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I April - June 2001

North Star: The Magazine of the North Country Trail

universe ... well, whaddoo I know? First week May is the usual showtirne. Some other great locations: Map M-8, less than two miles west of the village of Swain: there is a long descent from the top of a long forested hilltop walk, on dug tractor path beside the stream ravine. The steep face of the hillside along the lower reaches of the tractor path is covered with trillium, usually during the first week in May.



Map M-6, just north of Pond Road, walking in deep woods above Wiscoy Creek: ground is carpeted with spring beauties very late in April and in earliest May. Map 0-1 (that's "O" for Onondaga Branch), south of Apulia, parallel to NY 91, but up on the ridge to the east of it: just north and east of the great overlook at Jones Hill the trail goes through a tall bower of azalea, which perfumes the whole area in late April or early May, depending on the year's advance. Map M-14, a short way east of Maple Road, just after the trail turns north off the old roadbed, there is a fabulous bed of trailing arbutus on the left that tends to bloom in late April. -s

Irene Sxabo Finger Lake禄 Trail Conference

Central New York Chapter The Link Trail has many locations where various species of wildflowers can be seen at first-hand. The trail passes through a variety of habitats and elevations in its approximately 14-mile route from the junction with the Finger Lakes Trail near Barnbury Road in Chenango County northward to the sidewalks of the Village of Cazenovia. Some of the best sites with springtime attractions are: 1. Trailhead area at the north side of Dugway Road (a paved road traversing the Tioughnioga Wilderness Management). Blue and pink phlox grow in profusion. 2. At the top of the hill above Dugway Road - a relatively steep climb. Pachysandra is found here and along the diagonal trail seg-



ment leading to an abandoned communications cable route. At the west end of the cable route segment, the trail turns sharply north and descends to a wooden bridge crossing a small stream. In this area, orange lilies, bluish-purple cornflowers, and more abound in a nearby small meadow. The trail continues northward and crosses Damon Road. Just north of Damon Road, the Link Trail crosses Limestone Creek. Although the flower count is low, just to the left is a very attractive path leading to a delightful setting along the creek. This is a fine place to rest a bit. The tree cover is primarily coniferous. A short ascent from Limestone Creek on an old abandoned road brings you to a delightful 0.65mile segment that was carefully developed by the late Randall Brune. This is a certified NCNST segment-it is covered with minimal flower content, but at the north end, you encounter Irish Hill Road. From this vantage point, you have a good view of grassy fields nearly filled with wildflowers in the springtime. Within the Nelson Swamp Unique Area (NSUA), the trail uses both State land and a 1400foot section that is privately owned. Along the old rail bed, blue flag, pond lily and marsh marigold are found. This is a certified segment of the NCNST. Acres of orange hawkweed, gold-

en asters, yellow-goat's-beard, yellow-tickseed, common and swamp buttercup, wild radish, field mustard, milk-vetch, and many more varieties can be seen from the trail, often in adjacent fields. The open area to the north along the privately owned segment is very attractive. 7. The Stone Quarry Hill Art Park (north of the west end of the NSUA-use Constine Bridge Road/Stone Quarry Road to reach the off road trail head just south of the Art Park) offers a wide variety of flowers (and other things as well) in all seasons. The NCNST passes directly through the Art Park, with connections to the internal trail system within the Art Park. 8. Leaving the Art Park proper, the trail continues via private lands toward the Village of Cazenovia. The hillside above Chenango Street has a good number of wild roses (pasture roses) in a meadow. The trail from the private land entry point to the Art Park from the south to Chenango Street at the Village of Cazenovia boundary is also a certified NCNST segment. 9. The NCNST passes directly through the attractive Village of Cazenovia and then northward via the Gorge Trail owned by the Cazenovia Preservation Foundation (CPF).

-AlLarmann Central New York Chapter

Visit the Davis Hollow Outdoor Center Pennsylvania State Headquarters for North Country Trail Association volunteers Located in Pennsylvania's Moraine State Park, right on the North Country Traill

Facilities include bunk beds, kitchen, and a meeting room. Tent pads near the Center that can be used by people who hike the North Country Trail. Program weekends already are scheduled for bird watching, kayaking, geology, and biking. Others are being planned. 路路The Center is maintained and managed by volunteers of the Davis Hollow Outdoor Center Committee.

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North Star Vol. 20, No. 2 (2001)  
North Star Vol. 20, No. 2 (2001)