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Buck Wilder's Hiking & Camping Guide By Tim Smith and Mark Herrick One whole lot of fun! Buck Wilder and his pal Rascal the Raccoon share their considerable wisdom and wit. Wonderful color illustrations are filled with humor and countless tips and trivia. Though at first glance this looks like a book for kids, adults also find this guide irresistible and informative. 64pp, (L103) $12.95

Long Distance Hiking By

A truly fresh look at hiking. Read about: philosophy of hiking, stress management, creativity and hiking, and trail romance. Also, explore today's issues through hiking: strengthening family ties, improving communication, a healthy lifestyle for kids, an inexpensive pastime and providing seniors with a natural prescription for health. A new twist for anyone who currently enjoys hiking and for those who are thinking about starting out. 245pp, (L106) $14.95

Roland Mueser

Dayhiker's Handbook By J. Long & M. Hodgson

Lessons from the Appalachian Trail. Blending sage advice with personal experiences and anecdotes, this unusually thoughtful, highly readable account of long-distance trekking on the AT. Mueser draws upon extensive interviews to examine unorthodox yet relevant topics. He covers all the questions providing the basis for planning your own long-distance hike. 180pp, (L111) $16.95

Lipsmackin' Backpackin' By Tim and Christine Connors Tired of gorp, cereal bars, and jerky? Would you like to dine on spaghetti, chicken , salad, and cheesecake in the backcountry? Here is a guide to satisfying,sumptuous dining on the trail. You no longer have to sacrifice nutrition for taste. A new kind of outdoor cookbook, this all-in-one guide is filled with trail-tested recipes providing athome preparation directions, trailside cooking instructions, and nutritional information. 232pp, (L118} $15.95

Trail Atlas of Michigan By Dennis R. Hansen Michigan trail

enthusiasts, don't get caught without this atlas! 2nd Edition includes maps and descriptions for over 600 hiking, biking, skiing, and nature trails in Michigan. Search by location or types of use. 581pp, (L102} $29.95

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Comprehensive guide for be.ginning wanderers and those explonng new

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~~pr~1 g . g.~~~~in . g ,. a map and compass, predicting hike difficulty, when to turn around, managing food and water, weather lore, walking techniques, traveling with kids, first aid, and more. Many short features, fun tips and anecdotes. 216pp, (L107) $14.95

The Country Doctor, Alive and Well By John G. Hipps, M.D. Stories recount the full spectrum of humankind's experiences. Sometimes informative andeducational, frequently humorous, often whimsical, the stories will entertain and charm you with their simple philosophy, wisdom and wit. Includes advice on home remedies, herbal and alternative medicine that promotes the common sense caring of one's self. 363pp, (Ll 15} $19.95

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore r1crnRw nocxs NATIONAL LAKEst10RE

An Illustrated Guide by Olive Anderson.

The centerpiece of the North Country National Scenic Trail. Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore is a rugged, beautiful, and unique coast on the Lake Superior Shore. This revised guidebook includes maps, and excellent descriptions of the many recreational opportunities available at Pictured Rocks. 56pp, (LllO} $6.95 A GUIDE

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Porcupine Mountains By Jim Dufresne. This detailed guidebook provides backpackers, hikers, campers, and skiers with all the information they need to plan a trip to the tranquil Porkies in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Includes history, wildlife in the park, fishing opportunities, cabins and shelters, camping areas, family day hikes with complete information on trails, access points, waterfalls and backcountry treks. 160pp, (L108} $11.95

in Michigan

By Jim Dufresne From one of Michigan's leading outdoor writers comes this comprehensive guide to the best trails in Michigan's Lower Peninsula. Each hike write-up contains all the basic information you need: access, parking, trail distance and difficulty, hiking time, contour map, and explicit trail directions. Formerly titled 50 Hikes in Lower Michigan. 252pp, (L109} $15.00 Page 31

North Star Vol. 20, No. 2 (2001)  
North Star Vol. 20, No. 2 (2001)