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“Spreading legal understanding to those who can shape organizational behavior is vital to our society. Our Master of Legal Studies will show you that you don’t have to be a lawyer to make the law work for you.” —Professor Jeremy Paul, Dean, Northeastern University School of Law

THE PROGRAM MASTER OF LEGAL STUDIES Northeastern’s Master of Legal Studies is a distinctive program built from the ground up for the aspiring professional eager to enhance his or her understanding of the law and to help employers navigate complex regulatory terrain. The Master of Legal Studies was created for non-lawyer professionals who work regularly with lawyers and legal issues. It is tailored specifically to those who do not wish to practice law, but would like to use the law as a means to achieve goals in environments where law is too often seen as an obstacle. Our small and interactive online courses—customized around content critical to specific professionals—are taught by law school faculty and industry experts who give you the practical knowledge you need to more effectively address legal issues in your industry. Northeastern is ranked as the number one law school for practical training; all of our courses are infused with our hallmark approach to education—experiential learning. It’s this philosophy that makes the Master of Legal Studies both relevant and impactful in advancing your career.

THE EXPERIENCE The Northeastern Network The Northeastern University network spans the globe. With the support of over 3,000 employer partners and more than 200,000 alumni, Northeastern students are networked for success. Master of Legal Studies students from around the world have access to all of our campus resources, including our research library, law library, and various conferences and presentations. They also receive full support from Northeastern’s top-ranked Career Development Office, including specific programs created for distance learners and graduate students. Whatever their location, all of Northeastern’s students graduate prepared and Networked for Life.

The Faculty Northeastern’s Master of Legal Studies courses are taught online by distinguished School of Law faculty and industry professionals who understand the way the law intersects with various heavily regulated fields. The School of Law’s diverse full-time faculty members bring their varied viewpoints and legal expertise to the program, preparing students for a practical application of the law within their industry and their profession.

THE OPPORTUNITY Due to rapidly expanding forms of regulation and an increasingly complex legal environment, professionals across various fields have a growing need for a grounding in the law. If you are in a highly regulated industry such as compliance, healthcare, human resources, or government, Northeastern’s Master of Legal Studies will provide you with a pathway through this maze of regulation. You will have the unique opportunity to learn legal concepts without having to obtain a Juris Doctor.

“ I bring a lot more to the table because of my legal background.” —Alison Bolivar, ’11, World American Capital, San Francisco

The program will give you a broad knowledge and understanding of the law and help you become an expert in legal issues within your own industry. The customized online curriculum will provide you with the flexibility to understand, analyze, and interpret your professional environment through a legal lens, giving you the opportunity to advance your organization and your career.

THE OPTIONS A Virtual Campus Our Master of Legal Studies degree is offered 100-percent online, allowing students from around the world to take advantage of the program’s challenging classes and expert faculty. Our small online class sizes allow you to take courses on your own schedule. And our state-of-the-art technology gives you the ability to interact directly with professors and classmates, building life-long relationships and adding value to your career. Classes benefit from Northeastern’s signature experiential learning model, drawing on case studies, scenarios, and your current professional experiences to make real-world connections. This flexible format was designed to suit the needs of non-lawyer professionals, providing them with the opportunity to complete the program part time over five semesters.

An Innovative University Northeastern’s Master of Legal Studies program delivers the rigorous academics, experienced faculty, cutting-edge research opportunities, and industry experience students expect from a top-50 ranked national research university and renowned law school. With the support of our global network of employer partners, connected alumni, and dedicated faculty, the program enables students to successfully build their careers while maintaining their lives.

THE CURRICULUM A Customized Curriculum The Master of Legal Studies curriculum was developed specifically for working, non-lawyer professionals across several highly regulated industries. Foundation and core courses will give you a broad and solid legal background. After gaining a general grounding in the law, you will focus on legal issues in specific industries through elective courses. Human resource management and healthcare professionals may wish to choose a concentration in line with their specific field. Professionals in other industries can access a wide array of electives. A career counselor is available to work with each student to make sure that your curriculum matches your individual passions and career goals. Foundation Courses Introduction to Legal Studies I Introduction to Legal Studies II

Elective Courses: Human Resource Management Concentration Employment Law Wages and Benefits Anti-Discrimination Law

Core Courses The Law of Information and Records Law and Strategy Governance and Organizational Management Sample Elective Courses: Negotiation and Advocacy Additional Topics Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management Financial Transactions Identifying and Securing Intellectual Elective Courses: Property Rights Healthcare Concentration Intellectual Property and Media Health Law Survey Intellectual Property Survey Healthcare Regulation and Compliance Regulation and Global Regulation of Clinical Trials Business Strategies

THE NEXT STEP Apply If you’re ready to make a difference in your career—and your life—apply to Northeastern’s Master of Legal Studies. To access our online application, go to

Application Requirements To apply to the program, you must have: > A bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution For more information, please contact: James Hackney Professor of Law Program Director, MLS

To complete the application process, you must submit: > Transcripts from all previous undergraduate and graduate institutions > A personal statement > Two letters of recommendation > Official TOEFL scores (non-native English speakers only) > GRE or LSAT scores (optional)

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Master of Legal Studies  

Learn more about Northeastern University's Master of Legal Studies degree, offered 100% online by the School of Law.

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