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February 21, 2013


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Spectra Energy presents proposed natural gas pipeline By Jill Earl DAWSON CREEK - The final decision on whether or not Spectra Energy’s proposed natural gas pipeline will be built is not expected for a couple years but company representatives continue their public outreach. On Feb. 14, Spectra’s community coordinator of special projects, Franca Petrucci, and community coordinator, Jay Morrison, visited the Peace River Regional District to give directors an overview of the project’s description. The new pipeline will be approximately 850 km in length and will have the capacity to move 4.2 billion cubic feet of natural gas a day; transporting the natural gas from northeastern B.C. to BG Group’s proposed liquid natural gas plant on Ridley Island. Spectra Energy will share 50 per cent of the project’s interest with BG Group. The estimated cost of the project is between $6 billion to $8 billion. In addition to the pipeline, Spectra is also proposing to build five compressor stations along the route and two new metering stations. Petrucci says that Spectra has not decided on a route yet, but are seriously considering two options. She said that the final decision would depend on decisions from the B.C. Environmental Assessment Office as well as feedback from communities. During route planning, engineers will avoid running the pipe through abandoned mines, historic landmarks, cemeteries, documented cultural sites, hazardous waste sites and landfills. To reduce environmental impacts they will also avoid rock outcrops, severe terrain, minimize the length of the pipe and minimize side slope crossings. They list optimal crossing locations as National Forest Service land, parkways, parks or trails, residential subdivisions, commercial areas, planned highways and other planned developments.

“The route that we’re working on is a conceptual route, it can areas. change, it’s not in stone yet and it’s been based on the past year The pipe will be anywhere from 36 to 48 inches in diameter of conversations with First Nations, the community, the engi- and will be coated with a corrosion-resistant non-conductive neers, the environmental assessments, looking at all our options, coating. Morrison said that the thickness of pipe in different arso again it is conceptual‌we’re tweaking it according to the eas depends on a number of variables such as the nature of the information that we’re getting back from folks,â€? said Petrucci. gas inside the pipe and the proximity to the population surroundIn the PRRD the pipe would run close to Hudson’s Hope and ing the pipe, he assures that safety is held as a top priority. Chetwynd, Petrucci says that she doesn’t expect the area to be “There are a variety of wall thicknesses used in pipelines, but largely impacted if the pipeline is built, but imagines that the they are all determined to be of a standard that will absolutely area may see an increase in Continued on Page 20. the demand for workers in the natural gas industry. Spectra Energy submitted their project description to the BCEAO last November, Petrucci says that the company expects to hear back in 2015. “It’s not a done deal, we’ve got a couple of years to do our • ELECTRICAL & INSTRUMENTATION CONSTRUCTION AND work, make a decision, if they MAINTENANCE decide it’s a green light and they go ahead with it, then they • 24 HR SERVICE will start construction probably • SERVICING ALL AREAS OF NORTHEAST BC mid to end 2015 and hopefully be in service by 2019,â€? she Dawson Creek Fort St. John Fort Nelson said. 612 - 108 Ave 10215 Alaska Rd Box 3787 One concern brought up by 250-782-6909 (Tel) 250-785-9072 (Tel) 444 - 50th Ave N the directors was the safety of 250-782-6912 (Fax) 250-785-9073 (Fax) 250-774-4161 (Tel) the pipe. Chair Karen Good250-785-9073 (Fax) ings questioned the thickness and Spectra’s practices of using ELECTRIC & CONTROLS thinner pipe in rural and remote

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Jay Morrison and Franca Petrucci of Spectra presented at the PRRD meeting last week.



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