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April 7, 2011 - Vol.8 - No.14


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“The small, great things that children do”

By Jennifer Fernandes Grace Alton is a grade five student facing a challenge most 10 year-olds will never face— her father, Colin Alton, has been diagnosed with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis Four (MS), a fatal disease that affects the ability of nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord to communicate with each other resulting in nerve damage caused by inflammation when the body’s own immune cells attack its nervous system. This remarkable girl has taken up the challenge of raising money, not to aid her own family personally, but rather to contribute towards research through the MS Society of Canada. “I asked the principal – Mr. Ranger at Duncan Cran Elementary – if I could do a change drive,” Grace said of the pivotal moment when she took her daydream of raising money to help fight the disease that afflicts her father to reality. “Mr. Ranger approved it and I went from class to class explaining what I was doing.’” After organizing the change drive at her school, Grace then asked the Parent Advisory Council of Duncan Cran to match any funds the children raised and was pleased that they agreed. She took the initiative to write a letter to all the principals in Fort St. John asking them to organize a change drive at their schools as well. As of yet, Baldonnel Elementary is the only school to sign on to date, and raised $20 in donations. In total, students, faculty and parents have raised $429.61 in just two weeks. Last week, a donor wishing to remain anonymous donated $1,000 bringing the total to $1,429.61 for the MS Society of Canada. Alicia Alton, Grace’s mother and wife of Colin, said “People can still bring money to the MS Society of Canada through its British Columbia head office in Burnaby.” “I’m very proud of Grace,” added Alicia, “Last year when grade four’s have to do speeches, Grace did hers in front the school on multiple sclerosis.” “She made me cry,” smiled Alicia. “She didn’t do this for herself, but for her dad and other kids going through what she has. She has witnessed firsthand what MS can do to a family and wanted to raise money to find a cure so other kids don’t have to watch their daddies go through what she has - so often we don’t hear about the small, great things children are doing.” Coping with having been diagnosed with MS at the age of 27, Colin puts a brave face forward, but admits to at times feeling massively fatigued by the disease that progressively worsens with little

respite or hope for peaks of remission. “I was diagnosed on Valentine’s day in 2007 at St. Paul’s hospital in Vancouver,” Colin said, as the huge Vancouver Canuck’s fan looked at his wife with a trace of irony and shook his head, “I found out from the doctor and then we out to dinner as we had planned.” A former supervisor at Pricemart, Colin said he immediately returned to work hoping to continue with a normal routine, but found he was becoming physically depleted all too quickly, and

Jennifer Fernandes photo

Left - Grace Alton, father Colin and mother Alicia want to raise funds to contribute towards the fight against multiple sclerosis. To donate, go online to: had to stop. “It got to me physically and mentally,” he said. “They can treat the symptoms, but they can’t make it better.” As Colin’s condition worsens the daily grind of living has brought unwelcome surprises such as mobility issues the family never experienced before said Alicia, who runs a small daycare operation from home. “When we first moved here from Edmonton a few years ago,” she said, “We were all running up and down the grassy area on 86th Street without a thought in the world.” “Now we have to think of a lot ahead of time— like plan the day more carefully around trips out for anything like to the grocery store.”

One more frustration for Colin is actually the absence of a sidewalk on 86th Street that would allow him to accompany his children to school. At home, he is able to move around the family’s townhouse slowly on crutches and uses a chair lift to get upstairs, but outdoors is forced to use a wheelchair for practical and safety reasons. “I never thought about it before,” Colin said, “But all the city councilors get into wheelchairs and travel the same route every year in Fort St. John to raise awareness about mobility issues – and that’s great – but maybe they should try and get up down 86th Street to experience life without sidewalks and in a wheelchair.” “I just want it to be more accessible, for everyone, safety’s an issue for the high school kids using that road too.” To date, Lori Slater, the Chair of the Mayor’s Disability Advisory Committee, in Fort St. John, has agreed to take Colin’s concerns about 86th Street to the Committee’s next meeting and have the issue formally addressed. Colin himself is actively pursuing the matter with the City and hopes to speak at a future council meeting. The Alton family is not seeking funding for themselves, but wish to raise publicity for medical research in the hopes that a cure can be found for multiple sclerosis and both Alicia and Grace had hoped an MS Walk could be organized for Fort St. John such as the kind that Grande Prairie will hold this April 30th. Unfortunately, when contacted, the MS Society confirmed that because of a lack of funding, volunteers, and not enough lead time an MS Walk could not be held this year in Fort St. John, a community whose generosity and compassion supports a great many good causes each year. Victoria resident, Brandy Patterson and sister-in-law Isabelle Cayford, from Fort St. John, have participated in MS Walks in Grande Prairie and Victoria with their team ‘Daphne’s Dashers’ in honour of their motherin-law Daphne, who has been living with MS for over 15 years in Armstrong, B.C. To date, the team has raised over $15,000 in support of MS research and support programs. If you wish to sponsor the team’s efforts, visit: http:// aspx?PID=1265020&L=2&G=700175. If you would like to get involved in raising money or organizing a 2012 MS Walk in Fort St. John, please contact the MS Society of Canada at: 1-800-268-7582 or go online to: Or, visit: htm where registration and fundraising for the 
2011 Enerflex MS Walks is now open.

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April 7, 2011

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Northeast NEWS

April 7, 2011

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Federal election: interviews with the candidates By Matthew Bains NORTHEAST – With the federal election officially

Lois Boone, New Democratic Party candidate

Boone, who served as MLA for Prince George North/ Prince-George-Mount Robson from 1986 to 2001, and as deputy premier from 1999 to 2000, said her main reason for getting into the race was to give people in the riding an opportunity to express their distaste for the HST. “This will be the first opportunity for all British Columbians to express their distaste in a vote,” said Boone. “I know many people seem to indicate this is a provincial issue, but the fact is on Dec. 09, 2009, the entire Conservative government stood in the House of Commons and voted to impose the HST in B.C. against the wishes of all British Columbians.” She supports rail service users in their call for more protection against high prices, specifically where rail service providers have a monopoly, which she said includes areas in the riding.

Bob Zimmer, Conservative party candidate

Zimmer, a school teacher in Fort St. John, recently won the Conservative nomination from a field of seven candidates. He said his priorities remain the same as they were in his nomination campaign and since he joined the conservative movement as a member of the Reform Party in 1987: for a strong economy, reducing government bureaucracy and waste, fixing the justice system, reforming the Senate and maintaining a strong military. He said locally, he would be looking to work with the provincial government on infrastructure priorities such as twinning the Alaska Highway from the Alberta border to at least Mile 54. However, Zimmer said his prime responsibility would be helping the government return to balanced budgets. The Conservatives have committed, if re-elected, to a one-year break on Employment Insurance premiums for businesses’ new hires; income-splitting for couples with children so that their income is taxed less; and a fitness tax credit for children to participate in sports - but all on condition that the budget is balanced first, which they project will be in 2015 or 2016. “Our promises are based on that balancing occurring, which I think is a practical approach to spending,” said Zimmer. “I think most people in Prince George-Peace River understand we should have a balanced budget and pay off our bills first, and then commit to new spending.” His party has committed to reducing the corporate tax rate to 15 per cent in 2012 to 16.5 per cent, something the Opposition parties are opposed to. “Small business is the engine of our economy,” said Zimmer. “I think we need to do what we can to make business hospitable

underway, four candidates in the Prince George-Peace River riding were interviewed for their views on the

important issues for the Peace region, the province and country.

“We support coalition of rail users in their call for regulations. We think this is essential if we are going to be productive and assist our companies in getting their goods to markets,” Boone said. The federal NDP has committed to increasing the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) and to improve the Canadian Pension Plan to help low-income seniors and to cap credit card interest rates at prime plus five per cent while introducing new laws to regulate those transaction charges. “There are a lot of measures government can take. A lot of them are small and they’re affordable, but they put money back into the pockets of the average Canadian.” She said providing Canadian families with relief through tax credits is the Conservative party’s approach and is not effective because those savings are not immediate. “The families that I’m talking to – the working families,

where people are struggling and working two jobs just to put food on their tables and a roof over their heads in many cases – for those people, a tax credit does them no good, they need support right now.” The NDP would raise the corporate income tax rate to 19.5 per cent from 16.5 per cent, but would reinvest some of that money into targeted tax cuts such as reducing the federal tax rate for small businesses to nine per cent from 11 per cent; creating a “job-creation tax credit” that could be worth up to $4,500 for each new employee hired, and extending tax credits for machinery and equipment.

in Canada. We’re in a global market now where businesses can go almost anywhere in the world if they wish so we need to make sure we have a competitive business climate here.” He added he has no problem supporting his party’s other priorities such as purchasing 65 new fighter jets to replace the aging fleet of existing jets, or passing tough-on-crime legislation the Opposition parties claim will lead to the creation of costly “U.S.-style mega-prisons.” The Conservative government fell on an unprecedented contempt of Parliament motion after a parliamentary committee dominated by the Opposition parties ruled the government had not provided enough information on the Rooms include FREE breakfast, Movies, Kids Stay Free costs of its crime legislation. The government has been plagued by other scandals recently such as a former top aide and Roustabout Discount Card for the Whole Family! to the prime minister being investigated for breaching the Conflict of Interest Act; four Conservative party officials, including two sitting senators, charged for violations of the Elections Act for advertising purchases made in the 2006 election; and ministers being accused of misleading the House of Commons over spending and advertising decisions. Zimmer dismisses the contempt motion as a political ploy. “I think people need to look at where that’s coming from. It comes from an with True Value / Independent Plumbing & Heating Opposition coalition that wants an election. To me it’s political wrangling, nothing Fully Loaded Deluxe 5 Burner Propane Models - Factory Seconds (Brand more, nothing less.” New, High End, Minor Appearance Defects) Includes Limited Warranty

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April 7, 2011

Northeast NEWS

Federal election: interviews with the candidates - cont’d Ben Levine, Liberal party candidate

Levine, a partner in a law firm in Prince George, said he decided to run after years of being involved with the local Liberal party because of his passion for the region and his desire to offer a clear choice to voters against the incumbent Conservatives. “I don’t know what the Conservatives have done for this riding but they seem to assume they can be elected each and every time in this riding, and it’s my hope to convince people they should make a different choice this time,” said Levine. Levine said his main focus will be the economy, and locally he said that means investing in infrastructure to develop the region as a trade corridor to the Asia-Pacific gateway, which he believes the current government has neglected. He added the Conservatives have not fulfilled their commitments to support the forestry industry, and by negotiating a softwood lumber agreement with the United

States that was a bad deal for Canada – issues he would look to rectify by making investments in the industry and expanding trade to countries outside of the United States. Some of that investment in infrastructure could come from cancelling the government’s proposed corporate tax cuts, he said. Levine said while his party supports a strong private sector and is not opposed to corporate tax cuts, they should not come at the expense of necessary investment in the public sector. “We believe in a strong private sector, but we believe also in a strong public sector and that the government and the private sector can work together to create conditions that will benefit the most Canadians. It’s a difference of approach, I would say.” The Liberals recently unveiled a party platform that includes investment in students to help pay for postsecondary tuition; funding for the provinces to create new childcare spaces and train staff; tax and Employment Insurance relief for family members taking time off of

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work to care for sick or elderly relatives; and, like the NDP, boosting the Guaranteed Income Supplement and creating a permanent home retrofit tax credit. Levine said investment in post-secondary education is a particular priority and one that is part of the focus on the economy. “We want to have a population that can not only compete in that world but excel, and we think access to higher education is a critical part to that plan.” Levine said his party prefers fiscal restraint and economic growth to provide more revenue as opposed to raising taxes or making deep cuts to social programs or provincial transfer payments. However, he said the government’s claim to fiscal responsibility is suspect because they were running deficits even before the global financial crisis hit. The cloud of the sponsorship scandal still hangs over the Liberals in many voters’ minds, but Levine said while his party owned up to its mistakes, the Conservatives have not. “Canadians care about democracy. They care about their country and the traditions that have made us the envy of the world such as the inheritance to good government and the importance of that to our democracy. The Conservatives have let us all down in that regard and have undermined good government,” Levine said. “The sponsorship scandal was bad, but this is far worse. You have the first time in the history of a parliamentary democracy where a government was found in contempt of Parliament, which means they’ve showed contempt for the people of Canada.”



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Northeast NEWS

April 7, 2011

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Federal election: interviews with the candidates Hilary Crowley, Green Party candidate

Crowley, a physiotherapist and humanitarian who lives in Summit Lake, said her focus in this campaign will be how to transition the region and the country to a “green” economy. “I want to campaign on reducing our dependence on the fossil fuel industry and investing more in renewable energy,” said Crowley, “which I think would actually increase the job market because it would be less mechanized …it wouldn’t reduce the economy at all.” She said she realizes in a region dependent on the petroleum and coal industries she might lose a lot of voters, but she feels she can pick up votes among young people and others not traditionally involved with the political process. Her position puts her at odds with oil and gas development and projects such as the Northern Gateway Pipeline, but she also opposes the Site C dam. “We’re against mega-projects. We would prefer rather to see wind energy adjacent to the existing dams by increasing power and transmission from the existing. We also know through conservation you can save about 50 per cent of the energy being wasted.” Crowley said promoting food security through supporting local family farms over industrial farming is another priority. Making it easier for producers to process and sell their products locally and increasing taxes on herbicides and pesticides to “level the playing field” for organic farmers are important to the area, she added. She said the last policy would be part of a broader reform of the tax system that will seek to increase taxes on activities that are socially and environmentally hazardous and reduce taxes on activities that are sustainable. “We would reduce income and payroll taxes and put a heavier tax on polluting industry,” Crowley explained. “I don’t think it’s a values judgment,” she added. “Everybody wants clean air and clean water, and this taxation system would ensure that.” She added her party would support policies that strengthen communities through “locally owned businesses and enterprise” as opposed to giving tax breaks to large corporations. “We need much more local businesses because these big businesses, once they’ve used up the resources that are there, they move out. It perpetuates a boom and bust cycle, and it’s much better to have a sustainable economy that is not taking everything away from future generations.” Crowley said the Green Party supports political reform that would base government on proportional representation, something important to the Green party as it garnered nearly one million votes in the last election without electing a single MP. “It’s a very unfair system, so we need to change the voting system so the people who are elected to government actually represent the voters. The present government was voted in with less than 40 per cent of the vote, which means that over 60 per cent of people voted against them, and that’s not right.” She added that would include an elected Senate, if a Senate was needed at all.

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April 7, 2011

Fossil-fueled tourism

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Words of Opinion by Jennifer Fernandes The Peace River Paleontology Research Centre (PRPRC) in Tumbler Ridge presented updates of their ongoing work to a City of Fort St. John council meeting on March 28. Proposed in a letter to council was the idea of a purposebuilt museum facility at a size of 150,000 square feet, which as of yet, construction costs are unspecified. Now for some tight fisted taxpayers digging for dinosaurs might conjure up visions à la the Flintstones in khakis wearing Indiana Jones style fedoras, but before they go getting their tyrannosauruses in a knot, they had best listen up to what could be justification for such a mammoth-toothed project: According to the PRPRC the organization “enjoys a high media profile locally, provincially, nationally and internationally, with a media value of over $1 million in 2010, as calculated by the Tartan Group.” Holy dino! That’s a lot of duck-billed platypuses! Not to mention, reasons that tourists might want to visit exhibits that showcase the paleontological heritage of the region. And a further startling fact is that in the vicinity of Fort St. John the potential to be the world’s largest marine reptile fossil find exists. Weird, but true. We are also all sitting on top of ‘track sites’ whose locations are kept secret to be safe from bone-headed vandals, and the leaders of the proposed project hope to build the large interpretive centre right on top of the tracks in order to preserve very ancient history. Alberta is host to the world-famous Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller that sits right smack in the middle of the boldly beautiful badlands. The provincial dinosaur museum hosts the world’s largest collection of dinosaur fossils and attracts 350,000 visitors a year, the most of all provincial museum attractions—why shouldn’t B.C. catch up with this important type of archeological preservation for future generations?

A conversation with Lois Boone - federal NDP candidate Last week, I got a chance to sit down with Boone Boone, the NDP candidate for the Prince George - Peace River Riding. We first started with discussions around the budget the Conservatives tried to put forward on March 22. Boone felt that if the NDP had a chance to negotiate on the budget, they would have supported it. They didn’t support the budget as they were not happy about the corporate tax breaks, and wanted improvements for pensioners, improvements to the Canadian Pension Plan (CPP), more relief to the average Canadian by relieving the harmonized sales tax (HST) off of heating fuels, and to extend the home energy retrofit program longer then just the one year.Boone believes that if the tax relief on home heating were there, it would help lower income Canadians who have gas bills going up.  On an average gas bill, you can find up to $30 of HST on the bill.  That $30 can make a difference to a family who is living paycheque to paycheque Boone believes. I next asked Boone what local issues she feels would be a part of her campaign.   Boone talked to me about how the implementation of the HST got her quite upset.  She said that on Dec. 9, 2010, 100 per cent of the Conservative Party voted to impose the HST on B.C.  She feels if Harper didn’t entice the BC Liberals and Premier Campbell with extra money at a time when the Province was strapped for cash, they would not have gone with the deal.  Boone feels the HST is a tax shift from the major corporations to the average individual and it’s not fair. Boone went on about how the NDP wants to push for the home energy retrofit program to last longer then just the one-year.  They would like to see the program extended for a longer period of time so that homeowners can take advantage of the program to make their homes more eco-friendly and to help bring down the costs to operate their homes.  She went on to say how the NDP is pushing for change for seniors as well.  She would like to see improvement in pensions, not just seniors on the guaranteed income supplement program, but all programs including the CPP.  Recently corporations have been getting large tax cuts, in hopes it would create jobs.  She feels since there is no guarantee that this would help create jobs, they don’t need the tax breaks.  The small businesses in the country need the break from taxes to continue operating. I asked Boone how she felt on the recent announcement by Premier Clark about the increase of minimum wage here in BC.  Boone said that the wage did need to increase, but

it should have happened 10 years ago. If the program was spread out over the past 10 years, it would not be hurting small businesses so much, she said.  Since Boone is based in Prince George, I asked if she would consider having the two offices like Jay Hill did when he was the MP.  Boone said that in a riding of this size, you have to.  When she was representing the region while in the provincial government, she made sure to visit the smaller communities like McBride and Mackenzie at least once per month to check in on them.  You need to make sure you connect with your riding she said. Boone is running on the belief she is a strong voice for the north.  She said she has always stuck up for the north, even when she was in the provincial government.  She said some of colleagues considered her a pain as she kept nagging them on the north, but she feels we need people like this to stand up and fight for the region.  She feels her voice will be heard in Ottawa. Boone’s background includes being a school trustee in Prince George for four years, then running in provincial politics and being elected first in 1986.  She sat for four years in opposition and got re-elected in both 1991 and 1996.  She spent some time being the Minister for portfolio’s such as Transportation and Highways, Children and Family, Government Services, Municipal Affairs, plus she was Deputy Premier as well.  With this knowledge, she feels she can deal with the Federal government and make people listen to the north. To end my interview with Boone, I asked her what she would like to say to any person out there who may be undecided in this election so far.  She said for the people to give her a serious chance.  To look at her experience, look at what she has to say and to look at her seriously.  This is a major conservative riding but she will be campaigning strongly in the area to let people know that she will give the region a voice they deserve and that she will be heard. Boone is currently travelling around the region attending the different trade shows in the area.  Last week she was in Chetwynd and will be at the Fort St. John CKNL Trade Show this weekend.  She will also be in attendance at the Dawson Creek Trade Show the week after. You can find out more about Boone by visiting: or you can email her at: Look for my next few columns as I will sit down and chat with the other candidates running in this riding. • 9909-100 Avenue, Fort St. John, BC V1J 1Y4 • Phone toll free 1-877-787-7030 • Phone: 250-787-7030 • Fax: 250-787-7090 Email: • • • • 1220B 103 Avenue, Dawson Creek, V1G 2G9 • Phone: 250-782-7060 • Fax: 250-782-7066 •

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April 7, 2011

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Mother Nature’s maintenance crew Support your volunteer fire workers Editor, Here I am once again looking out onto our street that is covered deep with frozen slush and full of huge ruts. This has become a typical sight here this winter and I think I know why. I believe it’s because the city has contracted out snow removal to some outfit called “Mother Nature Maintenance.” Just joking, but seriously, it seems that this winter we have reverted to the “bad old days” when we were lucky to see a plow on the street any more than three or four times in a year. This is too bad because for the past few years, prior to this year, we were getting excellent service from our city Maintenance crews. I believe that they had a guideline of had a guideline of having all of the streets (not just main drags and bus routes) cleaned within 48 hours of the end of a snowfall. From my observation they had no problem meeting this standard and in fact they usually had the snow all plowed up in much less than 48 hours. So what has changed? Methods, obviously. When the service was excellent, crews using Plow Trucks as well as Graders. A truck can plow far more kilometres in a shift than a

Grader can. The downside of course is that a Plow Truck will leave a windrow of fashion and because they are not letting the snow get built up too deeply, the windrows are usually pretty small and can be shoveled out in less than five minutes. Unfortunately, there are some people who don’t like this little bit of shoveling and some of them have lodged complaints to our city politicians and managers. So now we have gone back to a Grader only system and because of this decision, we wait for weeks on end to get the street cleaned. In the meantime the snow keeps piling up deeper and deeper until the weather warms up, at which time the snow gets slushy and rutted. Then it re-freezes and we are left with n extremely rough and slippery driving surface. This has been going on all winter long and I am getting tired of it. I guess I can take consolation in the fact that spring is nearly here and “Mother Nature” will finally complete her job and our street will be bare. I just hope that next winter she gets a lot more help from our City Public Works Department. Tom Ferguson, Fort St. John

Editor, As a volunteer firefighter for Chetwynd Volunteer Fire Department, I have seen firsthand the dedication of volunteer firefighters and their positive impact on the lives of residents and businesses in British Columbia. Did you know that more than 70% of all firefighters in Canada are volunteers? They might be your teacher, plumber, home builder, or community leader who gives up their own time to train and prepare for when they are called upon in desperate times of need. The Canadian Volunteer Fire Services Association (CVFSA), a national organization created to benefit the community by maintaining and strengthening Canadian volunteer fire services, has partnered with Duracell, a company with a dedicated history of supporting fire services while promoting fire safety, to develop a campaign that calls on all Canadians to show their support for the thousands of brave men and women who go the distance to protect more than 3,000 Canadian Fire Department jurisdictions across the country whenever a fire emergency strikes.

I encourage everyone in British Columbia to show their thanks for our Canadian volunteer firefighters by supporting the Power Those Who Protect Us campaign on now by the Canadian Volunteer Fire Services Association and Duracell. All you have to do is buy a specially-marked pack of AA20 Duracell batteries and two batteries will be added to a donation that goes to volunteer fire departments across Canada. Batteries might seem like a small item but, just as they power many important devices in our homes, batteries are the key power source in a variety of firefighting and lifesaving equipment. Communication devices and life-saving equipment like flashlights, thermal imaging cameras, chemical detectors, and defibrillators are just some examples of the battery-powered tools that firefighters use to protect the communities they serve. Thank you for your support, Leo Sabulsky, Volunteer Firefighter Chetwynd Volunteer Fire Department

Inland Chrysler is now offering Heavy Duty Custom Fabricated Truck Bumpers for Ford, Dodge, Chevy, GMC and Toyota Trucks. Grille guard / brush guards come in multiple configurations. Variations include light pockets, tow hooks, receiver mounts, winch and non-winch.

Every High Test Truck Bumper model is custom designed to enhance the look of your vehicle. They are all white metal blasted, zinc primered and powder coated in a variety of colours. All Truck Bumpers are vented for air flowand come with license plate mounts - mounting is made simple using existing holes, no frame modifications are necessary. Wings are 3/16” and teh center section is 1/4” steel. All sections are fully welded including brush / grille guards, you won’t find any bolts on the pieces!

It also has been gratifying to collaborate on Dual Credit programming with local evolving and becoming a reality. The addition of the Centre of Excellence for Clean Energy School Districts, industry, Aboriginal agencies and other post-secondary partners ALL Technologies in Dawson Creek, combined with through Northern Opportunities. The Peace Region is very fortunate to have a Peace River the Jim Kassen Industry Training Centre/ Oil group of exceptional leaders committed to expanding the scope of this program SHAREHOLDERS Seed Co-op Ltd. Northeastinitiative. NEWS Page 8 April 7, 2011 and Gas Centre of Excellence in Fort St. John, and to spreading the word on the benefits of this innovative educational allows Northern Lights College to fulfil its brand I have been very impressed by the passion for learning these leaders bring to the table, but also for their continuing commitment to finding learning solutions for the as B.C.'s Energy College™. NLC is committed to providing the skilled youth of the region. Over the years, I have received support and encouragement from local politicians, workers for these expanding industrial sectors including: Senator Richard Neufeld, the former Minister of Energy, Mines and and supporting the economic development of February 23, 2011 • 1:30pm the region. Given the scope of the industrial Petroleum Resources; Jay Hill, former Member of Parliament for Prince GeorgeEditor, St. John, B.C. welcome the City Fort St.MLA Manor 1 is River the ONLY suitable place of resiRycroft Community Hall Manor 1 in Fort expansion PeacetoRiver; Blair of Lekstrom, for Peace South and former Minister of in our region, a majora part of myaddition Once again, I put5208 pen to paper to express Heritage Manor 1 was constructed by the John and surrounding area. At the time of dence for our aging pioneers who - 47th Avenue River role at the College was to build capacity Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources; and Pat Pimm, MLA for Peacerequire my concern and outrage regarding the3A0 rules government in 2002 as partnerships much needed haven its opening it was under theI would auspices elevators, in bathing facilitiesand bathrooms Rycroft, AB TOH North. And likeoftothe acknowledge thewalk exceptional municipal regional through with other post-secondary and regulations in connection with Heritage for our North Peace senior pioneers and was North Peace Health Council working with with bars installed on the walls higher toilet Agenda: leadership provided by the Chiefs and Band Councils, Mayors and Councils, and institutions and industry, and to ensure that 1) To receive the financial statements of the Association for the financial B.C. Housing. Our senior pioneers now had seats no carpet etc. year end. funding provided by the government supports Regional District Boards. I was impressed by the quality of leadership demonstrated 2) To elect Directors of the Association. a safe and comfortable placeofto The majority our senior pioneers by members thespend oil andtheir gas and renewable energyofindustries. Thank you to do all the breadth and depth of needed programming. 3) To appoint an auditor of the Association. remaining years in the company of their peers. not require Low Cost Housing They canthat no 4) To transact such other business, if any, as may properly come before I knew Northern Lights College was a "classy" for being willing to work with Northern Lights College on joint planning the meeting. THINKING OF BUYING A HOME? Peace Riverbenefits area is the the region. only area in B.C. longer cope with the upkeep of a house all institution when the first personThe to welcome and perhaps where pioneers ofGovernors our theyrecruited requireme is to a safe comfortable place The College’s Board of makeand changes and supported me to myin Canada country still reside. to spend their remaining years. At the present new job was me when the changes became uncomfortable. I was very appreciative of this support Meet with a mobile CIBC Mortgage Advisor when and where it’s convenient for you. pioneers arrived here with theiroriginal parents,Board time beingBoards accepted in Heritage Manor and pleased that the andtenants succeeding provided progressive theOur former ✓ A mortgage solution that fits your lifestyle ✓ No obligation mortgage advice in the 1920’s and 1930’s. They endured many 1 are not residents of the Peace River area to President, Jim direction and encouraged innovation. I am particularly proud that we continued ✓ Fast, easy mortgage pre-approval so ✓ Convenient, one-on-one service hardships over years this country come from other locations in of B.C. focus on to themake fundamental mandatebut of providing education for quality life Some in the Kassen. He the you can shop with confidence that comes to you what it is today. Recently, in areto requests not seniors some for arenew even employed. andthe thatgovernment we were responsive by industry programming. committed 25 region, Together we will find a solution. its wisdom has transferred the management Meanwhile our senior pioneers areapplied being I am looking forward to the innovative initiatives and opportunities for years to NLC Talk to your local mobile We understand what you’re going through. of Heritage Manor 1 from Northern Health to shuttled from pillar to post wherever a vacant research in clean energy technologies that are in the planning stages. Through and provided CIBC Mortgage Advisor today. B.C. Housing. the ruleswith and provincial, regulationsnational spaceand is available partnerships international leaders in this evolving me with a firm Now Jenna Morland have been drastically changed. Presently the Our many of the whom are veterans and For your confidential consultation, Call 250 263-7520 or toll-free 1 866FREE 894-8905 to demonstrate strength of its vision. foundation industry, Northern Lights College is poisedseniors B.C. Housing Rules states that any applicants widows of veterans are being disrespectfully Email on which to I will be cheering from afar as these plans become operational. CALL with assets due to My the sale of their homes discriminated husband Gordon andare I made friends withagainst a number of very special people build. Debt troubles? automatically disqualified from being acceptThis is treated a deplorable and is in the north and we will miss you. We were to the situation unique brand ofextremewarmth, T h e or visit our website at ed as tenants of Heritage Manor 1in spite ly unacceptable and should be rectified as soon institution is enthusiasm and innovative spirit we now associate with northern British Columbia. of the fact that they have spent many years as possible. A fond farewell to you all and our sincere thank you for your many kindnesses. fortunate to Trustees in Bankruptcy & Proposal Administrators of hardships: theValgardson, fact that Heritage Jeanne Taylor Clelland, Fort St. John All mortgages credit approval. Certain conditions restrictions apply. “CIBC For what matters.” and “It’s worth D.of Jean Dawson Creek have capable in spite Suite 2, 10611are–subject 102ndtoStreet Fort St. and John a talk.” are trademarks of CIBC. GOVERNMENT LICENCED TRUSTEES 110 –1628 Dickson Avenue Kelowna (Resident Office) faculty and


Annual General Meeting

Senior citizen discrimination alleged against BC Housing 19437



Edith Edith Schmidt Schmidt cell:

cell: 250-263-3030 250-263-3030

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9619 88tH Lawn Street Mobile Home Park #12 Forest Fort St John #12 Forest Mobile Home Nearly 1600 sf ofLawn living space on main floor with a Park full concrete baseMany new updates! Spacious 1987 14’ wide 2 bdrm mobile home Fort St 24x24 John ment and attached garage and no HST! Like new condition w/

9619 283 88thCampbell Street Road, Charlie Lake, BC 13619 Fabulous88th spacious home,1600 sq ft on main, full concrete base9619 Bright and sunny 2Street yr old 16 wide mobile home on a peaceful 4.5 acres

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inMany popular Forest Lawn mobile home park!2 New new updates! Spacious 1987 14’ wide bdrm windows,new mobile home hardwood in livinghome room, tiled entry, kitchen kitchen cabinets,new bathroom, new laminate andwindows,new tile, alland newbathinbirch popular Forest flooring Lawn mobile park! New trim inside out, new paint, new 10x16 deck, 5and min from city rooms, 3and bedrooms, 2bathroom, baths. Open concept, huge kitchen kitchen cabinets,new new laminate tile, allpantry newin and country like setting! Inc fridge,stove,bi dw & shed. trim inside and out, new paint,deck new has 10x16 5 minSpacious from city MB in w/ island w/eating bar. 12x16 gasdeck, for BBQ. country setting! fridge,stove,bi dw &and shed. walk inlike closet andInc ensuite w/dual sinks step in shower w/dual shower heads. Instant hotwater system. MLS# N206989 MLS# N204924 MLS# N204924

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ment, 24’X24’ garage. NO HST.sqbirch livingrm,base3 bed, Fabulous spacious home,1600 ft onHardwood main, full inconcrete 20 minuites fromgarage. city! Features 3 bedrooms, 2 - 4pckitchen vaulted tiled lg entry,kitchen, 2 bath. Open concept, has3pantry, ment, 24’X24’ NO HST. birch Hardwood inbathrooms, livingrm, bed, lg island/eating bar. 12’X16’ deck, gas for BBQ. Masterbdrm ceilings, master bdrm with ensuite and walk in closet. New deck perfect tiled lg entry,kitchen, 2 bath. Open concept, kitchen has pantry, WI closet, ensuite with dual shower with for enjoying those summer BBQ’s and sinks, relaxing inWI the sun!Masterbdrm large 16’ dual x16’ lghas island/eating bar. 12’X16’ deck, gas lg for BBQ. shower heads. Instant hot water system, security system. Great has WIshed closet, ensuite with dualsiding. sinks, 2lghuge WI garden showerspots, with new dual storage with electricity and new fire neighbourhood. shower heads. Instant hot water system, security system. Great pit area. Property is sheltered from winter winds by large aspen bluff, at the neighbourhood. end of a no thru road with little traffic overlooking ravine and mature trees. MLS# N/A MLS#N206989 MLS#N206989


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This property is situated on 5 acres located on the Swanson Lumber Road very close to the city. This property boasts two homes, one with a full basement, new kitchen and lots of newer flooring and paint and the second one as a rental to pay for your mortgage. Live in one home and let the in laws live in the other, rent it out to pay for the property, use it as a home based property and much more.

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Over 1400 sf this 4 bdrm home has open layout & 3 baths. Master bedroom features WI closet & 3 pc ensuite, large kitchen features island & eating bar, new countertops, new undermount sink & all new appliances. New laminate flooring in large living room, kitchen & dining area. Ceramic tiled entry with extra wide staircases to family room with gas fireplace in basement. Includes window coverings & shed.

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Northeast NEWS Fort St John man dies in crash near Chetwynd CHETWYND – A Fort St. John man is dead following a single-vehicle crash near Chetwynd on April 2. Carey Raymond Hutchins was pronounced dead at the scene when emergency services responded to a roll-over on Highway 29 at Norris Road. Hutchins reportedly lost control of the Dodge minivan he was driving north on the highway, causing it to leave the roadway into the eastbound ditch where it rolled several times, ejecting him

April 7, 2011

Police briefs

from the vehicle. Speed, alcohol and failure to wear a seatbelt are believed to be contributing factors in the crash. Police looking for suspect in assault, robbery of young boy DAWSON CREEK – Dawson Creek RCMP is asking for the public’s assistance in locating a suspect involved in the assault and armed robbery of a 14-year-old boy.

Page 9

The incident occurred at about 9:10 p.m. on 105 Avenue and Ninth Street, where an unknown male allegedly assaulted the victim in order to steal a bicycle. The suspect is described as Caucasian, with a short, blonde “faux-hawk” haircut, wearing baggie jeans and a black hoodie. The suspect may have been injured in the struggle. Anyone with information that would lead to the arrest of the individual is asked to call the local detachment at 784-3700 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).



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April 7, 2011


Northeast NEWS

Dog trialing in Goodlow, B.C. Cattlemen input sought for program

Contributed by Carol Nelson By setting the pylons into different patPete and RoseMarie McAleney of terns each trial, it makes for thoughtGoodlow, B.C hosted the first dog trial of provoking courses for the handler to negothe Halfway Valley Winter Series. With tiate. Trialing is a partnership between the 12 open dogs and three novice dogs com- dog and the handler, so the handlers’ skills peting, it provided good competition for need to develop as well as the dog’s skills. everyone at a leisure pace. The obstacles came to a total of 20 The sheep were points and there great to work if was a four-minthe dogs were ute time limit. working well and The dog with the a bit testy if they most points and thought the dogs the fastest time weren’t serious around the course about getting was the victor. around the course A potluck supat a steady pace. per and socializA challenging ing to catch up on course was set up the winter news using pylons and rounded the day pails as obstacles. out perfectly. Four sheep were The overall used for each placing for the dog’s run. There weekend went as were two chutes follows: OPEN along a fence – Carol Nelson Contributed photo and Jess, Carol where the dogs had to take the Jake the dog works sheep into a corner. Nelson and Cal, sheep down a Pam Boring and lane between the Jake. RANCH fence and a log. This obstacle was not easy – Tess Davidson and Isla, RoseMarie as the dogs had to keep the sheep pushed McAleney and Jan. to the fence as well as keep the sheep movThe next trial for the winter series will ing forward in a straight line. A figure eight be held in Pink Mountain at Carol and around two cones and weaving in and out of Lowell Nelson’s on Apr. 16 & 17. Hope other cones checked to see if the dogs were to see you there. For more information, flanking correctly and listening carefully. contact: Carol Nelson at (250) 772-5315.

Vold, Jones & Vold Auction Co. Ltd. Jones‘MILE & VoldZERO Auction Co. Ltd. DAWSON CREEK Vold, AUCTION CITY’

By Matthew Bains NORTHEAST – Cattlemen in the province have welcomed the news of a report released last week from the Ministry of Agriculture announcing a new opportunity to re-invest in the industry through the Ranching Task Force’s $5 million Beef Market Research and Development Program. The joint federal/provincial fund is being administered through the Ranching Task Force, a partnership between the industry and government. Projects are being sought that will create long-term industry benefits, such as new product development, domestic and emerging market research, trade missions and producer and consumer education. “I believe it’s a huge opportunity for us,” said Kevin Boon, general manager of the BC Cattlemen’s Association. “As an industry, we are very reactive because there are so many things that seem to come up and we don’t have the funding to do a lot of forward promotion.” Boon added the initiative would also educate consumers on what the industry is already doing to improve handling practices, such as the Beef InfoXchange System. “One of the things with the information exchange system is we can track and document throughout a calf’s life what its vaccination protocol has been,” he said, explaining that there are often redundancies in vaccination programs between the pasture and the feedlot. “We can cut a lot of costs at the production level, but it’s also very good for the perception of the consumer that we’re doing everything possible to cut down on the amount of vaccines and antibiotics we’re using.” He said BSE really emphasized the importance of the domestic market, and having a satisfied and confident consumer at home could also have repercussions abroad. “We have some of the most particular customers in the world as far as I’m concerned, and if we can keep them happy we won’t have a problem with what the rest of the world wants too.” Boon said another initiative would be to work with the producers who only have a handful of cattle and supply the “freezer market,” selling their product through local farmer’s markets. “They create a bit of a concern for us in that they probably don’t have as good of management practices and maybe don’t do everything up to par as what we would like, which can put the industry at risk of disease. We want to work with them to not only educate the producer but also get them on some of our programs like the Verified Beef Program and environmental programs so we can ensure the safety of the industry.” He encouraged ranchers and other stakeholders to submit more ideas, adding even if they don’t qualify under this program they might still be valuable and qualify under other programs. More information on the Canada-BC RTF Funding Initiative, including an application form, can be found online at

DAWSON ‘MILE ZERO CITY’ 301-116th Ave.CREEK DawsonAUCTION Creek, British Columbia Dawson Creek Office: 250-782-3766 VJV Main Office: 403-783-5561 Cattle Sales, Don 301-116th Ave. Dawson Creek, British Columbia Fessler: 250-719-5561 Fax: 250-782-6622

Dawson Creek Office: 250-782-3766 VJV Main Office: 403-783-5561 Cattle Sales, Don

Fessler: 250-719-5561 Fax: 250-782-6622 MARKET REpORT MARCH 31, 2011 CATTLE REPORT SLAUGHTER CATTLE On Thursday, March 31, 2011 670 head of cattle went through our market SLAUGHTER CATTLE D1 - D2 Cows 65.00-77.00

395 head of cattle went through the ring of Dawson Creek Action on July 8, 2010 D3 - D4 Cows 50.00-64.00 SALES EVERY THURSDAY!

Holstein Cows D1 - D2 Cows Heiferettes D3 - D4 Cows Bologna Bulls Holstein Cows Feeder Bulls Heiferettes Good Bred Cows Bologna Bulls Good Bred Heifers Feeder Bulls Milk Cows Good Bred Cows Cow/ Calf Pairs (younger) Good Bred Heifers Cow/ Calf Pairs (older) Cow/ Calf Pairs Older Cows Milk Cows

45.00-65.00 53.00-56.00 65.00-85.00 48.00-53.00 65.00-87.50 50.00-53.00 75.00-97.00 55.00-65.00 900.00-1250.00 62.00-72.50 1050.00-1200.00 65.00-70.00 50.00-65.00 None N/A None N/A 900.00-1000.00 None None


Good Feeder Steers 1000 lbs Plus: 92.00-104.00 Heifers 85.00-96.00 Good Feeder Steers 900 lbs Plus: 100.00-112.50 Heifers 97.00-105.00 Good Feeder Steers 800 lbs Plus: 109.00-122.00 Heifers 100.00-112.00 Good 119.00-134.00 Heifers Good Feeder Feeder Steers Steers 700 1000lbs lbsPlus: Plus: N/A Heifers 108.00-121.50 N/A Good 130.00-146.75 Heifers Good Feeder Feeder Steers Steers 600 900 lbs lbs Plus: Plus: N/A Heifers 115.00-130.00 N/A Good 137.00-154.00 Heifers Good Feeder Feeder Steers Steers 500 800 lbs lbs Plus: Plus: 92.00-100.00 Heifers 125.00-140.00 80.00-88.00 Good 140.00-165.00 Good Feeder Feeder Steers Steers 400 700 lbs lbs Plus: Plus: 102.00-108.00 Heifers Heifers 128.00-145.00 85.00-92.00 Good N/A Heifers N/A Good Feeder Feeder Steers Steers 300 600 lbs lbs Plus: Plus: 110.00-118.00 Heifers 98.00-104.00 Good Feeder 500April lbs Plus: 100.00-108.00 Limo Bull Sale,Steers Thursday 7 at 1p, Bar B 115.00-125.00 Charolais And EightHeifers Way Charolais Bull Sale, Good FeederApr.9 Steers 400Horse lbs Plus: Heifers 100.00-110.00 Saturday at 1p, Sale, Saturday110.00-125.00 April 16, Tack at 930a and Horses at 12p, Good Feeder Steers 300 lbs Plus: None April 28 Heifers None and MacKenzie Angus Bull Sale, Thursday at 230p


Vold, Jones & Vold Auction Co. Ltd. Upcoming Sales: Vold, Jones &@ Vold10:00 Auction Co. Ltd. Sales Every Thursday a.m. DAWSON CREEK AUCTION ‘MILE ZERO CITY’ DAWSON CREEK AUCTION ‘MILE ZERO CITY’ 301-116thSale Ave. Dawson Creek, British Columbia Dawson Creek Office: Horse September 25/2010 301-116th Dawson British Columbia 250-782-3766Ave. VJV Main Office:Creek, 403-783-5561 Cattle Sales, Don Fessler: 250-719-5561 Fax: 250-782-6622 Dawson Creek Office: 250-782-3766 VJV Main Office: 403-783-5561 Cattle Sales, Don Fessler: 250-719-5561 Fax: 250-782-6622


Protect your investment! Don’t miss out! Weather is unpredictable! Don’t forget about the low cost “Basket” coverage option available to grain and oilseed producers. Be sure to contact your local Production Insurance office for more details! Abbotsford 1-888-221-7141 Kamloops 1-888-823-3355 Dawson Creek 1-877-772-2200 Kelowna 1-888-332-3352 Fort St. John 1-888-822-1345 Oliver 1-888-812-8811

Application Deadlines ` APRIL 30 Grain, Silage Corn and Forage Spring Plantings

It’s a sound business decision to manage your risk. For more info visit:

Northeast NEWS

April 7, 2011

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BC Housing income thresholds for seniors questioned by regional directors

By Matthew Bains NORTHEAST – BC Housing’s income limits for seniors applying for supportive housing are necessary to ensure those with the highest need are the highest priority, said the Crown corporation’s director for the North. Malachy Tohill was asked to appear before the board of the Peace River Regional District on March 24 in part to address the concerns of Jeanne Clelland, resident of Heritage Manor I in Fort St. John, who stated in a letter those income limits are discriminating against seniors. He explained the Housing Income Limits are set by the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation annually and vary depending on where a housing unit is located and the size of that unit. In Fort St. John the income limit for a onebedroom unit is $31,000, though that limit was increased to $40,000 with the 16 new units being constructed in Fort St. John and Taylor. “We realize some seniors have higher incomes and we want to be able to open up the doors to that larger market,” Tohill said. BC Housing also has an asset limit of $100,000, which applies to investments like stocks, bonds and real estate and business equity, but does not apply to personal belongings, Registered Retirement Saving Plans or assets derived from compensatory packages from government. Tohill said that asset limit is determined by doubling the highest income limit ($48,000) in the province, rounded up.

He said the income and asset limits are there to ensure those seniors who could otherwise not afford rental housing are looked after. When asked, he added nobody from Heritage Manor I was evicted for exceeding those limits when BC Housing took over management of the facility from Northern Health. However, Area C director Arthur Hadland and Fort St. John director Lori Ackerman said they didn’t think a senior’s assets should disqualify that person from supportive housing. “That’s a typical indication of a cookie-cutter approach from government that doesn’t fit every unique region and their needs, and I really think it needs to be revisited,” said Ackerman. “I don’t think assets should have anything to with it. I think it’s the needs of the person that needs to be the factor.” Hadland added many seniors are very independent and private people who do not want to disclose the financial information required by BC Housing’s application forms, saying his own parents were reluctant to do so. Clelland’s letter raised concerns about seniors from outside of the city being accepted in Heritage Manor ahead of seniors from the area. Tohill said of the 20 people currently housed at the facility, two have come from outside of Fort St. John, and of the 20 seniors on a waiting list for supportive housing in Fort St. John, one is from Dawson Creek and one from the Lower Mainland. He said he doesn’t know their specific

circumstances but it is likely the individuals from outside of the area moved up here to be reunited with family, and in any case they would meet those eligibility requirements. That prompted some different reactions from directors. “I think that we would want the pioneers, the seniors who have stayed in the area and contributed to the area over a long period of time, to have priority over someone who – even if they were from here originally – moved away for 20 years and now decides to come back,” said Fort St. John director Bruce Lantz. Chetwynd director Evan Saugstad disagreed, saying that would defeat the purpose of having regional centres like Fort St. John. “I believe we should place a low priority on where the person is coming from. It’s a free country, and people move around,” he added. Lantz concluded his remarks by stating that according to Northern Health, Fort St. John now has the fastest growing seniors population in the province, a population that is expected to grow by 118 per cent by 2020, emphasizing the need for a full continuum of care. Tohill mentioned during his presentation that BC Housing provides an average of $135 in rental assistance to 183 seniors in the district through the Shelter Aid for Elderly Renters program for seniors paying more than 30 per cent of their income on rent.

Tipping fees increased By Matthew Bains PEACE REGION – Peace River Regional District’s solid waste function will include an increase in tipping fees and new manned transfer stations for rural areas in 2011. Earlier this year, the regional district approved a 14 per cent across-the-board increase in tipping fees at the region’s landfills and transfer stations that took effect on April 1. Those fees are slated to increase again by 12 per cent at the same time next year. Those increases were identified in the 2009 Solid Waste Management Plan as a way to have fees generate more of the revenue for the solid waste function as opposed to through taxation. “The target split is 50/50 between those two sources of revenue, so this brings it closer to that split,” said Jeff Rahn, the district’s manager of solid waste services. “Even with these increases we still have among the lowest tipping fees in the province.” As was started last year, homeowners will continue to be mailed coupons in late April that will exempt 250 kilograms of waste each, for a total of one metric tonne, at any time between May 1, 2011 and April 30, 2012. A combination of coupons and cash can be used. Tipping fees will be doubled for those residents who arrive at a landfill or transfer station with an unsecured load after May 1. Rahn said the definition of an unsecured load is in line with the Motor Vehicle Act, which covers any shipment of solid waste in or on a vehicle that is not covered with a tarp or otherwise tied down and secured to prevent materials from escaping while the vehicle is in motion. He said it’s important to note that includes garbage bags that are not secured. In addition, six manned transfer stations will be constructed (or improved) in the areas of Kelly Lake, Tomslake, Rose Prairie, Wonowon, Pink Mountain and Upper Halfway. Rahn said most will be full-service facilities that will include a compactor unit for bagged, household garbage; larger roll-off bins for bulk waste such as furniture as well as wood and metal waste; compartmented roll-off bins for recycled materials and even a bin for people to drop off small, reusable items for other people to take. The exceptions are the Pink Mountain and Upper Halfway Sites that will not include bins for bulk waste, wood and metal. He said the transfer stations will be fenced-in and operated during defined hours, and will replace 36 unmanned stations that are being decommissioned because of problems created by them being unattended. The solid waste budget includes $825,000 in capital spending at the Fort St. John landfill. More information on these changes, including a fee schedule and definition of terms, can be found online at, or by contacting the regional district’s head office in Dawson Creek at 784-3200 or toll-free at 1-800-670-7773.

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April 7, 2011

Northeast NEWS

Ready for Brinner? How about Breakfast for Dinner tonight! By Jennifer Fernandes Who doesn’t enjoy the occasional meal of bacon and eggs for dinner? Or how about whipping up some yummy French toast and scrambled eggs for a quick supper? That’s Breakfast Trend No. 8, as counted down by www. for 2011. According to two local long-term restaurant professionals,

Now Open Party and Bridal

patrons not only want breakfast all day long, they want healthy options. JD Fitzgerald’s Pub offers the whole nine yards at their establishment located at 9830 – 100th Avenue in Fort St. John. Their hot buffet breakfast features the traditional staples such as homemade hash browns, bacon, sausage, and eggs, but also features a fruit bar, fresh fruit, and a full range of healthy granolas and cereals all for $11.99 every day of the week. “People are looking for all that, especially on the weekends,” said Patsy Pratt, restaurant manager with JD’s. “A lot more people like to top their waffles with fresh fruit and I’ve suggested adding granola to the waffle mixture when they’re making it to make it even more healthy and they seem to love that idea.” It is hard to find many all-day breakfasts with fresh ingredients in Fort St. John, but JD’s warm and welcoming atmosphere is a great find for a weekend brunch as it’s open on Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. for those who like a sleep-in or a sleep-off from those Friday


Come Check Out Our New Location in the Dawson Mall

night frivolities. Breakfast and banquet chef at JD’s, Tejinder Dhillon who has been cooking at JD’s for 20 years said she still enjoys her job, and does indulge in the occasional late breakfast. “My husband likes breakfast for dinner sometimes, but he cooks it,” she laughed. For more information on JD Fitzgerald’s visit: www. Breakfast Trend No. 8 – “Breakfast Ingredients All Day Long” From the - The fact is, we love the flavors of breakfast. That’s why we see more restaurants serving breakfast all day long—24 hours in some cases. It’s also why we’ll continue to see breakfast ingredients such as bacon and eggs working their way into other parts of our daily menu, home and away. Bacon of course, is on and in all kinds of foods these days, from burgers to desserts, and though some profess to be tired of the bacon buzz, we don’t see any real evidence of bacon fatigue. It has even become a popular flavor in cocktails. We also see eggs and hash brown-style potatoes working their way into more lunch and dinner meals. Many of us just don’t have time for that big breakfast—especially on workdays—so we find ways to get our fix of breakfast flavors wherever and whenever we can.

Carousel Design & Decor “Ask our Blind Man” You can reduce your heating bill with custom-made blinds or draperies. Budget priced or upscale!

11000 - 8th Street Dawson Creek

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Jennifer Fernandes photo

Restaurant manager Patsy Pratt and Chef Tejinder Dhillon welcome breakfast patrons at at JD Fitzgerald’s pub in Fort St. John.

Welcome To Wilson’s Timberline Buick GMC Ltd.

2011 GMC Terrain

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Come Check Out Our Lineup of 2011 GMC Vehicles or have a look at some of our pre-owned vehicles 2010 Chevy Camaro SS #P1094


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Northeast NEWS

April 7, 2011

Yes . . . You Really are What You Eat! By Tonya Fines of Fines Organic & Natural Foods It’s not just a cliche anymore. . . it’s actual fact! You ARE what you eat and if you stop and think about it for just a minute you know this is true. We all know someone, or maybe we’ve even been that someone. . . you know, the person that always seems to have a cold, is consistently tired and is usually in a state of “ugh!” Now while I have to admit that there are several factors that can contribute to a person being unwell and feeling down, what a person chooses as fuel for their body has a tremendous impact... a MONUMENTAL impact really. Here is what I’m getting at: if you eat crap you will likely feel just like that; like crap! I’m not suggesting that indulging in life’s sweeter fares now and then will completely transform you from a healthy, vibrant individual into a weak, sick, depressed person overnight. What I’m saying is this - a

diet that is consistently high in processed foods, trans fats, sugar and sodium and is void in nutritionally dense foods like vegetables, fruits and lean proteins will keep you in a physical and mental state well below a level of outstanding health. The level of health and life that you ALL deserve! By making more healthy choices with respect to the foods you eat and keeping your body active, you will have greater success at sustaining a quality of life that is healthier and happier. The food you eat affects how your brain works & hey... isn’t feeling happier A LOT MORE FUN?! When you make the commitment to live in greater health your body is able to enjoy a greater more joyful state of being. So, on those days that you do dip into the chocolate and ice cream it won’t send you further down a black hole of “sugar blues!” Cheers.

Spa opened in Fort St. John

Massage Therapy...

By Lorraine Isenbecker of HB Health, Body and Spa

By Rebecca Stender of Peace Massage Therapy & Spa

SPRING IS HERE (even with all the snow) and many people starting detoxifying cleanses to rid their bodies of toxins that may have built over time as byproducts of stress, dead cells, heavy metals and other excess debris from your cells. But DID YOU KNOW that Massage Therapy can greatly support any cleansing program you are in? There are a number of detoxification massage therapies that you can undergo. One example is the lymphatic massage. The lymphatic system is one of the main elimination systems of the body that is integral in the

detoxification process. It is responsible for the absorption of food nutrients and it also creates a waste disposal system in your body. With the series of strokes, detoxification massage aids your lymphatic system to clear dietary toxins and other unwanted substances. Massage therapy can also help dislodge toxins that are trapped in tight muscles to enable them to be eliminated naturally. A good massage can both relax tense and knotted muscles and stimulate the blood and lymph circulation.

Your Health, Mind & Body Connection....

Low on energy ? Confused by diet fads ? Concerned about your health and the health of your family ? Then watch for the newest addition to the Northeast News - Health, Mind & Body. This new section will feature local businesses and advice from our experts on nutrition, fitness tips, health solutions, and more each month. 709A 103rd Ave. Dawson Creek 250-782-5554

Get your business involved: Suite 2, 9831 - 98A Ave (Co-op Mall) • 250-787-1580 Sign up for 4 editions - get 10% Off Sign up for 8 Editions - get 15% Off Sign up for 12 editions - get 25% Off Organic • Local Products • Gluten Free Products Add Colour to Your Ad for $30.00 Enivronmentally Safe Cleaners • and so much more!

Stop in today for a healthier you! 9824 98A Avenue, Fort St. John, BC V1J 1S2

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Becky’s Hair Artsts & Spa (250) 787-2767 10712 101 Ave

Is Now Offering New Treatments: • Capillary Treatments • Skin Tag Removal • Flat Mole Removal (Upon Doctor Approval) • Systic Pimples • Microdermabrasion • Brazilians

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HB Health, Body and Wellness Spa was recently opened by Lorraine Isenbecker, owner of the Hair Bin Beauty and Barber for the past 25 years. With the upbeat busy atmosphere of the Hair Bin, Lorraine wanted to offer an elite spa for a quiet relaxing way for people to de-stress, relax and be pampered while enjoying their spa or laser services. The spa located around the corner from the Hair Bin, is quaint, private and targeted for small groups of clients, allowing privacy for couples massages, pedicures, facials, body wraps and laser treatments. Or for total de-stress try our Moment for Yourself - a full body massage from head to toe followed by a custom facial. It is a heavenly escape. Incorporated along with

the spa services you will find two lasers, the noninvasive Lipo Laser providing a painless way to contour the body and lose those unwanted inches and the top of the line Belle Luche Velocity Plus laser for treatment in hair removal acne and blemishes. For your great pleasure and relaxation try any one of the body wraps such as the chocolate, seaweed or the Getaway citrus body wrap. All are 60 minute sessions, or for that special experience try our Deluxe Couples massage, side by side with your loved one. Relax in aroma waters with a sea salt mani-pedi combo or pamper your face with a delightful facial that cleanses pore impurities and leaves your skin sparkling. We invite you to try our services.

$36 2 Column x 1” (3.31” x 1”)

$72 2 Column x 2” (3.31” x 2”)

$180for the next Watch 2edition Column x 5” Mind, of Health, Body (3.31”onx May 5”) 5, 2011

Safe Permanent Hair Reduction! for Women and Men

Works well with all hair types, Successful results with blonde and $180 grey hair.

3 Column x 3.38” For futher information, (5.04” x 3.38”)

1F re wit e Pac h kag e

call our Certified Technicians for details.

10440 100 Street 250-787-1553

Wise customers read the fine print: •, *, ††, § The Canada’s Newest Showroom Event offers are limited time offers which apply to retail deliveries of selected new and unused models purchased from participating dealers on or after April 1, 2011. Dealer order/trade may be necessary. Offers subject to change and may be extended without notice. See participating dealers for complete details and conditions. •$18,995 Purchase Price applies to 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan Canada Value Package (24F) only and includes $8,000 Consumer Cash Discount. $17,980 Purchase Price applies to 2010 Dodge Journey SE (22F+CLE) only and includes $2,250 Consumer Cash Discount. Pricing includes freight ($1,400) and excludes licence, insurance, registration, any dealer administration fees and other applicable fees and applicable taxes. Dealer order/trade may be necessary. Dealers may sell for less. See participating dealers for complete details. *Consumer Cash Discounts are offered on most new 2010 and select 2011 vehicles and are manufacturer-to-dealer incentives, which are deducted from the negotiated price before taxes. Amounts vary by vehicle. See your dealer for complete details. ††Customer Choice Financing for 36-, 48- and 60-month terms on approved credit through TD Financing Services and Ally Credit Canada is available at participating dealerships to qualified retail customers on most new 2010 Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and Ram models (except Grand Caravan Cargo Van and Ram Chassis Cab) and select 2011 Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and Ram models. The following terms apply to TD Financing Services contracts. (Different contract terms apply to Ally Credit Canada offers. See your dealer for complete details.) Vehicles are financed over a 36-, 48- or 60-month term with payments amortized over a term of up to 96 months and the pre-determined residual balance payable at the end of the contract. At contract’s end, customers have the choice of returning their vehicle through a Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram dealership with no further obligations (except payment of a $199 return fee and excess wear and tear, mileage and similar charges), financing the remaining balance for the rest of the amortization period at then-current standard rates or paying the residual balance in full. Some conditions apply. Customer Choice Financing offered by TD in Quebec is subject to different terms and conditions. All advertised Customer Choice Financing offers are TD offers. Examples: 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan Canada Value Package (24F)/2010 Dodge Journey SE Canada Value Package (22F+CLE) with a Purchase Price of $18,995/$17,980 financed at 5.99%/5.99% APR over 60/60 months with payments amortized over 76/80 months equals 130 bi-weekly payments of $139/$126 and one final payment of $4,560/$5,178 for a cost of borrowing of $3,671/$3,595 and a total obligation of $22,666/$21,575. Taxes, licence, insurance, registration, excess mileage and wear and tear charges, any dealer administration fees and other applicable fees and charges not included. Dealers may sell for less. See participating dealers for complete details. §2010 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT shown. Price including applicable Consumer Cash Discount: $26,095. 2010 Dodge Journey R/T AWD shown. Price including applicable Consumer Cash Discount: $29,045. Pricing includes freight ($1,400) and excludes licence, insurance, registration, any dealer administration fees and other applicable fees and applicable taxes. Dealer order/trade may be necessary. Dealers may sell for less. ‡Based on U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) scoring system for 2010 model year Dodge Grand Caravan and Dodge Journey. ^Based on January 2010 through January 2011 R. L. Polk sales total registrations. The Best Buy Seal is a registered trademark of Consumers Digest Communications LLC, used under licence. ®SIRIUS and the dog logo are registered trademarks of SIRIUS Satellite Radio Inc. ®Jeep is a registered trademark of Chrysler Group LLC. Customer Choice Financing is a trademark of Chrysler Group LLC.

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• 3.3L Flex Fuel V6 engine with automatic transmission • 3rd row Stow ’n Go® seating and storage • 4-wheel disc brakes with ABS • Media Centre 130 CD/MP3 radio • Advanced multistage front- and side-curtain air bags • Power, heated exterior mirrors


• 173-hp 2.4L DOHC Dual VVT I-4 world engine • Automatic transmission • Advanced multistage front- and side-curtain air bags • Air conditioning • Chill Zone® beverage storage bin • 2nd row in-floor storage bins • Power windows and locks • 4-wheel disc brakes with ABS • Power, heated, foldaway mirrors • Electronic Stability Program (ESPTM) with All-Speed Traction Control






2010 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT shown.§






139 5.99




17,980 •



126 5.99



2010 Dodge Journey R/T AWD shown.§


3/30/11 3:54 PM

Northeast NEWS

April 7, 2011

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Regional budget passed: heritage project funded, fire department budget cut By Matthew Bains PEACE REGION – After another round of rigorous debate, directors of the Peace River Regional District board gave final approval to a budget on March 24 that will see funding for the Alaska Highway nomination project maintained but the budget for the Charlie Lake fire department cut. The budget includes about $181,000 in 2011, and in principle, just over $600,000 total over the next four years, for the Alaska Highway Community (AHC - an adjunct of Northern B.C. Tourism) to undertake the process to have the highway declared a National Historic Site. The funding is conditional on the proponents securing the other 50 per cent of the total project budget, which they propose to do through the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality of Fort Nelson and other sources. However, Fort St. John directors Lori Ackerman and Bruce Lantz and Chetwynd director Evan Saugstad opposed including the project in the budget. Ackerman said she was concerned the operational and staffing costs in the project budget will remain the same over the four years even after the nomination package is submitted to the federal government in January, 2013. Bud Powell, chair of the AHC board, was invited by the directors to attempt to answer their questions and he replied that the budget was created to account for some unknowns associated with the project. For example, he said after the first two years it is not clear whether they would be expected to continue paying for a proposal writer position even though Parks Canada would hire their own writer at that time. He added the North East Native Advancing Society had verbally committed to provide $80,000 in funding to engage First Nations communities along the highway. “I need to make it very clear that even though this is a fouryear project and we’re asking for money for those four years, we will only be drawing that money as we need to,” Powell assured the directors. That answer did not satisfy Lantz. “It seems like a heavy budget for what is being done at this stage,” he said. “My experience is tells me that usually if the money is in there people find a way to spend it.” Saugstad suggested that a request for proposals should be

sent out to see if there were any better proposals to complete the project. However, Chief Administrative Officer Fred Banham clarified by saying that was not an option available to the board this year because a funding request of that nature would have to come through the budget process. Many of the directors and alternate directors with the regional district also sit on the AHC board, including Tumbler Ridge alternate director Jerrylin Schembri, who spoke in favour of the project. “The reason it’s so hard to pin down a budget on this issue is because you’re looking at kilometres and kilometres of road and there are all sorts of historic sites tied in with that,” she said. “It’s going to be huge project – something of this magnitude hasn’t been done before – so the budget is going to be a little bit unsure at this point.” Dawson Creek director Mike Bernier, who does not sit on the AHC board, voiced his support to move forward with the project. “This is something we’ve been talking about as long as I’ve been around, that we get the Alaska Highway declared as a heritage site. We recognize the importance of it – the tourism aspects and what it brings to the region – and we have a proposal here in front of us.” A motion put forward by Saugstad to remove the project from the budget was defeated. Later in the budget deliberations, Area C director Arthur Hadland put forward a motion to reduce the budget for the Charlie Lake fire department to $475,000 from the $636,000 requested by the Charlie Lake/Grandhaven Fire Protection Society. His intent was to remove $188,000 in wages and benefits the society included to hire two full-time firefighters, but since that motion was defeated during the first budget debate, he instead moved the fire department’s funding be maintained at the 2010 level. After lengthy discussion about the impact to fire protection and a rise in insurance premiums on property in Charlie Lake, the motion passed, with directors Tim Caton, Lori Ackerman and Karen Goodings opposed. Elva Stewart, one of a number of Charlie Lake residents in attendance, said the board made the right decision. “We have a very good fire department at Charlie Lake with

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the volunteers,” she said. “I think there’s a big problem if they hire two paid employees, because how will the volunteers feel? I’m more in favour of paying the volunteers when they go out on a call.” She added tax rates would go up for the community if paid positions were included and it would set a harmful precedent for other volunteer fire departments in the region. Stewart said she doesn’t think finding volunteers for daytime calls is a problem as the society insisted, saying a number of individuals have come forward to volunteer. She added the society never presented their budget, or the Fire Underwriters Survey that prompted their request for paid members, to the community. “I think the biggest problem is the management of the fire department. A secret society should not be spending taxpayer’s money,” Stewart said. The regional district had already initiated a process to negotiate the transfer of management of the fire department from the Society to the district starting next year at the latest. Staff will prepare a fire service review to determine how that function can be best managed.

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CONTACT Albert AT 780-834-7055 “Where Quality Matters”

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Miles Mortensen’s dispute with the City of Dawson Creek over a building permit to repair his mother’s house – spanning over two years – continues as he recently parked his RV in front of City Hall in an effort to bring attention to the conflict. Mortensen is challenging the city’s view that he needs to submit detailed drawings of the work being done before that permit can be issued. A city official declined to comment on the matter as it is before the courts.

COMMON SHED SIZES 14’x32’x8’ = 5200 14’x24’x8’ = 4300 12’x24’x8’ = 3200 12’x20’x8’ = 2800 12’x16’x8’ = 2200 10’x24’x8’ = 2800 10’x20’x8’ = 2600 10’x16’x8’ = 2000 10’x12’x8’ = 1700


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April 7, 2011

Northeast NEWS

Celebrating literacy with International Adult Learner’s Week

By Michele Mobley International Adult Learners’ Week (IALW) celebrates adult learners and lifelong learning. This year Canada will observe IALW from April 2 to April 9. International Adult Learners’ Week raises the profile of adult learners and the learning opportunities available for people who want to improve their literacy skills. Four out of ten Canadians, age 16 to 65 struggles with low literacy. However, less than 10 per cent of Canadians who could benefit from literacy upgrading actually enroll. Lifelong learning can be a powerful tool for change, and is key to opening doors to new experiences. IALW also provides adult learners with a chance to share their challenges and their successes. Many personal stories being celebrated

during International Adult Learners’ Week show that increasing literacy levels and embracing lifelong learning can improve employment experiences, self-confidence, engagement in communities, and overall quality of life. If you are an adult learner, you can share your story at The 2011 Canada Post Community Literacy Awards honours the achievements of adult learners and their educators. Nominate a deserving person from your community in one of two categories: The Individual Achievement Awards which celebrate adult learners, or The Educator Awards which honours educators, tutors and advocates. For more information on The Canada Post Community Literacy Awards, visit

Popsicle bridge building in Tumbler Ridge April 8 The Peace River Branch of Engineers and Geoscientists Association of B.C. is holding the final Popsicle Stick Bridge Testing Contest and Fun Time of 2011 at the Tumbler Ridge Elementary School April 8th between 10:30 a.m. and 2 p.m. Cost to attend is free. The competition is a bridge busting event with cash prizes for the strongest bridges and certificates for ingenuity in design.

Everyone Belongs Coffee House

Contributed by the Fort St. John Association for Community Living   On April 7th, at 6 p.m.  Patch Java and  the Fort St John Association for Community Living proudly present their second Everyone Belongs, Helpline Hi-jinks: Tales from Both Sides of the Great Divide. Everyone Belongs Coffee House is a series of monthly evenings with resident drama troupe The Fort St John Players and their musical friends.  Members of this awardwinning drama troupe share a developmental disability and a love of performance. They will delight the Java lovers of Fort St John with a medley of short comic bits and original material at Everyone Belongs, and serve it up with local Bluesman and funnyman the irrepressible Jason Butler.   We are privileged to have join us as our guest featured artist, new but now Fort St. John’s own: Jenna Loren Wright. Jenna’s compositions are full of rhythmic intensity, disjointed cadences, her voice is unhinged, and her phrasing just right, cascading through the air and capturing the attention of her listeners.   The Players look forward to seeing you – and you seeing them on April 7th. Patch Java will be the place to be, so mark your social calendar now.   This is a free event. for all ages. For more information, contact Cory Goodwin, Special Projects, at 787-9262 Ext 226 or Cynthia Livingstone at 250-786-6837.

Northeast NEWS

April 7, 2011

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Music hall of famer offers workshop $100k goal for 12th annual Bluey Day

By Matthew Bains FARMINGTON – Musicians and songwriters in the Peace Region, as well as those who just enjoy listening to good music, are invited to join Canadian Country Music Hall of Famer Gary Fjellgaard, along with Saskia and Darrel Delaronde, for three workshops and a concert at the Farmington Hall on April 23. The trio, who have more than a century of experience combined writing and playing music, will share their knowledge in a series of workshops. Fjellgaard will give his insights into songwriting, Delaronde will instruct on playing the guitar and Saskia, who has relied on selfpromotion throughout her decades-long music career, will discuss music marketing. “It’s a unique opportunity because quite often you’ll see people come to do a guitar workshop or a songwriting workshop but to the best of my knowledge I’ve never seen anybody put on this kind of triple-play,” said Linda Studley, a member of the Peace Region Songwriters Association, which is hosting the event. Studley said Saskia is a long-time and dear friend who used to live in Dawson Creek, and when she learned the trio was touring Western Canada performing in rural community halls, she thought it would be a great opportunity to bring them to Farmington for a show and to help local musicians and songwriters learn from experience. “You get a triple-hit of workshops, and we wanted to make that available to musicians in the area because that is part of what the Songwriter’s Association is about helping songwriters and musicians find opportunities to learn and connect with each other.” “There is always something you come away with,” said Studley. “No matter what your art or craft is, I think training in your technique is always extremely important, and leaving yourself open to learn new ideas and different perspectives.” She added those who attend the concert are in for an evening of beautiful music and great entertainment. Tickets are $20 each and are available at the Farmington Store or Faking Sanity cafe in Dawson Creek. The three, 45-minute workshops are offered at $30 per person, or $40 for those wishing to attend the workshops and concert. Studley also noted for those interested, the songwriters group hosts a coffeehouse at Faking Sanity on the last Saturday of every month, except in June, July, August and December. Local performers are encouraged to sign up for the open-mic segments, and a featured performer will play an hour-long set each evening. For more information on the upcoming concert and workshops, or on the coffeehouse or other songwriters’ events, contact Linda Studley at (250) 843 2345. • The Kiwanis Performing Arts Centre in Dawson Creek is pleased to present the Blues Berries in concert on April 8 at 7 p.m. The group has performed in schools, theatres and festivals across North America, utilizing traditional and non-traditional instruments for “A History of Rock and Roll,” which takes original songs and performs them in the styles of rock and roll, funk, disco and punk. Tickets are $20 each and are available at the Art Gallery, Shoppers Drug Mart and at the door. Children 12 and under who are accompanied by an adult get in for free.

Babies of the North IT’S A Boy gIrl IT’S A Kenzie rose Owen RObeRt may jacKson LawRence Smith Born: Feb Jan 3 5 Born: Parents: Justine Parents: Joun & Lone & Smith Katlan Natalie Jackson of FSJ Stats: 20.5” Stats: 12.5” 8lbs. 9oz. 6 lbs. 9 oz

IT’S A A gIrl Boy IT’S thomas john (tommy) cynthia cORaLrivers-BoWerman may Born: Feb Jan 4 Born: 5 Parents: Melissa Parents: Stephanie

IT’S A Boy Lane ROdney StahL Born: Feb 14 Parents: Tanza Smith & Tom Stahl

Stats: 53 CM 8 lbs. 12 oz.

Contributed by the Fort St. John the patients and their families. Hospital Foundation Viva and her son Jordan are two of our The 12th annual Bluey Day will be very special community members who held on May 28 at the B.C. Ambulance have already signed up to “Be Building which the Fort St John Hospital Brave & Shave” this year. Both have Foundation, hopes will have spectacular very personal reasons for being involved. results. This year’s Bluey Day will be Sherri Loney was a nurse in our maternity very special because it is part of our $1.2 department for many years. She was million “Lend Your Hand” campaign. Viva’s very close friend - coworker and an Our Bluey Day goal is $100,000 to “Auntie” to Jordan. Two years ago Jordan help purchase a digital mammography shaved his head while his “Auntie” Sherri machine. The total cost of the machine was battling cancer. Sadly, Sherri lost is $700,000. Our her battle to cancer hospital currently so Jordan has has an analog decided to shave machine that is again this year dated technology. in her memory. The new machine Viva is shaving in will enable our memory of Sherri community but also feels it is members to have very important to access to the remember all the latest technology hospital employees for breast cancer and patients we diagnosis. have lost who will Contributed photo Bluey Day not be “moving” in Fort St. John Left - Sherri Loney, Jordan Swanson, and with us to our new has become Viva Swanson hospital. an established The participants fundraiser that, since beginning in 1998, for Bluey Day are key to this amazing has raised over $1,000,000. All the funds fundraiser. Participants agree to have their raised stay in our community to support the head shaved in return for raising at least fight against cancer. $500 but the Foundation hopes that each In the past 11 years equipment has been participant will set a much higher goal. purchased to help with the detection and Each participant seeks sponsorship from diagnosis of cancer, as well as equipment as many people or businesses as they to help treat the disease. The goal is to can. The key to meeting the Foundation’s provide as much equipment as possible so $100,000 target will be to have at least 75 patients can remain here in their community, head shavers each actively participating in alleviating the additional stress of travel seeking sponsorship. arrangements and family disruptions for

IT’S A Boy gIrl IT’S A Kodi alexandria aLexandeR JOhn Wood Born: Feb 6 Born: Jan 3& Parents: Jamie Parents: Shelly Miller KaylaStats: Gladve22.5” & Shawn of FSJ 9Wood lbs. 14 oz. Stats: 21” 7 lbs. 2 oz.

IT’S A A gIrl Boy IT’S cohen ROwan eveRLeigh Paul Born: Feb 5 Born: Jan 5 Parents: Parents: & Bob & jen Dave Clarke Joceyln Elliott of Stats: 56 CM 8Charlie lbs. 2Lake oz. Stats: 21” 8 lbs. 8 oz

IT’S A gIrl gIrl IT’S A gemmanicOLe mae Shanae sWanson Born: Feb 6 Born: Jan Parents: Eric6 & Parents: Molly Trina Wilson &

IT’S A gIrl LiLLy waLteR Born: Feb 14 Parents: Edward &

IT’S A gIrl tempeRance makenna dee Born: Feb 16 Parents: George &

Stats: 56 CM 4.068kg

Meghan Wollen

IT’S A gIrl kateLyn gRace caRROLL Born: Feb 18 Parents: Robert & Janive Carroll Stats: 20” 7 lbs. 9 oz.

Harty & Barry RiversAnderson & Russel Bowerman of Folwell FSJ

Stats: Stats: 1922” 3/4” 96 lbs. oz lbs. 11 5 oz.

Lilly Walter

Stats: 19 3/4” 7 lbs. 9.5 oz.

AbeStats: Swanson 19” of Hudson’s 6 lbs. 11Hope oz.

Stats: 20.5” 7 lbs. 6 oz

See Your Ad Here & Become the Sponsor of the Babies of the North ? Email: Phone: 250.787.7030•Fax: 250.787.7090

IT’S AA gIrl gIrl IT’S adrianna nataLiechristine Raine Bigcharles Born: Feb 7 Born: Jan Parents: Nick9& Parents: Sonya Marie Anweiler Auger, Terry Stats: 19.5” Bigcharles Taylor 6 lbs. 13ofoz. Stats: 19” 8 lbs. 9 oz.

IT’S A A Boy gIrl IT’S tamara Katherine JOhn RObeRt Belcher weinS Born:Feb Jan10 8 Born: Parents: Parents: Robert & David Katherine Lisa&Wiens Belcher of FSJ Stats: 54 CM

Stats: 21” 3632 Gr 8 lbs. 5 oz

IT’S IT’SAAgIrl Boy jessica matthew tyLeR oysmueller andReS Born: Born: Jan Feb98 Parents: Parents: Karl & Ida Andres Oysmueller Dustin & of FSJ Candace Unruh Stats: 5119” cm Stats: 74.218 lbs. 8kg oz.

Babies of the North IT’S A gIrl Kenzie rose may jacKson Born: Jan 5 Parents: Justine Lone & Katlan Jackson of FSJ Stats: 12.5” 6 lbs. 9 oz

IT’S Kodi a W Bor Pa

Kayla Gl Woo

St 7 lb

IT’S A Boy thomas john (tommy) rivers-BoWerman Born: Jan 4 Parents: Melissa

IT’S A Boy cohen Paul Born: Jan 5 Parents: Dave &

IT’S gem sW Bor Paren

Harty & Barry RiversBowerman of FSJ

Joceyln Elliott of Charlie Lake

Abe S Huds

Stats: 22” 9 lbs. 11 oz

Stats: 21” 8 lbs. 8 oz

Sta 7l

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Northeast NEWS

April 7, 2011

Canadian artists featured in Artism: The Art of Autism book

Contributed photos Left - Calgary artist Shawn Belanger and Winnipeg artist Ryan Smoluk. By Jennifer Fernandes April is Autism Awareness month and The City of Fort St. John proclaimed April 1st as World Autism Day in conjunction with the Canucks Autism Network, a British

Columbia group that empowers children and families living with autism spectrum disorder throughout the province. The developmental disability, a neurological condition that affecting brain development, occurs in approximately


one in 93 births, is characterized by impairments in communication, social interaction, and restrictive, repetitive behaviour. These can cause the person affected to have challenges relating to people, objects and events. Which, makes all the more remarkable, a new book entitled, “Artism: The Art of Autism.” The collection of works from international artists offers a glimpse into the imaginative worlds of people with autism and their creative works. The book contains 218 full-color illustrations featuring 54 artists of all ages with personal insights from the contributors themselves. Canadian artists included in the collection are Shawn Belanger, Page 88, Carly Hatton, Page 96, Josh Peddle, Page 130, J.A. Tan, Page 57, and Ryan Smoluk, Page 21. Artists in the collection are expressing his or her artistic nature in mediums including paint, charcoal, watercolor, pens and ink. These artists, whose expressive and receptive language often fails them, can “speak” through their art. Artism: The Art of Autism is published by Autism Today and is having its ‘coming out’ party in Vancouver, April 8 at the Autism Vancouver Biennial Conference. For more information on Artism: The Art of Autism, visit: For more information on the Canucks Autism Network, visit:

Charity drive for Big Brothers & Sisters

Let’s be smart with our power. Call us and we’ll haul your spare energy guzzling fridge away. It’s easy. It’s free and we’ll even pay you $30. Call 604 881 4357 or 1 866 516 4357 to schedule your pick up or visit for details.

YOU COULD WIN UP TO $1000 IN GROCERIES Call before April 8th, 2011 to schedule a pick up and you’ll be entered to win $1000 in groceries, or two secondary prizes worth $500 in groceries.

Maximum two residential fridges per BC Hydro residential customer account. Fridges must be clean and in working condition. Fridge size limits interior volume of 10-24 cubic feet (please check size). Bar-size, sub-zero and commercial fridges excluded. No purchase necessary. Contest closes April 8, 2011. Entrants must be BC residents age 19 or older. Chances of winning depend on number of eligible entries. Official Contest Rules at

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Contributed by Aileen Tien-Vidal Griffin Sports in Fort St. John is closing and has retained the services of AITI Retail Consulting to plan the closure. Together, they are hosting and sponsoring a charity drive where the local benefactor is The Big Brother & Big Sisters of Fort St. John and area, including Dawson Creek. Griffin Sports will award the top donator agift certificate for $150 redeemable at the Fort St. John location only. In addition, donors will also be able to win an Acer Netbook, valued at $375.  Whenever you donate items from the store, you will receive very generous prize points! Also free ones just for visiting! The person with the highest prize points will win the Acer Netbook. There are a number of ways to earn free prize points, just visit the store for details!  The charity drive started March 25 and ends April 9 at 2 p.m. with prizes awarded at 3 p.m. Please note the ‘top donator’ may not be the one with the most points accumulated during this two-week period. The top donator so far is Chris who has donated 60 items totaling $750 with a retail value of $3,000.  Our donators have contributed a total of 181 items; including shoes, clothing, hats, touques, wallets, purses, bike and snowboard accessories.  There are a lot of items left. Everything is 50 to 75 per cent off and Griffins Sports is paying the HST during this charity drive.  Please come show your support. There are many snow boarding boots available for donations and one snowboard. All donation receipt totals will be forwarded to Danielle Armstrong, chairwoman of the Fort St. John and area chapter of Big Brothers & Big Sisters, where official donation receipts will be issued if needed. Please ask AITI representative- Aileen Vidal who will be in Griffins Sports for contact details.  Please note Griffins Sports, located at 10107 - 100 Street in Fort St John, is not accepting cash donations, and is providing gift certificate and prize incentives for all donations as well as paying the HST! 

Northeast NEWS

April 7, 2011

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Alan Jackson and friends’ return to Dawson Creek does not disappoint

Matthew Bains photos

Alan Jackson and George Canyon returned to Dawson Creek to play for a fired-up crowd at the EnCana Events Centre on March 31. The “Small Town Southern Man” and the Canadian favourite drew from their own impressive repertoires for hits like “Gone Country” and “Drinkin’ Thinkin,’” respectively, as well as country standards like Buck Owens’ version of “Summertime Blues” and Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire.” The Harters a sibling trio from Arizona, opened the show with their graceful harmonies.

Local teens happy to lend a hand helping out with relief efforts for Japan

Contributed by Judy Hawthorne A Mar. 26 Saturday afternoon was well spent for some local young people, hoping to lend a hand in the relief effort after the recent earthquake in Japan. The group of youth originally planned a fund raising effort to help purchase playground equipment for their school, but felt that their time and talents might be better put to use at this time, raising money to help their neighbours across the Pacific Ocean, who are in such great need. Wesley and Shiau Shan, Kao Phan, Shayla Wheat, and Hannah and Spencer Graham took several hours of their Saturday to sit at the mall, drawing attention to the cause through their music. Their music included simple piano and clarinet selections , self composed creations, up to some very complex classical pieces and duets. They began to encourage people to donate, even with their

warm-up practices. These young musicians had spent several after school hours at each others’ homes practicing and planning for this event. Wesley and Shiau Shan’s parents, Maggy and Adal,  owners of Saigon Noodles at the Totem Mall, generously donated meals and drinks, not only for the youth, but also for their parents and a grandparent, who came out to support the effort by sitting with them at the mall for the afternoon. They also helped out with setting up sound equipment and being the backup location, if the space in the middle of the mall hadn’t been available.  Mall manager, Rob Fury, was very helpful  in allowing the children to set up in such an ideal location. The effort was certainly a resounding success, obviously tugging at the heart strings of our community. The children were able to raise eight hundred seventy dollars

and two cents, to be donated to the Red Cross for Japan. They had reached their goal of two hundred dollars shortly after they started. They are very grateful to all those who showed their support and encouragement by donating and listening to their music. They are all very happy with the experience and feel good about being able to help in this way.

Oil and Gas — Fast Facts Regulating Flaring in British Columbia

The BC Oil and Gas Commission is an independent, single-window regulatory agency with responsibilities for overseeing oil and gas operations in British Columbia, including exploration, development, pipeline transportation and reclamation. The Commission has offices throughout British Columbia and employs over 200 British Columbians who are committed to preserving the province’s quality of life. Come see us at the office in your region: • Fort St. John, #100-10003 110 Avenue • Fort Nelson, #101-4701 55 Street • Dawson Creek, #3-1445 102 Avenue To learn more visit Follow us on Twitter and Facebook Phone 250-794-5200


What is flaring? The Commission is committed to reducing, and eliminating where possible, flaring at oil and gas operations in northeast British Columbia. This is achieved by the active maintenance of flaring guidelines, regular emissions reporting, air quality monitoring and utilizing new technologies. Flaring is done to safely manage the disposal of gas in situations where it cannot be economically conserved or where maintenance or emergency activities necessitate depressurization of facilities. It is primarily restricted to short term operations such as well drilling, well completions and maintenance at wells, pipelines and facilities, and is done in compliance with Commission regulations and government air quality standards. Protecting Public Safety and the Environment A key focus for the Commission is ensuring optimal recovery of oil and gas resources while protecting public safety and our environment. Gas that is flared is not available for further processing or downstream use as an energy source.



Efforts to reduce flaring are not always perceptible to the passerby. Upgrades and new technologies can be implemented without visible changes, but the Commission is continually working with operators to consider alternatives. Gas flaring accounts for less than two per cent of greenhouse gas emissions in British Columbia, and the province has seen a 92 per cent decline in the volume of solution gas flaring since 1997, with 96 per cent of solution gas currently conserved. The Commission has also targeted continuous flaring facilities near populated areas for extinguishment where feasible, as well as for improvement and upgrades. In 2008, 14 sites operating with continuous flares within a five-kilometre radius of Fort St. John, Tomslake, Farmington and Rolla were identified. To date, all 14 sites have undergone improvements. The most prominent example was the dismantling late last year of a continuous flare stack near Fort St. John. The continuous flare is gone, along with the compressors, dehydrator, water tank and other associated equipment.



Guidelines The Commission reviews and updates the Flaring, Incinerating and Venting Reduction Guideline for British Columbia. This public document ensures expectations are clear and consistent for companies operating in the province – it provides industry specific requirements for reducing or eliminating flaring and venting, providing public notification and reporting. Monitoring In the summer of 2010, mobile air monitoring was introduced in the Peace region as a fully equipped mobile air monitoring laboratory visited communities near oil and gas activity, such as Tomslake, Groundbirch, Farmington and Rolla. The initiative, a coordinated effort by several government ministries and the Commission, had the vehicle stationed in these communities to establish baseline data for the air quality in the area. Each year the Commission publishes the Flaring, Incinerating and Venting Reduction Report, which details the current state of flaring and venting in the province and progress made toward meeting the targets outlined in the BC Energy Plan.

we are.

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April 7, 2011

36th Annual Trade Show 36th Trade Annual Trade ShowShow

Northeast NEWS

Trade Show Supplement April 15, 16, 17 2011 Supplement PUBLISHED FEBRUARY 4 & 11, 2010

April 15, 16, 17place 2011 The tradeshow is to take in the PUBLISHED FEBRUARY 4 & 11, 2010

$80.00 Kin & 1/16 Memorial Arenas in beautiful The tradeshow is to takeCreek, place in the Downtown Dawson BC 1/8 $153.00 $80.00 Kin & 1/16 Memorial Arenas in beautiful Downtown 1/4 Dawson Creek, BC$153.00 $293.00 1/8

The Northeast News is working hard this year to 1/2 bring you the best Trade Show $561.00 1/4 $293.00 Supplement yet! It will feature stories on what is going on this year, door prizes, The Northeast News is working hard this year to 1/2 bring you the best Trade$1020.00 Show Full Page $561.00 an exclusive map of all the exhibitors. and more! Supplement yet! It will feature stories on what is going on this year, door prizes, Full Page $1020.00 an exclusive map of all the and more! portunity to promote your business in exhibitors.

Don’t Miss Out Don’t Miss Out

PLUS it will to be delivered to over 20,000 Includes Colour! this opportunity promote your homes and businesses in the North NEWS’PLUS Valentines Feature, reach ALL portunity to itpromote your business in will be delivered to over 20,000 Includes Colour! HALF PAGE HALF PAGE FULL PAGE he NORTHEAST NEWS’ Valentines this opportunity to promote your & South Peace on April 7 5.04 X 13.50” 10.25 X 6.74” his Valentine’s And don’t to 10.25 X 13.50” homesDay! andFeature, businesses in forget the ALL North NEWS’ Valentines reach HALF PAGE HALF PAGE ALL 55.000&readers this Valentine’s FULL PAGE he NORTHEAST NEWS’ Valentines South Peace on April 7 book forPLUS bothextra issues! 5.04 X 13.50” 10.25 X 6.74” Valentine’s Day! Andwilldon’t forget 10.25 X 13.50” copies be at the Trade to Show! dis don’t forget to book for both ALL 55.000 readers this Valentine’s ook forPLUS bothextra issues! copies will be at the Trade Show! and receive a discount! des don’t forget to book for•both 3.31” x 1” $36.00 1/16 $80.00 for booking advertising is... es and3.31” receive a discount! x 1” $36.00 •is... 1/16 $80.00 1/8 $153.00 • 1/4 $293.00 oon the Thursday Prior for booking advertising e for booking advertising is... $500 VISA GIFT CARD FRIDAY: 1/8 $153.00 • 1/4 $293.00 1/2 $561.00 • Full Page $1020.00 1/4 PAGE 1/4 PAGE oon the Thursday Prior the Thursday Prior eoon forand booking advertising is... hed Distributed on... 5.04AXY 6.74” 10.25 X 3.38” New Trade DON’T STEAK DINNER SATUR1/4 D : BACKYARD Color: $99Join • Prepayment is required for all ads 1/2 $561.00 • Full Page $1020.00 PAGE CATERED 1/4 PAGE us at booth 302 and 303 AND SERVED FOR oon the Thursday Prior ruaryand 4thDeadline and 11th, 2010 Show Size FORGET hed Distributed on... for Booking is March 31, at 12 Noon 5.04 X 6.74” 10.25 X 3.38” New Trade DON’T TWLEVE AND A NEW BBQ! to learn more about for all ads Color: $99 • Prepayment is required 2TO Column shed and Distributed on... BOOK uary 4thDeadline and 11th, 2010is inMarch Show Size FORGET composting and outside for Booking 31, at 12 Noon TRIP FOR FOUR TO S U N D A Y : x 1 BOTH Inch Great Opportunity to Let Everyone Know You FOR ruary 3rd and 10th,your 2011 2 Column shed and Distributed on... TO BOOK home. DISNEYLAND. (2 ADULTS, 2 Will Be Participating in the 2011 Trade Show! CHILDREN INCLUDING3.31”x1” HOTEL, ISSUES! xAIR, 1 BOTH Inch Great Opportunity Let Everyone Know You FOR DISNEY PASSES AND TRANSFERS) uary 3rd and 10th, to2011

Give us ain call email: Be Participating theor2011 Trade Show! 3.31”x1” a salesWillrepresentative TODAY! KIDS PRIZES DRAWN DISSUES! AI L Y Linda Mathiasen 1/8 PAGE 1/8 PAGE 1/16 PAGE us a call or email: Email: a sales representative TODAY! 5.04 X 3.38” 3.31 X 5.00” 3.31 X 2.5” Linda Mathiasen Phone250-787-7030 • Fax 250-787-7090 1/8 PAGE 1/8 PAGE 1/16 PAGE

Come see us at the Trade Shows renda Piper

Email: Cell: 250.261.9405 5.04 X 3.38” 3.31 X 5.00” 3.31 X 2.5” Phone250-787-7030 • Fax 250-787-7090 Free BBQ Chetwynd April 1st, 2nd, 3rd Cell: 250.261.9405 with Every Spa

renda Piper

Fort St John April 8th, 9th, 10th Purchase Dawson Creek April 15th, 16th, 17th 50.787.7030•Fax: 250.787.7090 Foosball, Poker Supplies Bubble Hockey, Massage Chairs Cell: 250.261.6148 50.787.7030•Fax: 250.787.7090 Size 1 Week 2 week 9424-100 St., Fort St. John Visit us online at or follow us on Twitter at 250.785.3006 Cell: 250.261.6148 1/16 Size 1$80 Week 2$68 week Visit us online at or follow us on Twitter at 1/8 $153 $130 1/16 $80 $68

1/4 1/8 1/2

$293 $153 $561

$249 $130 $477

Northeast NEWS

Kids Kin Arena 200 Temptations 201 Temptations 202 Visalus 203 Spectra 204 Spectra 205 Northern Lights College Northern Lights 206 College Northern Lights 207 College - Esthetics 208 Gold Canyon Candles 209 Greensmart Manufacturing Sole Solutions 210 211 Sunlife Financial 212 Ocean Sales 213 Swiss Style Nuts 214 All West Heritage Glass 215 All West Heritage Glass 216 Serenigy Global 217 BC Hydro 218 Pizazz International 219 The South Peace BLT Society The South Peace BLT 220 Society Betty’s Amazing Faces 221 222 Epicure & Uppercase Living 223 TFG Holdings (Two Fat Guys) Ocean Sales 224 225 Ocean Sales 226 Stonewall Development Society 227 Ultramodern Product Corp WN Oilfield Ltd. 228 229 Conservative Party of Canada

April 7, 2011

Page 21

Booth Numbers Discovery Shoe Repair 230 231 Discovery Shoe Repair 232 Pride Magnets 233 Ocean Sales 234 Ocean Sales 235 Sunset Gourmet / CASI’s Pizazz International 236 237 Youth Juice 238 Security Web North 239 Pizazz International 240 Organo Gold 241 Canada Safeway 242 A Michaud Toys 242 B PIAB & UA Trade School PIAB & UA Trade 242 C School Versa Frame Inc. 242 D C & V Trailer Sales 242 E 242 F C & V Trailer Sales 242 G PLR Insulating Co 242 H PLR Insulating Co 243 Ace Instruments 244 Trend Home Improvements Trend Home 245 Improvements Stonewerx 246 247 Stonewerx 248 Stonewerx 249 Stonewerx 250 Costco 251 Mountainview Recreation Ocean Sales 252 253 Ocean Sales 254 Calcraft Custom Wrought Iron 255 Calcraft Custom Wrought Iron 256 Arctic Spas 257 Alpine GlassSerenity

44 Spas Shaw Sports Memorabilia 212 Shaw Sports Memorabilia 213 Shi Natural & Organic Day Spa 251 Sin City Ink C Snowy River Imports 73 Spectra Energy 147 Sports Traders – Leisure Time 38 Sports Traders – Leisure Time 39 St John Ambulance 78 Stella & Dot 227 Sunrise Radio 48 265 Sunrise Rotary Sunrise Rotary 266 Super Tint 245 Surepoint Technologies 18 Swiss Style Nuts 40 Tastebuds 83 Temptations 1 Temptations 2 Terry Michel Johnston Medical Aesthetics 270 Terry’s Teak Roots 138 The Beez Kneez Baby Boutique 250 The Glass Nail File 6 The Pillow Nook 8 This N That 247 144 Timbr Mart Today’s Techniques 115 Today’s Techniques 211 Tourism & Parks – Northwest Territories 50 Traditional Oodles of Noodles T Trail Blazin Power 155 Trail Blazin Power 156 Treasure Chest (Mannaware) 135A True Value 236 Tumbler Ridge Golf Course 229 Twin Anchors Houseboat 240 Two and a Half Techs 31 Unforgettable Memories 21 Uniquely You Wedding & Events H USC Education Saving Plan 204

Vertical Buildings 20 ViV Showcase Ltd 224 WCA Contracting A WCA Contracting B Weigert Enterprises 112 Wild Art 134B Winton Global 57 66 Youth Juice Memorial Arena 301 Taste Buds 302 NEAT 303 NEAT 304 Rodeo Drive 305 District of Taylor 306 District of Taylor 307 NuSkin 308 Peace FM 309 Ocean Sales 310 Primerica Financial Services 311 Sons of Norway 312 Snowy River Imports Inc. 313 Swiss Style Nuts 314 Astral Media 315 Centuyr 21 316 Scenty 317 Stewart Mechanical & Fabricating Stewart Mechanical & 318 Fabricating 319 Tembec Industries 320 Arbonne International (Marcy) 321 Ministry of Natural Resource Operations 322 Camp Sagitawa 323 Camp Sagitawa 324 Camp Sagitawa 325 Sports Traders 326 Mary Kay 327 Gideons 328 Peace Country

Geothermal 329 The Glass Nail File 330 Brooks Gower Contracting 331 Invis Canada’s Mortgage Experts 332 Massaging Insoles by Pacesetter 333 Mannaware Cookware 334 Mannaware Cookware 335 Fantasy Toys 336 Fantasy Toys 337 Winton Global Homes 338 Encana 339 Arbonne International (Anette Moore) 340 Lake View Credit Union 341 TomBoy Tools 342 Peace Massage Therapy & Spa 343 Peace Country Toyota 344A Popcorn Plus 344B Nicks Nuts 344C Dar Ring Lady 344D Aurora Concrete 344E Kiwanis Enterprise Centre Kiwanis Enterprise 344F Centre 344G Kiwanis Enterprise Centre 344H Kiwanis Enterprise Centre 345 Ocean Sales 346 Ocean Sales 347 Peace Saunas/Bodo Wellness 348 Distinctive Image Productions 349 Fiona’s Clothing 350 Sisters Imports 351 Sisters Imports 352 Watkins

353 Creative Ironworks & Design 354 Creative Ironworks & Design 355 Proagri-9 356 Goodies by Thelma 357 Miller Customer Concrete & Design 358 Popcorn Plus 359 Popcorn Plus 360 Reynars Funeral Home 361 Peace Energy Cooperative 362 Clean Cuts 363 Dawson Creek Co-op 364 Gramma’s Attic 365 Odessa Doors 366 Juice Plus 367 Party Lite Gifts 368 Crescent Moon Duvet Company 369 R Home Supply Centre 370 City of Dawson Creek 317 (FOYER) SCA Blueberry 372 (FOYER)Appaloosa Horse Club 400 Ledco 401 Ledco 402 Ledco 403 Halvey’s Contracting 404 Cal-Gas 405 M & M Meats 406 SCA Slide 407 Yummy Donuts 408 Fosters 409 Fosters 410 Inland Kenworth 411 Inland Kenworth 412 413 414 Dushay Welding 415 Dushay Welding

The 36th Annual Kiwanis Trade Show is almost here, and that is a sure sign that spring has arrived. Find us on Facebook

Exclusive Dealer of

732 - 115 Avenue, Dawson Creek, BC


Browns’ Chevrolet would like to invite you to come down to the dealership and check out our new and pre-owned SPRING SPECIALS, including:

2011 Chevrolet Camaro 2LT Coupe

In Dawson Creek and Area

Car Audio & Video Navigation & GPS

Stock # C11-6242 MSRP: $39,395.00

Remote Car Starters Custom Wheels

Spring Special: $38,395.00 2010 Cadillac Escalade Stock # 2979A MSRP: $67,999.00

Spring Special: $58,445.00

simple and to the point 250-782-9155 • Toll Free: 1-800-663-8080 12109 8 Street, Dawson Creek

Monday - Friday 8am - 6pm • Saturday 8am - 5pm

Page 22

April 7, 2011

Northeast NEWS

 

 


















  










 






 









 







  












 

 






 

  

 

 



















 




















 

 



    




























 

 


 










 



#1 Skin Care





 

NEW - Foundation Colours To Suit All Skin Types NEW - Perfume - Test the New Fragrence

Come See Us at the Dawson Creek Trade Show

Join us down at Booth #302 AND 303

LINE-X Spray-On Bedliners are rated #1 in customer satisfaction because they have consistently outperformed the competition. Backed by a Lifetime Warranty, a LINE-X bedliner will not tear or rip like other “softer” spray-on liners. And it won’t trap moisture and promote corrosion like most plastic drop-in bedliners.


600 - 103rd Avenue, Dawson Creek, BC Come see us at Booth #242 E&F

Northeast NEWS

Employment Opportunity

CLASSIFIEDS Employment Opportunity

March 31, 2011

Page 23

Employment Opportunity

Fort Motors requires iMMediately - Sales Consultant Please apply in person to Greg Ingram


requires immediately permanent full-time

Tow Truck Operators

for shift work. Knowledge of the area & Roadside Assistance procedures an asset. Will train suitable candidates. Benefits and salary commensurate with experience.

Fax resumes to (250) 787-0393


- Automatic Transmission Technician

requires immediately permanent full-time

Please apply in person to Derek Clark apply at 11104 alaska road Fort st John



for shift work. Knowledge of the area & Roadside Assistance procedures an asset. Will train suitable candidates. Benefits and salary commensurate with experience.

1-877-544-5104 • • 11104 Alaska Road, Fort St. John

Fax resumes to (250) 787-0393

UNBC is ranked as one of Canada’s best small universities. We feature a collaborative working environment, attractive wages and benefits.

Independent Plumbing & Heating True Value Hardware Requires

Coordinator – Integrated Clerkship & Postgraduate Residency Program Regular, Full-time

ComPetItIon#11-023CU(e) FSJ

You will be responsible for providing ongoing administrative assistance and support for the day-to-day activities of the various postgraduate, undergraduate and medical education services and other related support duties at the Fort St. John hospital site.

Customer Service Agent NPR Limited Partnership is currently looking for an enthusiastic, energetic and motivated individual to join our Fort St. John team as a Customer Service Agent.

Office Manager – Chetwynd Office

Two year certificate or diploma in office or business administration.

Minimum 3 years directly related work experience preferably in a medical or clinical environment. Excellent organizational, communication and financial management skills and the ability to work with minimal supervision.

Duties include: answering inquiries and provide information to customers, receive payments, issue receipts and other forms, receive application forms, access and process information and perform general office duties.

Full Time Administrator/Bookkeeper Duties include knowledge of - General Ledger - Financial Statements - Payroll (25 employees) - Administrative duties as required - Ability to multi task - Team player Competitive wages and benefits

Apply by resume to or apply in person

NPR Limited Partnership is Candidates currentlymust looking an enthusiastic, energetic and motivated possess for a working knowledge

Closing Date: April 11, 2011, 4:30 p.m.

To learn more about this exciting opportunity, visit:

of computer applications such as Microsoft office

individual to join our Chetwynd team Manager. (Word, Excel,as andOffice Outlook). Organizational skills and

UNivErSiTY oF NorThErN BriTiSh ColUMBiA 3333 UNivErSiTY WAY, PriNCE GEorGE, BC, CANADA v2N 4Z9

Duties include:


the ability to work in a team environment is a must. This position offers a competitive wage and benefits package. relations, banking, accounting, correspondence Please e-mail your resume to: property management software.indicating the position you are applying for

and operation of

Clean Harbors (Formerly Eveready Energy), one of Canada’s most progressive, fast paced, growing Industrial companies is currently accepting applications for the following positions:

OPERATORS (CLASS 1 & 3) Candidates must possess a working knowledge of computer applications such as Microsoft office Posting Circular: Job-1548 (VACUUM TRUCKS, HYDROVACS, HOT OILERS, VOLUNTEER (Word,COORDINATOR Excel, and Outlook). Organizational skills and the ability to work independently is a PRESSURE TRUCKS & STEAMERS)

Be the difference...


We offer:

Job 1548 Volunteer Coordinator Position – 8 hours must. • Full Benefit Package The Fort St. John Association for Community Living (FSJAper week (Temporary for 4 months with the possiCL) requires motivated persons to support and empower • Full Time Employment bility of an extension adults with development disabilities. • A Great Team Environment Position Title: Volunteer Coordinator (CASI program) • Advancement Opportunities Job Responsibilities: The Volunteer Coordinator will: This offersprogram a competitive wage and providing benefits package. Please e-mail your resume to: The FSJACL has been support to individuals Oversee, implement andposition evaluate a volunteer for • On The Job Training with developmental disabilities in the Fort St. John area for seniors. Recruit, screen, select, train, place and supervise volindicatingover the position you are applying for. we Please fax or email your current driver’s abstract and resume, unteers. Assist project as required. 50 years. We strive to ensure that the individuals Hours of Work: 8 hours per week, (Temporary for 4 support are given the supports they need to live full lives referencing the position applied for: months with the possibility of an extension) in their communities. Rate of Pay: As per the Collective Agreement Closing Date: April 15, 2011 The ideal Community Support Worker must be: Submit Resumes To: • able to work independently with minimum supervision Lori Brooks, Human Resource Coordinator • have excellent interpersonal skills. P.O. Box 713 (10110 – 13th Street) • Be 19 years of age • HaveFINAL a valid Class 5 Drivers License Dawson Creek, BC V1G 4H7 Fax: (250) 782 4167 E-mail: Clean Harbors Energy and Industrial Services Date 03.28.11 Job Training is provided. • Please include Competition # 1548 with resume Fax: 250-785-4571 An attractive benefit package is available upon UNBC • This position is open to female and male applicants completion of anFile eligibility period. Name HUN-PER R11-008 • Only short-listed applicants will be contacted Size 2x • This position is a union position Please apply in person at: All successful applicants are required to undergo Fonts used Helvetica Neue 10251 - 100th Ave., Fort St. John, B.C., 8:30am-4:30pm For more information please visit our Publication pre-employment drug screening. Career Opportunity section at St.John Dawson or, Creek Northeast News Visit our We look forward to hearing from you! call 250-787-9262 for more information

Do not resize or alter ad in any way. Please contact us with any concerns, 780.424.7000.

7-1075 -4216 -1075 4216 1-6516


Page 24


April 7, 2011

Sterling Management Services Ltd. has for rent

Bach, 1 and 2 bedroom apartments. Townhouses & Duplexes

Babies of the North

Fort St. John

IT’S A gIrl Kodi alexandria Wood Born: Jan 3 Parents:

For Rent

Ask about our Winter Move In Incentive

Kayla Gladve & Shawn Wood of FSJ

Stats: 21” 7 lbs. 2 oz.

1, 2 and 3 bedroom Apartments

Call our office 250-785-2829

IT’S Boy3 bedroom IT’S A Town Boy IT’S A gIrl 2 Aand Homes thomas john (tommy) gemma mae cohen Beautiful Furnished and sWanson rivers-BoWerman Paul Born: Jan 4 Born: Jan 5 Born: Jan 6 Apartments Parents: Unfurnished Parents: Parents: Molly & Melissa Dave &

IT’S A gIrl PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Kenzie rose COMMERCIAL may jacKson RESIDENTIAL Born: Jan 5 Parents: Justine Lone & Katlan Jackson of FSJ Stats: 12.5” 6 lbs. 9 oz

Harty & Barry RiversJoceyln Elliott of MultipleCharlie locations Bowerman of FSJ Lake

Stats: 22” 9 lbs. 11Fort oz

Li-CarLi-Car Management Group Li-CarManagement ManagementGroup Group Now applications Now taking applications Nowtaking takingfor applicationsfor for Group 1,1,22and 3Management bedroom Li-Car Group 1, 2 and Li-Car 3Management bedroom units. Li-Car Group and 3Management bedroomunits. units.


Abe Swanson of Hudson’s Hope

Stats: 21” Stats: 20.5” St. John 8 lbs.and 8 oz Taylor 7 lbs. 6 oz

Now applications Now taking applications Nowtaking takingfor applicationsfor for 1,of 2our 33managers! bedroom units. oror3one of Professional managers! 1, our 2 and bedroom units. or one of Professional Site 1,our 2and and bedroomSite units. one Professional Site managers!

250-785-3155 250-263-3335

Alpine• •Bona Vista Alpine- Bruce 250-785-1852 • 250-785-1852 Bona Vista - Natasha Alpine-Bruce Bruce 250-785-1852 Bona250-787-1075 Vista- -Natasha Natasha250-787-1075 250-787-1075 ororone of Professional Site 250-262-2011 HillcrestGlen or oneBob ofSandalwoodour Professional Site managers! Sandalwood250-262-2011 HillcrestGlen• •250-261-4216 oneBob of• our our Professional Sitemanagers! managers! SandalwoodBob 250-262-2011 HillcrestGlen250-261-4216 250-261-4216 Bona Vista -•Pam AlpineBruce 250-785-1852 • •Bona Vista DriftwoodBob 250-262-2011 • •MelsherAlpineBruce Bob 250-785-1852 Bona Vista - Natasha 250-787-1075 Driftwood250-262-2011 • 250-787-1075 MelsherAlpineBruce 250-785-1852 Bona Vista- -Natasha Natasha250-787-1075 250-787-1075 DriftwoodBob 250-262-2011 MelsherHillcrest - Glen Sandra 250-793-2339 SandalwoodBob HillcrestGlen MaplewoodBob 250-262-2011 • •250-261-4216 GrahamSandalwoodBob HillcrestMaplewood- Bob 250-262-2011 • GrahamSandalwoodBob HillcrestGlen250-261-4216 250-261-4216 MaplewoodBob 250-262-2011 GrahamDriftwoodBob 250-262-2011 ••AmbassadorKillarney•AmbassadorSandra DriftwoodBob250-262-2011 250-262-2011 • 250-262-2011 MelsherKillarney- Bob •AmbassadorSandra 250-261-6516 DriftwoodBob 250-262-2011 •MelsherMelsherKillarney-Bob Bob 250-262-2011 Sandra250-261-6516 250-261-6516 MaplewoodBruce 250-785-5064 MaplewoodBob 250-262-2011 • •GrahamGlen250-262-2011 Maplewood- Bob 250-262-2011 •|Green Graham|Green GlenBob MaplewoodBob 250-262-2011 Graham|Green Glen-Bob Bob 250-262-2011 Killarney250-262-2011 •AmbassadorSandra Killarney- Bob 250-262-2011 •AmbassadorSandra 250-261-6516 Killarney-Bob Bob 250-262-2011 •AmbassadorSandra250-261-6516 250-261-6516 |Green GlenBob Email: |Green GlenBob 250-262-2011 Email: |Green GlenBob250-262-2011 250-262-2011 Email:

Email: Email:

IT’S A gIrl IT’S Opportunity A gIrl IT’S A gIrl Employment adrianna christine tamara Katherine jessica Bigcharles Belcher oysmueller Born: Jan 9 Born: Jan 8 Born: Jan 9 Parents: Sonya Parents: Parents: David & Katherine Requires Belcher of FSJ

Auger, Terry Bigcharles of Taylor

Karl & Ida Oysmueller of FSJ

• Class 3 Driver Stats: 19”Be part 21” team! Stats: 51 cm of aStats: growing • Bulk Propane Driver4.218 kg 8 lbs. 9 oz. 8 lbs. 5Truck oz

Oilfield Hauling Company has Competitiveopportunities wages and benefits. employment available

Ph# 250 785-3290 Drivers Class 1 & 3 Email:

Please apply with resume and driver’s abstract to:

Pressure Truck

Tank Truck

Be part a growing team! Panda Tank Vac Truck HotofOiler End &Dump Services hasLease employment opportunities available: Truck Operators

All safety tickets required.

• Class 1Minimum Tank &3 years Vac experience Truck Operators

Visit us online Business Services


Northeast NEWS

Kate The Cleaning Lady is now taking a few more clients Excellent Refernces upon reguest Call 250-2637109 (04/07)

Employment Opportunities Employment opportunities in Grande Prairie, AB, Grande Prairie, Grande Cache, AB & Fort AB St. John, BC Grande Cache, AB All safety tickets required, minimum 3 years experience Ft. St. John, • Excellent Wages • Full TimeBC• Health Benefits Fax Resume and Drivers Abstract to our Head office at (780) (782) 532-8729 532-8729 Attn: Human Resources

Partner Needed

Home... 1, 2 & 3 Bedroom Apartments 2 & 3 Bedroom Townhomes Furnished and Unfurnished

Fetch a Dog From the Shelter!

Multiple locations of Apartments ONE MONTH FREE RENT!! and Town The BC SPCA cares for thousands of orphaned, abused dogs Multiple locations of Aptsand and Town Homes Homes withabandoned Renovated Suites


each year. If you can give a homeless dog a second chance at happiness, please visit your local shelter today.

Renovated Suites Mary-Lou today 250-719-2250 Call Mary-Lou today 250-782-7466

With 11 Locations, we’ve got something perfect for you! Dawson Creek


Looking for someone familiar with cattle ranching to be a partner in the establishment and running of the business of cattle ranching. The land is available. Location, near Hudson’s Hope, BC. Please write to (please note corrected email address, previous email was incorrect.) (04/28)

Fetch a Dog From the Shelter! The BC SPCA cares for thousands of orphaned, abandoned and abused dogs



For Sale

Credit, Dreamcatcher Sad Bad Credit Financing

each year. If

Apply today!! Drive Today!!

you can give a homeless dog a second chance at

Fetch a Dog From the Shelter! The BC SPCA cares for thousands of orphaned, abandoned and abused dogs each year. If you can give a

happiness, please visit your local shelter today.


0” Down! O.A.C.


No Charge DELIVERY BC & Ab. Coquitlam Chrysler DL#7557


Northeast NEWS

April 7, 2011

Page 25


The Peace River Regional District (PRRD), which includes 4 electoral areas and 7 member municipalities, boasts a wide range of topography and diversity over its some 12 million hectares. From the Rocky Mountains in the west to the Interior Plains in the eastern sections, the Peace River Regional District offers some of the best scenery and outdoor recreational activities in the Province. Like most of BC the PRRD has experienced an increase in regional growth and economic activity which is still reasonably strong through the recent economic downturn. The PRRD is seeking an energetic and qualified individual to act as the Invasive Plant Program Manager. The exempt full time position is for a three year term, upon which will be evaluated for program continuance. Reporting to the General Manager of Environmental Services, the Invasive Plant Program Manager will be responsible for overseeing the day to day operations and long term planning of the Invasive Plant Program. Duties include Invasive Plant Management Area contract development and compliance, developing partnerships for program funding, proposal writing, Northeast Invasive Plant Committee administrative support, and Invasive Plant Public education. The incumbent will effectively manage capital and operational Invasive Plant budgets totaling over $500,000 dollars annually. The Manager will be a key person within the PRRD management team who will be instrumental in the delivery of programs, and developing future and present Invasive Plant Management strategies as outlined in the Northeast Invasive Plant Committee plan profile. The ideal candidate will possess the following: x Graduation from a recognized university or technical institute with a degree or diploma in Agriculture, Resource Sciences, or related post-secondary institution. x Excellent knowledge of invasive plant identification and understanding of Integrated Pest Management. x Sound understanding of ecological and environmental factors surrounding invasive plant management. x Practical knowledge of computer systems and software (Word & Excel). x Minimum 5 years’ experience in Invasive Plant or related fields, preferably in Local Government setting. x Excellent interpersonal and communications skills. x Proven supervisory and leadership skills. x Previous experience with the preparation, administration, and monitoring of service contracts x A valid class 5 Drivers license.

Northeast British Columbia

business& professional business& professional Fisher Log Works business& Fisher Log Works professional The PRRD offers a competitive salary and a full range of benefits for this exempt position that will be located in Dawson Creek. A detailed job description is available on our Website at under employment opportunities. Qualified applicants are requested to forward their resume and cover letter “in confidence” to Mr. Shannon Anderson, General Manager of Environmental Services, no later than April 15, 2011: Peace River Regional District Attention: Faye Salisbury, Corporate Officer PO Box 810, 1981 Alaska Avenue, Dawson Creek, BC V1G 4H8 Email: Telephone: (250) 784-3200 Fax: (250) 784-3201 We thank all applicants for their interest, however only those shortlisted for interviews will be contacted.

Northeast British Columbia

Directory Directory Directory

construction service


Extreme Venture

• Masonary • Framing • Decks • Roofing • Ceramic Tile • Slate • Granite • Siding service construction • Concrete Parging • Fence Extreme • Construction Venture Service • Masonary • Framing • Decks John (250) 263-4858 • Roofing • Ceramic Tile Fort St. John, BC • Slate • Granite • Siding • Concrete Parging • Fence • Construction Service Locksmith locksmith construction service

• New construction Northeast British Columbia

• Refinishing • Chinking Staining woodwork • Stairs and Railings • Gazebos Andrew Blaney Justin McKnight • New construction 250-785-1490 250-785-8221 • Refinishing • Chinking Staining • Stairs and Railings • GazebosAccounting & Taxes accounting & taxes woodwork Andrew Blaney Justin McKnight 250-785-1490 250-785-8221

Madeline Scott

Fisher Log Works Bookkeeping • New construction& Income Tax • Refinishing

Accounting & TaxesBookkeeping Farming personal accounting &and taxes • Business, Chinking Staining

Madeline Scott

Accounting now offered • Stairs and Railings • Gazebos Blaney Justin McKnight Ph:Andrew 250-263-0886 31-9600 93rd Ave, Totem Mall 250-785-1490 250-785-8221 Fort St. John, BC Fx: 250-785-1585 Business, Farming and personal Bookkeeping glass Accounting now offered Glass 2009 People’s Choice Award Winner ◉ Windshields Accounting & Taxes accounting & taxes Ph: 250-263-0886 ◉ Custom Showers 31-9600 93rd Ave, Totem Mall Flooring ◉ Fx: 250-785-1585 Fort St. John, BC ◉ Windows and doors

Bookkeeping & Income Tax Madeline Scott

Bookkeeping & Income Tax glass Glass

2009 People’s Choice Award Winner *Free In Home Consultations ◉ Windshields

Business, Farming and personal Bookkeeping ◉ Custom Showers Accounting now offered ◉ Flooring Ph: 250-263-0886 ◉ Windows and doors 9708-108 St Fort St31-9600 John 93rd Ave, Totem Mall


Fx: 250-785-1585 glass

*Free In Home Consultations Glass

Fort St. John, BC

John (250) 263-4858

Extreme Venture Fort St. John, BC

want to

Automotive Chipped Transponder Keys Available

• Masonary • Framing • Decks • MASTER KEY SYSTEMS • Roofing • Ceramic Tile • LOCKOUT BOARDS • Slate • Granite • Siding locksmith Locksmith • PADLOCKS Automotive Chipped • Concrete Parging • Fence Transponder Keys • Construction Service Available


John (250) 263-4858


9708-108 Fort St. John, BC St Fort St• John LOCKOUT BOARDS

• PADLOCKS wrought iron locksmith Locksmith


SIGNS • FIRERINGS Automotive Chipped Transponder Keys RAILINGS 9708-108 St Fort St John • GATES Available



PHONE: 250.789.9157 RAILINGS • GATES CELL: 250.261.5917 EMAIL:

250-785-6409 9708-108 St Fort St John

wrought iron

advertise in want to the business advertise in directory? the business call want to directory? 1.877.787.7030 advertise in call the business

1.877.787.7030 directory? call

Page 26

April 7, 2011

Business For Sale



Goossen Framing. Will frame multi and single family units or appartments. Free Quotes - Available Immediatley - Contact 250263-3062 (04/07)

Help Wanted


Cook Wanted. Wanted reliable cook for Q Spot for 8 hours a day. Wages negotiable. Call 250-785-3911 or Fax 250-785-3911 (04/07)


Akitas: Registered beautiful puppies, reds and black -brin-

dles. From Japanies lines. Health records, Pet Insurance and



pack. web


page (04/07)

Vehicle for Sale


Good Cash Buiness

This space could be yours. Get 3 weeks of classifieds for only $10.00 + HST. Call 250-787-7030 for info.

Up and Running



Lost Keys in the area of 100th Ave and 100th St; on Mar 22nd with three starters on the keykey ring, Reward offered. Call (Home) 250774-6049 (Cell) 250-5002536 (04/14)

Help Wanted 1998 Mercury Grand Version: 3 Posted: Resize Job #: SPE-HRS-247E New Salon In Town is Mom of 3 year old boy has Marquis LS 4 door Fully Size: 3 col (5.04) Lines: 118 Expanding Again. Looking space for two children any Loaded, Heated Drivers for an Experienced Stylist. Publications: North East News age for full time day care. Seat Milage 154,005. drop off resumes Operator: CT Sign-off: Allen/Angela Proofread: Please Angela Owner Asking at Shear Indulgence, in Have First Aid and excel- One lent reference. Call Michele at $6000.00 or best offer. the Dawson Creek Mall. (04/14) Call 250-262-8021 250-262-4001 (04/07) Daycare Available

For Sale

FSJ Oriental Massage. Deeply Relaxing Full Body. Call 250-261-3923 By Appointment Only.

Northeast NEWS

Fort St. John Friendship Society

Second Hand

10208-95th Ave, Fort St. John

Lots of stock

Required Immediately

Buy stock or store For details call 250-262-4226 (04/21)


This space could be yours. Get 3 weeks of classifieds for only $10.00 + HST. Call 250-787-7030 for info.

Help Wanted

Wanted Cashier. Full and Part time. Cashier for Reddi

Mart and Tags Convienient

Store. Wages negotiable Contact 250-785-3911 or Fax resume to 250-7853911 (04/07)

Start each day with a sense of purpose. End each day safely with a sense of accomplishment.

BookkeepeR Must have solid bookkeeping experience, with a minimum five years experience. Proficiency in Simply Accounting & Microsoft Office Applications required. The successful applicant must posses excellent communication skills; be highly organized, and have the ability to work independently and as part of an effective Administration Team. We offer a competitive wage and comprehensive benefits package Submit resume to: Fort St. John Friendship Society Attn: Anita Lee, Executive Director 10208-95th Ave Fort St. John, BC V1J 1J2 Phone: (250) 785-8566 Fax: (250) 785-8566 Email:


That’s the kind of outlook we are striving to achieve for our employees at Spectra Energy. We value diversity and inclusion, openness and teamwork. Ours is a high-performance culture where you’re encouraged to stretch your capabilities and exercise creativity in effecting change and shaping the future.

Spectra Energy is one of North America’s premier natural gas midstream companies with critical energy infrastructure connecting natural gas sources to markets and customers. Our approach extends beyond our offices and facilities into our neighbourhoods, towns and cities—through community and economic development partnerships, we cultivate talent and grow leadership.

Exciting career opportunities for a brand new facility—Dawson Creek, BC Our new Dawson Processing Plant currently under construction 20 km west of Dawson Creek will process raw natural gas from the South Peace region. This project will involve the construction of

a 200 MMscf/d gas processing plant featuring 2 amine sweetening trains, inlet separation, compressor facilities, a vapour recovery unit, power generation and glycol dehydration.

• Gas Plant Operators • Trades (Electrical, Mechanical & Instrumentation)

With a focus on safety, reliability, costefficiency and sound environmental practices, you’ll operate and maintain plant equipment and facilities at optimum levels in a sour gas environment. As you complete your safety, operations and maintenance training, you’ll be involved in precommissioning activities from procedures development and pre-operations safety checks to commissioning, trouble-shooting, plant startup and operations.

The plant operations role requires a 4th Class (or higher) power engineering certificate as well as GPO Sections A - D; 5 years’ process operations experience; and a valid driver’s licence.

For further information on these positions and to apply online by April 18, 2011, please visit our website and click, “Careers.”

Please note that only those shortlisted will be contacted. We thank you for your interest.

For the trades positions, you’ll need a relevant trades ticket, 5 years’ related industry experience and a valid driver’s licence. These are shift positions (12-hour rotating between days and nights).

Spectra Energy is committed to diversity in our workplace and equal access to opportunities. All candidates will be given fair consideration based on individual merit.


Imperial Oil Resources 237 Fourth Ave. S.W. P.O. Box 2480, Station ‘M’ Calgary, Alberta T2P 3M9


Kevin Glowa Environmental Advisor Office: 403-237-2979 Fax: 403-237-2114 Email:

In accordance with the Integrated Pest Management Act and Regulations and administered by the British Columbia Ministry of Environment Imperial Oil Resources Boundary Lake Operations proposes the renewal of a Pest Management Plan (PMP). The proposed duration of the PMP is a five year period, as approved, starting from April/ May 2011 (2011-2016). The PMP applies to all parts of Imperial Oil Resources operations in the Boundary Lake area, east of Fort St. John B.C., Goodlow (unincorporated), and areas north of Clayhurst. The purpose of the proposed PMP is to manage the spread of noxious weeds and control vegetation that may impact the safety and reliability of pipeline and power-line systems and related production facilities. Specifically, vegetation management may be conducted at all applicable Boundary Lake areas including but not limited to pipeline right of ways, access roads, power-line corridors and/or any area around risers, poles, structures, conductors, processing plants, leases, well-heads, and storage/equipment yards. The integrated vegetation management program contained in the PMP includes the following mechanical methods: mowing, slashing, pruning, grooming, and seeding. When deemed necessary the PMP also outlines the responsible use and application of pesticides. The use of pesticides is intended in the areas to which the PMP applies. The active ingredients and trade names of the herbicides proposed for use under this plan include glyphosate (Roundup, Roundup Original, Vantage Plus); trichlopyr (Garlon 4); Thifensulfuron-methyl/tribenuran-methyl (Refine M), and Metasulfuron methyl (Alley). Proposed manners of herbicide application include cut surface (stump), basal bark, backpack foliar, and/or a power-hose. In limited and/or isolated instances for the treatment of wood structures (e.g. wood treatment of less than 1000 power-poles to prevent wood boring insects and fungal decay) the use of insecticides and fungicides may be required. The insecticides and/ or fungicides that may be used will include copper napthenate (Cobra Wrap), disodium octaborate tetrahydrate (Tim-bor), anhydrous disodium octaborate (CobraRod), sodium fluoride (Flurods), and Permethrin (Prelude 240). The PMP and maps of proposed treatment areas may be examined in detail at: Boundary Lake Conservation Plant Goodlow, BC Contact: Chris Klein, Foreman 250-781-3372 A person wishing to contribute information about a proposed treatment site, relevant to the development of the Pest Management Plan, may send copies of the information to the applicant at the above address within 30 days of the publication of this notice.

ess& sional



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phone: (250) 787.7030 Brenda Piper Linda Mathiasen Fax 250.787.7090 toll free: 1.877.787.7030 Advertising 9909-100th avenue Sales Sales fort st john, bc V1J 1Y4


Locksmith Automotive Chipped Transponder Keys Available




tem Mall John, BC

s wers

250-785-6409 9708-108 St Fort St John

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wrought iron


nd doors

TAYLOR: 10407-99 Street, 50’130’ lot. Prepaid services at lot line. Build your new modular home $55,000. More info email: pginn@ or 604-327-9597

Wood Furniture

100% Solid wood and rustic furniture. Log home renovations and sealants. call Lisa in FSJ 250.263.7765 or Doug in Hudson’s Hope Call 250.783.9156 (yrly)

Office for Rent

Office space for rent on ground floor in the Professional Building 1200 103 Ave Dawson Creek. Call 250-219-1434 (TFN)

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Calling all Pet Owners advertise inof your pet Submit a photo

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to the Northeast News for a chance to win a monthly prize! if it is your pet then it qualifies. Email or bring your photo to the office @ 9909-100th Avenue in Fort St. John

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Contact NEABC if you are Aboriginal and need business start-up, expansion and planning support.


• Opportunities for advancement The above posting is required as a result of solid work commitments.

We offer: Trican’ s operating base in Fort St. John is seeking Operators for the Cement Please forward your cover letter, resume and drivers and Acid Servicebase Lines. Preferred • Excellent salary and job candidates bonus plan will have one (1) to three (3) years abstract, in confidence to: • Long term commitment, including a training and development program industry experience in pressure pumping operations. Trican • Opportunities for advancement Well Service Regular duties include but are notFort limited 11003 91 Avenue, St. to: John, BC V1J 6G7 Please your cover letter, and drivers • Responsible forforward ensuring all Workplace Safety,resume Environmental and National Fax: (250) 787-8885 • E-mail: abstract, in confidence Safety Code, as well as Trican and client policies andto: regulations, are being folTrican Well Service lowed at all times 11003 91 Avenue, Fort St. John, BC V1J 6G7 • Driving truck-mounted pumping and/or bulk hauling equipment to and Fax: (250) 787-8885 • E-mail: from location andofefficiently Minimum safely two years experience is preferred. • Rigging up (assembling) treating iron, manifolds and recording equipment • Performing maintenance operations on pumping unit and auxiliary equipment as instructed by supervisor • Operating twin or single cement and acid pumper or bulk cement unit in accordance with supervisor’s instructions The above posting is required as a result of solid work commitments. • Learns to effectively inspect and properly configure all equipment We offer: Experience/Certifications/Skills Preferred: • Excellent base salary and job bonus plan • Valid Classterm 1, 3commitment, or 5 licenseincluding and less athan 6 demerit points program • Long training and development • Opportunities for advancement • Valid Oilfield Tickets – H2S, First Aid, CPR certificates • StrongPlease mechanical aptitude forward your cover letter, resume and drivers • Physically fit two years ofabstract, Minimum experienceinisconfidence preferred. to: Work Environment/Expectations: Trican Well Service Fort St. John, BC V1J 6G7 • 15 days on11003 with 691 daysAvenue, off Fax: other (250)than 787-8885 E-mail: • Work in bases home base• when required Minimum two years of experience is preferred.

Please forward your cover letter, resume and drivers abstract, in confidence to: Trican Well Service 11003 91 Avenue, Fort St. John, BC V1J 6G7 Fax: (250) 787-8885 • E-mail:

• Excellent base salary and job bonus plan • Long term commitment, including a training and development program • Opportunities for advancement The above posting is required as a result of solid work commitments. We offer: Minimum two years of experience is preferred.

Please forward your cover letter, resume and drivers abstract, in confidence to: Trican Well Service 11003 91 Avenue, Fort St. John, BC V1J 6G7 Fax: (250) 787-8885 • E-mail:

Please visit our web site at for additional information about our company. Please forward your cover letter and resume (referencing the job number), in confidence to: Trican Well Service Ltd. Please forward your cover letter, resume and drivers Attn: Human Resources abstract, in confidence to: 11003 – 91 Avenue, John, BC V1J 6G7 Trican Fort WellSt. Service The above posting is required as a result of solid work commitments. Fax: (250) 787-8885 | E-mail: 11003 91 Avenue, Fort St. John, BC V1J 6G7 We offer: The above posting is required as a result of solid work commitments. We offer: Minimum two years of experience is preferred. • Excellent base salary and job bonus plan • Long term commitment, including a training and development program • Opportunities for advancement

• Excellent base salary and job bonus plan • Long term commitment, including a training and development program • Opportunities for advancement The above posting is required as a result of solid work commitments. We offer:

Fax: (250) 787-8885 • E-mail:

• Excellent base salary and job bonus plan • Long term commitment, including a training and development program • Opportunities for advancement

Please forward your cover letter, resume and drivers abstract, in confidence to: Trican Well Service 11003 91 Avenue, Fort St. John, BC V1J 6G7 Fax: (250) 787-8885 • E-mail:

Gloria Ferguson We miss you Grandma Love you forever Love, Hannah & Nate

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The Northeast News is currently looking for weekly (on Wednesdays) part-time help for the inserting and folding of newspapers for circulation. Great job for anyone looking for extra $$.


20 words 3 weeks


Employment Opportunity Employment Opportunity

The above posting is required as a result of solid work commitments. We offer:

Cement and Acid Service Lines – Fort St. John • Excellent base salary and job bonus plan • Long term commitment,(Posting including702900-FJT) a training and development program

In Memoriam

if you are interested, please contact Brenda piper, publisher at 250-787-7030 or email or Stop at the office, 8:30am on Wednesday, ready to work.

1.877.787.7030 Best Buy

• Excellent base salary and job bonus plan • Long term commitment, including a training and development program • Opportunities for advancement


The above posting is required as a result of solid work commitments. We offer:


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Call Toll Free 1-877-787-7030

250.789.9157 TRICAN WELL SERVICE is one ofPHONE: Canada’s fastest growing well service CELL: 250.261.5917 companies, with operations in Canada, the US, Russia, Kazakhstan and North Africa. At Trican, we are proudEMAIL: to have received numerous accolades as a top Minimum two years of experience is preferred. employer. We believe success begins with our people, as our name and reputation are reflected in the excellence demonstrated by our employees. If you are an energetic, motivated team player with excellent attention to detail and strong Minimum two yearswe of invite experience preferred. communication skills, you tois apply for the following positions:

Business Services

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Hours of work vary depending on the number of flyers. Rate of pay is minimum wage with paid breaks and a 30 minute paid lunch break.

Your 20 word or less private party for sale classified ad will be delivered to over 20,000 homes and businesses in 3 consecutive issues of the Northeast News.

Please forward your cover letter, resume and drivers abstract, in confidence to: Trican Well Service 11003 91 Avenue, Fort St. John, BC V1J 6G7 Fax: (250) 787-8885 • E-mail:

Minimum two years of experience is preferred.


Bills Books & Bargains We buy your Antiques, collectibles, Adult magazines, Books and coins. Open 12pm to 7:00 pm Mon to Sat phone 250-785-2660

April 7, 2011

Gemini is a public Canadian company headquartered in Calgary, Gemini a highest publicquality Canadian company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. We have Alberta. We have providedisthe engineering and provided the highest quality engineering and field service to our clients domestically field service to our clients domestically and internationally since 1982. We provide engineering, procurement, and construction and internationally since 1982. We provide engineering, procurement, and management (EPCM) services. This coupled with our field serconstruction management (EPCM) services. Service This coupled with our• field Technician Fortservices St. Johnof vices of fabrication, construction, and maintenance completes Rentals, the equipment rentalapproach company in the fabrication, and maintenanceUnited completes thelargest integrated service the integrated service approachconstruction, that is Gemini’s strength. world, is offering an excellent opportunity for a Service Techthat is Gemini’s strength. Gemini is currently seeking a PROJECT ENGINEER nician IV who is ready to grow their career with the leading Intermediate / Senior level with a Mechanical background and company in the industry. is currently seeking an Intermediate/Senior PROJECT ENGINEER with a Field ExperienceGemini for our Dawson Creek location.

Mechanical background and Field Experience forsearching our Dawson Creek We are for qualified andlocation. ambitious individuals to Responsibilities may include: perform maintenance and repairs of complex equipment with • Project Design Basis Memorandum, Timely project reporting PlanResponsibilities may include: limited or no supervision in a highly skilled, safe, and profesning, scheduling, budgeting and estimating design engineering. sional manner. • Controlling expenditures on all projects to meet project cost targets. Project Design Basis Memorandum, Timely project reporting Planning, • Interpreting project• specifications and scope to all engineering Responsibilities will include the maintenance and repair of scheduling, budgeting and estimating design engineering. disciplines. complex mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, and diesel systems • Reviewing and approving all designs expenditures and vendor drawings to projects • Controlling on all to meet project cost targets. on a variety of rental and customer equipment and tools while ensure conformity with specifications, company practices • project Interpreting project specifications and scope all engineering using a high to degree of independentdisciplines. judgment. You will also be and good engineering • practice. Reviewing and approving all designs and vendor drawings to ensure conformity responsible for service documentation, training of lower level • Preparing and updating engineering control document. Moniof equipment practice. for customer use, with project specifications, companytechnicians, practicesdemonstration and good engineering toring design changes and contract extras. necessary be able toMonitoring accurately order needed parts from • client. Preparing and updating engineeringwhen control document. design • Project scoping with vendors, and travel to customer sites. Excellence in this chalchanges and contract extras. • Distribute work to various disciplines within and outside the lenging and rewarding position paves the way for advanceProject company, assemble •project team. scoping with client. ment into the role of Service Manager.

• will Distribute work to variousStrong disciplines within and outside the company, assemble Successful candidates have 8+ years of experience. project team. To be qualified, all applicants must have 5+ years of experitechnical knowledge coupled with excellent verbal and written ence with repairing and maintaining vehicles and equipment. communication skills and the ability to work effectively with all The ideal candidate will have highly developed mechanical clients and field staff, both internal and external. Occasional field Successful candidates will have 8+ years of experience. Strong technical background knowledge particularly with knowledge various engines, extravel may be a requirement. coupled with excellent verbal and written communication and the equipment, ability to work tensive knowledge skills of construction an advanced Preference will be given to candidates with a P.Eng. effectively with all clients and field staff, both internal and external. Occasional field understanding of schematics and diagrams, own the tools apQualified candidates are invited to submit their plicable to position, and exhibit strong teamwork, verbal, and travel may be a requirement. resumes in confidence as follows: written skills. Superior customer service remains the backbone of United Rentals, therefore your willingness and ability to Agency services are not required at this time this to each customer makes you a top-notch canPreference will be given to candidates withprovide a P.Eng. didate. A high school diploma and valid driver’s license are required. Qualified candidates are invited to submit their resumes in confidence as follows: Fax: (403) 252-5338 We thank all applicants for their interest; however, only those selected for an interAgency services view will be contacted. Gemini Corporation is listed on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol GKX.

If you think you have what it takes to join this growing and

areworld not required thisemail timeyour resume to class team at please or fax at (250) 262-3032 or visit our career site at Fax: (403) 252-5338

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April 7, 2011

UPCOMING Baldonnel • Apr. 9 - The Baldonnel Women’s Institute will hold their SPRING TEA & BAZAAR from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the Baldonnel School Gym. Come & enjoy Beef-on-a-Bun & Strawberry Shortcake. Dawson Creek • Apr. 7/8/9 - The Friends of Dawson Creek Public Library annual Book Sale takes place during regular library hours. There will be books for all tastes and ages at great prices. A good time to stock up. Cash only. Donate yur used books in clean condition at the library before Apr. 5. • Apr. 9 - 26th Annual Pancake Breakfast at the Dawson Creek Co-op Cafeteria from 8 am to 12 pm April 9, 2011. This is the Canadian Cancer Society Relay for Life Kick-off. Fresh daffodils and daffodil pins will be on sale. Come and support the Canadian Cancer Society. • Apr. 11 to 15 - The South Peace Community Arts Council & the Green Fools Theatre Society are gearing up for the 7th annual Circus North Workshop in Dawson Creek on Apr.11-15 at the South Peace Senior Secondary Gym from 4-8pm. During the five-day training period the students are exposed to various physical theatre elements including juggling, stilt walking, unicycle riding, costuming, wire walking, trapeze and interactive clowning. As part of the instruction, Green Fools will focus on teaching circus entertainment skills that help build the student’s self-confidence, team spirit, performance abilities, leadership skills, and appropriate social manners. It all wraps up with a final performance which is open to family, friends and the community. Loaded with fun and excitement for all participants! Open to ages 8-18, space is limited so resister today at the Art Gallery at 250-782-2601. • Apr. 12 - Don’t miss your chance to see legendary country entertainer Tommy Hunter in concert on Tuesday, April 12 at 7pm at Unchagah Hall. Tickets are available at the Art Gallery 250-7822601. Reserved seating only, phone orders available. • Apr. 16 – COUNTRY MUSIC DANCE – Music by Silver Eagle at the Seniors Citizens Hall, 1101 McKellar Avenue, Dawson Creek Dance from 8:30 – 12:30. Admission includes lunch. 19 years and over welcome. For more information phone Fred at 789-2192 or Linda at 843-7418. • Apr. 30 – SPRING Four Course Dinner, April 30 at South Peace United Church Upper Hall, Dawson Creek. Tickets at Old Creek Store, Dawson Creek or phone 250-782-7679 • May 7 - UCW Spring Tea & Bake sale will be held at the South Peace United Church Upper Hall, 1300 - 104 Avenue, Dawson Creek from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Enjoy sandwiches and squares with your friends. Farmington • Apr 23 - The Peace Region Songwriters’ Association is pleased to present Juno Award winner - Gary Fjellgaard along with Saskia & Darrell, in concert at the Farmington Hall, Saturday Apr. 23 at 7:30pm. Tickets are $20 each and are available at “Faking Sanity” Cafe – corner of 9th Street and 103rd Avenue, Dawson Creek and at the Farmington Store. A limited number of seats are available for an innovative series of workshops to be held the same day as the concert; ‘Marketing you Music’ with Saskia, ‘Guitar’ with Darrell, and ‘Songwriting’ with Gary. These workshops are appropriate for musicians or songwriters at any stage in their musical development. $30 pays for all three workshops, or $40 will cover the workshops AND your concert admission! The Peace Region Songwriters’ Association is pleased to be able to offer this unique opportunity to our local songwriters/musicians. For more information or to register for the workshops, please reply to this email or call the number below. • May 7 - FARMERETTES Spring Tea and Craft Sale will be held on May 7 from 1:00 to 4:00 PM at Parkland School on Parkland Road in Farmington. Come for the strawberry shortcake, Club’s handicraft table, vendors’ displays, and door prize. For more information or to book a table phone Kim at 843-7018. Rolla • Apr. 16 - “COWBOY NIGHT” at 5:30 pm at the Rolla Hall, Join us for supper, entertainment, silent auction, draws. For tickets contact: Rolla Store (250) 759-4600. Paula (250) 759-4146, Melanie (250) 759-4599 (information). All proceeds donated. Taylor • Apr. 16 - 16th Spring Fling Thing, An evening of dinner, entertainment and fun! There will be a Silent Auction, Book Sale, Trivia Contest, random prizes, Tai Chi demonstration and performances by: Lorissa Scriven, Justin Gies, The Ramblers, Potluck in the Basement Singers and Jayden Stafford. Dinner by Cornerstone Catering.Taylor Public Library fundraiser on April 16th at the Taylor Community Hall. Tickets $25 until April 9th, then $30 (limited amount). Available at the Library, District Office or any Board member. For more information contact the Library at 250789-9878 or Fort St. John • Apr. 23 - Derrick Dance of Fort St. John will be hosting a dance on Saturday, Apr. 23 from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. in the Senior Citizens Hall at 10908 – 100 Street. Music by Night Sounds Members. $12 – Non Members $15. Everyone 19 and over welcome. For info call Lucy at 785-2867 or Judy at 787-0460.

• Apr. 27 - Interested in honey and honeybees? There will be an informal meeting at Northern Lights College FSJ campus room 105 on April 27th to discuss forming a local beekeepers club. All ages welcome, for more information please call Brian Brady at 785-9019 or email ONGOING Fort St. John • ROTARY PLAY CENTRE SCHEDULE AT THE CDC, 10417 – 106 Ave., Fort St. John. Tel. (250) 785-3200. Mon. 9:00 to 12:00, Tues. 12:30 to 3:30 Gym Time 2-2:30, Wed. 9:00 to 12:00, Thurs. 9:00 to 12:00 Gym Time 10:30-11, Fri. 12:30 to 2:30 Gym Time 2-2:30. Outdoor Play - We’ll be taking advantage of nice weather-please come prepared. Schedule may change slightly due to holidays and special events. • StrongStart is a free drop-in learning program for children aged 0 – 5 and their parent/caregiver. A qualified Early Childhood educator is on-site. Duncan Cran StrongStart 8130 89 Avenue (250) 787-0417. Monday 8:30 – 11:30, Tuesday 12:30 – 3:00, library 1:00 – 1:30, Wednesday 8:30 – 11:30, Thursday 8:30 – 11:30, Friday 8:30 – 11:30, gym 8:45 – 9:45.Robert Ogilvie StrongStart 9907 86 Street (250) 785-3704. Monday 12:30 – 3:00, library time, Tuesday 8:30 – 11:30, Wednesday 8:30 – 11:30, Thursday 12:30 – 3:00, gym time, Friday 8:30 – 11:30, (alternating Fridays 12:30 – 3:00). Hudson’s Hope StrongStart 10441 Holland Street (250) 783-9994. Mon/Wed/Friday 9:00 – 12:00, Tuesday/Thursday 1:30 – 4:30, gym time. StrongStart Outreach, Charlie Lake Elementary, Mondays 9:00 – 11:30 Mile 52 Alaska Hwy (250) 785-2025. Taylor Elementary, Mondays, 1:00 – 3:30 9808 Birch Avenue E (250) 789-3323. Prespatou Elementary, Tuesdays 9:30 – 12:30 22113 Triad Rd (250) 785-2025. Clearview Elementary, Thursdays 9:00 – 12:00 223 Rd (250) 781-3333. • Words on Wheels Bus - Traveling lending library and on-board stories, songs and interactive play. Parent resources available. Wednesdays and Fridays, September – June. See web-site for current stops. • Toastmasters International Club of Fort St. John meets from 7 - 8:30 p.m. every Thursday evening at Northern Lights College, Room 105. Learn valuable communication & leadership skills.  Contact Claire Seidler at 250-787-9697 or Gayle Wagner at 250785-3991 for more information. • Rocky Mountain Rangers Army Cadets meet at 6:30 PM each Wednesday night at the Royal Canadian Legion on 102nd and 105 Ave. If you are between 12 and 18 years old please drop in or call us at 250-787-5323. • Alcoholics Anonymous - If you think you might have a problem with drinking, come to an AA meeting. Call for times and places or someone to talk to (250) 785-8866. • Fort St. John Multiple Sclerosis support group. If you or anyone you know has MS and have any questions or just need to talk, please call Susie at (250) 785-2381 or Sandi at (250) 787-2652. • A Youth Relapse Prevention Group may be held weekly, in the afternoons at Mental Health and Addiction Services, #300 - 9900 – 100 Ave. For more information call Chris or Shaun at (250) 2625269. • “Butterfly Families – Families Supporting Families” is open to all caregivers of children and youth with Special Needs. We meet the third Wednesday of every month at the Child Development Centre from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., 10408 105 Avenue. Does your child have learning, behavior or other complex special needs? Would you like to connect with other caregivers? Child minding available but please call ahead a few days before the meeting. Call (250) 785-3200 for more information. • Pregnancy tests, pregnancy options, peer-counselling and support are available at the North Peace Pregnancy Care Centre. New location at #208 10139 100 Street (above TD Bank). Drop in hours Monday and Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and Tuesday from noon to 4 p.m. or to make an appointment call our 24 hour hotline at (250) 262-1280. All services are free and completely confidential. • Are you tired of the crime? Then do the time. Join the Fort St. John Citizens Patrol. Donate a minimum of five hours per month. For information, call (250) 262-4530. • Pan African Caribbean Association welcomes the community to join our group to promote community awareness of culture, music and cuisine. Phone Donald at (250) 785-0815 for more information. • New Totem Archery hold their indoor shoots at the Fort St. John Co-op Mall every Tuesday and Thursday at 7 p.m. and every Sunday from 1 to 4 p.m. • Come out and join us for an afternoon of play, crafts, a healthy snack, circle time and an opportunity to borrow books from the Devereaux School Library. This is a chance to meet other people from your community and introduce your children to a school setting. We meet from 12:30 p.m. to 2 p.m. every other Wednesday beginning Oct. 20th. This program is geared for three to four yearolds but siblings are welcome to come with their parents. Call Patti (250) 843-7813 for more information. • Join us for fun, fun, fun at the artSpace! ArtSpace classes are here again at the North Peace Cultural Centre with wonderful programming for all ages! Don’t miss out! Register today for preschool, Mommy and Me, afterschool and adult classes! Check out the great selection of activities at, or pick up a

brochure at the North Peace Cultural Centre. Call (250) 785-1992 for more information or to register. Fort Nelson • Alcoholics Anonymous - Monday 8 p.m. Catholic Church Basement (closed meeting); Wednesday 8 p.m. Catholic Church Basement; Thursday 8 p.m. Catholic Church Basement; Saturday 8 p.m. Hospital Cafeteria; Sunday 8 p.m. Friendship Centre. • Cocaine Anonymous - Tuesday 8 p.m. Catholic Church Basement; Friday 8 p.m. Hospital Cafeteria. • Alanon - Tuesday 8 p.m. Northern Lights College (back door). • The Community Market is held at the Westend Campground every Saturday except on long weekends. For more info or a vendor package please contact Jaylene Arnold at (250) 774-2541 or Audrey Reynolds (250) 774-6574. Pouce Coupe • Alcoholics Anonymous - Friday 8 p.m. Pouce Coupe Community Church (closed). 250-786-0155. • Youth Drop-In at Pouce Coupe Community Church Annex (the old Pouce library). Saturday nights 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Ages 13 to 17. Chetwynd • Alcoholics Anonymous meets Tuesday and Friday at 8 p.m. at the Public Library, 5012 46 Street. 250-788-9658 • NA meets Wednesday at 8 p.m. at the Airport waiting room. Tumbler Ridge • Alcoholics Anonymous - meeting Wed. 8 p.m. 115 Commercial Park (Baptist Church). • Tuesdays: TR Seniors (55+) Drop-In – Floor curling, carpet bowling, card & board games, coffee & cookies. Community Centre Room 5 from 1-4 pm. Small drop-in fee. • Tumbler Ridge’s self-employed women will receive six months of free personal business monitoring beginning this October at no charge. If you are a self-employed woman in their first three years of operation, or partially operate a business, contact Sara Cooper at the Women’s Enterprise Centre at 1-800-643-7014 ext. 104 or Mila Lansdowne by e-mail at or (250) 242-3389. Registration is required. Taylor • Civil Air Search and Rescue (CASARA) meetings every second Tuesday at the Taylor Fire Hall at 7 p.m. For information call Bob at 250-789-9152 or 250-787-5802. Dawson Creek • If you know how to visit with a friend, you already have the skills required to be a CASI Friendly Visitor volunteer! There are seniors in Dawson Creek right now who would like to have a friend come and visit them and perhaps take them to doctor’s appointments or shopping. Can you spare an hour or two a week to visit a senior? Call CASI (Community Action for Seniors’ Independence) today. 250-782-1138 ext. 228, email or visit the website at • Alcoholics Anonymous - meets Mon., Tues., Fri., & Sat., 8 p.m. at Peace River Health Unit. Wed. 8 p.m. Hospital Education Room. All meetings are open. • Mile 0 Al-Anon meets 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. every Thursday evening at the Health Unit, Dawson Creek. • Mile 0 Quilt Guild meets every Tuesday and Thursday at 7 p.m., Studio 10 at KPAC. Come join us for sewing, fun and friendship. Contact Gloria at 250 786 5597 for more info.

Matthew Bains photo

To show their appreciation for the hospitality Dawson Creek showed during a conditioning camp in the summer of 2009, Team Canada’s women’s hockey team sent a framed picture of the team marking the anniversary of them winning Olympic gold in Vancouver last year. Barry Reynard, director of community services for the City of Dawson Creek, who is credited with helping to bring that conditioning camp to the Mile 0 City, is seen hare holding that picture against the backdrop of one that was taken during the team’s visit. He said all the families who hosted the players during the camp also received a copy of the picture and a card thanking them.

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By Angela Fehr It’s not where you would expect to find an art gallery. Quiet halls, an auditorium, classrooms. It’s a church, a place of worship, but Fort St. John’s Evangel Chapel comes alive on Sundays, the congregation on their feet, singing and dancing, while on the stage a band plays, musicians sing, artist paints? That artist is Amy Te Bulte, and her outlet is painting, and Evangel Chapel is both studio and gallery to the thirty-five year old artist. Paintings line the halls, many painted during Sunday morning worship services. As part time Music & Art Director, Te Bulte is not only supported in building a creative environment within the church, but encouraged to do so. “Often when I’m not able to find time to paint, I find an outlet in decorating the church for different events and seasons,” Te Bulte explains. “I can pour a lot of creativity into that.” Te Bulte is a self-taught artist who began painting about fifteen years ago, after finishing university. “I studied to be a teacher, and during the busy first years of teaching, painting became my outlet,” she says, adding that her first time picking up a paintbrush was to “paint live” at a church service - “not something I recommend doing for your first time painting!” she laughs. Te Bulte’s style developed out of an admiration for the graphic style of an artist friend, and is also influenced by Andy Warhol’s pop art paintings. Gravitating toward portraits, human energy and emotion, Te Bulte simplifies the reference image into two or three values - a light, a dark and a midtone, sketching it out and refining the details before beginning painting. She rarely paints in realistic colour, choosing to push the envelope by using bright or unexpected colour combinations. After moving to Fort St. John from Mackenzie in 2005, and then starting her family, Te Bulte has kept her identity as an artist low-key. With two small children, finding time to paint can be difficult, and those Sunday morning sessions are sometimes the only time she gets for her art. Participating in the art community can also be a challenge when raising a family, but looking ahead, Te

April 7, 2011

of the Peace

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Fort St. John Artist Combines Creativity and Worship

Bulte is already working toward creating opportunities to exhibit in the Peace Region. Starting mid-January through March, Te Bulte’s paintings exhibited at Whole Wheat and Honey in Fort St. John, opening with a musical event featuring Rik Leaf and guests. Te Bulte’s work and the exhibit, as well as an interview with Te Bulte, were featured in a film for the “Where The Art Is” web site, produced by Russell Eggleston of “Northern Groove” magazine. Te Bulte’s distinctive style ensures that however aggressively she markets her art, she will have no trouble being recognized as her dynamic paintings become a part of the Peace Region canon of art. Amy Te Bulte’s interview can be viewed on www. under “Fort St. John.” Inquiries about Te Bulte’s art can be made by phone to (250)787-8878 or by emailing the artist: arts@


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• For Parents-Infant & Child First Aid • WhImIS • Ground Disturbance • h2S Alive • First Aid - Level 1, Advanced Level L3, Standard • Confined Space Rescue • ATV Safety


A Division of Alpha Safety Ltd. 9803 102 Street Fort St. John, BC

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April 7, 2011


Now in its 12th year, Arts and Culture Week turns the spotlight on the vital contribution that arts and culture make in learning and in life. Music, films, media arts, dance, books, theatre and visual art are a part of daily life, and have a lasting impact. They inspire us, challenge us and broaden our horizons and help us to become informed, aware and contributing members of society This year, between April 10-16, hundreds of arts councils and schools across BC will be participating in this week-long celebration of the arts. Each year, over 20,000 artists, young people, educators and community members host and participate in performances, art walks, exhibitions, workshops, and public art projects. DAWSON CREEK March 31st to April 17th – The Dawson Creek Art Gallery is pleased to present “Exploring Art” featuring the students from the Time out for Seniors program at the Dawson Creek Art Gallery. April 3rd - KPAC Dance Program, Solo & Duet Extravaganza! 2pm at KPAC. Come out and watch some fantastic performers from the jazz, hip hop, tap, baton, and lyrical programs.  Doors open at 1:30 and admission is FREE. April 6th – The South Peace Community Arts Council presents its final Home Routes concert in the Dawson Creek Art Gallery. Doug and Telisha Williams hail from the Blue Ridge Mountains

We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Province of British Colulmbia through the BC Arts Council”. of Tennessee and present their fuel injected folk music for your listening pleasure. Tickets are $15 each and are available at the Art Gallery or at the door April 7th, 8th, 9th – The Dawson Creek Friends of the Library re pleased to host their Annual Book Fair at the Library during regular hours. Books for all ages and interests will be available at great prices. If you have any books to donate you can do so at the Library until April 5th. April 8th - KPAC Presents, Blues Berries in Concert, 7pm at KPAC. Two-time West Coast Music award nominees, The Blues Berries perform in schools, theatres, and festivals across Canada and the US utilizing traditional and non-traditional instruments such as upright bass, drums, piano, guitar, washtub bass, washboard, banjo-uke, and mouth harp.  The Blues Berries’ performance, “A History of Rock and Roll,” covers the major styles of the rock genre of the last fifty years.  Tickets $20 each, available at KPAC, Art Gallery, Shoppers Drug Mart, and the door.  Doors open at 6:30. April 10th – 16th - The Dawson Creek Arts Community invites you to celebrate BC Arts Week. Get out and enjoy some of the special programs and events hosted by local arts and cultural organizations in Dawson Creek April 11th - 16th - the Kiwanis Arts Centre is pleased to present the Peace River South Festival of the Arts at various venues in Dawson Creek. Phone the Kiwanis Arts Centre for more information 782-9325. April 11th to 15th - The South Peace Community Arts Council will be hosting the 7th Annual Circus Camp for students, ages 8-18, who are interested in developing skills in the circus arts. Enrollment fee is only $100 for 20 hours of instruction and you will have a barrel of fun every day from 4-8pm! Join today by enrolling at the DC Art Gallery located at 101–816 Alaska Avenue, Dawson Creek, BC, V1G 4T6 or call 782-2601. April 10th to 16th – The Peacemakers Quilt Guild will have two Quilt displays to celebrate Arts Week. One entitled” Pieces and Purses” will be on display at Faking Sanity and the other will include work from their “Black and White Challenge”. Location of that exhibit TBA. April 12th – The South Peace Community Arts Council presents Tommy Hunter in his final farewell tour. Enjoy the Country Gentleman and his accompanying band at Unchagah Hall. Reserved seating only, with tickets available at the Dawson Creek Art Gallery for $49.50 each. Show starts at 7pm. April 18th to May 14th - the Dawson Creek Art Gallery will be presenting its annual students exhibition. “Mixed Media” will feature the talents of the students from the visual arts programs in the junior and senior high schools in School District #59. This exhibit showcases the high quality arts programming throughout the district. April 20th - The Dawson Creek Library will be hosting its monthly Seniors Tea at 1:30. All seniors are invited to attend. Refreshments will be served by the friends of the library. April 20th - The Dawson Creek Art Gallery is pleased to host an opening for their exhibit, “Mixed Media” at 7pm. Refreshments will be served and everyone is invited to attend. April 27th - Honours Concert, Unchagah Hall, 7pm, featuring performances from a number of outstanding participants of the 2011 Peace River South Festival of the Arts.  Join us in recognizing the region’s finest young dancers and musicians. Admission

It’s BC Arts and Culture Week April 10 - 16, 2011

is by cash donation. April 30th - The Peace River Songwriters Group present their monthly Coffeehouse at Faking Sanity starting at 6:30pm. Everyone is invited to attend. April 30th – The South Peace United Church present a Spring Gala. Details TBA May 13th - The Dawson Creek Art Gallery will be hosting its 30th annual Art Auction at the Kiwanis Arts Centre. This year’s theme is “An Evening in Paris”. Over 60 works of art will be on the auction block. There will be silent auction items door prizes, entertainment, and refreshments. Viewing starts at 7pm and the auction starts at 8pm. Reserved seats only at the Art Gallery. CHETWYND April 1 - 3 - The Chetwynd Chamber of Commerce Trade Show runs Friday  5-9 pm, Sat. 10 am -6 pm,  Sunday 10 am-4pm. at the Chetwynd Rec Centre.  Family fun for all Talisman Energy’s complimentary Pancake Breakfast Sat.,  April 2, 8  - 11 am Quintessential Quilters Quilt Show and many other exhibits.  Door  prizes.  April 2 - Dance to the Grumpy Old Men at the Legion Hall  Tickets $15,  incl lunch  April 9 -   Being for the Benefit of “MR. MIKE”. All proceeds going to Michael McWilliams and Family  (Steffie Ackroyd and Toby). Saulteau First Nations Gym  6:00 to 10:00 pm  - admission by donation  - silent auction - live music - comfort food. Special Musical Guests - Steve Slade from Whitehorse, Barbara Adler  from Vancouver ,the usual Monthly Coffee House Crew and local musicians.  Auction  items ranging from home baking to Glass Art by CSS students, Jan Mercer’s willow item; Guy Armitage Honey;  and much much more.  April 10 - Songwriting Workshop led by Steve Slade.  Time and Place TBA. No charge April 11-15 – Introduction to Beekeeping. Workshop - Guy Armitage of Hudson’s Hope. Time and place TBA SPECIAL EVENTS at Chetwynd Rec Centre and Chetwynd Public Library. Open to the public. Times TBA April 16 - Do It Yourself Day in Chetwynd - paint a room; bake a special cake; write a letter or a story; do some wood crafting or quilting or knitting; visit a virtual art gallery. RE-CREATE!!! May 4 - The University of Alberta Mixed Chorus (75 strong) performs Little Prairie Elementary School Gym 7 pm. Admission by Donation. Proceeds to the school’s music program. Other events: Residents of Surerus Place enjoy a special Chef Club afternoon. Music students participate in South Peace Festival of the Arts Dawson Creek.Visual Art students exhibit their work at the Dawson Creek Art Gallery  TUMBLER RIDGE April 10-16 - A variety of events this week will be posted at Community Centre and also online at com and also on Facebook. Search Tumbler Ridge Events Notice April 10 Where Art Thou - A showcase of arts individuals, groups, programs and events in Tumbler Ridge. Community Centre - 1:00 - 5:00 pm. Live performances and information tables. Sponsored by the District of Tumbler Ridge and the Tumbler Ridge Community Arts Council. April 16 5th Annual TR Junior Idol - 1:00 pm start. Community Centre - Room 5. Come and vote for the finalists in this youth vocal competition. Sponsored by the District of Tumbler Ridge and the Tumbler Ridge Community Arts Council.

We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Province of British Colulmbia through the BC Arts Council

This year, between April 10-16, hundreds of arts councils and schools across BC will be participating in this week-long celebration of the arts. Each year, over 20,000 artists, young people, educators and community members host and participate in performances, art walks, exhibitions, workshops, and public art projects. “Arts and cultural activities are at the heart of communities - they make communities more attractive places to live, they help bring a community to life, they define a community’s unique characteristics, they attract tourists and they help communities compete economically around the world.” - The Canada Council for the Arts

l Services Inc.

April 7, 2011

BC ARTS & CULTURE WEEK 2011 cont’d FORT NELSON April 27th– The Northern Rockies Community Arts Council and School District #81 present the Artful One - Opening Exhibition from 6:30 to 8:00 pm at the Phoenix Theatre. Come enjoy this gallery of recycled art created by Fort Nelson students in celebration of Earth Day and Arts and Culture Week! For more information, email mhall@ or call (250) 774-2591.  HUDSON’S HOPE  April 15th – The Arts and Cultural Society on the Edge will be partnering with the Hudson’s Hope School to host a One Day Arts Extravaganza. It will be an eclectic afternoon exposing students to performance arts, visual arts, film making, and living arts. Students will have the opportunity to take a music lesson, create a short video, express their creative side through drawing, and drop in on a “look and learn” craft series. The practice of craft is intrinsically the intercommunion between mankind and the immensity of nature. This is a substantial principle in which all arts and crafts were once unified. What we term craft, as much as any art form, should in itself have the power to unify and represent all human values, in the here and now.  To top it all off, Hudson’s Hope School will be hosting a “DE- cafe House” on Friday, April 15th. Ms. Bailey’s students will showcase their talents. Ian Smith will pick some fine tunes along with his students. In addition, the TACSOTE art display will be on view still along with the Vital Contributions of student work. Doors open at 6:30 pm, admission by

donation. FORT ST. JOHN ARTS EVENTS  Fort St. John Community Arts Council 7872781  April 9 - Arts Council Fundraiser: TexasHold-Em Poker Tournament Fundraiser. Chances Casino Fort St. John. Tickets $100 available at the Casino.  April 11 – Artspace Classes new session begins at the North Peace Cultural Centre  April 3- 10 - Peace River North Performing Arts Festival of music, dance, concert bands and more  April 10 – “Best of the Fest” Honours Nights of the Peace River North Performing Arts Festival North Peace Cultural Centre 7PM   April - Pottery Classes continue at the Artspost. Phone 787-2781 for information  April- Spinners and Weavers welcome new members at the Artspost. Phone 7872781.  April 11 – “Incendie” Film Society movie at Aurora Cinema  April 15 – Treasure Island with Missoula Children’s Theatre and Bert Ambrose School 7pm NPCC  April 16 – Dayna Manning and Friends Concert 7:30pm NPCC  April 20 - Open Mic – Egan’s Pub 8:30pm  April 29, 30, May 5, 6, 7 - Stage North presents Kingfisher Days by Canadian playwright Susan Coyne 7pm at the NPCC  April 30- 28th - Annual Art Auction of the Peace Gallery North, “Expressions 2011”. Quality Inn Northern Grande. 5pm. Tickets available at NPCC

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April 7, 2011

Northeast NEWS

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April 7, 2011  

Online Edition of the Northeast News for April 7, 2011

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