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April - June 2001

North Star: The Magazine of the North Country Trail

8 Nominees Will Be ---In on July Board Ballot Ballots will be going out in June for the election of eight members to the National Board of Directors of the North Country Trail Association. In line with the new bylaws, candidates were nominated by the new state trail councils and by the nominating committee of the Board, chaired by Vice President David Cornell. The council nominees are Jon Lindgren, North Dakota; Bob Tait, Pennsylvania; Garry Dill, Ohio and Bob Norlin, Great Lakes (Wisconsin and Michigan's Upper Peninsula). Holdovers are Lynn Waldron, Michigan's Lower Peninsula; Howard Beye, New York, and Daryl Williamson, Minnesota. Daryl formerly was nominated at-large. The nominating committee chose the following to run at large: Irene Szabo and Tony Rodriguez, New York; Gaylord Yost, Wisconsin, and John Leinen Jr., Minnesota. Holdovers at large directors are Mary Lucas, Wisconsin; Richard Harris, Ohio, and Derek Blount, Joan Young and Werner Veit, Michigan. The nominees are all trail veterans with years of experience with the North Country Trail Assn. Lindgren (dee Jtory on Page 28) was recently elected chair of the North Dakota Trail Council. He continues to serve as state coordinator and Norlin was elected last fall as chairman of the Great Lakes Trail Council. Tait, has long been active with the North Country trail, and has served as Pennsylvania state coordinator for many years. Irene Szabo is the President of the Finger Lakes Trail Conference, an NCTA affiliate and Tony Rodriguez, a current Board member, is running for re-election for his first full term. He previously was appointed to the unexpired term of Tom Reimers, who had resigned. Yost is a former Wisconsin state coordinator and longtime trail enthusiast. Garry, a veteran member of the Buckeye Trail Association, has served as the Buckeye's liaison with the NCTA. Leinen served two previous terms on the Board and has agreed to run again after a one-year absence. He currently serves as Minnesota state coordinator and will continue in that post.

Irene Szabo

Tony Rooriguez


Randa!! expre.:Jded hi.I delight wt October when he WM awarded thi.i trail ahirt for having contributed 400 hoard of volunteer work to the North Country National Scenic Trail

Randall E. Brune CENTRAL NEW YORK CHAPTER -The Trails Community has lost a dedicated, articulate, hard-working supporter, and friend to all! Randall E. Brune suffered a fatal collapse on February 2 while performing gentle walking exercise in accordance with mandated activities following his complex heart bypass surgexy of last November. Randall was born and raised in Metuchen, New Jersey. From boyhood onward, he was an outdoors enthusiast and fine athlete. He was a graduate of Princeton, Columbia, and Syracuse Universities for his undergraduate, masters, and Ph.D degrees, respectively. He served in the Korean War-his intellectual talents resulted in his serving in both the Army and Navy in a specialized capacity. Randall's distinguished teaching career spanned 40 years. After his retirement From Syracuse University, he continued his teaching as an instructor in the Elderhostel Program. From 1969 onward, Randall Brune was a leader in trail design and construction, notably for the Finger Lakes Trail and the Onondaga Trail segments for which the ADK Onondaga Chapter had accepted responsibility. He and the late Charles Embree jointly received the Wallace Wood Award in 1993 for their valued work on the Finger Lakes Trail. Their friends remember fondly their particular working methods. One recalls that when working together, they used a special code. Rather than shouting instructions to each other, they sang classical selections to communicate instructions. Another remembers Randall's habit of carrying a long stick with a sharp blade attached that he swung like a conductor to trim overhanging branches and remove trail debris whenever he walked the trail. Randall served as the first president of the Central New York Chapter of the North Country Trail Association. His leadership, reasoning, and mentoring skills during those first two formative years were the major factors in the chapter's start and subsequent progress. In recognition of Randall's and Charles' contributions and the spirit in which they were delivered, the Central New York Chapter and the Onondaga Chapter of the Adirondack Mountain Club will jointly erect a memorial resting bench and plaque on a site near Truman Hill on a section of trail maintained by the Onondaga Chapter. Thus, Charles and Randall, partners on trail building there and elsewhere, will be "reunited again". This spot was originally selected by Randall as a location for a bench honoring Charles. What could be more appropriate now than to have them share it forever I -Al Larmann, Central New York Chapter

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North Star Vol. 20, No. 2 (2001)  
North Star Vol. 20, No. 2 (2001)