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National Forest Progress Report Newsletter

by Gaylord Yost

of the

North Country Trail Asmciation

The following gives a brief update on some of the significant NCT activites on several of the National Forests:

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Horse use on existing NCT segments by Tomi Lou Spyker Existing (certified) segments of the North Country Trail are distributed between trails on Federal/State land and hiking trails on private land, maintained by volunteer organizations. Of these private organizations, only the Shore-To-Shore Trail and the Buckeye Trail permit much horse use. On Federal Land, Chequamegon NF 60 miles Chippewa NF (Minnesota) 68 miles Sheyenne National Grasslands (North Dakota) 25 miles (Note: Other National Forests may not allow horse use on the trail itself, but have told me they will help route horsemen along forest roads. Wayne National Forest in Ohio is still planning and building their segment -- they will only allow horse use if we push for it.) On State Lands Fort Ransom State Park (North Dakota) Sheyenne State Forest (North Dakota) Little Miami Scenic Park (Ohio) East Fork State Park (Ohio) Burr Oak State Park (Ohio) Salt Fork State Park (Ohio) Beaver Creek State Park (Ohio) Private Land/Trail Organizations Shore to Shore Trail (Michigan) Finger Lakes Trail (New York) Keystone Trails (Pennsylvania) Yellow Springs Trail (Ohio)

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Hiawatha National Forest: There were two major achievements on the Hiawatha National Forest, Michigan, portion of the NCT in 1987. In Alger County, an 8 mile segment of the trail was officially dedicated to public use on September 7 (Labor Day). Taking part in the trail dedication was honorable Robert W. Davis, member of Congress. The trail portion being dedicated was completed by the Munising Ranger District last summer. It stretches between M-94 south of Munising路 near the Valley Spur Ski Trail westward through the forest to a connector trail of the Bay de Noc - Grand Island National Recreation Trail. Another connector route starts at Munising Falls and follows highway and street rights of way between ..die falls and the Yalley Spur area. This connector route will have specially marked signs. All this was established in cooperation with the City of Munising and the Michigan Dept. of Transportation. The other special achievement in 1987 took place in Chippewa C?un.ty on the Sault Ste. Marie Rangc::r District. Last fall, Ranger District personnel started the construction of a 110 foot suspension bridge across the Naomikong River in the Whitefish Bay area of Lake Superior. The bridge is unique because it resembles the "Big Mac Bridge" and was designed and built entirely by Forest Service personnel. It was a major accomplishment for District personnel and will. be one of the focal points of the trail in Michigan's upper pemnsula. The forest also was honored to have Sierra Club members perform trail maintenance during the month of July. "Recreation Opportunity Guides" for the trail are now available from the Forest. These guides give the reader detailed information about each trail segment. They can be obtained by writing to the Forest Supervisor, Hiawatha National Forest, 2727 N. Lincoln Rd., Escanaba, MI 49829. Chequamegon National Forest: Hikers in the Chequamegon National Forest in Wisconsin will find it easier to cross wet areas as a result of work done in 1987. The NCT _portion crossing the Chequamegon has been completed for about 20 years. This year, significant improvements. were made to wetland and drainage crossings. A corduroy crossing was installed through a swamp, a bridge was replaced, several culverts were installed, and about one-fourth mile of trail was rerouted to avoid a beaver pond. Other work included new road junction signs at some trail heads, development of a one-mile interpretive loop off the trail near Drummond, and development of about one-fourth of a mile ot the trail as part of the Penokee Mountian Cross-Country Ski Trail. Much of the work was done by people working under the: Older Americans (SCSEP) and Youth Conservation Corps (Y~C) p.rogram'.

34 miles Allegheny National Forest: The NCT on the Allegheny National' NO HORSE USE ALLOWED Forest in Pennsylvania is totally in place. Annual projects are NO HORSE USE ALLOWED designed to make the trail better and a more enjoyable facility for 4.0 miles hikers. The summer field season of 1987 was spent on a variety of trail improvement projects. . _ A total. of 673 miles have been certified by Congress (the finished On the Marienville Ranger District the trail was returned to its trail will be 3200 miles long). Only 285 miles of the existing trail is former location through the tornado swath. In 1985 nearly two miles open to horse use. 88 of those miles are in Ohio. of the NCT was obliterated by a devastating tornado that touched down near the Kelletville area. On the Sheffield Ranger District about two miles of the trail was relocated off an old railroad grade to a mcire pleasing location along a small stream. On the Bradford Ranger District, Summer 1986, an $11,000 steel foot bridge was erected across Chappel Fork. . In addition to these improvements, the entire ninety-one miles of The Southeast Michigan Chapter of the American Youth Hostel is organizing a group backpacking hike on the North Country Trail this trail tread was maintained and brushed out. Much of this work was fall, September 16-25. They will be hiking a section in the upper accomplished. by enrollees in the Youth Conservation Corps and Boy peninsula of Michigan in the Ottawa National Forest. If you are Scout volunteers, as well as Forest Service trail maintenance crews. interested in this week long trip and would like further information, The trail, as it crosses the forest is well marked and most trail you may call or write the AYR office, 3024 Coolidge Hwy., Berkley, heads that the trail logo sign in place. Hiker use of the trail, MI 48072, (313) 545-0511, or contact the trip leader, John Kalarn at particularly in the vicinity of the Allegheny Reservoir, seems to be 路 (313) 681-9160, or by mail through the AYH office, Attn. J. Kalam. on the increase.

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North Star Vol. 7, No. 3 (1988)  
North Star Vol. 7, No. 3 (1988)