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North CountrY TraiI Association P.0. Box lll White Cloud, Michigan t+n49




MembershiP GoaI Set

Nqtionai ParI Service We're indeed' fortunate to have the splendid efforts of Robert P. (goU) Mar!in, Chief, DiviEion of Rivers & Trails of the Midwest Region of the National Park Service, to Push the

of the General PIan, that is-required bY federal l-aw. Bob, a .ieteran of over twentY Years of federal servj-ce, is lO0% behind the work to get the North Country Trail, on the ground , 4s soon as Possible. AlreadY, he. has held NPS WorkshoPs for the North CountrY Trail in wiicfriEah, Pennsylvania and Ohio, al-l this since last he has -rt' il;";t:-'aaaitionally, WorkshoP meetings Planned fot,' New York, Minnesota and a PoSupper Peninsula (wtictrigan) =itt" and Wisconsin get-together. Bob has been working with been interested in the has and North CountrY Trail since the original idea for the trail was concerved tn 1965. Al-so , he serves on the NCTA Ad'visorY implementation


Board. We're Proud to be working codPerativelY with and the NPS.


Winter IgBI-82


At the NCTA Board of Directors meeting, last August 29th, it White CIoud,-Mi-chigan, the Board Passed the motj-on to shoot for a goal of. the Prg3,246 members. This is NCT entire the iosed mileage of and is a realistic and needed goal to help make the NCI trail a reality In order to achieve this goal, we']1 need every member to get at least one new member, as soon as possible.

l,et's Push as hard as Possibuild. the mightY North CountrY Trai}. I

Our Primarv Need Many PeoPle wrj-te us and s&$:. they would like to helP. Well our mosl important immediate task is to get our headquarters building in usable shaPe. We were given an old school house in White Cl-oud, Michigan, 'but much work needs to be done to make it useful for both our nationaf headquarters and a hiker's/ biker's hostel.

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North Star Vol. 1, No. 1 (1981-1982)  

North Star Vol. 1, No. 1 (1981-1982)