing your she'll tell you and his wife what he's up to. daughter unclothed, you have yearsbefore that may become necessary. As she becomes As to being fiiendly with this couple in the future, forget it. That bridge was burned aware ofher changing body, she will probably the first time he stepped out ofline. letyou know, or her mother will. This is a cultural thing. Some families practice a naturist lifestyle without anyone being"damaged"byit. DEARABBY Doyou have any advice for fathers who don't listen toyou? Or fathers who DEARABBY: I have been working as a desk are too protecti ve and don't know how to let go? — STARGIRL INMICHIGAN clerk at a motel in Montanafor severalyears. DEAR STARGIRL: My advice to fathers Withtravelseason here,Iwashoping you could would be to form as close a relationship help your readers who ftnd themselves on the with their daughters as they can while the road to avoid sleepless nights and headaches. Severaltimes ayearmany of the accomgirls are little. Teenage girls whose fathers are involved in their lives tend to engage in modations on the interstate can befully sexualactivity atlaterages. booked due to weather or local events, and However, whether a father is "too protectravelers are sometimesforced to dri ve several hundred miles to ftnd a room for the tive" may be a question of perspective — the night. You can help your readers by remind- father's or the daughter's. I have heard ing them that they should start checking on many adults say in retrospect how much motel occupancy early in theday,oreven the they appreciate that their parents were strict. But I have rarely heard the contrary. day before ,ifthey know where they would

By Ralph Vartabedian A fatal shooting in Oregon on Tuesday was the 31st firearms attack at a U.S. school since the start of the year, m arkinga sharp acceleration in the rash of violence that has occurred on campuses across the nation. The incidents range &om the 20 people shot near UC Santa Barbara less than three weeks ago to gunfire that resulted in no injuries at all. The frequency of attacks has picked up since the December 2012 massacre at Sandy HookElementary in Newtown, Conn., where 20 first-graders and six adults were gunned down. In the 18 months since that tragedy, 41 deaths have occurred in 62 documented incidents at U.S. schools. In the 18 months before that attack, there were 17 deaths in 17 incidents., a group that promotes gun safety, lists 72 incidents since Sandy Hook. The increase comes at a time when all types of violent gun deaths have been essentially flat since about 2000, followinga sharp drop since the 1980s, when such deaths peaked in the U.S. But underlying the high-profile shootings are thousands of incidents involving American youths that never make national headlines, or even get noticed locally. Each year, for example, about 2,000 teens and young children commit suicide with guns at home, according to Dan Gross,

• ACCuWeather.cOm ForeCaS Tonight



T-storm possible High IlOW(Lomfort index)

68 38 10

65 36 4

63 43 4

69 40 (8)

64 40 (4)

64 48 (9)

61 42 ( >0 )

61 43 ( 7 )

68 46 ( > 0)

La Grande Temperatures 43 (2) 11 46 (10) Enterprise Temperatures

40 (>)

6 1 43 (>0)

The AcctJWeather Comfort Index is an indication of how it feels based on humidity and temperature where 0 is least comfortable and 10 is most comfortable for this time of year. tvn is S turday's weather weather. Temperatures are Friday night's'Iows and Saturday's highs.





-,-~, f;



4 ei 75- —,~

.: atre ns,ILe jf

Ne port 46/~


' 4' Salem • 46 /6 7



' ' '

R ed~ n d 32I7„,1

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,iif, 5



G l ty~ • "




';Ontario , • ,!





• •


~,O~ YZ/10




Forecasts and graphics provided by AccuWeather, lnc. ©2014

( e~ • 0 •

Source:, Times reporting Graphics:Len De Groot, Jon Schleuss, Los Angeles Times

president of the Brady Campaign toPrevent Gun Violence. "Schoolshootings are part of amuch bigger problem," he said.4There are 86 people who die &om bullets on an average day." On Tuesday, a teen gunman armed with a rifle killed a student at a high school in Troutdale, Ore., injured a teacher and then apparently shot himself in a bathroom. During the evacuation, authorities found another student with a gun not related to the shooting. These school shootings mirror past upsurges in other venues. During the 1980s and 1990s,forexample,there were at least10 shooting incidents that occurred at U.S. post offices, leading to the term "going postal." In 1991, a fired postal worker in suburban Detroit killed three



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people and wounded six in a post office before taking his own life. More recently, few post office shootings have occurred. "I don't know why they have decreased," Postal Inspection Service spokeswoman Stacia Crane said. "The economy changes. People change." Garen Wintemute, director of the UC Davis Violence Prevention Research Program, hesitates to brand such serial eventsascopycat crimes, but he saidshootings tend tofeed offthemselves. 'The more we are all aware of them, the easier it is for one of us to do the next one," he said. Still, Wintemute said that guns remain widely available to individuals who are clearly at risk of committing such violence and that authorities have few toolsto intervene.



Sunset tonight ........ ................. 8:41 p.m. Sunrise Saturday ... ................. 5:04 a.m.


N ew



O •6 6 eather HiStor A cloudburst on June 14, 19OS, near Heppner, Ore.,caused a flash flood on Willow Creek. The resulting 20-foot wall of water killed more than 200 in a few minutes and swept away a third of the buildings.

e in

1 i ies Saturday

Corvallis Eugene Hermiston Imnaha Joseph LeWiSton

Meacham Medford Newport Ontario PaSC0

Pendleton Portland Redmond Salem Spokane The Dalles Ukiah Walla Walla

Hi L o


71 4 8 69 4 6 79 5 4 72 4 8

pc pc s pc

6 8 4s 74 5 2 64 s 8 77 5 0 60 4 7

pc pc s pc pc

77 80 75 67

52 54 50 51

s s pc pc

71 s 9 67 4 8 69 4 8 71 5 s

pc pc

67 4 1 76 5 4

s s



Recreation F OreCaSt

87% of CaPaCity

Anthony Lakes Mt. Emily Rec.

51 s o 61 s 8


Eagle Cap Wild. Wallowa Lake Thief Valley Res. Phillips Lake Brownlee Res. Emigrant St. Park McKay Reservoir Red Bridge St. Park

5s s s


68 4 s




Thief Valley Reservoir 102% of caPacity Stream Flows through midnight High:117 .......... Deathvalley,Calif. Low: 2 8 . . ... west Yellowstone, Mont. Thursday ' W ettest: 2.88" ........ Camp David, Md. Grande Ronde at Troy .......... 4400 cfs Thief Vly. Res. near N. Powder 164 cfs regon: Burnt River near Unity .......... 126 cfs High: 92 ........ Ro me Lostine River at Lostine .............. N.A. Low:S8 . Meacham Minam River at Minam ........ 1850 cfs wettest: 0.44" ... ...... Aurora Powder River near Richland .... 94 cfs ; Thursday for the 48 contigttous states

© 2014 MCT

14% of CaPaCity

46% of CaPaCity

~ ", 4 t <

NOTE: Incidents in which guns were brought to schools but were not fired, or were fired off school grounds after having been on campus, were not included

Wallowa Lake




McKay Reservoir

. 7i

f •

Owyhee Reservoir

Klamath Falls ~


0 •4

76% of CaPaCity

' r,


Q •

'0' •

Unity Reservoir




51% of CaPaCity



• •

Hay Information Saturday Lowest relative humidity ................ 30% Afternoon wind .. NNW at 6 to 12 mph Hours of sunshine ...................... 9 hours Evapotranspiration .......................... 0.31 Reservoir Storage through midnight Thursday Phillips Reservoir


• Middle

• High school • Co l lege

r icultu

'- $ L'a Grand

• Coryal

, Eu'ge@q,. ',43/69

0 Elementary

Baker City High Thursday .............. 79 Low Thursday ............... 40 Precipitation Thursday ....................... 0.00" 0.07" Month to date ................ Normal month to date .. 0.55" s.96" Year to date ................... 5.08" Normal year to date ...... La Grande High Thursday .............. 81 Low Thursday ............... 46 Precipitation 0.00" Thursday ....................... 0.07" Month to date ................ 0.72" Normal month to date .. Year to date ................... 7.04" 8.52" Normal year to date ...... Elgin High Thursday ............................ 78 Low Thursday ............................. 44 Precipitation Thursday .................................. O.OO" Month to date .......................... Trace Normal month to date ............. 0.70" Year to date ............................ 22.74" Normal year to date ............... 12.62"


Vari ab l e clouds Sunshine; breezy

Baker City Temperatures 9 41 10 36 (2

Incidents when a firearm was dischargedin a school building or on a college campus since the killings at Sandy Hook Elementary Schoolin Newtown, Conn., on Dec. t4, 20t2.

1mana Sunday


A shower or tw o

Shootings since Newtown

LosAngeles Times

65 74 6s 7s 71


s9 52 40 47 46

Weather iwl: s-sunny, pc-partly cloudy, r -cloudy, sh-showers, t-thunderstorms, r-rain, sf-snow flurries, sn-snow, l-ice.


s pc

s pc s

Friday, June 13, 2014 The Observer & Baker City Herald


Boating ahot topic O

Jim Ward photo

Conifers are a good choice for backyard plantings as they provide year-round cover. Rocky Mountain juniper is a multitask selection. It's incredibly hardy, offers cover for roosting and nesting birds and provides blue berries relished by birds all year long.



pring in Northeast Oregon is when green thumbs begin to twitch. Gardeners cruise the aisles oflocal nurseries, start sprinkling seed here and there, dreamingofscrumptious salads, corn-on-the-cob and rhubarb pies to come. Many spend a good deal of time tilling, fertilizing and watering their gardens. Some find time to plant for wildlife. It may be as simple as planting a few flowers for the local hummingbirds or leaving an unmowed and uncultivated patch in the corner of the yard for butterflies and seed-eating birds. You really don't have to own a large ranch to help wild critters. When I bought a little patch ofland 35 years ago, between Foothill Road and the south fence of Ladd Marsh, there wasn't a single bush or tree on this weed patch along that portion of Ladd Creek. Before the house was even built, I started planting thousands oftrees.Asa fi rst-tim e"arborist" I made many mistakes before learning through considerable time, money and sweat. Many of the subjects I planted looked great in the nursery catalog, but weren't suited for my climate or soil type. I planted some too close, and I didn't allow for the browsing deer, gnawing gophers and the demanding watering requirements. This nearly life-long project turned out to be a rather incredible outdoor classroom. Just right out my back door, I watched how



certain species adapted to this ever-changing igrowingl micro-environment. When the land was bare, itprovided forthem eadowlarks, killdeer and tree swallows. As the plantsgrew,these speciesm oved on and were replaced by species that enjoyed the cover — warblers, finches, dovesand even uncommon catbirds. Today, walking through the yauf on a spring dawn is almost mind-numbing with all the birds trying to out-sing each other. Even urban yards can offer something for birds. A window sill can hold flowersforhummingbirds and butterflies. One tree combined with all the other trees in your neighborhood can provide for a good many birds throughout the year. Many large-scale plantings include native species, which areadapted toourlocale.But, m ost nati ves are a bitcoarse for the yard landscape. Non-native selections like flowering crab apples, European mountain ash and many others, offer winter fruit which is hard to find among our native plants. Today, gardeners with an interest in helping wildlife have a plethora of information available to help them with their plantings. Online sources, libraries and county extension offices are good places to start looking. It's really not hard

Jim Ward photo

Even a small yard can have room for wildlife. Flowering crabapples offer winter fruit for birds. Other good choices include European mountain ash, English hawthorne and May trees. to believe that all the backyard, thi s country's wildlife. street-side and park habitat projAnyo ne can be a part of that. It ects have had a profound effect on j ust takes a thumb twitch.



Deer, elk employ unique strategy with young At this time of year, elk calves and deer fawns can be found throughout Northeast Oregon forests and farms. Humans may come uponone and consideritabandoned, which is highly unlikely. In truth, elk and deer can't often fend off large predators like wolves, cougars and bears, so their best strategy is to simply stay away from their young except for a short period of nursing each day, until they are old enough to run.



Spring Chinook fishingsetto open The Imnaha and Wallowa rivers open to hatchery spring Chinook fishing June 21.The Imnaha River will be open from the mouth upstream to Summit Creek Bridge. TheWallowa River will be open from the deadline at the lower end of Minam State Park upstream to the mouth of the Lostine River.

Source: Jlm Ward, For WesComNews Service

Saturday, June 21



verthelastthreeyears, nonmotorized boatmg deaths and accIdents have surpassed motorized fatali tieson Oregon rivers and lakes. The Oregon State Marine Board is on a mission to curtail that, along with numerous other issues that affect boaters,through a seriesofmeetings alloverthe state that center on educating everyone who takes to the water. The question is, will it work? That all depends on how willing individual boaters are to address those concerns. So far there has been progress in thataspect, but more is needed. OSMB agency staff members were in La Grande last Monday. They discussed goalsoftheirnonmotorized advisory committee, which was assembled in 2012, for making every boater's experience more enjoyable. The meeting's focus was on three main points: access for entering the water, safety and education of boaters. Access is a hot-button topic in boating circles. Since 2006, registratio n form otorized boats declined in Oregon, but the number of nonmotorized "people-days" on the water has seen a huge growth during the same timeframe, exceeding motorized days in 2011. People are finding kayaks, canoes and other nonmotorizedactivitiescheaper than payingfor apricey motorized boat,and thereforeboaters of many types are using the same facilities — parking lots, launching ramps, restrooms and park amenities. The problem arises because the OSMB wasfounded in 1959 andreceiveitsfunding from motorizedboaters.If alltheseraftersand paddleboarders are using lots designedfor large,m otorized boats and taking advantage of the facilities, they should have to chip in as well. What seems sort of comicaltomeisthatalotofthe nonmotorized community scoffed at the notion, initially. I understand that motorizedboats take up more space, and one small raft isn't a huge impediment in a parking lot. Also, all these different boatsneed a variety of things — what a flat-water raft needs is different from a canoe — so it's a tricky situation. But if they want to use these facilities, they need to chip in. SeeBenham / Page 2C


Foisset' s Black TSW Fred Foisset, who owns Cascade Guides and Outfitters in Sunriver, likes to tie his wet flies without weight, using the line to take the fly down. Fish this one on a slow-sink line with a fluorocarbon leader and a 1-inch retrieve. To tie Foisset's BlackTSW, start with a long wet fly hook. Slide a small red bead up against the eye. Use black marabou for the tail and a black/redArizona Semi Seal dubbing. Finish with six wraps of a webby black soft hackle.

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Road construction continues in Wallowa Mountains F • Forest Road 66 now free of snow and available for passenger vehicles WesCom News Servicestaff

BAKER CITY — Construction continues on the Wallowa Mountain Loop Road connecting Wallowa and Baker counties through the Wallowa Mountains. A 13-mile stretch of the Wallowa Mountain Loop Road, also known as Forest Road 39, is under construction into the fall. The North Pine section under construction begins at the junction of Highway 86 and heads north for 13 miles on Forest Road 39 to the junction of Forest Road 66. This section of the road is closed through June 15. The detour route, Forest Road 66, is now tree of snow and passable by passenger vehicles. This 30-mile detour is a single-lane gravel road with turnouts and is already very dusty in certain locations. It is suitable for vehicles with trailers; however, it is not recommended for

motor homes. Forest Road 66 begins at the junction of the 39 Road and the 66 Road coming trom Joseph and is also referred to as Duck Creek, Fish Lake Road, Twin Lakes Road, or Clear Creek Road. It continues west, then south, before connecting with Baker County Road 999, just north of Halfway. The North Pine stretch will be open Monday for passage only travel until 7:59 a.m. Tuesday. At 8 a.m. Tuesday, the North Pine stretch will be closed until 5 p.m. June 19. The 66 Road detour route will be available. At 5:01 p.m. Thursday, the North Pine stretch will be openforpassage only travel until 7:59 a.m. June 24. At 8 a.m. June 24, the North Pine Stretch will be closed until 5 p.m. June 26. The 66 Road detour route will be available. From July 1 to Oct. 15 the 39 Road will be open for the entireroute,buttravelers can expect up to one-hour delays on the 13-mile North Pine section of the 39 Road or use the 66 Road detour.


i ameta s, traggin re u ationsset • Draw results will be available next week online WesCom News Servicestaff

A totalof134,312 big game tags — including deer, elk, pronghorn, Rocky Mountain goat and bighorn sheepwill be available for the 2014 fall season. The Oregon Wildlife Commission met last week to set regulations onhunting and trapping atits meetingin Salem. It also set the number and type of 2015 auction and raSe big game tags available, which will be the same as lastyear. In 2014, auctions and

rafIIes generated $630,711 for wildlife management and research and hunter access, including new records fora bighorn sheep tag at

$155,000 and deer and elk rafIIe sales at $133,509. Draw results will be avail-

BENHAM Continued from Page 2C The advisory board said Monday that after many nonmotorized boaters were not in favor of fees, they now want to have a"seat at the table"in discussions of facility m anagement, and they realized that ponying up is their best option. It will also bring m ore responsi bleboatersout to the water, as they will need a legitimate pass or registration. Which lead into their next points, safety and education, which go hand-in-hand. A lot of people who raftor paddleboarddon'trealizethose aretechnicall y boats,and so they don't have the necessary safety equipment. Right now there is no set required education program other than for nonmotorized, which needs to change as well. Again, the nonmotorized community at first bristled at mandatory education, thinking they know it every-


able by June 20 online at My Hunter Information or by calling the automated line at 1-800-708-1782. This year for the first time, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife will not be mailing postcard notifications of draw results. Hunters need to check for results themselves online or

by phone. Trapping regulations were adopted as proposed by staf, except the commission declined to reduce the annual Eastern Oregon bobcat limit trom five to three. The annual bobcat limit in Eastern Oregon will remain at five for the 2014-16 seasons. The commission heard about proposed concepts to change 2015 big game regulations. These will get final consideration in October. Learn more about the concepts by viewing the agenda item packet on the web site.

thing they need. As soon as a tragedy happens, however, they will wish there had been something in place. Personally, I have experienced a near-catastrophe canoeing back in college, and would be hesitant to undertake any sort of new venture on the water without at least some knowledge on where I was going and what I was doing. It's a huge task by the committee to meld all these issues together and come out with a plan that's the best and safest for all. The group will continue with meetings through the fall, and write a report to the OSMB with their recommendations in July 2015. Marianne McKenzie, education coordinator for the OSMB, says that this project will still be a success even if no changes come out. She said just the conversationsare a start.I do agree, but hopefully the entire boating community gets behind it so that any positive changes can be put in place.

our deer suddenly appeared out of the thick evergreens bordering the campground and moseyed along the campground road. It was fun watching them browse, prance and play at the edgeofthe campsites at Minam State Park between La Grande and Enterprise. We were setting up camp the day before launching on to the Grande Ronde River. While the four critters entertained us, what we didn't see was another deer making a slow end-around and sneaking behind us. The deer slipped past and walked up to our picnic table.In a second,itgrabbed a bag of pita bread and started running toward the woods. Pita bread? How the heck did a wild critter like a deer develop a taste for stuff in


buzzing around a piece of watermelon. I've dealt with bears, skunks and raccoons at campsites, but not marauding deer that were that aggressive. Eastern Oregon is known foritstame deer in campgrounds. The campground at Wallowa Lake has deer that often mingle with campers. Photos oflittle kids feeding snacks to deer are common. Deer have learned to opencoolers,justlikebears. I've read where deer have also learned how to roll watermelons off picnic tables to smash them on the ground and enjoy the sweet contents. Don't get me wrong. It's plastic bags? Well, these deer have been fun to watch wildlife, and it's conditioned with human neat to get such great photo foodforyears.Instead of opportunitie sofcritterscommigrating to the high couning through camp. try for natural food, they But deer can be more migrate to campgrounds. dangerous than you think. It's turning into a learned As we shooed one deer away, behavior passed on through it stopped and turned its hind legs in our direction. generations. One member of our party That was a clear sign the deer meant business. Any started yelling and chasing the pocket-bread thief. Heck, approach closer and sharp the pita bread was key to hooves would be flying in all directions. some of the meals on our river trip. An adult deer snorted at The deer dropped itjust us as we shooed a young one beforegoing into the tim ber. away. It didn't end there. Each of As we enjoyed the evening in camp, we watched the the deer would dart toward band of calculating deer visit the table looking for any morsel they could find. They each campsite as new, unwere like yellow jackets suspectingcampers arrived.


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A deer sneaks up to a picnic table at Minam State Park, between La Grande and Enterprise, looking for a handout. Campground deer are fun to watch but can be a nuisance when they break into your cooler. Not to be the old, grumpy become easier prey. Deer habituated to campgrandpa, but well-intentioned campers who feed grounds tend to cause more deer don't realize how conflicts with family pets. dangerous it can be if the Ifdeer aregetting handanimal is startled and starts outs, you can bet bears and kicking. other less camp-friendly aniCampground snacks mals will figure out there's with all of their partially an easy food source. It's ironic that when we hydrogenatedvegetable oil, high fructose corn syrup, jumped into the rafts and headed downstream 15 polysorbate 60 and other man-made ingredients can't miles, we didn't see deer be good for an animal whose trequenting any of the river digestion is attuned to natu- campsites. ralvegetation. Seasoned river runners Young deer that are used know it's wrong to feed to getting handouts don't wildlife. They also keep learntofend forthemselves. extremely clean camps that They are also lured to heavy don't tend to lure them in. trafllc areas, where they can So, grandpa's word to the be hit by a car. wise: Deer eat nutritious Campgrounds where deer plants and leaves and twigs congregateto getcamping of woody shrubs to survive. You've got to think that food alsocan lurein predators like cougars. Fawns that cupcake-eating deer just don'tseem like agood part getused to the easy life at campground are not as wary of the whole evolutionary of their surroundings and process.


Jane 15 - 22 - 29 ' tuEy 6- 13- 27 • Quyrral 3 -10-

' Sund ' iams

Margie M

Acoustic Guitar, Folk, Oldies, 70's,

Blues, Gospel & Original 2 PM at Geiser-Pollman Park on

Campbell Street in Eaker City

High Desert Renegades

'¹ x t Week

June 22: High Desert Renegades June 29: Terry LaMont 'Ihanks to the musicians for donating their time and talent July 6: Bruno Dunes Band to raise funds to build the bandstand. July 13: Jimmy Lloyd Rea Musicians will have tapes or cd's for sale at the concert. 8 The Switchmasters July 27: Frank Carlson Aug 3: Johnny 8 The Lawbreakers Aug 10: Nancy Ames Aug 17: Larry Howe Aug 24: Marv 8 Friends Aug 31~T'BD i

Bring your lunch and lawn chairs to the park and enjoy the music. Donation gladly accepted — suggested donation $5 per person Powder River Music Review concert series is presented to raise funds to build a bandstand pavilion in the centerof Geiser-Pollman Park. Brochure and brick order blanks may be downloaded at for anyone interested in purchasing an engraved brick to be placed in the stage of the new bandstand pavilion. There will also be a brick order table at the concert. Soroptimist international of Baker County (SIBC) is the 501(c)3 non-profit for this project . Grant donations are most welcome. Put your name down in history with an engraved brick — makes great memorial tributes, birthday, anniversary or holiday gift. 4 inch by 8 inch bricks are $60 8 inch by 8 inch bricks are $300 12 inch by 12 inch tiles are $1000 A support column sponsorship is $10,000 Special price for Veteran bricks 8 inch by 8 inch for $150 Thanks Supporters of PRMR/Bandstand Project: Historic Baker City Powder River Music Review is sponsored by Baker City Herald and organized by volunteers of the Bandstand Committee. See concert photos at Questions call 541-519-5653



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STUDY Continued from Page6C : 'I4ejlgkmthe

study, however, shows kids could be consuming more than that. A bag of Skittles contains 33 mg ofAFCs, and a cup of Trix cereal contains 36 mg. Many children likely eat more than a single serving. The amount is important, because the higher the dose, the more likely studies are to pick up on the impact of AFC on behavior, which Stevens said kicks in within an hour or two atter consuming the

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food. One study published in the journal Science studied kids' reactionsto between 100 and 150 mg of AFC. Seventeen out of 20 subjects showed effectsbased theirresponse to a learning task. ''With the older studies back in the '70s and '80s, pediatricians, psychologists and nutritionists got the idea that dye didn't really have anything to do with behavior," Stevens said.'When they didlargerstudieswith more children and larger amounts of dyes, they found that a greaterpercentage ofthe children reacted than with the low amounts of dyes." Last year, Purdue researchers reviewed decades of research on the health impacts of AFCs. They w eren't ableto draw a direct correlation between the dyes and behavioral or physical




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44,gk@" 44414; III, II4,

Process" in 2008, which details a setoftrauma release exercises. The exercises target the psoas ipronounced so-azl, the large, deep muscle that links the trunk ofyour body to your legs. A series of movements, both standing and lying down, are meant to fatigue the muscle enough that the body goes into natural tremors, which Berceli believes helps release the deeptensioncreatedduring a traumaticexperience. When a traumatic event occurs, the body responds with a fight or flight response, which activates the sympathetic nervous system and produces a surge in adrenaline. The parts of the body not needed in the moment, such as the reproductive and digestive systems, shut down. That's called the sympathetic response, DesRochers said. After the stressful event passes, the body naturally is designedtoreturn to a state of calm and relaxation. 'The problem is some bodies get stuck in the sympatheticresponse,"shesaid,"especially in our society today, where there's so much stress


WesCom News Serwce staff

PORTLAND — There were more than 35,000 calls to Department of Human Services in 2013 reporting suspectedadultabuse.However,state offic ialsfear thatthereis alotm ore vulnerable adult abuse in Oregon that isnotreported to law enforcement or protective servicesoffi cials. ''We know that national research suggests that under-reporting of abuse is a serious issue," said Marie Cervantes, director of DHS' office of adult abuse prevention and investigations. "Oregon is most likely right in line with national data that shows adult abuse isvastly under-reported." In preparationforWorld Elder Abuse Awareness Day Sunday, OAAPI would like the public to be more awareofthe serious problem of vulnerable adult abuse and how to report it. ''We can only respond to abuse that we know of and need the public to assist usto be abletoprotectourmost vulnerable citizens," Cervantes said. According to a Cornell University study, only one in twenty three cases of adultabuse actuall y getsreported to authorities. The study also showed

that financial exploitation is reported on average one in forty-four times and neglect one in fifty-seven times. "It is critical that Oregonians call theirlocalprotective servicesoffi ce, law enforcement or the state's central number to report abuse: 1-855-503SAFE if they suspect any type of abuse of a vulnerable adult," said Cervantes, whose program isresponsible for some of Oregon's most vulnerable citizens. OAAPI is responsible for conducting and coordinating abuse investigations and providing protective services statewidein response to reportsof abuseand neglectofvulnerableadults, including: •adultsover the age of65 • adults with physical disabilities • adults with developmental disabilities • adults with mental illness "Responding quicldy and thoroughly to abuse reports is not only critical, but helps ensure the safety and long term health of vulnerable Oregonians," she sald. John Thompson, deputy director of OAAPI said that national research points out that more than half of

people with mental illness or developmental disabilities will experience repeated physical or sexual abuse in their lifetime. ''When people are free from abuse, their medical, physical and psychological treatment needs arereduced, allowing them to live independent, productive lives in their communities," Thompson said. Oregon's abuse prevention data suggestthat under reporting ofpossible abuse is more likely to occur when the vulnerableperson livesalone and has little or no support from fiiends and family. Contact with people outside the care-giving environment allows the vulnerable person an opportunity to talk about things that may be abusive, neglectful or unprofessional and further provides the support system one may need to make an official report to authorities. For many vulnerable people who are isolated from outside contact, the decisiontoreportpossible abuse becomes more difficult due to fear of getting the person in trouble and risk of losing what little outside contact the person may currently have.




Continued ~om Page6C symptoms, but consumption was linked to hyperactivity, liverstressand abnormal white and red blood cell counts at high doses.

are asked 29 questions, not allrelated to care.Those that arerelated tocareinclude Continued from Page6C direct care, communication with nurses, communication with facilities across the withdoctors,responsiveness country. "For questions answered ofhospital stafE pain manas always, we are at 95 to 96 agement and communication percentin most categories," about medications so they said Finney."As a quality all meet or exceed state and improvement guy, I want to national averages. know what could we have Finney said cleanliness donedifferentto getthe always exceeds state and 'always' category." national averages and quietCommunication is essenness "blew the doors ofK" tial to a patient's care. Finney He said cleanliness and said ensuring the patient quietness are largely due understands the care being to the housekeeping crew's given, the medication and the diligence."They are the discharge instructions begins unsung heroes who are there all the time who never get at check-in. When a person is admitted to the hospital, the credit." he or she may be in pain or The hospital gets 9s and distractedby theillnessor 10s on a scale of1-to-10 75 injury and not be in the best percent of the time when disframe of mind to understand charged patients are asked all this is occurring. if they are willing to recom'The more experience we mend Wallowa Memorial. Finney said the Center for have, the more we can see how they are understanding M edicare Service looksover or not," Finney said."Good the numbers as well as the communication depends on board. "They want quality for the timing and the words used." The discharged patients dollar," he said.

Continued from Page6C

State: AdultaiIuseisunder-resorted

. itiichliisiiila444





everyday,and repetitive stresses. Tremoring is the body's natural mechanism for discharging that extra energy. That's what we're designed to do. It wouldn't be effic ient forourbodiesto get activated and not have the mechanism to deal with it." Our bodies can suffer if they aren't allowed to discharge stress Those who have practiced TRE report less worry and anxiety, reduced symptoms of PTSD, bettersleep,reduced muscle

steppingfooton agolf course: "It's easy to learn and it gets pretty fun once you get used to it. It's definitely something I'd like to try again." The game follows the golf basics — get the ball into the hole in the least amount of shots — butinstead ofa driver and golfball, you use your feet and a standard size-5 soccer ball. All holes at Madera range from par-3' sto par-5's,with lengthsof75 to 225yards, and a par round is 72. Blackand-yellow striped pegs mark the tee box for each hole that are identified by matching checkered flags. The footgolf course at Madera Municipal is on the golf course's front nine. Holes are 21 inches in diameter but don't share green space with the original golf course, though sometimes both golfers and footgolfersdo see each other on the links. Last week, one golfer approached the Fuego players and questioned why they would choose to play soccer at the golf club."Let us oldtimers have our fun in peace and quiet." Course director Ron Goering said that initial response istypicalatany course that's added the new sport.

and back pain, healing of old injuries and relief from chronic medical conditions. DesRochers led me through the TRE exercises, starting at the wall, where I did standing calf raises on each leg. I did as many as I could until I felt afati gue factorof7 on a scale of 10. We later moved into a wall sit imy least favorite part), where I placed my back on the wall and sat down, like I was sitting in a chair. I held that until I had to take a break, and she had me move

Jahn Walker/The Fresno Bee

Fresno Fuego playerTrevor Spurgeon kicks his tee shot during a round of footgolf, as a golfer in background lines up his own tee shot, at the Madera Municipal Golf Course. "Any golfers will be hesitant to it — it's something new and a lot of them don't like to see the course change," Goering said. "Recently, it's been more of a mixed bag with golfers. The m ajority ofplayersare seniors, and a lot of them don't like the change. But the younger ones are all for it." Nonetheless, footgolfers mustbe respectfulof other players on the course, minding the rate of play with golfers. A round of

my back up the wall a couple of inches, which helped, and hold again. Fatigue was settingin. Eventually, we got down to the ground,where Ilay on m y

back and did a yoga-like posture with the soles of my feet placed together and knees wide. I had to lik my hips off the ground, and hold there for two minutes. Finally, I got to place my feet on the ground. The tremors started in my legs by the time we got to the exercises on the ground. They

the hybrid sport can take anywhere from an hour and 30 minutes to two hours to complete, while a round of golf is normally double that. Footgolfhasadopted a lotofrulesfrom golf,even followingthe dresscode

igolf cap and collared shirt) though soccer apparel )ersey and soccer shorts) is welcome at Madera Municipal. Indoor soccer or turf shoes work best, but running shoes will also work. Cleats are not allowed.

continued to deepen until we finished and I could extend my legs on the ground in front of me. "The body has its own intelligence, and tremoring goes where it needs to go in its own sweet time," DesRocherssaid."Ican'tpredict what your experience will be like. You may have a memory come up, you may have a flashback to something. It doesn't always happen on the first time. People are a little protective the first time-

A round of footgolfat Madera Municipal costs

$12 to walk, $20 with a cart. Junior rounds are $8. You can bring your own ball or rent one out of the pro shop for $3. Gonzalez scored the best among the Fuego players, settinga courserecord at10 under that included eight birdies. Said Gonzalez:"Bring out a few beers, make some friendly wagers and this easily turns into a really fun time with your buddies."

they're not sure what's going to happen. But most people find it quite comfortable and amazinglyfun." I didn't experience anything beyond the tremors in my legs, though on the way back to work, I did have that feeling one gets after a good cry — cleansed somehow.

Gift Certificates Available RA DC


What you should know about household hazardous waste.


Qenerate 1.6 tttiII'Io" ~0"

HHy per year ' 4pgoL' CLEAN

QoO Oo0L he average h canaccu"+titate as c as )pp ounds pf hazard " 0» INaste

What is household hazardous waste? HHWis anything labeled toxic, flammable, corrosive, reactive or explosive. These materials can threaten family health and the safety of pets and wildlife. What are some examples of hazardous waste? Aerosols, Bleach, Drain Cleaners, Metal Polish, Mothballs, Oven Cleaners, Toilet Bowl Cleaners, Ammonia-based Cleaners, Mercury Thermometers, Wood Polishes,Waxes, Fertilizers, Insecticides, Herbicides, Rodenticides,Spaand Pool Chemicals, Roofing ComPounds, Antifreeze, Batteries, Motor OII, Paint StriPPers and Thinners, Gasoline and more. Where can I safely dispose of my hazardous waste? La Grande Facility: Open to any resident of the three counties every other Tuesday, 8am-12 noon. By appointment, however, small labeled quantities accepted daily. (541) 963-5459. Baker City Facility: Open the first Wednesday of each month, 10am-12 noon. By appointment only. (541) 523-2626. Enterprise Facility: Open the 2"' and 4'" Saturday of each month 10am-12 noon. By appointment only. (541) 426-3332.


Sotg guvederm Zatisse ZaserAairgemoval 9lfedicaCSeigktloss NOW AT OUR NEW


1.01. Depot St. 54>-963-3772



Friday, June 13, 2014 The Observer & Baker City Herald

Children'sfoodshavemore ethaneeected • Coloring linked to hyperactivity, inattentiveness By Tara Bannow WesCom News Service

If your child is having behavioral problems like hyperactivit y orinattentiveness and you can't figure out why, a Purdue University

STUDY researcher has a suggestion: Try a dye-fiee diet for a couple weeks. Laura Stevens, a research associate with Purdue University who has studied the links between artificial food coloring iAFCl and attention defici thyperactivity disorder iADHDl, said parents could

also try putting a couple dropsofdye in a glassof water and testing the child's reading ability, handwriting or general behavior before and a couple ofhours after drinking the water. The effects can be that quick, she sald. "I think that could be quite revealing to parents," she said.


Stevens and a team of researchers at Purdue recently calculated the amounts of artificial food coloring in popular kids' foods. They were surprised to find much higher levels than they expected. Many people think of artificial food coloring as benign, but studies have linked it to attention deficits and hy-

peractivity in children and adults, aswellastoother physical symptoms due to the carcinogens contained in some dyes. Previousstudiestested smaller doses — 26 milligrams,for example — of AFCs that are currently seenin servings ofcerealsor candies, said Stevens. This SeeStudy / Fbge 5C


House nonders school mealhill

John Walker/TheFresno Bee

Fresno Fuego player Beau Diaz holes out, rolling the soccer ball into the hole, during a round of footgolf at the Madera Municipal Golf Course. Foot golf is a new hybrid sport, a cross between golf and soccer.

The Associated Press

WASHINGTON — The House began to consider legislation Wednesday that would allow some schools to opt out ofhealthier meal standards— a proposalthat has drawn a veto threat trom the White House. The GOP spending bill on the House floor would allow schools to waive the school lunch and breakfast standards championed by first lady Michelle Obama for the next school year if they lost money on meal programs over a six-month period. The chamber is expected to have a final vote on the bill next week. In a statement threatening a veto, the White House said Tuesday that the bill would be "a major step backwards for the health of American children by undermining the effort to provide kids with more nutritious food." The school meal rules set by Congress and the Obama administratio n overthe past several years require more fruits, vegetablesand whole grains in the lunch line. Also, there are limits on sodium, sugar and fat. Some school nutrition directors have lobbied for a break, saying the rules have proved to be costly and restrictive. The schools pushing for changes say limits on sodium and requirements for more whole grains are particularly challenging, while some school officials say kids are throwing away fruits and vegetablesthey arerequired to take. Republicans have said the standards are overreaching. Rep. Robert Aderholt of Alabama, the Republican author of the agriculture spending bill that includes the provision,said therules were put in place too quickly and schools need more time to comply. On the House floor, he emphasized that the waivers are meant to be temporary. 'This is a real problem in many school districts across the country,"Aderholt said.

Courtesy photo

In a recentWallowa Valley Health Care District board meeting, Bill Finney presented results of patient surveys that put the hospital in good standing with facilities across the country. "For questions answered as always, we are at 95 to 96 percent in most categories," Finney said.

HOSPITALACHIEVES CUSTOMER • Wallowa Memorial Hospital gets high marks on surveys from its patients doing those things in an ethical and responsible manner," he said. From Bill Finney's small, undecoBesides government rated office in the heart of Wallowa Memorial Hospital, some very imagencies, Finney said portant work is done to keep patients Finney th ehospital works with other agencies and safeand comfortable. "I have a combined role in qualnonprofits to get"tips and clues to ityservices.Ioverseeim provement keep ourselves legal. We are doing OK processes with the facility that include with the responsibility of what we can risk management and compliance," do better, but it pushes into quality Finney said.'The two distinct avenues improvement." overlap and address proactive and In his risk management role, Finney said he, along with the staff, reactive issues." Finney is a registered nurse who follow up on things that have gone wrong. rose to the rank of lieutenant colonel "My role has always been to unwind while serving in the U.S. Army. He now works part-time at Wallowa those incidents. Look at the 'what ifs' Memorial overseeing the nitty gritty so we don't have those issues again details ofhospital management. and go through the steps," Finney He said compliance with state and said."Are we missing something? Are federal laws is pivotal in his position. we putting someone at risk?" "I have to have an understanding of He said quality improvement proall the regulations and requirements cesses look at the safety of things. ofhealth care and ensuring we are "Do we have this practice that just By Katy Nesbitt

WesCom News Service

o matter who you are,


N you've experienced

trauma of some sort. Traumas can be daily occurrences, such as going to work in a stressful environment, or bigger, isolated incidents, such as a car accident, surgery or being bitten on the mouth by a lhasa apso at age 15. The latter happened to me, and it flooded back into memory as I researched this column on Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises iTREl.

JEN MULSQN After hearing about TRE trom two sources in the past few months, I looked for a TRE practitioner in the Colorado Springs area and found only one — Joanna DesRochers, who is also a certified hypnotherapist and holds certifications in NeuroLinguistic Programming iNLPl and Emotional

Barbecuing: 4 tips to keep process safe • Keep it fresh. Always refrigerate fresh ground meat and poultry and cook it within one or two days. • Keep it cool. Never leave raw meat, poultry or any perishable food at room temperature for more than two hours. •Turn down the heat. Meat, fish and poultry cooked over high heat (especially above 300F) or in flames caused by fat dripping over a fire can also create "heterocyclic arnine" (HCA's). While the effect of these substances in humans is unclear, high doses are linked to cancer in animals. • Choose leaner cuts. Besides being good for your waistline, less fat means less smoke and flames — the source of potentially hazardous compounds.


doesn't seem right? Is there something we are missing," Finney asked. Finney said the hospital spends a lot of money and time to get people seen. If something doesn't seem right, staff members will sit down and look at the process by examining their benchmarks against other facilities. Immediately after an incident in which a patient was at risk, Finney said the emotions of the family and staffare addressed.Then the process istorn apart tosee ifthere'san issue of timing or miscommunication to determine what could have changed the outcome. Finney said the hospital's physicians have their own quality improvement process. They meet once month and talk about particularcasesthat have gone'hinky" in their practices. In a recent Wallowa Valley Health Care District board meeting, Finney presentedresultsofpatientsurveys SeeSurvey / Page 5C

Exercises designed to hee body from grip of trauma Freedom Technique iEFTl. 'You're a walking history of everything that has happened to you," she said."Every trauma can be significant. The definition of trauma is when it's more than you're able to cope with. What's traumatic for one person may not be for another." DesRochers knows about trauma. She's had two big falls in her life, both injuring her neck and shoulders and compromising her




nervous system. Her daily life was affected severely, she said. She stumbled onto TRE, createdby David Berceli, an expert in the fields of trauma intervention and conflict resolution. He has worked for decades in the war zones of nine countries, helping relieve both soldiers and civilians from posttraumatic stress disorder. He wrote 'The Revolutionary Trauma Release SeeMulson / Page 5C

Gamethat mixes golf, soccergains popularity ByAngel Moreno The Fresno Bee

MADERA, Calif.— Soccer players kicking balls on a golf course usually would be amajornuisance for golfers. But because of a new sport, they have become a familiar sight at Madera Municipal Golf Course. The reason is footgolf, a hybrid sport combining soccer and golf that was first organized in Europe in 2008. Six years later, the sport has gone global with courses in 22 countries. The sports governing body — the Federational for International FootGolfheld the first World Cup of FootGolf in 2012 in Hungary, with Bela Lengyel of the host nation taking the championship. The sport became official in the United States in 2011 and now footgolf courses are popping up across the country. In Madera, the 18-hole footgolfcoursewas installed in January. In Visalia, Calif., a course is being planned at Valley Oaks Golf Course. With eight more opening by July, there will be 23 footgolf courses throughout California. Eddie Gonzalez along with Fresno Fuego teammates Trevor Spurgeon, Gustavo Silva and Beau Diaz all played footgolf for the first time last week at Madera Municipal. "This is really cool. I've nevereven thought ofplaying a sport like this," Gonzalezsaid."The golfcourse brings you the relaxed, laidback environment and soccer is a game you only need your feet and a ball to play." For Silva, of Rio De Janeiro, it was his first time even See FootGolf / Page 5C



Low carbs

Navyconsiders banningtobacco sales on bases Tobacco sales on Navy ships and in stores on Navy and Marine Corps bases would be a thing of the past under a plan being considered by Navy Secretary Ray Mabus. The Navy Department, which includes the Marine Corps, would be the first military department to prohibit tobacco sales.


Tobacco use costs the Defense Department an estimated $1.6 billion annually in medical costs and lost work time. Smoking is allowed in designated areas on Navy ships and at Navy and Marine Corps installations, and Mabus' proposal would not change that. Smoking has been prohibited on subrnrines since December 2010.

Source:TheAssociated Press

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'Inside Comhat Rescue: The lasl Stand' walks with the Reapers

cutting-edge micro-cameras that recorded them on their missions. The result was

airmen that combine courage and daring with caring and compassion. On Sunday, June 15, National Geographic embeds with a new group of PJs from the 83rd Rescue Squadron in the waning days of Operation Enduring Freedom — along with introducing viewers <o another group of airmen, the Reapers — with the premiere of the two-hour special "Inside Combat Rescue: The Last Stand." Stationed a< Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan, the "Reapers" is an elite Air Force unit tasked with pr otecting the base, and that includes tracking and capturing or killing Taliban fighters that threaten i<s

a startlingly frank and revealing look a<


After decades of war, the United States is winding down i<s involvement in Iraq and now Afghanistan, bu< whatever was achieved there came a< a tremendous cost,

both in blood and treasure. No one knows more about the blood than the U n i ted States Air Force Pararescue

jumpers, known as P Js. It's their task <o ge< <o, pick up and treat wounded warfigh<ers and civilians. The National Geographic Channel series "Inside Combat Rescue," which aired in 2013, embedded with an Afghanistan

deployment ofPJ s, outfitting them w i t h

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Weekday Movies B Barbershop 2: Back in Business ** * (2004) Ice Cube. A barbershop owner considers selling his establishment. rj «(1:45) SHOW Thu. 5

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D Die Hard ***X (1 988) Bruce Willis. A New York policeman outwits foreign thugs in an L.A. high-rise. rj (3:00) SPIKE Tue.12 p.m.,Wed. 9 a.m. Die Hard 2 *** (1 990) Bruce Willis. Police hero spots military terrorists at D.C. airport rj (3:00) SPIKE Tue. 3 p.m., Wed. 12 p.m.

E The East *** (2 013) Brit Marling. An undercover agent infiltrates a group of ecoterrorists. rj «(2:00) HBO Fri. 2 p.m. Election *** (1 999) Matthew Broderick. A teacher tries to take a student overachiever down a peg. (1:55) SHOW Wed. 5:35 p.m.

Food Paradise

Enough Said *** (2013) Julia Louis-Dreyfus. A divorcee is attracted to her new friend's ex-husband. rj 99 (1:30) HBO Thu. 11:30 a.m., Thu. 6 p.m. Face/Off *** (1 997) John Travolta. An FBI agent and a violent terrorist switch identities. «(3:00) AMC Wed. 10 a.m. Finding Nemo***X (2003) Voices of Albert Brooks. Animated. A clown fish searches for his missing son. rj «(1:45) DISN Mon. 5:15

MONDAY EVENING The Perfect Storm *** (2 000) George Clooney. A fishing boat sails into the storm of the century. «(3:00) AMC Mon. 5 p.m., Tue. 11:30 a.m.

Silver Linings Playbook***x (2012) Bradley Cooper. A man intends to rebuild his life and reunite with his estranged wife. rj «(2:05) SHOW Mon. 10:30 a.m., Mon. 6:55 p.m.


G Ghostbusters ***X (1 984) Bill Murray. Ghost fighters battle ghouls in a Manhattan high-rise. «(2:30) AMC Wed. 1 p.m. Glory **** (1 989) Matthew Broderick Col. Robert G.Shaw trains, then leads an all-black Civil War regiment. «(2:45) AMC Mon. 11:15 a.m.

Thor *** (2011) Chris Hemsworth Cast out of Asgard, the Norse god lands on Earth. (2:30)FX Wed. 5:30


U Unstoppable *** (2010) Denzel Washington. Two men try to stop a runaway train carrying toxic cargo. (2:00) FX Fri. 3 p.m.

I The Impossible *** (2012) Naomi Watts. A vacationing family is caught in the 2004 Thailand tsunami. «(2:00) SHOW Tue. 1:30 p.m. In Good Company *** (2004) Dennis Quaid. A demoted worker's younger boss is dating his daughter. rj «(2:00) HBO Mon. 8:30 a.m., Wed. 4:30 p.m. Mission: Impossible III *** (2006) Tom Cruise. Agent Ethan Hunt faces the toughest villain of his career. rj (3:00) SPIKE Wed. 3 p.m. My Cousin Vinny***X (1 992) Joe Pesci. An inept lawyer tries to free his cousin from a Dixie jail. rj (3:00) SPIKE Fri. 3:30 p.m. My Fake Fiance *** (2009) Melissa Joan HarL A man and a woman fake an engagement for financial gain. 'G' (2:00) FAM Wed. 12 p.m.

The Wedding Singer *** (1 998) Adam Sandler. A 1980s wedding crooner attempts to find true love. (2:00) FXThu. 3 p.m. Wish Me Away *** (2011) Country singer Chely Wright comes out as a lesbian. rj «(1:45) SHOW Fri. 7 a.m. The Woman in Black *** (2012) Daniel Radcliffe. A lawyer goes to a house in a marsh, which has secrets. rj « (1:45) SHOW Wed. 12:30 p.m

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Bizarre Foods

Bizarre Foods

Bizarre Foods

Bizarre Foods

TRAV 53 14 Americacc Americacc Americacc Americacc Americacc Chrisley Grace USA 58 16 Mod Fam ModFam WWE MondayNight RAW(N Same-dayTape) n ~c WTBS 59 23 Seinfeld Seinfeld Cleve FamGuy FamGuy FamGuy Big Bang Big BangConan (N)cc La s t *** T he Normal Heart (2014)c n ~ Game of Thrones HBO 518551 2014 Rock andRoll Hall SHOW 578 575 (6:55) ***3Silver Linings Playbook P e nny Dreadful n Nurse Californ. Penny Dreadful n


LG - La Grande BC - Baker City

8/17/14 WEDNESDAY EVENING I G BC ~gjg ~ j I

~ j KK« LG BC ~ • «I gggj Qoe'g Keg gjj'g gjjg ggaaggggj Jeop- Wheel of KATU Jimmy (6:00) 2014 NBAFinals San Jimmy (:01) Paid Paid 2 2 Antonio Spursat MiamiHeat. Kimmel Program Program ardy! (N) Fortune News Kimmel PBS NewsHour Freedom Riders: American Experience The Sixties: TheYears That Shapeda 3 i 3 (N)n « Blacks and whites travel together. n Generation Events ofthe1960s. 66 Entertain Extra (N)NCIS Apossible loca- NCIS:Los Angeles (:01) Personof News Letter & 6 n cc "Tuhon"n ment tion for Parsa.n Interest "Lethe"n man ~ Live at 7 Inside America's Got Talent "Audition"Auditions (:01) TheNight Shift News Tonight 8 8 (N)cc "Grace UnderFire" Edition continue. (N)n 66 Show Access TMZ (N) Riot (N) n66(DVS) I WannaMarryHarry 100'Clock News(N) News LoveHollyw'd n cc Raymond (N)n Big BangBig BangFOX 12's 8 O'Clock Bones Pregnantteen Bones Half-eaten Simp- Commu~UP t &t 13 Theory Theory News on PDX-TV murdered.n body found.66 sons nity n ~ A&E 52 26 Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Shipping Shipping Big Smo Shipping ***x Ghosfbusfers(1984) Bill Murray.Ghostfighters **xGhosfbusfersii(1989,Comedy) Bill Murray,Dan AMC 60 20 battle ghouls in aManhattan high-rise.« Aykroyd, SigourneyWeaver, 66 Wild Russia66 Wild Russia66 Wild Russia66 River Monsters n ANP 24 24 Wild Russia66 Good- Jessie Dog With Austin & * Camp Rock2: The Final Jam(2010) Austin & A.N.T. DISN 26 37 Charlie n 66 a Blog Ally n D emi Lovato, Kevin Jonas.n 'NR'66 Ally n Farm n 66 College Baseball SportsCenter (N) (Li v e) SportsCenter (N) SportsCenter (N) E&PN 33 IF ~ FAM 32 22 Pretty Little Liars Pretty Little Liars Chasing Life (N) n Pretty Little Liars The700Club n Fargo Molly takes the lead. Fargo ~ FX 6 5 I & Horrible *** Thor(2011, Action)Chris Hemsworlh The Waltons66 Middle Middle Middle Middle Golden Golden HALL 87 35 The Waltons66 ~ LIFE 29 33 Little Women: LA Little Women: LA Little Women: LA Little Women: LA Little Women: LA Thunder- Hatha- News Full F ull Fu l l F ull Fu l l Friends (:36) NICK 27 26 mans ways WiLinda House House House House House 66 Friends Mariners MLB Base ball ROOT 37 18 MLB Baseball SanDiegoPadresatSeattle Mariners *xL a w Abiding Citizen (2009) Jamie Foxx.n ** Walking Tall SPIKE 42 29 Fast and Furious-Drift Deadliest Catch: OnDeadliest Catch: Deadliest Catch (:02) Siberian Cut (:02) Deadliest TDC 51 32 Deckn 66 The Bait (N)66 "Civil War"(N)n Catchn 66 (N)n 66 TLC 49 39 The Little Couple Couple Couple The Little Couple The Little Couple The Little Couple Rizzoli & Isles "FoodRizzoli & Isles66 Rizzoli & Isles "A Percept>on Pans66 (:01) Rizzoli & Isles TNT 57 27 for Thought" "A NewDay" New Day"66 Chow- Chow- Bizarre Foods Chow- Chow- Chow- Chow- Bizarre Foods TRAV 53 14 dow. d o w. America66 dow. d o w. dow. dow. America66 Playing Playing Mod Fam ModFam USA 58 16 Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Royal Pains(N) WTBS 59 23 Seinfeld Seinfeld FamGuy Big BangBig Bang Big BangBig BangBig BangConan (N)66 Game of Thrones VICE n Last Game of Thrones HBO 518 551 (6:30)**x Manof Steel (2013)n Part ii Penny Dreadful n Nurse Californ. SHOW 578 575 Twilight Nurse Californ. The Last Exorcism



LG - La Grande BC - Baker City

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Jeop- Wheel o Black Box "Kod a 2 2 ardy! (N) Fortune chrome"(N)n PBS NewsHour Oregon Field 3 i 3 (N)n « Art Beat Guide Entertain Extra (N)Big Bang(:31) Q S 6 6 ment n cc Theory Momn

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2 ardy! (N) Fortune Middle n bergs


8/19/14 FRIDAY EVENING I G BC ~gjg ~

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R ook>e Blue "Blnk; All by HerSelfie" K A T U J>mmy holdup at adiner. n 66 News Kimmel Vera"Silent Voices"Murdered Father Brown"The Film soaal worker.n 66 WrongShape"n School Two and (:31) The(:01) Elementary News Letter Half MenMillers "Corpse deBallet" man Live at 7 Inside Hollywood Game (:01) Un- Undate- Last Comic Stand- News Tonight 8 8 (N)cc Edition Night (N)n 66 dateable able (N) ing (N)n 66 Show Access TMZ (N) Hell's Kitchen"7 Gang RelatedCar- 100'Clock News(N) News Love(MN i 2 i 2 Hollyw'd n cc Chefs Compete"(N) los' plan bacldires. Raymond Big BangBig BangFOX 12's 8 O'Clock House "MovingOn House"Twenty Simp- Commu ~UP t &t 13 Theory Theory News on PDX-TV n cc Vicodin"n 66 sons nity n The First 4866 The First 48 (N)n To Be Announced Beyond Scared A&E 52 28 The First 4866 (5:00)**x Shooter ** Teen I)Voff(1985,Comedy)Michael J (:01)*** Backfo School(1986)Rodney AMC 60 20 (2007)cc 66 Fox, JamesHampton. 66 Dangerfield, Sally Kelerman. l North Woods Country Justice n ANP 24 24 River Renegade North WoodsLaw River Renegade Good- Jessie ***x Bolt(2008)Voicesof John Mickey Good- (:20) Jes-Austin & A.N.T. DISN 26 37 Charlie n 66 Travolta.n 'PG' 66 Mouse Charlie sie n Ally n Farm n ESPN 33 17 College Baseball SportsCenter (N) SportsCenter (N) SportsCenter (N) SportsCenter (N) *x The Smurfs(2011) HankAzaria The Fosters66 The700Club n FAM 32 22 Willy ylfonka FX 65 15 Two Men Two Men***21 JumpStreet(2012, Comedy)JonahHil (:33)*** 21JumpStreet The Waltons66 Middle Middle Middle Middle Golden Golden HALL 87 35 The Waltons66 Little Women: LA Betty ~ LIFE 29 33 ThePerfect Holiday **2 Tyler Perry's the Family That preys (2008) Thunder- Hatha- Instant See Dad Full Fu l l Full Full Fr i ends(:36) NICK 27 26 mans ways Mom n Run n House House House House n 66 Friends Mariners UFA UFA (N) ~ROOT 37 I& MLB Baseball Seattle Mariners atSanDiegoPadres Count Cops n • • SPIKE 42 29 Cops n Cops n Cops n Cops n iMPACTWrestling (N) n 66 '-' ~ Mermaids: TheBodyFound: The Mountain Monsters Mountain Monsters:Mountain Monsters FII Extended Cutn 66 Fire Dragon Shadow Creature n cc TLC 49 39 Honey Honey Here ComesHoney Here ComesHoney Sextuplets Turn 10 Here ComesHoney Castle n66 (DVS) Castle "TheBlue (:01) Castle (:01) Castle "Linch- (:01) Murder in the TNT 57 27 Butterfly"n "Pandora" pin"66(DVS) Flrst cc Bizarre Foods Bizarre FoodsWith Bizarre Foods Bizarre Foods Bizarre FoodsWith TRAV 53 14 America66 Andrew Zimmern America66 America66 Andrew Zimmern USA 58 16 Mod Fam ModFam Mod Fam ModFam Mod Fam ModFam Mod Fam ModFam Mod Fam ModFam WTBS 59 23 Seinfeld Seinfeld FamGuy FamGuy Big Bang Big BangBig Bang Big BangConan (N)66 Game of Thrones Katie Porn HBO 518 551 Enough (:45)**I Oblivion (2013)TomCruise. n 66 * Scary MovieV(2013)n Penny Dreadful n Teller Californ. SHOW 578 575(6:45)*x Alex Cross n

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Jeop- Wheel of T he


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G o l d- Modern Gold- Motive "DeadEnd" KATU Jimmy Family bergs (N)cc(DVS) News Kimmel PBS NewsHour Nature "GreatZebra NOVA "Atthe Edge Hawkingn 66 The Campa>gn n 66 3 i 3 (N)n « Exodus"n of Space"n 66 Entertain- Extra (N)Hawaii Five-0 Criminal Mindsn 66 CSI: CrimeScene News LetterDanny's mothervisits (DVS) ment n 66 Investigation n man 2014 Stanley Cup To Be Announced News Tonight 8 8 Final Show Access TMZ (N) So YouThinkYouCanDance"Audi tions 10 O'Clock News(N) News Love(MN i 2 i 2 Hollyw'd n cc No. 4" Hopefulsperformfor thejudges. Raymond Big BangBig BangFOX12's 80'Clock Law & Order: Crimi-Law & Order: Crimi- Simp- Commu~UP t &t 13 Theory Theory News on PDX-TV nal Intentn 66 nal Intentn 66 sons nity n A&E 52 28 Big Smo Duck D. Duck D. Duck D. Duck D. Duck D. Duck D. Big Smo Big Smo Duck D. (6:00)** Hifman **x Shooter(2007) MarkWahlberg. Awounded sniperplots Lara Croft Tomb AMC 60 20 (2007, Action)66 revengeagainstthosewhobetrayed him. 66 Raider Treehouse TreehouseMasters Treehouse To Be Announced ANP 24 24 Treehouse Good- Jessie Dog With Jessie I Didn't Austin & Jessie Good- Austin & A.N.T. DISN 26 37 Charlie n 66 a Blog n 66 Doltn Ally n n cc Charlie Ally n Farm n ESPN 33 17 College Baseball SportsCenter (N) SportsCenter (N) SportsCenter (N) SportsCenter (N) The 700Club n FAM 32 22 Melissa Melissa Melissa Daddy (:02)Cyberbully (2011) EmilyOsment * Jackand Jill(2011) AdamSandler (:02)* Jackand Jill(2011,Comedy) ~ FX 6 5 I & (5:30)*** Thor The Waltons66 Middle Middle Middle Middle Golden Golden HALL 87 35 The Waltons66 **x Madea's Family Reunion(2006) **x A DayLateand aDollar Short ~ LIFE 29 33 Fantasia Story Thunder- Hatha- Full Fu l l Full Full Full Full F r i ends (:36) NICK 27 26 mans ways House House House House House House n 66 Friends Mariners MLB Baseball ROOT 37 18 MLB Baseball SeattleMariners atSanDiegoPadres. (Live) ***x The Departedn SPIKE 42 29 (6:00)Ififafking Tall *x Law Abiding Citizen(2009) JamieFoxx n Dual Sunnval Dual Survival: Dual Survival "End Naked andAfraid Dual Survival "End TDC 51 32 'MayanMayhem" Untamed (N)n 66 of the Road"(N) n 'Louisiana"(N)n ofthe Road66 19 Kids-Count A Duggar Leaves 19 Kids-Count TLC 49 39 19 Kids 19 Kids 19 Kids-Count Castle "Demons" n Castle "Kickthe (:01) Castle "Eye of (:02) Castle "Kill (:03) Hawaii Five-0 TNT 57 27 «(DVS) Shot"n "Ma KeKahakai" Ballistics"n the Beholder"n Baggage BaggageFood Paradise66 Trip Flip Trip Flip Baggage BaggageFood Paradise66 TRAV 53 14 Battles Battles Battles Battles USA 58 16 Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Suits (N) (:01) Graceland(N) Mod Fam ModFam WTBS 59 23 Seinfeld Seinfeld Fam Guy FamGuy Big Bang Big BangBig Bang Big BangConan (N)66 eft o vers *** The Conlunng(2013)n 66 Real Time, Bill HBO 518551 (6:30)**x Admission n L ion DavidBeckham Unknown Penny Dreadful n Californ. Nurse The Dirfies(2013) SHOW 578 575 Eiecf



LG - La Grande BC - Baker City

I j i!I ~ j I X «« I ~ j

LG - La Grande BC - Baker City



II j iII gggj KK««I gggj gll'g gllgj ggjg gggj

(6:00) 2014NBAFinals MIaml J>mmy 2 Heat at San Antonio Spurs. (N) Kimmel PBS NewsHour Washing-Charlie 3 i 3 (N)n « ton Rose Entertain Extra (N)Undercover Boss

(:01) Paid Paid J eop- Wheel of KATU Program Program ardy!(N) Fortune News DCI Banks "InnocentGraves Last Tango in The murderof ateenager. n Halifaxn 66 Hawaii Five-0 Atriple Blue Bloods "Bad News

J>mmy Kimmel PBS Previews LetterO O 6 6 ment n cc 'Menchie's"66 homkxde 66 Blood"n 66 man Live at 7 Inside Dateline NBC (N) n 66 (:01) Crossbones News Tonight 8 8 (N)cc Edition Show (N)cc(DVS) Access TMZ (N) 24: Live Another Gang RelatedCar- 10 O'Clock News(N) News Love(MN i 2 i 2 Hollyw'd n cc Day 66(DVS) los' plan backfires. Raymond Big BangBig BangFOX 12's 8 O'Clock Monk A teacher's Monk "Mr.Monkand Simp- Commu~UP t &t 13 Theory Theory News on PDX-TV death.n 66 the Airplane" sons nity n A&E 52 28 Criminal Minds n Criminal Minds n Criminal Minds n Criminal Minds n (:02) Criminal Minds (5:30)** Hannibal **x Shutter island(2010,Suspense)Leonardo DiCaprio,Mark ** Angels& AMC 60 20 Rising(2007) Ruffalo. A1950slawmanhunts anescaped murderess. Demons(2009) 66 NP 24 24 TreehouseMasters The Pool Master n Treehouse Masters TreehouseMasters TreehouseMasters Good- Jessie Jessie Dog With Phineas andFerb n I Didn't Liv & Jessie Austin & DISN 26 37 Charlie n 66 Ally n (N) n a B log 66 (DVS) Doltn Maddie n « SportsCenter (N) SportsCenter (N) ESPN 33 17 College Baseball SportsCenter (N)(Live) 66 ***2 Monsters, lnc.(2001) The 700Club n FAM 32 22 *2 The Smurfs(2011) HankAzaria. 2 (2010, Action) Roberl DowneyJr FX 65 15 Mother Mother ** x Iron Man (:03)iron Man2 The Waltons66 RememberSunday(2013)Alexis Bledel Golden Golden HALL 87 35 The Waltons66 Ce l eb.-Swap Wife Swap66 Little Women: LA Little Women: LA ~ LIFE 29 33 Celeb.-Swap **x Mr. Magorium's WonderEmporium Full Fu l l Full Full Friends (:36) NICK 27 26 (2007) Natalie Portman.66 House House House House n cc Friends M a riners MLB Base ball Seattle Mariners atKansasCity Royals Mariners ROOT 37 18 MLB Baseball *** TradingPlaces (1983)DanAykroyd. n EddieSPIKE 42 29 (6:30)*** Coming fo America(1988) Siberian Cut "Rus- Siberian Cut "Age Chrome Under- Chrome Under- Chrome UnderDC 2 sian Roulette"n Old Enemies"n groundn 66 ground (N)66 groundn 66 ~ TLC 49 39 Four Weddings n Say Yes Say Yes Say Yes Say Yes Gown Gown Say Yes Say Yes Cold Justice "Gone Cold Justice66 Cold Justice (N)66 ** From Paris IVith Love(2010,Action) TNT 57 27 (Altus, OK)"66 John Travolta.66 (DVS) Mysteries at the Mysteries at the Monumental MysterMysteries at the Mysteries at the TRAV 53 14 Museum66 Museum66 iee 66 Museum66 Museum66 USA 58 16 Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Playing Playing Funniest Wins WTBS 59 23 Seinfeld Seinfeld Fam Guy FamGuy Fam Guy FamGuy Funniest Wins 66 of Real Time, Bill Real Time, Bill HBO 518551 White Game of Thrones (:45) GameThrones ** A Case you of (2013) n Nurse Penny Dreadful n SHOW 578 575 ** Deep lmpacf (1998)RoberlDuvall.



LG - La Grande BC - Baker City


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I • gllgl [jgg] gggl[ggjg ~I gggjg gggl /gjg ~I gggjg gggl ~ » g g gl

6/21/14 ~






KATU NewsThis Morning - Sat (N) n (99oJack Ocean Born to Sea Wildlife (:45) NASCAR Cash KATU World KATU Paid Racing NationwideSeries: Gardner Denver200.From Jack Ocean Paid 2 2 Hanna Mys. Explore Rescue Docs Road America inElkharl Lake,Wis. (N)(Live) Hanna Mys. ProgramCab News News News Program Martha Cat in Word- Bobthe Space WordGirlVictory Garden Sewing/ Sew It Love of Why S imply Test M a rtha Motor-Wood- Wood- Home- This Old This Old News- Last of Last of 3 13 Speaks the Hat World Builder Racers n (El) Garden Home Nancy All n Quilting Quilts Ming n Kitchen Bakes Week wright smith time House House Hour WkWine Wine Lucky Dr. ChrisRecipe Garden Ti me Gme Pain Paid Raw Paid PGA Tour Golf TravelersChampionship, ThirdRound. From Paid EZ Storm Paid Storm KOIN 6 KOIN 6 Evening C» 3 Dog Pet Vet Rehab Chngers Free ProgramTravel ProgramTPC RiverHighlands inCromwell, Conn.(N) (99o ProgramCleaningStories ProgramStories News News News NewsChannel 8 atSunrise at 7:00 AM Justin Paid World ofAdven- Polo 2014U.S. Golf U.S. Women'sOpenChampionship, ThirdRound. From Paid Zou (El) Chica Noodle/ NewsChannel 8at Nightly Straight 8 8 (N)cc Time Programture Sports(N) n Open. (Ta Program Show Doodle 5PM (N)cc News Talk ped)n Pinehurst, N.C.(N) n (Live) (99o (6:00) GoodDayOregon Saturday (N) Paid Flipping Great Eco Co. Kids Young Amer. Missing Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid MLB Baseball Regional Coverage.(N)n (Live) (99o Program Big Wrld News Icons Athlete (N) ProgramProgramProgramProgramProgramProgram Live Life- Career Holly- Game Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Juicy Trout TVJoy of Green TheIngreBeer Paid *3 The Brothers Solomon(2007, Glee Kurttries to Engage- Engage~UP 1 91 13 W in D a y wood Time ProgramProgramProgramProgramProgramMeals! Fishing dient Geeks ProgramComedy)Will Arnett, Will Forle. find his niche. n ment m e nt A&E 52 28 Criminal Minds n Criminal Minds n Criminal Minds n Criminal Minds n Flipping Vegasn 60 Seconds-Sell Flipping Vegasn Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Big Smo Big Smo Criminal Minds n (1967,Western) JohnWayne **3 Cahill, United States Marshal (1973Western)*** Seraphim Falls(2006,Western) LiamNeeson **3 Shutter Island(2010) Leonardo The The T he T h e The * * * The yyar Wagon AMC 60 20 RiflemanRiflemanRifleman RiflemanRifleman Kirk Douglas,HowardKeel. (99o John Wayne,GeorgeKennedy. 9(9o Pierce Brosnan,Anjelica Huston. (99o DiCaprio, MarkRuffalo. The To Be AnnouncedTo Be Announced To BeAnnounced To Be Announced To Be Announced To BeAnnounced ToBeAnnouncedToBeAnnounced MyCatFromHell My Cat FromHell Too Cute! (N) n ANP 24 24 The Mickey Mickey Lucky Doc Jes s ie99o(I Didn't Dog L i v & Phineasand Ferb Austin & Austin &Austin & Austin & Good- Good- Good- Good- Liv & Liv & D o g Dog Mickey DISN 26 37 Mouse Mouse (:10) Mouse ClubhouseDuck Mc St. Doltn Maddie o cc Ally n Ally n Ally n Ally n Charlie Charlie Charlie Charlie Maddie Maddie 2014 FIFAWorld Cup:GroupF SportCtr 2014 FIFAWorld Cup: GroupG SportCtr 2014 FIFAWorld Cup: GroupF College Baseball ESPN 33 17 SportsCenter (N)« ***2 Monsters Inc (2001) TeenageMutant Ninja Turtles (1990) ** The Haunted Mansio(2003) n ** 3AliceinWonderland(2010) FAM 32 22 ** Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III TeenageMutant Ninja II Two Two Two Two ** DragonbalkEvolution(2009) **3 lnTime(2011) Justin Timberlake ***3 Black HawkDown (2001, War)Josh Hartnett **3 Red Tails (2012) FX 65 15 Buffy, Slayer Mom'sDay Away(2014, Drama)(99 o TimAllen. (99o ** DoctorDolittle (1998)r«o HALL 87 35 Lucy Lucy Lucy Lucy Lucy Lucy Golden Golden Golden Golden Golden ** Jungle 2 Jungle(1997) ** JodiArias: Dirty Little Secret The Pregnancy Project(2012)(99o The Mentor(2014) ~ LIFE 29 33 Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Devious Maids The Pregnancy Pact(2010)(99o Pen- Odd Sponge-Sponge-Sponge-Sponge-Sponge-Sanjay, Bread- Bread- Power Sponge- Sanjay, Sanjay, Sponge-Sponge-SpongeBob SpongeBob Thunder Thunder Sam & Sam & NICK 27 26 guins Parents Bob Bob Bob Bob Bob Craig winners winners Rangers Bob Craig C raig Bob Bob SquarePants n SquarePants n mans mans Cat n Cat n MarinersBensin Paid P a id Paid P a id Planet X Planet X Footvolley ROOT 37 18 21 Day Paid Timbers Best Paid Paid Mariners MarinersMLB Baseball Seattle Mariners atKansasCity Royals *** TradingPlaces(1983)DanAykroyd. n ( Cops n Cops n Cops n Cops n Cops n Cops n Cops n Cops n Cops n Cops n • • SPIKE 42 29 Paid Paid Paid Paid ***Coming toAmerica (1988) n99o Paid Paid Every Breath BikerLive n99o ( BikerLive n 99o ( BikerLive n99o ( Dual Survival "On Dual Survival "EndVegas RatRods n Siberian Cut "Civil Deadliest Catch Chrome Under- Dual Survival "End T D 5 1 3 2 ProgramProgramCounts: Idiopathic the Edge"99o ( of the Road" «(DVS) War" n (99 o "Lost at Sea" n of the Road" grOund n99o ( Lottery Changed Lottery Changed Lottery Changed Lottery, My Life Extreme Extreme Extreme ExtremeExtreme Extreme Extreme ExtremeExtreme Extreme Extreme Extreme TLC 49 39 FlashN Paid Paid P a id Cold Justice99o ( Major Crimes Murder in the Law & Order Law & Order Law & Order n99o ( ** The Librarian: Quest for the Spear *** The Librarian:Return to King **3 The Librarian: Curse olthe Judas TNT 57 27 "PersonalDay" Fll'st cc "Sects"n "Tombstone"n (2004, Action) NoahWyle. 9(9o Solomon's Mines(2006) NoahWyle Chalice (2008)NoahWyle,99o ( (DVS) Petcations99o ( Glamping99o ( Man v Man v Man v Man v Burger Burger Food Paradise99o ( Food Paradise99o ( Food Paradise Food Paradise99o ( Food Paradrse99o( Ghost AdvenGhost Adventures TRAV 53 14 "Diner Paradise" Food Food Food Food Land Land tures 9(9o (N)cc Paid P a id Playing Playing Royal Pains Suits NCIS: LA NCIS: LA NCIS: LA NCIS: LA NCIS: LA NCIS: LA NCIS: LA USA 58 16 Paid P a id *** The NuttyProfessor(1996) ** NuttyProfessorII: The Klumps Friends Friends Friends Friends King King R ay R a y WTBS 59 23 Funniest Wins Payne Browns There King King King Remembering *** Enough Said(2013) Ice Age: Continental Drift *** The Normal Heart (2014)n Incredible Burt HBO 518 551 (6:30) *Battlefield Earth Incredible Burt (:45)*3 R.I.P.D.(2013) n r«o *** The Impossible(2012) n r«o (12:55)TheCowboy Iiilay (:45)*3 AlexCross (2012) n «ro Nurse Penny Dreadful Penny Dreadful SHOW 578 575Alex Th e Last Exorcism Part II(:15) ** The 13thWarrior (1999)n


~ g+

Weekday Sports MONDAY 8:30 ESPN 2014 FIFA World Cup Group G — Germany vs. Portugal. Germany faces a tough match against Portugal. From Octavio Mangabeira Stadium in Salvador, Brazil. (N) (Live) 11:30 ESPN 2014 FIFA World Cup Group F — Iran vs. Nigeria. Iran takes on Nigeria. From Joaquim Americo Guimaraes Stadium in Curitiba, Pa-

rana, Brazil. (N) (Live)

2:30 ESPN 2014 FIFA World Cup Group G — Ghana vs. United States. Jurgen Klinsmann leads the U.S. against Ghana.From Arena das Dunas in Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil.

(N) (Live)

3:00 ROOTTennis PowerShares Series: Kansas City. McEnroe, Lendl, Courier and Chang. From Kansas City, Mo. 5:00 NBC 2014 Stanley Cup FinalLos Angeles Kings at NewYork Rangers. Game 6. From Madison Square Gar-

den in NewYork. (If necessary). (N) (Live)A 99 ESPN MLB BaseballNew York Mets at St. Louis Cardinals. From Busch Stadium in St. Louis. (N Subject to

Blackout) (Live)

7:00 ROOT MLB BaseballSan Diego Padres at Seattle Mariners. From Safeco Field in Seattle. (N Subject to

Blackout) (Live)

TUESDAY 8:30 ESPN 2014 FIFA World Cup Group H — Belgium vs. Algeria. Belgium opens with a match against Algeria. From Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

(N) (Live)

11:30 ESPN 2014 FIFA World Cup Group A — Brazil vs. Mexico. Mexico takes on Brazil in Group Stage action. From Fortaleza, Ceara, Brazil. (N)

(Live) 12:30 ROOT MLB BaseballSan Diego Padres at Seattle Mariners. From

Safeco Field in Seattle. (N Subject to

Blackout) (Live)

2:30 ESPN 2014 FIFA World Cup Group H — Russia vs. Korea Republic. Russia takes on Korea Republic in their opening match. From Cuiaba,

Mato Grosso, Brazil. (N) (Live)

5:00 ESPN CollegeBaseballNC AA World Series, Game8: Teams TBA.

From Omaha, Neb. (N) (Live) «

6:00 ABC 2014 NBA FinalsSan Antonio Spurs at Miami Heat. Game 6. From the AmericanAirlines Arena in

Colombia faces Ivory Coast in their second match. From Brasllia, Brazil.

(N) (Live)

11:30 ESPN 2014 FIFA World Cup Group D — Uruguay vs. England. Uruguay takes on England in a highprofile match. From Arena de Sao Paulo in Sao Paulo, Brazil. (N) (Live) 2:30 ESPN 2014 FIFA World Cup Group C — Japan vs. Greece. Japan battles Greece in a critical match. From Arena das Dunas in Rio Grande

do Norte, Brazil. (N) (Live)

Miami. (If necessary). (N) (Live)A «

3:30 ROOT MLB Baseball Seattle

7:00 ROOT MLB BaseballSan Diego Padres at Seattle Mariners. From Safeco Field in Seattle. (Subiect to Blackout)

7:00 ROOT MLB BaseballSeattle

WEDNESDAY 8:30 ESPN 2014 FIFA World Cup Group B — Australia vs. Netherlands. The powerful Netherlands team faces Australia. From Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. (N) (Live) 11:30 ESPN 2014 FIFA World Cup Group B — Spain vs. Chile. Spain takes on Chile in a Group Stage match. From Maracana Stadium in Rio

de Janeiro, Brazil. (N) (Live)

2:30 ESPN 2014 FIFA World Cup Group A — Cameroon vs. Croatia. Croatia battles Cameroon in a Group Stage match. From Arena Amazonia in Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil. (N)


3:30 ROOT MLB Baseball San Diego Padres at Seattle Mariners. From Safeco Field in Seattle. (Subiect to Blackout) 5:00 NBC 2014 Stanley Cup Final New York Rangers at Los Angeles Kings. Game 7. From Staples Center

in Los Angeles. (If necessary). (N) (Live)A 99 7:00 ROOT MLB BaseballSeattle

Mariners at San Diego Padres. From PETCO Park in San Diego. (N Subject to Blackout) (Live)

THURSDAY 8:30 ESPN 2014 FIFA World Cup Group C — Colombia vs. Ivory Coast.

Mariners at San Diego Padres. From PETCO Park in San Diego. (N Subject to Blackout) (Live) Mariners at San Diego Padres. From PETCO Park in San Diego. (Subiect to Blackout)

FRIDAY 8:30 ESPN 2014 FIFA World Cup Group D — Italy vs. Costa Rica. Costa Rica faces a difficult match with Italy. From ffaipava Arena Pernambuco in

Recife, Brazil. (N) (Live)

11:30 ESPN 2014 FIFA World Cup Group E — Switzerland vs. France. France takes on Switzerland. From Octavio Mangabeira Stadium in Salva-

dor, Brazil. (N) (Live)

2:00ROOTTennis PowerShares Series: Kansas City. McEnroe, Lendl, Courier and Chang. From Kansas City, Mo. 2:30 ESPN 2014 FIFA World Cup Group E — Honduras vs. Ecuador. Ecuador takes on Honduras. From Joaquim Americo Guimaraes Stadium in Curitiba, Parana, Brazil. (N) (Live) 5:00 ROOT MLB BaseballSeattle Mariners at Kansas City Royals. From Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City, Mo. (N Subject to Blackout) (Live) 6:00 ABC 2014 NBA FinalsMiami Heat at San Antonio Spurs. Game 7. From the AT&T Center in San Antonio.

(If necessary). (N) (Live)A «

8:30 ROOT MLB BaseballSeattle

Mariners at Kansas City Royals. From Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City, Mo. (Subiect to Blackout)


LG - La Grande BC - Baker City


o LGBC ~ • ~ j gg g g g gj o Q m » »j ggj] Jeop- Wheel of Bet on Your Baby The Assets "Trip to Nightline Prime KATU Red 2 2 ardy! n Fortune (N)n« Vienna" (N)99o( (N)n« News Carpet Travels toSteves' Globe Trekker n99o ( Doc Martin"Hazard-New Tricks "Wild MasterpieceMys3 13 Edge Europe (DVS) ous Exposure" Justice" n99o ( tery! (99o(DVS) Entertainment Blue Bloods "Ends 48 Hours n99o ( 48 Hours (N) n99o ( News ThisC»F 3 3 Tonight (N) n99o( and Means"99o( Minute The Blacklist "The News SNL Zou (El) Grant Dateline NBC n99o( 8 8 Getaway CyprusAgency"n Food for the Poor *** Star TrekVl: TheUndiscovered 10 O'Clock News(N)Animation Domina'PG' Country(1991)Wiliam Shatner. tion High-Def99o ( Big Bang Big BangGlee "Naked" n (99o White Collar Jones' Leverage "TheStork Burn Notice Kidnap Job" cc ~UP 1 9113 Theory Theory missing friend. ping ring.99o ( Criminal Minds n Criminal Minds n Criminal Minds n Criminal Minds n A&E 32 23 (:02) Criminal Minds ~ (5:00)**3 Shutter **3 Meet theFockers (2004) Robert DeNiro Pre- * * Get Sm art(2008) Steve AMC 60 20 Island miere. Future in-lawsclash in Florida. (99o Carell, Ann e Hathaway.99o ( ( America's Cutest My Cat FromHell ANP 24 24 America's Cutest My Cat FromHell Too Cute! n99o I Didn't I Didn't Jessie Jessie n Dog With Dog WithLab Rats Mighty Austin & A.N.T. DISN 26 37 Doltn Doltn o cc a Blog a Blog 'Taken" Medn Ally n Farmn ~23PN 33 IF College Baseball SportsCenter (N) SportsCenter (N) SportsCenter (N) SportsCenter (N) FAM 32 22 ***3 Up(2009, Comedy) (:05) ***3Finding Nemo(2003,Comedy) Holes ** * Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) Ca ptain America-Avgr ~ F X 33 I 3 (5:30)RedTails Golden Golden HALL 87 35 HowtoFallinLove(2012) Eric Mabius. ** TheLostValentine(2011)(99o (2013)AdamReid ~ LIFE 29 33 (6:00)TheMentor Stolen From the Vilomb(2014) Premiere. The Surrogacy Trap Sam & Cat n99o ( Terry the Tomboy (2014)Lia Awesome Fuff Fuff Friends (:36) NICK 27 26 Marie Johnson.Premiere. n House House n (99o F r iends Mariners Boxing ~ROOT 37 I3 Game MLB Baseball Seattle Mariners atKansasCity Royals

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Observer paper 06-13-14  

The La Grande Observer print edition for Friday, June 13, 2014

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