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Northeast NEWS

November 17, 2011

Dawson Creek candidates: Trina Commandeur, Doug Ragan, David MacDonald, Shaely Wilbur, Duncan Malkinson, Trevor Allaby, Terry McFadyen, Linda Winfield, Sue Kenny, Cheryl Shuman, Raymond Fromme, James Bridges, and Cory Longley.

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Jill Earl photo

D.C forum concentrates on water, FairShare, health, and seniors

Make Your Vote Count

By Jill Earl

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“I feel very strongly that we here in Dawson Creek, we have to rally together and defend our share of it...and we have to have more of it to,” Winfield said. Some candidates, like James Bridges and Longley believe it is their responsibly to ensure the City is spending it on the right investments. “The way that I see FairShare is that we do have to lead by example, and this money should be, I believe spent on investments that are going to last for a significant amount of time,” said Longley. Trevor Allaby would prefer eliminating the reliance on FairShare altogether, stating that the City would have no bargaining power come 2020. “FairShare is a great idea, but we really have no bargaining power to demand FairShare...we need to eliminate our reliance upon FairShare,” Allaby said. Terry McFadyen reminds that most of the bargaining is already currently being done. “Negotiations are already happening through the Regional District and the various municipalities...right now FairShare is just a memorandum of what we’re really going to work hard for is to get it enshrined in legislation,” said McFadyen. All candidates recognized the need for health care options, stating that they need to advocate to higher levels of government for improvements. “It is not City Council’s job to provide health care or nursing homes or any type of those things, it’s the province and the feds that provide those services. So our job...that we advocate to them and say our community needs more,” said Shuman. Sue Kenny and McFayden also encouraged the audience to get involved by writing letters to local MLA’s and Ministers about the health care problems in Dawson Creek. “We do have to advocate...but everybody in this room is responsible to write letters to your MLA and to write letters to your MPs,” said Kenny. MacDonald and Wilbur said that the City needs to form relationships with colleges to attract more young doctors here. “The best thing that we can do as councillors would be to try and make sure we’re at some of these colleges or university’s that are having graduating classes, are we there advocating for ourselves,” MacDonald said. Candidates were also asked if they supported upgrades to the airport. While an airport sustainability plan is currently in the works by an outside planning company, many candidates stated that they would wait for the final report to be published before making a decision. “There was a consolidating report done recently...we need to wait because they have done much work...and so let’s wait and see what happens, and then we can tackle this,” said Raymond Fromme. Commandeur, MacDonald, and Longley suggested partnering with industry, believing that it is local businesses and industry that would be the majority of users and that they should share in the upgrades. “If industry is interested in using our airport, then I support upgrades that need to be done For a relocation or retirement to it but I do believe that they information package simply should be sharing in the cost,” contact us at: said Commandeur. 1-888-672-4426 or (780) 678-3025 No matter the outcome of 5204 - 50 Ave. Saturday’s polls, these candiCamrose, AB, T4V 0S8 dates have the best interest of Email: the taxpayer at heart and hope Valerie King to represent them to the best of The City of Camrose is a proud member of the Battle River Alliance their ability. for Economic Development -

DAWSON CREEK- The Dawson Creek Chamber of Commerce held an all candidates forum Monday, Nov. 7. All councillor candidates were welcome to join, giving them an opportunity to win supporters in a two minute opening speech, one minute closing speech, and one minute answers to audience questions. It was apparent that the time allotted was not enough for some candidates, as many were interrupted by the timing buzzer during their answers. Though many questions deserved long, complicated answers, time had to be cut short and answers kept general due to the thirteen candidates participating. All, but Miles Mortensen and Charlie Parslow attended. Parslow had to leave the country due to a family emergency. As time was limited, few audience questions were allowed, they concerned; a new water source, FairShare, health care for seniors, and airport upgrades. All candidates supported the City working towards drawing water from another source. Doug Ragan, David MacDonald, Shealy Wilbur, and Corey Longley suggested the City use the studies that they have already completed to make a decision towards which source would be most appropriate. Wilbur and Longley also suggested a possible partnership with business to help complete the decided project. “With the large companies that are here that are actually in the heart of our watershed, you divide that by five or six, it gets pretty cheap for them, so I think that if we talk to the right people we could have a new water line. We need a new water line, and it’s not one of those issues that we say ‘oh it’s getting late’, we need to look at it right now,” said Wilbur. Trevor Allaby believes that industry should pay for the entire project. “I just think that we should have industry supplying their own water. They can build a pipeline, they have billions of dollars, it keeps the taxpayer happy and it puts some commitment from the industry back into the community,” said Allaby. Coun. Cheryl Shuman insists that council and past councils have been working on the issue for a long time. “We have to just get out there and make a decision and get something’s just a matter of getting the money and getting it done,” said Shuman. Questions posed to candidates also asked them to consider their current role in the FairShare program. FairShare grants municipalities funds in lieu of taxing oil and gas companies. Trina Commandeur, MacDonald, Wilbur, and Linda Winfield agreed that the City needs to renegotiate with the province, and lobby government for more money.

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Northeast NEWS

November 17, 2011

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Left: Bernice Marshall and Doreen Holmes were two election assistant volunteers at the first advanced polling on Nov. 9 at the Pomeroy Sport Centre. By 8 p.m. when it closed over 200 votes were casted. A second advanced polling was held on Nov. 16, and general voting is this Saturday, Nov. 19.




They’re waiting for your vote on November 19, 2011 Kyla Corpuz photo

Mayoral candidates take the forefront By Kyla Corpuz

FORT ST. JOHN – Before the all-candidates meeting and in front of a much smaller crowd than the all-candidates meeting, the three mayoral candidates hit the forefront for debate. It was the first time Lori Ackerman, Don Irwin and Mike Murray went up against each other in a public debate. The candidates were asked to weigh in on their thoughts about Fort St. John’s continual growth within the coming years. Irwin said the city needed to remain a well-planned, wellstrategized community by being proactive, promoting Fort St. John and preparing for new business by being more “business friendly”. Murray was concerned with the boom and bust cycle and said with the city’s previous experience, planning ahead was essential. “If the economy slows down, I’ve seen it too much before …


FSJ City Council

the city carrying too much debt, too many projects,” said Murray. “We have to build an environment that encourages people to stay, an environment that’s stable.” Ackerman listed the airport as an area of concern. “We need to ensure that we’ve got more Alberta-bound flights and we need to lower the cost of those flights … it’s impacting the ability to recruit trained, skilled workers.” She added affordable market housing for young and new people as another issue to address. The three also gave their stance on city taxes and the upcoming budget as well as how they want Fort St. John to look like in three to six years. The Chamber of Commerce hosted the debate on Nov. 9. On Nov. 19, voting ballots will be open at the Pomeroy Sport Centre from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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Lori Ackerman

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Northeast NEWS

November 17, 2011


Larry Evans For Dedicated Service to the Community of Fort St. John

Jill Earl photo

40 wreaths were laid at the Dawson Creek Remembrance Day service.

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Legion Chaplain, Capt. Francie Lee introduces a Remembrance Day video with war footage and pictures.

ELECT Linda Nielsen for School Board Trustee

Make Your Vote Count!

Jill Earl photo

Honourable Royal Lady, Helen Hansen, laid a wreath on behalf of the Order of the Royal Purple.

I believe in our city and I believe the people in this city are what makes it as great as it is. I would be honored with the opportunity to be the voice for the people, and do my best at all times without a question acting in the citizens best interest in my second term as city councillor for Fort St. John. We need to not only look at the Fort St. John of today, we need to look at the Fort St. John of tomorrow. What we spend frivolously on today, may have a worse impact on our children than we’ll ever get to know.

Vote smart,! Accomplishments -Successful opening, operation and naming rights of the Pomeroy Sports Center. -Roll out of the new city wide curbside automated garaged removal saving tax money. -Extended trail systems for a healthier Fort St. John with more alternatives to year round activities. -Fiscal responsibility with and average of only 0.8 percent tax increase over three years while offering maximum services. -Kid’s Arena offering the cities first and only indoor turf for soccer, football, rugby, lacrosse and more. -open, accountable and transparent government by the people...for the people.

Northeast NEWS

November 17, 2011

Page 5

Meeting Taylor’s candidates By Kyla Corpuz

FSJ’s all-candidates forum By Kyla Corpuz

FORT ST. JOHN – Campaign flyers, T-shirts that read Vote for ______, and voter pins were sprawled throughout the Pomeroy Hotel ballroom where the second, and last all-candidates forum was held. The Chamber of Commerce hosted the event. Residents filed into the ballroom on Nov. 9 to get a taste of who their councillor and mayoral candidates are for this civic election. It began with opening remarks as candidates introduced themselves. As it got time to the question period, there was an overall agreement as to whether or not the HandyDART would be taken seriously by new council. And that response was, ‘yes’. Many called it an “essential service,” and a “priority,” but that the issue wasn’t just something that could be dealt with at the municipal level, but the provincial level as well. The controversial Site C found its way into the discussion, as one resident asked the candidates to give their personal opinion on it. Of the mayoral candidates, Mike Murray was against it because of the potential cost, “Financially it just makes no sense to put that dam in.” Rather he said the hefty price tag on the proposed Site C dam could be better used for co-generation plants. Don Irwin agreed with the environmental aspect stating that there were better alternatives to source energy and said he was against Site C. But added that as a current member of council he was impartial to the issue. Lori Ackerman answered the question from a council perspective. “As a council member we don’t have the luxury of one single perspective.” Instead she said the role of council was to mitigate the impacts to the community to ensure that if the project went through, that the community has “the best deal that it can possibly get”. No new candidates had the chance to answer, as the question period moved along. However, everybody did give his or her two cents on the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. All but one didn’t sign the contract. Irwin was the lone wolf in the pack as he committed to introducing the CTF Bylaw if elected. Much like the all-candidate forum hosted by the Arts Council, many of the current incumbents were heard from more so than the new candidates. The new candidates really got their time to express their views and showcase their platforms during the three minutes of opening and closing remarks. Voting polls open this Saturday, Nov. 19 at the Pomeroy Sport Centre from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m.


TAYLOR – Taylor’s all-candidates forum was a chance for the public to meet new and existing incumbents. The forum was held at the Peace Community Church on Nov. 7. Pastor Wally Pohlmann moderated the evening. Pohlmann emphasized that the forum was not a debate to target the candidates, rather it was an opportunity for the public to get a feel for who was running for council in their district. The current councillors: George Barber, David Bigcharles, Brad Filmer and Betty Ponto, all noted projects they established in recent years like the golf course and street paving, but added more work still needs to be done. The fresh faces of the bunch, Rick Kolter, Hope Pelletier and Brent Taillefer, got the chance to formally introduce themselves to the crowd of about 30 that came out. Right away, the new candidates were asked what their previous experience with local governments and municipal bylaws were. Taillefer said he had experience talking to “lots” of politicians, adding that he was “openminded,” and wanted to know the facts before delving into an issue. Pelletier admitted that if elected, there would be a learning curve, but said her current line of work requires her to follow principles and said she talked to former councillors about working on bylaws. Kolter said he “knows a lot of bylaws,” and like the others, has talked to different councillor and mayoral candidates. Road safety became a popular topic, as one audience member asked the candidates what they thought about traffic lights at the bottom of the Taylor hill to make left turns safer. Continued on Page 12.

University of Northern British Columbia Peace River-Liard Region

Public Information Sessions BACHELOR OF SOCIAL WORK PROGRAM UNBC will be offering an intake into the Bachelor of Social Work Program for Fort St. John/Dawson Creek for Fall 2012 and will be holding an information session:

UNBC will be offering an intake into the Bachelor of Social Work Program for Fort St. John/Dawson Creek for Fall 2012 and will be holding an following information session:

Fort St. John: Wednesday, Nov. 23/11 6:00 pm UNBC Northern Lights College Room 202

Dawson Creek: Thursday, Nov. 24/11 6:00 pm Northern Lights College Room 12.07 (Adult Development Building)

Anyone wishing further information are encouraged to attend one of the information sessions in either Fort St. John or Dawson Creek.

Reference Number: IVMP-2011/16 Murphy Oil Company Ltd. (Murphy) has undertaken the development of a IVMP for the purpose of controlling industrial vegetaon and noious eeds using the principles of integrated pest management including cultural mechanical and chemical. This 5 year plan ill cover all sites operated by Murphy ithin part of the Peace River District groups 93-P-9 93-P-10 Tonship 77 78 Range 16 17 and 18. The pracce of integrated vegetaon management under this plan includes ground only applicaons ith a backpack and ick boom and/or boomless nozzle spraying equipment of the folloing herbicides: A I

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A I

Ta Nam

A I

24-D mine 600

24-D mine 600




Ta Nam Mecoprop

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26-D Ester 700


Banvel II


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cec cid










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Garlon Ultra





 dra copy of the IVMP and associated maps of the proposed treatment areas may be eamined in detail at the folloing address: Murphy Oil Company Ltd. 10218 10th Street Dason Creek BC V1G 3T4  person ishing to contribute informaon about a proposed treatment site relevant to the development of the IVMP may send copies of the informaon to the applicant at the address above ithin 30 days of the publicaon of this noce.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Betty Powers either by phone or email at: Telephone: 1-250-787-6220 or Tollfree: 1-800-935-2270 or Email:

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November 17, 2011

Northeast NEWS


Have you voted yet ?

Words of Opinion by Brent Hodson By the time you read this, there would have been 2 advance polls already where you could have voted. The general election day is on Saturday, November 19 and I urge you to vote. Vote for your councillors, your mayors, your school trustee’s, your regional district representatives and if you live in Fort St. John, the fluoride referendum question. Did you know that you don’t have to vote for 6 councillors, you can vote for only 1 if your choose to with a maximum of 6 votes. That number changes depending on what community you live in, but I hope you get the idea. Voting can be easy as well. Once you find out where your polling station (found on most local government websites), all you need is a few pieces of identification to prove who you are and where you live. Another rule is how long have you lived in your municipality. The election rules state that you are eligible to vote in a local election as a resident elector if you: • are 18 years of age or older on general voting day; • are a Canadian citizen; • have lived in British Columbia for at least six months before you register to vote; • have lived in the municipality, regional district electoral area, school district, or Islands Trust area where you intend to vote for at least 30 days before you register to vote; and, • are not disqualified by the Local Government Act, any other Act, or the Courts from voting in a local election. It can be a simple process and depedning on what time of the day you go, you may find it to be quite fast as well. I hope to see you out on Saturday voting.

Vote wisely, Fort St. John. Our future depends on it. By Andrew Tylosky Fort St. John City Council elections are now a few days away. It’s time for Fort St. John to choose the Mayor and City Council that will lead us through the next three years. I think the next three years are going to be the most important and formative in Fort St. John’s history. It’s important that Fort St. John residents choose their next mayor and council carefully. The leaders we choose over the next three years are going to be representing our interests through a number of potential minefields of both opportunity and challenges that lay ahead. Fort St. John is a bit like an awkward teenager right now. We don’t quite know what we want to be when we grow up, but we know that the world is our oyster if we want it to be. We have opportunities and challenges coming at us from every direction, and we need to make sure that we’re able to deal with these opportunities to the best of our advantage. The next three years will bring forward decisions on the Site C dam, major retail developments, housing develops and further growth in the oil and gas industry, as well as the continued development of our knowledge economy. Fort St. John can’t be a push-over in the process – we need to squeeze every ounce of opportunity possible out of the freight train that’s headed our way. And so, the citizens of Fort St. John are faced with a decision to make about the leaders that will guide us through the coming opportunities. We’ve just come out of a dark period in our community where our reputation has been dragged through the mud. I’d venture to say the self-

confidence of our community is at an all time low. We feel like we’ve been kicked in the gut and that we don’t measure up. I’m a proud life-long resident and a business owner in Fort St. John. I live here because I see the potential, the hope and the drive of our citizens and our business owners to be all that we can be. The energy of the Energetic City is unlike anywhere else, but I can’t help but be discouraged on some level with the representation and the reputation our community has earned over the past few years. Juvenile antics have eclipsed the real issues. We deserve better and we know it. The future of Fort St. John is bright, if we want it to be. In order to capitalize on this bright future, we need leaders that understand and can represent our interests on the local, provincial and national stage. The activity in Northeastern BC is powering the province and to a major extent, we’re powering the Country. The shale gas and mineral potential of Northeastern BC is catching the eye of the world’s energy producers and investors. We need leaders that are committed, connected and pro-activly working towards our interests. We don’t need to put “nice people” in the driver’s seat that fail to grasp the entire picture. In 10 years from now, Fort St. John may be close to double our current population. Who has a plan and vision to deal with these growth pressures and capitalize on them? We’re on the brink of greatness and we need to choose leaders on November 19th that grasp this potential and can lead us through the challenges and opportunities ahead. The onus is on the residents and taxpayers of Fort St. John to ask the

hard questions of the candidates, and make sure that you vote for candidates that are progressive, open minded and intelligent. We’re not a small hick town anymore, folks. We’re a progressive, leading municipality that is powering the economy. It’s about time that we be recognized as such. Compare what’s happening up here the 30-year 8 billion dollar ship building contract given to ship yards in the lower mainland. That’s 8 billion dollars over 30 years. In 2008, 7.9 Billion dollars in capital was spent by the energy industry in BC. The hard truth is that Northeastern BC is punching well above our weight, and its time we be recognized for the contribution we make. When you’re choosing who to vote for, ask serious questions of the candidates. Who has the connections and the relationships to move our community forward? Who has the track record of fighting for our interests in the regional, provincial and national level? Who has actually has argued and fought for records and decisions of council to be made open and pubic? Which candidates want to move our community forward while at the same time ensuring that we’re growing responsibly and sustainably? Ask yourself, when a candidate claims to bring integrity, trust, ethics and experience, does their record back that up? Do they know what they’re talking about? It is up to you, voters of Fort St. John to do your research and find out before you cast your vote. Talk is cheap, but action takes determination and tenacity to follow through. I’m not sure that all candidates meet that test. Vote wisely, Fort St. John. Our future depends on it • 9909-100 Avenue, Fort St. John, BC V1J 1Y4 • Phone toll free 1-877-787-7030 • Phone: 250-787-7030 • Fax: 250-787-7090 Email: • • • • 1220B 103 Avenue, Dawson Creek, V1G 2G9 • Phone: 250-782-7060 • Fax: 250-782-7066 •

Brenda Piper Publisher / Sales Manager

Brent Hodson Associate Publisher

Lisa MacElheren Sales

Kristine Budac Sales

Evelyne Brown Administration

Kyla Corpuz Reporter

Jill Earl Reporter

The Northeast News retains complete and sole copyright of any content, including stories, photographs and advertisements published in the Northeast News. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission or consent from the publisher is strictly prohibited.

Northeast NEWS

Candidate Info - Fort St. John

Mayor Candidates: Name: Lori Ackerman Occupation: Executive Director, Sci-Tech North Community involvement (top three only): Scouts Canada; Personal Disaster Assistance (ESS); United Way Number of years you have lived in the city that you are running in: 23 What do you want Fort St. John to look like in three years? A leader among communities that is financially sustainable; safe and welcoming with a strong local economy. What issue(s) in the city/district need(s) to be addressed?: 1. We need to build a safe and welcoming community. • Work with our key emergency response agencies to ensure that we have the ability to respond. • Work with youth and youth groups so that our youth are safe and consider FSJ to be a place to plant their roots. • Work with youth and senior groups and consider FSJ to be a place to be their community of choice. • Celebrate cultural diversity with those who chose FSJ to be their new home 2. Council must create a proactive plan to grow our local economy • Take a hard look at our economic development climate and ensuring that those who live and invest in our community are a part of the dialogue. • Meet regularly with our major industries and together with SD60, NLC and UNBC work on a workforce enhancement strategy. • We need to ensure our Airport and other key transportation infrastructure are used to its highest use. 3. Council must ensure Fort St John maintains a strong financial position • Ensure that this is a philosophy we live by. • Investments in community are considered carefully and debated fully. • Welcome any recommendations from Auditors to create a better community for our future. What are your personal goals? I will reposition Fort St John to be a leader among communities • Continue to be a hard working, proud and respected Fort St John advocate to those in and outside our community. • Ensure that Fort St John is top of mind when the Province is seeking input • Build a community that you are proud to call “Home”. Other comments: I work hard. I work with innovative entrepreneurs as an economic development practitioner. My network of resources is immense and I offer my knowledge, connections and skills to you as your Mayor. My understanding of community economic develop-

November 17, 2011 ment and my skills with negotiations are needed by this City to face the impacts of growth that we face. Website: Phone number and or email: 250-787-8458 Name: Don Irwin Occupation: Semi - Retired Community involvement (top three only): City Council, Pool Commission, and Christian Life Centre Church Board Number of years you have lived in the city that you are running in: Eight What do you want Fort St. John to look like in three years? • A well planned and developed community of healthy families and business friendly that is safe, accessible and inclusive. What issue(s) in the city/district need(s) to be addressed? • Make our downtown more prosperous and safe. • Re-establish crime prevention programs to make the whole community safer and reduce crime • Reduce the cost of air travel to FSJ • Control spending and taxes • Promote FSJ to attract workers and their families and new businesses and industry • Continue planning FSJ with citizen participation and involvement at every level • Affordable Housing • Seniors Housing What are your personal goals? • Be a Mayor who is pro – actively accessible and open to the public e.g. by talk shows, Town Hall meetings, social media, news columns, interviews etc... • Be a Full Time Mayor who has no other work commitments • To visit every home and business to introduce myself and hear the issues that face our citizens and businesses during the Election Campaign • To continue visits to residents and businesses during the term of Mayor. • To be a positive Role Model as Mayor for our Community • To continue to build good working relationships with the Regional District, other Municipalities in NE BC, and in the Provincial and Federal Governments. • To continue to build relations with First Nations communities around FSJ Other comments: • Family (Married to Carolyn for 38 years), 4 children, 5 grandchildren, (2 sons and 4 grandchildren in FSJ), and Christian Faith are life priorities. • Work Experience in Municipal Recreation including Supt. of Recreation and Education – School Principal. • Three university degrees including a Master of Science in Ex-

Page 7

ercise Physiology and a BC Teachers Certificate Website: Phone number and or email: (250) 785 0704 home / Name: Mike Murray My opponents have both demonstrated a willingness to abandon City Council, attempting to move on to higher levels of government. Both have tried and failed. They lost political races to Pat Pimm and Bob Zimmer and are now using City Council as a default career choice. I am running for mayor to make FSJ a better place. I’m not using City Council as a stepping stone to a “better place”. I want to be a good leader not a good politician. I’ve seen many changes in Fort St. John since 1969. We’ve had boom/bust cycles that caused many businesses to fail. When that happened, I had opportunities to “move up by leaving but didn’t. This is my home. We need to change the political stance. We need more teamwork and less superstar thinking in local government. Also, conversations with citizens suggest Council has lost touch with them. Many believe their voices are not being heard and have quit taking part in the democratic process. We need to change that and engage the people who are paying the way. I have real world experience around Ft St John. I know what happens on a drilling rig; I know what a Cat does in the bush; I know what a lease looks like before, during, and after it’s used. I know the pressure of throwing bales in the fall, always watching the weather, and what forty below actually feels like when skidding logs. I’ve managed and owned successful businesses. I’m semi-retired and now have the time to dedicate myself to City Hall. I am like most Canadians on the political spectrum. I have no political ties. I believe those who need help should get it but also believe those who spend other people’s money shouldn’t do it recklessly. It has been too long since our City conducted a spending and operational audit. An audit would be an early order of business when I am elected. We need to get spending and taxation under control. More information can be found on my web site: Vote Mike Murray for Mayor! Councillor Candidates: Name: Trevor Bolin Occupation: Businessman Community involvement (top three only): City Councilor, Trevor Bolin Continuing Education Scholarship Continued on Page 21

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February 17, November 17,2011 2011

FEEDBACK Time for a portfolio check-up

NLC president bids farewell

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By The Investors Group staff, and has been very maintaining – a in portfolio with a mixThe of Editor: ableimportantly, to recruit experienced leaders many departments. PEACE Your personal health is important investments across the of with financial team members are exceptional andthree I haveprincipal been proudtypes to work them. The past five and a half years in the Peace REGION Country as–President and CEO of leadership Further, the clarity of the(cash, College's vision is attracting experienced professionals Northern Lights College have beentovery fulfilling. you. That’s why you have periodic check-ups, follow assets fixed-income vehicles and equities) that whoexercise, want to contribute to an organization that "knows where going". The potential I noted for NLCyour whendoctor’s I decidedrecommendations to apply for this position is and on diet balance risk, create diversification, andit iswill deliver the It also has been gratifying to collaborate on Dual Credit programming with local evolving and becoming a reality. The addition your medications. Your Energy financial School life isDistricts, also long-term returns you need to financial goals. industry, Aboriginal agencies andreach otheryour post-secondary partners ofand the take Centre of Excellence for Clean important to you. That’s why you should periodically • Diversification is always the right way to go –toeven ALL havetoa Technologies in Dawson Creek, combined with through Northern Opportunities. The Peace Region is very fortunate Peace River perform a portfolio check-up and follow this prescription the point of looking beyond Canadian markets. International group of exceptional leaders committed to expanding the scope of this program the Jim Kassen Industry Training Centre/ Oil SHAREHOLDERS Seed Co-op Ltd. the worddon’t on thealways benefitsfollow of this Canadian innovative or educational initiative. and Centre ofits Excellence for Gas maintaining health. in Fort St. John, and to spreading markets U.S. patterns. By Congratulates I have been very impressed by the passion for learning these leaders bring to the allows Northern Lights College to fulfil its brand Why a check-up? For two very good reasons: adding foreign investments to your portfolio, you can lessen Investors Group is one of the table, but also for their continuing commitment to finding learning solutions for the as B.C.'s Energy College™. largest financial services companies Denean Arntson, CFP • One,is the value of investment in your portfolio volatility and add the opportunity for enhanced returns. in the country. For over 80 years, youth of the region. NLC committed to each providing the skilled Investors Group has been a pioneer Financial Consultant will change overexpanding time as industrial a result sectors of fluctuations • Balance is support the key. Experts and study after study agree Overin theits years, I have received and encouragement from local politicians, workers for these in providing personalized financial Arntson, CFP #233, 10704 97 Ave. planning solutions. Today, we tors Group Congratulates including: Senator Richard Neufeld, the former Minister of Energy, Mines and and supporting the economic development of market value. By periodically rebalancing your portfolio, that a balanced portfolio strategy is best over the longer Consultant manage over $52 billion in mutual February 23,Fort 2011 • 1:30pm St. John, BC V1J 6L7 fund assets for nearly a million Petroleum Resources; Jay Hill, former Member of Parliament for Prince Georgethe region. Given the scope of the industrial you’ll get it back on track to reaching your financial goals. term. Avoid chasing ‘winners’ and quickly dumping Canadians. Investors Group is one of the Ph:Community 250-785-4312 Fax: Rycroft Hall250-785-2344 expansion in our region, a major part of my Peace River; Blair Lekstrom, MLA for Peace River South and former Minister of Investors Group Financial Services Inc. largest financial services companies • Two, your financial situation and goals change over ‘losers’. If you do that, your portfolio is bound to become Email: 5208 - 47th Avenue #233 10704 97 Avenue role at the College was to build capacity Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources; and Pat Pimm, MLA for Peace River in the country. For over 80 years, Greywest Office Building 2344 Rycroft, AB TOH 3A0 RRSPS • INVESTMENTS • INSURANCE time and that means probablyNorth. needsAnd to beI would seriously Investors Group has been a pioneer rthern like tounbalanced. acknowledge the exceptional municipal and regional through– partnerships withyour otherportfolio post-secondary Fort St. John, BC cation>BC, office, n, Financial in providing personalized financial Agenda: V1J 6L7 Title> in • RESPS • MORTGAGES Financial Planrevamped to meet your evolving needs. • Rebalance toand match your tolerance for risk. optimal leadership provided by the Chiefs Band Councils, Mayors andYour Councils, and institutions and industry, and to ensure that Ph: 250 785 4312 rsert designation ANCE • MORTGAGES 1) To receive the financial statements of the Association for the financial Denean Arntson, CFP planning solutions. Today, we rs Standards• RESPS TM Trademark owned by IGM Financial Inc. and licensed to its subsidiary corporations. Email: hoto ouncil. year end. St. John office. Regional Districtasset Boards.mix I wasdepends impressedon by the quality of income leadershipexpectations, demonstrated funding provided by the government supports Financial Consultant Mortgage manage over $52through billion inInvestment mutualManagement Ltd., Investors Group When to check-up? You get statements from your your age, products are offered I.G. ere n is recognized 2) To elect Directors of the Association. fund for nearly Trust Co. Ltd.assets is a trust company licenseda tomillion lend money in all jurisdictions in Canada. Clients is recogby members oil and gas and renewable energy to all the breadth and depth needed programming. egrity. To gain 3) To appoint an auditor of the Association. bank, mutual fundofinvestments, registered plans, stockof the retirement dreams and much moreindustries. – and it Thank shouldyou contain l integrity. To Canadians. with mortgage inquiries will be referred to an Investors Group Mortgage Planning Specialhieved a high 4) To transact such other business, if any, as may properly come before high level of for being willing to work with Northern Lights College on joint planning that I knew Northern Lights College was a "classy" ist. Insurance products and services distributed through I.G. Insurance Services Inc. Insurance al, ceinsurance and tax the meeting. purchaseswhen and sales, andperson your other investments. Review investments that allow you to sleep comfortably at night. <Primary phone> esible bestclient possible Group Financial ServicesCompany. Inc. licenseInvestors sponsored by The Great-West Life Assurance benefits the region. institution the first to welcome <Toll free> #233 <email 10704 address>97 Avenue themto at my least every three When theGovernors mix is right for you, are not overly The College’s Board of recruited meyou to make changes andconcerned supported me <Address 1>Office Building Greywest <Address 2> t, Regional Director for Northern BC, me when the changes became uncomfortable. I was very appreciative of this support new job was months to compare your about volatility or which asset class is performing or not Fort St. John, BC egional Director at our <Location> office, <Address 3> ongratulate Arntson, Financial <Address V1J 6L7 4> ongratulateDenean <Full Name>, <Title> in and pleased that performing the original Board and succeeding Boards provided progressive the former <Address 5> current returns against at any particular time. P in attaining her Certified Financial PlanPh: 250 6> 785 4312 r Certified Financial Planner designation <Address n from the Financial Planners Standards President, Jim direction and encouraged innovation. I am particularly proud that we continued to Email: ncial Planners your longer-term goals and Your financial plan is not written in stone; it’s a reflection an is based outStandards of our FortCouncil. St. John office. Kassen. He focus on the fundamental mandate of providing education for quality of life in the anada, the CFP designation is recognized overall financial planand and of were yourresponsive changing to life. A professional can help you anada, the CFP designation is recogthat we requests by industryplanner for new programming. committed 25 region, uality and professional integrity. To gain k of quality and professional integrity. To Together we will find a solution. on, <Full Name>, <Title> achieved a high if you’re off-track, make perform a portfolio check-up that maintains your financial I am looking forward to the innovative initiatives and opportunities for applied years to NLC nation, Denean achieved a high level of lized knowledge in financial, We understand what you’re going through. wledge in financial, insuranceinsurance and tax research in clean energy technologies that are in the planning stages. Through and provided changes. health. ing, the bestclient possible ned designed to ensure to theensure best possible partnerships with provincial, nationalwritten and international leaders inbythisInvestors evolving me with a firm s provided. ded. Your prescription for This column, and published Investors Group Financial Services Inc. For your FREE confidential consultation, foundation industry, Northern Lights College is poised to demonstrate the strength of its vision. health Here are Group Financial Services Inc.operational. (in Québec – a Financial I will be cheering from afar as these plans become onportfolio which to CALL a few important My strategies Services general information onlypeople and husband Gordon andFirm), I made presents friends with a number of very special build. Debt troubles? in the north and we will miss you. We were treated to the unique brand of warmth, T h e for successful investing: is not a solicitation to buy or sell any investments. or visit our website at and innovative we nowadvisor associate with northern Britishabout Columbia. institution is enthusiasm • Follow a planned Contact aspirit financial for specific advice your A fond farewell to you all and our sincere thank you for your many kindnesses. fortunate to Trustees in Bankruptcy & Proposal Administrators asset allocation strategy circumstances. For more information on this topic please D. Jean Valgardson, Dawson Creek have capable Suite 2, 10611 – 102nd Street Fort St. John GOVERNMENT LICENCED TRUSTEES by constructing – and, contact your Investors Group Consultant. 110 –1628 Dickson Avenue Kelowna (Resident Office) faculty and

R professional and a nancial consultant with cal girl” who understands the economies of e in the nancial industry, with an extensive ckground. e is very important! and from working with a nancial advisor, wealth throughout all their life stages. nancial goals & provide them exceptional want a long term relationship with an advisor interests at heart. oices. Whether you want a new perspective ment options, minimize taxes or assess your e no obligation consultation to discuss and to suit your needs and current situation.

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#12 Forest Lawn Mobile Home Park Fort St John

9619 88th Street

Many new updates! Spacious 1987 14’ wide 2 bdrm mobile home in popular Forest Lawn mobile home park! New windows,new kitchen cabinets,new bathroom, new laminate and tile, all new trim inside and out, new paint, new 10x16 deck, 5 min from city in country like setting! Inc fridge,stove,bi dw & shed.

Fabulous spacious home,1600 sq ft on main, full concrete basement, 24’X24’ garage. NO HST. birch Hardwood in livingrm, 3 bed, tiled lg entry,kitchen, 2 bath. Open concept, kitchen has pantry, lg island/eating bar. 12’X16’ deck, gas for BBQ. Masterbdrm has WI closet, ensuite with dual sinks, lg WI shower with dual shower heads. Instant hot water system, security system. Great neighbourhood.



MLS# N204924

Selling Fort St. John since 1996 ‘It Begins with Trust’


Lending Institutions Institutions Current Current Mortgage Mortgage Rates Rates Lending Institute

6 mth open

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1 year 2 year 3 year 4 year 5 year 7 year 10 10 year year closed closed closed closed closed closed closed closed

TD Canada Trust

n/a 4.60 6.55



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54 n/a 4.45 n/a 2.64

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Canadian Canadian Imperial Imperial Bank Bank Of Of Commerce Commerce

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Royal Royal Bank Bank

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Bank of Montreal

Bank of Montreal


Scotiabank North Peace Savings & Credit Union

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6.29 n/a 60 4.


Note: Note: Rates Rates are are provided provided for for information information purposes. purposes. Rates Rates should should be be verified verified by by Financial Financial Institutions. Institutions.


Northeast NEWS

November 17, 2011



Page 9

Jennifer fernandes Director, Marketing and Communications

Former NLC Vice President of Education retires with fond memories

Aboriginal Gathering Space opens! Aboriginal coordinator Brandee Stewart and her colleagues celebrated the opening of an Aboriginal Gathering Space on the Fort St. John Campus on October 28. Stewart noted the mass teamwork effort it took to make the opening a success and thanked her co-workers for their contribution in planning and organizing the event, in particular Roberta Kuropatwa, Fort St. John campus administrator, in addition to the rest of a large group who helped with set

up, clean up and even pitched in on laundry duties. Due to the creation of the gathering spaces Aboriginal students at NLC will have access to more resources designed to support their success in post-secondary education, opening doors to greater opportunities for jobs to support their families. The gathering spaces are among four created at the Chetwynd, Dawson Creek, Fort Nelson and the Fort St. John campuses.

WORKFORCE TRAINING & CONTINUING EDUCATION ChETWyND Fall Protection ............................................................ Nov 23 Occupational First Aid Level 1 ...................... Nov 26, Dec 14 Occupational First Aid Transportation Endorsement .. Nov 27 Oil Painting ................................................................... Dec 3 H2S Alive ...................................................................... Dec 6

DAWsON CREEK Occupational First Aid Level 1 .......Nov 21, 28, Dec 5, 12, 19 H2S Alive ........................................Nov 22, 29, Dec 6, 13, 20 Light Duty Crane ........................................................ Nov 22 Air Brakes ................................................................... Nov 22 Light Duty Vehicle ......................................................... Dec 1 Light Duty Crane .......................................................... Dec 1 Winter Defensive Driving Review .................................. Dec 2

North Star Grill

NLC Cook Training students are working hard to provide you with a tasty breakfast and lunch service to keep you fuelled all day long. JOIN Us DAWsON CREEK CAmpUs Breakfast 9 – 10:45 am Lunch noon – 1 pm Our menus change daily! View our menus online at under community/food services. Call 250-784-7525

NortherN biteS cafeteria Fort St. John Campus Open to the public from 8 am - 1:30 pm, mon-Fri Call 250-785-6981

For more information


FORT NELsON Occupational First Aid Level 1 ...... Nov 17, 19, 22, 23, 29, 30 H2S Alive ..........................Nov 19, 29, 30, Dec 10, 11, 20, 21 Occupational First Aid Transportation Endorsement . Nov 18 Hunter Training (CORE) .............................................. Nov 19 Snowmobile Safety .................................................... Nov 20 Joint Health and Safety .............................................. Nov 24 Supervisor Safety Training .......................................... Nov 25 Fall Protection ............................................................ Nov 28 Confined Space .......................................................... Nov 28

FORT sT. JOhN Light Duty Vehicle ............................................ Nov 17, Dec 9 Fall Protection ............................................... Nov 29, Dec 14 Oilfield Heavy Hauler .................................................. Nov 17 FOODSAFE Level II .................................................... Nov 18 HVP Awareness .......................................................... Nov 18 Canadian Fire Arms Acquisition (PAL) ........................ Nov 19 Applications of Electrical Code .................................. Nov 19 Supervisor Safety Management ................................. Nov 24 FOODSAFE Level 1 .................................................... Nov 26 Management Skills for Supervisors ............................ Nov 29 Management Skills for Supervisors Part 3 ...... Nov. 29-Dec 2 General Oilfield Driver Improvement ........................... Nov 30

TUmBLER RIDGE Occupational First Aid Level 1 .................................... Nov 24 Occupational First Aid Transportation Endorsement .. Nov 25

Left – “How sweet it is” Craig Herbert samples his retirement cake at the NLC Fort St. John campus as he speaks to Business Management instructor Patrick Michiel. Craig wished his colleagues well and made note of his appreciation for their wisdom, council and friendship over the course of his career at NLC.

Join us for a Teacher information session!

The Alaska Highway Consortium on Teacher Education (AHCOTE) sessions take place Tuesday, November 22, 6:30 pm, Dawson Creek Campus, Room 3318 and Wednesday, November 30, 6:30 pm, Fort St. John Campus, Room 202. As an AHCOTE graduate, you are certified to teach anywhere in B.C. and have two degree options depending on your entry status: SFU’s Bachelor of General Studies (Education) or SFU’s Bachelor of Education as a second degree. Visit for more information.

Paws Up for Christmas!

The Fort St. John Campus is hosting its third annual Christmas Craft fair on November 26 from 9 am to 3 pm with the table proceeds going to the North Peace branch of the BCSPCA. Tables are still available for rent and can be reserved by contacting Debbie Rost at the Fort St. John Campus at 250-785-6981, ext. 2094.

trades and apprenticeships NLC offers a wide range of Trades and Apprenticeship programs that reflect the current and future requirements of regional industry and business. Foundation Trades training programs provide the basic knowledge and skills for entry into a particular occupation and offer a linkage to industry and may precede an NLC Apprenticeship Program. RED sEAL ENDORsED AppRENTICEshIp pROGRAms • Automotive Service Technician • Carpentry • Commercial Transport Technician • Cook 1/Camp Cook • Electrician • Heavy Duty Equipment Technician • Industrial Instrumentation Mechanic • Millwright • Plumber/Gasfitter • Welding

TRADEs pROGRAms • Aircraft Maintenance Engineering • Esthetics and Nail Care • Technology • Hairstylist/Cosmetology • Oil and Gas Field Operations • Power Engineering and Gas • • • • • Processing  Short or no wait liStS.  Student reSidenceS are  available.

All NLC Apprenticeship programs are Industry Training Authority of B.C. recognized and credentialed. Contact the Trades and Apprenticeship office at either the Dawson reek or Fort St. John campus, or a Student Recruiter at your nearest campus.

iMProVeD WebSite! Looking for more information on programs or courses available at NLC? Check out our new-look website at, designed to make your search efforts easier and more productive.

C H E T W Y N D • D AW S O N C R E E K • F O RT N E L S O N • F O RT S T. J O H N • T U M B L E R R I D G E


Northern Lights College Aboriginal coordinator Theresa Gladue (second from left) joined the Northern Lights Drummers in celebration of NLC’s Aboriginal Gathering Space opening at the Dawson Creek campus on November 1st.

teaching elementary to high school students, to adults in advanced education, to working and teaching business courses throughout North America and internationally. During his nine years at NLC Craig undertook the roles of Campus Administrator at the Fort Nelson Campus, Dean of Access and Developmental Programs, and finally Vice President of Education at the Dawson Creek campus.

Craig Herbert, NLC’s former Vice President of Education, retired in late October leaving behind a legacy of working closely with his peers to deliver the highest standard of advanced education. “As the saying goes ‘with mixed emotions’ I am departing the College for a different environment,” Craig said, thanking his colleagues for their time and patience as they grew together over the years. Craig’s career transitioned from

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Northeast NEWS

November 17, 2011

November 1911 Beaton Journal Entries Wed 1st Akins pack train pulled out this morning. Self at odd jobs. Samson at wood. Ice still running. A fine clear day. Thurs 2nd Self put up a porch at the front door. Samson at wood. A fine clear day. Mr. Rolfson put 3 of his horses across the River. Mr. Rolfson’s pack-train arrived from Boundary Lake. A fine clear day. Adisless & Yakatchie & a few Boys arrived and report the Indians very sick. It seems to be some sort of fever among them. Fri 3rd Self busy at odd jobs. Mr. Rolfson crossed some more Horses today. Rained nearly all day. The Indians left for home today at noon. Sat 4th Mr. Rolfson’s men left this morning for the South Pine. A fine warm day. River clear of Ice. Sakana arrived and brought in the Black Mare. Self busy at odd jobs. Samson at wood. Sun 5th Cold & stormy with snow all day. Holiday Sale - Custom Blinds • Nov 14th - Dec 15th Mon 6th Self in office. Samson at wood. Kenny at Large Selection of Quality Blinds • 40% OFF List Price odd jobs. A fine clear day 2” Wood Venetians• 2” Wood Faux Venetians but cold. Ice running in the Roller Shades • Black-out or Sheer-view River. Elegance or PSC Vertical Blinds Tues 7th Self went out for Hunter Douglas Pleated Shades & Honeycomb Shades a load of hay with the Black Mare. Samson very sick, un30% OFF List Price able to make it out of bed. Call The Blind Man for a Free Consultation Snowing all day, the River Call Rose or Garry • 250-785-5754 full of Ice. Blowing a cold North wind. Wed 8th Self out looking for horses but could not find them. Samson still on sick list. Kenny at odd jobs. J. Appassin came up from the S. pine River where he is camped. Continues cold & stormy with snow. Thurs 9th Self at wood and counting over the furs. Cold Hershey and Koby Best Friends Forever and stormy. Samson went out and got the horses. Kenny at odd jobs. Fri 10th Samson & Kenny Email your pet’s went for a load of hay. Self photo to editor@ along with Garbitt making a grade. A fine clear day, the northeastnews. Ice jammed in the River this ca for a chance to evening, and the River closed win a special prize up. Sat 11th Self at odd jobs from the North around the place. Samson Peace Veterinary went for the hay that he left at the Creek yesterday. Ice Clinic solid on the River. Contin1 pet will be chosen each week and will be ues cold. featured in the Northeast News. Sun 12th Self busy fixing Each pet chosen will be entered into a draw up the kitchen as it is very for a monthly prize supplied by the cold. Acko and arrived and North Peace Veterinary Clinic reports fur very scarce. 20

Carousel Design & Decor

Pet Photo of the Week

below Zero this evening. The boys off trapping. Mon 13th Continues cold. 30 below Z this morning. Self busy in store. Samson at wood. Kenny at odd jobs around the place. Tues 14th Self cutting firewood all day. Samson & Kenny hauling wood. Cold, 30 below this morning. Wed 15th Self at odd jobs. Samson & Kenny went for a load of hay. A little milder today. The Ice solid on the River. Montigine & Japisn arrived. They report lots of wolves. Thurs 16th Self at odd jobs. Samson & Kenny hauling hay. The Indians left for home this morning. A fine clear day. Fri 17th Self at wood, boys went for hay. A fine mild day. Cloudy towards evening and looks like snow. Thomas & Wolf arrived from North Pine River. Jamieson’s cow was brought over the River this morning. Sat 18th Samson & Kenny as yesterday. Self at odd jobs. Blowing a Chinook wind all day. Thomas left for home this morning. Sun 19th Boys at their traps. Continues warm weather. The snow nearly all gone. Mon 20th Self out looking for horses, found them and brought them in. Samson & Kenny cutting firewood. Tues 21st A fine clear day. Samson & Kenny put the horses across the River down to the big flat. Self out trapping. Wed 22nd Self fixing up a bob sled and also put up new stalls in cow stable. The boys at wood. Continues fine warm weather. Thurs 23rd Self busy as yesterday. Samson & Kenny hauling hay. Continues fine weather. 2 Indian boys arrived from Charlies Camp. The 2 white men finished cutting 75 cord Steam Boat wood at S. Pine River. Fri 24th Self shoeing the horses. Samson cutting firewood. Continues fine warm weather. The Indian boys left from home this morning. Sat 25th Self busy in store. Samson & Kenny hauling hay. Appain & Sakana arrived and brought in a few furs. Sun 26th Self out hunting horses. Kenny brought in the 3 year olds.. Mon 27th Self at odd jobs. Samson out looking for horses. Kenny put the year olds across the River. Joseph A. arrived. Modeste & Montagine also came in from Montagine’s camp. Continues a bit colder weather, but clear. Tues 28th Samson after horses but could not get them. Self at odd jobs. Davis arrived from the North Pine River. Continues mild weather. The Ice backing up in front of the Post. Wed 29th Self out looking for horses. Samson made a trip to Joseph’s camp with dogs. Kenny at odd jobs. Blowing a strong Chinook wind all day. Lakota arrived from Adisless Camp and reports sickness in their camps. Thurs 30th Self at odd jobs. Samson & Kenny hauling hay. Continues fine weather.

The JD Cadenhead Building Boat at Wolf Creek in 1912.




Phone 250 785 4115

“Investing Our Energy In The North” RON RODGERS Managing Broker / Owner E-Mail:

10220 101 Ave Fort St John BC V1J 2B5 F: 250 785 4120 E-mail:

NorthEast BC

Realty is now located at

10220 101 Ave   

...that’s just kitty   corner to the   Post Office in   Fort St John...

FOR LEASE 5,000sf +/Shop/warehouse/office space On 0.599 acre fenced lot!

Approximately 1200sf main floor office with 2nd level mezzanine staff area Large shop with 2 overhead doors (14’). Gated fenced yard offer secure storage area. ZONED Light Industrial

CALL RON For More Info Or to view—no drop ins please

ASKING $14.75sf plus HST & triple net (about $6145/month)

MLS® N4505084


5,000sf +/shop / warehouse / office Highly visible highway exposure Zoned LIGHT INDUSTRIAL 5,000sf building on 2.7 acre lot along frontage road off Alaska Highway HIGHLY VISIBLE with excellent highway exposure. Lease for under $6670/month! ASKING $16sf plus HST & triple net MLS® N4504884 Call Ron to View - no drop ins please

Information is believed to be accurate but not guaranteed and should be verified.

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Northeast NEWS

November 17, 2011

Pouce Coupe councillor candidates prepare to answer audience questions.

Jill Earl photo

Page 11

Jill Earl photo

Mayor Lyman Clark and opponent Larry Fynn have worked on council together for the past three years.

Pouce Coupe forum concentrates on paving, friendships By Jill Earl

POUCE COUPE- Mayoral and councillor candidates for Pouce Coupe, as well as candidates for Electoral Areas D and E came out to Pouce Coupe’s Community Hall to participate in the all candidates forum Tuesday, Nov. 8. Councillor Candidates Colleen Evans, Gerta Kut, incumbent Coun. Red Merrick, Carl Sahlin, and Jonathan Simmons answered to the residents of Pouce Coupe, mainly questions around public transit and roadwork. While Evans, Kut, and Sahlin were supportive of some type of transportation for the village whether it be a public bus or attracting Step Up N Ride to do weekly scheduled visits, Merrick questioned the affordability and feasibility of it coming into fruition. “I see the advantage to some people, I’m just not too sure that Pouce Coupe can afford a bus route, I really don’t think we can afford it, it would be ideal to have bus come one or two days or something like that,” Merrick said. Simmons considered, attracting a few essential businesses there, like a grocery store so residents don’t have to travel into Dawson Creek as regularly. “I don’t think it would be feasible to do that here, although it would be nice if we had some other amenities like maybe a grocery store, so maybe we didn’t have to use the bus,” he said. Concerns also arose over a better crossing for the highway. All candidates agreed it is an item that needs attention. “We should start planning now...because of our school, the sharp corner etc, the hill and something has to be done, we don’t know what but I think we better start really thinking about it now, and we need everybody’s input for it,” said Kut. Sahlin suggested better lighting, Marrick considered a short term crossing guard, and an audience member suggested an elevated walkway over the highway. Mayor Lyman Clark added that the village is currently working on putting up speed signs and making other improvements that would make the roads of Pouce Coupe safer. Road issues continued to the mayoral discussions. Clark informs attendees that highway companies are currently putting in a slow down and turning lane just outside the village. Both Clark and his opposition Counc. Larry Fynn remarked that council had set aside money for paving that will start next spring. Both candidates seemed in good spirits despite the outcome the election will bring. “We are both determined, and whoever wins I feel Pouce is going to go forward,” Clark said. With Tim Caton choosing not to seek re-election, Jerrilyn Schembri and Elmer Kabush have decided to let their names stand for Electoral Area E. Schembri had the floor to herself, as Kabush was absent from the forum. Schembri is no stranger to politics, serving as councillor and deputy mayor for the District of Tumbler Ridge for two terms, serving as an alternate on the Peace River Regional Board for three years, and being elected Director at Large for the Union of B.C Municipalities and for the North Central Governments Association. She hopes to introduce a method to finding the issues, the solutions she hopes will involve the community. “In one person is the answer seldom found,” she said. Candidates for Area D were also present to answer audience questions and present their platforms. Elaine Patterson returned her nomination package four hours before the deadline when she heard that Wayne Hiebert would be going in by acclamation again. She wanted to get involved in her community and admits that if elected she would face a bit of a learning cure. “My main platform is balance...we need balance in terms of our regulation in terms of traffic...I think they need our voice in a lot of those areas whether it be in healthcare, or traffic, or education.”

Electoral Area D candidates Wayne Heibert, Ian Marchuk, and Elaine Patterson.

Jill Earl photo

Ian Marchuk says that he is committed to continue working on the infrastructure of the area, introducing an air monitoring system, and focusing on the Agricultural Land Reserve. Incumbent Wayne Heibert’s assures that he has chosen to run again to represent the people of Area D. “My goal is to continue working for those people on various situations that comes up...I’ve been successful in the past and I say it’s a open door community and I would like to carry on in that manner,” Heibert said. “I’m here to grind their axes, not my own,” he said.

Page 12

Northeast NEWS

November 17, 2011

Meeting Taylor’s Candidates story continued from Page 5. “It has been a topic of discussion many times and a public meeting was hosted on it,” said Ponto. Taillefer said that ultimately the issue would require the Ministry of Transportation, but many of the candidates saw the hazard and Kolter was one that agreed with putting lights in place. Another safety issue that arose was police presence, when an audience member asked if there was a committee for safety in place. Current Counc. Bigcharles said as a member of Fort St. John COPS, patrolling areas in the community was still a priority, but that the organization was still looking for volunteer members. Filmer, who is also running for reelection, said there has been an increased police presence at Peace Island Park. But Kolter pointed out that regional policing focus on the bulk of where the crime is. “It’s never going to change unless Taylor becomes a crime spot.” It wasn’t long until the controversy over the golf course came up, with one attendee stating that the green space’s revenue wasn’t cutting it. Ponto said that the golf course was looked at by an outside

professional who evaluated it and gave guidelines, which were implemented, to see the facility become more viable to the community. “From that comprehensive and objective report … we have directions on where we need to go, it’s just that they don’t happen over night,” said Ponto. Barber and Pelletier both agreed that the golf course helped in raising Taylor’s profile. “If we wouldn’t have had the golf course, we wouldn’t have had the houses and subdivisions,” said Barber. Pelletier added the golf course was a way to build the community. City bylaws and small business were other items among the line up of questions, until Pohlmann stepped in and geared the forum down to a complete halt when questions started to veer into the opportunity for an open debate, which is what Pohlmann wanted to avoid. “This is a forum to simply meet the candidates and not allowing it to snowball into a he said/she said … type battle. It was not an idea of a battle or debate, it was simply, ‘Who are we, and why should you vote for me?’” said Pohlmann. The ballots open for Taylor on Nov. 19 at the District of Taylor Municipal Hall from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Kyla Corpuz photo

Brad Filmer, Rick Kolter, Hope Pelletier, Brent Taillefer, George Barber, David Bigcharles and Betty Ponto are Taylor’s councillor candidates. Mayor Fred Jarvis was acclaimed, so he wasn’t invited to attend the all-candidates forum at the Peace Community Church on Nov. 7.

Kyla Corpuz photo

Though this is Fort St. John’s voting grounds, the rules apply province wide.

What you need to vote:

How do I know if I am eligible to vote? You are eligible to vote in a local election as a resident elector if you: • are 18 years of age or older on general voting day; • are a Canadian citizen; • have lived in British Columbia for at least six months before you register to vote; • have lived in the municipality, regional district electoral area, school district, or Islands Trust area where you intend to vote for at least 30 days before you register to vote; and, • are not disqualified by the Local Government Act, any other Act, or the Courts from voting in a local election. You are eligible to vote as a non-resident property elector if you are 18 years of age or older on general voting day; are a Canadian citizen; have lived in British Columbia for at least six months before you register to vote; are not disqualified by the Local Government Act, any other Act, or the Courts from voting in a local election; and, have owned property in the jurisdiction where you intend to vote for at least 30 days before you register to vote. I live on a First Nation reserve – can I vote? Yes. Eligible residents living on reserve can vote. Where you vote depends on whether the reserve is located within a municipality or a regional district electoral area. Contact the nearest local government office to determine within which boundary the reserve is located and where you can vote. Source: B.C.’s Voters Guide to Local Elections

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Page 13

November 17, 2011

Northeast NEWS

Page 14

Northeast NEWS

November 17, 2011

D.C Candidates go to school By Jill Earl

Jill Earl photo

Councillor candidates James Bridges, Sue Kenny, Trevor Allaby, and Trina Commandeur speak to Madame Hammer’s 5/6 French Immersion class.

break, to focus on municipal elections. “The elections are happening in the middle of everything so we had to take little mini time out and look at municipal government, and again looking at what’s going on in our community,” Hammer said. Their visit compliments an assignment where the students have to find evidence in local papers and in their speeches that supports a topic sentence such as, ‘I believe James Bridges wants to make improvements to the city’. Since students had done their research prior to the candidates coming in, many were prepared to ask questions when the time came, some were regarding their motivation for running, what they would change about the city and how they would improve the down town core. The students also learned the importance of timing the speakers to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to speak. “Even my young time keeper, with the Kleenex, even as something as small as that to see how it has to be done fairly and equally in terms of presentation time,” Hammer said. These students disprove any misconceptions that young people are not interested in politics. Hammer says that in letters the children wrote home many children found the experience engaging. Services “You can tell from their letters, that the kids thought it was really neat,” she said.

DAWSON CREEK- During election season candidates do all they can to spread their message to potential voters. Last week their message fell on a group of non-voters; Jodi Hammer’s grade 5/6 French Immersion class. 11 candidates visited the Ecole Frank Ross classroom over the course of two days to introduce themselves and talk a little about their platforms. Madame Hammer’s class is learning about Canadian citizenship and while on the subject of culture and immigration, had to take a little

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Northeast NEWS

November 17, 2011

Page 15

“The oilfield activity is expected to have a much more significant and long lasting impact on our already busy economy,” she wrote in an email. “Investors know this and have been starting to look for rental properties.” In the city the average home rings in at $310,000 according to Collins, compared to the average price in B.C., specifically the Lower Mainland, which is double that. “Fort St. John has huge potential for price growth,” said Collins. Campbell said it wasn’t just the real estate market that determined which B.C. towns would outperform each other in the coming five years, but the underlying fundamentals such as population growth, infrastructure, job creation, political leadership and transportation. Dawson Creek was also on the list at number six.

Kyla Corpuz photo

According to a recent report Fort St. John is in the top five for B.C. investment towns.

FSJ no. 5 investment town By Kyla Corpuz

FORT ST. JOHN – Sitting at number five of the Top Investment Towns in B.C. is Fort St. John, according to a 2011 report conducted by Real Estate Investment Network. The report anticpated which B.C. towns and cities would outperform each other in the investment sector within the next five years. At the top of the list is Surrey. Don Campbell, president of REIN said it was Surrey’s changing transportation and job creation that placed them at number one. But investor and local real estate agent Mitch Collins suggested that Fort St. John would have probably come close as the top investment city if there were enough physical inventory and properties available. “The problem is that there’s not much property for sale, that’s where we’re staggering right now,” said Collins. And it’s not just any property, but properties that will appeal to investors, such as half duplexes, duplexes and properties with basements suits in the $310,000 average. What does make the city appealing is the economy’s growth, which is ideal for long-term investors. “The reason why people are investing in our region right now is because the average income is 30 per cent higher than the B.C. average.” Another appealing aspect is the age bracket and the opportunity for investors to engage with young renters and first-time buyers. However, if many of the proposed projects in the region get approved, like Site C, the demand and influx of workers in relation to the supply of housing will outweigh each other according to Collins. Which he added: “... leads to higher rents, bigger demand for rental property. Eventually, higher resale prices, so that’s what drives our market right now,” he said. Local realtor Kim Mackay can also see the evident changes in the real estate market due to the region’s current natural resources.

Page 16

Northeast NEWS

November 17, 2011

Few stay for School Trustees By Jill Earl

DAWSON CREEK- School Trustee candidates for School District 59, were granted the opportunity to voice their concerns in an all candidates forum Monday, Nov. 7. The forum ran following the Dawson Creek Councillor candidate forum, and garnered less then half of the audience. Many citizens who came for the councillor forum, left for the School Trustees. Trustee candidate Trina Commandeur believes it is because parents are unhappy and have given up on the School Board. “After last night’s turn of events where most of the audience left the Dawson Creek public forum before listening to the

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School Board Trustees, it became apparent that most people do believe our present school system is broken. I have heard many say they have lost faith and trust,” writes Commandeur in a letter to the paper. “A couple of the trustees, myself and another were taken by the amount of people who were leaving the room, and I made a passionate plea for them to stay… but they left anyways and it made me aware of just how much people are not engaged in talking about education anymore…I still felt compelled to give my message…it’s still imporJill Earl photo tant, and L noeeuwner body was talking about it, Isabel   School District 59 Trustee candidates Trina Commandeur, Tamara Ziemer, and Richard and it Tdoes [Your   itle]  need to be addresses,” said Powell present their platforms at the all candidates forum Monday, Nov. 7. Commandeur there is no way that we should be bringing in our traditions and Financial literacy, bullying, and   In[Your  E-­‐Mail]   our beliefs into a publicly funded board room,” she said. dividualized Education Program meetings were topics of ques[Web  Address]   Commandeur also thanked two School Trustees for putting tions posed to the candidates. A question that received passionate response from the audience, regarded the Board opening into practice policies 4588 and 4589, which prohibit the distribu[Street   Address]   with a prayer. Both incumbents, Tamara Ziemer tion of political and religious materials in public schools. their meetings [City],   [State]   Powell, supported the practice. T:  [Your  Phone]   “It should be up to the families, it’s our choice what we want and Richard F:  [Your  Fax]   [Postal  Code]   to teach our children, not the public education system’s,” Com“I agree with it personally, I don’t think that they way we do it is so much about praying to God, I think that what we’re doing mandeur said in her speech. After the forum, Commandeur pointed out that the School Act is coming together as a group to focus on the fact that we are making all the right decisions in the best needs of the children…I opposes the practice. “We do represent a very diverse culture of people and we support that idea, and I do support the prayer as well,” Ziemer Isabel   Leeuwner   should be respectful of their private traditions and choice of said. [Your   Title]   “I believe it is tradition in the community that we live in, I faith. It is in the School Act laws, it is in our policies, and when think it’s important that we recognize where we come from and you take an oath of office you are not supposed to take your per[Your  E-­‐Mail]   where we live and I strongly support having the prayer to open sonal interests into that board room, so all those trustees for all [Web  Address]   these years have been breaking their oath of office, I just think up meetings,” Powell agreed. Commandeur was opposed, stating that it is an inappropriate that it should be left at the door so when you enter into the board room you are there to serve the people and the best interest of practice for a publicly funded Board. [Street   Address]   T:   [ Your   P hone]   [City],   [ State]   “I will be the one that says, no, I do not support it in a publicly the children,” she said. [Your  paid Fax]   with [Postal   School District Trustees Sorene Kampen, Anita Prescott, fundedCode]   nonsectarian board room. We are there F:   being public money to govern the best education for all children… We Sherry Berringer, Wayne Ezeard, and Judy Clavier ran unopcurrently have a population of approximately 3,900 students, posed and have returned to their positions by acclamation.

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Northeast NEWS

November 17, 2011

November Winter Safety Event

Page 17

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Page 18

November 17,

Northeast NEWS

& Roughnecks

November 2011

This is a must read for everyone who appreciates and depends on the oilpatch

Diesel shortage takes a toll on truckers By Kyla Corpuz

FORT ST. JOHN – Diesel fuel shortages are giving trucking companies a run for their money. Fuel shortages started impacting the trucking industry around the first week of November, when diesel refinery, Suncor’s hydrogen supplier was down for repairs. With the loss of supply, the demand has gone up, along with the prices — and Bob Fedderly is feeling the impact. Bob and his brother own Fedderly Transportation Ltd, a local trucking company. “We certainly have been affected by it, operationally we can’t fuel up when we want to or have to,” said Fedderly during a phone interview late last week. “Cost wise, they’re use to cranking the price up as well, there are some prices within the $1.60 per litre right now.” That’s a pretty high jump considering the average cost of diesel per litre usually sits around $1, said Fedderly. Petro Canada and Husky spokespersons wouldn’t comment on pricing as they said it differs for different clients. But, Canadian Petroleum Products Institute spokesperson John Skowronski did give insight to the price increases. “Typically what will happen, is when supplies get tight, and the demands are strong usually the market place responds in the price stand point,” said Skowronski, adding that generally winter months already see a price increase. But with the added weight of the shortage, the costly influx is slowly creating an economic domino effect. “When costs go up that much we have to pass it along to our customers, in many cases they are natural gas producers,” said Fedderly. Thus Fedderly gathers that the natural gas sector may do

Kyla Corpuz photo

As a result of the diesel shortage at Suncor, truckers seize the opportunity to fuel up at the Petro Pass in Fort St. John on Nov. 9 before the cardlocks close up again. some analysis and cut back on the activity they are doing. “It really affects the economics,” he said. “You just have to more or less keep your pricing in line with what you can sell your services for. If you put your pricing up too high, your phone will quit ringing.” So, as Fedderly keeps his pricing in line for his customers, Suncor is working at keeping a steady supply to it’s main recipient Petro Canada. “We are trying as much as we can to bring diesel into the market … We’re basically trying to minimize the disruption to our customers as much as possible,” said Jason Vaillant, a Suncor spokesperson. The trickling supply of diesel is a result of a necessary repair at hydrogen supplier Air Products.

Spokesperson for Air Products Art George said of its two hydrogen plants, the one that delivers to Suncor is down and won’t be up until Nov. 18. Until that happens, Suncor has to carefully manage its supply. “We’ve been trying to manage the situation for the past few weeks here, what we’ve had to do is allocate our diesel inventory with our customer base in Western Canada,” said Vaillant. He added that to keep the supply coming, they’ve turned to alternative sources, like other parts of Canada, into the US and off shore. And it’s not only Suncor that’s looking at other options, but some trucking companies have also found the highly demanded fuel elsewhere, too — like Vancouver. Since the beginning of last week, Petro Canada’s hours to fuel up was from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., the times started to fluctuate with more availability towards the end of the week. Husky spokesperson Graham White said Husky is also experiencing the impact from the shortages across the prairies starting in Alberta. But unlike Petro Canada, they don’t have time restrictions 8232 - 100 Avenue, Fort St. John, BC V1J 1W6 and as of late last week, White Office: 250-787-1811 • Fax: 250-787-7176 said its cardlocks and retail diesel pumps were “ ly supplied”.

• ElEctrical & instrumEntation construction and maintEnancE • 24 hr sErvicE • sErvicing all arEas of northEast Bc Dawson Creek 612 - 108 Ave 250-782-6909 (Tel) 250-782-6912 (Fax)

Fort St. John 10215 Alaska Rd 250-785-9072 (Tel) 250-785-9073 (Fax)

ElEctric & controls

Fort Nelson Box 3787 444 - 50th Ave N 250-774-4161 (Tel) 250-785-9073 (Fax)

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Oil and Gas Industry Escort Vehicle Operator Driver Impr Escort Vehicle Operator Driver Improvement A Intro to & Gas Processing Pipeline Environmental Inspection (via videoconferen Leaders in Safety and Training for the BC Construction Reclamation Training for Heavy Equipment Opera Service Rig Competency Assessor (via videoconference) April 6 Intro to Gas Processing March 29 & 30 $468 Oil and Gas Indus (via videoconference) (via videoconference) Oil and Gas Industry Pipeline Environmental (via Intro to Gas Processing Marchvi 29O Construction & Reclamation Training for Heavy Equipment Service Rig Competency Assessor (viaInspection videoconference) Construction &Vacuum Reclamation for Heavy Equipment Operators March 30Improvem & 31 $575 &Training Hydrovac Operator Driver Electrical Maintenance Training (Refresher) April 1 BookTruck your Waste Assessment Today. to Gas Processing Construction &Intro Reclamation Training forvideoconference) Heavy Equipment(via Operators March 30 Service Rig Competency Assessor videoconferenc Pipeline Environmental Inspection (v Pipeline Environmental Inspection (via A (via videoconference) Electrical Maintenance Training (Refresher) Vacuum & Hydrovac Truck Operator Driv Service Rig Competency Assessor (via videoconference) April 6 $144 (via videoconference) Intro to & Gas Processing Construction Reclamation for Heavy Operato Service Rig Competency Assessor (viaTraining videoconference) April 6 Intro to Gas Processing MarchEquipment 29 & 30 $468 (via videoconference) Electrical Maintenance Training (Refresher) Escort Vehicle Operator Driver Improvement April 1 (via videoconference) Electrical Maintenance Training (Refresher) April 12 $220 Vacuum & Hydrovac Truck Operator Driver Improvement A Vacuum & Hydrovac Truck Operator Construction & Reclamation Training for Heavy Equipment Op Service Rig Competency Assessor (via videoconference) Hours ofEscort Service/Managing Fatigue – March Commercial (via videoconference) Construction & Reclamation Training for Heavy Equipment Operators 30 & 31 $575 Electrical Maintenance Training (Refresher) AprilVe 12 (via videoconference) (via videoconference) Vehicle Operator Driver Improvement (via videoconference) (via videoconference) Service Rig Competency Assessor (via 6videoconference) (via videoconference) Hours Service/Managing – Co Electrical Maintenance Training (Refresher) ServiceDrivers Rig Competency Assessor (viaof videoconference) April Fatigue $144 (via videoconference) (via videoconference) Escort Vehicle Operator Driver Improvement Escort Vehicle Operator Driver Improvement April 13 $130 Pipeline Environmental Inspection (via videoconference) April 1 Leaders Leaders in in(Refresher) Safety Safety and and Training Training (via videoconference) Electrical Maintenance Training Escort Vehicle Operator Driver Improvement April 13 Hours of Service/Managing Fatigue – Commercial Vehicle A (via videoconference) (viaDrivers videoconference) Electrical Maintenance Training (Refresher) April 12 $220 (via videoconference) Service/Managing Fatigue (Hours Book your of waste assessment(via online atand Pipeline Environmental Inspection videoconference) Oil Oil and Gas Gas Industry Industry (via videoconference) & Hydrovac Truck Operator Driver Improvement April 1 Hours of Service for Commercial Carriers and Owners (via videoconference) (viaVacuum videoconference) Escort Vehicle Operator Improvement orDriver call 1-888-689-6328) Drivers (via videoconference) Pipeline Environmental Inspection (via videoconference Pipeline Environmental Inspection (via videoconference) April 14 16 $585 Drivers (via videoconference) Vacuum &Improvement Hydrovac Truck Operator Driver Improvement (viaVehicle videoconference) (via videoconference) Hours of Service for Commercial Carriers Escort Vehicle Operator Driver Improvement Escort Operator Driver April 13 $130 (via videoconference) Pipeline Environmental Inspection (via videoconference) April 14 Intro Intro to to Gas Gas Processing Processing (via videoconference) Vacuum &of Hydrovac Truck Improvement April 14 Improvemen $130 A (viaDriver videoconference) Vacuum &Fatigue Hydrovac Truck Operator Driver Hours Service for Operator Commercial Carriers and Owners (via videoconference) Pipeline Environmental Inspection (via videoconference) (via videoconference) Hours of Service/Managing – Commercial Vehicle April Hours of Service for Commercial Ca Vacuum & Hydrovac Truck Operator Driver Improvement April 142 Construction Construction & & Reclamation Reclamation Training Training for for Heavy Heavy Equipment Equipment Operat Opera (via videoconference) (via videoconference) Incident Commander for Oil Spills (via videoconferenc Environmental Inspection (via videoconference) (via videoconference) Pipeline Environmental Inspection videoconference) April 14 - 16 Vehicle $585 Hours ofPipeline Service/Managing Fatigue –Driver Commercial Drivers videoconference) Vacuum &(via Hydrovac Truck Operator Improvement (via(via videoconference)   Service Service Rig Rig Competency Competency Assessor Assessor (via (via videoconference) videoconference) (via videoconference) FORT ST JOHN, BC 250.7 Leaders Leaders in in Safety Safety and and Training Training for for the the BC BC Incident Commander for Oil Spills (via vid Hours of Service/Managing Fatigue –of Commercial Vehicle April 20 Improvement $135 (via videoconference) (via videoconference) Hours Service/Managing Fatigue – Commercial Vehic Vacuum & HydrovacDrivers Truck Operator Driver Improvement April 14 $130 Vacuum & Hydrovac Truck Operator Driver Oil Oil and and Gas Gas Industry Industry Electrical Electrical Maintenance Maintenance Training Training (Refresher) (Refresher) Hours of Service/Managing Fatigue –videoconference) Commercial Vehicle April 20A Hours of Service for Commercial Carriers and Owners April 2     The Incident Commander for Oil Spills (via Mulcher Operator (via videoconference) Drivers (via videoconference) Petroleum Industry in Canada (via videoconference)     (via (via videoconference) videoconference) (via videoconference) Drivers (via videoconference) Incident Commander for Owners OilVehicle Spills (v Hours of Service/Managing Fatigue –videoconference) Commercial Hours ofMulcher Service forOperator Commercial Carriers and Drivers (via videoconference) (via videoconference) (via video conference) (via Leaders Leaders in in Safety Safety and and Training Training for for the the BC BC Escort Escort Vehicle Vehicle Operator Operator Driver Driver Improvement Improvement    and Hours of Service for Commercial Carriers Owners April 21and Owners $1352 Hours of Service/Managing Fatigue Commercial Vehicle 2010 April 20 $135 (via videoconference) (via Drivers videoconference) Hours of Service/Managing Fatigue – DECEMBER   Commercial Vehicle JUNE Mulcher Operator (via videoconference) A Hours of –Service for Commercial Carriers Oil Oil and andand Gas Gasfor Industry Industry Fatigue Management Supervisors   S     Well Service Blowout Prevention (via (via videoconference) videoconference) Hours of Service for Commercial Carriers Owners April 21 Drivers (via videoconference) Incident Commander for OilMulcher Spills (viaconference) videoconference) April 2 (via videoconference) Operator (via (viaDECEMBER   video ENFORM   Bvideoconferen C  –  Fort  St.  John      250.785.6009 Drivers (via videoconference) 2 011   Hours of Service for Commercial Carriers and Owners (via videoconference) Well Service Blowout Prevention FORT ST JOHN, BC 250.785.6009   S     Pipeline Pipeline Environmental Environmental Inspection Inspection (via (via videoconference) videoconference) (via videoconference) Incident Commander for Oil Spills (viaWorkplace videoconference) TOLL  FREE  1.855.4ENFORM  (1.855 Well Hours Service Blowout Prevention ENFORM   BC  –  Owners Fort   Sthe t.  John      250.785.6009   Supervising Drug-Free of Service for Commercial Carriers and April 21 $135 (via videoconference) JUNE 2010 Incident Commander for Oil Spills (via videoconference) April 21 Mulcher OperatorCommercial (via videoconference) April A 2 On-Scene Vehicle Incident Investigation Hours ofIndustry Service for Commercial Carriers and Owners Vacuum Vacuum & &1Hydrovac Hydrovac Truck Truck(1.855.436.3676)   Operator Operator Driver Driver Improvement Improvement The Petroleum inFCanada June 17-18 $562 $261 TOLL   REE   .855.4ENFORM   Incident Commander for Oil Spills (via videoconference) Incident Commander forconference) Oil Spills (via videoconference) April 21   Well Service Blowout Prevention (via videoconference) (viaOperator video Mulcher (via videoconference) (via (viaCommercial videoconference) videoconference) On-Scene Vehicle Incident IA (viaCommander videoconference) FORT ST JOHN, BC (via 250.785.6009 Incident for Oil Spills videoconference) Mulcher Operator (via videoconference) April 22 $126   Fatigue Management for Supervisors June 21 $130 On-Scene Commercial Vehicle Incident Investigation Well Service Blowout Prevention April 2 Small  Business  aHours nd   WorkSafe   BC     Nov   21:    8:30   aCommercial m  –  12  pm   FREE   Hours of of Service/Managing Service/Managing Fatigue Fatigue Commercial Vehicle Vehicle IncidentNational Commander for Oil Spills (via videoconference) April––21 $261 Mulcher Operator (via videoconference) April 22 Mulcher Operator (via videoconference) (via video conference) Safety Code   Service Blowout Incident for Oil   Spills POn-Scene rogram   equirements   Nov  (via 22:    9  avideoconference) m  Vehicle –  4  pm   FREE   Incid Small  Business  and  WorkSafe  BWell C     OH&S   Nov   2Commander 1:    8R:30   aPrevention m  –videoconference)  (via 12  pm   FREE   Drivers Drivers (via videoconference) videoconference) Commercial Mulcher Operator (via Well Service Blowout Prevention April Supervising the Drug-Free Workplace June26 22 – 29 $TBA $725 National Safety Code   On-Scene Commercial Vehicle Incident Investigation April 2 Mulcher Operator (via videoconference) April 22 $126 Young/New   W  Blowout orker   Nov  23:    1  pm  –  3  pm   FREE   OH&S  Program   R equirements     Service Nov  22:   9  am  O–rientation    4  pm   Prevention FREE     Well Service Blowout Prevention April 26A National Safety Code Well Hours Hours of of Service Service for for Commercial Commercial Carriers Carriers and and Owners Owners Mulcher Operator (via videoconference) On-Scene Commercial Well Service Prevention Young/New   W orker  Orientation     Level Nov   2Blowout 3:    1  (via pCVSA m  –videoconference)  3  Vehicle pm   FREE   Emergency   Preparedness     Incident Nov  2Investigation 5:    8:30  a28 m  –  1& 2  pm   FREE   $595 How to Pass a I Inspection On-Scene Commercial Vehicle Incident Investigation April (via videoconference) Well Service Blowout Prevention April 2619th – 2929and $725 National Safety Code October 20 National Safety Code April On-Scene Commercial Vehicle Incident Investigation April 282 Emergency  Preparedness    On-Scene Nov   2Commercial 5:  Pass  SAVE 8C:30   am  –  o1a m   FREE   How Level I CVSA Inspection Small   Eto mployer   ertificate   f  2  Rpecognition   December  7   Investigation $  165   THIS DATE! Vehicle Incident Well Service Blowout Prevention How to Pass a Level I CVSA Inspection A Incident Incident Commander Commander for for Oil Oil Spills Spills (via (via videoconference) videoconference) National Safety Code On-Scene Commercial Vehicle Incident Investigation UNBC MASTER OF BUSINESS Small   Employer  CCode ertificate   of  Recognition   December   7   $   (SECOR)   (Refresher)     165   National Safety April 29 $TBA On-Scene Commercial Vehicle Incident Investigation April 28 & 29 $595 for the Petroleum Safety$  Inspec Confe National Safety Code April 293 Coiled Tubing Well Blowout Prevention How to Pass a Level IOn-Scene CVSA April Mulcher Operator Operator (via (via videoconference) videoconference) (SECOR)   (Refresher)     National THIS DATE! Certified   HInspection ealth   &Mulcher  SAVE Sto afety   APass uditor   (Renewal)     Level December   8CVSA   Investigation 215   ADMINISTRATION INFORMATION SESSIONS Commercial Vehicle Incident How a I Safety Code October 19th and 20th National Safety Code How to Coiled Pass a Level Inspection Tubing Well   8   I CVSA National Code April 29 $TBA Certified   Health   &  Safety   (Renewal)     December   $  215  Blowout Coiled Tubing Well Blowout Prevention How to Pass a Safety Level IAuditor   CVSA Inspection AprilPrevention 30 $TBAA Well Well Service Service Blowout Blowout Prevention Prevention How to Pass a Level I CVSA Inspection April 303   at the North Peace Cultural Center Small   E mployer   C ertificate   o f   R ecognition   December   1 4   $   1 65   for the Petroleum Safety Conference North Coiled Tubing Well Blowout Prevention April National Safety Code October 19th and 20th FORT ST JOHN (Video Conference) How to Pass a Level I CVSA Inspection How to Pass a Level I CVSA Inspection Employer   Certificate   of  RCoiled ecognition   December   14   Tubing $   How to Pass aBlowout Level I CVSA Inspection April 30 $TBA On-Scene On-Scene Commercial Commercial Vehicle VehicleBlowout Incident Incident Investigation Investigation (SECOR)   (Refresher)     165  Well Tubing Well Blowout Prevention Coiled Prevent CoiledSmall   Tubing Well Prevention April 30 $290 NOVEMBER 24 - ROOM 183 for the Petroleum Safety Conference North (SECOR)  (Refresher)     the North Peace Cultural Center in Fort St. John. Coiled Tubing Well at Blowout Prevention April 30

Northeast NEWS


November 10, 2011

& Roughnecks continued...

Northern BC – The BC Oil and Gas Commission (Commission) is pleased to announce Paul Jeakins has been appointed as Commissioner and CEO. “Mr. Jeakins has worked for the BC Oil and Gas Commission for many years and has a wealth of experience to succeed as Commissioner and CEO,” said Energy and Mines Minister Rich Coleman. “With his leadership, the Commission will continue to establish itself as Canada’s leading oil and gas regulator.” Mr. Jeakins was most recently the Chief Operating Officer and Interim CEO. He has been with the Commission for six years, overseeing a number of business units including operational and strategic First Nations consultations and negotiations, permitting, compliance and enforcement, business improvement, auditing, regulatory affairs and stewardship, and geology and reservoir engineering. “I’m looking forward to taking on this new leadership role,” Mr. Jeakins says. “I intend to maintain the momentum which has established the Commission as the leading oil and gas regulator in Canada by building the internal expertise to take on emerging technical challenges, strengthening our collaboration with government, industry, First Nations, the public and stakeholders, and expanding our reporting and transparency initiatives.” The Commissioner and CEO is the operational and strategic leader of the Commission, holding statutory decision-making authority as well as the ability to delegate decision-making authority to staff within the operational divisions. The Commission is the independent regulator of oil and gas activities in British Columbia, and has regulatory responsibility for industry activity from the exploration and development phases, through to facilities operation and decommissioning.

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JUNE 2010

Intro Intro to to Gas Gas Processing Processing

March March29 29& &30 30

$468 $468

Construction Construction & & Reclamation Reclamation Training Training for for Heavy Heavy Equipment Equipment Operators Operators March March30 30& &31 31

$575 $575

Service Service Rig Rig Competency Competency Assessor Assessor (via (via videoconference) videoconference) April April 66 $144 $144   Intro Intro to to Gas Gas Processing Processing March March 29 29 & & 30 30 $468 $468 Electrical Maintenance Maintenance Training Training (Refresher) (Refresher) April April 12 12 $220 $220 Contributed photo Electrical   Construction Construction & & Reclamation Reclamation Training Training for for Heavy Heavy Equipment Equipment Operators Operators March March 30 30 & & 31 31 $575 $575 (via (via videoconference) videoconference)     Barry Brandl presented Penny Gagnon, CDC Executive Director with a donation of $10,00.00 Service Rig Rig Competency Competency Assessor Assessor (via (via videoconference) videoconference) April April 6613 $144 $144 from V.E. Brandl towards Project Build-A-Fort. The CDC thanks V.E. Brandl for their gener- Escort EscortService Vehicle Vehicle Operator Operator Driver Driver Improvement Improvement April April 13 $130 $130   ous support and contribution. V.E. Brandl is celebrating their 50th Anniversary this month. (via face to face) (via (via videoconference) videoconference) Electrical Electrical Maintenance Maintenance Training Training (Refresher) (Refresher) April April 12 12 $220 $220 The(via Petroleum Industry in Canada June 17-18 $562 (via videoconference) videoconference) Pipeline Environmental Environmental Inspection Inspection(via (via (via videoconference) videoconference) April April 14 14 -- 16 16 $585 $585 face to face) (via face to face)Pipeline (via video conference)


(via face to face)

Escort Escort Vehicle Vehicle Operator Operator Driver Driver Improvement Improvement

(via video conference)

Supervising the Drug-Free Workplace Hours Hours of of Service/Managing Service/Managing Fatigue Fatigue –– Commercial Commercial Vehicle Vehicle Vacuum Vacuum & & Hydrovac Hydrovac Truck Truck Operator Operator Driver Driver Improvement Improvement Drivers Drivers (via (via videoconference) videoconference) (via (via videoconference) videoconference)

June 2220 April April 20

$TBA $135 $135

April April 21 21 April April 20 20

$135 $135 $135 $135

April April 21 21 April April 21 21

$135 $135 $261 $261

Pipeline Pipeline Environmental Environmental Inspection Inspection (via videoconference) (via face to(via face)videoconference)

(via video conference) Hours HoursHours of of Service Service for for Commercial Commercial Carriers Carriers and and Owners Owners Hours of of Service/Managing Service/Managing Fatigue Fatigue –– Commercial Commercial Vehicle Vehicle (via (via videoconference) videoconference) Drivers Drivers (via (via videoconference) videoconference) (via video conference)

Hours Hours of of Service Service for Commercial Carriers Carriers and and Owners Owners Incident Incident Commander Commander for forCommercial Oil Oil Spills Spills (via (via videoconference) videoconference) (via (via videoconference) videoconference)

(via video conference)

$130 $130

April April 14 June 2114

(via face to face)

(via face to face)

April April 13 13

Vacuum Vacuum &videoconference) Hydrovac Hydrovac Truck Truck Operator Driver Driver Improvement (via face toImprovement face) Fatigue Management forOperator Supervisors (via (via& videoconference) (via (via(via videoconference) videoconference) video conference)

Mulcher Mulcher Operator Operator (via (via videoconference) videoconference)

Incident Incident Commander Commander(via for forvideo Oil Oil Spills Spills (via (via videoconference) videoconference) conference)

Well Well Service Service Blowout Blowout Prevention Prevention

April April 14 14 -- 16 16 April April 14 14

April April 22 22

April April 21 21

$130 $130 $130 $585 $585

$130 $130

$126 $126

$261 $261

April April 26 26 –– 29 29

$725 $725

Mulcher Mulcher Operator (via (via videoconference) videoconference) 22 $126 $126 Incident &Pass  Operator Accident   Investigation   December  April 1April 9   22 $  355   How toCommercial a Level I CVSA Inspection National National Safety Safety Code Code Coiled Tubing Well Blowout Prevention On-Scene On-Scene Commercial Vehicle Vehicle Incident Incident Investigation Investigation April April 28 28 & & 29 29 $595 $595 Coiled Well Blowout Prevention April 30 $290 JANUARY 12 – ROOM 183 Coiled Tubing Well Blowout Prevention  (viaWell video conference)   Incident   &  ATubing ccident  Investigation   December   1 9   $   3 55   Well Service Service Blowout Blowout Prevention Prevention April April 26 26 – – 29 29 $725 $725 at the North Peace Cultural Center in Fort St. John.   (via video conference)   National National Safety Safety Code Code April April 29 29 $TBA $TBA Hazard   ATubing ssessment   (via to video conference)  Level December   2April 0   28 $  355   1:15PM – UNBC Peace River-Liard Campus, 9820 – 120 Avenue How How to Pass Pass aa Level II CVSA CVSA Inspection Inspection On-Scene On-Scene Commercial Commercial Vehicle Vehicle Incident Incident Investigation Investigation April 28 & & 29 29 $595 $595 Coiled Hazard  Assessment  (via video conference)   December   20   Well Blowout $  355   Prevention (via video conference)


Contact Enform BC for more Toll Free 1.855.4ENFORM (436.3676) Contact Enform BC for more information. Contact Enform BC for more information. Contact Enform Contact EnformContact BC for Enform more information. Contact Enform for more informa BC for more BC information. Contact Enform BC for more information. Contact Enform BC for more785-60 informatio Email: Phone: (250) Email: Phone: (250) 785-6009 Toll-free: 1-80 Email: Phone: (250) 785-6009 Toll-free: 1-800-667-5557 Email: Phone: (250) 785-6009 Toll-free: Email: Phone: (250) 785-6009 To Contact Enform BC for more in Email: Phone: ( Contact En Email: Phone: (250) 785-6009 Toll-free: 1-800Email: Email: Phone: (250) 785-6009Contact Toll-free: 1-800-667-5557 Phone: (250) 785-6009 Toll-f Contact Contact Enform Enform BC BC for for more more informat informa Enform BC for more infor www.enformbc.c Email: Phone: (250) 785-6009 Email: Email: Phone: Phone: (250) (250) 785-6009 785-6009 785-6009 Toll Tol Email: Phone: (250) www. Email: Pho How How to Pass Pass aaSafety Level LevelCode II CVSA CVSA Inspection Inspection   to National National Safety Code

How How to to Pass Pass aa Blowout Level Level II CVSA CVSA Inspection Inspection Coiled Coiled Tubing Tubing Well Well Blowout Prevention Prevention

Reserve Your Seat

April April 30 30 April April 29 29 Coiled Coiled Tubing Tubing Well Well Blowout Prevention Prevention   Blowout

Coiled Coiled Tubing Tubing Well Well Blowout Blowout Prevention Prevention

April April 30 30 April April 30 30

$TBA $TBA $290 $290

April April 30 30

$290 $290

Contact Contact Enform Enform BC BC for for more more information. information. Contact Enform Enform BC BC for for more more information. information. Email: Email: bc@enform.caContact Phone: Phone: (250) (250) 785-6009 785-6009 Toll-free: Toll-free: 1-800-667-5557 1-800-667-5557 Email: Email: Phone: Phone: (250) (250) 785-6009 785-6009 Toll-free: 1-800-667-5557 1-800-667-5557 Toll-free:







BC-Rigs_Roughnecks_002-March BC-Rigs_Roughnecks_002-March 4_2010 4_2010 BC-Rigs_Roughnecks_002-March BC-Rigs_Roughnecks_002-March 4_2010 4_2010 THE SAFETY FORTHE THE OIL A THE SAFETY ASSOCIATION ASSOCIATION FOR OIL AND

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November 17, 2011

November Specials Couples Massage

Will leave you feeling invigorated and relaxed. Beverage, chocolate & fruit tray included. 80 min $210.00 Reg $250.00 or 60 min $170.00 Reg $ 210.00

Spa Pedicure

Pamper your feet includes complimentary paraffin wax $75.00 Regular Pedicure $90.00 Deluxe All Organic. Includes foot mask, long foot massage, mini nail polish.

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Northeast NEWS

Cancer Society works with individuals and their skills

for them. By Jill Earl “What we do is we work with people’s skills and abilities to DAWSON CREEK- According to the Canadian Cancer Society, there are over 200 types of cancer, and every seven minutes find the best possible volunteer fit for them, so it’s going to detwo Canadians are diagnosed. Since the Society’s founding in pend on the volunteer. We’re looking for people to get involved 1938, they have made incredible progress in cancer research and with Relay for Life, to help that community event happen, it’s a great way to bring the community together around the cause of treatment. “When we were founded…approximately 20% of people cancer and make a huge difference in terms of fundraising, supwould survive a diagnosis, now it’s 62%. That indicates the port for families,” Shelford says. Shelford encourages anyone interested in getting involved to amount of progress we’ve made. Also the treatments are much visit better then they were back in the 40s. Often the treatments were very debilitating so we’ve made progress both in quality of treatment and quality of life. There’s also increasing research into the causes of cancer,” said Nancy Shelford, Volunteer Engagement Coordinator for the Northern Region of the Canadian Cancer Society in British Columbia and Yukon. The majority of funds supporting the diverse research, support, and prevention initiatives undertaken by the Society comes from donations. The society also relies on volunteers to help with these countless initiatives. Shelford says there are opportunities to get involved in cancer prevention, women’s health, men’s health, their Tanning Is Out campaign, and the Wellness Works program, along with many others. The SoJill Earl photo ciety works with each individual to find the best opportunity Nancy Shelford gives a presentation to potential volunteers.

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chance to first time offenders By Jill Earl

DAWSON CREEK- Dawson Creek, Fort St. John, Fort Nelson, and Taylor are recognizing this week as Restorative Justice Week. The North Peace Justice Society was formed in 1994 and is currently run out of Fort St. John’s Community Resource Centre. The society aims to help remorseful first time offenders by offering them a way to avoid court and keep their record clean. Offenders participating in the program meet with people they have victimized and together with a facilitator come up with an appropriate settlement. “The philosophy behind the program is to bring first time of-

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fenders, together with the people they’ve done harm to and have them atone for their mistakes…the idea behind it is to offer restitution,” said program Coordinator, Michelle LaBoucane. The victim, the offender along with their supporters and usually two facilitators form the Justice Circle and there the offender can apologize for the offense. In the circle, everybody is granted the opportunity to speak about how they were affected by the offense and what is the most suitable punishment for the crime. “They get to tell how they heard about the incident, what’s happened with the offender or the victim since the offense has happened, they get to participate in the outcome,” LaBoucane said. Continued on page 24.

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SeRviCe 11-11-10 12:34 PM

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Trevor Bolin continued Number of years you have lived in the city that you are running in: 32 What do you want Fort St. John to look like in three years? A vibrant growing community in which its citizens are proud to call Fort St John home, it’s businesses are busy expanding and employing local people, and an open and transparent government of the people for the people. What issue(s) in the city/district need(s) to be addressed? Fort St John needs to gain an even more pro-active stance to bringing in business and citizens to help with stabilizing our local economy and continuing to be the economic driver of the province we are so fortunate to be. Current council has focused the past three years in being open, transparent and easily accessed by the citizens of this city, but it doesn’t end there. We need more public meetings, meetings with stakeholders and groups throughout the city so everyone is on the same path and has a similar destination of what there city should offer. Other comments: I would be honored to be elected to my second term as city councilor and vow that I will always work with as much passion as I have in other aspects of my life in being the first one to show up and the last one to leave, and never quit until the job is done. Website: Phone number and or email: 250 785 6275 / Name: Bruce D. Christensen Occupation: Businessman (Retired) Community involvement (top three only): Past President Fort St John and District Chamber of Commerce, Past President and District Governor, Fort St John Rotary Club, North Peace Seniors Housing Society, member of the Board Number of years you have lived in the city that you are running in: 24 years What do you want Fort St. John to look like in three years? I want Fort St John to be the most diverse northern community in Canada. We must have a balance of cultural, environmental, social and economic opportunities. What issue(s) in the city/district need(s) to be addressed? Better access to other communities. ie airport (fares) What are your personal goals? To continue to work to make sure that we have strong fiscal policies. Make good business-like decisions. Continue to improve our infrastructure. Other comments: My desire is to work with fellow council members, and our neighbours to make Fort St John the community, where you and I want to live, and raise our families Phone number and or email: 250-787-2202 (h) 250-262-9521 (c) b& Name: Dan Davies Occupation: Teacher/Canadian Forces Reserve Community Involvement: Royal Canadian Army Cadets, Restorative Justice, Economic Development Commission. Years in community: Born and raised in FSJ Next three years: Over the next years I want to see many of the same opportunities that I had growing up in Fort St. John and to ensure that they are available for my children and for many generations to come. I see Fort St. John as a vibrant community for businesses to bloom, families to prosper and pride in community to flourish. We need to continue to work on a plan that will strengthen our struggling infrastructure and allow for positive growth for our community. Issues: Fort St. John will undergo an incredible change over the next few years. It is expected the demand for labour (Oil and gas, mining and Site C) will double the size of our community over the next decade. We need strong leadership to ensure that there is a plan in place to manage this growth and ensure an optimistic future for our children. We need to find ways that we can sustain our growth and maintain tax rates that are fair and equitable to everyone, while managing our infrastructure, safe community and social needs. Goals: My goals are to demonstrate strong leadership, to continue to listen to and represent the citizens and plan for the future. We need to hold the provincial government to their commitment of improved roads in the region as well as see an aggressive plan for our airport and the services provided there. If re-elected, I will continue to work hard for the people of Fort St. John. As a life long resident of the community I want what is best for the citizens and for our city with our future in mind. With the ever changing economy, we need to ensure that what we are doing can be sustained. For proven leadership and a long-term vision, re-elect Dan Davies for the Energetic Fort St. John City Council, Believing in an Energetic Future! For more info: Twitter/facebook Phone: 250-787-5847 Larry Evans: Did not receive a response. Brandon Joice: Did not receive a response. Name: Gord Klassen: I grew up in Fort St. John and raised my family here. I love this community! It’s “WHERE I WANT TO LIVE!” I’m excited about future growth in this area but am convinced

November 17, 2011 that, in order to be prepared for the impact upon our community, it is vital that we establish . . . CLEARLY DEFINED COMMUNITY PLAN, a picture of what our community will look like in the future. We must ensure that development fits into that picture. Infrastructure must be maintained, strengthened, and expanded. STRONG, STRATEGIC ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT PLAN, connecting with industry leaders to communicate that we are “the place to be” for business, and establishing a business friendly environment that will attract and retain businesses. EFFICIENT, EFFECTIVE SPENDING WITHIN OUR MEANS, keeping property taxes reasonable and using resources wisely, with forethought and planning, to provide the services and amenities that make our city a great place to live and work. REPUTATION of RESPECT & RECOGNITION, communicating the value of our community, and spreading a clear and convincing message that Fort St. John has unlimited business prospects, great services and amenities, along with exciting arts, entertainment, recreation, and education opportunities. I am a strong candidate for City Council because of my . . . COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT ~ Trustee, School District #60 Board of Education ~ Chaplain and Auxiliary Firefighter, FSJ Fire Department ~ Coordinator, Christmas Shoe Box Project PROVEN LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCE AND FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY I have worked with many leadership teams, displaying vision and passion, a commitment to purposeful and strategic planning. In the church, and on the Board of Education, I know very well that when you depend on public dollars, you need to “spend within your means” and be good stewards of the money with which you’ve been entrusted. Budget wisely, plan thoroughly, spend carefully, and work strategically to do all you can with what you have. INTEGRITY, RESPECT, & TRUST ~ I am accustomed to public life and am guided by principles and values, that have resulted in a good reputation and rapport with people of all ages, backgrounds, and circumstances. 250-794-7750 Name: Carol Kube My name is Carol Kube, born and raised in the North Peace area I have always called Fort St. John my home. I have been a business person for more than 25 years. Although I have never held a political office, I consider myself a social activist and politically inclined, for over 10 years I have volunteered as a Community Advocate at Action BC. This involved working with Judges, Lawyers, Mediation Boards, WCB, Family Maintenance as well as Human Rights. Politicians and decision makers at all levles. This enables me to hear first hand the issues and concerns of the every day citizens in this City. I also sit on the Board of Directors for: Action BC, Provincial Grandparents Organization, and fapg (Federated Anti Poverty Group). In the next three years I envision Fort St John becoming a more transparent, citizen involved City that people are proud to call home. A place that prospective employers can market and attract persons to fill the vacant positions and tourists will be drawn to. I will work towards making our streets a safer place, reduce the crime rate and lobby for affordable seniors housing so we can keep our seniors in their community. I would meet you on your schedule, to discuss YOUR issues, and represent them at council. I envision a City that can live within the Budget that it has to work with, listens to the citizens on issues important to them, and lobby’s Provincial and Federal Governments for services that are not currently available. If you would like to discuss these, or any other issue further, please don’t hesitate to contact me in person or on face book at “Carol Kube for City Council”. Name:Sarah Palmer Occupation: Job Cost Administrator, at Flint Energy Services Number of years I have lived in Fort St. John: 6 years Personal Goals: I believe that it is important for a new generation to begin preparing themselves for leadership roles in the future by taking an interest in community issues. Get informed, decide where you stand, and make your opinion count. Exercise your right to elect someone who supports your vision for the future. What do you want Fort St. John to look like in 3 years? : My vision for Fort St. John includes a vibrant downtown that acts a hub for the arts, culture and business. I’d like to see a mixed use, medium density, attractively designed building on the vacant lot where the Old Fort Hotel once sat; a place that provides a lively mix of residential, commercial and office space. What issue in the city needs to be addressed? : The ability for our community to grow and thrive is largely dependent on our ability to market ourselves to potential commercial and light industrial business opportunities. Our existing council has done a good job of this. I believe that this must continue to be a priority and we must take a proactive approach that draws opportunity to our

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community and not just react to those opportunities that present themselves to us. Other comments: I am proud to take this opportunity to utilize my education in and my passion for community to contribute to the smart growth and development of our city. I ‘m approachable, open-minded, and I believe that it’s up to all of us to take part in the decision making process. I want to be your voice in local government. I believe that my opinions are only a small part of the picture. I’m more interested in what you have to say. A good member of council uses their decision making power to reflect the opinions of the public, not to push their own personal agenda. Contact: See my full platform at “Vote Sarah Palmer” on facebook. Dan Pope: Did not receive a response. Name: Byron Stewart Occupation: Manager - The Lido Community involvement (top three only): • Kidsport • FSJ Slow Pitch Society • Association for Community Living What do you want Fort St. John to look like in three years? Fort St. John will be a community that is prepared for the future. Council will be united with a clear vision and a plan for community development, security and promotion. We will be the centrepiece of British Columbia’s Northeast with businesses, commercial and industrial, establishing themselves, knowing that our City is in good hands; fiscally responsible, maintaining appropriate taxation levels and communicating openly that we are prepared for progress and continued opportunities. We will be meeting the needs of our residents; individuals, families, and our seniors, as well as our visitors, through advanced services. Our new hospital and fire department will provide increased security. Usage of our cultural, sport and recreational facilities will be maximized through cooperative arrangements with user groups. The “brown lots” in the downtown core will be transformed into purposeful green space. Our Visitor Information Centre located on the Alaska Highway will attract tourists that now spend more time in our City. Our transit system will be vastly improved. What issue(s) in the city/district need(s) to be addressed? Increased focus on open communication with all levels of government, the citizens and private business to build healthy relationships is integral to the future success of the Peace Region. Respectful communications will assist in making decisions that will require negotiation, i.e. Fair Share Agreement, Site C, boundary expansion and our airport. What are your personal goals? To quote a movie I recently watched, “I hate losing more than I love winning”. I am a motivated, competitive person and I want what is best for Fort St. John. I am passionate about our City and my goal is to be a part of the visioning, planning and decision making that will allow our community to thrive in the future. Other comments: Any person representing our community must act with integrity, respecting all citizens and their ideas, and be truthful in all aspects of the position. I believe in creating win-win scenarios, where thoughts are respectfully challenged, negotiation has occurred, and parties are allowed to speak, be heard and be understood. FACEBOOK: Vote for Byron Stewart 250-793-5923 Name: Tamara Wilkinson My name is Tamara Wilkinson. I am 34 years old, married, and a mother of three boys. Along with my husband Barry, I am half owner of Safety First Professional Driver Training. I was born and raised in Fort St John and have always been proud to call this community my home. I am a supporter of High on Ice, Restorative Justice Society and a member our school PAC. What do I want to accomplish? I am concerned about irresponsible spending from our local government, as there have been many issues over the last three years of current council about priorities in this matter. I want to be a voice for young families in Fort St John as I feel there has not been enough representation in previous councils of the younger middle class that make up the majority of our community. As a survivor of sexual assault I am very concerned about women’s issues, community safety and victim’s services. I want to create a safer community for families, and support victims service agencies. I want to see more affordable indoor activities for children and a youth centre. I will work with the school district and the provincial government to try and get seat belts installed in our buses. I want to make this a town that we all can be proud of and one that people will visit and never want to leave. This is my Promise to You, the voter and citizen. If elected, I will work hard to be your voice regardless of race, age, gender, or social standing, and commit to the concerns I have outlined here. I want to be the person that you feel comfortable in approaching with your questions, concerns and ideas. I believe the best way to find out what the community wants is to try to involve everyone and listen. Thank you for considering me! Feel free to contact me with questions or concerns on Facebook or through my election e-mail,

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November 17, 2011

Candidate Info - Dawson Creek

Councillor Candidates: Name: Trevor Allaby Occupation: Dominos Store Manager Number of years you have lived in the city that you are running in: Six years What do you want Dawson Creek to look like in three years? I want Dawson Creek to be an area that young families are able to purchase property in. What issue(s) in the city/district need(s) to be addressed? Our current overspending with tax dollars, misuse of fairshare funding, and a lack of infrastructure maintenance. What are your personal goals? I would like to pursue politics federally and provincially. Other comments: I have traveled North and South America. I worked for CSIS and the UN. Phone number and or email: 250-719-7899/ Name: James Bridges 1. Occupation: Pastor of the Apostolic Lighthouse Church, Drug and alcohol technician for Mountainview Safety Services Ltd 2. Community involvement: Chamber of Commerce board of directors for 9 years serving as President 4 years Volunteered at the Lighthouse food booth at the Fall Fair 14 years, Serving on Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline Community Advisory Board for 2 years 3. Number of years lived in Dawson Creek: 10 years 4. Dawson Creek in 3 years: • I would like Dawson Creek to be a safe, vibrant, fiscally strong city. A place where people are proud to live, work, and raise their families. • I would like to see Dawson Creek become a destination for those who are traveling the Alaska Highway; more than just a stop and go place. • I would like to see Dawson Creek be a business friendly city. 5. What issue(s) need to be addressed: The water situation, infrastructure, and the potential of our airport 6. Personal goals: • Transparency: Insuring the public knows why decisions are made through detailed reporting • Balance: Securing balance between the Green Initiative, Oil & Gas, Arts & Culture, Business, Social & Economic Development, never forgetting our great Agricultural heritage • Social Sustainability: Working toward making Dawson Creek a safe place to live and raise our families, providing affordable housing for single parent, young families, and Seniors • Economic Sustainability: Engage in actionable Economic Development planning for the future of Dawson Creek re: the Airport, Industry, Health, Education and Tourism • Integrity: Bringing moral soundness to the forefront of every decision 7. Website: 8. Phone/website: 250-782-5489 Name: Raymond Fromme Occupation: Professional Agrologist. 15 years in the farming/ ranching business and 15 years in the oil and gas sector. Number of years you lived in the city: 15 years in Dawson Creek and 15 years in the Peace River Country. Community involvement: Vice president of the Lake View Learning Centre/ DC Literacy Society. Enrolment with DC Crime Stoppers. Providing several annual soccer clinics for DC Junior Soccer League. What do you want the city to look like in 3 years: I would like to see Dawson Creek as a city with a high standard of living, a good quality of life and also a prosperous business community. What issues in the city need to be addressed: Keeping our tax rate under control by applying solid financial management and prudency. Secure our water supply. The heavy rains this summer have revealed some “weak spots” within our infrastructure. We need to get on top of our infra structure. Complete the Calvin Kruk Center and use it to the best possible capacity. Complete the water reclamation plant for industrial purposes. Produce reasonable and logical zoning results. Ensure the continuance of the “Fair Share” program. Better rapport and communication with the Peace River Regional District, since they are our neighbours. What are your personal goals: Our city should have a solid, healthy growth. I would like to use my experiences and abilities to keep Dawson Creek on the “right track”. We have many opportunities in this town and in the region and good planning of our City-Business is highly important. I want to give something back

to our city. Other comments: During my working life I always held leading positions. This exposed me to many important skills and abilities. Name: SUE KENNY I have lived in Dawson Creek for 11 years. I have been involved in Economic Development for the past 25 years and understand the north and the many challenges. I have been General Manager for Community Futures Peace Liard for eight years. We assist small businesses thru business counseling and loan start ups as well as being a catalyst for community economic development projects across the region. Through my employment and volunteer work I have gained vital experience working with local, provincial and federal government programming as well as community groups. I have been involved in assisting many business start ups throughout the region. I presently sit on the provincial board of directors for the Economic Development Association of BC. I am past president for the Sunrise Dawson Creek Rotary club as well as past secretary. I sat as Vice President on the Northern BC Winter Games hosted in Dawson Creek. I coordinated Relay for Life for three consecutive years when this national event was just getting started in Dawson Creek. In three years I want to see Dawson Creek citizens have affordable housing including, young families, seniors and our workforce. I want to see an additional water reservoir to ensure water supply and an airport with more scheduled services. I want to see affordable taxes which can be done through a responsible budget and a debt management plan for the city. We face many challenges with the increasing growth due to the increase in the oil and gas industry. It impacts our infrastructure, water supply, housing, social services, and quality of life. We need to continue to upgrade our infrastructure and support business and groups to assist us in maintaining a safe and healthy lifestyle. I am confident of the decisions our council has made to prepare us for the future through sustainable planning for our water resources, land development, infrastructure, arts & culture and environment. Council decisions have been made through consultation with experts in the field, our very qualified city staff and open community meetings. My goal is to stay the course and continue to work hard for Dawson Creek. Name: David MacDonald Occupation: Retail Store Operator Community involvement (top three only): Emergency Social Services, Salvation Army Kids Camps, Little Lambs Moms and Tots Group. Number of years you have lived in the city that you are running in: 3 Years What do you want Dawson Creek to look like in three years? Safe Vibrant Community that everybody young or old can live and enjoy life in. What issue(s) in the city/district need(s) to be addressed? Updating our infrastructure, addressing the availability of lower cost housing as well working with other council members to ensure we put the community’s money where you want it. I would also work with other council members to try and make sure that any future projects come in at the proposed price. I would also work with council to ensure if we are going to give money to the city tenants of our Multy Plex that the community gets a say. What are your personal goals? Raise my children, get my pilots license and be a pilot up here like my Grandfather Ira and getting more Crisis Management Training would be my long term goals for now. Short term I’m looking forward to teaching my son to ski this year on Bear Mountain and putting the trailer we got to use in the winter months at Kin park for the kids from the community to warm up in while they are out there sledding and enjoying the snow. Other comments: Our goal as councilors should be to make sure the community understands how their money is being spent and on what, never should the public find out about our spending habits only when they hit the paper. And to make sure items that are necessary to the welfare and safety of the community ( infrastructure , affordable housing ) are taken care of first before nonessential items. Any future “ Big Ticket Items” need to come in at or under budget. We need to ensure that when we take bids for any projects that they are realistic and not just smaller so that the project looks more appealing. Phone Number /Email : 250 782 0488 Call or Email I would Love to talk. Website: Facebook David MacDonald for Dawson Creek City

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Council Name: Duncan Malkinson Occupation: Hockey Referee Community involvement (top three only): I’m involved with The DCMHA, at rotary manor, and at the Catholic Church. Number of years you have lived in Dawson Creek: 18 What do you want Dawson Creek to look like in three years? I want it to be a beautiful and prospering community. What issue(s) in the City need(s) to be addressed? I would like council to focus on managing the city’s debt and improving our core infrastructure (water, sewer, roads, sidewalks) What are your personal goals? To become a city councillor in Dawson Creek, B.C. Other comments: I think Dawson Creek is a beautiful place and I think that I could bring a valuable, new perspective to any situation or issue. Phone number and or email: NAME: Charlie Parslow OCCUPATION: semi retired - continue to do facilitation/consulting through out B.C. COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: Superintendent of Schools/C.E.O. S.D.#59 (1981-2001) serving Dawson Creek and the South Peace, Director, Dawson Creek Society for Community Living , Leader in the formation of KPAC, Kiwanis Enterprise Centre and the Peace Chapter of the Federation of Canadian Artists. Number of Years you have lived in the city you are running for: I have lived in the city and the contiguous rural area for 30 years What do you want Dawson Creek to look like in three years? Clean, green, smooth roads, accessible buildings, safe sidewalks,many vibrant businesses and organizations. What issues in the city of Dawson Creek needs to be addressed? Debt, the heavy use of Fair Share for basic operations, confidence in the decision making processes, the need to build community consensus and goodwill. A shared vision. What are your personal goals? To build a community that believes its taxes are fair and the expenses of the city are justified. To engage the community in the major decisions that face the city. To continue to work on environmental and financial sustainability. To continue my work in developing a community that has provincial recognition for its care of seniors and its integration of developmentally challenged people. To continue my work in support of the arts and recreational sports Other comments: As Superintendent of Schools and C.E.O. I had the reputation for running an innovative and yet financially ‘tight ship’ - new or renovated schools were always within budget and opened on time, operating budgets always had a surplus. I believe local city government can improve the way it develops its budget and the way it engages and informs its public. I believe I can play a part in bringing different interest groups to the table. I firmly believe that “we can’t, as a society, continue to do business as usual - at least in the financial and the environmental sectors Charlie Parslow Name: DOUG RAGAN To be a candidate for City Council is not something one takes lightly. Helping to shape the future direction of our City has far reaching effects for our grandchildren and future generations. Short term gains can lead to long term pain. Decisions made by our city administrators must be studied by City Council and must not be rubber stamped and passed into bylaws to satisfy the impatience of others. As a carpenter friend has quoted “measure twice and cut once”. My reason for coming out of retirement to run for Council is to offer the citizens of Dawson Creek an approachable, transparent and diligent alternative. My diverse background of contracting, road building and railway construction gives me an advantage when viewing contracts to be let by the City. Being a Superintendent on large highway contracts has also given me the experience for solving disagreements among groups of people. My wife and I chose to make Dawson Creek the place to raise our young family in 1971. The decision to move here has served us well so I would be more than happy to work for our hometown and keep it an attractive place to live and raise a family. Although there are a few flaws in the way Council has Continued on Page 23

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November 17, 2011

Doug Ragan continued operated in the past, they are not insurmountable. With due diligence and focus on the tasks at hand Council should achieve success in resolving various issues that will be encountered during the next three years. The water and sewer issues are not self solving and will take a great deal of effort and perseverance to restructure the mess that confronts us today. These problems are man-made so they must be man solved and I hope to be part of the solution. The people of Dawson Creek that know me will affirm that I am up to the task and can rest assured that I will not surrender to pressure when the going is difficult. That’s why I am running for Council and why I hope to serve the citizens of Dawson Creek over the next three years. Sincerely, Doug Ragan (250-782-7687) Name: CHERYL SHUMAN My name is Cheryl Shuman I am Full Time City Councillor, Mother, Wife and Volunteer. I worked for Northern Health caring for seniors prior to being elected in 2008. I am a Kiwanis Club member, President Dawson Creek Kiwanis Community Band and Chair South Peace BC Sustainable Energy Assoiation I have lived in Dawson Creek 24yrs, my roots here are deep as my family first settled in the area 113 yrs ago. In the next three years I hope that we continue to see Dawson Creek grow in a sustainable way. That we continue to make it a livable and inclusive community. That we continue to be a business friendly community that encourages a diverse local economy. Issues needing to be addressed include water security, wastewater infrastructure, housing, airport sustainability and the future of our library. I will continue to work hard for our community. Attending meetings, consulting with citizens and making decisions based on what is best for the community as a whole. I will use experience gained in past 3yrs on council to continue to move Dawson Creek forward in a positive progressive way. Find me on Facebook and Twitter Reach me at 250-782-5323 Name: SHAELY WILBUR Name: Shaely Wilbur (Endicott) Occupation: Mother to 5 and “Nana” to three Grandchildren , Production Manager at Busy Bee Signs & Graphics Community involvement: Held a seat on 2 Advisory Boards for the City of Dawson Creek (Parks and Recreation / Airport), Past- President of Northern Lights Community Gaming Association, Community Volunteer (Both 2005 & 2008 Winter Games-Sheilagh McCullough Award Recipient in 2008/ Sports Coach (Baseball/Soccer)/ DC Skateboard Park / Bear Mountain Ski Hill / KPAC (Assist in fundraising events) / DC Minor Ball Past -Director / Nawican Friendship Centre (Arranged funding for Kitchen Reno) Number of Years Residing in Dawson Creek: 15 In three years I see Dawson Creek as a vibrant community that has maintained a Live, Work and Play strategy. This can be achieved by creating a balance in Council that includes everyone. By looking after our Economic sustainability we will be able to be responsible both socially and environmentally. We should have concrete goals and plans that move us forward; improving our core services and Infrastructure. After talking with many of the local voters, it is clear that they feel disconnected from City Hall (Mayor and Council) It is vital to our community that this disconnect is corrected and the true meaning of Accountable, Transparent with an Open door policy is reinstated. I truly believe that if you are elected by the people, you work for the people and are accountable to them. Dawson Creek does not have a revenue issue it has a spending issue. With repeat consultations on subjects like our Airport and water/sewer systems; money is being wasted when no plan is formed once the information is collected the first time. The city must take care of the use of Fair Share funding. To use it for operational costs is foolish; setting the tax payers up for dependency on funds that were meant for infrastructure. I do not believe that personal goals / agendas are relevant at the table of Mayor and Council.

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LET’S TALK! / Name: Linda Winfield Occupation: Community Support Worker for Dawson Creek Society for Community Living for 15 years Community Involvement: Founder of Filipino-Canadian Association in Dawson Creek: Joined the cancer walk and shaved my head to raised fund Number of years you have lived in the city that you are running in: I moved to Dawson Creek in 1994, however, I came in Canada as a 25 year old in May 14, 1972. What do you want Dawson Creek BC to look like in Three years? More improvement on services like Police involvement, fire department, and health services. What are your Goals? My personal goal is to be able to do what is required of me, and be positive at all times. My strongest attribute is my concern about people, I love people, people first. Other Comments: I strongly believe in the working class who pay taxes to keep our nation in great standing in the eyes of the world and other cities. I praise all the men and women who worked so hard for the betterment of our city. To be safe and prepared always in the call of duty with all respect, I express gratitude to everyone. Email add: Name: TRINA COMMANDEUR Trina Commandeur for City Councillor I Believe We Need To: Support Special Needs and Poverty Initiatives, Affordable housing and downtown revitalization. We need to continue to bridge community, education, business and people to follow through on 2008 Dawson Creek Social Plan document. Retain green community vision and adopt a Collaborative Model to Community Planning Engage residents, build consensus and respect different points of view. Use Public Funds Wisely based on community need and affordability. Curtail unnecessary expenditures and overruns that lead to greater debt and higher taxes. I believe Dawson Creek has the potential to be creative and to that end, revisit the bylaws and regulations around secondary suites and secondary dwellings. Also encourage and support interest groups looking to access Habitat for humanity, Ability Build, Me to You, and the program currently offered by CMHC and the federal government for affordable housing in place until 2014. “For a senior or someone with special needs, the security of a comfortable home and a welcoming community are key components to a healthy and happy lifestyle,” said Premier Christy Clark. “We want to help people live independently and remain in the communities they helped build and where they have put down roots.” I would like to believe she means for our home town of Dawson Creek too. I believe that Dawson Creek is aware of the social trends around “pop up” projects, “incubator” projects and green initiatives that are all potential revenue makers and encourage entrepreneurship. There are examples of these in Edmonton and Vancouver. We need to continue focus on infrastructure; we have a minimum of five rush hours. Our streets are struggling to accommodate the current traffic flow. It is time to look at some of the larger projects and prioritize. I believe the City of Dawson Creek needs to embrace their Social Sustainability plan. It is essential to regularly assess the needs of the community, to identify emerging issues and to ensure that the City has the capacity to engage with community agencies over time and across a range of issues. Respect, engage, consult and prioritize.

Candidate Info - Fort Nelson

Councillor Candidates: Name: Kim Eglinski I have lived in Fort Nelson for 25 years. My husband, as well as both of my children ages 18 and 21 were born and raised in Fort Nelson. I have been a small business owner for over 15 years and have always been active in the community. I am currently involved with the Chamber of Commerce, the Rotary Club and the Fort Nelson Social Planning Council. I don’t know if it will happen in three years, but I envision a community where you can be born here, raised here, married here, give birth to your own children here, watch your grandchildren

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grow up here, and finally retire here regardless of your medical needs. Currently, in Fort Nelson, this is not always the case. I also see a community that is willing to think “outside of the box” in an effort to get the things that this community needs. The Northern Rockies Regional Municipality is not in a position to just wait and see what happens! We must continue to be pro-active with our planning initiatives and not make the mistake of being reactive. Fort Nelson is seeing unprecedented growth, and with that growth, significant challenges will continue to arise, as well as a variety of complex issues. Some of the issues that need to be addressed and that I am committed to are: Securing a fair share agreement, finding a solution to our doctor shortage, move away from the fly in fly out model in the longer term, the release of land from the ALR, meeting our residential housing requirements, airport infrastructure improvements, creation of a center road into the HRB, re-inventing our Forestry Sector, and finally I feel there is a disconnect between Mayor/Council and our residents. Our communication plan is outdated and we need to re-align our current communication plan to include Social Media and other mainstream media outlets. Please mark my name on your ballot, let me help finish what I have helped start. For more information, you can find my entire platform on facebook at Re-elect Councillor Kim Eglinski Name: Laurie Dolan My name is Laurie Dolan and I am the Executive DirectorNorth for Energy Services BC in Fort Nelson. I am running for Council in the upcoming Northern Rockies Regional Municipal election on November 19th. I have lived in Fort Nelson for 37 years since arriving in 1974. I graduated from Fort Nelson Secondary School in 1976. I have been married for 27 years and we have two adult children who were both born and raised in Fort Nelson. I am involved in a number of organizations, including President of the Fort Nelson Hospital Foundation, Board Member of The Fort Nelson Literacy Society and of the Fort Nelson Chamber of Commerce. I also sit on the Board of The Petroleum Human Resource Council of Canada. My employment history has offered me many opportunities to be involved in this Community - I have owned and operated a food service business, worked for a regional airline, worked in office administration with a local contracting company and was a licensed Realtor. I am excited to run for Council and if successful, I am ready to be part of determining the direction of Fort Nelson’s future. The Mayor and Council have done an outstanding job over this past term and I want to be part of this team over the next three years. We are experiencing such a positive economic climate in Fort Nelson, but along with this comes some challenges, such as the need to continue to keep working on the Fair Share program, housing, commercial air services, healthcare, and municipal infrastructure. The inception of the Official Community Plan will enable the future Council to be better positioned to address these items. We need to keep working with Calgary and Victoria to maintain these relationships. Industry and government are our partners in building a sustainable Community and the voters of Fort Nelson have the opportunity to create a Council that will be effective in doing this. Please view my website at or contact me at for any comments, questions or concerns. Thank you! Name: Percy Wright My name is Percy Wright and I have lived in Fort Nelson for 36 years as a self employed business man and I am a member of the fort Nelson Chamber of Commerce. I believe Fort Nelson is a good community to raise a family in. All four of my children were born and raised in Fort Nelson and and my youngest child will be the last to graduate here in June. One issue that I feel needs to be addressed is the availability to buy land for commercial, residential and rural residential. I would like to see more than one development at a time, so that the people buying land have choices and flexibility in what they want to purchase. I have been involved in development projects and have experience in Redi Mix, Forestry and Environmental projects and Policies. Fort Nelson is now in the position with what is happening in the oil and gas sector for numerous, opportunities in expansion and growth and with the right choices being made during this Continued on Page 28

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November 17, 2011

Northeast NEWS

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Types of retribution depend on the crime, it could be paying for lose incurred by the victim, community service, or sessions of counseling. “It depends on what the circle wants, the Community Justice Forum is done in a circle, there’s nothing in the middle but a box of Kleenex, there’s no table or anything like that. The person has to face the victim and the circle decides what they want,” said LaBoucane. After the retribution is decided upon, the offender signs a contract agreeing to the terms of the retribution and the North Peace Justice Society makes sure it is enforced. “If we aren’t accountable to the community, the community won’t use our program, we are accountable for making sure that these young first time offenders…if they don’t complete their contract…the service is never going to be used again. We have to be accountable to the community for making sure that this process gets done in a professional and safe manner,” said LaBoucane. The program gives a second chance to first time offenders; it also deters them from committing again by putting a face to the crime they committed. “When somebody steels from a corporation, there’s no face there, so a representative…comes and sits down and says that you’ve stolen from the associates, they don’t get their bonus this year, or they don’t get this or that this year because of theft, it puts a face to it while before it was just a corporation so that really helps and makes a difference,” LaBoucane said. She gives an example of how effective the program is by reciting an interview she had with one of the offenders after a Justice circle. “He told me his heart was up in his throat, and he just felt so bad for the victim that every time he thought about doing anything bad again, he would picture that face, the person that we sat across from, so that tells me it’s successful,” LaBoucane said. The program isn’t just beneficial to offenders, but it’s also beneficial to victims. Though LaBoucane says victims are often nervous facing their offender, but ultimately it gives them a sense of closure. “It is very uncomfortable, it’s very uncomfortable for the victims as well. It makes the victims feel nervous but it does give them a really good sense of closure and a feeling of satisfaction that it wasn’t personal because a lot of times when something happens to a victim they feel it’s personal,” she said. The program is partially funded by the City of Fort St. John with a contribution of $25,000 a year; the province also chips in $2,500 towards training facilitator volunteers. Fundraisers and donations help keep the $68,000 a year program running. The Society sees approximately 50-65 offenders annually. To be considered for the program, an RCMP officer must first recommend that offender, they must admit guilt, be remorseful, and complete an interview process. The Society will not see offenders who have committed violent or sexual crimes, as well as crimes considered child abuse. For Restorative Justice Week, the Society will travel to different groups and organizations making presentations about their work. Dawson Creek does not currently have a society, however, LaBoucane says that in January she will be looking for volunteers to train to become facilitators. The not-for-profit program relies on volunteers to keep it running. “Most of our stuff is done by volunteers…almost 95% of our forums are done by volunteers in the community that have been trained through the association,” LaBoucane said.

Vold, Jones & Vold Auction Co. Ltd. Jones‘MILE & VoldZERO Auction Co. Ltd. DAWSON CREEK Vold, AUCTION CITY’

DAWSON ‘MILE ZERO CITY’ 301-116th Ave.CREEK DawsonAUCTION Creek, british Columbia Dawson Creek Office: 250-782-3766 vJv Main Office: 403-783-5561 Cattle Sales, Don 301-116th Ave. Dawson Creek, British Columbia Fessler: 250-719-5561 Fax: 250-782-6622

Dawson Creek Office: 250-782-3766 VJV Main Office: 403-783-5561 Cattle Sales, Don

Fessler: 250-719-5561 Fax: 250-782-6622 MARKET REpORT NOvEMbER 10, 2011 CATTLE REPORT SLAUGHTER CATTLE On Thursday, November 10, 2011, 1400 head of cattle went through our market SLAUGHTER CATTLE D1 - D2 Cows 58.00-64.00

395 head of cattle went through the ring of Dawson Creek Action on July 8, 2010 D3 - D4 Cows 48.00-57.00 SALES EVERY THURSDAY!

Holstein Cows N/A D1 - D2 Cows 53.00-56.00 Heiferettes 60.00-75.00 D3 - D4 Cows 48.00-53.00 Bologna Bulls 61.00-72.50 Holstein Cows 50.00-53.00 Feeder Bulls 70.00-82.00 Heiferettes 55.00-65.00 Good Bred Cows 950.00-1350.00 Bologna Bulls 62.00-72.50 Good Bred Heifers 1200.00-1575.00 Feeder Bulls 65.00-70.00 Milk Cows N/A Good Bred Cows None Cow/ Calf Pairs (younger) N/A Good Bred Heifers None Cow/ Calf Pairs (older) N/A Cow/ Calf Pairs 900.00-1000.00 Older Cows None Milk Cows None Good Feeder Steers 1000 lbs Plus: 105.00-114.00 Heifers 102.00-112.00 Good Feeder Steers 900 lbs Plus: 109.00-118.00 Heifers 107.00-115.00 Good 119.00-125.00 Heifers Good Feeder Feeder Steers Steers 800 1000lbs lbsPlus: Plus: N/A Heifers 112.00-121.00 N/A Good Feeder Steers 900 lbs Plus: N/A Heifers N/A Good Feeder Steers 700 lbs Plus: 125.00-136.50 Heifers 114.00-123.25 Good Feeder Steers 800 lbs Plus: 92.00-100.00 Heifers 80.00-88.00 Good Feeder Steers 600 lbs Plus: 136.00-148.75 Heifers 124.00-135.25 Good Feeder Steers 700 lbs Plus: 102.00-108.00 Heifers 85.00-92.00 Good 147.00-157.50 Good Feeder Feeder Steers Steers 500 600 lbs lbs Plus: Plus: 110.00-118.00 Heifers Heifers 135.00-142.50 98.00-104.00 Good Feeder Feeder Steers Steers 400 500 lbs lbs Plus: Plus: 115.00-125.00 Heifers Heifers 142.00-152.00 100.00-108.00 Good 160.00-184.50 Good Feeder Steers 400 lbs Plus: 110.00-125.00 Heifers 100.00-110.00 Good 180.00-205.00 Heifers Good Feeder Feeder Steers Steers 300 300 lbs lbs Plus: Plus: None Heifers 160.00-186.00 None



Vold, Jones & Vold Auction Co. Ltd. Upcoming Sales: Vold, Jones &@ Vold10:00 Auction Co. Ltd. Sales Every Thursday a.m. DAWSON CREEK AUCTION ‘MILE ZERO CITY’ DAWSON CREEK AUCTION ‘MILE ZERO CITY’ 301-116thSale Ave. Dawson Creek, british Columbia Dawson Creek Office: Horse September 25/2010 301-116th Dawson British Columbia 250-782-3766Ave. vJv Main Office:Creek, 403-783-5561 Cattle Sales, Don Fessler: 250-719-5561 Fax: 250-782-6622 Dawson Creek Office: 250-782-3766 VJV Main Office: 403-783-5561 Cattle Sales, Don Fessler: 250-719-5561 Fax: 250-782-6622



BRUCE MARTIN & ASSOCIATES Business Advisors & Chartered Accountants Present

MEET & GREET in Fort St. John WHO: Bruce Martin, CA & Business Advisor Marcelle LaHue, BBA & Operations Manager WHEN: Thursday, November 24 - 6:30 PM - Meet & Greet - 7:00 PM - Presentation WHERE: Quality Inn Northern Grand Hotel-9830 100th Avenue AGENDA: Presentation: Six Simple Ways to Maximize your Profits

MEET & GREET PRIVATE APPOINTMENT WHO: Bruce Martin, CA & Business Advisor Marcelle LaHue, BBA & Operations Manager

WHEN: Friday, November 25 - 9AM to 12 Noon (30 minute slots) WHERE: Quality Inn Northern Grand Hotel-9830 100th Avenue For evening Meet & Greet and/or to reserve your Private Appointment e.g. 9-9:30; 9:30-10, etc.: RSVP: Email or Contact: Marcelle Lahue, Operations Manager, Bruce Martin & Associates at 1-250-374-5908


Well established turnkey consignment business. Serveral financing options available. Call Patti at 250785-5555 or 250-827-3969

Help Wanted


Peace Country Toyota is looking for a SERVICE ADVISOR. Previous experience and computer skill is an asset. The right canMassage FSJ Oriental Massage. didate must be self motiDeeply relaxing, full body. vated, organized and able Call 250-261-3923 by to multi task. Automotive Appointment Only (11/17) experience is also an asset For Sale 20 words, 3 weeks, $10 + but not a must as we will HST - Book your classified train the right candidate. If today, call 1-877-787-7030 this sounds like you and or email info@northeast- you are interested in joining (11/17) our team, drop your resume For Sale off shelter! to Wade McPherson or a dog Custom from the Fallfetch Sale Roxanne’s Rob Molyneaux at Peace Window Coverings BlindsThe BC SPCA cares for thousands of Shades-Drapery Home Country Toyota 801 118 orphaned, abandoned and abusedAve, dogs Dawson Creek, BC. Decor www.roxannesinterieach year. If you can give793a homeless 250-789-3496, Wages based on experience 9614 dog a(12/08) second chance at happiness, and a benefit package is Sale pleaseFor visit your local shelter today. also available. (12/01) Large Inventory of Stock Help Wanted Windows and Doors. Peace Peace River Building Glass - 250-787-8888 10267 West Bypass, Fort St. John, Products is looking for a BC . (TFN) yard/ delivery person. Forklift Help Wanted experience an asset. Must Deesta is looking for an fetch a dog have a valid drivers license. experienced hairstylist. Wage starting at $ 18 - 20 from the shelter! Home of the ten minute color. Phone: 250-263-9963 an hour. Bring resume to The BC SPCA caresAve. for thousands (TFN) 9511-85 (11/17) of

Help Wanted

Independent Glass Distributors in Fort St. John is looking for a Driver/ Warehouse Helper. Valid Class Five license required. Start immediately. E-mail or fax 250.263.9982 (11/17)

Looking for

Does anybody have a Manchurian Mushroom to share or sell a small slice? Please call Gord at 250 782 2447 (12/01)

fetch a dog from the shelter! The BC SPCA cares for thousands of orphaned,

November 17, 2011

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Employment Opportunity ARC Resources Ltd. is a leading edge oil and gas company with operations across western Canada. An industry leader, socially responsible operator, and key contributor to the communities in which we work, ARC has consistently delivered top performance and measureable results since inception in 1996.

Field Health & Safety Advisor • Dawson Creek, BC

An excellent communicator, you will champion and promote health and safety throughout the Northeastern British Columbia and Northwestern Albertan Districts and will be part of a team responsible for the overall implementation of our health and safety management system. You will ensure compliance with applicable regulations, recommend new processes and programs, review and improve the hazard recognition, assessment, and control program, and lead and participate in audits (including COR audits), hazard and operability studies, and incident investigations. Your strong organizational and project management skills are complemented by a post-secondary education in a safety-related discipline, eight to 10 years of experience in a health and safety role (preferably in upstream oil and gas operations), and excellent knowledge of provincial OH&S legislation and regulations. Please submit your resume online, no later than November 30, 2011, to: We thank you for your interest; however, only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.

abandoned and abused dogs each year. If you can give a homeless dog a second chance at happiness, please visit your local shelter today.

www. A R C R E S O U R C E

Employment Opportunity

orphaned, abandoned and abused

Employment Opportunity

dogs each year. If you can give a

homeless dog a second chance at happiness, please visit your local shelter today.

We’re Expanding Our Team fetch a dog fromNow theaccepting shelter! Expressions of Interest for positions on potential long term projects and maintenance contracts in Alberta:

The BC SPCA cares for thousands

Industrial Maintenance Site Managers and Project Managers

of orphaned, abandoned and abused dogs each

We also have immediate openings for: If you can give a year. • Journeyman Steamfitter Pipefitters • Apprentice Pipefitters homeless dog a second • Journeymen Rig Welders at happiness, chance • General Labourers with previous industrial experience. Contracting offers competitive compensation packages, please visit Quinn your local shelter today.

attractive shift schedules and a world-class safety environment.

For information and to apply online, visit | HR Hotline 1.855.885.6233

Pason Systems Inc. is the world’s largest provider of rental oilfield instrumentation systems and we’re growing! FIELD SERVICE TECHNICIANS required in the following areas:

Fort Nelson, BC Fort St John, BC Swan Hills, AB We are seeking energetic, personable and self-motivated individuals to work the front line and provide outstanding service to our customers in the installation and on-going support of our various products on drilling and service rigs. This requires the ability to work independently during 11112PP0 irregular and sometimes long hours, strong organizational and problemsolving skills and the ability to effectively interact and work in a team environment. Experience with oilfield drilling and service rigs as well as instrumentation is an asset. We provide the training and on-going support required to be successful as well as all necessary tools and equipment including a field service vehicle. We offer a competitive base salary, discretionary performance bonus, and a comprehensive benefit program. If you are seeking a dynamic work environment with an industry leader, forward your application to with “Field Service Technician” and your location in the subject field. We thank all applicants in advance, however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted. Visit our website for more information about Pason at


Pason promotes a safe and healthy work environment and applicants for this position will be subject to our alcohol and drug testing program.

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Northeast NEWS


November 17, 2011

For REnt

For REnt

Employment Opportunity HELP WANTED Class 1 drivers needed for Fort St. John B.C. and Grande Prairie AB area Bulk Transport, Oilfield tickets and drivers abstract required. Full and Part Time positions.

We have warm places to call home this winter! Sterling Management Services Ltd. has for rent

Bach, 1 and 2 bedroom apartments. Townhouses & Duplexes


Fort St. John Call our office 250-785-2829 or Visit



Fax resume to Bushmen Trucking Ltd 250-787-7268 or Email to

For Sale

Li-Car Management Group Now taking applications for Li-Car Group 1, 2 and 3Management bedroom units. Li-Car Management Group

Now taking applications for Now applications for 2 and 3 bedroom units. or one of1, taking our Professional Site managers! 2 and 3 bedroom Alpine- Bruce1,250-785-1852 • Bona Vistaunits, - Natasha 250-787-1075 Contact our office for more information! or one of our Professional Site managers! Sandalwood- Bob 250-262-2011 • HillcrestGlen 250-261-4216 Phone - Office AlpineBruce 250-785-1852 • Bona Vista - Natasha 250-787-1075 DriftwoodBob 250-262-2011 •250-785-2662 SandalwoodBob 250-262-2011 Hillcrest- Glen 250-261-4216 Maplewood-Email: Bob • GrahamDriftwoodBob250-262-2011 250-262-2011•Ambassador• Melsher- Sandra 250-261-6516 Killarney- Bob Maplewood- Bob|Green 250-262-2011 • GrahamGlen- Bob 250-262-2011 Killarney- Bob 250-262-2011 •Ambassador- Sandra 250-261-6516 |Green GlenBob 250-262-2011 Email:

Credit, Dreamcatcher Sad Bad Credit Financing

No Problem Apply today!! Drive Today!! APPLY ONLINE

0” Down! O.A.C.

$60K and UP to start


No Charge DELIVERY BC & Ab. Coquitlam Chrysler DL#7557

Novelty Bills Books & Bargains We buy your Antiques, collectibles, Adult magazines,


HIRING General Manager

Books and coins. Open 12pm to 7:00 pm Mon to Sat phone 250-785-2660

Salary based on experience.

Interviews Nov  30-­‐Dec  2  @  JD’S     between  10am  &  8pm  daily   Call  604-­‐312-­‐9100  or  E-­‐mail  for  an  appt.   Experience  is  necessary  in  management  role.  

Ask for  Troy  Lucas  or  Darren  Michaels    


www. hanaback


REGAL: Email

Wood Furniture 100% Solid wood and rustic furniture.

Log home reno-

vations and sealants. call Lisa in FSJ 250.263.7765 or Doug in Hudson’s Hope Call 250.783.9156 (yrly)

Office for Rent Office on








Professional Building 1200 103 Ave Dawson Creek. Call 250-219-1434 (TFN)

Steel Buildings Reduced Factory Inventory 30x36 – Reg $15,850 Now $12,600 36x58 – Reg $21,900 Now $18,800 48x96 – Reg $48,700 Now $41,900 81x130 – Reg $121,500 Now $103,900 Source# 1D7tCALL 800-964-8335

job fair We’ve got a job for you!







4601 - 55 Street Fort Nelson, B.C.

10714 - Alaska Road Fort St. John, B.C.

#4 Collins Road Dawson Creek, BC

Thursday, Nov. 24th 10am - 2pm If you cannot attend please e-mail your resume to The Cat Rental Store® is an equal opportunity employer.


Northeast NEWS

IT’S A gIrl Kodi alexandria WL Construction Ltd. Wood NOW HiriNg Born: Jan 3 Labourers and Carpenters Parents: Must have Valid Drivers Lic.


Kayla Gladve & Shawn Please Fax or Email resumes

Great West Equipment, a privately owned British Columbia based company is growing. Due to this, we are looking to fill the following positions:

NATASHA 775-1442

Wood of FSJ

• Licensed or Apprentice HD Field Mechanic • Licensed or Apprentice Parts Person

Office: 250-787-7707 Stats: 21” Fax: 250-787-2350 7 lbs. 2 oz.


gIrl rose cKson Jan 5 Justine Katlan of FSJ

12.5” 9 oz

IT’S A Boy thomas john (tommy) rivers-BoWerman Born: Jan 4 Parents: Melissa Harty & Barry RiversBowerman of FSJ

IT’S A Boy cohen Paul Born: Jan 5 Parents: Dave &

IT’S A gIrl gemma mae sWanson Born: Jan 6 Parents: Molly &

Joceyln Elliott of Charlie Lake

Abe Swanson of Hudson’s Hope

Be the difference...

Stats:you 22” be interested Stats: 21” in becoming Stats: 20.5” Would 9 lbs. 11 8 lbs. 8provider oz a oz home share ?7 lbs. 6 oz

Do you feel you may possess the qualities and the desire to open your home to a person with developmental disability ? The Fort St. John Association forNortheast Community Living is currently taking applicaBritish Columbia tions for Home Share Providers. This opportunity is open to both male and female applicants and a financial compensation package is provided.

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Employment Opportunity

Welcome Wagon

Employment Opportunity

Babies of the North

November 17, 2011

IT’S A gIrl IT’S Opportunity A gIrl IT’S A gIrl Employment adrianna christine tamara Katherine jessica Bigcharles oysmueller Inland Kenworth Parker Belcher Pacific Fort St John is currently seeking 2 journeyman parts people with a strong workBorn: Jan 9 Born: Jan 8 Born: Jan 9 ing knowledge of heavy duty truck and equipment Parents: Sonya Parents: Parents: parts. & Katherine Karl &telephone Ida Oysmueller Auger, Terry includeDavid Responsibilities front counter and sales, inventory purchasing of FSJ and departmental of FSJ Bigcharles of Taylor control,Belcher maintenance. Consideration will be given to apprenticStats: 19” Stats: 21” Stats: 51 cm es with a minimum of 2 years experience. The success8 lbs. 9 oz. will be team 8 lbs.players 5 oz that have4.218 kg ful candidates excellent customer service skills, a strong work ethic and can thrive in a fast paced work environment. Inland Kenworth Parker Pacific is an industry leading group of heavy truck and equipment dealerships in business for over 60 years with over 900 employees and 20 locations in North America. We offer competitive wages and an attractive benefit package.

Great West Equipment is the Volvo Construction Equipment, Dressta Crawler, Metso Crushing Equipment, PrimeTech Mulching Equipment and Morbark Chipper Dealer. Catering to the Construction, Forestry and Mining Sectors. We offer competitive wages and benefits packages. Please Submit Resume by means of: Fax: (250) 785-4237 or E-Mail: Attention: Greg Hansen, Branch Manager NOinPHONE CALLS PLEASE Walk applicants are welcome. We thank you in advance for your interest, only those selected for interviews will be contacted.

Chetwynd Forest Industries, a division of West Fraser Mills Ltd.

business& professional business& professional Fisher Log Works business& Fisher Log Works business& professional professional Directory

Directory Directory Direc

Contact: Gary Paulson Phone: 250-785-6105 • Fax: 250-785-4303 Email: Website:

Northeast British Columbia

If you are interested in this rewarding opportunity, please contact: Pat Taylor, Home Share Coordinator woodwork at 250-787-9262 8:30am - 4:30pm, Monday through Friday

construction service

Extreme Venture Northeast British Columbia

• Masonary • Framing • Decks • New construction • Roofing • Ceramic Tile • Refinishing construction woodwork • Slate • Granite • Sidingservice Northeast British Columbia • Chinking Staining • Concrete Parging • Fence • Stairs and Railings Extreme Venture • Gazebos • Construction Service • Masonary • Framing • Decks Blaney Justin McKnight • Andrew New construction John (250) 263-4858 • Roofing • Ceramic Tile • 250-785-1490 Refinishing 250-785-8221 Fort St. John, BC • Slate • Granite • Siding • Chinking Staining • Concrete Parging • Fence • Stairs and Railings woodwork • Gazebos • Construction Service construction service woodwork Accounting & Taxes locksmith accounting & taxes Locksmith Andrew Blaney Justin McKnight John (250) 263-4858 Automotive Chipped Extreme Venture 250-785-1490 250-785-8221 Transponder Keys Fort St. John, BC • Masonary • Framing • Decks • New construction • New construction Available • Roofing • Ceramic Tile • Refinishing • Refinishing • Slate • Granite • Siding • Chinking Staining • Chinking Staining • MASTER KEY SYSTEMS • Concrete Parging • Fence • Stairs and Railings • LOCKOUT BOARDS Accounting & Taxes locksmith accounting & taxes • Stairs and Railings Locksmith Farming and personal Bookkeeping • Business, Gazebos • Construction Service • PADLOCKS Chipped Automotive Andrew Blaney Justin McKnight • Gazebos Accounting now offered John (250) 263-4858 Transponder Keys 250-785-1490 250-785-8221 Andrew Blaney Justin McKnight Fort St. John, BC Available want 250-785-1490 250-785-8221 to Ph: 250-263-0886

Fisher Log Works

Madeline Fisher Log WorksScott

Bookkeeping & Income Tax Madeline Scott

Bookkeeping & Income Tax

Accounting & Taxes accounting & taxes Fx: 250-785-1585

31-9600 93rd Ave, Totem Mall locksmith Fort St. John, BC Locksmith



advertise in

Automotive Chipped Business, FarmingScott and personal Bookkeeping Madeline Transponder Keys glass AccountingGlass wrought iron now offered Available Accounting & Taxes accounting & taxes Trailers the business • MASTER KEY SYSTEMS 2009 People’s Choice Award Winner ◉ Windshields • LOCKOUT BOARDS SIGNS • FIRERINGS Ph: 250-263-0886 Business, Farming and personal Bookkeeping Custom Showers 31-9600◉93rd Ave, Totem Mall • PADLOCKS directory? Accounting now offered RAILINGS • GATES 9708-108 St Fort St John Fx: 250-785-1585 Fort St. John, BC ◉ Flooring • Enclosed Cargo Trailers • Sled/ATV Trailers ◉ Windows and doors Ph: 250-263-0886 31-9600 93rd Ave, Totem Mall • Office Trailers •iron Equipment Trailers • Dump Trailers call glass wrought GlassFort St. John, BC 9708-108 St Fort St JohnBusiness, Farming and personal Bookkeeping Fx: 250-785-1585 2009 People’s*Free ChoiceIn Award Winner ◉ Windshields Home Consultations AccountingTruck now offered Now Stocking glass wrought iron Glass SIGNS •Canopies FIRERINGS ◉ Custom Showers 10109 Alaska Road, Fort St. John, Across from Backcountry 2009 People’s Choice Award Winner ◉ Windshields PHONE:1-877-785-6780 250.789.9157 & Integra Tire • Phone 250-785-6780 Ph: 250-263-0886 RAILINGS • GATES SIGNS • FIRERINGS ◉ Custom Showers ◉ Flooring 31-9600 93rd Ave, Totem Mall CELL: 250.261.5917 Check out our huge on site inventory RAILINGS • GATES Flooring Windows and doors Fx: 250-785-1585 EMAIL: Fort St. John, BC 9708-108◉ St Fort St ◉John

Bookkeeping & Income Tax

50-785-640 2Bookkeeping & Income9 Tax Madeline Scott


250-785-6409 ◉ Windows and doors

Home Consultations *Free *Free In Home In Consultations


1.877.787.7030 Glass

2009 People’s Choice Award Winner

PHONE: 250.789.9157

Public Review and Comment of: Harvest Operating Plan

Notice is hereby given that Chetwynd Forest Industries, a division of West Fraser Mills Ltd. will make available for public review our proposed Operating Plan for harvest operations within the Dawson Creek Timber Supply Area. The plan targets Mountain Pine Beetle killed timber and updates our current 2011 plan with new information gathered during the past years field season. The West Fraser Plan will be available for public review and comment at the Chetwynd Office of West Fraser Mills Ltd. (3598 West Fraser Road, Chetwynd, BC) from November 10th, 2011 to January 10th, 2012 during regular office hours. Contact Brian Pate, RFT, Forestry Supervisor at 250-788-4423 for assistance with the review.

All comments must be received no later than January 10th, 2012 to be considered. Written comments should be addressed to Brian Pate, Forestry Supervisor, Chetwynd Forest Industries, P.O. Box 330, Chetwynd BC, V0C 1J0

want to

construction service

advertise Extreme Venture

want to the business advertise in directory?

• Masonary • Framing • Decks • Roofing • Ceramic Tile • Slate • Granite • Siding • Concrete Parging • Fence • Construction Service

John (250) 263-4858

the business Fort St. John, BC call

directory? 1.877.787.7030



Automotive Chipped Transponder Keys Available







9708-108 St Fort St John

wrought iron ◉ Windshields



Northeast NEWS

Percy Wright continued important time it will continue to be a great place to live and raise a family. I think that I can bring a diversified out look to all of the issues that face council. I am open minded and I work well with other people. I am willing to listen to the people and try my best to give them what they would like. I plan on continuing to live in Fort Nelson and help with and be part of the raising my two grandchildren. Please feel free to contact me at my email address: t or on cell at 250 500 2363

Candidate Info - School District #81

Name: Mike Gilbert Occupation: Community Development Officer [NRRM] – Instructor [NLC] Community involvement (top three only): I have been a school trustee for the past 9 years, served a term as Regional Councillor, and have been active in local political and educational affairs since 1980. Number of years in your town that you are running: I chose to put down roots in Fort Nelson over 30 years ago, and have stayed to raise a family with my wife Lori. What do you want School District 81 to look like in three years? Since becoming part of the Board, we’ve seen progress in the quality of service we offer students, graduation rates, basic skill levels, trades training opportunities, access to learning technology, and on a range of other fronts. This has been the product of a combination of factors including the retention of dedicated staff, improved communication with families, and a consistent, co-operative policy focus on the learning and welfare of students. Three years from now I would like to be part of a district in which we have continued these trends, by keeping in mind the need to enhance services to students with all levels of ability. I also hope to see the successful implementation of BC’s 21st Century Learning initiative. This will require a significant degree of planning and co-operation by all stakeholders, but should, if executed properly, serve our kids well. What issue(s) in the school system need(s) to be addressed? The most easily identified issue facing the system is the need for adequate and predictable funding. This is not an end in itself, however. Money is merely a tool to enable us to provide quality to students. What are your personal goals? I hope to be able to continue to contribute to the vibrancy and vitality of our community by helping build a strong school system. I very much want to be part of something for which young people will thank us in the future. Website: Phone number: 250.774.4427 Name: Linda Dolen I am Linda Dolen and I am a self-employed business person. I have made Fort Nelson my home since 1973. Community involvement: In addition to my trusteeship of the past 15 years, I offer my professional services in design and printing (at no charge) to local groups that support education and health care. I am a Simply Accounting business partner and offer free support for this software in the Fort Nelson area. In the past I was playschool president during the funding raising and building of a new playschool in Fort Nelson. I was division coordinator at each of the levels in minor hockey. What do you want SD81 to look like in three years? I would like SD 81 to continue to lead the province in the basic skills that students need. Students that have a good grounding in the basic skills achieve great outcomes as they progress through their formative years of learning and forward into their adult life. I would like SD 81 to lead the province in these achievement at all grade levels. What issue(s) in the school system need(s) to be addressed? Aside from adequate funding there are a number of issues; as a rural remote district we have had trouble filling specialist positions; trades-people shortage, we are unable to compete with companies that are able to pay top dollar due to budget restraint; teacher training, there are some areas of practice that are not addressed by universities - this has new teachers coming into the classroom missing some key components in their training; although Fort Nelson has excellent playgrounds some districts do not and young children need adequate playgrounds to build brain connections and muscles; our buildings, the plumbing, heating and electrical systems are aging and some of them have needs; What are your personal goals? To follow my passion for education and continue learn and be inspired by the people and world around me. Other comments: The education system owes the community and the world, the accountability of turning out citizens that can look to the future with hope, and a certainty that they can meet life’s challenges. Name: Cath Maginel Fort Nelson resident 10 years College/University Professor 10 years School Board Trustee SD 81 3 years Community involvement: Co-ordinator for the Christmas Food Hampers and Secret Santa, Chair of the Fort Nelson Ministerial Association, Business Manager for Museum and Historical Society

November 17, 2011 Personal Goals: I am very excited to be running for re-election to the Board of Trustees for School District 81. I would like everyone to know that the only agenda I have is to provide our students with the best possible programs and educational opportunities. I am running for office because as a post secondary educator I committed to students receiving a good education. In the next term, I would like to continue to make things better for the students of Fort Nelson and ensure that they are fully prepared to attend any post secondary institution. My goal for running for a second term is to play an active role in ensuring our educational system provides our children with the opportunities for a successful future. I am hoping that we will be able to continue the progress we have made in recent years in curriculum, facilities, and staffing. And that we will also continue to prepare our students for their next level of education, and ensure that students coming out of Fort Nelson are prepared for the fast changing world. I have always been interested in politics and public service. Serving on our school board has been a very gratifying experience for me and one I hope to continue. I just ask that you remember; School board policies have a tremendous impact on the whole community – whether you have children in school or not. School boards help to shape tomorrow’s citizens. So I encourage you, your friends and neighbours to participate in the November election. We all need to get out and vote. Thank you. Name: Lorraine Bumstead Occupation: Self employed Massage Therapist (NRG Massage) Community involvement (top three only): Hope Africa (on the board) Chair massage for donation to extended care, Attend as many functions as possible as a trustee, PAC meetings, professional development days, Northern Rockies Children and Family Action Committee. I also support a number of local charities through my business. Number of years in your town that you are running: I have been a trustee for 6 years (2 terms) This will be my third term. What do you want SD#81 to look like in three years? I would like to see predictable funding, a commitment from the government to upgrade our heating/ventilation systems in our old buildings. I’d like us to continue improving our literacy and numeracy scores, while embracing the new 21st century initiatives from the Ministry of Education. What issue(s) in the school system need(s) to be addressed? The biggest issue facing us is our buildings. Our maintenance supervisor has done a brilliant job keeping our buildings running, we need to fix the problems once and for all and that takes money. Another issue is the lack of affordable flights out of FN. Teachers and staff, need to go south for professional development which is crucial for keeping them inspired, up to date and excited about their jobs. What are your personal goals? One of personal goals is to be a lifelong learner! I enjoy going to trustee academies and learning about new research in the education realm, I also take courses on a regular basis for my own professional development as a massage therapist. I continue to challenge myself learning new ways to keep fit, I have been doing Yoga for a year and enjoy going to regular classes. I love to travel and my next goal is to travel down the Oregon Coast as well as travel to South America. Other comments: Thanks for giving me the opportunity to answer your questions. I wish all the candidates in this municipal election the best of luck! Phone number: 250.774.2220 Name: Annette Gairdner-Loe Occupation: Relations work with the BC Oil and Gas Commission Community involvement (top three only): Rendezvous/Winter Festival Coordinator; Volunteer Coach; Parent Advisory Council (PAC) Volunteer Number of years in your town that you are running: 29 +...born and raised (except for time away to earn a Univeristy of Calgary Degree) What do you want SD81 to look like in three years? Unified team with regular communication about issues What issue(s) in the school system need(s) to be addressed? Updating aspects of the education system to the present What are your personal goals? To help make our community a stronger place not only in education but to raise our families, and to be the chosen place for families and people to be. Other comments: “Education is the key to your future!” ...words from my Mom, Mary-Rose, who was a born teacher and from an early age, instilled a strong relationship with education in her children. In today’s world, whether it is the teachers working so hard with our children in the schools, the volunteers in our community who live by example, the leaders in our community who strive to move Fort Nelson forward, the Elders and Seniors in our community who are living encyclopedias – each and every one of us has some

Page 28

role to play in our children, family, and community’s education and future. I was reminded when I made the choice to run for School Trustee, that my Mom was a huge force in the PAC at the Old Fort Nelson where she held a key role in coming up with ways to raise enough salary for the newly recruited teacher – raffling off a moose-hide jacket. They knew the importance of education at that time. Vote for me, I will be your voice in the community. Fair Honest Committed Community Minded I continue to learn everyday from members of our community, and my two sons, Jonas and Arne. This is my home and yours. It is a dynamic point of time for our community. I encourage you to make the choice and cast your vote. Phone number: 250-500-1275 Name: Doug Tofte My name is Doug Tofte and I’m seeking re-election for a second term as a school trustee in School District #81. I grew up in the Lower Mainland and attended UBC where I obtained my Bachelor of Science in Forest Management. Upon graduation from university, my wife and I decided to move north to gain full time employment in our respective professions as a forester and teacher. The original plan was stay in the north for about 2 years and we are now approaching our 30th anniversary living in the north. We have called Fort Nelson home for 27 years where we have brought up our three children Sarah, Mitchell and Craig. I have volunteered in the local community primarily with the kid’s involvement in sports and school activities. I was involved on the executive of the local swim club and enjoyed my stints as a soccer and baseball coach and minor hockey trainer and I’ve always been a fulltime cheerleader even as the kids get older and move away from home. I have been involved as a community member for the local Forestry Public Advisory Group and the Fort Nelson Forestry Roundtable Committee. I’ve been employed for the last two years with the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality (NNRM) working in the Community Development and Planning Department as the Community Resource & Planning Officer. Prior to commencing employment with NRRM, I worked for 25 years in the local forestry industry as professional forester. I think the critical education issue that needs attention by the Ministry of Education is a clear commitment to providing certainty in the form of long term funding capacity for our school district, this would allow the boards to more effectively plan for the future. The local municipality is anticipating a significant projected increase in the local population due to the proximity to the local shale gas resources, forest resources and tourism potential and as a community we need to commence the planning for this influx including an increased student population. Good luck to the seven other school board candidates. Regards Doug Name Michael Dean Occupation: Social Worker Residency: 14 years in Fort Nelson BC. It is estimated that Fort Nelson will grow in population substantially over the upcoming years. School District 81 needs to position itself to meet this growth. In particular the special needs students, we cannot afford to leave them behind. This means advocating now for additional resources, additional staff, additional bussing as well as working with the community plan, students, families and teachers. Students deserve the best they can be. Over the course of my career I have worked with many families, children and youth. I am also the parent of two special needs children. I have worked with teachers to make sure that the needs of my children and others are met, it is an increasing challenge for parents, teachers and school boards to ensure that these needs are met. In the face of budget pressures we need some strong advocacy directed toward the Ministry of Education. Students need to be first and foremost in our planning and future direction.

Please Note: Not all candidates responded within our timeline for our questionaire. Most candidates info is available on your community’s website and we suggest you contact them directly with any questions you may have for the upcoming municipal election.

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No Payments r fo 60 Days! November 17, 2011

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November 17, 2011

A Salvation Army Christmas By Kyla Corpuz

FORT ST. JOHN – The Salvation Army has already started their Christmas campaign, Operation: Christmas of Compassion 2011. Giving back to the community just got a little friendlier with Neighbors Helping Neighbors. There are several events happening throughout the month of

Elect Don Irwin for Mayor

Leading with Energy, Integrity, and Experience

Custom Built Garages, Storage Sheds and Cabins

November and December like the Christmas Kettles, Christmas Mitten Tree in Wal-Mart, the Fort St. John Huskies Food Drive and the Troyer toy drive. The program sparked the idea of a new opportunity for the Fort St. John Salvation Army to team up with Community Living. By doing so, it has given people with disabilities employment opportunities to take charge of the Christmas Kettles this year. For those on disability and interested in the opportunity to work, call Linda at 250-793-2884. The 2011 Toys for Kids Program is also underway with a new twist that parents can now pick out the toys for their children. Appointments are made in order to do this and booking appointments are now being accepted and will commence on Nov. 28 to Dec. 22. The toys are for newborns to 16 year olds. Parents and guardians who wish to apply for the program can do so in person at the Salvation Army Family Services Office Care and Share Centre from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. or with a Family Services Worker. Appointments for Christmas Food Hampers can also be booked at the same time. The campaign started on Nov. 12 and will go until Christmas day; all funds raised will support The Salvation Army Fort St. John Community and Family Services programs and operations.

Call for Pricing on Available Options

CONTACT Albert AT 780-834-7055 “Where Quality Matters”

File photo

Mayor Bruce Lantz and Salvation Army captain Isobel Lippers. Christmas Kettles started filling up in the summer for Chrirtmas in July, but expect to see them in the coming weeks, too.

Garage Size: 16’x32’x8’ = $6500 14’x32’x8’ = $5500 14’x28’x8’ = $5000 14’x24’x8’ = $4500 Wide Load Pilot Included

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DBC_111183_LB_RAM_LD.indd 1

November 17, 2011






• More pickup owners are switching to Ram 1500 than to any other pickup≠ • Canada’s fastest-growing choice of light-duty pickup° • Most awarded Ram truck ever • Winner of Automobile Magazine “All Star” award 2 years in a row (2010 and 2011) • HEMI® engine is a 6-time winner of Ward’s Automotive “10 Best Engines”








152 4.99 @

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2012 RAM 1500 QUAD CAB SXT 4X4



2012 Ram 1500 Crew Cab Laramie shown.§

2012 RAM 1500 QUAD CAB SLT 4X4

• HEMI® V8 power with V6 fuel economy¥ • Remote keyless entry • 17" aluminum wheels • SIRIUS® Satellite Radio (includes one year of service) • Temperature and compass gauges • Premium interior door trim • Overhead console • Power sliding rear window

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11/10/11 4:35 PM

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November 17, 2011

Northeast NEWS







Whirlpool 18 cu. ft. Top-Freezer Refrigerator

Whirlpool Freestanding Electric Range

Whirlpool Dishwasher with Resource-Efficient Wash System




18 cu.ft. capacity.

5.3 cu.ft. capacity.

Industry’s most energy efficient dishwasher†.

Humidity Controlled Crispers to help maintain store-bought freshness.

Eco Wash Cycle helps minimize energy and water usage while cleaning.

Easy to reach temperature controls.

TimeSavor™ Convection Cooking System helps cook 30% faster compared to traditional Whirlpool brand thermal-bake ovens.

AccuBake Heat Distribution System provides consistent results every time.

AnyWare™ Plus Silverware Basket maximizes flexibility and is designed to help clean better.




Three for $1849.00 0000Purchase All0000 0000 00**





Includes Fridge, Stove and Dishwasher AFTER $____ SAVINGS REGULAR PRICE $0000

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Dealer savings may vary. Valid on qualifying Whirlpool® appliances purchased at the same time from the same participating authorized Canadian Whirlpool® appliance dealer from November 1st to November 30th, 2011. Some conditions apply. Offer cannot be combined with any other Whirlpool® appliance offer. See sales associates for qualifying models. All models may not be available at all dealers. No substitute models qualify. Offer is available on retail purchases only. This offer is not available to dealers, builders or contractors. ** Dealer prices may vary. Dealers may sell for less. Dealers have sole discretion to set retail prices. ® Registered Trade-mark/™ Trade-mark of Whirlpool, U.S.A., Whirlpool Canada LP licensee in Canada. © 2011. All rights reserved.

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