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North Star: The Magazine of the North Country Trail

April - June 2001



Hi-Tech Treasure Hunt rr There's a new craze, "geocaching," luring GPS (Global Position System) and computer users into the field to hunt for "treasure" by using GPS devices. I decided to take advantage of the game's growing popularity to locate caches along the North Country Trail in Pennsylvania to bring new people to our trail. So far, we have five caches and we will have five to seven more hidden under rocks, tree stumps and fallen trees. We will award a patch to those who find five caches, each of which consists of a waterproof container and contains a notebook, pencils and pens so finders can write their names and addresses and append comments. The containers also include North Country Trail maps and information. Would-be players who hunt for such goodies can look up the GPS

coordinates for a cache on the geo-caching web site. Cachers then find the caches by entering '-'./ the coordinates into a GPS unit ~ and basically followingthe arrow. GPS is a high-tech version of a compass. Jeremy Irish, who ~;ns the officialweb site for cachers, said the game attracts players because it gives hiking a purpose, even though the treasure may only be a trinket. So log on to the web site: check it out, consider caches for your state and think about where you could hide them on the North Country Trail.

supply hauling, and some light trail cutting will be involved. In addition, work on a new trailhead in the Cazenovia area is planned. This will include landscaping, parking area delineation,signage (kiosk and more), and possibly a culvert installation. Bring tools, lunch, trail work clothes, and gloves. Beverages and fruit will be supplied. Contact Mary KunzlerLarmann at 315-697-3387, or via e-mail at

UP Construction Project The Peter Wolfe Chapter of the NCTA announces a joint Sierra Club/NCTA trail construction project on Baraga Plains in western Upper Michigan. This is a fascinating area of lakes, wetlands, wildlife openings, and sand plains. The Sturgeon River Gorge Wilderness is nearby. The trip will run from July 8-21, 2001, but participants need not come for the entire trip. For more information, see northcountzy or call Doug Welker at (906) 338-2680.

-Bob Tait NCTA PenrzJyLvania coordinator Central NY's June 4 Plans The NCTA's Central New York Chapter has registered a National Trails Day (June 2) event with the American Hiking Society. Events will include work on two 24-foot wooden stairways and their interconnection in a steep ravine near Canastota, NY. Carpentry,

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North Star Vol. 20, No. 2 (2001)  
North Star Vol. 20, No. 2 (2001)