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February 21, 2013

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New Taylor boat ramp over budget by more than $1 million By Kyla Corpuz TAYLOR – The new Taylor boat launch is four months past its due date and $1.3 million over budget. “It was originally planned to be complete in November 2012, but due to delays in construction and challenging conditions like extreme winter weather … and difficult ground conditions and now we got a strong current and relatively high waters levels to work in … that has slowed us down…,” said BC Hydro spokesperson Bob Gammer. The budget was originally set at $3.7 million and is now estimated to come in at $5 million, but can go as high as $5.5 million, including contingency. Dealing with a “challenging environment, record-low temperatures and difficult ground conditions,” in addition to building two coffer dams instead of one (to ensure dry conditions) has also pushed back the agenda. The area where the new

ramp is being built has proved difficult to keep the water out in order to drive steel sheet pilings to create the cofferdam. The old ramp was removed because it was deemed unsafe. “It was difficult to line up your boat to launch … and the end of the ramp was eroded and so it was dangerous,” said Gammer, who added that the new ramp would align better with the current and would be safer to extend into the water. “So they don’t risk injury to themselves and damage to their boats … we wanted to make sure this was a ramp that was going to be safe.” The government will pay for the ramp, said Gammer. “It’s called a remissible cost … We pay hundreds of millions of dollars for water, but we get a reduction on the water rental that [we] owe to the province, in the value of the boat ramp.” As part of the Peace Water Use Plan BC Hydro is required to provide access to the Peace River as well as the Williston and Dinosaur reservoirs. Gammer said despite the delay in constructing the new ramp, BC Hydro has not received any backlash from residents. “We realize that this is the busiest boat ramp and so we have provided alternate sites,” he said, such as the Old Fort and Halfway boat ramp.

Financial case against Site C “A new licenced family daycare and spots are available for all ages”

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Stella Aikoroje Licensed Daycare Owner

10424-114a Avenue Fort St. John, BC V1J 0C6


Area C residents Rick Koechl and Mike Kroecher meet with the PRRD when they first proposed the idea of the Shepard Energy Centre last October as an alternate for Site C.

By Kyla Corpuz FORT ST. JOHN – Two Fort St. John residents aren’t buying BC Hydro’s financial case for Site C, which claims to be the most viable option for rate payers when it comes to energy supply. Rick Koechl and Mike Kroecher have come up with their own finance summary that they believe puts thermal energy (natural gas plant) in a better position when it comes to cost and environmental impacts. “When it comes to the “most cost effective resource options” no one could argue the fact that at $7.9 billion capital cost for Ph: (250) 782-2050 Site C versus the natural gas, Fax: (250) 782-2060 Ron Harder Shepard facility, is a bargain PRESIDENT Toll Free: 1-877-931-2050 at $1.3 billion,” writes Koechl and Kroecher in a letter to the Northeast News. Box 930, Dawson Creek, BC, Canada V1G 4H9 “For the same megawatt outcome, the Site C project will be a minimum of six times more expensive to construct. Shepard will produce more energy than Site C with a mere 60-acre footprint.” The total Shepard natural gas facility would ring in at $30.37 per MWh, compared to Site C’s latest 2013 figure of $110 5 Name Brands ~ Good Quality ~ Best Sale Prices MWh, according to Koechl. Call The Blind Man 250-785-5754 He added that 88 per cent of the actual Site C unit energy 9811-114A ave Fort St John cost would be incurred by the

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