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The Agricultural PlasĆ&#x;cs Pilot Program has begun. Recycle your Bale Wrap and Twine at select locaĆ&#x;ons. Call NEAT at 1-888-689-6328 for more informaĆ&#x;on. November 22, 2012 - Vol. 9 - No. 47


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Mile Zero Roller Girls host first Mixed Massacre More photos on Page 10 and 11.

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Dumping stinks for local business and national charity By Jill Earl DAWSON CREEK - Litterbugs pose concern to a local business owner, but a national charity is also a victim of the litterbugs’ actions. The Canadian Diabetes Association has 1, 875 collection bins across Canada in support of their Clothesline Program that collects clothes, linen and other cloth items, and it has had one in Dawson Creek since 2007. The clothing collected is sold to Value Village and all proceeds support Canadian’s living with diabetes Owner of Dave’s No Frills, Dave Krane, has the Clothesline collection bin on his property along with the D and T Recycle bins. Krane says that he’s experienced several incidents of people dumping garbage and other personal effects near the bins ever since he agreed to have it on his property. “There’s been an odd case of it ever since the beginning. It’s very rare that we have a major issue, it’s just that one percent rule,� said Krane. “We tend to

see more of an issue during the summer time, don’t usually see an issue in the winter, it’s probably three or four times a year.â€? Over the past several years, Krane has found household waste, washing machines, old mattresses, and a variety of electronics. Krane says he even found a dead dog in a garbage bag once. “The stuff that goes there is beyond ridiculous‌Somebody misses their garbage day and what you think is a bag full of clothes for the diabetes bin that won’t fit in there ends up just being household garbage,â€? Krane said. It’s very rare that these dumpers are ever caught in the act, so the City finds the property owner responsible for the clean up. When a particularly large amount of garbage has been left, residents will make complaints to the City’s bylaw enforcement office, which then give Krane a notice to clean it up (if it’s warranted); they typically give him a deadline of seven days to

take care of the mess. Krane has never been charged with a fine for not complying with City notices. “Unfortunately the property owner, Dave’s No Frills grocery store, is kind enough to allow those bins on his property and then ultimately if there’s a problem, from a bylaw perspective, it’s always the property owner that’s left responsible,� said Kevin Henderson, director of infrastructure and sustainable development for the City. “It does seem a little unfair that someone that’s trying to do a good service by having these bins there, ends up having to clean up after some people that are abusing it.� Many times Krane has personally cleaned up the garbage and had staff do it as well. Most of the items left there can be compressed with No Frill’s compactors but other items—such as a dishwasher—he’s had to take to the dump. “What’s out there is a community service that we provide and it’s got a

zero cost really to me, and I don’t make anything off it, so as soon as there starts becoming fines or fees or wasted labour it makes the program inefficient for us to even operate it,� Krane said. In the past Krane has considered removing the bins from his property because of the hassle of cleaning up after dumpers. Ultimately he’s decided to keep them there because he wants to support the green initiatives that the city has and his lot is one of the biggest recycling centers in Dawson Creek of its kind. “Ninety-nine per cent of the people that use it are more than happy with it and respect it and do it properly, it’s just that one per cent that kind of ruined it, so I would rather not cater to the one per cent that doesn’t do it properly,� said Krane. Communications manager at the Canadian Diabetes Association, Randi Gill, says that the organization also takes responsibility for the garbage left beside their Clothesline bin.

Continued on Page 3.

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November 22, 2012

Northeast NEWS

e Garden D d i S

re eco

Cree k

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Increased fees for North Peace Regional Airport




&"  &" 3KRQH


Kyla Corpuz photo

Departing customers from the North Peace Regional Airport will see a $6-increase in Airport Improvement Fees starting Jan. 1, 2013. By Kyla Corpuz

GATEWAY perspectives Spill response plan Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been talking about the precautions, the safety measures, and the selection criteria involved in the marine elements of the Gateway project — all of them intended to prevent an oil spill on water. I’ve also mentioned, in recent weeks, how Gateway’s marine safety program was examined by an independent riskassessment group, which determined that the chances of a major spill are once in more than 15,000 years. Although statistics and reports suggest a marine oil spill is unlikely, you want to know — what if one does occur? How will Gateway be prepared? While the chances are slim, we continue to develop a world-class marine response program. The Northern Gateway Project includes a spill response capacity that’s more than three times the Canadian regulation. And while the Canadian requirement for oil spill response is 72 hours plus travel time, our response time will be a fraction of that number — 6 to 12 hours in the marine channels. This is a signiďŹ cant increase to the response capability available to B.C.’s north coast. Additionally, for immediate response, our tug escorts will be equipped with booms, oil skimmers, and ďŹ reďŹ ghting equipment

Join the conversation at

to provide enhanced initial containment, and they will be available to all marine trafďŹ c in the event of an incident. We will store equipment, such as containment and absorbent booms, skimmers, and waste storage, in multiple well-maintained, readily accessible response bases, providing a wider area of coverage in a shorter amount of time. Barges will also be located throughout the marine channels for additional storage and equipment mobilization. We are committed to having staff, contractors, and partners in place to maintain that enhanced state of readiness. The Gateway project will likely never see a major marine oil spill. But if it does, we’ll be prepared to protect our coastline.

Janet Holder Executive Vice President Western Access Enbridge Inc.

It’s more than a pipeline. It’s a path to delivering energy safely. Š2012 Northern Gateway Pipelines Inc.

FORT ST. JOHN – Departing passengers at the North Peace Regional Airport will see an increase in their Airport Improvement Fees (AIF) once the New Year rolls in. Starting Jan. 1, and flights booked in December with departure dates after Jan. 1 will see a $6 increase in their AIF, for a total of $18. This fee is in addition to the ticket price. The North Peace Airport Society made the announcement on Nov. 15. The increase is part of meeting the Airport Society’s 10Visit a c . t year capital plan. r a walm ore specials “That plan indicates there m n e for ev n o g in is a signifi cant difference bep ip FREE Sh items on tween the funds available f o thousands and the work that needs to be a .c walmart tions apply. done,� said North Peace Rep ce ex e Som r details. fo a .c rt gional Airport director Moira a See walm Green. “That deficit needs to be addressed because the airport is an economic driver for the region.� The capital projects that are being looked at range from water and sewer infrastructure, terminal expansion, equipment replacement, parking improvements, terminal access roads and runway resurfacing. The bill to fulfill those projects is currently sitting at $23 million. The AIF will fund 50 per cent of that cost, which is e iv t ffec e s e ic subject to change as revenues r P and cost change, according to Green. “As each year goes by we’ll be able to know which projects d to came in under estimate and Nov.23r Friday, h t 5 which projects came in over .2 v o ,N Sunday t. estimate,� said Green. “But I s la s ie ntit a u q e imagine we’ll be in the ball il Wh hecks. c in park.� a r No Green doesn’t believe the increase will dampen airport traffic. “I don’t think the AIF will affect current airport traffic,� she said. “With relation to the AIF specifically, our $18-AIF is still very competitive with airports around us and also very competitive with the big ones around us, Vancouver is higher for instance.�

k c a l B y a d Fri


y l n O s Day

9007 96A Street Fort St. John (250) 261-5544

Story continued on Page 4.

Northeast NEWS

November 22, 2012

Page 3A Jill Earl photo

Dumping stinks

A Canadian Diabetes Association truck driver empties Clothesline bins in the No Frill’s parking lot.

Continued from Front page. She says that the cost of clearing away the garbage that has been left in or beside the bins draws away from the organizations proceeds to help the fight against diabetes. “Clothesline is financially responsible for the removal of dumped items at drop boxes. This removal process is a national issue which costs Clothesline in the form of labour hours, trucks being diverted from servicing routes, fuel and downtime. This cost unfortunately directly effects our bottom line and what we can provide to the Canadian Diabetes Association each year to support people living with diabetes or prediabetes,� Gill writes in an email. Henderson says that the City staff want to try and deal with the problem rather than keep Krane responsible for the entire cleanup. He hopes to get the Peace

Shane Sitwell Owner

The Roost Motel

Your home away from home

River Regional District and the Canadian Diabetes Association on board to help in finding a solution. “See if there’s something that we can do, possibly relocate these bins...I think that between the three parties ... we should come up with a solution to try and eliminate this problem at the grocery store,� Henderson said. Krane wants to continue to provide the space for this service but hopes that the City will be more understanding of his

situation and may even commit some of their resources to helping him. He also suggests better signage on the bins to reduce waste. “They have more than enough garbage trucks that can come and pick up the odd thing if it’s there, instead of putting the burden on the business, because obviously recycling isn’t my business ... We want to provide this service and continue to provide this service, so long as it’s reasonable to do so,� said Krane.

Increasing caribou population By Jill Earl DAWSON CREEK - The Ministry of Environment is currently working on a plan to help increase the population of seven threatened northern caribou populations in the South Peace. The announcement from the Environment Ministry made on Nov. 8 was in response to a 2010 commitment to develop a management plan for caribou in the area. The plan will be formalized and implemented over the next several months. The plan commits to protecting 90 per cent (approximately 400,000 hectares) of identified high-elevation winter caribou habitat. Public affairs officer with the Ministry, Stuart Bertrand, said that the decided percentage was a balance between the conservation needs of caribou and allowing some developments to proceed. The plan also commits to implementing population management activities to support population recovery, developing management objectives in lower-elevation winter habitats while supporting long-term habitat conditions and develop funding opportunities to support the implementation of management activities

in the long term. The Graham, Scott, Kennedy Siding, Moberly, Burnt-Pine, Quintette and Narraway caribou populations in the South Peace are considered ‘threatened� under the Species at Risk Act. Over the next 21 years these caribou populations are expected to decrease to 800, compared to the approximate 1,100 caribou today. The Ministry hopes to increase the population of caribou in the area to 1,200 in the next three caribou generations. Bertrand said that predators and habitat degradation are major factors to caribou reproduction. “High elevation winter habitat is important as it is believed to provide a refuge from predators in addition to providing food. Predators normally do not venture into high elevation areas rather they prefer lower elevation forests where they can easily find prey. Less predators will equal a higher probability of reproducing,� Bertrand wrote in an email. He said that a decreased population would affect the traditional hunting practices of First Nations and that the plan would help support opportunities for their harvest by First Nations.

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CORRECTION On Page 3 in the Nov. 1 edition of the Northeast News in a caption regarding an allegedly distressed man with gun, the caption stated that the RCMP found a number of firearms in the residence the man was obtained from. In fact, RCMP did not comment on whether or not they found firearms in the house, as a comment would breach privacy laws.

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November 22, 2012

Northeast NEWS

Increased airport fees

Kyla Corpuz photo

Moira Green, North Peace Regional Airport director, talks about the increased Airport Improvement Fees.

Story continued from Page 2A. She added the “bigger issue” for travellers is the available destinations and ticket prices. Air Canada has since cut their airfares in half for fights to Vancouver, and there are currently “several” other air carriers who have considered servicing the North Peace Regional Airport. The increased fees were coupled with the AIF, instead of adding it on to taxes, because then it ensures users are paying the price; rather than the “rural tax base and not the senior who owns the house in Fort St. John and not a student who is attending one of our learning institutes,” said Green. From the parking lot, to the café inside

Majority of nonprofits seeking city grant-in-aid receive funds By Kyla Corpuz

the terminal, the North Peace Regional Airport’s revenue is funded by it users. “Everything that the airport is operated on comes from the members of the community who use the airport,” said Green. “The more people who use the airport, the better off the airport will be, the more

functional the airport will be and the lower the price will be.” The fees will apply to Air Canada, Central Mountain Air and Shell Aviation’s commercial passengers, and any other commercial air carrier that decides to land at the North Peace Regional Airport.

Nov. 19 to Nov. 30

FORT ST. JOHN – After a number of non-profit groups presented their case before council to receive grants in the upcoming year, a majority of city staff’s recommendations on where the funds should be allocated were passed last Tuesday. The amount of funds sought out by the 11 non-profit organizations totaled to approximately $970, 000; however, the amount slated into the 2013 Operating Budget for grant-in-aids rang in at just over $870, 000. The Arts Council will receive $17, 500, $2, 500 for the Flower Pot Program and the remaining amount to be dispersed amongst their member groups. The Arts Council originally requested $20,000 because their member groups had increased in the past year. They also get an estimated $7, 500 permissive property tax exemption. The North Peace Restorative Justice received their annual request of $25, 000; an amount the city has been providing since the early 90s. The Spirit of the Peace Powwow had requested $5, 000 but staff recommended that no funding should be provided to the powwow organization because they had showed a $30, 000-surplus. Counc. Larry Evans, a member of the Powwow committee, said the surplus was only $11, 000 and requested that the city grant $1, 000 towards the committee; adding that the city does

Story continued on Page 12A.




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Northeast NEWS

November 22, 2012

Local shop buzzes for charity In addition to the money raised for the charBy Jill Earl DAWSON CREEK - Last Sunday the Buzz ity, Tuttle also collected nonperishable food Bin participated in Food Tattoos For Hunger, items and toys for teenagers to donate to the a fundraiser for food shelters across the world. local Salvation Army. Cups Teas and Cakes Approximately 100 other tattoo shops world- provided cupcakes for the event and regularly donate to the Salvation Army food programs as wide also joined the cause. Whether it was tattooing a drumstick, cup- well. As an incentive to drop off food or get a food cake, cheeseburger, pizza, taco, sushi or any other food item, Elaina Tuttle, owner of the tattoo, Tuttle drew names to win prizes which Buzz Bin, and her team met the shop’s goal of included some of the merchandise in her shop. “We’re just giving a day, or a few hours out raising $1,500 with help from their loyal clientele. Each participating shop in Food Tat- of a day that we would normally have off, to toos For Hunger had a goal of $1,500 to hope- help people that are less fortunate really…It fully raise a total of $150,000 to be distributed was really nice to see that we’ve got a really good team here and everybody tries to work toamong food banks. Tuttle aims to do a tattoo charity event annu- gether and they all want to give back,” Tuttle ally and heard about Food Tattoos For Hunger said. from a fellow tattoo artist. Tuttle says that many of her tattoo artist friends and co-workers were also on board with the event. “I try to help out as often as I can…I like to help out the community because without the community I wouldn’t be in business,” said Tuttle. Last year she hosted an event to raise money and awareness for Movember, the prostate cancer awareness campaign, tattooing mustaches on people. The Buzz Bin was open for five hours tattooing items of food on their willing clients. Each artist designed a page with a variety of items people could choose from; artists preferred participants to choose a piece from their page in order to Jill Earl photo save time on drawing and designing. Each tattoo cost $100 and took Justine Bouchard gets a tattoo from Andrew Triebel of grapes above a wine glass during the Food Tattoos For Hunabout 45 minutes to complete. ger event last Sunday.

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There’s exciting news in the field of natural gas development to share with you. Actually 2 kilometres under the field to be precise. 12071MC0 12111MC0 12113MC0

Dig deeper: To learn the facts about responsible Canadian natural gas development go to January 7, 2013 to February 15, 2013

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Northeast NEWS

November 22, 2012



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Lakefront property owners have an important responsibility when it comes to developing their land. With the beautiful and fragile nature of shoreline and riparian zones, home to a large variety of plants, insects, birds, fish and animals, any development must be done with careful planning and consideration. Failure to do so will result in potential impacts to the environment, property values, costs

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and possibly ending up in court if environmental laws are broken. The Peace River Regional District (PRRD) has had the foresight to place lakefront property in a Development Permit area. This means that any development along the lake must be done under permit from the Regional District. Just as building permits that ensure your home is built to proper standards, Development Permits to help insure the works are done in a manner which is consistent with well thought out lake shore development guidelines. These guidelines are a help to the land owner in protecting the value of their lake shore property by encouraging some careful planning before moving a cat or backhoe in to do some “landscaping”. Poor planning can result in irreversible damage to the property as well as make the property more vulnerable to serious soil erosion.


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Offers vary by model and not all combinations will apply. ▲Offer only valid from November 1, 2012 to November 30, 2012 (the “Program Period”) to Canadian resident customers who own or are currently leasing (during the Program Period) certain Ford Pickup Truck, Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV), Cross-Over Utility Vehicle (CUV) or Minivan models (each a “Qualifying Loyalty Model”), or certain competitive pickup truck, SUV, CUV or Minivan models (each a “Qualifying Conquest Model”) and purchase, lease, or factory order (during the Program Period) a new 2012/2013 Ford truck (excluding Raptor), SUV or CUV (each an “Eligible Vehicle”). Some eligibility restrictions apply on Qualifying Loyalty and Conquest Models and Eligible Vehicles – see dealer for full offer criteria. Qualifying customers will receive $1,000 (the “Incentive”) towards the purchase or lease of the Eligible Vehicle, which must be delivered and/or factory-ordered from your participating Ford dealer during the Program Period. Limit one (1) Incentive per Eligible Vehicle sale, up to a maximum of two (2) separate Eligible Vehicle sales if valid proof is provided that the customer is the owner/lessee of two (2) separate Qualifying Conquest/Loyalty Models. Each customer will be required to provide proof of ownership/registration of the applicable Qualifying Conquest/Loyalty Model and the ownership/registration address must match the address on the new Buyer’s Agreement or Lease Agreement for the Eligible Vehicle sale. Offer is transferable only to persons living in the same household as the eligible customer. This offer is subject to vehicle availability and may be cancelled at any time without notice. This offer can be used in conjunction with most retail consumer offers made available by Ford of Canada at the time of factory-order or delivery (but not both). This offer is not combinable with CPA, GPC, Daily Rental Allowances. Taxes payable before Incentive is deducted. Dealer may sell or lease for less. See dealer for details. ***Estimated fuel consumption ratings for model shown: 2012 F-150 FFV 4X4 5.0L V8 6-speed automatic transmission: [14.9L/100km (19MPG) City, 10.5L/100km (27MPG) Hwy]. Fuel consumption ratings based on Transport Canada approved test methods. Actual fuel consumption will vary based on road conditions, vehicle loading, vehicle equipment, and driving habits. †F-150: When properly equipped. Max. towing of 11,300 lbs with 3.5L EcoBoost and 6.2L 2 valve 4X2 V8 engines. Max. payload of 3,120 lbs with 5.0L Ti-VCT V8 engines. Class is Full-Size Pickups under 8,500 lbs GVWR, non-hybrid. Super Duty: Max. conventional towing capability of 17,500 lbs. on F-350 and max. 5th Wheel towing capability of 24,500 lbs. On F-450 when properly equipped. Max. payload capability of 7,110 lbs. on F-350 when properly equipped. Class is Full-Size Pickups over 8,500 lbs. GVWR vs. 2011/2012 competitors. ††Max. horsepower of 411 and max. torque of 434 on F-150 6.2L V8 engine. Class is Full–Size Pickups under 8,500 lbs GVWR, non-hybrid vs. 2011/2012 comparable competitor engines. ◆Some mobile phones and some digital media players may not be fully compatible – check for a listing of mobile phones, media players, and features supported. Driving while distracted can result in loss of vehicle control, accident and injury. Ford recommends that drivers use caution when using mobile phones, even with voice commands. Only use mobile phones and other devices, even with voice commands, not essential to driving when it is safe to do so. SYNC is optional on most new Ford vehicles. ©2012 Sirius Canada Inc. “SiriusXM”, the SiriusXM logo, channel names and logos are trademarks of SiriusXM Radio Inc. and are used under licence. ©2012 Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited. All rights reserved.

Northeast NEWS November 22, 2012 Page 7A

This in turn increases shoreline instability and adds nutrient bearing sediment to the lake potentially contributing to an increased alga bloom and damaging fish spawning beds. Pick up a copy of the development guidelines at the PRRD office and development plan application, or download: and index.php Before embarking on work on your lakefront property, make sure to do it right to protect your investment. You’ll be glad that you did. For more information contact

Available in most new Ford vehicles with 6-month pre-paid subscription

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November 22, 2012

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THE TROUBLE WITH TOBOGGANING So there I am at the top of the hill set up on my crazy carpet looking confidently ahead at my path below. It was the final ride of the night before my friends and I decided to retire for the evening on Halloween. Having not participated in trick or treating for a long time, we decided to take up another youthful activity: tobogganing. It had been a while since willingly gearing up to plummet down a hill in the freezing cold, but hey- I remember enjoying it as a kid. I have to admit a few things have changed, for one I wasn’t approaching the uphill walk with as much moxie or enthusiasm I had once had 15 years ago, the snow felt colder on my back as it found it’s way into my jacket while I was tumbling about, the downward trip didn’t seem as thrilling as it once had either. The novelty of the whole idea wore out pretty quickly actually; after about the second run. To me, the most disappointing thing is when you try to recreate an experience that you had loved years ago and it’s not remotely the same. The whole tobogganing experience put me into reflection; if I didn’t like tobogganing anymore maybe I don’t like playing in parks either. Further, maybe I can’t do cartwheels or put my legs behind my head and I probably don’t like that Disney movie anymore too. Efforts are rewarded though when you find that that activity of yesteryear-whatever it might be- hasn’t changed, and it’s as everything had stayed the same. It brings a sense of calmness to know that some things never change and it’s as if all things are right with the world- just because you’ve discovered the old frequently visited hamburger joint still makes milkshakes the way they used to and they taste just the same and just as good. I’m not sure why we tend to look to the past for comfort, or why we believe we’ll still like something though we hadn’t done it in years or even thought about doing it. With a push from my friends, I’m racing down the hill. My crazy carpet lived up to its name and is taking me all over the place and all

of a sudden I’m riding down backwards. My stylish hat grips my head tightly and comes down over my eyes. I hear screams of warnings from my friends and internally too, but by this time it’s too late, I hit a jump backwards and I’m air born. I crash land with a paralyzing pain from my tailbone.

For a similarly nostalgic (if slightly more rewarding) experience, perhaps we should have gone trick or treating instead. At least I know I still like candy. -Jill

FEEDBACK Dear Editor These excerpts are from a study conducted by Cornell University.The team considered emissions from shale gas production of natural gas.Conclusions. When all such emissions were considered,the team estimated that during the life cycle of the average shale gas well,somewhere between 3.6% and 7.9% of the wells total production would be emitted to the atmosphere as methane,one of the most potent of all greenhouse gases.”Considering the 20-year horizon”,the team reported,theGHG footprint for shale gas is at least 20% greater than and perhaps more than twice as great as that for coal when expressed per quantity of energy available during combustion”. The team further reported that :”over the 100 year frame,the GHG footprint is comparable to that for coal:the low- end shale- gas emissions are 18% lower than deep-mined coal,and the high- end shale-gas emissions are 15 % greater than surface- mined coal emissions.For the 20 -year horizon,the GHG footprint of shale-gas is at least 50% greater than for oil,and perhaps 2.5 times greater”. Natural gas is often described as a greener alternative to coal and diesel,a “transitional” fossil fuel,because it creates fewer GHGs when burned.But gas production is another matter entirely.When all the emissions associated with fracking and its aftermath are factored in including methane and CO2 releases shale- gas may well be as dirty as coal.

The above study did not consider the massive consumption of our priceless fresh water,the poisoning of our planet from deep injection wells or the absolutely unsustainable demands placed on our environment and our resources by the fundamentally flawed,environmentally devastating, freeenterprise(not to be confused with private enterprise) system. Add the environmental cost of massive power consumption, manufacture,installation and operation of pipelines,scrubbing plants,compressor stations,liquification plants,port facilities,ocean transportation,regasification and distribution in China etc.and shale-gas LNG production and use is proven to be far more environmentally destructive than coal. LNG production should be closely monitored and extraction and export quantities should be limited.LNG does not change the bottom line: if life is to continue on this planet we MUST reduce the extraction and burning of fossil fuels.We can start by reducing the number of and the diameter of the pipelines feeding the LNG plants.This would give some small measure of sustainability.The diameter of some of the currently proposed pipelines is extremely excessive and will be environmentally devastating.We need to do it now. Thank you. Ed Pitt Dawson Creek, B.C.

Dear Editor, Upon visiting Fort St. John I came across a lot of controversy about the Dam on the RR Site C. The issue seems to be to save the valley. I would like to bring you a different view. BC Hydro posts many different figures for their deficit (look up executive bonuses questioned as deficit The deficit has grown from 7.5 to 11.6 Billion as of March 31, 2011 the Auditor General noted. The last census put the population of BC at 4.5 million people. Divide 11.6 Billion by 4.5 Million and every person in BC owes 2.6 million on BC hydros deficit. If you add the cost of Site C at 7.9 Billion which equates to 19.6 Billion this means every person in BC will owe 4.3 million on BC Hydro deficit. How long are we going to let these parties waste our taxpayer money? Lastly look up BC financial and economic review page 49, it posts the provincial debt at 45.2 Billion, divided by 4.5 million people means everyone of us in in debt 10 million dollars. There’s a lot more on the internet just look up all BC corporations. BC ferries, BC transit, ICBC and BC lotto. It is stated the people in Southern BC are not interested in Site C because it is not in our back

yard. I would say it’s in your back pocket it’s time to wake up and got after the BC Government to stop wasting our tax dollars. I also understand that BC Hydro has a travel agency that will supply the foreign labor needed to build Site C. All those big wages being sent to another country, what does that do to help the economy of BC. Building a Natural Gas operated power station doesn’t require an expensive transmission line you build it when the power is needed. If natural gas pollutes the atmosphere does it make sense to sell it to china and let them burn it. Time to pay attention taxpayers things are getting out of hand. Seniors that built this province go see your MLA at least once a month only takes an hour. If I was a BC Government Employee I would be doubly concerned. Two cities in California declared bankruptcy this year and that means the retired employees of those cities received a pension cheque marked NSF. I am retired and can only image how devastating that would be. E. Giberson Retired Kamloops, B.C.

WANT TO VOICE YOUR OPINION IN PRINT? HAVE AN OPINION YOU WANT TO GET OUT IN THE OPEN? EMAIL YOUR LETTER TO THE EDITOR TO: EDITOR@NORTHEASTNEWS.CA PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR NAME , PHONE NUMBER AND COMMUNITY • 9909-100 Avenue, Fort St. John, BC V1J 1Y4 • Phone toll free 1-877-787-7030 • Phone: 250-787-7030 • Fax: 250-787-7090 Email: • • • • 1220B 103 Avenue, Dawson Creek, V1G 2G9 • Phone: 250-782-7060 • Fax: 250-782-7066 •

Brenda Piper Publisher / Sales Manager

Lisa MacElheren Sales

Kristine Budac Sales

Evelyne Brown Administration

Kyla Corpuz Reporter

Jill Earl Reporter

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November 22, 2012

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Giving back when you can By Investors Group Submitted article Age is only a number – it’s what you do with your time that counts. And for many mature Canadians that means finding ways of doing the personal things that really matter to you. After all, you now have the health and wealth and, most importantly, the desire to give back to your community. Let’s take a closer look at how you can do that in the most tangible ways.


When you give the gift of your time, you join with the many active volunteers everywhere who play a critical role in our society. And you’ll probably feel better because Volunteer Canada found direct, positive links between volunteering and health. Get involved by: • Picking a cause you believe in. • Putting your lifetime skills to good use. • Volunteering for an organization that fits your lifestyle and personality. • Deciding how much time you have and even if you want to learn new skills or even start a new career.



ance policy now and you’ll receive a charitable receipt based on its cash surrender value plus accumulated dividends, as well as a charitable receipt for your yearly premium payments. • Other giving options include a Charitable Gift Annuity, donating publicly traded stocks and securities or establishing a Private Foundation. Each offers tax-saving and income-preserving advantages that are best discussed with your professional advisor. In fact, by working with your advisor to develop a strong overall financial strategy, you’ll have the time and the nest egg to give while-living in any way you choose. This column, written and published by Investors Group Financial Services Inc. (in Québec – a Financial Services Firm), and Investors Group Securities Inc. (in Québec, a firm in Financial Planning) presents general information only and is not a solicitation to buy or sell any investments. Contact your own advisor for specific advice about your circumstances. For more information on this topic please contact your Investors Group Consultant Invetstor’s Page

Here are some giving-while-living strategies that can offer significant benefits and provide a valuable donation to your charitable organization: • Name a recognized charity as beneficiary by leaving a bequest in your Will and your estate will receive a charitable donation tax receipt. • Establish a Donor Advised Fund, a tax-favoured vehicle that Sherri Collins, CFP avoids the administration responsibilities and costs of establishSenior Financial Consultant ing a private foundation but does require a donation to a public 9319 - 100 Avenue foundation and is subject to admin fees. You receive a tax receipt Fort St. John, BC V1J 1X8 for contributions and determine which charities receive fund alPh: 250-785-4312 Fax: 250-785-2344 locations. Email: • Establish a Charitable Remainder Trust that allows you to • RRSPS • BROKER SERVICES • INSURANCE donate capital while you live on the income. All interest and divi• RESPS • MORTGAGES dends are paid to you as taxable income with the trust assets and

Calling all Crafters or Home Based Businesses On Saturday, December 1st, we will be hosting a

Christmas Craft Fair There will be room for 15 people and no two people will be selling the same products. This is on a first come basis. A deposit will be required to save you a spot. For more info, please call Irlene Marple @ 250-782-5531 or come to the mall Administration Office

TM Trademark owned by IGM Financial Inc. and licensed to its subsidiary corporations. Mortgage products are offered through I.G. Investment Management Ltd., Investors Group Trust Co. Ltd. is a trust company licensed to lend money in all jurisdictions in Canada. Clients with mortgage inquiries will be referred to an Investors Group Mortgage Planning Specialist. Insurance products and services distributed through I.G. Insurance Services Inc. Insurance license sponsored by The Great-West Life Assurance Company.

the remainder going to the charity upon your death without probate fees. You will receive a charitable receipt for a portion of your donation based on your age at the time of the donation and current interest rates. • Name a recognized charity as beneficiary of your life insur-

11000 - 8th Street Dawson Creek

NEW LISTING Beautifully landscaped 0.93 acre 12302 Ferguson St, lot, rustic cabin, all appliances, has Hudson’s Hope, BC electricity/water/septic/phone & gas at property line $


This acreage is ready for Terri Paulovich Remax Action Realty a new family! Located approx 20 minutes from 250-785-5520 Office FSJ, 5.79 acres, beautiful mature treas, large yard, lots of space for RV & toys, has a 30x40 shop, shed, & pond. 2006 modular, 3 bedrooms, ensuite & huge walk-in closet off master, open kitchen with an island, Each office independently owned and operated wood stove in the living room to help warm you up on those cold winter nights, beautiful deck off the kitchen.



6 mth


6 mth closed

1 year


We Can’t Do it Alone The BC SPCA cares for thousands of orphaned, abandoned and abused animals each year.

250-261-1644 Direct

Lending Institutions Current Mortgage Rates Institute

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1 year 2 year 3 year 4 year closed closed closed closed

5 year 7 year 10 year closed closed closed

TD Canada Trust

n/a 4.60 6.55



4.75 4.24





n/a 3.35 n/a



2.69 2.99




Canadian Imperial Bank Of Commerce


4.45 2.75



3.95 4.39




Royal Bank


4.00 6.30



3.70 4.64





n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a 3.




Bank of Montreal


4.55 6.30



4.35 4.79






4.55 6.50



2.79 4.39


3.79 n/a

North Peace Savings & Credit Union

n/a n/a 4.50



3.50 3.50









Note: Rates are provided for information purposes. Rates should be verified by Financial Institutions.

Volunteers are urgently needed to care for animals and assist with SPCA events. If you can help, please contact your local shelter today.

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November 22, 2012


Christmas Craft Show

Thurs. Nov. 29 Fri. Nov. 30 Noon - 9pm

Noon - 9pm

Sat. Dec. 1 10am - 6pm

Lots of Handmade Items. Excellent selection for Christmas Gifts!

Downtown at the Crystal Centre Jill Earl photos

OVER 185 VENDORS from all over Alberta

The Dawson Creek Mile Zero Mercy Roller Girls hosted their first bout last Saturday, introducing the sport to the audience of approximately 700 at the Encana Events Centre. The Roller Girls invited other teams from across B.C. and Alberta to play in a match that mixed participating players into two teams.

Silent Auction Free Gift Bags to the First 50 Customers Each Day!


CHETWYND Occupational First Aid Level 1 ............................................ Nov 24, Dec. 4, 15 FOODSAFE Level 1 ................................................................................ Nov 24 Occupational First Aid Transportation Endorsement .......... Nov 25, Dec. 5, 16 Dreamcatcher Workshop ................................................................. Nov 27-28 H2S Alive .................................................................................. Nov 29, Dec. 6 Moccasin Making Workshop ............................................................. Dec 3-17 CORE Hunter Training ......................................................................... Dec 7-9 Canadian Firearms Safety (PAL) .............................................................. Dec 8 Fall Protection ....................................................................................... Dec 10 .LULYHS6PSĂ„LSK+YP]LY0TWYV]LTLU[.6+0.......................................... Dec 13

DAWSON CREEK Introducing NLC’s new

Dean of Trades and Apprenticeship

Occupational First Aid Level 1: Every Monday, except holidays H2S Alive: Every Tuesday, except holidays ;YHMĂ„J*VU[YVS7LYZVU-SHNNPUN ...................................................... Nov 23-24 FOODSAFE Level 1 ............................................................................... Nov 24 0UK\Z[YPHS-PYL,_[PUN\PZOLY .................................................................... Nov 27 Red Cross Babysitting course (two days) ................................ Nov 27 and 29



RENÉ TREMBLAY Mr. Tremblay brings years of PUZ[Y\J[PVUHSL_WLYPLUJL^P[O53*[V his new position and looks forward to L_JP[PUNUL^KL]LSVWTLU[ZPU[YHKLZ and apprenticeship programming.

Follow us on For more information


Gas Detection .......... Nov 22, Dec 14 H2S Alive ...... Nov 23, Dec. 2, 10, 13 Snowmobile Safety .............. Nov 24 4VKPĂ„LK9LZ[YPJ[LK-PYLHYTZ Nov 24 *VUĂ„ULK:WHJL Nov 26,30, Dec 6,20 Occupational First Aid Level 1 .... Nov 26, 30, Dec 4, 12, 20 Fall Protection ...................... Nov 29 Supervisor Safety Management ......................... Dec 3 Chainsaw Basics Level 1 ........ Dec 3

Occupational First Aid Level 1 Transportation Endorsement .. Dec 5 Hazard Recognition and Control ............................ Dec 6 Ground Disturbance ............. Dec 11 0UJPKLU[HUK(JJPKLU[ 0U]LZ[PNH[PVU ......................... Dec 11 Transportation of Dangerous Goods ............... Dec 11 -PYL,_[PUN\PZOLY3L]LS ...... Dec 14 Snowmobile Safety .............. Dec 21

FORT ST. JOHN FOODSAFE Level 1 ................................................................. Nov 24, Dec 15 Simply Accounting ...................................................................... starts Nov 24 *VUĂ…PJ[9LZVS\[PVU!>VYRWSHJL-VJ\Z................................................ Nov 26-28 4HZ[LYPUN4HUHNLTLU[:RPSSZ7HY[000......................................... starts Nov 27 .LULYHS6PSĂ„LSK+YP]LY0TWYV]LTLU[.6+0............................ Nov 27, Dec 17 Heavy Duty Boom Truck .................................................................. Nov 27-29 6PSĂ„LSK/LH]`/H\SLY ............................................................... Nov 28, Dec 18 Prenatal (4 days) ............................................................. Nov 28, Dec 5, 12, 19 *VTTLYJPHS=LOPJSL0UZWLJ[PVU ............................. Nov 30-Dec 2 and Dec 7-9 Canadian Firearms Safety course (PAL) ........................... Dec 1 Air Brakes ............................ Dec 4-6

0U[YVK\J[PVU[V Stained Glass ........................ Dec 8 )YLHZ[MLLKPUN0UMVYTH[PVU .... Dec 13

University Arts and Sciences Starts January! You can achieve a university degree while studying locally! Our University Arts and Sciences program offers dozens of courses, giving you the chance to save on tuition and living costs and transfer your academic credit towards postsecondary institutions across Canada. Check out University Arts and Science course offerings online and register today!

Trades and Apprenticeship Training Starts February! Learn while you earn in the North – where the jobs are! Seats are available with no waitlists in many program areas. Check out Trades and Apprenticeship opportunities online. Drop in to the Student Services department at your local campus to register or make an appointment with a Student Recruiter from Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, for assistance. Phone or Skype appointments are available from any location.



* / , ; > @ 5 +  Â&#x2039;  + (> : 6 5  * 9 , , 2  Â&#x2039;  - 6 9;  5 , 3 : 6 5  Â&#x2039;  - 6 9;  : ;  1 6 / 5  Â&#x2039;  ; < 4 ) 3 , 9  9 0 + . ,

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November 22, 2012

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NOW C! IN B Get your ticket to win daily. For only $25, donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t miss your chance to win daily cash prizes every day of the year starting January 1st, 2013. You can win again, and again and again. Buy your ticket today!

WIN $3,000

Jill Earl photo

Friendly roller girls practice â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;whippingâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; each other before the bout begins.











$25 EACH

3 FOR $70 6 FOR $125



Buy now. 604-454-5088 Ext. 900 1-855-495-6101 Ext. 900 ÂŽ

Order today at


Heart&Stroke Calendar Lottery and Heart & Stroke Foundation are trademarks of the Heart and Stroke Foundation. ŠBank of Canada â&#x20AC;&#x201C; bank note images used and altered with permission. For complete rules of play please visit or call 1-855-495-6101. Chances are 1 in 395,000 (total tickets for sale) to win a grand prize. Jill Earl photo

Although the Black team won 174 over Redâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 72, fans still reached out for high-fives from the players.

Northern JENNIFER FERNANDES Director, Marketing and Communications

Problem Gambling Help Line 1-888-795- 6111

BC Gaming Event Licence #43085

Know your limit, play within it.

19+ to play!

Lights Students become soil scientists

Entries in the Scary Face contest, Dawson Creek Campus.

Nearly 30 students of all ages braved the snowy weather in the TXHVW IRU VFLHQWLĂ&#x20AC;F GLVFRYHU\ RQ October 19. Fort St. John Campus Academic Chair Lisa Verbisky offered students the chance to become a â&#x20AC;&#x153;soil scientist for a dayâ&#x20AC;?, and led the students on an investigation LQ D Ă&#x20AC;HOG DUHD EHKLQG WKH &ROOHJH Campus. Students were shown how soil samples are gathered, analyzed, and how the data is compiled indoors in a laboratory. Soil Students voted Sara Turnerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s entry the winner! investigation is an important part of environmental assessment for a variety of industries. Stay tuned for more â&#x20AC;&#x153;Scientist the bookstoreâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s front window. Students and staff voted and Sara Turner for a Dayâ&#x20AC;? sessions being planned JDUQHUHGSHUFHQWRIWKHYRWHVZLQQLQJDJLIWFHUWLĂ&#x20AC;FDWHWRXVHLQ for next year in different disciplines and locations. the Campus bookstore.

Halloween ghouls and goblins at NLC The Dawson Creek Campus Bookstore held a â&#x20AC;&#x153;Scary Facesâ&#x20AC;? contest. Contestants had to take a photo â&#x20AC;&#x201C; without masks â&#x20AC;&#x201C; against a white backdrop to enter. The photos were posted on the bookstoreâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Facebook page and in

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Northeast NEWS

November 22, 2012

Grant-in-aids passed Story continued from Page 4.

benefit from the Powwow, as dancers and participants from across the province often stay and utilize Fort St. Johnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s services. Council accepted Evansâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; recommendation. The SPCA was granted $15, 000 for itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s spay and neuter program, and the North Peace Historical Society also got the amount they were looking for: $10, 000 to go towards operational costs. It was noted that the North Peace Historical Society would also receive an estimated $54, 000 permissive tax exemption in 2013. The Womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Resource Centre will receive $7, 474 for their bus program, the amount granted will provide 130 adult passes and 65 student passes. The North Peace Cultural Centre and the Fort St. John Library received the largest dollar amount from the Base Budget Grants. The Cultural Centre was approved for $250, 000 and the library, $380, 000. Counc. Byron Stewart said allocating these funds to two different entities that share the same building was a â&#x20AC;&#x153;round-about way of claiming more money from the City. They are the two highest grantin-aid requests, squaring off the money in



House Keys

the same building isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t really accomplishing anything moving forward.â&#x20AC;? City Manager Dianne Hunter noted that the Fort St. John Library is not a municipal library; rather it is a public library. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Our library is a public library so they are autonomous through the city, thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s why we provide a grant to them,â&#x20AC;? said Hunter. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Traditionally municipal libraries to public libraries, your contribution would be significantly higher. Our contribution is probably one of the lowest in the province. It hasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t been requested by this library to go to a municipal one.â&#x20AC;? Tourism Fort St. John received $10, 000 less than what they asked for. Council approved a grant of $36, 000. Based on historical uses, the tourism board did not use the full amount they were budgeted for, so their funding was reduced. It was noted that the tourism board could â&#x20AC;&#x153;live within that, but the program would also be reduced.â&#x20AC;? The tourism board also said the request of $43,000 would have been fully spent in 2013. A new homeless shelter was announced earlier this year, and during Base Budget Grant applications, the Salvation Army sought $100, 000 from the city to help build the home. The grant was declined for next yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s budget, but BONDED â&#x20AC;˘ INSURED city and council are lookGOVERNMENT LICENSED ing to open up discussion â&#x20AC;˘ Master Key Systems â&#x20AC;˘ ReKey Service â&#x20AC;˘ Lockout Stations with the Salvation Army â&#x20AC;&#x153;to â&#x20AC;˘ Padlocks â&#x20AC;˘ Keyless Entry â&#x20AC;˘ Safes understand the scope of the â&#x20AC;˘ Door Closers â&#x20AC;˘ Panic Hardware project and what the needs $ave $ave $ave Reg $pecial are.â&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x153;I think there are other American Padlock plus cable $24.99 $9.99 ways the city can work with Master Combo Padlocks $49.99 $24.99 [the Salvation Army] other Gun Keys $9.99 $4.99 than the $100, 000,â&#x20AC;? added

CALL 250.787.8999 â&#x20AC;&#x153;Let Us Be Your Key Supplierâ&#x20AC;?

Cell 778-256-1685 â&#x20AC;˘ Unit 5, 10404 101 Avenue Plaza, Fort St. John, BC

Mayor Lori Ackerman.

If you are injured, choose the right legal team. Our experience, expertise and past results give you the confidence to focus on your recovery while we focus on your claim. Michael Yawney

Contingency fees availableâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;no recovery, no fees. Bill Dick

Max Russmann

Gary Weatherill

James Cotter

Contact us for your free, no obligation consultation. 5FMt5Gt


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November 22, 2012

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7:30am - 6:00pm Monday - Saturday 2013 13 Ford Fusion SE

5 Spd Manual, 51 MPG, Power Windows, Locks, A/C, Side Airbags Stk#18589J


Stk #45532K 55 532K


2012 Ford Focus 4DR S


2013 F-150 0 XTR 4X4 4X4 Supercrew, Running Boards, J SYNC, Trailer Tow, GV6<1& PW, PL,:3/ Air Stk #33002K

51 MPG

2013 Ford rd Escape p SE 4WD, NAV, 2.0 Ecoboost b boost SYNC, AC, Keyless Entry 6 spd Auto, 41 MPG G Stk #15474J


0% $33,995

1.6L, CD, D, Remote Entry Stk #64205J 205J

55 MPG



2012 Ford F-350 Lariat Crew Cab, 4x4, 6.7L Diesel Power Leader 400 HP 800lbs Torque Sunroof, SYNC 5th Wheel Prepped Stk #43646J



      PLUS $


2012 Ford o d Fiesta esta


    Â&#x161;M Â&#x161;M_dj[hJ_h[iÂ&#x161;M_dj[hM^[[bi Â&#x161;J_h[Fh[iikh[Ced_jeh_d]I[diehi Â&#x161;J




250-785-6661 â&#x20AC;˘ 1-866-282-8330 â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ 11104 Alaska Road, Fort St. John *Price plus tax. Credit on approval discounts & rebates have been paid to price shown. DL#5247

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Northeast NEWS

November 22, 2012

Trades day gives students hands-on career information By Jill Earl

Jill Earl photo

NLC students help Grade 9 students learn the basics of welding. Advertorial

Sandman Prince George Welcomes You

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allow high school students, who have met all necessary prerequisites, to take college programs or classes while earning credits towards their high school diploma in their Grade 11 or 12 year. If students enrol in a trades program for a semester they can earn 16 credits towards their high school diploma—which needs 80 credits– as part of their electives courses; a college credential if it’s a certificate program and they earn foundational or level one of whatever trade that they’re enrolled in. “So in a way it’s almost a triple credit program,” said Frances Armstrong, career program manager for School District 59. Students can take just about every program offered at the college including university transfer courses and academic courses, but they are encouraged to talk to their career counsellor early on about their interest to ensure they have all the required classes. The school district has had this program available to students for over 15 years, though it began only for a couple of students whose needs weren’t being met by the regular high school program. Armstrong said that in 2005, the Industry Training Authority made funding available to school districts to engage students in trades programs while they were still in high school. The funding program is called ACE IT, Accelerated Credit Enrollment in Industry Training, it is available across the province and provides money to school districts to pay for the college programs and courses taken by dual credit students. “They could see that there was going to be a huge demand for trades in the future…they knew what was coming, so this is an initiative that they started,” said Armstrong about the hundreds of thousands of job vacancies expected in Canada in the future. Dawson Creek Grade 9 student, Austin Collins, said that he learned a lot during the day and wasn’t aware that cooking and early childhood education were even considered trades. “Welding is not me, or automotive, cooking is more me…The day is not even finished and I can almost guarantee this is something I’d love to do, just the dual credit,” Collins said. Betts said the trades have changed considerably over the last number of years and are expected to keep changing as new information and technology become available. She added that hands-on inThis is my formation sessions directed at mother’s best friend, students helps them make eduSkylar, cated choices about potential she goes everywhere careers. “A lot of parents’ perspecwith her and loves tives—if they haven’t had a to drive the vehicle! lot of exposure to trades—they may not understand the opporEmail your pet’s photo tunities…if you haven’t had exposure to something it’s reto editor@ ally hard to be recommending for a certain areas or certain careers, chance to win a special so yeah I think there is a stigprize from the North ma,” Betts said. Peace Veterinary Clinic “It’s not a low skill activity. To be a trades person, to be a good trades person, it does require post secondary education, college education, so a lot of times people don’t understand that,” she adds.

DAWSON CREEK - Grade 9 students from across School District 59 came to Northern Lights College’s Dawson Creek campus last Thursday to get a closer look at the career opportunities available in trades. The students participated in a number of sessions that allowed them to visit classrooms and learn hands-on about different programs the college offers. Sessions showcased opportunities in plumbing, electrical, carpentry, hairstyling and cosmetology, millwright, welding, automotive and cooking. Kelly Betts, project manager for Discover Trades BC, said that many high school students are aware of common trades like plumbing and carpentry but don’t know about the vast majority of others. “There are over 100 different trades and so there’s so many jobs out there and skill sets required to support our society. The more that we can expose students, with events like today, where they get a chance to go into those shops and talk to those people and go, ‘Wow, I had no idea’, really a great opportunity for these students,” she said. Betts was invited to speak during the day and introduced the students and educators to the Discover Trades BC website, which includes a variety of resources for those thinking about getting into trades. She believes it’s important to expose students at an early age about different education and career paths and information sessions, like the one held at the college, are necessary for students to form a decision. “What our research is telling us is that students formulate their opinions about careers quite early…often times at Grade 11 or 12 they’ve already made their decisions about what they’re planning to do after high school. If they don’t get exposure earlier about the opportunities and what it might be like to work in a career, then they get a very skewed perspective of the world,” Betts said. The day also introduced students to the dual credit program offered by NLC and school districts across the province. Dual credit programs

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Northeast NEWS

November 22, 2012

Page 15A

Spectra unveils new plans for liquids extraction facility By Jill Earl DAWSON CREEK - Spectra Energy plans to submit the description of their latest project to the B.C. Environmental Assessment Office later this month. They unveiled the early details of their natural gas liquids extraction facility to community members at an open house at the Bessborough Hall on Nov. 15. The proposed project will be located approximately 16km west of Dawson Creek, adjacent to the company’s processing plant that celebrated its opening last July. The liquids extraction project will process raw natural gas from the Montney formation to produce natural gas liquids. “The producers in the area are looking for ways to unlock the value of natural gas, so natural gas and the constituents of natural gas, sales gas, which is commonly used to heat homes and community homes and businesses and use for industrial purposes as well. Natural gas liquids, so the ethane, propane and butane, and constituents of natural gas are sellable and marketable,” said Peter Murchland, communication spokesperson for Spectra Energy. The facility will have the capacity to process 400 million cubic feet per day. If approved the proposed facility won’t start construction until

early 2014. The construction phase is expected to last approximately 18 months. The exact size and cost of the project is to be determined but Murchland said it will be a significant investment. “The exact cost I don’t have at the moment, but certainly several hundred million dollars,” he said. The community will benefit from the project in the form of local construction jobs, the need for services from the city and more taxes paid to the city and to the province, according to Murchland. Spectra Energy anticipates hiring roughly 300 workers during the construction phase and about 20 permanent employees when the facility is operational. The open house was an opportunity for community members and Spectra Energy staff to share concerns about the project over dinner and dessert. The idea of the open house was to garner information from local residents to mitigate any issues that may arise from the project, Murchland added. Spectra Energy has also formed a community advisory group made up of community members and other stakeholders to bring issues to their attention and participate in dialogue. “We learned a lot from the community members over the course of the construction of the other facility here…so certainly we incorporated dozens and dozens of the mitigation measures

in terms of reducing their issues with the project, for instance, dust,” Murchland said. During the construction stage on their last project, Spectra Energy incorporated a calcium treatment on the roads towards the plant to reduce the dust impact. They also incorporated a system into the plant that reduces its noise levels. The company also has short-term and long-term programs in place to measure air and water quality around the plant, and makes an effort to reduce its emissions. “Tonight I’ve spoken with dozens of people, so far so good. The feedback has been great. I think there’s a lot of encouragement for us to continue to do this sort of thing, and be transparent about these projects and these opportunities they see in the community,” he said.

Jill Earl photo

Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan, came to the Encana Events Centre on Nov. 12 to shed some light about man’s best friend.

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HIV is a real concern within our communities. You can contract HIV primarily through unprotected sex and by sharing needles. HIV can live in your body for years without you knowing and all the while you can be passing it to others. At least 25 per cent of people who are HIV+ do not know and these 25 per cent are estimated to be responsible for 75 per cent of new infections. Northern Health, in collaboration with its community partners, is working with the Province of BC to prevent the spread of HIV by expanding HIV testing, treatment, and support services to British Columbians.


Educate yourself, your family and your friends about HIV. Visit today.


The only way to know you are not positive is by getting tested. Request an HIV test today.


Please share your new knowledge about HIV with others, and please encourage everyone to get an HIV test.

Page 16A

Northeast NEWS

November 22, 2012

Northern Gateway will be one of the safest energy pipelines because it’s been designed by engineers, safety experts and the people of British Columbia.

Our every intention is to ma make ke the h North ther ern n Ga Gate tewa w y Pi Pipe peli line ne the str tron ngest s and safesst off its kin nd in Can anad ad da. And the people oof British Columbia have told us that we must exceed safety standards if it is to cross this beautiful province. We’ve heard their concerns and have continually incorporated their feedback into our plans. We have added $500 million in extra safety measures–like thicker pipe, more isolation valves, meticulous pipeline construction techniques, and plans for around the clock monitoring by real people, in real time, with sophisticated technology.

We will use thicker pipe...

We will have advanced monitoring and response systems...

Northern Gateway pipe will have

Constant, diligent monitoring is vital for safe pipeline operation. Northern

an average thickness of 0.80 inches.

Gateway will be monitored on-site and via the control centre 24/7, in

That’s 20% over and above current

real time to allow operators to rapidly respond to any incidents. As

Canadian safety standard requirements

well, extensive geotechnical investigation and route planning has

for the Northern Gateway Project. The pipe

taken place and this, combined with sophisticated monitoring

will be even thicker when it crosses major rivers and tributaries.

techniques, will provide protection against geotechnical and

It will be welded with exacting precision and its integrity checked

other natural hazards. Pump stations in remote areas will be

using ultrasonic inspection and hydrostatic testing methods. And

staffed around the clock. Dual leak

to ensure safe operation, the frequency of high resolution, in-line

detection systems will be installed

inspection surveys will be increased across the entire pipeline system

and remotely operated isolation

by a minimum of 50% over and above current practices.

valves will be used, increasing their number in BC by 50%.

We will respect wildlife habitats and migration routes... To address concerns from the public that the construction of the pipeline will affect the

We will practice and be prepared for incidents...

environment, we have pledged to build it in such a way that natural wildlife habitats,

Our goal is always zero spills. To help achieve that, the

migration routes and fish spawning sites will be respected. During the building phase,

pipeline will be monitored from the air and the ground and

disturbances will be kept to a minimum by having construction vehicles access most of

routinely inspected inside and out to identify and address

the pipeline using existing forestry roads. Instead of building all new bridge structures, it

any integrity issues. But that doesn’t mean we will not

will use existing watercourse crossings where possible. When construction is completed

prepare for an incident. We will adhere to world-leading

on each section, soil will be returned and shrubs and grasses native to the region will be

practices for oil spill response and recovery systems. Emergency response equipment

planted. If any large trees are removed to make way for the pipeline, a new tree will be

and training will be provided and constantly updated and upgraded. Training exercises

planted in another location as part of Enbridge’s commitment to plant a tree for every

with our own operations personnel and local emergency providers will be conducted on a

tree we remove to build our projects.

regular basis. Can we guarantee that there will never be a significant pipeline failure? Our original pledge to build a safe pipeline combined with further enhancements made after hearing the concerns of British Columbians puts us closer than any other pipeline system in the world to providing that guarantee.

Discover more about our rigorous design and safety standards and join the conversation at

It’s more than a pipeline.

It’s a path to delivering energy safely.

©2012 Northern Gateway Pipelines Inc.

EN9020_BC_PipelineSafety_Version_#5.indd 1

15/11/12 2:15 PM


Management and Staff Northeast News

A Special Supplement to the Northeast News • Volume 3, No. 1 • November 22, 2012

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Mr. & Mrs. Claus comes to town!

Hours: Tue - Sat - 9:00 - 6:00 p.m. Wed & Thur - 9:00 - 8:30 p.m. Kyla Corpuz photo

Fort St. John’s streets lit up with holiday cheer for the annual Santa Claus Parade on Nov. 16. More pictures on Page 21.

Page 2 • The North Pole News • A Special Supplement to the Northeast News • November 22, 2012 Jill Earl photos

The Mile 0 Post has been moved to the NAR Park to make room for a Christmas tree that will take its place in the middle of 10 Street and 102 Avenue over the holiday season. The South Peace Oilmen’s Association hosted the annual Christmas Tree Light Up last Friday night with a few technical difficulties; some Christmas lights weren’t working. There was live entertainment and hot drinks and snacks provided by some of the downtown businesses.

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DAWSON CREEK - Decorating your home for the season can really put you in the holiday spirit. Some residents will have a brighter season thanks to a Christmas light exchange hosted by the Northern Environmental Action Team at the Dawson Creek Mall last Saturday. Residents with broken or old Christmas lights had the opportunity to exchange them free of charge for new LED Christmas lights, provided by Canadian Tire and the City of Dawson Creek. NEAT hosted the event as part of a contract they have with BC Hydro, they will also be hosting exchanges in Chetwynd, Fort Nelson and Fort St. John. “The whole idea of the LED light exchange is to get people to bring in their old Christmas lights that aren’t really energy efficient…to bring them in so that they can be recycled and in exchange for that we give them a set of LED lights which are more environmentally friendly,” said Kayla Boyd, eco-advisor for NEAT. LED lights are said to be

more energy efficient, some using 98 per cent less energy than a regular bulb. “...that’s kind of a really big number there, which is pretty awesome when you think about it, so a lot of energy conservation there,” Boyd said. In addition it lasts longer and burns cooler compared to a regular bulb. NEAT had 182 sets of lights to give away on Saturday and also distributed hot chocolate and other goodies to families participating in the program. “The City of Dawson Creek has also provided free popcorn and we have the free kid’s movie.” Participants who exchanged lights and those who took the city bus to exchange lights had the opportunity to win two separate Christmas stocking gift basket. “Everyone in the mall kind of helped with putting together a prize pack, so all the businesses in the mall are kind of contributing to the event and the Source has loaned a TV,” Boyd said, adding that the Chamber of Commerce was also involved in the event. With environmental health being the top priority at NEAT, they plan to recycle all the returned lights to the DC Recycling and Bottle Depot; the facility will accept Christmas lights all year long.

The North Pole News • A Special Supplement to the Northeast News • November 22, 2012 • Page 3

Holiday Trends Favor Bold Positive Colours and Environmentally Friendly Designs By Joanne Craft Submitted article

imaginable. • Mini Matters – Replica tabletop Christmas trees can define the splendor of the season without harming the environment. Pairing a mini tree with glass vases quarter filled with ornaments and holiday spice fragrances is transformative. A four to five ft. tall table top permanent botanical tree lit with LED lights in containers can be placed on coffee tables to brighten up even the smallest spaces. • Antique Pastels - Reawakening, insight, dreamy are a few descriptive words to describe the renaissance of pastels including soft, robin egg blue that are taking hold this holiday. When designing your holiday theme, begin with the main focal point feature and start with the large decor piece first and then add smaller accent pieces around it to complement and enhance the space. Focus on less travelled areas for the most visual impact. Some key focal features to consider in your holiday décor mix include: • Glass vases filled a 1/4 with ornaments • Package/gift boxes stacked (tower) 5ft tall • Cascading ornaments suspended from ceiling • Dogwood branches lit

As a Vancouver, BC-based interior plantscaping design professional surrounded by my region’s stunning landscape of mountains, forests and oceans, I can’t help but be in tune with nature with my designs. As I visit with dozens of businesses in the hospitality, retail, transportation, and commercial real estate industries, the trend for holiday 2012 favors bold colours that convey positivity and environmentally friendly designs that are creative and playful. If you are looking to transform a humdrum home or workplace into an environment worthy of lingering in while sipping eggnog or hosting a festive party, consider the following tips: • Theme and Colour Come First – Determine your theme and preferred colours as step one in building a holiday environment. Pantone, the authorities on colour, dubbed Tangerine Tango, a spirited reddish orange hue as the colour of 2012. This holiday season, we are following Pantone’s cue with a lot of vibrant colours that convey happiness and positivity. Rich jewel tones, fuchsia, electric blue, turquoise, apple green create positive happy synergy! Crystals and chandeliers and battery operated candles are a hot trend for holiday 2012 as people look for warmth, sparkle and shine this holiday season. Chandeliers created from flowing crystals and rhinestones dripping off metal tree stands, branches and floral arrangements add elegance and a sense of arrival. The reflective quality of the material brings depth and interest to any design. • Organic Cheer – A naturalistic trend—mixing permanent botanicals which are botanically-accurate replica plants made with authentic, dried stems and flowers from natural plant materials or with silk and plastics alongside live plants— is taking root this holiday. Hydrangea, yarrow, moss balls, bamboo and reindeer moss are some of the permanent botanicals on trend this season. Nature inspired holiday trends include recycling old Traditional French-style treat enrobed ornaments by wrapping fabric around them and tying with in real Belgian milk chocolate ribbon, and using burlap ribbon, leaves, berries, and recyFor all your entertaining needs this season! cled paper. The organic trend Store Hours: Sunday • 10 AM - 6 PM also favors celebrating nature Monday - Wednesday • 10 AM - 7 PM with artificial birds including Thursday - Friday • 10 AM - 8 PM owls being popular this season. Saturday • 9 AM - 7 PM • White Goes with Everything – White is seen 9600-93rd Avenue as clean, pure and fresh when (Totem Mall) Fort St. John, BC paired with almost any coPhone (250) 263-9500 lour and it can bring a fresh new look to almost any colour

With the on lecti rg la est se Fort St in il of reta you can help John we your gift with all s idea

with LED “brown cord” lights adorned with clear round ornament balls filled with orchids/floral stems • Live potted Norfolk Island Pines which can thrive afterwards for many more years indoors- great for sustainability. • Engage the senses with fragrance and texture with Eucalyptus and cinnamon sticks. • Consider using ribbons instead of bows as ribbons cascade naturally over trees and other decor. Deck your halls this Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa season and delight and surprise family, friends, colleagues and visitors. By transforming your space into a breathtaking environment that embodies the holiday spirit, your corporate or personal brand will receive a boost due to the positive impression you’ll make on visitors.

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Page 4 • The North Pole News • A Special Supplement to the Northeast News • November 22, 2012 Here’s the perfect fall-inspired treat from The Old Farmer’s Almanac Everyday Baking cookbook for family and friends who’ll be visiting your home, hostess gifts, book club, work, and school parties this holiday season. Pumpkin Spice Cookies From The Everyday Baking Cookbook, page 47 Soft and fragrant, these are wonderful “as is” ... Make them slightly smaller if you plan to fill them. 1 cup (2 sticks) unsalted butter, softened 3/4 cup sugar

3/4 cup packed light-brown sugar 1 large egg plus 1 egg yolk, at room temperature 1/2 cup mashed or canned pumpkin 1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract 2 cups all-purpose flour 1 cup whole wheat pastry flour 1/2 teaspoon baking powder 1/2 teaspoon baking soda 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon cinnamon 1 teaspoon ground ginger 1/2 teaspoon nutmeg 1/2 teaspoon ground cloves

ll a M k e e r C n o s w a D g December 10th Hours startin

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9:30am-9pm Monday-Friday day 11am-5pm • am-6pm Sun 30 9: y da m ur at S - Closed at 5p Christmas Eve d se - Clo Christmas Day losed at 5pm C e Ev New Year’s - Closed New Year’s Day

Appointments Àlling up fast for Christmas!

Santa Hours:

0pm & 21 6:30-8:3 Friday Dec 14 m 4p 222 15 & Saturday Dec m 4p 216 & 23 Sunday Dec

Using an electric mixer, cream the butter, gradually adding the sugars. Beat in the egg and yolk, pumpkin, and vanilla. Sift the flours, baking powder, baking soda, salt, and spices into a separate bowl. Stir the dry ingredients into the creamed mixture, a third at a time, until evenly mixed. Cover the dough and refrigerate for 1 hour. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Lightly butter two large baking sheets or line them with parchment paper. With lightly floured hands, roll the dough into 1 1/2 -inch-diameter balls and place them on the baking sheets, leaving about 2 inches in between. Bake one sheet at a time on the center oven rack for 16 to 17 minutes. When done, the tops will be dome-shape and yield slightly to light finger pressure. Cool the cookies on the baking sheet for 2 minutes, then transfer them to a rack to cool completely. Makes about 30 cookies.

Light Exchange Saturday, November 24th • 9am-1pm Bring in your old Christmas lights and the first 200 customers receive

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Bring your children and check out “Who Ville at Home Hardware” Kids can Decorate a Christmas Craft

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The North Pole News • A Special Supplement to the Northeast News • November 22, 2012 • Page 5

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Kyla Corpuz photos

ANNUAL SANTA CLAUS PARADE FORT ST. JOHN - Streets were lined with spectators as numerous floats sailed down 100 Street towards Centennial Park, where a large bon fire, free hot dogs, hot chocolate and cookies awaited attendees.

Clockwise: One of many floats that took part in the Santa Claus Parade on Nov. 16; Megan Abboott displays her Knit Goods at Whole Wheat and Honey’s Christmas Market on the same night as the Parade. Many escaped the cold and watched the parade from inside the local coffee shop; Mrs. Claus poses with one of her many fans. Many kids gathered around Mr. and Mrs. Claus, listing off their Christmas wish to the famous couple.

Thank You, Fort St. John, for your continued support through 2012. May the 2013 New Year bring you joy and happiness. Love, Team Deesta

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Page 6 • The North Pole News • A Special Supplement to the Northeast News • November 22, 2012

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Christmas Wishlist... 1

Jill Earl photo

Ron Pettigrew Christian School hosted their 4th Annual Gingerbread House Adventure and Competition last Saturday. All community members were invited to submit their gingerbread creations in four categories as a fundraiser for the school’s parent group’s goal of improving their playground. Everyone was welcome to the afternoon of entertainment, tea and treats, a silent auction, and a live auction of the gingerbread houses which included farms, cabins, flowers, barns, ninjas, a robot and the traditional house.


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The North Pole News • A Special Supplement to the Northeast News • November 22, 2012 • Page 7

A touch of elegance

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Page 8 • The North Pole News • A Special Supplement to the Northeast News • November 22, 2012


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Northeast NEWS

November 22, 2012

Page 17A

The Concerned Citizens for British Columbia support the BC Liberal free enterprise coalition and Clark’s “commitment to balanced budgets, economic development and job creation.” Shepard is on a province-wide tour creating awareness about B.C.’s “economic prosperity.” B.C. is currently number one in Canada for job creation and venture capital investment, according to the CC4BC fact sheet. The current government is also looking to Site C, a controversial topic in the Peace region, as means to fulfill expected power needs for the province.

Kyla Corpuz photo

Jim Shepard, founder of the Concerned Citizens for British Columbia, made a trip to Fort St. John to speak with media and the Fort St. John’s Oilmen’s Association.

Former industry CEO crusades for Clark By Kyla Corpuz FORT ST. JOHN – The NDP has the leading support of voters in B.C., according to a recent Angus Reid poll. Adrian Dix, NDP leader, currently holds the voter’s highest approval rating of 45 per cent, while Liberal Premier Christy Clark hangs on to 28 per cent. To challenge these numbers and gain momentum for Clark, a political action committee was created earlier this fall. They call themselves the Concerned Citizens for British Columbia (CC4BC), a ‘pre-campaign’ for the Liberal Party. “What we are is, a PAC, a political action committee,” said CC4BC founder Jim Shepard, former Canfor and Finning CEO. “But what somebody said to me the other day, ‘What you guys

got going is a serendipitous force of nature.’ ‘What you are, is a business counterweight to what the unions have been doing for years,’” the retiree added. The Concerned Citizens for British Columbia’s mission is to boost Clark’s popularity—in a good way—by the time election season rolls around next spring. Shepard said the chances to meet their mission, “look pretty good.” “The Liberals, they are going to be really activated when the election starts on April 13, they’re going to be running for 30 days,” said Shepard, adding that in order to fulfill their mission they would have to start immediately. “As far as I’m concerned the campaign started right now.”



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Page 18A

Northeast NEWS

November 22, 2012

Tuesday, April 16tthh, 2013 | Prince George Civic Centre Conference & Workshops 8:00am–4:00pm | Awards Gala 6:00pm–10:00pm Keynote speakers:

Award categories: Rising Star Sponsored by: CNC NC

Community Enrichment Award Influence & Impact Woman of the Year

Diane Buckner

Mayor Lori Ackerman

Host of CBC’s Dragons’ Den Fort St. John

Home Based Business Women of the Year Award

Opening Ceremonies:

Business Women of the Year Award Professional Woman of Distinction Award Aboriginal Women of Distinction Award Sponsored by: Aboriginal Business Development Centre

Shirley Bond, MLA

Mayor Shari Green

Prince George – Valemount Justice Minister and Attorney General

Prince George

Watch the Prince George Free Press for registration and nomination information

For more information contact Shirly Prokopchuk at | 250.552.3817 IN PARTNERSHIP WITH

Northeast NEWS

November 22. 2012

Page 19A


Greg Evans of CJDC sells food hampers last weekend at Safeway, to be donated to the Salvation Army’s food bank.

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“You don’t do what you do to receive this, but it’s an honour.”

- Bruce Christensen Kyla Corpuz photo

Fort St. John city councillor Bruce Christensen (right) received the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal on Nov. 15. MP for Prince George-Peace River Bob Zimmer presented Christensen with the recognition.

Serving the Peace - Chetwynd, Dawson Creek, Fort St. John, Tumbler Ridge, and Surrounding Areas

10807 91 Ave, Fort St. John Phone: 250-785-3290 Toll Free 877-574-2855

Page 20A

Northeast NEWS

November 22, 2012

Capital Powerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 79 wind turbines in their Quality Wind project officially went into commercial operation on Nov. 8.

Tumbler Ridge turbines in operation

Submitted photo

By Jill Earl



L:Ă&#x2030;AA<>K:NDJI=: 72,167$17&5(',7$33529$/


6 9 ; 4 4 6 ; 6 9 : 33; + Â&#x2039;^^^MVY[TV[VYZJHÂ&#x2039;(SHZRH9VHK-VY[:[1VOU

the strongest,â&#x20AC;? he adds. The internal targeted commercial operation date was Nov. 2, which they missed by six days. However, employees celebrated the fact that the project came in under budget by about $45 million of the budgeted $455 million. During construction, Capital Power estimates the project created approximately 280 construction jobs and 360, 000 person hours of direct labour. The project has provided three permanent full-time jobs at the farm, including site manager, technical resource and administration. Approximately 14 other full-time permanent workers will also be on site as part of the maintenance agreement Capital Power has with Vestas, the turbine manufacturer, over the next 10 years. Capital Power purchased the project from the Chinook Power Corp. in 2007 and developed it into Quality Wind; named because of the proximity to Quality Creek and Quality Canyon. â&#x20AC;&#x153;So thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a number of different companies that have meteorological towers set up all throughout the Peace Region looking for spots to put wind farmsâ&#x20AC;Ś So the wind resource in that area is excellent, it blows mostly in the winter rather than the summer and thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s when you really need that power available,â&#x20AC;? said Owens on why the company chose Tumbler Ridge as their location. The project was developed on Crown land, so just like the Bear Mountain Wind Park in Dawson Creek, visitors are able to walk right up to the base for a better look. Many Tumbler Ridge residents have already had an up-close look at one of the blades, which measure between 44m to 49m, or the length of four 48-passenger school buses. During construction, Capital Power hosted a community event, bringing one of the turbines blades into the town for project supporters to sign before being installed. The blade had approximately 1,000 signatures. Earlier this year concerns rose over birds and bats being killed by the turbines at the Bear Mountain Wind Park, Owens doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t believe those concerns will exist in Tumbler Ridge. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t believe there is going to be too much concern especially relative to the migratory birds, but we are apart of a study and the first two years weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll be monitoring bird and bat mortality and providing all that information to the Crown as a part of a larger study,â&#x20AC;? he UP TO said. Your best Owens doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t believe noise bet for caused by the turbines will be Custom OFF an issue to residents either, beFraming! on selected items cause they are located approximately 15km out of town. Great savings on art, â&#x20AC;&#x153;It was my first time spendfurniture, silk plants & more! ing any extending time out in Christmas is right the Peace, and the amount of around the corner! support that we got not only from Tumbler Ridge, with the Peace River Regional District as well and the people and the government, industry and government ministries, was phenomenal. I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t really think we could have pulled it off without all that support, so for 250-785-9099 that Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m appreciative,â&#x20AC;? Owens 9422 100th Street, Fort St. John said.

TUMBLER RIDGE - Seventy-nine new landmarks have graced the skyline on the drive to Tumbler Ridge down Highway 52. Capital Powerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Quality Wind project is now complete and is located approximately 15km northeast of the town. The wind farmâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s combination of 35 V90 and 44 V100 1.8-megawatt wind turbines officially went into commercial operation on Nov. 8 after two years of construction and numerous years of planning. The 142-megawatt facility has the capacity to generate enough power to meet the average annual needs of approximately 43,000 homes; Capital Power has a 25-year energy purchase agreement with BC Hydro. Purely considering the number of turbines in the farm, Quality Wind project manager, Steve Owens, says that itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the largest wind farm in Western Canada. Ironically the renewable resource that the farm was built for, wind, was also one of the biggest challenges the construction crew faced. â&#x20AC;&#x153;To build roads through the Peace Region, especially in that area with all the ridges and varying terrain was a real struggle for us, battling the wind and the weather conditions were also a challenge,â&#x20AC;? said Owens. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The greatest challenge though was the coordination of getting all of the equipment on to the site just in time for erection and getting it done before the wind resource really picked up in late September. â&#x20AC;&#x153;When youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re working with the large cranes, with 340 feet up, you canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t really do the work when itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s windy, so we tried to avoid wind when it was

The Celebrate! Fort St. John Committee presents:

THE HOLIDAY LIGHT EXCHANGE SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 24, 2012 | 10:00AM â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 2:00PM FORT ST. JOHN HOME HARDWARE BUILDING CENTRE | 9820 - 108 STREET Not sure what to do with your old Christmas lights? Bring them down to the Home Hardware Building Centre on Saturday, November 24 and we will recycle them for you. But thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not all! You will also receive a new strand of multicoloured LED lights to go home with! For more information call 250.787.5791 or e-mail



Northeast NEWS

November 22, 2012

Page 21A

FORT ST. JOHN - On Nov. 6, Frederic Lemieux of MAXXAM Analytics presented a donation of $500 to North Peace Kidsport. The cost of organized sports can be a barrier to participation and limit the choices for some families. KidSportTM is a community-based sport funding program that provides grants for children ages 6 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 18 to participate in a sport of their choice. When kids have access to physical activity, they have the opportunity to reach their highest potential which can positively impact physical health, development of social skills, self-esteem, and friendships.

Phone (250) 785-7907 Toll Free 1-888-830-9909

Submitted photo

9604-112 Street, Fort St. John, BC

Frederic Lemieux of MAXXAM Analytics at centre, flanked by Kidsport representatives Lisa and Byron Stewart.


Two locals recognized with Healthier You Awards By Kyla Corpuz








%87/(5)$50(48,30(17/7' 675((7 )25767-2+1%&9-5 


Health and Wellness Provider of the Year at the Healthier You Awards. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I think I won this award due to my strong support for community and national health awareness for menâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s health and local sports,â&#x20AC;? wrote Neil in an email to the Northeast News. After moving back to Fort St. John in 2007, he had numerous opportunities to be involved in events like Movember, which raises awareness and money for Pat Pimm, M.L.A. (Peace River North) menâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s prostate cancer; and the Province of British Columbia creation of the Crystal Cup Pond Hockey Challenge, â&#x20AC;&#x153;thus advocating for menâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s health Legislative OfďŹ ce: Constituency OfďŹ ce: and community sport.â&#x20AC;? Amongst the fundraisers East Annex, Parliament Buildings 10104 - 100th Street Neil supports, he chose MoVictoria, B.C. V8V 1X4 Fort St. John, B.C. V1J 3Y7 Phone: 250 952-6784 Phone: 250 263-0101 vember because it â&#x20AC;&#x153;is a fundFax: 250 387-9100 Fax: 250 263-0104 raiser that has had little if any attention up until the last few e-mail: years, menâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s health.â&#x20AC;? Neil believes his dedication to Movember was part of the reason why he won the award. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I really feel through my social media sites, being set up at supermarkets every weekend and talking to other men in a personal and professional setting really had an impact on winning this award.â&#x20AC;? Last year he raised $11,600 for Movember. The proceeds went towards research, awareness and treatment of prostate and testicular cancer. Another Fort St. John local, Ann Redding, a registered nurse at the Fort St. John Hospital Intensive Care Unit received the Health and Wellness Provider of the Year award. The Northeast News could not reach Redding in time for press. Northern B.C.â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Healthier You Awards was held in Prince George on Nov. 9.

FORT ST. JOHN â&#x20AC;&#x201C; In May, Movember advocate Neil Evans, received the Queenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Diamond Jubilee Award alongside his dad, Larry. This month, Neil, a registered nurse and inpatient unit manager at the Fort St. John Hospital, was the recipient of Northern Healthâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s

Page 22A

November 22, 2012

Council acknowledges adoption awareness month

Northeast NEWS

By Kyla Corpuz FORT ST. JOHN – When Joel and Gigi Yuen decided to expand their family of three, they turned to adoption. “We just wanted children. We wanted a family. We’ve got a biological daughter, she’s 17. We just wanted a larger family and that’s why we wanted to adopt,” said Joel. In 2007, the couple adopted Gabby, who is now 6, from China.

JIMMY RANKIN’S Tinsel Town Tour is coming to Dawson Creek

Wednesday December 5th • Unchagah Hall • 7:30pm 2011/12 CCMA recipient for “Roots Artist of the Year”.

With oodles of raw vocal talent, great stage energy, and a knack for story-telling, Jimmy puts on a stellar live show, not to be missed. Presented by the South Peace Community Arts Council.

Reserved Seating $


25 for Adults • 22 for Seniors and Children under 12

Available at the Dawson Creek Art Gallery 250-782-2601 • Open 10-5 Tues-Fri and Saturdays 12-4

“It was great. Gabby was just under a year, just to see the people bring her out, was just…yeah…it’s just an incredible feeling,” said an almostspeechless Joel about the day he met his second daughter. Three years later they adopted a second child, Tao, who was also born in China. “When we got Tao, it was a different feeling. I remember getting his photo in the package, the first thing that came to my mind was, ‘Tao, it’s time to come home.’” In the Peace region, there Kyla Corpuz photos were Top: The Yuen family: Joel, Gigi, Gabby, 6 and Tao, 6 along with Jamie Giesbrecht (right) Story continued on Page 23A. make a delegation before city council on Nov. 13 to proclaim November as Adoption Awareness Month in Fort St. John. Bottom: City council makes the proclomation.

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DAWSON CREEK AUCTION ‘MILE ZERO CITY’ DawsoAve. Dawson Creek, British Columbia 301-116th

Dawson Creek Office: 250-782-3766 VJV Main Office: 403-783-5561 Cattle Sales, Don 301-116th Fessler: 250-719-5561 Fax: 250-782-6622 D C



On Thursday, November 15, 2012, 1590 head of cattle went through our ring D1 - D2 Cows 60.00-67.00 D3 - D4 Cows 52.00-58.00 Holstein Cows N/A Heiferettes 60.00-75.00 Bologna Bulls 55.00-70.00 Feeder Bulls 65.00-85.00 Good Bred Cows N/A Good Bred Heifers N/A Milk Cows N/A Cow/ Calf Pairs (younger) N/A Cow/ Calf Pairs (older) N/A

On Monday, November 19, 2012, 1302 head of cattle went through our ring D1 - D2 Cows 60.00-67.00 D3 - D4 Cows 50.00-58.00 Holstein Cows N/A Heiferettes 60.00-75.00 Bologna Bulls 55.00-70.00 Feeder Bulls 65.00-85.00 Good Bred Cows N/A Good Bred Heifers N/A Milk Cows N/A Cow/ Calf Pairs (younger) N/A Cow/ Calf Pairs (older) N/A




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108.00-118.00 115.00-125.00 118.00-130.00 120.00-136.00 130.00-144.00 145.00-160.00 160.00-184.00 165.00-190.00

Heifers Heifers Heifers Heifers Heifers Heifers Heifers Heifers

100.00-111.00 105.00-117.00 110.00-120.00 115.00-126.00 120.00-132.00 130.00-143.00 140.00-160.00 140.00-169.00


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104.00-118.00 110.00-125.00 115.00-133.00 120.00-136.00 130.00-143.00 145.00-160.00 160.00-184.00 165.00-195.00

Heifers Heifers Heifers Heifers Heifers Heifers Heifers Heifers

100.00-110.00 105.00-117.00 108.00-120.00 110.00-126.00 115.00-131.00 125.00-143.00 140.00-160.00 140.00-169.00

Monday, November 19, 2012 Calf/Yearling Sale

Vold, Jones & Vold Auction Co. Ltd.


Vold, Jones & Vold Auction Co. Ltd.


Dawso 301-116th Ave. Dawson Creek, British Columbia Dawson Creek Office:

Dawso 301-116th Ave. Dawson Creek, British Columbia Dawson Creek Office:



301-116th 250-782-3766 VJV Main Office: 403-783-5561 Cattle Sales, Don Fessler: 250-719-5561 Fax: 250-782-6622 C

301-116th 250-782-3766 VJV Main Office: 403-783-5561 Cattle Sales, Don Fessler: 250-719-5561 Fax: 250-782-6622 C

Northeast NEWS

November 22, 2012

Adoption awareness Story continued from Page 22A.

six adoption placements in the last year, from 2011 to 2012. On Nov. 13, city council proclaimed November as Adoption Awareness Month. “I think it’s really good that we have the city’s acknowledging, because there is a real need out there,” said Joel. In the last five years, 1,400 children have been adopted in B.C., and there are still over 1,000 children waiting for homes, according to a press release by the Ministry of Children and Family Development, 12 of which are in the Peace region.

Page 23A

“We’ve heard of children that haven’t been adopted, that are waiting to be adopted … they want to belong. They want to be a part of a family,” he added. The press release also states the importance of teenage adoption. “Children and youth, who are provided the stability and support found through adoption, experience better outcomes than their peers who leave government care without the foundation of a permanent family environment. “While youth over the age of 12 make up more than 30 per cent of the children and youth in care waiting to be adopted, they only represent 10 per cent of annual adoptions in B.C.” Adoption Awareness Month is a “celebration of the loving families created when people open their hearts and commit to sharing their lives with a vulnerable child or youth.”

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Page 24A


November 22, 2012



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Northeast NEWS

November 22, 2012

Page 25A

6,*16Â&#x2021;),5(5,1*6 5$,/,1*6Â&#x2021;*$7(6

3+21( &(//


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Page 26A

November 22, 2012

Northeast NEWS



November 2012

Dawson Creek

• Nov. 23 & 24: Ten Thousand Villages Sale will be held on Nov. 23, from 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm and Nov. 24 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm at Northgate Mennonite Brethren Church, 1800-109 Avenue, Dawson Creek (blue church across from Kitchen Park). A variety of fair trade handcrafted items by artisans from developing countries will be available for purchase. • Nov 24: Rotary Manor Annual Christmas Bazaar and Tea. 1121-90th Ave. Dawson Creek. 2:00-4:00pm. Crafts, Raffle, Baked Goods, and Tea Admission $4.00 Proceeds go towards resident programs and activities. Everyone Welcome • Dec. 1: UCW Christmas Tea, Bake Sale & “Grannie’s Attic” from 1:30 to 3:30 pm at South Peace United Church Upper Hall, 1300-104thAve., Dawson Creek. • Dec. 1: South Peace United Church Christmas Concert startingat 7:00 pm in the Church’s Sanctuary, 1300-104th Ave., Dawson Creek. By donation. • Dec. 1: Country music dance at the Senior Citizen’s Hall, 1101 McKellar Ave. Dance from 8:30 to 12:30. Admission includes lunch, 19+ event. More info: Fred 250-782-2191 or Linda 250-843-7418. • Dec. 4: Seniors! Come join us for a workshop at CCR&R in the Co-op Mall at 1.30pm. We will be making Christmas ornaments out of recycled books! Come enjoy some refreshments, Christmas music and some good company!


Fort St. John

• The North Peace Pregnancy Care Centre is holding its annual Baby Bottle fundraiser from October 14th – December 2nd. Empty baby bottles can be picked up at MasterPeace Framing, your local church, or the North Peace Pregnancy Care Centre. Fill your bottles with your loose change and return to one of these locations by December 2nd. Your donations make it possible for our centre to continue to provide services to moms and babies in our community! Location: #208, 10139-100th St, FSJ (above the TD Bank) or call 250-787-5584 for more information. • Alcoholics Anonymous - If you think you might have a problem with drinking, come to an AA meeting. Call for times and places or someone to talk to (250) 785-8866. • Fort St. John Multiple Sclerosis support group. If you or anyone you know has MS and have any questions or just need to talk, please call Susie at (250) 785-2381 or Sandi at (250) 787-2652. • A Youth Relapse Prevention Group may be held weekly, in the afternoons at Mental Health and Addiction Services, #300 - 9900 – 100 Ave. For more information call Chris or Shaun at (250) 262-5269.

Dawson Creek

• The Visually Impaired Support Group meets on the first Tuesday of the month at 12 noon at First Baptist Church, 1400 113 Ave. Each

Fort St. John

• Nov. 24: The FSJ Arts Market will be open from 10am to 2pm. Entry is free. We have Demos and Art Vendors of many varieties. We are located in the Pomeroy Sports Centre (Enerplex), in the right wing Bell Meeting room. For more information on the event call 250.793.6599 or email • Nov. 24: Senior’s Christmas Craft, Bake Sale & Tea. 1 p.m. 4 p.m. at Peace Luthern Church Basement 9812-108 Avenue. Any baking or craft donations gratefully appreciated. To rent craft tables, call Kathy at 7854937. No home based business requests please. • Nov. 24: The 2276 Rocky Mountain Army Cadets are having a bottle drive on Saturday to raise funds for their activities. Contact Carla Lowther at 250-785-7425 or, for pick up of bottles from people’s houses. • Dec. 5: Fort St. John North Peace Museum’s Christmas Tea. Enjoy museum admission, goodies, and tea for only $5.00. Come see the Museum decorated for Christmas and savour delicious home-baked goods. North Peace Historical Society Members receive 10% off most gift shop items. This event takes place on Wednesday 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Fort St. John North Peace Museum (9323 100th Street). Call 250-787-0430 for more information.

Pouce Coupe

• Dec. 7: Truck Light Parade and Food Drive. 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Cost of admission and food is by donation. Please bring non-perishable foods for the Salvation Army Christmas Hampers.

month we have a guest speaker and we share lunch. (cost by donation). Anyone who is visually impaired or who cares about someone with vision difficulties is welcome to attend. For further information please call Kathy 782-7539 or Margaret 782-3221. • If you know how to visit with a friend, you already have the skills required to be a CASI Friendly Visitor volunteer! There are seniors in Dawson Creek right now who would like to have a friend come and visit them and perhaps take them to doctor’s appointments or shopping. Can you spare an hour or two a week to visit a senior? Call CASI (Community Action for Seniors’ Independence) today. 250-782-1138 ext. 228, email or visit the website at • Mile 0 Quilt Guild meets every Tuesday and Thursday at 7 p.m., Studio 10 at KPAC. Come join us for sewing, fun and friendship. Contact Gloria at 250 786 5597. for more info. • Alcoholics Anonymous - meets Mon., Tues., Fri., & Sat., 8 p.m. at Peace River Health Unit. Wed. 8 p.m. Hospital Education Room. All meetings are open. • Mile 0 Al-Anon meets 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. every Thursday evening at the Health Unit, Dawson Creek. • Dawson Creek Toastmasters meets every Thursday at 7pm at Farmer’s Advocacy Office 1032 103 Ave (Front door on 11 st.) Contact Heather at 250-784-5700 or 780-353-3050.

Fort Nelson

• The Community Market is held at the Westend Campground every Saturday except on long weekends. For more info or a vendor package please contact Jaylene Arnold at (250) 7742541 or Audrey Reynolds (250) 774-6574.

Pouce Coupe

• Youth Drop-In at Pouce Coupe Community Church Annex (the old Pouce library). Saturday nights 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Ages 13 to 17.


• Alcoholics Anonymous meets Tuesday and Friday at 8 p.m. at the Public Library, 5012 46 Street. If you think you might have a problem with drinking, come to an AA meeting. Call for times and places or someone to talk to, phone 788-9658 or 788-1100

Tumbler Ridge

• Tumbler Ridge’s self-employed women will receive six months of free personal business monitoring beginning this October at no charge. If you are a self-employed woman in their first three years of operation, or partially operate a business, contact Sara Cooper at the Women’s Enterprise Centre at 1-800-643-7014 ext. 104 or Mila Lansdowne by e-mail at or (250) 242-3389. Registration is required.


• Civil Air Search and Rescue (CASARA) meetings every second Tuesday at the Taylor Fire Hall at 7 p.m. For information call Bob at 250-789-9152 or 250-787-5802.







139 @ 6.19%



for 72 months with $2,900 down payment. Offer includes $4,750 Manufacturer Rebate and $1,650 freight and air tax.


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DBC_121176_LB_RAM_HD_BONUS.indd 1

November 22, 2012



215 @ 4.49









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Ram 2500 Crew Cab Laramie 4x4 shown.§

2012 RAM 2500 CREW CAB SXT 4X4 •



• 5.7 L HEMI® V8 engine • Heavy-duty engine cooling • 4- and 7-pin trailer tow wiring harness • Front and rear heavy-duty shock absorbers • 17-inch chrome-clad wheels • Fog lamps • SiriusXMTM Satellite Radio (includes one year of service)








11/16/12 6:42 PM

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November 22, 2012

Northeast NEWS

and Fort Nelson’s Best Rocks 102.3 FM



Saturday, March 9, 2013 By Phone at 1.877.339.8499 • in person at Tiger Box Office Plus and Dawson Co-Op High Performance Ticket Outlet HQFDQD ^^^[OLWPURÅV`KL_WLYPLUJLUL[

Garage Size: 14’x32’x8’ = $6000 14’x28’x8’ = $5500 14’x24’x8’ = $5000 Wide Load Pilot Included



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Tickets available Friday, November 23, 2012

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November 22, 2012

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November 22, 2012

When it comes to the


Jill Earl photo

MP Bob Zimmer is surrounded by his constituents and supporters while celebrating the official opening of his Dawson Creek office.

MP Zimmer opens office in Dawson Creek


30 GB



By Jill Earl

for just $5 more per month*

DAWSON CREEK - MP Bob Zimmer celebrated the grand opening of his Dawson Creek office on 10th Street with many of his supporters on Nov. 13. Zimmer was glad to return to his birthplace last week and even happier to be able to serve his constituents in Dawson Creek. Zimmer said that he had hoped to open an office here when he ran for Member of Parliament in 2011 but felt he couldn’t commit to it without looking at the budget first. “It’s great to be back in Dawson…I did want to open an office here, I originally wanted to even during the campaign. I wanted to say that was my plan but I didn’t know what we’d have for money and if it was possible, but realized it was and here we are,” he said. Zimmer felt that opening an office in Dawson Creek would recognize the city as a significant part of his riding, which covers approximately 237,174km2 with an estimated population of over 70, 000. He felt that an office in the city was important because residents in the area were being inconvenienced by having to go to Fort St. John to talk to him or access his office’s services. “That gets to be challenging when you see some of the seniors and they come with issues and they have to travel a couple of hours just to talk to the MP, so for that it’s nicer to be able to serve them here…It was something that I saw that the people of Dawson Creek need access to service they deserve,” Zimmer said. The office will be open every Tuesday from

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Rick Noble Installations 1.855.869.5138 Andrew’s Computer Service 1.855.881.8370

10 a.m. to 5 p.m. to help constituents with passport, immigration, employment insurance issues and other matters that fall under the federal jurisdiction, but Zimmer said he is open to meet with people concerning any issue. The office will share Zimmer’s staff in Fort St. John; the Fort St. John office will now be closed every Tuesday to accommodate Dawson Creek’s opening. “If the need rises, we’re getting a lot of volume that we need to open another day then we’ll do that… I can see moving to two days, but we’ll see when the demand builds,” said Zimmer about the potential to increase hours at the D.C. office. Zimmer also has offices in Prince George and Ottawa, and usually gets to spend one week every five weeks back in his Prince GeorgePeace River riding. He hopes to spend at least one day a month at his Dawson Creek office, allowing for more face-to-face meeting with people in the city. “We’re always just a phone call away…I’ll often talk to people when I’m in Ottawa…faceto-face is even better,” Zimmer said. He defends the decision to fund a new office and encourages anyone interested to make an appointment to meet with him. “When you look at taxpayer’s money and taxpayers, they pay taxes because they expect service. For me to at least offer this service in Dawson Creek so they don’t have to go and travel and basically get that service is something that I think is important and that’s why we’re doing it,” he said.



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NTL 4GSAT admat 11/2012


Jill Earl photo

Left: Rotarian Dale Campell received the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal last week from MP Bob Zimmer as well as Dawson Creek city councillor Shaely Wilbur (right photo).

Northeast NEWS

November 22, 2012

““Proudly S Sponsors the North and South Peace SPCA” FEATURE PET

Charleston Consider an older pet when looking to add to your family. There are many benefits to adopting an older pet. They are more settled, they are housetrained, their personalities are developed and you’ll know just how big they will be. Oral health affects overall health. Imagine not EVER brushing your teeth and what that would lead to in your mouth. Make sure to brush your pet’s teeth daily or provide them with safe and appropriate treats and products to help keep their teeth clean and healthy. Parvovirus is out there. This highly contagious virus affects unvaccinated puppies and young dogs. Symptoms start off with the puppy becoming lethargic, followed by vomiting and eventually bloody diarrhea. This disease, if left untreated, can be fatal, but it is preventable with vaccinations. Making sure your pet has a permanent form of ID greatly increases the chance of you being reunited if “Fluffy” goes missing. ID tattoos in the ear and microchips are two forms of ID offered in this area.

A beautiful, friendly 4 year old Birman mix that was found in a rather tangled predicament in the Montney area. After being cut loose and having his wound taken care of, he is now searching for a purrfect home.

Please Take Me Home for the Holidays Santa, please don’t forget me this Christmas... The South Peace BCSPCA is looking for foster families for the holidays. Food and supplies are provided ~ You just need to add your love. Please sign up today Because nobody should be alone at Christmas 637-144th Ave ~ 250-782-2444

Yes. There really is a snow monster! Inland Chrysler is pleased to introduce K2 Snowplows All plows come with electric winch, skid shoes, markers, scraper blade and deflector. All plows mounted on castors that allow for easy installataion

Simple to Operate – K2 Snowplow slides in and out of a Class 3, 2” receiver tube+. It comes with a wireless remote winch to control for easy up and down snow control. Castor wheels allow you to easily attach or remove the plow in seconds. Simple to Control Snow – Plow comes with a unique angle directing design. This allows you to angle snow in 3 different directions. You can direct on either side at a 45 degree angle or straight ahead. It’s all in your hands. Simple to Transport and Store – The plow design allows you to transport using your rear receiver tube. Just use the locking mechanism and you can bring the plow wherever you go. With locking caster wheels, plow can be moved and stored in seconds. Just drop the wheels and slide wherever you want to store. Wireless Remote Control Winch – You will be able to safely direct FREE snow from the comfort of your driver seat This is a feature found Wireless Remote!! on expensive plow systems but we can offer this to you on every K2 Snowplow.


Chrysler Jeep 11600 8 Street, Dawson Creek

Toll Free 1-800-808-7844



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Choose from 3 great models! 82”x19” , 84”x22”, 88”x26” from


*All plows require 2” front receiver which is sold separately and not included in price. Check with order desk for applications and pricing.

Take me home for the holidays Crush







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November 22, 2012

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TVs! 5499




80” AQUOS Quattron 3DTV

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Fort St. John, BC

10052-100 Ave. (250)


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Online Edition of the Northeast News for November 22, 2012


Online Edition of the Northeast News for November 22, 2012