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February 16, 2012 - Vol. 9 - No. 7


Premier addresses LNG impacts on Peace region By Kyla Corpuz

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NORTHEAST B.C. – Following the Liberal’s announcement to build two liquefied natural gas plants on B.C.’s west coast, Premier Christy Clark exposes the need for Site C, reassures fracking in B.C., addresses Treaty 8’s concerns and affirms job creation. In a phone interview on Feb. 8 Clark told the Northeast News that the proposed Site C dam, which is currently undergoing an environmental assessment, is an “absolutely crucial” component to execute the LNG strategy. Clark said there is currently enough power to energize the first plant and half of the second one with clean energy. But the third plant, which is projected to be running by 2020, will rely on Site C’s approval for power. Site C has been a contentious issue in the Peace, when asked what would happen if Site C were turned down, Clark replied: “Well, I’m very hopeful that it will go. It’s necessary to make the LNG plan work so we’re a long way from the decision, so we haven’t worked out a Plan B yet.” Clark went on to address Treaty 8 First Nation’s concerns. While the Liberals work toward producing the “world’s cleanest burning fossil fuel,” the development of natural gas fields leaves “devastating” cultural impacts for First Nations, according to a Treaty 8 Tribal Association press release. The Consultation Process Agreements between the province and Treaty 8 expired last April, and according to the press release, it has not been renewed because the province failed to properly implement past agreements. “We are willing to work with the province to find solutions but the Province needs to come to the table with something meaningful. My people have had enough of being ignored and treated like our rights and traditions don’t matter,” said Chief Harley Davis of Saulteau First Nations. However the stalled CPA doesn’t concern Clark, she believes it will not affect natural gas development for the LNG. “I know they’re going to come to agreements,” she said. “All this is

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Rick Hansen’s community connection Arts Festival - Page 29

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By Kyla Corpuz NORTHEAST B.C. – Before Rick Hansen was known as the Man in Motion, he was a young teenager playing in northeast B.C.’s backyard. As a preteen, Larry Espe, who is now the superintendent of School District 60 recalls summers in Montney where he befriended Hansen. Espe and Hansen’s grand parents both lived in Montney and Hansen used to visit in the summer. As young teenagers, Espe and his friends invited Hansen to play basketball, and many of their summer days were spent shooting hoops. Espe remembers Hansen as an amazing athlete. “He was always the best pitcher, the best player. He was the same age as my friends and Story continued on Page 3.

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Julie Schemenauer met Rick Hansen before he became the Man In Motion.


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Northeast NEWS

February 16, 2012

Stakeholders attend open house to form Regional Workforce Table By Jill Earl

DAWSON CREEK- More then 60 representatives from stakeholder groups including, Aboriginal communities, post-secondary institutions, school districts, regional districts, municipal representatives, and employers met to discuss current and future labour market needs in a Regional Workforce Table Open House hosted at the Centre of Excellence for Clean Energy Technology at Northern Lights College on Feb. 10th. The creation of Regional Workforce Tables across the province is a commitment by the Province in the Canada Starts Here: BC Jobs Plan. The goal of the tables is to bring the local expertise of industry, labour, employers, training service providers, and other leaders together to identify economic development

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opportunities, discuss how to best align training programs to jor industries, but also expected for multi sectors such as adminmeet regional labour needs, and ensure that training programs istration and health positions. are aligned with economic demand. “It’s really important that when we look at solutions and we “Today was an open house forum with the goal of setting the have these types of regional discussion we have those industry ground rules for the regional workforce roundtable that’s going partners at the table, but we also need to have the other sectors to happen in the region...The ultimate deliverable is to figure out and we need to look at it from a community base perspective with people who understand the huge opportunities and chal- because really these issues will impact more then just employers lenges in the Northeast, how to align skills training to make sure they will impact communities if we don’t make sure we’re meetthat the companies that want to grow here can get the skills train- ing the skills gaps predicted,” Rancourt said. ing that they need,” said Dr. Moira Stilwell, Parliamentary Sec“To understand the economic contribution of the Northeast retary for Industry, Research, and Innovation in the Ministry of and what is required to continue to harness that engine is really Jobs, Tourism, and Innovation. important, so for me to hear industry, and first nations, and post “Over the next decade, labour market forecasts show that the secondary talk and to see how well they are already talking is Northeast will have the highest rate of growth for workers of all really important for government because we want to know that regions in British Columbia. Planning and getting ready for that these funds are being spent well and you clearly have what’s future is crucial and a primary focus of today’s event,” said Pat required to do that,” said Stilwell on the benefits of having a Pimm, MLA for Peace River North. diverse group of stakeholders at the open house. Continued on Page 8. President and CEO of Northern Lights College, Laurie Rancourt, says that one of the problems identified in the discussion was a labour market gap. In the future, it’s predicted that the region will have more jobs then skilled workers. “We’re looking at an increase in job openings in the Northeast that outpaces the provincial average, we’re going to be at about 1.7% higher then the provincial average with respect to the creation of new jobs that is, a little more then 50% of that will be due to retirements that will be occurring, and about 41% of that is due to new jobs that will be created by the economic activity that is going on in the area, so we’re looking at about 18,000 jobs over the next 10 years. So the numbers are quite staggering,” RanWWW.CRANEMATS.CA court said. Rancourt Crane Mats says that job Hardwood Wedges, openings are Jill Earl photo Pipeline Blocking, not only ex- Dr. Moira Stilwell, Parliamentary Secretary, attended with Regional Workforce pected for ma- Table open house in Dawson Creek last Friday, as well as the open house in TerCall 604-462-7517 race in Jan.


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Northeast NEWS

February 16, 2012

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years knowing what he had done to increase accessibility,” said Slater, chair of the Fort St. John’s Mayor’s Disability Advisory Committee. “I am so passionate about the same thing,” she said over the phone. In addition to her role as the chair of the MDAC, she’s also an ambassador for the Rick Hansen Foundation. She made frequent visits to the Vancouver office but never got the chance to run into Hansen himself. An invitation to attend Hansen’s acceptance for his honorary law degree in Prince George was a “dream come true”. Espe, Schemenauer and Slater have not seen Hansen in years, but his down-to-earth personality makes it easy to rekindle old   Facial  aesthetics   friendships. Facial  aesthetics   Isabel   The last time Espe saw Medical  Botox   Isabe Medical  Botox   [Your  Titl Hansen was at a conference 15 Cosmetic  Botox   [Your  T Cosmetic   Botox   years ago. “He remembered all Fillers   [Your  E-­‐Ma Fillers   the guys I played ball with,” and Laser   [Your   E-­‐ [Web   Addre Laser     even recalled summers when Book  online  at   [Web  Ad   they used to play tag in the Book   online  at     [Street  Add creek bank and willows behind     [City],   or  email   [StatA [Street   the Montney ball diamond. [Postal   Cod   or   email   [City],   [S “I haven’t actually seen [Postal  C   Phone 250-787-0010 him for 25 years,” said Schemenauer. “Yet when you 11116 100th Avenue, Fort St. John, BC Isabel  Leeuwner   talk to him on the phone you Isabel   just pick up where you left off. Isabel  Leeuwner   [Your  Title]   [Your  Titl Slater and Schemenauer Isabe are both involved in rais[Your   T itle]   [Your   [Your  E-­‐Mail]   [Your   E-­‐MaT ing awareness for accessibil[Web  Address]   [Web  Addre ity. Schemenauer started the [Your  E-­‐Mail]   [Your  E-­‐ Schools In Motion program at [Web  Address]   [Web  Ad [Street   A ddress]   [Street   Add Hudson’s Hope School because T:   [ Your   P hone]   [City],  [State]   [City],  [Stat of Hansen. F:  [Your  Fax]   [Postal  Code]   [Postal  Cod [Street  Address]   [Street  A Hansen is set to visit Fort T:   [ Your   P hone]   [City],   [ State]   [City],  [S St. John as one of the offF:  [Your  Fax]   [Postal  Code]   [Postal  C route communities on Mar. 21. Tel 780-538-3900 Fax 780-532-8558 He’s wheeling across Canada Isabel  Leeuwner   Isabel   for the 25th Man in Motion [Your   T itle]   [Your  Titl Anniversary.  

Rick Hansen and Tim Frick.

Rick Hansen

Submitted photos

Isabel Leeuwner   [Your  E-­‐Mail]  

$159 + Taxes

Story continued from Front Page. I, and he played ball out there right until he was hurt.” Hansen was 15 when his life changed. After a day of fishing, Hansen and his friends hopped into the back of a pick up truck. The driver had been drinking, and an unexpected turn threw Hansen out of the back. He sustained a spinal cord injury and was paralyzed from the waist down. As a young teenager he had yet to see how many lives he would inspire. Julie Schemenauer is a resident of Hudson’s Hope. She met Hansen Lori Slater and Rick Hansen through her brother Tim Frick, who trained both Hansen and Terry Fox. Frick brought Hansen up north to go hunting several times. Before a day out in the woods, Schemenauer used to feed and take care of them she said. It was about 30 years ago, when Hansen was sitting at her kitchen table. “I can remember just as clear as day.” It wasn’t long after Terry Fox died when he told her: “I’m going to wheel around the world in a wheelchair.” She remembers telling him: “If anyone can do it, you can. You got the guts, determination.” “It’s really important to him to spread the message about accessibility and disability, and he wanted to get rid of the wheel chair and find the cure for spinal cord injury,” said Schemenauer. Hansen’s accomplishment is widespread, capturing attention of audiences around the globe, including one woman in particular: Lori Slater. “I had admired him for 25


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Northeast NEWS

February 16, 2012

CASI Beans and Jeans dance gets overwhelming support By Jill Earl

vacuum cleaner and bending and that can be a real challenge, but we actually hire the people to go in and do the cleaning and the senior will pay for part of it if they are able to. We have a scale to make sure that everybody can access the service, so if a senior is not quite making enough to pay for that we have a subsidy we can make available for seniors so they can access that service to. So the money that comes in is going right back out to seniors,” said Linda Studley, CASI Coordinator. Studley says that of all the programs offering assistance at CASI, house-cleaning help is requested the most. “The response and the need for help with this particular service, the house cleaning, is actually very strong. It is the service that is actually asked for the most from CASI, and we want to do our best to make sure we have that money available if we need it, so that we don’t have to turn anybody away,” Studley said. At the dinner and dance, CASI also hosted a live and silent auction to help raise a little extra money for their non-profit organization. “We have a whole bunch of amazing things that have just been donated to the auction,” Studley said. Included in a long list of over 80 donations is: two roundtrip tickets to Vancouver donated by Central Mountain Air, a rose dipped in 24 karat gold, furniture, pedicures, manicures, signed hockey jerseys, and a 24 1/2 pound farm raised turkey, among many others. Studley says the amount of support has been overwhelming, she says that people even offered up donations at she was completing daily errands. “The support has been huge…We’ve got like 80 sponsors, people who have donated anything from actual funds to help us with different expenses right up to all of these auction items, food, even Smuckers of Canada have donated coupons for pickles. Everybody got in on the action. Encana was wonderful too, they came up with 2,000 and that was you know you have to rent for your hall, and insurance, and stuff like that, it sure helped,” Studley said. Though overwhelmed but the support Studley is not surprised by it. “It’s really heartwarming when it happens, but it doesn’t surprise me because I’ve lived in this town for a lot of years, and this town is really really generous, and if they believe in a cause, if they believe in it, they will support it. They just make you proud they support it so well,” Studley said. CASI is still technically a pilot project in Dawson Creek BC has doubled lumber exports to China in one year. Commodity exports to India were up 74% in and in four other cities in the province funded by the Provthe last year alone. Expanding relationships with the world’s fastest growing economies is just one ince and the United Way. aspect of the BC Jobs Plan. Enabling job creation, supporting small business start-ups, and continuing Originally the project was set up to last until Mar. but acinvestments in infrastructure and skills training are just some of the ways the BC Jobs Plan is helping to cording to Studley, they have create jobs for BC families. the opportunity to apply for another year of funding to pay their basic bills. To learn more about how the BC Jobs Plan works for you and your family, or to share your ideas, visit “We’re raising money to BC Jobs help seniors stay independently in their homes and that’s a pretty big thing and it’s a special thing...Seniors who have been so independent and have given the community so much throughout the years, and they just need a little bit of help so they can stay independent in their homes. So this is a really good cause,” Studley said.

DAWSON CREEK- Gaining and maintaining independence is important to anybody, Community Action for Seniors Independence hosted a Beans and Jeans dance Feb. 11th to help Dawson Creek seniors keep theirs. With a $20 admission ticket, attendees were treated to BBQ beans along with meats, salads, cheese, and all sorts of delicious goodies. Country rock band, Contraband, kept dancers on their feet until midnight. CASI provides 80 Dawson Creek seniors living independently with transportation, yard workers, snow removal help, house maintenance, and house cleaning help with the assistance of 24 community volunteers. This particular fundraiser’s proceeds went to their house-cleaning program. “It’s actually going towards subsidies that we offer to seniors, we send somebody into help with cleaning in their homes. Just basic house cleaning can sometimes be a real challenge when you’re dealing with things like arthritis or have had surgeries or whatever. Simple things like pushing a

111117602-2 BC Jobs-Forestry-BP.indd 1

2/10/12 12:13 PM

Northeast NEWS

February 16, 2012

Page 5

Balanced budget: raised taxes, hold on new projects By Kyla Corpuz

FORT ST. JOHN – Removing the $1.2 million-deficit to meet a balanced operating budget means increases in taxes and holding off on new projects. While the total dollar amount for revenues and expenses will not be finalized until the end of March, city staff presented the proposed budget to the public on Feb. 6. To keep costs down, only four of 16 proposed new projects are recommended to move forward: district energy heating, downtown revitalization plan, market vacancy study and micro-hydro design study, which total in at $270,000. These four projects are recognized as top-priority to keep the community growing at a credible rate, and become more environmentally sound. “We need to take a look at what is sustainable, what is going to bring us to our end goal, what is going to offset some of these carbon dollars—that we’re paying out right now, for really nothing,” said Mayor Lori Ackerman. “So if we can decrease our green house gas footprint and bring some of that money back home then it’s a win-win.” In addition to staying within a balanced budget a number of recommendations were made by council: three per cent increase in tax revenue, two-and-a-half per cent transfer from Fair Share, maintaining the level of current city staff and moving over $1.6 million from the Tax Stabilization Account. Fair Share is money given back by provincial government to communities that contribute to natural resource, which funds capital budget. However, in this case the shortfall in the original proposed operating budget saw the need to take out a small per cent from Fair Share to equalize revenue and expenditure. Also, possibly sacrificing the addition of nine city staff cuts $600,000 from expenditures, a contributing factor to lowering the deficit. Ackerman said it would be hard without the extra labour, especially with the city’s growth, so council may be revisiting this area. “We are understaffed for the size of the community that we have,” she said. The positions on the brink range from corporate administration, planning and engineering, public works and utilities, RCMP detachment, economic development and community services. Ackerman and Coun. Larry Evans felt the decisions that brought them to a stabilized budget seem fit and favourable by the public. “The lack of the general public here tells me we’re doing okay,” said Evans. “I mean, that’s what it conveys to me. If somebody was really up and arms about something, they would be here—the people here are interested in what’s going on.”

Story continued on Page 10.

Confessing to the Taxman By H&R Block

In 2004, there were an estimated 10,000 eBay PowerSellers in Canada. The PowerSeller designation is given to sellers who have at least $1,000 US in sales per month and allows them to access support services and special promotions. Even if the seller started as a hobby, generating thousands of dollars in sales can have major tax implications but the CRA could not identify the PowerSellers. The CRA requested eBay disclose contact information for PowerSellers and though the company fought the request, the courts decided in favour of the CRA. Though many eBay PowerSellers were already declaring their income from online sales, there are some who are now wondering about the tax consequences. Fortunately, there are options for taxpayers who need to disclose information to the CRA. It is always better to contact the CRA first rather than wait until they request additional details. The Voluntary Disclosure Program allows taxpayers to come forward and correct inaccurate or incomplete information they may have provided. They can also disclose information they have not reported during previous filings with the CRA. In order to be considered valid, your disclosure should be voluntary, complete, must involve an application of potential penalty, and the information included must be at least one year past due. You cannot make a voluntary disclosure if the CRA already started an investigation or other enforcement action against you. If the CRA accepts a disclosure, the taxpayer is not charged penalties or prosecuted but the tax liabilities remain. The disclosure does not absolve the taxpayer of their tax bill or the interest on the debt. In some circumstances, the CRA may grant partial relief on interest for reporting periods over the three most recent years. The taxpayer has to complete Form RC199 (Taxpayer Agreement – Voluntary Disclosure Program). Each submission is examined individually and it is up to the Ministry of National Revenue to accept or deny an application. The Minister is not obligated to grant relief just because a taxpayer has filled out the paperwork. However, if relief is denied or partly granted, the CRA provides the reasons for the decision. Voluntary disclosure does extend beyond personal income tax. Businesses can also apply if they have failed to report GST/HST or the proper source deductions for their employees. For individual taxpayers, the reasons to file Voluntary Disclosure can range from failing to report tax income to claiming ineligible expenses. If a taxpayer is not granted an exception under the Voluntary Disclosure program, they can file a Notice of Objection and appeal the assessment. Or if needed, they can take the matter to a judicial level. In Canada, the onus is on the taxpayer to declare income from all sources. Omitting information from your tax return can be costly.

A tax professional at H&R Block can talk about other credits and deductions that may affect you. Call us as 250 785 7549. This article provides only an overview of the regulations in force at the date of publication, and no action should be taken without consulting the detailed legislation or seeking professional advice. Therefore no responsibility for loss occasioned by any person acting or refraining from action as a result of the material contained in this bulletin can be accepted by H&R Block Canada, Inc.

Kyla Corpuz photo

A public meeting was held at council chambers on Feb. 6 for residents to discuss the proposed 2012 Operating Budget with city staff and councillors.

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February 16, 2012

Northeast NEWS


Awards Season has Arrived This weekend were the 54th Annual Grammy awards which was also dubbed music’s biggest night and it was just that. The show played host to artists from all walks of life and genre’s from Adele to Bruce Springsteen and a few inbetween. I bring up award shows as later this month there is an opportunity to enjoy one of the biggest award shows there is, the Oscars. Stage North is bringing the Oscars to the big screen as a fundraiser for the group. You can watch them live at On The Rocks on Sunday, February 26 as part of Stage North’s Oscar Night on the Big Screen. This event will also launch the wearable fashions from recycled movie films event. For the past few months, artists have been using old movie theatre film and creating one of a kind fashions. Stage North has partnered with Northern Environmental Action Team who has recycling at the top of their list and the Fort St. John Community Arts Council who encourages new creative projects. Along with Dimitri Karampalas at On the Rocks, Stage North and Fort St. John will be the first to stage a fashion show and art exhibit with recycled movie film. See the Academy Awards and the unique showcase of fashions and art forms made from recycled movie film at Oscar Night on the Big Screen, Sunday, February 26, at On the Rocks Nightclub. Doors open at 5pm, Oscars start at 6pm. Fashion Competition 7:30pm. Tickets only $15 available online at tickets. or the NPCC box office. Phone 250-7856214 for further information. Brent

Peace River North MLA Report ~ Helping Make a House a Home By Pat Pimm, Peace River North MLA Nothing is perhaps as important as having a place to call home. It is a sanctuary; a place to welcome friends, and a space to bring families together. But for many, a clean, comfortable, accessible home is something that is out of reach. Financial circumstances often stand in the way of making a house or apartment anything more than just a space for living. Thankfully, a new program has just been announced that can help people in need turn a house into a home. The Home Adaptations for Independence (HAFI) program is designed to help eligible homeowners and landlords pay for modifications which improve access to existing parts of a home and make getting around a little easier. HAFI provides up to $20,000 in the form of a forgivable loan to low-income seniors and people with disabilities, and can be used towards renovations and retrofits that include handrails, ramps, lifts and bathroom grab bars. In short, it will help them create a home that is more comfortable, safer, and more accessible. Perhaps most importantly, it does so while allowing them to retain their independence and improve their quality of life.

The HAFI program represents an investment of $15 million over the next three years, with all funding shared equally by the provincial and federal governments. Eligible applicants will not have to pay back the loan if they adhere to program requirements, which include continuing to live in the home and limiting rent increases for tenants. This is a great investment. Now people who might be having a tough time moving around the house can make modifications so they can stay in their own home. Think of the difference that will make: rather than moving to a care facility, they’ll be able to remain in their community, close to friends and family, and maintain their independent lifestyle. To be eligible for a loan, you must be a low-income senior or person with a disability living in your own home or rental accommodations. You must be a Canadian citizen or a landed immigrant, and you must permanently reside in British Columbia. In addition, you or any member of your household must have a permanent disability or a loss of ability which causes difficulty with daily living activities. Finally, the assessed value of your home must be less than the limit established for our area. Tenants in rental accommodations can apply for assistance with the

help of their landlord. The modifications must be permanent and fixed to your home. Exceptions can be made for equipment designed to improve access to existing facilities, such as bath lifts. While every case is different, the most common types of adaptations will be handrails, access ramps and walk-in showers with safety bars. As this program is designed to help make accessibility improvements within a home, portable aids such as walkers or scooters—as well as household appliances—are not eligible for the program. Emergency repairs to roofs and furnaces, as well as regular household maintenance work are also not covered. Our government is working hard to improve the lives of seniors and people with disabilities, and this program is a direct result of our commitment to them. HAFI is a great step forward in promoting safe and independent living, and provides real solutions for accessibility issues. This is a wonderful program, and I urge everyone who is eligible to apply for a loan. For more information on the program and how to apply for assistance visit the HAFI website at: For any further information please contact my office. • 9909-100 Avenue, Fort St. John, BC V1J 1Y4 • Phone toll free 1-877-787-7030 • Phone: 250-787-7030 • Fax: 250-787-7090 Email: • • • • 1220B 103 Avenue, Dawson Creek, V1G 2G9 • Phone: 250-782-7060 • Fax: 250-782-7066 •

Brenda Piper Publisher / Sales Manager

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Lisa MacElheren Sales

Kristine Budac Sales

Evelyne Brown Administration

Kyla Corpuz Reporter

Jill Earl Reporter

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Northeast NEWS


February 16, 2012

Page 7

Harper’s Dictatorial Arrogance

Old Age Security does not need change

Dear Editor, I find Bob Zimmer’s comments,in his letter entitled ”Protecting the Pensions of Canadians”, irritating to say the least. His government says Old Age Security (OAS) is not sustainable in its current form. Other experts in this field say it is sustainable. It is currently a controversial issue. Personally, I do not want OAS eligibility raised above 65 years of age. It should not be necessary. Due to rising pollution levels, caused by environmentally irresponsible governments like Harper’s, rising cancer rates, obesity etc. are reducing life expectancy. Stephen Harper with his typical dictatorial arrogance announced changes to Canada’s OAS when he was in Davos, before there had been any democratic discussion on the subject. What a bizarre situation! What interest would foreign governments have in Canada’s OAS? Canada’s government is democratic, at least it was until Stephen Harper came on the scene. Pensions are an important issue that deserve full discussion and input by all parties. Bob’s attempt to credit the Harper Dictatorship with the future sustainability of OAS is ludicrous. Canadians had pensions before Bob Zimmer was born and before anyone had even heard of Stephen Harper. Also, keep it in mind that our pensions do NOT come from the Harper Government. They come from the tax dollars of Canadians, of which 61% did NOT vote for Stephen Harper. OAS is just another issue where Stephen Harper and his so-called Conservative Government (a political dog’s breakfast) are probably wrong, as they have been on almost every issue since they have been in government. Thank you. Ed Pitt Dawson Creek, B.C.

Dear Editor, MP Bob Zimmer boasts on his website that “Canadians gave us a strong mandate to help seniors improve their quality of life.” So why does he claim that he needs to cut your Old Age pension to make it sustainable? Nothing could be further from the truth.1 In fact, experts from the OECD, leading universities, and the government itself have all said our Old Age Security (OAS) program does NOT face major challenges, and there’s no pressing need for change! Canada’s Parliamentary Budget Officer says that Old Age Security is sustainable beyond the year 2082. Payments today cost 2.4% of our national GDP. When the Boomers max out in 2031, that percentage will climb to 3.1% but then drop off again. Conservatives like Bob Zimmer are really trying to raid your retirement savings to pay for their extreme ideological agenda. They say current seniors won’t see their benefits cuts, but they aren’t saying anything about tomorrow’s seniors - hard working Canadians who have based their retirement plans around having Old Age pensions available to them. The fact is, more than half of Old Age pensions go to seniors earning less than $25,000 year. Canadians workers have paid taxes their entire careers expecting that these benefits will be available to them when they turn 65. Raising the age for OAS will mean that some will have to stay longer in the workforce, whether they’re physically up to it or not. Seniors’ poverty rates could rise by one-third. That’s just not right – not in a successful country like Canada. Scott Brison, MP Liberal Party of Canada Finance Critic 1 =

Would you like to voice your opinion in print? Email your Letter to the Editor to: Please include: Name, Phone Number and Community

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Northeast NEWS

February 16, 2012

of you finishing your college diploma, or engineering degree is obviously reduced,” said Stilwell, adding that the idea of only completContinued from Page 2. ing kindergarten to grade 12 is very outdated. Stilwell says that the Northeast is responStilwell also says that working with school sible for a large portion of the provincial rev- districts and attracting skilled workers from enue, and that the creation of the Regional other provinces and countries will likely be Workforce Table is important to maintaining apart of the solution. Stilwell sat in on the first that. She says that one of the purposes of the roundtable discussions in Terrace, and said table is to create long-term sustainable jobs that the two regions have some similarities in in communities where can live in their whole their labour needs. lives. Stilwell says that a lot of these jobs will “I would say there are similarities and difrequire post-secondary education, which will ferences but the big challenge that both rebe a barrier for some students in the region, as gions face that people understand is that you the region’s high school completion rates are have jobs without people, who you have way below the provincial average. chronically listed jobs that require technical “If you don’t finish high school, the chance and applied technical skills that even when unemployment is high those jobs are unfilled, so we need to figure how to make sure the people in the region have the education and skills and you have then people without jobs. So we need to make sure that people are finishing high school, getting through college, studying the kinds of things that industry says we Here is a picture will have long term sustainable long term jobs for the of our german people, so that’s a challenge shephard puppy in every region but those two Gabby. regions where there’s major projects in the north and maEmail your pet’s photo jor demands are similar to the broad needs here,” she said. to Discussion of last day’s Open House will be for a chance to win a online for public viewing and commenting, to be put special prize from the into a summary. The public will have the opportunity to North Peace fill out nomination forms and Veterinary Clinic communicate to the province what types of organizations and people should sit on the 1 pet will be chosen each week and will be Regional Workforce Table, featured in the Northeast News. from there the table will be Each pet chosen will be entered into a draw formed. for a monthly prize supplied by the

Workforce Table

Pet Photo of the Week

North Peace Veterinary Clinic

Hired Equipment Registration Peace District

The Peace District of the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure is creating its hired equipment list for the 2012/13 fiscal year.

Any individuals or companies not registered in 2011, but wishing to have equipment listed, are hereby invited to contact the District Office either in person or by phone to obtain the appropriate registration forms. Equipment can only be registered in one area, and seniority is not transferable between areas. Only owned or lease-to-own equipment is eligible for registration. Note that while you do not need to have Commercial (Comprehensive) General Liability insurance, or up-to-date WorkSafeBC coverage to register, you will have to meet these requirements prior to working on any ministry projects. The deadline for new registrations is 4:30 p.m. on Friday, March 23, 2012. Late registrations will be accepted, but will be put at the bottom of the open list. Note that there is no charge for registering new equipment, or for changing or deleting equipment information already listed. Register by March 23, 2012 at: Peace District Office 10003 110th Avenue, Suite 300, Fort St. John or contact District Clerk Chrystal Jones by telephone at 250 787-3315 to have the forms faxed or e-mailed to you.

Fort St. John skater headed to Nationals, again By Jill Earl

DAWSON CREEK- 18 year old Fort St. John local Darlene Jakubowski is headed to the 2012 National Winter Games for Special Olympics, Feb. 28-Mar.3, in St. Albert, Alta. This isn’t Jakubowski’s first time competing, she competed in the World’s competition four years ago and took home a gold and a silver medal. Her sport is figure skating, and it has been ever since she was seven. The first time Jakubowski put on a pair of skates was when she was six, they were way to big for her but walking on ice with the help of her father and cousin, she decided she wanted to do it again. “They were miles too big but whatever, we put a whole bunch of socks on and… she said I like this I want to do this... So I bought her a pair of skates...and took her down to the Taylor Rink...and that’s where she started to push herself around and then she’s seen all these skaters come out and do all this stuff and she said I want to do what they do, ‘so follow them, do what they’re doing’,” said Leona Jakubowski, Darlene’s mom. “I saw some skaters skating and I decided I wanted to do it,” said Darlene on how she became interested in skating. With the assistance of a walker, Darlene learned how to skate and eventually found coaches in Dawson Creek and Prince George to help upgrade her skills, and has been practicing with coach Jenn Harcort for four years. Darlene travels to Dawson Creek three times a week to practice, and spends six weeks in Prince George over the summer with another coach. “She does lots of exercise, she stretches at least a half an hour a day- and that’s minimum, and when she walks the walking track in Fort St. John, she puts on anywhere between 10-25 laps around the track there, and then she normally stretches after that to make sure her muscles are ready,” said Leona. Darlene’s road to success has been long and hard. Darlene was diagnosed with Cornelia de Lange Syndrome, a genetic disorder that can lead to developmental ANOMALIES. When she was younger the syndrome effected Darlene’s muscles, she couldn’t sit up or lift her head, she couldn’t pull her feet apart and put them back together, her fingers and eyes didn’t work well together either. It was only after doing several daily exercises that she gained those skills. “So we worked with her to do these exercises, and then of course the skating really helps her,” Leona said. “She’s got her mind set on one something, she’ll do it until she’s got it,” she added. Leona noticed that figure skating didn’t only help Darlene physically, but mentally as well. “We found that the last few years in junior high, she’d skate in the morning before she went to school, and they found that this really enhanced the brain because it got lots of extra oxygen in it and everything else. She could do a lot more work, comprehend a lot more, and learn and it was just a plus,” Leona said. Darlene’s positive attitude, determination, and hard work has landed her in level 5 of 6 levels in technical competition at Nationals. “She’s moved up in levels in Nationals. Last time at Nationals she was level four, and she got all golds so that means she has to move up to the next level,” said Leona. “If I can land my axel, I’ll be in level 6,” Darlene said. With her commitment to skating, she’s bound to land her axel soon. Darlene hopes to work with CanSkate in the future, an organization she already volunteers with, teaching children how to skate. “I want to teach CanSkate, is what I want to do,” Darlene said. “Oh she loves to work with the CanSkate kids, she works with them every Monday afternoon. They’re just little kids that don’t know how to skate yet, and she helps them out and does all that stuff,” said Leona. W i n n i n g the Yes I Can! Award provincially and internationally in 2010 is a testament to her dediMoTI Ad #899 C cation. Leona Peaceachieving District Hired says herEquipment goals, and succeeding motivates her daughter.Northeast News “She wants to 240 do better, lines she wants to win the (3 columns x 80 lines) golds, so she has to work at it. No 5.04” X 5.71” body else can do it but her,” said Jill Earl photo Leona. Darlene Jakubowski practices at memorial arena before heading to Nationals later this month. Jakubowski says she is never nervous before competitions.

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February 16, 2012

February 17, 2011

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Ladies Bonspiel

Northeast NEWS


FORT ST. JOHN – The Fort Motor’s Rink skipped by Jodi Busche won the FSJ Ladies Editor: staff, and has been able to recruit Bonspiel experienced many departments. The in aleaders tightly in contested battle that went I have beenGrande proud toPrairie’s work with them. The past five and a half years in the Peace Country as President and CEO of leadership team members are exceptional an extraand end against Carolyn Further, the clarity of the College's vision isteam. attractingJodi, experienced professionals Northern Lights College have been very fulfilling. Fredland Jill Hage, Shawna that "knows it isstole going". The potential I noted for NLC when I decided to apply for this position is who want to contribute to an organization Hartman, and Cindywhere Peever three in the It also has been gratifying to collaborate programming with local evolving and becoming a reality. The addition extra endontoDual earnCredit the win. The A event was agencies and other post-secondary partners of the Centre of Excellence for Clean Energy School Districts, industry, Aboriginal sponsored by the Godberson Family. ALL Technologies in Dawson Creek, combined with through Northern Opportunities. The Peace Region is very fortunate to have a Peace River The B event, sponsored by the Macenna the Jim Kassen Industry Training Centre/ Oil group of exceptional leaders committed to expanding the scope of this program SHAREHOLDERS Seed Co-op Ltd. Staffing was educational won by theinitiative. Cheryl this innovative and Gas Centre of Excellence in Fort St. John, and to spreading the word on the benefits ofSolutions, Batten rink (Erin Withrich, Mandy Zieger, the allows Northern Lights College to fulfil its brand I have been very impressed by the passion for learning these leaders bring toand Johanna Haab). They beat the Donna Sipe table, but also for their continuing commitment to finding learning solutions forrink the as B.C.'s Energy College™. in the final. NLC is committed to providing the skilled youth of the region. The and Trudy Mitchell from rink local withpoliticians, Dorene Over the years, I have received support encouragement workers for these expanding industrial sectors Callison, Donna Solodan, and Patty Hebert the former Minister of Energy, Mines and and supporting the economic development of including: Senator Richard Neufeld, February 23, 2011 • 1:30pm Member Parliament forasPrince Georgethe region. Given the scope of the industrial Petroleum Resources; Jay Hill, former took home the of C event honours they defeated Submitted Photo Submitted Photo Rycroft Community Hall Lekstrom, MLA Peace River Minister of expansion in our region, a major part of my Peace River; Blair thefor Dorothy Trask South rink inand the former final. The C event Fort Motor’s Rink skipped Jodi Avenue Busche won the Fort St. John Ladies Bonspiel on B event winners were the Chery Batten Rink who beat the 5208 by - 47th and Pat Pimm, MLAThings. for Peace River role at the College was to build capacity Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources; was sponsored by Needful the weekend. Sipe rink in the final. North. And I would like to acknowledge the exceptional municipal and regional Rycroft, AB TOH 3A0 through partnershipsDonna with other post-secondary

NLC president bids farewell

Annual General Meeting

institutions and industry, and to ensure that leadership provided by the Chiefs and Band Councils, Mayors and Councils, and funding provided by the government supports Regional District Boards. I was impressed by the quality of leadership demonstrated by members of the oil and gas and renewable energy industries. Thank you to all the breadth and depth of needed programming. for beingfrom willingadvisor to work Northern Lights College on any jointtaxplanning that Northern Lights College was a "classy" canwith help you make that decision, discuss implications •I knew Lifetime pension, bridging payments, or annuity payments benefits the region. institution first person pension to welcome PEACE REGION – Splitting up is never a good thingInvestors – unless Group a registeredwhen pensionthe plan or foreign plan. that may arise out of pension income-splitting, and give you advice Congratulates The College’s Board Governors recruited me to makestrategies changes and mefromtoa Registered my • Payments to a surviving spouse Retirement you canoftrust about any other tax-savings thatsupported can work you’re a retiree and want to take advantage of all the tax savings you me when the changes became uncomfortable. I was very appreciative of this support new job was for you. can. In that case, splitting up your pension income with your spouse Savings Plan (RRSP) or Registered Retirement Income Fund Investors Group Congratulates former or partner can deliver a very welcome tax reduction. (RRIF) annuity contract resulting the from the death ofand thepleased originalthat the original Board and succeeding Boards provided progressive Investors Group is one of the innovation. I am particularly proud that we continued to President, Jim direction and encouraged Pension income-splitting has only been allowed for a few years annuity owner. largest financial services companies Jeff Shea in the country. For over 80 years,of providing education for quality of life in the focus on the mandate Kassen.also He At age 65, income from these sources becomes eligible forfundamental now so you might not be aware that it’s a great way for eligible Investors Group has been a pioneer Division Director region, and that we were responsive to requests by industry for new programming. committed 25 in providing personalized financial retirees to save come income tax time by letting couples shift up pension income-splitting: Denean Arntson, CFP Together we will find a solution. planning solutions. Today, we 202 1200 103 Ave, Dawson Creek, BC I am looking forward to the innovative initiatives and opportunities for applied years to NLC Financial Consultant manage over $52 billion in mutual to 50% of the higher earner’s eligible pension incomeWe to the lower what • Your payments from a RRIF. understand you’re going through. fund assets for nearly a million Ph: (250) 782 4312 or (250) 785 4312 research in clean energy technologies that are in the planning stages. Through and provided earner, who is taxed at a lower rate. This shift can lower the tax rate • The interest component of the annuity payments under a contract Canadians. Email: provincial, national and international leaders in this evolving me with a firm partnerships withInvestors of the higher earner, thus saving you and your spouse or common purchased with non-registered funds. Group Financial Services Inc. For your FREE confidential consultation, RRSPS • INVESTMENTS • INSURANCE #233 10704 97College Avenue industry, Northern Lights is poised to demonstrate the strength of its vision. foundation law partner on your income tax. The pension income is not actually You can qualify for pension income splitting even if you are Greywest Office Building Investors Group Congratulates • RESPS • MORTGAGES I will be cheering from afar as these plans become operational. on which to Scott L. Moffatt, Regional Director for Northern BC, Fort St. John, BC <RDhave Name>, started Regional Director at our <Location> office, paid to the lower earner; you simply need to report the shift CALL on your receiving a periodic pension benefit and a second career. isispleased Arntson, Financial V1J 6L7 pleasedtotocongratulate congratulateDenean <Full Name>, <Title> in My husband Consultant, CFP in attaining her Certified Financial Plan- Gordon and I made friends with a number of very special people TM Trademark owned by IGM Financial Inc. and licensed to its subsidiary corporations. Ph: 250 785Jeff 4312Shea attaining their Certified Financial Plannershould designation But your income may changebuild. year-to-year, so you tax returns. Debt troubles? ner Designation from the Financial Planners Standards Email:will from the Financial Planners Standards Council. in the north and we miss you. WeMortgage wereproducts treated theI.G.unique brand Ltd., of Investors warmth, T h e are offeredto through Investment Management Group out of our Fort St. John office. Division Director or partner visit our must website atfrequently re-evaluate to determine ifCouncil. youDenean stillis based qualify for pension To qualify for pension income-splitting, you and your Throughout Canada, the CFP designation is recognized Trust Co.associate Ltd. is a trust company licensed to lend money inBritish all jurisdictionsColumbia. in Canada. Clients enthusiasm and innovative spirit we now with northern institution is the CFP designation is recogas aof mark income ofCanada, quality and professional integrity. Tobe gain be Canadian residents and either married or living in a common-law income-splitting and the percentageThroughout that should with mortgage inquiries will be referred to an Investors Group Mortgage Planning Specialnized as a mark of quality and professional integrity. To this designation, <Full Name>, <Title> achieved farewell a high A fond to you all and our sincere thank youdistributed for your many fortunate toDenean TrusteesRegardless in Bankruptcy & Proposal Administrators gain this designation, a high level of ist. Insurance products and services through I.G. Insurance kindnesses. Services Inc. Insurance relationship. of your age, income from these sources is transferred to the lower earner in order toof maximize taxachieved level specialized knowledge insavings. financial, specialized knowledge in financial, insuranceinsurance and tax nd D.possible Jean Valgardson, Dawson Creek have license sponsored by The Great-West Life Assurance Company. Suite 2, 10611 – 102 Street Fort St. John and tax capable planning, the bestclient possible planning, designed designed to ensure to theensure best eligible for income splitting: Is there a (tax-saving) split-up in your future? Your professional GOVERNMENT LICENCED TRUSTEES client service is provided. service is provided. 110 –1628 Dickson Avenue Kelowna (Resident Office) faculty and

Splitting up can be good for you – income splitting, that is 19437

Agenda: 1) To receive the financial statements of the Association for the financial year end. 2) To elect Directors of the Association. 3) To appoint an auditor of the Association. 4) To transact such other business, if any, as may properly come before By The Investors Group the meeting.

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<RD Name>, Regional Director at our <Location> office, is pleased to congratulate <Full Name>, <Title> in attaining their Certified Financial Planner designation from the Financial Planners Standards Council.

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Investors Group Financial Services Inc.

Trademarks owned by IGM Financial Inc. and licensed to its subsidiary corporations.


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<RD Name>, Regional Director at our <Location> office, is pleased to congratulate <Full Name>, <Title> in attaining their Certified Financial Planner designation from the Financial Planners Standards Council.

Throughout Canada, the CFP designation is recognized as a mark of quality and professional integrity. To gain this designation, <Full Name>, <Title> achieved a high level of specialized knowledge in financial, insurance and tax planning, designed to ensure the best possible client service is provided.

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<Primary phone> <email address>

Investors Group Financial Services Inc.

Insurance products and services distributed through I.G. Insurance Services Inc. (in Quebec, a financial services firm). TMTrademarks owned by IGM Financial Inc. and licensed to its subsidiary corporations.

Investors Group Financial Services Inc.

Insurance products and services distributed through I.G. Insurance Services Inc. (in Quebec, a financial services firm). TMTrademarks owned by IGM Financial Inc. and licensed to its subsidiary corporations.


We Can’t Do it Alone AFFORDABLE The BC SPCA cares for thousands COUNTRY of orphaned, abandoned and abused LIVING $289,000 each year. Volunteers are NEW LOTS Edith animals #12 Forest Lawn Mobile Home Park NOW AVAILABLE Fort St John needed to1987care for animals Schmidt Family farm locatedurgently nearMany Tower Lake Road. Established new updates! Spacious 14’ wide 2 bdrm mobilefamily home Single in popular Forest mobile home cell:is on a well maintained quarter road, lotsLawn of pastures andpark! New windows,new and assist withbathroom, SPCA events. Ifnew kitchen cabinets,new new laminate and all lotstile, starting surrounded by trees. Several outbuildings fenced and 250-263-3030 trim inside and out, new paint, new 10x16 deck, 5 min from city in crossfenced with an aerated dugout. 1400Inc sq.fridge,stove,bi ft. home fealike setting! dw & shed. at $104,900 youcountry can help, please contact your tures many upgrades inside and out. Large country kitchen Near Finch area with newer oak cabinets open to living room with new wood local shelter today. on 109 Street stove. 4 bedrooms, two baths and laundry on main floor.


Kevin Pearson

MLS# N204924




9619 88th Street

Fabulous spacious home,1600 sq ft on main, full concrete base-

Immaculate home acres 3minutes ment, 24’X24’country garage. NO HST. on birchpark-like Hardwoodfive in livingrm, bed, tiled lg entry,kitchen, concept, kitchen has pantry, and away from Lakepoint2 bath. Golf Open Course. Quality construction lg island/eating bar. 12’X16’ deck, gas for BBQ. Masterbdrm pride in ownership are very apparent thoughout. Over 3400 has WI closet, ensuite with dual sinks, lg WI shower with dual sq. ft.shower Main floor 4 bedrooms and 3.5 baths, Instantand hot living water area, system, security system. Great neighbourhood. fully finished basement. No expense spared hardwood and travertine flooring throughout. Attached dbl car garage as well as separate 24 x 36 workshop with infloor heat and 220 wiring. MLS#N206989 $459,900

We Can’t Do it Alone The BC SPCA cares for thousands of orphaned, abandoned and abused animals each year. See All of1996 Kevin’s Listings at Broker / Owner Selling Fort St. John since ‘It Begins with Trust’

Cell: 250-787-6737

Lending Institutions Current Mortgage Rates Institute Institute TD Canada TD Canada Trust




Canadian Imperial Bank Of Commerce Canadian Imperial

Bank Of Commerce

Royal Bank

Royal Bank Centum

Centum Bank of Montreal

Bank of Montreal


Scotiabank North Peace Savings & Credit Union

6 mth

6 mth open open


n/a n/a n/a 4.00 2.85 6.30 6.30 n/a n/a 6.45 6.45 6.45 6.45 n/a

6 mth

6 mth closed closed

1 year

1 year open open

4.60 6.55 60 55

1 year

2 year

2.75 75

4.20 20

3 year

4 year

1 year 2 year 3 year 4 year closed closed closed closed closed closed closed closed

4.75 4.24 75 24

4. 6. 2. 4. 4. 4. 89 69 89 19 4.45 n/a 2. 2. 2. 3. 45 54 20 50 4. n/a 2. 3. 3. 3.60 4.45 4.00 3.10 2.79 3.25 2.99 45 85 15 4.We 2.Can’t 3.35 Do 3.60it 4. 3.94 Alone 45 30 20 55 95 4.45 6.30 3.35 3.60 3.15 4.64 4. BC 6. 3. for 3.thousands 4.09 of4.94 The SPCA cares n/a n/a n/a n/a 3. n/a 45 64 15 75 29 orphaned, abandoned and abused animals n/a 6. 2. 3. 3. 4.79 55 30 50 85 35 4. 6. 3. each 3. year. 4. 4. 55 45 30 65 20 4.55 6.50 3.89 3.89 4.79 5.24 4. 6. 2. Volunteers 3. 2. are 4.39 05 35 4.55 6.50 2.64 4.25 4. 5.14 50 needed 3. 3. 3.to50 n/a 4.50 2.95 urgently

10 year 5 year 7 year 10 year closed closed closed 5 year 7 year

closed closed

4.59 59

4. 3.29 3.65 3.64 4.14 5.14 19 5.29 3. 19 4.19 5. 5.59 5.29 4.39 3.75

6.60 60

6. 3.89 4.85 3.99 6.45 6.35 35 6.89 3. 00 5.35 6. 6.50 5.99 6.60 4.75


6.70 70


4.39 00


5.40 50


6.75 50



59 5.75 6. 6.60 n/a n/a 5.00

care for animals and Note: Rates are provided for information purposes.assist Rates should be verified by Financial Institutions. withbeSPCA Note: Rates are provided for information purposes. Rates should verified by Financial Institutions. events. If you can help, please contact your local shelter today.

Volunteers are urgently needed to care for animals and assist with SPCA events. If you can help, please contact your local shelter today.

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February 16, 2012

Northeast NEWS

Dawson Creek and Fort St. John vie for West Jet services By Kyla Corpuz

PEACE REGION – On Feb. 9, CBC’s Daybreak North welcomed Dawson Creek mayor Mike Bernier and Fort St. John mayor Lori Ackerman to dish out reasons why West Jet should chose their respecting cities to expand in. Bernier said Dawson Creek would be a better candidate because the city’s airport only services flights to the west. “Right now we don’t have any flights going in to the east. We have CMA [Coastal Mountain Air] that goes to Vancouver and that’s the only commercial flight we have.” Dawson Creek currently sees over 500 private flights a month. He added that council just finished a review that outlines the airport and community’s ability to facilitate an aircraft File photo like West Jet. Dawson Creek is currently working on improv- Fort St. John Mayor Lori Ackerman ing their airport and runways, Bernier noted that upgrades are “up to speed and able to accomodte West Jet.” But Ackerman took the stand that Fort St. John already has the services available for a new carrier. “Fort St. John is up and running, and is doing very well.” She added that the terminal was already equipped with a restaurant, car rentals, WiFi, “comfortable” waiting areas, and two runways to land a Boeing 737-700. She also noted that West Jet has already pointed their fingers at the Energetic City. “Let me use

the words that West Jet used on me: The population and demographic of Fort St. John just makes sense.” But Bernier pushed the argument that Dawson Creek’s business case to reach more travelers from around the Peace is most appealing. “We have every highway and road in the Peace region that comes in and out and starts at Dawson Creek. There is a lot of opportunity for the traveling public to access Dawson Creek and get on to any West Jet flight.” He also included that his city’s airport has runways to accommodate smaller planes, which is the type of fleet West Jet is looking to expand. While Bernier said Dawson Creek is easier to access, Ackerman pointed out that the majority of oil and gas companies File photo are located in Fort St. John as Dawson Creek Mayor Mike Bernier well as the MP’s office. She also included that Fort St. John would be a connecting stop. “The other thing is that all commercial flights from Fort Nelson come through Fort St. John, so if they’re looking at going out then Fort St. John is that connection for them.” West Jet recently announced that 91 per cent of its employees voted in support of the idea to service regional markets. In earlier news reports, West Jet CEO Gregg Saretsky mentioned Fort St. John and Dawson Creek as possible cities to service.

Balanced budget Story continued from Page 5. And “what’s going on” are the new projects slated for 2012. “I have heard comments about them [projects] being quite innovative, and an investment in the community,” said Ackerman. The micro-hydro design study is one that will look at reusing wasted water. One of the city’s greatest energy costs, which is upwards of $300,000, is pumping water from the river wells to the city. Majority of the water ends up going back in the river in the form of treated effluent. However micro-hydro would present the opportunity to turn the treated effluent to generate electricity and revenue. Recruitment Advertisement for a Specialized Art Desfosses from Northern Vac was particularly impressed with the study. “Initially, it’s a good idea,” he said. “It’s a waste of energy, right now.” Family Care Home for an adolescent youth Other areas that council prioritized is the market vacancy study, this would affect those concerned about boundary expansion. Are you ready to make a positive difference in the life of a child? Have you worked with teens “In our Official Community Plan we will not do a boundary expansion until it’s triggered by the or have raised your own? Are you willing to open your heart and your home to a youth in need? vacant land that we have available in a certain zoning type,” said Ackerman. This project is crucial Are you energetic and up to a challenge? because there is currently no inventory on what type of land, either commercial or residential, is available. “If we have a business that needs to build a new shop or expand … and we don’t have MCFD is currently seeking expressions of interest from persons willing to care for an adolescent that land available, then we can look at triggering [boundary expansion],” she added. male (age 15) who is struggling in a number of developmental areas: physical, emotional, Downtown revitalization has social, cognitive and educational. He has had involvement with drugs and alcohol as well as also garnered enough attention having some complex behavioural challenges. that it, too, may be included in the budget. “We wanted The ideal candidate will provide this youth with a stable and structured home care environment to get it done as soon as posand still incorporate the needed flexibility to build success over time. To be successful, some sible because we don’t want related experience (crisis intervention, counselling, managing substance abuse) would be to have consultation fatigue in the community because it an asset. As a member of the youth’s care team, you will be required to participate actively is the number one priority that in the development and implementation of the youth’s plan and interact regularly with we have been hearing time and other members of the youth’s care team which will include but not be limited to: a social time again.” worker, school representative, mental health service providers, medical service providers, District energy heating is a judicial system representatives and the biological family. The placement’s goal is to provide project that the city has already foundational stability for the youth so he can learn the necessary emotional, social and life started working on, that cutting it from the budget at this point skills to become successful, independent and a contributing community member. Financial would not be logical. compensation is negotiable depending on the level of skills you bring to your care and the care Looking further into the needs of the youth (allowance for days off is included). budget, water and sewer rates are expected to change in order To apply please send your resume detailing your experience, skills and abilities with a covering to meet full cost recovery for letter explaining why you want to make a difference in the life of a struggling adolescent. sewer and water pipeline Thank you for your interest, however, only applicants under consideration will be contacted. upgrades. Based on the average consumption, quarterly MCFD Fort St. John rates are looking to jump from Attention: Anita Bell approximately $70 to $130. 10615-102 St The adoption of the Operating Budget Bylaw is Fort St. John, BC V1J 5L3 scheduled for Mar. 26. Last Monday was the opportunity for the public to engage with city staff and council to voice their concerns and recommendations.

Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD)

By Michele Mobley ~ Literacy Outreach Coordinator Freedom to Read Week (February 26 to March 3) is just around the corner. Each year this national event is organized in an effort to encourage Canadians to think about their intellectual freedoms. Every year in Canada, books and magazines are stopped at the border, and many more are taken off the shelves at libraries, schools and bookstores. Censorship has been taking place for millennia. Historically it was viewed as a way to control the information that was accessible to citizens. After all, knowledge is power. Think

Dawson Creek Literacy Now: Freedom to read







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about how different our view of the past might be if we didn’t have access to books such as The Diary of Anne Frank and Spycatcher. If people throughout history didn’t stand up to censorship, we may not know about classic authors such as John Steinbeck, D.H. Lawrence, James Joyce or Ernest Hemingway. Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species was banned for his new (1859) scientific views on evolution. Even children’s books haven’t been safe from the censors. Stories we have all heard of such as The Tale of Peter Rabbit, Alice in Wonderland, Benjamin


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Northeast NEWS February 16, 2012


Page 11

Bunny, The Rabbits’ Wedding and even Mickey Mouse himself have been banned in various regions over the past 50 years. “Books won’t stay banned. They won’t burn. Ideas won’t go to jail. In the long run of history, the censor and the inquisitor have always lost. The only sure way against bad ideas is better ideas. The source of better ideas is freedom. The surest path to wisdom is liberal education.” ~ Alfred Whitney Griswold. For more information about Freedom to Read Week visit


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Page 12

Northeast NEWS

February 16, 2012

BILL’S BOOKS Rage fights Ice Dogs, cancer with pink jersey & BARGAINS By Jill Earl

10611-101 Ave., FORt St. JOhN


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Open Mon-Sat 12pm to 7pm • 10611 - 101 Avenue, Fort St. John


The Hair Bin would like to welcome Alena Hlodakova to our styling team!

Alena Hlodakova New Stylist at the Hair Bin

Alena is an european trained stylist with 17 years experience. She recently joined our team and specializes in a personalized hair care experience to suit each clients individual style, face shape & hair type. Alena looks forward to sharing her unique abilities with the Hair Bin team and clients.

10442-100th Street 250-787-1552 Mon - Tue 9am - 6pm • Wed 9am - 8pm Thu 9am - 9pm • Fri 9am - 8pm Sat 9am - 5pm

DAWSON CREEK- The Dawson Creek Rage fought more then just Alaska’s Fairbank Ice Dogs when they stepped out on the ice last weekend. The team decided to trade in their usual jerseys for pink ones, in honour of cancer awareness month and although they suffered loses for both games, overall the Canadian Cancer Society won. 50% of the 50/50 tickets of Saturday’s game were donated to the Canadian Cancer Society, as well as a percentage of the Frisbee toss. The pink jerseys will be auctioned off on Feb. 25 at the Rage’s fundraiser, Knights in Pink Satin, and a portion of the proceeds from the jerseys will be donated to cancer research. “The breast cancer cause is a very well known all throughout sports and it’s something that we planned on doing right from the start of the year, so in order to get the jerseys in and have everything else ready we had to be well on it a long time ago and that’s what we’ve done...We didn’t accomplish it last year, being our first year, but this year we were ahead of the game and we got on the jersey thing early in the year and that’s what really makes it happen, and a percentage of the proceeds of that will go to cancer,” said Rage’s General Manager and Head Coach, Scott Robinson. The Dawson Creek unit of the Canadian Cancer Society set up an information booth for Rage fans, giving out generic information about upcoming events such as Relay for Life scheduled for June 9th at Northern Lights College, the Daffodil breakfast on Mar. 31st at the Co-Op Mall, and the Daffodil campaign which runs throughout the duration of April. Susan Shepherd, President of the Canadian Cancer Society Dawson Creek unit, was thrilled to have to opportunity to raise funds and awareness. “I think it’s a fabulous opportunity for awareness for our

volunteers to get exposure that they deserve and just to be able to share in this, it’s great...That’s just been amazing fundraising for the Canadian Cancer Society and raising awareness” she said 97% of every dollar donated goes to help fund cancer research and programs, while three cents of every dollar is spent for administration. All money fundraised in Dawson Creek goes right back to the community. “The money does come back, if there’s something necessary for Dawson Creek whether it be a patient or someone who needs financial assistance, that’s where the money comes from when it comes back, but it comes back through the regional office,” Shepherd said. “The money that comes out of Dawson Creek is spent at Dawson Creek,” she adds. Robinson says the players were excited to wear the jerseys for the two games. “The players, they love any kind of alternate jersey so they like our orange jerseys which our club seats and box holders are privy to, they love that different orange jersey, I’m sure they’ll enjoy this one too. They’re actually pretty sharp and it goes to a good cause and then of course those will be auctioned off at our big fundraising dinner on the 25th of Feb…we’re happy to contribute to any worthy cause out there and this is obviously one that everybody’s got a little piece in,” Robinson said. Those interested in bidding on one of the pink jerseys need not worry about any odours emitting from them, as Robinson says they will be washed beforehand. “They will be washed...they will be in A1 condition only having maybe the odd puck mark from the two games that we’ll wear them,” he said.

WWW.CRANEMATS.CA Crane Mats Hardwood Wedges, Pipeline Blocking, Call 604-462-7517

Jill Earl photo

The D.C. Rage swapped their orange jerseys for pink ones last weekend in support of cancer awareness month.

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Northeast NEWS

February 16, 2012

Page 13

Fort Nelson wearing thin from booming industry By Kyla Corpuz

NRRM – Fort Nelson Mayor Bill Streeper compared his city to the challenges that Fort McMurray faced. “We are slowly going down the same path as they did. Our infrastructure is stretched to the limits,” said Streeper over the phone from Costa Rica. Streeper travels between Fort Nelson and Costa Rica for three months during the winter. He is concerned that the industrial shale gas boom may slowly swallow Fort Nelson, now known as Northern Rockies Regional Municipality. “It is taking off quite forward, quite fast and we are faced with challenges,” said Streeper. He said the city is constantly in contact with provincial government vying for land and infrastructure support. “We are working with the provincial government. It is a tiring process. Victoria is working very slowly compared to the speed that oil and gas companies work at,” he said. From the lack of upgrades to the airport that was built in the Second World War, to medical and housing challenges— Streeper is reliant on provincial funding. He listed infrastructure problems and the demand for high quality water as another area of concern. “Taxing on the community to supply proper sewer that meet environmental standards, this stuff is expanding more than our tax is paying for.” The advances of the Horn River Basin, located in Fort Nelson, is the reason why the municipality is finding it difficult to keep up with the demand in housing, health care and the creation of an “enjoyable community”. Statistics Canada census showed Fort Nelson had a 13 per cent population decrease, but Streeper says that figure doesn’t match what is actually happening in the booming city. “I would have to question that, because if you take that percentage of drop we should have some vacant houses. We don’t.” Streeper stressed the need for housing is dire. “Housing right now is becoming a very critical situation in Fort Nelson. It is something that we are working with the provincial govern-

ment.” Streeper said Fort Nelson is in a land lock and trying to get land released to build subdivisions. While job creation seems to be at the forefront of the B.C. government, Streeper said support for communities need to come hand-in-hand. “We’re saying to the provincial government: we have opportunities to create solid employment, but we need infrastructure to house these people and these jobs.” He said the B.C. government recognizes and understands the needs of Fort Nelson but response has been slow. “They have agreed that something has got to be done but nothing has been done.” MLA Pat Pimm said working with Fort Nelson and the province has been a priority of his for the past two and a half years. “These kinds of things do tend to take a fair amount of time, there is more to it than just funding.” Pimm said steps have been taken in the right direction to free up land from the Agricultural Land Reserve. The Peace River Regional District is allocated fair share funding, which is royalties given back to communities that con-

tribute to the natural resource sector. However, Fort Nelson has been excluded. “Right now we are one of the fastest developing communities and we have absolutely no funding coming into the community to develop these resources.” Pimm said the Premier has indicated that fair share is something on her mind for Fort Nelson. “The commitments are there, and it’s not happening fast enough for myself and Fort Nelson, but we keep pushing forward,” said Pimm. However, he could not give an exact reason why Fort Nelson was left out of the agreement when they were still part of the PRRD. “What we do is create massive amounts of money, all we ask is to get a little bit of it back to do infrastructure work,” said Streeper. While the Canadian census totaled Fort Nelson’s population just short of 4,000, Streeper guesstimates the regional municipality is actually sitting around 6,800. He added that Fort Nelson by “no means is having financial difficulty”, but lacks in capital finances to expand the community and meet the needs of worker and family influx.

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Northeast NEWS

February 16, 2012

School District 59 and 60 will welcome new buses to fleet By Jill Earl

DAWSON CREEK- School Districts 59 and 60 heard good news earlier last week, with a commitment from the Province to provide both districts with new school buses. School Districts 59 and 60 are only two of 32 other school districts that will receive a combined funding of $10.5 million for approximately 100 buses. School District 59 in Peace River South will receive $395,788 for four 64-passenger buses, and School District 60 in Peace River North will receive $579,889 for three 54-passenger buses, one 60-passenger bus, and two 70-passenger buses. “It’s not new, we do this [almost] every year...We know our buses come to an end, so just about every year we look at replacing some buses, and it’s common for us to go for about 4 buses normally in what we do. So this isn’t a big revelation to us, we know that we have applied in the past and normally it does happen that we do receive four buses. So it comes out of our budget- not our education budget- but our operation budget. So it’s good to hear that we’ve made it cause sometimes they will say no but it’s a fairly standard routine,” said School District 59 Board Chair, Richard Powell. This year the Ministry of Education and the Association of Student Transportation Services of BC negotiated fixed prices for the buses from vendors all across the province. The fixed prices, the Ministry estimates, will save districts approximately 15% on bus replacements. Gerry Slykhuis, Secretary/ Treasurer for the Board of School District 59 says the fixed prices will overall save the province money, as the districts return any unused funding. “It may just reduce the amount they give us. It saves the province money overall,” Slykhuis said. Districts will save money however with maintenance fees Slykhuis says. “The newer the buses, the less we spend on maintenance, so by keeping a newer fleet, both from a safety aspect but also for maintenance, it’s a good thing. So we get to dispose of four of our older buses and replace them with four new ones, and warranties and all that stuff,” he said. Districts also will get to keep the small amount of money earned from selling their retired buses. “It’s really small, there’s not a big market for used school buses,” Slykhuis said. “Different things happen with the buses, we auction them off the old buses, some we’ve donated to the Kiwanis club, that have taken them to Mexico… Sometimes they go to auctions, we’ve

known that companies have bought them to upgrade them and others use them for a variety of things,” Powell said. Approximately 1,450 students in the South Peace take the bus to school, with 51 bus runs in School District 59. There are over 1,000 school buses in the Province, which travel a combined total of approximately 180,000 kilometers each school day. Slykhuis says the lifespan of a bus is approximately 8-10 years, but older buses aren’t always replaced first. “It doesn’t always go by age, the ones that are on the highway more can put more miles and time on it then the ones riding some of the back roads, so we look at the wear and tare on the bus, and the routes and the mileage and all those things when we decide which ones to replace,” Slykhuis said. The Ministry believes that school buses reduce the number of vehicle accidents in school zones, and Transport Canada research shows that school bus travel can be 16 times safer than traveling in a family car. “This new fleet of buses reflects government’s commitment to the safety of our children. This investment is a great example of how, by working together and being innovative, we can save time and money so that even more resources can be focused on our students and teachers in the classroom,” said Minister of Education, George Abbott.

Smart. And beautiful.

Jill Earl photo

School District 59 has been committed to four new buses, and School District 60 was promised six buses.

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Northeast NEWS

February 16, 2012

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More Power. Less Fuel. Great Value is a comparison between the entire current Chrysler Canada lineup and the entire 2011 Chrysler Canada lineup. Wise customers read the fine print: •, *, ‡ The First Big Deal Event offers are limited time offers which apply to retail deliveries of selected new and unused models purchased from participating dealers on or after February 1, 2012. Dealer order/trade may be necessary. Offers subject to change and may be extended without notice. See participating dealers for complete details and conditions. •$37,998 Purchase Price applies to 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo (26E) only. $20,998 Purchase Price applies to 2012 Jeep Wrangler Sport (23B+4XA) only and includes $2,000 Consumer Cash Discount. $16,998 Purchase Price applies to 2012 Jeep Patriot Sport (25D+C7) only and includes $1,750 Consumer Cash Discount. Pricing includes freight ($1,400–$1,500) and excludes licence, insurance, registration, any dealer administration fees and other applicable fees and applicable taxes. Dealer order/trade may be necessary. Dealer may sell for less. See participating dealers for complete details. *Consumer Cash Discounts are offered on select new 2011/2012 vehicles and are manufacturer-to-dealer incentives, which are deducted from the negotiated price before taxes. Amounts vary by vehicle. See your dealer for complete details. ‡4.99% purchase financing for up to 96 months available on the new 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee (26E)/2012 Jeep Wrangler (23B+4XA)/2012 Jeep Patriot (25D+C7) models to qualified customers on approved credit through Royal Bank of Canada and Scotiabank. Dealer order/trade may be necessary. Dealer may sell for less. See your dealer for complete details. Examples: 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee (26E)/2012 Jeep Wrangler (23B+4XA)/2012 Jeep Patriot (25D+C7) with a Purchase Price of $37,998/$20,998/$16,998 (including applicable Consumer Cash Discount) financed at 4.99% over 96 months with $0 down payment equals 208 bi-weekly payments of $222/$123/$99 with a cost of borrowing of $8,124/$4,489/$3,634 and a total obligation of $46,122/$25,487/$20,632. Pricing includes freight ($1,400–$1,500) and excludes licence, insurance, registration, any dealer administration fees and other applicable fees and taxes. Dealer order/trade may be necessary. Dealer may sell for less. ¥Based on automotive awards for SUVs 1974 to 2011. ♠Based on Ward’s 2012 Middle Sport/Utility Vehicle Segmentation. ¤Based on 2012 EnerGuide Fuel Consumption Guide ratings published by Natural Resources Canada. Transport Canada test methods used. Your actual fuel consumption may vary. 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee – Hwy 8.8 L/100 KM and City: 13.0 L/100 KM. 2012 Jeep Wrangler – Hwy: 9.3 L/100 KM and City: 12.7 L/100 KM. 2012 Jeep Patriot 4X2 – Hwy: 7.0 L/100 KM and City: 9.0 L/100 KM. ±Based on Ward’s 2012 Middle Sport/Utility Segmentation. Excludes other vehicles designed and manufactured by Chrysler Group LLC. The Best Buy Seal is a registered trademark of Consumers Digest Communications LLC, used under licence. ®SIRIUS and the dog logo are registered trademarks of SIRIUS Satellite Radio Inc. ®Jeep is a registered trademark of Chrysler Group LLC.


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37,998 •



20,998 •

• 3.6 L Pentastar VVT V6 with 285 HP • Only true 4x4 off-road convertible TM




• Most capable SUV in its Class with available Freedom Drive II • Best-in-Class rear seat legroom±






• Most awarded SUV ever¥

• 3.6 L Pentastar™ VVT V6 delivering 290 HP • Unsurpassed 4x4 V6 highway fuel economy♠: HWY: 8.8 L/100 KM/CITY: 13.0 L/100 KM ¤



123 @ 4.99





99 @ 4.99 BI-WEEKLY WITH $0 DOWN T:13.5"

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Northeast NEWS







222 @ 4.99 %‡



• Over 1,000 kilometre driving range on a single tank of gas


9.3 L/100 KM HWY¤




• Removable doors • Fold-down windshield


7.0 L/100 KM HWY¤

40 MPG



With side seat air bags.

• Premium interior with soft touch surfaces • Fuel economy of a compact car



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February 16, 2012

Fort St. Johnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s chocolate factory

Willy Wonka missed out on the 12th Annual Chocolate Festival at the North Peace Cultural Centre but families filled the room tasting dozens of baked goods, and some placed their bids during the auction and silent auction. The event was a fundraiser for the NPCC Free Kids Art Camp.

Clockwise: Miep Burgerjon holds a cake for auction; Cait Mullin, 4.5, enjoys the test tasting; Emily Brain, 5, treats herself to some cake after the 101 Dalmations performance. Kyla Corpuz photos

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February 16, 2012

Northeast NEWS

& Roughnecks

February 2012

This is a must read for everyone who appreciates and depends on the oilpatch

LNG Plants

Story continued from Front Page.

doing business in British Columbia, so I’m confident that some agreements will govern in the future … it’s always a process of negotiation.” Another controversial process that Clark touched on was fracking—the method in which natural gas is extracted by water pressure and added fluid. Though this practice has been scrutinized and banned in some countries, Clark fully supports B.C.’s method of fracking. “Here’s the thing, we do shale gas extraction better than anybody else in the world,” said Clark. “We have absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about.” She assured that the transparency of fracking in B.C. is a main telling of the method’s safety. “The process of shale gas extraction is the most transparent of any shale gas business … In order to do that there’s an open data sent website that has all the details on the fracking process, including the additives that are pumped in with the water … British Columbians should be very proud of how safe it is.” Yet she added that making the information public urges the industry to be more innovative to come up with “cleaner and better” ways to extract natural gas. Aside from the LNG environmental impacts, this project will also be a major contributor to job creation and the influx of workers expected in northeastern B.C. The job-growth expectancy in the natural gas sector is estimated at 40,000 openings. However, in a region that WWW.CRANEMATS.CA is yet to be equipped with the Crane Mats proper infrastructure to house Hardwood Wedges, the amounts of expected workPipeline Blocking, ers and families, Clark recCall 604-462-7517 ognizes the downfalls to a

BC Government photo

“booming economy”. “We don’t want our northeast to have the same kind of problems that Fort McMurray has been struggling with,” said Clark. The oil sand industry in Fort McMurray has taken off. Daily production from the oil sands produces approximately 1.6 million barrels a day, according to an article written in September 2011 on The article also states the mayor of Wood Buffalo’s concerns that infrastructure isn’t keeping up with population growth, despite the $700 millioninvestment from the federal government. Clark said she understands that local infrastructure is nec-

Glentel your authorized Motorola dealer

essary to support a community, and that it should be “really planned and well thought out”. Pipelines still need to be built from Summit Lake to Kitimat. Clark said the environmental assessment for the pipelines passed with “flying colours,” considering the low-risk environmental impact it has. “If there was to be an event, it would escape into the air and float off into the ocean because it’s lighter than water.” She added the pipeline infrastructure has the “overwhelming” support of First Nations. However, according to the Treaty 8 press release, natural gas developments, including pipelines, has a “very intense” ecological and environmental disturbance. “Gas field infrastructure typically remains in place for many decades. As a result, First Nations people (and future generations) are unable to use the land for traditional purposes,” reads the release. Once the natural gas reaches the plants, it turns it into liquid to transport to Asian countries. The two LNG plants will provide Asia with cleaner alternatives for their energy needs and displace the use of coal and diesel, said Minister of Environment Terry Lake. The LNG facilities will see up to 800 new long-term employees in B.C. and up to 9,000 more during its construction stages. Clark concluded that the LNG strategy would create a means to shrink the rich and poor and build a strong middle class. The “necessary” commercial agreements still need to be finalized, according to Jock Finlayson, executive vice president of the Business Council of British Columbia. BC LNG Douglas Channel and Kitimat LNG will access clean energy from the Province’s existing grid. The Montney shale gas site in Fort St. John and the Horn River Basin in Fort Nelson will be major contributors. This project is said to be the world’s first LNG export facilities to use clean energy.

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Northeast NEWS

Oil and Leaders in Safety and Training for Oil an Oil and Gas Industry February 16, 2012

Page 19

Intro to -Gas Processing Site C Clean Energy Project Joint to Gas Processing Reclamation Training for Heavy Equipmen Agreement Issued Construction &Intro

Intro to & Gas Processing Construction Reclamation for HeM Service Rig Competency Assessor (viaTraining videoconfere Intro to Gas Processing Leaders inConstruction Safety and Training for(via the & Reclamation Training fo Service Rig Competency Assessor v Construction & Reclamation Training for Heavy Equipment Operators M Electrical Maintenance Training (Refresher) Leaders inGas Safety and Training Oil and Industry Service Rig Competency Assessor (via videoconference) Electrical Maintenance Training (Refresh Service Rig Competency Assessor (via videoconference) A Leaders in Safety and Train Oil and Gas Industr Leaders in Safety and Training for the BC (Re (via videoconference) Electrical Maintenance Training Oil and Gas Indu Escort Vehicle Operator Driver Improvement Electrical Maintenance Training (Refresher) AB Leaders in Safety and Training for the Oil and(via Gas Industry Intro to Gas Processing March videoconference) (via videoconference) (via videoconference) Escort Vehicle Operator Driver Improvemf Leaders in Safety and Training Oil and Gas Industry Intro to Gas Processing Construction & Reclamation Training for Heavyin Equipment Operators March Leaders Safety and Trainin (via videoconference) Oil and Gas Industry Escort Vehicle Operator Driver Impr Escort Vehicle Operator Driver Improvement A Intro to & Gas Processing Pipeline Environmental Inspection (via videoconferen Leaders in Safety and Training for the BC Construction Reclamation Training for Heavy Equipment Opera Service Rig Competency Assessor (via videoconference) April 6 Intro to Gas Processing March 29 & 30 $468 Oil and Gas Indus (via videoconference) (via videoconference) Oil and Gas Industry Pipeline Environmental (via Intro to Gas Processing Marchvi 29O Construction & Reclamation Training for Heavy Equipment Service Rig Competency Assessor (viaInspection videoconference) Construction &Vacuum Reclamation for HeavyTruck Equipment Operators March 30Improvem & 31 $575 &Training Hydrovac Operator Driver Electrical Maintenance Training (Refresher) April 1 to Gas Processing Construction &Intro Reclamation Training forvideoconference) Heavy Equipment(via Operators March 30 Service Rig Competency Assessor videoconferenc Pipeline Environmental Pipeline Environmental Inspection A (via videoconference) Electrical Maintenance Training (Refresher) Vacuum &(via Hydrovac Truck Operator Driv(v Service Rig Competency Assessor (via videoconference) April 6Inspection $144 (via videoconference)

Fort St. John - The Honourable Peter Kent, federal Minister of the Environment and the Honourable Terry Lake, British Columbia Minister of the Environment, announced Monday that a Joint Agreement has been signed for the co-operative environmental assessment, including a review by a joint panel, of the Site C Clean Energy Project in British Columbia. The final agreement specifies the process for conducting the review, outlines the joint review panel terms of reference and identifies the timelines associated with key steps of the co-operative process. Following a 30-day public consultation period held in October 2011, comments received by the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency and the B.C. Environmental Assessment Office were considered, and the agreement was finalized. To view the final agreement or to obtain more information on this project, consult the Canadian Environmental Assessment Registry at, reference number 11-0563919 or the B.C. Environmental Assessment Office website at: The next steps in the review process include public consultation on the draft guidelines for the environmental impact statement (EIS) to be held in the spring of 2012. The guidelines provide direction to the proponent and identify the information that will be required in the EIS. BC Hydro and Power Authority proposes to construct and operate a dam and 1,100-megawatt hydroelectric generating station on the Peace River in northeastern B.C. The proposed project would be the third in a series of dams on the B.C. portion of the Peace River. The project components are an earthfill dam 1,050 metres long and 60 metres high, an 1,100-megawatt generating station and associated WWW.CRANEMATS.CA structures, an 83-km long reservoir, realignment of four secCrane Mats tions of Highway 29 and two 77-km transmission lines along Hardwood Wedges, an existing transmission line right-of- way connecting Site C to Pipeline Blocking, the existing provincial power grid.

WWW.CRANEMATS.CA Crane Mats Hardwood Wedges, Pipeline Blocking, Call 604-462-7517

Intro to Gas Processing Escort Vehicle Operator Driver Improvement April 1 (via videoconference) Electrical Maintenance Training (Refresher) April 12 Equipment $220 Vacuum & Hydrovac Truck Operator Driver Improvement A Vacuum & Hydrovac Truck Operator Construction & Reclamation Training for Heavy Op Service Rig Competency Assessor (via videoconference) Hours ofEscort Service/Managing Fatigue – March Commercial (via videoconference) Construction & Reclamation Training for Heavy Equipment Operators 30 & 31 $575 Electrical Maintenance Training (Refresher) AprilVe 12 (via videoconference) (via videoconference) Vehicle Operator Driver Improvement (via videoconference) Call 604-462-7517 Service (via videoconference) Rig Competency Assessor (via 6videoconference) (via videoconference) Hours Service/Managing – Co Electrical Maintenance Training (Refresher) ServiceDrivers Rig Competency Assessor (viaof videoconference) April Fatigue $144 (via videoconference) (via videoconference) Escort Vehicle Operator Driver Improvement Escort Vehicle Operator Driver Improvement April 13 $130 Pipeline Environmental Inspection (via videoconference) April 1 Leaders Leaders in in(Refresher) Safety Safety and and Training Training (via videoconference) Electrical Maintenance Training Escort Vehicle Operator Driver Improvement April 13 Hours of Service/Managing Fatigue – Commercial Vehicle A (via of videoconference) (viaDrivers videoconference) Electrical Maintenance Training (Refresher) April 12 $220 (via videoconference) Hours Service/Managing Fatigue Pipeline Environmental Inspection (viaOil videoconference) Oil and and Gas Gas Industry Industry (via videoconference) & Hydrovac Operator Driver April 1 Hours ofSpectra Service for Commercial Carriers and Owners (via videoconference) Fort St. John - Five Northern Lights College students will benefit from EnergyTruck (viaVacuum videoconference) Escort Vehicle Operator DriverImprovement Improvement Drivers (via videoconference) Oil and Gas Training Entrance Pipeline awards. Pipeline Environmental Inspection (via videoconference Environmental Inspection (via videoconference) April 14 16 $585 Drivers (via videoconference) &Improvement Hydrovac Truck Operator Driver Improvement (via videoconference) (via videoconference) of Service for Commercial Carriers The awards, valued at $1,500 each, were available to any student videoconference) enrolled inVacuum full-time stud-Hours Escort Vehicle Operator Driver Improvement Escort Vehicle Operator Driver April 13 $130 (via Pipeline Environmental Inspection (via videoconference) April 14 ies in the Environmental Practice, Oil and Gas Field Operations, or Power Engineering and Intro Intro to to Gas Gas Processing Processing (via videoconference) Vacuum &of Hydrovac Truck Operator Improvement April 14 Improvemen $130 A (viaDriver videoconference) Vacuum &Fatigue Hydrovac Truck Operator Driver Hours Service for Processing Commercial Carriers and Owners (via videoconference) Gas Pipeline Environmental Inspection (via videoconference) (via videoconference) Hours of Service/Managing – Commercial Vehicle April Hours of Service for Commercial Ca Vacuum & Hydrovac Truck Operator Driver Improvement April 142 programs. Construction Construction & & Reclamation Reclamation Training Training for for Heavy Heavy Equipment Equipment Operat Opera (via videoconference)   (via videoconference) The recipients Incident Commander for Oil Spills (via videoconferenc Environmental Inspection (via videoconference) (via videoconference) Pipeline Environmental Inspection videoconference) April 14 - 16 Vehicle $585 Hours ofPipeline Service/Managing Fatigue –Driver Commercial Drivers videoconference) &(via Hydrovac Truck Operator Improvement (via(via videoconference) were: KyleVacuum DavidService Service Rig Rig Competency Competency Assessor Assessor (via (via videoconference) videoconference) (via videoconference) Leaders Leaders in in Safety Safety and and Training Training for for the the BC BC Incident Commander for April Oil Spills (via vid son,Drivers Environmen        & Hydrovac Hours of Service/Managing Fatigue –of Commercial Vehicle April 20 Improvement $135 (via videoconference) (via videoconference) Hours Service/Managing Fatigue – Commercial Vehic Vacuum & Hydrovac Truck Operator Driver Improvement 14 $130 Vacuum Truck Operator Driver     Oil Oil and and Gas Gas Industry Industry tal Practice, Fort Electrical Electrical Maintenance Maintenance Training Training (Refresher) (Refresher) Hours ofSt. Service/Managing Fatigue –videoconference) Commercial Vehicle April 20A Hours of Service for Commercial Carriers and Owners April 2 Incident Commander for Oil Spills (via Mulcher Operator (via videoconference) Drivers (via videoconference) John; Matthew The Petroleum Industry in Canada (via videoconference) (via (via videoconference) videoconference) (via videoconference) Drivers (via videoconference) Incident Commander for Owners OilVehicle Spills (v Hours of Service/Managing Fatigue –videoconference) Commercial Hours ofMulcher Service forOperator Commercial Carriers and Power         (via Drivers Hawryluk, (via videoconference) (via videoconference) video conference) (via Leaders Leaders in in Safety Safety and and Training Training for for the the 29 BC BC   S     Engineering and Intro Escort Escort Vehicle Vehicle Operator Operator Driver Driver Improvement Improvement Intro to to Gas Gas Processing Processing March March 29 & & 30 30 $468 $468 Hours of Service for Commercial Carriers and Owners April 21 $135 A Hours of Service/Managing Fatigue –of Commercial Vehicle Fatigue April 20 $135 Drivers (via videoconference) (via videoconference) Hours Service/Managing – Commercial Vehicle Mulcher Operator (via videoconference) Gas Processing, ENFORM   B C   –   F ort   S t.   J ohn      250.785.6 Hours of Service for Commercial Carriers and Owners Oil Oil and and Gas Gas Industry Industry Fatigue Management for Supervisors Well Service Blowout Prevention (via (via videoconference) videoconference) Hours of Service for Commercial Carriers and Owners April 212 Construction Construction & & Reclamation Reclamation Training Training for for Heavy Heavy Equipment Equipment Operators Operators March March 30 30 & & 31 31 $575 $575 Fort St. John; Cody for    SSpills      (via Drivers (via videoconference) Incident Commander (viaconference) videoconference) April S(via   videoconference) (via videoconference)   OilMulcher Operator (via videoconferen video     Drivers Henderson, Hours Oil andWell Service Service Rig Rig Competency Competency Assessor videoconference) videoconference) April April 66 $144 $144 of Service for Carriers and Owners (via videoconference) Service Blowout Prevention ENFORM   B ––for  Assessor F  Commercial SSt.   ohn      BC    w  w   FORT ST JOHN, 250.785.6009 ENFORM   BC  C   Fort   ort   t.  J(via J(via ohn    2250.785.6009   50.785.6009   Pipeline Pipeline Environmental Environmental Inspection Inspection (via (via videoconference) videoconference) (via videoconference) Incident Commander Oil Spills (via videoconference) TOLL   F REE   1 .855.4ENFORM   (1 Gas Field Operator, Intro Intro to to Gas Gas Processing Processing March March 29 29 & & 30 30 $468 $468     Hours Well Service Blowout Prevention A   Carriers   Supervising the Drug-Free Workplace    videoconference) of Service for Commercial and Owners April 21 $135 Electrical Electrical Maintenance Maintenance Training Training (Refresher) (Refresher) April April 12 12 $220 $220 TOLL   F REE   1 .855.4ENFORM   ( 1.855.436.3676)   (via Incident Commander for Oil Spills (via videoconference) April 21 $261 Mulcher Operator (via videoconference) Fort St. John; Chris On-Scene Commercial Vehicle Incident Investigation Hours of Service for Commercial Carriers and Owners Vacuum Vacuum & &1Hydrovac Hydrovac Truck Truck(1.855.436.3676)   Operator Operator Driver Driver Improvement Improvement The Petroleum inFCanada 17-18 $562 April 2 Construction Construction & &TOLL   Reclamation Reclamation Training Training for for Heavy Heavy Equipment Equipment Operators OperatorsJune March March 30 30& &31 31 $575 $575 (via (via videoconference) videoconference) REE   .855.4ENFORM   Commander for Oil Spills (via videoconference) IncidentRomano, Commander for OilIndustry Spills (via videoconference) April   21 OilIncident and Well Service Blowout Prevention     (via videoconference) (viaOperator video conference) Mulcher (via videoconference) (via (via videoconference) videoconference) On-Scene Commercial Vehicle Incident IA Service Service Rig Rig Competency Competency Assessor Assessor (via (viaface videoconference) videoconference) April April 6-­‐6  13 $144 $144 Buried   F acilities   L ocator   –   B asic     (via to  face)   250.785.6009 February   2 2   2 4   $   7 75   (via videoconference) FORT ST JOHN, BC Escort Escort Vehicle Vehicle Operator Operator Driver Driver Improvement Improvement April April 13 $130 $130 Gas Field Operator, Incident Commander for Oil Spills (via videoconference) Mulcher Operator (via videoconference) April 22 $126 Fatigue Management for Supervisors June 21 $130 On-Scene Commercial Vehicle Incident Investigation Well Service Blowout Prevention April   (via (viaIncident   videoconference) videoconference) Electrical Electrical Training Training (Refresher) (Refresher) April April 12 12 $220 $220 Fort St. John; and February   3   $  355   &videoconference)  Maintenance AMaintenance Investigation   of of Service/Managing Service/Managing Fatigue ––217-18 Commercial Commercial Vehicle Vehicle222 Incident    Accident   Investigation   December   1ccident   9,  Industry 011   Naturally   O&ccurring   Radioactive   M aterials   February   12Hours  Hours $   1   50   $  355   Fatigue Incident Commander for Oil Spills (via April 21 $261 Mulcher Operator (via videoconference) April Mulcher Operator (via videoconference) (via video conference) National Safety Code The Petroleum in Canada June $562 (via (via videoconference) videoconference) Meagan   WellHiebert, Service Blowout Prevention (via video conference)   (via Incident Commander for Oil   Spills (via videoconference)  (via video(via conference)   Pipeline Pipeline Environmental Environmental Inspection Inspection (via videoconference) videoconference) April April 14 14 -- 16 16 $585 $585 Incid (viaOperator video conference) Drivers Drivers (via (via(via videoconference) videoconference) On-Scene Commercial Vehicle face to face)   Mulcher videoconference) Power Engineering Well(NORM)   Service Blowout Prevention April 26 – 29 $725 Supervising the Drug-Free Workplace June 22 $TBA Escort Escort Vehicle Vehicle Operator Operator Driver Driver Improvement Improvement April April 13 13 $130 $130 National Safety Code Hazard   Assessment   (via video conference)   December   20,  Incident 011   $   Hazard   Assessment   (viaOperator video conference)   Improvement February   222 4  2114 $  $130 355     355   On-Scene Commercial Vehicle Investigation April 2 Vacuum Vacuum & &videoconference) Hydrovac Hydrovac Truck Truck Driver Improvement April April 14 $130 Mulcher Operator (via April $126 Fatigue Management forOperator Supervisors June $130 Service Blowout Prevention April 26A Small   Employer   CWell ertificate   of  and Recognition   February   32Hours  Hours $  Driver 165   Gasvideoconference) Process(via (via videoconference) National Safety Code Well Service Blowout Prevention of of Service Service for for Commercial Commercial Carriers Carriers and and Owners Owners Submitted Photo (via (via videoconference) videoconference) Mulcher Operator (via videoconference) (via video conference) On-Scene Commercial Vehicle Investigation Closed  for   the   Holidays   –to  Svideo eason’s   reetings!   Dec   23,  M 2Blowout 6,   2I7  aCVSA nd  January   2,  (via 2(via 012     March   1April 3   14 $  145   Fatigue   anagement   for   Supervisors     Incident ing,Pass Fort G Nelson. Well Service Prevention efresher            award.      (via conference)   Incident Pipeline Pipeline Environmental Environmental Inspection Inspection videoconference) videoconference) April 14 -- 16 16 $585 $585 How a Level Inspection Megan Hiebert was awarded a SpectraOn-Scene Energy (SECOR)   Oil and Gas R Training Entrance Commercial Vehicle Investigation April 28 & 29 $595 (via (via videoconference) videoconference) (via of video conference)   Well Service Blowout Prevention April 26 – 29 $725 Supervising the Drug-Free Workplace June 22 $TBA Hours Hours of Service/Managing Service/Managing Fatigue Fatigue – – Commercial Commercial Vehicle Vehicle April April 20 20 $135 $135 National Safety Code October 19th 20     Vacuum   National Safety Code April Commercial Vehicle Incident Investigation April 282 Vacuum & & Hydrovac Hydrovac Truck Truck Operator Operator Driver Driver Improvement Improvement April April 14 14 $130 $130and Safety   Program   DOn-Scene evelopment   (via face to face)   How February   8   –   9   $   5 95   to Pass a Level I CVSA Inspection Drivers Drivers (via (via videoconference) videoconference) On-Scene Commercial Vehicle Incident Investigation Well Service Blowout Prevention How to Pass a Level I CVSA Inspection (via (via videoconference) videoconference) Incident Incident Commander Commander for for Oil Oil Spills Spills (via (via videoconference) videoconference) National Safety Code On-Scene Commercial Vehicle Incident Investigation Hazard   A& ssessment   video conference)   face to face)January    12,  21 012   $355   March   15-­‐129 6   $  680   $TBAA Petroleum   Industry   in  C  anada   Detection    Control   o(via f  Flammables   (via  The  of February   1   (tentative) $145  and National Safety Code April On-Scene Commercial Vehicle Incident Investigation April 28 & 29 $595 Hours Hours of Service Service for for Commercial Commercial Carriers Carriers and Owners Owners April April 21 21 $135 $135 Hours of Service/Managing Service/Managing Fatigue Fatigue –– Commercial Commercial Vehicle Vehicle April April 20 20 $135 $135 video of conference)   2012   for  (viaHours the Petroleum Safety Confe National Safety Code April 293 Tubing Well Blowout Prevention Well  Service   Blowout   January   2 3   –   2 6,   $650   How to a Level I CVSA Inspection April Detection   &  CCoiled ontrol   oPass f  PFrevention   lammables   –  Fort   N elson   February   1 3   ( tentative)   $145   Mulcher Mulcher Operator Operator (via (via videoconference) videoconference) (via (via videoconference) videoconference) Drivers Drivers (via (via videoconference) videoconference) On-Scene Commercial Vehicle Incident Investigation How to Pass a Level I CVSA Inspec National Safety Code October 19th and 20th March   1 7   $   1 50   CAODC   S ervice   R ig   C ompetency   A ssessors     National Safety Code How toconference) Pass a Level ICommercial CVSA Inspection Coiled Tubing Well Blowout Prevention Coiled   T& ubing   ell  ISnvestigation ervice   OP   January   27,   2012   $250   National Code April 29 $TBA Incident    Accident   (via video   Hours February   2Well 3   $   3videoconference) 55   and Coiled Tubing Well Blowout Prevention How to Pass aWSafety Level I BCVSA Inspection April 30 $TBAA of of Service Service Carriers Carriers and Owners Owners April April 21 21 $135 $135 Incident Incident Commander Commander for forCommercial Oil Oil Spills Spills (via (via videoconference) April April 21 21 $261 $261 (viaHours video conference)   for Well Service Service Blowout Blowout Prevention Prevention How to Pass a Level I CVSA Inspection April 30 at the North Peace Cultural Center (via (via videoconference) videoconference) NORM’s   ( Naturally   O ccurring   R adioactive   February   1 ,   2 012   $250   for the Petroleum Conference North$  $126 Hazard  ACoiled ssessment  (Tubing via video conference)   How February   24   $  3Safety 55   Well Blowout Prevention National Safety Code October 19thInspection and 20th Mulcher Mulcher Operator Operator (via (via videoconference) videoconference) April 22 22 $126 March  21  April 165   April 3 Small   Employer   Certificate   of  IRecognition   to Pass a Level I CVSA Inspection How to Pass a Level CVSA How to Pass aBlowout I CVSA Inspection April 30 $TBA Incident Incident Commander Commander for forTubing Oil Oil Spills Spills (via (via videoconference) videoconference) April April 21 21 $261 $261 On-Scene Commercial Commercial Vehicle VehicleBlowout Incident Incident Investigation Investigation Materials   Tubing Well Blowout Prevention Coiled Well Prevent Coiled Tubing Well Prevention April 30 $290 Buried   Facilities   Locator   –Level  Basic  Coiled Tentative   –On-Scene  pPrevention lease   all  to  conference) $775   Well Well Service Service Blowout Blowout Prevention April April 26 26 – – 29 29 $725 $725 (via cvideo   (SECOR)   R efresher     for the Petroleum Safety Conference North at the North Peace Center in Fort John. Coiled Tubing WellHow Blowout Prevention April 30 Mulcher Mulcher Operator (via videoconference) videoconference) April April 22 22 St. $126 $126 SECOR  Refresher   February   3Operator 2012   $165   put   your   n,  ame   on  (via a  wLevel ait   list   Cultural to Pass a I CVSA Inspection National National Safety Safety Code Code CoiledOn-Scene Tubing Blowout On-Scene Commercial Commercial Vehicle Vehicle Incident Incident Investigation Investigation April 28 28 & & 29 29 $  $595 $595 March  22  April -­‐  FULL   355   Incident   &  AWell ccident   Investigation     Prevention • ElEctrical & instrumEntation construction and

Construction & Reclamation for Heavy Operato Service Rig Assessor (viaTraining videoconference) April 6 Intro to Gas Processing MarchEquipment 29 & 30 $468 (viaCompetency videoconference) Electrical Maintenance Training (Refresher)

Five NLC students earn awards

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Coiled Tubing Well Blowout Prevention 30 Coiled Tubing Blowout Prevention Well Well Service Blowout Prevention Prevention April April 26 26St. –– 29 29 John. $725 $725 $290 Safety     Service   Cultural Program   Development   February   8  –North  Blowout 9 ,  Well $595   Peace CenterApril in Fort (viaat videothe conference)  2012   maintEnancE National National Safety Safety Code Code April April 29 29 $TBA $TBA How How to to Pass Pass aa Level Level IIPrevention CVSA CVSA Inspection Inspection   Hazard  Assessment  (via video conference)   On-Scene On-Scene Commercial Commercial Vehicle Vehicle Incident Incident Investigation Investigation April April 28 28 & & 29 29 $595 $595 Coiled Tubing Well Blowout 23,   2012   $355    February   • 24 hr sErvicE How How to to Pass Pass aaSafety Level LevelCode II CVSA CVSA Inspection Inspection April April 30 30 $TBA $TBA National National Safety Code April April 29 29 $TBA $TBA   Coiled Coiled Tubing Tubing Well Well Blowout Blowout Prevention Prevention • sErvicing all arEas of northEast Bc How How to to  Pass Pass aa Blowout Level Level II CVSA CVSA Inspection Inspection April April 30 30 $TBA $TBA Coiled Coiled Tubing Tubing Well Well Blowout Prevention Prevention April April 30 30 $290 $290 Contact Enform BC for more information.

Enform BC for more Toll Free -Contact 1.855.4ENFORM (436.3676) Contact Enform BC for more information. Contact Enform BC   Contact EnformContact BC for Enform more information. Contact Enform for more informa Dawson Creek Fort St. John Fort Nelson BC for more information. Contact Enform BC for more information. Contact Enform BC for more informatio Email: Phone: (250) 785-60 612 - 108 Ave 10215 Alaska Rd Box 3787 Email: Phone: (250) 785-6009 Toll-free: 1-80 th Email: Phone: (250) 785-6009 Toll-free: 1-800-667-5557 Email: Phone: (250) 785-6009 Toll-free: Phone: (250) 785-6009 To Contact Enform BC for more in Email: Phone: ( Contact En 250-782-6909 (Tel) 250-785-9072 NOTE:   (Tel) 444 -ffice   50th N Email:   O w ill   b e   C LOSED   F ebruary   2 0 ,   2 012     Email: Phone: (250) 785-6009 Toll-free: 1-800Contact Enform Enform BC BC for for more more information. information. Email: Phone: (250)Contact 785-6009 Toll-free: 1-800-667-5557 Email: Phone: (250) 785-6009 Toll-f Contact Contact Enform Enform BC BC for for more more informat informa Contact Enform BC for more infor 250-782-6912 (Fax) 250-785-9073 (Fax) 250-774-4161 (Tel) Email: Email: Phone: Phone: (250) (250) 785-6009 785-6009 Toll-free: Toll-free: 1-800-667-5557 1-800-667-5557 www.enformbc.c 250-785-9073 (Fax) Email: Phone: (250) 785-6009 Email: Email: Phone: Phone: (250) (250) 785-6009 785-6009 785-6009 Toll Tol Email: Phone: (250) www. Email: Pho ElEctric & controls Coiled Coiled Tubing Tubing Well Well Blowout Blowout Prevention Prevention

April April 30 30

$290 $290

Contact Contact Enform Enform BC BC for for more more information. information. Email: Email: Phone: Phone: (250) (250) 785-6009 785-6009 Toll-free: Toll-free: 1-800-667-5557 1-800-667-5557





BC-Rigs_Roughnecks_002-March BC-Rigs_Roughnecks_002-March 4_2010 4_2010 BC-Rigs_Roughnecks_002-March BC-Rigs_Roughnecks_002-March 4_2010 4_2010 THE SAFETY FORTHE THE OIL A THE SAFETY ASSOCIATION ASSOCIATION FOR OIL AND

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Northeast NEWS

February 16, 2012



AT THE 2012 RAM Q/CAB 4x4




Stk# 12Q1098920






Stk# EN6893





Stk# 10CL132610


Stk# 12JP715810





Stk# 11DJG35410


Stk# 11CH2418



Stk# 12Q1906810


2011 RAM 3500 CUMMINS 4x4 SLT

$295 Bi-Weekly @ 4.99% 96 months

2011 Cougar Trailer w/bunks Stk# 12Q1098910

$9,900 Stk# 11C1200510


Stk# EN6944






Stk# EN6899



Stk# EN6898





$25,980! or both $49,980!


$39,670 Stk# EN6912

Stk# 12Q1098910


Over 1000 vehicles available, open 24 hours/day at


1995 - 20th Avenue, Prince George, BC (250) 562-5254



Donated to Local Health Care!


DISCLAIMER: All prices and payments plus taxes and fees ON APPROVED CREDIT. 1) 2012 RAM 1500: stk# 12Q1098910/2011 Trailer stk# RP635910 $49,980 $0 Down, $295 bi-weekly, or $637 month x 96 months @ 4.99%. Cost of borrowing: $10,823, total obligation: $61,152 before taxes. Prices above include $589 Administrative Fee which is mandatory on purchase of Used vehicles. On approved credit. All Vehicles available at time of Printing. D#30541 DESIGNED BY DEBBIE-LEE ADVERTISING INC. (250) 614-3751

AD EXPIRES 31.03.12

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February 16, 2012

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Peopl e of the Peace The Seniors Floor Curling Tournament was held here in Ft. St. John on February 5, 2012 at the Seniors’ hall. The Floor Curlers all came from the BC/Alberta Peace Region. First place went to the Ken McKrann team of Dawson Creek Prizes were awarded by Marlene Lessing of Fort St. John.

The Fort St John Midget Rec Tournament was held in Fort St John Feb 3 - 5. Fort St John’s Smith Bits Midget team came out in first place, playing in the final against the Fort Nelson Fury, winning by a score of 4 -2.

The Fort St. John Rotary club gave out $203,557.62 to local groups last week. The money was raised from the annual Rotary Mega Lottery. Since the lottery began in 2002 – that is 10 years this year, the lotto has contributed $1.7 million to local organizations (inclusive of DC and FN). The prizes have all been purchased locally and have contributed $1.8 million to the local economy. The Fort St. John Rotary club is now asking groups who want to particpate in the 2013 Mega Lottery to sign up now. You can sign up by contacting the Rotary Club of Fort St. John. Welcome back to the People of the Peace. This page will show up once a month to give our readers a chance to show themselves off. We welcome the new sponsor of the People of the Peace Page and that is Northeast BC Realty. With their sponsorship, we will get to see more great pictures of people in the peace. The Northeast News would like our loyal readers to continue sending their photos to us for use on our people page. Send us photos of your group doing fun things, local sporting events, or other activities you think people might want to know about to: We look forward to running your fantastic photos in the future! **Please include name and phone number with the photo, along with information as to what’s happening in the picture. Pictures can also be dropped off at the Northeast News offices in both Dawson Creek and Fort St. John.




Phone 250 785 4115

“Investing Our Energy In The North” RON RODGERS Managing Broker / Owner E-Mail:

10220 101 Ave Fort St John BC V1J 2B5 F: 250 785 4120 E-mail:


7 Unit Apartment Taylor, BC Investment property  or  add  your  own  sweat  equity  and  consider  living  in  a  self  managed  apart‐ ment complex while collecting rent from  the remaining 6 units.   This former motel is located off Alaska Highway  frontage road & has ample tenant parking.   Call Ron to arrange all viewings. (24 hour noticed required) Currently operated with property management. 

Asking $379,900 MLS® Pending

FOR SALE TRAILER PARK Ideal owner occupied business with potential for growth. The park currently has 68 serviced rental pads, 7 RV hook-ups and 5 (seller owned) rental trailers. Call Ron for more information. Asking $1.97 million MLS® N4505233 All inquiries be advised that a confidentiality agreement may be required prior to release of any information.

Restaurant Business For Sale Well established location close to high traffic area of Fort St John. Business includes kitchen equipment, appliances, seating and place settings for 63 plus more. Call Ron for more information Please note: All inquiries be advised that a confidentiality agreement will be required prior to release of any information.

This is an exclusive listing

Information is believed to be accurate but not guaranteed and should be verified.

People of the Peace Photo Page is Sponsored by:


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Northeast NEWS

February 16, 2012

Donation from Rotary will help regional residents to see STARS By Jill Earl

DAWSON CREEK- Both morning and afternoon Rotary clubs joined together to donate to their latest cause, the STARS Foundation. The Rotary Club presented STARS with a cheque for $10,000 at their luncheon on Tuesday, Feb. 7. STARS stands

for Shock Trauma Air Rescue Service, their organization transports people who need to get to a hospital for immediate attention via helicopters. Though STARS was founded 26 years ago in Calgary, they only started operating out of their Grande Prairie base in 2006. Since then, Glenda Farnden, Major Gifts Manager for STARS Foundation estimates that the non-profit charitable organization is nearing 1,000 missions in the region alone. “So that is quite significant in just five years time… we started off and you were one of our first missions in December of 2006, and then you were averaging about 80 missions a year for a couple of years. Last year we did 22 missions here,” Farnden said, about missions to the region. STARS is dispatched by 911, and are called to a vaBy Jill Earl riety of accidents. They are responsible for transportSue Lavoie and Sally Schilds present Glenda Farnden from STARS with a ing those injured to either the closest hospital or a hoscheque for $10,000. pital that can provide a higher level of care if needed. Helicopters from Grande Prairie take approximately base. 30-45 minutes to get to Dawson Creek Farnden said. “The extra ones are ones that we have access to for opera“Depending on the nature of the call, then if it points to a tional backup as well as anytime we have a schedule change STARS call, then we are launched simultaneously with ground for maintenance, and so we can acquire a second…so we can ambulance... 911, they will ask you the questions and then deservice pretty much 24/7, all the time, that is what we strive for,” termine whether or not it is a STARS call. Now it’s different Farnden said. as far as hospitals, it’s always position driven, so the physicians 25% of STARS fundraising comes from the Alberta governtogether would make the determination of whether or not a pament, and the rest of their budget is obtained through fundraistients needed to be transported from a rural hospital to a higher ing. level of care,” Farnden said. “About 75% is fundraising, working in communities, and with Helicopters are manned with two pilots, an advance support individuals, and the corporate sector as well as municipalities. paramedic, and a critical care nurse. Recently, two care givers at The Peace River Regional District does well, we want to acthe Grande Prairie base represented STARS in an international knowledge them, and seven districts within the Peace River Recritical care competition, which they placed first in. gional District are supporters of the Grande Prairie base,” Farn“There is a level of fulfillment, and we have very very highden said, adding that they have been working with Rotary clubs ly skilled, dedicated people in critical care...So that certainly across the region as well. speaks to the level of critical care that we are able to provide President of the Rotary Club, Sue Lavoie says that members to Northern residents and across both provinces,” Farnden said. vote on the causes they donate to. They vote based on what cause Rotary’s donation will go towards a $28.6 million STARS is the most important to them, and the cause which they believe project that would bring on two new helicopters with medical is most important to the community. interiors to their Albertan fleet of five. Both helicopters will be “We talk about projects upcoming in the year, and we vote on AW 139 models, larger models compared to their current BK it and work forward. So if there are any projects that are out and 117 models. One of the new helicopters is scheduled to be opabout that they want to bring to our attention, we feel it’s very erational in the next couple of months and will be stationed out important that people come forward and we want to work with of Edmonton; the other one will be ready in 2013 for the Calgary what works best for the community and what the residents will get out of it,” said Lavoie “We gain our life style here in Dawson from primarily the oil industry, and we have a beautiful recreational industry also, and as you heard from Glenda, accidents happen and we need to protect our citizens. It’s just a natural that we would do that and I trust that the citizens that have donated through our fundraising, believe that to...We’re very proud to be able to help STARS and help our community, and maybe it will safe the next guys life,” she said Farnden says that STARS is very fortunate to have people support and embrace it, providing a service for whoever needs it. STARS will be expanding into Saskatchewan later this year, and discussion with Manitoba have also begun, looking into providing the service there too.




Open 7 days a week

24 HR SeRViCe

263-4348 GARRY’S CeLL

787-9755 FAX


Sponsored in part by

Come See Rhonda! 1# Sales Lady Fort City Chrysler

Monday - Wednesday 10:00am-7:00pm

Now Open til 9pm Thursday - Saturday,

Thursday - Saturday 10:00am-9:00pm, Sunday 12:00-5:00pm

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February 16, 2012



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Jennifer fernandes Director, Marketing and Communications

NLC student’s blog featured in Tokyo Board of Education publication

Justin Plamondon, a current Heavy Duty Commercial Transport Technician student at NLC, and Sarah Dunn, a 2008 Applied Business Technology graduate, welcomed daughter Chloe Felisha Plamondon into the world on Jan 10. Chloe weighed in at seven pounds and one ounce and is settling in nicely with mom and dad in Chetwynd.

NLC’s Aerospace Centre on its Dawson Creek campus was visited by an international delegation in January. The representatives were from Learning Resources Nigeria Ltd., and Maple Education Canada Inc., two companies that arrange and assist with facilitating education opportunities around the world for Nigerian students. The delegation toured NLC’s facilities for the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, Oil and Gas Field Operations, and Career and College Preparation Programs. Students in Dease Lake were out in safety gear to learn basic firefighting skills on Feb 4. Administrative assistant Monique Pharand said students showed great bravery facing the extreme heat from the intense flames of the propane-ignited fire. Thanks go out to the Dease Lake volunteer firefighters for providing gear.

Dease Lake students learn live fire-fighting

Fire-fighting training in Dease Lake

WORKFORCE TRAINING & CONTINUING EDUCATION Chetwynd Guitar ................................................................... Feb 20, 22, 27, 29, Mar 5, 7 Occupational First Aid Level 1 ............................................ Feb 20, 25, Mar 7 Piano ................................................................... Feb 21, 22, 28, 29, Mar 6, 7 Occupational First Aid Transportation Endorsement ............................ Feb 26 H2S Alive ................................................................................................ Mar 1 Confined Space Level 2 ........................................................................ Mar 6 General Oilfield Driver Improvement (GODI).......................................... Mar 8

dawson Creek

board oF governors

NLC’s Board of Governors is empowered by the College and Institute Act of British Columbia to manage, administer, and direct the affairs of the College. If you would like more information on the activities or decisions of the Board or to view Board meeting minutes, go to the College website at, visit your local campus library to view a paper copy, or request a copy from your local Campus Administrator.

Job opportunities dease lake and whitehorse

health Care assistant instruCtor Fort nelson Campus

Carpentry instruCtor apply online

For more information

$ 1-866-463-6652

Occupational First Aid Level 3 ............................. Feb 17, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 FOODSAFE Level 1 .............................................................................. Feb 18 Canadian Firearms Safety Course .................................................. Feb 18-19 Wilderness Survival .............................................................................. Feb 20 Traffic Control (Flagging) ............................................................... Feb 20-21 Occupational First Aid Level 1 ....................................................... Feb 20, 27 H2S Alive ......................................................................................... Feb 21, 28 Prenatal (3 and 4 of 4) .................................................................... Feb 21, 28 Confined Space .................................................................................... Feb 22 East Indian Cooking ............................................................................. Feb 23 Fall Protection ....................................................................................... Feb 29

Fort nelson Responsibilities for Joint Health and Safety Committees (WCB) ......... Feb 16 Fall Protection ...................................................................................... Feb 16 Occupational First Aid Lev. 1 ....................................... Feb 17, 20, 22, 25, 27 UTV (Utility Terrain Vehicle) Side x Side ............................................... Feb 18 Babysitter Training .......................................................................... Feb 18-19 Occupational First Aid Transportation Endorsement ........................... Feb 28 Confined Space Entry Level 2 .............................................................. Feb 29

Fort st. John FOODSAFE Level 1 .............................................................................. Feb 18 Adult Art Classes ............................................................................ Feb 20, 27 Air Brakes ........................................................................................ Feb 21-23 General Oilfield Driver Improvement (GODI) ......................................... Feb 21 H2S Alive ............................................................................................... Feb 23 Breastfeeding Information .................................................................... Feb 23 Asserting Yourself in Conflict Situations ........................................ Feb 28-29

tumbler ridge Light Duty Vehicle Driver Improvement ............................................... Feb 23 Industrial Fall Protection ...................................................................... Feb 28 Confined Space Entry and Rescue ....................................................... Mar 7

Geomatics (Surveying) Engineering Technology Geomatics professionals measure and map land, bodies of water, natural resources, and manmade features. Our graduates can work in the North or around the world!

One Great Career – two ways to get there Applied Certificate in Geomatics Engineering Technology Hands-on training to prepare you to enter the workforce in oil and gas, construction, or other high demand industries.

Limitless possibilities! get your future in focus and call a Student Recruiter at 1-866-463-6652 ‘Like us’ on NLC’s Geomatic Facebook page!

Certificate in Geomatics Engineering Technology More academically-focused courses that allow you to continue towards a diploma or degree at institutions such as BCIT.

“Geomatics Engineering Technology at NLC was an outstanding program that I believe thoroughly prepared me for working in the industry and continuing my education. I would highly recommend the program to anyone who is interested in the Geomatics field or furthering themselves within a Geomatics company.” – Pat Randall NLC Graduate May 2010

Attend an Information Session Fort st. John Feb 28 – 6 pm, room 104 dawson Creek Feb 29 – 6 pm, room sCie 115

host Families wanted Host families are required for FSJ Campus international students. They require three meals per day and a private bedroom with a bed, desk, chair and dresser. Host Families receive $700 per month for room and board. Contact michelle giblak, 250-787-6217 or

C H E T W Y N D • D AW S O N C R E E K • F O RT N E L S O N • F O RT S T. J O H N • T U M B L E R R I D G E


Nigerian delegation tours NLC facilities for International Education opportunities

An unexpected and very exciting e-mail from the Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education arrived in the International Education department’s mailbox last month. The Board was requesting permission to use an NLC student’s article found on English as a Second Language instructor Pamela Den Ouden’s blog page featured on PeacEzine (www.peacezine. The article will be used in a publication that is sent out to 5,000 students in Tokyo. Pamela has been running the blog since 2008, which has been visited a whopping 17,044 times from people in 157 countries around the world.

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February 16, 2012

Speed skaters across country meet in FSJ By Richard and Dee-Ann Stickel

The Canadian Age Class Long Track Championship hosted by Fort St. John has come to an end. The meet was a big success with provincial teams from Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and B.C. taking part. In all, 89 skaters were involved. B.C. ended up with the most points overall in the competition, waging a fierce battle with Quebec. The two provinces figured in the medal count in almost every division. Locally, 13 Fort St. John skaters took part. For them it was a very successful meet, with all of the skaters achieving many personal bests and many coming out with medals. Both Jamie Lee and Ben Maxfield were crowned Age Class champions.

Northeast NEWS

Fort St. John medal winners: Renee Kalkman - 2 silvers, 2 bronzes Sarah Graham - 3 silvers, 2 bronzes Rachel Kalkman - 1 silver Theresa Martins - 1 bronze Ben Maxfield - 2 gold, 2 silver Ben Van Spronsen - 1 bronze Connor Johnson - 1 gold, 2 bronze Jamie Lee - 3 gold, 1 silver Raistlin Van Spronsen - 1 silver, 2 bronze

As of March 1, 2012, The Northeast News in Dawson Creek will now be located at

1509B Alaska Avenue, Dawson Creek Phone: 250-782-7060 Watch for us Soon in our New Location! Kyla Corpuz photos

Northeast NEWS

CLASSIFIEDS Employment Opportunity

February 16, 2012

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Employment Opportunity

Check out our job board! Lots of new jobs posted this week! Visit our website! Field Clerk with OFA 3 (Two openings!): Available Immediately. Duties to include data entry, phones, admin duties as required, and any occupational first aid situations. Candidates should have good computer skills and some previous office experience is an asset. Must have valid Class 5 BC drivers license. We have two positions for this job, one is in camp and one is in town. Camp schedule is 8 days on/6 days off. Warehouse Person: This temporary position may work into a long term position for the right candidate. Duties will include stock keeping, picking, packing and shipping, keeping an orderly and neat warehouse. The successful candidate will be able to work in a team environment, have very good oral and written communication skills, be able to work in a fast paced environment and be able to adapt to changing priorities and the needs of the business. Previous experience in a warehouse is an asset but will train the right person. Monday to Friday 7a -4p or 8a to 5p Bookkeeper: Our client is looking for somebody who can maintain a full set of books including A/P, A/R, Payroll, Gov't Remits ect. Some training can be provided, but experience is required. The successful candidate will be comfortable with Simply Accounting, Excel, and Outlook. This is a fast paced environment and accuracy is essential. Office Administrator (Dawson Creek): The successful candidate for this position will be responsible for the smooth running of this busy office. Duties will include, but not limited to, phones and reception area, processing timesheets, prepare and track PO's, data entry for work orders and accounts. Candidates should be well organized, able to work with deadlines and be a self starter. 10139 101  Ave.    Fort  St.  John,  BC    V1J  2B4    |      p.    250.785.8367    |       f.    250.785.4795    |   e.    |  

2 Asphalt Plant Operators DGS ASTRO PAVING a well established enterprise actively involved in the Community is the head office for a group of road building contractors and concrete operations serving the Northeast of British Columbia. The incumbent will be responsible for insure quality, productivity and reliability standards of the plant. Requirements: • 2-3 years of past experience running an asphalt plant • Good maintenance and cleanliness standards • Responsible to maintain liquid inventory quantities • Basic understanding of plant calibration procedures • Perform duties in a safe and environmentally responsible manner • Able to perform general maintenance and repairs, both mechanical and electrical • Acceptable verbal & written communication skills • Knowledge of asphalt product quality requirements • Able to work in an industrial setting • Able to perform physically strenuous duties We offer a competitive compensation package with a comprehensive benefit plan and pension plan. In addition the Company offers many development opportunities through tailored training programs. For more information visit our website at: Please send your resume stating position to the Human Resources department at: or by fax at: 604 575-3691. DGS Astro Paving would like to thank all applicants for submitting their resume. However, only applicants selected to be interviewed, will be contacted.

Free Public Skating

Starting February 19

Public Skating is



Join us for the first free skate at 12pm Sunday, February 19!

ncil – Opening ceremony with Devon and City Cou

THANKS TO OUR NEW SPONSOR recreation@ 250-785-4592

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Northeast NEWS


February 16, 2012

For REnt

Office for Rent Office space for rent on ground floor in the Professional Building 1200 103 Ave Dawson Creek. Call 250-219-1434 (TFN) For Sale Jandel Homes. Volume buy, huge savings. Limited time only, will deliver in Spring. 1.877.504.5005 (TFN)


Crane Mats - Crane Mats - Hardwood Wedges, Pipeline Blocking, call 604462-7517 (TFN) Massage Nim’s Traditional Thai Massage. 250-793-2335. Massage Service Only. No House Calls.(03/01)


We have warm places to call home this winter! Sterling Management Services Ltd. has for rent

Bach, 1 and 2 bedroom apartments. Townhouses & Duplexes

Fort St. John Call our office 250-785-2829 or Visit

Business Opportunity Need Additional Income? Learn how to operate a Mini-Office Outlet from your home computer. (03/08)


Vacation Spots The Northern Rockies Lodge in Muncho Lake Provincial Park is open year- round 1-800-6635269 (04/05) FOR SALE AVON: www. hanaback REGAL: Email

For Sale Pine Ridge Modular Homes Sale Price on all 16’ wides Staring price $86,700 Office Phone 250-262-2847 (03/29) Wood Furniture 100% Solid wood and rustic furniture. Log home renovations and sealants. call Lisa in FSJ 250.263.7765 or Doug in Hudson’s Hope Call 250.783.9156 lynx-

c r e e k w o o d s m i t h s . c o m (yrly)

For Sale Northeast British Columbia

Credit, Dreamcatcher Sad Bad Credit

Li-Car business& Li-Car Li-Car Management Group professional

Management Group Now taking applications for Group 1, 2 and 3Management bedroom units. Now taking applications for applications for 2 andProfessional 3 bedroom units. or Now one of1, taking our Site managers! 2 and 3 bedroom Alpine- Bruce1,250-785-1852 • Bona Vistaunits, - Natasha 250-787-1075 woodwork Contact office for •more or oneour of our Professional Siteinformation! managers! SandalwoodBob 250-262-2011 HillcrestGlen 250-261-4216 Phone - Office AlpineBruce 250-785-1852 • Bona Vista - Natasha 250-787-1075 DriftwoodBob 250-262-2011 •250-785-2662 Melsher• New construction Email: SandalwoodBob 250-262-2011 Hillcrest- Glen 250-261-4216 MaplewoodBob • Graham-

Employment Opportunity

Progressive Ground Disturbance

Progressive Ground Disturbance Company is seeking an Company seeking an EXPERIENCED LINE is LOCATOR & AREA REP in the Ft. St. John, BC area. EXPERIENCED LINE This representative should have a good knowledge of LOCATOR Northern BC, line locating& andAREA the ability to REP look after dayJohn, operations. in the day Ft.toSt. BC area.

Company will provide training, competitive wages and great benefitsThis in a drug free environment with opportunities representative should havetoatravel. Must be reliable, motivated and have valid driver’s license. good knowledge of Northern BC, line A benefit program is offered which includes medical, locating and abilityinsurance. to look after dental, life the and disability

day to day operations.

When submitting resumes please refer to Competition # LFNBC-02-07 will provide training, andCompany email to or Fax Resume (403)793-2811 competitive wagesto:and great benefits

in a drug free environment with

For any additional information regarding the company, opportunities to travel. Must be please see our website at:

reliable, motivated and have valid driver’s license. A benefit program is offered which includes medical, dental, life and disabilityCAREER insurance.



No Problem Apply today!! Drive Today!! APPLY ONLINE


When submitting resumes please to Competition # LFNBC-02-07 The refer Cat Rental Store, a leading rental house to users of construction, commercial and industrial equipment has an and email to immediate opportunity for a Washbay Person to join our team in Dawson Creek, British Columbia.

or Fax Resume to: (403)793-2811

This position will be responsible for washing all ready-to-rent 0” Down! O.A.C. additional construction service and postFor rentalany equipment. Duties information to include but not limited to Mission… the Quality Employees SERVING regarding company, please washing, cleaning, testing and all hoses and cables, Mission… Quality Employees SERVING Qualityrolling Customers WITHsee Quality Solutions. Quality Customers WITH Quality Solutions. Extreme Venture assisting warehouse personnel with loading/ unloading our website at: No Charge DELIVERY BC & Ab. equipment and pulling orders as required, and assisting yard • Masonary • Framing • Decks Coquitlam Chrysler DL#7557 CUSTOMER REPRESENTATIVE personnel in ensuringSERVICE ready-to-rent equipment is presented in an • Roofing • Ceramic Tile • Refinishing CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE DriftwoodBob 250-262-2011 • MelsherKillarneyBob 250-262-2011 •AmbassadorSandra 250-261-6516 orderly fashion. The successful candidate must be an honest, • Slate • Granite • Siding • Chinking Staining The Cat Rentalindividual Store has who an immediate opportunity CusNortheast British Columbia hardworking afraid to handlefor a amultitude The Cat Rental Store has an immediate opportunityisfornot a Customer to join t MaplewoodBob|Green 250-262-2011 • GrahamGlen- Bob 250-262-2011 • Concrete Parging • Fence • Stairs and Railings tomer Service Representative to join the teamService in ourRepresentative Dawson of tasks. team in our Dawson Creek, BC location. • Gazebos • Construction Service KillarneyBob 250-262-2011 •Ambassador- Sandra 250-261-6516 Creek, BC location. Andrew Blaney Justin McKnight The successful candidate be a highly motivated individual Pleasemust for your resume in confidence to:who will be responsible for efficient a John (250) 263-4858 |Green GlenBob 250-262-2011 Email: 250-785-1490 250-785-8221 effective customerThe service at the candidate rental counter company standards are met. Require go successful mustinsuring be a highly motivated individual Fort St. John, BC written and communication Equipment knowledge and a driver’s license who beskills. responsible for efficient and effective customer ser- are preferab Billwill Briscoe, Branch Manager Knowledge of Rentalman would be an asset. vice theRental rental counter TheatCat Store insuring company standards are met. Email: woodwork Accounting & Taxesconstruction service P O Box 447, #4 Collins Require good written and Road communication skills. Equipment Responsibilities will include: Accounting & Taxes accounting & taxes Extreme Venture locksmith Locksmith Dawson Creek, B.C. license are preferable. Knowledge of knowledge and a driver’s Automotive Chipped • Masonary • Framing • Decks • New construction V1G Rentalman wouldby be telephone an asset. or in person in a prompt, courteous, business-li Interfacing with the 4H3 customers Transponder •Keys • Roofing • Ceramic Tile • Refinishing manner. Available • Slate • Granite • Siding • Chinking Staining • Inside sales ofResponsibilities all products and services, including rentals, that the company offers. • Concrete Parging • Fence • Stairs and Railings will include: • MASTER KEY SYSTEMS • Gazebos • Draws up rental and sales contracts. • Construction Service • Interfacing with the customers by telephone or in person in a Andrew Blaney Justin McKnight • Processes equipment returns and closes rental contracts. • LOCKOUT BOARDS John (250) 263-4858 250-785-1490 250-785-8221 Business, Farming and personal Bookkeeping prompt, courteous, business-like manner.computerized programming. Fort St. John, BC other equipment inquiries through the company’s • PADLOCKS want to•• Performs • Inside sales all products and on services, including rentals, that Accounting now offered Keeps paperwork current to of insure prompt action all transactions. • Must be able and willing to assist in servicing equipment. the company offers. Accounting & Taxes locksmith Locksmith accounting & taxes advertise •in Participating •inDraws the afterhours on-call Automotive Chipped up rental androtation sales contracts. Ph:250-263-0886 250-263-0886 Ph: Madeline Scott Transponder Keys • Performs other duties as assigned. 31-9600 31-960093rd 93rdAve, Ave,Totem TotemMall Mall Available • Processes equipment returns and closes rental contracts. 9708-108 St Fortbusiness St John Fx: 250-785-1585 Fort Bookkeeping & Income Tax the Fx: 250-785-1585 FortSt. St.John, John,BC BC • MASTER KEY SYSTEMS • Performs through company’s Those who are interested, pleaseother drop equipment off in person inquiries a resume and currentthe Drivers Abstract. • LOCKOUT BOARDS Business, Farming and personal Bookkeeping computerized programming. Eavestroughing & Siding • PADLOCKS glassAccounting now offeredGlass wrought iron directory? • Keeps paperwork current to insure prompt action on all trans2009 People’s Choice Award Winner ◉ Windshields The Cat Rental Store is an equal opportunity employer. Ph: 250-263-0886 • Specializing in 5” actions. 31-9600 93rd Ave, Totem Mall SIGNS • FIRERINGS call 9708-108 St Fort St John Fx: 250-785-1585 Fort St. John, BC ◉ Custom Showers • Must be able and willing to assist in servicing equipment. RAILINGS • GATES Flooring ◉wrought • Participating in the afterhours on-call rotation Eavestroughing glass iron Glass 2009 People’s Choice Award Winner ◉ Windshields ◉ Windows and doors • Performs other duties as assigned.

Fisher Log Works


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advertise in

Fisher Log WorksScott Madeline

Madeline Scott

Bookkeeping & Income IncomeTax Tax Bookkeeping &

the business

Complete Income Tax Service




◉ Custom Showers ◉ Flooring

*Free In Home Consultations ◉ Windows and doors

50-785-640 9 50-785-640 22 9 *Free In Home Consultations

9708-108 St Fort St John

9708-108 St Fort St John




1.877.787.7030 • Siding

PHONE: 250.789.9157 Ben Beifort • Cell: 250-261-8216

CELL: 250.261.5917 PHONE: 250.789.9157 CELL: 250.261.5917 Box 84, Montney, B.C. V0C 1Y0 EMAIL: EMAIL:

Those who are interested, please drop off in person a resume and current Drivers Abstract. The Cat Rental Store is an equal opportunity employer.


Office Structures   Consulting  Services   February 16, 2012

Northeast NEWS Novelty Bills Books & Bargains We buy your Antiques, collectibles, Adult magazines, Books and coins. Open 12pm to 7:00 pm Mon to Sat phone 250-785-2660 Help Wanted P A R T - T I M E M E R C H A N D I S E R Powerhouse Retail Services has an opening for a merchandiser to service our clients in Fort St. John & Dawson Creek, BC for part-time weekday hours between 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM. Excellent opportunity for additional work for an existing rep or anyone working part time. Retail /merchandising experience preferred. Must provide own transportation & internet. Email: sukhi@ Fax: 1-866-847-0068. (yrly)

Massage FSJ Oriental Massage. Deeply relaxing, full body. Call 250-261-3923 by appointment only(03/01)

Services Picture shipping boxes and free frames MasterPeace Framing 9422 - 100st Fort St. John B.C 250-785-9099 Services House cleaner: 25 yrs experience, professional, thorough, dependable & fast. Excellent references. Dawson Creek. PH. Christie – 250 786 0209 (02/23)

Help Wanted


Creek is currently acceptJourneyman or Apprentice

be expected to work a 40


hour work week, and supply

a general set of mechanics

iatitan@rentcoequipment. com, or in person to 190596ave. (02/23)

For Sale Land 4 Sale By Owner 600 Acres pastured land in Groundbirch 500 acres cultivated, fenced & X fenced.\ surface water in all pastures, corrals, all weather access Contact



Welcomes You! For a relocation or retirement information package simply contact us at: 1-888-672-4426 or (780) 678-3025 5204 - 50 Ave. Camrose, AB, T4V 0S8 Email: Email:


Ray Telford Valerie King

The City of Camrose is a proud member of the Battle River Alliance for Economic Development -



For Sale HST - Book your classified

Carousel Design & Decor

or email info@northeast-

Holiday Sale - Custom Blinds • Nov 14th - Dec 15th (TFN)

Residential  Properties   Land  Developments   Recreational  Homes   Portable  Accommodations   Office  Structures   Consulting  Services  

250-780-2320 (05/03)

today, call 1-877-787-7030



20 words, 3 weeks, $10 +


Large Selection of Quality Blinds • 40% OFF List Price 2” Wood Venetians• 2” Wood Faux Venetians Roller Shades • Black-out or Sheer-view Elegance or PSC Vertical Blinds Hunter Douglas Pleated Shades & Honeycomb Shades

30% OFF List Price

Posting Circular: Job-1569 Reconnect Worker Needed Dawson Creek

Call The Blind Man for a Free Consultation Call Rose or Garry • 250-785-5754

Job 1569 Reconnect Worker – Dawson Creek Position Title: Reconnect Worker Job Responsibilities: The Reconnect Worker will: Provide advocacy, a cohesive counselling service and support services to youth currently living on the street or at risk to begin living on the street. Provide advocacy, a cohesive counselling service and support services to the families of these youth. Try to reconnect these children and youth to their families or to the social services systems. Try to reconnect these children and youth to their community and society through enabling them to choose healthier and safer lifestyles. Develop and maintain solid relationships with the community of street youth as well as with appropriate resources and agencies. Hours of Work: 28 Hours per week – Flexible to meet program needs Rate of Pay: As per the Collective Agreement Closing Date: March 1, 2012 Submit Resumes To: Lori Brooks, Human Resource Coordinator P.O. Box 713 (10110 – 13th Street) Dawson Creek, BC V1G 4H7 Fax: (250) 782 4167 E-mail: • Please include Competition # 1569 with resume • This position is open to female and male applicants • Only short-listed applicants will be contacted • This position is a union position For more information please visit our Career Opportunity section at We look forward to hearing from you!

IT’S A gIrl

Successful applicants will

Apply today by email virgin-

JAN savi Spri


hensive benefits package.

We Clas

ing applications for full time

tive wages and a compre-


Rentco Equipment Dawson

tools. Rentco has competi-

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Now Hiring All Positions

To apply or find our more, please visit us online at: 9007 - 96A St. Fort St. John, BC

Babies of the North IT’S A Boy

IT’S A Boy

(250) 261-5544 Welcome Wagon

IT’S A gIrl Kodi alexandria Wood Born: Jan 3 Parents: Kayla Gladve & Shawn Wood of FSJ

NATASHA 775-1442

Stats: 21” 7 lbs. 2 oz.

IT’S A gIrl

IT’S A gIrl

IT’S A gIrl

IT’S A gIrl

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February 16, 2012

UPCOMING Dawson Creek • Dawson Creek Toastmasters meets every Thursday at 7pm at Farmer’s Advocacy Office 1032 103 Ave (Front door on 11 st.) Contact Heather at 250-784-5700 or 780-353-3050. • February 18 - Country Music Dance - Music by Night Sounds at the Senior Citizens Hall, 1101 McKellar Ave. Dawson Creek Dance from 8:30 - 12:30. Admission includes lunch. 19 Years and over welcome. For more information phone Fred at 782-2192 or Linda at 843-7418. • Saturday 25th February 7.0pm - Young Life Dawson Creek will be hosting a fundraising dessert evening. Great food, live and silent auctions, entertainment and music. Come and support our young people. 7.0 at KPAC • Tuesday 28th February at 1.30pm - Income Options for Retirement; a workshop given by Don Bourassa. Everyone welcome but space is limited. At South Peace Seniors’ Access office (next door to Sears) in the Coop mall. Farmington • March 3: Pancake Breakfast at Farmington Hall at 10:30 AM then Winter Fun Day for all ages at Matthews Park in Farmington from 11:30 AM to 3:30 pm with children’s games, free hot dog lunch, log sawing and tea boiling competitions. For more information contact the Farmington Community Association: Carolyn at 250-843-7315 or Brian at 250-843-7143 Fort St. John • February 18, 7pm - The Campfire Cowboys are back. Come for a fun evening of country music at the FSJ Legion Hall. $10 at the door, lunch will be served. • Heritage Day: Sunday February 19th 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Fort St. John North Peace Museum 9323 – 100th Street Come celebrate Heritage Day at the Fort St. John North Peace Museum. This year’s Heritage Week theme is Energy in B.C. ~ A Powerful Past, A Sustainable Future. Events include free museum admission, a “what is it?” table of artefacts that use or store energy, energy-related crafts for families, and a photo challenge. We will also be premiering our new travelling exhibit - a British Home Child Quilt Exhibit. Call 250-787-0430 for more information. • Derrick Dance of Fort St. John will be hosting a Dance on Saturday, February 25 from 8:30pm to 12:30am. In the Senior Citizens Hall at 10908 100 St. Music by Night Sound. Everyone 19 and over welcome. For info call Lucy at 785-2867 or Judy at 787-0460. • North Peace Historical Society Annual General Meeting Wednesday February 29th 6 pm, Dinner at 6:30 pm North Peace Historical Society is hosting their Annual General Meeting with a special dinner cooked by Rose Green. Special presentation by the North Peace Cemetery Seekers who will be talking about their adventures in documenting the cemeteries of the area. Tickets are $25.00 and are available at the Museum. Everyone is welcome. • Mission Vision 2012 “The world is my neighbour” on March 9 & 10 at the Fort St. John Alliance Churce. Free admission. Displays open 6-9:30 on Friday. Youth Rally on Friday 6:30-9:30. Doors open Saturday 9am-9pm. • March 31, 2012 Royal Canadian Legion is hosting its annual 50’s & 60’s dance - 8pm tickets available at the bar for $15.00 each door prizes, spot dances, prizes for best costume, main door prize an 1/2 hr helicopter ride donated by Bailey Helicopters more information call Jo Ann 250-787-7728 ONGOING Fort St. John

Northeast NEWS

• The Family Literacy Program is open for registration! Classes classes and one-to-tutoring for people learning English. Contact 250run every Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00am to 12:00pm. Children 785-2110 or for more information. under the age of 6 are welcome to take part in the children’s program; • S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Northern B.C. Newcomers Integration Service and, baby care is also available. Healthy snacks are provided for each Centre is a non-profit organization in Fort St. John. Our Settlement class. Every month, the Family Literacy Program also offers parenting Program provides information, orientation, assessment, referral and and life skills seminars. Opportunities for parents and children to service linking, educational workshops and short term adaptation learn together are offered each week. For more information, please counselling to immigrants. The program also offers assistance contact Jean McFadden at 250-785-2110. • The Fort St. John Public Library is offering Free Computer Skills with form completion, correspondence between clients and service Training Sessions. These are one-on-one, one hour sessions, where providers, navigating immigration processes including sponsorship you can learn at your own pace. You can learn what you are interested applications, obtaining permanent residence cards and applying for in learning and how you want to learn it. Areas covered can include, citizenship. Bridging services are provided to a variety of community but are not limited to, basic computer skills, using the internet, office and government service agencies and organizations. Service is skills, email and social networking. Call the Fort St. John Public available in English and Spanish. The Settlement Program is located Library at 250-785-3731 to register or find out more. at: #211 10142-101st Ave (Execuplace building). From 8:30-4:30 • The Fort St. John Literacy Society is currently looking for p.m. Phone # 250-785-5323 Ext 22. participants to enroll in the next session of our C.H.O.O.S.E.Family Literacy Program. Participants must be parents of children six years or younger. Participants decide what to study for - work, February 28, 2012 - Pomeroy Hotel 11308 Alaska Road, Fort St. John, BC school or to learn English as a Second Language. Meanwhile, an Early Childhood Educator and a child minder care for their children. A teacher is also available to help the adults with their studies. Start date: Tuesday, • Registration at 8:30 am January 10th Duration: 12 weeks Class date and time: Tuesdays • Presentation 9:00 am - 4:00 pm and Thursdays from 9:00am to 12:00pm Cost: FREE To register, • Continental breakfast & lunch included phone 250-785-2110 or email Dr. Martin Brokenleg • Emcee - Art Napoleon We take great pride and honor in bringing such an • Ft. St. John Parkinson’s • Registration Cost $50.00 (Please make influential speaker to our community Support Group Parkinson cheque payable to School Dist. #60) Society British Columbia People Dr. Martin Brokenleg is a national and internationally reliving with Parkinson’s disease, nowned Lakota Sioux family-care expert and co-author caregivers and family members of “Reclaiming Youth at Risk: Our Hope for the Future”. His background includes a doctorate in psychology, 30 are warmly invited to the Ft. St. Topics: years as Professor of Native American Studies at AuJohn Parkinson’s Support Group. • The Circle of Courage-Early gustana college of Sioux Falls, and consulting and leadJoin others in your community to ing training programs throughout North America, New Childhood share information and resources, Zealand and South Africa. coping strategies, ideas for living • Growing Your Own Kids His common sense approach to dealing with individuals, well with PD, good humour, • Reaching Deeper: Native conflict resolution and cross-cultural interactions will give social support and more. Last you practical tools to bring back and use in your home, traditions and creating inWednesday of the month at 11:00 school, work place and community! ner strength in children am McDonald’s Restaurant 10920 Alaska Road North Ft. St. John, BC Note: there is no meeting in Name: ________________________________________ December For more information Address: ________________________________________ please contact: Sarah at 250 785 - ________________________________________ 7348  • The Fort St. John Literacy Phone: (________) -________________-____________ Parents - Early Child- Society offers free one-to-one  Email: ________________________________________ hood Educators tutoring for people who want to Counselors - Elders -- Other: ________________________________________ Community service improve their reading, writing or  NORTHLAND Dodge  Chrysler  Jeep  would  like  to  thank  the  Northeast  News  for  their  incredible  help  in   -- providers math skills. We also offer free making    NORTHLAND  DODGE  the  #1  VOLUME  DEALER  in  CANADA!    AGAIN!   English as a Second Language They  have  helped  so  many  customers  from  around  Northeast  BC  find  the  best  deal  on  their  vehicle  

The Circle of Courage WorkshopW WorkshopWG

☑YES! YES! I’m interested!

purchase. From  as  far  away  as  Toad  River  to  all  the  surrounding  areas  in  The  PEACE  the  Northeast  News   has  helped  spread  the  word  and  our  partnership  with  them  is  an  integral  part  of  our  success!   We  truly  appreciate  all  your  support!   NORTHLAND Dodge Chrysler Jeep would like to thank the Northeast News for their incredible help NORTHLAND  DODGE  CHRYSLER  JEEP  is  the:   in making NORTHLAND DODGE the #1 VOLUME DEALER in CANADA! AGAIN! #1  Truck  Dealer  in  Canada  –2011  

VOLUME Dealer   in  Canada  -­‐2011   Dec  find the best deal on their vehicle purchase. They have helped so many customers from#1  around Northeast BC #1   D ealer   i n   B C   f or   6   y ears!!!   From as far away as Toad River to all the surrounding areas in The PEACE the Northeast News has helped We  look  forward   working  with  part you  again   012!   success! spread the word and our partnership with them is anto  integral ofin  2our   We truly appreciate all your support! Brent  Marshall  

NORTHLAND DODGE CHRYSLER JEEP is the: President #1 Truck Dealer in Canada –2011 Northland   Auto  Group   #1 VOLUME Dealer in Canada -2011 NORTHLAND  DODGE  CHRYSLER   JEEP,  Prince   George  Dec #1 Dealer in BC for 6 years!!! NORTHLAND  HYUNDAI,  Prince  George   We look forward to working with NORTHLAND   NISSAN,  Prince   George  you again in 2012!


Brent Marshall, President Northland Auto Group

Northeast NEWS

February 16, 2012

• Feb 29th- Southern Gospel Hour will be held at St. Marks Anglican Church between 12-1pm. Music provided by Andrew Ho & Oline Marie. Bring your own bagged lunch for a little enlightenment. Admission is by donation. • Children’s Art Classes- Mondays- Drawing, Tuesdays – Art Sampler, Wednesdays - Painting, Thursdays- 3D Busy Hands. Ages 6 and up. Classes run from 3:30-5pm, limited registration, 250-7822601. Instructor: Danika Hussey. Cost is $10 per class. • Knitting Nights -held every Thursday evening from 6:30-8:30pm at Faking Sanity.

Art Festival Upcoming Events

Jill Earl photo

Pianist Andrew Ho performed at the Dawson Creek Art Gallery with special guest including Janina Carlstad on flute.

Jill Earl photo

The Dodge City Rockets, a local rockabilly band performed at the Dawson Creek Art Gallery on Feb. 6 and 15.

• Feb 17th and 24th- Circus North Workshop drop-in from 3:305p.m. at South Peace Secondary School. Bring water, gym shoes and clothes. Admission is $5. • Feb 17th- Indie rock/folk band, AmpLamp, will perform at the Art Gallery from 7-9p.m. Admission is $5. • Feb 18th- Folk musician, Wayne Ezard, will be playing at Chances Casino from 7:30-9:30 p.m. Must be 19 years or older, admission is free. • Feb 19th- Movie, J. Edgar, is presented by the D.C. Film Committee at 5p.m. at Centre Cinema. Admission is $7. • Feb 20-26th- Window display by Peace Country Roots Group at the Alaska Highway House, celebrating Heritage Week. • Feb 20th- Magician, Dick Sequens, will perform for preschoolers at the Kiwanis Early Learning Hub from 1:30-2p.m. • Feb 22nd- Barb Monroe and The Sweetwater Ramblers will perform at the Art Gallery at 7p.m. Admission is $5. • Feb 24th-Rock band, Free Trial Queen, will perform at the Art Gallery from 7-8:30p.m. Admission is $5. • Feb 25th- Open mic and performance by Wayne Ezard at Faking Sanity from 6:30-9:30 p.m. Admission is $10 for adults, $5 for seniors and children under 12. • Feb 26th- Movie, Young Adult, is presented by the D.C. Film Committee at 5 p.m. at Centre Cinema. Admission is $7. • Feb 28th- Indie rock/folk band, AmpLamp, will perform at the Art Gallery from 7-9p.m. Admission is $5.

Custom Built Garages, Storage Sheds and Cabins

Jan.17 2012

5.04” x 5”

Walter Energy


Full Recruitment Camp



WCC11-057_Full Recruitment Campaign_Northeast News 5.04” x 5”; colour (general) .indd


Garage Size: 14’x32’x8’ = $6000 14’x28’x8’ = $5500 14’x24’x8’ = $5000 Wide Load Pilot Included

Call for Pricing on Available Options

CONTACT Albert AT 780-834-7055 “Where Quality Matters”

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COMMON SHED SIZES 12’x28’x8’ = $4000 12’x24’x8’ = $3500 12’x16’x8’ = $2500 10’x24’x8’ = $3000 10’x16’x8’ = $2300 10’x12’x8’ = $2000


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Northeast NEWS

February 16, 2012

Father and daughter provide variety for all art lovers By Jill Earl

DAWSON CREEK- A new exhibit at the Dawson Creek Art Gallery showcases the work of Clayhurst local David Thiessen and his daughter Shanda Thiessen-Fuller. Art lovers of all kinds will likely enjoy this exhibit that celebrated it’s opening on Feb. 7, as the two artists provide works displaying a variety of styles and subjects, as the name eludes “Different Styles, Varied Subjects.” Their work includes portraits, landscapes, war scenes, and Jackson Pollock-esque abstracts and though they present many different genres in their art work, the two have much in common. Both Thiessen and Fuller became interested in art at a young age. “I started drawing when I was a kid,” Thiessen said. “Ever since I could remember I’ve wanted to be an artist,” said Fuller. Thiessen was encouraged by his mother to draw and often bought him sketch books to practice in, he in turn encouraged Fuller and bought an easel and paint set for her twelfth birthday. Both father and daughter don’t recall instantly being talented at drawing and attribute their current skill to a lot of practice. “Practice is what does it,” Thiessen said. “He’s a very laid back easy going person most of the time and so for all of us kids he’s encouraged us to pursue where we want to go, Fuller said. “It took a while to get to this point. I think one of the big turning points was in high school art class…I had a really good teacher, Mr. Shay, and he always told me darken the darks and lighten the lights. On the paintings look for the details and look for the colours that may not be obvious, and just keep working at it,” she said. Thiessen had some art training too, a number of years ago he enrolled in a correspondence art course at the Famous Artists School in Connecticut, but he was so busy working a regular job that he didn’t finish the course. “I regret that I didn’t finish the course, but it did help me get going on it,” Thiessen said. Though being an artist is an ideal career for both, they feel it’s a profession that would be unrealistic for them. “I would love to, absolutely love to do that, but financially I can’t really do that cause you know the starving artist? Pretty true statement,” Fuller said. Fuller currently works for Rising Above Ministries in Grande Prairie where they help people recover from their addictions. She’s introduced a few of the clients to art and finds that it’s a great stress reliever for a lot of people. “In high school it was a great stress reliever cause at exam time you’d be cramming, cramming, cramming, do you’re exam and then have all this energy and tension that you need to release and you just go find the paints an the canvasses, and our teacher in high school would let us paint whatever and let us release the energy on the paint and on the canvas, and it was so much fun, and it did the same thing in college,” she said. Thiessen hopes that retirement will give him more time to work on his pieces. “I would like to get more done then I am getting done. I always said that if I did a painting a day

Vold, Jones & Vold Auction Co. Ltd. Jones‘MILE & VoldZERO Auction Co. Ltd. DAWSON CREEK Vold, AUCTION CITY’

Jill Earl photo

David Thiessen stands beside one of his favourite pieces, Favourite Uncle. and live to be 100, I would never run out of ideas,” he said. Both father and daughter are also inspired by their Christianity. “The cross is always figured prominently in my art. One of the things I’ve always drawn and I actually have it [tattooed] on my back as well… My relationship with Jesus has influenced so much of my life, of course I’m not going to keep it out of my art. I think a lot of the times when I’m painting nature it’s like a celebration of what he has done, what he has created,” Fuller said. “Everything beautiful, and the word of God,” Thiessen said inspires him along with his interest of nature and airplanes. He is currently working on paintings of the Ten Commandments, and has three finished and one display. Thiessen says the extremely detailed pieces take a long Jill Earl photo time, and hopes Fuller will finish them for Shanda Thiessen-Fuller stands beside her favourite. him if he doesn’t have the opportunity to The exhibit will be in the D.C. Art Gallery until Mar. complete all ten. 3.

Century 21 Canada Announces 2011 National Rankings.

We would like to congratulate our award winning Realtors!

DAWSON ‘MILE ZERO CITY’ 301-116th Ave.CREEK DawsonAUCTION Creek, british Columbia Dawson Creek Office: 250-782-3766 VJV Main Office: 403-783-5561 Cattle Sales, Don 301-116th Ave. Dawson Creek, British Columbia Fessler: 250-719-5561 Fax: 250-782-6622

Dawson Creek Office: 250-782-3766 VJV Main Office: 403-783-5561 Cattle Sales, Don

Fessler: 250-719-5561 Fax: 250-782-6622 MARKET REpORT FEbRUARY 9, 2012 CATTLE REPORT SLAUGHTER CATTLE On Thursday, February 9, 2012 550 head of cattle went thru our ring SLAUGHTER CATTLE D1 - D2 Cows 66.00-73.00

395 head of cattle went through the ring of Dawson Creek Action on July 8, 2010 D3 - D4 Cows 55.00-65.00 SALES EVERY THURSDAY!

Holstein Cows N/A D1 - D2 Cows 53.00-56.00 Heiferettes 70.00-80.00 D3 - D4 Cows 48.00-53.00 Bologna Bulls 70.00-83.00 Holstein Cows 50.00-53.00 Feeder Bulls 75.00-90.00 Heiferettes 55.00-65.00 Good Bred Cows 1000.00-1300.00 Bologna Bulls 62.00-72.50 Good Bred Heifers N/A Feeder Bulls 65.00-70.00 Milk Cows N/A Good Bred Cows None Cow/ Calf Pairs (younger) N/A Good Bred Heifers None Cow/ Calf Pairs (older) N/A Cow/ Calf Pairs 900.00-1000.00 Older Cows None Milk Cows None Good Feeder Steers 1000 lbs Plus: 105.00-120.00 Heifers 100.00-115.00 Good Feeder Steers 900 lbs Plus: 120.00-131.00 Heifers 110.00-121.00 Good 132.00-145.00 Heifers Good Feeder Feeder Steers Steers 800 1000lbs lbsPlus: Plus: N/A Heifers 119.00-130.00 N/A Good Feeder Steers 900 lbs Plus: N/A Heifers N/A Good Feeder Steers 700 lbs Plus: 145.00-157.00 Heifers 130.00-141.00 Good Feeder Steers 800 lbs Plus: 92.00-100.00 Heifers 80.00-88.00 Good Feeder Steers 600 lbs Plus: 158.00-170.00 Heifers 141.00-152.75 Good Feeder Steers 700 lbs Plus: 102.00-108.00 Heifers 85.00-92.00 Good 170.00-185.50 Good Feeder Feeder Steers Steers 500 600 lbs lbs Plus: Plus: 110.00-118.00 Heifers Heifers 150.00-162.00 98.00-104.00 Good Feeder Feeder Steers Steers 400 500 lbs lbs Plus: Plus: 115.00-125.00 Heifers Heifers 160.00-171.00 100.00-108.00 Good 178.00-195.00 Good Feeder Steers 400 lbs Plus: 110.00-125.00 Heifers 100.00-110.00 Good 185.00-200.00 Heifers Good Feeder Feeder Steers Steers 300 300 lbs lbs Plus: Plus: None Heifers 167.00-180.00 None


Chad Bordeleau

Kevin Pearson

Double CENTURION® Producer #2 Individual by Units in BC and #28 in Canada 2011 MLS Award

 Double CENTURION® Producer #1 Individual by Units in BC and #9 in Canada 2011 MLS Award

Mike Buburuz

Mitch Collins CENTURION® Producer

Masters Emerald

Carol Shearer

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Kurt Fischer


Vold, Jones & Vold Auction Co. Ltd. Upcoming Sales: Vold, Jones &@ Vold10:00 Auction Co. Ltd. Sales Every Thursday a.m. DAWSON CREEK AUCTION ‘MILE ZERO CITY’ DAWSON CREEK AUCTION ‘MILE ZERO CITY’ 301-116thSale Ave. Dawson Creek, british Columbia Dawson Creek Office: Horse September 25/2010 301-116th Dawson British Columbia 250-782-3766Ave. VJV Main Office:Creek, 403-783-5561 Cattle Sales, Don Fessler: 250-719-5561 Fax: 250-782-6622 Dawson Creek Office: 250-782-3766 VJV Main Office: 403-783-5561 Cattle Sales, Don Fessler: 250-719-5561 Fax: 250-782-6622


Masters Ruby

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Fort St. John Office 10756 100 Street 250-785-8051

Masters Silver

& Ivey Henderson Outstanding Individual Performance for the last six months of 2011

Office Awards

Dawson Creek Office 201-1112 102 Ave 250-782-2100

2010 Ford ExpLorEr 4x4

eddie Bauer editioN, aC, pw, pS, pm, pL, heated SeatS

2006 Ford ExpEdition LimitEd


NOW $ STK# JR7104

2010 Ford ExpLorEr 4x4

eddY Bauer editioN, aC, pw, pS, pm, pL, heated SeatS, Nav, STK# #IR4260 SYNC, Leather


Leather, Nav, heated SeatS

4x4, aC, pw, pm, pL, am/fm radio, Cd pLaYer, tiLt, CruiSe

NOW $ STK# J32265

2010 Ford ExpLorEr EddiE BauEr



4x4, aC, pw, pS, pm, pL, heated SeatS, SYNC, Leather


Leather, heated SeatS, SYNC

2011 Ford ExpEdition xLt

2004 VW jEtta Wagon diESEL


NOW $ STK# J08088

2011 Ford EdgE LimitEd


STK# IR7067

2011 Ford FLEx LimitEd

2011 Ford F-350 xLt Fx4



STK# IR0918

aC, pw, pm, pL, CruiSe, tiLt


xLt, v10, CLoth iNterior, pw, pL



STK# I58274

Leather, dieSeL, heated SeatS, pw, pL



STK# JR7352

2010 Ford FoCuS SES

2008 Ford ESCapE xLt

2009 Ford F-350 Lariat diESEL



STK# I35647

2009 Ford F-350 Lariat duaLLy

2008 Ford F-550 ChaSiSS CaB


STK# JR8076

awd, aC, pw, pS, pm, pL, heated SeatS, Leather, mooN roof

2009 pontiaC g6

SOLD aC, pw, pm, pL, Cd pLaYer, tiLt, CruiSe, mooN roof STK# J87556



aC, pw, pS, pm, pL, heated SeatS, SYNC, CruiSe, Cd, tiLt


aC, pw, pS, pm, pL, heated SeatS, tiLt, CruiSe, Box LiNer

2008 toyota taComa

4x4, aC, pS, pm, pL, heated SeatS, tiLt, CruiSe, Leather


NOW $ STK# JR2800

2007 Ford Sport traC ExpLorEr


NOW $ STK# I22754

Ltd, aC, pw, pS, pm, pL, heated SeatS, SYNC, oNLY 62000Km’S


NOW $ STK# I19774

2010 Ford F-150 S/CaB Stx Fx4

2011 Ford ESCapE 4x4

werNer rau


JuStiN ButtS

KarL weiSS

STK# JR7341

Chrome wheeLS, Cd pLaYer, pL, pw



STK# JR3472

2009 VW Golf

AM/FM Radio, Tilt, Alloy Wheels STK#I08280


NOW $ STK# I47269



Reduced • NOW $15,995

WAS $17,950

NathaN gieBeLhauS


*Price plus tax. Credit on approval discounts & rebates have been paid to price shown. DL#5247

1-866-282-8330 • • 11104 Alaska Road, Fort St. John

JohN ewoNuS SaLeS maNager


145”, CLoth, SiriuS radio, SLidiNg rear wiNdoe

2009 Ford F-150 xtr xLt

2008 Ford F-150 Fx4

mooN roof, Leather, Nav, heated SeatS



STK# JR3178

aC, pw, pS, pm, pL, heated SeatS, SYNC, Leather STK# I68044

STK# JR3681

pw, pL, aC





Feature of the Week:

SOLD 4x4, aC, pw, pS, pm, pL, tiLt, CruiSe, Box LiNer STK# I91966

a/C, pw, pL


STK# #JR2709

2008 Ford F-250 xLt 4x4

2011 jEEp grand ChErokEE LarEdo

4x4, aC, pw, pS, pm, pL, tiLt, CruiSe, STK# I52464 30,000 KmS, v6



Celebrating 50 Years in Fort St. John!


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February 16, 2012

Northeast NEWS

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February 16, 2012

Northeast NEWS

80” Aguos LED 120Hz 1080p Flat Panel with built in wifi for access to Netflix, customized internet content and live customer support

Priced at $4699.95

北米向けAQUOS Quattron 3D⤌ྜࡏࣟࢦΎๅ ‫ڦ‬ᮏࢹ࣮ࢱࡣࠊAdobe Illustrator࡛㛤ࡃࡇ࡜ࡀ࡛ࡁࡲࡍ

‫ە‬ⓑࣂࢵࢡ ∧ୗ␒ྕ


70” Bundle $4099.95

60” Bundle $2799.95

52” Bundle $2099.95 ∧ୗ␒ྕ



Save on 3D packages when bundling 3D Aquos Quottron LED Panel with BD-HP25U Blu-Ray Disc Player and 2 pairs of AN-3DG20 3D glasses ∧ୗ␒ྕ




Apply for your City Furniture Card today!

We don’t sell... We help you buy!

Dawson Creek, BC

10205-13 St.

(250) 782-8988

Fort Nelson, BC

Shop and Compare!

5003-50 Ave. (250)

We will not be undersold

HOURS: Monday to Thursday: 9-6 • Friday: 9-6 • Saturday: 9-6


Fort St. John, BC

10052-100 Ave. (250)



AQUOS Quattr


Online Edition of the Northeast News for February 16, 2012.

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