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December 2013 Volume XXVIII, Issue 4


A 39-year tradition

North Cobb High School

3400 Highway 293 North/ Kennesaw, GA 30144/ 770-975-6685 Ext. 1610


Football team makes playoffs Intense fight expands for five sets by Sarah Sutley

After recently clenching the region title, the varsity football team prepares for a “We are working hard to get ready for state. The boys are at an all-time high after winning the region and that should give us

season schedule has prepared us we will make it far if the team plays to their full potential,” Shane Queen, head coach, said. After a heartbreaking loss to Walton early in the sea-

son, the Warriors showed astounding perseverance, winning their next six games and outscoring their opponents 226-86. Losing only one other game in the regular season, the football team concluded region play with a 7-2 record. They hope earning the region favorable advantage later on.

“It is always great to make team has worked hard in the regular season. But we’re not one to come out and support us through our run in state. I want to make it far because this is my last year at NC,” senior J’Vonte Herrod said. Urgently, the boys strive for a state championship this year, after falling short last season. The 2012 team persevered to the Final Four before losing to Lovejoy. Many returning players show determination to advance even further this year. “Our team has been very successful this season. I believe it is because we have so many guys that are determined to win every game we play. We are well conditioned and trained, which is thanks to our great coaches. There is also a considerable amount of discipline on the team this year. All of this is PHOTO BY MADELINE MCWHORTER

We must eliminate mistakes and turnovers and also be more consistent as a whole. There is no

doubt in my mind that the team is capable of winning a state championship, they just have to believe in themselves and have

Linebacker Chad McClannahan and quarterback Tyler Queen encourage each other at the first playoff game.

more important than people would think,” junior Elijah Courtland said. Fans continue to play an important role in the Warriors’ rise to success. The student section and community supporters consistently cheer the team on through every game, home or away. This themselves, regardless of the strenuous battle for the endzone. The boys hope that fans will continue to support them throughout their run in the “We are going above and beyond to prepare for the state doesn’t see the majority of the things we do to get ready. For previous games and have extra practices. Every player must do his job to help the team as a whole. We are going all the way this year, I know it,” senior Storm McClinton said. game at home stands as an important advantage to re4AAAAAA. The Warriors play Luella High School, a A win would guarantee a spot in the Sweet Sixteen and, most likely, another home game. The football team continues to play to the best of their ability, with hopes to reach the state championship at the Georgia Dome this year. With the help from their fans, the Warrior football team will reign supreme.

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2/December 2012/The Chant

The Chant/December 2013/3



Religion in government increases disruptions

Skinny pills hinder successful weight loss

in the court of law, as they take away American people’s natural, constitutional rights. Regardless of the “gay marriage is unbiblical” and “gay marriage is antievolutionary” thoughts, the Constitution declares personal beliefs and religious ideals null and avoid. “…Nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws,” an excerpt from the Fourteenth Amendment in the Constitution says. To allow freedom and equal rights for all citizens, the separation of church and state remains fundamental to our existence as a democratic republic. Religion in the government hinders equal rights, a discovery made by our Fathers even before America’s establishment.

The reason this country continues to face problems with religion when the Constitution clearly stated that they should remain separate more than two centuries ago abandons logic. Purpose lies behind the wall between church and state, and the blend of religion and government only complicates America’s federal system. “Of all the animosities which have existed among mankind, those which are timents in religion appear to be the most inveterate and distressing, and ought to be deprecated. I was in hopes that the enlightened and liberal policy, which has marked the present age, would at least have reconciled Christians of every denomination so far that we should never again see the religious disputes carried to such a pitch as to endanger the peace of society,” George Washington said.

Bullying in NFL angers fans Player leaves after torment


“It has a lot to do with creating the proper environment and nurturing the player to be the very best he can be. And in that environment, you expect the player to grow and to develop. And, if a player ’s not allowed to be in that environment, if he’s insecure, or feels that it’s not a proper environment for his growth, then obviously it’s not going to happen for him,” New York Giants head coach said. Rookie hazing occurs in every locker room in the NFL—nobody denies that—but extending the ritual to where your fellow teammate must receive mental help sickens many. Hazing represents an important locker room tra-

dition, but players must know when to stop. Leaving voicemails with threats towards someone’s family that include murder and racial slurs takes normal hazing beyond the limit. Interestingly, every past team Incognito has played for either cut or suspended him at one point or another for reasons similar to this situation. After clearly dropping the “N-bomb” in voicemails, texts, and the locker room, Incognito still claims he would not consider himself a racist. “Hey, wassup, you half n----- piece of s---. I saw you on Twitter, you been training 10 weeks. I want to s--- in your f--ing mouth. I’m going to slap your f---ing mouth.


ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT PAGE EDITORS Jordan Grubb and Carli Troutman SPORTS PAGE EDITORS Tyler Sesan and Chris DeGirolamo INSIDE THESE WALLS PAGE EDITOR Alicia Bush BACK PAGE EDITOR Emily Jones PHOTO SPECIALISTS Madeline McWhorter, Adam Kovel, Alex O’Brien, Nneoma Igwedibie, and Judy Stubblefield STAFF AND SPORTS WRITERS Kayley Rapp, Cameron Hines, Luis Trujillo, and Miranda Oliveri OUTSIDE THESE WALLS PAGE EDITOR Alicia Bush ADVISER Ms. Lindsay Kovel

I’m going to slap your real mother across the face [laughter]. F--- you, you’re still a rookie. I’ll kill you,” Incognito said in the released voicemail to Martin. Again, Incognito shockingly considers himself neither a bully nor a racist. In the NFL, the line between bullying and hazing may seem blurry, but when matters turn this serious, people need to stop. Even more importantly, people must recognize bullying and speak up. Players seeing the problem need to step in and say something. No one should tolerate bullying, and the Miami Dolphins took the right steps by cutting ties with Incognito.

ing to swallow a pill to see a change in the mirror. What happened to enthusiasm for pilates or running groups? Why does the easy way out seem like the only way out for so many? New technology creates lazy and leisurely people, but changes in food and mindsets correlate to the skinny pill consumption as well. According to MSNBC, many people who stop taking a weight loss pill gain all the weight lost back due to unhealthy eating habits or lack of exercise. “Many people stop using diet pills due to the unpleasant side effects. Weight loss is usually small, and regain is the norm unless accompanied by exercise and healthy food choices. Studies show

Emily Jones Editor-in-Chief When devising successful weight loss remedies, so many individuals disregard future health issues and imminent lazy habits by choos-

Regular Feature

blocker. Studies show between 35.5 percent and 54.8 percent of Alli users achieved a 10 percent decrease in body mass. Orlistat, however, only removes 25 percent of consumed fat from the digestive tract. So users under the impression that the pasteurized sugary ice cream and deep fried onion rings they consume will not must rethink their daily diets on this so-called skinny pill. Only a few diet pills carry an actual Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval. This seal of approval means that the drug earned a quality safety rating and will not result in extreme side effects for users. However, diet pills—fat blockers or appetite suppressants—that earned the approval do not represent the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow reached by a harmless journey. People today want a quick and easy fix. Let me assure those convinced about resorting to a quick fix, workouts and diets do work better.

Under certain circumstances, however, some people need prescription weight loss drugs. People with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 or above, or those with BMI of 27 or higher and obesity related problems, such as diabetes or high blood pressure, should use a prescription drug provided by their physician to take a step closer to a healthier lifestyle. Many people under such circumstances need to lose weight before they run a 5K or drop all sugary sweets from their diets; both attempts will fail, unfortunately, and thwart any confidence the person still possesses to pursue a weight loss journey. The skinny pill disguises weight loss as a quick fix and inhibits the mental and emotional growth achieved from reaching a goal through hard work and dedication. A journey means the process of development. When one conquers what they despise in the mirror, they develop what they adore: transformation.

Warrior Perspectives

What holiday traditions will students enjoy this season? by Miranda Oliveri “After Thanksgiving, my family gets together and we all help put up the tree,” junior Charli Dunlap said.

SCHOOL STATS NUMBER OF STUDENTS: 2,758 MAGNET SCHOOL— INTERNATIONAL STUDIES PROGRAM (ISP) NUMBER OF ISP STUDENTS: APPROXIMATELY 500 NUMBER OF FACULTY MEMBERS: 223 6,000 VIEWS PER MONTH Viewed in 32 different countries Currently the only school in Cobb County with an online newspaper

The Chant is a student organized and published paper, which serves the North Cobb area and surrounding communities. The Chant makes its readers a first priority. Student comments, editorials, letters to the edi tor, and any suggestions are encouraged. These may be placed in Ms. Kovel’s mailbox in the staff mailroom, taken to Room 611, or emailed to Editorials are not the opinion of the entire staff or the advsier. An editorial is only the opinion of the writer who has written it. The Chant reserves all rights for making corrections whether grammatical, content, or that of “good taste for the community.” For advertising information, write The Chant c/o North Cobb High School, 3400 Highway 293 North/Kennesaw, GA/30144, call (770)975-6685 ext. 254, or email the North Cobb area and surrounding communities. The Chant makes its readers a first priority. Student comments, editorials, letters to the editor, and any suggestions are encouraged. These may be placed in Ms. Kovel’s mailbox in the staff mailroom, taken to Room 611, or emailed to Editorials are not the opinion of the entire staff or the advsier. An editorial is only the opinion of the writer who has written it. The Chant reserves all rights for making corrections whether grammatical, content, or that of “good taste for the community.” For advertising information, write The Chant c/o North Cobb High School, 3400 Highway 293

that most people gain all the lost weight back once the pills are stopped,” Mary Lou Dalessandro, a Nurse Practitioner at Monmouth University, said. Although statistics show minimal extreme side effects, many people experience intestinal discomfort, insomnia, drowsiness, headache, and sometimes anxiety from the pills. Users yearn for all the ideal side effects from the pills, but, when one attempts a weight loss journey, they must aim for perfect bodily functions, inside and out. Why take a pill that makes one’s body feel as if it suddenly has broken? Exercise, healthy eating, and mental focus evolve an individual. No one learns anything from the easy route. A challenge develops an individual as they aspire for changes. When consumers take the weight loss pill and avoid challenging workouts and eating habits, they set themselves up to back the slight weight loss from the pill. Alli, for example, contains Orlistat, a fat

“My family and I always spend a whole day watching A Christmas Story because there is always a 24-hour marathon,” sophomore Camila Mino said.


Chris DeGirolamo Page Editor

Jonathan Martin, offensive tackle of the Miami Dolphins, recently checked himself into a hospital after experiencing unnecessary bullying by teammate, Richie Incognito, which proves how badly hazing affects players. Incognito’s bullying seems embarrassing. At age 30, he should know right from wrong and where to draw the line, yet he took Martin’s “rookie hazing” too far. With Martin’s rookie year ending last season, Incognito clearly continued the bullying for far too long—bordering into harassment territory.

Easy way out not the only way out


morals as opposed to Christian exclusivity or any other religion for that matter. “As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion; as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion, or tranquility…” an excerpt from Article 11 in the Treaty of Tripoli says. Despite the Founding Fathers’ intent, the adherence of religion in the government persists, resulting in social calamity. Legalizing gay marriage stands as the main roadblock and political topic of the decade. This topic tends to stir the American society to say the least, prompting both sides to voice their arguments. However “majority rule” does not govern the law, only constitutionality and fairness. Therefore, the opposing opinions and pious beliefs about gay marriage should remain irrelevant


Judy Stubblefield Photo Specialist

Destroying America’s foundation, the recent religious influence in the government oversteps the parameters of legality, distracts lawmakers, violates citizens’ liberties, and lessens the legitimacy behind “separation of church and state” to nothing. Indoctrinated in the Treaty of Tripoli, our Founding Fathers proved adamant on the absence of religion in the government, as it inevitably separates people from their inalienable rights. In order for the government to preserve democratic value, the government must maintain a secular stance, centering actions on political


Separation of church and state not withheld in debates

“Every year, my family goes to the cabin and spends a week together,” freshman Patrick Scherer said.

“My favorite holiday tradition is getting to eat all of the delicious holiday food,” senior John Williams said.

4/December 2012/The Chant

The Chant/December2013/5



Seasonal phrases spring from beliefs, not prejudices

Consumerism causes holiday crazes

Accomodating holiday greetings proves superfluous

trivial matters such as these, borders on ridiculousness. We should embrace cultural traditions; otherwise, why would we celebrate them anyway? The issue relates to other matters regarding political correctness as well. This movement attempts to eliminate all language that may exclude or discriminate against certain groups. But what benefit will this DIGITAL ART BY EMILY JONES

What people say around the holiday season should depend on what they celebrate personally. Someone who celebrates Hanukah should not conform to what someone who celebrates Christmas wants them to say, and vice versa. The level of sensitivity in this country, especially c o n cerning

Shoppers cry over bills after unnecessary spending sprees

cause? Merging all cultures into one uniform, accepted idea seems es make it great. The “melting pot of the world” should demonstrate cause for concern. Personally, if someone came up to me and said “Happy Kwanthe least. Even though I do not celebrate the tradition, I see no problem with someone else celebrating and showing their traditions in this kind greeting. America needs to learn how to accept other cultures and allow them to assimilate their principles and beliefs into one culturally accepted phrase in order to coexist. Overall, this issue may seem overhyped. Hearing or saying “Happy Holidays” will not signal the beginning of the apocalypse, but it represents a growing social issue in the country. Traditions quickly disintegrating because of a growing emphasis on conformity threaten to destroy cultural uniqueness.

What happened to Thanksgiving?

Misplaced feelings of holiday cheer may begin as early as October due to overzealous and early Christmas decorations that litter stores across the nation. For most, decorations build up excitement and symbolize Christmas’s arrival, but early celebrations merely confuse Americans. For kids, these decorations stir an unsatiable desire for gifts far before the holiday season should even begin. Why decorate so early? Why would you even need such early celebration? Halloween just happened, and already people start visually welcoming Christmas. Despite others who consume

to maintain their importance and appeal. November allows Thanksgiving to bask in its glory, not Christmas to steal its spotlight. Christmas remains a favorite holiday for many, and decorations create more holiday cheer. My family puts up decorations about a week or two before Christmas day, celebrating the holiday in a timely manner. We create a day devoted to decorations that will not happen too early or too

late. This way, everyone retimed celebrations. By all means, buy ornaments before the time to put them up, but stop displaying them too early. Nobody enjoys premature celebration. Decorations make Christmas enjoyable, but stop letting little ghouls and princesses see them in October, or Thanksgiving tables stand beside a poinsettia or a Nativity scene display. DIGITAL ART BY NNEOMA IGWEDIBIE

Nneoma Igwedibie Photo Specialist

I eat my turkey,” Chris Taylor, Cafemom user, said. When people think of the holidays, they begin combining Thanksgiving and Christmas. In some ways, that sounds agreeable, but the word “holidays” connotes eggnog, mistletoe, and tacky sweaters with sewn on bells. Therefore, decorations should only arrive in December, the month Christmas actually occurs. Holidays possess their own distinct month

holiday shopping sprees. While people heal from the overstuffing, others fill up their shopping carts with reduced price products. People take shopping to an insanely overblown level that should shock many. On Thanksgiving, people all over America act grateful for everything they own and appreciate family over materialistic items. Then, the day afterwards, 226 million shoppers visit retailers or shop on the Internet, all together spending around 11.4 million dollars on their purchases.

This greed seems to contradict the grateful holiday messages that should take place during this time. The shopping crazes even cause injuries and deaths. People turn this thankful holiday into a distasteful event that snubs the true meaning behind Thanksgiving. Stores like Macy’s, Kohl’s, and Toys ‘R Us even begin opening on 5 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day, expounding buyers’ greedy habits. Opening early on holidays like Thanksgiving splits family bonding time in half for shoppers and also for workers forced to work on Black Friday. Shorting the

family experience for money and greed proves how commercialized Americans live. “We’re a society that likes to spend so no matter what. Consumers will sacrifice to go in and get the best deal possible. It doesn’t matter if that deal is coming in June and July or a national holiday such as Thanksgiving,” Hitha Prabhakar, a retail analyst, said. Holiday spending spoils the real meaning of sacred holiday traditions. People need to start thinking back to the origins of holidays such as Christmas, Hanukkah, and Thanksgiving and follow those traditions, not the new commercialized version.

Carli Troutman Ad Manager

Early decorations diminish holiday’s importance sweets quickly, I still struggle to tackle my pounds of Halloween candy throughout November. Many people want to enjoy one holiday, leisurely soaking in its appeal and traditions without seeing another one that threatens to close in too early. Decorations that appear earlier than they should irritate many that enjoy haunting decor and scares in October. The time for comfort, cuddles, and cocoa should not explode the second Halloween ends. Soon families begin to enjoy Thanksgiving, converse with relatives, cut the turkey, and proclaim their blessings. However, rather than maintaining that sacred time, many use the holiday to prepare for Christmas. The month of November marks the coming of the special holiday and puts emphasis on red and green decorations, depreciating Thanksgiving’s importance. They simply lump décor upon décor. “I see so many decorations up already and I would like to take them down. At least until after

LUP Economy, said. Why do Americans spend so much money during these months? The real reason lies in the media’s pressure towards celebrations, traditions, and parties. Holidays that originally held religious meaning now seem focused on glitter and gifts. “Religion is being lost in a sea of candy, gift tags and other commercialized riff raff. Most people get caught up in planning parties and buying presents. They forget what they are truly celebrating,” Ashley Crawford, Grand Junction, CO, said in an essay on Teen Ink. Holiday spending sprees start in October with Halloween, then carry on to November with Thanksgiving. Americans load themselves up with food one day and shop until wallets glisten with empty space the next. December absorbs the past month’s paycheck. Christmas, Hanukkah, and other holidays turn into excuses for department store profit. Americans spend around 228.4 billion dollars each year on holiday shopping. Christmas alone accounts for about 59 percent of sales in America. Days like Cyber Monday and Black Friday traditionally start the off


Cameron Hines Staff and Sports Writer

During the holiday season, people should not feel compelled to utter politically correct phrases such as “Happy Holidays” or “Season’s Greetings.” The annoying expressions manifest themselves on wrapping paper, coffee mugs, and ornaments, shoved down the throats of the country. These meaningless sayings evolve into the go-to greetings of the holiday season. While these phrases come with good intent, they may carry unintended consequences. People greet each other as such to avoid offending those who may not celebrate a certain holiday. In America, Christmas remains the most commemorated holiday. However, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, and other holidays receive wide celebration as well. Saying “Happy Holidays” lumps these rich, meaningful holiday traditions into one, creating a bleak, false sense of holiday spirit.

With consumerism dominating the holiday season, Americans all over the country spend too much money and abandon the real meaning behind the holidays. Americans bombard themselves with distractions due to the constant lure of shopping centers by magazines and television. November and December transform into the most expensive months in American lives. “In each of the last four years, December was the single month with the highest spending average, which is not surprising given the tradition of giving and receiving holiday gifts,” Jeffrey Jones, GAL-

Costume reflects insensitivity April bombings spark inconsiderate costumes

Tyler Sesan Page Editor

Despite their highly controversial, heavily debated name, the Washington Redskins should keep their esteemed title. This idea combats popular opinion. In this age, political correctness runs rampant, but this debate takes the matter a step too far. Removing a historical name presents an attempt to eliminate cultural uniqueness in the country. The Redskins have played in the NFL since 1933, but somehow, the debate sprouted recently. Generally, overzealous activ-

ists contend that the name represents a racial slur toward Native Americans and offensive lingo. The point may hold validity, if not for one blatant problem: most Native Americans do not take offense to the name. “Frankly, the members of my tribe — the vast majority — don’t find it offensive… you can’t rewrite history -- yes there were some awful bad things done to our people over time, but naming the Washington football team the Redskins, we don’t consider to be one of those bad things,” Robert Green, a chief of the Patawomeck tribe in the Washington D.C. area, said. High schools with Native American populations over 90 percent, such as Wellpinit High in Washington or Red Mesa High in Ar-

izona, represent themselves with the Redskins’ name and mascot. These schools take pride in and honor the name, indifferent to any racist colloquial affiliations that some insist the name carries. The handful of people that find the name racist should not cause a national debate. This issue remains over-exaggerated and unnecessary when one considers all the other issues around the nation. Many major sports teams carry names related to Native American culture including the Chiefs, Braves, Blackhawks, and Indians. If the Redskins change their name, where would the streak of political correctness stop? Would the Saints or the Angels require reform to avoid offending atheists? The Celtics and

Vikings represent ethnic groups too; why should they not change? Will the Giants offend short people? One could cause an uproar for any team’s name. The issue at hand stems not from an outcry from Native Americans, but from the sire to act on behalf of a cultural group. If the Redskins organization used the name with malicious intent, purposefully mocking Native American history, the change would deserve consideration. However, Redskins fans display respect and reverence for the culture. While the beleaguered, embattled nickname may offend some, the title of Redskins should remain in place. Society should embrace cultural difference, and not shun the idea.

6/December 2012/The Chant

The Chant/December2013/7


Black Friday ignites seasonal enthusiasm Killer deals create relationships and savings




No-Shave November triggers gender discrimination Shower rituals halt for both sexes

Kayley Rapp Staff and Sports Writer

Luis Trujillo Staff and Sports Writer

prostate cancer along with other types of cancer. This supportive sentiment remains

highly appreciated, but no woman appreciates the rude comments they receive for joining the cause. When a guy decides to participate, no one seems bothered. They grow out their beards and evolve into lumberjacks. Now all they need is flannel to complete the look. However, once a girl decides to stop shaving her legs, her choice practically becomes a crime. Some men actually rage at the idea of a girl not shaving for a month, as if her right not to waste her time on beauty practices never belonged to her in the first place. The real problem lies in the fact that groups of misogynistic and sexist men, and often other women too, tell females that they cannot choose for themselves, even about something as trivial as grooming. Not to say that men cannot possess unfair preferences for women. Everyone finds different aspects of a partner attractive or appealing, but men hold no right to force their preferences down women’s throats. Women possess the right to choose whether they shave

or not, disregarding anyone’s opinions. If guys really believe that women shave actually regularly during the winter, they should prepare for an unsettling awakening. A No-Shave November’s participant’s gender should not matter. This problem never comes up in other monthly projects involving cancer prevention. No one complains when men partake in breast cancer awareness. During October, football teams use pink socks and cleats. Men participate in fundraisers for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. No one complains that they take part in these events, so people should not complain when women wish to take part in prostate cancer awareness. Many people, both men and women, claim that girls should not partake in No-Shave November because “an unspoken rule” exists claiming women must always shave. All the reasons for

Men participate in No-Shave November to raise awareness for prostate cancer, but women attempting to participate misunderstand the gender specific aspect of the event. In American culture, shaving regularly serves as a common standard practice for women. Despite this, some women remain unaware that No-Shave November should only include men. Not shaving allows a man to represent his manhood, so when a women steps into the spotlight, it takes away the meaning of the masculine activity. Men may lose respect for women in many different ways, and not shaving their body signifies one of these reasons. As some women declared their

intention to participate once November 1 rolled around, backlash from men and other women began. Why would a girl want to look raggedy and rugged like a man? Girls need to maintain their femininity regardless of the month’s activity. Women need to continue to lather their skin with shaving cream every other day, just as they should throughout the year. Sometimes, a girl wants to act lazy and show their human nature, but they should think of No-Shave November like football. Sure girls love watching the sport and touching the players, but they should never play the sport themselves. “Do not take this prostate cancer awareness month away from men and make it about feminism and your rights not to shave!” Tumblr user chunkymonkeyandme said. Men often feel disgusted for women who do not shave, so why do women proceed

anyways? What do they intend to prove when halting their shower rituals? Women already received their equal rights so shaving should not create such social unrest among feminism proponents. Feminists pulsive when they think they deserve a higher power, but girly but hairy armpits become too overwhelming. The 19th Amendment to the Constitution signed into law by Secretary of State Bainbridge Colby in 1920, granted women the right to vote. Woman fought hard for equality and feminine strength. Women worked so hard to emphasize their own qualities, so why do girls attempt to act like men again in today’s generation? Any girl who partakes in the monthly activity must realize that men will shun them due to overgrown hair. A man may lose many things due to prostate cancer, and

individuals a chance to show their support to-

People need to stop focusing women to support the cause. DIGITAL ART BY ADAM KOVEL

No-Shave November provides a chance for people to show their support for the fight against prostate cancer, but no one should shun women from wanting to participate from this often male-dominated month-long charity. “Donate the money you usually spend on shaving and grooming for a month to educate about cancer prevention, save lives, and aid tle,” the American Cancer Foundation states. Every November, men throw away their razors and let their hair grow for a month. Since 2004, No-Shave

Miranda Oliveri Staff and Sports Writer

this opinion simply remain invalid and irrelevant. Honestly, the controversy over this month long event needs to stop. Not only will the disagreement hurt females’ self esteem, but it also undermines and negates the whole point of No-Shave November: supporting over who should help raise awareness does not aid the more

Equipped with coffee and coupons, the thousands that flock to retail stores on Black Friday agree that the day positively contributes to the holiday season festivities. Holidays center around traditions, and many regard Black Friday as an annual post-Thanksgiving custom. Black Friday provides families and friends a time to come together in the planning and preparing for a day filled with excitement and great sales. Coupon clipping and late night planning with a group of savvy shoppers allows friends and families a time to enjoy each other ’s company. Even waiting in seemingly never-ending lines allow patrons to meet new people with similar interests. Nothing beats building relationships while

simultaneously s e a r c h ing for knockeddown prices, ranging from 50 to 75 percent off. Why would someone pay full price for a holiday gift when on Black Friday the same item sells for half the price? Unless maintaining a large income dedicated to Christmas, people only allot a certain amount of money to spend on gifts each holiday season. Unfortunately, many people continuously exceed this limit and break budgets. By finishing the majority of shopping when impressive deals flood the retail stores, consumers manage to stay below budget and

potentially out of holiday debt. Black Friday participants agree that the day provides great joy. Waking up at three a.m. to stand in long lines and compete with other deal seekers causes excitement for more than one third of adults across the country. Buyers feel an unmatched rush felt after scoring the best deal or buying the last hot ticket item. Stores across the country also benefit from Black Friday shoppers. Black Friday stands as one of the most important shopping days for retailers.

This day kicks off the beginning of a critical holiday season during which up to 40 percent of total revenue is collected. On average, each Black Friday shopper spends about 423 dollars. Many argue that the day after Thanksgiving should only include spending time with family at home, enjoying each other ’s company, but did that not happen the previous day? After spending Thanksgiving with one another at home, a Black Friday shopping excursion makes perfect sense. If someone wishes to spend the day at Target to grab

killer deals, no one should demean their reasoning. “I love Black Friday! It is a time that I get to spend with both my friends and my family. It has become a tradition in my house,” junior Bridget Scherer said. Smart deals and high excitement make Black Friday a highly anticipated event all across America. Boosting the economy only adds to the already enjoyable time. Participation in Black Friday continues to grow as an important tradition for many Americans.

Regular Column

Thanks for Nothing

Students miss younger scholastic holiday traditions by Alicia Bush

they need true support from other men. When women directly participate in the month’s event, it depreciates the meaning of manhood. Overall, women should not participate in No-Shave November. Their acts will diminish men’s outlook on women throughout the country regardless of a girl’s opinion on the event. Ladies, just shave so that the world will continue respecting feminity and female beauty.

A saucy, sarcastic high school pupil envies elementary students who enjoy annual holiday festivities, despite their already relaxed school year. “Administrators claim that high school students don’t need holiday parties, but honestly we deserve them! We are usually exhausted by the time our holiday break approaches, and what do teachers present us before we leave? A

final exam! That’s right, ladies and gentlemen,” sophomore Hanna Rachael said. As the holiday season rapidly approaches, elementary school teachers begin planning festivities for their munchkins. During Halloween, schoolchildren enjoy sugary treats provided by their fellow peers. To celebrate Thanksgiving, the young students indulge in a hearty feast, including traditional items like macaroni

and cheese, pumpkin pie, and fried chicken wings. To properly celebrate the Christmas season, primary schools provide a festive atmosphere for their boys and girls, usually with food, music, and crafts galore. High school students during Christmas time simply enjoy pumpkin spice muffins sold ever since the first leaf turned orange. High school students work diligently throughout

the semester, often studying all night and receiving limited hours of slumber. Their sassy teachers assign tons of homework and allow little time to complete each assignment, perhaps to teach students time management skills. Who knows? We students desperately await the winter break, hoping to sleep throughout the day, watch endless Netflix series, and consume appetizing foods with high levels

of sugar and carbohydrates. See, high school administration prohibits festive parties with eggnog, mint spices, mistletoe, and sleigh rides. Instead, high school teachers assign final exams on days that elementary schools use as “party days.” Happy holidays, teenagers. Perhaps your teachers will provide you with a mint-flavored Life Saver in light of the holiday spirit.

The Chant/December 2013/9

8/December 2013/The Chant

Inside These Walls

Inside These Walls

Warriors transform into Santa’s elves

Fall sports pay tribute to seniors Senior night provokes emotion and reflection

Shop with a Warrior advances charity

ents, but the event contains more meaning beyond the gifts. The event lasts the majority of the day and allows the children to also eat lunch with the high schoolers and enjoy an exciting bus ride to the store. Additionally, the children experience an opportunity to meet Santa Claus and personally wrap the gifts they bought. “Helping the kids is the reason I participate in Shop with a Warrior. I want them to feel loved and appreciated and I want to see happiness in them. Just because their families are not financially to them presents should not mean that they have to go without them. All children deserve to have a great Christmas,” senior Jolene Abbey said. Shop with a Warrior makes an impact on the community every year. Students and children’s families appreciate the participation in a meaningful cause. With hard work and strict planning, Shop with a Warrior will remain a successful tradition at NC for years to come. DIGITAL ART BY ALEX O’BRIEN


Turkey Grams help Relay for Life

to help children in need. Nothing is better than seeing the smiles on their faces. They just appreciate everything so much, it is wonderful,” sophomore Laurie Francois said. A long-standing tradition, Shop with a Warrior excites the students and staff involved. The event’s popularity continues to increase as more teams

form each year. This allows even more children to participate and benefit from the activity. “I plan on being a part of have never done it before but I think it will be really rewarding. I am very excited to contribute to such a great cause,” junior Alan Jones said. Shop with a Warrior emphasizes Christmas pres-

cards to each homeroom teacher’s mailbox. “Turkey Grams are an annual fundraiser and each card is sold for 1 dollar. Each member is expected to sell ten,” Mrs. Padron, teacher, said. Turkey Grams earned nearly five hundred dollars in past years, and this successful fundraiser continues to gain funds for Relay for Life this year. “This fundraiser is extremely effective and we always look forward to putting it on. All proceeds go to relay for life and the students prepare every detail,” Mrs. Tippens said.

football players’ posters, honoring each player. Certain band members even showed love for their companion by spelling out their names in bulk letters as they walked down the 50-yard line. “I loved how well we did on our performance. A great performance, on senior night, as we won the regional championship was amazing. I couldn’t ask for anything better,” senior

by Cameron Hines

What are common holiday gifts students give their friends?

by Madeline McWhorter

He Said: ”I give good friends a reasonable amount of money,” freshman Neville Joseph said. ”I tend to get my friends “Eno” hammocks for the holidays. It’s typically something that represents a time we can spend together,” sophomore Brandon Mason said. ”I like to get them a gift card to somewhere they like,” junior Sammy Sierra said. ”I usually get them some form of house shoe because its nice and cheap,” senior Andre Hamb said.

drum major Kyle Rinado, said. Senior night not only recognizes the students and their great achievements, but also allows the parents to partake in the accomplishments that their young adults made throughout their high school career. The atmosphere and scenery complemented the night as the Warrior Nation thanked seniors for the lasting impression they made on the school. “The atmosphere made the

night. Although it was a little chilly outside, the night was just perfect. I’m appreciative of all the support I received from my parents and school,” senior cheerleader Kristi Turley. Throughout the night, the Warrior pride lit up Sewell Stadium as the seniors of NC re-

competition, a remarkable accomnique Cooper also performed admirably, receiving a trophy for making the top five in the prose and poetry competition.

“Members are excited be-

will forever remember the impact these students have left on the school and community.

Debaters evaluate current issues Debate team showcases oratorical skills

He said, she said

”I like to get my friends a bunch of their favorite candy,” senior Ashley Bates said.

To benefit Relay for Life and spread holiday cheer, the National Honor Society sold Turkey Grams throughout the week, from November 11 to November 16. “We make the cards ourselves and anyone who buys them writes a note to family or friends. We also add candy and deliver them to the homeroom classes,” senior Jordan Shoemaker said. NHS members gathered to create the cards after school in Mrs.Tippens’ room. Students hand made the gifts and sold them the following week. Students then attached the candy and delivered the

school at North Cobb,” senior linebacker Chad McClanahan said. To recognize football, cheerleading, ROTC, and band seniors, each student walked with their parents or ing their walk, a commentator stated the students’ achievements at NC and their intentions for the future. The event organizers displayed senior

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She Said: ”I like to give them their favorite perfume or a gift card,” freshman Kelsey Bacak said. ”I think perfume, lotions, and funny photos of us in a photo album are genuine,” sophomore Judy Beddawi said. ”I like to buy my friends cute and simple clothes they can wear year round,”

NHS students hand craft each Turkey Gram. by Miranda Oliveri

After participating in football, cheerleading, ROTC, and marching band throughout their high school careers, NC seniors gained recognition at Senior Night on November 9. “It was a great night. All the support we received from our fellow seniors, classmates, and community helped us through the game also. I’m really blessed to go to finish high

While many fall sports and activities come to an end, the NC debate team stole the spotlight and impressed at Sequoyah High School, triumphing in competitions on November 9. Junior Victoria Wright and senior Ben Abaidoo particularly shined, as evidenced by their accomplishments at Sequoyah. The two team members reached the finals of the impromptu

mind. Its real purpose is to help one’s public speaking skills, and the public speaking part of it is my favorite,” Wright said. Wright took the top position of president, while senior Jeel Oza serves as the vice president. Sophomore Fatima Elfakahany won the position of secretary, and Cooper received the rank of treasurer.

The thriving team looks to recruit new members in coming weeks. Existing members brought friends to a meeting on November 12 to promote the club. Potential members displayed great interest in joining the team. “I am seriously considering joining debate team. I enjoyed the first meeting so I’ll keep coming back,” junior Chloe Turner said. Team to represent the school in a positive way and expects them to continue bringing home awards and honors.

Staff writer appreciates math teacher Eber creatively teaches math

by Adam Kovel

By constantly inspiring students to improve and always remaining available to tutor students, you create a classroom environment of conness than any other teacher. “Mr. Eber was the only math teacher who explained things how I understand. He’s a great person and it was fun to have him as a teacher,” sophomore Gabe Rivera said. As a freshman last year, I entered your class thinking, “Ew, math. I will hate this. If I can escape with a B, I succeeded.” Most math teachers simply teach the subject and nothing more, but you connected with your students, which motivated us to work harder for you. While some teachers perceive me as “loud,” or “disruptive,” you embraced my overwhelming

personality and loquacious behavior. While comparing me to a younger version of yourself, we formed a bond that lasts even to this day. your student, you found ways to increase understanding beyond common methods teachers use. Whether through a TV show or sports, I understood every unit solely because you embraced how I learn. My grade stood as a 91 heading into an EOCT, known as the hardest test a freshman conquers. The test had the ability to leave me with an A or B as my grade. Before realizing the EOCT’s date, I had purchased concert tickets to see one of my favorite bands. Of course I wanted to enjoy the concert, but I also desired an A in your class due to your belief in my strengths. After selling my ticket, I still made a C on the EOCT


a Warrior, each team receives an elementary-aged child to take on a shopping spree. The underprivileged kids who would not normally receive many gifts on Christmas buy presents for themselves and their family members with the funds raised by students. “I love participating in Shop with a Warrior because it is a great way

by Luis Trujillo


Shop with a Warrior, an annual community service event filled with presents and Christmas cheer, allows students to provide for their community and help children experience a meaningful holiday season. “A considerable amount of preparation goes into making such a large activity a reality, much more than one would expect. This year, advertising is important so that the student body is aware. Also, we must distribute the packets and assign teams. The PTSA continues to be a big help in planning Shop with a Warrior. When it comes to the wrapping supplies, we accept donations and look for sales. Also, every participating student will receive a free T-shirt. We are looking forward for the event to be even more successful than last year,” Ms. Woolsey, activities coordinator, said. This annual NC tradiber. Student teams of four people raise 100 dollars to gain a spot in the event. On the morning of Shop with


by Sarah Sutley

that brought my grade down exam. I wanted to give up. When you noticed my sorrow, you pulled me to the side and spoke with me. After telling you that I tried my hardest and still remained a B student, you told me that I am better than a B student and to keep trying for the final. After taking your advice, I received my first A in a math class ever— a gigantic accomplishment I won’t soon forget. Thank you for always believing in me. You remain a mentor and one of my biggest role models. Teachers like you make NC an extremely fortunate school. Sincerely,

Kovel and Eber foster their student-teacher bond.

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Inside These Walls

Inside These Walls

Conferences prepare future delegates

Warriors honor American veterans

by Alex O’Brien

Speaking articulately and confidently and showcasing their debating skills, NC’s Model UN competed at the Georgia State University (GSU) conference on November 6 and 7. “It gives the new delegates a first hand ex-

perience, and it’s better than giving them multiple worksheets and trying to explain how things work to them,” junior Megan McMillan said. In this conference, diplomats from NC and other surrounding schools met

at GSU to compete in a debate. This conference provided Model UN delegates with a chance to test their skills in a setting similar to an actual UN meeting. The delegates arrived at GSU and registered for the competition. Students

chose countries and took the positions assigned to them upon arrival. After everyone organized in countries, morning sessions and Model UN participants started the debate. “In general, conferences are good because

the delegates have to research topics about global affairs. It gives them the ability to construct an argument, works on their speaking skills, and helps build confidence,” AP World History teacher Mrs. Galloway said. Reconstruction of post conflict areas, a heavily debated topic, provided delegates an exercise that tested their limits. The topic caused delegates to buzz with excitement. They received a packet of information concerning the topic in the conference, which provided a chance to learn background information. Also, help sessions assisted those who needed extra knowledge. “We had the upper classmen and more experienced delegates pair up with future leaders to teach them and help educate them for the future conferences to come,” sophomore Alex Flack said. The conference took place over two days, and each set of conferences took up the entire day, only breaking for lunch in between. The GSU conference titled some NC students egate” and prepared student delegates for future conferences by offering knowledge about debating and strategic planning.

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Flash Forward by Sarah Sutley

Sophomore Greg Merwitz envisions a rewarding career as a firefighter or member of the U.S. Coast Guard, wishing to provide for his community. “Since I was little, I always imagined being a firefighter. Lots of little boys do, but it was not just a phase for me. As I grew up, I found interest in helping others. Saving someone else’s life would be the ultimate prize for me. This is why I want a career in emergency response,” Merwitz said. The remarkable teen takes steps toward his goals by researching the course requirements and expectations necessary for successful firefighters. He understands the difficulties that lie ahead, such as the lack of job opportunities, but continues to dedicate himself to his passion.

Although Merwitz ultimately dreams of becoming a importance of alternate plans. He aspires to move north and join the Coast Guard if his original idea fails. Merwitz found interest in the water rescue team while exploring enjoys sailing and boating on open waters, which makes joining the Coast Guard an obvious possible choice. “I am aware of the rigorous training required to become a firefighter and I am willing to dedicate myself to training and doing all things necessary to follow my dream. It is most important though, that I provide for my family in the future. If that means following a more stable career path in the Coast Guard, that is what I will do,” Merwitz said. Merwitz maintains Honor Roll status and

shows leadership skills in his classes. He enjoys tutoring other students and helping them to improve their grades. Merwitz remains an avid member of the Link Crew freshman mentoring program and Tribal Connections student government. He hopes these clubs will assist him in developing useful dexterity for later in life. “I had no idea that this is what Greg wants to do in the future. He has a reserved personality but I respect him for aspiring to help others. He will do admirable things for the community because Greg is such a selfless person,” sophomore Jasmine Conaway said. Merwitz plans to help society and save lives if he successfully reaches his goal. for a career in emergency response, which continue to demonstrate his ambition.


Merwitz anticipates a firefighting career

NC hosts Veteran’s Appreciation program PHOTOS BY KAYLEY RAPP


Model UN practices debate skills

NC’s JROTC students helped serve refreshments for the veterans. by Kayley Rapp

Welcoming America’s veterans with breakfast and music, NC held a Vettion on November 11. “It gives us a chance to support and recognize our country’s troops,” junior Shelby Husband said. Many of the local veterans arrived at the school for free breakfast and to watch the Commemoration ceremony

presented by several speakers. The Culinary Arts class provided food and drinks under the direction of Chef Peyton. “I feel that it is important to honor those who have served our country,” sophoAt 9 a.m., the veterans and students entered the theater where the ceremony took place. The presentation of the colors by the Junior

ROTC and the Star Spangled Banner, sung by junior Laura Pike, junior Hannah Geil, and senior Shelby Benson, kick started the event. principal, welcomed everyone with an opening speech. Many guest speakers, including Maj. Gen. William “Terry” Nesbit and Master Sgt. Eddie Williams presented speeches and slide shows. These presenters spoke about remembering our fallen warriors and honoring those living. The NC Orchestra and Chorus provided muwicz, the orchestra played a beautiful rendition of “Stars and Stripes Forever” and “Armed Forces Tributes.” Ms. Botella conducted the chorus in their rendition of “A Festive Call to Freedom.” Along with the full chorus, Ms. Botella presented a trio and a quartet. The trio sang “The Star Spangled Banner.” The quartet featured junior Chris Elsey, junior Isaiah Alexander, junior Cain Henderson, and junior Andrew Smart singing “What a Wonderful World.” The orchestra and chorus joined together to perform “Battle Hymn of the

Republic,” while a slide show presentation played. Many students appeared moved by the performance. “The music performed by the chorus and orchestra was really pretty,” said sophomore Ali Brendel.

try over the years including Mr.

honors veterans in the community, and those in the school as well. Many teachers and school -

closing remarks about the event, and Warriors will continue to remember Veterans

Williams, Mr. Pannell, Mr. Regan, and Commander. Reaves, Mr. Stanhope, and Mr. Watson. Students and teachers used this time to thank them for protecting the United States.

Veterans enjoyed refreshments and fellowship during the breakfast.

Hours Mon: 9 - 5 Tues: 9 - 5 Wed: 9 - 5 Thur: 9 - 5 Fri: 9 - 5 Sat: 10 - 3 Sun: Closed

Make someone’s 4829 S. MAIN STREET HISTORICAL DISTRICT holiday a special ACWORTH, GA 30101 (770) 966-8688 one.

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Outside These Walls

Outside These Walls

Sumatran tiger suffers extinction threats Feline species decreases

Crack cocaine ruins politician’s image Toronto mayor admits addiction

“The current arbitrary management of the region’s natural resources has not communities but also poses a serious threat to the local wildlife,” Rakhmad Hidayat, director of the environmental Sumatran tigers stand at the lowest point on the tiger chain, barely clinging onto survival as the smallBecause the tigers represent a key species in the Sumatran ecosystem, their removal

“As a tiger fan, I hate to hear the most is that I cannot do anything I can only watch what happens while people kill important animals like the native Sumatran tiger,” Sumatran tiger prefer heavily forested areas and typically reside far from human activmated tiger numbers remain threatened by rapid defores-

further extinction of the orange their habitat and struggle in a

mits to a history of “drunken stupors,” adding to his col-

“I was elected to do

“As ridiculous as this story sounds, it shows that no one

is perfect and even authority As the dust settles from this incident, Ford will work to reestablish his

democracy and on October 27, 2014, I want the people of this great city to decide if they want Rob Ford to be do I? Am I an addict? No,” Despite the allegations, Ford plans to remain in office and even run for him to step down have elicited a defensive response from the mayor of ous removal proves harmful to

cording to the global wildlife trade-monitoring network, 78 percent of Sumatran tiger deaths result from poaching for sent a key species, their continu-

After publicly admitting to smoking crack, Toronto mayor Rob Ford fights to defend his reputation and

what I am going to con-

Companies illegally clear away tigers’ homes by encroachment of palm oil plantations, which tween 1985 and 1997, an estimate of 25,868 square miles of forest—larger than the state of West Virginia—underwent deforestation by feline progres-

conservation, the Sumatran market treasures highly demanded enforcement restrictions in Indonesia, such as imprisonment and

by Cameron Hines

“With so much deforestation and poaching in Sumatra, future, but we have the tools available to reverse their decline if the clearance of their forest

World Wildlife Fund began designing land-use plans to preserve stressed trict attorneys and municipalities work toward de-

creasing tiger poaching by ger Protection Units stand by heavily hunted areas, gather intelligence against crimes, and never stop removing traps and snares to

Ford’s admissions come as a result of a leaked video that proved the crack allewhich seemingly showed Ford inhaling from a pipe, caused the Toronto mayor to retract previous state-

Illinois passes Gay Marriage Act

“It’s ironic that a person who is supposed to lead the people and have good morals -

by Kayley Rapp

City councilors suggest that Ford resign from his Mayor Ford displays humiliation after admitting to smoking crack cocaine. DIGITAL ART BY KAYLEY RAPP

Equality in matrimony prevails

nois couples look forward to marriage equality as Illinois prepares to instate the Religious Freedom and “I think it is a step in the right direction of equality In early November, Illinois’s House of Representatives and Senate passed the Religious Freedom and The bill needed 60 votes to pass, and, two “yes” votes caused overwhelming happiness for some and deep “Illinois is right in their proclamation of marbecause more couples can get married,” sophomore Governor Pat Quinn promised to sign the act the moment the bill reached the bill, and he hosted a reception for sponsors and tain to climb but we got to the mountaintop and today we can Others, such as The Catholic Conference of Illinois, disagree with the state’s choice to pass the passing the bill went against the natural instituopposition from many re-

ligious institutions, the argument for equality outweighed the biblical defiHowever, the Catholic Conference may not need bill exempts clergy and religious institutions of any requirement to perform

Despite the controver-

While the bill brought

community members and supporters remain enthusiastic and overcome with

community and supporters, the bill also brought up other social issues re-

celebrations throughout many neighborhoods in

community, such as youth homelessness and trans-

President Obama congrat-

“Marriage is fantastic and we’re very excited,

day was a victory, but it reminds us that we have to keep going,” Katie Weiss told Rolling Stone Supporters of the passage continue to celebrate and look forward to a more equal future once the bill goes into effect in

standing in Toronto in efforts to win reelection next tion may prove unsalvageable as he becomes the

unlikely to regain his respectability, Ford will nevertheless begin to salvage his reputation by quitting PHOTO COURTESY OF USATODAY.COM

Demographers conducted estimates in 1978 that stated over 1,000 Sumatran tigers roamed the land, but as of 2013, less than 100 tigers in-


by Tyler Sesan

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Outside These Walls

Cotton candy grapes replicate festival fun Scientist bred unique hybrid fruits DIGITAL ART BY JORDAN GRUBB

flavor that does, remarkably, taste very much like the spun sugar confection,” These grapes may feed pearing like normal bunches of greenish yellow grapes, they contain a low amount of acid and do not taste unnecrently in season, the grapes will enter stores next August “A coworker of mine, who lives in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, brought cotton candy grapes into work and shared them every Fresh Market in the area and they do not have manager at the Jax Beach location was very grumpy because so many people were asking him about day on the truck and that he didn’t know where they came from or how to order

by Jordan Grubb

Cotton Candy’s classic flavor now expands into the fruit world with Cot“We are trying to compete with candy bars and cookies and real cotton -

velop varieties that especially kids like to eat so they will consume more fruit,” David Cain, fruit Cain developed a grape that will trump other desired -

tion will play a role in reducing childhood obesity rates by directing children’s taste buds Cain’s company primarily deals with fruit gedeveloped the sweet treat

by tediously cross-breeding grapes until the perfect no labs and no chemically enhanced grapes, so moth“As its name implies, this grape has a distinctive

that I do not want to eat any other grape,” Tawnee, Needless to say, these grapes invigorate one’s ingrapes will satisfy taste buds without the sugary cotton

United States fears increase after shootings Gun control concerns citizens by Kayley Rapp

geles airport and a New Jersey mall leave state residents frightened and concerned “The United States has changed over the years, and now violence seems to be the answer to people’s problems,” sophomore Gayla On November 1, the al Airport became overrun with panic and chaos when Paul Anthony Ciancia opened fire on termiand police immediately arrived at the airport to shield the passengers and “I was in Terminal 3 Then, everybody started We ran toward terminal, like an eternity,” Tory Belleci of Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters said to Huffington Post According to several witnesses, Ciancia paced around the terminal questioning people about TSA officers and their where-

shot at 39 TSA workers, and two received minor wounds and


Outside These Walls

Hernadex, however, received serious Ciancia fired at Hernadex multiple times at point blank range then shot Ciancia over four times to prevent him fromCiancia’s motives for targeting TSA ofAny ideas or clues for a motive come from a handwritten letter

A shooting at the LAX airport causes passengers to flee.

letter, he states he made the conscious decision to try The note lacks any specific evidence to help authorities conclude why Ciancia committed such a to look through the shooter ’s past, but currently no evidence of any previous “I cannot even imagine how defenseless and scared these people must Police charged Ciancia with the murder of a fed-

eral officer and violence

restrooms once the first

resides at a local hospital under 24 hour armed

police reported that no

On the opposite side of the country, another shooting occurred on Noopened fire on the Westfield Garden State Plaza in lice said he armed himself with a modified rifle that The shooting started in the midafternoon, and terrified shoppers and stores owners hid in stores and

“It was almost like when you’re watching a horror movie and the killer is walk-

there late into the night, searching each store for Hours after the mall lockdown, police found Shoop’s dead body under “The

all black; it almost looked like body armor of some

People remained frightened until police arrived, armed with assault weapons



should look into preventative measures to secure our safety Witnesses of both shooters now try to recover from the crime and tragedy they witnessed over the course of

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Arts & Entertainment

Arts & Entertainment

Macklemore performs show-stopping numbers

Annual ice-skating kicks off holiday season

the assigned seat ticket holders Opening acts Big Krit and Talib Kweli, both rap artists, hyped up the crowd for the headliners. Big Krit, a rapper from Mississippi, warmed up the stage with his own music, which include the songs:

ing equal marriage rights, a gay couple stepped on stage. The girls took each other’s hands as one of them spoke to the other about the strength of their love. The speech ended with a shocking proposal, bringing tears to

the crowd’s eyes followed by a roaring applause. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ encore truly became a sight to see, closing out with their adrenaline rushing songs “And We Danced,” “Can’t Hold Us” (for

a second time) and “Irish Celebration.” “And We Danced” began with Macklemore rising from the glittery cape (as he always does for this song) after pretending to exit the stage with his crew, claiming the concert was over. “Can’t Hold Us” featured the fans in general admission rushing the stage right before Ben got a running start to crowd surf. Enormous amounts of streamers and oversized balloons fell from the ceiling to accommodate with the sporadic lights. After thanking the crowd, recognizing each of the musicians on stage and applauding his partner Ryan numerous times, the show ended with “Irish Celebration,” a song written by Ben to demonstrate his pride in his heritage. Green, white, and orange confetti and lights erupted along with the festivity of the song. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis accurately know how to throw a spectacular performance. The energy never failed and the crowd became one with the artists. Even though Macklemore raps about his experience with drug addiction and his and Ryan’s constant struggle to make it in the industry, positive vibes never failed as the audience sees where they were able to land: a true, inspiring success story.

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Game Tracker

New games invigorate new players by Tyler Sesasn

After a release on November 5, Call of Duty: Ghosts ignited the fall edition of games tagging, alongside Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag’s release on October 29. “I have never really played Call of Duty before, so I am excited for the midnight premiere. Ultimately, I am just ready to get blown away, all the hype for this game is starting to get old. I expect it to be something along the lines of . Now that would be a complete game—one with great graphics like ,” senior Tuan Sanchez said. A series reputable for realistic depictions and accurate historical descriptions, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag features a setting change this edition, switching from Revolutionary War era Boston to a SpanishAmerican war setting in Havana, Kingston, and Nassau, Bahamas. In a Golden Age of Piracy, Ubisoft provided the game with a 60/40 balance between land and naval exploration, as well as fewer restrictions on the gamer’s character. Inexperienced gamers should prepare for exploring additions that include jungles, forts, ruins, and small villages in As-

sassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. Characters may even utilize their unimaginable, assassin-like swiftness to singlehandedly capture passing ships and hunt underwater with harpoon guns. “Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag does not feel like other Assassin’s Creed games. This is a pirate simulator more than it is an assassin game, and we spend the majority of our time pillaging on the high seas, searching for buried treasure and roaming the early-18th century Caribbean. There is always something entertaining in the pirate life and it is impossible to find a moment of peace on a high structured tower. This is the most fun I have had in an Assassin’s Creed game yet,” Dave Their, contributor for Forbes Magazine, said. Ubisoft and Infinity Ward want to leave their mark on a strong year of games. Followed by millions worldwide, the COD series continues to amaze since the beginning and continues with releasing a new edition each season. Assassin’s Creed remains just as qualified, as Ubisoft released their fourth copy of the story in the last three years.

Centennial Olympic Park ice skating rink to showcase family friendly holiday cheer, opening from November 23 and closing on January 20. 115-foot x 64foot, the covered rink hides any inclement weather or daylight. Atlantans parade the rink on the weekends and holidays, making the least busiest days Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. The rink operates Monday through Thursday from 4:30 PM to 10:00 PM, Friday from 4:30 PM to 11:00 PM, Saturday from 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM, and Sunday from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM. People can skate for 90 minutes for just 10 dollars. The rink hosts a quality concession stand and ATM for those that wish to skate longer. People can bring their own skates but the price includes rental skates. Those that wish to lock

their belongings may purchase a locker for one dollar. Presented by Coca-Cola and Trane Supply, the rink

contains a heated skate changing area for the first time during the 2013 season. Located near the Georgia

Aquarium, the World of Co- activities. The rink sits in the ca-Cola, and CNN, the rink middle of Centennial Park. The skaters enjoy glitencourages for a day benefitting from the surrounding tering Christmas lights that surround the rink. Holiday music and warm hot chocolate builds the holiday cheer. On real ice, skating at Centennial Park provides a joyful night adding to the seasonal festivities hosted in Atlanta. “I love ice skating. I have been going to the rink for years and it is so fun to see it evolve. I really enjoy the music and lights. The entire environment creates such a cheery experience for any group of friends. I’m happy the skates aren’t uncomfortable either,” Amanda Frothingham, ice skater, said. In addition to Holiday in Lights, a free walking winter wonderland in the park, people should mark DIGITAL ART BY EMILY JONES

“How You Luv That” and “Rotation.” Talib Kweli, a well-known rapper, continued to construct the energy following Big Krit with songs such as “Palookas” and his recent hit “Come Here,” which features Miguel, a popular American artist. After waiting for setup to come to an end, the lights in the arena unexpectedly shut off, and the music to Ryan Lewis’ “Bom Bom” instrumentalplayed.Thesongapproached a theatrical break as synchronized pyrotechnics transitioned to the opening anthem, “Ten Thousand Hours,” from the duo’s latest album The Heist. Smoke emerged from the stage, concealing Macklemore as he rose from underneath on a platform. The set list included popular songs like “Can’t Hold Us,” “Thrift Shop,” and “Same Love” as well as early favorites “Life Is Cinema,” “Irish Celebration,” and “Crew Cuts.” In addition to rehearsed songs, Ben performed a completely free styled piece, including a live, looping beat box. The live musicians even conducted an improvised jam session. He wanted to address the dying art of freestyle rap in today’s digital age where everyone’s mistakes have the potential to be seen by millions; subsequently, everyone in the arena pulled out their phones. Before the performance of “Same Love,” a song promot-


Independent hip-hop artist Macklemore (real name Ben Haggerty) and producer Ryan Lewis left a prominent mark at the Gwinnett Center Arena on November 22 while continuing with the North American leg of their 2013 World Tour. Fans showed up to the arena as early as 8AM to show support for the artists and build anticipation for the evening. When 4 o’clock came, Wanz, singer for the hook of the popular song “Thrift Shop,” applauded the first 20 fans’ statement of support by handing them a meet and greet wristband for after the show. As 6:30 approached, attendees began to wrap the line around the entrance to the building. Event staff paraded through the line scanning tickets and providing wristbands to ensure entry to the venue. Prior to the opening of the doors, anticipation amongst the waiting supporters built immensely. When the doors open, general admission ticket holders

Centennial Olympic Park hosts winter festivities

by Emily Jones

list with a night ice skating in Atlanta’s only outdoor rink. Visit for more upcoming events.

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Erza Koenig and Chris Tomson recreate vampire whims by Adam Kovel

New York alternative rock band Vampire Weekend creates music with a variety of sounds and colorful lyrics that singer Ezra Koenig highlights with his vocals. “I like Vampire Weekend because they’re different. They keep me entertained with obscure rhythms and peculiar lyrics,” junior Shea Hill said. Vampire Weekend formed when Koenig and Chris Tomson met in college at Columbia University. They grew close by creating raps and competing against one another in college. Once they bonded over their love of diverse music, including punk rock and traditional African

music, they decided to form a band. After adding keyboardist Rostam Batmanglij and bassist Chris Baio, they started making music. album, released in 2008, included instant hits like “The Kids Don’t Stand a Chance,” and “A-Punk.” Since then, the band debuted two more albums, including one earlier this year called Modern Vampires of the City. Fans love many qualities about Vampire Weekend such as their relaxing and soothing sound. Each song provides a continuous serenity for listeners. ‘Giving Up The Gun’ is my favorite of


The Arena at Gwinnett Center host popular rap duo and influenced fans all night

by Madeline McWhorter

theirs because of the tone of his voice and the lyrics in the song. I listen to it a lot while doing homework,” sophomore Nathaniel Bigelow said. Their most recent album became an instant hit and appeared on the Top 10 albums on iTunes. “Diane Young” and “Unbelievers” represent just two of the more popular songs from the album. ‘Diane Young’ is my favorite on their new album because of the classic sound it has to it. There every time I listen to it I feel like I’m in the 1950s,” freshman Jordan Fazio said. Despite a long struggle, Vampire Weekend finally achieved superstardom with their use of different sounds and lyrics. With imagination, the band will continue creating music for many future decades.

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Arts & Entertainment Regular Column

Going Places, Making Faces by Carli Troutman and Jordan Grubb

Donut judge us and our voluminous bodies.

MGMT wows Atlanta crowd Psychedelic rock group performs at Gerogia’s Tabernacle

by Adam Kovel

created a buzz around all local alternative radio stations. The tickets for the highly touted show were priced at $50, but they were well worth the cost. Lesser-known band Kuroma opened the night for MGMT, and while not nearly as talented as the headliner, they amped the audience for the real show by producing fun beats to inspire dancing. MGMT played one of their most famous songs, “Time To Pretend,” in the be-

ginning of the show to pump up the crowd. Following their opener, they played a variety Oracular Spectacular, and their newest, a self titled album. They utilized a projection screen behind them while

band did not disappoint. The projection ranged from turning the band members into colors to a giant shrimp walking around with an umbrella hat. While nobody knew what it had to do with their music, the audience absolutely loved the images and would end up looking more at the screen than the actual band. MGMT closed out their show playing their most popular songs, “Kids,” and “Pieces of What.” They were appreciative of the crowd’s excitement level the entire night and even told them that the audience was the best they played for the entire tour. MGMT performed one of the best concerts this year and although the price of admission remained pricy, the show made it feel like a bargain. Every audience member left the Tabernacle in awe of the performance they had just witnessed. PHOTO BY ADAM KOVEL

Indie rock band MGMT performed a rare concert to the Atlanta area November 24 at the historic Tabernacle. “Everyone was having a great time and there was a great connection between the audience and the band,” junior Gavin Contreras said. The band usually only tours in Europe or not at all, so the fact that they scheduled shows in the United States for the

playing, which showed many colorful images and videos. Since they are known for being strange performers, many were expecting the projection to show many weird and head-scratching images. The

Sung to the tune of “Party in the USA” by Miley Cyrus So I put my cups up, they’re calling my name. The espresso burns my tongue! I drink my Sumatra, like, yeah! Licking whipped cream, like, yeah! Now I’m gonna be awake! Yeahhhhhh, it’s a party in the Starbucks Café!

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Arts & Entertainment

Arts & Entertainment

by Miranda Oliveri

After canceling a 14-city tour, the Jonas Brothers unanimously decided to split up the band due to in“We’re family first, and that’s always been our main priority, so honesty within what we do as a

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Retro Kitsch From crazy alien makeup to tough Berlin style,

Known for his glam rock productions in the 70s, Bowie completely changed the mu-

them, my feelings,” Nick Jonas Before leaving on tour, Nick Jonas initiated conversations

Many people highlight the elaborate costumes and makeup that Bowie incorporated into

expressed feelings of limitations brothers decided that they felt best suited to venture out on

Robin Thicke blurs one too many lines

David Bowie’s legacy lives on by Hannah Gleason musical career transformed music, fashion, and culture

to the table with the guys just before we were prepping to leave for

Heirs accuse artist of copyright DIGITAL ART BY MADELINE MCWHORTER


Jonas Brothers abandon music career, not family Famed Disney stars separate



Bowie-inspired model designs that occasionally grace the cover of Vogue, with famous models such as Kate Moss dressing in high-fashion recreations Bowie’s fashion influence even showed up during the 2012 London Olympics when a special performance of models dressed in glam clothing PHOTO COURTESY OF

up, the brothers stressed the im-

Additionally, the fashion world changed as a result of Bowie’s

how their brotherhood comes Admittedly, the conversation bought about argument and tears, as realizations about band stress caused by constant bickering, put quickly elevated after they realized the differing musical ideas among

need to learn to be independent,” junior Payton Nick and Joe plan to start Kevin wishes to work in the busi-

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Blacked Out

but still plan a few surprises for us and been with us for so many years that we did not

So what we’re going to do is, we’re going to release four unreleased songs from the will be never released,” Kevin

agree that this decision will

Jackie Angel sings praises

an’s father “tryna” feed her Weisswurst, which actually translates from German directly to “white that she knows what the word “albino” means, considering it has three

and musical innovation remain just as essential While not as widely discussed as the bodysuits Bowie daringly chose to wear, his methods of connecting to the crowd during live performances truly shows his exceled motions and facial expressions changed each song into an individual play, making the strange and sometimes profound messages in Bowie’s

am sorry that your “dads” tries new things, dar-

Creative musical techniques also set Bowie apart

the police arrive at your

Spacey synthesizers and alternating vocals contributed to making Bowie’s songs unique and incred-

1 as another color comes at

by Nneoma Igwedibie

new music year with the wisdom and singing talent of Jackie François-Angel in Studio 5 in All Saints

were “man’s best friend” not

ever and it was such a great experience–being able to be with lots of other people who are just like me,”

me that people treat animals cruelly to gain attention and

exalt, which

people to stay away from this guy’s house during the holidays, unless he or she wants

radio audience ever, reaching

Catholic teens gather at XLT

by Chris Digerolamo

Wondering why the endangered species now list Corgis? Probably because moronic kids like this put their poor ally knows? Maybe only this

by Madeline Mcwhorter

After deciding to part ways, the boys show no regret for their decision and continue to keep close family

gather from a wide variety of Catholic churches all over Georgia to see Catholic singers perpreach advice on how to make better choices and focus on God

cased the talented Jackie FrancoisReasons.” harmonizing and losing them-

Everyone silently adored Jesus in hopes that he would answer their hands in signs of surrender and

popular today, with tunes such as “Space Oddity” and “Changes” showing up on Bowie’s mark on modern pop culture remains

Jackie François, and after 54 days someone who will run the ‘catholic race’ with me, so let us praise

with wild and energetic worship music that created a concert-like

All the singing and praise later turned to adoration and prayer

up and down with their hands in

out with the Monstrance, the stand

such euphoria in the air, and all

While the Monstrance came through the crowd, teens moved

“high on Jesus,” promising them-

as Lady Gaga cite him as the ing, and bands such as Arcade Fire clearly model their

and performed an hom-

track spent seven consecutive weeks at number one on

Lines,” legendary singer Marvin Gaye’s children accuse the artists plagiarizing Gaye’s previous song, “Got

Gaye’s heirs do not particularly respect all the glory the

Gaye’s children filed a court document stating that “Blurred Lines” illegally replicated their father ’s

Lines, my mommy thought

According to some music journalists and fans, the 2013 single sounds quite fa-

does sound a lot like Marvin

“At the very least in the ‘70s he was a pioneer of sexu-


a long time before anyone came along in music who

would have gotten away with it if he referred to his song as a tribute to Marvin

Arguably in Britain, that title goes to Jimmy Somerville, but Bowie paved the way,” Rupert Smith, novelist and ments about his own sexuality, many people speak about how Bowie made sexuality a more open drogynous and campy attitudes displayed in Bowie’s work enchanted England and later went on to charm important step in creating a safer and more accepting environment for openly queer artists in the future, and also allowed for cultures worldwide to start changing their views used to indicate inclusion of all gender and romantic

cade Fire’s recent album, , recruited Bowie for

Overall, Bowie created amazing music that will remain important for future

Even today, musicians of various genres show Bow-

or music, no one will forget

shocked nonetheless,” freshPharrell Williams collaborated to create an animated

these matters are that sericollaboration and inspiration anyway,” junior Janice them impressed music lovbroke the record for highest

she turned the radio all the so shocked when she found out it was a mode r n

protect themselves, the trio filed a counterclaim stating that their song “is starkly different” from “Got to suggest that replicating a sound does not equate to copyright were in the studio making a couple records, and then on the thing kinda like Marvin that kind of feel ‘cause it’s one of my favorite songs of ing with some drums and then he started going ‘hey, hey, hey’ and about an hour and a half later we had the whole record finished,” PHOTO COURTESY OF

stand that they are ready

want to just leave without


Joe Jonas also explained that the boys’ arguments ranged from music videos to even opportunistood that this negative environment would only continue to halt

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Arts & Entertainment

Unshaven faces seen all month long Neglecting their razors for a month, people around the world participate in No-Shave November, an event used to foster prostate of Plato, the practice of refraining from shaving for 30 days pose, however, evolved from practice sought to mould boys educated properly, they must only be allowed to imitate those people who are most spirited and who possess the most year, our young guardians are to spend 30 nights imitating these men,” Plato said Fast forward to the reign of communism, Karl Marx adopting it “No-Shave November,” to showcase his philosophy, calling their resulting beards People used this tradition to rebel against the bourgeoisie because Capitalists disap-

very interesting,” senior Will Not until recently did the tradition carry the purpose of today, supporting prostate cancer awareness through donating money normally used Australian


kicked ber” or “Movember” charity in 2003 with only 30 partici2012, over one million people joined the movement and raised 147 million dollars— clear improvement from such that they raised their amount of supporters and gained that much momentum in that short amount of time,” sophomore the history of No -Shave November withered away from a clearer motive, No-Shave November inspires and saves lives through “changing the “Movember has grown to become a truly global movement inspiring more than 3 Million Mo Bros and Mo Sistas

to participate across 21 counis also aware of Mo Bros and

Mo Sistas supporting the campaign and men’s health causes in other parts of the world,

from Moscow to Rio de Janeiro, and everywhere in between,” PHOTO COURTESY OF ZUMIC.COM

that something people do for


No-Shave November in effect

Drake impresses thousands of Atlanta fans Charismatic rapper performs new music

by Alecia Bush

Flooding Philips Arena with eager fans and lively entertain-

appeals mostly to younger generations, many parents attended

showcased music from his recent album Nothing Was the Same, along with previous hits, on

Older couples grooved and sang cuss money, fame, parties, and Atlanta-native

and he will literally make you feel some type of way the entire time he performs,” sophomore Judy


est,” and “Loveeeeee Song,” Later, hometown hero Rocko came R&B recording artist Miguel performed songs from

his second studio album Kaleidoscope Dream while females admired Miguel impressed the audience with his falsetto on songs such as “Adorn” my closest friends, and we had ented and charismatic performer, and he makes sure to acknowl-

stage, the entire arena stood to their feet, yelling and cheering for

an older lady on stage to serenade directly into her eyes, he substitutwith a warm embrace and a kiss the platform hovered over the

to My City,” he recognized several told the nose-bleed section that he appreciates the love they show “My favorite part of the conair and talked to the audience for ers don’t do that because they stand on the stage the whole time, see who came to see him that

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Review Catching Fire captivates Movie continues Hunger Games’s success


Thor: The Dark World successfully tains audience members thoredy, romance, and action. -

by Chris DeGirolamo


remain necessary for any su-

the movie, and that concentrates


The Hunger Games, director Gary Ross bailed, a chance to catch their breath after intense action scenes. cesses I Am Legend and




realms. This clarifies the sit-

events on both Earth and overall action feel.


and Hobbes able. The audience smiles -

artist Bill Watterson, creator of the beloved Calvin and Hobbes -

facts about Watterson or Calvin and Hobbes. son

in the documentary, each

fortunately, many of them still ramble incessantly

Calvin and Hobbes comic’s -

Calvin and Hobbes,” Odie, said in a re-


love for Watterson and Calvin and Hobbes ever, the film seems to

Due to Watterson’s famously reclusive nature, -






but feel bored as the 89

mous comic artists and coCalvin

the relatable stories., said. Overall,

ers but could benefit from additional research and information.

let him fool you. Gale reserves a




installment of Thor


Lovato creates incredible new track battle. It contains the common Disney movie moral-—rise from adver-

camera may seem to have a hard

to be seen,” catch many ears due to its bravery


Lovato demonstrates that sire to fulfill one’s des-

Her lyrics hold not





Chilling lyrics abound in Frozen-inspired song

video. -

by Nneoma Igwedibie falls of each chorus and verse, her voice matches




ta’s eyes, Haymitch’s Games, and Overall, the movie ing Fire



from The Hunger Games into his

Regular Column

A Novel Idea

Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist displays unbelievable events


by Kayley Rapp


David Leviathan and Ra-


instrumentation. her fans, Lovato adds this Go” holds a moral for Frozen and real life situations:


Disney’s Frozen. Demi Lovato creates an

by Hannah Gleason


movies, the romance does not feel unnecessary. The ro-


cent as if he lived in California. In

Famous comic artist receives acclaim

City’s music scene, in Nick and




nal Thor’s


Acting engages audience

by Miranda Oliveri

Dear Mr.Watterson details comic love


Thor 2 excites viewers with plot and romance

sides of the story, so the -

Cohn and Leviathan intro-

els on an adventure City in search of their

While the circum-

a touch of realism to this other-

these intimate moments sound incredibly realistic. While the set of circum-



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Beloved book comes to life onscreen

Reign wows with believable acting


Book Thief provides beauty and strong narration

by Kayley Rapp everyone embodies their charchildren in the movie, such The Book tells the story of Liesel -

by Alex O’Brien Reign

on Reign’s The costumes featured on the

flare to the channel. choices of that era.


usually do no en-

Reign romance, and action all in one,


CW ties in a secretive and mysterious element. These elements cause Reign to fan base at its debut.

seems to fall into the charac-

Reign adds to -

Reign flicts and forbidden romance, Reign

her father abandoned her family, Liesel’s mother must

Drama and comedy prove perfect for entertainment

closer to her foster father, Hans Hubermann, he teaches

by Jordan Grubb


the Hubermanns, her brother member her brother becomes

tors, liars, and deceivers and must



After three months of intense The Book



this movie comes from the mains minimal, Death still he sees the colors and then


Drama: Breaking Bad

Call of Duty franchise produces lackluster game Unchanged features leave gamers bored



fresh. Sure,




but other than that, the



America that uses a U.S. orbital




Breaking Bad also sets the Guinness World Re-

Freaks and Geeks Linda Cardellini, James Franco, Seth

by Alex O’Brien

that aired earlier this semester. Comedy: Freaks and Geeks, a teen com-

ably named Frosty, then travels on becomes their friend. Amidst the -

He shuns Santa Claus because he train arrives near the boy’s house,


The Snowman classic history that has entertained festive families for decades.


then inherits the role of Santa Claus and must run Christmas by him-

for ers and their friends. bination of Tom Clancy’s Splin-

scandals, fraud, harmful rumors, addiction, identity crisses, murder

As Seen On Screen Christmas f avorites embody holiday spirit

feature that Treyarch added into -

more from


Regular Column

by Luis Trujillo . The -

this drama-filled series that revolves -



family, and a lemon haired boy named Rudy.


Gossip Girl serves as the


his life to Liesel, and Liesel and Rudy never try to steal leaves

set the bench-

Teen Drama:


tone for the story. Almost all -

Freaks and Geeks remains mostly

levels remain available.

need to reach a certain level but can -

As usual,

COD’s, the

nected from his family. When his family accidentally leaves

In this family-oriented tale

vacation in France, he must

he sees Santa Claus on the roof on Christmas Eve, he calls out for him. This startles Santa and causes him to fall off the roof and die. Scott

house. This movie contains a


, a classic -

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The Chant/December 2013/27

Sports Dolphins lineman suspended NC earns region spot

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The Health Expo

Label lessons by Emily Jones

As the fanfare surrounding the World Series dies down, baseball fans look forward to a busy headline the free agency class this year, including Robinson Cano, Jacoby Ellsbury, Shin-Soo Choo, and Atlanta’s hometown favorite Brian McCann. Each player’s but these free agents will probably favor accepting lucrative contracts with new teams. “I would be sad to see McCann go. He’s been in Atlanta so long,” junior Jordan Wehner said. Some teams stand under the spotlight more than others make major renovations to their

rosters. The aging Yankees will witness much of their roster, possibly even franchise cornerstone Cano, depart for free agency. Fans should look out for the high-spending Bronx Bombers to either re-sign Cano or make a big splash in free agency to satiate their maniacal fans. “I’ve played with [Cano] he’s the best second baseman in the game,” CC Sabathia, Yankees pitcher, said. The Tigers may also undergo scrutiny this season. With a majority of their core players in their prime, Detroit remains in winnow mode. One could expect the Tigers to make any moves necessary to claim a title for Motown. Small market teams like the Mari-

ners or Mets may surprise and reel in a top free agent as well. In addition to the inevitable roster changes set to occur, MLB will expand their horizons next year by holding the opening series between the Diamondbacks and the Dodgers in Australia. With globalization of baseball and the instant replay installation set to modernize the sport, MLB will expopularity in coming years. “Football may be more popular right now, but baseball isn’t going anywhere,” freshman Ethan Borawski said. America’s pastime remains relevant, as evidenced by huge TV ratings for the World Series, and the offseason may only increase fan anticipation for the upcoming season.

by Carli Troutman

other members on the team. She always tries to lead by example and makes sure the team performs to their best abilities. “I am on the court for all six rotations, which means I have to show leadership qualities and I have to keep the teams spirit up no matter what,” Pember said. Signing onto a division one school like Auburn University may feel intimidating and overwhelming, but Pember copes very well. A talented athlete like Pember will continue to perform well and improve her overall skills in volleyball. “It feels so great to be going to

play at the next level. I am so excited and I’m looking forward to all the new experiences and all the new skills I’ll learn,” Pember said. Pember participated on the varsity volleyball team all four years of her high school career with Coach Auld and Coach Hopp. The coaches helped prepare Pember to become libero and helped her along the way to a division one school. Pember led the volleyball team with most wins and digs in NC history. “Tate is our 3rd volleyball player here at NC to be signed on to a division one school. We are all very proud of her and we all wish her the best. I am ready to see her

do well after high school and improve on her game,” head volleyball coach Coach Auld said. Without Pember the volleyball team, many feel that the team would never achieve so much. The skills she adds to the team led to many great accomplishments. Pember’s future away from NC foreshadows virtuous accomplishments and honorable actions. “I would like to say to my team that it was an amazing season and I wish the best of luck to everyone next season. Keep up the hard work and you guys will always be successful. I love you all so much, I can’t wait to hear how well you guy do next season,” Pember said. PHOTO BY JORDAN GRUBB

Senior libero Tate Pember from NC’s varsity girl’s volleyball team signed with Auburn University on November 13. As libero, Pember only plays in the back row and remains the best passer on the team. She continuously puts her team in a position to score with persistent back row defense. This explains NC’s 40-15 record when playing over 30 matches against top 10 teams in the state. “Tate is a really hard worker and very focused and is all around very talented. I remember at the Etowah game she served the last 5 balls to win us the set, and it was really memorable. She is such a good asset to our team. I’m going to miss her so much,” Madi Dukes, senior outside hitter, said. Pember’s leadership on NC’s

forfeit a positive return. Ingredients, such as annatto, TBHQ (tert-Butylhydroquinone), and soy lecithin, simultaneously jumble speech and confuse taste buds. Research the ingredients in the foods that constitute your daily diet.

to stand for Jonathan when anyWhen they wanted to hang out outside of football, who was there? Richie and Jonathan,” Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill said. Tannehill went on to say that Incognito and Martin’s relationship showed brotherly love. Although Tannehill claimed ignorance about bullying issues, leadership of veteran teammates may take blame for any misconduct. Fans also raise concerns over why hazing still occurs in NFL locker rooms. Incognito, accused of league misconduct for sending threatening and racist voicemails to Martin, claims the messages “were coming from a place of love.” For his actions, the Dolphin’s organization suspended vember 4, shortly after Martin released explicit voicemails from Incognito that contained the Nword and threats to his family. “My actions were coming from a place of love. No matter how bad or how vulgar it sounds, that’s how we communicate, that’s how are friendship

was. Those are the facts and that’s what I’m accountable for,” Incognito said in an interview. In an interview by Fox’s Jay Glazer, Incognito showed Glazer over 1000 text messages the two linemen sent each other during the 18 months since Martin’s draft. Glazer seemed surprised at seeing a few friendly messages between the players since the scandal erupted. However, Martin’s lawyer, David Cornwell, stated Martin endured harassment that went far beyond the traditional locker room hazing. When asked about the scandal, Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross shared his appalled remarks about how Martin re-

ceived such daily harassment by teammates. Ross met with Martin November 13 at an undisclosed location to discuss the situation. “I looked forward to that meeting. I think that it helped us move forward. I liked to hear from him on what had happened, why he felt that way and what we did and what we could have done to prevent something like this from happening. I wanted to hear the circumstances, the facts,” Ross said. After Ross heard the allegations, he vowed to establish a locker room culture that suits the 21st century. Martin currently resides with his family in California to undergo counseling for emotional issues.

Florida State ranks first

tion last year that Alabama may prove susceptible to a loss near post season. Florida State Seminoles shocked the nation with high

by Luis Trujillo

Each year in college football, sports analysts pinpoint the strongest and most lethal football team in the nation, but this year, three teams, each

to a 2,000-calorie diet; however, the amount of calories consumed depends upon age, gender, activity level, and weight-loss goals. Many products today claim to contain reduced, low, or free nutrient content. For example, a pack-

by Madeline McWhorter

BCS Championship Predictions

Prioritize these nutrients Limit these nutrients

Volleyball senior signs to Aubur NC congratulates Tate Pemper

may assist some diets, the

After persistent bullying and hazing by fellow lineman Richie Incognito, Miami Dolphins offensive lineman Jonathan Martin fled the team on October 28. “I think if you would have asked Jon Martin [before he left Miami] who his best friend on the team was, he would’ve said


Braves fans worry about McCann

by Cameron Hines

age may claim the“calorie free” title, but that statement only means that one serving contains less than ing more than one serving, again, results in an equal increase in calories. “Reduced fat” sometimes correlates to at least a 25 percent decrease in fat from the original product. Sunshine® CheezIt® Reduced Fat crackers contain 4.5g of total fat, whereas the original Cheez-It® contains 8g.


2014 MLB Preview

Many people hold misconceptions about the long list of ingredients behind their favorite foods, but education on nutrition labels may foster a recent health kick. Read from top to bottom on the chart. What makes up a single serving? How many servings reside in the package? Notice these amounts dictate carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Therefore, consuming more than one serving results in an equal increase in carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. When the label says the food contains 0g of trans fat, that means the food contains 0g of trans fat per serving. Remember to consume the fiber, vitamins, and other nutrients in the food. Also, the information in the columns correlates

Linebacking core slows down region leading rusher

Bullying issue in NFL presents debate

by Tyler Sesan




The list extends only for the advancement of the food producer, not the consumer. Aim for real products, not processed alternatives. Learning more about nutrition may save consumers from unwanted calories and preservatives.

hold the talent and skill capacity to win the BCS title. contribute to predicting the Championship in a matter of who may lose or skip one in the rankings. (#1) Alabama Crimson Tide, (#2) Florida State Seminoles, and (#3) Ohio State Buckeyes, compete for a chance

Alabama’s reputation rarely changes. Remaining number one in the country for multiple years sets high standards for other teams that trail in the ranks. The Crimson Tide destroyed Notre Dame in the previous championship and now challenges other opponents to break their winning streak. Still set to face (#9) Auburn before claiming a lead role in the national championship, the likeliness of a loss toward their record remains slim to none. However, Georgia showed the na-

more at each game this season. Outscoring each team ranked in the top 25, 155-28, head coach Jimbo Fisher shows the country that his team plans to attend the National Championship. If the ‘Noles keep thrashing all the teams on their slate, the ranking issues should work in Florida State’s favor. Before Stanford shocked the college football world, that door slammed shut for Ohio State’s national championship run. However, as the (#6) Stanford Cardinals took down the (#2) Oregon Ducks in a Thursday night brawl, a slim crack in the door opened for the Buckeyes. With OSU’s record remaining at 8-1, their schedule toughness hurts their chances to skip FSU and Alabama in the ranking. OSU’s chances toward the National Championship revolve around Alabama and FSU’s schedule. Alabama must face Auburn, FSU still plays their rival team Florida, and a possible another match up with Miami in the ACC championships may occur as well. Whoever attends the National Champifor viewers and players alike.

NC Warriors became Region 2AAAAAA champions after defeating the Campbell Spartans with a dramatic score of 38-0 at Emory Sewell Stadium on November 8. A strong defensive victory sealed NC’s first region title since 2007. In a lopsided contest, NC halted the region’s leading rusher, Mike Rogers, Campbell’s tailback who triumphs over all with 1,720 total rushing yards and 25 touchdowns this season. Warrior defense held Campbell back to a mere 76 yards on 23 carries and collapsed the line multiple times on fourth down. Also, NC’s senior tailback J’vonte Herrod outperformed Rodgers. Herrod moved himself on the field, gaining 96 yards and two touchdowns on a limited 13 carries. His skills showed the region that his pound-for-play mentality wins games and earns him the title of the toughest back in Cobb. Although neither team scored in the fourth quarter, NC’s defense managed to stop Campbell’s explosive offense. Senior defensive end Myles Price filled in the holes that Campbell attempted to escape through. In the third quarter, Herrod scored a rushing touchdown adding to the already lopsided scoreboard, 38-0. “This game was a great one because it represented the entire season, and the football squad’s grind. Only losing one game in the last 13 home games made it a lot more exciting in the student section. I expect this postseason run to be better than last seasons,”

junior Hunter Clark said. Senior cornerback Jeremy Bell ignited the orange crowd during the second quarter when he snuck through the Spartans’ line to block a punt and return for the touchdown. With just three minutes left in the half, NC’s lead grew to 24-0. Shortly after the Warriors scored on their third consecutive drive to start the game, NC’s hopes of a number one seed playoff became closer to reality as they opened up a 17-0 lead. “It feels great knowing we accomplished something not only for ourselves but for all the past North Cobb teams. This is only the third region championship for football ever at this school. We feel like we’ve accomplished a huge goal for ourselves but our work isn’t done yet. We have one more championship to win,” senior middle linebacker Chad McClanahan said. The Warriors continue to win at home, winning 12 of their last 13 games. A resilient defense has held seven of the ten teams they played to 17 or fewer points with more than 17 points. As the season closes on a strong note, NC heads into the postseason, set to make a legendary playoff run. “We lost 29 seniors off last year ’s team that went to the final four, had to replace nine starters on defense and come back and beat the McEacherns, the Hillgroves. Our region is just so tough from top to bottom, and I’m just proud of this group of young men because nobody gave us a chance to start the season,” Coach Queen said.

XCIncredible makes state seniors perform by Miranda Oliveri

Respectively placing 11th and 20th after several impressive races, both the boys and girls varsity cross country teams traveled to compete in the state championship on November 9. “I am exceptionally proud of everyone who competed. Individually speaking, many of the athletes ran some of the best races that they have all season,” Tidrick, varsity coach, said. Placing 11th, the boy’s varsity team finished only a spot below last year ’s placement despite their number two runner spraining his ankle. This remains the second highest placement that the boy’s team has accomplished. “Overall I am very pleased with the results from the state championships. Both teams faced complications and we still managed to place well. I am very proud with the individual accomplishments

that each racer had,” Mr. Stephenson, head cross country coach, said. Varsity girls placed 20th overall. Despite lower placement than expected, the coaches remained happy with the results, as the team had faced many injuries and illnesses. “Although we did not do as well as we had hoped, I am still very happy with everyone’s effort and the results over the season as a whole,” junior Sarah Regan said. Many individual runners ran exceptionally well. Senior Paul Schupp managed to place 16th, making him only the third boy within the decade to finish in the top 20. Senior Tyra Holloway also ran a noteworthy race. “I am very pleased with the team and myself. It was a great way to end my final season as a part of the North Cobb cross country team,” Schupp said.

28/December 2013/The Chant

The Chant/December 2013/29



Rushing attacks aided disruptive NC defense

by Emily Jones

when they beat the Luella Lions 60-18 on November 15. “We played well. And I loved the team effort we showed Friday night. We’re

looking forward to the game this week—it will be a big one,” senior wide receiver Devin Jackson said. Junior linebacker Jay PHOTO BY MADELINE MCWHORTER

For the first game of the Class AAAAAA state playoffs, NC varsity football made their first bold stride toward Championships

Receiver Billy Nichols lines up wide right inside the 10 yard-line.

Barrino recovered the ball on the last play of the game after a fumbled snap by Luella in the fourth quarter,, helping NC to a 60-point score. Senior safety Cameron Albright brought the ball 41 yards back to the end zone after intercepting the Lions quarterback for a 36-point advantage. Junior varsity quarterback Drew Tjechman, put in the game during the fourth quarter because the coaches wanted to halter any injuries, and the scoreboard shined in their favor, when they ran the ball in for a touchdown. “I believe we could have played better, regardless of the win. They did not play as if it were the first round of the playoffs,” senior Casey Johnson said. Defensive plays and rushing yards saved the Warriors in the third quarter. Junior quarterback Tyler Queen scampered into the end zone, but two kick returns for a touchdown lent Luella a 6-point jump from half time’s score, 28-6. Queen rushed in five yards

for a touchdown, set up by a solid play from junior wide receiver Deon Dodd. As four players reached the end zone within the final 90 seconds of the third quarter, the student section stood ablaze on the bleachers with enthusiasm for the growing scores. Dual threat Torrance McGhee and J’Vonte Herrod made extensive touchdowns in the second quarter, but Steve Osondu built up the field’s momentum with an 86-yard touchdown. A key defensive play by senior wide receiver Latrell Gibbs allowed Herrod to make a touchdown toss. “We played great defense and found ways to put the ball in the end zone on offense. It was a great team effort,” Queen said. To ignite the night, Queen offered the ball to Dodd in the corner for a 10yard score. Herrod made a rushing touchdown to kick off the night’s winning streak. The intense game signified the first 60-point win since 2001.

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Fantasy 101 by Cameron Hines

As the NFL season reaches the halfway point, a majority of fantasy football owners already know whether or not their season will continue into the playoffs, but fantasy basketball allows a chance at redemption for unsuccessful fantasy football players. For those that trudged through a rough football season, the basketball season offers new hope for beleaguered fantasy football players. Although not as popular as fantasy football, fantasy basketball presents an exciting way to follow the sport. Live draft results from ESPN show that owners picked Derrick Rose, David Lee, and Klay Thompson much too late. The astute fantasy owner should trade for these stars immediately. Derrick Rose, Bulls guard and former MVP, makes his return from a knee injury that kept him sidelined all last year. Although the injury may hamper his production

early on in the season, he will eventually revert to his dominating ways. This will make him an invaluable source of points, assists, and percentages. David Lee, Warriors power forward and center, also flies under the radar. After enjoying a breakout season last year for Golden State, Lee lacks the respect his skills warrant. Lee profiles as a steady performer, contributing heavily with rebounds and scoring. Klay Thompson, Lee’s teammate on the Warriors, seems poised to emerge as a top shooting guard and small forward. A prolific three-point shooter, Thompson provides owners with a versatile option capable of producing in several categories. The difference between winning and losing a fantasy league may come down to something as simple as a trade. By acquiring one of these players, fantasy owners stand to benefit throughout the NBA season.

Ezzell masters lacrosse logistics Hard work and motivation serve team

by Judy Stubblefield

With a rather interesting backstory and zeal for lacrosse, Kathy Ezzell became head lacrosse coach with two

reading and watching videos about the sport. Once I met the game, I was hooked. I wanted

about lacrosse. Now, she reaps success vicariously through her well-coached players. right there with us, practicing and conditioning and encouraging us to work together. She is just a genuine sweet person and loves to see and be involved in our success. When Taylor Purks made a Division 1 team this season at Howard, she was really happy for her,” freshman Jordan Chandler said. Growing fonder of Ezzell every day, the players rec-


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made on the team. Her dedication and communication moves from the classroom to Coach Ezzell continues to work total years of experience, rapidly mastering the sport, and simultaneously injecting that same passion into her players. “I fell into this sport accidently two years ago. I was asked by a friend if I would help her out and coach the JV team. I had not even seen a game until that point. I agreed and spent my Christmas break

hard during offseason. to learn as much as possible, and my son even began to play. I coached his U9 team at Hillgrove for the fall season of 2012,” Ezzell said. Although fairly new to the sport, her tenacity perseveres began her coaching career not knowing the slightest bit

“She is such an amazing coach. Her relationship with us is a mix of teacher and friend; she pushes us to be our best, laid back—which I love. She may even be the most hardworking coach in the school, and I’m really happy she is getting recognition,” junior Taylor Johnson said.

Regular Column Rodgers sets to return during week 14

Jackson to always try her best, and this attitude perseveres today. “I tell her to do her best and no matter how she does, I’m still very proud of the work she has put through,” Mrs. Jackson said. Jackson considers attending UGA, GSU, and GCSU, but primarily takes an interest in GCSU. Her 3.9 GPA makes her an excellent applicant for colleges. She also plays basketball, track, and lacrosse, and desires to receive a scholarship for these sports. If she obtains a scholarship, she will play club sports in college. Jackson plans on majoring in nutrition and minoring in psychology. Even if she does not run cross country in college, Jackson hopes to leave NC with a legacy as the fastest girl of the 2015 class. PHOTO BY SUE JACKSON

Varsity junior cross-country runner Regan Jackson shows no difficulty in keeping her pace as she prepares for her second year in state competitions. “Regan tries her best at every race and even goes above and beyond. No matter how she does she remains happy with the outcome even if it’s not what she strived for,” junior Vincent Ndungu said. Jackson ran all her life and takes part in many races, from the Legacy Park 5k to the Peachtree Road Race 10k. She practiced with the Junior Warriors middle school team during seventh and eighth grade and ran high school crosscountry since freshman year. This year alone, her races included 5k’s such as the Asics Race and Coachwood. Recently, Jackson attended regions with the top runners and placed third out of seven on the team, with her fastest time, 20:13. At the moment, she trains hard for state. She hopes that her preparation will help her time fall below 20 minutes. “My goal is to be the fastest girl at North Cobb, and since all the seniors are graduating, it gives me a chance at that,” Jackson said. Jackson found her love for running when her mom signed her up for 5k races. Her mom inspires

by Luis Trujillo

Senior shooting guard Evan Mathews steps up to a leadership role on the court as he strives for success in his final season.

“It’s definitely a big step up from JV. The athleticism and talent increased drastically from my junior year, but I’m excited to see what the rest of the season holds,” Mathews said.

Mathews averaged ten points per game last year ’s season. Although the transfer to a more talented game level increases the competition, Mathews plans to top his previous season records. He averaged around 3.5 assist per game, complementing him and his teammates during game time. Mathews, in addition, recorded 3.5 rebounds per game to help his team on offense and defense.

by Judy Stubblefield

when someone needs a rest. Coming onto the court as the sixth man, he plays diligently to help lead the team to victory. Mathews also plays small forward to apply his skills and athleticism in multiple areas on the court. “Evan is a great friend and player. He works hard all the time and can get the whole team into the intense game mindset we need to win. Evan is an asset to our team on and off the court and the mentality he brings will only help us in our season,“ senior power forward Daniel Beausejour said. Basketball became a passion of Mathews when he turned eight years old. Ever since the game has influenced Mathews to strive for a chance to play varsity at NC. Mathews has played for the NC basketball program since his freshman year.

Mathews currently holds a 3.7 GPA, but his college plans still remain open. “He’s a good kid with a good head on his shoulder. When he puts in the effort he has he can do good things on the court to help out the team,” Coach Ray Tucker said. Mathews will continue to lead his teammates to success throughout the season. For his senior goal, he wants to take the team to win regionals for the third year in a row.

Beginning his cheerleading career 20 years ago, David Bell continues to defy society’s gender roles by coaching and mentoring NC’s varsity cheer squad to perfection. “I push my athletes to always give 100 percent. I have been fortunate enough to coach cheerleaders that won at the national level. So, I have some knowledge of what it takes to win. I am trying to bring that mentality and work ethic here to North Cobb,” Bell said. “I push my athletes to always give 100 percent. I have been fortunate enough to coach cheerleaders that won at the national level. So, I have some knowledge of what it takes to win. I am trying to bring that mentality and work ethic here to North Cobb,” Bell said. Bell admits to his fair share of disapproving encounters, and the intimidation from conventional stereotypes pushed him away from the sport in the past. “My father gave me the most grief of anyone. My peers were supportive but had occasional jokes. I did start [cheering] with six of my friends, so there was a bit of the ‘strength in numbers’ attitude,” Bell said.

In college, Bell decided disregarding the opinions and thoughts of others. Pushing through these issues led him to a spot on the team and later coaching NC’s varsity cheerleaders to success. The cheerleaders praise his remarkable talent and coaching abilities. “When I first joined the squad and met him, I was kind of scared because I thought he was going to be mean. I also thought that no one would take him seriously because he’s a man. Now, I think he is a really good coach; he’s caring and always concerned about our well-being. He’s easy to go to and fun to be around and he works us super hard,” junior Rachael Giles, base, said. Inspiring and motivating his girls to achieve all their dreams and aspirations, Bell serves as a voice of encouragement. This makes him a friendly companion rather than an ordinary coach. “He’s not the typical coach. He always taught us to just keep going with whatever we want to do. He’s a good person and just so fun to be around,” sophomore Lindsay Bagwell, flyer, said.

Aaron Rodgers, star quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, lingers on the sidelines with a fractured collarbone. Rodgers, former NFL MVP and current Green Bay franchise player, sustained the injury in a loss to the Chicago Bears on Monday Night Football. The original timetable for his return pre-

The injury represents a substantial blow to Green Bay’s playoff hopes. Without this team leader, the Packers could struggle to reign supreme in the NFC North. Also, with the Bears and the Detroit Lions relevant in the division, Green Bay may become an afterthought if Rodgers returns too late.

cussions and other minor injuries. However, this time the Packers organization breathes a sigh of relief, as the injury will not threaten Rodgers’s season or career. “I feel like I have been a quick healer in the past and hopeful this will be on the short end of whatever prognosis,” Rodgers said. DIGITAL ART BY CAMERON HINES

by Nneoma Igwedibie


Regan Jackson

by Cameron Hines

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers anticipates return versus Atlanta Falcons. dicted that Rodgers could come back in three weeks, an estimate that may push back even further depending on Rodgers’s progress. “This is not a good situation for the Packers. Their season might be over now,” sophomore Will Stallings said.

“I hate to see [Rodgers] get injured. He means so much to this team,” junior Spencer Belzer, Packers fan, said. For this Super Bowl champion quarterback, injuries remain a persistent problem. He missed time in previous seasons due to con-

Despite the gloomy atmosphere consuming Title Town and the “Cheesehead” fans, Green Bay’s beloved team stands a game back of Rodgers makes a swift comeback, the Packers should encounter no trouble contend-

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