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May 30, 2013

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As a new band, the group hasn’t had the opportunity to record any originals together but play covers and showcase songs from Scriven’s acoustic album, Found in Rust, during their tour. Although the album was finished in fall 2012, Scriven hadn’t had the opportunity to release it until now. With the addition of the Schryer-Lefebvres, Scriven’s songs won’t be played as they are on the album. She describes her album as unconventional. “No instruments other then my guitar are on it…My producer, he really wanted to try to do sort of a Frank Zappa type of thing, so we tried just so many things that were strange. We were

looking for strange sounds that we could try to make fit. It’s purely experimental,” Scriven said. “It’s kind of what I wanted I guess, I liked how I had the experience of making instruments out of pine cones and stuff but I wanted them [songs] to have a bigger life then that,” she said about the addition of Zach and Beniot’s instruments to her songs. Zach said that ‘unconventional’ and ‘out of the box’ not only describes Scriven’s album, but Scriven herself. “That’s pretty much what I try to do as a human, is be different from anything that I hear all the time,” she said. Her first album, Be the Change, was released in 2010 after her Rockin the Peace win. She said recording it was like her introduction to

music because she had never known what her songs could sound like with the help of the nine musicians that played on it. “I had no idea what my songs even sounded like yet, so it was fun because I got to dress them up and I got to choose what they would wear,” Scriven said. The trio intend to write their own songs once the tour is over but still haven’t worked out the obvious geographical challenges they will face,

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Scriven living in B.C. and Zach and Beniot in Ontario. They all hope to play in music festivals one day. “I have no idea how that’s going to work… We’ll have to plan some visits,” said Scriven. Whatever their solution, their music is sure to be as they describe it now, ‘east meets west, foot stomping music, sweet and soul-filled songs.’


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Please join us for an open house to talk about the proposed Prince Rupert Gas Transmission project Bring your questions and we’ll supply the refreshments. For more information, please call our project information line at 1.855.253.0099 or email us at

Everyone is welcome. We hope to see you there. About the Project The proposed natural gas pipeline, approximately 750 kilometres in length, extends from a point near the District of Hudson’s Hope to a proposed third party LNG facility on Lelu Island within the District of Port Edward. This project will create thousands of short-term jobs over a three-year period, opportunities for local and Aboriginal businesses and annual property tax revenues.

City of Fort St. John Pomeroy Sports Centre East Meeting Room 9324 – 96th St. Fort St. John June 10 5 – 8 p.m.

District of Hudson’s Hope Community Hall 10310 – 100th St. Hudson’s Hope June 11 5 – 8 p.m.

District of Chetwynd Chetwynd Recreation Centre Aspen Room 4552 North Access Rd. Chetwynd June 12 5 – 8 p.m.

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Online Edition of the Northeast News for May 30, 2013


Online Edition of the Northeast News for May 30, 2013