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September 1, 2011 - Vol.8 - No.35


There’s no place like school

By Jill Earl ROLLA – While many students are clinging to their last days of summer, Myles Hadsor, 11, can’t wait to get back into the classroom. “I can see my friends, and meet new friends, and see my teachers,” Myles said. Last year he was one of 44 students to attend Rolla Traditional School, one of two schools of choice in School District 59. In 2004, the school was threatened with closure due to low numbers but concerned parents discovered that if the school became a traditional school, a school of choice, they could remain open. Students still follow the same curriculum as other schools in the district, but are more focused on student and project based learning. They also emphasize achievement, social responsibility, literacy, and numeracy, but the President of BCNU stops small class sizes in this three-classroom school makes it unique. for a chat - Page 4 “All the kids are so great, it’s such a small community, which is the best part,” says parent and member of the school’s Parents Advisory Council, Johanna Kunz, who appreciates the amount of one on one time given to her daughters. “Kids are just as individual as everybody else, and learning is just as individual for kids. The teachers recognize what works best for some students and what works for others,” Kunz said. Students are uniformed and grades are grouped into Kindergarden and Grade 1; Grade 2 and 3; Grade 4, 5, 6, and 7. Parent and member of PAC, Paula Friesen, believes that having split grades helps various levels of learners, that way teachers can advance or hold back students with different strengths. “They don’t let them sit idle because they’re doing ok, now their going to challenge them. It works really well for the kids,” Friesen Dawson Creek is comsaid. posting - See Page 6 In addition to the three full-time teachers, one part-time teacher, and one aide employed by the school, parents and grandparents are always getting involved. Whether it be through fundraising for programs and fieldtrips, organizing concerts, volunteering to provide hot lunches for their Hot Lunch program, or just dropping by to grab some coffee and hang out in the classroom. Clearly, they have created a tight-knit community between the school, families, and Rolla. All three playing a significant part in the student’s learning experience. “It takes a community to raise kids, it’s the same as in our schools… If parents are looking for a strong community, a sense that they belong within the school themselves as parents, we’re really committed to that,” Kunz said. “It’s not even the structure, it’s the atmosphere that makes it more traditional...I went here when I was in elementary for grade 6 and 7, HST reaction in the and it’s always been a family.” Friesen said. area - Page 9 Last year Rolla Traditional School welcomed 12 students from Dawson Creek, and this year have made transportation to the school completely free by hiring the Step Up N Ride bus to pick up and drop off students. Myles doesn’t mind wearing uniforms, but wishes they were offered in a lime green colour. PAC intends on revamping the uniforms in the near future. Scan Me “If your kid needs that advantage of a small school and a more to Check Us Out Online! homey feeling, we’re it,” Friesen said.

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Billie Fitch, 6, and brother Skyler, 5, attend the Rolla Traditional School. Sometimes father Rio brings their horse to school and says he would never consider sending her somewhere else.

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Northeast NEWS

September 1, 2011

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September 1, 2011

Northeast NEWS

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Councillor Belak to perform at Sweetwater, again By Jill Earl DAWSON CREEK - This year’s line-up at the Sweetwater Festival in Rolla calls on talent from near and far, with a mixmatch of singers, song writers, photographers, musicians, poets, and a variety of other artists using different mediums. City councillor Marilyn Belak is also prepared to hit the stage. It may surprise those who are not familiar with Belak, and believe it alien for an elected city representative to perform at an arts festival. However, Belak is a published poet and has been writing and performing for nearly 15 years. Her involvement in the Sweetwater Festival started back in its first year when it was the Festival of the Sweetwater Moon. She only volunteered the first year and has been invited back to perform every year since. “I’ve read every year they’ve had it. I’ve always been invited; they’re so good about supporting each other. It’s such a good feeling to share it, most of it you do by yourself,” Belak said. Her interest in poetry came after a friend invited her to enroll in a creative writing class at Northern Lights College. “I realized I was the happiest when I was writing,” she said, and since then Belak has honed her skill by attending other literary classes and retreats, including Wells School of Arts

in Barkerville, Sage Hill in Saskaskewan, and earlier this year went to Banff for a writing workshop. Belak has been published in dozens of Canadian literary magazines, has published two of her own chat books, and is currently working on another Northeast British Columbia manuscript. With the beautiful scenery and geography British Columbia has to offer, Belak did not find it hard to be inspired, nature being a predominant topic in her lyric and modern free verse poetry. “It’s beautiful how the natural world is. It’s how I experience nature and how people interact with nature,” she said. Even when living in big cities including Vancouver, Montreal, and Philadelphia Belak always found herself sitting in parks or wandering about walking trails. “My nature needs to be surrounded by nature,” she said. woodwork Throughout her three terms Belak has found creativity in council, mainly in discussions and finding solutions. The festival that runs from Sept 2-4 is located 2.5 km on Sweetwater Rd. just off of Rolla Rd. This year Belak has joined • New construction with Tabitha Logan to create something she calls, “a little • Refinishing performancey”. • Chinking Staining

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Councillor Marilyn Belak prepares to perform her poetry at this years Sweetwater Festival.



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September 1, 2011

Northeast NEWS

Nurses suffer shortage and surplus says BCNU President Debra McPherson By Jill Earl DAWSON CREEK - Nurses are an integral part of our health care system. They work in long- and acute-care facilities, they assist doctors in emergency and operating rooms, monitor patients and help them through recovery, and are often the first point of contact at any health care unit. Last week, Debra McPherson, President of British Columbia’s Nurses Union, toured health care facilities in Fort St. John, Chetwynd, Dawson Creek, Prince George, and Mackenzie to meet members of the union and talk to them about their working conditions and environment. McPherson has been president for 11 years and represents over 300 work sites and 32,000 nurses throughout the province. Every summer, she chooses one part of the province to tour for a week to see members that don’t often get the opportunity to go to meetings. “ It’s a chance to talk to me about their issues and I get to see their working conditions. I think it’s really important if I’m going to advocate for them,” said McPherson. The union will have to go into bargaining shortly as their contract expires March 31. BCNU members completed surveys and polls so that their elected official can gauge priorities. McPherson says they were ready to start talking in June, but Health Employers Associates haven’t received a mandate from the government to start and that one won’t likely be ready until next year. Legally the union can serve notice to bargain in December. “Our preference is not to take a long time...It will depend on what kind of guidelines and frameworks the government puts in for settlements. If they come with a 0-0 mandate, then it could be long,” McPherson said. BCNU’s executives and representatives have found that the issues faced by nurses are the same across the province. “The principal issues of nurses across the province right

now is work load and safe staffing,” McPherson said. With the shortage of staff and volume of patients and difficulties recruiting in the northern part of the province, McPherson finds that nurses are not being able to deliver the kind of care they want. Though most nurses feel they are under staffed, the profession lost 600 jobs last year. “Right now we’re in a weird situation of having a surplus and a shortage simultaneously. The shortage that we have is that we know that the majority of our bargaining units are working very short of staff. Employers are not replacing people who are on sick leave or vacation, or maternity leave …We are going to lose a big chunk of the baby boom generation of nurses with in the next five years,” said McPherson. In anticipation of losing the baby boom generation of nurses, BCNU has partnered with community organizations to increase interest in the profession and last year graduated approximately 1000 nurses, the highest number in two decades. “The irony is they can’t get jobs. So while our nurses are working short there are new graduates out there who are not getting work, or are only hired into casual, “ McPherson said. McPherson’s fear is that these new graduates will either flee to another province where they’ve announced nursing expansions, like in Ontario or Alberta, or flee the profession all together. McPherson has worked as a critical care nurse before she became president of the union, and can attest to the physical and emotional strain nurses are subject to. They must often work with difficult managers and doctors, and face a high level of violence in the workplace. Work Safe B.C reported that health care workers have very high levels of injury and absenteeism. “Our members will work a whole 12-hour shift without a break, no lunch, no coffee, no bathroom- literally no bathroomfor 12 hours they’ll stay at the end of their shift without extra pay, they won’t even put it for over time. They give a tremendous amount of themselves…Still manage to bring a

Jill Earl photo BCNU’s president, Debra McPherson, toured the region last week in hopes of meeting members and recongizing thier issues.

positive attitude to their jobs,” said McPherson. Jackie Nault, BCNU’s chair for the northeast region, couldn’t be more pleased with the turnout, though it was challenging scheduling breaks and lunches with the members without disrupting the running of the hospital. “It was wonderful, the turnout was wonderful, the questions were excellent…Just a positive set of meetings,” Nault said. Besides visiting hospitals and health care units, McPherson and the union bus also travel to fairs, festivals, and parades. They educate the public about what nurses do and will even test their blood pressure and sugar. She wants to ensure the public has a strong connection with nurses, and pleas with communities to support them. “Really get behind your nurses because their nurses are working very hard and giving a lot of themselves for their community, and the people they know around them who may eventually be their patients,” McPherson said.

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September 1, 2011

Northeast NEWS

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Gaming Grant review was all ears in FSJ By Kyla Corpuz and Jill Earl

NORTH PEACE REGION - Skip Triplett, appointed by premier Christy Clark, lead the first-ever independent Community Gaming Grant review at the North Peace Cultural Centre on Aug. 23. The call to review this grant came after the province saw a need to refurbish its gaming grant system. “The premier and minister were both very concerned that the rules around the gaming grants have been changing very frequently, that the amounts have been shifting, that the application process has been changing — all those things have brought a lot of turmoil on the community groups,” said Triplett before the review started. Those concerns were echoed throughout the auditorium during the open forum. One of the suggestions was that the gaming grant should reassess how organizations are delegated money. Adam Raeburn, board president at Big Brothers and Sisters questioned why an organization like minor hockey could be granted up to $70,000 and others only $5,000. “Eligible groups apply to the provincial government, where staff assess applications and recommend successful applicants for funding. The size of the gaming grant reflects the scope of the recipient organization’s operations and projects,” said Alec Tully, communications of the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development. In addition the process for applying was gravely criticized. Many called it “shoddy” and “difficult.” The general consensus was that that the application for the gaming grant was complicated and hard to understand thus resulting in failed applications. “When you have a confusing application your success is diminished,” said Andy Ackerman, grant writer for the North Peace Economic Development Commission. The Gaming Grant had a $135 million-budget to work with since March 2011, but for the fiscal year 2011/12 it lost $15 million. There are more than 6,000 organizations in B.C. that seek its funding. The worldwide recession in 2008 caused funding to take a plunge from $156 million to $120 million. “In government there are all kinds of services it needs to provide like health and education…so it took money away from gaming to shore up the other revenues it needed,” said Triplett. The decrease in funding has affected many of the non-profits that showed up on Tuesday’s forum. Among the groups that attended, Step Up and Ride in Dawson Creek experienced the shortfalls; it lost 11 months of funding. As a result, Step Up N Ride, a public transportation system that caters to persons with disabilities, stopped servicing homes

further than 10 km and could no longer offer a subsidy to seniors. “How do you recover? We didn’t,” said Mona McMalley, the outgoing supervisor for Step Up N Ride. The program went from March 1, 2010 to August 31, 2010 without knowing whether or not they would receive a grant. When funding was received, they will have to make it last until Feb. 28, 2012. McMalley expressed concerns over the uncertainty experienced by non-profit organizations and how it effects their planning for the future, usually finding out the day of if their application was successful and the amount they received. Kristina Van de Walle is treasurer and secretary for the Kiwanis Club, a service club in Dawson Creek. Along with decreases in funding over the past several years, her club’s application was completely rejected last year. Van de Walle has no idea why her club did not secure the grant as their mission has not changed, still, she will reapply this year. “We’re hoping to get back on the slate,” she said. “It’s almost like an ecosystem, when one goes down everyone suffers,” said Jerimy Earl, community and events coordinator at the Dawson Creek and District Hospital Foundation. Having organizations voice their feedback on the gaming grant and express their benefits towards the community, were some of Triplett’s goals for the review. “What I want to do is make a very strong case to the gaming sector so when government decides how much is going into other programs…we can make a really strong case of the value that community groups have provided,” said Triplett. For most non-profit organizations the gaming grant is a major component in keeping their community service running. “We are a small non-profit, we rely on the gaming grant, sometimes they are the only thing that keeps our doors open,” said Danielle Armstrong, executive director at Big Brothers and Sisters in Fort St. John. Triplett has visited most communities in the southeast region. He is leading reviews in 14 communities altogether and about five via videoconference. There was a feeling of mutual respect in the auditorium as many thanked Triplett for coming to hear their concerns in hopes of a better gaming grant process. Triplett applauded those who came out, noticing particularly how young the crowd was. “You folk have been giving me a lot of hope because there is a younger generation, that to me is big because you’re getting people involved at such a young age,” said Triplett. He is not from the government, thus providing a “fresh set of eyes,” to review the community gaming grant. He served on the board of over two-dozen non-profit organizations and was the president and CEO at Kwantlen Polytech University. The review is due back to the premier on Oct. 31 by Triplett.

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September 1, 2011

Northeast NEWS


Your under arrest and going to jail by Brent Hodson

On Tuesday, September 6, you may find yourself being arrested. Don’t be worried though as it is for a good cause. The Fort St. John RCMP will be canvassing the community making arrests and taking friends, family members and fellow coworkers to the Totem Mall. This is all in part for the Cops for Cancer Jail N’ Bail fundraiser. Once in Jail, the detainee will have to raise their bail money before they can be released. All bail money will be donated to Cancer Research and tax receipts will be issued. Anyone wishing to nominate someone to be arrested, can pick up the warrant form at the North Peace Savings and Credit Union, Canadian Tire, Fort Motors or contact the Fort St. John RCMP Detachment at 250-787-8140. Once the warrant form has been completed, it can be dropped off at the Fort St. John RCMP Detachment or faxed to 250-787-8133. On September 6, 2011 , Fort St. John RCMP officers will attend the nominee’s work or other location indicated on the warrant form to make the arrest. If there is a specific time that you would like your nominee to be arrested, please indicate the time on the warrant form. Last year, Fort St. John was able to raise the most money out of all the communities participating in the north for the Cops for Cancer bike ride. The ride will be starting in Fort St. John this year and finishes in Williams Lake. The run is from September 9 -16. This is a great fundraiser and an opportunity for you to get back at your boss or friend.

Dawson Creek latest enviro-commitment a success By Jill Earl DAWSON CREEK - Much like separate items come together to produce nutrient filled compost, the city along with different community members came together to make the rain barrel/ composter initiative a success. Dawson Creek and surrounding area community members preordered 500 rain barrels, and 206 composters nearly 3 months ago. Their orders arrived early last week and were distributed Wed. 23 at the Kin Arena. “We decided that was going to be our challenge, 700, and the community came together and we had some orders from Fort St. John, Taylor, and Chetwynd. We had some support from local businesses, and EnCana stepped up to the was great,” said Melanie Turcotte, Sustainability Clerk at the city. Enviro World, a company that provides environmentally friendly products to municipalities and community organizations, brought the idea to the attention of Turcotte, offering the composters and rain barrels at approximately half of their retail value. Those who purchased paid $55 for the rain barrels, and $45 for the composters. Some customers couldn’t pass up a good deal and bought multiples, like Joanne Dueck who purchased five rain barrels. “I bought two for the front, two for the back, and one for my mom...I like having my garden and trees at home, but I was also feeling bad using public resources to water them. So the rain barrels were a really good option. We felt really compelled to support the project,” Dueck said, adding that these were much nicer then using plastic buckets. The barrels came equipped with netting to catch debris, an over flow hose, and the option to add an addition rain barrel for over flow, and a facet at the bottom. The city contacted local businesses selling similar products asking for their acceptance, before continuing with the initiative,

Jill Earl photo Mayor Mike Bernier thanked EnCana representative Jason Gowda for their support and help on distribution day.

which they gladly gave. “It saves water, it saves money, it’s good for the environment so it’s something that council completely supported...It’s pretty exciting for us to get that much acceptance in the community…

We thank the local businesses for supporting us as well,” said Mayor Mike Bernier, who also bought a rain barrel and composter. Volunteers from Reconnect, a youth centre in Dawson Creek, came out to help put the products together and carry them out to cars. Bernier was there along with Councilors Marilyn Belak and Cheryl Shuman to help distribute and to thank EnCana representatives for their order of 45 for each item. Jenn Brocke and Jenn Pimm, representatives from Northern Environmental Action Team in Chetwynd and Fort St. John hosted a seminar about composting, giving attendees information about responsible composting practices, how to get the best results, and how to use finished compost. “Composting is a really good alternative to fertilizer, if you have a garden at home. You’re basically making your own nutrients for your garden, with all natural processes,” said Jenn Pimm. They recommend mixing vegetable peelings and scraps with things like dry leaves and straw on a two to one ratio for the best results. They also advise stirring your compost and watering it occasionally, and remind not to put meat or bones into the composter. “Composting is important because you can reduce the amount of waste product a month by 30-50% which is a huge amount coming out of your household waste,” said Jenn Brocke. Unfortunately Turcotte predicts this the only year to do the initiative, but hopes that Fort St. John or another city in the Peace will pick up the project next year and encourage more people to be environmentally conscious citizens. “ I think we were quite successful, in what we did this year,” Turcotte said. • 9909-100 Avenue, Fort St. John, BC V1J 1Y4 • Phone toll free 1-877-787-7030 • Phone: 250-787-7030 • Fax: 250-787-7090 Email: • • • • 1220B 103 Avenue, Dawson Creek, V1G 2G9 • Phone: 250-782-7060 • Fax: 250-782-7066 •

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Northeast NEWS

BC Hydro response to August 18 letter Dear Editor, Re: Reaction to BC Hydro panel findings, August 18, 2011 A recent letter about Site C included some statements that require clarification. Site C is being proposed because it would be a clean and reliable energy source to meet B.C.’s growing electricity needs, and it would cost future ratepayers less than other generation options. In fact, the recently completed governmentcommissioned review of BC Hydro confirmed that: “Site C is a reasonable cost alternative to meet load growth.” It is important to point out that there will be significant regulatory oversight of Site C, as the project is in the early stages of a rigorous and independent environmental assessment process by both the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency and the B.C. Environmental Assessment Office. The process will involve detailed effects assessments, including dozens of studies regarding land, water, wildlife and agriculture. Furthermore, every dollar spent on Site C must be reviewed and approved by the British Columbia Utilities Commission before being recovered in rates. Contrary to what was suggested in the letter, comprehensive and meaningful consultation is a key component of the Site C project. Between 2007 and 2009, BC Hydro held more than 120 public and stakeholder meetings across the province. As part of the environmental assessment process, there will be multiple opportunities for consultation and input by the public, Aboriginal groups, communities, property owners and stakeholders. Public consultation offices for Site C continue to operate in Fort St. John and Hudson’s Hope. Dave Conway Community Relations Manager, Site C

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September 1, 2011

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Bennet’s vision for BC was electricity self-sufficiency

Dear Editor, WAC Bennett must be turning over in his grave at the prospect of BC Hydro relying on imported electricity to meet the energy needs of British Columbians. I’m sure that isn’t what Bennett had in mind when he created BC Hydro. Right from the start, BC Hydro supplied made-in-B.C. electricity, and for the most part what BC Hydro has supplied to British Columbians ever since is renewable hydro energy envied the world over. Bennett also made sure B.C. always had more electricity generating capacity than we needed. Any electricity we didn’t need we exported, and the revenue generated by those exports was always to the monetary benefit of the people of B.C. Electricity self-sufficiency was core to Bennett’s vision for B.C. and it’s a big part of what made this province great and economically prosperous. Why are we now heading in the opposite direction and walking straight toward dependence on imported electricity? Allowing ourselves to become an electricity “have not” province is insane when we have so much energy potential within our own borders. Please tell me that all this talk about relying on imported electricity is just somebody’s idea of a sick joke. Donald Leung, Burnaby, B.C.

Misguided criticism being directed at BC’s clean energy sector

Dear Editor, They say the greatest ignorance is to reject something you know nothing about. That definitely holds true for the misguided criticism I’ve seen directed at BC’s clean energy sector over the past several years. In truth, most people haven’t got a clue how, or even where, their electricity comes from. For all they know it just appears out of thin air like a genie from a bottle. That’s why it’s been so easy for so many people to be misled about energy issues in BC in recent years and so blindly accepting of such fairy tale notions as BC Hydro’s supposed ability to generate electricity for next to no cost compared to the private sector. BC Hydro does a great job securing and coordinating BC’s electricity supply and getting it to our homes and businesses. But BC Hydro can’t generate electricity at near zero cost any more than you or I could run our households for no cost. It’s an economic impossibility. What BC Hydro has been able to do (or should I say forced to do) is put off costly upgrades to the big hydro dams our parents and grandparents bought and paid for when we were mere kids. In a way that’s been great for us because it’s kept our hydro rates down at unrealistically low levels. But it’s also fuelled the unfortunate myth noted above that BC Hydro can generate electricity at next to no cost compared to the private sector. That’s the real shame in all of this and it’s also the real danger. We can, of course, go on being blissfully ignorant to the facts and keep on putting off our generation’s overdue contribution to the upkeep and expansion of B.C.’s electrical system. At least until those systems stop working and we’re forced to attend to them. But are we really being fair to our kids and grandkids if we choose blissful ignorance over the prudent maintenance of our electrical system? No, it’s not fair at all. Allowing ourselves to be fooled and misled by ignorance is simply not acceptable, especially when it comes to something as fundamentally important as our province’s electrical system and what we owe to future generations. Fred Reemeyer, Coquitlam B.C.

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LiteRider Tonneau Cover How It Works Easy as 1, 2, 3. To Open the Lorado Tonneau Cover: 1. Pull the cord on the fast acting auto latch. 2. Rollup the tonneau cover. 3. Storage the cover neatly behind the cab with front straps. To Close the Lorado Tonneau Cover: 1. Release the straps. 2. Roll out the tonneau and close over the tailgate and the auto latch automatically secures it to your truck box. 3. With you hand. seal the sides of the Lorado Coover. View the Video Below of the Lorado Tonneau Cover in action. LiteRider Tonneau Cover InstallationThe LiteRider truck bed cover can easily be installed at home in about 15 minutesBages with simple hand tools and box. TheCarriers LiteRider tonneau packaged Cargo - Carries up no to drilling on your truck Cargo for isHitch for a quick and easy installation. The owners manual is clear cut and easy to understand. Just clamp on 17 cubic feet of cargo. Carries up to 13 cubic feet or the side rails, attach the cover unit with the EZ dials and roll it out. It’s really that simple.

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Technologies in Dawson Creek, combined with through Northern Opportunities. The Peace Region is very fortunate to have a the Jim Kassen Industry Training Centre/ Oil group of exceptional leaders committed to expanding the scope of this program and Gas Centre of Excellence in Fort St. John, and to spreading the word on the benefits of this innovative educational initiative. NEWS Page 8 September 1, 2011 leaders bring to the allows Northern Lights College to fulfil its brand I have been very impressed by the passion for learning theseNortheast table, but also for their continuing commitment to finding learning solutions for the as B.C.'s Energy College™. NLC is committed to providing the skilled youth of the region. Over the years, I have received support and encouragement from local politicians, workers for these expanding industrial sectors and supporting the economic development of including: Senator Richard Neufeld, the former Minister of Energy, Mines and February 23, 2011 • 1:30pm beneficiary in the plan.Member of Parliament for Prince Georgeone region. beneficiary – known as an ‘individual non-family plan’ – you By Investors Group Petroleum Resources; Jay Hill, former the Given the scope of the industrial If your beneficiary not to South use anand RESP for their educacan transferintheour planregion, to another RESPpart withofa different beneficiary. So what happensRycroft to all theCommunity money you’ve Hall so diligently contribut- expansion River; Blair Lekstrom, MLA fordecides Peace River former Minister of a major my Peace ed to your children’s Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs) You’ll have to repay any CLB in the plan, but all contributions and tion, and there are no other family members to whom you could 5208 - 47th Avenue role at the College was to build capacity Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources; and Pat Pimm, MLA for Peace River plan income remain intact and will be available to the new benefi- transfer your beneficiary’s plan, you can access the money as folif they decide not to Rycroft, pursue a post secondary AB TOH 3A0 education? You can through with other post-secondary lows:like to acknowledge the exceptional municipal and regional ciary. Aspartnerships long as the new beneficiary is under 21 and aNorth. siblingAnd of theI would use the funds for other purposes if you follow certain rules. Agenda: providedAbyrefund the Chiefs and Band Councils, Mayors and and and industry, and (and to ensure 1) To receive the financial statements of the Association for the financial of contributions. As the subscriber, you Councils, can withdraw previous beneficiary, the CESG in mostthat cases leadership the provincial Every RESP has three main components - Your contributions institutions year end. Regional District Boards. I was impressed by the quality of leadership demonstrated funding provided by the government supports contributions at any time, tax-free. However, if the beneficiary is grants) will remain intact and can be used by the new beneficiary. (up to a lifetime maximum of $50,000 per beneficiary), 2) To elect Directors of the Association. by members and gas post-secondary and renewable education energy industries. Thank youCESG, to all and depth of needed programming. notoil attending at the time, then your RESP is a plan that allows multiple beneficiaries eachof the The government’s contributions, i.e. the Canadian Education theIfbreadth 3) To appoint an auditor of the Association. 4) To transact such other business, if any, as may properly come before for being willingCLB, to work with Northern College on joint planning that knew Northern LightstoCollege was a "classy" and provincial grantsLights will have to be repaid. is ‘connected’ you – known as an ‘individual family Savings Grant (CESG) that provides up to a lifetime maximum of Iwhom the meeting. plan’ – youwhen can add new person beneficiary at any time as long as of $7,200 per beneficiary, the Canada Learning Bond (CLB)1 that institution benefits thethe region. Accumulated Income Payments (AIPs). As the subscriber, you thea first to welcome withdraw plan income, subject a repayment CESG, CLB, you by In can provides up to a lifetime maximum of $2,000 per beneficiary born new beneficiary is ‘connected’ tome The College’s Board of Governors recruited me totomake changesofand supported to blood my or adoption. and provincial grants if you are a Canadian resident;ofthe is at some cases, the beneficiaries may new be required to all me be siblings after 2003, and/or provincial grants1; and when theofchanges became uncomfortable. I was very appreciative thisplan support job was least 10 years old, and the beneficiary is at least 21 and not pursuing each other. CLB can only be usedthe for theformer original beneficiary but The plan’s income (also known as earnings or growth). and pleased that the original Board and succeeding Boards provided progressive Here are your options: If your RESP is a plan that allows only your contributions, plan income and CESG are available to any a post secondary education. Congratulates proud that we continued to President, Jim direction and encouraged innovation. I am particularly AIPs are fully taxable to you Investors Group is one of the for quality life in the Kassen. He focus on the fundamental mandate of providing education at your marginal taxofrate. There largest financial services companies LIMITED TIMEtoOFFER! Rae Evans responsive requests by isindustry for new programming. committed 25 region, and that we were in the country. For over 80 years, also a 20% penalty tax, but GEORGE Investors Group has been a pioneer Financial Planner Together we will find a solution. I am looking forwardPRINCE to the innovative initiatives opportunities for applied years to NLC youandcan avoid it (while also in providing personalized financial locations only Arntson, CFP #233, 10704 97 Ave.We understand what you’re going through. planning solutions. Today, we research in clean energy technologies that are in the planning stages. Through and provided deferring paying tax on the AIP) Consultant manage over $52 billion in mutual OR… Fort St. John, BC V1J 6L7 by transferring to $50,000 of fund assets for nearly a million national and international leaders up in this evolving 1 HOUR OPTICALme with a firm partnerships with provincial, Canadians. your AIP your RRSP, if you For your FREE confidential consultation, Ph: 250-785-4312 Fax: 250-785-2344 thetostrength of its vision. foundation industry, Northern Lights College is poised* to demonstrate Investors Group Financial Services Inc. RRSP contribution room Email: plans become have operational. on which to I will be cheering from afar as theseOne #233 10704 97 Avenue Frame VISION* and are or younger in Greywest Office Building CALL RRSPS • INVESTMENTS • INSURANCE My husband Gordon*WITH and COUPON I madeONLY. friends with a numberturning of very71special people rthern Fort St. John, BC cation>BC, office, EXAM! build. Debt troubles? the year. n,Title> Financial V1J 6L7 in • RESPS • MORTGAGES At Pine Centre Mall Location in the north and we will miss you. We were treated to the unique brand of warmth, T h e code:NEN Financial PlanSome restrictions may apply. Call for details! Ph: 250 785 4312 or visit our website at r designation To get the most from your rs Standards Eye Examinations institution is TM Trademark owned by IGM Financial Inc. and licensed to its subsidiary corporations. Email: ouncil. enthusiasm and innovative spirit we now associate RESP with northern St. John office. optionsBritish and Columbia. to discuss Arranged WE CARRY… Guess • Kliik • Fysh • D&G • Gucci Valentino • Nine West • Versace …and more! Mortgage products are offered through I.G. Investment Management Ltd., Investors Group n is recognized A fond farewell to you all and our sincere thank you for your many kindnesses. fortunate to Trustees in Bankruptcy & Proposal Administrators is recogTrust Co. Ltd. is a trust company licensed to lend money in all jurisdictions in Canada. other financial planning strateegrity. To gain l integrity. To Clientsndwith mortgage inquiries will be referredFort to an Investors Group Mortgage Planning Spruceland Mall 250-564-0095 • Pine CentreD.Mall 250-564-0047 ~ TollDawson Free: 1-855-564-0047 hieved a high Jean Valgardson, Creek have capable Suite 2, 10611 – 102 Street St. John gies, talk to a professional advihigh level of Specialist. Insurance products and services distributed through I.G. Insurance Services Inc. al, insurance GOVERNMENT LICENCED TRUSTEES ce and tax 110 –1628 DicksonInsurance Avenue (Resident Office) esible bestclient possible license sponsoredKelowna by The Great-West Life Assurance Company. We Now Sell Contactfaculty Lensesand Online… sor.

Annual General 12848 Hilltop Dr. Meeting

RESP REDUCED – What if they choose to not go to school? 19437

Inc. l Inc. and

Peace River Seed Co-op Ltd.

VISIONS 2 for1

Cozy country home on 4.95 acres in Charlie Lake area. This 2180 sq ft home features 3 bedrooms up, and has a 1 bedroom mort$ gage helper suite with separate 250.785.4280 entrance in EYEGLASSES FREE basement. Fenced for horses, barn, dugout, garden area, green house, lots of room for your toys. New roof in 2008, new insulation, new windows, newer front patio. Includes 2 stoves, 2 fridges, dishwasher, freezer, wash12848 Hilltop Dr. JUST MOVE IN AND ENJOY! NO wOrDS TO DEScrIbE! er/dryer. MLS#N204426 <Primary phone> <Toll free> <email address> <Address 1> <Address 2> <Address 3> <Address 4> <Address 5> <Address 6>

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19273 Wonowon Rd Edith

#12 Forest Lawn Mobile Home Park Fort St John

9619 88th Street


Many new updates! Spacious 1987 14’ wide 2 bdrm mobile home Cozy country home on 4.95 acres in Charliecell: in popular Forest Lawn mobile home park! New windows,new Lake area. This 2180 sq ft home features 3 kitchen cabinets,new bathroom, new laminate and tile, all new 250-263-3030 trim inside and out, new paint, new 10x16 deck, 5 min from city in bedrooms up, and has a 1 bedroom mortcountry like setting! Inc fridge,stove,bi dw & shed. gage helper suite with separate entrance in basement. Fenced for horses, barn, dugout, garden area, green house, lots of room for $79,900 MLS# N204924 your toys. New roof in 2008, new insulation, new windows, newer front patio. Includes 2 stoves, 2 fridges, dishwasher, freezer, washSelling Fort St. John since 1996 er/dryer. MLS#N204426 ‘It Begins with Trust’




Lending Institutions Institutions Current Current Mortgage Mortgage Rates Rates Lending

19273 Wonowon Rd


Fabulous spacious home,1600 sq ft on main, full concrete basement, 24’X24’ garage. NO HST. birch Hardwood in livingrm, 3 bed, tiled lg entry,kitchen, 2 bath. Open concept, kitchen has pantry, lg island/eating bar. 12’X16’ deck, gas for BBQ. Masterbdrm has WI closet, ensuite with dual sinks, lg WI shower with dual shower heads. Instant hot water system, security system. Great neighbourhood.


6 mth


6 mth closed

1 year


10 year year 1 year 2 year 3 year 4 year 5 year 7 year 10 closed closed closed closed closed closed closed closed

TD Canada Trust

n/a 4.60 6.55



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54 n/a 4.45 n/a 2.64

20 3.35

50 60 3.39 3.44

65 3.39

85 4.69

00 4. 5.95

Canadian Canadian Imperial Imperial Bank Bank Of Of Commerce Commerce

85 4. 2.00

60 3. 3.35

15 94 3. 3. 4.55 3.59

14 3. 4.89

45 4. 6.45

50 5. 6.40

45 85 2. 4. 4.85 2.00

35 2. 3.50

6. 4. 6. If you are looking forRoyal a Bank quieter Royal Bank 6.30life 4.45style, 6.30 3. 3.35 3. 3.60 4. 4.15 3. 4.94 5. 5.19 6. 6.35 this acreage is for you!Centum Located n/a just outside Centum n/a n/a n/a 6. 6.45 2. 2.64 3. 3.15 3. 3.75 4. 4.29 4. 4.19 5. 5.00 If you are looking for a quieter life style, Wonowon, 2007 like new 4 bdrm moduthis acreage is for you! Located just outside Bank of Montreal 6. 4. 6. 3. 3. 4. 5. 5. 6. 45 55 45 30 65 20 24 59 Wonowon, 2007 like new 4 bdrm moduBank ofacres. Montreal 6. 4. 6. 3. 3. 4. 5. 5. 6.50 lar home on just over 8 Huge deck, lar home on just over 8 acres. Huge deck, Scotiabank circular drive, drive, beautifully landscaped yard, 6.45 4.55yard, 6. 2. 3. 4. 4. 4. 6. circular beautifully landscaped Scotiabank 6. 4. 6.50 2.64 4.05 4.35 5.14 4.39 6.60 partially fenced, well water, bus route to FSJ North Peace Savings schools or local.fenced, Call Terri to view today! partially well water, routen/a to FSJ 3. 3. 4. 4. 3. n/a 6. & Credit Unionbus n/a MLS#N202490 schools or local. Call Terri toNote: view today! Note: Rates Rates are are provided provided for for information information purposes. purposes. Rates Rates should should be be verified verified by by Financial Financial Institutions. Institutions. MLS#N202490 30









75 6. 6.50








59 5. 5.59 60 6. 6.60

























Watch for the Next Editon of the Northern Homes & Garden in Your Mailbox! Full of listings and more! Visit for up to date listings






Terri Paulovich Remax Action Realty 250-785-5520 office 250-261-1644 direct

Terri Paulovich

Remax Action Realty 250-785-5520 Each office independently ownedoffice and operated. 250-261-1644 direct 1-888-785-5520

MLS#N211482 $359,900 8619 - 115 Avenue, Fort St. John

5 year old home fully developed, 2160 sq ft, 4 bdrm, 2 bath, 12x25 workshop/garage, fenced, in an awesome neighbourhood!

MLS# N213047 $299,000 10287 - 98 Street, Taylor B.C.

Immaculate 2008 Modular, 3 bedroom, 1350 sq ft, corner lot, RV parking, heated 22x22 detached garage/200 amp service, 12x16 shed

MLS#N207663 $219,900 10495 102ND ST, Taylor B.C. Newer 3 bedroom 16x72 modular with a 11x22 deck, fenced yard, & 10x18 shed.

September 1, 2011

Northeast NEWS

Page 9

Votes are in — HST is out, what will happen in the Peace? By Kyla Corpuz and Jill Earl

PEACE RIVER REGION – In the north, it was a close call on whether or not to say goodbye to the HST, where as the south region had a significant desire to go back to the PST/ GST tax world. Fifty-nine per cent voted “yes,” to cut the HST in the South Peace region and an almost even 50.02 per cent agreed in the North Peace region. All in all, 55 per cent of British Columbians voted to axe the HST — but changes won’t incur until Mar. 31, 2013, said minister of finance Kevin Falcon, during a press conference moments after the results were revealed. The results left a majority of British Columbians quite pleased. “It shouldn’t have been done in the first place. I’m glad the people spoke up,” said Gisele Guay, Dawson Creek resident. While most of the province resonated with joy, president of Fort St. John’s chamber of commerce Andrew Tylosky was rather the opposite. “I think we’re pretty disappointed to see the HST be turned down by voters,” said Tylosky. Returning to the old tax model will put financial pressure on the government.“The fact is that it’s going to cost us billions of dollars to go back to the PST, and that’s billions of dollars that we could use in healthcare and infrastructure or anything else,” Tylosky. Despite the uncertainty and challenges of going back to a PST/GST world, Falcon is certain that the government will handle the changes in stride. “It’s not the end of the world … Is it going to be a challenge? Yes, but we’ll manage just as we managed other cases,” he said. Falcon admitted during the conference that the initial introduction of the HST to British Columbians was flawed. “We should have stopped and asked the public first before we went on to make that decision,” he said. Tylosky believes the rejection of the HST was not so much the tax itself but the politics surrounding it. “I think unfortunately it was more of a vote on the method it was brought in rather than the actual HST. The HST was good tax policy but there were bad politics surrounding it.” said Tylosky, he noted that in particular it benefitted small businesses

For new businesses GST/PST is a foreign system, but Falcon ensured that the government would work with businesses transitioning back to the old tax. “We have to make sure that we have outreach so they understand how they are going to operate in a PST world,” said Falcon. Tylosky said the next step for the chamber of commerce is to take part in the transition. “What we’re doing right now as a chamber is playing a big part in the issues that will be underway on how the PST will be re-implemented and what it will look like,” said Tylosky. However, for local Dawson Creek business, Faking Sanity, switching doesn’t look like it will be much of a hassle that

Tylosky and Falcon are anticipating. “Our system is really easy, it won’t be difficult to make the shift,” said co-owner Cindy Dechief. Tylosky said tthe PST system would only draw a negative effect on businesses. But for Dechief, she’s just happy to see her customers smile again. “It’s great for our customers because they don’t have to pay as much tax on the food.” A little over one and a half million people cast their vote and on Aug. 26 Elections B.C. revealed the fate for taxpayers. The provincial government released earlier this year that if the HST remained it would drop two per cent by 2014.

Jill Earl photo

Cindy Dechief, co-owner of Faking Sanity, is not too troubled about switching back to the PST/GST tax system.

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A Division of Alpha Safety Ltd.

Screened Top Soil & Peat Moss for Sale Top Soil - $280/load • peaT MoSS - $336/load Delivered to Charlie lake or Taylor - Add $28/Load

Office: 250-787-7707 Cell: 250-794-1623 Cash or Cheque Only On Delivery 9803 102 Street Fort St. John, BC

The Fort St. John Association for Community Living will be holding their

AnnuAL GenerAL MeeTinG

along with the Community Living Awards Gala at The Lido on September 8, 2011. Doors will be open at 5:30pm for membership renewals and new member signup. Memberships are $10. The AGM will start at 6:00, and the awards ceremony at 6:30pm.

We’ve Moved! Two Doors West 250-785-KEYS | 250-785-5397 8234 100 ave Fort St John Commercial • Residential • Auto Lockouts • Installations • Repairs • Service We’re Here to Serve You

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September 1, 2011

Green efforts are paying off for Fort St. John business Pandamotive By Jennifer Pimm - NEAT FORT ST. JOHN – Darren Ludolph brought his compassion for the environment with him when he relocated from Vancouver to Fort St. John six years ago. In 2009, he and his fiance Richelle Patton opened their auto-body shop Pandamotive, named in honour of Darren’s affectionate moniker, ‘Panda’. They see their business as an extension of themselves, so the conservation efforts they make at home have shaped their business practices. Before opening Pandamotive, Darren looked at conventional methods of running an auto-body shop and thought to himself, “We are going to do things a little differently here”. He simply took the way his family lives at home and translated it into his small business model. His methods of reducing impact on the environment are just second nature to him now, and he’s not even sure when they began. When I asked him what motivated him to implement his personal conservation efforts in his business, he replied, “I have been recycling at home for so many years now, that I don’t even know what the initial motivation was. At home we recycle everything, just like we do here. We don’t use paper towel at

the kitchen table, we use cloth napkins. We actually marked the calendar to see how long one roll of regular size paper towel would last and it was just under three months. And as for garbage, we live in town and have a super tall garbage can, and it goes out maybe every six to eight weeks. We compost at home as well. So - you can see why we would just naturally carry over our ‘green’ home practices here at work.” The environmentally-friendly choices made at Pandamotive not only reduce their carbon footprint, they have also resulted in big savings on utility bills. To prevent heat loss, they have sealed all the cracks in the older building and all of the doors, and have also installed plexiglass over their windows. To save energy, they have a programable thermostat for heating, with a large ceiling fan that assists in heat circulation. They have begun installing LED’s and replacing old fluorescent bulbs with new energy-efficient ones. They don’t use a dryer at work, opting instead to hang coveralls and rags to dry. They recycle nearly everything at Pandamotive, including: cardboard, metal, plastics, tins, bottles, used oil, oil jugs and oil

Northeast NEWS

filters, and even old tires. Because of their recycling efforts, the company doesn’t even require a standard dumpster. Darren says they fill two residential-sized garbage cans every two months or so in the shop. He opted to install plastic beads instead of lead for balancing tires, and uses biodegradable cleaners in the office and the shop. He also uses a floor product called Oil Gator, which uses natural processes to break down dirt and oil. One bag of Floor Gator replaces from eight to 20 bags of standard clay-based products. Darren plans to install a composter outside the shop, finish upgrading his lighting and replace the windows and doors, and he is always on the lookout for innovations that can help his business save energy. Pandamotive is a great example of how we can extend the lifestyle choices we make at home to our businesses, and of how a business can increase it’s bottom line by conserving energy and reducing it’s operating costs. For more information on how you can reduce your energy costs and receive incentives for making upgrades, call NEAT at 250-785-6328 or email


Submitted photos

Pandamotive owner Darren Ludolph and fiance Richelle Patton have used at home conservation efforts in their business practices.

When the board of the Dawson Creek Golf and Country Club decided to update its 1960s clubhouse, they hoped the non-profit society could pull the project off with grants and volunteer labour.

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Then they heard about the BC Hydro Product Incentive Program which provides rebates for energy-saving retrofits. “The timing was perfect,” says board member Maxine Campbell. “It made sense to upgrade to energy efficient lights as part of the renovations.” Although new lights weren’t in the original budget, a $1,200 rebate from Hydro droveClub the decided idea home. Plus, the willclubhouse, save more When the board of the Dawson Creek GolfBC and Country to update itsclub 1960s than $1,400 annually on its electricity bills. they hoped the non-profit society could pull the project off with grants and volunteer labour.


.99 .99 lb

“Now bright,about pleasant facility,” Maxine. “StaffProgram are happier andprovides members are delighted.” Then it’s theya heard the BC Hydrosays Product Incentive which rebates for energy-saving retrofits. “The timing was perfect,” says board member Maxine Campbell. “It made That’s a hole in one, Maxine. If you’d like to learn how your business can save money and brighten up sense to upgrade to energy efficient lights as part of the renovations.” Although new lights weren’t in like the Dawson Creek Golf and Country Club, visit or call 1 866 522 4713. the original budget, a $1,200 rebate from BC Hydro drove the idea home. Plus, the club will save more than $1,400 annually on its electricity bills.



“Now it’s a bright, pleasant facility,” says Maxine. “Staff are happier and members are delighted.” That’s a hole in one, Maxine. If you’d like to learn how your business can save money and brighten up like the Dawson Creek Golf and Country Club, visit or call 1 866 522 4713.

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A proud Canadian company since 1907.






Northeast NEWS

September 1, 2011

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September 1, 2011

Northeast NEWS

North goes green with NEAT By Kyla Corpuz

FORT ST. JOHN - The Northern Environmental Action Team has been putting in their fair share to promote sustainability in the Peace. Dzengo Mzengeza, NEAT executive director and Danielle Smith, NEAT board member presented a semi-annual report to council last Monday. “As a resource for conservation community programs, our aim is to motivate sustainable practices in the community,” said Smith. Between January to June this year, NEAT engaged in over 36 school presentations, reaching out to approximately 600 students on compost, recycling and stewardship. “Children are a way to encourage their parents to do it as well,” said Smith. It has also played a role in business waste management. Thirty-one assessments were completed to help businesses identify energy conservation. In partners with LiveSmart BC, businesses saved $7 million in utility costs. NEAT hosts many events throughout the year, from simple initiatives like One Less Bag. According to the NEAT website, Fort Nelson used nearly 58,000 plastic bags in a week, consumers were encouraged to

Toe Reading:

Intro - 1/2 Hour - $30 • Royal - 1 Hour - $60


One Hour - $70

Room Rental:

Hourly - $20 • Daily - $60 • Weekly - $250

Angel Card Reading: 1/2 hour - $30 • 1 hour - $60

Join us on Facebook! 10040-100 Street, Fort St John, BC V1J 3Y4 250-263-9996

Kyla Corpuz photo

Dzengo Mzengeza, NEAT executive director, stands outside the Fort St. John headquarters. Mzengeza and Danielle Smith, board member presented their semi-annual report to council, Aug. 22.

BILL’S BOOKS & BARGAINS 10611-101 Ave., FORt St. JOhN


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Books and Coins

• Belts • Body Jewellery • Necklaces Your • Patches • Stickers • Wallets Antiques, • Novelty Pipes • Knives • Toques Collectibles, Adult • Zippo Lighters • Buckles • Flags Magazines, • Rings • T-shirt’s • Gift Sets

Open Mon-Sat 12pm to 7pm • 10611 - 101 Avenue, Fort St. John


Custom Built Garages, Storage Sheds and Cabins

use reusable bags or go without a bag for all of last week. Considering the weather the Peace experienced this summer, Mzengeza and Smith said the turnout for some events were poor, such as Kick it to the Curb and Environmental Extravaganza in May. “It wasn’t much of a success because of the weather, so we didn’t have much response. We had maybe 30 families,” said Mzengaza. Idle reduction is another initiative that NEAT encourages, but some people have been getting mixed messages about the importance of it. “People get confused with idle reduction and anti idle,” said Mzengeza. “The concept is not what other people are doing, but what you are doing. It would reduce the impact of greenhouse emission,” he added. NEAT has been dubbed the leader in Northern British Columbia for resource conservation educational programs. “All I could think about is how NEAT has grown in our community,” said councilor Lori Ackerman. NEAT is active in the North Peace, West Peace and Northern Rockies.

Garage Size: 16’x32’x8’ = $6500 14’x32’x8’ = $5500 14’x28’x8’ = $5000 14’x24’x8’ = $4500 Wide Load Pilot Included

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September 1, 2011

Northeast NEWS

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Apply Online for Easy Financing •

Save Big! Only at Capital Motors Shop from a huge selection and Save Thousands on All New and Used Vehicles. Was $64,995

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September 1, 2011

Northeast NEWS

100% scale keyline does not print

Curtain call for Stage North’s first summer theatre school

PO 87161

By Kyla Corpuz

The summer school lasted a week at the North Peace Cultural a drama club at my school,” said Sydney. Centre by Stage North Theatre Society for ages 13 and up. Stage North invited In The Flesh and two other contributing Sixty-six per cent of the seats were filled. instructors to teach during the summer workshop. “It was a very good [turnout] for our first time doing a theatre This is the first year Stage North has hosted a week of theatre school,” said Sue Popesku, executive director at Stage North. summer school classes. It is also the first year In The Flesh has acted, taught and travScott is a local resident and long-time member of Stage eled together for the Fringe Festival. They started in Montreal North, so it made sense to bring the group she was traveling with and made their way through the prairies until they hit Fort St. to Fort St. John for the theatre school. She will be staying in John. Fort St. John to direct this year’s Christmas play at Stage North. The six instructors were all graduates from Capilano Decal, 3 3/8” x 2 5/8” University in Vancouver. They taught a range of classes: directing, introduction to acting, viewpoints, movements, audition Imprint colour: Black, PMS 376 and text analysis. “It’s such an intense learning process,” said actor and instructor Ryan Bolton. Teaching also allowed them to revisit areas in acting that they Waste Oilforgotten Collection Waste may have or needed •some brushingGlycol up on. Collection “You never understand fully until you teach it,”Bulk said Bolton. Methanol Delivery • Product Delivery and Bbls The instructors agreed that touring the country as part of the Combo Units (Tank, Picker, Deck) • Tank Trucks Fringe Festival,was a great learning experience and a good way to graduate from school and “hit the ground running.” Kyla Corpuz photo Last Wednesday, 13-year-old students Sydney and Lizzy read Left to right; Students, Sydney and Lizzy with instructors and lines from a script with instructors, Chalene Scott and Alyssa cast of BOX: Ryan Bolton, Chalene Scott, Alyssa Kostello, Kostello. Jennifer Hoar and Chris Fader. Missing Tracy Varju Moments later, the instructors and the two budding actresses formed a circle for a vocal and movement warm-up. The actors also shared another exercise called Shakedown, a “ritual” they do before performances. Sydney planned to participate in every workshop offered during that week. “I wanna do a whole bunch of [theatre classes] and try to start FORT ST. JOHN - Theatre group In The Flesh wrapped up a summer school with a performance called BOX otherwise known as the Incredible Impact of the Totally Made Up, last Saturday.


Kyla Corpuz photo

During the workshop the groups engage in a warm-up exercise called, “Kwa!”

Destination Fort St. John

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September 1, 2011

Northeast NEWS







Sept 9th -­ 10th -­ 11th



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2005 VW  BEETLE  



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2010 RAM  3500  4X4  DIESEL



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2010 NITRO  4X4

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total price:

Page 15

total price:

Stk# 11C1431110

Stk# 11Q1734710


STK# RP6560

1995 - 20th Avenue, Prince George, BC (250) 562-5254


DISCLAIMER: All prices and payments plus taxes and fees ON APPROVED CREDIT. Prices above include $589 Administrative Fee which is mandatory on purchase of Used vehicles. Lowest cash prices and payments using all dealership incentives. All Vehicles available at time of Printing. Vehicles may not be exactly as shown. File photos used on some vehicles when required. See Dealer for details. DESIGNED BY  DEBBIE-­LEE  ADVERTISING  INC.  (250)  614-­3751

AD EXPIRES 31.09.11

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Northeast NEWS

September 1, 2011

Kyla Corpuz photo

Most of the gallery was filled with residents who may possibly feel the effects of the boundary expansion.

Brent Hodson photo

Prince George - Peace River MP Bob Zimmer took some time out of his busy schedule to leave a message in a book of condolences for Jack Layton. Zimmer has books in both the Prince George and Fort St. John constituency offices for the public to come and sign them.



Are you eligible to vote at the November elections for the District of Hudson’s DEPUTY Hope? Is your name on the currentCLERK list of electors? (Full-Time Permanent Position) If you are not sure you can find out by calling or visiting the District of Hudson’s Hope, 9904 Dudley Drive, Hudson’s Hope, BC – (250) 783-9901. The municipal office is open from 8:30 AMposting to 4:30pursuant PM, Monday to 12.1 Friday (excluding General to Article of the Collectiveholidays). Agreement Advance elector registrations will be accepted at the District of Hudson’s Hope municipal office until Tuesday, 2011. With the exception ofthe registrations on voting The District of Hudson’sSeptember Hope invites 27, applications from qualified persons for Full-Time, Permanent positionwill of Deputy Reporting to the Administrator, days, elector registrations not beClerk. accepted during the period Wednesday, September the2011 Deputy Clerk is responsible for performing a variety of professional 28, until Monday, November 21, 2011. administrative duties including preparing a variety of documents, handling enquiries and complaints, researching projects and interpreting bylaws and policies. Other responsibilities include the coordination and processing of RESIDENT ELECTORS: development notifications, legal actions, certifying legal documents, and taking • age 18 or older; affidavits and oaths.and Also included are the coordination of agendas and minute • apreparations Canadianfor citizen; Counciland and other committee meetings, as well as other work of a complex andofoften confidential nature. works under minimal • a resident British Columbia forThe at incumbent least 6 months immediately before the day of supervision, so independent judgment, exceptional organizational skills and the registration; and ability to work under pressure is required along with sound knowledge of office • aprocedures. resident of the District ofgiven Hudson’s Hopewith for local at least 30 days immediately before the Preference will be to applicants government work day of registration; anddescription should be requested or picked up at the experience. A complete District Office prior submitting an application. • not disqualified bytoany enactment from voting in an election or otherwise disqualified by law.


NON-RESIDENT PROPERTY ELECTORS: This position is included in the Collective Agreement, which is currently under • age 18 accordingly, or older; and review; the successful candidate will be required to become a • amember Canadian and of thecitizen; BC Government & Service Employees’ Union. The established rate of pay (2009 rates) forColumbia this positionfor is $26.42 per 6hour ($23.78/hr. during the before the day of • a resident of British at least months immediately 90-day probationary period). registration; and • aApplications registered with owner of realrésumé property in the District of Hudson’s Hope for at least 30 days a detailed of relevant work experience, education and qualifications received at the Municipal immediately beforewill thebeday of registration; and Office between Monday, rd August 9, 2010 at 8:30 am Monday, August , 2010 at 4:00 pm. If any • not entitled to register asand a resident elector;23and clarification or other details are required, please contact the undersigned. • not disqualified by any enactment from voting in an election or otherwise disqualified by law; and note that any previously submitted applications must be Please resubmitted this Full Permanent posting between the dates above.only one of those • if there is for more thanTime one registered owner of the property, individuals may, with the written consent of the majority of the owners, register as a non-resident property elector. Charles Nash, CAO


District of Hudson’s Hope 9904 Dudley Drive, PO Box 330

Beginning Tuesday, October 4, 2011, until the close of general voting for the election Hudson’s Hope, BC, V0C 1V0 onTel: Saturday, November 19,783-5741 2011, a copy of the list of registered electors will, upon (250) 783-9901; Fax: (250) signature, be available for public inspection at the District of Hudson’s Hope office at 9904 Dudley Drive, Hudson’s Hope, BC, during regular office hours, Monday to Friday, excluding statutory holidays. An elector may request that their address or other information about them be omitted from or obscured on the list of electors.


An objection to the registration of a person whose name appears on the list of registered electors may be made in accordance with the Local Government Act until 4:00 pm on Friday, October 14, 2011. An objection must be in writing and may only be made by a person entitled to be registered as an elector of the District of Hudson’s Hope and can only be made on the basis that the person whose name appears has died or is not qualified to be registered as an elector of the District of Hudson’s Hope. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION on these matters, the following persons may be contacted: Tracey Rutherford or Becky Mercereau Deputy Chief Election Officers at (250) 783-9901 William Lindsay Chief Election Officer

Fate of boundary expansion on hold By Kyla Corpuz

Council decided to hold off on the decision to pass the boundary expansion despite its approval from the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development. During city council last Monday, Lisa Boda, whose estate borders the north side of a Peace River regional property, went before council to voice her concern. She asked that council withhold the decision to pass the boundary expansion because not enough information had been given to affected residents. “Information…to this point has not been adequate enough to engage the electoral public, particularly those who reside on the borders of the areas proposed for boundary extension,” she said during her presentation. During a regional meeting Coun. Lori Ackerman said, “Our [city] staff actually did an exemplary job in reaching out one on one to people.” However the amount of residents opposed to the boundary expansion left council to wait on the decision until an open house and committee of the whole meeting, where residents could gather more information about boundary expansion and the future of taxes. “If there are objections I don’t see what the point is to go ahead with it, if the cabinet is going to object it,” said Coun. Larry Evans. One of the concerns by residents is increased tax. If the project goes through, council has the option to ask the ministry to phase in the tax rate over a three to five year period and increase it by 20 per cent per year. But more so, Boda said it was the lack of information and public awareness on the process of boundary expansion. “I want to see the process being followed and I want to see the information that those folks being sought for inclusion are clearly conveyed to the province. “If the province still deems the extension is going to go forward, then that’s the decision that’s going to be made and it follows the process,” she added. City manager Dianne Hunter said notices informing property owners of the extension were sent out at the beginning of the year, with the exception of one that was resent on Jun. 30. But some residents say they only recently heard about their property being included into city limits. In addition, Hunter said the city used mediums such as the media, Facebook and the city’s website to promote the boundary expansion process. Boda’s presentation said, “council should consider that these mediums target limited demographics and likely do not target the demographics of those with a vested interest.” The project was introduced in 2005 as a means to clean up city borders. In addition property owners at that time were interested in being apart of city limits. So in 2009, the minister approved the boundary extension. Hunter then found it necessary to consult current property owners, with the understanding that ownership had changed throughout the years. Yet many residents that may now be affected sent a wave 10267 West Bypass, Fort St. John, BC of letters to electoral Area C director Arthur Hadland that expressed their disinterest in Phone: 250-787-8888 being apart of city limits. Fax: 250-787-8887 “I have been contacted by several and not one of them is in favour…if the majority • aren’t in favour, we should look at our options,” said Hadland during a regional meeting. “I have had feedback and it is that it will be inevitable. Boundaries need to be cleaned up,” said Ackerman. The three areas being sought out for are in the northeast, south and northwest corners of the city; within those areas about 50 properties are facing possible inclusion.

September 1, 2011

Northeast NEWS

The beef on cattle auctions

By Jill Earl It’s apparent that not all cattle were created equal. Buyers and sellers at Vold Jones & Vold Auction’s weekly cattle auction take many different factors into account before purchasing their investments. Though cattle look similar there are a few characteristics buyers consider before bidding. They look at muscle build, frame, size, conformity, bloodlines, even imperfections in the feet are considered. “Every animal is different. I look for good conformity, we look for bloodlines, and size. There is preference to certain bloodlines to cattle as to how they’ll ultimately finish for our customer. Certain customers look for certain breeds of cattle and we try to get those certain types,” says Glen Mayer, owner of a back grounding lot in Alberta. The auction will provide the name of the seller, how it was fed and the approximate weight. When buyers bid, their offer is per pound. The highest bid pays the winning price times the total weight of the bovine. Most ranchers will sell their calves (up to six months old) or yearlings (a year old) to back grounding lots because they don’t have the necessary equipment to feed them. Backgrounders like Mayer usually don’t bid on calves that are under 500 pounds because they tend to need extra care and get sick easily. Backgrounders assign a strict diet to their calves, a blended ration of protein and mineral supplements using special feeders so that they can bulk up and be worth more to potential customersfinishing lots. “It’s a science, we even have a nutritionist. It’s fussy, especially with little calves,” Mayer said, who will even

change their diet depending on the weather. Regarding size, bigger isn’t always better. If a buyer is in the market for a bull or heifer, then bulk is very important, however if buying a yearling or a calf the smaller size is better. “Lighter calves will bring more money then the heavier calves because they have more time to grow. If they can put on weight for 75 cents a pound then the light ones have more potential to make more money,” said Don Murphy, a Red Angus breeder. “What we’re doing is selling grain, we’re selling barley. These feedlots sell barley. The way they make money on their barley is to put it through cattle so they gain and it gives them more dollars per bushel then they buy the barley for. It’s what it boils down to,” Murphy said. Vold Jones & Vold Auction’s sells approximately 1,000 sheep a year, 1,2001,300 horses a year, and 45,000 cattle a year. Like any business, it goes through highs and lows but Murphy says buyers and sellers can always be sure of one thing. “Good cattle will always do well, bad cattle will do poorly.”


Jill Earl photo

Jill Earl photo

Jill Earl photo

Vold, Jones & Vold Auction Co. Ltd. Jones‘MILE & VoldZERO Auction Co. Ltd. DAWSON CREEK Vold, AUCTION CITY’

DAWSON ‘MILE ZERO CITY’ 301-116th Ave.CREEK DawsonAUCTION Creek, British Columbia Dawson Creek Office: 250-782-3766 VJV Main Office: 403-783-5561 Cattle Sales, Don 301-116th Ave. Dawson Creek, British Columbia Fessler: 250-719-5561 Fax: 250-782-6622

Dawson Creek Office: 250-782-3766 VJV Main Office: 403-783-5561 Cattle Sales, Don Fessler: 250-719-5561 Fax: 250-782-6622

MARKET REpORT AUGUST 25, 2011 CATTLE REPORT SLAUGHTER CATTLE On Thursday, August 25, 2011, 350 head of cattle went through our market SLAUGHTER CATTLE D1 - D2 Cows 64.00-68.00

395 head of cattle went through the ring of Dawson Creek Action on July 8, 2010 D3 - D4 Cows 58.00-64.00 SALES EVERY THURSDAY!

Thank you for driving the success of Encana’s second annual Race Against Hunger in your community. Together with the World Professional Chuckwagon Association (WPCA), this program raised 13,815 pounds of food, $57,532.89 and awareness for year round support of food banks. The WPCA chuckwagon drivers brought the program to communities where Encana operates including Grande Prairie, Drumheller, Ponoka, Strathmore, Dawson Creek and Calgary.

We look forward to filling the Encana truckwagon in support of local food banks once again next year!


“The generosity of these communities, local businesses and the chuckwagon drivers themselves contributed to this year’s successful results and well-stocked food bank shelves,” says Mike Forgo, Vice-President, Business Services & Stakeholder Relations at Encana. In the Food Driver of the Year contest, Encana challenged WPCA drivers to raise cash and food in support of the Race Against Hunger. The successful driver was Mark Sutherland who raised $7,653.

Follow us on Like us on Watch us on Connect with us on

Holstein Cows N/A D1 - D2 Cows 53.00-56.00 Heiferettes N/A D3 - D4 Cows 48.00-53.00 Bologna Bulls 80.00-86.00 Holstein Cows 50.00-53.00 Feeder Bulls 75.00-92.00 Heiferettes 55.00-65.00 Good Bred Cows N/A Bologna Bulls 62.00-72.50 Good Bred Heifers N/A Feeder Bulls 65.00-70.00 Milk Cows N/A Good Bred Cows None Cow/ Calf Pairs (younger) N/A Good Bred Heifers None Cow/ Calf Pairs (older) N/A Cow/ Calf Pairs 900.00-1000.00 Older Cows None Milk Cows None Good Feeder Steers 1000 lbs Plus: 103.00-113.50 Heifers 97.00-106.75 Good Feeder Steers 900 lbs Plus: 110.00-120.50 Heifers 101.00-111.50 Good Feeder Steers 800 lbs Plus: 116.00-129.00 Heifers 106.00-119.25 Good Feeder Feeder Steers Steers 700 1000lbs lbsPlus: Plus: N/A Heifers 112.00-124.00 N/A Good 121.00-134.75 Heifers Good Feeder Steers 900 lbs Plus: N/A Heifers N/A Good Feeder Steers 600 lbs Plus: 123.00-138.00 Heifers 115.00-129.00 Good Feeder Steers 800 lbs Plus: 92.00-100.00 Heifers 80.00-88.00 Good Feeder Steers 500 lbs Plus: 125.00-140.00 Heifers 119.00-132.00 Good Feeder Steers 700 lbs Plus: 102.00-108.00 Heifers 85.00-92.00 Good Feeder Steers 400 lbs Plus: N/A N/A Good Feeder Steers 600 lbs Plus: 110.00-118.00 Heifers Heifers 98.00-104.00 Good Feeder Steers 300 lbs Plus: N/A Heifers N/A Good Feeder Steers 500 lbs Plus: 115.00-125.00 Heifers 100.00-108.00


WPCA Race Against Hunger drivers and Encana staff at the Calgary barbecue.

Good Feeder Steers 400 lbs Plus: 110.00-125.00 Heifers 100.00-110.00 Next Sheep Sale: Sept 10, 2011 • Next Horse Sale: Sept 24, 2011 Good Feeder Steers 300 lbs Plus: None Heifers None

Vold, Jones & Vold Auction Co. Ltd. Upcoming Sales: Vold, Jones &@ Vold10:00 Auction Co. Ltd. Sales Every Thursday a.m. DAWSON CREEK AUCTION ‘MILE ZERO CITY’ DAWSON CREEK AUCTION ‘MILE ZERO CITY’ 301-116thSale Ave. Dawson Creek, British Columbia Dawson Creek Office: Horse September 25/2010 301-116th Dawson British Columbia 250-782-3766Ave. VJV Main Office:Creek, 403-783-5561 Cattle Sales, Don Fessler: 250-719-5561 Fax: 250-782-6622 Dawson Creek Office: 250-782-3766 VJV Main Office: 403-783-5561 Cattle Sales, Don Fessler: 250-719-5561 Fax: 250-782-6622


l e on 5 ine n


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September 1, 2011

Babies of the North For Sale

Large Inventory of Stock Windows and Doors. Peace Glass - 250-787-8888 10267 West Bypass, Fort St. John, BC . (TFN)

Help Wanted

Deesta is looking for an experienced hairstylist. Home of the ten minute color. Phone: 250-2639963 (TFN)

Space for Lease


Prime Retail / Office Space for Lease in the Central Plaza. 100 St / 101 Ave. in Fort St. John, BC Call 250263-1244 (09/01)

Building for Rent

Shop with office for rent or lease. Available in November. 1200 sq ft of shop with 350 sq ft of office. IT’SWanted A Boy IT’S A Boy Help Email thomasand johnexcavator (tommy) located incohen Dozer Fort St. John operators required for industrial area. rivers-BoWerman Paul (09/22) a busy Alberta Born: Jan Oilfield 4 Born:Sale Jan 5 For Construction Company. Melissa Parents: Parents: Dave & We require operators that For Sale: 2007 Ford F150 Harty & Barry RiversJoceyln Elliott of are experienced and pref- Harley Davidson Edition 4x4. Bowerman of FSJ Charlieexterior Lakecolor, Deep Amethyst erence will be given to Stats: 22” con- black leather Stats: 21” operators that have interior. Comes structed 9 oilfield lbs. 11roads oz and with LineX 8 lbs. 8 oz after boxliner, drilling locations.You will market headlights and tailbe provided with motels lights, satellite radio, power and restaurant meals. moonroof, 6 disc CD ChangCompetitive wages, bonus er., 22” tires. For more inforand transportation daily mation, please call 250 219 to and from job sites. Our work is in the vicinity of 0423. SERIOUS INQUIRIES Edson, Alberta. Call Lloyd ONLY PLEASE!! (TFN) For Sale at 780-723-5051.(09/29)


HAIR BIN - Qualified hairstylist and barber for a busy salon. Instant clientele available. Phone 250-7871552 or Bring resume to 10442 100 Street. (09/01)

Short pieces of pipe 7” to 16” offers 31’ 16” Culvert $400.00 3 ton truck frame could be used for hauling hay. $ 600.00 or best offer 8944 Jone Sub. Call 250785-3117 (09/01)

Northeast NEWS

Help IT’SWanted A gIrl

PART-TIME Kodi alexandria MERCHANDISER Wood Powerhouse Born: Jan Retail 3 Services has an opening Parents:

for a merchandiser to serKayla Gladve & Shawn vice our clients in Fort St. Wood of FSJ John & Dawson Creek, Stats: 21” BC for part-time week7 lbs. 2 oz. day hours between 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM. Excellent IT’S for A gIrl opportunity additional work gemma for an existing maerep or anyone working sWanson part time. Retail Born:/merchandisJan 6 ing Parents: experience Molly preferred. & Must Abe provide own transSwanson of portation & internet. Hudson’s Hope Email: sukhi@powerStats: 20.5” Fax: 7 lbs. 6 oz 1-866-847-0068. (09/01)

For Sale

Approx; 70 Porcelain Dolls Mostly all Ashton Drake Original box and papers. Large wall cabinet top has 5 shelves all in glass Many different Master Craft electric tools. Many hard covered books some complete collections. Plus many other items . Call 250-262-8021 or 250785-4629 and leave message (09/01)


Posting Circular: Job-1555 Awake Overnight Worker DAWSON CREEK Job 1555 Awake Overnight Worker Job Responsibilities: The Awake Residential Overnight Worker will: Monitor and attend to the well being and safety of residents during the night. Maintain a comfortable and clean living environment. Qualifications: Grade 12. Six months recent related experience or equivalent combination of education, training and experience. Skills & Knowledge: Experience and ability working with individuals with developmental disabilities and mental disorders. Experience and demonstrated ability in managing high risk behaviours. Emergency First Aid and CPR Certificate. Foodsafe Certificate. Basic skills Training Certificate. Suicide Prevention and Intervention Certificate. Diversity Training. Independent ability to use the computer and knowledge of all relevant programs. Good verbal and written communications. Tack and diplomacy. Excellent interpersonal skills. Ability to work as a team member with staff, parents, social workers, a variety of professionals, and other pertinent individuals. Good organizational skills. Good problem solving skills. Physically healthy and active. Ability to work independently. Ability to work in an isolated environment. Ability to work well in crisis situations. Good boundaries and self-care practices. Respect and adherence to ethics and confidentiality. Ability to role model the 13 philosophical goals to service recipients, staff, and others. Hours of Work: 35.09 Hours per week - flexible to meet the needs of the program Rate of Pay: As per the Collective Agreement Closing Date: September 2, 2011 Submit Resumes To: Lori Brooks, Human Resource Coordinator P.O. Box 713 (10110 – 13th Street) Dawson Creek, BC V1G 4H7 Fax: (250) 782 4167 E-mail: • Please include Competition # 1555 with resume • This position is open to female applicants only • Only short-listed applicants will be contacted • This position is a union position For more information please visit our Career Opportunity section at - We look forward to hearing from you!

IT’S A gIrl adrianna christine Bigcharles Born: Jan 9 Parents: Sonya Auger, Terry

Tender Notice IT’S A gIrl

IT’S A gIrl tamara Katherine jessica NORTHERN ROCKIES Belcher oysmueller REGIONAL Born: Jan 8MUNICIPALITY Born: Jan 9 Parents: TENDER NOTICE Parents: David & Katherine

Karl & Ida Oysmueller

SEALED TENDERS clearly markedBelcher “Northern of Rockies FSJ Regional Municipality, of FSJ 2011 Bigcharles of Taylor Stationery Tender” will be received until 3:00 p.m. - local time, Tuesday, September 6th, Stats: 19” Stats: 21” Stats: 51 cm 2011 at the office of the Corporate Manager, 5319 - 50th Ave South, Fort Nelson, BC VOC 8 lbs. 9 oz. 8 lbs. 5 oz 4.218 kg 1RO, or via FAX c/o Olive McLean, Notary Public at (250) 774-2259.

Tender documents are available for pick-up at the Municipal Office, 5319 - 50th Ave South, or on the Municipal website:, or may be requested via email at Quoted prices are to be FOB Fort Nelson, Drop Delivery at the Municipal Office, with all taxes and freight included. The lowest or any other tender will not necessarily be accepted. For further information, please call Ross Coupé, Deputy Corporate Manager Ext. 2032, during regular office hours. Except as expressly and specifically permitted in the Instructions to Tenderers, no Tenderer shall have any claim for any compensation of any kind whatsoever, as a result of participating in the Tender, and by submitting a bid each Tenderer shall be deemed to have agreed that it has no claim. Please note that that the lowest tender will not necessary be accepted. Leonora Kneller Corporate Administrative Assistant


$1000.00 SIGNING BONUS!!! TANK TRUCK DRIVERS WANTED CHETWYND & DAWSON CREEK, BC DRIVE. EARN. GROW. Excellent wages. Great Benefits. Signing Bonuses. Referral Bonuses. RRSPs. Safety Bonuses. Northwest Tank Lines Inc. seeks qualified Class 1/A Truck Drivers with at least 3 years experience in tank truck driving, heavy oil-field hauling, log-truck driving or a similar field to work in Chetwynd and Dawson Creek, BC. Successful candidates will have the experience, the drive, the safety-consciousness and the enthusiasm to work for a Company that strives to be the very model of safety and service excellence in the industry. Send resumes and driver’s abstracts attn. Colin McComb by email at or by fax to 403-250-7801.

7-1075 -4216 -1075 4216 1-6516


Northeast NEWS

Sterling Management Services Ltd. has for rent

Bach, 1 and 2 bedroom apartments. Townhouses & Duplexes

Fort St. John

CLASSIFIEDS Ask about our Summer Move In Incentive


Li-CarLi-Car Management Group Li-CarManagement ManagementGroup Group Now applications Now taking applications Nowtaking takingfor applicationsfor for Group 1,1,22and 3Management bedroom Li-Car Group 1, 2 and Li-Car 3Management bedroom units. Li-Car Group and 3Management bedroomunits. units.


Nim’s Traditional Thai Massage. Phone 250793-2335. Massage Service Only No House Calls (09/01)


FSJ Oriental Massage. Deeply relaxing full body. Call 250-261-3923 by Appointment Only (09/01)


Northern Therapeutic Massage Therapy Clinic BC Registered RMT New Clinic in Remax Building. Call 250-271-0783 (09/08)


Retail Trade Supervisor Be able to: Supervise, train, assign duties of staff, authorize payments,merchandise returns, maintain inventory,customer service and complete reports. $ 14.50 per hour. Email resume : daphne.rona@gmail. com (09/08)

Special Ad

Classified Special 20 words, 3 weeks, $10.00 + HST Call 250-7877030

For REnt


Renovated Suites Mary-Lou today 250-719-2250 Call Mary-Lou today 250-782-7466

With 11 Locations, we’ve got something perfect for you! Dawson Creek


Independent Plumbing & Heating

Please apply with resume to 10020 - 93 Avenue, Fort St. John


Be the difference...


Bills Books & Bargains We buy your Antiques, collectibles, Adult magazines, Books and coins. Open 12pm to 7:00 pm Mon to Sat phone 250-785-2660


Multiple locations of Apartments ONE MONTH FREE RENT!! and Town Multiple locations of Apts and TownSuites Homes Homes with Renovated

Fax resume to Bushmen Trucking Ltd 250-787-7268 or Email to

Part Time Sales Associate

Email: Email:

1, 2 & 3 Bedroom Apartments 2 & 3 Bedroom Townhomes Furnished and Unfurnished

HELP WANTED Class 1 drivers needed for Fort St. John B.C. and Grande Prairie AB area Bulk Transport, Oilfield tickets and drivers abstract required. Full and Part Time positions.

• Neat & clean apperance • Dependable • Able to work all shifts including Saturdays • Class 5 with clean drivers abstract • Able to lift 60 lbs • Must be customer oriented • Work well in a fun team environment • Mechanically inclined

Alpine• •Bona Vista Alpine- Bruce 250-785-1852 • 250-785-1852 Bona Vista - Natasha Alpine-Bruce Bruce 250-785-1852 Bona250-787-1075 Vista- -Natasha Natasha250-787-1075 250-787-1075 SPACIOUS ororone of Professional Site 250-262-2011 HillcrestGlen or oneBob ofSandalwoodour Professional Site managers! Sandalwood250-262-2011 HillcrestGlen• •250-261-4216 oneBob of• our our Professional Sitemanagers! managers! SandalwoodBob 250-262-2011 HillcrestGlen250-261-4216 250-261-4216 Bona Vista -•Pam AlpineBruce 250-785-1852 • •Bona Vista DriftwoodBob 250-262-2011 • •MelsherAlpineBruce Bob 250-785-1852 Bona Vista - Natasha 250-787-1075 Driftwood250-262-2011 • 250-787-1075 MelsherAlpineBruce 250-785-1852 Bona Vista- -Natasha Natasha250-787-1075 250-787-1075 DriftwoodBob 250-262-2011 MelsherHillcrest - Glen Sandra 250-793-2339 SandalwoodBob HillcrestGlen MaplewoodBob 250-262-2011 • •250-261-4216 GrahamSandalwoodBob HillcrestMaplewood- Bob 250-262-2011 • GrahamSandalwoodBob HillcrestGlen250-261-4216 250-261-4216 MaplewoodBob 250-262-2011 GrahamDriftwoodBob 250-262-2011 ••AmbassadorKillarney•AmbassadorSandra DriftwoodBob250-262-2011 250-262-2011 • 250-262-2011 MelsherKillarney- Bob •AmbassadorSandra 250-261-6516 DriftwoodBob 250-262-2011 •MelsherMelsherKillarney-Bob Bob 250-262-2011 Sandra250-261-6516 250-261-6516 Maplewood250-262-2011 Maplewood250-262-2011 • •GrahamGlen250-262-2011 Maplewood- Bob 250-262-2011 •|Green Graham|Green Glen-Bob Bob MaplewoodBob 250-262-2011 Graham|Green Glen-Bob Bob 250-262-2011 Killarney250-262-2011 •AmbassadorSandra Killarney- Bob 250-262-2011 •AmbassadorSandra 250-261-6516 Killarney-Bob Bob 250-262-2011 •AmbassadorSandra250-261-6516 250-261-6516 |Green GlenBob Email: |Green GlenBob 250-262-2011 Email: |Green GlenBob250-262-2011 250-262-2011 Email:


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is currently seeking experienced individuals or willing to train candidates with potential to fill the following positions:

Now applications Now taking applications Nowtaking takingfor applicationsfor for 1,of 2our 33managers! bedroom units. oror3one of Professional managers! 1, our 2 and bedroom units. or one of Professional Site 1,our 2and and bedroomSite units. one Professional Site managers!


September 1, 2011

AVON: www. hanaback REGAL: Email

Wood Furniture

100% Solid wood and rustic furniture. Log home renovations and sealants. call Lisa in FSJ 250.263.7765 or Doug in Hudson’s Hope Call 250.783.9156 (yrly)

Office for Rent

Office space for rent on ground floor in the Professional Building 1200 103 Ave Dawson Creek. Call 250-219-1434 (TFN)


BUILD TO SUIT Industrial sites available in: -Dawson Creek -Chetwynd -Tumbler Ridge 1 – 13 Acres Call (250) 719-1815 (09/01)

Would you be interested in becoming a home share provider ? Do you feel you may possess the qualities and the desire to open your home to a person with developmental disability ? The Fort St. John Association for Community Living is currently taking applications for Home Share Providers. This opportunity is open to both male and female applicants and a financial compensation package is provided.

If you are interested in this rewarding opportunity, please contact: Pat Taylor, Home Share Coordinator at 250-787-9262 8:30am - 4:30pm, Monday through Friday

For Sale

Credit, Dreamcatcher Sad Bad Credit Financing

Apply today!! Drive Today!! APPLY ONLINE


For sale in Hudson’s Hope BC: 1967 1/2 -1600 Datsun Roadster, model SPL311, 4 speed. Runs great,10,000 OBO. 1-250-783-9499 (09/01)

No Problem 0” Down! O.A.C.


No Charge DELIVERY BC & Ab. Coquitlam Chrysler DL#7557

Alway On - No dialing in necessary end large filesSeptember in minutes, not hours Page 20 1, 2011


“We live in a remote community with no phone service where we generate our own electricity. Still, we needed to be connected. We use Galaxy’s internet service to surf the web, download course curriculums for our children’s home schooling and for email. So while we live remotely, we no longer feel remote.” - Galaxy customer in McBride, BC

Help Wanted


Needed Experienced Breakfast and Evening Line Cooks, Janitor, Dishwashers, full time and part time positions. George Dawson Inn Restaurant apply in person with resume. 117058 st, Dawson Creek, B.C.(09/15)

For Rent One Bedroom House at Charlie Lake close to school and store. Call 250-785-5073(09/08)



National Internet Service Provider is seeking eager individuals looking for contract work to install high-speed satellite internet systems.

Northern Therapeutic Massage Therapy Clinic BC Registered RMT New Clinic in Remax Building. outhern sky. Some areas may require a larger antenna. Service and hardware sold seperately. Home networking equipment may Call be 250-271-0783 (09/08)

guration, contract * yourTraining network hardware and/or operating system software developer (Galaxy is not responsible for & manufacturer Certification provided g a single connection. Simultaneous use of high bandwidth applications by multiple users may result in degredation of speed and is * Must be a hands-on person e of service are not guaranteed. Monthly service and early termination fees apply; miniumum 24-month commitment required. See subscriber agreement for full details. * Entrepreneurial attitude

* Great troubleshooting skills * Travel Required, must possess valid driver’s license * Must have own vehicle, ladder and tools * Well connected to the community


The Cat Rental Store has an immediate opportunity for a The Cat Service Rental Store, users of Customer Drivera toleading join therental team house at the toDawson construction, commercial and industrial equipment has an Creek, BC location. immediate opportunity for a Washbay Person to join our team in Dawson Creek, Britishwill Columbia. The successful candidate be responsible for pick up and

If you’re interested please contact us for more details:

delivery of equipment to and from customers, vendors, and This position will be for washing ready-to-rent branches. Preferably theresponsible successful candidate willall have a Class and post rental equipment. Duties to include but not limited to 3, with air ticket, driver’s license with a clean driving record; washing, cleaning, testing and rolling all hoses and cables, however, a minimum Class 5 driver’s license will be considassisting warehouse personnel with loading/ unloading ered. equipment and pulling orders as required, and assisting yard personnel in ensuring ready-to-rent equipment is presented in an Must have deck experience, and able to operate equipment orderly fashion. The successful candidate must be an honest, with the abilityindividual to load and unload equipment correctly tie hardworking who is not afraid to and handle a multitude down all types of equipment, understand DOT requirements, of tasks. log books, hours of service, etc. Candidate needs to be able toPlease setup for air your brakes and check them on ato:regular basis. Uphold resume in confidence care and maintenance on truck, which will include washing and servicing. Bill Briscoe, Branch Manager The Cat Rental Store Must able to #4 service customers P O be Box 447, Collins Road in a polite, friendly and proDawsonmanner Creek, and B.C.maintain a professional personal appearfessional V1G 4H3 ance. If you are a high energy, self-motivated individual able to work independently and is willing to learn and work hard in a teamconstruction oriented environment, pleaseservice contact Bill Briscoe by email at by Friday, September 2, 2011.

Esthetician Certificate Join this growing industry today Northeast British Columbia

business& professional Apply at

OCRTP 21334

250-545-7291 or

Fisher Log Works • New construction

Extreme Venture

ShuSwap RevelStoke • NoRth okaNagaN CeNtRal okaNagaN • South okaNagaN SimilkameeN

• Refinishing Northeast British Columbia • Chinking Staining • Stairs and Railings • Gazebos Andrew Blaney Justin McKnight 250-785-1490 250-785-8221

The Cat Rental Store is an equal opportunity employer. • Masonary • Framing • Decks • Roofing • Ceramic Tile • Slate • Granite • Siding • Concrete Parging • Fence • Construction Service

business& professional

Directory John (250) 263-4858 Fort St. John, BC

woodwork Accounting & Taxesconstruction service locksmith Locksmith accounting & taxes

Venture Madeline Fisher Log WorksScottExtreme • Masonary • Framing • Decks • New construction

Automotive Chipped Transponder Keys Available

Bookkeeping & Income Tax

• Roofing • Ceramic Tile • Refinishing • Slate • Granite • Siding • Chinking Staining • Concrete Parging • Fence • Stairs and Railings Farming and personal Bookkeeping • Business, Gazebos • Construction Service Andrew Blaney Justin McKnight now offered Accounting John (250) 263-4858 250-785-1490 250-785-8221 Fort St. John, BC

Ph: 250-263-0886 Accounting & Taxes accounting & taxes Fx: 250-785-1585 Madeline Scott


31-9600 93rd Ave, Totem Mall locksmith Fort St. John, BC Locksmith

Business, Farming and personal Bookkeeping Accounting now offered

Ph: 250-263-0886 Fx: 250-785-1585

31-9600 93rd Ave, Totem Mall Fort St. John, BC

◉ Windshields ◉ Custom Showers ◉ Flooring



◉ Windows and doors

9708-108 St Fort St John

*Free In Home Consultations wrought iron Glass ◉ Windshields ◉ Custom Showers ◉ Flooring 9708-108 St Fort St John

2009 People’s Choice Award Winner

9708-108 St Fort St John

wrought iron Available



want to 50-785-640 2 advertise9in

Automotive Chipped Transponder Keys


Glass Bookkeeping & Income Tax 2009 People’s Choice Award Winner

Employment Opportunity

FORT MOTORS LTD. requires a Lube Bay Technician

Fort Motors Ltd. wishes to invite you to be a part of their rapidly growing business.

Wages will be competitive with industry rates plus a full benefit package. Experience an asset. Please apply by resume with references. Service Counter Attn: Derek Clark

Fort Motors 11104 Alaska Rd., Fort St. John, B.C.

We Care Home Health Services are currently hiring Care Aides, LPNs and RNs for Fort St. John.


Classes begin Sep. 26 in Vernon

1-800-289-8993 local 2850 Student loan & woodwork SIDIT award eligible.

Northeast NEWS


◉ Windows and doors

*Free In Home Consultations

PHONE: 250.789.9157

the business


directory? RAILINGS • GATES

Please forward all resumes and enquires; Leon Caillier, Director We Care Home Health Services. Prince George, BC Phone - 250-563-3501 Fax - 250-563-6448

Clean Harbors in Fort St John and Fort Nelson are both currently accepting applications for the following positions:



want to

advertise in

We offer: • Full Benefit Package • Full Time Employment • A Great Team Environment • Advancement Opportunities • On The Job Training

the business directory?

Please fax or email your current driver’s abstract and resume, referencing the position applied for:




Clean Harbors Energy and Industrial Services Fax: 250-785-4571

1.877.787.7030 PHONE: 250.789.9157

All successful applicants are required to undergo pre-employment drug screening.

CELL: 250.261.5917 EMAIL:

Northeast NEWS

September 1, 2011

UPCOMING Dawson Creek • The Dawson Creek Community Gardens Society still has a few plots available for the upcoming garden season but they’re going fast! We have 20x30 plots or 4x12 raised beds at Northern Lights College or 4x8 and 4x12 raised beds at Trail Side Gardens. Cost per plot $20. For more info visit or contact Doris Brocke (250) 782-2269. • Tuesday 6th September - Seniors and Senior wannabees. A Federal Government representative will be here to discuss any issues you may have: CPP, OAS, survivors’ benefits etc. Workshop limited to 30, so come early. 1.30pm at the Seniors’ Access Office (Coop mall next door to Sears). For more information phone 782-1138 ext 225 between 1.0pm-3.0pm. • Chronic Pain, Chronic Disease, Online, Diabetes and Arthritis Self-Management Programs. Tuesday, September 13, 2011 from 6:30 – 7:30 pm Diabetes Classroom, Dawson Creek and District Hospital, 11100 13 Street. Registration is appreciated for these presentations: Contact Suzanne or Challayne at toll-free 1-866902-3767 or email • Tuesday 27th September at 1.30pm - A workshop SPEAK UP: HOW TO BE A SUCCESSFUL ADVOCATE presented by Muriel Stanleyand sponsored by South Peace Seniors’ Access. Space is limited so come early. Location: Seniors’ Access Office in the Coop mall next door to Sears. For more information phone 782-1138 ext 225 between 1.0pm-3.0pm. Fort St. John • September 10 - The Salvation Army Ride for Compassion. Registration 8am-10am at Safeway parking lot (Starbucks Entrance). All proceeds go towards gift cards for youth Christmas Hampers. • Chronic Pain, Chronic Disease, Online, Diabetes and Arthritis Self-Management Programs. Wednesday, September 14, 2011 from 6:30 – 7:30 pm Hospital Board Room*, Fort St John Hospital and Health Centre, 9636 100 Avenue *doors lock at 4:30 pm so ask at Admitting Desk and you will be directed to our room. Registration is appreciated for these presentations: Contact Suzanne or Challayne at toll-free 1-866-902-3767 or email

Help Wanted

Needed Experienced Breakfast and Evening Line Cooks, Janitor, Dishwashers, full time and part time positions. George Dawson Inn Restaurant apply in person with resume. 117058 st, Dawson Creek, B.C.(09/15)

Business Opportunity

Business Opportunity A dream come true Business Opportunity for you !! http:// Email enasbiz@gmail. com(09/15)

For Sale

1990 Ford 3/4 ton 4x4 8000 lb PTO Winch, 4 extra tires, checker plate box liner Good Condition asking, $2,999.00 OBO Call 250-794-2041(09/15)

For Sale

Hay For Sale Mixture of Brome, Alfalfa, and Timothy No Nettle, No Thistle. Well Cured and Green $25.00 Per Bale Call 250-843-9987(10/27)

Moving Sale

Bowflex Bench, Bowflex Dumbbell weights $300.00 comes with stand, 3 piece bedroom set $400.00 10 “ bench saw $$60.00 Call 250-262-4055 (09/15)

A fun career with endless possibilities Nail Technician Certificate


training centre

ShuSwap RevelStoke • NoRth okaNagaN CeNtRal okaNagaN • South okaNagaN SimilkameeN

OCRTP 21333

Starts October 3 in Vernon Student loan & SIDIT award eligible. Apply at 250-545-7291 or 1-800-289-8993 local 2850

Fort Nelson • Chronic Pain, Chronic Disease, Online, Diabetes and Arthritis Self-Management Programs. Monday, September 12, 2011 from 6:30 – 7:30 pm Room 136, College of Northern Lights Campus, 5201 Simpson Trail. Registration is appreciated for these presentations: Contact Suzanne or Challayne at tollfree 1-866-902-3767 or email ONGOING Fort St. John • The Fort St. John Literacy Society offers free one-to-one tutoring for people who want to improve their reading, writing or math skills. We also offer free English as a Second Language classes and one-to-tutoring for people learning English. Contact 250-785-2110 or for more information. • S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Northern B.C. Newcomers Integration Service Centre is a non-profit organization in Fort St. John. Our Settlement Program provides information, orientation, assessment, referral and service linking, educational workshops and short term adaptation counselling to immigrants. The program also offers assistance with form completion, correspondence between clients and service providers, navigating immigration processes including sponsorship applications, obtaining permanent residence cards and applying for citizenship. Bridging services are provided to a variety of community and government service agencies and organizations. Service is available in English and Spanish. The Settlement Program is located at: #211 10142-101st Ave (Execuplace building). From 8:30-4:30 p.m. Phone # 250-785-5323 Ext 22. • ROTARY PLAY CENTRE SCHEDULE AT THE CDC, 10417 – 106 Ave., Fort St. John. Tel. (250) 785-3200. Mon. 9:00 to 12:00, Tues. 12:30 to 3:30 Gym Time 2-2:30, Wed. 9:00 to 12:00, Thurs. 9:00 to 12:00 Gym Time 10:30-11, Fri. 12:30 to 2:30 Gym Time 2-2:30. Outdoor Play - We’ll be taking advantage of nice weather-please come prepared. Schedule may change slightly due to holidays and special events. • StrongStart is a free drop-in learning program for children aged 0 – 5 and their parent/caregiver. A qualified Early Childhood educator is on-site. Duncan Cran StrongStart 8130 89 Avenue (250) 787-0417. Monday 8:30 – 11:30, Tuesday 12:30 – 3:00, library 1:00 – 1:30, Wednesday 8:30 – 11:30, Thursday 8:30 – 11:30, Friday 8:30 – 11:30, gym 8:45 – 9:45.Robert Ogilvie StrongStart 9907 86 Street (250) 785-3704. Monday 12:30 – 3:00, library time, Tuesday 8:30 – 11:30, Wednesday 8:30 – 11:30, Thursday 12:30 – 3:00, gym time, Friday 8:30 – 11:30, (alternating Fridays 12:30 – 3:00). Hudson’s Hope StrongStart 10441 Holland Street (250) 783-9994. Mon/Wed/ Friday 9:00 – 12:00, Tuesday/Thursday 1:30 – 4:30, gym time. StrongStart Outreach, Charlie Lake Elementary, Mondays 9:00 – 11:30 Mile 52 Alaska Hwy (250) 785-2025. Taylor Elementary, Mondays, 1:00 – 3:30 9808 Birch Avenue E (250) 789-3323. Prespatou Elementary, Tuesdays 9:30 – 12:30 22113 Triad Rd (250) 785-2025. Clearview Elementary, Thursdays 9:00 – 12:00 223 Rd (250) 781-3333. • Words on Wheels Bus - Traveling lending library and on-board stories, songs and interactive play. Parent resources available. Wednesdays and Fridays, September – June. See web-site for current stops. • Toastmasters International Club of Fort St. John meets from 7 - 8:30 p.m. every Thursday evening at Northern Lights College, Room 105. Learn valuable communication & leadership skills.  Contact Claire Seidler at 250-787-9697 or Gayle Wagner at 250-785-3991 for more information. • Rocky Mountain Rangers Army Cadets meet at 6:30 PM each Wednesday night at the Royal Canadian Legion on 102nd and 105 Ave. If you are between 12 and 18 years old please drop in or call us at 250-787-5323. • Alcoholics Anonymous - If you think you might have a problem with drinking, come to an AA meeting. Call for times and places or someone to talk to (250) 785-8866. • Fort St. John Multiple Sclerosis support group. If you or anyone you know has MS and have any questions or just need to talk, please call Susie at (250) 785-2381 or Sandi at (250) 787-2652. • A Youth Relapse Prevention Group may be held weekly, in the afternoons at Mental Health and Addiction Services, #300 9900 – 100 Ave. For more information call Chris or Shaun at

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(250) 262-5269. • “Butterfly Families – Families Supporting Families” is open to all caregivers of children and youth with Special Needs. We meet the third Wednesday of every month at the Child Development Centre from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., 10408 105 Avenue. Does your child have learning, behavior or other complex special needs? Would you like to connect with other caregivers? Child minding available but please call ahead a few days before the meeting. Call (250) 785-3200 for more information. • Pregnancy tests, pregnancy options, peer-counselling and support are available at the North Peace Pregnancy Care Centre. New location at #208 10139 100 Street (above TD Bank). Drop in hours Monday and Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and Tuesday from noon to 4 p.m. or to make an appointment call our 24 hour hotline at (250) 262-1280. All services are free and completely confidential. • Are you tired of the crime? Then do the time. Join the Fort St. John Citizens Patrol. Donate a minimum of five hours per month. For information, call (250) 262-4530. • Pan African Caribbean Association welcomes the community to join our group to promote community awareness of culture, music and cuisine. Phone Donald at (250) 785-0815 for more information. • New Totem Archery hold their indoor shoots at the Fort St. John Co-op Mall every Tuesday and Thursday at 7 p.m. and every Sunday from 1 to 4 p.m. • Come out and join us for an afternoon of play, crafts, a healthy snack, circle time and an opportunity to borrow books from the Devereaux School Library. This is a chance to meet other people from your community and introduce your children to a school setting. We meet from 12:30 p.m. to 2 p.m. every other Wednesday beginning Oct. 20th. This program is geared for three to four year-olds but siblings are welcome to come with their parents. Call Patti (250) 843-7813 for more information. • Join us for fun, fun, fun at the artSpace! ArtSpace classes are here again at the North Peace Cultural Centre with wonderful programming for all ages! Don’t miss out! Register today for preschool, Mommy and Me, afterschool and adult classes! Check out the great selection of activities at, or pick up a brochure at the North Peace Cultural Centre. Call (250) 785-1992 for more information or to register. Fort Nelson • The Community Market is held at the Westend Campground every Saturday except on long weekends. For more info or a vendor package please contact Jaylene Arnold at (250) 7742541 or Audrey Reynolds (250) 774-6574. Pouce Coupe • Youth Drop-In at Pouce Coupe Community Church Annex (the old Pouce library). Saturday nights 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Ages 13 to 17. Chetwynd • Alcoholics Anonymous meets Tuesday and Friday at 8 p.m. at the Public Library, 5012 46 Street. If you think you might have a problem with drinking, come to an AA meeting. Call for times and places or someone to talk to, phone 788-9658 or 7881100 Tumbler Ridge • Alcoholics Anonymous - meeting Thursday. 8 p.m. 115 Commercial Park (Baptist Church). If you think you might have a problem with drinking, come to an AA meeting. Call for times and places or someone to talk to. Phone 242-4018. • Tuesdays: TR Seniors (55+) Drop-In – Floor curling, carpet bowling, card & board games, coffee & cookies. Community Centre Room 5 from 1-4 pm. Small drop-in fee. • Tumbler Ridge’s self-employed women will receive six months of free personal business monitoring beginning this October at no charge. If you are a self-employed woman in their first three years of operation, or partially operate a business, contact Sara Cooper at the Women’s Enterprise Centre at 1-800643-7014 ext. 104 or Mila Lansdowne by e-mail at mila@ or (250) 242-3389. Registration is required. Taylor • Civil Air Search and Rescue (CASARA) meetings every second Tuesday at the Taylor Fire Hall at 7 p.m. For information call Bob at 250-789-9152 or 250-787-5802.

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September 1, 2011

Northeast NEWS

709A 103rd Ave. Dawson Creek 250-782-5554

Suite 2, 9831 - 98A Ave (Co-op Mall) • 250-787-1580

Becky’s Hair Artists & Spa (250) 787-2767 10712 101 Ave

Is Now Offering New Treatments: • Capillary Treatments • Skin Tag Removal • Flat Mole Removal (Upon Doctor Approval) • Systic Pimples • Microdermabrasion • Brazilians

Call Us Today • (250) 787-2767

Crystals, Jewelery, Colour Therapy, Books, Reiki Sessions, Aromatherapy, Chakra Balancing & Crystal Balancing, Aura Imaging Machine

10516 101 Ave., Fort St. John, BC

Ph: 250-261-6386 • Find Us on Facebook

HB Health and Body Wellness Spa and Laser Center now offers

Microdermabrasion.. Get that healthy youthful glow for the fall.

September Specials: Microdermabrasion treatment with Glycolic Peel: $139.00 (Reg. $165.00)

Free makeup touch-up provided after service with our natural mineral makeup. Lipolaser sessions - 9 sessions reg. $1200 on for $600. Help lose those unwanted inches. Call the HB Health & Body Wellness Spa or Hair Bin Beauty & Barber, providing 25 years of haircare experience to the community of Fort St. John

Mon-Tues 9am-6pm Wed 9am-8pm Thurs 9am-9pm Fri 9am-8pm Sat 9am-5pm

Did you know...

How to look your best going back to school By Serenity Spa We all want to look our best for important occasions and the first day of school is always important to our teenagers as they prepare to look their best. How does their skin look? Is it clear or does he/she suffer from acne? If having beautiful skin is important to you or your teen, here are some important points to remember: 1) Clear skin begins on the inside with nutritional choices that enhance the health of your skin. Eating lots of fruit and vegetables along with protein while avoiding sugars and grains will begin the healing process for acne. 2) Hydration is absolutely necessary, so drink plenty of water. 3) Stick to an all-natural daily skin-care routine for healthy, youthful skin that is free from damage. This can be simple and effective when you know the right habits to create. A complete skin-care routine should cover all of the bases, including cleansing, nourishing, toning and protecting your skin from damage. Step 1 - Cleanse: Using the right cleanser twice a day will help remove dirt and impurities while simultaneously moisturizing and protecting your delicate complexion. This leaves your skin feeling soft, soothed and refreshed. Tip: Cleansing at night removes the impurities from your daily activity and allows the skin to breathe and heal. Step 2 - Tone: While you may be familiar with drugstore astringents that strip your skin of moisture and leave your complexion feeling tight and itchy, you should be using one that will tone your skin while preserving its natural moisture. Using a gentle, effective toner is a must to preserve the delicate moisture barrier in your skin and prevent long-term dehydration. Step 3 - Moisturize: Moisturizing after cleansing and toning will keep all skin types in balance and reduce the risk of premature aging. A moisturizer with SPF protects the skin from damage from the sun. Making this a habit in your youth will go a long way to prevent the premature aging of wrinkles, discolouration and dryness. Tip: After cleansing and toning, be sure to moisturize - even if you have oily skin. Oily skin can still become dehydrated and produce even more oil as a result, leaving you worse off than you started. Choose a moisturizer that penetrates deeply into the skin to slow down the aging process, promotoe healthy cell growth, and improve the quality of skin tissue - ensuring that your complexion remains as clear as possible, youthful and wrinkle-free. It really is as easy as completing these three steps each day to promote beautiful clear skin. One last word of caution: Be sure the skin care products you use are free from mineral oil, petroleum or gasoline distillates, artificial fragrances and parabens. Parabens are the most common preservatives used in cosmetics today. Choose cosmetics that are paraben-free to protect your health. Serenity Spa carries the organic skin care “EMINENCE” and has skin specialists who can help you find the perfect product for your skin type. Eminence also recommends their “Clear Skin Masque” for acne prone skin in addition to the skin care regime above. SERENITY SPA OFFERS TEEN FACIALS WTIH A SKIN SPECIALIST WHO IS SKILLED IN ACNE TREATMENTS, USING ONLY ORGANIC PRODUCTS FOR SPEEDY SKIN REPAIRS. ALSO AVAILABLE FOR THOSE EXTREME CASES OF ACNE, IS STATE OF THE ART MEDICAL EQUIPMENT SUCH AS LED AND IPL THERAPIES WHICH ARE RECOMMENDED AS NEEDED. CURRENTLY SERENITY SPA OFFERS 15% OFF ALL EMINENCE PRODUCTS WITH A SPA SERVICE, CALL AND BOOK YOURS TODAY! 250-785-0263

By Peace Massage Therapy & Spa Did you know……. Carrying a book bag stuffed with books, a laptop and other miscellaneous items day after day for long periods of time can cause you to walk with poor posture, placing strain on several different parts of your body, but especially on your back. Carrying a book bag that weighs more than 10 percent of one’s body weight is carrying too much. Wearing a book bag low on the back can cause the shoulders to be pulled back, therefore bending one’s spine in a weird way, causing strain to the back. Also, carrying all the weight of a book bag on one shoulder pulls that shoulder down, putting the back in a weird position and also straining the opposite shoulder. To prevent back injuries from carrying a book bag that is too heavy, one should limit the weight of the book bag to 10 percent of their body weight. A book bag with wide padded shoulder straps and a belt around the waist can also be helpful in avoiding back injury, as will avoiding book bags with one strap or that are messenger style. If you have to carry many items in your back pack on a daily basis, then purchasing one that has wheels and a handle may be the best option to avoid back injury.

Why should I get microdermabrasion ? By HB Health & Body Wellness and Spa So what exactly is microdermabrasion? Microderm is a safe and controlled method of skin resurfacing when the outer layers of the skin are gently exfoliated. So if you are looking for not only great results but also an immediate return to normal lifestyle. Having regular microdermabrasion treatments provides such benefits as : deep exfoliation, helps with acne, acne scars, age spots, fine lines and wrinkles, enlarge pores, excessive oiliness, stretch marks, hyper pigmentation, flaking and dry skin, white heads and blackheads, also stimulates fibroblast for collagen production, which means works as a anti-ageing treatment. Microdermabrasion should not be performed if you have following: active and uncontrolled diabetes, viral lesions, herpes simplex, eczema, skin dermatitis, rosacea, taking any oral blood thinners, skin cancer and auto immune disorder such as AIDA and HIV, vitiligo, telegentasia, visible, broken vessels and recently sunburned skin. So why should you get microdermabrasion done? Besides all mentioned benefits it rejuvenates the skin in number of ways. Also everyone should know that MicroPeel treatment is not painful, doesn’t cause trauma or bleeding and follows a very simple formulation. The whole process is noninvasive, so all your normal activities can be carried on as usual. It doesn’t even require the body to be subjected to any form of medication. Patients require no anaesthesia , experience no “Down Time” and can return immediately to normal daily activities. MicroPeel doesn’t involve the use of surgery. The procedure is not only very safe and effective , it can also be carried out during your lunch break. Physicians are reporting optimal results after 5-8 treatments, depending on patients skin type and conditions. However treatment may results in a mild redness, which is a sign that blood cells are rushing to the surface of the skin and regeneration process is beginning. It is important to exfoliate your skin from time to time and professional microdermabrasion treatment is one of the best ways to do it!!!

Introduction to Toe Reading By Central Emporium What is Toe Reading? It is the metaphysical understanding that the angle and contour of the toes are the physical manifestation of the path a person’s life has taken. The toes act as one of our bodies’ depositories for stories and emotions. The energy of emotion that a person experiences changes the shape of the toes, especially if it is negative. A Toe Reader is someone who honors the stories coded in the toes and is spiritually and emotionally available to unlock the storyline stored in the cells of the body, specifically stored in the hologram of the toes. Why are people interested in Toe Reading? The question is, why are people standing in line for hours to have their toes read and why have hundreds of people emailed pictures of their toes to a Toe Reader to have their sole portrait analyzed? That answer is simple. People really want to know the answers to the age-old questions, “Why am I here?”, “Am I walking my destined path?”, and “If I have been off path, is it possible to get back on path?”

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Wishing our September 1, a 2011 clients

Northeast NEWS

Back to school tips and advice for students For students, getting to school without a car: Walk on the sidewalks when available. Always cross at intersections. Always wear a helmet when riding a bike. Always walk your bicycle across a roadway. When you are riding a bike, you are considered a motor vehicle, take extra precaution and learn the signals and rules of the road. Stop before crossing the road, look both ways and make eye contact with drivers before you cross. If you have your iPod plugged in, don’t listen to your music too loud; be sure you can hear/are aware of your surroundings. Always wait for the pedestrian walk sign to cross. Never get into a car with a stranger, even if they claim your parents sent them to pick you up. Always call your parents to verify and alert a teacher or school staff. For students, going into a new school year: First day of school is always about showing off a new outfit, but don’t over-do it. Wear one or two new pieces, you don’t want to waste all your new swag on the first

day of school. Besides if you’re in high school, there really is no reason to even wear any new clothes, because you most likely won’t have full classes. Always eat breakfast; it is the most important meal to get you through the day. If you’re running late, grab even a banana or toast, the last thing you want is getting caught falling asleep in class! Procrastination aka the Internet is your homework’s worst enemy, if you must, do your homework at school or set goals to get your homework done before Facebook. Get involved in your school community, volunteering, extra curriculum, sports, anything! Being an ambassador for your school will pay off in the long run and looks very good on a resume! And just enjoy being in school, learning, making friends and doing things that interest you! If you’re going to be late getting home, call your parents or guardian. If you’re going to be late getting to class, get use to sitting out in the hall and after-school detentions. Have a great school year!

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School Zones are now in effect wonderful

Monday-Friday, 8am - 5pm time at the

Please Slow Down!

fall fair!


Wishing our clients a wonderful at the Reduce yourtime speed while in school zones fall fair!


Aspol Motors

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Stop, look and listen before crossing the road

The Most Complete Coverage The Most Complete of Northeastern BC! Coverage of Norhteastern BC


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Page 24

September 1, 2011

Northeast NEWS

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$ 999 2 piece set

Special Edition



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Above Pricing is for Queen Size Mattress Sets

We don’t sell... We help you buy!

Dawson Creek, BC

10205-13 St.

(250) 782-8988

Fort Nelson, BC

Shop and Compare!

5003-50 Ave. (250)

We will not be undersold

HOURS: Monday to Thursday: 9-6 • Friday: 9-6 • Saturday: 9-6


Fort St. John, BC

10052-100 Ave. (250)



Online Edition for the Northeast News for September 1, 2011

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