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March 18, 2010 - Vol.6 - No.10


Crunching the budget and tax numbers for 2010 A look at the federal budget – Page 3 Concerns over Dawson Creek budget – Page 4 HST debate continues – Pages 9 and 10

Technology Galore - Story on Page 5

Rigs n’ Roughnecks - See Pages 13 to 16

Artist of the Peace - Story on Page 26

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March 18, 2010










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Northeast NEWS


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Northeast NEWS

March 18, 2010

Stimulus dollars continuing

By Matthew Bains NORTHEAST – The federal government has committed to continuing the second year of its Economic Action Plan (EAP) while halting the growth of government spending over the next five years in an attempt to eliminate the deficit, as outlined in its 2010 Budget. The latest release from the Labour Force Survey shows that the country saw a net 21,000 more jobs created in February, bringing total unemployment down to 8.2 per cent. A rebound in consumer confidence and strong domestic demand have contributed to Canada seeing a five percent growth in gross domestic product (GDP) in the fourth quarter of 2009. Prince George-Peace River MP Jay Hill, Leader of the Government in the House of Commons, said the signs that a recovery is underway, although fragile, are encouraging. He said it also underscores the importance of the two-year, $62 billion stimulus plan his government enacted last year, which they say has contributed to the net creation of over 135,000 jobs since last July and will maintain or create 220,000 jobs by the end of 2010. “I think that it does vindicate and authenticate the actions we have been taking under the EAP,” said Hill. “We’re into year two … which will be in the range of $19 billion and will take us up to March 31 of 2011, at which time the stimulus spending will end on schedule and on budget.” He added the federal contribution is magnified by provincial and municipal contributions. However, the Opposition Liberals have criticized the government for having not spent $1.4 billion or more, according to budget supplements, of infrastructure funds committed last year, including about 95 per cent of the Green Infrastructure Fund. Hill said there have been hurdles to investing stimulus funds in a timely manner, but added this is the largest spending program rolled out in the shortest amount of time since the Second World War. He did acknowledge employment is a lagging indicator of economic recovery and he expects that will be the case this year. The high Canadian dollar, rising interest rates, energy prices and the struggling economy of Canada’s largest trading partner, the United States, will pose challenges for export sectors of the economy, specifically forestry and manufacturing. The government has committed to eliminating all remaining tariffs on machinery, equipment and goods imported for further manufacturing, potentially providing $300 million in annual duty savings for Canadian business when fully implemented. They will also provide $100 million over the next four

years to support the development, commercialization and implementation of advanced clean-energy technologies in the forestry sector. Hill said there isn’t much they can do about the rising dollar, and the Softwood Lumber Agreement with the United States prohibits direct investment into forestry, but he said eliminating tariffs and promoting new technologies will help both those sectors to be sustainable. Liberal leader, Michael Ignatieff, has stated the budget fails to invest in early childhood development and childcare, and to address illiteracy and rising tuition costs for post-secondary institutions. The looming $54 billion deficit this year is a cause for concern. The Conservatives have said they will reduce that deficit to $1.8 billion in 2014/15 by ending stimulus spending, reigning in the growth of government and by increased revenues as a result of the expanding economy. They say they won’t raise taxes, cut transfers to other levels of government or cut benefits to seniors, children and the unemployed. However, Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page has stated the government’s projections are too optimistic and he projects a $12.3 billion deficit in 2015/16. Hill said those predictions are based on the forecasts of 15 leading economists and said they will stick with that consensus. “We believe that the numbers that we have put forward are defensible, we believe that they are prudent. We don’t believe that it helps to be pessimistic about the future of our economy.” However, Liberal critics have said the government is being dishonest about the true cost of paying down the deficit. The government has projected a $10 billion increase in Employment Insurance revenues over the next five years, but the Opposition members say private sector forecasts predict a $13 billion increase over that span. They say premiums would increase by $1,264 for the average two-income family, and by $8,884 for a small business with 10 employees, which would eliminate 220,000 jobs. They say the government’s across-the-board freeze on departmental spending will also hurt Canadians. Hill said any decisions on EI premiums would be made by the arms-length Canada Employment Insurance Financing Board that will make decisions based on keeping the fund sustainable. He also defended the departmental freeze, saying his government will set an example for fiscal restraint in these tough times and added they will continue to undergo a comprehensive review of program spending.

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Returning to the workforce after retirement For many Canadians, their retirement plans changed with the economy. Many saw their retirement saving portfolio shrink significantly. Now instead of planning for retirements, Canadians are beginning to worry about outliving their savings. A recent poll by the Royal Bank of Canada showed 75 percent of retired Canadians were not aware of how much money they spent in their first year of retirement. And for those who did know, just under half said it was more than expected. There are many things to consider before exiting the workforce. While some older Canadians are planning to fully embrace the life retirement brings, there are others who find a complete break from work more difficult or no longer have the savings they anticipated. Scaling back hours or working part-time are becoming options. And in some cases, it is not always about the money. According to the Statistics Canada, one-fifth of retired individuals had com-

pleted paid work after their first retirement. The reasons were not all money-driven. In fact, more than half cited reasons other than financial for returning to the work force. Some said they did not like retirement while others enjoyed the rewards of working. Retirees going back to work are not always returning to their previous jobs but instead look for new challenges for their skills. For retirees going back to the workforce, there can be tax implications. Depending on your existing pension income, earning additional income may mean a reduction of government income. It is important to investigate your tax situation before you start a new job. If you have retired and receive Canada Pension Plan (CPP) benefits, you may work as many hours without changing the amount of the pension. However, you cannot contribute to CPP except in the province of Quebec. If you have an employer pension plan, there may be restrictions on work advertisement

after retirement in the collective agreement. Again, check your situation before taking a new job. Your tax situation may be helped if you are able to take advantage of the pension income splitting option. This allows eligible pension income to be split with a spouse or commonlaw partner to help lower your tax payable. For more information on returning to the workforce after retirement, check out www.hrsdc., and A tax professional at H&R Block can talk about other credits and deductions that may affect you. Call 250 785 7549 in Fort St John or 250 782 7906 in Dawson Creek. This article provides only an overview of the regulations in force at the date of publication, and no action should be taken without consulting the detailed legislation or seeking professional advice. Therefore no responsibility for loss occasioned by any person acting or refraining from action as a result of the material contained in this bulletin can be accepted by H&R Block Canada, Inc.

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Northeast NEWS

March 18, 2010

RCMP commander concerned about proposed staff cuts


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Staff Sgt. Darren Traichvich asked city council to reconsider their proposed cut of two clerical positions at the Dawson Creek RCMP detachment, stating that they could manage with the loss of one but not both. By Matthew Bains DAWSON CREEK – City councillors have heard more concerns about their proposed cuts included in the 2010 preliminary budget. Dawson Creek’s RCMP detachment commander, Staff Sgt. Darren Traichvich, asked council to reconsider eliminating two clerical positions at the detachment. “The bottom line is that we don’t want to see police sitting in the office doing clerical duties,” said Traichvich. “Costs associated with policing are very high, and they would be better spent putting police on the street.” He explained that last year the detachment asked for and was granted two clerical positions, both on a one-year term, to provide assistance to the growing police force. He said he understands there are budget constraints, and said the detachment could adjust if at least one of those positions was renewed.

“I feel we could function with one cut, but I’m asking that we retain the second term position.” The preliminary budget also proposes the elimination of a $32,617 fee-for-service for Police-Based Victim Services, a program jointly administered by the detachment and the South Peace Community Resources Society. Traichvich said they will still receive funding from the provincial government, as well as in-kind donations from the City of Dawson Creek for some of the costs, so they will still be able to offer the program. He said they are in negotiations with SPCRS to look at their options, which may include adjusting the hours worked and benefits received by the full-time staff worker. He said that worker is acting on well over 100 cases and is often called to respond during evenings and weekends. Story continued on Page 9

Northeast NEWS

March 18, 2010

Page 5

Staff provide input into future FSJ hospital technologies

By Melanie Robinson FORT ST. JOHN – While the completion of the project is still years away, plans for the inside of the facility are very much at the forefront for the new Fort St. John Hospital and Residential Care building. Part of that planning took place on March 11 when an equipment fair was held at the present facility, which gave the variety of workers on site – from specialists, physicians,

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signers to situate it in the design drawings, which will turn into construction so that we know we can do the best that we can do and provide the best care.” What’s important to realize, said Steve Raper, director of communications with Northern Health, is how unique this project is. “This is going to be a community built hospital built by community members and that’s a really different approach on a capital project then you see traditionally so that level of input means a lot of work but the end result will hopefully be a better hospital,” he said. “A better facility for the patients and community members [that] showcases the talent of every staff member that works in that facility and they’ve all had that input.” Those staff members, added Swanson, have a vested interest because they are community members with familiies locally as well. More equipment fairs are planned for the future, which will focus on other technologies.

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One-year certificate in Land Administration • Learn to complete land acquisition documents, and basic office skills. • Train for work with a land consulting company, First Nation Band office, or an oil and gas company. Most courses are available on-line, so you can continue to work while upgrading your skills.

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378/10.03.19-j NEN

Melanie Robinson photo

The equipment fair at the Fort St. John Hospital gave a number of staff at the facility an opportunity to understand the possible technology at the new hospital once it’s completed. A range of companies from throughout Canada attended the fair in a bid to show just what their technology can do.

residents, nurses from different departments, house keeping, executive assistancts and administration – an opportunity to provide their input into the technology being used. This, said Viva Swanson, clinical lead, acute care planning and transition for the Fort St. John and Residential Care project, is important because those workers will be the front line workers at the new facility. “The people providing the service know their work the best and what they require and it’s very important that we go to the root source for that information,” she said. “I think there are standards that we have to live within in terms of what is the governing standards for accreditation and different governing bodies as well as policies and procedures and standards within Northern Health but the people that actually know their work, how they need to do it and what resources they require to do it to the best of their ability are the best resource for that information.” The focus during the equipment fair was lights, booms, fixed systems and head walls and a variety of companies from throughout Canada attended the event to provide their input into the best technology for the building. Swanson said the idea is to look at technologies that the staff at the present facility maybe have not been exposed to in order to do some planning around the design within the confines of specific rooms. “It’s to give us an idea of how those specific pieces of equipment work so when we’re thinking about how it is we provide the care we do to the consumer or the patient, the client coming into the building, we have a better idea of where it needs to be situated,” she said. “We need a very good idea of how it works so we know where to help the de-


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March 18, 2010

Words of Opinion

No tax is good tax

Northeast NEWS


There is an obvious opposition to HST by a number of residents in the Peace Region. While there’s no specific numbers as to who is opposed and who is in favour of the new tax, legislated to be put into place on July 1, a recent turn out at a presentation by former Premier Bill Vander Zalm, who’s campaigning against the HST, showed strong opposition to the government’s plans. Large crowds in both Dawson Creek and Fort St. John showed their support to Vander Zalm’s initiative and asked a number of questions as to the impact on residents, their families and businesses in the Northeast. It was obvious from the questions coming forward that there were concerns and, those in attendance, wanted answers before July 1. Provincial finance minister Colin Hansen was slated to come to Fort St. John and Dawson Creek to discuss the provincial budget on March 15 and 16, but there’s no denying HST will also be put on the table – especially with an official petition in opposition of the tax circulating the province. Whether the initiative by Vander Zalm results in the number of signatures needed (approximately 10 per cent of the voting public) to stop the tax from going through, it is important for the provincial government to at least weigh the options as to whether the move is the right one, right now. Without doing so, it was obvious from the turn out at the former premier’s presentations in the Peace Region, that there are going to be a lot of unhappy people not only in the Northeast but what’s sure to be province-wide if the tax goes through.

MP Report

Budget balances fiscal responsibility and job creation

For the majority of taxpayers in Prince George-Peace River, last week’s federal budget “got it right”…at the right time. While it’s an opinion shared by many Canadians, responsible management of the nation’s finances has always been one of the very highest priorities among residents in our region. The need to ‘get a grip’ on the national debt is one of the reasons I entered politics. Yet, the unprecedented global economic downturn that began in 2008 demanded equally unprecedented, urgent action. And in last year’s federal budget, our Conservative Government launched the Economic Action Plan, a two-year plan to stimulate our economy, protect Canadians hit hardest by the global recession and invest in our future growth. Over the past year, we implemented the first phase of this stimulus plan, on schedule, as promised. That plan has helped protect existing jobs and create new jobs. It is stimulating economic growth now, while building the infra-

structure Canada needs for long-term nomic Diversification and $11 million per year for the Community Futures. economic growth. Single parent families will benefit In the second phase of our Economic from changes to the UniAction Plan, we will invest versal Child Care Benalmost $20 billion this year efit. The New Horizons to stimulate economy activfor Seniors Program will ity, create and protect jobs receive $10 million over and solidify the economic two years. recovery. We will complete But we know that the thousands of stimulus projother extraordinary federects, putting Canadians to al spending demanded by work building roads, bridgthe recession cannot cones, water and sewer systems tinue indefinitely. That’s across the country. We will By Jay Hill why Budget 2010 incontinue to reduce taxes on cludes a very detailed defbusinesses to encourage private sector investment and job creation. icit-fighting three-point plan to return We will continue to invest in workers, to the balanced budgets I know that my constituents and most Canadians want. training and youth employment. First, we will end stimulus spending Locally, forestry workers welcomed the Budget’s extension of current or as planned with the Economic Action recently-expired Worksharing Agree- Plan’s temporary measures winding ments by 26 weeks. Our area’s com- down by March 31, 2011. Second, we will restrain spending munities will benefit from an additional $14.7 million per year for Western Eco- through targeted measures, such as

freezing the salaries of the Prime Minister, Ministers, MPs and Senators and the budgets of Ministers’ offices. We will also freeze department’s operating budgets – the money government spends on wages and administration. And third, we will undertake a comprehensive review of government administrative functions and overhead costs. Overall, this plan will cut the deficit nearly in half in just two years, and cut it by two-thirds in three years. We will not raise taxes and we will not cut spending on essential public services such as health care, post-secondary education and other social services. Total federal transfers to British Columbia will hit $6.3 billion in 2010 and 2011. That’s $1.3 million more than the old Liberal Government transferred to BC during their last year in office. And there’s more good to this budget …the Liberals will allow it to pass, sparing election-weary Canadians another trip to the polls!

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Northeast NEWS

March 18, 2010


Page 7

Better solutions available than Site C Site C not needed Editor: I read the article concerning Site “C” and Mr. Neufeld’s plea for the city of Fort St. John to get on board, which now the city must hire a consultant to do a study. How many studies need to be done, I am sure the city could just go over the existing studies instead of putting out money they don’t have. Mr. Neufeld is making promises, that the north will receive from the Site “C” project. The NDP state this will help the oil and gas sector, whom already rapes and pillages the north and for how many years did the north not receive anything? Now we are thrown Fair Share! When the WAC Bennet Dam was constructed all kinds of promises were also made, but they never bore fruit. Anyone that believes this is not all smoke and mirrors should take it upon themselves to read the book, “This

Was Our Valley” by Earl K. Pollon and Shirlee Smith Matheson, it is quite an eye opener. Mr. Neufeld. I would like to know how this enourmous benefit of money you profess that the north will receive from the construction of the Site “C” project will compensate for the loss of the most fertile land in BC and some of the most beautiful? Money is constantly being made in the Canadian Mint, but once the land is gone there is no replacing it. Take the money that the government will spend on wrecking our northern habitat and construct wind towers on the mountains in remote southern areas or close to the Parliament Buildings in Victoria, as there is always a lot of wind generated there! Chris Lamoureux Fort St. John

Editor: I have been saying for many years that the regional district system is not working. Again, at the meeting on Feb. 22 at the Charlie Lake School, we saw this with glaring clarity. The Charlie Lake Fire Department came forward with a totally unrealistic budget. Besides this, they wanted a small fortune from the Area C Fair Share money, after already getting a substantial sum this year from the same source. These are funds that are to benefit all of Area C, not just the five miles around the Charlie Lake Fire Hall and more importantly, a few in the Fire Department Society. The residents voiced their opinion which was we can’t afford it at this time. After the public left the meeting, our Area C representative Arthur Hadland voted against the budget and the request for Fair Share money but guess what? Area B representative Karen Goodings voted in favour. Why should she have the right to vote against our elected representative regarding matters in Area C, especially with Fair Share funds? The Charlie Lake Fire Department, along with the regional district, has a bylaw which gives

it, the fire department/the Fire Department Society, the authority of dictatorship. Where else could you have a job where your friends and relatives, all members of the society, can vote for a raise in pay? The fire department is run by a little ‘band of brothers’ (and sisters). What a kingdom, and Mr. Pinkerton plays the role with all the arrogance the position requires. Folks, wake up before this group gets any more power! Can the population afford the kingdom that is being plotted by the society, which has become just another hand to pluck money out of our pockets while we sleep? There are supposed to be two people at large on the board but guess what? They are neighbours and friends who are also in their little society. Does this sound like democracy, six members of the fire society on one side and two members of the regional board on the other. Then, when the regional district representative votes against the person we elected to represent us, we have no say at all. The taxpayers in the fire protection area at this time have no control. What is next? WJ Stewart, Charlie Lake

Process undemocratic in Charlie Lake

Editor: There is no concise reason for the building of the Site C dam other than profiteering to sell electricity to the USA. This does not justify the loss of many miles of a heritage river and the potential for horticulture self sufficiency in the future for northern people. On investigating the need for power in the Horn River Basin to extract riches of natural gas, Patsy Vik with EnCana’s customer relations states that in their operations, power will be generated at sources in the Horn River Basin (ie - natural gas will be used to generate any electricity needed and for their compressors and that they will need ‘no electric power from the Peace River area or even Fort Nelson.’ I would assume but have not investigated that other companies involved there would operate in the same manner. This procedure is applied and is cheaper than electricity in many Peace River country natural gas operations. It only stands to reason that transporting electricity is expensive when natural gas on site comes at a small cost and is minimal compared to the amount it will move down pipelines under its own combustion. Senator Richard Neufeld needs to realize this and come clean with our Liberal government as to a specific need for Site C dam. In other investigations, I have found transmission line loss of electricity is greatly down played at 15 per cent when in the real world, not the propaganda world, a figure of 30 to 35 per cent is more realistic. This is a good indicator in the business world that power is best generated close to the source of need. I believe the Liberal government to be selling and smoke screening us down the river over a real need for the Site C dam. Nick Parsons Farmington

Let us know what you think! Send us your letters to the editor! E-mail them to, fax them to (250) 787-7090 or drop them off at our Dawson Creek or Fort St. John office.

2010 PJ Campaign

It has come to our attention that there are some members of our community that need our help.

We are making

CHILDREN IN CRISIS our priority On behalf of the Women’s Resource Centre, Women’s/ Children’s Emergency Shelter and Foster Parents of Fort St. John, we are raising money to supply 1,000 “Sweet Dreams Initiative” kits for local children in crisis. Each kit will include: 1 pair of pyjamas, 1 reading/picture book, 1 stuffed teddy bear, 1 toothbrush, toothpaste, 1 night light and an addressed stamped postcard for the child to send a thank you to the supplier.

We would like to thank you for helping us meet this goal and most of all, thank you for helping these children in need. To make a donation or receive more information please contact your local Western Financial Group Office:

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5 - 10230 - 100 St. 250-785-2225

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Northeast NEWS

March 18, 2010


Support clean energy call

I am shocked that clean energy companies in BC are currently laying off significant numbers of staff. How can this possibly be happening in a world crying out for clean energy? This is beyond regrettable; it’s unconscionable. And BC Hydro seems to be at fault. Despite a clear need for clean energy in this province and nearby regions, BC Hydro has been dragging its feet and taking its sweet old time finalizing energy contracts with clean energy companies. BC Hydro bureaucrats keep asking for deadline extensions, and bureaucrats at the utilities commission keep granting them, which is why the contract awarding process is nearly two years behind schedule. Someone needs to rectify this situation as soon as possible and light a fire under the bureaucrats. A promising new BC industry, one that could be providing thousands of new jobs and adding badly needed revenue to the provincial coffers for education, healthcare and various other wants and needs, could vanish right before our eyes before it has a chance to make a positive contribution to our province. People should be writing, phoning and emailing their MLAs to insist that BC Hydro’s bureaucrats get off the pot and finish the job they started before they kill the bright future of this province. Michael McBratney, Port Moody, BC

Matthew Bains photo

Alwin hollAnd!

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1 year open

n/a 4.


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4.95 5.20

Canadian Imperial Bank Of Commerce


4.65 2.25

3.60 3.75 3.28 4.22


5.32 5.45

Royal Bank


4.65 6.45

3.40 3.75 4.15 5.04


6.65 6.80


n/a n/a 6.45

2.24 2.90 3.25 3.64


4.95 5.20

Bank of Montreal


6.85 9.30

7.25 7.40 7.40 7.40


7.65 7.95


6.50 4.65 6.55

2.49 3.95 4.30 4.94


6.60 n/a











5 year 7 year 10 year closed closed closed

TD Canada Trust



1 year 2 year 3 year 4 year closed closed closed closed





Ready for country living?





        

Note: Rates are provided for information purposes. Rates should be verified by Financial Institutions.

Need a home for your horses? 9.8 acres 15 km from Dawson Creek on Rd 225 in the Kilkerran area, pavement to the driveway. This home offers 4 bedrooms, spacious living room with a wood fireplace, dining area, plenty of cupboards in the kitchen, rec room in basement, detached garage. Property is cross fenced for horses, greenhouse, barn shelter, graineries and is beautifully landscaped. Give me a call to view this quiet country home. For more info or to view call Terri Paulovich.

     

Remember, I can show you any listing on MLS even if it is listed by a different realtor or real estate company. If your thinking of selling your home call me today for your no obligation market evaluation.

                                  The Local Experts… NowNow serving thethe entire Peace Area The Local Experts… serving entire Peace Area   The Local Experts… Now serving the entire Peace Area

  

The Local Experts… Now serving the entire Peace Area   

     

   

Terri Paulovich Sales Associate Remax Action Realty 250-785-5520 office 250-261-1644 direct

    1-888-785-5520

Northeast NEWS

Former premier fighting HST plans

Melanie Robinson photo

Bill Vander Zalm (right), along with Chris Delaney, lead organizer for the Fight HST campaign heard a number of concerns from Peace Region residents during their local presentations.

By Melanie Robinson FORT ST. JOHN – It’s not a new issue for Bill Vander Zalm. The former premier of British Columbia has been showing his dislike for the present government’s decision to legislate a harmonized sales tax (HST) and is now touring the province to discuss those issues with residents. Vander Zalm wrote a column in August for the website, where he indicated normally former premiers wouldn’t speak out against the policy decisions of sitting premiers, but HST was something that needed to be discussed. “We would recommend that [the government] pay attention and not go forward with it,” he said. He later added, “you can’t get enough exposure for the HST because the government initially thought, and I’m sure that’s why they timed things as they’re doing it, that people would forget. We kept the issue alive and we’re going to keep it alive and the initiative will start on April 6, we’ve got 90 days to do it in, but hopefully we can do it quicker still.”

What’s different about his campaign, he said, is the petition being circulated with the tour is official through Elections BC and therefore it cannot be ignored by government. In order for there to be action, however, Vander Zalm said there needs to be 15 per cent of the voting public signing the petition. “Government has only two choices – they either deal with it legislatively, the bill will be attached to the initiative, or they put it to referendum to the people, so they have to act on it, they can’t ignore it,” he said. “So that’s why this one is the effective one and I guess that’s why it’s difficult to do as well.” Vander Zalm said there are a number of issues around the new tax – from the impact on smaller businesses and seniors, to the fact that the federal government would take over jurisdiction of taxing and collecting authority. One large concern for Vander Zalm is the underground economy he feels will be formed as a result of the change. “There will be people that will cut the grass and trim the trees and do the plumbing or the electrical or the renovations for cash, without charging tax,” he said. “That’s an underground economy that’s just waiting to happen, big time. It happened in Europe, where they have similar taxes. In some countries, the underground economy is almost as big as the above ground economy or the legal economy.” In combination with the tour, Vander Zalm said the group will also be meeting with provincial associations impacted by the legislation to get them on board with the initiative as well. Those associations include, but are not limited to, the caregiver’s association, private hospitals, restaurant associations, hairdressers, massage therapists and renovators. If associations also show their support, Vander Zalm said it could help with organizing a constitutional challenge along with the petition. A recent visit with the Society of Independent Funeral Homes resulted in its support behind the campaign against HST. When the campaign launches on April 6, the Lido Theatre will be open from 8 a.m. to midnight to take signatures on the petition.

March 18, 2010

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“It’s very important that she’s available to respond, for the community and for the detachment,” he said. City council has also heard from other organizations in the community affected by the proposed cuts to community grants and fee-for-service supports. Mayor Mike Bernier said they will have much to consider as they move forward with the budget process. They will present those ideas for the next public consultation meeting on April 13. • City council welcomed members of the South Peace Community Resources Society for a proclamation on March 8 to recognize International Women’s Day, the highlight of International Women’s Week, which this year began on March 7 and concluded on March 13. The global event celebrates the progress made to advance equality for women. It was born out of the socialist/labour movements of the early 1900’s, but it wasn’t until 1977 that the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution proclaiming a United Nations Day for Women’s Rights and International Peace. SPCRS department manager Deanna Sudnik, who presented each female councillor and staff member present that morning with a white rose to mark the occasion, said there is still a lot of work to be done even in Dawson Creek. She said women still represent a disproportionate number of the poor and low-income earners in the city, although she added they make up a larger number of college graduates. Nationally, the day had been met with some large demonstrations, in Toronto for example, where women were calling on the government to address pay inequity and put more investment into childcare and housing. • Council heard from residents concerned about public safety in regards to the intersection at 17 Street and the Dangerous Goods Route, following a tragic accident there that claimed the life of a young resident last month. Sixty-seven residents signed a letter stating the existing signage is insufficient, and suggesting a number of options, including traffic or warning lights, “Reduce Speed” or “Stop Ahead” signs, or rumble strips. Council agreed with the necessity, but the intersection falls under the provincial Ministry of Transportation and so they voted to send a letter to the Ministry calling for action. They also agreed to bring this issue and other traffic safety issues in the city up when they meet with ministry officials at the North Central Local Government Association convention in May.

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Northeast NEWS

March 18, 2010

NDP forestry critic discusses HST impacts in Fort St. John

By Melanie Robinson FORT ST. JOHN – HST has become a concern for many people in the province and, in his spare time, NDP forestry critic Bill Routley wants to make sure his concerns are heard. Routley made a stop in the Peace Region on March 6

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to discuss those issues because of the at 25 per cent. impact the legislation has on BC resiThis, he said, by comparison to Washdents. ington and other states where the corpo“There is a long list of issues where rate tax averages 38 per cent. this government committed to doing Routley said the idea with the move to one thing and did the complete oppoHST is there will be pay back from the site and clearly that kind of thing we corporations that will trickle down when view as a way to essentially steal the further money is re-invested in British election,” he said. “We said if it was Columbia. such a good idea six weeks after the That, he believes, is not going to hapelection, why weren’t they transparent pen and cited examples of companies and told the people of British Columsuch as Interfor shutting down five mills bia about it? And why is this a $1.9 in the province and buying in Washingbillion tax grab that is essentially takton and Oregon and other businesses like ing [money] from consumers in British West Fraser and Canfor that have investColumbia and transferring that money ed in mills in the United States. over to big corporations?” “If the corporation stood up and said Contributed photo ‘you know what, we’re going to link This, he added, leaves seniors and those living on fixed incomes in a dif- NDP forestry critic Bill Routley uses that, we’re going to directly invest in ficult situation. The issue, however, the time away from his role to talk to British Columbia,’ [it would be differdoesn’t stop there for Routley, or the BC residents about his and his par- ent]. Well they’re not,” he said. ty’s opinions on the HST legislation. NDP. He later added, “the fact is our exports For the sixth year in a row, he said, are down by 25 per cent, which means the province has the largest number of children living in less investment in the country. We’ve lost thousands of poverty, which he calls “scandalous” for such a rich prov- manufacturing jobs, 17 mills and value added operations, ince. But with no plans to do anything about the minimum more than that if you include logging, have closed, shutwage, he said those residents who need it are not going to down and [there are] all kinds of bankruptcies.” be helped. Routley said with the campaign by former premier Bill “In fact we’re adding more tax to the very things that Vander Zalm, lots of people will become involved with trythey’re going to need, whether it’s anything from a bike, ing to get the government to vote no or to go to a referento a haircut, to all of the services that have been before not dum. taxable are now going to have a 12 per cent tax,” he said. “All we need is seven Liberals to decide to vote with Brit“Clearly in this region I worry about what it’s going to do ish Columbia because more than 80 per cent of British Coto small business because why not drive over to Alberta? lumbians are against the HST, the polling that’s been done What about the fact that Alberta does not have an HST now is pretty clear that the people don’t want this cut,” he said. and nor will they likely in the future have an HST.” Provincial Finance Minister Colin Hansen is making a While there are going to be challenges for the average presentation in both Dawson Creek and Fort St. John on person if the legislation is enacted on July 1, there are too March 15 and 16 to speak on the provincial budget. many benefits for corporations, said Routley, especially The Northeast News will cover the minister’s visit in the when BC has the lowest corporate tax of all the G8 nations next edition.



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Melanie Robinson photo

A recent Black History Month celebration in Fort St. John, which featured soccer games, guest speakers and (above) a dinner celebration featuring a variety of cultural foods for those in attendance to endulge in. A number of those who attended dressed in traditional clothing, which was also discussed at the event. The event was the first time Black History Month was celebrated in the city.

Northeast NEWS

March 18, 2010

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Northeast NEWS

March 18, 2010

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Fort St. John School: 250-263-9595 Delta School: 1-877-540-1945

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March 18, 2010

& Roughnecks

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March 2010

This is a must read for everyone who appreciates and depends on the oilpatch

New location for GODI prog. makes course more accessible

By Melanie Robinson FORT ST. JOHN – A new program offered at Alpha Safety will make it easier for oilfield drivers to be certified in their work. The general oilfield driver improvement (GODI) program is one of Enform’s older franchise courses and has been around for more than 20 years, and is a requirement in the province and a basic level of training for drivers in the industry. While the training is basic, said Steve Unruh, manager of Enform in Fort St. John, it wasn’t always easy for companies and employees to take the course because instructors are not always available. “For a company like Alpha to look at it and say there’s enough work here, it makes it that much more accessible to the employers who need it,” he said. “So it’s a good thing in that there’s somebody here all the time and it’s just going to make it that much more accessible to the people who need it.” The course teaches drivers how to handle specific road conditions in the field and how to properly handle the vehicles themselves – how to handle a vehicle when it loses control, how to not lose control, chaining up and other aspects of heavy industry driving – such as road conditions and possible loads drivers will be hauling. “When you get off of pavement, it’s a very different thing, what are you going to drive on when you get out there?” asked Unruh. “Sometimes it’s rock, sometimes it’s gravel, sometimes it’s mud – road surface changes and it changes all the time and you need to be aware that that’s going to happen.” Unruh said the course may seem simple for experienced drivers in the industry but those just entering the industry will find it useful – though it’s required for everyone. It’s not required, however, in Alberta, but voluntary, he added. Contributed photo “So you get a lot of Alberta drivers who come across the border and don’t have it The General Oilfield Driver Improvement (GODI) program, now being offered at Alpha because it’s just not required over there,” he said. Safety, teaches oilfield drivers the basics of driving in the industry. One of the aspects of the Story continued on Page 16 course includes how to drive on different road surfaces – from gravel, rock and (above) mud.

Page 14

March 18, 2010


Minister, critic debate rate hike, clean energy development

By Matthew Bains NORTHEAST – NDP energy critic recently took aim at BC Hydro’s proposed rate hikes and the Liberal government’s proposed direction on clean energy development. John Horgan said he agrees there is a need for major capital upgrades to utilities infrastructure in the province, but he said that’s not the whole story. “If we left it just at that I think the public would have been satisfied that the 18 per cent rate increases we’ve had since 2005 were designed to meet those needs,” said Horgan. “But in the budget documents, in an unprecedented cash grab, the Minister of Finance has requested an additional $254 million in revenue from BC Hydro be transferred to the Ministry.” He said he’s not opposed to using profits generated from the publicly-owned utility towards health care, education or other services, but he said the government isn’t being transparent about the reasons for the rate hike. He said previous governments of all parties have taken dividends of two to four million dollars from BC Hydro, usually more in good years, but the Crown corporation’s profits are down this year due to reduced industrial demand. He said he is not aware of anytime going back to 1990 when a government has asked for $600 million to be transferred from BC Hydro. “I’ve not seen a dividend paid from BC Hydro to the Province ever, this is the first time, and the government’s three-year plan calls for $600 million [for the next three years].” He also questioned the timing of the upgrades, saying they should have been planned

for in previous years. He said the nine per cent electricity rate hike this year and the 29 per cent compounded rate over the next three years, combined with the implementation of the HST and increase to MSP premiums of 12 per cent over the next two years, will hit consumers hard in this depressed economy. “All those nickels and dimes are coming out of consumers’ pockets at a time when they can least afford it,” he said. Clean energy development was a large part of the government’s Throne Speech delivered on Feb. 9 and to that end the Liberals have committed to introducing a new Clean Energy Act this session. The government says the legislation will encourage new investments in independent power production, strengthen BC Hydro and provide for fair and predictable Clean Power Calls and simplify procurement protocols to encourage investment. A number of independent power producers (IPPs) have called on the government to make BC Hydro’s clean power calls more predictable so they aren’t investing large amounts of money in projects that are not awarded procurement contracts. Horgan said he’s concerned about the direction the government is taking in regards to the BC Utilities Commission. He said they have disregarded the independent regulator’s ruling on BC Hydro’s 2008 Long-Term Acquisition Plan (LTAP) last year and have decided to push ahead with those plans. “[Premier Campbell’s] desire to advance an industry that may not be able to make it without government support is going to have a direct impact on local ratepayers and on the pocketbook of consumers,” he said. Story continued on Page 15

Northeast NEWS

March 18, 2010



If these projects are economically viable, then they should be able to proceed with access to the Utilities Commission so that the public can see clearly and transparently what the economics of the various projects are.” He said many of the proposed projects seeking BC Hydro contracts are not economically viable and intermittent sources such as wind and run-of-river have to be cross-subsidized with firm power created from publicallyowned reservoirs. He added the government isn’t being honest when it says British Columbia is a net importer of electricity, because that is a decision made in the interest of costsavings, not an issue of supply. He added he’s concerned the transmission projects proposed in the Northeast and the Northwest are not to provide low-cost energy to local customers, but rather to subsidize private companies. Energy Minister Blair Lekstrom said the rate hike is primarily to fund projects he believes are critical and cannot be deferred any longer. He said it was the previous NDP government that let those assets deteriorate without investment, and added his government has spent over $8.7 billion since 2001 to fund BC Hydro’s capital infrastructure improvements. “That’s a clear result of a lack of investment during the 1990s,” said Lekstrom. “Certainly there was a rate freeze on BC Hydro rates, and human nature is to think that was a good thing, but the reality is that not paying the rates that should have been applicable at the time has created a backlog in infrastructure upgrades.” He said the money transferred to the Consolidated Revenue Fund from BC Hydro will go towards funding other priorities, but he said the impact to the proposed rate is very minimal. He added British Columbians still enjoy some of the lowest electricity rates in North America. Lekstrom said he won’t have all the details

on the Clean Energy Act until the legislation is drafted, but he said what they are trying to do is clearly define the roles of each ministry and government agency in regards to clean energy development. He said that will include creating more certainty around the timing of Clean Power Calls and developing a comprehensive policy on exporting that power. He said they expect to have it passed by the first week of June. However, the minister said no legislation will guarantee energy purchase agreements with IPPs and those decisions would still have to be vetted by the BCUC. “It has to be cost-effective. I’ve always said I’m not a supporter of energy at any price.” He said if the NDP wants to support increasing the capacity at Burrard Thermal then they do not care about the environment, because that facility would be the biggest emitter of greenhouse gases in the province. “We import about 11 to 12 per cent of our electricity today,” he said. “We are not going to use Burrard Thermal, it will be used for emergency back-up only. As that comes out, 6,000 gigawatts, we need to replace that, and that’s what this 5,000 gigawatts of electricity is going to help do.” • Terasen Gas has also filed applications with the BCUC requesting an increase in the natural gas commodity rate it charges customers in the province. The utility is requesting a commodity rate increase of $0.66 per gigajoule, and if approved, a typical residential customer would see an increase of about six per cent to their total annual gas bill, depending on consumption. Commodity rates for customers participating in the Customer Choice program would not be affected. A Terasen executive stated on their website the commodity rate would still be among the lowest in five years. If approved, the increase would take effect April 1, 2010.

get out in front

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Leaders in Safety and Training for the BC Oil and Gas Industry Intro to Gas Processing

March 29 & 30


Construction & Reclamation Training for Heavy Equipment Operators

March 30 & 31


Service Rig Competency Assessor (via videoconference)

April 6


Electrical Maintenance Training (Refresher) (via videoconference)

April 12


Escort Vehicle Operator Driver Improvement (via videoconference)

April 13


Pipeline Environmental Inspection (via videoconference)

April 14 - 16


Vacuum & Hydrovac Truck Operator Driver Improvement (via videoconference)

April 14


Hours of Service/Managing Fatigue – Commercial Vehicle Drivers (via videoconference)

April 20


Hours of Service for Commercial Carriers and Owners (via videoconference)

April 21


Incident Commander for Oil Spills (via videoconference)

April 21


Mulcher Operator (via videoconference)

April 22


Well Service Blowout Prevention

April 26 – 29


On-Scene Commercial Vehicle Incident Investigation

April 28 & 29


National Safety Code

April 29


How to Pass a Level I CVSA Inspection

April 30


Coiled Tubing Well Blowout Prevention

April 30


Contact Enform BC for more information. Email: Phone: (250) 785-6009 Toll-free: 1-800-667-5557 THE SAFETY ASSOCIATION FOR THE OIL AND GAS INDUSTRY

BC-Rigs_Roughnecks_002-March 4_2010 Rigs and Roughnecks 1/8 page vertical – 3.31 in x 5,00 in Black plus 1 colour White background Material deadline: March 8, 2010 Insertion date: March 18, 2010


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March 18, 2010



oF tHE PAck


“You [also] get a lot of push back, here in BC you have to do more training and it makes us less competitive, that kind of angle comes in when you’re dealing with it.” The punishment against companies if

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its employees were caught without the GODI certification would depend on the severity of an incident if it were to take place and would be determined by WorkSafe BC. Unruh said WorkSafe would look at the driver’s training and if they don’t have the basics, he said, they are already behind the eight ball. And as a safety association, Enform advocates for training not because it’s required, but rather to ensure no one gets hurt and that’s why basic training and follow-up training is important. requires “Being trained doesn’t make you qualified, being qualified doesn’t make you trained. So you need both hauling, experience pieces of the puzzle,” he said. preferred.


Must have all required safety tickets, competitive wage and benefits package. Full time permanent based in Hudson’s Hope. Please fax resume and abstract to

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(250) 783-5501

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If not, would you be open to tu r, sumquo e tu d eq s ebit, sum ti asped qu te v ia offi16 working at the Treaty 8 Tribal Association in Fort St. John? ciis con e dolore que iuntec s pero landande uo15et quam harun i 14 s aspiend millicide end13 to b o tu t it p re r? ta o ro e te ffi Q no stion exp di ui num a cabo. Ac eribus eu voluptur, ercius an d e m est eve nseque a 7. Are you able to travel to the participating communities? u u et ipsam q t t u la q O i u m c e orias eliq mos aliq dus. liq rest exerr tessiti vo uo vid m sum um, exce u iaepulupid ma emquas a que et po uam voluptate19 o lu Proposal Deadline p strum ut io ta 18 20 c re utem ra17 e ta t fuga. N prat abori repel ige ut e. Ehento eq ndip sante que consed lparis es s ut minc Please submit your proposal by 8:00 a.m. on Monday, March 29, 2010. quid qui r mo opti con se qui bla uis unt adis ma n it m que m dusam ra us, obit, aut il b iq o es aut vo etus. a . u u u It t ia t as coribu aut facese ra apereri e Erma Stanonik s v lenitas au e n dand enti sda pore dit rerrum t odi dolu enisqui ra senihic te bus quisquiam vo DEADLINE oreruPUBLICATION rerum dis NOON MONDAY BEFORE , Community & Economic Planning Advisor m unt. pta A tet et ute g c lu n ta p ih tu ta it r io spitatur aut o . Et eosa con niam volo Treaty 8 Tribal Association aperchic m reperu archiliqu imi, ullati ccum ex et omnis que repe con conem m aut fac id mo cu 10233 – 100th Ave ro cum su b ustrunt ciis et rem. A qui blab c u m lp e a e n t n t iundam a tiati piendae e as numen ist, necte quamus d Fort St. John, BC V1J 1Y8 Name: lignam Fax m Mail, email or drop your x it o ore, tem c a o u lo e d te st lu m m e p a p ta q ximi, serr lias abore uisquaes molum scimus e veri Phone: 250-785-0612 ext 224 o t p ip a id e s is d ig olupta esc tae aut eoad si Q c e id e n t u s n cti cust p at rereni nuoff i mincietu ebilpa dwith Fax: 250-785-2021 quos vPostal i omnis n ole- payment. e o rn m Address: Code: r? o a n lo tu im rr re o u o ores tion m faceria s nonsern n cum ess que sitatq dolupta ta Email: cus dolup es iminv a imp250-787-7030 u te tempo ss a Phone: tu m o r, . U v idendit h elit as ex t volim rumqui so Website: unt fugit iligni atio endande ero eate a d m City: is inullab in il ipsu lu c m ia ssiti dolu volorpo fugitius, san daec Fax: 250-787-7090 ent ilis d pa quisin eatatecte p q tu is u m e e re n , a it u ti h a llo quos atet ent. v rci aut qu m reicae aut tataque v olupta testPhone: ssunt i ipsum cilibus d iation en It ut qui olenem n re est lacca Email: diciet fug To find out more about each member and non-member First Nation community in the se ro o e. Nam e pu n v a iri id p la b m et latu quos mo usaJohn., bo. Nem a Fort St. piendBC l Treaty 8 Tribal Association, visit our website u t u rionsed q 9909-100-Ave., t et as su lupis a p a e n x ti p s la d u is D t el iunt as ue p ndera ten Method of Payment et, q ic te odit ur a cupta d ia autatib rernatur sim et fu a u m tur ma nu erum siti V1J 1Y4 a m c , o q m u ga u volorro o m dolupti odi re se dionsedit e sunt am doluptu nimento mmo que sae cuptus alit ate . quam qu adiam et re m et magnit v e volupta on Northeast NEWS la sus min st, seritia erioribus. e num reptaquis sim stated herein. Offer void where restricted or otherwise prohibited by law. BRP reserves the right, at any time, to discontinue or change specifications, prices, designs, features, models or equipment without incurring any obligation. Always consult your snowmobile dealer when selecting a snowmobile for your particular needs and carefully read and pay special attention to your Operator’s Guide, Safety Video, Safety Handbook and to the safety labelling on your snowmobile. Always ride responsibly and safely. Always wear appropriate clothing, including a helmet. +Approximate price difference based on adding the exclusive features at the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price to the respective in-season model, not including labor costs nor taxes. U.S. values. Canada approximate value may be higher. Printed in Canada. P/N: 484800802

or email:

The Most Complete 2010 Coverage 2X of Northeastern BC the

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Request for Proposal

10 155+ hp, the new ® 19-mpg, E-tEc 800R $


limited availability during Fall.

Northeast NEWS


March 18, 2010

Page 17

No new funding for ag announced in budget

By Matthew Bains NORTHEAST – There will be no new funding or programs offered to farmers and ranchers in the Northeast in the provincial government’s 2010 budget. In fact, the budget for the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands has been cut by about $3.3 million to nearly $82 million compared to last year’s budget. “We have about a four per cent reduction in our budget, but we have ensured that we maintain those core programs that are very important to the agriculture industry, particularly I know to those producers in the Peace River [region],” said Minister Steve Thomson. He said there will be reductions in the business risk management programs, but he said he’s confident they can meet the demands for those programs within the allocated budget. He added there is actually an increase in the budget for additional remediation work of contaminated Crown lands, with five more priority sites added. That portfolio will expand to 77 total sites, with remediation work completed on 45 sites, and investigation and work continuing on the remainder. He added that includes funding for the BC Brownfield Renewal Strategy, with calls for new proposals going out early this year and with over $1.2 million available for preliminary studies and planning. “That was an award-winning program, one that is very critical in getting currently unproductive land back into productive economic use,” said Thomson. The Ministry’s Service Plan projects

a further decrease in the budget by about $2.5 million in 2011/2012, with funding remaining at that level in 2012/2013. The Minister maintains most of that drop in expenditures is related to the transfer of aquaculture in the province to the federal government. “At this point, I don’t see further additional pressures on the business risk management programs,” said Thomson, although he said, like other ministries, they will continue to look for efficiencies and administrative savings. The minister has also committed to presenting a full response within the next few months to recommendations made by a provincially-appointed Ranching Task Force (RTF) submitted last December. He said even under budget constraints there are still regulatory changes suggested in the report that his government may be able to act on. He said there is funding available that’s not reflected in the budget, such as the existing specified risk management (SRM) program. He added the provincial funding leverages more than $533 million over the term of the Growing Forward agreement with the federal government. However, Roland Baumann, president of the BC Cattlemen’s Association said he’s concerned about what the budget cuts will mean for the delivery of programs. He added the budget for the Ministry of Forests and Range has also been cut and ranchers deal with that ministry as well in regards to Crown range tenures. Baumann co-chaired the RTF, and he said he doesn’t see how those recommen-

dations will be implemented under the current budget. “I don’t think what they have at the moment in the Ministry will actually be used to implement those recommendations,” he said. “They’re already running a pretty tight ship, I just don’t see that they have enough money to do that.” He said he was told he could expect a response to the report following the Olympic Games and he is hoping to see some action taken within four to six weeks. He said there are short-term investments that could benefit the struggling cattle sector right away. For example, one recommendation is to invest in a Beef Value Creation Program to improve production standards and make British Columbia a leader in quality beef on the world stage, at an estimated cost of $40 million. “That would definitely help the industry,” he said. “In the past, the industry often went to government for some help, and it was just cash to carry the industry over, but the difference here is that the industry actually has to do something to qualify for those payments and that would be to increase the standards of production.” NDP agriculture critic Lana Popham could not be reached for comment before press time, but on the party’s website, she blasted the government for not investing any new money into the industry. She stated the four per cent cut to the ministry’s budget this year follows a 25 per cent cut last year and that British Columbia invests less in agriculture than any other province in the country.

Contributed photo

Nick Parsons (left) and Ken Boon are seen here holding a cheque for $5,100 donated to the Salvation Army through the Canadian Foodgrains project. The 1,700 bushels of oats grown on a 20 acre plot at the Boon’s farm near Bear Flat, in the Peace River Valley west of Fort St. John, were sold to raise that money and the yield was better than expected. There were also private donations of $1,500 made directly to the Canadian Foodgrains Bank and the federal government has a four to one matching program that brings the total donation to $33,000 for the project. The proponents of the project were given the choice of where the money should go and they chose the Salvation Army. They wished to acknowledge Nick Parsons, Ardill Ranch, Larry Peterson, Bud Johnson and Blane Meek for their donation of help and/or equipment.

Vold, Jones & Vold Auction Co. Ltd.

Dawson Creek auCtion ‘Mile Zero City’ 301-116th ave. Dawson Creek, British Columbia

Dawson Creek Office: 250-782-3766 VJV main Office: 403-783-5561 Cattle Sales, Don Frssler: 250-719-5561 Fax: 250-782-6622

Cattle report slaughter Cattle

1035 head of cattle went through the ring of Dawson Creek Action on March 11, 2010

D1 - D2 Cows D3 - D4 Cows Holstein Cows Heiferettes Bologna Bulls Feeder Bulls Good Bred Cows Good Bred Heifers Cow/ Calf Pairs Older Cows Milk Cows

49.00-53.25 40.00-48.00 None 45.00-75.00 60.00-67.50 60.00-70.00 None None None None None

stoCkers anD feeDers Good Feeder Steers 1000 lbs Plus: Good Feeder Steers 900 lbs Plus: Good Feeder Steers 800 lbs Plus: Good Feeder Steers 700 lbs Plus: Good Feeder Steers 600 lbs Plus: Good Feeder Steers 500 lbs Plus: Good Feeder Steers 400 lbs Plus: Good Feeder Steers 300 lbs Plus:

None None 82.00-92.25 93.00-103.25 98.00-112.50 108.00-122.75 115.00-123.00 None

Heifers Heifers Heifers Heifers Heifers Heifers Heifers Heifers

Upcoming Sales: now taking bookings for spring farm sales June 5 - Fulton Martin - 200 cow/calf pairs. Consignments Welcome.

None None 75.00-87.25 81.00-91.75 90.00-100.00 95.00-105.50 97.00-107.00 None

Page 18

March 18, 2010

Northeast NEWS

Design, budget of arts centre presented during open house

Matthew Bains photo

INVITATION TO TENDER Residential Refuse Collection and Disposal Sealed tenders clearly marked “Tender for Residential Refuse Collection and Disposal 2010 Fort St. John, BC” will be received by the City of Fort St. John up to 2:00 p.m. local time on Tuesday, March 30, 2010 at 10631 – 100th Street. The duration of the contract shall be from September 1, 2010 to August 31, 2014 with an option to the contractor to extend the contact for one additional year to August 31, 2015. Tender documents are available for review and pick up at City Hall and online at

Inquires regarding this tender may be directed to Victor Shopland, Director of Infrastructure and Capital Works at (250) 787-8162

By Matthew Bains DAWSON CREEK – Residents had a chance to view and give their input on some initial design concepts and floor plans for the Calvin Kruk Centre for the Arts during an open house held at the Kiwanis Performing Arts Centre on March 8. The format of the meeting allowed participants to see various aspects of the project’s proposed design, stated objectives and projected budget and timelines. Architects from Hotson Bakker Boniface Haden Architects and project manager Gerald Longson of MHPM Project Managers were on hand to answer questions. Participants were provided pens and sticky-notes so they could offer comments on each aspect. The site plan includes a clerestory to allow natural light into the building, a solar array that will tie into a solar hot water system and a roof deck above the ceramics studio. There’s also a proposed farmers’ market area that would spill outside onto 10 Street. Principal architect Bruce Haden said they felt it was important to incorporate an outdoor aspect to the building, especially for the summertime, to increase visibility and

Custom Built Garages, Storage Sheds and Cabins MARCH 31ST


“Where Quality Matters”

appeal in the downtown, but said the market is just one possibility. There were concerns raised about parking and traffic congestion, but he said he doesn’t believe those will be issues. The main floor plan consists of daycare space totaling about 4,000 square feet, including an outdoor play area. There’s a space for a café, which Haden said could be a source of revenue for the building. There’s also a 3,100 multipurpose hall with a raised roof, a raised, fixed stage and seating for more than 200 people. Haden said they would like to incorporate collapsible risers to increase seating capacity, but they’re not sure if they’ll be able to afford that. The basement incorporates four dance studios totaling nearly 4,000 square feet, a 1,050 square-foot band room with smaller practice rooms and two dressing rooms and a green room to accommodate theatre performers. There is also about 2,000 square feet for historical archives to be stored. The second floor would accommodate textile and ceramic studios, four meeting rooms and a lounge area. Story continued on Page 19



CONTACT JERRY AT 780-834-7055

Architect Bruce Haden (right) discusses some of the details of the floor plans designed for the Calvin Kruk Centre for the Arts project with Dan Bastiaansen and Anne Haycock of the South Peace Historical Society during an open house on March 8.

COMMON SHED SIZES DISCOUNT 14’x28’x8’ $4500 $4000 14’x24’x8’ $4200 $3800 12’x28’x8’ $3600 $3200 12’x24’x8’ $3000 $2700 12’x20’x8’ $2600 $2450 12’x16’x8’ $2200 2 Of Order Any 10’x24’x8’ $2600 ds These She 10’x20’x8’ $2400 A To Receive 10’x16’x8’ $2000 t Discoun 10’x12’x8’ $1700



Northeast NEWS

March 18, 2010

Design, budget of arts centre Continued from page 18

Page 19

The building will be designed with enproject is the cost, and tion of $6.4 million, nearly $7 million has ergy and water conservation in mind, into that end Longson has been raised for the project. corporating a high-efficiency boiler, solar been hired to keep the Construction is expected to start late this hot water system, low-flow fixtures and project on track and under fall and take about a year to complete, with a rainwater-harvesting cistern for sewage budget. He said in select- a tentative project completion date of Nov. 3, purposes, among other features. ing a quantity surveyor 2011. Longson said he reports weekly to the There were no shortage of comments – who provides informa- steering committee and monthly to city counoffered and they ranged from small details tion on cost of materials, cil and to the provincial and federal governsuch as adding sinks and kitchen spaces to construction and labour ments. larger issues such as parking and the size – they inof rooms. Fred Klem, a member of the sisted on a Dodge City Players, a local theatre group, firm with Matthew Bains photo said he sees a lot of good things in the de- Craig Sinclair (third left) and Ron McIlwrick (middle) presented experience sign, but is concerned about the stage area. a cheque for $50,000 on behalf of Murphy Oil Company Ltd. to working in Notices & Public Info He said there is no access to the stage from Dawson Creek city council on March 2. The money will help the Norththe left, no provision for a backstage, and fund the construction of the Calvin Kruk Centre for the Arts, east. Spring 2010 Community no wings to the stage to put props. Longwhich McIlwrick said will benefit their employees and contrac“I don’t think they were pretending that tors who live and work in the area. son has this was supposed to be suitable for serianticious theatre, it’s supposed to please everypated conSaturday, April 10, 2010 As for the stage, Hanen said it will be bigbody,” said Klem. struction costs at $7 million; ger than the one they have now. She said North Peace Secondary School Haden said there will be a long list of things KPAC has never tried to compete with big- consultant costs at $1.5 mil10:00 am - 2:00 pm they would like to have included in the de- ger venues such as Unchagah Hall, and has lion (with $150,000 already sign, but ultimately there’s a limited amount always catered to smaller audiences and more spent); furniture, fixtures and Fort St. John and area residents have the of space and money. He said they tried to intimate performances. equipment at $201,500; and opportunity to come to one central location make the design practical and flexible as to “I think we are going to have bigger audi- other costs (permits, LEED to register for spring/summer sports, leisure, accommodate many different user groups ences for our shows, but we’ve always want- registration, advertising) at cultural, community and health programs. appropriately. He said he doesn’t think there ed to be a small, intimate kind of theatre, so $51,000 (with $889 spent). will be any need for a major redesign, but we’ll bring in those kind of acts.” That would put the projected For more information or to book a table check added there were many good suggestions out > Community Programs Dan Bastiaansen, president of the South cost at about $8.8 million, made about smaller details that they will look Peace Historical Society, said his organiza- leaving about $600,000 in > Community One Stop Registration, call to incorporate. tion is excited about moving into the building. contingency and uncommit250.787.8150 or e-mail KPAC manager Terri Hanen, who sits on He said he thinks the greatest benefit to the ted funds in the $9.4 million the project’s steering committee, said there community will be more interaction between budget. Registration forms are also available at the will have to be some compromises made with the different user groups and with the public. So far, $560,000 has been Enerplex and City Hall. many groups wanting to use the centre. She “I think the more interaction you get like raised from large corporate Deadline for table registration is April 5, 2010. said KPAC has about 36 organizations that that, the more a community builds, and the donors, another $100,000 meet at their facility on a regular basis. The richer a community is,” he said. from functions at the Kiwanis new building, she said, will provide more He added the space will also allow them to Performing Arts Centre and space than they currently have, including an store their archives in a bigger and more se- over $30,000 has been seadditional dance studio and practice room for cure environment. cured in a trust fund. With a musicians. Of course, the biggest concern about the federal/provincial contribu-

City of Fort St. John

One Stop Registration

Around The Corner Spring Is Just

Join us at Whole Wheat & Honey in Fort St. John for

Earth Hour™ March 27, 2010 Doors Open at 7 pm

Candlelight Concert with Lorissa Scriven, Jolene Reid and featuring Brian MacMillan with Dave Tolley Tickets available at or Northern Groove

9907-100 Ave, Fort St. John 250-785-1152

-20F Men’s and Ladies Just in time for spring footwear.

Don’t forget to turn out the lights!

Page 20

Northeast NEWS


March 18, 2010



Advertising Sales Trainee

Fort St. John Friendship Society


Employment Opportunity

Youth Outreach Worker The candidate selected for this full-time position will work as a part of a team to provide youth, individuals and families with direct support services and assist with the delivery of the Keeginaw Kids and Miyo.sin Teens on site programs. Preference to applicants with:

We are seeking a dynamic and motivated entry level individual to sell advertising in the Northeast News and our specialty Publications. The ideal candidate will be determined, persuasive, focused and motivated.

• Post-secondary education and/or relative training/ experience in social work, counseling, childhood development or recreational fields. • Knowledge of local Aboriginal culture and traditions • Excellent communication skills (verbal, written & computer) • First Aide Certification & a valid B.C. Driver’s License (Class 4 preferred).

Previous experience an asset but not a prerequisite.

Happy Birthday Jenn! or shall we say motoring Mama? Love Morrison

If interested please forward your resume to

Candidates must complete a criminal records check and be willing to work flexible hours. Interested in working in a fun, “Team” oriented environment? We’d love to hear from you! We offer a competitive wage and benefit package.

or mail to The Northeast News 9909-100th Ave. Fort St. John BC V1J 1Y4

Drop off, fax, or e-mail a Cover Letter and Resume to: Fort St. John Friendship Society ATTN: Anita Lee, Executive Director 10208 – 95 Avenue Fort St. John, BC V1J 1J2 Phone: (250) 785-8566 Fax: (250) 785-1507 E-mail:

or phone 250-787-7030



South Peace Community Resources Society

10110 – 13th Street, P.O. Box 713, Dawson Creek, BC, V1G 4H7, Phone: (250) 782-9174

Check Our Job Board: Make sure your resume is on file as most jobs are filled within days. No fees and no obligation to accept employment. Tap into the hidden job market. Apply today.

Posting Circular: Job-1523 Community Support Worker Job 1523 Closing Date: Submit Resumes to:

# 2429 Receptionist/Administrator: Duties to include phones, reception, data entry and admin duties. Position scope will grow over time. The successful candidate will have excellent computer skills in MSOffice particularly Excel and previous administrative experience. # 2428 Class 1 Driver: Candidates will have their Class 1 drivers licence with air endorsement. Position is for an oilfield servicing company out of Fort St John. Submit resume with references and contact information and a Drivers Abstract. # 2425 Restaurant Manager: Manage a locally owned restaurant, should have some cooking experience. Candidates will have managerial skills, experience hiring staff and overseeing the daily business. Candidates must be willing to work evenings and will have high standards for cleanliness and excellent customer service skills. # 4803 Office Administrator: Part time position. Duties to include letters, data entry, updating files. Candidates should be familiar with O&G and maps. Skills needed are good Excel and Word. Candidates should be able to work a flexible work schedule. # 4799 Accounting Clerk: Candidates should have formal accounting training as well as several years of accounting experience. Good MS Office skills required. Temp position 2-3 months. 10139 101 Ave. Fort St. John, BC V1J 2B4 | p. 250.785.8367 | f. 250.785.4795 e. |

Community Support Worker March 19, 2010 Lori Brooks, Human Resource Coordinator P.O. Box 713 (10110-13th Street) Dawson Creek, BC V1G 4H7 Fax: (250) 782 4167 E-mail: • Please include Competition Job-1523 with resumeOnly short-listed applicants will be contacted • This position is open to female applicants only

For more information please visit our Career Opportunity section at We look forward to hearing from you!

Help Wanted Dr. Brian Ashley. Looking for a full time certified Dental Assistant in Fort Nelson. For further information please contact Wanda 250.774.3510 or fax your resume 250.774.7481 Farm hand in Cecil Lake / Flatrock area. Wages negotiable depending on experience. Accommodations available. Call Dave 250.262.9043

Business for Sale For sale in the real estate industry. Turn Key business, well established. Please contact 250.264.7598 for information.

Business Opportunity

For Sale

Investors wanted global or local to develop Sea water conversion using Geothermal energy to create massive fresh water for the future. Call: John Stender 780.837.6337 or Glen Martin 780.788.9747

Brand new 2010 PJ 18 ft. 14000 lbs deck above trailer. LCD lights and 8 ft ramp. $8,500.00 OBO. Call: 250.232.5002 leave message. (03/18)

Investors wanted Overseas or local North America to purchase OSB Plant in Fort Nelson, BC for major refrigeration storage facility. Contact: John Stender 780.837.6337 or Glen Martin 780.788.9747 Investors wanted Overseas or Canada to purchase mill in Fort Nelson, BC and restructure for a flour mill production. Contact: John Stender 780.837.6337 or Glen Martin 780.788.9747

2 New Epiphone guitars “Les Paul Custom”& “Les Paul Zack Wylde”edition. Marshall “MG 50 DFX”amplifier and accessories. $2230.00 OBO Tel: 250.775.0599

COMMERCIAL PROPERTY Real Estate – 500 Sq Feet Office space on 2nd floor in professional building 1200 – 103 Avenue, Dawson Creek, BC Call: 250.219.1434

Northeast NEWS

March 18, 2010


Invitation to Tender 100TH AVENUE WATERMAIN

South Peace Community Resources Society

10110 – 13th Street, P.O. Box 713, Dawson Creek, BC, V1G 4H7, Phone: (250) 782-9174

CASUAL SUPPORT WORKERS NEEDED South Peace Resources Society is looking for: Committed, energetic people who enjoy challenging & fun work in the helping profession. We have casual positions available for:

COMMUNITY SUPPORT WORKERS Earn money while learning valuable marketable skills!!!! FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL LORI BROOKS @ 250-782-9174, EXT.: 228 10110 13th STREET, DAWSON CREEK, BC OR E-MAIL YOUR RESUME TO

Reach over 60,000 potential customers

Call 250-787-7030 to place your ad.

Sealed tenders clearly marked with the project name will be received by the City of Fort St. John until 2:00 p.m., local time on Tuesday March 30th, 2010, at 10631 – 100th Street, Fort St. John, BC V1J 3Z5 The work consists of: • Approximately 1100 lm of 300mm, PVC watermain • Approximately 500 lm of 200mm PVC watermain • Approximately 14 fire hydrants. Tender packages may be obtained by General Contractors from the office of Urban Systems Ltd. 10808 – 100th Street, Fort St. John, BC V1J 3Z6 after 1:00 p.m. local time, March 10, 2010, upon payment of a non-refundable amount of $100.00 (incl. GST) by cash or certified cheque made payable to Urban Systems Ltd. This Tender is also being issued electronically through the BC Bid website ( where any interested party may download the Tender documents directly from the aforementioned website. Tenderers that choose to register with the office of Urban Systems Ltd. shall receive email or faxed copies of all addendums. Any addendums, amendments or further information will be published on the BC Bid website. It is the sole responsibility of the Tenderer to monitor the website regularly to check for updates. Tender documents are available for view at the City of Fort St. John and the Fort St. John Construction Association. Tenders must be accompanied by the required Tender Surety specified in the Tender Documents OWNER City of Fort St. John 10631 – 100th Street Fort St. John, BC V1J 3Z5 Telephone: (250) 787-8150 Fax: (250) 787-8181 Attention: Victor Shopland Director of Infrastructure & Capital Works

ENGINEER Urban Systems Ltd. 10808 – 100th Street Fort St. John, BC V1J Telephone: (250) 785-9697 Fax: (250) 785-9691 Attention: Rob Close, Project Manager Email:

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What makes Urban Systems careers unique?

Northeast NEWS


March 18, 2010




Vector Geomatics is a locally owned and operated professional land surveying company in Fort St John, which provides a wide range of professional land surveying, municipal engineering, planning, and land information/mapping solutions to oil and gas, transportation and land development clients within North Eastern British Columbia.

Experienced CAD Operator Great opportunity for a self motivated individual to contribute their skills and ideas to our existing team of drafting technicians. Key interests should be in using Autodesk products such as Map3D to their maximum potential. Skills in SQL database queries, Feature Classifications, and CAD to GIS integration will be given priority as this position offers room to develop and contribute in a meaningful team effort for the advancement of our products. Two to three years of experience in Oil & Gas applications will be considered an asset.

Deadline for applications: Friday, March 26, 2010

Survey Assistant (Chainman) Vector Geomatics currently has employment opportunities for Survey Assistants/ Chainman with experience in Oil & Gas surveying. Individuals with a good work ethic and a desire to advance in the survey industry will be particularly suited for this position. Opportunities will be given for training and advancement. Or email:

Email with resume and cover letter explaining your career goals.

This position entails physically demanding outdoor work, and requires a valid driver’s license, with a clean driver’s abstract. Current Faller certification, First Aid Level I, H2S Alive, Transportation of Dangerous Goods, WHMIS and ATV/ Snowmobile Safety certificates will be an asset. Send resume detailing related work experience along with a current copy of your driver’s abstract to:


Jason Whale, CEO Vector Geomatics Land Surveying Ltd. Email: Fax: 250-785-7454


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Northeast News 3.31” x 5” B&W Employment Opportunity – General Manager Ecofor Consulting Ltd is a leading natural and cultural heritage resource management company founded in 1996. We provide multidisciplinary consultation, specializing in fisheries, wildlife, cultural heritage and environmental baseline studies. We are committed to providing innovative, cost effective and quality work, which has enabled us to build strong relationships with review agencies, clients, First Nations and project partners. We are currently recruiting to fill the position of General Manager in our Fort St. John, BC office. The position is best filled by an individual capable of managing and scheduling environmental resources primarily for oil and gas work in BC and Alberta. This individual will be familiar with environmental permitting in the oil and gas sector and managing general operations in conjunction with the head office. This individual will also assist with business development thru teaming while managing existing and new client and First Nation relationships. The successful applicant will manage a multi-disciplinary team, but work independently with minimal supervision. Projects will be located throughout BC and Alberta so familiarity with government regulations of one or both provinces is preferred. Required Qualifications: Strong written and verbal communication skills Experience with Peace Region oil and gas sector and OGC Upper level management experience Human resources management experience Desirable Qualifications Business development experience, teaming, marketing and sales Natural and cultural resources management experience Environmental assessment and agency review experience Other resource sector experience

Salary and benefits will be commensurate with education and experience. Please forward your resume with three current references and cover letter to and include General Manager in subject line. Posted March 8, 2010.


In order to effectively meet client expectations, we need to bring additional associates into this company, who have a vision for the future and who want to contribute in a meaningful way to a growing and vital company.

This temporary, full-time position provides admin support and assistance to project managers and assists with the smooth running of the branch. A strong understanding of MS Office and business writing skills are a must and preference will be given to those with related post secondary training. A positive attitude and the ability to learn quickly are essential.

Visit our website to learn more


For Tender

Two-Year Janitorial Contract Lake View Credit Union is accepting tenders for a two-year janitorial contract in our Dawson Creek branch. Tenders must be submitted in a sealed envelope, no later than 4:30pm on March 31, 2010. For contract details, please contact Rene George, CEO at 250-782-4871 Ext. 251 or via e-mail at The lowest bid or any bid may not be accepted. “Enriching Your Life”


Bright, clean three bedroom house for rent in Dawson Creek. Partially fenced yard, four appliances. Pets allowed. $1200/ month, $600.00 damage deposit. Call 250.793.0375 Large one bedroom apartment Central location, Cable included, newer carpet and paint $700.00 a month. Call 250.785.4305

For Rent

One bedroom non-smoking apt. in adult building. New carpet, etc, includes cable $700.00 No Pets. Must have references. Phone 250.785.430


AFFORDABLE RENTAL HOUSING BC Native Housing Corporation Applicants are needed in the following areas: Kelly Lake and Moberly Lake Families with low to moderate income preferred. To apply call the Prince George office

@ 250-562-9106


Management Group Now taking applications for 1, 2 and 3 bedroom units. Call our office for more information or one of our Professional Site managers! Alpine- Office 250-785-2662 Bona Vista - Maria 250-785-9825 Sandalwood- Bob 250-262-2011 Hillcrest- Glen 250-261-4216 Driftwood- Bob 250-262-2011 Melsher- Office 250-785-2662 Maplewood- Bob 250-262-2011 Graham- Office 250-785-2662 Killarney- Bob 250-262-2011 Ambassador- Erin 250-787-8897 Green Glen- Bob 250-262-2011 Phone - Office 250-785-2662 Email:

Northeast NEWS


March 18, 2010

Log Homes



We build, refinish and chink log homes. We also build solid wood rustic furniture. To view furniture call Lisa in FSJ 250.263.7765 or Doug in Hudon’s Hope 250.783.9156

Garage Sale Pre owned furniture & collectibles. Open year round for your Garage sales. 10404 101st Avenue Fort St. John.

General Oilfield Driver Improvement Course (GODI)

Janitorial Services Janitorial services available for homes and business offices. Exceptionally clean, hard working and dedicated. Call 250.794.7021 or 250.772.5154

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Offered at our Fort St. John Training Facility

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bookkeeping Attn: Entrepreneurs. Too busy to do your bookkeeping? Apex Co. can help. Flexible reliable bookkeeping for small businesses. Now accepting new clients. Call Sandy Baker 250-7879442

INTRODUCTORY PRICE $149. + GST ALSO OFFERED!! Light Duty Vehicle Driver Improvement Course (LDV)

Call for a reservation now! The Scheduling Coordinator (250) 787-9315

Babies of the North

IT’S A BOY viCtor stadler Born: Mar 2 Parents: Bill & Lilli Stadler

IT’S A gIrl laCeY MarJorie lYnne Born: Mar 1 Parents: Lyle Boswell

IT’S A gIrl azailYa Madison eriCkson Born: Mar 4 Parents: Evageline

IT’S A BOY BenJaMin donald Joseph hall Born: Mar 9 Parents: Oran &

IT’S A gIrl parker lYnn thoMpson Born: Mar 6 Parents: Ronnie &

IT’S A BOY Jaxon niColaas John BauMann Born: Mar 12 Parents: Jennie

IT’S A gIrl eMilY anne purves Born: Mar 6 Parents: Trevor &

& Jenifer Jones

of FSJ

Stats: 51 cm 6.8 lb

Stephens & John Erickson of FSJ

Suzanne Hall of Charlie Lake

Jamie Thompson of Fort Nelson

Beute & Nathan Baumann of FSJ

Kristen Purves of FSJ

Stats: 21 1/4” 7 lbs. 13 oz

Stats: 19” 6.15 lbs.

Stats: 22” 7.9 lbs

Stats: 52 cm 8 lbs.

Stats: 21.5” 8.11 lbs.

IT’S A BOY sullivan turner Bates Born: Mar 12 Parents: Amanda Hadland & Bryan Bates of FSJ Stats: 49 cm 6.4 lbs.

IT’S A gIrl Brie Madison Coutu Born: Mar 7 Parents: James

IT’S A BOY Yuri Walter Born: Mar 12 Parents: Victor &

IT’S A gIrl BrooklYn Catherine CoYle Born: Mar 13 Parents: Toby &

Coutu & Nicole Rideout of Taylor

Oksana Walter of FSJ

IT’S A gIrl MeMphis Brooke livingstone Born: Mar 9 Parents:Garrett & Kim Livingstone

Stats: 19” 6.14 lbs.

Stats: 22.5” 8.6 lbs.

Stats: 54 cm 3790 gm IT’S A BOY kolBY JaMes parker Born: Mar 3 Parents: Presley Kunka & Corey Parker of Mackenzie

Stats: 21 1/4” 7 lb 14 oz

IT’S A gIrl paisleY rose patterson Born: Mar 3 Parents: Jeff & Jeni Patterson of Hudson’s Hope

Stats: 54 cm 7 lb 2 oz

Congratulations to all the new parents!

of FSJ

Corinne Coyle of FSJ

Stats: 21.5” 9.15 lbs.

Stats: 55 cm 8.3 lbs.

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Northeast NEWS

March 18, 2010

DC Rage coach/general manager discusses recruiting efforts

By Matthew Bains DAWSON CREEK – The head coach/ general manager of Dawson Creek’s newest hockey team is working to fill roster spots in time for their inaugural season this fall. Scott Robinson, who attended a media event on March 10 at the EnCana Events Centre, said he has been amazed by the response, both in the community and abroad, to the Dawson Creek Rage, the only Canadian Junior “A� franchise to join the North American Hockey League. He said he’s talked to players, their parents and scouts and has heard a lot of interest coming from British Columbia, Alberta, the United States and even overseas. “I know [governor and co-founder] Pat Rorison today had a call from Russia right to his house,� said Robinson. “A kid from Russia is looking up Dawson Creek and saying I want to play there, so you get an idea of the scope and how big this deal is.� He said unfortunately, while the NAHL allows for two import players, they are also governed by Hockey Canada rules, which doesn’t allow import players to join the team. He said

they will pursue that further, but that’s not the focus right now. “Our focus is our camps that are upcoming,� he said. “We’ve got one in Princeton in a couple of weeks and then in Abbotsford and then finally, on the May long-weekend, here at the EnCana Centre.� He said between 80 and 100 players have signed up for the evaluation camps, but more are signing up every day. He added they already have a few who have committed to playing for the team if selected. “We’ve landed some very good players. I think we’re at about seven or eight kids that have committed to us now and three or four real top-end players out of the Alberta midget league.� Robinson said the exposure the league provides to American colleges and universities for players, the quality of the arena and availability of ice-time, and the dedication of the ownership group are likely reasons why their team has received so much attention. The support from the community, he said, has also been amazing, including the donation of the

Northeast British Columbia

official team truck, a brand new F-150, donated by Aspol Ford on March 10. He said while the team will be looking for the very best talent, wherever they may be, that may include some players from the BC Peace Region. He added with a full roster to fill, and an age range of 16 to 20 year-olds who can play, there are opportunities for those playing Junior “B� hockey to make the team. “If those kids are capable of playing Junior ‘A’ at a high level and playing for a winning organization, we want them to be here.� He said he grew up in 100 Mile House and remembers his home team playing a dominant Dawson Creek Kodiaks team of the Pacific Coast Junior Hockey League, which later merged with the BC Junior Hockey League. He said the Rage organization recognizes the long and celebrated history of the Dawson Creek Canucks junior and senior franchises and will look to incorporate an appreciation of that history into their own team culture. Robinson said he’s always wanted to be a coach, even before he played in the Western Hockey League (WHL) and the Canadian

Interuniversity Sport (CIS), and then playing professionally for six more years. He started coaching Junior “B� before moving on to coach the Cowichan Valley Capitals of the BC Hockey League, where he was named Coach of the Year twice in 2003/04 and 2006/07. He has a wife, Paulyne, and two sons who also play hockey for teams in Alberta and Vancouver Island. “All of that experience has basically led to this spot and I can’t tell you how excited I am about this opportunity,� he said. *** The EnCana Events Centre was one of eight nominees for the “Air Canada Centre Major Facility of the Year� (under 8,000 seat capacity) at this year’s Canadian Music and Broadcast Industry Awards. The award ultimately went to the K-Rock Centre in Kingston, Ont. General manager Ryan McIvor said he was proud and excited to be nominated after a year of operations. He thanked the citizens and City of Dawson Creek, the surrounding region and management and staff at the events centre for making their events successful.

business& professional


accounting & taxes


Madeline Scott

real estate â—‰ Windshields â—‰ Custom Showers â—‰ Flooring

2009 People’s Choice Award Winner

Bookkeeping & Income Tax Business, Farming and personal Bookkeeping Accounting now offered

Ph: 250-263-0886 Fx: 250-785-1585

31-9600 93rd Ave, Totem Mall Fort St. John, BC


â—‰ Windows and doors

*Free In Home Consultations

250-785-6409 9708-108 St Fort St John


renovations Automotive Chipped Transponder Keys Available

Get your message home. Call....

t."45&3,&:4:45&.4 t-0$,065#0"3%4 t1"%-0$,4

phone: (250) 787.7030 Brenda Piper Fax 250.787.7090 toll free: 1.877.787.7030 Advertising Sales 9909-100th avenue fort st john, bc V1J 1Y4

children’s consignment


For all your home renovations Flooring - Tile - Paint Wall Coverings Design ideas

9708-108 St Fort St John


March tag special is




Complete line of children’s consignment clothing from infant to size 14 - plus furniture and playthings.

Check out our new location in the Northgate Mall on 100 Street.

250-785-5555 Fort St John Fort Nelson 250-263-9770 250-775-6677

#2 8712 100 Ave

Dr Gerry Mangel


250-787-1842 #18 9837- 98A Ave Fort St. John


Jim King

ph: 250.787.1688 fax: 250.787.1682


10704-101 Ave Fort St. John, BC V1J 2B9



Northeast NEWS Northeast NEWS

March 18, 2010

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May 21, 2009

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Community UPCOMING Calendar

May 1314 to to June hanging flowers, photography andChurch several Basement; children’s ed when broke their able African home in 2008. Come March 21 17 Energy Association and Peace Energybaskets, Co- cut the last curling club event.burglars Come out andinto have Wednesday 8 p.m. Catholic •• Are living a chronic health condition? Thewhile Univercategories. Look for the flower show book inChurch severalBasement; locations. Satand your hear club. the testimony how God’s loveare carried the to Burgens The you Peace Riverwith North Performing Arts Fes- fun operative pleased present the film ‘Fuel’ supporting Cocktails on at 5:30 Thursday 8 p.m. Catholic sity Victoriayoung and Northern Health Authority to of-at 6:30 ONGOING through ordeal. couple from Vernon, BC have tivaloffeatures people from Northern BCare pleased KPAC 1100 95 Avenue in Dawson Creek. urday 8 p.m. Hospital Cafeteria; Sunday 8 p.m. p.m., dinner p.m.the Tickets areThis $15Canadian avail- at St.atJohnFriendship Centre. fer ‘Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Conditions’ in Fort St. chosen forgiveness, and are returning to continue the missionary performing pieces from their respective disci- able at the concession or the bar. Doors open at 6 p.m. Advance ticketsFort are $5 • The Resource Society is seeking John. free six-session education programinfor persons living wells, Energy growingCo-operative  food, and 1445 plinesThis for adjudication and awards culminating the Peace 102Fort Av-St. John• Women’s March 20 work they started in Kenya. Drilling Cocaine Anonymous - Tuesday 8 p.m. motiCathvated people to join volunteer team. If helping peopleHospital sparks with chronic health conditions will be availableofat #300,• 9900 helping to Tournament support six orphanages. The or event is the at Quality Inn at and a final concert on March 21 where highlights $6 at door. Rousing reactionary, New 100 Horizons Whisk at New enue olictheir Church Basement; Friday 8 p.m. yourthat interest by the office at #201, 10142-100 Ave. (above Avenue. meets for of sixthe Wednesday 7 p.m.Hope. the weekThe willworkshop be presented. Some types of evenings FUEL is an amazing, in-depth journey offersdropCafeteria. Horizonsfrom in Hudson’s Girl Guides Thrift Store) or call- 250-787-1121. 6performances p.m. to 8:30 p.m. To register or for more information, call Terry May 28 will include piano (including clasa virtual tour through the drama of fuel, the hisMarch 20 • Alanon Tuesday 8 p.m. Northern Lights • AisYouth Prevention Group may be held weekly, in Cayer - Cordinator toll free at and 1-866-902-3767 or e-mail tcayer@music•dance Abbeyfield HousesbyofSilver Fort St. John is holding AGMthat at the world sical, baroque, contemporary more), choral, tory, the politics,their the mess in andRelapse • Country with music College (back door). theout. afternoons Health and Addiction Services, #300 Space is limited call today. band Eagle at the Senior 7 p.m. at Northern Lights College. the Everyone welcome. Direc-for a way speech arts, solo strings, soloso instrumental, fascinating alternatives FUEL at Mental Citizens Hall, 1101 McKellar • The Canadian Cancer Society Relay For Life9900 – 100 Ave. For more information call Chris or Shaun at May 23 tors and volunteers needed. Memberships will be sold prior to and dance (ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop and more). Avenue in Dawson Creek. Dance from 9 p.m. to challenges the audience to make a change and in Fort Nelson will be held on June 5th. To reg250-262-5269. •March First annual Peace Region Palaeontology Symposium featurthe meeting ($10). Please come out and support our home for 18 1 a.m. with lunch included. Ages 19 years and seek accountability, reinforcing the idea that the ister go to or call Carmella • The Citizens seeking people who can volunteer at ing•the fourth annual Fossil Road Show, speakers, and senior’s independent For more information Clara atcan and will A free workshop for immigrants in the com- door power of every call individual make a atPatrol overprizes are welcome with admission forliving! members (250)is500-2499 least five hours a month. Perfect for those new to town, those conguided HeldSystem at the will Tumbler Public (250) 785-6450. munity children’s about The activities. Canadian Tax be Ridge $10, non-members $12. For more information, difference. Pouce Coupe cerned about safety, who want make the community a safer Library and Curling Rink. For more information contact (250) May 29 held from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the District De- call Fred at (250) 782-2192 or Linda at (250) March 26 • Alcoholics to Anonymous - Friday 8 p.m. Old place to work, live and play. Call coordinator Connie 250-262242-3466. • Access Awareness Day in Fort St. John. Stay tuned to the velopment Center School Board Office. Please 843-7418. • Friday night dance with country music by Library (closed). 250-786-0155. 4530 or RCMP liaison Rick 250-787-8100. Mayto 23Susie Furman (250) 785-5323, ChrisRSVP Night Sounds (alcohol free) at the Senior Citizens March 22 Northeast News for more information. Chetwynd • Alcoholics - If you think youmeets might Tuesday have a prob• Country Farmington Hall featuring 40!Bortolotto, May the 30 Positive Rebel will Hall, 1101 McKellar Avenue in Dawson tine Bourgeoisdance (250)at785-2110 or Mayrena Mills Highway Creek. Anonymous • Michael • Alcoholics Anonymous and lem with drinking. Call for times and places or someone talk 46 to Dance from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m., no minors. Tickets $15 each, avail• The Fort Nelson Woman of Industry is holding a golf tourna(250) 262-6086 at SUCCESS by March 15. share his story of being an entrepreneur with a Dance is from 8 to 11 p.m. Admission is $10 per Friday at 8 p.m. at the Public Library, to 5012 250-785-8866. able at Farmington Store. For more information, call Clarisse ment at the golf course. Lots of door prizes, putter to be won and March 18 disability. Imagine freeing yourself and mov- person, lunch included. All ages welcome. Street. 250-788-9658 Fort Nelson (250) an extra prize if a member brings a friend that 27 becomes a member. • St.843-7954. Patrick’s Tea at 2 p.m. at the Hudson’s ing beyond the economic March hurdles and societies’ • NA meets Wednesday at 8 p.m. at the Air- Monday 8 p.m. Catholic Church MayPublic 24 Library. Test your knowledge of negative attitudesPlease to Karenyou Prouse Hope • Are you interested in renting a• Alcoholics table at a Anonymous whichRSVP are preventing fromat port waiting room. Basement (closed meeting); Wednesday 8 p.m. Catholic Church • The Forgotten House -Grizzly Valley Players present a matiMay 30 Irish folklore, prizes to be won. the kind of life you dream about. Michael will multi-table garage sale for families with children Tumbler Ridge Basement; Thursday 8 p.m. Catholic Church neeMarch at 3 p.m. in Room 5 of the Community Centre in Tumbler • The Welcome Wagon events, the Baby Shower and Grand18 to 20 give helpful tips and suggestions from his own up to 12 years-old? Items for sale will be in new • Alcoholics AnonymousBasement; - meetingSaturday Wed. 8 p.m. Hospital Sunday 8 p.m. Friendship Ridge. parent Showcase willgrow be taking the Stonebridge Hotel 1 8include • Friends of the Dawson Creek Public Library experience on how or at gently used condition andatcould cloth- Cafeteria; to start, create and yourplace p.m. 115 Commercial Park (Baptist Centre Church). • Cocaine Anonymous - Tuesday 8 p.m. Catholic Church–BaseMay 29 to 31 p.m. The Bridal Showcase will takeing, place at 6:30 p.m. annual book sale during regular library hours. own business from toys, books, furniture, games and sporting 1 to 3 p.m. Contact Commu• Tuesdays: TR Seniors (55+) Drop-In Floor ment; Friday 8 p.m. Hospital Cafeteria. • Couple’s “Love and Romance” Retreat at The King’s Valley May 30 Books for all reading tastes and ages at great pric- nity Futures Peace Liard for more information at goods, among others. The event will take place curling, carpet bowling, card & board games, - Tuesday 8 p.m. NorthernCommunity Lights College (back door).5 Christian Accommodation For further informa• The 34 annual Trutch Gymkhana is being held at 9thea.m. Mile es. If you Camp. would like to donate youravailable. clean, gently at Sudeten Hall from to noon.• Alanon Call (250) 1-877-296-5888. coffee & cookies. Centre Room Pouce Coupe from 1-4 pm. Small drop-in fee. tion registration camping space available andata usedorbooks for thecall sale,(250) drop827-3549. them at the library or e-mail Kathy March 25 206 Trutch Rodeo Grounds, lots of782-9556 • Alcoholics Anonymous - FridayTR 8 p.m. Old Library (closed).– May 17 to16. June concession be on site. Great fun,information. all ages ride!! Please until March All28 proceeds help library projects for more • Need help filling out yourwill Metis funding ap- family • Wednesdays: Seniors (55+) Drop-In 250-786-0155 • Triathlon Training clinics are coming to Fort St. John. Come call Beth at (250) 262-5712 for more information. and programs. For more information call (250) plication? Carol Paynter from the Metis Nation March 27 Cribbage, Whist & good company. Beginners • Computer at the Pouce SeniorsSmall Hall every Monout and learn about triathlon and get prepared for theBC localwill upcomJune 4 Development Build782-4661. • The Canadian Cancer Society, Dawson Class be at the Academic welcome! 7 pm Coupe in the Library. drop-in fee. WednesdayTaylor from 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and Low ImingMarch triathlons. Held Ladies out of town dinner the Dawson Oil Men’s 19 to 20 on May 3, 4, and 6 are clinics on Creek Unit,with and the Co-opday areand celebratingswimming Room 12.14 in •Dawson Creek from 10 conjunction pact exercise Thursday fromand 10:30-11:30 a.m. Open stroke tuning andand equipment Golf by OilWives of FSJ. Cocktails a pancake • Artimprovement, for Happinessbike Spring Show Open and ing theirClub 25 year of sponsoring break-class every to 3 triathlon. p.m. To book anTournament appointment,presented please call • Civil Air Search Rescue (CASARA) to everyone! For more information call Carol at 250-786-5673 Come hear from local triathletes and ask questions about events, at 6 p.m. and dinner at 7 p.m. at the Pomeroy Inns and Suites. House in Tumbler Ridge. Introducing Canadian (250) 784-7544 or e-mail fast to raise funds for fighting cancer and to kick- meetings every second Tuesday at the Taylor Chetwynd training, preparation andsupplies. anything else 19 youfrom like. SignMarch up at 25 theto 27 Tickets are $50 and include: entertainment, dinner, wine, imports of art and craft March off the Relay for dessert, life campaign. This year it will Fire Hall at 7 p.m. For information call Bob at • Alcoholics meets and Friday at 8 p.m. at North Peace Leisure Becky at (250)787-5780 or jewellry draw,Society, games and door prizes. Tickets Flow2:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.Pool openortocontact public, free admisbe held fromavailable 8 a.m. toat 12 p.m. in the Dawson Anonymous • The Canadian Cancer Dawson 250-789-9152 or Monday 250-787-5802. Friendship 250-788-9658 for moreat information. Tamee, Frontier Marlene (250) 785-8737 or andthe sion with an art demonstration 4:30 p.m. Eve- Creek Unit, will ers Co-op cafeteria. Fresh daffodils daffodil pins Centre. be by holding their annualJewellers. Daffo- Call • The Alaska Highway RRA (Recreation Air• NA meets Wednesday at 8 p.m.meets at the every Airport waiting Upcoming Triathlonsguests include: Debbie 787-5100 for morewill information. ning receptionlocal for registered and officials dil campaign – buy be on sale. fresh at cut(250) daffodils or daffodil craft Association) third Thursday • Tuesdays & Thursdays: Minor ball 5 pm-7 pm at Chetwynd Dawson Creek May 24 June 6 at 8 p.m. March 20 from 11 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. pins to show your support for people on the canMarch 27 the Taylor Fire Hall at 7:30 p.m. For information Ballpark Rec. Centre Diamonds. Fort St. John June 7 Trade Fair for businesses cer journey from volunteers • Rotary Manor Annual CoGarage Sale from 9 a.m. to 12Club noon. registered visitors only. • The Derrick Dance of Fort St. John&will at the Dawson call Richard at 250-782-2421 or Heath at (250) Fort June 28 1121-90 Avenue. Householdforitems, toys, furniture, and artNelson and craft professionals – registration re- op or the Liquor Store be tools, hosting a dance fromcoffee 9 p.m. to 1Tumbler a.m. in theRidge or call (250) 782-5598 785-4758. Alcoholics - meeting Wed. 8 p.m. 115 ComMay 12 Julythere 28 will be a Creative Round- bulk orders. Let’sand donuts and much Donations welcome 4 (no 100 •Street quired. Atto 8 p.m. Senior Citizensafter HallMay at 10908 with Anonymous all wear a daffodil pinmore. on April Dawson Creek mercial Park (Baptist Church). • Relapse Prevention Group Tuesdays from 6:30 8:30 p.m. at appliances please). All proceed to toward resident programs and table with Artful Dinner in the Community Cen- 9 to show we care. music by Night Sound. Members are $10, non• Craft group for Mental Health and Addic• Mondays: pm doors open,Thurs 7 pm 1:30 games begin. Mental Health Addiction Services. Contact Dennis atMarch (250)262Rain or shine, no early birds, thereare will be Everyone no sales betre, doors open&7:30 p.m. For more information members $12. 19 and over is wel- Bingo 26 andactivities. 27 tions- 6Clients. Meets -3:30 at Com10175269. fore11th 9 a.m. or to register: Lucy atCentre (250) Rms. • Women Alive Annual Regional con- come. For more information, call munity 1034&5. Ave., Dawson Creek. (250) 782-4410. (55+)Anonymous Drop-In – Floor curling, May 2320 June 14 March ference at the Christian Fellowship Assembly 785-2867 or Judy at (250) 787-0460.• Tuesdays: TR Seniors • Alcoholics - meets Mon.,carpet Tues., bowling, card & board games, coffee & cookies. Community •• Market The Derrick Dance Club of Fort St. John will be hosting a • Rick Hansen Wheels in Motion walk, wheel, run and wheelSquare featuring crafts, baked goods, in Grande Prairie from 7 to 9 p.m. on March 26 ONGOING Fri., & Sat., 8 p.m. at Peace River Health Unit. 1-48pm. Small drop-inEducation fee. dance 9 to 1 a.m. the Senior Citizens 10908 challenge. Registration at 12:30, event at 1 p.m. in Cen- Centre Room 5 from garagefrom sale items, and in organizations fund- Hall Fortstarts St. John and at 8:30 a.m. tochair 4 p.m. on March 27. SpeakWed. p.m. Hospital Room. All TR Seniors 100 Street. Music Night $10, non members tennial Park. Forwith information, event leaderAnonymous Lori Slater at- If you• Wednesdays: raising items fromby 9 a.m. to Sounds. 4 p.m. inMembers the Fireside think you meetings ers include author Donna Carter the topiccontact• Alcoholics are(55+) open.Drop-In – Cribbage, Whist & good company. pm in the $12. Everyone and over is Centre welcome. information callThings Lucy Women (250) 787-1912 Lounge at the19 Community in For Tumbler come to an Beginners Smart Can Doorand Michelle might have a problem with drinking, • Mile welcome! 0 Al-Anon7 meets 7:30Library. to 8:30Small p.m. drop-in fee. at (250) 785-2867 or Judy at (250) 787-0460. July 12 Ridge. Nagle with a break out session for young women AA meeting. Call for times and places or some- every Tuesday evening at Parkhill Community Taylor May 23 20 • NorthOnline Peace Horticultural plans annual Garden March one to talktheir to (250) 785-8866. on Does It Really Matter? registration atSociety School 9700-5th Street, Dawson Creek. • Civil Air Search•and Rescue (CASARA) meetings every •• The of Ridge Sam Pearce scheduled at the Stone- Tour. Bring yourregistration family andattour a variety St. Multiple John gar-Sclerosis FirstMagic Annual RidersShow PokerisRide in • FortofSt.Fort John support or phone Relapse Prevention. Mental Health and secAdond Tuesday at the Taylor Fire Hall at 7 p.m. For information call bridge Hotel with the show to benefit the Fort St. John Firefighters. dens. Tumbler Ridge at 9 a.m. at Babcock Mountain. 1-800-387-4753 with an admission price of $50 group. If you or anyone you know has MS and dictions 1017-103rd Ave., Dawson Creek, (250) August 1 Bob at 250-789-9152 or 250-787-5802. May 25 to May 29 Entry Fee is $25 + $5 per additional hands. Call for adults, $40 for students and $25 for teens. have any questions or just need to talk, please call 782-4410. Fridays from 10 to 11 a.m. Everyone • The Marilyn Leffler Memorial Show785-2381 ‘n Shine inorsupNew 787Totem Archery now atcall thetoTaylor you think you’veorbeen treated unfairly by a B.C. govern-accessible BJ• Do at (250) 242-1248 Carrie at (250) 242Susieand at (250) Sandi at•(250) Wheelchair with sign language inter- Ride welcome!isPlease confirmCommunity meeting. Hall port the Canadian Cancer Society2652. BC and Yukon Region. Regis- Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6-9 p.m.Society Contact newtotemment be 4233.ministry or public agency? The B.C. Ombudsman pretermay available. For of more information contact • The Canadian Cancer Relay For Life tration begins July 1 for this all day event at Casey’s Pub in Fort St. able to help. The Ombudsman’s staff will be in the following March 20 Fort Nelson Jane at (780) 568-2529. in Fort St John will be held on May 29th. To motorcycle Anonymous categories and- Monday • The8Alaska RRA (Recreation Aircraft or Association) communities onatthe below, and are available by ap-26 John. Show ‘n Shine awards for seven • Club night thedates Fortlisted St. John curling rink. • Alcoholics p.m. Highway March register go to call Gwen lots of door prizes. Event includesCatholic a ride to Church the viewpoint on the(closed meets every thirdatThursday at the Taylor Fire Hall at 7:30 p.m. pointment discuss yourwhy problem or complaint. It’s the firsttoday of spring not celebrate with Call 1-800-567Basement meeting); • The South Peace Chapter of the BC Sustain1.800.811.5666. 3247 to book an appointment or see for Hudson’s Hope Road. Everyone welcome to this fundraising event For information call Richard at 250-782-2421 or Heath at 250to fight cancer. 785-4758. more info. August 21 to 23 Dawson Creek Fort Nelson May 25 • The North Peace Horticultural Society presents their 16th an• The Dawson Creek Chamber of Commerce luncheons are Fort St. John May 26 nual Flower Show and Exhibition at the North Peace Cultural Cen- held the first Thursday of each month at noon at the Best Western. Dawson Creek May 27 tre. The event will be open to the public on Aug. 22 from 3 p.m. to Different guest speaker each month. Members and Non-members Mackenzie May 28 7 p.m. and on Aug. 23 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Awards presenta- welcome. Contact: Lesley Pewarchuck 250-782 4868. Chetwynd May 29 tions will take place at 4 p.m. Refreshments will be available by If your non-profit group has events or meeting you wish pubMay 27 • John and Eloise Bergen, missionaries working with ‘Hope for donations on both Saturday and Sunday while the show is open. lished, send them by fax to (250) 787-7090 or via email to: edithe Nations’ in Kenya were brutally attacked and severly wound- Categories include arrangements, art, houseplants, patio plants,

We’re here to tell you that it DOES matter.



“Focused on Family Eyecare”

Dr. J. Grant Timmins Dr. John E. Gentles Dr. Todd J. Lang

Fort St. John

3-Year Term Deposit at 3% Try that on for size.

9808-101st Ave. Phone: 785-2020

Dawson Creek 900-102nd Ave. Suite 102 Phone: 782-1121

3%A.P.R. Minimum $5,000 Non-redeemable. Rate subject to change notice. Fortwithout Nelson Eye Examinations, Optical Dispensing, Contact Lenses, Low Vision Care, Ocular & Refractive Surgery Co-management, CSA Safety Eyewear

#19 Landmark Plaza Phone: 774-2020

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Northeast NEWS

March 18, 2010

Upcoming Events Arts Events March 19 to April 2

Dawson Creek: March 21 Sunday Cinema presents “Young Victoria” at Centre Cinema, 5 p.m. March 26 “Fuel” showing at KPAC, 6 p.m. March 27 Songwriters’ Coffeehouse, Under the Willow 7 p.m. March 31 “Time out for Seniors” art opening, Dawson Creek Art Gallery 7 p.m. Fort St. John: March 14 to 21 Peace River North Performing Arts Festival, North Peace Cultural Centre March 26 Ballet Kelowna presents “Masters Play,” North Peace Cultural Centre, 7:30 p.m. March 27 Doodlebops at the North Peace Cultural Centre 1 p.m. and 4 p.m.

Interested in this feature artist?

Payge Fortier’s paintings can be seen at Picture It! Framing and Gallery in Dawson Creek through the month of March. Payge Fortier can be contacted by e-mail at or by phone at Picture It!, (250)782-4101.

of the Peace

Young local artist launches career, keeps her roots

Nearly all professional artists have a story to share regarding their first entry into making their art public. It can be a frightening time, sharing art that may be deeply personal and often the artist is still asking herself the question “Am I a real artist?” The response received to that first public exhibition can contribute in large part to answering that question. And because every artist has to start somewhere, this tentative entry into the world of galleries, exhibitions and competitions is either a goal or a memory with nearly every artist. Twenty-one-year-old Arras native Payge Fortier has plunged into this world with gusto, and if she’s searching for validation as a “real artist,” the answer is an unequivocal “Yes!” Fortier’s energy and drive to learn and share her work is more than equalled by the quality and diversity of her drawings and paintings. Fortier combines an interest in the natural world with a vivid imagination, adding drama by sketching with gestural line and or painting in vivid colour. Her portfolio displays her versatility, one page hosting a delicate and detailed portrait, while a following page explodes with colour and emotion, a fantastical creature one may see in a nightmare. Her two most recent paintings again show her range, one exploring contour through an enlarged depiction of a gnarled chunk of coral rendered in soft earth tones while the other, an “action shot” of a charging bull, is dynamic, matador red and bottomless black, as much a challenge to the viewer as a red cape is to a bull. While Fortier’s artistic style carries a definitively contemporary vibe, her approach leans toward the traditional disciplines and her goal while pursuing an education in art was to master techniques in drawing and painting. Fortier graduated

Old J R by Payge Fortier.

Treasures from the beach.

Picture It!

Framing & gallery inc.

By Angela Fehr

from the Visual Arts program at Northern Lights College in Dawson Creek in 2007 and followed that experience with a year spent in Calgary at the Alberta College of Art and Design. Learning the “how’s” of using different mediums freed Fortier to explore her creativity more Contributed photos deeply, always with the goal of Artist Payge Fortier. making her internal vision visible on paper or canvas. While opportunities for Fortier and her art abounded in Calgary, she is a smalltown girl at heart, and when she returned to Dawson Creek, Fortier was determined to involve herself in the local art community in any way possible. While the Dawson Creek Art Gallery was booking exhibitions a year in advance, potter Laurie Embree and watercolourist Tracy Wandling were planning an exhibition at the gallery for August 2009 and needed another artist to help them fill the space. Fortier joined them and found the response to her first exhibition to be overwhelmingly positive. “I expected that I might sell maybe one or two pieces, but I sold eight at that show,” she enthuses. While Fortier is fulfilled and inspired by the act of creating art, the sales were an added encouragement, proof that in her self-expression a connection is being made with the viewer. Recently, Fortier has been busy preparing for a solo exhibition of her original art at Picture It! Framing and Gallery in Dawson Creek, starting March 18. Fortier works at Picture It with owner Audree Nelson and has valued the support and education she’s receiving there. Fortier has found that with the encouragement and involvement of other local artists there are a lot of opportunities for her to promote her work and show it on a regular basis and Fortier has time on her side, a wealth of ideas to draw from and the talent and skill to make them come alive.

Untitled by Payge Fortier. Creative framing at its finest

Proudly supporting the artists of the Peace

TEL: (250) 782-4101 • Custom Framing FAX: (250) 782-2256 • Fine Art Supplies 920-102nd Avenue • Needle Art Mounting Dawson Creek, BC V1G 2B7 • Conservation Framing • LIMITED EDITION PRINTS

Wise customers read the fine print: ▼,*, **, ♦, †, ■ Spring Into Drive Event offers apply to retail deliveries of selected new and unused models purchased between March 2nd and March 31st, 2010 from participating dealers. Dealer order/trade may be necessary. Offers subject to change without notice. See participating dealer for complete details and conditions. ▼$21,488 Purchase Price applies to 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan Canada Value Package (24F+CL9) only and includes $6,000 Consumer Cash Discount and $500 Bonus Cash Offer. See participating dealer for complete details. Pricing includes freight ($1,400) and excludes licence, insurance, registration, any dealer administration fees and other applicable fees and applicable taxes. Dealer order/trade may be necessary. Dealers may sell for less. *Bonus Cash is offered on all new and unused 2010 vehicles except Dodge Challenger, Dodge Caliber CVP and Caliber SE PLUS and Sprinter models. Bonus Cash is a manufacturer-to-dealer incentive which will be deducted from the negotiated price after taxes. See your dealer for complete details. **2010 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT with SXT Plus Group shown. Price including applicable Consumer Cash Discount/Bonus Cash Offer: $27,595. Pricing includes freight ($1,400) and excludes license, insurance, registration, any dealer administration fees and other applicable fees and applicable taxes. Dealer order/trade may be necessary. Dealers may sell for less. ♦Consumer Cash Discounts are offered on most new 2010 vehicles and are manufacturer-to-dealer incentives which are deducted from the negotiated price before taxes. Amounts vary by vehicle. See your dealer for complete details. †0% purchase financing for 36 months available to qualified customers on approved credit through Royal Bank of Canada, Scotiabank, TD Financing Services and GMAC on most 2010 Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and Ram models, except Challenger, Caliber Canada Value Package and SE Plus, Grand Caravan Cargo Van, Sprinter, and Ram Chassis Cab. Example: Dodge Grand Caravan (24F+CL9) with a Purchase Price of $21,488 financed at 0% for 36 months equals monthly payments of $596.89; cost of borrowing of $0 and a total obligation of $21,488. Pricing includes freight ($1,400) and excludes licence, insurance, registration, any dealer administration fees and other applicable fees and applicable taxes. Dealer order/trade may be necessary. Dealers may sell for less. ■ Variable Prime Rate up to 84 months is offered on most new 2010 vehicles on approved credit to qualified retail customers through TD Financing Services. Biweekly payments shown are based on 84 month terms. Variable rate is TD Prime Rate and fluctuates accordingly. Payments and financing term may increase or decrease with rate fluctuations. Offer not valid for residents of New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Yukon, Nunavut and NWT. Some conditions apply. See participating dealer for complete details. ΔBased on 2010 EnerGuide Fuel Consumption Guide ratings published by Natural Resources Canada. Transport Canada test methods used. Your actual fuel consumption may vary. ‡Based on U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) scoring system for 2010 model year Dodge Grand Caravan. ®SIRIUS and the dog logo are registered trademarks of SIRIUS Satellite Radio Inc. ®Jeep is a registered trademark of Chrysler Group LLC. The Best Buy Seal is a registered trademark of Consumer’s Digest Communications LLC, used under license.

Northeast NEWS

DAB_1003_LB_CAR.indd 1

March 18, 2010

HWY: 8.4L /100 km

(34 mpg) Δ CITY: 12.6L /100 km (22 mpg )


$ NHTSA 5 Star Frontal and Side Impact ‡



21,488 ▼


• 3.3L Flex Fuel V6 engine with automatic transmission • Air conditioning • 3rd row Stow ’n Go® seating • Sunscreen glass • 4-wheel disc brakes with ABS • Media Centre 130 CD/MP3 radio • Electronic Stability Program (ESPTM ) with All-Speed Traction Control • Advanced multistage front air bags & side-curtain air bags • Speed control • Power heated exterior mirrors • Stain Repel seat fabric • 2nd row in-floor storage bins • Power windows and locks


Variable Prime Rate for 72 months A.P.R. Financing for 72 months

Amount Financed: $25,000

Amount Financed: $25,000








in Potential Savings with 2.25% Variable Prime Rate


Toyota Sienna starts at






128 @ 2.25%


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** 2010 Grand Caravan SXT shown.


Canada’s Best Selling Minivan for More Than 25 Years.









Plus Freight /offers

3/11/10 4:18:48 PM

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Northeast NEWS

March 11, 2010

Canada’s best HD. Canada’s best HD. The best seats The best seats in the house.

in the house. • 100 HD channels – more than any other provider

• Canada’s best HD PVR,1 with expandable recording capacity

• 100 HD channels – more than any other provider




• Canada’s best HD PVR,1 with expandable recording capacity

SAVE for $200

BONUS: For a limited time only, get additional savings of $120 on HD programming




SAVE for $200

BONUS: For a limited time only, get additional savings of $120 on HD programming Available at:

10205 13th street , 250 782-8988 Logo 1


Offer ends April 1, 2010. Available to residential customers in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Nunavut, Northwest Territories and Yukon Territory, where access and line of sight permit. A fee in an amount not to exceed 1.5% of your monthly Bell TV charges shall apply to fund Bell’s contribution to the CRTC’s Local Programming Improvement Fund. See Digital service fee ($3/mo. per account) extra. Upon early termination, price adjustment charges apply. Subject to change without notice; not combinable with other offers unless specified. Taxes extra. Other conditions apply. Free HD programming for 1 year: with new account, 4 HD theme packs and purchase of HD receiver/HD PVR (must activate equipment within 60 days). Applied as a $10 credit for 12 months on the account before taxes. The then regular monthly rate applies thereafter.(1) Based on combination of 30-second at:commercial skip function, 9-day programming guide and expandable recording capacity. Additional equipment required.

10205 13th street , 250 782-8988

1 10205-13Logo Street, Dawson Creek, BC (250) 782-8988

10052-100 Avenue, Fort St. John, BC (250) 785-7868

Offer ends April 1, 2010. Available to residential customers in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Nunavut, Northwest Territories and Yukon Territory, where access and line of sight permit. A fee in an amount not to exceed 1.5% of your monthly Bell TV charges shall apply to fund Bell’s contribution to the CRTC’s Local Programming Improvement Fund. See Digital service fee ($3/mo. per account) extra. Upon early termination, price adjustment charges apply. Subject to change without notice; not combinable with other offers unless specified. Taxes extra. Other conditions apply. Free HD programming for 1 year: with new account, 4 HD theme packs and purchase of HD receiver/HD PVR (must activate equipment within 60 days). Applied as a $10 credit for 12 months on the account before taxes. The then regular monthly rate applies thereafter.(1) Based on combination of 30-second commercial skip function, 9-day programming guide and expandable recording capacity. Additional equipment required.

10515-117 Avenue, Grande Prairie, AB (780) 539-3313

280-270 Baseline Rd. Sherwood Park, AB (780) 467-7201

We don’t sell... We help you buy! Hours: Monday to Thursday: 9-6 • Friday: 9-6 • Saturday: 9-6

9701-74 Street, Peace River, AB (780) 624-2521

5003-50 Avenue, Fort Nelson, BC (250) 774-2455

13461-St. Albert Trail, Edmonton, AB (780) 413-7260

FORT CITY CHRYSLER 8424 Alaska Rd., Fort St. John, BC. (250) 787-5220 - 1-877-787-5220

Push Pull Home of the Best Price &

Personalized Service

Or Drag

Receive $1500 or more on any old clunker you trade on qualified purchases! Dealer #10428

Stk# 10AV19

Stk# 29J165

Stk# 29CA121

2009 Dodge Journey Se

2010 Dodge Avenger SE SEDAN

2009 Dodge Caliber SE

4-Speed Automatic

4-Speed Automatic

5-Speed Manual



* Bi-Weekly



* Bi-Weekly



* Bi-Weekly

Stk# 10CG52 Stk# 10C51

Stk# 10R25

2010 Dodge Ram 3500 SLT Crew Cab 4x4

2010 Dodge Challenger R/T Classic Coupe

2010 dodge grand caravan se

6-Speed Automatic

Coupe, 5-Speed Automatic

Stow’n’Go, 4-Speed Automatic



* Bi-Weekly



* Bi-Weekly



* Bi-Weekly

Stk# 10W59 Stk# 29NI42

Stk# 10R43

2010 Dodge Ram 1500 TRX Crew Cab 4x4 5-Speed Automatic



* Bi-Weekly

All payments are 84 month bi-weekly and include $1500 trade allowance. Payments include all taxes & fees($539) and are calculated @ 6.99% interest or less. See dealer for complete details.

2009 Dodge Nitro SXT

2010 jeep wrangler unlimited sport

4-Speed Automatic

4x4, 4-Speed Automatic



* Bi-Weekly




8424 Alaska Rd., Fort St. John, BC. (250) 787-5220

* Bi-Weekly

2009 Chrysler Sebring Touring 4 Door Sedan, 2.7L V-6cyl, 4-Speed Automatic




Stk# PT446

2009 Dodge Dakota SXT quad Cab 4x4 4 Door Truck Short Crew Cab, 4.7L V-8cyl, 5-Speed Automatic




Stk# PT437

2009 Dodge Grand Caravan SE



4 Door Van, 3.3L V-6cyl, 4-Speed Automatic


Stk# PT443

2008 Dodge Grand Caravan SE 4 Door Van, 3.3L V-6cyl, 4-Speed Automatic




Stk# PT448

2008 Dodge Ram 3500 SLT 4 Door Truck Short Quad Cab, 6.7L I-6cyl, Automatic




Stk# PT441

FORT CITY CHRYSLER 8424 Alaska Rd., Fort St. John, BC.

(250) 787-5220 2008 Dodge Ram 1500 sxt 4x4 4 Door Truck Short Quad Cab, 5.7L V-8cyl, 5-Speed Automatic




2007 Pontiac Grand Prix 4 Door Sedan, 3.8L V-6cyl, 4-Speed Automatic




Stk# PT411A

2008 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT Short Quad Cab, 5.7L V-8cyl, 5-Speed Automatic, 4x4






2007 Dodge Ram 3500 Laramie 4 Door Truck Short Quad CabE, 5.9L I-6cyl, Automatic



Stk# 29R169A

2007 Ford F-150 Lariat 4 Door Truck Short Super Cab, 5.4L V-8cyl, 4-Speed Automatic, 4x4




Home of the Best Price &






Stk# PT429



2004 GMC Sierra 1500 SLE Medium Extended Cab, 5.3L V-8cyl, 4-Speed Automatic, 4x4




2009 Pontiac G6 SE 4 Door Sedan, 2.4L 4cyl, Automatic

Stk# PT459

2007 Jeep Compass Sport/North 4 Door SUV,2 .4L I-4cyl, Automatic, 4x4



4 Door Sedan, 2.0L 4cyl, Automatic

Personalized Service


2008 Ford Focus SE 4 Door Sedan, 2.0L 4cyl, Automatic


2009 Ford Focus SE


Stk# PT395A

2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4 Door SUV, 3.7L V-6cyl, 5-Speed Automatic, 4x4



Stk# PT456

2007 Jeep Liberty Sport 4 Door SUV, 3.7L V-6cyl, Automatic, 4x4





Stk# PT425A




Stk# PT452A

2009 Dodge Caliber SXT 4 Door Hatchback, 2.0L I-4cyl, Continuously Variable




Stk# PT433

2009 Suzuki Grand Vitara JX 4 Door SUV, 2.4L I-4cyl, 4-Speed Automatic, 4x4




Stk# PT453

Dealer #10428

Push, Pull Or Drag, cash for clunkers! Push, Pull Or Drag, cash for clunkers!

Push, Pull Or Drag, cash for clunkers! Push, Pull Or Drag, cash for clunkers!

Push, Pull Or Drag, cash for clunkers! Push, Pull Or Drag, cash for clunkers! Push, Pull Or Drag, cash for clunkers! Push, Pull Or Drag, cash for clunkers!

All prices subjectcash to fees of $573.00 and taxes inPush, addition Pull to price.Or See Drag, dealer forcash complete details Push, Pull Or Drag, cash for clunkers! Push, Pull OrareDrag, for clunkers! for clunkers! Push, Pull Or Drag, cash for clunkers!

Northeast News - March 18th, 2010  

March 18th, 2010 Online Edition

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