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  

    

 

 

Certified by the National Institute of Nutritional Education/American Health Science University (AHSU)

214 Main Street• Johnson City, NY 13790 Tel.: 607-798-1630 • Fax: 607-770-4457 e-mail: Contact Michele for nutritional consultations, First Line Therapy, Personalized Diet Programs, Zyto Testing, and Ionic Foot Spa Over 32 years in practice. Michele has seen over 1,000 clients for Ondamed Treatments Over 32 years in Rractice. Michele has seen 150 clients for Ondamed treatments.

Dr. Amanda Fey, ND Naturopathic Doctor

Natural Medicine. Real Solutions. Specialty Areas Services Include Herbal Medicine Hormone Balancing Salivary Hormone Testing Digestive Concerns Whole Food Nutrition Chronic Fatigue Bio Impedance Analysis Depression / Anxiety for Weight Loss Autoimmune Disorders Comprehensive Stool Analysis Menopause Detoxification Protocols Natural Family Medicine

2 Office Locations: 31 Adams Ave Endicott, NY ph.(607) 729-0591 301 West State St Ithaca, NY ph.(607) 275-9697

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Dear Readers, Years ago, a friend and I were hiking up a lovely wooded streambed and enjoying a beautiful day. As we pointed things out to each other, it became clear that we were not seeing the same things at all. I was enjoying all of the plants and rocks, while she was scanning the branches for birds. She was consistently pointing out things above our heads, while I was consistently showing her things on the ground. Because she had a different perspective, I was able to enjoy one of only two lifetime sightings of a Blackburnian warbler. Because of her different perspective, I have been able to look at many things differently than I could have without it. Thinking about the insight of that day, that difference of perspective, prompted me to consider just what I have gained from the people around me. How rich my life is because of them! One of the true values of friendship is being able to see from a different perspective in a safe environment. That safety supports one’s ability to question one’s own thinking and or expand it into new territory. Also, shared experiences and the remembrance of them enriches our lives. While it is good to talk about those experiences to other people, once the person who shared them is no longer available, a part of one’s life is not accessible in the same way. One of my longest friendships is with someone whose first gift to me was the full collection of one artist’s albums. I enjoyed music but had not realized how well people could communicate through shared music. Left to my own devises, I doubt that I would have found a third of the music I regularly have enjoyed. And one of my children’s annual gift to me is a compilation recording of that year’s listening so that I might have an idea of their listening journey. I love hearing one of those around me humming or singing or breaking into dance. Music is such a wonderful gift to share with someone. Each of my friends brings a different sense of humor. 4

Some are dry, some silly, some practically bawdy but all add a buoyancy to my life. I have not perceived myself as a very funny person, therefore find it a bit surprising to surrounded by people I do consider fun/funny. Luckily, even my grandchildren have good senses of humor. Another of my longest friendships is with a person who is both quiet and steady as a rock. In decades of knowing him, I have seen him riled to the point of losing control fewer than half a dozen times. I, on the other hand, am neither quiet or particularly controlled when excited. I think we both benefit from the differences. One of my long-time friends taught me the art of slowing down. She is also responsible for teaching me to appreciate light in all of its sparkle and variation. She is a person who could write a poem about the slow joy of eating an orange or watching a sunset; as a matter of fact, I’m sure she has. I hope and intend to always count at least a couple of children among my friends. Being around them is the quickest way I know to be in touch with both innocence and the love of learning. Watching how children explore their world has always been an inspiration to me. I also think that the things that inspire my friends in childlike ways are often the things that most endear them to me. Seeing one of my friends slog through snow to feed the birds, spend hours cataloging finds after a summer on an archeological site, stare at the moon over a lake, hunt for a piece of jewelry with a stone I would like, create a quilted throw for a friend, make a meal for workmates who are putting in a hard week, transporting a child yet again, or helping a disabled veteran learn a new skill, all make me smile at the joy they bring to these things. A joy that mostly transcends the work involved because of the childlike pleasure derived from giving and sharing. Some people say opposites attract, while others contend that we always choose people who are more like ourselves than not. I think we are attracted to people who have compatible differences and enough likenesses to get us over the distances between us. After all, our mutual needs must be satisfied if the relationship is to

The NorthEastern Holistic Resource

MARCH 2018

endure. Also, I think that people tend to grow together through shared experiences and shared perceptions so that the differences are lessened and our understanding of those differences increases with time. As time passes, I think we also learn just how unimportant some of those differences really are while we learn to negotiate around the ones that really do separate us. And, I would be amiss if I didn’t include nonhuman friends. I do marvel that members of other species decide to befriend us. I live with a cat who decided several years ago that we were trust-worthy enough to share living space with her. She showed up one winter day and after some persuasion came to live indoors with us. She interacts differently with each member of our household and doesn’t trust anyone else. If I am at my desk too long into the evening, she comes around and loudly nags at me until I move to an easy chair so she can sprawl on my lap and dose. The kind of trust she shows me is a gift of our inter-species friendship-- to say nothing of her beauty and softness.

Jewelry, Crystals & Stones Clothing by Braja Tarot, Books, Candles, Incense, Herbs, Oils, Singing Bowls and Bells 39 Court Street Binghamton

Some of my friends share their feelings easily while others not so much. But all of the people close to me find ways to let me know how they feel. For my latest birthday, I asked my friends and relatives to write me a note in a card. My unspoken hope was that they would tell me how our relationship felt to them. Amazingly, they did. Those cards, like others before them, are treasures I hold close. My hope for all of you, is that you have as rich a fabric of friendships to wrap around you. I heard someone say that they had only two friends, when I know they have a spouse and other relatives. Please don’t forget to count your relatives among your friends. It is more likely, I think, to keep those relationships vital if we think that way. Be well and open to the possibilities in friendship, Cheryl Caister P.S. To my friends - this is but a tiny fraction of what you give to me.

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Mar 2, 9, 16 + 23 – Sample Harp Healing with Christina Ivanna, 11 am-3 pm. Stop by anytime. Christina sits with you and improvises your harp sounds. In addition, you’re invited to take a seat at the harp and create your own harp music (no experience needed!). For more info, call 585-6454221. ONE Wellness Center, 2349 Monroe Avenue, 2nd Floor, Rochester, NY. See ONE’s ad on back cover Mar 3- Spiritual Teaching Methods with Rev. Sue Landon 11am-3pm This ain’t your grandmother’s classroom any more. The digital age has changed students’ expectations & the way teachers need to work. Join Rev. Sue as she helps you formulate the class you wish to teach with greater class participation, less lecturing, & more student insight. You will create a powerful & enticing course outline for your lessons. Development, Lotus Center, 41-45 Dietz St., Suite 1, Oneonta, NY See the Calendar of Events at for links to register online. Mar 5 – Angelic Crystal Grid, 6:30-8:30 pm. Grids are made by placing crystals in a geometric pattern for the specific purpose of directing energy toward a goal. Each point is energized with a different crystal and angel associated with it. The crystals are then charged by your intention and energy. In this class, you’ll learn how to set up your own star grid. For more info or to register, contact Sage at 585-317-4374 or ONE Wellness Center, 2349 Monroe Avenue, 2nd Floor, Rochester, NY. See ONE’s ad on back cover. Mar 10- REIKI, Level I, with Reiki Master Teacher, Jackie Madden, 10am4pm Learn to use this ancient Japanese technique for clearing blockages in life force energy - reduce chronic pain, illness, & stress for yourself and others, create more balance, wellness & good health. Increase your power & effectiveness as a healer thru Jackie’s Attunements & practice healing with the techniques, under Jackie’s excellent tutelage. Institute for Spiritual Development, Lotus Center, 41-45 Dietz St., Suite 1, Oneonta, NY See the Calendar of Events at for links to register online. Mar 11 – Harp Meditation, 1:30-2:30 pm. Come and relax. Re-center. Listen to soothing harp music and feel at peace in mind, body and soul. You’ll also have an opportunity to sit at the harp and create your 6



own music. $10. For more info, go to www. To register, call 585645-4221 or email info@onewellnesscntr. com. ONE Wellness Center, 2349 Monroe Avenue, 2nd Floor, Rochester, NY. See ONE’s ad on back cover.

Mar 11- “An Introduction to the Teachings of Bruno Groening and Healing on the Spiritual Path.” 2:30 p.m. This presentation is about a free, natural way of healing that is available to everyone, as taught by Bruno Groening (1906-1959). During his lifetime, he led literally thousands of people to complete healing from “incurable” conditions. Today, the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends (BGCOF), a worldwide non-profit organization, has been bringing these teachings to people the world over. Healings often happen at this event. Once you attend an introduction, you may attend regular community meetings held in the Rochester area. The Rochester Community of the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends sponsors this event at Penfield Library, 1985 Baird Road, Penfield, NY. Please do not call the Penfield Library, as this is not a library-sponsored event. For information, contact Bob Brown at 585248-0690 or mailto:mrbrown16@rochester., Luc Watelet at 585-737-6848 or or Nanci DeLeo at 585-703-6695.or mailto:mintheflow22@ Mar 13 – Mini Energy Treatment and Spirit Guide Messages, 7:00-8:30 pm, 20-minute sessions. Sage Walker is a spiritual guide and communicator. Sample the work of Sage and her spirit guides. Come with a friend! FREE. For more info or to register, contact Sage at 585-3174374 or ONE Wellness Center, 2349 Monroe Avenue, 2nd Floor, Rochester, NY. See ONE’s ad on back cover. Mar 17 + 18 – Reiki First Degree Workshop, 9 am-5 pm, both days. Learn how to confidently deliver Reiki treatments for yourself, family, friends, clients and pets. Bring healing comfort and calm to any condition--physical, emotional, mental or spiritual--by applying handson energy balancing techniques. Through presentations, demonstrations, and supervised Reiki practice time, you will learn all the Reiki First Degree techniques and receive certification as a Reiki One Practitioner. $150 includes workbook and certificate. For more info or to register, contact Janice McNamara at 585-4551953 or janicemcnamara@nextstepholistic. The NorthEastern Holistic Resource

com. ONE Wellness Center, 2349 Monroe Avenue, 2nd Floor, Rochester, NY. Mar 22 – Connecting with Angels, 6:308:30 pm. Sage Walker is a spiritual guide and communicator. Learn about various angels, their purpose, and how to work with them. Sage will request a message for you during the class. $25. To register, contact Sage at 585-317-4374 or theangeliclink@ ONE Wellness Center, 2349 Monroe Avenue, 2nd Floor, Rochester, NY. See ONE’s ad on back cover. Mar 24 - Annual Psychic Holistic Fair Unity Of Light Spiritual Center, of Vestal, NY will be presenting their Annual Psychic Holistic Fair from 10am until 6pm at the Johnson City Senior Center on 30 Brocton St. in Johnson City, NY. The admission price is only $6.00. We will have gifted psychics available for private readings, numerous vendors, healers, and lectures and demos during the course of the event. Mark your calendar. See our ad on page 8 Mar 24-Dowsing for Health w/Tom Meade 11am- 4pm Learn to incorporate use of a Pendulum, and dowsing rods, as invaluable tools in your Spiritual Healing Kit, with dowsing expert Tom Meade, from Endicott, NY. In this Workshop, learn to connect with your higher self for energetic/ spiritual protection. Find the best solution to lifepath dilemmas & achieve your goals by asking the pendulum! Institute for Spiritual Development, Lotus Center, 41-45 Dietz St., Suite 1, Oneonta, NY See the Calendar of Events at for links to register online. Mar 26 – Crystals and Their Stories, 6:308:30 pm. What are crystals and how do they work? Join Sage Walker, spiritual guide and communicator, who will talk about various crystals and their metaphysical properties. The class will include some of the following crystals: Amethyst, Carnelian, Amber, Black Tourmaline, Rose Quartz, Pietersite and Picture Jasper. If time permits, Sage will give you any messages from your own special crystal that you bring to class. To register, contact Sage at 585-317-4374 or ONE Wellness Center, 2349 Monroe Avenue, 2nd Floor, Rochester, NY. See ONE’s ad on back cover.

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Reiki I Class with Gretchen Avery, Traditional Reiki Master Teacher Certification given. All class levels taught. Healing Sessions by appointment. Loving Touch Center of the Finger Lakes, Ithaca, NY. 607-539-7085. Call for dates. Reiki Classes - with Reiki Master Teacher Janis Drennen of I TOO CARE. Also offered are Aqua-Chi Sessions and Iridology. Call 607-862-3475 or email: Online Anatomy & Physiology for Herbalists, Massage Therapist & Others. Tammi Sweet, MS, Co-Director of Heartstone Center for Earth Essentials & Heartstone Herbal School. 8 week online series. Class includes weekly Q&A by conference call. $249. 12 or 24 LMT CEU’s available for additional fee. www. or 607-589-4619 Psychic reading night - Psychic Reading Night at Unity Of Light Spiritual Center 955 Main St. Vestal, NY is the first Friday of each month from 6:00 to 8:30 p.m. Receive a 15 minute reading for only $20. No appointment or reservation is required. Bring a friend. Second Mondays – NEW CLASS: Zentangle, 10:00-11:30 am. Join teacher Judith Maloney. Feel at peace in mind, body and soul as you create. All skill levels are invited. It’s a great way to learn a new art form. $10/class plus $5 for materials due first class. To register, call 585-645-4221 or email ONE Wellness Center, 2349 Monroe Avenue, 2nd Floor, Rochester, NY. See ONE’s ad on back cover. Tuesdays – A Course in Miracles Study Group, 11 am – noon. Having difficulty reading the Course? Join us on a spiritual transformation and explore old beliefs and thought systems, putting new ones into practical, everyday use. This group is ongoing and you can join at any time. $5. For more information or to register, contact Janice McNamara at 585-455-1953 or ONE Wellness Center, 2349 Monroe Avenue, 2nd Floor, Rochester, NY 14618. See ONE’s ad on back cover.

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First and Third Tuesdays – Reiki Share, 7:15-9:30 pm. Experience the peace and balance of positive healing energy. This group is open to Reiki healers and anyone interested in experiencing Reiki. FREE. For more information, call ONE Wellness Center at 585-645-4221.

Sundays - 11:30 AM, Unity in the Southern Tier - meets at the First Congregational Church at the corner of Main St and Front St in Binghamton. We are an open-minded spiritual community, recognizing the divinity in everyone. Please come and enjoy our celebration. For a list First and Third Wednesdays – Meditation of guest speakers, visit Group 4 – 5 pm. Bring your experiences and Juice Cleanse - 1 or 3 day cleanse now explore the many healing opportunities they available with 48 hours notice. Information will reveal through guided meditation. The and order forms available at yogabodyshop. group’s purpose is to bring you to a place of com. accelerated awareness and peace. You can UPCOMING join anytime. $10. For more information or to register, contact Janice McNamara Journey Of The Heart Mindfulness, at 585-455-1953 or janicemcnamara@ Earth-based Skills & Spirit -Registration ONE Wellness now open for Spring beginning of this Center, 2349 Monroe Avenue, 2nd Floor, five weekend, year-long course. Practices Rochester, NY 14618. across the Seasons. Each weekend will Every third Friday of the month - Unity focus on themes associated with the season of Light Spiritual Center (955 Main St. and cycle of life. Surrounded by fields, (rear) Vestal, NY) will host Spiritual woods and wildlife, our activities will Experiences Share at 6:30 p.m. This is a include individual and group mindfulness great opportunity to share your positive practices, journeys and guided meditations, Spiritual Experiences with like-minded self-inquiry, discussions, ceremony, and people. A Meditation will follow. The hands-on workshops. We’ll learn tools for donation is $5. Reservations are not bringing compassion and courage into your life, energy and focus into your dreams, and required. support to learn at your growth edges, as Holistic Health Care Practitioner you desire. With the gifts of the Seasons, the Certification This program is designed to Directions, and the Elements as our guides, prepare the student to work with clients we’ll nourish our experience of being alive using the following: Analysis: Traditional and interconnected. Heartstone Herbal Chinese Observations, Iridology and School Japanese Hara Study Treatment: Herbal Medicine, Food as Medicine, Homeopathy, Endocannibinoid system and the Materia Supplements and Essential Oils The Medica. - Tammi Sweet of Heartstone Held at program also includes the review of various Center for Earth Essentials. ailments and natural remedies for them. Museum of the Earth, 1259 Trumansburg Thrive Wellness Center, 222 Melrose St, Road, Ithaca. 607-589-4619. www. heartRochester. For more information go to or call Heartstone Herbal Apprenticeship, 203-570-2493 to register. Heartstone Herbal School, Van Etten, NY. 2nd & 4th Wednesdays - Imagicka 6 Weekends beginning May 2018. www. Open Drum Circle 7-9pm at The Bundy 607-589-4619 Museum, 129 Main St Binghamton. $5 Journey of the Heart.- Taught by Kris Some drums are provided. Miller & Tammi Sweet, Heartstone Center Fridays - Tarot Readings Spiritual for Earth Essentials. Van Etten, NY. 5 Guidance and Aura Cleansing with weekends, 1/season, beginning May 2018. Lise aka ‘Light’ at Imagicka 39 Court St. 607-589-4619 Binghamton Appointments and Walk-Ins welcome. Call Imagicka at 607-348-0090 to make appointment.

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Join the Heartstone Community through our 2018 oerings Journey of the Heart Herbal Apprenticeship Guided by nature, we will strengthen our skills for bringing compassion, courage, and mindfulness into our lives and dreams, within ourselves and amongst community.

An in-depth and experience-based foundation for the lifelong journey of becoming a practitioner of herbal medicine.

5 Weekends, 1 per Season Full Year Program

6 Weekends, 1 per Month from May to October



Registration open now

Registration open now

Online Learning Anatomy and Physiology: 8 Week online series.

Transition Zones:

Exploring the edges of health and physiology.


Online Registration

For more Information & REGISTRATION find us at HEART-STONE.COM or call 607-589-4619 MARCH 2018

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Three Articles on Green Tea, Snoring, and The Effects of Exercise on Oral Health From Contemporary Dentistry Beyond the Hype for Green Tea Tooth Sensitivity Treatment

People are trying to make a big deal out of the ability to use green tea to reduce tooth sensitivity. However, people may be getting the wrong idea about this discovery, so we want to lay out the truth about what researchers found, and help you understand about proper treatments for reducing tooth sensitivity.

Drinking Green Tea Won’t Reduce Tooth Sensitivity

Most of the headlines about this discovery seem to imply that you’ll be drinking green tea to reduce your tooth sensitivity. This is not an accident. People are hoping you’ll click on the story because it’s more appealing to just drink tea to protect yourself from tooth sensitivity. However, this is not the case. It has nothing to do with drinking green tea. This is not to diminish the fact that drinking green tea can be good for your teeth.

What Researchers Discovered

The discovery which was published in ACS Applied Materials & Interface focused on the core problem that causes tooth sensitivity for many people. Dentin, the layer of tooth underneath the enamel, has tiny tubes in 10

it that run from the surface to the tooth nerve. Normally, these are safely concealed under the tooth enamel, but if dentin gets exposed, these tubules can expose the tooth nerve to heat and cold. They also represent opportunities for oral bacteria to get hold and damage the tooth–dentin decays much more quickly than enamel. To try to protect exposed dentin, some people have tried to use nanoparticles of hydroxyapatite, a mineral commonly used as a bone graft. Hydroxyapatite is the main mineral in both dentin and bone. The experiments haven’t worked as well as hoped, because the nanoparticles didn’t provide a strong block of the tubules. However, researchers in this study found that encasing the nanoparticles in an extract of green tea, epigallocatechin-3-gallate, made the nanoparticules highly effective. They made a robust plug of the tubules, one that was resistant to abrasion, and even capable of resisting the infiltration of Streptococcus mutans, a common cavity-causing oral bacterium. They hope that this means they’ll have a new approach to treating tooth sensitivity.

Current Methods for Treating Exposed Dentin

Although this new potential treatment is exciting, let’s not forget that we currently have treatments that

The NorthEastern Holistic Resource

MARCH 2018

can reduce the sensitivity of your exposed dentin. One common way is a surface fluoride treatment. This helps re-mineralize your teeth, which can cut down on sensitivity. Desensitizing toothpastes also work by blocking up the tubes in your teeth. If your sensitivity is related to receding gums, a gum graft may help. And if none of these work, it might be time to put a restoration like a dental crown on the tooth with eroded enamel, which can block off the tubules.

4 Ways to Tell Your Snoring Is Serious

Snoring is more than a nightly nuisance to your spouse, children, or roommates. It might be a sign that you’ve got a serious health problem. Snoring is potentially dangerous on its own, but the risk of snoring increases significantly if you have sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is when your breathing stops at night, which can interfere with many of the body’s natural mechanisms that are regulated during sleep. The results can be deadly if left untreated. Ideally, everyone who is snoring should talk to their doctor about it and get a sleep test to find if they have sleep apnea. But here are four signs that should tell you it’s critical to talk to your doctor about the risks.

Your Snoring Is Loud

Snoring can be quiet, but most of the time you hear about it because it’s loud. It disrupts other people’s sleep, sometimes even people in another room or all the way across the house. If that’s the case, then you should worry. Studies have shown that people who snore loudly are more likely to have sleep apnea than those who snore quietly.

Your Snoring Stops in a Choking or Strangled Sound

Snoring occurs when your airways narrow at night. This constricts the flow of air in the nose or throat, causing turbulence that leads to vibrations that create the snoring sounds. But if your airway does more than narrow–if it closes–that’s when sleep apnea occurs. You are literally being strangled by your own body. One way to tell this is happening is because of the sound: the way the snore MARCH 2018

gets suddenly cut off as the airway collapses completely. If anyone says this happens to you, then it’s time to talk to a doctor.

You Are Tired During the Day

People who sleep with snorers wonder that they can sleep through their own noise. That’s not quite true. People who snore are often awakened by their own snoring, as they’re awakened by their apnea, but they may not remember it. The real sign that you’re being wakened by your snoring is when you feel exhausted during the day. If you are tired during the day no matter how much sleep you think you’re getting, the odds are good that you are actually being awakened many times at night by your snoring or sleep apnea.

You Have Been Diagnosed with Related Health Conditions

In addition to daytime tiredness, sleep apnea can often be identified by the telltale impacts it has on your health. Perhaps the most persistent link with sleep apnea is with high blood pressure. If you’ve been diagnosed with high blood pressure, then the odds are good that you have sleep apnea– especially if your high blood pressure isn’t responding to treatment. People with depression and other mood disorders are also at elevated risk for sleep apnea. Sleep apnea can also increase your risk of weight gain and diabetes. If you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes or are struggling with weight gain, don’t forget to mention snoring to your doctor.

Exercise Improves Your Microbiome–Could This Include Your Mouth?

We have talked before about the importance of maintaining a healthy oral microbiome. Balancing good and bad bacteria in your mouth could represent the difference between good oral health and poor oral health. When you have a healthy balance of oral bacteria, you are less likely to experience gum disease, tooth decay, and other health harms in the mouth. Now a new study suggests that exercise could

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Five Essential Lifestyle Ingredients & The Difference Between Real Hunger vs. Craving Two excerpts from Turbo Metabolism By Pankaj Vij, MD, FACP Printed with permission from New World Library


s the modern Western lifestyle spreads around the globe, so too does metabolic syndrome — a cluster of symptoms that increases the risk of developing heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and other conditions. The good news: metabolic syndrome can be tamed by a sensible program of exercise, natural foods, stress management, and quality sleep. In his new book Turbo Metabolism, Dr. Vij distills a mass of medical research into a simple, effective program for vibrant health. Avoiding fads and gimmicks, he provides practical advice, case studies of ordinary people, and brief sections that debunk common medical myths. We hope you’ll enjoy these short excerpts from the book.

main arteries, a.k.a. the “widow-maker”), to prop it open permanently. Blood flow is restored to her heart. Several days later, she walks out of the hospital. The marvels of modern medicine have saved her life. Though many catastrophic emergencies can now be treated with modern medical techniques, millions of people every year are still diagnosed with chronic diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, and stroke. And these diseases seem Five Essential Lifestyle Ingredients to be striking people at a younger and younger age. What is the cause of this epidemic? Do we simply Lights flashing and sirens blaring, the ambulance need to have more ambulances and high-tech liferaces toward the hospital. Inside the ambulance, Mary, saving procedures? Or is there a deeper reason for a middle-aged woman, lies on a gurney, struggling this widespread problem? Why is it that the United with chest tightness, sweating, and dizziness. States spends more money than any other nation on Within an hour of her arrival at the hospital, health care, yet it has the fattest, sickest population of Mary undergoes an angioplasty procedure: A wire is any country in the world? Are we ignoring the root inserted into her occluded coronary artery, and then causes of chronic disease and simply trying to fix the the artery is opened by inflating a small balloon inside. problem by throwing money at it? Finally, a “stent,” which resembles the small spring As I have pondered these questions, I have realized inside a ballpoint pen, is inserted in the proximal, left that many of my own relatives are in the same anterior descending (LAD) artery (one of the heart’s 12

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MARCH 2018

predicament as Mary. Even though most of them appear lean, with skinny faces, arms, and legs, they have visible belly fat — prominent bulges in their midsections — fitting the proverbial definition of “thin outside, fat inside” or TOFI, as it is commonly known. At the same time, in my practice, I have observed that with just a little weight loss — as little as 7 percent of one’s starting weight, or only ten, twenty, or thirty pounds for many people — my patients’ need for blood pressure or diabetes medication can be drastically reduced. Even their heart-related symptoms can improve. As this occurs, they have a lot more fun and freedom. They can say yes to life’s wonderful adventures more often and participate and engage in activities with their children and grandchildren. I have often thought: Instead of treating a dangerous condition resulting from chronic disease, what if we implemented proven lifestyle changes before the disease reached the critical stage? When I first started to scour the research, I found mentors in Dr. Joel Fuhrman and Dr. Neal Barnard, who were already working with thousands of people and helping them reverse chronic diseases and regain their vitality. Other really smart colleagues like Dr. Michael Roizen and Dr. Mladen Golubic were getting amazing results, while pushing for change at a policy level. I am immensely grateful to all of them for guiding the way and influencing my thinking about the reversibility of most chronic disease. Thus, I started to experiment in using lifestyle optimization as the primary treatment for chronic disease. The results have been astounding. When we shift the focus to correcting the lifestyle factors that lead to disease, we are essentially treating the root cause. At that point, we can start thinking about prescription medications and procedures as a supplement to the first priority, which is treating the causes. What are the five essential lifestyle ingredients that can reverse disease and add years and years to your life? 1. Impeccable nutrition: Eat enough highly nutritious foods that are not calorie dense. This maximizes nutritional content while minimizing empty calories. The food that we need provides fuel as well as information and intelligence from the environment, and it needs to be as nutritionally complete as possible. It needs to be satisfying and delicious because it is our most primal need. We need MARCH 2018

to be mindful of the toxins from the environment and to choose foods that minimize these toxins. 2. Optimal hormone balance: Eat the right foods and avoid hormonally dangerous ones ( like dairy and alcohol). At the same time, make good lifestyle choices in terms of physical activity, stress management, meditation, and sleep habits to maintain optimal hormone balance. 3. Regular exercise: Move your body with joy and abandon as it is meant to be moved. Find enjoyable physical activities. Exercise also has benefits in terms of brain health — memory and mood — as well as heart health, metabolic, bone, and muscle health. Do you want to know the secret to Turbo Metabolism in three words? Activate big muscles. 4. Stress management and quality sleep: This combination is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle and the most critical emotional-resilience component of this book’s strategy. Toxic load can also be caused by unmanaged repeated and prolonged psychosocial stress and lack of sleep. We need to be mindful of the importance of avoiding toxicity in our physical, psychological, and social environment as well. 5. Social connections: Loving, supportive relationships; meaning and purpose in life; and involvement in family and community can make a huge difference in health and longevity. Meaningful social connections help build emotional resilience, which is a foundation for healthy eating and active living. When you start to master these five factors — of which nutritional excellence is the most important, lean muscle mass is the key, and emotional resilience is the foundation — you can improve your quality of life, reverse disease, and enhance your health.

The Difference Between Real Hunger vs. Craving One of the best urological surgeons in the country once told me, “I don’t do anything special, I just cut and stitch all day — the magic of healing is in the body itself.” In fact, it takes a lot of effort to overwhelm the healing system of the body. Still, we’ve found the perfect recipe for disaster in our modern diseasepromoting lifestyle of caloric excess, which originated with toxic substances mislabeled as food and has been coupled with unmanaged stress and a lack of physical activity and sleep.

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When you put the right fuel in your body, health and healing happen almost automatically. You are “designed” to move naturally. You do not need to do anything drastic. My program simply asks you to eat, move, and live in the unique way that you are designed to do. Everything else will take care of itself because the wisdom of healing is within. The reason you need to get started right now is that the sooner you follow the right path, the easier it will be to heal. The further you go the wrong way, the greater the effort required to correct course. Eating for health — rather than eating for entertainment — should be a conscious commitment. Taking responsibility and affirming our control and autonomy, which is what we do when we consciously decide to nurture and nourish ourselves, are as applicable here as in other aspects of our life. When we have been addicted to an unhealthy lifestyle, it takes time and effort to break the addiction. In fact, it can take up to forty-five days to take an idea from cognition (understanding) to emotional buy-in and finally to actual behavior change. The goal is to live in sync with our natural rhythms in an effortless way. This can happen as we move to convert our surroundings and routine so that healthy habits become our default. Think about a child learning to tie his or her shoelaces: The process goes from not knowing how to do it, to learning the steps, to practicing the steps, to finally being able to do it reflexively, without even thinking about it. And here is the good news: The rewards — of more energy, vitality, and zest for life — are almost immediate. Although a complete transformation takes months, within a week or two, the taste buds start to adjust and the body starts to respond in such a way that you will not want to regress to previous unhealthy habits. The compliments you will get from friends, family, and coworkers will be a bonus. The Difference between Real Hunger and Craving Your goal should be to maintain satiety or satisfaction, to start thinking about food as a source of energy and wisdom from nature. However, to understand satiety, you must first understand hunger. What does hunger mean to you? Craving sugar, chocolate, cheese, or meat is less likely real hunger and more likely an addiction reaction, arising from the effect of these substances on the reward center of the brain. The same sensations of craving — jitteriness, headaches, fatigue, irritability — are present in drug 14

withdrawal. True hunger is a mouth or throat sensation similar to thirst. We often mistake thirst, boredom, nutritional deficiency, or a low blood sugar for hunger. Have you ever been truly hungry? A good gauge of whether a meal is truly nourishing is the degree to which it keeps you satiated. A meal that is biochemically suited to your needs should keep you satisfied for three to five hours. Shedding ugly belly fat can be the key to reversing diabetes, improving heart health and memory, increasing energy and vitality, improving erectile dysfunction, preventing cancer, and getting rid of sleep apnea and fatty liver disease, in addition to injecting you with more energy and zest for life. When your body is given the right fuel, you gain energy and vitality, and there is no need for it to be hoarded as fat in places where it can cause harm. Every time you eat or drink, you are either nourishing your body or feeding disease. You have two choices: You can either “try” — that is, make excuses and then fail — or you can succeed no matter what obstacles come your way. In the words of Yoda in Star Wars: “Do or do not.... There is no try.” ۞ Pankaj Vij, MD, FACP, is the author of Turbo Metabolism. As a doctor of internal medicine, he has helped thousands of patients lose weight, manage chronic health conditions, and improve their physical fitness. Visit him online at http://www. Excerpted from the book Turbo Metabolism. Copyright ©2018 by Pankaj Vij, MD. Printed with permission from New World Library — www.

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The goal of holistic or biologic dentistry is to provide optimum health for patients by creating a harmonious environment within the entire body. The mouth is the gateway to our respiratory and digestive system and beyond, so a holistic dentist understands that treatment and diagnosis benefits more than just teeth and gums. An emphasis on preventative techniques allows patients to take greater control of their personal outcomes.


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Slow Medicine

Instead of intervening hastily, slow medicine generously offers the tincture of time.


By Susan Wenzinger

While visiting any health care facility, whether it be the hospital, primary care provider’s office, or walkin clinic, various pieces of equipment are obvious: stethoscope, thermometer, blood pressure cuff, scopes for viewing eyes and ears, to name a few of the essentials that are apparent. What may be even more noticeable, however, is the latest piece of equipment added to health care: the computer. Just like the patients they are meant to serve, computers come in all sizes, shapes, colors and styles. This equipment serves many purposes: writing notes, accessing laboratory and imaging reports, documenting care transitions, and communicating with other health care providers. Their presence provides evidence that health care continues to evolve. Health care began outside of any health care facility and with the most basic equipment. The medicine man moved throughout the village, carrying a bag of herbs, feathers and elixirs, looking after the villagers and attending to their needs: mind, body and spirit. In any 18

day, the medicine man might aid in delivering a baby, chase away an evil spirit, and clean a puncture wound inflicted by a rusty nail. Eventually, the roles of the medicine man were distributed between other members of society. The priest attended to matters considered spiritual by officiating at births and deaths, sprinkling holy water on those who were ill, and invoking prayers. The physician, on the other hand, attended to those maladies facing the body: dispensing medications to quench fevers, battle diseases and stop bleeding. The physician also performed surgery to remove growths drain infections and remove bullets. While the spirit and body were divided up and attended to by well-meaning priests and physicians, the mind remained a mystery. Its ailments were not easily quantified, and consequently, the medications and treatments scarce. Many were sent to the insane asylum to live out their days in as much safety and peace as could be created; others were locked at home, away from staring eyes. For many years, this division of responsibilities guided the care of patients. Priest and physician generally worked side by side, on two parallel tracks. Within medicine, patient care responsibilities were divided up

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What’s In The Stars? By Life Counselor Aynne McAvoy

First I’d like to do a reboot on the solar eclipse that occurred on February 15, 2018. Even though this is currently late January as I write, I noticed something that was missed while writing the February column and I need to just add a paragraph or so; it is THAT important! The 02/15/18 Solar Eclipse in Aquarius at 27.8 will be (was by the time you read this) conjunct the United States natal moon at 27’ in the third house! WHY is this such a big deal? Because as you know the moon rules women, emotions,instinct, feelings, etc. The third house rules communications, among other things. This is like the Super Bowl kick off for women all over this country only bigger. Much bigger. This is huge! You will see more and more women standing up for what is right, speaking out against what is wrong, and doing whatever needs to be done to fix the injustices. This one eclipse has to power to bring in HUGE changes across our country and women will be at the front of the line! We will have another blue moon situation again in March (as we did in January). A blue moon is simply the second full moon in the same month. It is a little bit unusual but not extremely so. The first full moon is on March 1, in Virgo. The second full moon will be on March 31 in Libra. The first few days of March will bring us a conjunction of the Sun in Pisces and Neptune in Pisces, exact on March 4. Of course, wherever the Sun currently is in the sky is the guiding force for the month. A conjunction is a powerful aspect. This conjunction with Neptune (the planet of illusion and delusion) tells us to look around us with fresh new eyes and see the illusion for what it is. Considering the brightness of the Sun shining on this aspect, I doubt if many will manage to evade what will be put right in front of their faces. Those who have been doing their internal higher power work might find the jolt to be not quite as upsetting. Venus enters Aries on March 5. This is a bit of an uncomfortable fit and we may find ourselves too obsessed this month with wanting our own way and being self absorbed rather than looking at the bigger picture of kindness and understanding. MARCH 2018

Jupiter in Sagittarius turns retrograde on Thursday March 8. Depending on how this falls into your natal chart, you may find yourself more introspective than your usual jovial looking-for-a-party self. Not that you will be all doom and gloom; you’ll just be more likely to keep your own counsel. Much of the month, we all will be experiencing a trine (harmonious aspect) between Mars in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries. This aspect will be exact on March 11. As with all trines, this aspect brings gifts of sudden, unexpected yet pleasant surprises with it. This is like a lovely wrapped gift left on your doorstep. As with any gift, you can accept it or tuck it away in a closet. Your choice. March 11 is when we all will spring ahead for the next several months also. St Patricks Day will bring us a square in the afternoon between the Moon in Pisces and Mars in Sagittarius. Looking at the timing of this, the parades should be over and most of the parties not begun yet, so hopefully this feisty aspect won’t affect too many. The spring equinox follows a few days later chased by a Mercury Retrograde a few days later in Aries. Mercury (who rules all manner of communications) in Aries is an even bolder warning to make sure you are understood when speaking or writing, and double checking all appointments, etc. This aspect carries a real potential for hurt feelings over misunderstandings. Keep that in mind and speak accordingly. ۞ As always, take what you need and leave the rest. Aynne McAvoy is a psychic astrologer in Palm Coast, Florida. Her new book has been released, in both paperback and in kindle Just Who Are THEY Anyway? This is book one of her experiences with the angels since she was very young. Check for YOUR copy!!** Currently FREE with Kindle Unlimited!’ Friend her on Facebook (Aynne McAvoy of Golden Trines) or check out her web site at (http:// . You can also contact her at CAT9201@aol.com_ or call 315-481-9073 for a personal phone or video consultation with her. Aynne has been a professional psychic astrologer for 27 years.

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Ask Aaron About Feng Shui & Life - by Aaron Lee Koch BEDS COME IN SO MANY VARIETIES TODAY! Dear Aaron, As a professional interior designer, I try to be aware of the basic principles of Feng Shui. Not with the intention of practicing the authentic Chinese science as you do, but rather just to be able to respond to inquiries raised by those of my clients who have an interest in such matters. I am writing for clarification of a subject that is very unclear to me – beds. What does Feng Shui have to say about the various types of beds that I come across in my professional practice? More specifically, could you please comment on waterbeds, round beds, king beds with a 2-part box spring, beds comprised of just a mattress on the floor, beds imported from Israel that break into 2 separate beds with the flipping of a lever, Sleep Number beds, memory foam beds, adjustable beds. Your help is much appreciated. Respectfully yours, Deirdre, New York City Dear Deirdre, The Feng Shui of a bedroom is extremely important as it is a major influence on an individual’s, or a couple’s, health and relationship luck! There are countless varieties and configurations of beds, and they vary in their impact on the Feng Shui of a bedroom. First, a few generalities about the Feng Shui of beds. A bed should have a headboard, in a plain and simple design. The headboard should be positioned against a solid wall and not under a window. The mattress should be comfortable and supportive, neither too hard nor too soft. And the bed should be positioned so that the sleeper’s feet do not point directly toward the room door. Now, as for the specific bed types in your list: Waterbeds are considered lacking in support and represent instability. They are fun but they do not represent good bedroom Feng Shui and should be avoided. Round beds, or at least those that I’ve encountered, usually lack a headboard. Furthermore, unless you have 20

a curved bedroom wall, they cannot be positioned flush against the wall. Therefore, these exotic and sexy beds should also be avoided. King beds often have a 2-part box spring. There are differing opinions about these, but I have not found them to be a problem as long as the mattress is in one piece. A mattress on the floor does not represent good Feng Shui. The good Feng Shui bedroom contains energies that benefit the sleepers. These energies help most if they circulate around the bed, including over and underneath. Therefore, a good Feng Shui bed should be raised off of the floor and should ideally not have objects stored underneath. The Israeli split-apart beds are designed for orthodox Jewish couples who, according to their faith, are not allowed to touch each other during certain times of the month. Since this is a religious requirement for the users,

Considering Feng Shui Services for Home or Business? 8 REASONS to Speak with Master Aaron Lee Koch 1.Authentic Classical Feng Shui, ONLY! No “western”, “new age”, “black sect” or other simplistic interpretations of Feng Shui here. Classical Feng Shui, as practiced for generations in Asia, is always based on compass directions and always includes an analysis of the nature and flow of a structure’s life energy. 2.Expertise! From small apartments to large commercial projects, from historic structures to new construction, Master Aaron Lee Koch has an unsurpassed level of experience. 3.Comprehensive! No detail affecting the energy of your home or business is overlooked. 4.Respect! YOUR lifestyle, budget, needs, concerns and goals are a priority! 5.Results! Health, relationships, finances and fertility are just a few of the areas where clients see success. 6.No Surprise Consultation Fees! You are told in advance the exact consultation fee for the project, not an hourly rate. 7.Reasonable Fees! In fact, the Golden Level consultation for apartments, small houses and small businesses, is very affordable. 8.Follow-Up! Each client’s success is the main goal! Clients are always encouraged to call or email with any questions or concerns.

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it does not represent a Feng Shui problem. Feng Shui is not a religion and should not interfere with the practice of any religion. Sleep Number beds simply allow each sleeper to customize their comfort level on their own side of the bed. Comfort in bed is important and facilitates a good night’s sleep, so this is not a problem. Memory foam beds are another way of achieving a high level of comfort. These sometimes have a box spring and sometimes not. In either case, these are not a problem. Adjustable beds are yet another way of achieving comfort, and may be a medical necessity. If they are helpful to the sleeper, they are fine. REALLY TUNED IN OR A WILD IMAGINATION? Dear Aaron, My mother passed away several months ago and I hear from her in my head every few days. Sometimes, when I spend time with someone like a friend or work colleague, I get pictures of people or places in their lives. I get intuitive feelings about the right things to do or the right path to take in life. Also, I sometimes sense the presence of ghosts. The bad thing is that I am constantly filled with doubts about whether these messages come from the deceased, or from angels, or are they maybe just the musings of my wild imagination? What do you think? How can I figure out whether I am truly gifted or just going crazy? B.S.S., Horseheads, NY Dear B.S.S., There is so much more to us, our world, and our universe, than meets the proverbial “eye”. We humans are amazing and our powers and abilities know no limits – except the limits that we put on ourselves! A sixth sense, or psychic ability, is just the tip of the infinite iceberg that is the human mind! You have a beautiful gift of sensitivity. Communicating with the other side is an ability that everyone has and could develop, if they chose. However, most people find it easier to deny the reality of their gifts rather than practicing and strengthening them. Most of us have been discouraged as children. If we saw spirits, we were told “you have quite an imagination, but those things are not real” or something equally negative. Some religious traditions strongly put down such talents and consider them wrong. The messages coming from the other side are subtle. Only rarely do angels shout. However, MARCH 2018

many parents, teachers and religions do not hesitate to shout! How many of us have grown up with enough inner strength to overcome such negative conditioning? Unfortunately, only a few. Your perception of “ghosts” is another aspect of your sensitivity. I detect the presence of entities with a gaussmeter, which measures concentrations of electromagnetic energy. High EMFs are normally the result of certain electronic components in a building. However, sometimes the energies move in ways that are clearly not electronic phenomena. This can represent unseen entities which attract energy to themselves. Often, when I find such situations, occupants of the building will confirm that they have seen, heard, or otherwise experienced the presence of entities. At times, your imagination may create “messages” in your head that are not coming to you from the other side. With practice, you can learn to distinguish between the “brain-manufactured” messages and those coming from outside yourself. This may be revealed by a subtle feeling in your stomach, or through your highly developed intuition. Your abilities are a good thing! Practice listening and trusting, and gradually your talents will become stronger. ۞ Aaron Lee Koch is a Master of Classical Feng Shui, author of “Feng Shui Secrets for Glowing Health, Serious Wealth and Great Relationships” and “Feng Shui Q&A”, and Founder of The American School of Classical Feng Shui. He is available for home and business consultations, and group presentations, throughout North America. Contact Aaron at (607) 722-7719, email:, web site: Questions submitted for this column become the property of 8 Feng Shui and may be modified for space or clarity. Questions may be e-mailed or mailed to 8 Feng Shui, PO Box 88, Vestal, NY 13851.

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body as well as helping to combat insulin resistance. But when volunteers stopped exercising, their gut microbiomes reverted to their former status, with nearly all the changes being lost.

Could this Impact Our Oral Microbiomes?

dramatically improve the health of your microbiome. The study primarily focused on the gut microbiome, but given what we know about the interaction between the oral and gut microbiomes, the effects could be similar for your mouth.

The Study’s Results

For this study, researchers started by recruiting 32 men and women who don’t normally exercise. These volunteers were a mixture of normal weight and obese individuals. To establish a baseline, these subjects underwent a comprehensive set of tests to look at their gut microbiomes, including taking blood samples and fecal samples. Then people were asked to begin supervised workouts, increasing from 30 minutes of easy walking to about an hour of vigorous jogging three times a week. Volunteers were asked not to change their diets. After six weeks of exercise, volunteers took the same tests to evaluate their gut microbiomes, and they were asked to stop exercising altogether for six weeks, at which point they were given more tests. The study revealed that exercise did indeed alter the microbiomes of the volunteers, but the variations weren’t identical between the volunteers. The distribution of gut microbes changed in everyone, with some species increasing and others declining. In addition, the behavior of the microbes changed, with the distribution of genes expressed by the microbes changing considerably. But one common trend between volunteers was that microbes that help produce short-chain fatty acids seemed to increase. These short-chain fatty acids have been shown to have considerable health benefits, including controlling inflammation in the gut and the 22

This research didn’t look at the oral microbiome, but given what we know about the relationship between the oral and gut microbiomes, it seems likely that we could see similar benefits. First, because the oral microbiome represents a constant source of potential contamination to the gut, it seems unlikely that the gut could change if the mouth didn’t. Also, some experiments show that treatments which change the gut microbiome cause similar effects in the mouth. This means that in addition to explaining exercise’s benefits for the whole body, this study shows exercise might improve the health of the oral microbiome. This wouldn’t be a big surprise. We know, for example, that obesity is correlated with higher rates of gum disease and tooth loss. We also know that systemic inflammation binds many disparate health effects, including gum disease and cancer. So it’s not a far stretch to say that spreading gut microbes which help to control inflammation could have oral health benefits.

Your Oral and Overall Health Are Linked

Although this research is still preliminary, it is further evidence showing how none of the body’s systems are isolated from the other. The health of the body rises and falls as a whole–not by improving individual systems separately. In our holistic dentistry practice, we are constantly looking for ways that lifestyle changes can improve your oral health and protect your teeth and gums. ۞ To learn more about these connections, please call (585) 270-6033 today for an appointment with a holistic dentist in Rochester, NY. See ad on page 16.

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Walking and Postural Pain By Dr. George C. Trachtenberg

Your feet have a direct effect on other parts of the body. Because they are the foundation of the body and are attached to the leg, which is attached to the knee, which is attached to the thigh, which is attached to the hip…and so on, abnormal movement and function of the foot can actually be solely responsible for back, hip, knee and other conditions that involve joints, bones and muscles. Most of us take 5,000 to 15,000 steps per day on each side of our body. Abnormal foot movement and function often alters the way we walk, putting stress and strain on muscles, bones and joints in other parts of the body. When this is repeated day-after-day, week-after-week, and year-after-year, this ultimately weakens muscles and joints causing pain, arthritis and increased susceptibility to injury. How do you know if your feet are the problem? Well, if pain is aggravated during or after walking or standing, you have a pretty good idea your feet are the cause. And interestingly enough, your feet don’t have to hurt for this to be the case. When abnormal foot function is treated early, serious conditions can be prevented that eventually can lead to joint replacements and other surgery. However, even if these conditions have already developed, they can often be helped and pain be alleviated as well as prevention from further deterioration accomplished. Generally treatment is geared toward bringing abnormal foot movement and function toward normalcy by utilizing sophisticated in-shoe orthotic devices. Treatment may also include an interdisciplinary approach by combining the walking care with physical therapy, chiropractic care, massage therapy and/or acupuncture. The treatment program is designed specifically for the individual patient’s findings and needs. A word about orthotics is needed when this approach to care is discussed. Not all orthotics are the same, and just because these in-shoe devices can look similar, does not mean that they are similar or will do the job appropriately. Back, knee, hip and other postural problems that are caused or aggravated by

walking need to use unique and specialized devices that are prescribed after the patient is assessed with video and computerized walking (gait) analysis. Only then can the appropriate assessment be made that will lead to the proper prescription orthotic and treatment. This approach to care is specialized and only a handful of practitioners in the country have the unique training and equipment available in their office to make these assessments and treatment plans. Gait Analysis takes us to a whole different realm. Strategic camera placements view the patient from front, back, profile, full body and close-up angles. All cameras are coordinated to run simultaneously. If something is wrong in one view, we can correlate it to the rest of the body and the rest of the posture. This allows for detailed, slow motion analysis and critical evaluation. Along with the video, mylar pads, placed inside the shoe, feature 960 sensors which can provide thousands of pieces of information. It’s like doing and EKG of the foot. In essence, it gives us a look inside the shoe while a person is actually walking. We can see what’s happening based on time, force and pressure… Compare one foot to the other…Before and after treatment. Because we can look at a problem clinically, with X-ray, video and computer, we can correlate and incredible amount of information, isolate foot and related problems and formulate effective treatment methods. To summarize, video and computer information allows abnormal foot function to be evaluated and its influence on other parts of the body are determined. The result is effective treatment of most foot and posture-related conditions without surgery. ۞ Dr Trachtenberg’s practice is the first in the region to provide this type of service and over the years we have seen very remarkable and reproducible results with hundreds of patient. See Dr Trachtenberg’s ads in this magazine, including on the following page and the back cover.


Choose a Health Care Practitioner By Dr. George C. Trachtenberg

How can you find a practitioner who can really make a difference?

You need to concentrate on outcome...a practice's consistent delivery of successful results. As such, the most important factor in the selection process is reputation. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to learn about particular practitioners. Find a person, preferable several people, who have achieved consistently good results from a practitioner. Make sure you're not involved with a practice that puts profits ahead of patient needs. Also make sure your practitioner is up-to-date on the latest knowledge and procedures, and has access to the latest technology.

Beware of "Fix-it Shop" medicine

Some would have you believe that medicine is medicine...doctors and practices offer similar care, have similar technology and deliver similar results. The truth is however, there is a great deal of difference from doctor to doctor and practice to practice. Doctors have different levels of training, knowledge and experience. In today's medicine, too many doctors are forced to adopt a "repair shop" mentality---"If someone feels poorly, give them a pill. If that doesn't help, try a different pill. If something's broken, fix it with surgery." There's often little regard for cause and effect of symptoms and treatment especially as it relates to the whole body. Additionally one must be careful of the syndrome I call "the illusion of similar services". Just because a procedure or treatment is labeled the same or appears the same, it in fact may be very different depending on the practitioner's training, experience, technology used and the skill of the practitioner. In other words not all care is equal even if it has the same name or a practitioner claims it to be the same.

How can you make sure you're getting good value for your health care dollar?

Quality and value in health care means getting an appropriate diagnosis, spending sufficient time with your doctor and achieving a successful outcome for the least amount of dollars and time. Unfortunately too many insurance-minded practices are forced to use a "cookie cutter" or assembly line approach to medicine in order to keep patient numbers high. They must see more and more patients in order to offset discounts and concessions to insurance companies. In this system, doctors can lose touch with patients. Patients often end up seeing ancillary practitioners instead of their primary doctor. Managed care plans can even restrict the type of treatment, medications or referrals a doctor can make. Loss of choice often leads to a reduction in quality and value.

Should you seek medical care outside your health plan even if it means paying out-of-pocket?

Tough question. Because it means weighing the potential benefits of going off plan against any increased expense. Generally you should consider outside help if you're not getting the choices you need from your current plan, or if you're not seeing improvement in your condition. It is important to have quality health care even if it means paying for some of it yourself. There is value in a practice that meets the patient's needs and exceeds their expectations. There's value in a practice that offers the latest advances in their field. "The bottom line is results!" After all, what does it matter if your treatment is covered by insurance if your problem is not being corrected or your pain and discomfort continues?


Feet Are The Foundation

Your feet are the founda�on of your body. Proper mechanical movement of the feet in walking is crucial to your body's well‐being.

The Hip Bone is Connected to the Thigh Bone etc.

Remember that your feet are a�ached to the rest of your body and if they move incorrectly, the body parts a�ached to the feet also move incorrectly causing damage to remote areas.

Incorrect Walking Movements

The average adult walks 5,000 to 15,000 steps per day on each side. Abnormal walking movement can cause “repe��ve mo�on injuries'' to remote body parts such as the back, hips and knees.

Gait Analysis Can Help

Video and Computerized "gait analysis" can pinpoint problems with walking that cause genera�ve muscle and joint condi‐ �ons and o�en allow one to postpone, if not eliminate, surgery.

How do you know if your feet are the problem?

Well, if pain is aggravated during or a�er walking or standing, you have a pre�y good idea your feet are the cause. And interes�ngly enough, your feet don't have to hurt for this to be the case.

How can you avoid the "illusion of similar services" in podiatry?

Your feet have a direct effect on other parts of the body. Because they are the foundation of the body and are attached to the leg, which is attached to the knee, which is attached to the thigh, which is attached to the hip...and so on, abnormal movement and function of the foot can actually be solely responsible for back, hip, knee and other conditions that involve joints, bones and muscles. When abnormal foot function is treated early, serious conditions can be prevented that eventually can lead to joint replacements and other surgery. However, even if these conditions have already developed, they can often be helped and pain be alleviated as well as prevention from further deterioration accomplished. Treatment should be geared toward bringing abnormal foot movement and function toward normalcy by utilizing sophisticated in-shoe orthotic devices. Treatment may also need to include an interdisciplinary approach by combining the walking care with physical therapy, chiropractic care, massage therapy and/or acupuncture. A word about orthotics is needed when this approach to care is discussed. Not all orthotics are the same, and just because these in-shoe devices can look similar, does not mean that they are similar or will do the job appropriately. Back, knee, hip and other postural problems that are caused or aggravated by walking need to use unique and specialized devices that are prescribed after the patient is assessed with video and computerized walking (gait) analysis. Only then can the appropriate assessment be made that will lead to the proper prescription orthotic and treatment. This approach to care is specialized and only a handful of practitioners in the country have the unique training and equipment available in their office to make these assessments and treatment plans. Gait Analysis takes us to a whole different realm. Strategic camera placements view the patient from front, back, profile, full body and close-up angles. All four cameras are coordinated to run simultaneously. If something is wrong in one view, we can correlate it to the rest of the body and the rest of the posture. This allows for detailed, slow motion analysis and critical evaluation. Along with the video, mylar pads, placed inside the shoe, feature 960 sensors which can provide thousands of pieces of information. It's like doing and EKG of the foot. In essence, it gives us a look inside the shoe while a person is actually walking. We can see what's happening based on time, force and pressure...Compare one foot to the other...Before and after treatment. Because we can look at a problem clinically, with X-ray, video and computer, we can correlate and incredible amount of information, isolate foot and related problems and formulate effective treatment methods. To summarize, video and computer information allows abnormal foot function to be evaluated and its influence on other parts of the body are determined. The result is effective treatment of most foot and posture-related conditions without surgery. My practice is the first in the region to provide this type of service and over the years we have seen very remarkable and reproducible results with hundreds of patients.

Dr. George C. Trachtenberg is a podiatrist in Vestal, NY.

He specializes in video and computerized gait analysis that evaluates postural effects of walking that can lead to disorders that can affect the knees, hips and back.

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get back in bloom! HARP HEALING Christina Ivanna, M.A. 206.407.8669 Available for special occasions ONE Wellness Center 2349 Monroe Avenue, 2nd Floor Rochester, NY 14618

Please join us for our regular worship service every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. Be spiritually stimulated with our Lesson, Healing Meditation with Laying-On-Of- Hands, a short intuitive spiritual message, and so much more. Come and help us celebrate our Creator's love. Our service is never negative, or "doom and gloom". Help us light up the world!

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NEIL WEINBERG L. AC  BOARD CERTIFIED IN CHINESE HERBOLOGY ( NCCAOM) Optimize your health with gentle holistic care utilizing acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine to promote well-being, relieve pain, reduce stress, prevent illness and treat a wide range of medical conditions. Accepting Excellus Healthy and Simply Blue and No Fault Insurance Welcome Call for a Free Consultation Integrative Medicine Center, Ithaca 607-275-9697 Complementary Medicine and Healing Arts, Endicott, NY 607-729-0591 AMANDA LEWIS, L.Ac. HEALTHY LIVING ACUPUNCTURE Ithaca, Binghamton, & Oneonta Traditional Chinese Medicine is a complete and proven medical system that treats numerous imbalances in the body. Amanda’s technique is very gentle and effective. She specializes in women’s health, pain management, anxiety and depression, fatigue, allergies, insomnia, the immune system, healthy digestion, and preventative healthcare. Visit to find out about free classes in your local area as well as free downloadable audio and video teachings on a variety of healthy living topics! 114 W. Buffalo St., Ithaca 1121 Upper Front St., Binghamton 29 Center St., Oneonta (607) 768-5958 ROCHESTER HEALTH CENTER 1200 Jefferson Road * Rochester 585-292-0642 SENECA FALLS HEALTH CENTER 2360 State Route 89 * Seneca Falls 315-568-3166 Providing individualized, integrative, natural approach to treating and preventing diseases and maintaining optimal health. Our team of doctors and clinicians are trained in acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition, medical massage (Tui Na), cupping and ancient healing techniques 26

(Gua Sha) for patients of all ages with a variety of health concerns. Convenient hours and locations. RHC and SFHC are affiliates of the New York Chiropractic College.


CHAKRABUS Aligning Energies Along The Way Mobile Reiki and Chakra Sessions (315) 504-LOVE (5683) ALLERGIES We offer Reiki sessions and Chakra DR. KIM MILLER Treatments (including Chakra testing, Doctor of Chiropractic Practitioner of BAX 3000 Allergy and cleansing and balancing). Book and host an energy giving Chemical Sensitivity Relief ‘Celebration of Life’ party or other 130 Front Street, Vestal, NY special event for you and your friends, 607-786-2121 The Neurological Stress Reduction family or colleagues. We will come to Technique can help identify your body’s you! We’re mobile! sensitivities to over 4,000 substances. CHIROPRACTIC This technology can help your nervous/ DR. MARCIA S. KESTEN immune system to respond positively Main Street, East Smithfield to adverse substances. Call Dr. Miller 570-596-7600 at 607-786-2121 for more information. Balance in mind, body and spirit B.E.S.T. Chiropractic- a chiropractic AROMATHERAPY method which diffuses old brain-muscle AROMA EDUCATORS memory patterns, thereby eliminating School of Essential Oils old trauma, & chronic dysfunction. Educating one drop at a time Alignment is gently achieved by relaxing the muscles responsible for pulling the 607-311-6076 vertebrae out of alignment. Cha Roberts, LMT, CA Become a Certified Aromatherapist ! Classical Homeopathy. Uses innovative, We Offer: state of the art case-taking methods Education about safe use of essential in the interview to discover the best oils. An in-person, 235-hour certification Homeopathic remedy for you. program. Study essential oils; therapeutic and chemical properties; practical ROCHESTER HEALTH CENTER 1200 Jefferson Road * Rochester knowledge of holistic; aromatherapy 585-292-0642 concepts; hands-on blending; activities; case studies; theories; guidelines; Creating Products Approved by the National Association for SENECA FALLS HEALTH CENTER Holistic Aromatherapists (NAHA). 2360 State Route 89 * Seneca Falls CBD HEMP OIL 315-568-3166 Your Family Matters World’s Purest CBD Hemp Oil is Providing patient-centered, integrative, becoming increasingly popular for having natural chiropractic care to patients a wide scope of medicinal benefits, of all ages with a variety of health promotes health & well-being, relieves concerns including back pain, headaches/ stress/anxiety, provides pain relief - all migraines, joint pain, repetitive strain based on extensive clinical reports. Non- injuries, sports injuries and others. Our GMO, No THC, legal in all 50 states. teams include doctors who specialize in Great for People & Pets. Wonderful treating pediatric and pregnant patients. Convenient hours and most forms of Affiliate Program Available. health insurance accepted. RHC and SFHC are affiliates of the New York Chiropractic College.

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FREE YOURSELF FROM NEGATIVE EMOTIONS AND THOUGHTS Want the freedom to feel happier, more hopeful and at peace with yourself? Feeling stuck at home, at work or in your life more generally? Professional, expert help. A unique approach. Make lasting changes. Daytime, weekend and evening hours. Gift certificates. Most insurances accepted. Call or email for a free consultation: Sue Rapp, MSW 300 Main Street Vestal, NY 607-743-4536 Life Script Mental Health Counseling Services Tom Porpiglia, LMHC 202 Dickinson Rd Webster, NY 14580 585-704-0376 Would you like to reclaim your life from distressful emotional burdens? I can show you how with Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT, aka Tapping. EFT is the fastest growing, most efficient therapeutic method there is for the resolution of mental and emotional distress. Free 15-minute phone consultation. Internet sessions available.


THE DANCERS’ STUDIO 19 South Washington Street 2nd Floor, above "DataFlow" Binghamton, New York Dance classes, classically motivated through art and mythology. Technique using gestures to communicate expressive meaning. Barre work to strengthen feet and legs. Breath-linked movement for focus and intent. Dances composed from group class work and dances to learn from Isadora Duncan's repertory. Engaging elements of Duncan's core beliefs, taught by Therese Anne Joseph with attention to each individuals unique gifts Monday 5:20 - 6:20 Wednesday 4:00 - 5:30 607-722-0875 MARCH 2018


McGRATH DENTAL CARING MICHAEL B. McGRATH, D.D.S.,P.C. VELASKO PROFESSIONAL PARK Syracuse, NY 13215 (315) 478-5719 A dramatically different dental experience awaits you at McGrath Dental Caring. Our team of professionals takes the time to listen to your concerns and to develop a treatment plan that is just right for you. Non-metal, mercury-free dentistry is offered in a relaxed, safe environment. Reactivity testing is available to assist you in the selection of your dental materials. We are Upstate New York’s choice for holistic dental services and cosmetic excellence. CONTEMPORARY DENTISTRY, PLLC Dr. Arlene Messer, Dr. Anna Belous, Dr. Bob Calcagno 2052 Clinton Ave S. Rochester, NY 14618 Here at Contemporary Dentistry, we have compassionate doctors that will listen and understand your concerns. We are a holistic practice of over 25 years providing many services such as mercury-free restorations, biocompatibility testing, and minimally invasive dentistry, in a comfortable and state of the art dental facility. HERBAL & WELLNESS THERAPY KATY LOWE, OWNER Master Herbalist, Iridologist ROOT TO HEALTH I help you custom tailor an effective program, which includes a nutrition plan just for you, that helps reduce stress and increases energy instead of looking at the problem, or failures of the past. I work with a laser-like focus to help you get to the heart of the matter. I also produce potent, organic/wild crafted herbal formulas. Email consultations available.


Dr. MARCIA S. KESTEN Main Street, East Smithfield 570-596-7600 or Classical Homeopathy. Uses innovative, state of the art case-taking methods in the interview to discover the best Homeopathic remedy for you. B.E.S.T. Chiropractic- a chiropractic method which diffuses old brain-muscle memory patterns, thereby eliminating old trauma, & chronic dysfunction. Alignment is gently achieved by relaxing the muscles responsible for pulling the vertebrae out of alignment. HOLISTIC VETERINARIANS ON POINT VETERINARY ACUPUNCTURE Dr. Kate Huggler-Rubin, DVM (585)420-8386 Holistic Veterinary care in Rochester, NY and the Finger Lakes. Services include dry-needling, electroacupuncture, aquapuncture, moxibustion, and cold laser. Relieve your pet’s pain and bring joy to their life through acupuncture and pain management JEWELERY 4 Body Healing Janet Smith-owner/designer email: Where gemstones, intentions & love come together to create a beautiful & magnificent you! Live with passion, vitality, power, truth, wisdom, grace, freedom, & bliss. Featuring Jan’s Healing Pendants & Loose Gemstones. Oneof-a-kind jewelry, hanging pendants, amulets rough, focals, beads, pendants, cabochons, tumbled, carved, faceted. Energetically, Enhanced Custom Orders/ Free shipping. LYME SUPPORT CORTLAND COUNTY LYME DISEASE SUPPORT GROUP Laurie Tebbe, Lyme Disease, Ozone and Bee Venom Therapy Advocate Call 607-745-3621 or email for support and guidance.

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EAT, LOVE AND REMEMBER GRETCHEN AVERY HEALING HANDS Specializing in Holistic Health, TRADITIONAL REIKI MASTER THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE Wellness and Nutrition TEACHER Kathleen Blackman, CMT Jennifer Byrd Rubacky Loving Touch Center Massage Therapist of the Finger Lakes Relief for your neck, shoulders, & back. Certified Holistic Health Coach and Reiki Practitioner Ithaca, New York Reiki, Reflexology, Deep Tissue, Swedish (607) 539-7085 Call 570-888-7616 or 607-259-1505 for Located in Ithaca, NY (most business can be done remotely) * All class levels taught * an appointment. 607-379-6007 / 510-590-7085 (cell) Reiki I Class: Call for Dates THERAPEUTIC PULSE Healing sessions by appointment Lisa Clark, LMT Center Director with the I provide coaching and energy therapy Massage Therapy Loving Touch Center sessions that can help you overcome 1001 Chenango St. International School of Traditional Reiki disordered eating; heal negative body Binghamton, NY * Free Reiki Circles * image; improve blood levels/reverse 607-221-5041 *Gift Certificates* Specializing in Precision therapy for type 2 diabetes through diet; practice mindful eating and exercise; reduce relief of back, neck and shoulder pain. USUI SHIKI RYOHO Deep tissue, Swedish, hot stone, raindrop stress, anxiety and physical pain; improve Traditional Reiki communication in your relationships. therapy, ear candling and body treatments. Rev. Janis Drennen Paz, MP Contact me for more information. Gift certificates available. 23 Jackson Ave, Suite 202 Endicott, NY NUTRITIONIST MOVING HANDS MASSAGE 607-862-9536 MICHELE L. MOELDER, CN Katherine Danza, LMT Appointments and trainings for all levels Certified Nutritionist – certified under available for this long standing traditional 315-806-2966 AHSU/NINE Ondamed Practitioner, Energy work modality. Trainings are First Line Therapy Health Care Provider, available and forming monthly at our 6858 E. Genesee St. Proprietor Health Beat Natural Foods location or yours. Please contact us for Fayetteville, NY New clients save $20. Packages and and Deli, 32 years in the nutrition field! more information 607-798-1630 seasonal savings. Myofascial release, deep tissue, relaxation, hot stones/towels, STUDIO 83 reflexology, lymphatic drainage, sports, Art & Integrated Wellness Center pregnancy, and chair events. Second *First Line Therapy for Weight Loss MARILYN I. SANTIAGO therapist for couples upon request. *Ondamed PEMF Therapy Reiki Master Teacher & Practitioner Let Kat’s hands and her welcoming * Ion Foot Spa Detox 1275 Mt. Read Blvd Suite A environment heal you from the inside out, *Zyto Testing, Rochester, New York because life should be one long massage. We are looking to subcontract our deli 585-503-9424 space for future cooking classes NATURAL & ENERGY MEDICINE Marilyn is a reiki master teacher & ONDAMED THERAPY practitioner, with classes and sessions DR. PATTY BARBER, ND, LDHS, MICHELE L. MOELDER, CN available by appointment only. PSc.D, CNHP, CNC, MH, CHS MARY ANN WANECSKI, CN Chakra Healing, Energy Cleansing, At Perrino Family Chiropractic Experienced Ondamed Practitioners Aromatheraphy, Meditation, Arts & 3401 E. Main St. With two intensive trainings Craft Meditation, Pet Energy Healing & Endicott, NY 13760 Mention this ad and receive $50.00 off Cleansings. Call/Text: 607.761.8569 the first set of Ondamed Treatments! Enjoy a relaxing traditional Usui reiki Email: Over 1,000 clients seen! See our Website for full description of session, sound meditation or come paint, Over 32 Years Experience! services: draw, meditate or create in an environment Call 798-1630 for details. Are you suffering from: Pain, Digestive with a passion for the Art of Living with Disorders, Sprains/Strains, Insomnia, a positive, healthy, creative and energetic PAIN RELIEF Headaches, Chronic Immune Problems, attitude. Blood Pressure imbalances, Allergies, Se Habla Español DR. KIM MILLER Anxiety, Depression or other dis-eases? Doctor of Chiropractic Looking for natural, integrative solutions Licensed Provider of Neurologic to your health problems? Let the healing Relief Center Technique 130 Front Street, Vestal, NY power of Nature work with your body’s 607-786-2121 dis-ease without unwanted side effects. How’s your pain relief treatment working In office & long-distance Appointments for you? If you’re still in pain, call Dr. Kim Available. Miller and ask for the free test to determine if the neurologic Relief Center’s Technique will eliminate your pain.


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Deborah M. Blish Rochester, NY. 585-472-4661

A Traditional Usui Reiki Master Teacher, an Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructor, and Deeksha/Oneness Blessing Giver. Bringing the Body, Mind & Spirit of the Individual into Balance Utilizing; Energy Healing, Aromatherapy, Bio Genesis Tools, Body Talk, Bio MattTM, Hemi Sync, Crystals and Gemstones Flower Essences, & Guided Imagery. SCREENINGS DYNAMIC THERMAL IMAGING 585-734-6083 Mobile Locations Throughout NYS & Northern PA 100% Safe, FDA Approved No Radiation, No Compression, Non-Invasive Female Certified Thermographers A Pro Active Approach To Your Health Breast thermography screening is an adjunctive test to mammography, ultrasound and MRI. Detects angiogenesis, hyperthermia from nitric oxide, estrogen dominance, lymph abnormality and inflammatory processes including inflammatory breast disease, all of which cannot be detected with structural tests. No-cost annual screening mammograms and cervical screenings for women who have no insurance or who have insurance with a high deductible. The best protection is early detection! Call the YWCA/ENCOREplus at 607-772-0340, x242 or x222 for generous eligibility requirements. SHAMANIC / REIKI Rattle and Drum: Gifts of Heart and Spirit Gretchen Gilbert, Shamanic Practitioner Email: Free private consultations Long-distance healing sessions, including soul retrieval and power animal retrieval. For additional information on my practices and shamnic healing, visit:

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WELLNESS CENTERS ONE WELLNESS CENTER 2349 Monroe Avenue, 2nd Floor Rochester, NY 14618 585.645.4221

Ready to redefine yourself? ONE’s 20 practitioners focus on working with individuals to promote greater health and wellbeing. This is accomplished via bodywork, classes, workshops, and events. Featured services include Wellness Samplers for small groups, a Crystal Bed from Brazil’s John of God, Harp Healing, Hypnosis, and a variety of body and energy therapies. See our ad on the back cover. INFINITE LIGHT CENTER FOR YOGA & WELLNESS 6499 E. Seneca Tpke, Jamesville, NY 13078 315-373-0626


765 Harry L Drive Johnson City, NY 13790 * 607-441-YOGA (9642) * *Yoga Body Shop Binghamton* 7 Court St Binghamton, NY 13905 Next to Citrea Restaurant Along the beautiful Riverwalk * 607-595-0659 * *Yoga Body Shop Owego* 54 North Avenue Owego, NY 13827 * 607-595-0852 * email: BAPTISTE AFFILIATE STUDIO Discover Your Power! YBS has 3 locations in Johnson City, Binghamton, and Owego to serve you. YBS has 24 Baptiste Trained Certified Yoga Instructors with over 75 classes per week. Featuring Baptiste Yoga, Yin Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Yoga for Kids, Beginner Yoga, Workshops, Community Events and more. Find us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. If not now, when?

Infinite Light Center offers Yoga, Pilates, Nia & Barre classes, as well as the most comprehensive and in-depth Yoga Teacher Training in Central New York. YOUNG LIVING ESSENTIAL Wellness services include Massage, Reiki & Far Infrared Sauna sessions. Our YOUNG LIVING ESSENTIAL OILS highly skilled staff can accommodate all individuals and tailor a program to fit I.T.C.M. Rev Janis Drennen Paz your needs. #498796 607-862-9536 THRIVE WELLNESS CENTER If you believe your family deserves to 222 Melrose Street harvest the benefits of nature’s solutions Rochester, NY,14619 without compromise we agree! We (c)203-570-2493 encourage you to discover how Young (o)585-730-8109 Living products can replace harsh chemicals in your home, support your Offering classes to become certified body, reveal you natural radiance, and in holistic health care and/or holistic help you find an oasis of calmness. nutrition. Services include Integrative **Not sure where to start? Contact Janis and she will gladly help. Wellness Exams that utilize Iridology, TCM observations of the tongue/pulse, heavy metal testing,applied kinesiology, nutrition and cleansing protocols, and recommendations for vitamins/minerals, homeopathy, herbs, and aromatherapy. Contact Amber Summers Krug, HHP, HNC with questions.

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by body part or system. Specialties were created for care of the heart, eyes and respiratory system. The brain became the subject of more intense study in the specialties of psychiatry and neurology. Psychiatry believed that the mind affected the brain and could cause physical symptoms such as blindness and headaches. Neurology believed that the brain could affect the mind and that cancers and strokes could result in confusion and psychosis. Medicine began to look at the body as if it were a machine: the heart as the pump, the kidneys as a filter, and so on. Since disease was defined as the breakdown of the machine, the job of the physician was to fix or replace the broken parts. With the invention of the computer and its ability to handle massive amounts of data, it seemed logical to introduce technology into the field of health care. Consequently, modern medicine has shifted from looking at the body as if it were a machine to seeing the body as a computer: disease is an error in the computer code and heal is accomplished by correcting code after looking at the data and performing reprogramming as required. As a result of increased technology, healing has often seemed more hands-off, distant and impersonal. Physicians and nurses feel they have less time to take care of patients as they spend more of their time at the computer entering health care data. The patient’s story is reduced to hundreds of check boxes, and providers are busy entering health care data to prove that health care is being provided according to the mandated protocols, insurance regulations, and reimbursement requirements. Care has become more ...the fragmented, necessitating case managers, coaches and most effective health care system navigators. care may be These providers play a key the melding role in coordination of care. They assist by talking with the of ancient patient, meeting with family techniques of members and providers, and slow medicine sorting through the health with fast-paced record to learn the patient story, to point out missing technological information, and to fill in the gaps with documentation, care... educational materials and referrals. 30

Technology has created advances in medical care such as advanced units for emergency and critical care, surgeries performed with the assistance of robotic arms, and biologic agents for management of diseases, all of which might be considered fast medicine. However, the most effective care may be the melding of ancient techniques of slow medicine with fast-paced technological care, a topic explored by Dr. Victoria Sweet in her book, “Slow Medicine: The Way to Healing” According to Dr. Sweet, slow medicine is about being present, sitting and taking time with patients, being kind, and giving attention while creating a space of calmness conducive to healing. The foundation of slow medicine is listening to patients and their stories which is the foundation to creating enduring relationships. And instead of looking at single facts and a multitude of check boxes, the process of communication is about noticing themes within the patient’s story and viewing the entire picture. The emphasis of slow medicine is on the process rather than the outcome of healing. Slow medicine, like slow food, cannot be hurried. It is the difference between the fast food of a burger and fries from the drive through or a thick, juicy hamburger burger grilled on the patio and served with garden-fresh lettuce and tomato slices with chunks of home fried potatoes. While fast medicine most effectively cures acute diseases and trauma, it is slow medicine that best cares for patients with diseases of slow onset and chronic duration such as diabetes and cancer. Slow medicine gives the body space to slow down, allowing it to exert its ability for self-healing. Instead of intervening hastily, slow medicine generously offers the tincture of time. Slow medicine believes in the healing power of nature. The body is approached much like a plant. First and foremost, the patient is seen in the context of the of his or her own environment. Instead of being a mechanic or computer programmer, the physician or nurse is the master gardener, tending to the person’s environment, adding sunshine, water and nourishment necessary for healing and growth. In the relationship between provider and patient, there is a space of caring, where giving and receiving naturally occur. In his commencement address at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Francis Peabody described patient care as the care which included the little things: offering sips of water, straightened bed linens, and attending to the patient in ways that strengthened the relationship between the patient and the physician, the very essence of slow medicine. Often these ways might be deemed an inefficient use of time, yet they were efficient by

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demonstrating caring and contributing to the patient’s healing. Slow medicine also calls upon the ways of Hildegard of Bingen, a German Benedictine abess of the Middle ages. Instead of linear, step-by-step thinking, Hildegard believed the way to understanding was circular, similar to the pattern of following the seasons. She also believed in the concept of viriditas or greenness, likening the patient to a plant. Similar to plants which grow leaves and flowers or fruits, humans have the power to create, grow, and to heal. Like the gardener, the health care provider’s role is two-fold: to remove obstructions to the patient’s healing and to fortify viriditas. Obstructions to healing might include lack of social support for care at home, fear of a particular treatment or medication, hopelessness about a particular diagnosis, or poor hygiene. Viriditas could be fortified with the basics elements of nutritious foods, adequate fresh water, rest, fresh air and sunshine. In the context as gardener, the therapeutic value of relationships of providers with patients should not be overlooked. Time taken to attend to viriditas while building personal relationships may be perceived by

administrators as inefficient, however, in the long run these relationships contribute to a patient’s health, improved quality of life and efficiency in healing. In today’s health setting, the most effective care seems to be a combination of slow and fast medicine. Medicines would be used as necessary, generously sprinkled with the tincture of time. Relationships would be created and cultivated and obstructions to healing removed. The basics of sunshine, fresh air, physical movement and spiritual rest would be promoted as necessary yet inexpensive routes to healing. Ideally, we would strive to bring balance into each encounter with another fellow human being. Respect and caring are conveyed by our unbroken attention as well as the words that we choose to use to share our thoughts and feelings. By being mindful and fully present with each other in the moment, we can discover all the time that is needed for flourishing. ۞ Susan Wenzinger practices holistic nursing in our community. She has a mindful meditation and yoga self-care practice which she offers to those who are experiencing stress and chronic pain.

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Holistic Resource - March 2018  

A Magazine Supporting Integrative Health Care for Balance of Body, Mind and Spirit

Holistic Resource - March 2018  

A Magazine Supporting Integrative Health Care for Balance of Body, Mind and Spirit