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Northeastern’s Neighborhood Welcome to Boston

Northeastern University is located in one of the city’s most interesting and culturally diverse areas. For more than 100 years, the University has extended beyond campus boundaries to bring a wealth of resources to Boston. Our faculty, staff, and students enthusiastically engage in programs that touch people in the South End, the Fenway, Roxbury, Mission Hill, and other neighborhoods. Our neighborhood is home to students, couples, families, and the elderly from a wide variety of ethnic and economic backgrounds. It includes private homes, apartment buildings, and historic sites. There are museums, performing arts centers, parks, stores, and restaurants, all within walking distance of the campus. Students are Northeastern’s ambassadors in the city and the neighborhoods in which they live, study, work, and play. From our work in the schools, to our activities in the community health centers, to our contributions to community development, to our scholarships for local residents, Northeastern strives to maintain positive relationships with our neighbors. As students and residents, it is your job to continue this positive connection to our neighborhoods through each of your interactions. As you explore the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (MFA) (where Northeastern students are admitted free to the permanent and special collections), the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Symphony Hall, Horticultural Hall, Copley Square, and the many other splendors of our city, please remember to maintain respect for all our neighbors. Neighborhood Venues and Vendors Listing

The following is just a sampling of businesses and other resources in and around Northeastern’s neighborhood. Your Husky Card offers discounts to more than 100 locations in and around Boston. Remember to keep the card on you and to use your Husky dollars wherever you see the Husky Dollar sign. Husky Card vendors are denoted by a . Visit husky-debitcard.html for the most up-to-date list of locations.


In eastern Massachusetts, you must dial area codes even for local calls. The area code for all listed telephones is 617 unless otherwise noted.


Bank of America Bank of America Bank of America Citizens Bank Sovereign Bank Sovereign Bank

Forsyth St. Marino Center Ruggles St. Ruggles St. Marino Center Wollaston’s


Bank of America Citizens Bank Sovereign Bank Wainwright Bank & Trust

285 Huntington Ave. 2343 Washington St. 279 Massachusetts Ave. 155 Dartmouth St.

437.0233 445.2330 867.9760 927.2200


Back Bay Bikes & Boards Superb Bicycle Community Bicycle Supply

366 Commonwealth Ave. 247.2336 842 Beacon St. 236.0752 496 Tremont St. 542.8623

4x4 Billiards 1260 Boylston St. Jillian’s & Lucky Strike Lanes 145 Ipswich St. Kings Bowling & Billiards 50 Dalton St.

424.6326 437.0300 266.2695


Barnes & Noble Bookstore (NU Bookstore) Barnes & Noble Trident Booksellers & Café

Curry Student Center


Prudential Center 338 Newbury St.

247.6959 267.8688

Coffee Bars

afterHOURS (Starbucks) Argo Tea Au Bon Pain Dunkin’ Donuts Dunkin’ Donuts Dunkin’ Donuts Pavement Coffee House Peet’s Coffee & Tea Starbucks Starbucks

Curry Student Center Snell Library Marino Center 283 Huntington Ave. Hayden Hall Shillman Hall 44 Gainsborough St. 1175 Tremont St. 273 Huntington Ave. Curry Student Center


859.7080 536.6501

N o r t h e a s t e r n ’ s N e i g h b o r h o o d • 79

Northeastern’s Neighborhood

Billiards and Bowling

Comedy Clubs

The Comedy Connection at the Wilbur Improv Asylum

246 Tremont St.


216 Hanover St.


181 Massachusetts Ave. 281 Huntington Ave. 563 Columbus Ave. 624 Columbus Ave. 683 Tremont St. Curry Student Center 614 Shawmut Ave. 1130 Boylston St. 291 Huntington Ave. Marino Center West Village B

247.8288 267.2009 867.9094 267.5522 236.4480

203 Massachusetts Ave. 12 Westland Ave. 90 Westland Ave.

247.8887 536.4254 859.7525

Convenience Stores

Choice Mart College Convenience Food Basket Giovanni’s Market Kosmo’s Market On the Go Shawmut Variety Symphony Mart Symphony Market Wollaston’s Grocery Wollaston’s Grocery II

442.5964 262.6644 437.7907 247.0011 536.3610

Dry Cleaners

Anton’s Cleaners Bonney Brothers Cleaners Cappy’s Cleaners & Laundromat Galleria Cleaners Garment Valet Laundry Pickup

334C Massachusetts Ave. 536.4540 Speare Commons 442.5326


Best Buy Radio Shack

401 Park Dr. 197 Massachusetts Ave.

424.7900 536.4773

364 Boylston St. 795 Columbus Ave. 108 Lincoln St. 505 Boylston St. 400 Huntington Ave. 359–369 Huntington Ave.

375.9642 373.7604 556.9926 236.1189 373.2666 373.2668

468 Commonwealth Ave. 225A Massachusetts Ave. 547A Columbus Ave. Prudential Center

536.8600 267.5900 262.7031 437.1058

Fitness Centers

Back Bay Yoga Studio Badger & Rosen Center Bikram Yoga Boston Sports Club Cabot Center Marino Recreation Center Florists

Boston Blossoms Boston Rose Florist Lotus Designs Louis Barry Florist 80


Franklin Park Golf Course

1 Circuit Dr.


563 Columbus Ave. 1055 Tremont St. 614 Shawmut Ave. 53 Huntington Ave. 33 Kilmarnock St. 1620 Tremont St. 899 Boylston St. 15 Westland Ave. Marino Center West Village B

867.9094 427.4895 442.5964 262.4688 267.4684 232.3572 262.6505 375.1010 247.0011 536.3610

333 Massachusetts Ave. 773 Tremont St. 311 Huntington Ave. 281 Huntington Ave. 303A Huntington Ave. 829 Boylston St.

859.0443 427.2620 859.7173 375.5555 247.7774 236.0310

1562 Tremont St. 219 Massachusetts Ave.

277.8994 536.4280

233 Newbury St.


330 Brookline Ave.


75 Francis St.


243 Charles St.


55 Fruit St.


125 Parker Hill Ave.


Grocery Stores

Food Basket Peña’s Market Shawmut Variety Shaw’s Star Market Stop & Shop Trader Joe’s Whole Foods Wollaston’s Grocery Wollaston’s Grocery II Hair Salons

City Hair Hair, Body & Soul Maximum Image Salon Salon 2 Sal’s Barber Shop Supercuts Hardware

A C Hardware Economy True Value Hardware Parks Paint & Hardware Hospitals

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Brigham and Women’s Hospital Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary Massachusetts General Hospital New England Baptist Hospital

N o r t h e a s t e r n ’ s N e i g h b o r h o o d • 81


Bed Bath & Beyond Crate & Barrel Williams-Sonoma

401 Park Dr. 777 Boylston St. Copley Place 100 Huntington Ave.

536.1090 262.8700 262.3080

174 Newbury St.


115 Jersey St. 90 Westland Ave.

859.8632 859.7525

Ice Cream Shops

Ben & Jerry’s Laundromats

Boston Laundry Cappy’s Cleaners & Laundromat Mac-Gray Laundry machines

located throughout campus

Local Attractions

Boston Duck Tours Boston Public Library Fenway Park Franklin Park Zoo New England Aquarium TD Garden

3 Copley Place 700 Boylston St. 4 Yawkey Way 1 Franklin Park Rd. 1 Central Wharf 100 Legends Way

267.3825 536.5400 877.REDSOX9 989.2692 973.5200 624.1050

207 Massachusetts Ave.


201 Brookline Ave. 1 Science Park Central Wharf 175 Tremont St.

424.6111 723.2500 973.5206 423.5801


U.S. Post Office Movie Theatres/Cinemas

Regal Fenway Theatres Omni Theater Simons IMAX AMC/Loews Boston Common 19



Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Institute of Contemporary Art Museum of Fine Arts Museum of Science

280 The Fenway


100 Northern Ave. 465 Huntington Ave. Science Park

478.3100 267.9300 723.2500

332 Newbury St.


333 Huntington Ave. 184 Massachusetts Ave. 585 Columbus Ave. 333 Massachusetts Ave.

375.5656 859.7755 536.3635 859.0067

401 Park Dr.



Newbury Comics Nail Salons

Campus Tan & Nails Fantasy Nails Hollywood Top Nails Ruby’s Nail Salon Office Supply Stores

Staples Performing Arts

Boston Symphony Orchestra 301 Massachusetts Ave. Citi Performing Arts Center 270 Tremont St.

266.1200 482.9393

Pharmacies/Drug Stores

CVS Pharmacy

231 Massachusetts Ave.


587 Boylston St.


1123 Tremont St. 610 Tremont St.

536.1890 262.3389

(open until 10 PM)

CVS Pharmacy (open 24 hours)

Ruggles Square Pharmacy Tremont Drug

(delivers to local addresses at no charge)

Walgreens Drug Store

841 Boylston St.


(delivers to local addresses for a nominal fee)

Photo Development

CVS Pharmacy

231 Massachusetts Ave.


N o r t h e a s t e r n ’ s N e i g h b o r h o o d • 83

Pizza Places

Boston House of Pizza College Pizza Crazy Dough’s Pizza Domino’s Domino’s Good Eats Pizza Little Stevie’s Pizzeria New York Pizza Nicole’s Pizza Papa John’s Penguin Pizza Roggie’s Pizzeria Supreme Pizza & Subs Sweet Tomatoes University House of Pizza

305 Huntington Ave. 266.4605 50 Queensberry St. 266.4919 1124 Boylston St. 266.5656 1260 Boylston St. 424.9000 1400 Tremont St. 541.3525 1002 Tremont St. 442.0999 1114 Boylston St. 266.5566 435 Massachusetts Ave. 266.7020 639 Tremont St. 266.0223 971 Tremont St. 904.7272 735 Huntington Ave. 277.9200 356 Chestnut Hill Ave. #B, 713.0555 Brighton 177B Massachusetts Ave. 247.8252 Curry Student Center 452 Huntington Ave. 442.9280

Resident Dining Facilities

International Village Levine Marketplace Out Takes Stetson West Eatery

Stetson East Stetson West Stetson West

373.2530 373.2476

49 Warren St. 716 Columbus Ave.

442.8958 373.2643

Restaurants and Cafés

#1 Chinese 716 Columbus Place Coffee Café AFC Sushi afterHOURS Nightclub Au Bon Pain The Avenue Boloco Boloco Boston Shawarma Bukowski Tavern Canteen Vending machines Chicken Lou’s Chili Duck Thai


Curry Student Center Curry Student Center Marino Center 1249 Commonwealth Ave. 903.3110 Marino Center 536.6814 247 Newbury St. 262.2200 315 Huntington Ave. 670.0460 50 Dalton St. 437.9999 located throughout campus 50 Forsyth St. 859.7017 829 Boylston St. 236.5208

Coca-Cola Vending machines Conor Larkin’s Grille & Tap Counterpoint Café Dick’s Last Resort Faculty Club Fajitas & ’Ritas Fire & Ice Hillel House (Kosher) House of Siam Jamba Juice Kigo Kitchen Maggiano’s Mike’s Pastry Moby Dick Nan Ling Chinese Restaurant Our House East Pho & I Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen Qdoba Mexican Grill Quan’s Kitchen Rebecca’s Cafe Roggie’s Brew and Grill Scoozi South Street Diner Subway Symphony Sushi Taco Bell Temptations Uburger Uno Chicago Grill Uno Chicago Grill West End Eatery Woody’s Grill & Tap

located throughout campus 329 Huntington Ave. 867.0084 24 The Fenway 424.1789 Quincy Market 267.8080 716 Columbus Ave. 373.3535 25 West St. 426.1222 205 Berkeley St. 482.3473 70 St. Stephen St. 373.3937 542 Columbus Ave. 267.1755 International Village 373.7018 Curry Student Center 4 Columbus Ave. 542.3456 300 Hanover St. 742.3050 269 Huntington Ave. 236.5511 179 Massachusetts Ave. 247.1835 52 Gainsborough St. 236.1890 267 Huntington Ave. 262.0011 21 Brookline Ave. 262.1687 Curry Student Center 393 Huntington Ave. 450.0910 1026 Commonwealth Ave. 232.7617 Churchill Hall 373.2479 356 Chestnut Hill Ave. 566.1880 237 Newbury St. 247.8847 178 Kneeland St. 350.0028 Ryder Hall 373.4613 45 Gainsborough St. 262.3888 Curry Student Center 313 Huntington Ave. 266.6080 Curry Student Center 280 Huntington Ave. 424.1697 645 Beacon St. 262.4911 Curry Student Center 58 Hemenway St. 375.9663

N o r t h e a s t e r n ’ s N e i g h b o r h o o d • 85


Blackman Ticket Center Campus Tan Gameroom Marino Rec. Center MyBike Night Owl Deliveries NU Reprographics University Health and Counseling

Ell Hall 334 Massachusetts Ave. Curry Student Center 359–369 Huntington Ave. 516 East 2nd St. 11 Ell Hall, 9 Forsyth Building 70 Forsyth St.

373.4700 375.5666 373.2640 373.4433 202.9720 292.7695 373.5646 373.2766 373.2772


Cambridgeside Galleria Copley Place Prudential Center Quincy Market

100 Cambridgeside Pl., Cambridge 100 Huntington Ave. 800 Boylston St. 1 South Market St.


480 Boylston St. 200 Newbury St. Prudential Center

267.3900 267.3400 424.6499

800 Boylston St. South Station, North Station, Back Bay Station 72 Kilmarnock St. South Station

266.1414 800.872.7245

46 Maverick Sq.


262.6600 236.3100 523.1300

Sporting Goods

City Sports Nike Town Olympia Sports Transportation

Airport Shuttle/Car Service Amtrak

Boston Cab Greyhound Bus Lines MBTA Metro Cab of Boston

536.5010 526.1801 222.3200 782.5500

Travel Agencies

Doris Travel Service



Multifaith Worship 201 Ell Hall & Meditation: The Sacred Space AME: St. Paul’s AME 37 Bishop Allen Dr., Cambridge Baptist: Ruggles Baptist 874 Beacon St. Buddhist: Cambridge 75 Sparks St., Buddhist Association Cambridge Catholic: St. Cecilia’s Church 18 Belvidere St. The Catholic Center at NU 68 St. Stephen St. Christian Science: 210 Massachusetts Ave. First Church of Christ, Scientist Congregational: Park Street 1 Park St. Church Episcopalian: Trinity Church 206 Clarendon St. Hindu: Ramakrishna Vedanta 58 Deerfield St. Society Jewish: NU Hillel 70 St. Stephen St. Latter Day Saints: University 2 Longfellow Park, & Longfellow Park Wards Cambridge Lutheran: University Lutheran 66 Winthrop St., Church (at Harvard) Cambridge Muslim: Mosque for the 724 Shawmut Ave. Praising of Allah Presbyterian: First 32 Harvard St., Presbyterian Church Brookline Seventh Day Adventist: 105 Jersey St. Boston Temple Society of Friends (Quaker): 6 Chestnut St. Beacon Hill Friends House Unitarian Universalist: 351 Boylston St. Arlington Street Church United Church of Christ: 645 Boylston St. Old South Church United Methodist: 1555 Massachusetts Ave., Harvard-Epworth Cambridge Vineyard: 170 Rindge Ave., Vineyard Christian Cambridge Fellowship of Greater Boston

373.2728 661.1110 266.3633 491.8857 536.4548 373.8694 450.2000 523.3383 536.0944 536.5320 373.3937 547.6188 876.3256 442.2805 232.7962 536.5022 227.9118 536.7050 536.1970 354.0837 252.0005

N o r t h e a s t e r n ’ s N e i g h b o r h o o d • 87



v Ta





Centennial Common

Ruggles Station





Opera Place

Columbus Parking Area


bo ro ug hS tre et








t lass


Benton Str eet

Burke Str eet

Cunard Stre


Camden Parking Area







Columbus Place Parking Area



St. Botolph Street







St. Stephen Street




a Aren ea ing Ar Park

Mass. Ave. Station

Parking Area

pton St

Emergency telephone




n me




Some buildings used but not owned by Northeastern University

rk Pa



We s


Underground tunnel

Street direction

Parking areas

Accessible routes

Handicap parking

Academic, residential, and service buildings

Northeastern University Campus

Forsyth Way


W ay th sy Fo r









88 SAC

Forsyth Stre







Northeastern University Campus Map

Maps, which include a printable PDF as well as the campus interactive map, can be found at

Academic and Service Buildings 61 70 68 40 26 74 75 51 41 7 36 72 54 65 66 47 50 6 57 39 43 60 52 71 55 45 53

Architecture Studio (RG) Asian-American Center (AC) Badger-Rosen Squashbusters Center (SB) Barletta Natatorium (BN) Behrakis Health Sciences Center (BK) 101 Belvidere Belvidere Parking Garage Blackman Auditorium (AUDL) Cabot Physical Education Center (CB) Cahners Hall (CA) Cargill Hall (CG) Catholic Center (CC) Churchill Hall (CH) Columbus Parking Garage Columbus Place and Alumni Center (CP) (716 Columbus Ave.) Cullinane Hall (CN) Curry Student Center(CSC) Cushing Hall (CU) Dana Research Center (DA) Dockser Hall (DK) Dodge Hall (DG) Egan Engineering/Science Research Center (EC) Ell Hall (EL) Fenway Center (FC) Forsyth Building (FR) Gainsborough Parking Garage Hayden Hall (HA)

10 33 46 77 35 4 38 34 56 17 44 29 48 31 27 32 63 62 42 49 73 24 30 58 59 37 25 23

Hillel-Frager (HF) Holmes Hall (HO) Hurtig Hall (HT) International Village (INV) Kariotis Hall (KA) Kerr Hall (KH) Knowles Center (KN) Lake Hall (LA) Latino/a Student Cultural Center (LC) Marino Recreation Center (MC) Matthews Arena (MA) Meserve Hall (ME) Mugar Life Sciences Building (MU) Nightingale Hall (NI) OʼBryant African-American Institute (AF) Power Plant Renaissance Park (RN) Renaissance Park Garage Richards Hall (RI) Robinson Hall (RB) ROTC Office (RO) Ryder Hall (RY) Shillman Hall (SH) Snell Engineering Center (SN) Snell Library (SL) Stearns Center (ST) West Village Parking Garage West Village F,G,H (WV)

Residence Buildings 21 67 77 1 4 12 9 5 3 20 2 16

Burstein Hall (BU) Davenport Commons A, B (DC) International Village (INV) Kennedy Hall (KDY) Kerr Hall (KH) Levine Hall and St. Stephen St. Complex (LV) Light Hall (LH) Loftman Hall and 153 Hemenway St. (LF) Melvin Hall (MH) Rubenstein Hall (464) Smith Hall (SM) Speare Hall (SP)

14 15 23 18 28 69 8 11 13 19 76 64

Stetson East (SE) Stetson West (SW) West Village Residence Complex A, B, C, E, F, G, H (WV) White Hall (WH) Willis Hall (WI) 10 Coventry Street (CV) 142–148 Hemenway Street (142–148) 319 Huntington Avenue (319) 337 Huntington Avenue (337) 407 Huntington Avenue (407) 768 Columbus Avenue (768) 780 Columbus Avenue (780)

N o r t h e a s t e r n ’ s N e i g h b o r h o o d • 89

Community Map


Northeastern University


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