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Tree Farm

Inventory Liquidation 20,000 Trees • Spruce Only (Pine Sold Out) All sizes • Wholesale Pricing Bulk Orders June 14, 2012 - Vol. 9 - No. 24


FSJ tells WestJet “It Just Makes Sense” - Page 2



Jill Earl photo

Left: Chris Foltz was the first place winner for his sculpture titled “Fiddle Sticks”, awarded $5,000, at this year’s Chetwynd Chainsaw Carving Championships. Right: Jeff Samudosky, carving in the quick carve event last Sunday. Samudosky was apart of the winning team in the Husky Cup, the Chainsaw Carvers Team World Championships, last month. Relay for Life in Dawson Creek - Page 16

Carver’s challenged at Chetwynd’s championship By Jill Earl

Northern Classic - Page 29

CHETWYND- The town was alive with the roar of chainsaws last week at the 8th Annual Chetwynd Chainsaw Carving Championships June 7-10. 12 carvers from around the world, from as far as Japan and North Wales to as close as Prince George, competed for the titles and attractive prize purses. Chris Foltz, from Oregon, won first place with the prize of $5,000 for his sculpture of a crab called “Fiddle Sticks”. Tomas Vrba, from Washington, won $3,000 for second place, his sculpture was of two birds fighting. Vrba also won the Carver’s Choice Award of $500. Jeff Samudosky, from Connecticut, won $2,000 for third place for his sculpture of a Pegasus. Ken Braun Jr., from Colorado, won $1,000 for the People’s Choice Award for his sculpture entitled, “Doomed Souls”, of a wheel that actually spins. “You never know what sort of art is waiting in a piece of wood just waiting to be released. It takes someone with a picture of the art in the mind before that art in the wood can be set free. Now never again will any of you look at a piece of wood with the same carelessness that you have in the past,” said Chet-


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wynd mayor, Merlin Nichols addressing the Sunday afternoon crowd. Carvers worked from 8a.m. to 6p.m. Thursday through Saturday and 8a.m. to 1p.m. on Sunday to complete their pieces. All pieces entered in the competition are being added to the town’s 112-piece collection dispersed and on display throughout their streets and in front of their stores. The carvers participated in a quick carve on Sunday at 2p.m., where they were given an hour and a half to carve whatever they wanted out of the wood given to them, those pieces were later auctioned off with the money going directly to the carver. As apart of Chetwynd’s 50th birthday celebrations, they invited past carving champions to take part in this year’s championship, Return of the Champions. Three competitors were even competed as a team last month at the Husky Cup, the Chainsaw Carvers Team World Championship in Germany, and came in first place. “It’s just crazy, it’s just ridiculous to place at all or win in company like these people is just amazing, I’m very lucky…There could of been, easily anybody

could have won it at that point, I can’t even imagine judging a show like this especially,” said first place winner, Foltz. Foltz was the first place winner last year as well as the winner of the People’s Choice Award and the Carver’s Choice Award for his carving of a Praying Mantis, “Praying Over You”. Foltz is a culinary instructor who competes in five or six carving competitions on his time off during the summer months. He began carving wood eight years ago when a client he was sculpting ice for requested he do the same design in wood instead. He says that his unique style comes from blending ice-sculpting concepts to woodcarving. “I compete just like this in the winter as an ice sculpture, I took there concepts and figured out how to do that in wood and that is what in the last couple of years has set me apart as being very unique...of course this year you look around and it’s not unique anymore that’s why I was very lucky to win, and I’m going to have to come up with something pretty damn good next year,” Foltz said. Continued on Page 4.

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Northeast NEWS

June 14, 2012

FSJ hopes campaign takes off with WestJet on board Rhubarb to Roses By Kyla Corpuz

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FORT ST. JOHN – Earlier this year WestJet announced the possible expansion of their fleet to serve regional customers. According to Mayor Lori Ackerman, WestJet has their eye on Fort St. John. “When I was speaking to one of the WestJet vice presidents at the end of 2011, he spoke

Brent Hodson photo

Energetic City Roller Derby girls participated in the five-minute video that will be presented to West Jet later this month. The video is aimed to show West Jet the community’s desire for a competing airline. about Fort St. John’s demographic and population, he said, ‘It just makes sense,’” said Ackerman, about reasons why Fort St. John would be a good hub for WestJet. Those last four words, “It just makes sense”, is now the slogan for Fort St. John’s campaign to encourage WestJet to land in the Energetic City. “We have been working to have a presentation meeting with them [WestJet] and they have decided that they should get some communities together that are vying for this opportunity and have them do some presentations,” she added. Over the past couple of weeks a task force, made up by Microbiologist, Lila Elliot of the Chamber of Commerce, tourism board and other community organizations, brainstormed ways to engage the public to relay the message that Fort St. John needs another airFree info session-Wed. June 20 line. Alkaline Cooking Class-Sun. June 24 “One of the ideas that came out of this discussion is that we should do a video, we’re looking for people submitting our tag line: It Just Makes Sense,” said Chamber president Brent Hodson. Families, sporting groups, For Appointments Call volunteer groups, friends and/

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(EP422, H/L o April 29, 2012


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Northeast NEWS

June 14, 2012

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deliveries every day.” Historically, when the maternity ward was in full swing the hospital delivered an average of 100 babies a year. In recent years, they have been delivering 50 per cent of that, and last year it dropped to 30 per cent, if the numbers were being compared to the normal of average of 100, she said. “These are people who have delivered when they have maternity services during the year, everybody else had to go out.” Now, there are no services for expecting mothers. “Having to travel out for services … we understand the hardship that that causes people, but we will not practice unsafely and we will not put anybody’s health in jeopardy because we can not offer a full service either,” said Morey.

Left to right: Ashley Bentley, Fort St. John Hospital Foundation executive director; Betty Morris, Northern Health chief operating officer; Angela De Smit, health service administrator. On Jun. 9 local residents and hospital workers gathered outside the soon-to-be old hospital for a celebratory farewell. There was a barbecue, cake and old memories shared amongst the crowd. The new Fort St. John Regional Hospital will open on Jun. 21.

Summer Sports Camps 2012 Fort St John

Kyla Corpuz photo

Mothers can’t give birth in Fort Nelson By Kyla Corpuz

FORT NELSON – Parents in Fort Nelson are finding it more and more costly to have a baby, even before he or she is born. It has become necessary to leave the area a month before the mother’s due date. With the lack of proper medical specialists maternity services are currently not offered. “Now, Plan A is you must speak with your doctor locally and arrange an alternate delivery plan for you in another community and there is no Plan B,” said Chris Morey, health services administrator for Fort Nelson Northern Health. “Whereas, in the past, maybe I can deliver in Fort Nelson and Plan B is I can set up something.” This isn’t new. The crisis of leaving to give birth has been ongoing for the past five years. “We have had intermittent since probably 2006 when it started really and it was due then to the shortage of doctors,” said Morey. “And mainly because it’s one or two of the skilled positions, one in anesthetics and one in c-sections capability, were out of town,” she added, “We’d have to close the maternity services because we could not do the emergency maternity services if we need to.” While the province and Northern Health has set up “attractive” incentives to recruit medical specialists, the response is not

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there. “The incentives are there, that isn’t the issue. It’s not that we don’t have anything in place to attract anybody, it’s that we’re not attracting them—for whatever reason,” she said. Fort Nelson isn’t unique to this issue, according to Morey. “There are other communities throughout the province that don’t have maternity services, what is troubling to us though is the distance we have to another centre. I mean Fort St. John would be the closest to us.” While Fort St. John’s new Regional Hospital has opened up, and is also currently seeking professionals, Morey doesn’t think the new facility will distract specialists from considering Fort Nelson. “Doctors today will go anywhere that interest them,” said Morey. “Doctors want to be practicing their specialty … but when we’re talking about maternity and you need back up surgical intervention then you need the skills there. But the people who have those skills want to be using those skills on a regular basis; we don’t have

plore Sport

(Ages 4-7) Limited to 24 kids This half-day camp for children ages 4-7 focuses on developing motor skills and strong bones in a safe environment. Activities will encourage a foundation of physical literacy which enhance confidence, social skills, leadership and imagination. Children will be introduced to a variety of body movements and games in a fun, dynamic and active setting.

(Ages 6-12) FIND YOUR GAME! Limited to 40 kids This full-day camp provides children ages 6-12 the opportunity to ‘test drive’ a variety of Olympic, Paralympic and traditional sports. During the week, children will participate in a minimum of 8 different sports. Each sport is led by an experienced coach in a motivating and encouraging environment.

Week 1: July 9-13 Week 1: Aug 20-24

Week 2: July 23-27

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Cost: $169

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Offices located in: Pomeroy Sport Centre • 9324 - 96 Street, Fort St. John, BC • Tel. 250-794-3308

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Northeast NEWS

June 14, 2012

COLLISION The Hair Bin &

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Lorraine Isenbecker has owned the Hair Bin since April 1986 and has Licensed Technicians expanded to employ 38 stylists, with barbersover and estheticians. The Hair 100 years combined experience Bin has the largest retail hair care centre in Northern BC and recently launched their personal hair care line. The HB products were formu3689 Opie for Cres, Prince BC no Parabens or lated specifically the needs of theGeorge, area and contain sulfates. “A health conscious choice with a budget-friendly price.” (250) 563-1181 The Hair Bin has received multiple People’s Choice Awards including best salon and spa in 2011 and Lorraine contributes the success of the salon to the wonderful people from all different walks of life, who come into the salon daily. The vast experience of the Hair Bin staff has given the business stability and room for growth. Over the past several years the salon has been completely renovated for a more modern and high-end look and feel, the Barbershop has also been renovated and now has a unique Health and opened garage theme to appeal to The men of HB all ages. In 2010 Lorraine Wellness Spa the HB Health and Body Wellness and Spa, is and the Laser perfect Centre offering couple’s massage, body place wraps andfor the innovative, new non-invasive him to relax. Lipo-laser girth-loss treatments to help remove unwanted inches. They have also recently added the top of the line Bella Luche hair Giftresults. Certificates also removal laser, with remarkable Lorraine invites everyone to come down and check it outavailable at the HB In closing Lorraine and her staff would like to thank all their clients Barbershop for all for their continuing support and look forward to meeting their needs for many years to come. his hair care needs

Chainsaw carvers Continued from Front. He says that inspiration for his carvings comes from his nightmares, his children and his culinary students; living on the coast of Oregon, he is also very inspired by the ocean. The rainy weather did not affect his mood or performance and admits that he liked the rain as it cut him off from the rest of the world and he was able to concentrate on the task at hand; he says the rain made him feel at home. The way the event was organized also allowed him to focus. “The wood is amazing, the organizers are phenomenal, they basically make it so that we don’t have to worry about anything but that (the carving), and that’s why I like this show so much cause I can literally just go to another planet and do that for four days. If they didn’t do that these works wouldn’t be happening,” said Foltz. Jill Earl photo

Right: Ken Braun Jr. won $1,000 for the People’s Choice Award for his spinning wheel titled “Doomed Souls.”

Treat Dad to a Massage This Father’s Day

10442-100th Street 250-787-1552

10440-100th Street 250-787-1553

Jill Earl photo

Jill Earl photo

Tomas Vrba won $3,000 for second place for his sculpture of two birds fight- Prince George’s Elmer Gunderson’s carving was ing. He also won the Carver’s Choice Award. titled “Building Character.”

c i t s a t Fan

51 th


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Northeast NEWS

June 14, 2012

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Illegal dumping, “not fair to the public” By Jill Earl

DAWSON CREEK- The Peace River Regional District’s Solid Waste Committee has a lot of work ahead of them, as PRRD board members voted to refer the issue of illegal dumping and the abandonment of derelict vehicles on Crown land to them, hoping for some resolve on this issue. “I know two sites right now where there’s been dumping within the last month and they are actually on Crowned land. I think this is something we need to pay a little more attention to cause it’s just an eye sore to our whole community and disrespects the people that live here,” said Arthur Hadland, director for Electoral Area C during the May 24 meeting. The board sent a letter to the Ministry of the Environment in March, asking what the Province is dong to address the province-wide issue of illegal dumping. The ministry’s response letter outlined past clean-up activities and action in the region as well as in other regions coordinated by the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations. The ministry’s letter states that in the Peace Region in the last four years Compliance and Enforcement removed five abandoned vehicles from Crown Land, cleaned up some unauthorized trappers cabin’s and camps in park lands and worked with MFLNRO staff to identify other abandoned items that need to be cleaned. The board is still unsure of how they can participate in the cleanup of these dumped items and if they should take on some of the responsibility at all. “Illegal dumping throughout the province is rampant as much as it is here and other regional districts, we’ve been in contact with them to see how they’ve been dealing with it, they fall on the same frustrations we do. We are a remote regional district with lots of Crown land there’s lots of area to dump this stuff and we hear the same thing all the time, the shrinking budgets with different departments, they actually can’t catch it all,” said Shannon Anderson, deputy chief administrative officer, at the meeting. “I don’t think that it’s up to the regional district to take this on because it would be a huge expense to us to start cleaning up Crown land,” he said. The Compliance and Enforcement office with the MFLNRO is responsible for responding and cleaning up dumped items on Crown land. If a cleanup is required, they work with conservation officers and sometimes the RCMP to find the perpetrator and bill them with the cost of cleanup. “The complaints are prioritized and when it’s on Crown land, sometimes we don’t hear about it, sometimes we just find it

and if it’s deemed low priority in comparison with some of our more urgent cases we might not deal with it,” said Jenni Martin, regional manager for compliance and enforcement with the MFLNRO, who manages the entire Peace Region of 16.8 million hectors. Open 7 days a week “It’s often related to if there is a environmental threat or risk, Monday - Wednesday 10:00am-7:00pm if somebody’s dumping something near a fish barring creek or Now Open til 9pm Thursday - Saturday, water source or something, that would be a much higher priorThursday - Saturday 10:00am-9:00pm, Sunday 12:00-5:00pm ity,” she said about how the ministry prioritizes their cleanups. Dumping is not just a problem in Crown and district lands, private property owners also have to deal with dumping. As it’s the responsibility of the Province to cleanup Crown land and each municipality and regional district’s responsibility to cleanup dumped items falling within their boundaries, landowners are also burdened with cleanup responsibilities. “If it lands on private land, A DIVISION OF COAST CAPITAL SAVINGS CREDIT UNION the private land owner takes it upon himself to clean it up, because it’s on his land, it would be no different then someone dumping garbage on your property if you lived in town…If you wanted to do your own investigation you would clean it up and if you wanted to press charges you certainly could, or try,” Anderson said. Gary Loiselle is one Dawson Creek landowner who is burdened with cleaning up after those who dump items on his private property. Loiselle and his neighbours constantly find couches, TVs, household appliances, household waste and a Paul Suo variety of other items on their Account Executive | Equipment Finance properties and along 8th Street where they reside.

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June 14, 2012

BC Hydro Appreciates Customers’ Patience

Dear Editior, I’d like to thank BC Hydro customers in the North Peace and Fort Nelson for their patience as we transition to a more modern electricity system. In the North Peace, we’re replacing our old analog meters with new digital smart meters from May through September. For Fort Nelson and Northern Rockies customers, new meters will be coming in July. The new meters will have many benefits for customers such as faster power restoration when there’s an outage and new tools to help you manage your energy use to save energy and money. So far, over 1.2 million meters have been exchanged with very few problems. We know deployment of new equipment on this scale will not be perfect, but we’re doing our best to ensure our customers are not inconvenienced by any issues that may occur. Over the past weeks, some customers have asked if the cause of a higher bill may be due to a new smart meter. We take every customer concern very seriously and investigate each one thoroughly. In the overwhelming number of inquiries, we’ve determined that bills are consistent with past use; or there has been a manual meter misread which we immediately correct. If that doesn’t explain it, we look at every other possible source, including the meter. As is the case with any mass-produced electronic device, there will be a small number of meters that have components that don’t work properly. Out of more than 1.2 million meters installed to date there have been very few meters that have had problems. The vast majority of these errors were caught by system checks and did not affect customer bills. In future, when our smart grid is operational, we will be able to detect many problems on our grid automatically and fix them much faster. We appreciate our customers’ continued patience as we work to complete the installation of the new meters this year. To learn more about the new meters, visit To find out more about your bill, sign up for an online account at, or call our customer service team at 1 800 2249376. Bob Gammer BC Hydro Northern Community Relations Manager

BC Hydro Consultations Dear Editor: Re: Site C Consultations, May 31, 2012 I am writing to clarify some statements made in a recent letter. The Site C Clean Energy Project (Site C) is currently under-


Northeast NEWS

going a cooperative environmental assessment process by both the federal and provincial environmental assessment agencies, which will include a joint review panel process. As part of the environmental assessment of Site C, BC Hydro is identifying and assessing potential project effects on communities, as well as opportunities to provide lasting benefits in the region. This includes conducting studies and developing plans related to employment opportunities and outdoor recreation, among many other topics. BC Hydro’s public and stakeholder consultations, and discussions with regional and local governments, will help inform project plans and mitigation strategies as BC Hydro prepares the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for submission to the regulatory agencies. An outdoor recreation plan and a socioeconomic plan addressing workforce effects will be included in the EIS, and will be available for public comment as part of the

independent environmental assessment process. It is also important to clarify that domestic electricity demand in B.C. includes three customer groups – residential, commercial and industrial. BC Hydro’s power system is integrated and does not pinpoint a single resource, such as Site C, to a single customer or sector. With electricity demand in B.C. forecast to increase by approximately 50 per cent in the next 20 years due to growth in each of the three customer groups, all BC Hydro customers — residential, commercial and industrial — would benefit from the Site C project. To learn more about Site C, please visit sitec. Dave Conway Community Relations Manager, Site C BC Hydro

We live in a world that’s Unpredictable!

We can’t prevent disasters from happening, but we can prepare to avoid suffering, minimize damage and come through the recovery period as quickly as possible. The following is a listing of some of the natural risks and other hazards that could happen in the Peace River Regional District. Severe storms - Thunderstorms, hail, blizzards, ice storms, high winds and heavy rain can develop quickly and threaten life and property. Floods - Floods are the most frequent natural hazard in Canada. They can occur at any time of the year and are most often caused by heavy rainfall, rapid melting of a thick snow pack, ice jams, or more rarely, the failure of a natural or man-

made dam. Hazardous material spill- Hazardous chemicals are sometimes accidentally released during manufacturing, storage or transportation, such as during a train derailment. Avalanche- Avalanches can be triggered by wind, rain, warming temperatures, snow and earthquakes. They can also be triggered by skiers, snowmobiles, hikers, vibrations from machinery or construction. Wildfires- Wildfires are a natural hazard in any forested and grassland region in British Columbia, in our area risk has increased because of the Pine Beatle. In the event of an emergency:

• Listen to the local radio or television stations for updates, warnings and advice. • Make sure you are safe before assisting others. • Listen to the radio or television for information from local officials and follow their instructions. • Stay put until all is safe or until you are ordered to evacuate. Go to the Peace River Regional District Website www.prrd. or friend the Peace River Regional District Facebook page for updates and information during an emergency event. • 9909-100 Avenue, Fort St. John, BC V1J 1Y4 • Phone toll free 1-877-787-7030 • Phone: 250-787-7030 • Fax: 250-787-7090 Email: • • • • 1509B Alaska Avenue, Dawson Creek, V1G 1Z9 • Phone: 250-782-7060 • Fax: 250-782-7066 •

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Northeast NEWS


June 14, 2012

Page 7

Letter to Mr. Gammer from Hudson’s Hope resident Dear Editor: Re: BC Hydro’s Bob Gammers’ Statement on the Spill at Site One “Due to Excess Energy” He (Gammer) states that Site C is required for future energy. Where have all these people with BC Hydro been while everyone is turning to alternative energy sources and being given incentives to do so? Not very long ago all the outdoor garden lights were powered by running electrical cords. Now they’re all solar. There are entire subdivisions being built totally self-sufficient with thermal, solar and wind power. More and more people are installing solar powered systems on existing homes due to the fact that these

systems are getting far more economical to install and with BC Hydro constantly increasing their rates (as again last week) more and more people will continue to install them. These systems; thermal, solar and wind power are practically maintenance free unlike Hydro Electric Dams and Generating Facilities. I have requested, multiple times, the maintenance costs on the WAC Bennett Dam and GM Shrum Generating Station for the last 2 to 3 years from Mr. Gammer starting several weeks ago and have not received them to this day. The bottom line is there will not be a need for power from Site C by the time they construct it. The costs will be astronomical to

build and to maintain and they will destroy an entire valley. Maybe BC Hydro should invest in solar, thermal and wind projects and then they might take their head out of the sand and realize these Hydro Electric Dam Projects like Site C are a thing of the past, outdated and obsolete as we now know there are alternatives far less costly or damaging. I’m looking forward to receiving those maintenance costs on the WAC Bennett Dam and GM Shrum Generating Station Mr. Gammer. Evelyn Edinger Hudson’s Hope, BC

Dear Editor In response to Bob Zimmer’s article “Responsible Natural Resource Development - A Practical Point Of View”. Yes we currently need some petroleum products, but not in the current quantities and we certainly do not need to increase fossil fuel production. We need responsible management. We are currently giving away billions of dollars worth of our resources every day. The NDP are NOT against natural resource development. They want it done in a responsible, sustainable manner. The Conservatives have no concept of the meaning of these words and certainly have NO responsible or sustainable development plans.

Any responsible government would have put a moratorium on tar sands expansion 20 years ago to prevent it from becoming the polluting monster it now is; with its potential to erase all life from this planet. A “practical” point of view is one that will bring long term sustainability to us and our planet. The Conservative mantra of gluttonous, greed-driven, so-called free enterprise, corporate dictatorship is the most impractical point of view one could possibly have. All of the Conservative policies I know of, although the odd one appeared to bring short term economic gain, have been dismal failures in the long term. The Conservatives are the wrong government with the wrong values and the wrong vision for Canada. We

should NOT be the world’s fossil fuel Wal Mart; the most polluting destructive nation on earth. We should NOT have and do NOT need to have a fossil fuel economy. It is the WRONG economy for Canada. Every Canadian Conservative government has done nothing but pollute, deplete, de-value and destroy for the last 30 plus years. Unfortunately, Bob Zimmer appears to be a very good fit in the Conservative Party. Almost all of his comments are irrational, misleading, deceptive, inaccurate or absolutely untrue. Thank you. Ed Pitt Dawson Creek,B.C.

We should not be the world’s fossil fuel Wal-Mart...

Time to get on with Site C to support BC-based LNG industry Dear Editor: The emerging LNG industry in Northern BC is reportedly going to require an amount of energy well in excess of the entire output of the long proposed Site C Dam. How, then, can the BC NDP be opposed to the Site C Dam, and other renewable energy projects, while also claiming to be in support of developing an LNG industry in BC? Site C and these other projects are essential to powering a clean LNG industry in this province? LNG exports to Asia have the potential to add $2 billion per year

in new revenue to the provincial treasury; funds that can go a long way toward paying for healthcare, education and other needs and wants in this province. LNG exports also have the potential to considerably reduce coal consumption, pollution and carbon emissions in emerging Asian economies. In fact, the abundance of untapped, carbon-free, renewable energy that BC has available from sources like the Site C Dam is unrivalled, giving BC a distinct competitive advantage in attracting and then sustainably supporting an LNG industry.

Cargo Boxes Boxes -- Carries Carries up up to to 21 21 Cargo cubic feet or 110lbs. cubic feet or 110lbs.

Roof Baskets Baskets -- Carries Carries up up to to Roof 165lbs. 165lbs.

Cargo Bages Bages -- Carries Carries up up to to Cargo 17 cubic feet of cargo. 17 cubic feet of cargo.

Cargo Cargo Carries Carries 15olbs. 15olbs.

If we want to reap the benefits from this new energy industry, then we also need to make sure we have the infrastructure in place to do so. It’s time to get on with building the Site C Dam and various other clean, renewable energy projects to ensure we have the clean energy we need to support a BC-based LNG industry and allow it to help grow the BC economy. Fred Reemeyer Coquitlam B.C.

Options are are good. good. And And when when it it comes comes to to Options carrying your your cargo, cargo, it it can can make make all all the the carrying difference in in the the world world if if you you choose choose the the difference right one. one. Thule’s Thule’s assortment assortment of of cargo cargo right boxes, bag bag and and baskets baskets are are ready ready to to move move boxes, your gear gear out out of of your your vehicle vehicle so so you you can can your enjoy the the ride ride -- wherever wherever your your final final enjoy destination may may be. be. destination

Carriers for for Hitch Hitch -Carriers up to 13 cubic feet or or up to 13 cubic feet

All MAke Accessories All MAke MAke Accessories Accessories All DoDge, ForD, DoDge, ForD, ForD,chevy, chevy, DoDge, chevy, ToyoTA, ToyoTA,eTc. eTc. ToyoTA, eTc.

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Northeast NEWS

June 14, 2012

Tuning in to youth’s future By Kyla Corpuz FORT ST. JOHN – Engaging the next generation with an event that showcased a concert, interactive iPad apps and Xbox’s Rock Band is the province’s way to get students thinking about their future. “Job Fest 2012 is an initiative from the Ministry of Jobs and Tourism Innovation and also Work BC,” said Job Fest tour manager Daisy Blue Groff. Outside the North Peace Arena a fullyequipped stage and two hubs in the shape of amplifiers were set up to entice youth. “There’s nine online tools that we’re featuring here in the amps, people can come in and research possible career paths in British Columbia,” said Groff. “This is supposed to engage a demographic of about 13 to 25 [year olds] primarily.” The most popular tool seemed to be the Build a Career application, which can be found on “It’ll streamline you into the top 20 and it assesses your skills and when you answer those questions it amalgamates that info,” said Groff.

Thanks for springing into action.

“Sometimes it’s things you don’t really think about … [it] sheds light on other careers paths that are possible.” Grade 11 student Calvin Sadowsky tried the career-finding tool that led him to a match he’s considered before. “I got fire fighter and I was already thinking of doing that a little bit.” While Sadowsky said his mom initially sent him to Job Fest to look into careers, he said Job Fest offered him help that he didn’t seem to find in class. “They [teachers/high school] tend to help you find the [post secondary] school, but you don’t really know what you want to do yet,” he said. It wasn’t a large turnout for Job Fest in Fort St. John, which may have been due to the rainy weather. Groff said they originally considered hosting the event at the high school, however there was the teacher’s strike during the tour’s scouting and preparation phase. Job Fest was in Fort St. John on Jun. 5.

One of the true signs of spring is seeing volunteer clean-up crews collecting garbage and recyclables in their communities and along stretches of highway. At Encana, Courtesy Matters®, so we wanted to say how much we appreciate your ongoing effort! Drivers, please reduce your speed and watch for volunteers who are working alongside the roadways.

Kyla Corpuz photo

Calvin Sadowsky, Grade 11, answers questions from the Build A Career app featured on an iPad at Job Fest 2012 in Fort St. John. According to his answers the app matched him up with a career as a fire fighter.

Fort St. John and WestJet Story continued from Page 2.

WE’LL BE IN Fort st johN, EXChANGING thE oLD BC hYDro MEtEr oN YoUr hoME WIth A NEW sMArt MEtEr. BC Hydro is upgrading homes and businesses with new smart meters. Moving to a more efficient, modernized grid will help us meet the growing demand for electricity while continuing to deliver safe, reliable power throughout the province. Here’s what you can expect: • Typically, meter installation will take place Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. PST. • Meter installers will have BC Hydro and Corix logos on their trucks and uniforms, and photo identification badges. • You don’t need to be home, as long as we have safe and clear access to your meter—please remove any physical modifications that prevent a meter exchange. • In most cases, the exchange will take less than 10 minutes.

For more information about the smart meter installation process, visit For 50 years, BC Hydro has been providing clean, reliable electricity to you. Today we are planning for the next 50 years by investing in new projects, upgrading existing facilities and working with you to conserve energy through Power Smart.


• You will experience a brief power interruption, in most cases it will last 60 seconds.

or coworkers were all invited to submit videos saying, screaming, singing or chanting: “It just makes sense.” “We decided to let the cat out of the bag because we want the community involved with what we’re doing so they can state that they will support WestJet flying into Fort St. John,” Hodson added. The videos were sent into the city and turned into a five-minute compilation that will be part of a 30-minute presentation made to West Jet at the end of June. The deadline to submit was Jun. 12. “Well just to make them aware of why coming to Fort St. John does really make sense,” said Ackerman about what she hopes to accomplish from the meeting with the airline. “The North Peace Regional Airport structurally has a lot of attributes in it that a lot of other airports do not have.” The airport boasts less visibility protocol, to lighting, and instrumentation to operate a quarter mile visibility and runways long and wide enough for 737. In addition it has a fully manned light service tower, 24/7 and an onsite aircraft maintenance company. Since Ackerman’s induction as Mayor, she has made flight competition one of her priorities. “Air transportation has been a huge issue in this community for a long time so having some choices would be a blessing to all of us,” she said in a previous interview. Air Canada is currently the only passenger aircraft that flies to Vancouver, and Central Mountain Air flies to Prince George and Edmonton. A round trip to Vancouver can cost up to $1,000, while CMA tickets range from $300 Specializing in Waste Oil Collection covering all of North East BC to $500. “One of the surveys that’s Additional Services Include: been done is that people are - Product Delivery (Bulk and Bbls) looking at pricing for flights - Used Barrel Returns Waste Oil - Methanol/Glycol/Chemical Delivery but they’re also looking at where the flights go,” said Collection Dispatch 250-261-3275 Chamber of Commerce presi& More dent Brent Hodson. Email:

Northeast NEWS

June 14, 2012

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TransCanada to own and operate pipeline near D.C. for Shell

By Jill Earl DAWSON CREEK- Shell Canada Limited, Korea Gas Corporation, Mitsubishi Corporation and PetroChina have chosen TransCanada Corporation to build, own, and operate a pipeline that would carry natural gas from an area near Dawson Creek to the proposed LNG Canada facility in Kitimat. The proposed pipeline, the Coastal GasLink, would be approximately 700 km long and be capable of carrying approximately 1.7 billion cubic feet of gas per day. The pipeline, collecting and carrying natural gas from the Montney, Horn River, Cordova and other basins, has an estimated cost of $4 billion and is expected to create 2000-2,500 jobs during a 2-3 year construction period. The proposed project would see the need for positions in construction, welding, pipefitters, environmental experts as well as a list of other supporting services. “For us, we own and operate one of the most extensive pipeline networks in North America so we obviously have expertise in doing that, it provides a company like Shell with a very qualified, experienced partner who understands the pipeline side of the business inside and out. They’re obviously the expert in oil and gas resources and they’ve got worldwide experience with LNG…it’s a pretty outstanding group of companies that have come together to build this project,” said Shawn Howard, media relations with TransCanada. With over 60 years in the business, TransCanada boasts approximately 4,200 employees and currently has approximately 24,000 km of pipeline in operation in Western Canada, 240 km of that in northeastern B.C. TransCanada must submit an application to the B.C. Environmental Assessment office, go through the application process which includes two public comment periods and then will either be approved, rejected, or may require further information. The Minis-

try of the Environment and the Ministry of Energy and Mines are responsible for making the decision. As apart of the application process, TransCanada must consult with First Nations potentially affected by the project. Howard says that the project would affect approximately 30 different First Nation communities along the proposed route from Dawson Creek to Vanderhoof and from Vanderhoof to Kitimat. “Ultimately we really look forward to it, we’re going to be opening an office in Prince George and then our people will be based out of there and really reaching out to the communities and Aboriginals so that we can incorporate that feedback into an actual route that we make an application for,” Howard said. “For us as a company those kinds of really meaningful discussions are important and it’s apart of how we do business and work with people who are going to be living along or near this route for years to come,” he adds. The company is in the process of scoping for a potential route and they have already looked into engaging effected communities and special interest groups. As preparing for the application process and the application process itself can be quite lengthy, no completion date has been set but TransCanada believes the project could be up and running by the end of 2020. “The potential Coastal GasLink pipeline project will allow British Columbians, and all Canadians, to benefit from the responsible development of valuable natural gas resources and will provide access to new markets for that gas,” said Russ Girling, TransCanada’s president and chief executive officer, in the press release.

“We know the value and benefits that strong relationships in British Columbia can bring to this project and we look forward to deepening those ties as our extensive pipeline network grows to meet market and customer needs,” he said.

Happy Father’s Day. Come Pick out the Special Gift for Dad!

• Fire Pits • Fountains • Good selection of grasses • Water Plants Lots of Pots and Planters to choose from!

“Your One Stop Pond Shop!” 9937 17th Street, Dawson Creek Phone: 250-719-0765

250-787-2370 9504 102nd St. FSJ

Full Service Driveline shop

- Full Service shopof all sizes of drive shafts CompleteDriveline manufacturing - Complete manufacturing of all sizes drive shafts Large inventory of OE driveline partsof including - Large inventory OE driveline parts including Spicer, Spicer,ofNeapco, Meritor, PTI, Eaton Neapco, Meritor, Eaton JP’s Driveline stocksPTI, the most common front drive shafts for 4x4stocks trucks,the ready for installation - JP’s Driveline most common front drive shafts Computerized High Speed balancing for 4x4 trucks, ready for installation - Computerized High machining Speed balancing Speciality also available - Speciality machining alsoHeavy available Industries served: Automotive, Truck, Industrial, Agricultural Jill Earl photo served: Automotive, Heavy Truck, Industrial, hours parts and service available BMO staff Crystal Mosher, Shirley Wagar, Anthony Adam and branch manager Sherry Krafta,- IndustriesAfter donated $4,000 to the Dawson Creek and District Hospital foundation, received by Jerimy Earl. Agricultural The donation is earmarked to purchase a labour tub, being the first labour tub in the hospital. The 250-787-2370 • 9504 102 Street, Fort St. John BC tub is not used for water births but it meant to make labour more therapeutic.


After hours parts and service available $3




MSL® N217300 5 bedroom, 2 bath home on an extra large private and peaceful lot. Beautifully landscaped with large mature trees perfect for family gathering. Close to walking trails, golf course and minutes from Peace Island. This home is move in ready with a warm paint decor, laminate flooring and a beautiful country kitchen.






MSL® N218934 Country living! This charming property features a 3 bedroom & 3 bath home on a partially fi nished basement, 30x36 shop all situated on 4.68 acres. Spacious kitchen/eating area, lots of natural light, master bedroom with 3 pc ensuite and private offi ce. Fully wired 30x36 shop with concrete slab, lots of room for toys or hobbies.




MSL® N219427 This well maintained 4 bedroom home in a quiet cul-de-sac offers lots of room for your growing family. The home features 3 bedrooms on the upper floor with the 4th bedroom in the basement, spacious living room, kitchen and d ining room on the main, wood fireplace, family room and much more. The private backyard is a must see with its large mature trees.





MSL® N219461 This 2 bedroom mobile home is a great buy with its extensive renovations through out, spacious kitchen and eating area, expanded living room for that little bit of extra space and totally renovated bathroom. The laminate flooring and modern paint give this home welcoming atmosphere. The fully fenced yard, mature trees and 2 brand new decks makes this property a must see!

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February 17, 2011 June 14, 2012

Northeast NEWS Northeast NEWS


Tips from Investors Group - Reclaim debt control – save time and money, too

By The Investors Group pensive credit card payments into one, lower-interest loan. bleable sticking to a experienced budget and leaders typically have little money The left Editor: staff, and has been to recruit in many departments. NLC president If you are carrying various formsThe of debt mulLowers monthly interest by consoliat the endareofexceptional the monthand to apply your debt, personal loan team members I haveto been proud to awork with them. pastand fivemaking and a half years in•the Peace your Country as President andpayments CEO of --leadership tiple, sometimes high-interest payments each College month, have debtbeen dating your debts, you can seek out a lower overall interest or of a refinanced might beexperienced better options because Further, the clarity the College'smortgage vision is attracting professionals Northern Lights very fulfilling. bids farewell consolidation could be the best wayThe to manage money, rate thanI the combined rateforyou’re currently on to allcontribute they require a defined principal re-payment plan instead of who want to an organization that "knows where it is going". potentialyour I noted for NLC when decided to apply this position is paying

your debts. you’ve consolidated all your loans, It also you has beenallowing gratifyingfor to interest-only collaborate onpayments. Dual Credit programming with local evolving andWhen becoming a reality. The addition agencies and other post-secondary of thehave Centre Excellence for Clean Energy School Districts, industry, then twoofchoices: • Keep Aboriginal one credit card for emergencies – and cut uppartners all the through–Northern Opportunities. Thecontrol Peace Region very fortunate to have a Technologies in Dawson Creek, combined with amount o Keep your “pre-consolidation” payment be- rest until you have of your isdebt. groupconsoliof exceptional leaders committed to expanding the scope of this program the Jimyou’re Kassenpaying Industry Training Centre/ SHAREHOLDERS Seed Co-op Ltd. cause a lower interest rateOil on your • Be cautious about debt counselling companies – be sure and to spreading the word on the benefits of this innovative educational initiative. and Gas Centre of Excellence in Fort St. John, dated loan, by applying the same payment amount towards the company andlearning is focused your bring best finanI have byisthereputable passion for theseon leaders to the allowsdebt Northern Lights fulfilmoney its brand your you will be College putting to extra towards thebeen prin-very impressed table, but also forcial theirinterests. continuing commitment to finding learning solutions for the as B.C.'s Energy College™. cipal debt repayment and will eliminate your debt much NLC is committed to providing the skilled youth of the region.It’s a good idea to speak with a professional advisor about faster. Over the years,creating I have received and encouragement from local workers for these expanding industrial sectors a debtsupport management plan that works for politicians, you. And Keep yourthe amortization or debt payback period the Senator Richard Neufeld, the former Minister of Energy, Mines and ando supporting economic development of including: February 23, 2011 • 1:30pm you’ve done that, take steps to create a longer-term same – yourGiven new lower-interest consolidated loan meansResources; a once Jay Petroleum Hill, former Member of Parliament for Prince Georgethe region. the scope of the industrial and Learn to Own financial plan. After all, with your debt under control and RycroftHow Community Hall Your reduced amountaand the creation of additional cashBlair Peace River; Lekstrom, MLA for Peace River South and former Minister of expansionpayment in our region, major part of my better cash flow, you canand really start saving all River your 5208 47th Avenue Own Home for Pennies Down flow youCollege can use was to reach other financial goals.Mines and Energy, Petroleum Resources; Pat Pimm, MLAtoward for Peace role that at the to build capacity life Rycroft, AB TOH 3A0 life goals. North. And I would like to acknowledge the exceptional municipal and regional through partnerships with other post-secondary Here are a few other debt management suggestions: Northeast British Columbia Agenda: Fort St. John: If you’re like get out from under their landleadership by the Chiefs written and Bandand Councils, Mayors and Councils, and institutions andconsolidating industry, andthrough to ensure that equity This column, published by Investors Group • Consider a home loanprovided – 1) To receive the financial statements of the Association for the financial most renters you feel trapped lords finger, and move into a year end. Regional DistrictFinancial Boards. I was impressed by(in theQuébec quality of–leadership demonstrated fundingpay provided by lower the government supports Services Inc. a Financial Services you’ll a much interest rate than on many other 2) To elect Directors of the Association. within the walls of a house or wonderful home they can truby can members oil and gas andgeneral renewable energy industries. Thank youatosoall the breadth andand depth of neededyour programming. 3) To appoint an auditor of the Association. types of loans especially credit cards that rangeof the Firm), presents information only and is not apartment that doesn’t feel ly call their own. You can make 4) To transact such other business, if any, as may properly come before for being willing to work with Northern Lights College on joint planning that I knew Northern Lights College was a "classy" from 19 to 28 percent interest on outstanding balances. licitation to buy or sell any investments. Contact a financial likethe meeting. yours. How could it when this move too by discovering institution when the first person to welcome benefits the region. • Keep amortization to a reasonable timeframe – aim for you’re not even permitted to the important steps detailed specificrecruited advice me about yourchanges circumstances. For vestors Group The College’sadvisor Board offor Governors to make and supported me to my repayment within five years. new job was me when the changes ngratulates bang in a nail or two without in this Free Special Report. morebecame information on this Itopic please contactofyour Invesuncomfortable. was very appreciative this support a hassle. You feel like you’re It doesn’t matter how long • A line of credit is not for everyone –althoughand it provides pleased that tors the original and succeeding Boards provided progressive the former Group Board Consultant. Investors Group Congratulates stuck in the renter’s rut with you’ve added flexibility for your borrowing needs, if you have troubeen renting, or how and encouraged innovation. I am particularly proud that we continued to President, Jim direction no way of rising up out of it insurmountable your finanInvestors Group is one of the Kassen. He focus on the fundamental mandate of providing education for quality of life in the largest financial services companies Jeff Shea and owning your own home. cial situation may seem. With in the country. For over 80 years, woodwork Division were responsive to requests by industry for new programming. committed 25 region, and that weadvertising Investors Group has been a pioneer Director Together find a solution. providing personalized financial Well don’t feel trapped any the help of this report, it will we inwill I am looking forward the innovative initiatives and opportunities for applied years to NLC Denean Arntson, CFP planning solutions. Today, we Gettotechnologies your message 202 - 1200 103 Dawson Creek, BCin clean energy We understand what you’re going through. to you more! A new FREE Special become suddenly clear Financial Consultant manage over $52 billion in mutual research that are in the planning stages. Through andAve, provided fund assets for nearly a million Ph: (250)me 782with 4312aor (250) 785 4312 home.national and international leaders in this evolving Report entitled “How To how you really can save for partnerships with provincial, firm Canadians. • New construction Email: Stop Paying Rent and Own the down paymentFor andyour stopFREE confidential consultation, College is poised to demonstrate the strength of its vision. foundation industry, Northern Lights Call.... Investors Group Financial Services Inc. RRSPS • INVESTMENTS • INSURANCE #233 10704 97 Avenue • Refinishing Your Own Home” has already wasting thousands of dollars I will be cheering from afar as these plans become operational. on which to Greywest Office Building vestors Group helped Congratulates • RESPS • MORTGAGESMy husband Gordon and I made friends with a number of very special people L. Moffatt, Regional Director for <Location> Northern BC, dozens of local renters onScott rent. CALL • Chinking Staining Fort St. John, BC <RD Name>, Regional Director at our office, build. isispleased Arntson, Financial V1J 6L7 pleasedtotocongratulate congratulateDenean <Full Name>, <Title> in Consultant, CFP in attaining her Certified Financial Plan• Stairs and Railings TM Trademark owned by IGM T Financial Inc. corporations.and we will miss you. We were treated to the unique brand of warmth, Ph: 250 785Jeff 4312Shea the north h and licensed e to itsinsubsidiary attaining their Certified Financial Planner designation ner Designation from the Financial Planners Standards or visit our website at Email: from the Financial Planners Standards Council. Mortgage products are offered through I.G. Investment Management Ltd., Investors Group Council. Denean is based out of our Fort St. John office. Division Director • Gazebos enthusiasm and innovative spirit we now associate with northern British Columbia. institution is To get your FREE copy today visit Throughout Canada, the CFP designation is recognized phone: (250) 787.7030 Trust Co. Ltd. is a trust company licensed to lend money in all jurisdictions in Canada. Clients Throughout the CFP designation is recogas a mark ofCanada, quality and professional integrity. To gain Andrew Blaney Justin McKnight APlanning fondSpecialfarewellFax to you all and250-782-7060 our thank you for your manyPiper kindnesses. Phone: Brenda Trustees in Bankruptcy & Proposal with mortgage inquiries will fortunate be referred to an Investorsto Group Mortgage Lisa MacElheren • Sales 250.787.7090 tollsincere free: 1.877.787.7030 nized as Administrators a mark of quality and professional integrity. To this designation, <Full Name>, <Title> achieved a high gain this designation, Denean achieved a high level of ist. Insurance products and services distributed through I.G. Insurance Services Inc. Insurance D. Jean Valgardson, Dawson Creek have capable Advertising Sales Dawson Creek, B.C. 9909-100th avenue Suite 2, 10611 – 102nd Street Fort St. John level of specialized knowledge in financial, insurance 250-785-8221 250-785-1490 specialized knowledge in financial, insurance and tax GOVERNMENT LICENCED TRUSTEES license sponsored by The Great-West Life Assurance Company. and tax planning, designed to the best possible planning, designed to ensure theensure best possible client fort st john, bc V1J 1Y4 (Resident Office) 110 –1628 Dickson Avenue Kelowna faculty and client service is provided. service is provided. your time and your debt. Here’s how and why it works: • Eliminates high-interest, high-cost loans -- by consoliALL education loans, dating car payments, lines of credit and exPeace River

Stop Paying Your Annual General Meeting Landlord’s Mortgage



ame>, Regional Director at our <Location> office, is pleased gratulate <Full Name>, <Title> in attaining their Certified ial Planner designation from the Financial Planners ards Council.

ary phone> il address>

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Investors Group Financial Services Inc.

rks owned by IGM Financial Inc. and licensed to its subsidiary corporations.

Fisher Log Works

insert photo here

<Primary phone> <Toll free> <email address> <Address 1> <Address 2> <Address 3> <Address 4> <Address 5> <Address 6>


Debt troubles?

ame>, Regional Director at our <Location> office, is pleased gratulate <Full Name>, <Title> in attaining their Certified ial Planner designation from the Financial Planners ards Council.

ghout Canada, the CFP designation is recognized as a mark lity and professional integrity. To gain this designation, <Full >, <Title> achieved a high level of specialized knowledge in ial, insurance and tax planning, designed to ensure the best le client service is provided.

ary phone> il address>

business& professional

insert photo here

products and services distributed through I.G. Insurance Services Inc. a financial services firm). TMTrademarks owned by IGM Financial Inc. and its subsidiary corporations.

Investors Group Financial Services Inc.

Investors Group Financial Services Inc.

Insurance products and services distributed through I.G. Insurance Services Inc. (in Quebec, a financial services firm). TMTrademarks owned by IGM Financial Inc. and licensed to its subsidiary corporations.

19273 10287 - 98 St Accounting & Taxes locksmith accounting & taxes JUST MOVE IN AND ENJOY! NO wOrDS TO DEScrIbE! 19273 Wonowon 9419 - 105 Taylor, BC Ave Wonowon Madeline Scott Road St. John, BC We Can’tFortDo it Alone

$290,000 & Income Tax Bookkeeping $319,900 The BC SPCA cares for thousands




4 bedroom, 2007 modular, 1512 sq. ft., drilled water well. Just 3 bedroom, like new! 1350 ft.2227 Detached garage. ofsq. orphaned, abandoned and abused and personal 5 bedroom, 1.5 bathrooms, sq Business, ft, fenced yard,Farming hot tub, back 4 bedroom, 2007Bookkeeping modular, 1512 huge sq. ft.,deck, drilledcircular water well. Just over 8 acres, fenced for horses, driveway 8 acres, fenced for horses, huge deck, circular driveway alley access, closeanimals to Kearney &each Alwin Holland Accountingover now offered year. Schools Volunteers are

Edith #12 Forest Lawn Mobile Home Park Fort St John needed to care for animals Schmidturgently Many newPh: updates!250-263-0886 Spacious 1987 14’ wide 2 bdrm mobile home

in popular Forest Lawn mobile home park! New windows,new cell: and assist with SPCA events. #10, 12842 kitchen cabinets,new bathroom, new laminate and Old tile, allIf new 9607 93cityHope St. 250-785-1585 250-263-3030 trim insideFx: and out, new paint, new 10x16 deck, 5 min from in



250-785-5620 Office

◉ Windshields $459,900


250-261-1644 Direct 250-261-1644 Direct

*Free In Home Consultations Lending Institutions Current Mortgage Rates

Institute TD Canada Canada TD Trust Trust Invis Invis Canadian Imperial

Canadian Imperial Bank Of Commerce Bank Of Commerce Royal Bank

Royal Bank Centum


Bank of Montreal

Bank of Montreal Scotiabank


North Peace Savings & Credit Union

6 mth open


1 year 2 year 3 year 4 year 5 year 7 year 10 year closed closed 9708-108 Stclosed Fort St closed John closed closed closed closed

6 mth closed

1 year open

n/a n/a n/a n/a

60 4.60 4. 45 4.45 4.

55 6.55 6. n/a n/a

00 4.85 2. 30 6.30 6.

45 00 80 4.45 4.85 2.35 4. 2. 3. We Can’t 45 30 20 4.45 6.30 3.35 4. 6. 3.

75 2.75 2. 74 2.54 2.


◉ Windows and doors

14 years old, 350 sq ft studio in backyard.

20 4.20 4. 74 2.20 3.

75 4.75 4. 79 2.50 3.

24 4.24 4. 99 2.60 3.

2. 3. 3. 3. 3. Do it4. Alone 79 60

15 15

49 94

55 95 64 3.60 3.15 4.94 3. 4. 4. The BC SPCA cares for thousands of 09 n/a orphaned, n/a n/a n/a n/a 3. n/a abandoned n/a n/a 6.45 2.64 and 3.15abused 3.75animals 4.29 45 55 30 50 85 35 6. 4. 6. 3. each 3. year. 4. 4.79 6.45 4.55 6.45 3.30 3.65 4.20 5.24 99are 6.45 4.55 6.50 2.89 Volunteers 3.89 3.35 4.39 6.45 4.55 6.50 2.64 urgently 4.05 4.needed 5.to14 n/a n/a 4.50 2.95 3.25 3.50 3.50

59 4.59 4. 29 3.65 3.

60 6.60 6. 89 3.85 4.

70 6.70 6. 99 3.00 5.

29 3.14 4. 24 5.19 5.

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40 5.50 6. 75 6.50 6.



3. 4.19 5.19 5.59 3.99 4.39 3.75

3. 5.00 6.35 6.50 5.99 6.60 4.75

4. 5.59 6.75 6.60 n/a n/a 5.00 39

care for animals and withbeSPCA Note: Rates provided for information purposes. Ratesshould should be verified by Financial Institutions. Note:are Rates are provided for information purposes.assist Rates verified by Financial Institutions. events. If you can help, please contact your local shelter today.



9708-108 St Fort St John

wrought iron

3 bedroom, 1035 sq ft, Each ce Showers independently Eachoffioffice independently ◉ Custom owned ownedand andoperated operated Selling Fort St. John sinceincluded 1996 all appliances ◉ Flooring 3 bedroom, 1.5 bathrooms, 1050 sq ft, attached garage, fenced yard, ‘It Begins with Trust’

MASTER cares KEY SYSTEMS The BC •SPCA for • LOCKOUT BOARDS thousands of orphaned, • PADLOCKS abandoned and abused animals each year.


Fabulous spacious home,1600 sq ft on main, full concrete baseRemax Action Realty ment, 24’X24’ HST. birch Hardwood in livingrm, 3 bed, Remaxgarage. Action2NORealty tiled lg93rd entry,kitchen, bath.Mall Open concept, kitchen has pantry, 31-9600 Ave, Totem lg island/eating bar. 12’X16’ deck, gas for BBQ. Masterbdrm 250-785-5520 Office Fortensuite St. John, BCsinks, lg WI shower with dual has WI closet, with dual shower heads. Instant hot water system, security system. Great neighbourhood.

Rd, Shady country like setting! Inc fridge,stove,bi dw & shed. Acres MHP you can help, please contact your BC Fort St. John, glass Glass local shelter today. $60,000 2009 People’s ChoiceMLS# AwardN204924 Winner

Terri TerriPaulovich Paulovich

9619 88th Street

We Can’t Do it Automotive Chipped Transponder Keys Alone Available


Volunteers are urgently neededPHONE: to care250.789.9157 for animals CELL: 250.261.5917 and assist with SPCA EMAIL: events. If you can help, please contact your local shelter today.


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• Power locks and front windows • Remote keyless entry • Front and rear stabilizer bar • Power heated mirrors • 17-inch chrome-clad wheels




@ T:13.5”

DBC_121068_LB_RAM_LD.indd 1


June 14, 2012 Page 11


(Excludes fleet sales)


18,998 •

2012 Ram 1500 Regular Cab SLT shown.§

• 3.7 L V6 engine • Air conditioning • Media Centre 130 CD/MP3 with six speakers • 4- and 7-pin trailer wiring harness • Sentry Key engine immobilizer


2012 RAM 1500 QUAD CAB SXT 4X4

4.99 %‡

• HEMI® V8 power with V6 fuel economy¥ • 17" aluminum wheels ® • SIRIUS Satellite Radio (includes one year of service) • Temperature and compass gauges • Overhead console • Power sliding rear window





2012 Ram 1500 Crew Cab Longhorn 4x4 shown.§

5/3/12 6:47 PM

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Northeast NEWS

June 14, 2012

Sunset farmers opposed to proposed hazardous land fill By Kyla Corpuz

FORT ST. JOHN – A proposal that came forth to the Peace River Regional District on Jun. 14 has farmers worried. “They [Tervita] are putting in a proposal to create a hazardous waste, oil field … site in the Sunset Pasture,” said Glyn Evans, Sunset Pasture Grazing Reserve member and a delegate at the PRRD meeting. “Now the concern is, at Sunset Pasture we run about 5,000 head of cattle right at the direct north border.” A second farming family runs about 5,000 to 6,000 in the

Pet Photo of the Week Submitted photo

A farmer sorts the cattle in a round coral. Photo taken in October 2007. These cattle utilize the Sunset Pasture grazing reserve, which is now the area being looked at for a proposed hazardous land fill.

This is my kitten Finnigan

Email your pet’s photo to for a chance to win a special prize from the North Peace Veterinary Clinic 1 pet will be chosen each week and will be featured in the Northeast News. Each pet chosen will be entered into a draw for a monthly prize supplied by the

North Peace Veterinary Clinic

same area, he added. “In western Canada, feed lots of that kind of concentration of cattle is almost unheard of. So they are trying to put a hazardous waste holding site in the middle of beef, right? Food.” Tervita is looking to remove land out of the agricultural land reserve (ALR) to build the proposed site. “The crown land, is huge, it’s quite a massive area,” said Ken Kalirai, PRRD assistant manager of development services. “But out of that, Tervita is looking for just 46 hectares which is 113 acres.” The land being sought out is part of crown land, which is roamed and eaten by cattle. “There are grazing rights on that crown land, so the Sunset Pasture is a communal pasture and it’s used by the farmers for cows to graze,” said Kalirai.


MLS®: X2356231


Located in one of Fort St. John’s most desirable neighbourhoods, this 2740 square foot home on a quiet cul de sac has been extensively upgraded since 2006 and is move-in ready! This spacious home with 5 bedrooms plus a full basement on a large lot with mature trees backs onto a quiet 2.5 acres of city-owned green space.


For more property details and great photographs: or scan the QR code

Saturday, June 16, 2012 – 1 pm to 3 pm

Jim Shaw, Tervita’s manager of community and Aboriginal relations, said the proposed area was looked at after conversations between Tervita and the PRRD. “We had some conversations with them [PRRD] about location of a land fill and the type of soil structure we were looking for, and during the conversations this came forward. They kind of helped moves us in the right direction, but didn’t say, ‘Go there.’” Kilirai noted there has been objection from the BC Cattlmen’s Assocation and the Sunset Pasture Grazing Reserve. “What they are trying to do is have this land removed from the ALR so they can go ahead with it,” said Evans. “It’s not so much the issue of how much land they’re taking it’s more so the fact that they’re going to put hazardous waste into a place where we have over 10,000 head of cattle in the middle of a very concentrated area of food production. So really, it’s a food concern.” The proposed waste site goes by the name Wolverine. According to Tervita the area being looked at has minimal impact to area residents, land with limited agricultural capacity and good access from existing roads. “It’s sort of a need amongst the oil and gas industry to have this landfill what’s known as a secure land fill for hazardous waste,” said Kalirai. Shaw said a lot of the concern by residents is stemmed from the lack of knowledge on what a hazardous waste site is or does. “What we’ve got to make people clear on and understand is that, this isn’t a dump. We don’t take municipal waste. In simplest terms it’s dirty dirt. It’s soil that’s been impacted by some petroleum product.” Shaw added that Tervita is “very careful” with their engineering that the product does not leave the site. When the waste comes in, it’s in a dry element. “You can’t grab a handful and squeeze oil out or anything like that,” said Shaw. “When we do have contaminated soils come in we are

Story continued on Page 18.

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WISE BUYERS READ THE LEGAL COPY: Vehicle(s) may be shown with optional equipment. Dealer may sell or lease for less. Limited time offers. Offers may be cancelled at any time without notice. Dealer order or transfer may be required as inventory may vary by dealer. See your Ford Dealer for complete details or call the Ford Customer Relationship Centre at 1-800-565-3673. *Until July 3, 2012, purchase a new 2012 Escape XLT I4 FWD with automatic transmission $21,999 after Total Manufacturer Rebate of $5,000. Taxes payable on full amount of purchase price after Manufacturer Rebate deducted. Offers include a Manufacturer Rebate of $5,000 and freight and air tax of $1,600 but exclude variable charges of license, fuel fill charge, insurance, dealer PDI (if applicable), registration, PPSA, administration fees and charges, any environmental charges or fees, and all applicable taxes. Manufacturer Rebates can be used in conjunction with most retail consumer offers made available by Ford of Canada at either the time of factory order or delivery, but not both. Manufacturer Rebates are not combinable with any fleet consumer incentives. **Until July 3, 2012, choose 5.99% annual percentage rate (APR) purchase financing on a new 2012 Escape XLT I4 FWD with automatic transmission for a maximum of 72 months to qualified retail customers, on approved credit (OAC) from Ford Credit. Not all buyers will qualify for the lowest APR payment. Purchase financing monthly payment is $315 (the sum of twelve (12) monthly payments divided by 26 periods gives payee a bi-weekly payment of $145 with a down payment of $3,000 or equivalent trade-in. Cost of borrowing is $3,665.06 or APR of 5.99% and total to be repaid is $22,664.06. Offer includes a Manufacturer Rebate of $5,000 and freight and air tax of $1,600 but excludes variable charges of license, fuel fill charge, insurance, dealer PDI (if applicable), registration, PPSA, administration fees and charges, any environmental charges or fees, and all applicable taxes. Taxes payable on full amount of purchase price after Manufacturer Rebate deducted. Bi-Weekly payments are only available using a customer initiated PC (Internet Banking) or Phone Pay system through the customer’s own bank (if offered by that financial institution). The customer is required to sign a monthly payment contract with a first payment date one month from the contract date and to ensure that the total monthly payment occurs by the payment due date. Bi-weekly payments can be made by making payments equivalent to the sum of 12 monthly payments divided by 26 bi-weekly periods every two weeks commencing on the contract date. Dealer may sell for less. Offers vary by model and not all combinations will apply. †From May 3, 2012 to July 3, 2012, receive $5,000 in Manufacturer Rebates with the purchase or lease of a new 2012 Escape and Hybrid (excluding I4 Manual) (all Raptor, GT500, BOSS302, and Medium Truck models excluded). This offer can be used in conjunction with most retail consumer offers made available by Ford of Canada at either the time of factory order or delivery, but not both. Manufacturer Rebates are not combinable with any fleet consumer incentives. ***Estimated fuel consumption ratings for the 2012 Escape 2.5L I4 6-speed Automatic transmission: [10.0L/100km (28MPG) City, 7.1L/100km (40MPG) Hwy]. Fuel consumption ratings based on Transport Canada approved test methods. Actual fuel consumption will vary based on road conditions, vehicle loading, vehicle equipment, and driving habits. ©2012 Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited. All rights reserved.

Northeast NEWS

June 14, 2012

Thousands of jobs... Over 3,000 direct construction jobs will be created in British Columbia at the peak of construction. As well, 560 new long-term jobs will be generated in BC.

Millions of dollars for community projects... Over 30 years, more than $1.2 billion in tax revenue for BC can be used to strengthen public services. Enbridge will also provide $100 million to support communities near the pipeline.

World-class safety standards... Carefully planned and built to respect the terrain and wildlife, the pipeline will be monitored 24/7. To protect the waters and coastline of BC, marine facilities will adopt additional navigation aids, increase emergency response capabilities, and implement new land-based radar so that Canada’s Northwest Coast is safer for all marine traffic.

A stronger BC economy with new trade partners... There will be more opportunities and towns will prosper. It will open up global markets for our energy exports and increase Canada’s Gross Domestic Product by $270 billion.

It’s more than a pipeline. Join the conversation at

It’s a path to our future.

©2012 Northern Gateway Pipelines Inc.

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Page 14

Northeast NEWS

June 14, 2012

Illegal dumping

More facts. Less friction.

Continued from Page 5. “It’s never been an issue before but probably in the last I’d say eight or ten years that we’ve severely had a problem with it, and in the last four it’s been getting worse,” said Loiselle, who has lived in Dawson Creek his whole life. Besides dealing with dumped items on his own property Loiselle and his farm hands have cleaned the sides of the road too, incurring the costs to dispose of it properly at the city’s landfill transfer station himself. He says that the dumping has become so frequent that he can’t afford to spend anymore time cleaning the roads or the items on his property. “This is just constant, it’s not like it’s just randomly, it’s just constant, and some areas worse then others…We’ve already spent two days on this this year, two days pulling these TVs and BBQs and all that off there, and now we’re doing it all over again,” Loiselle said. In the past Loiselle has had to contact the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure to have their maintenance contractor remove the dumped items. Though Loiselle believes the items dumped on the road are dealt with in a timely manner, he says that fines and enforcement should be increased to deter people from doing it in the first place. “It’s not fair to the public, it’s not fair to the landowners in the area, it’s not fair to anybody, it’s just an act by a few…I don’t know what should happen, but something to curtail this,” he said. Under the Environmental Management Act, someone convicted of littering or discharging waste from a recreational vehicle can be fined up to $2,000, imprisoned for not more then six months, or both. People witnessing illegal dumping or see dumped items can call Report All Poachers and Polluters at 1-877-952-7277.

Hydraulic fracturing has already been used in more than 175,000 Canadian natural gas wells without harming drinking water.


Jill Earl photos

Couches, BBQ, household waste and large and small household appliances of all varieties have been dumped on some private residences in Dawson Creek.

Dig deeper: To the facts about responsible ggg learn iriinnnCanadian lllsss natural gas development go to r g a giiiaalss gal SSSSpppppreeeincciiiaals SSSSppec Srpingials p

S South South Gataga Outpost Outpost Cabin Cabin ec Gataga South Gataga Outpost Cabin p South Gataga Outpost S South Available June 1 to July 28 Cabin Gataga Outpost Available June 1 to July 28 Cabin

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Northwestern Air Announces A New Air Service in Dawson Creek

• Direct flights from Dawson Creek to Edmonton International • Flights operate Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays • Dawson Creek to Edmonton International: One-way fares start as low as $291.90 including all fees and taxes. • Connections also available Edmonton to Red Deer, Fort McMurray, Hay River and Yellowknife • Schedules and fares can be found on our website

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SEAT SALE FROM MAY 28TH TO JULY 31ST 2012 Ph: 1-800-663-5269

Please visit us at: $640/pers. Please visit us at: $640/pers. Please visit at:462, Alaska Hwy,us Mile Muncho Lake, BC Email: Please at:462, Alaska visit Hwy,us Mile Muncho Lake, BC Email: Alaska Hwy, Mile 462, Muncho Lake, BC Email: Please visit visit us at:462, Alaska Hwy,us Mile Muncho Lake, BC Email: Please at: Alaska Hwy, Mile 462, Muncho Lake, BC Email: Alaska Hwy, Mile 462, Muncho Lake, BC Email: Alaska Hwy, Mile 462, Muncho Lake, BC Email:

Ph: Ph: 1-800-663-5269 1-800-663-5269 Ph: 1-800-663-5269 Ph: 1-800-663-5269 Ph: 1-800-663-5269 1-800-663-5269 Ph:

Ph: 1-800-663-5269 Please visit us462, at: Alaska Hwy, Mile Muncho Lake, BC Email:


Northeast NEWS

June 14, 2012

Page 15

Lake View Credit Union donates $15,000 to Literacy Society

% Interest % Interest 0

DAWSON CREEK, B.C.— Lake View Credit Union’s (LVCU) commitment to invest in the communities where they operate was evident as they presented the Dawson Creek Literacy Society with a cheque for $15.000. The partnership between them began three years ago with the society unveiling the Lake View Learning Centre.

“We believe that lifelong learning is an exceptionally important part of a vibrant community, and it fits perfectly with our values and corporate philosophy. When the opportunity to work with the Literacy Society arose, we were definitely an eager and willing partner.” said Rene George, ceo of LVCU. The support from LVCU has made it possible for the Learning Centre to expand their pro-

grams, which include adult literacy, GED preparation and English as a second language (ESL). “The ongoing support of Lake View Credit Union has enabled us to help more people, and it makes such an incredible impact on their lives.” says Literacy Society coordinator Jennifer Neis. Both George and Neis encourage the public to drop in to the centre and see what the Learning Centre has to offer.

Winter Winter Savings Savings The Credit Medic atatMurray MurrayGM GM• •

Auto Financing

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No Problem!

The TheBoss BossisisGone... Gone...Sale SaleisisOnOn Contributed photo

LVCU Board member Ruth Veiner (L) and Dawson Creek Branch Manager Kim Liptak (R) made everyone smile when they presented a cheque for $15,000.

2011 Chev 1500 2011 Chev 1500

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Brenda Piper photo


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Northeast NEWS

June 14, 2012 Jill Earl photos

Top Left: Jordan Warnecke, Kiana Fellers and Aubrey Doonan and their team won best dressed team for the theme of Celebrating the Pioneers of the Peace. Bottom Left: Cancer survivors walked the first lap around Pioneer Village holding their Banner of Hope decorated with all survivors’ handprints. Top Right: Participants purchased luminaries and decorated the bags in memory of people who are fighting cancer and those who have lost their battle. Bottom Right: Colin Gardiner, 12, tells Terry Shepherd and other participants about his battle with leukemia and that his colourful string of beads represents the number and type of treatments he’s underwent.

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Northeast NEWS

June 14, 2012


Page 17



THURSDAY, JUNE 21, 2012 • 9:00 a.m. JOHN DEERE 9610 COMBINE

Weaver Sale Yard • Rycroft, AB • Internet Bidding


CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT: 250 • 1966 Cadillac Sedan 1992 JD 770BH motor grader, Deville car, 53,450 mi., 429 hp • snow wing, front plow • (2) 1995 RECREATION: 2001 Chev Cat D6E crawlers, angle blade camperized van • 2004 25 ft. with twin tilts, Carco winch • Cat Terry Lite holiday trailer • 2004 D6D crawler, angle blade, winch Citation Supreme 29 ft 5th wheel, • Cat D6D crawler, angle blade, 2 slides • 2001 Wanderer 21.5 ft 36" wide pad, winch • Beales t/a 5th wheel • 1997 Vanguard brush rake to fit D8 • 8 yard hyd 25.5 ft. 5th wheel, slide • 1993 pull scraper • V30 ditch witch Terry t/a 19 ft. • 1990 Citation 30 trencher • 2002 Ingersoll Rand ft. 5th wheel • 1996 Triple E travlight tower • TRUCKS: 1998 el trailer • 1983 Citation 18.5 ft. 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June 14, 2012

this time,” said Shaw. While there is a need for a hazardous waste Story continued from Page 12. site, the potential impacts that could occur to cattle is worrisome by farmers. very quick to push cover over top of it … the “Yes, they apply a great deal of science, I intent there is … if there are odours blowing don’t really argue how well they do it, but bearound, we want to cover it up as soon as pos- ing that that concentration of cattle … they’re sible.” going to pick this one place to put a hazardous He added a hard, thick plastic is laid down on waste fill land in, it’s utterly ridiculous in my the bottom of the landfill to ensure waste does mind,” said Evans. not come in contact with the natural soil. Evans acknowledges there is a slim chance “What we’re trying to do is take this mate- of the hazardous waste ever contaminating the rial, that otherwise would be left somewhere herd, however slim isn’t good enough. where it shouldn’t be, and contain it in a place “Although it is admittedly unlikely that they where we can manage it long term —it’s the are going to have a leak, the impact in the event best solution there is for this type of material at that they have a leak, they couldn’t choose a worse place for that, that’s really my point,” said Evans. Tervita currently has one other site in the northeast, called Silverberry, near Prespatou. The proposed Wolverine site is halfway from Fort St. John to Dawson Creek, approximately four to five miles from the Kiskatinaw Bridge. The Northeast News went Banks say to press before a decision was NO to a loan ? NO PROBLEM! made by PRRD.

Hazardous land fill


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Northeast NEWS

Fort nelson first nations signs agreements with province, receives $3.5 million in funding By Kyla Corpuz

FORT NELSON – Last week two agreements were signed between the Province and Fort Nelson First Nation. The Economic Benefit and Oil and Gas Consultation Agreement established a clear process for consultation and management of lands and resources with timelines. This agreement also provides Fort Nelson First Nations with a share of revenues generated from resources development in their treaty territory, including natural gas in the Horn River Basin. The second agreement is the Oil and Gas Consultation Agreement which lays out a consultation process and time lines for referrals for petroleum and natural gas tenures and oil and gas development permitting activities between the Fort Nelson First Nation, Ministry of Energy and Mines and Oil and Gas Commission. Both parties also agreed to create a forum which the Fort Nelson First Nations will receive $1.5 million in capacity funding by participating. The forum is the Horn River Leadership Group Initiative which brings the province, Fort Nelson and natural gas producers to coordinate environmental and economic natural gas developments in the Horn River Basin. An additional $2 million was given to the Fort Nelson First Nations for a Community Development Planning Fund. The money will be used to construct community infrastructure, upgrade community roads, build an arbour for traditional drum dances, a Wellness Centre and a new Lands Development building. “By bringing certainty to the land base, agreements like this support our government’s focus on job creation and investment, while providing economic opportunities for First Nations and non First Nations families,” said Minister of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation Mary Polak. “The Province looks forward to continuing to build a strong relationship with the Fort Nelson First Nation.” Polak visited the northern community for the agreement signing. Facial aesthetics  

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Northeast NEWS

June 14, 2012

Page 19

Tourism D.C. encourages time for towns-folk to be tourists By Jill Earl

DAWSON CREEK- The visitors centre has committed to showcasing the community to travelers of all varieties, but this summer they also plan to entice local residents to “staycation” in their very own city. Though Dawson Creek is only entering its tourist season the visitors centre is already seeing approximately 100 people a day, reports Joyce Lee, manager of visitor services, adding that the centre sees visitors from all over the world. As apart of their efforts to try to get locals exploring the city and the area Tourism Dawson Creek and the Northern British Columbia Tourism Association have coordinated a Be a Tourist in Your Own Town Month and introduced three initiatives to coincide with the month and the summer season. Councillor to Counsellor Day is one initiative planned to

celebrate the month. Some local representatives have agreed to work a shift at the visitors centre side by side with the tourism counsellors on June 15 to experience what goes on day-to-day there. A BBQ lunch and museum tours will also be held on location that day to celebrate. Tourism Dawson Creek has also put together a hard copy events calendar outlining something to do everyday for the month of June with a scavenger hunt on the back. Lee doesn’t anticipate the councillors encountering any challenges but hopes they will take the opportunity to become aware of what happens at the centre. “The visitors centre is accessed for a lot of different

reasons, so it would just be a really nice opportunity for city councillors to see what all happens here…I think it’s just an opportunity to gain more awareness of who is coming into the visitors centre, what kind of information they’re looking for and how we as counsellors can get that information,” Lee said.

Continued on Page 21.

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Morgan McGowan starred as Elle and Daniel Meyer starred as Emmett in the Dawson Creek Secondary School’s production of Legally Blonde last Thursday through Saturday.

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Northeast NEWS

June 14,

50th Annual Oilmen’s Golf Tournament

Kyla Corpuz photo

Three hundred and four oilmen took to Lake Point Golf & Country Club course from June 6 to 9 for the annual golf tournament. This year marked the 50th anniversary of the golf tournament.

Lone Wolf Golf Club

Northeast on rise, study shows By Kyla Corpuz

PEACE REGION – Decreasing unemployment rates and a rise in resource production shows Northeast B.C. “outpaced” the rest of the province in 2011, according to a recent study by Chartered Accounts of B.C. “Last year was a stellar year for the Northeast,” said Ben Sander, FCA, partner with Sander Rose Bone Grindle LLP in Dawson Creek in a press release. Sander Rose Bone Grindle LLP Charter Accounts is based in Dawson Creek and Fort St. John. FCAs are recognized members by the Chartered Accountants of B.C.

Story continued on Page 22.


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Northeast NEWS

June 14, 2012

Page 21

Come See Rhonda! 1# Sales Lady Fort City Chrysler

Jill Earl photo

Tourist in your town Continued from Page 19. “Our job is to listen to the story, help answer their questions and to help them solve their problems if they have those,” she adds. Another initiative is the Stayation contest that runs all summer long, until Aug. 31. Residents can pick up “passports” at key locations throughout the city and after visiting six locations indicated in the directions, and receiving a special stamp from each location they can enter to win a $1,000 fuel card from Safeway. The six attractions include: Walter Wright Pioneer Village, Dawson Creek Visitors Centre, Alaska Highway House, Dawson Creek Art Gallery, Pouce Coupe Museum, and the Safeway Gas Station. “It’s just a way to encourage people to explore their own community and that’s where the whole staycation came about,” Lee said. The visitors centre is also putting adventure kits together for the local residents- and any interested visitors- with resources that people need to explore the area such as the visitors guide, a map of the downtown historic walking tour, the Bear Mountain Wind Park brochure, Mile 0 merchants coupon book, the Staycation passport and a coupon for the Alaska Highway House. Local youth have added some flair to the bags by providing their original artwork on the front of each bag. “The beauty of these decorated bags is that they’re not going to be thrown out, they are going to be recycled or cherished because they’re going to have original artwork,” said Lee. The centre is also participating in a regional initiative called the iShare program, the program aims to help visitor centres all over the region become connected by updating weekly events in each city to be shared among the centres. “This is just such a wonderful way to connect with the residents of Dawson Creek and the community to showcase what goes on here in Tourism Dawson Creek whether that’s the visitors centre or the Alaska Highway House, to also help people realize that if they’re traveling farther that we can be of help to them, wherever they are going,” Lee said. Samantha Gibeault, tourism development coordinator for Dawson Creek, says that the tourism office places advertisements in a number of RV and B.C. tourism magazines and the visitors the city attracts can translate into dollars spent in the community. Gibeault says that in order for the community to financially benefit from the tourism industry, the community must show visitors why they should stay longer; getting local residents to explore their city can help in doing that. “It’s making them aware of the great opportunities there are in our community, on the flip side, if our citizens don’t know what’s available how can they convince or communicate to a visitor that comes into their business to stay another day? So there’s a business application but at the same time, there’s a community well being application as well,” Gibeault said. Lee says that she is seeing more residents at the centre just because they realize that they haven’t been here for a while, others have out-oftown guests and need to become the tour guide. “I just hope that we see everybody, that people come down, we’ve put some really great resources together for them and that people come down throughout the month and throughout the summer to access them,” Lee said. The visitors centre is opened seven days a week Phone (250) 785-7907 from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. until Toll Free 1-888-830-9909 Aug. 31. 9604-112 Street, Fort St. John, BC

Discretionary and Base Budget Grant Applications Now Being Accepted In accordance with the Discretionary Grant Policy No. 87/06 and Base Budget Grant Policy No. 105/11, the City of Fort St. John is accepting applications until September 15, 2012 for the 2013 budget. The primary purpose of a discretionary grant is to provide financial assistance to non-profit organizations for a specific capital project or an event that benefits the residents of the City. The primary purpose of a base budget grant is to provide financial assistance to non-profit organizations that provide fee for services, programs and to offset equipment rental costs. All grant applications must be submitted to the City’s Corporate Administration Department. Applications are available at City Hall and on the City’s website at . An audited or reviewed financial statement is required as part of the application. All organizations who apply for either a base budget or discretionary grant must make a presentation to Council in the fall. Staff will contact all of the applicants to schedule meeting times. For any inquiries regarding the application process, please contact Diana Burton, Deputy City Clerk at 250.787.5796 or Janet Prestley, Director of Legislative and Administrative Services at 250.787.8153.

Page 22

Northeast NEWS

June 14, 2012

Northeast labour study Story continued from Page 20.

“The rate of increase in the region’s permanent population was the highest since 2006. Gains in local employment reduced both the overall and youth unemployment rates - as well as social assistance dependency rates - to the lowest levels in the province. If you can get job training, or have a trade, you are working.” Despite the Northeast’s goods producing sector decline of almost 2,000 jobs last year, a loss in mining, oil and gas labour of 2,100 and 600 job losses in construction, the Northeast region had the

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lowest annual average unemployment rate—just fewer than five per cent. The province’s average is around seven per cent. Two reasons for job decrease is worker withdrawal from the labour force and labour shifts to other industries, states the news release. Last year showed a “rapid” growth in the resource sector. According to the Regional Check-Up, in 2011’s fourth quarter, the Northeast had 43 projects valued at $19.7 billion either proposed, under construction or on hold. Eight projects were under construction in the fourth quarter of 2011, including $978 million in power generating projects, $851 million in gas and pipelines, and $298 million for the Fort St. John hospital replacement. In addition, the release states the most “significant” projects in terms of investment value were the $800 million Enbridge/Encana’s Cabin gas plant near Fort Nelson, the $455 million Quality Wind Farm near Tumbler Ridge, and three BC Hydro upgrade/expansion projects at the Gordon M. Shrum power facility at Hudson Hope worth $360 million. “Looking forward, 2012 is promising to be another good year for the Northeast,” continued Sander. “Jobs remain plentiful in virtually all industries. Coal prices and demand are expected to continue to increase, resulting in new mine development and increased employment. “However, this growth places great stress on our community’s infrastructure. Steady slow growth has always been the best way to expand a region and its economy; it is important that once the rush is done, permanent jobs remain.”

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Call rose or garry • 250-785-5754

Kyla Corpuz photo

Minister of Aboriginal Relations and Reconiliation Mary Polak visit the Northeast at North Peace MLA Pat Pimm’s office on Jun. 7.

The Most Complete coverage in Northeastern B.C.

Northeast NEWS

June 14, 2012

Page 23

Metal pioneers to play in the Peace By Jill Earl

DAWSON CREEK- Californian metal-heavy weights Korn will be making a stop in Dawson Creek as apart of their The Path of Totality tour on June 29. The stop is one of 29 shows on their third leg of the tour. The tour is scheduled to end in India in September, and will have been going for nearly a year as it unofficially started last October. The Path of Totality Tour is promoting the bands tenth full-length studio album of the same name. “It’s a pretty kick-ass show, if you leave there with any energy left you’re not getting it, most people leave pretty exhausted,” said Ray Luzier, who has been drumming with Korn since October 2007. The band has been together since 1994, and though they have been through a member switch-up, Korn currently includes singer Jonathan Davis, guitarist James “Munky” Shaffer, bassist Reggie “Fieldy” Arvizu and drummer Luzier. Being together for nearly 20 years means that their concerts pull from a huge catalogue of songs and their shows include a lot of variety, says Luzier. He explains that the current concert is split into three sections, playing older songs in the first section, their new songs in the second, and a mishmash in the third. In the past, Korn’s elaborate sets and stage props have included two huge oilrig replicas, laser shows, and stunning pyrotechnics. This time they have switched out the big sets for skinny modern lights and JumboTrons. “The cool thing about our band is we can go out and play a scaled down show and just play with nothing…With this band I fully believe that we can go out there with a couple lights on us and a good sounding front of house guy and really deliver a powerful show and that’s saying a lot, some bands hide behind pyro,” Luzier said. Like fans after their shows, touring for almost nine months has band members exhausted. They occasionally take breaks in between parts of the tour, and are never away from home for more then four or five weeks Luzier says. Those necessary breaks keep their passion alive. “We’re all very passionate about the music we play and we love going out and doing it. There are bands that sometimes we tour with that are like ‘oh God, not another show,’ we’re never

like that. Sure touring gets fatiguing, especially when your going to Asia and you’re dealing with 1,600 time changes and your not sleeping, it gets brutal but we really love it, we live for it,” said Luzier. “When we’re up there we give it everything we got, every night, not matter how jet legged we are or whatever,” he adds. Korn has always attempted to get closer to their fans, in 1998 they even produced their own weekly online TV show, documenting the making of music videos and their album and answering fan questions. They continue that frame of mind, now offering VIP packages through their tour, giving the opportunity for fans to meet the band, play video games with Davis Roadrunner photo and have a one-on-one drum lesson Metal heavy-weights, Korn, will play the EnCana events centre June 29. with Luzier. Luzier said that through whole record, so at first I was a little sketchy because obviously these packages he’s met a die-hard fan that has been to 47 Korn concerts. His drums lessons are always the drums are so massive and they have to be programmed…I booked and sometimes non-Korn fans will even book lessons just was ok as long as I got to play every thing live and that’s what we do,” Luzier said. because they admire his skill. During the writing process band members weren’t too conLuzier says that he’s a fan of other bands himself; he knows cerned with how their fans would react to the electronica influenchow it feels to meet an idol and appreciates all the fan support. “They are the reason you’re there, if it wasn’t for them going es, adopting a ‘you can’t please everybody’ attitude. Luzier says and buying your records, you wouldn’t even exist…It feels great, that they have lost fans and gained fans by producing the album. “It’s kind of cool to branch off, there’s risks involved of it feels amazing to do all of this, I just wanted to make a living course…You just gotta do what you believe in and stick with it playing and give back the feeling I got when going to a show…If I can do the same thing, then I’m fulfilling my goals,” Luzier said. and the people that have open minds are going to except it and In their latest album Korn has introduced electronica into their the people with closed minds are going to hope you make another signature metal sound. Davis has always been a dubstep fan, and record that sounds like what they want,” he said. Luzier says that the band is always working on music and is after his band mates heard a sample they started working on a few songs incorporating that genre and bringing in other dubstep art- adamant that Korn will produce another album in the future. “We’re going to keep going that’s for sure, no stopping in near ists to collaborate. sight…it’s just so awesome that everyone’s so passionate about “We thought that we were only going to write a four or five it and want to keep going and bringing it to the people,” he said. EP thing, but it evolved…The next thing you know you’ve got a

Vold, Jones & Vold Auction Co. Ltd. Jones‘MILE & VoldZERO Auction Co. Ltd. DAWSON CREEK Vold, AUCTION CITY’

Northeast BC

DAWSON ‘MILE ZERO CITY’ 301-116th Ave.CREEK DawsonAUCTION Creek, British Columbia Dawson Creek Office: 250-782-3766 VJV Main Office: 403-783-5561 Cattle Sales, Don 301-116th Ave. Dawson Creek, British Columbia Fessler: 250-719-5561 Fax: 250-782-6622

Dawson Creek Office: 250-782-3766 VJV Main Office: 403-783-5561 Cattle Sales, Don

Fessler: 250-719-5561 Fax: 250-782-6622 MARKET REpORT JUNE 7, 2012 CATTLE REPORT SLAUGHTER CATTLE On Thursday, June 7, 2012 246 head of cattle went through our ring SLAUGHTER CATTLE D1 - D2 Cows 75.00-81.00

395 head ofD3 cattle went through the ring of Dawson Creek Action on July 8, 2010 - D4 Cows 65.00-70.00 SALES EVERY THURSDAY! Holstein Cows N/A D1 - D2 Cows 53.00-56.00 Heiferettes 90.00-95.00 D3 - D4 Cows 48.00-53.00 Bologna Bulls 100.00-105.00 Holstein Cows 50.00-53.00 Feeder Bulls 95.00-100.00 Heiferettes 55.00-65.00 Good Bred Cows N/A Bologna Bulls 62.00-72.50 Good Bred Heifers N/A Feeder Bulls 65.00-70.00 Milk Cows N/A Good Bred Cows None Cow/ Calf Pairs (younger) 1400.00-1500.00 Good Bred Heifers None Cow/ Calf Pairs (older) N/A

Cow/ Calf Pairs Older Cows Milk Cows



Good Feeder Steers 1000 lbs Plus:



130.00-135.00 Heifers STOCKERS AND FEEDERS

Good Feeder Steers 900 lbs Plus:

Good Good Feeder Feeder Steers Steers 800 1000lbs lbsPlus: Plus: Good Feeder Feeder Steers Steers 700 900 lbs lbs Plus: Plus: Good Good Feeder Steers 800 lbs Plus: Good Feeder Steers 600 lbs Plus: Good Feeder Steers 700 lbs Plus: Good Good Feeder Feeder Steers Steers 500 600 lbs lbs Plus: Plus: Good Feeder Steers 500 lbs Plus: Good Feeder Steers 400 lbs Plus: Good Feeder Steers 400 lbs Plus: Good Feeder Steers 300 lbs Plus: Good Feeder Steers 300 lbs Plus:

135.00-140.00 N/A N/A 145.00-150.00 92.00-100.00 150.00-155.00 102.00-108.00 155.00-160.00 110.00-118.00 115.00-125.00 160.00-165.00 110.00-125.00 165.00-170.00 None

Heifers Heifers Heifers Heifers Heifers Heifers Heifers Heifers Heifers Heifers Heifers Heifers Heifers Heifers

95.00-100.00 120.00-125.00 125.00-130.00 N/A N/A 130.00-135.00 80.00-88.00 135.00-140.00 85.00-92.00 140.00-145.00 98.00-104.00 100.00-108.00 145.00-150.00 100.00-110.00 150.00-155.00 None

Sponsored By:

13th annual Fundraising Golf TournamenT Lone wolf Golf Club

friday, June 15, 2012 12 noon ShoTGun STarT

the 13th annual Crime stoppers Golf tournament will be a fun and fundraising day! all proceeds go to the operation of the Northeast BC Crime stoppers and stays in our communities!

$225 hole SponSorS • $200 SponSor • $100 Golfer sponsorship fees include the registration of oNe golfer and dinner afterwards! sponsors and their golfers are guaranteed a golfing spot. all cheques can be made payable to “Northeast BC Crime stoppers” hole sponsors will receive advertising on their designated course hole. every sponsor receives recognition and is eligible for our special sponsor Draw for a great office prize!

Northeast BC Crime stoppers would appreciate any giveaways or prizes you wish to donate. expect a fun day of golfing 18 holes of a best-ball foursome. Limited space is available so register today.

For More Information, Contact: Sandy Levac • Phone: 250-785-3993 or Email

Vold, Jones & Vold Auction Co. Ltd. Upcoming Sales: Vold, Jones &@ Vold10:00 Auction Co. Ltd. Sales Every Thursday a.m. DAWSON CREEK AUCTION ‘MILE ZERO CITY’ DAWSON CREEK AUCTION ‘MILE ZERO CITY’ 301-116thSale Ave. Dawson Creek, British Columbia Dawson Creek Office: Horse September 25/2010 301-116th Dawson British Columbia 250-782-3766Ave. VJV Main Office:Creek, 403-783-5561 Cattle Sales, Don Fessler: 250-719-5561 Fax: 250-782-6622 Dawson Creek Office: 250-782-3766 VJV Main Office: 403-783-5561 Cattle Sales, Don Fessler: 250-719-5561 Fax: 250-782-6622


1-800-222-8477 • www.CrimestoppersNeBC.Ca

Page 24

June 14, 2012

Northeast NEWS

Northeast NEWS Independent Plumbing & Heating “Growing the meet the needs of Fort St. John”


June 14, 2012

Page 25

We are currently looking for a Cashier / Sales Associate. Some plumbing, heating and electrical knowledge would be considered an asset but we are willing to train. To join OUR TEAM:

We offer competitive wages, benefits, working in a • Clean, fun-filled, family oriented atmoshphere • Monday to Saturday, “Home by 6:30pm” • Your role will be to provide outstanding customer service, from greetings to final sale, this will involve assessing customer needs, providing expert advice on available products, creating customer agreements for special orders, demonstrating feature and benefits on many products. • Valid driver’s licence required.

Notice of Public Hearing

LOOKING FOR WORK Experienced Class 1 truck Apply to Independent Plumbing & Heating driver to haul oil/water. 10020 - 93rd Ave., Fort St. John, BC V1J 6W4 - 250-785-6679 THE DISTRICT OF HUDSON’S HOPE Contract percentage driver. THE DISTRICT OF HUDSON’S HOPE NOTICENOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING Call 250-35-9490 (06/21) OF PUBLIC HEARING DISTRICT OF HUDSON’S HOPE Help Wanted FOR PROPOSED CITY OF FORT ST. JOHN · DISTRICT OF TAYLOR · DISTRICT OF HUDSON’S HOPE FOR PROPOSED DEVELOPMENT VARIANCE PERMITBox 330, 9904 Dudley Drive PEACE RIVER REGIONAL DISTRICT ELECTORAL AREAS “B” AND “C”: Hudson’s Hope, BC, V0C 1V0 Need Cash today? Payday Bylaw No. 813, 2012 Telephone: (250) 783-9901 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a PUBLIC HEARING will be held in the DISTRICT OF HUDSON’S loans up to $1000 using Fax: (250) 783-5741 NORTH PEACE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT COMMISSION HOPE COUNCIL CHAMBERS, 9904 Dudley Drive, on MONDAY, October 24, 2011, at 7:00 pm, to employment.CTB, EI or NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a PUBLIC HEARING will   allow the public to make verbal or written representation to Council with respect to the following REQUEST FOR EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST For a NOTICE OF OF PUBLIC HEARING Proposed Variance. be heldDevelopment in the DISTRICT HUDSON’S HOPE COUNCIL   Pension or Collateral Loans REGIONAL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT OFFICER FOR PROPOSED CHAMBERS, 9904 Dudley Drive, on Monday, June 25, 2012 Bylaw No. 813, 2012 A) i) “DEVELOPMENT VARIANCE PERMIT APPLICATION” up to $ 10,000 using almost NORTH PEACE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT COMMISSION at 7:00 p.m. to allow the public to make verbal or written repThe North Peace Economic Development Commission is seeking the services of a seasonedNOTICE indi- IS HEREBY GIVEN that a PUBLIC HEARING will be held in the DISTRICT OF HUDSON’S HOPE any vehicle! Cash Factory outside The intent of this proposed development variance permit is to amend the REQUEST FOR EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST resentation Council respect to the following proposed COUNCIL CHAMBERS, 9904to Dudley Drive,with on Monday, June 25,parcel 2012 at 7:00 p.m. to allow the publicright-of-way to vidual to manage and coordinate the economic development initiatives of the North Peace Economic setback requirements for the exterior line along Fredette Avenue Loans also offers cheque For a make verbal orZONING written representation to Council BYLAW with respectNO.813, to the following AMENDMENT 2012proposed ZONING from 3 meters to 1.5 meters for Development Commission. The Commission, established by bylaw of the Peace River RegionalAMENDMENT DisBYLAW NO.813, 2012 REGIONAL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT OFFICER 1. This Bylaw shall be cited as the “Zoning Amendment Bylaw cashing, tax returns and trict works for the member municipalities and electoral areas of the North Peace which include Elec• as Lotthe 2 “Zoning Block2 Amendment Section 19Bylaw Township 812012”. Range 24 West of the 6 th meridian No.shall 813,be2012”. 1. This Bylaw cited No. 813, Western Union! 10243toral Area ‘B’, Electoral Area ‘C’, the District of Hudson’s Hope, The District of Taylor and the City PRDP 1679 The North Peace Economic Development Commission is seeking the services of a 2. Zoning Bylaw No.amended 750 is as hereby amended as follows: 2. Zoning Bylaw No. 750 is hereby follows: 100th St beside Home of Fort St. John collectively to deliver initiatives supporting economic development throughout the seasoned individual to manage and coordinate the economic development a) byThis amending the existing zoning of line RU2 would make the setback of thedesignation exterior parcel the(Rural same as the setback allowed a) by amending the existing zoning designation of RU2 (Rural 2) to I1 (Light Industrial) for the or 250-787-8811 North Peace region. Furniture an interior parcel line. initiatives of the North Peace Economic Development Commission. The Commission, following 2) to for I1 lands: (Light Industrial) for the following lands: established by bylaw of the Peace River Regional District works for the member Parcel SERVICES Parcel Identifier: 013-989-855 013-989-855 Working from the North Peace Business Resource Fort St.which John, the Regional EconomicArea Parcel Identifier: BlockBlock 7, Section 19, Township 81, Range 25, Peace River District municipalities and electoral areas of theCentre NorthinPeace include Electoral ParcelAA(R33952) (R33952) 7, Section 19, Township 81,W6M, Range Residential cleaner, 1679, Except Plans H733 27536 and PGP36402 Development Officer will manage and coordinate the dayHope, to day The business activities of theand Commis‘B’, Electoral Area ‘C’, the District of Hudson’s District of Taylor the City Plan 25, W6M, Peace River District Plan 1679, Except Plans H733 Dawson Creek area. 25 sion meetSt.theJohn goals collectively and objectivesto of the Northinitiatives Peace of to Fort deliver supporting economic development 27536 and PGP36402 years experience, bondEconomic Development Commission. throughout the North Peace region. able, efficient, thorough. This positionfrom will the be responsible for attracting, supporting theSt. regions Working North Peace Businessexpanding Resourceand Centre in Fort John,commercial, the Regional Excellent references. Call industrial and public enterprisesOfficer to positively affect the economic health of the the North Peace Economic Development will manage and coordinate day to dayregion. business Christie 25-786-0209 (06 The Regionalof Economic DevelopmenttoOfficer andand implement an overall and stratactivities the Commission meetwill thecreate goals objectives of vision the North Peace /21) egy for economic development Commission. within the North Peace region, promoting the North Peace region Economic Development Services as a superior location for business and industry. As Regional Economic Development Officer, you will identify and will establish economic development opportunities in the region and assist in the securing This position be responsible for attracting, expanding and supporting regions Beverly A. MacLean, B.A., funding for various activitiesand and public programs. Working closely with businesses, government and the commercial, industrial enterprises to positively affect the economic health B.Ed., T.E.S.L. English community, you will seek to expandThe investment through business Development attraction and retention, wellcreate as of the North Peace region. Regional Economic Officeraswill Tutoring in : English Social and implement an overall vision and strategy for economic development within the new commercial initiatives. Studies $ from theElementary: North Peace region, promoting the North Peace region as a superior location forA copy of the proposed development variance documents may be inspected or obtained A copy of the proposed documents may be inspected District of Hudson’s Hope Municipal Office, located at 9904 Dudley Drive, Monday to Friday between industry. As Regional Economic Development Officer, you willinidentify 20.00 per hour Junior High/ Asbusiness the ideal and candidate, you have extensive business development and leadership experience the the hours of 8:30 am and 4:30 pm, October 11 -24, 2011. or obtained from the District of Hudson’s Hope Municipal and sector. establish economic development in the region andelected assist in public You have a solid track record workingopportunities with a range of stakeholders including Secondary: $25.00 per Office, located at 9904 Dudley Drive, or on our website securing funding variousstaff, activities programs. Working closely and appointed officials,for investors, and theand community at large. Additionally, youwith havebusinesses, a good hour Call: 250 262 4204 at Abusiness copy government the community, you through will seek to past expand understanding of and governance practices gained your work investment with Boards through of Directors. A of the proposed documents may be inspected or obtained from the District of Hudson’s Hope Municipal Office, located Hours at 9904 Dudley Drive, orto onFriday our website at District are Monday 8:30am – 4:30pm (06/14) attraction and retention, as well as new commercial initiatives.

Employment Opportunity

proactive, collaborative, and engaging approach to business development is required, in addition to your excellent communication, financial and project management expertise. The ideal candidate Asbethe ideal candidate, you have as extensive leadership will visible both internally and externally you work business with local development businesses, other and communities, experience the public sector.senior You government, have a solid track record with apublic. range of elected officials,in industry associations, community groupsworking and the general stakeholders including elected and appointed officials, investors, staff, and the at degree large.and Additionally, you of have a and good understanding of ingovernance Incommunity addition to your at least ten years private public sector experience business practices through your past work Boards of Directors. A planning proactive, and economic gained development, you have honed your publicwith speaking, presentation, business collaborative, and engaging approach to business development is required, and budgeting skills. A progressive manager of people and resources, you have earned a reputation in your excellent communication, financial and project management foraddition producing to results. expertise. The ideal candidate will be visible both internally and externally as you work The expression of interest should include: Page 1 of 2 • Your qualifications in the field of economic development and related activities including previous experience; • Administrative and project management experience; and • A list of your previous achievements in the field with suitable references. Closing date: Friday, June 22, 2012 The Regional Economic Development Officer’s position has a six month probationary period. Interested parties should submit their Expressions of Interest “in confidence” via email to: The North Peace Economic Development Commission Email: If you require further information in regard to our expectations, please contact or 250-785-5969 We wish to express our appreciation to all applicants for their interest and effort in applying for this position and advise that only candidates selected for interviews will be contacted.

District Office Hours are Monday to Friday 8:30am – 4:30pm

ARC Resources Ltd. is a leading edge oil and gas company with operations across Western Canada. An industry leader, socially responsible operator, and key contributor to the communities in which we work, ARC has consistently delivered top performance and measureable results since inception in 1996.

Field Operators • Dawson Area Operations • Parkland Area Operations Our Dawson Creek Area and Parkland Area Operations teams are currently seeking field operators. You will be responsible for the safe and efficient performance of wells and facilities in the area. Ideally, you will have experience in the operation of sour gas facilities including amine sweetening systems, acid gas compression and injection, and gas refrigeration systems. You are an enthusiastic team player with a willingness to learn and grow, and have strong organizational and computer literacy skills. Directly related experience in the operation of wells and facilities is considered an asset. Please submit your resume online, no later than June 15, 2012, to: We thank you for your interest; however, only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.

www. A R C R E S O U R C E

Page 26

Office for Rent Office space for rent on ground floor in the Professional Building 1200 103 Ave Dawson Creek. Call 250-219-1434 (TFN) For Sale Jandel Homes. Volume buy, huge savings. Limited time only, will deliver in Spring. 1.877.504.5005 (TFN) Crane Mats - Crane Mats - Hardwood Wedges, Pipeline Blocking, call 604-462-7517 (TFN) FOR SALE AVON: www. hanaback REGAL: Email Wood Furniture 100% Solid wood and rustic furniture. Log home renovations and sealants. call Lisa in FSJ 250.263.7765 or Doug in Hudson’s Hope Call 250.783.9156 (yrly)

For REnt Li-Car Management Group Now taking applications for Li-Car Group 1, 2 and 3Management bedroom units. Li-Car Management Now taking applications for

2 and 3 bedroom or one of1, our managers! Group isProfessional nowSiteunits. taking Alpine- Bruce 250-785-1852 • Bona Vista - Natasha 250-787-1075 or oneBob of our Professional Site1, managers! Sandalwood250-262-2011 • HillcrestGlen2250-261-4216 applications for and AlpineBruce Bob 250-785-1852 • Bona Vista - Natasha 250-787-1075 Driftwood250-262-2011 • MelsherSandalwoodBob HillcrestGlen 250-261-4216 MaplewoodBob 250-262-2011 • Graham3 bedroom units, DriftwoodBob250-262-2011 250-262-2011•Ambassador• Melsher- Sandra 250-261-6516 Killarney- Bob MaplewoodBob|G250-262-2011 reen Glen250-262-2011 Contact ourBob• Grahamoffice for Killarney- Bob 250-262-2011 •Ambassador- Sandra 250-261-6516 more |Greeninformation! GlenBob 250-262-2011 Email: Phone Email:250-785-2662 Email:

For REnt

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tem Mall ohn, BC

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d doors



Home Evaluation Cleaning Service FREE Quick OVER-THE- Quality Service Cleaning NET Home Evaluation www. Honest, Reliable,Respectful and Bondable,.References (06/14) available For Appointment Business call Anja in Fort St. John at Opportunity Heading Need Extra 250-787-9441 Novelty Income? Operate a MiniBills Books & Bargains We Office Outlet from home buy your Antiques, colcomputer. (06/14) lectibles, Adult magazines, Books and coins. Open Massage 12pm to 7:00 pm Mon to For your aches or pains try Sat phone 250-785-2660 Thai massage, Deep tissue Services massage, Reflexology Call Picture shipping boxes and Anja or Leo at 250-787free frames MasterPeace 9441 Guaranteed Results Framing 9422 - 100st Fort Services St. John B.C 250-785-9099 General Excavating Farm for Sale Concrete Breaking Call Farm For Sale Three 250-843-7464 Fetch a Dog From the Shelter! Bedroom House and Shop Services 15x124 On 160 Acres The BC SPCA cares for thousands of Stumps Chipped & Ground, 3947 Baldonnel Road orphaned, abandoned and abused dogs No each (06Heavy year. If you Equipment can give a homeless Call 250-788-9531 Fits GardenatGate dog Through a second chance happiness, Trucks / 4x4 pleaseDale visit your local shelter today. Call 250-783-5274 Need cash today? Cash

Directory For Sale

construction service

Extreme Venture

British •Northeast Masonary • Framing • Decks Columbia

business& professional want to

St. John Call our office 250-785-2829 woodwork or Visit locksmith Locksmith


9708-108 St Fort St John

Directory call

FisherAiden LogMosselman Works Construction • Masonary • Framing • Decks • New construction Ltd.

MadelineColumbia Scott • FIRERINGS • Roofing • Ceramic Tile Refinishing Northeast BritishSIGNS

John (250) 263-4858

G X 75 riding mower Call 250-785-3117 (06/14)

Yard sale Yard Sale Saturday June 16 Only No Early Birds 9711 - 105 ave Fort St John. (06/14)

Fetch a Dog From the Shelter! The BC SPCA cares for thousands of orphaned, abandoned and abused dogs each year. If you can give a homeless dog a second chance at happiness, please visit your local shelter today.

want to

The BC SPCA cares for thousands

advertise in


of orphaned, Automotive Chipped abandoned Transponder Keys and abused dogs each Available

business& professional 250-261-2173 250-785-6409 CLASSIFIEDS construction. Ask us about Passive House offered Accounting

please visit your local advertise inshelter today.


Help Wanted


Northeast NEWS

9708-108 St Fortbusiness St John the

advertising wrought iron directory?

PART-TIME MERCHANDISER Glass - 250-787-8888 Plaza. 100 Winner St / 101 Ave. in Powerhouse 2009 People’s Choice Award Retail 10267 West Bypass, Fort Fort St. John, BC Call 250- Services has an opening Ph: 250-263-0886 31-9600 93rd Ave, Totem Mall John, BC . (TFN) 263-1244 (08/18) 9708-108 St Fort St John Fx:St.250-785-1585 Fort St. John, BC for a merchandiser to serHelp Wanted For Sale vice our clients in Fort St. Deesta is looking for Glass an For Sale: 2007 Ford F150 wrought glass John & Dawson iron Creek, experienced Davidson Edition BC for part-time week2009 People’shairstylist. Choice Award WinnerHarley◉ Windshields Home of the ten minute 4x4. Deep Amethyst exteday hours between 9:00 SIGNS • FIRERINGS ◉ Custom Showers color. Phone: 250-263- rior color, black leather in- AM – 5:00 PM. Excellent RAILINGS • GATES ◉ Flooring 9963 (TFN) terior. Comes with LineX opportunity for additional In Home Consultations ◉ Windows and doors Help Wanted*Free boxliner, after market headDozer and excavator lights and taillights, satel- work for an existing rep phone: (250) 787.7030 or anyone working part *Free In Home operators required forConsultations Brenda Piper• Sales Lisa MacElheren Fax 250.787.7090 toll free: 1.877.787.7030 lite radio, power moonroof, time. Retail /merchandisa busy Alberta Oilfield Kristine Budac 6 disc CD Changer., 22” Advertising Sales Dawson Creek, B.C. 9909-100th avenue PHONE: 250.789.9157 Construction Company. ing experience preferred. tires. For more information, CELL: 250.261.5917 fort st john, bc V1J 1Y4 We require operators that Must provide own trans9708-108 St Fort St John EMAIL: 9708-108 St Fortplease St Johncall 250 219 0423. are experienced and prefportation & internet. INQUIRIES erence will be given to SERIOUS Email: sukhi@poweroperators that have con- ONLY PLEASE!! (TFN) Fax: structed oilfield roads and For Sale 1-866-847-0068. (08/25) Locksmith drilling locations.You will Accounting & Taxes

Get your message SIGNS • FIRERINGS call 250-785-640 9 Fisher Log Works home.

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Directory If you can give a • MASTERyear. KEY SYSTEMS • LOCKOUThomeless BOARDS dog a second • PADLOCKS want to chance at happiness,

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General Contracting RAILINGS • GATES Bookkeeping & Income Tax Specializing in energy efficient

PHONE: 250.789.9157 Ph: Page250-263-0886 24 August 18, 2011 Scott Madeline 31-9600 93rd Ave, Totem Mall CELL: 250.261.5917 Fx: 250-785-1585 Fort St. John, BC Bookkeeping & Income EMAIL:Tax

Fetch a Dog From the Shelter!

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• • Slate • Granite • Siding • Chinking Staining • Concrete Parging • Fence • Stairs and Railings • Gazebos • Construction Service Andrew Blaney Justin McKnight John (250) 263-4858 250-785-1490 250-785-8221 Business, Farming and personal Bookkeeping Fort St. John, BC

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Phone: 250-782-7060PHONE: 250.789.9157 Call 250-787-7030 CELL: 250.261.5917 EMAIL:

IT’S A gIrl accounting & taxes Kodi alexandria locksmith Short pieces of pipe 7” to For Sale

pipe pieces JOHN DEERE


No Charge DELIVERY BC & Ab. Coquitlam Chrysler DL#7557


construction service

50-785-640 9 50-785-640 22 9

Truck frame for bales Misc;

dog a second chance at

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Apply today!! dogs each year. If you can give a Drive Today!!

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and collectibles in Cecil Lake


Townhouses John (250) 263-4858 & Duplexes


Loans offers payday loans up to $1000 using employment, CTB, EI, or Pension, or Collateral Loans $10,000 using FetchupatoDog almost any vehicle 10243From the Shelter! 100th St beside Home The BC SPCA caresor for250-787-8811 thousands of Furniture

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Northeast NEWS


June 14, 2012

want to advertise in

Northeast NEWS SERVICES Room to Park Your RV 5th Wheel, Motor Home Just Off The Swanson Lumber Road with Power Plug In Quiet, Private & Secure. Call 250-785-1899 (06/21) LOOKING FOR ATTENTION RANCHERS 3 Kids want to Buy and Raise your Orphan Calves. We can pick them up. Call 250-788-1806 (06/21) LOST Lost- A small bags of rings between April and May in Dawson Creek . Reward offered. Call Linda at 250242-5358. (06/27) Massage MASSAGE Nim’s Traditional Thai Massage 250-793-2335 Massage Service Only No House Calls (06/27) Services Rhubarb to Roses Garden Centre Open May 1 October 31 10865 -225 Road (Mile 3 Old Hart Hwy) Dawson Creek, BC 250782-2269 (06/27)


Eavestroughing & Siding

June 14, 2012

Page 27

Busy Salon, The Hair Bin requires Full Time Experienced Hairstylists minimum 2 years experience Starting wage $13.60 per hour

• Specializing in 5” Eavestroughing

• Siding

Apply with resume to the Hair Bin, 10442 100 Street, Fort St. John, B.C. e-mail Call 250-787-1552 Ask for Marnie or Lorraine People’s Choice Award Winning Salon

Ben Beifort •in: Cell: 250-261-8216 Specializing Box 84, Montney, B.C. V0C 1Y0 ✓ Siding ✓ 5” Eavestroughing Call Ben:


Finding that perfect fit begins here:

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Target your market, or cover it completely. The Employee Recruitment Campaign Covers these key areas: Prince George, BC • North Central BC Kamloops, BC • Edmonton, AB With over 305,900 potential employees, you’re almost guaranteed to find the right person!

Northeast News

New Enthusiastic Management of Fort Motors requires a Salesperson

due to overwhelming sales volume success. Come sell the #1 Product at the #1 Market Share Dealership in the North Peace. Above Average Compensation Great Benefit Package for the ideal candidate.

Send Resume to Corey, General Sales Manager Email: Or apply in person

Edmonton Vue

Postal delivered to over 20,000 homes in 28 communities in Northern BC.

Picked up by 23,000 Edmonton, AB residents.

Big North

Prince George Welcomes You is now

Prince George Free Press Carrier delivered to over 28,000 homes and businesses in the Prince George BC.


Big North Press

CPostal delivered to over 34,000 homes in 36 communities in North Central BC.

For more information, give us a call today!

FORT MOTORS LTD 1-866-282-8330 • • 11104 Alaska Road, Fort St. John

Build your legacy by helping us build ours.

It’s not easy to find employees like you – the hard working, driven, ambitious leaders we need to make our company grow. We’re Quinn Construction and Contracting, and if you haven’t heard of us yet, you will soon. We’re a company specializing in evolving industries like oil, gas and petrochemical plant maintenance, turnarounds, shutdowns and capital projects.And we’re growing fast. To do that, we need people with passion and ambition who are ready to drive their careers forward and make a name for themselves. We are currently filling supervisory and safety positions in Central and Northern Alberta. All positions are for long-term maintenance or construction projects starting as soon as June 2012: Project Managers Field Coordinators Quality Assurance/Control

Site Coordinators Field Safety Advisors Payroll/Billing Administrators

We reward our leaders with attractive shift schedules, professional growth opportunities, job security, work-life balance and competitive compensation plans. For more information on job opportunities, call our HR Hotline at 1-855-885-6233 or send your resume to and quote job #EXP12-001. Apply now.

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12-06-08 12:57 PM

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June 14, 2012

Northeast NEWS

UPCOMING Dawson Creek • Dawson Creek Toastmasters meets every Thursday at 7pm at Farmer’s Advocacy Office 1032 103 Ave (Front door on 11 st.) Contact Heather at 250-784-5700 or 780-353-3050. Farmington • SUMMER PICNIC MATTHEW’S PARK – FARMINGTON SATURDAY, JUNE 23, 2012 11:30 AM ONWARDS HOTDOGS & BEVERAGES WILL BE PROVIDED - PLEASE BRING A SALAD OR DESSERT TO SHARE *CHILDREN’S GAMES* *HORSESHOES* *BASEBALL (BRING YOUR GLOVE!)* Fort St. John • 4H Achievment Days at North Pine Fair Grounds on Friday and Saturday July 20-21. Beef, sheep & Swine Sale at 5 p.m. on Saturday. • Gradfest 2012 needs volunteers- npssgradfest@gmail. com • North Peace Horticultural Society is having their annual Garden Tour on July 15 from 10am - 4pm. Tickets are available at the Museum one week prior and on the day of the event. • British Home Child Memory Quilt Exhibit - Between 1869 and 1948, 100 000 British Home Children were sent to Canada by church groups, orphanages, and workhouses to work on farms or as domestic help. These groups thought that poor and abandoned children would have a better life in Canada than on the street and in the workhouses of Britain. Many thrived in Canada but others suffered abuse, poor working conditions, and loneliness. 2010 was designated as the Year of the British Home Child. Three quilts were made in Canada with squares submitted by descendents of these British Home Children. This quilt comes to us from Alberta and was lovingly put together by Hazel Perrier, a descendent of British Home Children. It depicts the experiences of these children across the country. On display until the end of August at the Fort St. John North Peace

Destination Fort St. John

Shopping Weekend - Friday & Saturday

$99.00 for Double Occupancy Rooms include FREE breakfast, Movies, Kids Stay Free and Roustabout Discount Card for the Whole Family!

Phone 1-877-355-3500 Now Open!

Museum, 9323 – 100th Street. Open Monday to Saturday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information call 250-787-0430. • Saturday June 16 from 9 am to 3 pm Museum Yard Sale at the Fort St. John North Peace Museum (9323 – 100th Street.) Come support your local museum and find great treasures. For more information call 250-787-0430. Donations welcome. We will not be accepting large appliances. • Sunday, June 24 at 2 p.m. Furrows in the Sky: A Book Presentation by Jay Sherwood Come and join Jay Sherwood at the Fort St. John North Peace Museum for a presentation on his latest book – Furrows in the Sky: A Biography of Gerry Andrews. Gerry Andrews was a school teacher in the Peace Region, a forester, a soldier, and British Columbia’s longest serving Surveyor General. Andrews surveyed by taking aerial photographs of the terrain. He described this process as “ploughing photographic furrows up and down the sky at 16,000 feet.” Copies of this book are available in the Museum Gift Shop. Fort St. John North Peace Museum 9323 – 100th Street. For more information, contact the Museum at 250-787-0430 ONGOING Fort St. John • The Fort St. John Public Library is offering Free Computer Skills Training Sessions. These are one-on-one, one hour sessions, where you can learn at your own pace. You can learn what you are interested in learning and how you want to learn it. Areas covered can include, but are not limited to, basic computer skills, using the internet, office skills, email and social networking. Call the Fort St. John Public Library at 250-7853731 to register or find out more. • Ft. St. John Parkinson’s Support Group Parkinson Society British Columbia People living with Parkinson’s disease, caregivers and family members are warmly invited to the Ft. St. John Parkinson’s Support Group. Join others in your community to share information and resources, coping strategies, ideas for living well with PD, good humour, social support and more. Last Wednesday of the month at 11:00 am McDonald’s Restaurant 10920 Alaska Road North Ft. St. John, BC Note: there is no meeting in December For more information please contact: Sarah at 250 785 7348 • The Fort St. John Literacy Society offers free one-to-one tutoring for people who want to improve their reading, writing or math skills. We also offer free English as a Second Language classes and one-to-tutoring for people learning English. Contact 250-785-2110 or for more information. • S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Northern B.C. Newcomers Integration Service Centre is a non-profit organization in Fort St. John. Our Settlement Program provides information, orientation, assessment, referral and service linking, educational workshops and short term adaptation counselling to immigrants. The program also offers assistance with form completion, correspondence between clients and service providers, navigating immigration processes including sponsorship applications, obtaining permanent residence cards and applying for citizenship. Bridging services are provided to a variety of community and government service agencies and organizations. Service is available in English and Spanish. The Settlement Program is located at: #211 10142-101st Ave (Execuplace building). From 8:30-4:30 p.m. Phone # 250-785-5323 Ext 22. • ROTARY PLAY CENTRE SCHEDULE AT THE CDC, 10417 – 106 Ave., Fort St. John. Tel. (250) 785-3200. Mon. 9:00 to 12:00, Tues. 12:30 to 3:30 Gym Time 2-2:30, Wed. 9:00 to 12:00, Thurs. 9:00 to 12:00 Gym Time 10:30-11, Fri.

2012 F-150 XLT SUPER CAB $


349 4.99 **


12:30 to 2:30 Gym Time 2-2:30. Outdoor Play - We’ll be taking advantage of nice weather-please come prepared. Schedule may change slightly due to holidays and special events. • StrongStart is a free drop-in learning program for children aged 0 – 5 and their parent/caregiver. A qualified Early Childhood educator is on-site. Duncan Cran StrongStart 8130 89 Avenue (250) 787-0417. Monday 8:30 – 11:30, Tuesday 12:30 – 3:00, library 1:00 – 1:30, Wednesday 8:30 – 11:30, Thursday 8:30 – 11:30, Friday 8:30 – 11:30, gym 8:45 – 9:45.Robert Ogilvie StrongStart 9907 86 Street (250) 785-3704. Monday 12:30 – 3:00, library time, Tuesday 8:30 – 11:30, Wednesday 8:30 – 11:30, Thursday 12:30 – 3:00, gym time, Friday 8:30 – 11:30, (alternating Fridays 12:30 – 3:00). Hudson’s Hope StrongStart 10441 Holland Street (250) 783-9994. Mon/Wed/ Friday 9:00 – 12:00, Tuesday/Thursday 1:30 – 4:30, gym time. StrongStart Outreach, Charlie Lake Elementary, Mondays 9:00 – 11:30 Mile 52 Alaska Hwy (250) 785-2025. Taylor Elementary, Mondays, 1:00 – 3:30 9808 Birch Avenue E (250) 789-3323. Prespatou Elementary, Tuesdays 9:30 – 12:30 22113 Triad Rd (250) 785-2025. Clearview Elementary, Thursdays 9:00 – 12:00 223 Rd (250) 781-3333. • Words on Wheels Bus - Traveling lending library and on-board stories, songs and interactive play. Parent resources available. Wednesdays and Fridays, September – June. See web-site for current stops. • Toastmasters International Club of Fort St. John meets from 7 - 8:30 p.m. every Thursday evening at Northern Lights College, Room 105. Learn valuable communication & leadership skills.  Contact Claire Seidler at 250-787-9697 or Gayle Wagner at 250-785-3991 for more information. • Rocky Mountain Rangers Army Cadets meet at 6:30 PM each Wednesday night at the Royal Canadian Legion on 102nd and 105 Ave. If you are between 12 and 18 years old please drop in or call us at 250-787-5323. • Alcoholics Anonymous - If you think you might have a problem with drinking, come to an AA meeting. Call for times and places or someone to talk to (250) 785-8866. • Fort St. John Multiple Sclerosis support group. If you or anyone you know has MS and have any questions or just need to talk, please call Susie at (250) 785-2381 or Sandi at (250) 787-2652. • A Youth Relapse Prevention Group may be held weekly, in the afternoons at Mental Health and Addiction Services, #300 9900 – 100 Ave. For more information call Chris or Shaun at (250) 262-5269. • “Butterfly Families – Families Supporting Families” is open to all caregivers of children and youth with Special Needs. We meet the third Wednesday of every month at the Child Development Centre from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., 10408 105 Avenue. Does your child have learning, behavior or other complex special needs? Would you like to connect with other caregivers? Child minding available but please call ahead a few days before the meeting. Call (250) 785-3200 for more information. • Pregnancy tests, pregnancy options, peer-counselling and support are available at the North Peace Pregnancy Care Centre. New location at #208 10139 100 Street (above TD Bank). Drop in hours Monday and Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and Tuesday from noon to 4 p.m. or to make an appointment call our 24 hour hotline at (250) 262-1280. All services are free and completely confidential.

9.7L /100km 29MPG HWY*** 13.4L/100km 21MPG CITY***








Offer includes $1,600 freight & air tax and $8,500 manufacturer rebate. †

F-150 XLT Super Cab with optional equipment shown


WISE BUYERS READ THE LEGAL COPY: Vehicle(s) may be shown with optional equipment. Dealer may sell or lease for less. Limited time offers. Offers may be changed or cancelled at any time without notice. Dealer order or transfer may be required as inventory may vary by dealer. See your Ford Dealer for complete details or call the Ford Customer Relationship Centre at 1-800-565-3673. **Until July 3, 2012, lease a new 2012 F-150 XLT Super Cab 4X4 3.7L and get 4.99% lease annual percentage rate (LAPR) financing for up to 36 months on approved credit (OAC) from Ford Credit. Not all buyers will qualify for the lowest LAPR payment. Lease a vehicle with a value of $38,999 at 4.99% LAPR for up to 36 months with $2,550 down or equivalent trade in, monthly payment is $349, total lease obligation is $15,114 and optional buyout is $15,990. Offer includes Manufacturer Rebate of $8,500. Taxes payable on full amount of lease financing price after Manufacturer Rebate is deducted. Offers include freight and air tax of $1,600, but exclude variable charges of license, fuel fill charge, insurance, dealer PDI (if applicable), registration, PPSA, administration fees and charges, any environmental charges or fees, and all applicable taxes. Additional payments required for PPSA, registration, security deposit, NSF fees (where applicable), excess wear and tear, and late fees. Some conditions and mileage restrictions of 60,000 km over 36 months apply. A charge of 16 cents per km over mileage restrictions applies, plus applicable taxes. Manufacturer Rebates can be used in conjunction with most retail consumer offers made available by Ford of Canada at either the time of factory order or delivery, but not both. Manufacturer Rebates are not combinable with any fleet consumer incentives. All prices are based on Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price. †††Until July 3, 2012, Security Deposit payment is waived on a lease (Red Carpet leases, on approved credit from Ford Credit) of a new 2012 or 2013 model (excluding Shelby GT 500, Boss 302, Boss 302 Laguna Seca, E-Series, Transit Connect Electric, F-150 Raptor, F-Series Chassis Cabs, Medium trucks). Security Deposit may be required by Ford Credit based on customer credit terms and conditions. †Until July 3, 2012, receive $8,500 in Manufacturer Rebates with the purchase or lease of a new 2012 F-150 Super Cab and Super Crew non-5.0L (all Raptor, GT500, BOSS302, and Medium Truck models excluded). This offer can be used in conjunction with most retail consumer offers made available by Ford of Canada at either the time of factory order or delivery, but not both. Manufacturer Rebates are not combinable with any fleet consumer incentives. ***Estimated fuel consumption ratings for model shown: 2012 F-150 4X4 3.7L V6: [13.4L/100km (21MPG) City, 9.7L/100km (29MPG) Hwy]. Fuel consumption ratings based on Transport Canada approved test methods. Actual fuel consumption will vary based on road conditions, vehicle loading, vehicle equipment, and driving habits. ©2012 Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited. All rights reserved.

DOCKET # FNB-ALI-T-26188-3_Rev2







Northeast NEWS

June 14, 2012

Page 29





Body Builders shape up for competition





FORT ST. JOHN - Today’s Techniques presented the 11th Annual Northern Classic. Body builders from around the province came to the Energetic City to compete in multiple categories like, men’s heavy weight, middle weight and light weight. As well as women’s heavy weight, best poser and physique. The competition took place on Jun. 9 at the North Peace Cultural Centre.


SATELLITE INTERNET NEEDED TO BE FASTER AND MORE AFFORDABLE. NOW IT’S BOTH. Our new 4G satellite has launched and is light-years ahead of its predecessors. Now, you can get the fast, affordable Internet service you and your family need. Ready to go fast? Buckle-up!

Just $54.99/mth for speeds up to 1.5 Mbps.2 Includes 10 GB of Monthly usage. $249 One time Activation Fee with a 3-yr contract. CANADA’S 4G SATELLITE BROADBAND SERVICE, ONLY FROM XPLORNET.


Rick Noble Installations 1.855.869.5138 Andrew’s Computer Service 1.855.881.8370


Kyla Corpuz photos

Top to bottom: Tim Estergaard took home overall men’s category winner and mutant award, which is a recognition of excessive development in muscularity; Karen Mahar won in the women’s heavy weight division and best post; Duska Korda from Fort St. John scored best women’s physique.

1 Limited time offer, subject to availability. Offer subject to change without notice and cannot be combined with any other offer unless otherwise specified. Early termination fees apply. Activation fees apply. If installation requirements go beyond the scope of a basic installation, additional fees may apply. Subject to site check. Site check fee may apply. See dealer for details. 2Actual speed online may vary with your technical configuration, Internet traffic, server and other factors. Traffic management policies apply to all packages. For complete details of our traffic management policies, visit A router is required for multiple users and is not provided or supported by Xplornet. For complete details of Xplornet’s 30-day money-back guarantee, visit Xplornet® is a trademark of Xplornet Communications Inc. © Xplornet Communications Inc., 2012.

NORTHEAST NEWS_HTV_NTL_5.813x11.429_2C.indd 1



5/31/12 4:04 PM

Page 30


June 14, 2012

Miss Quincy plays hometown

By Kyla Corpuz FORT ST. JOHN – Bluesy, folk artist Miss Quincy is no stranger to the road. After playing two months in Europe she’s ready to entertain a familiar place. “This is a special show because I’m coming back to my home town,” said Miss Quincy. “I grew up on the banks of the Peace River and I lived there until I graduated high school [at] North Peace Secondary School.” photo She’s bringing her all-girl trio The Miss Quincy (middle) and The Showdown. Showdown to North Peace Cultural Centre to mark the release of her second full-length album Like The Devil Does. “…Not only is it a CD release for us but … we’re just making it a really fun event.” On Jun. 21 at 6:30 p.m. the rooftop of the Cultural Centre will host a cocktail soiree with hors d’oeuvre. The show starts at 8 p.m. and tickets are limited for a more intimate show. “We’re gonna have everyone up close and personal and capping it at 100 tickets,” said Miss Quincy. The audience will be close to the stage instead of seated in the audience chairs. “We like to make our shows events rather than just sitting in the audience listening to music. We like it to be a party or an event of some sort.” Hailing from the Peace region this isn’t the first time she’s graced the stage at NPCC. “When I was young I used to sing in the choir as a student, so it’s fun to come back and play … it’s a venue that has a lot of meaning to me.” Miss Quincy said she’s been playing music since she can remember. “It’s always been a part of me.” It’s evident music is Miss Quincy’s life. Globetrotting to perform and entertain is all she’s known for the past five years. “It’s a way of life, it’s all encompassing. It’s your life, it’s your lifestyle, not just a concert.” She describes her latest record as a “natural progression.” “It’s more electric, it’s more bluesy,” she said. “There’s more continuity and I think my songwriting matured.” 10611-101 Ave., FORt St. JOhN Another new aspect fans can expect to see at Miss Quincy’s show is the addition of two female musicians, together they make up Miss Quincy and The Showdown. • Belts • Body Jewellery • Necklaces Your “We’re taking this project all over the world,” she said. “I re• Patches • Stickers • Wallets ally wanted to create a band that was made up of all women and Antiques, that the focus was all music, I wanted it to be a trio so that every• Novelty Pipes • Knives • Toques Collectibles, body who plays in the band is incredibly necessary. So I formed Adult • Zippo Lighters • Buckles • Flags this band with players that are really, really good.” Magazines, • Rings • T-shirt’s • Gift Sets Canadian artist Corin Raymond will open up the show, and loBooks and cal artist Jodie Ponto’s work will also be showcased. Coins Tickets are available at the North Peace Cultural Centre for Open Mon-Sat 12pm to 7pm • 10611 - 101 Avenue, Fort St. John $30, which includes the rooftop soiree and show. Miss Quincy and The Showdown will also perform at Sweetwater 905 in Rolla.



We Buy

& More!



Real Estate • Business • Criminal Companies • Wills & Estates

Give us a call: (250)785-8033 9830 - 110 Avenue, Fort St. John, BC V1J 2T1 Fax: (250) 785-4346

Keeginaw Preschool

Now Accepting Applications for Fall Keeginaw Preschool... Providing the Foundation for your Child’s Future! For Children, Aged 3 to 5 Hours of Operation Monday to Friday Morning Classes: 9:00 am to 11:30 am Afternoon Classes: 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm

Fee Schedule Two Classes per week $90.00 per month Three Classes per week $115.00 per month Four Classes per week $140.00 per month

Staff Will Assist with Subsidy Applications Fort St. John Friendship Society 10208 - 95 Avenue, Fort St. John, B.C.

Call: 250-785-8566


2009 Ford EsCapE xLt 4x4

2007 Ford ExpEdItIon Max

Feature of the Week:


regular caB, short Box



2011 Ford FIEsta sEs

2011 FORD SCT Raptor Leather, Roof and More! Under 1,000 KM’s - 2 in Stock #J24594


ac, PW, PM, Pl,

NOW $ STK# J38384

Was $23,995

eDDie Bauer, ac, ra, PW, Ps, PM, Pl, heateD seats, DvD

2009 Ford F-250 xLt duaLLy





STK# J21579

2012 FoCus tItanIuM 4 door sEdan

2012 Ford Mustang gt

2011 Ford FusIon sEL FWd

SOlD leather, a/c, sYnc, cD, PM, Pl, PW


NOW $ STK#J07909



STK# J39061

2011 jEEp grand ChErokEE LarEdo



2008 toyota taCoMa


2011 Ford E-350 xLt van

ac, PW, Ps, PM, Pl, sYnc, 2 in stocK


NOW $ STK# JR5708

ac, PW, Ps, PM, Pl, heateD seats, sYnc, tilt, cruise, leather

leather, Moon rooF, nav, sYnc

2011 Ford ExpLorEr xLt 4x4 v6

ac, PW, Ps, PM, Pl, heateD seats, sYnc



NOW $ STK# JR0860

Werner rau



STK# J00482

Justin Butts

3.5l, v6, a/c, PW, Ps, cD, htD seats, Moon rooF, leather

2007 Ford F-350 LarIat

Diesel, leather, toW PKg, heateD seats



STK# J20690

2010 Ford EdgE sport aWd

Moon rooF, leather, nav, heateD seats


NOW $ STK# HR2915

2008 gMC sIErra supErCab

2007 honda CIvIC Ex

ac, PW, PM, Pl, Moon rooF


NOW $ JR2376

4x4, gas, toW PKg, cD, Box liner, 6” liFt



STK# J44782

Karl Weiss



STK# JR5707

2008 Ford rangEr Fx4

Manual transMission, PW, Pl, toW PKg



STK# J34981

2011 Ford ExpEdItIon Max LIMItEd

nav, leather, sYnc, MoonrooF, heateD seats



STK# JR2756

2011 LInCoLn navIgator 4x4

ac, ra, PW, Ps, PM, Pl, heateD seats, sYnc, nav

nathan gieBelhaus




STK# JR6833

richie courrier

*Price plus tax. Credit on approval discounts & rebates have been paid to price shown. DL#5247

1-866-282-8330 • • 11104 Alaska Road, Fort St. John

John eWonus sales Manager




STK# JR1160

2.0l, 4 cYl, lthr, MoonrooF, alloYs, htD seats, a/c

coreY nicolls general sales Manager



2011 Ford taurus LIMItEd aWd

2011 Ford EdgE LIMItEd aWd



suPercreW, leather, MoonrooF, a/c, navigation, toW PKg



STK# JR8859

4x4, ac, PW, Ps, PM, Pl, tilt, cruise, Box liner STK# i91966

convertiBle, auto, loW KM’s

4x4, ac, PW, Ps, PM, Pl, tilt, cruise, STK# i52464 30,000 KMs, v6



STK# J16548

2008 Ford F-150 kIng ranCh

2007 dodgE CaLIbEr sxt

PW, Pl, a/c

creW caB, Diesel, toW PKg, sYnc, cD

2009 gMC sIErra

Celebrating 50 Years in Fort St. John!

Page 31

June 14, 2012

Northeast NEWS

Northeast NEWS

June 14, 2012

50” Plasma HD TV • TCP50X5

50” Plasma Full HD 3D TV • TCP50UT50



1080P, 2D-3D conversion, Viera connect, WIFI ready, 2 HDMI, 2 USB, SD Slot

720P, 600 HZ, 2 HDMI, USB, SD Slots




Page 32

55” Plasma Full HD 3D TV • TCP55ST50


1080P, 2D-3D conversion, Viera connect, Integrated WIFI, Web Browser, 2 HDMI, 2 USB, SD Slot

$499 Vertical or Horiztontal Layout Design

47” Full HD IPS LED TV • TCL47ET5 3D Blu Ray Theatre 1000 watt, smartphone remote app 5.1 audio, 1080P dual HDMIinputs with ARC and Viera Link. BD live. integrated Ipod/Iphone dock. built in WIFI.


$299 June 4-22


240 Watt Sound Bar, Bluetooth, stainless steel mesh design, 2 HDMI with ARC and Viera Link, Optical input, 2.4Ghz Wireless down firing subwoofer. Multi layout design.

360BLS Polarized 3D 2D-3D conversion integrated WIFI, web browser. 4 pair of polarized 3D glasses included in box

240 watt sound bar, HDMI with ARC and Viera Link Optical input, wired down firing subwoofer, multi layout design.


FATHER’S DAY SPECIALS ON THESE! Apply for your City Furniture Card today!

PANASONIC 50” 1080P 3D PLASMA $1099

We don’t sell... We help you buy!

Panasonic VIERA 55” 1080p 600Hz 3D Plasma HDTV $1799

Dawson Creek, BC

10205-13 St.

(250) 782-8988

Fort Nelson, BC

Shop and Compare!

5003-50 Ave. (250)

We will not be undersold

HOURS: Monday to Thursday: 9-6 • Friday: 9-6 • Saturday: 9-6


Fort St. John, BC

10052-100 Ave. (250)



Online Edition for the June 14, 2012 edition of the Northeast News.

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