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Penny Mean and her daughter Jessica Rosea-Lee, 4, go in circles on the bumblebee ride at a travelling carnival in Fort St. John on June 5.

Treaty 8 First Nations brings Site C battle to UN By Michaela Garstin FORT ST. JOHN – Treaty 8 First Nations have gone to the United Nations seeking help to stop BC Hydro’s Site C dam from being built on the Peace River. Tribal Chief Liz Logan represented the Treaty 8 Tribal Association in New York at the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues on May 18 where she spoke to special rapporteur James Anaya. “The area where they want Site C to go is one of the last pristine areas untouched by the oil, gas and forestry industries, and they want to flood it,” Logan said. “My people are going to have historical critical use areas lost. They still go down there today and exercise their way of life.” All members of the Treaty 8 Tribal Association, which includes West Moberly, Prophet, Doig and Halfway River First Nations, are opposed to the Site C dam. Logan said she asked Anaya to remind Canada

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that it signed onto the United Nations Declaration of Indigenous Rights, and that it needs to abide by the articles and principles in the declaration. “First Nations have a right to the land. They have a right to access their cultural areas. They have a right to lands they used to traditionally use,” Logan said. “They can’t just forcibly remove us from an area where we have rights. They have to get our free, prior and informed consent before they approve huge projects that affect us.” But it’s not just traditional First Nation land that would be destroyed by Site C, according to Logan. “There’s a non-aboriginal settlement down by the mouth of the Moberly River,” she said. “It’s one of the first non-aboriginal settlements in British Columbia and they’re going to flood it.” Besides destroying a section of Treaty 8 First Nations’ cultural area, Logan said the Site C dam would also destroy valuable wildlife habitat.

“The site is critical habitat for animals that come down in the spring to have their calves. They have them on the islands to protect them from the predators,” Logan said. “It’s also a critical area for the animals to come down in the winter to forge when they can’t up in the plateau and the mountains because there’s too much snow.” More than 7,000 acres of prime agricultural land will be lost due to flooding if the dam is built, according to Logan. She said the oil and gas industries have already taken their toll on the land and affected her community members’ lives. “This proposed dam on the river is the last straw that’s breaking our backs,” she said. “They’re trying to say it’s a green project. What’s green about this project? It’s not green.” Logan said flooding from the Site C dam won’t affect any reserve land but she’s worried certain nations will want to claim the land in the future. See Site C, page 4

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Northeast NEWS

June 9, 2011

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Northeast NEWS

June 9, 2011

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FSJ celebrates local achievements of African American soldiers

By Michaela Garstin FORT ST. JOHN –The City of Fort St. John is commemorating the local achievements of African American soldiers as part of Juneteenth, a celebration marking the end of slavery in the United States. June 19 is slated to be Fort St. John’s first Juneteenth Day but the commemoration has been around since 1865. It started in Texas and has since speard throughout North America. Juneteenth organizers joined Peace Region residents to celebrate the hundreds of African American soldiers who travelled from the southern U.S. to help build the Alaska Highway during the Second World War. A wreath was placed a the Sikanni Chief River Bridge on May 30 to honour the African American soldiers who built the bridge under insurmountable odds in severe weather. The 93rd, 95th and 97th army engineers bet their paycheques they could build the bridge across the snow-fed, swift-flowing, 91-metre-wide river in only 72 hours. “The building of the Sikanni Chief River Bridge was a crowning achievement of the African American army engineers. They bet all of their salaries, and they were told it would take a week but they did it in three days,” said Rev. Ronald Myers Sr., chairman of the national Juneteenth movement in the U.S. “This bridge is a reminder of the sacrifices of Canadian and U.S. soldiers for the freedoms we enjoy today,” said U.S. Army Capt. Ronald Myers Jr. The soldiers were working at a time when strong segregation still existed throughout North America, said Bishop Dave Thomas, who came to the Peace Region from Alaska. During the highway’s construction black soldiers weren’t allowed to mingle with whites or to visit white towns along the highway. They also lived in substandard tents while white soldiers enjoyed heated barracks. The army gave the white troops mechanized gear, while leaving the black soldiers with wheelbarrows and shovels to construct the bridge. “Most of the black soldiers were from the south and weren’t used to the cold weather, and the army did little to equip them,” Thomas said. “But the soldiers proved they could build the bridge, even though they weren’t given any appropriate tools. They had to use

Contributed photo

Capt. Ron Myers Jr. lays a wreath to commemorate the African American soldiers who built the bridge at Sikanni Chief River during construction of the Alaska Highway.


string or rope and they used wood to cut other wood with.” After the bridge was built, the commanding officer ordered his white officers to eat with the African American troops. Myers said much about the highway construction was a miracle

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of effort and engineering but he added, “It was so much bigger than that. It was a trendsetter for social reforms”. Historian Douglas Brinkley said the building of the Alaska Highway is “not only the greatest engineering feat of the Second World War, it is a triumph over racism and symbolized blacks and whites working for a common cause. Before long, the U.S. Army would become integrated, a major step in the African American struggle for equality.” As part of Juneteenth celebrations, Myers Sr. and local jazz musicians performed in in honour of Canadian jazz musician Oscar Peterson in Fort St. John at the North Peace Cutlural Centre. . Peterson won seven Grammys and numerous other awards in his lifetime. His parents immigrated to Canada from the British West Indies and Virgin Islands. Coun. Larry Evans and local historian Roger Gregoire made a presentation on the bridge and the soldiers who built it after the jazz performance. A Juneteenth art exhibit was also held at the North Peace Cultural Centre. A dinner was hosted at the Suduten Hall in Dawson Creek to welcome the Juneteenth delegation after they toured significant landmarks in the city.

June 11-18

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June 11

The Energetic Amazing Race 10:00am – Sign-up by June 8 for this fun event that will have you travelling all over the city and completing fun tasks. Kick-off BBQ 11:00am – 2:00pm – Drop by the Visitor Centre for a Isabel Leeuwner   Proceeds BBQ lunch. [Your   Title]   are going to the SPCA Shop ‘til you Drop – Pick up a Shopping Passport at the Visitor Centre [Your   E-­‐Mail]   and check out all the great deals at Fort St. John’s local retailers. [Web  to Address]   You have two weeks collect as many stamps as you can.

June 12

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June 13

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ingredients. Contact the Visitor Centre for a list of participating restaurants & their menus!

Monday - Friday 9:00 to 5:30 | Saturday 9:00 - 5:00 Isabel Leeuwner   9324 100th Street, Fort St. John [Your  Title]   250-261-6696 | Toll Free 1-800-632-6696 [Your  E-­‐Mail]   [Web  Address]  

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Northeast NEWS

June 9, 2011

Site C not an option: Chief Logan

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From page 1 “Some of the nations are in treaty land entitlement negotiations. Who’s to say that some of them might not pick the land down there? There’s historical attachment to the area,” she said. Logan is worried flooding will destroy ancestr al remains in the area. She said a lot of people died of the flu in the early 1900s and were likely buried in the area. “A lot of our names are after rivers. We always lived near rivers, on riverbanks. We are positive there are graves in that area,” she said. “But we have yet to complete our own traditional land use study that will identity those areas.” Logan said Treaty 8 First Nations do not consider Site C to be an option. “We have not seen anything that proves that this is the best option. The Treaty 8 Nations keep asking BC Hydro when we’re going to look at alternatives that aren’t so destructive to the environment,” she said. The Treaty 8 First Nations are holding a province wide speaking tour that includes stops in Vancouver, the Sunshine Coast and Whistler.

BC Hydro entered the Site C dam environmental assessment stage on May 18. The Crown corporation will identify and assess potential project affects as part of this third stage in a fivestage process. “We have engaged First Nations and we have opened dialogue during Stage 2,” said Dave Conway, BC Hydro community relations officer. “We initiated a thorough consultation process that will continue through all stages of the project.” Conway said BC Hydro has consulted over 41 aboriginal groups consisting primarily of Treaty 8 First Nations. BC Hydro is particularly focused on aboriginal groups in the immediate area of the proposed dam and downstream near the B.C.-Alberta border, he added. “We have a signed consultation agreement with a number of nations in Treaty 8,” Conway said. The proposed $7.9 billion dam would be seven kilometres southwest of Fort St. John. Construction will begin in 2013 if the dam is approved and take seven years to complete, Conway said.

Contributed photo

Cleanup of the wreckage caused by a fire in downtown Dawson Creek in late April has been stalled, causing the City of Dawson Creek to take action.

Dispute over fire wreckage cleanup By Matthew Bains DAWSON CREEK – The City of Dawson Creek may act to clean up the wreckage of a downtown fire that destroyed two local businesses several weeks ago. City council voted unanimously on May 30 to impose a remedial action requirement on the property at 10221 10 Street to completely remove the fire-damaged structure no later than June 20. The building housed Wildcat Video and Patra’s 2 for 1 Pizza. Council received a report from an engineering firm identifying the site as unsafe and recommending action be taken right away to prevent access by curious members of the public. Chief administrative officer Jim Chute said staff believe having the site cleaned up is of the upmost importance not just for public safety but also because it remains an eyesore in the downtown core during peak tourist season. He said delays were expected as insurance coverage was being sorted out, but the cleanup is

now being held up because of a dispute between the building owner’s insurance company and the contractor hired to do the cleanup over how asbestos removal should be done. “We were attempting of course to have this done without the need for you to step in and use the heavy hand of government, but it appears we may have to do this demolition ourselves rather than wait,” said Chute. “It’s a very dangerous situation down there and it’s impossible to secure.” He said if remedial action was required, the city would hire a contractor and bill the cost of the cleanup to the property owner. The property owner was notified of the pending action as per the requirements of the Community Charter, and advised that a request for reconsideration by city council must be submitted in writing by June 9. The property owner, listed as Syryda Enterprises Ltd., could not be reached for comment before press time. The fire, which occurred on April 20, was reportedly caused when a battery in one of the

Police bike patrol back for summer

© 2011 Hunter Douglas. ® and ™ are trademarks of Hunter Douglas.

By Michaela Garstin FORT ST. JOHN – Fort St. John’s police bike patrol is back for its second year to help keep the city safe. Cost. Shawn Ingham and Cost. Derek Rondeau will each be putting 40 to 80 kilometres on their bike every day patrolling Fort St. John. This year is Rondeau’s first year on bike patrol, while Ingham is a bike patrol veteran Ingham said the team will be concentrating their patrol on the downtown area.

They will be conducting routine patrols of areas that aren’t easily accessible by vehicles such as parks, walking trails and playgrounds. “Our goal is to create a police presence downtown and to interact with youth in a positive way,” said Ingham. “There is often a misconception of the police, sometimes in a negative way. We want to encourage people to approach us.” The officers will be patrolling full time in 10hour shifts. Several other trained officers will also be on patrol part time this summer.

Northeast NEWS

June 9, 2011

Page 5

Peace River MLAs face off in Stanley Cup support By Matthew Bains DAWSON CREEK – Peace River South MLA Blair Lekstrom has been a Boston Bruins fan ever since he donned the “B” as a young hockey player. “I started playing hockey when I was five years old here in Dawson Creek, and the peewee team I first played for was the Bruins,” he explained. “That was the first jersey I put on, and from that time forward it kind of grew on me and I became a fan and have never switched my allegiance since.” Lekstrom’s office in Victoria boasts quite a shrine to his team, including a hockey stick signed by Johnny Bucyk, a jersey signed by Gerry Cheevers that he is having framed, and a picture signed by current Bruin Milan Lucic. Lekstrom admits his team is in tough to win the Stanley Cup against the best team in the league all season, the Vancouver Canucks. He said he believes the Canucks have the edge in terms of team speed, but the Bruins are a more physical team and that’s where he thinks they will have an edge in the series. “If the Bruins are on top of their game and they play the body and check hard, I think we as good a chance to win the Cup as Vancouver,” he said. Lekstrom said it’s been a lot of fun bantering back and forth with his colleagues in Victoria who are clearly not on the side of the Bruins. “Right from the premier on down to all my colleagues, we have had a pretty fun time over this. They’re ribbing me, definitely, but it is all in good fun.” He said he has never been one for trash-talking, but he threw a little jab at his colleague from north of the river, Pat Pimm. “He’ll be probably looking at the Cup in somebody else’s hands!” said Lekstrom.

By Michaela Garstin FORT ST. JOHN – Peace River North MLA Pat Pimm is an avid Canucks fan, but he wasn’t always that way. “When I was growing up as a child the first hockey team I ever played for was a team called the Bruins. So I was a big Bruins fan for years,” he said. Pimm was a big fan of Bobby Orr, who played for the Boston Bruins from 1966 to 1976. “Anyone who wasn’t a big fan of Bobby Orr didn’t know much about hockey. Bobby Orr is one of my long-time life heroes,” he said. Pimm then became an Edmonton Oilers fan but lost his loyalty to the team when it traded Wayne Gretzky to Los Angeles. Pimm has been a devoted Canucks fan for 10 years now. “This year it seems to be paying off,” he said. “I think the Canucks will definitely win this playoff round. I think you’re going to see them hoist the Stanley Cup.” Pimm said Peace River South MLA Blair Lekstrom, who is a longtime Bruins fan, will be very disappointed when the Canucks win the cup. “I feel a little sorry for Mr. Lekstrom. I know his Bruins have done very well this year. It’s going to be very disappointing to him when it comes to an end,” he said. “The Bruins have a good team. They have a great goaltender but the Canucks are certainly faster. The Canucks have the best defence by far.” Pimm plans to watch the playoff series wherever he gets a chance, and said he won’t be missing any games.


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June 9, 2011

Northeast NEWS


Going postal Words of Opinion

As rotating postal worker strikes continue around the country, it begs the question – is “snail mail” even necessary anymore? I’m sort of torn between my professional and personal viewpoints on this issue. I work for a newspaper that is delivered doorto-door by Canada Post, so in that respect, any disruption to service is not good for our readers or for the staff here at the Northeast News. In my own personal life, though, I really don’t see the need for a national mail service. I won’t be too upset if I no longer receive bills in the mail anymore, though my joy will be brief, because of course those delightful people at Shaw and Bell, for example, need to get paid and I suppose I can still view (and even pay) my bills online. It’s actually quite a bit more convenient for me anyway – the bills just go straight into the shredder these days. I love getting that quarterly HST/carbon tax rebate cheque in the mail – that’s always a pleasant surprise – but I’m pretty sure I can get that directly deposited in my account anyway. However, I know others rely on the mail service and perhaps don’t have other options. I’m particularly concerned about any possible disruptions to seniors and the disabled receiving their pension/disability cheques – that would certainly be a regrettable outcome. Not withstanding there may be legitimate concerns about working conditions, I think postal workers will have a difficult time justifying additional costs for a postal service that appears to be more and more obsolete. Matthew Bains, Reporter

Free stuff and random acts of kindness in Fort St. John The next few weeks should be interesting in Fort St. John as you’ll have a chance to pull off a random act of kindness, or kick it to the curb in hopes it’ll find a new home. The Fort St. John Association for Community Living is holding its third annual Pay It Forward Day on Friday, June 10. This day is to help encourage individuals to perform random or planned acts of kindness within Fort St. John. Some acts could be as simple as holding the door open for someone or buying them lunch. It’s up to you to decide how you can help out. You can do something for a neighbour, a friend or someone you see strolling on the street. The acts can be random or palnned - it’s up to you. The acts don’t have to be big. Even small gestures can make someone’s day. Remember, if someone does something nice for you, it’s vital that you “Pay it Forward”. Keep the chain going so the movement is spread throughout Fort St. John and beyond. The association is not only asking you do a random act of kindness, they want to hear about it as well. If you were a recipient of a random act or did one yourself, they want you to call 250-663-8836 and let them know what happened to you. This day is about completing a task that someone may not expect. It’s not just paying it back, but paying it forward. Now I come to the part about free stuff... We all love free stuff, especially if it’s something we need or want. The Northern Environmental Action Team (NEAT) is hoping you will kick it to the curb June 17 to 19 in all corners of the Peace. The action is very simple take some of those excess items or that couch or table that you are looking to get rid off, and kick them to the curb. This will be a free exchange weekend. Once the items are on your curb, they become available for anyone to take. This is a great opportunity to get rid of those extra things in your house. You might even find that coffee table you’ve been looking for.

NEAT is requesting that come Sunday, you remove your items if they have not been taken yet. To help residents find something they may want during this event, NEAT will be tweeting what they see that weekend in Fort St. John and the addresses so you know where to go. You can find NEAT on Twitter at - NEAT would like you to help them out as well. If you see some free stuff, help spread the word via Facebook or Twitter. Let everyone know, so this day is a huge success. This free exchange weekend is not limited to Fort St. John, but all communities in the Peace such as Dawson Creek, Fort Nelson, Tumbler Ridge, Hudson’s Hope, Chetwynd and beyond. So take a look at what you have, or maybe spend the day on your bike or walking around and see what treasures may be yours. One more program to tell you about happening at NEAT is their team of Eco Advisors. These advisors are offering free energy assessments, designed to help Northeast B.C. business owners gain access to available product incentives, cash rebates, as well as co-ordinate new product installation. The advisors will work with small businesses all across the region in Fort Nelson, Fort St. John, Dawson Creek and Chetwynd. They will help you identify potential cost savings and energy savings in your lighting, heating and ventilation. This program is through LiveSmart BC and they hope they can help save businesses over $7 million each year in B.C. in utility costs. There have been similar type programs here in Fort St. John, but NEAT would still like to hear from you if you want an update to your assessment or to discuss it if you haven’t had one yet. To find out more information about NEAT, you can visit or follow them on twitter at or just give them a call at 250-785-5328. To find out more about Pay It Forward Day and the Fort St. John Association of Community Living, you can visit or phone them at 250-787-9262. • 9909-100 Avenue, Fort St. John, BC V1J 1Y4 • Phone toll free 1-877-787-7030 • Phone: 250-787-7030 • Fax: 250-787-7090 Email: • • • • 1220B 103 Avenue, Dawson Creek, V1G 2G9 • Phone: 250-782-7060 • Fax: 250-782-7066 •

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Bill Phillips Editor

Lisa MacElheren Sales

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Matt Bains Reporter

Michaela Garstin Reporter

Evelyne Brown Administration

The Northeast News retains complete and sole copyright of any content, including stories, photographs and advertisements published in the Northeast News. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission or consent from the publisher is strictly prohibited.

Northeast NEWS

June 9, 2011


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Mayor Lantz responds to accusations Let’s avoid generalizing Editor, It is not often that I respond to articles or comments in the media, but a letter you carried May 19 (C. Clark – Mayor Lantz should offer to pay the costs to taxpayers for his personal issue) contains so many inaccuracies I need to set the record straight. The writer is correct that I was frustrated with council’s unwillingness to authorize my attendance at two (not three) conferences. The reason for that frustration is simple: In their own motion placing sanctions on me, council indicated that I could attend such conferences as long as another member(s) of council would be attending. That was the case with both of the conferences mentioned, so my request was merely conforming to the dictates of council as outlined in their motion. As to the writer’s other points: 1. The writer suggests I should have been “immediately fired”, I screwed up “on the taxpayers’ dime”, and that I am somehow avoiding the consequences of my actions. Obviously this individual has never made a mistake, thus their ability to critique others. In most workplaces, one might expect a warning if issues surface, and then sanctions if the behaviour continues. Not so in this case. As for accepting the consequences, I publically acknowledged the issue and am dealing with it. That’s all I would ever ask of anyone (since I don’t believe people are perfect), including my own two children. 2. The writer also suggests I should pay the costs of having a “chaperone” attend such conferences. As noted above, these are events that all councillors are authorized to attend whether I am there or not (and they do so every year). So why should I bear the costs of their attendance? 3. The writer says I am “lucky” there were no criminal charges, and implies I received “special treatment”. You can be assured that if criminal charges were warranted (for these two allegations, neither of which has been proved), council would have proceeded in that direction. While I can’t discuss the nature of the allegations, on the city’s lawyers orders, people would be shocked at the fuss being made over them to further the agendas of a few. 4. I frankly resent the writer’s reference to a “male boss groping or being otherwise inappropriate with female staff”. There is not and never was any suggestion that such a thing has occurred. As explained to me by the city manager, that reference in the sanctions was to protect me from unfair allegations as much as anything. The writer refers to my “self-destruction”. I don’t see it quite that way. I still am who I am, with the values I’ve always had, and those who know me appreciate that. I’ve received tremendous support from citizens of this community and region, and from politicians around the province and beyond. They, at least, know how to put this issue into the perspective it deserves. Mayor Bruce Lantz, City of Fort St. John

Celebration of Bin Laden’s death disconcerting Editor, I find watching the huge celebrations in New York City of Osama Bin Ladin’s murder rather disconcerting. It is akin to a tribe of pygmies, dancing around a fire, celebrating an elephant kill. What will it take to satiate their hunger for revenge? Let’s say that the attack on the Twin Towers was unprovoked. The attack on Iraq was totally unprovoked also. The attack on Afghanistan and the murder of thousands of Afghanis didn’t satisfy the American desire for vengence. They then attacked Iraq where they murdered and tortured at least a million people. Apparently that was not enough.Do they have a retaliation formula, like one

American life equals 100,000 of the lives of others? What Osama Bin Ladin did was very small in comparison to what the Bush administration did. Justice demands that several members of the Bush administration and the American military be tried for war crimes and crimes against humanity, be convicted and executed. Then justice would be done. Then the U.S. could truthfully say they believe in justice and the rule of law. Have Canadians lost their traditional values of fairness and justice for all? Are they dancing around the fire with the Americans? The American double standard makes a mockery of justice. Ed Pitt, Dawson Creek

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Editor, I’ve lived in the Peace Country since 1964 and as a school principal and superintendent of schools I’ve had many times where I needed the services of the local police. Therefore, what I’m stating below is based on personal experience.   I happen to be a news junkie and I get the news from the radio, TV, papers and magazines and the Internet. It is easy to be influenced by what you hear on a daily basis and therefore I could well be a victim of the slanted media. No, the media releases may not be a “pack of lies” at all, but the repeated release of negatives tends to create generalizations in my thinking. Let me refer to one area specifically. We hear and read stories on a near daily basis on that group of police we would really like to respect and elevate in our society. The misuse of tasers, poor handling of prisoners, and a host of other police demeanors make the news and these stories are repeated over and over. Eventually my thinking becomes distorted and I view our RCMP as being rotten to the core. Wrong indeed! We dare not generalize. A much more accurate measuring tool is my own experience with the police over many decades in the Fort St. John area. As a secondary school principal I needed their assistance frequently, as a superintendent of schools I had many communications with them indeed and as a private citizen I needed their help. And these experiences? All positive indeed. Personal speeding tickets (valid ones) were given to me with courtesy and a smile. Yes, even when I carelessly dialed 911, instead of 411, I received a visit and suitable explanations were given. My experience with the local RCMP would indicate that we have a professional detachment of honest officers who are courteous, fair and helpful. My experience is the accurate measurement of the RCMP not the repeated negatives we hear in the media. Therefore, I must beware of generalizations.   The reputation of the local detachment of 60 officers and the Canadian force of 25,000 officers cannot be smirched by the news stories of a few. In my years with School District #60 I thoroughly resented generalizations about our 350 teachers as being lazy, greedy and not good teachers. Yet, as a man who visited every classroom in the district I knew that the vast majority of teachers were hard working, dedicated men and women who loved kids. Let us beware of generalizations.  I thank our local police force for rendering excellent service to the community.   Ernie Reimer, Charlie Lake

Jack McPherson Sales Consultant

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It also has been gratifying to collaborate on Dual Credit programming with local evolving and becoming a reality. The addition of the Centre of Excellence for Clean Energy School Districts, industry, Aboriginal agencies and other post-secondary partners ALL Technologies in Dawson Creek, combined with through Northern Opportunities. The Peace Region is very fortunate to have a Peace River the Jim Kassen Industry Training Centre/ Oil group of exceptional leaders committed to expanding the scope of this program SHAREHOLDERS Seed Co-op Ltd. Northeastinitiative. NEWS Page 8 June 9, 2011 and Gas Centre of Excellence in Fort St. John, and to spreading the word on the benefits of this innovative educational allows Northern Lights College to fulfil its brand I have been very impressed by the passion for learning these leaders bring to the table, but also for their continuing commitment to finding learning solutions for the as B.C.'s Energy College™. NLC is committed to providing the skilled youth of the region. during the summer. The residential is sectioned intosectors pods that are mirrored, By Michaela Garstin Over the years,sun I have received support and encouragement from local politicians, workers for thesefacility expanding industrial Northern Health will holding another update on the new making it easy for nurses to find supplies and equipment because FORT ST. JOHN – Fort St. John residents will soon have a including: Senator Richard Neufeld, the be former Minister of Energy, Mines and and supporting the economic development of February 23, 2011 • 1:30pm hospital fall. Member of Parliament for Prince Georgethey’re storedGiven in the the same location in each section. Petroleum Resources; new hospital that combines state-of-the-art technology with a the Jaylater Hill,this former region. scope of the industrial Rycroft The hospital alsoregion, has sections thatpart are of notmy conventional in allBlair Lekstrom, MLA for Peace River South and former Minister of “comforting, homey feel.” Community Hall Peace River; expansion in our a major 5208 - 47th Avenue B.C. hospitals, such as awas spiritual room and a beautyEnergy, parlor. Mines and Petroleum Resources; and Pat Pimm, MLA for Peace River An update on the new Fort St. John Hospital construction was role at the College to build capacity Rycroft, ABMay TOH The c-section room is other right post-secondary next to the maternity presented by Northern Health on 31 3A0 in Fort St. John. North.ward AndsoI would like to acknowledge the exceptional municipal and regional through partnerships with Agenda: patients don’t have to travel far after giving birth, DeSmit said. The hospital is expected to cost $298 million, and the project leadership provided by the Chiefs and Band Councils, Mayors and Councils, and institutions and industry, and to ensure that 1) To receive the financial statements of the Association for the financial The hospital has seven single-bed maternity rooms, she added.District Boards. I was impressed by the quality of leadership demonstrated won’t year end. go over budget, according to the hospital’s project director funding Regional provided by the government supports colours were of chosen forprogramming. the hospital, ranging from lightof the oil and gas and renewable energy industries. Thank you to all Tom2) To elect Directors of the Association. Sparrow. by members theThree breadth and depth needed 3) To appoint an auditor of the Association. 4) To transact such other business, if any, as may properly come before to dark sage-green. The hospital is expected to open next summer. I knew Northern Lights College was a "classy" for being willing to work with Northern Lights College on joint planning that “The colours hospital into thebenefits surrounding Thethe meeting. facility will have a total of 55 beds for acute and outpatient institution the region. when ofthethefirst personfittonicely welcome community,” said DeSmit. “We took of different care and an intensive care unit with four beds. The houses College’s Board of Governors recruited me to make changes and supported me pictures to my The hospital will also feature an endoscopy room, two operating in the area to match their colour-scheme.” new job was me when the changes became uncomfortable. I was very appreciative of this support and pleased thethe hospital former to stick She said the planners didn’t want out fromthat the original Board and succeeding Boards provided progressive rooms and a medical and surgical inpatient section with 40 beds. President, Jim direction and encouraged innovation. I am particularly proud that we continued to The emergency area will be two and a half times bigger than the the surrounding area. on theoffundamental mandate of providing education for quality of life in the Kassen. “We didn’t want a big red building stickingHe out infocus the middle existing area at the current hospital in Fort St. John. region,around and that we were responsive to requests by industry for new programming. committedwill 25 continue “There will be two trauma bays off the ambulance bay. The the neighbourhood,” she said. “Development Together will find and a solution. I am looking forward to the innovative initiatives and opportunities for applied years hospital we want it to blend in.” to NLC trauma room at the current hospital can get quite congested,” saidwethe We understand what you’re going through. clean energy technologies that are in the planning stages. Through and provided A “wayfinding” system using signs and differentresearch colours in will Angela DeSmit, Fort St. John Hospital health service administrator. me withfrom a firmtheirpartnerships houses or thewith provincial, national and international leaders in this evolving Seniors will enjoy the 123-bed residential care facility that has make it easy for people to find the hospital consultation, foundation industry, Northern Lights College is poised to demonstrate the strength of its vision. highway, Sparrow said. elder friendly designs and features, Sparrow said. For your FREE confidential I will beofcheering from afar as these plans become operational. on which to the He said the hospital is laid out logically and with help the DeSmit said the roof of the residential facility will be steeped, CALL wayfinding system people won’t build. Mydifferent husband Gordon and I made friends with a number of very special people get lost searching for not flat, to distinguish it from the rest of the hospital. Debt troubles? T h e in the north and we will miss you. We were treated to the unique brand of warmth, “The residents will be living here full time andorwe the atrooms. visitwant our website Northern photo enthusiasm and innovative spirit we now associate with northern BritishHealth Columbia. is into Sparrow said the design for theinstitution hospital takes account the facility to look like home as much as possible,” she said. “There’s underway at theyou new St. John A fond farewellConstruction to you all and our sincere thank forFort your many kindnesses. to of the Trusteesoninthe Bankruptcy & Proposal Administrators St. John. Models hospital a courtyard bottom level and a terrace for residents on the extreme weather conditions in Fortfortunate Valgardson, Dawson Creek capable Hospital. Suite 2, 10611 – 102nd Street Fort St. John were tested for the city’s lengthy have winters, high winds D. andJean bright second level.” GOVERNMENT LICENCED TRUSTEES 110 –1628 Dickson Avenue Kelowna (Resident Office) faculty and

12848 Hilltop Dr. General NewAnnual Fort St. John hospital to have “comforting, homey feel” Meeting


Cozy country home on 4.95 acres in Charlie Lake area. This 2180 sq ft home features 3 bedrooms up, and has a 1 bedroom mortgage helper suite with separate entrance in 250.785.4280 basement. Fenced for horses, barn, dugout, garden area, green house, lots of room for your toys. New roof in 2008, new insulation, new windows, newer front patio. Includes 2 stoves, 2 fridges, dishwasher, freezer, wash12848 Hilltop Dr. SpAciouS rANcHer! JUSTVery MOVE IN AND ENJOY! er/dryer. MLS#N204426 JUST MOVE IN AND ENJOY!



NewwOrDS Home Built 2010 No HSt! NO TOiNDEScrIbE! NO wOrDS TO DEScrIbE!

8729 79A Street • $292,000

Edith 19273 Wonowon Rd Edith Schmidt

11016 88a Street #12 Forest Lawn Mobile Home Park Fort St HomeForest with John over 3000 sq ft of Mobile finished livingHome space andPark attached double ga#12 Lawn Many Spacious 1987 14’ wideand 2 bdrm mobile Fort Stupdates! Johnceilings, rage!new High vaulted hardwood flooring ceramic tile. home Open con-


8715 Avenue 9619113 88th Street Fabulous spacious sq home ft on main, full concrete base9619 88th Street Lovely 1166 sq home,1600 ft bi level features 4 good

Schmidt inMany sized bdrms 2- 4pc baths, open sunken Cozy country home on 4.95 acres in Charlie popular Forest Lawn mobile home park!2 New windows,new tiled lg entry,kitchen, 2 bath. OpenHardwood concept,kitchen, kitchen has cell: new updates! Spacious 1987 14’ wide bdrmfeature mobilegas home ment, 24’X24’ garage. NO HST. birch in livingrm, 3 pantry, bed, cept through kitchen, livingroom and dining room. Rock fireplace kitchen cabinets,new bathroom, new laminate andwindows,new tile, all new lg island/eating bar.2 12’X16’ deck, gas forkitchen BBQ.features Masterbdrm livingroom, large entry, Basement in popular Forest Lawn mobile home park! New tiled lg entry,kitchen, bath. Open concept, has pantry, 2 Lake area. This 2180 sq ft home features 250-263-3030 3cell: in living room. doors to decknew with gaslaminate fordeck, your BBQ! Front veranda trim insidecabinets,new and Patio out, new paint, 10x16 5and mintile, from city has WI closet, bar. ensuite with dual sinks, lg WI shower with dual kitchen bathroom, new all newin with lg island/eating 12’X16’ deck, gas for BBQ. Masterbdrm bdrms, 4pc bath, nice laundry and family room. spacious 3 bdrms on main, 2 dwn. 4pc bathrooms, maple kitchen likeentry, setting! Inc dw3 &deck, shed. shower heads.ensuite Instant with hot water system, security system. Great bedrooms up, and has a 1 bedroom mort-250-263-3030 country trim inside and out, newfridge,stove,bi paint, new 10x16 5 min from city in has WI closet, dual sinks, lg WI shower with dual Deck off kitchen yard and concrete neighbourhood. cabinetslike w/large pantry. Fully finished basement with 2 huge bdrms, spacountry setting! Inc fridge,stove,bi dw & shed. shower heads. Instant to hotlandscaped water system, security system. Great gage helper suite with separate entrance in neighbourhood. cious 4 pc bathroom, laundry with window and sink and a dream family room. driveway. Inc. fridge,stove,washer & dryer bi dw basement. Fenced for horses, barn, dugout, and microwave. garden area, green house, lots of room for MLS# N206790 MLS# N209285 $79,900 MLS# N204924 $459,900 MLS#N206989 $519,900 $319,900 $79,900 MLS# N204924 MLS#N206989 $459,900 your toys. New roof in 2008, new insulation, new windows, newer front patio. Includes 2 Selling Fort St. John since 1996 stoves, 2 fridges, dishwasher, freezer, Selling St. John since 1996 ‘ItFort Begins with Trust’ er/dryer. MLS#N204426 ‘It Begins with Trust’


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19273 Wonowon Rd


ment, 24’X24’ garage. NO HST.sqbirch livingrm,base3 bed, Fabulous spacious home,1600 ft onHardwood main, full in concrete

Gorgeous 1/2 duplex, fully finished. Excellent location for first time home buyer and priced to sell. 3 large bedrooms, fully finished basement, open eat-in kitchen with all appliances, patio doors to backyard, lino in kitchen, laminate in living room & master bedroom, carpet in 2 bdrms. Mstr bdrm has walk in closet. 3 s/s appl included w/bi microwave, stackable w/d.


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6. 4. 6. If you are looking forRoyal a Bank quieter Royal Bank 6.30life 4.45style, 6.30 3. 3.35 3. 3.60 4. 4.15 5. 4.94 5. 5.19 6. 6.35 this acreage is for you!Centum Located n/a just n/a outside 6. Centum n/a n/a 6.45 2. 2.64 3. 3.15 3. 3.75 4. 4.29 4. 4.19 5. 5.00 If you are looking for a quieter life style, Wonowon, 2007 like new 4 bdrm moduthis acreage is for you! Located just outside Bank of Montreal 6. 4. 6. 45 Wonowon, 2007 like new 4 bdrm moduBank of Montreal 6. 4.55deck, 6.45 3. 3.30 3. 3.65 4. 4.20 5. 5.24 5. 5.59 6. 6.50 lar home on just over 8 acres. Huge lar home on just over 8 acres. Huge deck, Scotiabank 6.45 4.55yard, 6.50 2.64 3.05 4.35 5.14 4.39 6.60 circular drive, drive, beautifully landscaped yard, circular beautifully landscaped Scotiabank 6. 4. 6. 2. 4. 4. 5. 4. 6. partially fenced, well water, bus route to FSJ North Peace Savings schools or local. Call Terri to view today! 3. 3. 4. 4. 3. n/a 6. partially fenced, well water, routen/a to FSJ & Credit Unionbus n/a MLS#N202490 schools or local. Call Terri toNote: view today! Note: Rates Rates are are provided provided for for information information purposes. purposes. Rates Rates should should be be verified verified by by Financial Financial Institutions. Institutions. MLS#N202490 30


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8729 79A Street • $292,000 4.9 acre in Charlie Lake is a little piece of heaven landscaped with ponds, shru bs, flowers, decorative rock gardens, private patio off kitchen/dining room. You can enjoy this 4 bedroom home with an office and master bedroom on the main. Op en kitchen with tiled floors looks onto the dining area and family room. Great for entertaining! Cozy living room and a new wood insert fireplace.

It’s a Dunn Deal!


250-263-1011 ReMax action Realty

#101 9711-100 Ave, Fort St. John each office Independently owned and operated.


Terri Paulovich Remax Action Realty 250-785-5520 office 250-261-1644 direct

Terri Paulovich

Remax Action Realty 250-785-5520 Each office independently ownedoffice and operated. 250-261-1644 direct 1-888-785-5520

MLS#N202490 $249,500 19273 Wonowon Rd 8.031 acres, 4 bedroom 2007 modular, drilled well, beautifully landscaped.

MLS# N/A $319,900 9119-103A Ave FSJ

Pride of ownership shines in this 4 bdrm, 1.5 bath, 1860 sq ft,new furnace, 50x150 lot, alley access, RV parking & paved drive.

MLS#N207663 $224,900 10495 102ND ST, Taylor B.C. Newer 3 bedroom 16x72 modular with a 11x22 deck, fenced yard, & 10x18 shed.

Contributed by Michele Mobley Now that summer seems to be well on its way in the Peace Country, why not take outdoor opportunities to learn by going for a nature walk with the whole family? Children love exploring the natural world! Encourage them to find leaves of different colours, or look for the different shapes found in nature. Older children and adults can help younger ones identify wild flowers, trees or insects.

Let nature be your teacher in the Peace Region this spring


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% or $




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Try finding some information from the Internet about local birds, bugs or flora and see how many species you can find! The Peace Region is full of many different animals. You will definitely see different species along the way. Bring a sketchbook and have everyone draw something they have found on the walk. Collect leaves or pinecones, take a few pictures and have the whole family make a memorable collage. Frame the collage and put it on your wall as a piece of family

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Northeast NEWS June 9, 2011



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artwork. It’s a memory you can keep forever and pass down to your children when they’re older. Exploring, identifying, collecting and being active as a family, is not only physically beneficial, but will also provide priceless bonding opportunities. Spend some time exploring the great outdoors this summer, and you will be amazed at how much you and your family can learn from the world around us. So get out and let nature be your teacher!

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June 9, 2011

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Northeast NEWS

Outhouse Races back to FSJ

102 Street between 100 Avenue and 101 Avenue. By Michaela Garstin Brian Kirschner and Byron Stewart, who FORT ST. JOHN – The Outhouse Races are rolling back to Fort St. John on July 9 after made a presentation about the outhouse races to city council, challenged council members to take disappearing from the city for 18 years. The popular event took place annually for 20 part in the races. No council members confirmed their years before it ended in 1993. The Lido will be hosting the races, which will attendance, but Coun. Larry Evans raced before take place along 100 Avenue between 100 Street the first Outhouse Races were cancelled. Annual Outhouse Races are currently held and 102 Street. Ice-cold beer will be sold on The Lido’s in Dawson Creek. Their outhouses featured temporary patio and live entertainers will Hawaiian and ‘potty rental’ themes. June 17 is the deadline to submit the $50 entry perform on 102 Street. Trophies and cash prizes will be awarded to fee. For more information or to register call 250the two fastest outhouses to make it to the finish 785-3011 or email line. But it’s not only speed that matters. A Humdinger Award will go to the most unique outhouse to take part. The awards will be presented during a concert on The Lido stage during the evening. All outhouses must be humanpowered to enter the race. No motors or bicycle-type devices are allowed. A maximum of five people over the age of 18 are allowed per team, and one person must be the lucky rider inside the outhouse. Each team should dress in a unique theme. The team could wear cowboy hats and shirts for a Western theme or overalls for a hillbilly theme, the rules give as an example. A parade with all the outhouse teams will take place at 11:30 a.m., while the races begin sharply at high noon. Winners of each race will take place in a championship race at 5 p.m. 100 Avenue between 100 Street and File photo 102 Street will be closed from 6 a.m. to Contestants get ready to compete at the Dawson Creek 6 p.m. for the races on July 9, along with Outhouse Races in 2009.

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Northeast NEWS

June 9, 2011

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Dawson Co-op celebrates 90 years as cornerstone of the community

In the early days of homesteading in the region, goods were delivered from centres in Alberta, and that was proving to be expensive and too sporadic. A handful of early settlers got together with the idea of forming a cooperative, and five directors for this proposed co-op were elected at a meeting of the Dawson United Farmers on April 9, 1921. Those directors quickly got to work on a membership drive and share-selling campaign, and an initial investment of $875 was raised to purchase the first load of merchandise for the store. The store was officially incorporated on May 28, 1921, and opened in a rented, tworoom building on June 9. A year later, the store’s first financial statements were released showing a profit of $350.86. In January 1923 the co-operative declared its first dividend of Matthew Bains photo eight per cent on share capital and a two per MLA Blair Lekstrom (front) and Dawson Co-op general manager Rod Hillary do the cent refund on shareholders purchases. Hillary noted the first store manager’s anhonours to cut the cake during the 90th anniversary celebration. nual salary was four percent of sales, or apBy Matthew Bains proximately $400, and he joked if the same formula was applied DAWSON CREEK – Not many businesses last long enough to today he would make a salary of $2.4 million a year. celebrate a 90-year anniversary, but that’s exactly what the DawProfits continued to climb in the years following as the region’s son Creek Co-op did on May 28 with an open house for all its population continued to increase, and as the railway was extended members. from Hythe, Alta., to Dawson Creek in 1930. To be more efficient Along with a free barbeque, some birthday cake and other prizes and convenient, the store was relocated that year with horses pulland goodies, the event was a chance to reflect on the storied history ing the store over a system of rollers for two miles over a two-week of the Co-op and thank the people who made the last nine decades period. Hillary said the store remained open during the move, and possible. in fact the novelty of shopping at a moving store resulted in a spike “It is because of the all past and present members and employin business. ees – they have made our Co-op the success it is today,” said GorIn the early 1940s, World War II was underway, and the populadon Parslow, chair of the Co-op’s board of directors. tion of Dawson Creek jumped to about 30,000 people from 1,000 Peace River South MLA Blair Lekstrom thanked Co-op mempeople in 1942 as American soldiers moved in to build the Alaska bers past and present for their contributions to not only growing a Highway. He said total sales jumped to $515,000 in 1943 from successful business, but growing the city and the entire region as $211,000 in 1941 despite a shortage of supplies and manpower. well. Despite the continued shortage of supplies, and a massive ex“This is really part of our foundation here in the Peace country,” plosion that crippled the downtown area in 1943, the Dawson Cohe said. op continued to grow. A warehouse was converted into a grocery Acting mayor Terry McFayden added his congratulations on store and space was rented just up the street for selling hardware behalf of the City of Dawson Creek, noting the Co-op was the and dry goods. backbone of the small town in Saskatchewan where he grew up, as Over the 1950s and 1960s, sales continued to grow steadily as it has been in Dawson Creek. oil and gas exploration took hold and new corridors were built Heartfelt congratulations were also given by Kimeal Cooke, into the region. Those decades saw a remodeled grocery store and president of the Dawson Creek Chamber of Commerce; Judy Claclothing department, the opening of a bulk fuel plant, and a new vier, local representative of the Federated Co-operatives Limited location for the home and agro department. (FCL); and Gail Briggs, director of the New Horizon Co-op that Despite economic troubles in the 1980s almost forcing the FCL operates stores in the Alberta Peace region. to go bankrupt, the Dawson Co-op continued to hang on, and it General manger Rod Hillary then narrated a slide presentation even opened up its cardlock fuel station in 1989. depicting the significant milestones of the Dawson Co-op through Over the last decade, further gains have been made. In 2004, the decades.

Co-op opened up its new gas bar, which Hillary said is the busiest in town according to local statistics. A cardlock station was opened in Tumbler Ridge in 2007, the home and agro centre was expanded in 2008, and improvements were made to the cardlock station in Dawson Creek Of course, earlier this year the board of directors voted to close the Styles clothing department, but Hillary said the board hopes to announce plans for that space shortly. “We’re excited about the future and the opportunities ahead of us, but most importantly we would like to congratulate and thank you, our fellow members, for your dedication and years of patronage,” he concluded.

Contributed photo

The Dawson Co-op started from humble beginnings and has withstood 90 years of ups and downs to continue as a cornerstone of the community.

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Northeast NEWS

June 9, 2011

Be prepared: Start building your family’s emergency kit now Contributed by Alan Stebbing, manager of protective and inspection services for the District of Hudson’s Hope Everybody knows the old Scout motto... Be Prepared! One of the best ways to be prepared is to have an emergency kit for you and your family. Emergency kits are available from many commercial sources but it is easy to build your own. Your kit should be able to sustain you and your family for a minimum of 72 hours. There are a few requirements for an emergency kit, but after that it is up to your imagination. It should be: Transportable: If you need to leave your house, the kit should be easy to grab. Water Tight: Keeping things dry is always a good thing. Accessible: You need to be able to get at your kit quickly. Ide-

ally it should be close to a door and everyone in the house should know where it is and what it is for. Complete: There are some essentials that need to be in your kit to make you self sustaining for 72 hours. Your kit should be checked twice a year for expired items or missing items. It is a good idea to do it when you check your smoke detectors, like I know you all do... that is the fire chief in me coming out! Here are some things that should be in your kit: Food, water, copies of identification and important documents, a phone list with out of province contacts, a pocket knife, waterproof matches, candles, a flashlight with extra batteries, a whistle, personal hygiene items, extra medication, spare glasses and/or contact solution, duct tape (because it will fix anything), spare house and car keys, space


blankets and baby essentials (such as diapers) if you have young ones. This list is just a start. There are many lists available on the Internet, but get creative and think about the things you would need and want if you were out of your house and on your own for three days. Some of these lists are a lot to put together all at once, so try to build your kit over the next year by adding something each week and spreading the cost out over a whole year. For more information on what should be in your kit, check out the Peace River Regional District website at under “Emergency Services – Get Prepared” or Google “Home Emergency Kit” for some great resources. If you still have questions, I encourage you to contact your local community government and speak with the person responsible for emergency preparedness...every community has one, so you might as well use them! Good luck on building your kit and working with us to help keep your family safe. A little bit of preparedness goes a long way!

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DBC_111117_LB_JEEP.indd 1

32 3 2MPG HWY

8.9L/100 8 9L/100 KM HWY¤

June 9, 2011





2011 Wrangler Rubicon 4x4 shown.§



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Northeast NEWS

June 9, 2011

School teachers strap on helmets for Bike to Work Week By Michaela Garstin FORT ST. JOHN – A group of teachers from a school in Fort St. John strapped on their helmets and rode to work for a week in an effort to stay in shape, save gas money and help the environment. The eight-member group from the Northern BC Distance Education School signed up for Bike to Work Week, an event that runs throughout B.C.

“We’re not going to stop at the end of the week,” said Samantha Butler, a teacher at the school. “We’re going to bike all the way until the end of June.” She said it was easy dealing with the traffic on her two-kilometre commute to work. “People are getting used to bikers on the road,” she said. “They stop and wait if I have to walk my bike across the road. “We’re encouraging people who aren’t riding their bikes to work to do so. Some people who don’t have bikes are walking to here.” Dawn Gladysz, a Grade 4 teacher at Alwin Holland Elementary, biked 45 minutes to work along the Alaska Highway from Charlie Lake. “I leave from the Charlie

Lake Church because the road from my house is gravel and there are dogs on the way,” she said. The highway is busy but drivers have been respectful, she added. “Now that the highway is four lanes, there’s a shoulder to ride on, which makes it much easier,” she said. She said the only scary part is merging into different lanes because of the oncoming traffic. Gladysz is a member of the Blizzard Bike Club and has had a goal to ride to work for two years now. “I’m using my brand new bike to get to work,” she said. “I’m doing this for fitness but I also love bike riding.” More than 17,000 cyclists from throughout B.C. are estimated to have participated in Bike to Work Week. The Fort St. John RCMP is reminding cyclists to ride on the road with the flow of traffic and follow the same rules as drivers of vehicles. Cyclists should also remember to wear a helmet and not ride on sidewalks.

Talisman Energy donates $1,500 to FSJ organization

They volunteer as extra eyes and ears for the RCMP and ICBC with programs such as lock out auto crime, speed watch and patrolling our streets. They contact the RCMP when they see crime in progress, suspected drunk drivers, graffiti artists and other property crimes. The Fort St. John Citizens on Patrol group has also just included the District of Taylor under its umbrella and is looking for dedicated volunteers to fill positions in both Communities and can contact Connie Morris at 250262-4530 for more information or to Contributed photo apply.

John McGougan presents a cheque for $1,500 on behalf of Talisman Energy to Connie Morris with the Fort St. John Citizens on Patrol organization. This is a non profit organization that runs on generous donations from Community sponsors.

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Northeast NEWS

June 9, 2011

$27.6 million to be spent on roads


upgraded as part of the project. The Texaco Bridge on Buick Creek Road will be completely replaced. A design and cost estimate for the replacement of the Fort Nelson River Bridge on Highway 77 is also part of the plans. Pimm said there is nothing wrong with the structure of the Fort Nelson Bridge but it needs to be widened to accommodate wider loads travelling through the area. “We’re going to come up with two or three conceptual ideas and see what the costing is on those,” he said. The plans also included a level course overlay of 37 kilometres along Highway 77 near Fort Nelson, to provide a strengthened pavement surface for residents and industry. Other roads impacted by the oil and gas industry will be upgraded and dust control will be applied. Calcium chloride will be used to create a hard surface on side roads throughout the North Peace Region to prevent dust from coming up behind vehicles, Pimm said. The highway work will strengthen northeastern British Columbia’s economy, according to Pimm. “These projects will create 170 new jobs,” Pimm said. “Most of the work will be done by B.C. companies, but companies from outside the province are welcome to bid on the jobs as well.” The cost for each individual project isn’t being released to encourage companies to come up with their own prices in the bidding process, Pimm said. Pimm said he will encourage out-of-province companies to hire local labour. “The fact that jobs will also be created is a welcome bonus to northern families,” he said. The province has spent $925 million in road improvements in the Northeast since 2001.

By Michaela Garstin PEACE REGION – The B.C. government is slating $27.6 million for North Peace Region road improvements to be completed by the end of October. The project will include upgrades to roads in Fort St. John, Taylor, Fort Nelson and Buick Creek. “All of these upgrades are welcome projects in the Peace River North region. Our highways, bridges and roads are heavily depended on for both residents and industry,” said Peace River North MLA Pat Pimm. The program includes more that $11 million from the Oil and Gas Resource Roads program, which ensures roads impacted by heavy industry use are kept safe and reliable. Around $1 million will be spent on painting new lines on roads throughout the region. Extensive improvements will be done to the provincially owned portion of 86 Street in Fort St. John. Lighting and walking paths will be upgraded along the street, as well as improvements to the curbs and gutters. Pimm said the improvements on 86 Street will be completed by the time traffic will increase in the area when the new Fort St. John Hospital is completed next summer. Around five kilometres of Highway 97 in Taylor will be repaved, from the Taylor Bridge north of the town to the top of the Taylor Hill. “Taylor and Fort St. John residents have shown great concern about this area, and this will address some the danger aspects of the road,” Pimm said. Three kilometres of Airport Road running from 86 Street in Fort St. John to the traffic circle east of town will also upgraded. The project also includes around 10 kilometres of level course overlay of Road 103 northeast of the city. Two bridges in the North Peace Region will be

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Northeast NEWS

June 9, 2011

Tumbler Ridge celebrates 30 years, looks forward to many more ahead By Matthew Bains

TUMBLER RIDGE – British Columbia’s youngest municipality celebrates its 30th birthday this year. The story of Tumbler Ridge’s beginnings as a coal mining town is probably well known, but perhaps not as well known is that there is actually some dispute with respect to the town’s “official” birthday. The town’s incorporation date was April 9, 1981, but the ceremony to officially open the town and the Bullmoose Mine was on June 6, 1984, and is commonly referred to as the town’s birthday. For this year’s celebration, the District of Tumbler Ridge decided to split the difference – recognizing the year of incorporation, but the date of the official opening. “We decided to do it in June because it’s warmer,” said Mayor Larry White.

The modest celebration on June 6 included a community barbecue, activities for children and some prizes and giveaways. It’s pretty remarkable that the town is around to celebrate 30 years given the volatility of the coal mining industry over the last few decades. Around the turn of the millennium, especially, things looked dire as the area’s mines closed and the town’s population saw a dramatic dip. However, the town has managed to hold on, and with the resurgence in the demand for metallurgical coal, the future is looking bright in Tumbler Ridge. “There’s no doubt in my mind that in the next five years there is going to be a boom here,” White said. The town is not content to rely on just one industry though, and to that end it continues to look for opportunities in oil and gas, biomass and wind energy, and an expanding tourism industry. White


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said he was pleased to hear the Province will invest to repair and upgrade the access road into Kinuseo Falls, one of premier attractions in the “land of waterfalls and dinosaurs.” White said Tumbler Ridge is a “hidden treasure” that not enough people know about, and he is hoping with more attention paid to it – like an article that appeared in the British Columbia Magazine earlier this year about the area’s unique paleontological resources – that will change. The town continues with a downtown revitalization effort that includes things like replacing streetlights and completing the renovations to the community centre. The mayor said a tax incentive is also being offered for new businesses that move into the downtown core and for existing businesses to make improvements to their facade. He added input from the public on further improvements is always welcome. White added accessibility and quality of life for residents will continue to be a focus for the district, and many of those initiatives will be included in the town’s official community plan when it is updated later this year. He said even with the boom that is expected over the next few years, he doesn’t think that growth will take away from the natural beauty and remoteness that many longtime residents have come to love about the town.

June 16, 17, 18 Doors open @ 10:00 am.

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Tumbler Ridge celebrates a milestone 30 years after being incorporated as British Columbia’s youngest municipality, though the town is looking for many more birthdays to come.

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Northeast NEWS

June 9, 2011

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Tumbler Ridge recognizes significance of rail line with new exhibit Don Phillips, the region’s MLA at that time, By Matthew Bains TUMBLER RIDGE – Tumbler Ridge is an drove the “last spike” (which is on display in the area rich in history, and now residents and visi- exhibit) into the line on Nov. 1, 1983, just before tors alike can explore an important part of that the first coal train passed by. Seven, 6,000-horsehistory with the opening of the Tumbler Ridge Branch Line Exhibit on May 20. The exhibit is housed inside a BC Rail caboose adjacent to the Visitor’s Information Booth. The interpretive centre includes illustrations and text lining the walls, as well as artifacts in a display case, an interactive Matthew Bains photos video station and even an area for children with co- Rainan and Kirstyn Hawkes – playing the role of conductor and conlouring books and other ductor’s wife – helped gathered dignitaries and guests officially open Tumbler Ridge Branch Line Exhibit on May 20. resources. Dr. Charles Helm, vice president of the Tumbler Ridge Museum Foun- power electric locomotives with 98 car units dation, said they have opened prehistoric exhib- carried coal from the area’s mines to the port at its and others on early human history in the area, Ridley Island just south of Prince Rupert, makbut they felt the railway line and its significance ing it the first non-passenger rail line that was to Tumbler Ridge was a story that needed to be electrically-powered. Those electric locomotives have since been retold. “We’ve covered just about everything, but placed by diesel-powered trains, and the original the one thing we’ve had on our minds that we seven were returned to their original owner – exhaven’t done justice to is the fact we have this cept one, which remains a prized exhibit at the totally unique, amazing railway line,” said Helm. Railway and Forestry Museum in Prince George. At the turn of the millennium, a drop in coal The 129-kilometre-long Tumbler Ridge Branch Line (or Tumbler Ridge Subdivision) price, a high Canadian dollar and challenging geincluded four tunnels, 11 bridges, an overhead ology led to the closure of the Quintette Mine in centenary (system of wires used to supply elec- 2000, followed by the Bullmoose Mine in 2003 tricity to locomotives), a substation and loading after reaching the end of its lifespan. Trains diloops. Two of the tunnels – the nine-kilometre minished to two or three per week from two to Table Tunnel and the six-kilometre Wolverine three per day. A rebound in prices in the last few years is Tunnel – are the second and fourth longest tunreason to be optimistic for the future of coal minnels in Canada, respectively.

$3,000 towards the project. “Lake View feels it’s important to contribute to projects that celebrate the history of the communities we’re serving,” said branch manger Nolan Hill. “We have a history in this community, and we’re looking forward to a future with Tumbler Ridge as it grows and develops.” Helm also thanked the many volunteers who designed and prepared and materials, and local companies and organizations that donated time and materials. He also thanked Robert McDonald of Port Townsend, Washington, who he admiringly called a railway buff and “fanatical gentleman” who helped with the history on the rail line.

ing in the area. The local economy has also since diversified, but the significance of mining, and of the railway that was the lifeline of that industry, cannot be overstated. Helm noted that the text in the exhibit concludes with the quote that: “When the coal is running on the rails, Tumbler Ridge is on track.” “People felt really bad for a few years when the mines closed because there were no trains and nothing was going,” said Helm. “When the trains are running, people just feel good.” He noted it took the whole community coming together to make the exhibit a reality. Lake View Credit Union provided a major contribution of

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June 9, 2011

Fort St. John residents lend an extra helping-hand on Pay It Forward Day

By Michaela Garstin FORT ST. JOHN – Don’t be surprised if a stranger buys you a coffee or offers to carry your groceries in Fort St. John on June 10. A dedicated group in the city is determined to make the third annual Pay It Forward Day a success. The Fort St. John Association for Community Living, which provides services for adults with developmental disabilities, is asking people to think of others a bit more that day.

Their request is simple: Do something nice for someone. If someone is kind to you, don’t forget to “pay it forward.” The Association for Community Living started the day as a way to give back to the many people who help the organization throughout the year, said Cory Goodwin, the association’s special projects co-ordinator. People who use the association’s services come up with the thoughtful ideas for the day. “Last year we organized nutritional snack-

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Contributed by Investors Group There are the ABCs of retirement – Always Be (financially) Comfortable – and then there’s RRIF, LIF, SWP, GIF, LIB and more … an alphabet soup of acronyms and abbreviations that every retiree must wade through. What do they all mean? RRSP – Registered Retirement Savings Plan An effective way to save for retirement while enjoying tax deductions on your contributions and compound tax-deferred growth inside your plan, you can contribute to your RRSP up to the end of the year in which you reach 71 – and then you have some decisions to make: Cash in your plan – the least advisable route because you’ll likely pay tax on the entire amount at the highest marginal tax rate. Convert your RRSP to a RRIF -- Registered Retirement Income Fund. RRIFs are very much like RRSPs with two exceptions: No further contributions are allowed to your RRIF once it has been established; and you are required to withdraw a minimum amount each year based on your age and the value of your RRIF. Buy a life annuity that will pay you a specified income, usually monthly, for the rest of your life. Buy a term-certain annuity that guarantees payments to you until you turn 90. By the way, life annuities and term-certain annuities are the two main types of fixed annuities and can be obtained in many variations. Another Congratulates

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type of annuity to consider is the joint life/last survivor annuity that will continue payments to your spouse after your death. Here’s some more alphabet soup to wade through: LIF - Life Income Fund/PRIF – Prescribed Retirement Income Fund Similar to RRIFs in that you are required to withdraw a minimum amount each year but withdrawals are also ‘capped’ by pension legislation. You decide what amount to withdraw within the allowed range. GIF – Guaranteed Income Fund or Guaranteed Investment Fund Also known as a segregated fund policy, a GIF is a form of insurance that combines the growth of investment mutual funds with the features of an insurance policy to provide you with the security of a guaranteed income for life. LIB – Lifetime Income Benefit A GIF that provides a predictable, guaranteed income for life and is available to individuals at least 50 and under 91. SWP – Systematic Withdrawal Fund A mutual fund feature that allows you to withdraw income at specific times – usually monthly or quarterly – while your invested capital continues to grow. Works like dollar cost averaging in reverse -- you redeem more units when prices are down and less when they are higher. There’s more, such as CPP, QPP, OAS, and all this alphabet soup stuff can seem a little deep at times. Investors Group is one of the largest financial services companies Your professional advisor Sherri Collins, CFP in the country. For over 80 years, can help dish up the tastiest Investors Group has been a pioneer Senior Financial Consultant in providing personalized financial solutions for your lifestyle and #233, 10704 97 Ave. planning solutions. Today, we manage over $52 billion in mutual retirement goals. Fort St. John, BC V1J 6L7 fund assets for nearly a million This column, written and Canadians. Ph: 250-785-4312 Fax: 250-785-2344 published by Investors Group Investors Group Financial Services Inc. Email: #233 10704 97 Avenue Financial Services Inc. (in Greywest Office Building • RRSPS • BRokER SERviCES • iNSURANCE Fort St. John, BC Québec – a Financial Services V1J 6L7 • RESPS • MoRTGAGES Ph: 250 785 4312 Firm), presents general TM Trademark owned by IGM Financial Inc. and licensed to its subsidiary corporations. Email: information only and is not a Mortgage products are offered through I.G. Investment Management Ltd., Investors Group Trust Co. Ltd. is a trust company licensed to lend money in all jurisdictions in Canada. solicitation to buy or sell any Clients with mortgage inquiries will be referred to an Investors Group Mortgage Planning Specialist. Insurance products and services distributed through I.G. Insurance Services Inc. investments.

packs with granola bars and juice for people living on the streets,” Goodwin said. “The acts of kindness can be planned or random.” The association made birthday boxes last year with gift-wrap, plates, utensils and cake mix inside and donated them to the Women’s Resource Centre. A Pay It Forward card is included with every good deed to encourage people to do something nice for someone else. “If it’s multiplied by three every time, imagine how many acts of kindness that would be?”

Goodwin said. She said many organizations in Fort St. John took part in the event last year including the Fort St. John Friendship Society, which gave away free soup and bannock. “This day is a reminder of how we should be acting all year round,” Goodwin said. “It’s all the little acts that make a difference.” People may recognize the Pay It Forward idea from a 2000 movie with the same title staring Kevin Spacey and Helen Hunt.

Highway from FSJ to Alberta dangerous: Businesses By Michaela Garstin FORT ST. JOHN – Businesses in B.C. want the highway between Fort St. John and the Alberta border to be expended to four lanes. “There have been a number of serious accidents in recent years on the road,” said Fort St. John Chamber of Commerce president Andrew Tylosky. “It’s very serious – the highway isn’t large enough right now for all the traffic.” The Fort St. John and District Chamber of Commerce presented the resolution at the B.C. Chamber of Commerce annual general meeting in Prince George last week. The policy calls on the provincial government to begin immediate improvements to the most dangerous areas of Highway 2 and 97. The highways are main roads for oil and gas industry trucks, Tylosky said. “It’s not going to be cheap or easy but it has to be done,” he said. “There are some really bad stretches that are in rough shape.” Tyloski said there currently isn’t a plan in place to improve the highway. A policy calling for the provincial government to develop a plan to twin the highway between Fort St. John and the Alberta border within the next five to 10 years is now in place. The Fort St. John Chamber of Commerce also made recommendations on airport spending and taxi regulation. The necessary two-thirds majority vote was accomplished for the resolutions to be added to the Policy and Positions Manual. The manual serves as a guide for all levels of government to the views of the B.C. business community. A policy was adopted calling for the provincial

and federal governments to develop a long-term plan to guide future investments in the province’s airports. “We’re looking at the big picture, not just the airport in Fort St. John,” Tyloski said. “We need a guide on how airport capital money should be spent in the province. “Our airport needs capital money. The money is critical for its success.” Tyloski said the Fort St. John Airport needs to be expanded in certain areas, such as parking. The Fort St. John Chamber of Commerce had another resolution passed to improve the reliability and safety of taxi service throughout B.C. “We have very little taxi regulation in place,” Tyloski said. He would like to see the Taxi Bill of Rights be adopted province-wide, similar to the policy already used in the Lower Mainland. “The Taxi Bill of Rights includes things like a right to a safe ride and being provided a receipt when you leave,” he said. The resolution calls for the Passenger Transportation Board to have the power to enforce certain standards of taxi operations to ensure communities can rely on a professional taxi service. Tyloski said the chamber had to make a few minor amendments to the resolutions to ensure it got the two-thirds majority vote needed for the policies to pass. The BC Chamber of Commerce Policy and Positions Manual is developed with input from chambers throughout the province and new policies are adopted each year at the annual general meeting.

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FORT ST. JOHN - The Fort St. John RCMP received a complaint at 8 p.m. in regards to a woman on the Cecil Lake Road who appeared to be quite distraught. The woman was reported to have been approaching vehicles travelling on Cecil Lake Road stating that she was scared. It was also reported that an older model blue and white Chevrolet pickup was spotted in the area and may have been associated to the female. The RCMP is currently seeking the public’s assistance in regards to further information, description or the whereabouts of the female or the truck. If you have any information regarding this incident or any other crime, please call the Fort St. John RCMP at 250787-8140.

Northeast NEWS

June 9, 2011

Page 19

Events to benefit community waterpark project in Dawson Creek

By Matthew Bains DAWSON CREEK – Those looking to get out and enjoy summer in Dawson Creek and the many events it has to offer can do so while also raising money for a worthy project for the community’s children. Two fundraisers haven been organized towards construction of the Mr. Mikes Kinsmen Community Water Park, an outdoor splash park proposed next to Rotary Lake. The first will be the “Stonewell Wine Festival” happening June 11 at the Bear Mountain Ski Hill. “We’re bringing wine reps up, so there’s going to be a whole bunch of different wines, and we’re going to pair them with a bunch of food,” explained organizer Johanna Kunz, who is a managing the waterpark project on behalf of the Stonewell Development Society. The wine tasting portion of the evening will start at around 4 p.m. and go until about 7 p.m., at which point the venue will be opened up to a dance, featuring a DJ and cash bar, until midnight. A shuttle bus has been arranged to pick people up at the EnCana Events Centre starting at 3:30 p.m. and drop them off starting at 10 p.m.

“People can be dropped off either back at the central location at the Events Centre, or you can tip the driver and he will actually drive you home,” explained Kunz. Tickets are $75 each and can be picked up at Mr. Mikes or by calling Kunz at 250-719-6092 or Kelly at 250-219-5779. All the money raised will go towards the waterpark project. If wine tasting isn’t your thing, perhaps an outdoor music festival is. The eighth annual Bushstock will be held at the Bear Paw campground in Arras on July 22 and 23. The Stonewell Development Society has partnered with Bushstock to fundraise by selling 800 earlybird tickets. “They have advanced tickets on sale for $30, and with your advanced ticket it gets you entry into the music festival for the whole weekend, but it also automatically gets your name put into a draw for a $3,000 cash prize,” said Kunz. The prize will be drawn at 8 p.m. on July 23, and she said you don’t have to be at the music festival to win it, so those just wishing to support the waterpark project while entering their name into the draw can do so. Tickets are available at Mr. Mikes Steakhouse and Bar, Café Europa, and Guitars and Stuff in Dawson Creek; the Rolla Pub in Rolla; and Whole Wheat and Honey and Retro Relics

in Fort St. John – otherwise they are $40 at the gate. Kunz added Mr. Mikes will be on site at the campground Saturday afternoon selling Mikeburgers, with all proceeds going towards the waterpark. Jeremy Linklater, organizer of the music festival and board member with the Stonewell Development Society, said patrons can expect a weekend full of original music from about a dozen bands from all over the Peace region. “When we first started doing this, it was a little heavier music,” he explained, “but now it’s a lot more easy-listening music – country, folk, and rock – and there is a little bit of heavier stuff.” He said the hard rock will mostly be featured on the first evening, which will start at 5 p.m. and end at midnight. The following day will include an open mic from noon until 5 p.m., followed by more scheduled bands from 5 p.m. to 1 a.m. He added the complete list of bands is still being finalized. Linklater added a hot breakfast will be served in the mornings and Betty’s Amazing Faces will be on site offering face painting and temporary henna tattoos. For more information, or to get tickets, contact Linklater at 250719-1248.

BC Hydro celebrates 50 years, looks ahead to future

but he added a review is underway to determine ways to lessen that By Matthew Bains DAWSON CREEK – The past, present and future of British burden on ratepayers. Lekstrom said there are all kinds of opportunities for power genColumbia’s publicly-owned utility company were presented as BC Hydro kicked off its 50th anniversary celebrations with an open eration through wind, solar, geothermal, run-of-the-river and tidal, but hydroelectricity generated from the province’s dams remains house in Dawson Creek on May 28. the backbone of the electricity system. That naturalIt was 50 years ago ly led to comments on the controversial Site C Dam. premier W.A.C. Bennett “We need this project, and we have to certainly passed the BC Hydro Act, work with the people of this region to ensure that if leading to the amalgamait proceeds it’s done in the best way we can do it,” tion of BC Electric and he said. “I don’t want to side step the fact it has an the BC Power Commisimpact on the land base on which we operate, but sion and the creation of the everything we do does.” BC Hydro Power and AuHe insisted the power from Site C is for British thority. The occasion was Columbians, not for export. marked with fun games “Our growth is projected to be about 40 per cent and activities for children, Matthew Bains photo to meet our own needs here in British Columbia some information booths on a number of projects for Greg Reimer (right) with BC Hydro presents MLA over the next 20 years, and that will go a long way adults, and a free barbeque Blair Lekstrom (left) and acting mayor Terry Mac- in helping.” Fayden with copies of “Voices From Two Rivers: Greg Reimer, executive vice president of transfor everyone. “I think they (BC Hy- Harnessing the Power of the Peace and Columbia,” mission and distribution for BC Hydro, commented dro) do an amazing job the latest book from BC Hydro’s Power Pioneers. on some of the other projects the utility has ongoing. for us,” said Peace River Proceeds from the sale of the book and others will He said it was fitting to be in Dawson Creek as it is one of the fastest growing areas in terms of electricSouth MLA Blair Lek- be going to the BC Children’s Hospital. ity demand. strom in an address that To that end, the utility is close to finalizing its Dawson Creekmorning. “Our reliability in service provision ranks up there with Chetwynd Area Transmission Project (DCAT) - a 60-kilometre, the best in North America, and we should all be very proud.” The former energy minister added residential customers in Brit- 230-kilovolt transmission line running from an upgraded Bear ish Columbia pay the third lowest electricity rates in North Amer- Mountain Terminal near Dawson Creek to a new Sundance Staica. He acknowledged BC Hydro is proposing rate hikes – 29 per tion close to Chetwynd. Reimer the project will be submitted to cent compounded over the next three years – and he said there are BC Hydro’s board of directors this summer for approval before significant upgrades to power infrastructure that need to take place, a request for a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (CPCN) is submitted to the BC Utilities Commission. “We’ve changed the route to accommodate residents and we’re pretty happy we are in a good place with that,” he added. He said that project alone won’t be enough to meet growing electricity demand in the area and BC Hydro was already looking at further options to stay ahead of that demand. BC Hydro has also proposed electrifying oil and gas development in the Fort Nelson area through the construction of the North-

east Transmission Line that would run from the generating station near Hudson’s Hope to Fort Nelson. “The provincial government has just authorized us to start earlystage studies on that line, and they’ve authorized us to spend up to $15 million on those studies, which we will be doing over the next two years,” said Reimer. Reimer also defended BC Hydro Smart Metering program, which the Opposition NDP and other critics have panned as a “billion-dollar boondoggle” that will result in ratepayers paying more, not less. The former deputy energy minister said he understands some of the problems that have occurred with similar programs in Ontario and California, for example, and they are taking steps to make sure those problems are not repeated here. He added the Smart Metering program has a positive business case, namely helping to stop the $100,000 million a year in electricity theft that’s occurring in the province, mainly due to illegal marijuana grow operations.

Matthew Bains photo

BC Hydro’s remarkable history was well represented by Power Pioneers (from left to right) Glen Canning (provincial president), Tim Thompson (Prince George branch president), and Phil Horton (history chair). The organization of former employees sponsors a number of charitable fundraisers, scholarships and awards across the province.

Matthew Bains photo

Powerline technician Elis Mant was facilitating bucket rides on one of BC Hydro’s crane trucks as one of the many activities happening during the utility company’s 50th anniversary celebration.


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June 9, 2011


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Stakeholders await reform of Agricultural Land Reserve

“The ALC has to be properly funded to do its mandate, and it By Matthew Bains PEACE REGION – The future of stewardship of agricultural just isn’t,” he said. The BC Grain Producer’s Association has also called for reland in British Columbia remains up in the air as stakeholders await the results of a review of the province’s Agricultural Land forms, believing the current system of land use decisions is not benefitting farmers in the Peace region. Reserve. “We’re in favour of a complete review and overhaul of the AgThe Agricultural Land Commission completed a review late last year that included a review of ALR boundaries and recommenda- ricultural Land Reserve,” said president David Wuthrich. “It’s not tions on how the commission might better meet its mandate to pro- consistent for what this area has to deal with. They’re needs to be a review to have more understanding of tect and enhance agriculture in the province. what farmers really need.” Stakeholders in the Peace region – which He the decisions made by the comhas the largest area of ALR in the province mission are inconsistent with respect to – are eagerly awaiting the results of that requests for subdivision or ALR exclureport and the reforms it may include, but sion. He said that means many older it remains on the Minister of Agriculture’s farmers who want to retire on their desk and has not been released publically home quarter-section are prevented yet. from subdividing their own land by “We’re very curious as to what the rethe ALC. He added there is also land port is going to say,” said Ron Buchanan, included in the ALR that is not agriculrancher in the Charlie Lake area and vice turally productive, and farmers should president of the BC Cattlemen’s Associabe able to sell or lease that land to tion. “We’re certainly ready to react to it supplement the income they make from when we know what it is.” farming. A Ranching Task Force Report that was “Some land should have never been released in 2009 included, among other cleared,” he said. “If you have a quarter things, recommendations to reform the section and you have a little creek that ALR – namely, that home site severance Contributed photo goes through five acres on the back end of ranch lands in the ALR be allowed to facilitate the intergenerational family trans- Stakeholders in the Peace region are anxiously and you can’t get to it, why can’t you fer of active ranch operations; that greater awaiting possible reforms of the province’s Ag- sell it and put a house in there or a yard, flexibility be given with respect to non- ricultural Land Reserve that could change the building site or a shop?” The Citizens for Agricultural Land farm uses, off-farm sources of income and way land use decisions are made in the region. Reform Society – a Dawson Creekon-farm energy projects; and that a review of the ALR boundaries be done to ensure lands suitable for agri- based group of farmers and local business representatives – is also pushing for significant changes to the way land use decisions on culture are within the ALR. Buchanan added that the cuts to the commission included in this farmland are made in the region. “I think it’s all about opening up the options for farmers and year’s budget – just over $100,000 – is concerning given what he ranchers,” said Paul Gevatkoff, a retired businessman and spokesbelieves is already a state of chronic underfunding.

person for the society. “The farmers are hamstrung with what they can do with their land. If they want to utilize even a small portion of their land for a non-farm-related business, they’re just not allowed to do that.” He added allowing for more local companies to service the oil and gas and other heavy industries would also be a benefit to the region. Gevatkoff referenced the auditor general’s report on the ALC completed last year which found the commission “is challenged to effectively preserve agricultural land and encourage farming in British Columbia.” He said if changes were made to land use decisions in the Peace region, the commission could focus its limited resources on protecting farmland in areas where development pressures are more acute – namely, the Fraser Valley, Vancouver Island and the Okanagan. Agriculture Minister Don McRae said he is working on getting the report before his cabinet colleagues and releasing it soon after. He added he is planning to visit the Peace region later this month and is hoping to coincide his trip with a visit by ALC chair Richard Bullock. He said in regards to funding the commission that its budget has remained consistent over the past several years. “Obviously everybody would like some more dollars to work with and the Agricultural Land Commission is probably no different,” said McRae. “We are aware of the dollars they have to operate with and we are making sure we don’t ask them to do anything that isn’t possible within their existing funding.” In the meantime, the Ministry of Agriculture is inviting British Columbians to comment on possible guidelines for residence size and location on properties in the ALR. Local governments regulate residence size and location limits within their boundaries, but not many have specified size and placement requirements for residences specifically within the ALR, and a request has come forward from municipalities in the Lower Mainland to develop a provincial standard that local governments could use. A discussion paper and online survey are available at or phone 604-556-3090. The survey is open until July 14.

Vold, Jones & Vold Auction Co. Ltd. Jones‘MILE & VoldZERO Auction Co. Ltd. DAWSON CREEK Vold, AUCTION CITY’

DAWSON ‘MILE ZERO CITY’ 301-116th Ave.CREEK DawsonAUCTION Creek, British Columbia Dawson Creek Office: 250-782-3766 VJV Main Office: 403-783-5561 Cattle Sales, Don 301-116th Ave. Dawson Creek, British Columbia Fessler: 250-719-5561 Fax: 250-782-6622

Dawson Creek Office: 250-782-3766 VJV Main Office: 403-783-5561 Cattle Sales, Don

Fessler: 250-719-5561 Fax: 250-782-6622 MARKET REpORT JUNE 2, 2011 CATTLE REPORT SLAUGHTER CATTLE On Thursday, June 2, 2011, 350 head of cattle went through our market SLAUGHTER CATTLE D1 - D2 Cows 68.00-72.00

395 head of cattle went through the ring of Dawson Creek Action on July 8, 2010 D3 - D4 Cows 65.00-69.00 SALES EVERY THURSDAY!

Holstein Cows D1 - D2 Cows Heiferettes D3 - D4 Cows Bologna Bulls Holstein Cows Feeder Bulls Heiferettes Good Bred Cows Bologna Bulls Good Bred Heifers Feeder Bulls Milk Cows Good Bred Cows Cow/ Calf Pairs (younger) Good Bred Heifers Cow/ Calf Pairs (older) Cow/ Calf Pairs Older Cows Milk Cows

N/A 53.00-56.00 70.00-75.00 48.00-53.00 70.00-80.00 50.00-53.00 75.00-85.00 55.00-65.00 N/A 62.00-72.50 N/A 65.00-70.00 N/A None 1500.00-1625.00 None 1250.00-1350.00 900.00-1000.00 None None


Good Feeder Steers 1000 lbs Plus: Good Feeder Steers 900 lbs Plus: Good Feeder Steers 800 lbs Plus: Good Feeder Feeder Steers Steers 700 1000lbs lbsPlus: Plus: Good Good Feeder Steers 900 lbs Plus: Good Feeder Steers 600 lbs Plus: Good Feeder Steers 800 lbs Plus: Good Feeder Steers 500 lbs Plus: Good Feeder Steers 700 lbs Plus: Good Feeder Steers 400 lbs Plus: Good Feeder Steers 600 lbs Plus: Good Good Feeder Feeder Steers Steers 300 500 lbs lbs Plus: Plus: Baby Calves Beef Type: Good Feeder Steers 400 lbs Plus:

N/A 105.00-107.00 110.00-115.00 N/A 125.00-130.00 N/A 130.00-140.00 92.00-100.00 145.00-152.00 102.00-108.00 145.00-155.00 110.00-118.00 N/A 115.00-125.00 175.00-225.00 110.00-125.00

Heifers Heifers Heifers Heifers Heifers Heifers Heifers Heifers Heifers Heifers Heifers Heifers Heifers Heifers

N/A N/A N/A N/A 115.00-120.00 N/A 125.00-130.00 80.00-88.00 130.00-135.00 85.00-92.00 125.00-135.00 98.00-104.00 N/A 100.00-108.00


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Horse Good Feeder Steers 300Next lbs Plus:

Sale June 11, 2011Heifers None

Vold, Jones & Vold Auction Co. Ltd. Upcoming Sales: Vold, Jones &@ Vold10:00 Auction Co. Ltd. Sales Every Thursday a.m. DAWSON CREEK AUCTION ‘MILE ZERO CITY’ DAWSON CREEK AUCTION ‘MILE ZERO CITY’ 301-116thSale Ave. Dawson Creek, British Columbia Dawson Creek Office: Horse September 25/2010 301-116th Dawson British Columbia 250-782-3766Ave. VJV Main Office:Creek, 403-783-5561 Cattle Sales, Don Fessler: 250-719-5561 Fax: 250-782-6622 Dawson Creek Office: 250-782-3766 VJV Main Office: 403-783-5561 Cattle Sales, Don Fessler: 250-719-5561 Fax: 250-782-6622



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June 9, 2011

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Employment Opportunity

Ministry of Social Development

Employment and Assistance Workers A northern B.C.-based opportunity to provide critical information and services to all British Columbians You will provide employment and financial assistance services to a diverse group of clients experiencing physical, mental or other barriers to employment. You will help your clients navigate programs and services designed to support their sustained employment. Determining their eligibility, promoting programs and authorizing assistance will be part of the mix. Along with Grade 12, your background includes delivering social services in a fast-paced, customer-focused environment. You also bring computer proficiency along with effective skills in verbal and written business English.

To learn more and to apply online by June 19, 2011, please visit


Connect with us online:

Employment Opportunity

Treaty 8 Tribal Association

10233 – 100th Avenue, Fort St. John, BC, V1J 1Y8 Phone: (250) 785-0612 Fax: (250) 785-2021 Website:

Job Opportunity Environmental Assessment Coordinator Site C Project

BC Hydro is proposing the development of a dam and hydroelectric generating station on the Peace River near Fort St. John, BC. This project is subject to an environmental assessment under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act and the BC Environmental Assessment Act and is subject to the environmental certification under the BCEAA. The Project would be carried out in land and water areas where the Treaty 8 First Nations exercise their Section 35 (1) rights. Treaty 8 First Nations will be participating in the Environmental Assessment to understand the Treaty 8 First Nation Section 35(1) Rights, to identify and consider strategies or measures to avoid, mitigate, and manage any potential adverse environmental effects, and to accommodate Treaty 8 First Nations Section 35 (1) rights as necessary. The Site C Environmental Assessment Coordinator will be located out of the Treaty 8 Tribal Association office in Fort St. John and will provide administrative, organizational, and technical support to the Treaty 8 First Nation leadership, the Treaty 8 Site C team, Treaty 8 First Nation Land Managers, and community members so they can put forward Treaty 8 First Nation perspectives and priorities with respect to the environmental assessment of the proposed project. The successful candidate will: • Have an interdisciplinary educational background, with an undergraduate or advanced degree in environmental or social science or related discipline, plus 5 years relevant experience; • Have considerable work experience with northern aboriginal communities or in other crosscultural community settings; • Be very knowledgeable of the Canada and British Columbia environmental assessment process, and experienced with panel-level environmental assessments; • Be familiar with environmental issues associated with large hydroelectric or related developments in northern ecosystems; • Have excellent organizational and interpersonal skills, flexibility, determination and independence; • Be willing to relocate to Fort St. John and travel throughout Northeast BC.

Interested persons may submit their resume and cover letter by June 15th, 2011 to: Shona Nelson, Administration/TARR Director Treaty 8 Tribal Association 10233-100th Avenue Fort St. John, BC. V1J 1Y8 Telephone: 250-785-0612 Fax: 250-785-2021 Fort St.joinJohn, and ourandNew Would you like to a teamBC of progressive skilledLocation individuals who work in the fast paced oilfield industry ? Are you a person who believes in doing a Dawson Creek, BC good day’s work for an excellent day’s pay and doing the job right the first time? If you are, Ace Instruments (1995) Ltd. is inviting applications for journeyman RequiRed immediately electricians and instrumentation technicians for the Dawson Creek branch.

Instrument & Electrical Technicians

We are looking for professional, self-motivated individuals with the ability to work with and without supervision that can solve problems, make decisions, Journeyman think critically and communicate within a team environment. The successful 1st – 4th Year applicants must possessApprentices the ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing, you must work well with others in high pressure situations. You must Must have experience • driver’s Must work well in a busy environment also possess and oilfield maintain a valid BC license.

Permanent Full Time Position • Offering competitive wages • Full benefit package

We offer excellentFax wagesresumes: and a competitive benefit package. (250) 785-1209 Candidatesemail: interested in joining a challenging fast-paced environment should forward your resume to the following Ace Instruments (1995) Ltd. 9900 - 17th Street Dawson Creek, BC V1G 4B6 Attention: Darren Chruikshanks Area Manager Office - 250.782.1208 Fax - 250.782.1203

7-1075 -4216 -1075 4216 1-6516


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June 9, 2011

Sterling Management Services Ltd. has for rent

Bach, 1 and 2 bedroom apartments. Townhouses & Duplexes

Fort St. John

Northeast NEWS

For Rent

Ask about our Summer Move In Incentive


1, 2 and 3 bedroom Apartments

Call our office 250-785-2829

2 and 3 bedroom Town Homes


Beautiful Furnished and Unfurnished Apartments Multiple locations in Fort St. John and Taylor

Li-CarLi-Car Management Group Li-CarManagement ManagementGroup Group Now applications Now taking applications Nowtaking takingfor applicationsfor for Group 1,1,22and 3Management bedroom Li-Car Group 1, 2 and Li-Car 3Management bedroom units. Li-Car Group and 3Management bedroomunits. units.

Now applications Now taking applications Nowtaking takingfor applicationsfor for 1,of 2our 33managers! bedroom units. oror3one of Professional managers! 1, our 2 and bedroom units. or one of Professional Site 1,our 2and and bedroomSite units. one Professional Site managers!

250-785-3155 250-263-3335

Alpine• •Bona Vista Alpine- Bruce 250-785-1852 • 250-785-1852 Bona Vista - Natasha Alpine-Bruce Bruce 250-785-1852 Bona250-787-1075 Vista- -Natasha Natasha250-787-1075 250-787-1075 ororone of Professional Site 250-262-2011 HillcrestGlen or oneBob ofSandalwoodour Professional Site managers! Sandalwood250-262-2011 HillcrestGlen• •250-261-4216 oneBob of• our our Professional Sitemanagers! managers! SandalwoodBob 250-262-2011 HillcrestGlen250-261-4216 250-261-4216 Bona Vista -•Pam AlpineBruce 250-785-1852 • •Bona Vista DriftwoodBob 250-262-2011 • •MelsherAlpineBruce Bob 250-785-1852 Bona Vista - Natasha 250-787-1075 Driftwood250-262-2011 • 250-787-1075 MelsherAlpineBruce 250-785-1852 Bona Vista- -Natasha Natasha250-787-1075 250-787-1075 DriftwoodBob 250-262-2011 MelsherHillcrest - Glen Sandra 250-793-2339 SandalwoodBob HillcrestGlen MaplewoodBob 250-262-2011 • •250-261-4216 GrahamSandalwoodBob HillcrestMaplewood- Bob 250-262-2011 • GrahamSandalwoodBob HillcrestGlen250-261-4216 250-261-4216 MaplewoodBob 250-262-2011 GrahamDriftwoodBob 250-262-2011 ••AmbassadorKillarney•AmbassadorSandra DriftwoodBob250-262-2011 250-262-2011 • 250-262-2011 MelsherKillarney- Bob •AmbassadorSandra 250-261-6516 DriftwoodBob 250-262-2011 •MelsherMelsherKillarney-Bob Bob 250-262-2011 Sandra250-261-6516 250-261-6516 Maplewood250-262-2011 Maplewood250-262-2011 • •GrahamGlen250-262-2011 Maplewood- Bob 250-262-2011 •|Green Graham|Green Glen-Bob Bob MaplewoodBob 250-262-2011 Graham|Green Glen-Bob Bob 250-262-2011 Killarney250-262-2011 •AmbassadorSandra Killarney- Bob 250-262-2011 •AmbassadorSandra 250-261-6516 Killarney-Bob Bob 250-262-2011 •AmbassadorSandra250-261-6516 250-261-6516 |Green GlenBob Email: |Green GlenBob 250-262-2011 Email: |Green GlenBob250-262-2011 250-262-2011 Email:

Email: Email:

Home... 1, 2 & 3 Bedroom Apartments 2 & 3 Bedroom Townhomes Furnished and Unfurnished

Multiple locations of Apartments ONE MONTH FREE RENT!! and Town Multiple locations of Apts and TownSuites Homes Homes with Renovated


Renovated Suites Mary-Lou today 250-719-2250 Call Mary-Lou today 250-782-7466

With 11 Locations, we’ve got something perfect for you! Dawson Creek


For Sale

Credit, Dreamcatcher Sad Bad Credit Financing

No Problem Apply today!! Drive Today!! APPLY ONLINE

0” Down! O.A.C.

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Help Wanted

Heavy Duty Mechanic required for oilfield construction company. Must be 3rd year to Journeyman, prefer a mechanic with Cat and or Hitachi experience. You will work in shop or field and be home virtually all nights. Call Lloyd at 780-723-5051 (06/23)


Bills Books & Bargains We buy your Antiques, collectibles, Adult magazines, Books and coins. Open 12pm to 7:00 pm Mon to Sat phone 250-785-2660

For Lease


Vehicle for Sale

1998 Mercury Grand Marquis LS 4 door Fully Loaded, Heated Drivers Seat Milage 154,005. One Owner Asking $6000.00 or best offer. Call 250-262-8021


FSJ Oriental Massage. Deeply Relaxing Full Body. Cal 250-261-3923 by Appointment Only. (06/23)


Be part of a growing team! No Charge DELIVERY BC & Ab. Oilfield Hauling Company Coquitlam has Chrysler DL#7557 employment opportunities available

EmploymentClass Opportunity Drivers 1&3 Pressure Truck

Tank Truck

Be part a growing team! Panda Tank Vac Truck HotofOiler End & Dump Services hasLease employment opportunities available: Truck Operators

All Truck safetyOperators tickets required. • Class 1 Tank & Lease Operators Minimum 3 years experience • Sales Representative with Oilfield Experience

Employment Opportunities

Employment opportunities in Fort St. John Grande Prairie, AB & Dawson Creek, BC Area Grande Cache, AB3 years experience All safety tickets required, minimum Ft. St. John, • Excellent Wages • Full TimeBC • Health Benefits

Fax Resume and Drivers Abstract to our Head office at (780) (782) 532-8729 532-8729 Attn: Human Resources

Fort City

Fort City Chrysler Is Expanding our Team! Fort City Has some openings for “career minded” individuals in a variety of Areas. 1) Sales Associates 2) Lot Supervisor 3) Service Runner / Shop Clean up 4) Journeyman Technicians (will consider 3rd years) - We offer competitive wages, and a benefit package - All positions require a valid drivers licence and a clean abstract Please drop resumes at reception, or fax to 250-787-5210 - Att Jodie *No on the spot interviews, and only successful applicants will be contacted.



Northeast NEWS Help Wanted

Wanted Auto Mechanic: Automotive mechanic required for oilfield construction company. We want a journeyman mechanic preferably with Dodge truck experience. Your work schedule will be 5-10 hour days. Call Lloyd at 780-723-5051. (06/23)

Help Wanted

Dozer and excavator operators required by a busy Alberta oilfield construction company. We requrie operators that are experienced and preference will be give to operators that have constructed oilfield roads and drilling locations. You will be provided with motels and restaurant meals. Competitive wages, bonus and transporation daily to and from jobsites. Our work is in the vicinity of Edson, Alberta. Call Lloyd at 780-723-5051. (06/23)

to buy

VACANT LAND Large or small acreage, wooded or cutover. Suitable for hunting, fishing, recreation. CASH PURCHASE. Phone: 1-250-764-7565; Fax: 1-250-764-4377; email: rj.wolter@yahoo. com (06/16)


Help Wanted

AVON: www. hanaback REGAL: Email

PART TIME OPPORTUNITY - ANDERSON MERCHANDISERS-CANADA INC. requires a Merchandiser to service and maintain various product lines in Fort St. John retail outlets. Reliable transportation, computer with internet and printer, access to digital camera and able to lift up to 50lbs. is required. Approximately 6 hours per week. Salary is negotiable based on experience. Email resume to: or fax to 905-763-6785 (06/30) For Sale Ford Square Hay Baler and Stacker. Good shape, field ready. Also, 300 gallon fuel storage tank in good condition. No rust, will sell cheap. 250 782 7865. (06/16)

Wood Furniture

100% Solid wood and rustic furniture. Log home renovations and sealants. call Lisa in FSJ 250.263.7765 or Doug in Hudson’s Hope Call 250.783.9156 (yrly)

Office for Rent

Office space for rent on ground floor in the Professional Building 1200 103 Ave Dawson Creek. Call 250-219-1434 (TFN)


HUGE Multi -Family Garage & Moving Sale. Saturday June 11 at 8003 96 ave, FSJ 8:00 am - 3:00 pm free coffee! Lots of stuff, something for everyone! Household, children’s, tools & electric ,misc New and Used plus lemonade & cupcake stand!

For Sale

For Sale: 2007 Ford F150 Harley Davidson Edition 4x4. Deep Amethyst exterior color, black leather interior. Comes with LineX boxliner, after market headlights and taillights, satellite radio, power moonroof, 6 disc CD Changer., 22” tires. For more information, please call 250 219 0423. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY PLEASE!! (TFN) For Sale 2006 MODULAR HOME ON FENCED LOT IN TAYLOR! FIVE APPLIANCES, STORAGE SHED, $189,900. PHONE 250-787-2237 OR 250-7877329. (06/23)

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities: • Good knowledge of fixing instruments and devices • Calibrating instruments and devices • Working with little supervision • Ordering and maintaining stock

business& professional

We offer a competitive wage, benefits package, RRSP and more. Please forward resumes to: Email: or Fax: 1-877-955-4473 Visit our website:


TOM TOM XL 3405. US Massage & CANADA MAPS, BOX woodwork Nim’s Traditional Thai OPEN, NEVER USED. Massage. 250-793-2335. $120.00 PLEASE PHONE Massage Service Only. No • Calls.(06/16) New construction 780-504-1123 (06/23) House

construction service

Fisher Log Works

Extreme Venture • Masonary • Framing • Decks • Roofing • Ceramic Tile • Slate • Granite • Siding • Concrete Parging • Fence • Construction Service

business& professional

Directory John (250) 263-4858 Fort St. John, BC

Madeline ScottExtreme Venture

Bookkeeping & Income Tax

• Roofing • Ceramic Tile • Refinishing • Slate • Granite • Siding • Chinking Staining • Concrete Parging • Fence • Stairs and Railings Farming and personal Bookkeeping • Business, Gazebos • Construction Service Andrew Blaney Justin McKnight now offered Accounting John (250) Knowledge, 263-4858 250-785-1490 250-785-8221 Fort St. John, BC

Ph: 250-263-0886 Accounting & Taxes accounting & taxes Fx: 250-785-1585 Madeline Scott glass

Business, Farming and personal Bookkeeping Accounting now offered

Ph: 250-263-0886 Fx: 250-785-1585

31-9600 93rd Ave, Totem Mall Fort St. John, BC

wrought iron Available

Resume with current driver’s abstract can be faxed to: (250)787-8687 Or emailed to: Kamber Nitrogen Services Ltd. thanks all applicants for submissions, but only potential candidates will be contacted.

Be the difference... Would you be interested in becoming a home share provider ?

Do you feel you may possess the qualities and the desire to open your home to a person with developmental disability ? The Fort St. John Association for Community Living is currently taking applications for Home Share Providers. This opportunity is open to both male and female applicants and a financial compensation package is provided.

If you are interested in this rewarding opportunity, please contact: Pat Taylor, Home Share Coordinator at 250-787-9262 8:30am - 4:30pm, Monday through Friday

want to

Pharmacy Technician!


the business

the business

directory? call

We also offer an Online Medical Transcription Program 9 months– starts monthly


MASTER KEY SYSTEMS ◉ WindshieldsWe offer a• competitive wage, benefits RRSP and more. • LOCKOUT BOARDS Financial Aid available for qualified students SIGNSpackage, • FIRERINGS ◉ Custom Showers • PADLOCKS P.C.T.I.A. accredited college directory? RAILINGS • GATES ◉ Flooring Please forward resumes to:


◉ Windows and doors

◉ Windshields ◉ Custom Showers ◉ Flooring 9708-108 St Fort St John


Email: or Fax: 1-877-955-4473 Visit our website: PHONE: 250.789.9157

9708-108 St Fort St John

*Free In Home Consultations wrought iron Glass

2009 People’s Choice Award Winner

We offer competitive wages and benefits package with regular days off schedule. Ideal candidates will have Class 1 w/ air, previous oil patch and driving experience and clean driver’s abstract. PST, H2S Alive and First Aid are required.

The first CCAPP accredited program in BC Online program – 10 months • LOCKOUT BOARDS - Class work can be done from home • PADLOCKS Skills & Abilities: - Constant instructor support Good knowledge of fixing instruments and devices- 6 weeks of on-campus labs required MASTER KEY SYSTEMS our Fort St. John,• BC location




Automotive Chipped Transponder Keys Available

• want to Calibrating instruments and devices • 31-9600 93rd Ave, Totem Mall locksmith 9708-108 St Fort St John Fort St. John, BC Working with little supervision •Locksmith advertise in Automotive Chipped and maintaining stock • Ordering Transponder Keys

Glass Bookkeeping & Income Tax 2009 People’s Choice Award Winner

Kamber Nitrogen Services Ltd. ( locally owned nitrogen pumping and coiled tubing company based in Fort St. John, BC. We are currently looking for career oriented people to operate state of the art nitrogen pumping and coiled tubing units.

ONLINE, or at our advertise Available Kamloops campus • Masonary • Framing • Decks Pyramid Corporation is seeking a Shop Mechanic for

woodwork Accounting & Taxesconstruction service locksmith Locksmith accounting & taxes

Fisher Log Works • New construction

Employment Opportunity


Industrial sites available in: -Dawson Creek -Chetwynd -Tumbler Ridge 1 – 13 Acres Call (250) 719-1815 (06/30)

• Refinishing Northeast British Columbia • Chinking Staining • Stairs and Railings • Gazebos Andrew Blaney Justin McKnight 250-785-1490 250-785-8221

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Pyramid Corporation is seeking a Shop Mechanic for our Fort St. John, BC location


BUILD TO SUIT Northeast British Columbia For Sale

Horse Drawn 4 Wheel Wagon, Wooden Box is in Rough Condition Asking $850.00. TD-14 Internation Cat with Blade, not running - Asking $750.00. Call (250) 785-4557 or email (06/16)

June 9, 2011


◉ Windows and doors

*Free In Home Consultations

PHONE: 250.789.9157


CELL: 250.261.5917 EMAIL:

Call Today For Free Info Kit



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For Sale 2011




Sportsman Camo

Employment Opportunity


Northeast NEWS

Employment Opportunity

Advertising Sales Trainee

Colour, Never Been Driver,

No Taxes, $8,500 FIRM. Phone



Space Available

20 Words, 3 weeks, $10 + HST.

We are seeking a dynamic and motivated entry level individual to sell advertising in the Northeast News and our specialty Publications. The ideal candidate will be determined, persuasive, focused and motivated.

Summer employment opportunity Melbern Vegetation Ltd., a Dawson Creek area business, specializing in Industrial Vegetation services, is currently accepting applications for herbicide application personnel for the 2011 season.

Stop into our Offices or email info@northeastnews. ca to get a 3 week classified ad for only $10 + HST. Email or Phone 1-877-787-7030 or

If interested please forward your resume to or mail to The Northeast News 9909-100th Ave. Fort St. John BC V1J 1Y4

For more information: phone (250) 219-3590 or Submit resume by Fax or email: Fax: (780) 354-8196 email:

Employment Opportunity

Previous experience an asset but not a prerequisite.

or phone 250-787-7030

Employment Opportunity

Final Date 05.30.11

Grande Prairie Regional College Job Number

Now Hiring

PROOFING: Maintenance Supervisor

Contact Information: Name: Charlotte Pederson Western Forest Products Inc. is currently seeking a Phone: 780.917.6612 Fax: 780.423.0602 Maintenance Supervisor to join our Alberni Pacific Email:

Sawmill Division in Port Alberni, British Columbia. ________________________________________ Located in central Vancouver Island, Port Alberni is a GPR-COR R11-010 city of File an Name approximately 19,000 offering a full range of Size 6T 3x services andused recreational facilities Fonts Palatino, Helvetica Neueas (T1)well as numerous outdoorPublication recreational pursuits. Port Alberni is the SLL, NN gateway to the world renowned Pacific Rim National Park, Tofino and Long Beach. Reporting to the Operation’s Superintendent, this full time position is responsible for providing solutions to technical problems, job planning and quality production. This position is accountable for the processes of design, testing and continuous development of electrical equipment and people on the electrical team. The successful candidate has an interprovincial TQ in one of the mechanical trades with a minimum 5 years’ experience in a unionized environment. A detailed job posting can be viewed at

WFP offers a competitive salary, a comprehensive benefit package and the potential to achieve annual performance rewards. If you believe that you have the skills and qualifications that we are looking for, please reply in confidence to: Human Resource Department Facsimile: 250.748.3177 Email: Application Deadline: Thursday, June 23, 2011 Reference Code: Maintenance Supervisor, APD

Grande Prairie Regional College is a comprehensive community college serving as the portal for educational needs of learners in Northwestern Alberta in credit and noncredit studies, including career programs, apprenticeship, university transfer and collaborative degree completion programs. Education is our passion, and learners our priority. Grande Prairie Regional College is enthusiastic about innovative solutions to meeting learning needs.

FULL-TIME NURSING INSTRUCTORS (Medical/Surgical Nursing) We are seeking talented and enthusiastic Nursing professionals to join our Nursing faculty to instruct 1st, 2nd, or 3rd year classes for classroom, laboratory and clinical instruction. For information regarding our employment opportunities please visit our website: Mail, fax, or email your application to: Human Resources, Grande Prairie Regional College 10726 – 106 Avenue, Grande Prairie, AB T8V 4C4. Fax #: (780) 539-2854 Microsoft Word applications are accepted. Send email to: We thank all applicants for their interest. Only those applicants selected for interview will be contacted.

Northeast NEWS

UPCOMING Chetwynd • June 11/12 - Come to the Chetwynd Chainsaw Festival. NEAT will be there with local recycling info from the Chetwynd Lion’s Recycling. Bring the kids so they can make seed bombs with us. Karen tossed a few from our trial run and they really do explode on impact. For more information, visit: Dawson Creek • The Dawson Creek Community Gardens Society still has a few plots available for the upcoming garden season but they’re going fast! We have 20x30 plots or 4x12 raised beds at Northern Lights College or 4x8 and 4x12 raised beds at Trail Side Gardens. Cost per plot $20. For more info visit www. or contact Doris Brocke (250) 782-2269. • June 18 - Country Music Dance - Music by Night Sounds at the Senior Citizens Hall, 1101 McKellar Ave. Dawson Creek Dance from 8:30 - 12:30. Admission includes lunch. 19 Years and over welcome. For More information, phone Fred at 7822192 or Linda at 843-7418. • June 18 Join us from 2 to 5 p.m. at Faking Sanity for Worldwide Knit in Public Day! Bring your knitting (or any other craft) and garb a seat! Free refreshments will be available to all involved and there will be 10 per cent off all craft books for the duration of the event. • The Little Lambs Play Group will host a scavenger hunt by the Playground in Kin Park. Sign-in starts at 10:50 a.m., and once participants are signed in they will receive a list of tasks and have one hour to complete the list. The first three teams to complete their lists will receive a prize, though all participants will receive a small prize. This activity is best done with children three and older, however younger children can have just as much fun. All children must be with a parent or gaudian at all times. Bring your own picnic lunch to enjoy at the park after the scavenger hunt. • June 24 Join us for “Solar Days” at Northern Lights College from 1:30 to 5:30 p.m. As an official SolarBC “Solar Community,” the City of Dawson Creek would like you to join us in this celebration and help spread the word about solar energy in our community. Take a tour of the college’s “Energy House,” and the BC Sustainable Energy Association’s “Solar Travel Trailer.” Enjoy popcorn from a machine that runs on photovoltaic battery power. Check out the City of Dawson Creek’s electric car and find out more information about the” Solar Hot Water Course,” future renewable energy programs being offered at the college and much more! • June 28 A Regional Gathering of Networking and Knowledge Exchange about Abuse and Neglect of Older Persons. This is an opportunity to learn about new promising approaches and share skills and experiences related to providing safer communities for vulnerable adults. This knowledge exchange is sponsored by the B.C. Association of Community Response Networks. If you are interested and would like more information, please call Judi McGowan at 250-782-8237. • June 29 The Supported Child Development program will host a networking and support group for all parents and guardians of children with special needs at the Child Care Resource and Referral office inside the Co-op Mall from 7 to 9 p.m. This is a great chance to meet others going through similar situations, share stories, get advise and help others. All information is confidential. Drinks and snacks are provided. For more information, contact Tammy Fountain at 782-1138 ext. 223 or email • June 30 The Little Lambs Play Group would like to invite you to our Little Lambs annual Summer Family BBQ Event from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. at 504 97A Avenue. Everyone is welcome, and the event is free for families with children 0 to 6 years old. Burgers, hotdogs, chips and drinks will be served, and there will be a bounce house, ball pit, toys and games for the children. Parking is available at the Parkhill building across the street, or you can park on the street, but please do not block driveways! Fort St. John • June 10/11 - Auditions for Stage North Cabaret will be held Friday and Saturday, June 10 and 11 at the North Peace Cultural Centre in Fort St. John. Singers, actors and dancers 16 years and older are welcome to audition for the musical Cabaret which will be performed in October. Auditions are 5:30 – 8:30 on Friday, June 10 and 12 noon to 4pm on Saturday, June 11 at the North Peace Cultural Centre. For further information see www. or call Director Oliver at 250-785-1992. • June 18 - Fort St. John North Peace Museum yard sale

June 9, 2011

on June 18 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at 9323 - 100 Street. We are also accepting donations for the sale so this is a great time to clean out your garage! For more information, please contact the Museum at (250) 787-0430 or • June 23 - Fort St John Friendship Society annual general meeting takes place at 10208 95th Avenue. Supper will be served promptly at 5 p.m. Meeting and elections to follow. For more information call: (250) 785-8566. • June 25 - Derrik Dance of Fort St. John will be hosting a Dance on Saturday, June 25th, from 8:30pm to 12:30am in the Senior Citizens Hall at 10908-100 St. Music by Night Sounds. Members $12, Non Members $15. Everyone over 19 welcome. For Info, Call Lucy at 785-2867 or Judy at 787-0460. Last dance until September. • July 1 - The Local unit of the Canadian Army Veterans Motorcycle Unit is planning the 12th annual Thunder Run and is preparing a weekend full of events, set to run on the July 1st weekend. The weekend will include: a poker run, memorial run, show and shine, music, barbeque, motorcycle Olympics and concluding on Sunday, July 3 with the Thunder Run departing Dawson Creek into Fort St. John and ending back in Taylor. There are a number of Sponsorship Opportunities available. All profits from the weekend’s event will be donated to the Fort St. John Cadets. For details or to sponsor, call Rick @ 250-262-5995. Online registration available at www. • July 22/23/24 - Campfire Cowboy Hoedown in July 22,23,24 at The North Pine Fair Grounds. Local Country Talent featuring Brian Salmond and Tom Cole, ‘ Tommy Garcia and Colt 45”, ‘Wilf Nylander” , “Cliff Toverson”, and many other entertainers. Pack up your family and join us for our 2nd annual “Campfire Cowboy Hoedown” Lots of camping space. For more info call: Joann at 250 787 9806 or Laverne at 250 262 9413 before 8 p.m. Rolla • Rolla Cemetery Clean Up will be held on Saturday, June 11, 2011 at 8:00 AM. Please bring rakes, lawnmowers, whipper snippers or just yourself. All flowers will be removed on clean up day, if you wish to save yours, it must be removed on or before June 11/11. If you have family or friends buried there please be willing to help maintain our cemetery. The annual meeting will be held at the cemetery. Please plan to attend. ONGOING Fort St. John • S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Northern B.C. Newcomers Integration Service Centre is a non-profit organization in Fort St. John. Our Settlement Program provides information, orientation, assessment, referral and service linking, educational workshops and short term adaptation counselling to immigrants. The program also offers assistance with form completion, correspondence between clients and service providers, navigating immigration processes including sponsorship applications, obtaining permanent residence cards and applying for citizenship. Bridging services are provided to a variety of community and government service agencies and organizations. Service is available in English and Spanish. The Settlement Program is located at: #211 10142-101st Ave (Execuplace building). From 8:30-4:30 p.m. Phone # 250-785-5323 Ext 22. • ROTARY PLAY CENTRE SCHEDULE AT THE CDC, 10417 – 106 Ave., Fort St. John. Tel. (250) 785-3200. Mon. 9:00 to 12:00, Tues. 12:30 to 3:30 Gym Time 2-2:30, Wed. 9:00 to 12:00, Thurs. 9:00 to 12:00 Gym Time 10:30-11, Fri. 12:30 to 2:30 Gym Time 2-2:30. Outdoor Play - We’ll be taking advantage of nice weather-please come prepared. Schedule may change slightly due to holidays and special events. • StrongStart is a free drop-in learning program for children aged 0 – 5 and their parent/caregiver. A qualified Early Childhood educator is on-site. Duncan Cran StrongStart 8130 89 Avenue (250) 787-0417. Monday 8:30 – 11:30, Tuesday 12:30 – 3:00, library 1:00 – 1:30, Wednesday 8:30 – 11:30, Thursday 8:30 – 11:30, Friday 8:30 – 11:30, gym 8:45 – 9:45.Robert Ogilvie StrongStart 9907 86 Street (250) 785-3704. Monday 12:30 – 3:00, library time, Tuesday 8:30 – 11:30, Wednesday 8:30 – 11:30, Thursday 12:30 – 3:00, gym time, Friday 8:30 – 11:30, (alternating Fridays 12:30 – 3:00). Hudson’s Hope StrongStart 10441 Holland Street (250) 783-9994. Mon/Wed/Friday 9:00 – 12:00, Tuesday/Thursday 1:30 – 4:30, gym time. StrongStart Outreach, Charlie Lake Elementary, Mondays 9:00 – 11:30 Mile 52 Alaska Hwy (250) 785-2025. Taylor Elementary, Mondays, 1:00 – 3:30 9808 Birch Avenue E (250) 789-3323. Prespatou Elementary,

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Tuesdays 9:30 – 12:30 22113 Triad Rd (250) 785-2025. Clearview Elementary, Thursdays 9:00 – 12:00 223 Rd (250) 781-3333. • Words on Wheels Bus - Traveling lending library and on-board stories, songs and interactive play. Parent resources available. Wednesdays and Fridays, September – June. See web-site for current stops. • Toastmasters International Club of Fort St. John meets from 7 - 8:30 p.m. every Thursday evening at Northern Lights College, Room 105. Learn valuable communication & leadership skills.  Contact Claire Seidler at 250-787-9697 or Gayle Wagner at 250-785-3991 for more information. • Rocky Mountain Rangers Army Cadets meet at 6:30 PM each Wednesday night at the Royal Canadian Legion on 102nd and 105 Ave. If you are between 12 and 18 years old please drop in or call us at 250-787-5323. • Alcoholics Anonymous - If you think you might have a problem with drinking, come to an AA meeting. Call for times and places or someone to talk to (250) 785-8866. • Fort St. John Multiple Sclerosis support group. If you or anyone you know has MS and have any questions or just need to talk, please call Susie at (250) 785-2381 or Sandi at (250) 787-2652. • A Youth Relapse Prevention Group may be held weekly, in the afternoons at Mental Health and Addiction Services, #300 - 9900 – 100 Ave. For more information call Chris or Shaun at (250) 262-5269. • “Butterfly Families – Families Supporting Families” is open to all caregivers of children and youth with Special Needs. We meet the third Wednesday of every month at the Child Development Centre from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., 10408 105 Avenue. Does your child have learning, behavior or other complex special needs? Would you like to connect with other caregivers? Child minding available but please call ahead a few days before the meeting. Call (250) 785-3200 for more information. • Pregnancy tests, pregnancy options, peer-counselling and support are available at the North Peace Pregnancy Care Centre. New location at #208 10139 100 Street (above TD Bank). Drop in hours Monday and Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and Tuesday from noon to 4 p.m. or to make an appointment call our 24 hour hotline at (250) 262-1280. All services are free and completely confidential. • Are you tired of the crime? Then do the time. Join the Fort St. John Citizens Patrol. Donate a minimum of five hours per month. For information, call (250) 262-4530. • Pan African Caribbean Association welcomes the community to join our group to promote community awareness of culture, music and cuisine. Phone Donald at (250) 785-0815 for more information. • New Totem Archery hold their indoor shoots at the Fort St. John Co-op Mall every Tuesday and Thursday at 7 p.m. and every Sunday from 1 to 4 p.m. • Come out and join us for an afternoon of play, crafts, a healthy snack, circle time and an opportunity to borrow books from the Devereaux School Library. This is a chance to meet other people from your community and introduce your children to a school setting. We meet from 12:30 p.m. to 2 p.m. every other Wednesday beginning Oct. 20th. This program is geared for three to four year-olds but siblings are welcome to come with their parents. Call Patti (250) 843-7813 for more information. • Join us for fun, fun, fun at the artSpace! ArtSpace classes are here again at the North Peace Cultural Centre with wonderful programming for all ages! Don’t miss out! Register today for preschool, Mommy and Me, afterschool and adult classes! Check out the great selection of activities at, or pick up a brochure at the North Peace Cultural Centre. Call (250) 785-1992 for more information or to register. Fort Nelson • Alcoholics Anonymous - Monday 8 p.m. Catholic Church Basement (closed meeting); Wednesday 8 p.m. Catholic Church Basement; Thursday 8 p.m. Catholic Church Basement; Saturday 8 p.m. Hospital Cafeteria; Sunday 8 p.m. Friendship Centre. • Cocaine Anonymous - Tuesday 8 p.m. Catholic Church Basement; Friday 8 p.m. Hospital Cafeteria. • Alanon - Tuesday 8 p.m. Northern Lights College (back door). • The Community Market is held at the Westend Campground every Saturday except on long weekends. For more info or a vendor package please contact Jaylene Arnold at (250) 7742541 or Audrey Reynolds (250) 774-6574.

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Northeast NEWS

June 9, 2011

Michaela Garstin photos

People of all ages had a blast going on rides, eating candy apples and mini-donuts and winning stuffed toys at a travelling carnival in Fort St. John on June 5.

Congratulations to Alex Belziuk, Miranda Kelly & The Class of 2011! Have Fun & Keep Safe!

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Chloe Kezer, 6, helps her mother sell crocheted animals at the Spring Into Summer Craft Fair and Gift Expo at South Peace Secondary School in Dawson Creek on May 28.

Proud to Support the SPCA

Northeast NEWS

Canadian Cancer Society’s Relay for Life June 4, 2011, in Fort St. John and Dawson Creek

June 9, 2011

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Cancer is a devastating disease, but it is no match for the generosity and compassion shown by residents of the Peace region during the Canadian Cancer Society’s annual Relay for Life on June 4 in Fort St. John and Dawson Creek. The two communities raised well over $150,000 combined (with more donations still to be counted as of June 6) for cancer research and support, all while showing solidarity with the region’s cancer survivors and honouring the memories of loved ones lost to the disease. The organizers of both events would like to thank all the participants, as well as the countless volunteers and sponsors who made the Relay for Life possible.

Matthew Bains photos

Katie Stewart (seen left, front), a Zoomba instructor with Gridiron Fitness and a cancer survivor herself, leads everyone through a few dance numbers to get them warmed up for the Relay for Life.

™ Contributed photo

In Fort St. John, the Relay for Life took place on the track at Dr. Kearney Middle School from 12 p.m. to 12 a.m. Twenty-eight teams were registered for the event, which began with a “survivor’s lap” (seen here) in a show of support to those who live with the disease. Organizers would like to let the public know that registration for the 2012 Relay for Life can be done online even now.

WHAT YOU WANT, and then some. Matthew Bains photos

(Left) Health promotion and disease prevention were a big part of this year’s relay in Dawson Creek, and to that end, Anton Schindler, 12, was happy to spread the message of tobacco cessation by encouraging people to “butt out.” Northern Health had a number of resources available for adults on promotion and prevention, as well as fun games set up for children and youth. (Right) Participants in the relay plenty of reasons to walk, and the team, “Great Grandpa’s Angels,” were no exception. The team of mother Karla Lawrence and siblings Amanda and Murray Lawrence were walking in memory of their late family member, Russel Lang. They were joined in the photo by two friends and fellow participants, Kiana Fellers (second right) and Baylen Norman (right).

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June 9, 2011

Northeast NEWS

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Online Edition of the northeast news for June 09, 2011


Online Edition of the northeast news for June 09, 2011