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Kindergarten Handbook

North Coventry Elementary School

Inspiring Each Student for Success Today and Greatness Tomorrow

Owen J. Roberts School District North Coventry Elementary School 475 Kemp Road Pottstown, Pennsylvania 19465 Telephone 610.469.5105

Dear Parents, Welcome to North Coventry Elementary School! Kindergarten is one of the most important years in the life of a Page 2 Often the success a student has in kindergarten child. influences his/her attitude towards future schooling. Communication between the home and school is essential to the success of your child in the Owen J. Roberts School District. I hope that you will be actively involved with our school, and work with us to insure that your child receives every opportunity to develop his/her fullest potential. I look forward to seeing you often at our GREAT school! Sincerely, Dr. Susan T. Lloyd Principal

PTO North Coventry Elementary School has a very active Parent/Teacher Organization. This group is comprised of parent volunteers who give their time to help support programs that enrich the experiences of our students. Through annual fundraising efforts, they raise funds that are used to offset the cost of field trips, assembly programs and equipment. They also sponsor monthly family activities such as a Back to School Tailgate, Winder Wonderland, and Spaghetti Dinner. All parents are encouraged to get involved!

Snacks Your child may bring in a snack daily. OJRSD’s Wellness Policy asks that parents send in a healthy snack such as fruit, cheese, yogurt,Page 15 pretzels or crackers. Peanut or tree nut products are not permitted in any classroom due to allergies. Please keep the snacks small, quick and easy for your child. All classrooms have a water fountain, so you do not need to provide a drink.

Attendance Once a student is enrolled, he/she is bound by attendance laws of Pennsylvania. Parents/guardians must notify the school of their child’s absence by telephone However, written correspondence, or electronic communication utilizing a fax will also be accepted. Any student who is absent for three or more consecutive days is required to present a physician’s excuse to validate the absences.

North Coventry Elementary School 475 Kemp Road, Pottstown, PA 19465 610-469-5105

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The district utilizes a software program named SKYWARD for recording your child’s schedule, grades, and health history. Parents may log into SKYWARD on the web to view their child’s grades, schedules, attendance, emergency contact information, and medical records. Login directions will be provided to families in August and at Back to School Night. SKYLERT Community Broadcast Important school and district announcements (such as school closings) will be sent to you through the SKYLERT system. OJR has the capability to send you an automated SKYLERT message by phone, text or e-mail. The messenger (superintendent or principal) will determine whether the message warrants a simple e-mail, or all three of these communication options. Snow emergencies are always sent by all three. Report Cards and Parent/Teacher Conferences North Coventry Elementary operates on a trimester schedule. Report cards will be sent home 2 times a year. Parents of kindergarten students can view their child’s first report card after the 2nd trimester in SKYWARD (Paper report cards are no longer issued.). Our report card grades are numeric: 1, 2, 3, and 4. A score of a 3 is benchmark. This means your child is achieving what is expected of them at the time of assessment. A 4 indicates your child exceeds what is expected at the time of assessment. A 2 means that your child is approaching benchmark, but is not consistent at the time of the assessment. A 1 indicates that your child is not approaching benchmark and needs remedial work in this area. Parent/Teacher Conferences are conducted twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring.

Mission and Program Getting Ready for Kindergarten School Hours Pick-Up and Drop-Off Curriculum Overview School Services Special Ed, RTII, Transportation Communication PTA, Snacks, Attendance

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Owen J. Roberts School District Mission Inspiring each student for success today and greatness tomorrow.

Kindergarten Program Mission Recognizing that “all children are ready to learn” and that kindergarten is the child’s introduction to school, the mission of the North Coventry Elementary School kindergarten program is to provide all students with a developmentally appropriate learning experience that will not only develop them intellectually but physically, socially, and emotionally. Through the implementation of an academic curriculum that is aligned to the rigorous Pennsylvania Academic Standards specifically developed for kindergarten children. Recognizing that parents are the primary teachers of their children, we believe that it is our responsibility to educate, support, and encourage parents to become actively involved with their child’s education. Our goal is to “inspire each student for success today and greatness tomorrow.”

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Communication Getting Reading for Kindergarten Registration Registration for kindergarten is held in January. At that time parents complete registration forms and then meet with school personnel to complete the enrollment process. Entrance Requirements Owen J. Roberts School District policy requires all students entering kindergarten be 5 years of age by September 1 of that year. The following documentation is required for all children enrolling in kindergarten: • Proof of Residency (credit card bill, deed, DOT identification card, driver’s license, lease, property tax bill, utility bill, tax bill) • Birth certificate, hospital certificate, or baptismal certificate (no photocopies) • Immunization records • IEP, Chapter 15/Section 504, or gifted (Chapter16) paperwork or other Special Education papers, if applicable • Parental Registration Form • Home Language Survey • Health History The above documentation is required before your child is assigned a teacher in August.

The key to a successful home/school partnership is communication. District and School Websites The Owen J Roberts District Website is an important tool to help keep you informed about information regarding North Coventry, PTA, OJRSD, and our community. Please regularly visit this website to remain current on North Coventry and District happenings. Teacher Web Pages In addition to the school webpage, each teacher has their own webpage where you will find their credentials along with other relevant information about their classroom. E-mail All school district employees have an e-mail account. Now that the OJR School District has “gone green,” this is our primary mode of communication. If your family does not have e-mail access, please contact the school office to assure that you receive paper copies of all communications. Newsletters Classroom teachers will send weekly newsletters to parents and the building principal will send a monthly electronic newsletter to keep parents informed. Newsletters are then posted on the school webpage and teacher Fusion Pages. Facebook, Twitter, & Pinterest

Special Education

Kinder Camp

The Owen J. Roberts School District is committed to providing Page 12 appropriate services to all children of school age with special needs. Appropriate individual programs are provided in the least restrictive environment. Each of our schools has highly qualified Pennsylvania certified special education teachers, speech therapists, and school psychologists to meet the various needs of students with disabilities.

Kinder Camp is an exciting opportunity for your child to meet new friends and ease into his or her first school experience in a fun and interesting way. Students will participate in developmentally appropriate activities one week in August that will cultivate fine motor, listening, and social skills. Kinder Camp is open to all Owen J. Roberts School District students who are entering kindergarten in the fall and will be taught by current OJR kindergarten teachers and staff.

Response to Intervention and Instruction (RtII) The RtII process is a multi-tiered approach to providing services and interventions to meet the instructional needs of all students. Universal screening assessments are given throughout the school year to determine which kindergarten students are ―at risk‖ for not meeting grade level standards in reading. Students whose scores on the screening fall below an established cut-off will receive additional reading support. This time of the day is referred to as Star Time.

Transportation Prior to the start of the school year, each child will receive a post card in the mail indicating his/her bus number, stop location, and approximate pick-up and drop-off time. Students are required to physically be at their assigned stop 5 minutes prior to pick-up. Please remember that half-day kindergarten students are only bused one way – to school for AM students and from school for PM students. Kindergarten students must be accompanied by an adult at the bus stop.

Kindergarten School Hours AM - 8:30 - 11:15 (AM arrives on the bus with pick-up by parents) PM - 12:15 - 3:10 (PM students dropped off by parents and ride bus home) 2 Hour Delay - Modified Kindergarten Hours AM: 10:30-12:15 (AM arrives on the bus with pick-up by parents). Students may be dropped off between 10:15 and 10:30 am. PM: 1:05-3:10 (PM students dropped off by parents and ride bus home). Students may be dropped off between 12:55 and 1:05 pm Dismissal for School-Wide 1/2 days All students are dismissed at 11:50 am and can ride the bus home or be picked up in the lunchroom.

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Field Trips

Kindergarten Pick Up and Drop Off AM Kindergarten Kindergarten pick-up is in the front circle of the school beginning at 11:15 am. Parents will be assigned a “pick-up number” that is to be displayed in the driver’s side window. This allows teachers to see the number as you are waiting in the circle and have your child ready when you reach the front of the school. A teacher will open your car door and place your child in the car. Please do not get out of the car while in the circle since it delays the traffic flow. If you need to buckle your child, continue out of the circle and then pull over. If there is ever any change in your child’s regular pick-up routine, please call the school office, e-mail the teacher, or send a note to notify the school of the change. PM Kindergarten Drop-off is in the front circle of the school from 12:05-12:15. A staff member will be waiting at the front of the school to open your car door to assist your child out of the car. Please do not get out of the car while in the circle since it delays the traffic flow. Bus transportation home is provided. If you choose to pick-up your child, please contact the school office, send a note or e-mail the teacher. You will pick up your child in the school lunchroom.

Affordable field trips are an extension of the curriculum. Kindergarteners generally take two field trips a year. Parent chaperones are a welcome addition to our field trips but in order to assure the safety of all of our students, we ask that they adhere to the following criteria: • Parents must have proper clearances on file at the time teachers request parent chaperones • Parent chaperones may be limited to no more than 5 per class • Parents must ride the bus along with the students to the destination and on the return trip • Children of chaperones are to remain at school for the entire school day even if the field trip does not last through the school day

SCHOOL SERVICES Guidance Counselor Elementary guidance counselors help children be successful by conducting classroom guidance lessons that promote selfawareness, self-confidence and positive social skills. They are also available for crisis intervention, individual or small group counseling . They are a valuable resource person for parents and teachers School Nurse Our certified school nurse will provide first aid in the event of an injury or an accident. If your child becomes sick while at school, the nurse will call you. Therefore, please keep the school notified of your latest phone number and the phone number of an emergency contact.


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Kindergarten students participate in music education weekly to enhance his/her skills in the following areas: • Experience and reproduce “beat” • Explore “pitch” through singing • Demonstrate children’s folk songs, singing games, and rhymes • Recognize and imitate patterns by singing and playing instruments • Recognize, imitate, and produce musical opposites, soft/loud, high/low, fast/slow • Demonstrate age-appropriate movement to music and rhymes • Listen, explore, and respond to short examples of music from different styles, cultures, and genre Art Students participate in art class each week. During this time they explore various art materials in expressive and creative ways while learning about the world around them. Additionally, they learn about various artists and their work while working together in a studio environment. Library Each week students go to the library to select two books to take home. During this time they also learn why we use a library, how to find and select a books, how to use information technologies to learn about the world, as well as an appreciation for quality children’s literature. Guidance Kindergarten student participate in a series of developmental guidance lessons. The interactive lessons focus on making new friends, expressing feelings, working out problems, appreciating differences, and personal safety. During each lesson children will

Curriculum Overview

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Language Arts An important function of the kindergarten program is to encourage the development of language and literacy skills. A balanced literacy program consists of the following components: Reading Aloud - Listening to stories Shared Reading – Teacher and class reading together Guided Reading – Small group reading instruction Independent Reading – Child reading independently Shared Writing - Teacher and child thinking together while the teacher writes Interactive Writing - Teacher and child thinking together while “sharing the pen” Independent Writing - Child writes independently Pre-reading concepts of print • Letter identification • Letter-sound relationships • One-to-one correspondence • Discrimination of letter sounds - beginning and ending sounds • Alphabet sequencing, Sight Words and Rhyming Words • Left to right, top to bottom progression in reading • Retelling, summarizing, visualizing, predicting, recalling, dramatizing, classifying and concluding • Determining real and make-believe Children, who enter kindergarten already reading words, will be assessed using the Fountas & Pinnell Reading Assessment to determine their reading level. ALL students receive daily reading instruction specific to their individual reading level.

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Writing activities • Drawing a picture to convey meaning • Holding a pencil correctly • Handwriting instruction (Handwriting Without Tears) • Left to right, top to bottom progression in writing and letter formation • Writing first and last name • Copying words • Identifying and writing sight words • Journal writing experiences and approximate spelling encouraged (Kid Writing) • Revising writing in a group setting Speaking and listening activities • Listening and retelling stories • Dictating lists, stories, and descriptions • Reciting poems and songs • Participating in class discussion • Making predictions and drawing conclusions Mathematics

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• • • •

Understands two-digit numbers in terms of 10’s and 1’s Performs simple data collection, graphing and estimating Identifies and uses measuring tools for linear, weight and volume measures Has experience with basic geometry and symmetry concepts, recognizes and names basic plane and solid figures Recognizes the value of all coins and a dollar bill

Science Your child will participate in activities to enhance his/her skills in the following science areas: •

Inquiry and Process Skills

Investigating Water

Plants and Living Things



Everyday Mathematics is the curriculum adopted by the Owen J. Roberts School District for grades K-6. Skills kindergarten should master by the end of the school year are: • • • • • •

Verbally counts 30 or more objects in random assignment Performs interrupted counting beyond 100 Counts backward from 20 or higher Skip counts by 2, 5 and 10 Reads and writes any number 100 or less Understands basic meaning of addition and subtraction in real situations, in children’s own number

Social Studies Your child will participate in activities to enhance his/her skills in the following social studies areas: • Cultural celebrations in the U.S. and around our world •


Occupations around us

Basic map skills

Health & Physical Education

Kindergarten Handbook  

This handbook is designed to provide information to parents if incoming kindergarten students.

Kindergarten Handbook  

This handbook is designed to provide information to parents if incoming kindergarten students.