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October 2013 Volume XXVIII, Issue 2


A 39-year tradition

North Cobb High School

3400 Highway 293 North/ Kennesaw, GA 30144/ 770-975-6685 Ext. 1610


NC reigns supreme by Luis Trujillo Junior quarterback Tyler Queen led his team to another Civil War Classic trophy against the Kennesaw Mountain Mus-

game played on newly-renovated Kennesaw State University’s “We were hungry. Coming from that upsetting loss to Walton made the team realize that we needed to step up and play harder than we have before. Our mentality and intensity was amazing and we need to carry that on throughout the rest of the season,” senior defensive back Latrell Gibbs said. In the fourth quarter, NC skated by for an obvious win. Leading the Mustangs by more than 30 points, Coach Queen felt at ease knowing that he would ride home victorious. “We didn’t want to take Mountain is a great football team who put up about 450 yards of made them sustain drives, and they weren’t making the big plays like they have in the past,” Shane Queen, head coach, said. During the third quarter, NC made incredible plays to increase the score on the Jumbotron. Senior running back J’vonte Herrod tackles, ankles, and expectations to meet the goal line. Tyler Queen also ran for a 53 yard rushing


Warriors gain CivilWar Classic glory after strong fight touchdown, and on the next drive found senior wide receiver Jeremy Queen made a statement on the college turf this Friday. Alhis 11 passes, three of those passes fostered touchdown bombs, each one lengthier than the pass before. All eight of NC’s scoring less. Queen also rushed for 79 yards, and all three of his carries end zone‘s plain. Kennesaw Mountain played hard throughout. Fighting each time they resigned with the ball, the Mustang’s found the end zone with a one-yard quarter back sneak by quarterback Nigel Hayes. However, the Mustangs two touchdowns barely impacted the scoreboard. The Warriors doubled the Mustangs points in the second quarter. Queen threw a screen pass to Herrod that ended up in another touchdown, then scored another eight yard run up the middle after a fake hand lessness caused trouble for the Mustangs, and their defensive Queen ran for a touchdown and connected with Torrance McGee on a 49-yard strike to open the

J’vote Herrod skates past Mustang secondary for a touchdown. the Warriors still maintained the lead without any hassle. “They’re just so athletic in space, and we have to do a better job tackling in space. My hat’s

missed an extra point attempt,

were able to accomplish,” Andy Scott, Kennesaw Mountain head coach, said. NC prevailed for their gry Warriors plan to start an-

other winning streak that will Coach Queen plans to critique their playing styles to overcome the future games under the Friday night lights.

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2/October 2012/The Chant

The Chant/October 2013/3

who expanded the hitherto moderate rebel force? Ayman Zawathe Syrian rebels on September 12 to reject, “secular parties that are allied to the West,” adding to the area’s issues. America should not threaten a country already

embroiled in a war. Agreements continue. In Geneva, Russian foreign minister Sergei Laurov and American secretary of state John Kerry decided to secure weapon stocks and factories, inspect entire Syrian inventories, and destroy the poison supplies. The weapons, coincidentally, may disappear at the same time as Assad’s presidential term expires. Waiting a year for these actions will not satisfy the American desire to rid our shoulders of the Middle Eastern brutality. With cross-party divisions shining in Congress, the country faces indecisions on how to solve the question on Syria. A year ago, President Obama informed Assad that chemical weapons would cross a “red line.” Now that Assad crossed that line, President Obama’s credibility to uphold his advice dwindles. America should drop the position as the World Police which will create discontent of citizens and nations toward the U.S. government, and instead monitor the frequent hostility without marching onto the territory.

Propaganda targets risque clothing to wrong age group New campaigns promote drinking and promiscuity Abercrombie target college students, but tweens and young teenagers often walk in the stores to purchase the inappropriate, risqué clothing clearly marketed in their direction. Graphic tees and tank tops with references to alcohol prove unsuitable for a 13 year-old. On the Abercrombie & Fitch website, they offer several shirts of this type, with phrases including: “Whiskey makes me frisky,” “According to chemistry, alcohol is a solution,” and “I didn’t text you, tequila did.” The clothing company de-

Madeline McWhorter Photo Specialist Major clothing lines including Victoria’s Secret and


scribes their line as “casual luxury.” However, messages about excessive alcohol consumption seem out of place on a seemingly casual line of clothes aimed toward teenagers. Victoria’s Secret recently released a new clothing line titled “The Date Night Collection.” Seems normal, right? After all, Victoria’s Secret’s fame originates from their high quality lingerie. However, this new collection, located in the PINK subdivision of Victoria’s Secret, includes neon colored clothing, bags, and even bedding that they market to teenagers and tweens. “Date Night” insinuates that young girls undress on dates, encouraging teenage sexual activity. The PINK subdivision of Victoria’s Secret received backlash for their new ad campaign titled “Bright Young Things” in

March 2013. Ads for the campaign annually market panties with suggestive slang and phrases on them like “Feeling Lucky,” and “Take Me Home.” “’Bright Young Things’ was simply a slogan used in conjunction with the college spring break tradition,” a PINK spokesperson said to the NY Daily News. Looking at the advertisements, this statement proves null and void. The young girls featured in the advertisements pose provocatively and remain scantily clad. However, some factors may stop teens from buying such products, despite the marketing. Parents may forbid them to purchase the accompany them on the shopping trip. Also, teenagers may Hopefully, some teens just know better than to invest in such merchandise.


ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT PAGE EDITORS Jordan Grubb and Carli Troutman SPORTS PAGE EDITORS Tyler Sesan and Chris DeGirolamo INSIDE THESE WALLS PAGE EDITOR Alicia Bush BACKPAGE EDITOR Emily Jones PHOTO SPECIALISTS Madeline McWhorter, Adam Kovel, Alex O’Brien, and Judy Stubblefield STAFF AND SPORTS WRITERS Kayley Rapp, Cameron Hines, Luis Trujillo, and Miranda Oliveri OUTSIDE THESE WALLS PAGE EDITOR Alicia Bush ADVISER Ms. Lindsay Kovel

The University of Oregon Investment conducted a company overview on Abercrombie & Fitch and its subsidiaries, and according to their research, “Abercrombie & Fitch targets young adults aged 18-22”, and “Abercrombie Kids targets children aged 7-14.” While the Abercrombie Kids website shows no provocative clothing, my own personal experience shows that the clothing sizes remain unreasonably small for a 14 yearold. This forces kids to visit the “big kid” version, Abercrombie & Fitch. Overall, certain companies need to soften their explicit advertisement strategies. Parents’ concerns about children’s exposure to such sexual propaganda ignite their outrage towards the brands. Sexualizing tweens and promoting underage drinking to such a young age remains jawdropping and ridiculous.


The Chant is a student organized and published paper, which serves the North Cobb area and surrounding communities. The Chant makes its readers a first priority. Student comments, editorials, letters to the editor, and any suggestions are encouraged. These may be placed in Ms. Kovel’s mailbox in the staff mailroom, taken to Room 611, or emailed to Editorials are not the opinion of the entire staff or the advsier. An editorial is only the opinion of the writer who has written it. The Chant reserves all rights for making corrections whether grammatical, content, or that of “good taste for the community.” For advertising information, write The Chant c/o North Cobb High School, 3400 Highway 293 North/Kennesaw, GA/30144, call (770)975-6685 ext. 254, or email

Kayley Rapp Staff and Sports Writer Suspending teachers and marriage equality creates an unsafe environment for the Lesbian-Bisexual-Gay-Transgender (LBGT) community and leads to questions about censorship in schools. Schools try to promote a “be yourself” attitude, but as strange and taboo anyway. This topic came up after a recent teacher suspension in North Carolina. In North Carolina, a middle school teacher received a suspension for playing Macklemore’s “Same Love” music video in class. A drama teacher in Michigan and a teacher in Detroit also received punishment for playing the song during class time. North Carolina’s teacher suspension lasted three days. The action displays blatant homophobia in the school environment, which contradicts the school’s claim. “The issue in this matter was one of whether the video was curriculum-based, educationally-related, and ageappropriate for a class of prepubescent 13-year-olds,” Joel Harbinson, Alexander County school board attorney, said. I understand that any video played in a classroom must contain educational value, but that begs the question: what makes a video educational? If a video expresses an idea to a child, then it e d u cates.

Activists can only alter shooting stride in a tribute to the 12 victims harmed in the Navy Yard shooting. In 2012, President Obama attempted to implement new gun control policies following the Newtown, Connecticut tragedy. However, little changed. Yes, stricter laws were put in place concerning what type of gun citizens may own and the legal size of gun magazines. Without limitations on public gun ownership, however, which contradicts America’s Second Amendment, the federal government cannot keep guns away from the wrong hands. U.S. gun violence will inevitably continue. Strict gun policies that focus on enforcing security among the people will solve the problems at hand. Ways to reduce gun violence today derive from gun control activists. These activists spread awareness and popularity to gain support, and citizens tional issue in gun violence help create gun control awareness. Not many people understand the true -

Tyler Sesan Page Editor Even with new gun policies many urban settings. “By now, it should be clear that the change we need will not come from Washington, even when tragedy strikes. Change will come the only way it has come, and that is by the American people,” President Barack Obama said

but activists plan to change this. Statistics show that gun violence has dropped significantly over a five-year trend in 2007 with 1,420,000 gun offenses to less than 1,200,000 in 2011. Louisiana, Missouri, and South Carolina represent the highest murder rates. Although most individuals think urban capitals New York, Boston, and Detroit exhibit the most gun violence, they show some of the lowest levels with an average of 2.5 gun murder rate compared to Louisiana’s astonishing 8 per 100,000 persons. Although gun dangers appear to decline, they still account for over two thirds of U.S. deaths each year. The Congressional Research Service in 2009 estimated 310 million firearms existing in the United States, not including weapons owned by the military. These firearms include 114 million handguns, 110 million rifles, and 86 million shotguns. If gun violence persists in suburban areas as they do today, the reputable communities will not support future families. Gun violence also directly impacts national medical costs, criminal justice system expenses, security precautions such as metal detectors, and life quality. Shootings will only stop if people create awareness for the dangers persistent in the country. Activists should speak out and spread the word to prevent future gun violence. Today, due to constant fear, citizens continue to doubt any improvement in gun violence.

Regular Feature

Warrior Perspectives What do students like most about autumn? by Miranda Oliveri

However, the matter of the kiss between the two men remains unfair. Many times in my literature class, teachers show movie adaptations of books to help students better understand the original novel. These movies feature kisses between men and women, a normal way to portray their love interest. Essentially, the same moment happens in the “Same Love” music video, with two men

“I look forward to my birthday. Also, I love wearing the cute, warm clothes that go along with fall weather,” sophomore Gayla Bridges said.

“In my opinion, the best part of autumn is the cold weather. I am more than ready for the weather to change,” junior Jason Alvis said.

School boards allow one scene but not the other due to the displaying startling inequality. No one will fully feel comfortable and secure in school until schools stop treating sexuality as taboo.

“I love watching the leaves change colors. Everything looks beautiful during fall,” senior Smera Saikumar said.

“My favorite part of this season is the crisp, fall air, and the colorful decorations that people hang up,” freshman Jared Paris said.


Although dubbed the World Police Force, America, after sound evidence from the UN inspection proved

that the sarin gas used in the attacks underwent sophisticated manufacturing pointed to government production on September 16. Rocket trajectories tain region in Damascus, housed

ident Obama said in Stockholm. Iran, however, grieves over their ally’s negotiation with the “Great Satan.” With discontent intensifying at all levels and minimal options surfacing, any more violence or carnage will only spill more blood on our turf and theirs. Nearly 70 percent of Americans, according to a Pew Research Centre poll, believe airstrikes will create an imminent backlash against the U.S. and its allies. Evaluating the positives and negatives leads to one single solution: no attacks should take place—in the air or on the ground—in Syria. Although Assad’s administration troubles world opinions, what regime would replace it? The Sunni extremists composed of foreign


Emily Jones Editor-in-Chief

government conventional shells, rockets and mortars. If Assad planned the attack and murder of his own citizens, America’s negotiation toward removing the chemical weapons proves inept with the brazen president and his allies, Russia and Iran. “Syria is only a playing field. Russia wants to be seen as a player in big international decisions, equal only to America,” Igor Ivanou, former Russian foreign minister, said. After Assad directly opposed the president authority, America’s concerns revolve around their own international standing. Unfortunately, no successful outcome will result from pretentious actions only to uphold ally and foe expectations. Assad pledged to sign a resolution against the use of chemical weapons and eliminate the agents he used to kill his citizens on September 10. Why would a sinister president pledge to abandon weapons he previously refused owning? “The moral thing to do is not to stand by and do nothing,” Pres-


Syria used chemical weapons on two Damascus suburbs, America must not plummet into yet another Middle Eastern blunder only to uphold its international superiority. Chemical weapon linked toward dent, Bashar Assad, resulted in 1429 deaths, which included 400 children. Even after Assad claimed that jihadists conducted the attacks, UN investi-

S o m e teachers use videos similar to “Same Love” to teach their students about bullying and how it affects others. Macklemore’s song helps show teenagers how bullying others based on their sexuality causes harm in schools and in communities. Teachers that encourage tolerance help create a safer environment for students in the LBGT community. Yet, the school continues to call “Same Love” inappropriate. The school board claims the issues with the video revolve around the educational value, language, and scene in which two men kiss. I care because schools want students to feel safe and comfortable in their own skin, but they cannot when the mere mention of their sexuality causes uproar. By allowing schools to treat similar matters as forbidden, they make LBGT students and supporters afraid to live their true sewes. On the other hand, I understand that all forms of media in the classroom must contain educational value. This aspect makes sense, especially their problem with the language use. The song contains homophobic slurs


Syria arises irreconcilable concerns

hek OF s

America must turn away from tribulations in east

Opinion Educator faces grunts Guns and violence coincide “Same Love” angers school system



4/October 2012/The Chant

The Chant/October 2013/5



Social networking sites leads to animal cruelty

New laws in Iowa illogically allow blind people to register, own, and operate guns. Since 2011, this law allows blind people to carry guns in public along with other gun-owning Iowans. Recently, law enforcement officials questioned this decision for its potential danger to others. “Although people who are blind can participate fully in nearly all life’s experiences, there are some things, like the operation of a weapon, that may very well be an exception,” Patrick Clancy, superintendent of the Iowa Braille and Sight Saving School, said. People with disabilities can lead normal lives. However, precautions to ensure public safety remain prudent in a lawmaking process. The blind participate in everyday activities, but carrying guns takes this legislative a step too far. When anyone shoots a gun, he or she should clearly view his or her intended target. Blind citizens, regardless if they possess total blindness or visual acuity, risk their own lives and others when they

Disney star changes for better or worse?

Carli Troutman Ad Manager Racial prejudice persists in America, as shown by the online slurs directed at recent Miss America pageant winner Nina Davuluri, which proves that some Americans need to revaluate their racist and bigoted comments. Recently, the 2014 Miss Amerwinner of Indian descent. Davuluri won the Miss New York title

comment both incorrect and in-

“I have to rise above that. I always viewed myself can,” Davuluri said. This country has suffered so much, such as the recent navy yard shootings, and during economic strife. Racism should not clog people’s minds, and instead this country should band together to promote acceptance and tolerance. “This is a big country. If you do something bad, people will criticize you. If you do something good, people will criticize you,” Zubeen Sahajwani of Perth Amboy said when asked about the Miss America conflict. People who try and hurt people of a different race should think before speaking such ignorance. Hurting someone over something that they cannot and should not control should sicken people, not pleasure them. This country should stick together and help each other. Pain and heartbreak from racism teaches people that fighting and bullying wastes time and energy. Davuluri deserves her title and should receive the respect that Miss America deserves. She should hold her head high and delve in the happiness that many young girls wish for. She worked hard to obtain this title, and people must respect her.

Adam Kovel Photo Specialist Miley Cyrus’s obnoxious acts christen her as yet another terrible role model as she shocked millions during her unacceptable VMA performance with Robin Thicke on August 25. When her single “We Can’t Stop”, debuted on June 3, audiences worldwide watched her fully break away from her sweet Dis-

Regular Column

Thanks for Nothing

Restrictions on food hinders appreciation by Alicia Bush While teachers prohibit tasty snacks from the classroom environment, this witty student elegantly and skillfully complains about how snack deprito retain information and stay awake in class. “I think it’s unnecessary. If we want snacks, we should have snacks. I know people say that is causes a distraction while trying to listen to a lecture, but hearing someone’s stomach growling is just as much of a distraction. Besides, who wants to learn on an empty stomach? We’d be paying way more attention to what’s for lunch or what’s at home to eat than what’s being said in the classroom,” junior Nadya Fitsum said. Pardon me, sweet teacher. On your syllabus, you stated that

snacks “cause unwanted critters and create unwanted distractions during class lectures.” However, you failed to realize that starving students disrupt class time more than any small insect. See, teenagers need snacks to stay alert in your classes. To remain awake, or even alive, I pack Sour Patch Kids, Strawberry Fanta, and other sugary goodness into my Dora the Explorer lunchbox. I find your mandates completely contradictory because you crunch on nutritious peanut M&M’s while your students must obediently abide by the “No Food During Class” rule. Scenario: Chewing carefully and slowly, I ate one fry at a time. The weird kid that sits next to me noticed my salty potato substances. He politely asked to

partake in the feast, and you, my dear professor, mercifully asked me to throw the fries in the trash can—right before sending me to the principal’s If students enjoyed more time at lunch, then maybe their bellies would behave during class. While we appreciate our 25 minutes at lunch, this short time frame remains unrealistic to the ideal eating period. Standing in line absorbs most lunch time, which leaves us with only a couple of minutes to scarf down the food our teachers ban from their sanctuaries. Maybe a teacher-student conference discussing the benefits of in-class snacking would alleviate the issues at hand. I could provide the refreshments, or might they prohibit those as well?

subtext narrated to our girls, which is that sex is the most efficient and potent mean of access to power they have,” Christian Piatt said in an article on Cyrus’s recent performance at the 2013 VMA awards included explicit innuendos, but where she faced harsh criticism for her actions, similarly vulgar entertainer Robin Thicke garnered little disapproval for his own acts. Such shocking disparities in reaction clearly showcase the double standards society holds for women. Sure, Cyrus may seem tacky to the average television viewer, but the fact that audiences all over the country scorned her for deciding to dance and dress as she pleased but spared Thicke the same disdain shows that the shock lies

Hannah Gleason Copy Editor While many argue that Miley Cyrus’s recent behavior displays warped morals and immature conduct, her recent exposure actually exhibits concepts of independence that any girl should strive for and reveals the latent sexism that persists in our culture. “Although in some respects, women and girls have made strides toward gender parity in our culture, there is still a persistent, if sometimes subtle,

how young adults should act these days, or is Hollywood fervor just ruining Cyrus’s perception of normalcy? “MTV continues to sexually exploit young women by promoting acts that incorporate ‘twerking’ in a nude-colored bikini. How is this image of former child star Miley Cyrus appropriate for 14- year olds?” Dan Isett, Director of Public Policy, said. After the perforLiam Hemsworth, broke Cyrus’s actions made Hemsworth’s decision relatively easy. Few in a commited relationship would choose to marry her after her provacative display to the world. Trusting her faithfulness would create

less in the viewers’ morals and more in how they think “proper” ladies should act. “So it’s really a bit disingenuous of us to express shock or disgust when Miley Cyrus fondles herself or engages in orgiastic dance numbers in front of an audience of millions. After all, the culture set up the rules of the game long ago and, in spite of our assertions to the contrary, the economies of power, money and fame depend heavily on appealing to our baser instincts,” Piatt said. Despite the cliché way Cyrus chose to express her independence, she should receive praise for confidently demonstrating her individuality. Too often young girls face discreet reinforcement that tells them to act meek or unopinionated simply so that others will feel more comfortable around them. Acting or even speaking passionately about something they believe in often makes people dismiss them as hysterical, but following Cyrus’s lead on paying no attention to these influences could help women feel smarter and stronger. are, there’s one thing most young women have in common: We’re all brought up to feel like there’s something wrong with us. We’re too fat. We’re dumb. We’re too smart. We’re not ladylike enough— ‘stop cursing, chewing with

ly. Viewers worldwide observed this video obsessively, something Cyrus obviously wanted. As of September 25, “Wrecking Ball” obtained 36.5 million video streams, including 19.5 million within 24 hours of it’s release. No one should view her videos. Ignoring her will show her that the immense publicity monster must come to an end. Show her the obvious adult and a 20-year-old


sulting, despite the racial slurs not

the stage. She also grabbed viewer’s attention by slapping her own buttocks as well as her dancers. Along with slapping behinds, she also “twerked” on Robin Thicke, a thirty-six year old married man. She also inappropriately touched

Cyrus’s recently released single, “Wrecking Ball,” displayed yet another attempt to captivate attention worldwide. After the VMAs, most Miley critics thought Miley could no longer surprise, but “Wrecking Ball” proved these viewers wrong. In the video, she frolics in the nude on a giant wrecking ball and licks a sledgehammer seductive-


earlier this year. She then went on to win Miss America on September 15. “I was the first Indian Miss New York, and I’m so proud to be the first Indian Miss America,” Davuluri said after she won. Soon after her crowning, people attacked Davuluri on websites such as Twitter and Facebook. Racists have attacked her verbally and via online sources since her crowning. The cruel attacks show how arrogant and some Americans remain. People called Davuluri “a terrorist” and claimed that despite always living in America, she should not qualify to win. “More like Miss Terrorist #MissAmerica,” Twitter user Not_MissAmerica said in a tweet. Egotistical people who disrespect based on race or skin color should educate themselves. Davuluri says that her birth in America more than makes her a

dance like strippers in the song. “To my home girls here with the big butts/Shaking it like we at the strip club,” Cyrus sings in “We Can’t Stop.” She wants to resemble a mature adult who acts according to her own principles but she turned into a horrendous role model in the process. Little girls who watched Hannah Montana and looked up to her now learn they should act and dress according to her new “personality.” While she possesses the ability to act of age, the message she currently sends to the world crosses the line. Her behavior stood as totally inappropriate and

unnecessary at the VMAs and during her music videos for “We Can’t Stop” and “Wrecking Ball.” During her VMA performance, she exposed most of her


ney Channel Hannah Montana. The change started with her cutting off her hair and dying it blonde, and continued with her reputation and image plunging subsequently after. The video for the song showed her partying and drinking with many people who refuse to stop Neanderthaling. She stupid-


Firearm use requires quality sight

Miranda Oliveri Staff and Sports Writer

became an overnight “star” on Twitter, she faces harsh criticism 24/7. This girl would surely not eat used tampons without the media in her life. Many social media acts remain 100 percent unnecessary, which connects us to the girls who put their cat in a microwave. Who in their right mind would place a kitten in a microwave? Now in a shelter, doctors examined the kitten and declared the small feline healthy. The girls, on the other hand, face a problem. Still receiving hate, criticism, and legal charges, the girls’ lives may never return to normal, all due to social media.

Title honors culture competency Racial recoil does not blunder biracial victor

Bullets to the blind?

hold a gun. This alone provides reason to revoke the ability of the blind to occupy a gun permit. Denying gun permits to the blind violates the Americans with Disabilities Act, which protects the civil rights of people with mental and physical disabilities. However, when rights risk the safety of others, rational thinking permits a rule violation. Polk county officers also distribute gun permits to people legally unable to drive due to ocular deficiencies. Wielding a gun can endanger more than driving a car when someone without sight pulls the trigger. This once again proves the lack of logical thought that went into the decision for blind people to carry guns. Many officers agree denying gun permits for blind citizens stands as the only logical option. Endangering the community by allowing visually impaired people to use guns reflects unwise judgment. In Texas, a law allows blind people to hunt using a lasersighting device if accompanied by someone with quality eyesight. Although quality enforcement hinders through everyday gun use, such laws protect the safety of others while allowing visually impaired people to carry a gun. “Just because we have a Second Amendment shouldn’t mean that blind people can walk around with concealed weapons,” Jeff Smith, an assistant professor of politics and advocacy at The New School in New York, said. Safety always remains a priority, and guns to the blind will threaten the safety of others and the safety of the shooter.

tance by certain people, and stop at nothing to obtain their desires. Too often, users of all ages participate in activities they should think twice about. I find it outrageous actions on the social network sites irrational because the lives of these kids remain low and constantly searching for more and more attention. If Kids pull stunts involving smoking and post the event as a video on Instagram or Vine because they desire attention from their “cool” activities. Giovanna Plowman, for example, posted a YouTube video that shows them eating used tampons. While she


drives people to commit crazy actions. With over one billion Facebook users and five hundred million Twitter users, trouble remains inevitable. Without overlooking people who use online social sites to donate money, and support the poor, too many people act terribly on the Internet. People push limits through social media. This drives kids to behave irrationally. They avert morals when they produce a post. They focus on what creates the most likes, followers, retweets, or any attention. If attention were a drug, social media would deal it. Teenagers use social media for accep-

SY O F the u

Chris DeGiralamo Page Editor

Two teen girls from Maine face charges for animal cruelty for placing an eight week old kitten in a microwave for the hot social media app Vine, showing just how stupid people act for attention. These girls “did it for the Vine.” The 15-year-old geniuses, who decided to put a kitten in a microwave and pressed START, turn it on found themselves in tremendous trouble. South Portland police responded to complaints about the video. The underage girls remain anonymous. Social media


Irrationality dictates tweets and video streams

y o u r m o u t h o p e n , speaking your mind’. We’re too s l u t t y. We’re not slutty enough. Yo u ’ r e not too f a t . Yo u ’ r e not too l o u d .

You’re not too smart. You’re not unladylike. There is nothing wrong with you,” Jessica Valenti said in her book Full Frontal Feminism: A Young Woman’s Guide to Why Feminism Matters. The self-assured way Cyrus conducts herself should inspire females to build up their own confidence and not back down from how they want to act. Not caring about the roles other people wish to force on them can help liberate girls from some of the unforgiving expectations society places on them. Whether or not audiences enjoy Cyrus’s performance seems inconsequential when one considers the principles that lie beneath her actions. Even if trashy pop holds little appeal, exemplifying an in-control attitude more than makes up for some of Cyrus’s flaws.

The Chant/Septemberber2013/7

6/September 2013/The Chant

Inside These Walls

Page editor Tyler Sesan adores his former teacher, Mrs. Tummins. by Tyler Sesan

Dear Mrs. Tummins, You represent a funny, getit-done kind of teacher, and excel as a highly respectable and appreciated teacher at NC. During my freshman year, I studied Local Area Studies and Psychology, both taught by you. Your 125 question Local Area Studies tests challenged me, but encouraged me to improve my study habits. On each assignment, you motivate students to put forth their best effort and teach

methods that helped me prepare for my advanced classes. Between the field trips and quizzes on the books, you influenced my work ethic, which continued into my second semester in your Psychology class. “Deb is so caring, intelligent, and always has mints in stock. I usually take more than she tells me, but she doesn’t know that still. When I had her for Psychology my freshman year, I enjoyed the work she assigned us. The semester baby

What do students anticipate most about football season starting back up?

by Madeline McWhorter

He Said: “I’m going trick or treating with my best friend. You are never too old to go,” freshman Peyton Maldonado said. “I thought about getting all my friends totian Hall said. “I’ll probably be sitting at home…being lame,” junior Jaylen Wiley said. “I’m going to Six Flags for Fright Fest,” senior Danny Smyoa said. She said: “I’ll probably end up watching my brother Kayla Radford said “I’ll be sitting at home and eating candy that I bought for myself,” sophomore Sydney Wender said. “I’m not allowed to trick or treat, so I just stay home,” junior Peggy Fregene said. “I’m taking my little sister trick or treating,” senior Alexza Alvarado said.

Scholars discuss future NHS collaborates through social events



ments, Desimone narrowed her list down to three contestants. She contacted the school system in March to ensure that Gleichmann could attend NC with her instead of her district school, Wheeler. In May, she discovered that Gleichmann would arrive on August 8. “It is strange to notice the cultural differences between us. She wants to be active all the time and thinks it is bizarre if we sit on the computer,” Desimone said. Gleichmann acknowledgas Germany uses 45 minute class periods. After playing the

Junior Franzi Gleichmann leisurely reads during the school day. by Emily Jones

Franzi Gleichmann, a foreign exchange student from eastern Germany, yearns to experience American culture and thrive as a junior at NC. “In the beginning, you learn the language, then you learn the personality of the people. It’s good for your future to participate in a foreign exchange program,” Gleichmann said. AFS Intercultural Programs, a group of over 50 independent, non-profit organizations, sent Gleichmann paperwork and applica-

tions to complete for the foreign exchange program. She also completed a personal statement. After submitting the requirements, Gleichmann waited patiently for a year before receiving her host home. Hope Desimone, NC junior, felt intrigued by her parents’ plea to host a foreign exchange student. She wanted to verify that their exchange student enjoyed similar activities and could speak English. After reviewing multiple student -

and Desimone share a love of music. Gleichmann believes that German teenagers visit the cinema, swim in local pools, and stay more active than most Americans. She plans to attend medical school in Germany but enjoys Georgia’s heat versus her small town of Thuringia’s cold weather. “I love the humidity in Georgia! No one goes out in Germany. I love the sun and warm temperatures,” Gleichmann said. Desimone’s family intends to take Gleichmann on a tour of Orlando, Florida in February. Gleichmann plans to travels around the continent and wishes she could participate in NC’s rigorous coursework.

Senior Kyle Renaudo documents upcoming events for NHS. by Miranda Oliveri

National Honors Society (NHS) continuously finds different ways to assist the community, and socializing through various events. “I want the members not only to feel like a group of people but a family. Most of us know one another, but the social allows us to let loose, have fun, and become closer. I also hope to get ideas about the upcoming year and enjoy some tasty treats,” senior Jordan Shoemaker, National Honors Society President, said. Both Mrs. Tippens and Mrs. Padron participate in the group, along with NHS members. This allows the teachers to build relationships with the students. “Although the students may already know one another, this gives Mrs. Tippens and I an opportunity to get to know the students,” Padron said. During socials, members participated in Bert’s Big Thank You. Through this event, each soldier who can not return home for the holidays receives a

letter of appreciation from each member. They write two letters and the teachers encourage them to bring a friend. The participants write these letters together to encourage the soldiers abroad. “We hope that through this event each soldier feels appreciated during the holidays,” Tippens said. Bert’s Big Thank You prefers receiving letters in bulk. Therefore, NHS will combine their letters with those from other groups around the school. Along with the letters, NHS plans to assist the S.A.V.E club with continuing the school’s recycling program. Every Tuesday morning, the members pick up recycling from the Deal building.Throughout the year, they will also participate in March of Dimes, a fundraising event for research to help premature babies. NC and the surrounding community remain receive positive changes by the dedicated NHS.

from Modeling Images. “I really enjoyed the fashion show. It gave me new ideas for outfits and gave me an insight into what’s trendy this month!” junior Shea Hill said. Representing the trends of the Warrior Nation, each student model worked diligently to show off their fashion-sense. Parents, teachers, and administrators alike all applauded the remarkable efforts from every contestant.

Student judges panel evaluates fashion attire and creativity. by Hannah Gleason

Aspiring models and fashion fans experienced a night of style and awards at the NC fashion show on September 26. “It’s really fun. It gives girls an opportunity to express themselves outside of school through fashion,” junior and model Nachelle Cooper said. Students display their style every day in the hallways, but for those that wished to delve further into the fashion world, NC’s fashion show allowed boys and girls from all grade levels to apply as a contestant. Run by the Future Business Leaders of America, all applicants subthey would prepare and wear

Gleichmann explores new culture Foreign exchange experiences American culture

awards announcements. The FBLA announced Cooper as the winner of the People’s Choice Award trophy, and afterward the judges announced their own awards. The judges awarded the Most Likely To Be A Model certificate to Kraeling, the Modeling Images Prospect certificate to Cooper, and first place for Best Coordinated Outfit for School to Harper. Several models also earned complimentary workshop coupons


He said, She said

Warriors schowcase trendy school attire Fashion show sparks interest PHOTO BY HANNAH GLEASON

project was what helped me the most in understanding the terms in the textbook, and it was very cute and interactive with the class as well as my individual learning. Mrs. Tummins impacted my high school experience and if possible, I would love to mentor for her class,” junior Alyssa Alves said. Even during dreadful history lectures, your humor and lively personality shines through. In the two semesters you taught me, I realized how easily you converse with students. Even while I struggled with difficult psychology tests, you always made class livelier for me with your great understanding for students. Before my freshman year, I never used a textbook as my main resource, but after having Mrs. Tummins, I realized the importance of my textbook. Now, I use textbooks as my main study source for any subject. “Mrs. Tummins made it really easy and fun to learn in her class. She makes my day enjoyable and that made me want to take more classes she taught. Her personality is so sweet and funny. I also love how I am allowed access to her mint stash after I passed her class,” senior Jordan Lewis said. Some people say that they attended North Cobb just so you could teach them. Pre-high school, I said the same thing. Your teaching abilities soar and continue to help students in History and Psychology.

Regular Feature



Tummins leaves mark on student Page editor appreciates former teacher

Inside These Walls

represent their back to school style and the other would display new styles for the winter. Each contestant modeled ing down the make-shift aisle in the freshman cafeteria and posing for a table of judges. “One of [the models] winked at me! It was hilarious,” Jamie Reece, judge and assistant director of talent agency Modeling Images, said. Many contestants remained calm under the attention from the crowd and judges, but a few young models appeared awkward and uncomfortable in front of the audience. In contrast, a few models posed boldly and left memorable impressions on the guest judges brought in to watch the event. Reece and Ashley Cameron from Modeling Images watched each of the student models, taking notes on each of the contestants and keeping an eye out for talent. “All of the boys and girls put so much effort into this. You can tell that they all worked really hard,” Cameron said. consisted of the back to school styles, and each model preto school fashion. Senior and model Jordan Jones showcased a casual male style with a navy blue cardigan over a plain white shirt, while Coo-

chevron-pattern top for the girl’s fashion. Skirts seemed to accompany many of the girl’s to casual fashion with shirts and jeans. “It’s been really cool. It gives me a chance to get out of my comfort zone a little,” Jones said. Rhythmic, blaring music played each model off, and afterwards each contestant hurried backstage to change into their winter outfits. In the back hallways of the Freshman Academy’s computing classrooms, frantic models shimmied into their new clothes before congregating out in the hallways for group pictures. Each student seemed nervous, but the company of their friends helped create a pleasant atmosphere for everyone. Fully refreshed from the intermission, the contestants lined up at the door to the cafeteria, ready for their second chance walking down the runway. “I think it’s been really nice. The whole show is very well put together. I’m enjoy-

ing myself, and I enjoy the and model Keshawn “Rocky” Harper said. Winter outfits ranged from eclectic jumpsuits to sensible sweaters. As the last walk for the contestants to show off their talent for awards from both the school and Modeling Images, each model tried to solidify their chances for recognition. Some students remained composed throughout their last walk, but even the superior models fell victim to posing incorrectly or walking stiffly in their heels. Long skirts seemed to remain a popular choice for several models; however, sophomore model Mary Kraeling sported a white and grey sweater as one of her winter fashion choices. “Well, I want to be a model, a runway model speof shows, and I thought this would be a good experience,” Kraeling said. After each contestant modeled their winter fashions, they lined up at the front of the room for the

Student models wardrobe during fashion show

The Chant/Septemberber2013/9

8/September 2013/The Chant

With help from guest speakers and competitive practice, science club members prepare for the Science Olympiad competition. “It is a fun learning experience that everyone should enjoy and partake in,” junior Benjamin Franco said. The day began with Sam and Ashley, science students from Southern Polytechnic State University, speaking about their personal experiences in the school’s science programs. They believe these speeches help them pursue their love of science while assisting high school students. “Teaching things you already know helps you learn as well,” Dr. McCoy, science club leader, said. These speeches inspired those

in the club, who joined to pursue science. Many students advanced to more progressive science classes throughout their school years and believe they could become scientists in the future. “I like to learn about science, and I joined to be more exposed to it,” junior Kiana Jean-Baptiste said. When the speakers left, members received materials needed to complete the bungee jump experiment, such as elastic, rope, a water bottle, and various tools. Different teams then assembled the bungee cords and water bottle together. The competition’s goal revolved around not letting the water bottle

touch the ground. Teams threw the bottles over the edge of the stairwell, hoping the elastic would prevent the bottle from hitting the ground. This exercise models an event from the Science Olympiad. The Science Olympiad involves teams from various events. Subjects range from biology to engineering to physics. Teams that excel at regionals may advance to state and the national level. The science club will participate in Division C, the high school level. Members hope to make an impact at the competition in February.

“I believe that he is an awesome leader; he is very aware of his surroundings,” sophomore Jennifer Castillo said. Woolsey wishes to attend Southern Polytechnic State University and transfer to Georgia Tech. He also wants to major in mechanical engineering. He participates in DECA club and interns at a job involving Internet technology, which he believes expands his knowledge. He looks up to his dad as a role model in engineering. Woolsey encourages himself and others to excel, for which he anticipates strong future achievement.

Senior Parker Woolsey checks on freshmen mentees.

Model UN delegates train for conferences PHOTO BY ALEX O’BRIEN

Future world leaders learn to debate

New members attend a workshop to improve debating skills. by Alex O’Brien

Model United Nations at NC held a New Delegate Conference for those wishing to join the club on September 28. “Because we are holding this conference, the new delegates will have a leg up in debate and can figure out how to turn arguments

into formal resolutions,” Ms. Galloway, AP World History teacher, said. At the beginning, each new member checked in at the front desk and picked out the country they wished to represent. Delegates then headed into rooms to learn about de-

bating tactics, following the rules, voting procedures, and disputing others out in debate. These skills help them in future formal conferences. Delegates then switched to learning about their country, allies, and enemies. The delegates received packets

Flash Forward

Triathlete envisions broadcast career by Sarah Sutley

Junior Casey Page envisions a college experience involving sports and high scholastic achievement in order to pursue a career in broadcast journalism. “My goals for the future are high and hard to achieve, but I believe that through hard work and dedication, I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. I always try to be my best, no matter what,” Page said. Many students know Page as the principal’s daughter, but most fail to realize that she attends NC as an intelligent, dedicated magnet student. Originally districted to Harrison High School but interested in NC’s international studies program, Page decided to become a Warrior. She remains content with her decision because she gained many friendships and participates in several extra-curricular activities. “Casey is one of my closest friends at NC; she is such a kind person and always puts others ahead of herself. She has motivation to do well in school and excel in softball,” junior Isabelle Martinez said. Page enjoys softball and other sports. She reached tri-athlete status during her freshman year, competing on the varsity girls’ lacrosse, swim, and softball teams. Page received a great honor for this and earned a letter in each. “I have played softball since I was 4 years old. By now it is like second nature to me. Playing at a division one school is my biggest dream and I am determined to make that goal a reality,” Page said. Page hopes to receive a scholarship to a large university outside of

Ramos practices during hot practices. by Cameron Hines

Senior Eric Ramos, a stu-

Junior Casy Page smiles toward sporty future Georgia. She finds meteorology in- future; there is no question about teresting and may pursue the study it. I know Casey has the ability to related to broadcast journalism as play softball at a big university, and a career. Additionally, Page enjoys I hope that someday she will. It is writing and reporting sports stories. most important though, that she is She remains torn on which field to academically sound. Page stays on enter but already set her mind on top of her school work and never attending the University of South lets her grades fall behind. She will Carolina, Mississippi State, or her do well on camera because of her dream school, Princeton. ability to connect with people and “I love entertaining people. bring the positive out of any situaThere is no doubt in my mind that tion. I am proud to have Casey Page I want to pursue a career on camera. as a member of my team,” softball But, I love both meteorology and coach Jo Beth Weaver said. sports. Weather has always grasped Page’s friends and coaches my interest. Sports, on the other praise her for the tremendous hand, happens to be what I live for,” dedication and work ethic she Page said. displays. She remains set on her The teachers and staff at NC goals to attend a division one collove Page’s beaming personality. lege and move on to a successful She continues to handle the pres- career in broadcast journalism. sures of high school and remains a Page hopes to accomplish her well-rounded student athlete. dreams and maintain her impres“She will do big things in her sive scholar-athlete lifestyle.

asked questions to better understand the process. Students made motions for un-qualified or moderated caucuses. Other representatives then voted to either pass or kill the motions. The caucuses’ time span ranged from two to 15 minutes and in this time, the representatives discussed plans of action with allies. Halfway through the conference practice, news broke and a “crisis” arose among those in the room. The delegates received information about North Korea and nuclear weapons ready to launch. This changed emotions of everyone’s attitude in the room as representatives frantically scrambled to alter tactics. “Model UN had a limited time to plan conference and I am proud of how it came together and how it worked out,” senior David Kime said. The conference served to help the new delegates learn about how they need to act during a real conference.

“Renaissance Man,” travels toward a successful future. “The best part of marching band is performing. Performing has been one of my top high school experiences,” Ramos said. Ramos, a member of marching band since his freshman year, earned center snare position and drum line section leader this year. His exemplary percussion techniques serve as the backbone for the award-winning band. For Ramos, performing during football games remains his favorite activity. His astounding credentials receive notice all around the school. Ramos’s work and honors garner the respect of his peers. “Eric is really talented, seriously talented, and it shows in his work in drum line,” senior Will Sutherland said. The multi-talented senior not only serves as the lead drummer in the NCHS march-

ing band, but swims for NCHS varsity as well. Eric swam on the county team his entire high school career, while swimming for the state team since his sophomore year. He continues to succeed tremendously, planning to swim for his senior year. His accomplishments remain impressive for a student in the magnet program. Ramos works diligently to sustain top grades and his 3.65 GPA places him in upper class ranks. “Eric can have a very methodical type of leadership. He will point out the little things in order to help you,” junior Giovani Velez said. Ramos remains unsure about where to attend college, but plans to major in music. On the side, Eric involves himself with local rock band One By Monday as the guitarist. Ramos shines as one of NC’s most talented and hard-working students, receiving positive attention for his efforts.

Science club prepares for competition Olympiad requires diligent practice

that explained vital information about the country they represented. Final stages of explanation included how to write solutions and two different types of clauses, called operatives and preambulators. Learning these important skills will further assist the new delegates, as they obtain a new skill to use in competition. “I think this helps the new delegates by helping them gain understanding about competition and Model UN is experiential so this experience will help them become better delegates,” Ms. Roach, AP Economics teacher, said. When the actual conference began, the chairman spoke about what the debate featured and how the meeting carries out. Delegates then came to the front of the room and held the floor for 30 seconds to bring up any resolution they found relevant. They argued against statements and


of people,” Mrs. Woolsey, mother and Freshman Academy Interdisciplinary Lab Coordinator, said. Woolsey presents himself as an approachable person. People immediately feel comfortable talking to him. He makes others want help from him, and he


by Carli Troutman

Senior Parker Woolsey’s sheer determination made him join Link Crew for the second time, earning his place solidly as captain. “I’ve always been one to go out of my way to help others, so when the opportunity presented itself to be able to get freshman situated in high school and heighten the chance of their success, I jumped at it,” Woolsey said. He felt that this club would allow him to communicate with the freshman class and anticipated the power to make a difference in their lives. During his junior year, Woolsey participated in Link Crew, a freshman-mentoring program. He knew he wanted to assist rising freshmen and keep them from feeling out of place. “Parker took the leadership role knowing the various trials and tribulations he could face, and learns to work with different kinds



by Nneoma Igwedibie

Percussionist excels Ramos reveals rhythmic talents

Regular Feature

Club members enjoy science labs. by Kayley Rapp

With help from guest speakers and competitive practice, science club members prepare for the Science Olympiad competition. “It is a fun learning experience that everyone should enjoy and partake in,” junior Benjamin Franco said. The day began with Sam and Ashley, science students from Southern Polytechnic State University, speaking about their personal experiences in the school’s science programs. They believe these speeches help them pursue their love of science while assisting high school students. “Teaching things you already know helps you learn as well,” Dr. McCoy, science club leader, said. These speeches inspired those in the club, who joined to

pursue science. Many students advanced to more progressive science classes throughout their school years and believe they could become scientists in the future. “I like to learn about science, and I joined to be more exposed to it,” junior Kiana Jean-Baptiste said. When the speakers left, members received materials needed to complete the bungee jump experiment, such as elastic, rope, a water bottle, and varassembled the bungee cords and water bottle together. The competition’s goal revolved around not letting the water bottle touch the ground. Teams threw the bottles over the edge of the stairwell, hoping the elastic would prevent the bottle from hitting the ground. This

exercise models an event from the Science Olympiad. The Science Olympiad involves teams from various events. Subjects range from biology to engineering to physics. Teams that excel at regionals may advance to state and the national level. The science club will participate in Division C, the high school level. Members hope to make an impact at the competition in February.


Senior earns title as link crew captain

Stressful applications concern seniors

Inside These Walls


Inside These Walls Seniors prepare for college Woolsey mentors

Club member experiment with domestic items.

10/September 2013/The Chant

The Chant/Septemberber2013/11

Outside These Walls

Outside These Walls

by Sarah Sutley

Heavy rain across Colorado, beginning on September 9, caused widespread flooding and left thousands displaced. “I was devastated to hear of the floods. People lost everything in a matter of days. It will take a long time to rebuild everything that was destroyed, but it is definitely possible. When something like this happens, it proves the power of Mother Nature. I pray for those affected by this horrible destruction,” senior Fred Tehrani said. Several areas throughout Colorado experienced varying levels of drought before the natural disaster. A slow-moving

cold front descended over the state, causing heavy downpours and localized rainfall on September 9. Within hours, many valleys and low areas sought increased at a steady rate. The ing mandatory evacuations for much of Colorado on September a state of emergency. “I have watched the news and seen the pictures from this horrible tragedy. I can’t even imagine what it must feel like to be a part of this so my heart goes out to all those involved,”

sophomore Avery Rice said. The highly populated city of Boulder remains the most immore than 17 inches of rain, the town appeared unrecognizable and completely submerged by September 15. People left precious belongings behind in order to seek safety in a dry shelter. Terrifying images of families trapped inside and outside their homes emerged while the rainfall continued. The amount of rain Boulder received in only a week bypassed their average annual precipitation amount of 20.7 inches. “Colorado is experiencing tragedy and adversity, but they will make it through because we will come together as a country to help those in need. I have done my part by donating and everyone else should too. When people work together, anything is possible,” junior Octavian Amechi said. Rescuers in Colorado worked around the clock to save as many lives as possible, but help arrived too late for some. People clung to zip lines, which brought them to safety, and emergency workers braved raging currents to pull animals onto dry land. Throughout the week-long devastation, local ofal citizens sustained injuries, and those involved hold onto tragic memories from the disaster.

crosoft stock expects to rise 1.83 percent to $33.40 a share, peaking at nearly $36.00 in the next 3 months. Because a large buyback reduces the number of shares on the market, leftover shares increase in value. This large stock buyback creates confidence

After releasing nine new models in the past 24 months, Mercedes plans to showcase 13 more editions over the span of eight years. The most recent model, Mercedes CLA, packs several technological advancements and popular road assistance features that enable driver safety. With a starting price of $29,000, the all-new Mercedes CLA Coupe class introduces the Driver Assistance Package. The installed package enables drivers to safely approach the road. Blind Side Assist and Lane Keeping Assist alerts the driver when they drift into other lanes. Another new addition called the “Radar Based Cruise Control” commands the car to adapt to other cars’ speeds, set to cruise control, and even change when cars ahead stop. This particular model, sometimes compared to the Infiniti G37, appeals to the senses with its sharp edges, metallic color, and wind noise reduction, making the vehicle sound as if it floats on the road. “Rivals to the CLA include the Audi A4 and the BMW 3-se-

ries. The point, here, is to give Benz the same kind of panache that you would see higher up the Mercedes range,” Stuart Milne, digital editor, said. Investors appreciate the models combination of an athletic look with four doors. Beneath the hood lies a stunning engine in the 208-HP turbo inline four that reaches incredible speeds for a relatively heavy car. Along with the engine, the ECO start/stop attraction that automatically stops the car at red lights to preserve fuel enhances the car’s appeal. Once the driver’s foot leaves the brake, the engine accelerates back to life. Receiving a five-star



by Tyler Sesan

too. Microsoft acknowledges the interest benefits from their actions, which demonstrates why they invested in their own company. Microsoft plans to expand its buyback to deal sales of Windows and surface devices, such as Android, Apple iPhones, and BlackBerry phones, on September 19. With the new extension, Microsoft pays for new customers that promote revenue. “Of course they are. That’s the whole point of marketing and advertising. Whether it’s rebates or buybacks or lower prices or advertising, companies pay for new customers. Anyone who says this is a bad move knows nothing about directing traffic. If you are not driving traffic into a store, then it becomes a stupid move,” Stephen Baker, an analyst at the NPD retail group, said. Apple and Yahoo also followed through with their own buyback programs. Apple more than doubled

rating, only a few downsides limit the customer. The base engine becomes noisy at high rpm, the car includes little rear seat space, and the navigation dash appears subpar for a intricate Mercedes. Mercedes-Benz CLA class serves both families and couples. With a fourdoor feature, navigation assistance, and an edged chrome exterior that accommodates a leather interior of the customer ’s choice, the CLA coupe, currently underpriced according to Mercedes, formulates the largest anticipation of the year, with customers lining up to test out the new model.

their stock program from $45 billion to $100 billion. Yahoo took similar action, but set their minimal program at $5 billion. Microsoft’s buyback and extension issue promotes revenue and raises stock prices for interested and eager stockhholders.

by Miranda Oliveri

Attaching 300 helium balloons to a small lifeboat, Jonathan Trappe, American balloonist, attempted and failed to cross the Atlantic Ocean on September 12. “The Atlantic Ocean has been crossed many times, and in many ways, but never quite like this,” Trappe said.

into trouble when attempting to steer the balloons. “Thankfully he is safe and well and currently making preparations to get home. While disappointed that he had to cut his quest across the Atlantic short, I know Jonathan thanks everyone for their support and encouragement, ” Kevin Knapp from the command center overseeing the

from Maine to Newfoundland to take between three to six days. However, only a few ed near York Harbor. “He most likely failed because he had trouble controlling the balloons. I do not understand how someone could successfully do that,” freshman Zach Wetherington said. Before landing, Trappe realized his inability to reach Europe and made the decision to land prior to crossing the ocean. He ran

Communication took place with a search and rescue center in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and Canadian officials tracked his movement. He planned on hiking from the area where he landed and returning for his equipment at a later time. His landing resulted in no injury and required no medical attention. In 2010, Trappe used a cluster of balloons to lift a faux house and cross the English Channel. After working

on this adventure for over two years, Trappe regrets nothing attempting this journey. “We set out on this expedition for the adventure, and we got the adventure,” Trappe said.

by Miranda Oliveri

Discovered in U.S. tap water, deadly brain amoeba led to the death of two boys within 2013. “The fact that our drinking water could possibly be infected makes me nervous. However, I realize that this is extremely rare and that it will most likely never happen to me,” junior Bridget Scherer said. Known as the Naegleria fowleri parasite, this parasite resulted in the death of a four year-old boy from Mississippi, Drake Smith Jr., and twelve-year-old Zachary Reyna from Miami. Effected twelve-year old Kali Hardig from Arkansas continues to make a slow recovery with experimental drugs. Naegleria fowleri proves harmless unless it makes its way up someone’s nose. From there, the amoeba attaches to nerves that send smell signals to the brain and reproduce causing swelling and infection. This eventually leads to death. “If water temperatures start going up, you really need to be extremely careful about maintaining the disinfectant. The farther you go from a plant, the more likely you are for the disinfectant levels to get low,” Dr. Michael Beach, head of water safety for the Center of Disease Control, said. Residing in warm, fresh water around the world, the parsite thrives

in heat. Incomplete disinfection allowed Naegleria fowleri to thrive within the New Orleans, St. Bernard Parish system. Since 1962 only 130 people report infection, and only three of those people survived. Another contagion possibility originates from Hurricane Katrina. The hurricane led to a population decrease, allowing the water to sit, stagnate, and age, affecting the water ’s overall structure. According to Louisiana health department spokesman Ken Pastorick, officials work to decontaminate the water, which may take many weeks. Although infection possibilities remain low, The CDC advises residents to keep an eye on the possible contagion sites. PHOTO COURTESY OF FLICKR.COM


Indian American to receive the legendary crown and sash, but she faced imminent racist comments and hatred in the social media on September 15. “Miss America has always been given to the girl next door, but Miss America is evolving, and she is not going to look the same anymore,” Davuluri said. Davuluri, native to Syracuse, NY and educated under the American school system, grew up in Oklahoma and Michigan. She graduated from the University of Michigan and plans to attend med school to train as a physician. Her victory in the pageant challenges the classic media stereotypes that all Indian immigrants resemble quirky nerds, tech

geeks, doctors, motel owners, or gas stations managers. “One of my favorite things about our new Miss America is that she’s a self-described nerd, even making it a point to talk about her love of science fiction and Star Trek in one of her biographical videos. And anyone with a degree in ‘Brain Behavior and Cognitive Science’ probably values studying and hard work. So I think the takeaway from Nina Davuluri’s win is that there isn’t one way to be Indian American and that being a beauty queen and being a scientist or an aspiring doctor aren’t mutually exclusive,” Lakshmi Gandhi, editor of South Asian web magazine The Aerogram, said. The pageant winner relates to girls throughout America. Davuluri struggled with her weight and eating disorders in her past. After viewing a photo that showed weight gain, she decided to exercise

Before the market opened, Microsoft announced their buyback options as well as a dividend increase, which will take place shortly after September. “These actions reflect a continued commitment to returning cash to our shareholders,” Amy Hood, Microsoft’s finance director, said. Microsoft stated they would fully invest $40 billion in their own stock after a previous program expires. After the buyback, quarterly dividend may increase 22 percent, increasing from $0.23 to $0.28. This means stockholders will see a rise in their pocket revenue with Microsoft’s commitment to return cash to investors. Microsoft hopes the buyback causes people to purchase shares. Because the new program anticipates no future expiration date, unlike the previous one, the buyback process may take much longer, and the interested investor will keep buying. Mi-


Nina Davuluri recently won

with a trainer and ate healthy to begin her “weight loss journey.” Now crowned Miss America, her progressive ideas about health inspire young women to safely change if they feel unhappy with their bodies. Runners up Crystal Lee and Rebecca Yeh, both of Asian descent, acknowledge the change in the pageant arena from plasticized, blonde Barbies. The contestants, who despise the backlash from Twitter, open up candid discussion on race, culture, and beauty. Davuluri’s platform even highlighted “celebrating diversity through cultural competency,” and she also performed a traditional Indian dance in the talent portion to emphasize her heritage. Davuluri anticipates using her $50,000 scholarship from the pageant to pay for medical school. Inspiring, genuine, and unique, Davuluri represents a new American beauty.

by Tyler Sesan


by Emily Jones

Bacterial Virus Kills



Indian Miss America makes history

12/September 2013/The Chant

The Chant/Septemberber2013/13

Outside These Walls

Outside These Walls

Known for a strict dress code policy, Hollister, a subsidiary to Abercrombie & Fitch, requires each employee to display the casual California “look;” which disregards employees’ religious doctrine or modest apparel desires. The recent enforcement of the policy ensnares those who wear religious garb. Twenty yearold Hani Kahn was fired from Hollister in San Manteo, California by a corporate official in 2010 for refusing to remove her hijab, which represents modesty in the Muslim religion. “Nothing like this has ever happened to me. They told me they were hiring, and it seemed like a fun place to work,” Kahn said. Local management allowed her to wear her hijabs under the condition that they displayed the company’s colors. Unfortunately, this only lasted for four months. She worked at Hollister until a corporate official demanded her to remove the hijab. When she refused, the official escorted her out of the store. “Abercrombie & Fitch does not discriminate based on religion and we

grant religious accommodations when reasonable,” the company said in a press release. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission sued Abercrombie & Fitch on Kahn’s behalf for discrimination. The company argued that her attire did not portray the style of Hollister, thus costing the store financial gains. In order for the claim to deem considerable in the case, the company needed to present proof of a drop in sales—Abercrombie & Fitch could not. Judge Yavonne Gonzalez ruled in Kahn’s favor, ordering Abercrombie & Fitch to pay Kahn 20,000 dollars. “Abercrombie must provide more than generalized subjective beliefs or assumptions that deviations from the Look Policy negatively affect the sales or the brand. The evidence presented does not raise a triable issue that a hardship, much less an undue hardship, would have resulted from allowing Khan to wear her hijab. Reasonable jurors could determine that by offering Khan one option—to remove her hijab despite her religious beliefs—Abercrombie acted with malice, reckless indifference or in the face of a perceived risk that its actions violated federal law,” the ruling said. Commonly targeted for discriminatory actions, the company remains under the scrutiny of the public eye. However, the company admits to no wrongdoing, justifying their tactics as mandatory to uphold Abercrombie & Fitch’s exclusivity from the beginning. “We go after the cool kids…a lot of people don’t belong [in our clothes], and they can’t belong. Are we exclusionary? Absolutely. Abercrombie hires good-looking people in our stores. Because goodlooking people attract other good-looking people, we want to market to cool, good-looking people,” Mike Jeffries said in an interview with Salon in 2006.

by Luis Trujillo

Former Navy reserve Aaron Alexis shot and murdered 12 innocent people at a secured military facility in Washington D.C. on September 16. “It’s terrible. Why do people have to take the anger that they withheld all this time on people they’ve never met beutes to talk to the person that they are about to murder, they would change their mind,” junior Hunter Clark said. By Monday night, authorities released a statement saying that the gunman acted alone. Alexis carried three weapons during the shooting: gun, and a semiautomatic pistol. Police say Alexis took one of the weapons from a victim in the navy yard. Officials claim that Alexis drove a rental car to the base and entered the proximity by impersonating a contractor. Alexis moved to a floor overlooking an atrium and shot at employees eating breakfast below. Victims lost any opportunity to

protect themselves. “I don’t know how families deal with these

feed themselves and their family. But no, a monster has to come and take a life

Police officers surrounded the military facility and traded shots with PHOTO COURTESY OF MINNESOTA.PUBLICRADIO.ORG

ever, some citizens remain wary of such claims, especially due to recent news about Twitter verifying Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif ’s account online. Government officials using the sites draws criticism from both Iranians and major news networks. “They are afraid of what their people will say. They know that if their people are voiced they will draw attention from other countries,” senior Eric Ramos said. Further investigation shows that the websites remain blocked in Iran, but internet users in the country still access such websites through the use of virtual private networks (VPNs).

kinds of tragedies. These innocent people went to work that morning to make a living so that they can

that an individual cherished. It’s just sad and my heart goes out to them,” senior Bailey Storch said.

Alexis. The police shot and killed Alexis on site. No police officers faced injury in the crossfire. The


online posts repeated the phrase “Rowhani thank you,” giving praise to Iran’s President Hassan Rowhani, who they believe lifted the ban. “Censorship is a way to keep control, but I don’t really agree with the government having that kind of power. I think censorship hinders a lot of countries,” junior Chloe Turner said. Much to the disappointment of enthused citizens, the block on Facebook and other sites returned the next day. Abdolsamad Khoramabadi, a secretary for an Iranian Internet blocking group, claimed that the event occurred due to a “glitch” that temporarily unblocked the sites. How-


Iranian officials blame a “technical glitch” for the recent lift on internet filtering that allowed citizens to access social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter. “Facebook is not filtered?! Am I dreaming?” a young northern Iranian woman said on her Facebook page. In 2009, Iran blocked social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and even YouTube after such sites helped citizens organize government protests in response to a recent presidential election. However, on September 17, the filter seemed to end, and many citizens flooded the Internet to express their joy. Several


by Hannah Gleason

press released the seven victim’s names that Monday evening. The motive for the mass cials placed Alexis’ pictures on the FBI website in a to attempt to receive help from the public. Currently, no leads exist. The alleged shooter’s stepfather stated that Alexis changed after 9/11. Alexis’ supervisor at Manhattan Community College said that he never discussed 9/11. In 2004, Alexis claimed he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder due to multiple events after his arrest in Seattle after shooting coworker’s tires. However, after alleged diagnoses, Alexis apparently never received medication, except sleeping pills that the doctor prescribed. “His actions have had a prothe families of the victims. I don’t know why he did what he did, and I’ll never be able to ask him why. Aaron is now in a place where he can no longer do harm to anyone, and for that I am glad,” Cathleen Alexis, mother, said. After the dreadful event in DC, concerns toward mental illness aid and strict gun control arise.

numbers do not add up. Nyad answered every questions and explained concerned points, defending her swim as “squeaky clean.” “[I] never, never took a rest, never touched a boat, never got out on a boat. It’s simple math and also a lucky stretch. I’m swimming at 1.7 miles per hour [and] I have a current at, let’s say, 2.2 miles per hour. You add them together and you’re close to 4 miles an hour. It’s easy,” she said. During the swim, Nyad sickness. In singing lullabies and repeating her mantra, rough conditions without a or a wet suit. “It was really rough that first day, Saturday, after the start, and I just said: ‘Forget about the surface up. Get your hands in somehow, and with your left hand, say, push Cuba back, and push Florida towards you,’” Nyad said. Keeping momentum in her swim career, Nyad continues to challenge herself with plans to swim to New York this month to raise money for the Hurri-

Sunburn and exhaustion clear on her face, 64 year-old Diana Nyad stumbled out of the ocean and into her legacy, at last completing her recordbreaking swim from Cuba to Florida on September 2. “I got three messages.

One is we should never give up. Two is you never are too old to chase your dreams. Three is it looks like a solitary sport, but it’s a team,” Nyad said. Nyad indeed never gave up. She made five attempts to complete the

swim—the first made more than 30 years ago. Treacherous waves and unforgiving weather forced her to quit in her prior attempts, each one costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. “I think it takes a lot of mental and physical

strength to do something like that and to keep attempting to do it,” junior Sophia Mackey said. Taking only 53 hours to swim 103 miles—a challenge for even Olympic swimmers—stimulated skeptics who say that the

“Considering that she just swam from Cuba to Florida, it’s amazing that she is going swim to New York for the Hurricane Sandy relief effort—they have been through much hardship,” sophomore Bradley Manning said.

The Chant/October2013/15

14/October 2013/The Chant

by Tyler Sesan

skyscraper, with hopes to gain international recognition for their technological advances. “This is a great idea. Not only will the country gain publicity and popularity, but South Korea will also show the world that they can compete in the changing Korea just to see this skyscraper. It is legendary, something you don’t see every day and I’m sure the country will make a lot of money in tourism once it is built,” sophomore Elizabeth Daniel said. Formally named The Inart skyscraper will reach 1,476 feet once complete; only a few feet taller than the Sears Tower in Chicago. Many believe that South Korea set out to prove their progress in engineering with this feat. The goal remained clear to designers: demonstrate South Korea’s innovative technology by applying new techniques on the skyscraper.

The tower will contain a series of cameras, which will capture real-time images of the building’s surrounding. These pictures will then project onto hundreds of LED screens covering the building from top to bottom. Digital processing allows ity Tower blends in almost perfectly with its surroundings, thus creating an optical illusion. “What a waste of money. I can’t believe South Korea would build something so pointless as a symbol of power. The skyscraper will not prove anything to the world but I am curious to see how it turns out,” junior Dakota Jarrell said. Designers claim that the invisibility allows for observers to take in views of the city that a large skyscraper would Tower will not serve as a business building like most, but will instead allow for leisure activities and recreation. The tower plans to include a theme park, restau-

rants, a shopping mall, a movie theater, and an observation deck positioned at 1,286 feet above the ground, making the area the third largest observation deck in the world. “I don’t think this invisible skyscraper will make much of an impact on people. It seems to be something of novelty and nothing more. With that said, I would like to see it one day in the future,” senior Chase English said. stands second in the race for innovative tower design. Sweden’s Mirrorcube Hotel claimed in the late 1900’s on the other cials plan to build the invisible skyscraper near the Incheon International Airport, in hopes to attract even more visitors. Expected to come in sixth on the list of the world’s highest towto prove the strength of South Korea, while also representing the country’s new industries.

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Going Places, Making Faces by Jordan Grubb and Carli Troutman

as NBA 2k14 and those that have already seen excellent reviews like SplinterCell Blacklist, Madden 25, and a popular game on the cusp of November, Call of Duty: Ghost. Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn premiered between late August and early September. Critics believe this 14th edition of the series adds something special to a gamer’s love for their product. For those not in the know, Gamer’s Lobby serves more than new games, including highly recommended and previously played video games. Madden 25, which went on sale August 27, received fantastic reviews regarding new defenses and enhanced slot option play calling. Filling the store on August 31, Lego Legends of Chima: Laval’s Journey wants to create new themes that no other Lego editon includes; an anthropomorphic creatures theme (animals with human abilities) crocodiles, eagles, wolves, ravens, gorillas, nomads, bears, beavers, and rhinoceros and war which threatens them. Legends of

safeties,” Michael Sesan, former online Madden player ranked 10th, said. Another recommended game for action-packed video game lovers, Killer Is Dead, released August 27, immediately sold to those who enjoy anime-style campaign games. For the most part, Killer is Dead comprises supernatural characters with a confusing plot. Killer Is Dead makes no sense in the story line but provides non-stop anime action. Late September and early October jump-starts the beginning to a revolutionary season. With Madden 25 already sold all over the globe, new games such as NBA 2k14 on October 30 and Call of Duty: Ghost on November 5, foreshadow an epic anticipation of the year.

Hogwarts past graces big screen by Cameron Hines

J.K. Rowling announced plans to write a screenplay for a new movie, set in the magical world the author introduced with the famous Harry Potter series. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, stems from Rowling’s book,

tween Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and the Harry Potter series, the character of Harry Potter himself will not appear in the movie. The movie will retain the same characteristics of the wizarding world established in Harry Potter, but the events will take place in New York. “It’s not Harry Potter per se, but the world of Harry,” Heyman said. who played Harry, absolutely rules out any appearance. Due to his preference to branch out and gain notice for other works,

on protagonist Newt Scamander and his adventures around the world, 70 years before Harry Potter entered Hogwarts. Fans eagerly anticipate the up-

with his Harry Potter experience. “Needless to say I wouldn’t be involved in it, and I guess none of the others will be, but I know nothing about

“I’ve read all the Harry Potter books and can’t wait for this movie to come out!” sophomore Alex Williams said. Warner Brothers Entertainment and possibly producer David Heyman prepare to pro-

No release date exists yet,

to the multi-million dollar Harry Potter franchise. “I hope it’s not a disappointment. The originals were so good, so I have high hopes for this movie, even if it is a spin-off,” junior Lynn You said. Despite the similarities beCarli and Jordan somehow get caught up again in Lady Gaga’s “Applause” music video.

in running backs in this new edition. Also, the deep ball passing is much more realistic along with how much

Harry Potter expands

original Harry Potter series. “I always said that I would only revisit the wizarding world if I had an idea that I was really excited about, and this is it,” Rowling said. Rowling, the distinguished author and philanthropist, plans

The ghosts of chipmunks past haunt us forever.

Chima, the all-new theme of 2013, will last until 2015. “Madden 25 brings something new to football

in the next two or three years. game accompaniment remains a possibility. Both the movie and video game will hold close ties to Pottermore, J.K. Rowling’s online Harry Potter platform.

Now Playing Portugal The Man’s songs deliver new outlook by Adam Kovel

Alaska-based indie rock band Portugal The Man exhibits a unique, psychedelic sound, which provides intriguing melodies and lyrics to listeners. “They’re one of those bands that incorporates all genres to create an amazing song. Anyone can listen to it and hear the talent,” junior Sophia Mackey said. Portugal The Man developed when John Gourley and Zach Corathers met in high school. Although neither played musical instruments before, they quickly learned and approach toward some touchy topics. The song, “People Say,” formed the group. After moving to Portland in stands as one of the group’s most controversial and popular singles the following fall. Since then, the from the strong message they band has produced eight studio deliver. The band discusses unnecessary wars and humans as albums and three EPs. Their recent album, Evil expendable objects when soldiers Friends, became their most well are readily available. “All the people, they say/ known, with hits like “Hip Hop Kids” and “Creep In a T-Shirt.” What a lovely day/ Yeah we won Each song on the album pos- the war/May have lost a million men/But we’ve got a million more,” sound, keeping fans hooked on Gourley sings in “People Say.” Portugal The Man displays variations in the music. “I like their ability to variety to appeal to a wide range use their lyrics to symbolize of listeners, which includes lyrthings and adapt their music ics that hold nothing back. Vivid - lyrics and remarkable melodies combine to keep fans yearning for more Dev Pandya said. Their lyrics remain some- more. what controversial due to their

Tragic death of Gia Allemand

by Sarah Sutley

Bachelorette star Gia Allemand recently committed suicide at age 29, hours after her NBA boyfriend, Ryan Anderson, claimined he no longer loved her, on August 12. “I watch The Bachelor every year and she was one of my favorite contestants of all time. Gia was such a beautiful lady and even though she didn’t make it to the end, I knew she would go on to do great things in life. She had so much going for her, and it is incredibly sad to hear that she believed committing suicide was the only way out,” sophomore Ashley Hunter said. Details continue to emerge about the story. According to police reports, Allemand argued with her boyfriend. In the afternoon, Anderson allegedly left Allemand’s apartment afDonna Micheletti, received a call from her heartbroken daughter at 6 pm. Micheletti sensed trouble immediately, and after only minutes on the phone, Allemand’s end went silent. Anderson reported a frantic text message from Allemand’s mother at 7:38 pm. She asked him to check on Allemand. He drove back to the mand’s neck wrapped with a vacuum cord and her limp, unresponsive body hanging from a spiral staircase. “I’m heartbroken to hear that

anyone took their own life, especially someone as beautiful as her,” sophomore Melissa Hines said. Neighbors arrived after hearing calls of help from Anderson. When medics arrived, they began CPR in hopes of resuscitating her. After the attempts failed, they rushed Allemand to University Hospital in New Orleans, as she still possessed signs of life. The former reality TV star remained on life support for two days before her mother took pass away in peace. Allemand died at the hospital on August 14. Upon further investigation, police also found a simple note in Allemand’s apartment, which read, “Mom gets everything.” “People often blame suicide on the person who committed it, but I think it’s society’s fault. Those who do it are wrongly criticized for being weak and cowardly, when in reality they are the opposite. More and more beautiful people are doing this terrible thing to themselves and


NBA 2014 features basketball legacies


Game Tracker

Bachelor star commits suicide

all of us need to do everything we can to help them,” freshman Allemand always retained a love for entertainment and performing. She began modeling at a young age and became increasingly successful as she got older. First obtaining a job as a professional ballerina, she later pursued swimsuit modeling. She appeared in many magazines and ad campaigns. Allemand’s family and friends remain devastated and say that the world will never know what Allemand’s bright future held.

Bill Nye The Science Guy to The Dancing Guy? Science morphs beloved educator on Dancing With the Stars PHOTO BY ADAM KOVEL

by Sarah Sutley

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October serves up impres-

First invisible Skyscraper Construction begins on creative building

Arts & Entertainment



Arts & Entertainment

by Kayley Rapp

Bill Nye trades in his beakers and chemicals for dance shoes as he takes the stage on Dancing with the Stars. “He’s on the show to promote science to a wider audience of people,” junior Morgan White said. Formerly the star of the popular TV show Bill Nye the Science Guy, Nye returns to audiences in Dancing with the Stars’ 17th season. He made his first appearance with his partner Tyne Stecklein dancing the cha-cha together on August 16th They performed to “Weird Science,” and Nye portrayed a scientist constructing a creature in his lab, played by his partner. Unfortunately, judges gave him the lowest score of the night at 14 points. However, Nye and his partner survived elimination. “Dancing with the Stars would end for me [if he] was voted off,” senior Stephen Howard said. Thoughts about Nye joining the cast of the show reveal varied

viewpoints. Some claim he stands as the only reason to watch Dancing with the Stars. Some view him as a way to bring science to a different community of people. Most Americans remain ignorant to any living scientists, and people think that Nye participating on the show could foster awareness about the science community. Some viewers appear outraged. They argue that Nye mocks science. They claim his dance routine further enforces already prevalent stereotypes about scientists in the media. “My problem is that this was a major opportunity to teach America that scientists are normal people too,” Jennifer Welsh, writer for Business Insider said. Viewers similar to Welsh fear unintended consequences may stem from of Nye’s performance. The consequences include enforcing the “nerd” and “geek” labels people often place on scientists. Despite the different standpoints, most viewers agree that Nye’s performance on Dancing with the Stars brought a smile to their faces.

The Chant/Septemberber2013/17

16/September 2013/The Chant

Arts & Entertainment

Arts & Entertainment

Famous director Stanley Kubrick’s macabre style and eye for creative imdirectors forever. be, more like music than It should be a progression of moods and feelings. The theme, what’s behind the emotion, the meaning—all that comes later,” Kubrick said. Known for cinematic masterpieces such as The Shining, Kubrick’s artistic style of cinematography teem. Few other directors claim as many masterpieces as Kubrick, whose catalog of work includes the popular The Shining stands as one of Kubrick’s classics.

By Emily Jones

Returning for the 81st year at Jim R. Miller Park, the North Georgia State Fair excited all ages with eclectic attractions, amusing coasters, and various food choices September 19 through September 29.

Entertainers and singersongwriters performed at the fair for the Georgia Lottery Concert Series. The artists included Phillips, Craig, and Dean on the 20th, Lauren Alaina on the 21st, Lee Brice on the 25th, Loretta Lynn on

the 26th, Colt Ford on the 27th, and Jerrod Niemann on the 28th. Admission to concerts came complementary with the fair ticket. Presented by Superior Plumbing and sponsored by 104.7 The Fish, Carl Black

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Blacked Out by Chris DeGirolamo

If you cannot spell “North Korea” without looking like a kid with minimal brain cells, you should not try to correct someone in the first place. Look at a map “sweetie,” because based on your spelling of this country called “North Career,” you would find it on the continent of North Africa, right around the corner from “Awestreelia.” Sometimes, I wish I could meet people like you just to see if you actually say things like this in person. At least nobody in can see this tweet on the Internet in North Korea. I am happy to tell you that you have been blacked out. I think you slept through class when your teachers taught about Columbus or the Magna Carta. Even if you missed that in kindergarten, you learned that Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492. I blame you for the stereotypes other countries create about our education. People like you lower our school system because you remain ignorant towards basic American History. Christopher Columbus would hate that you said that, but now he’s laughing in his grave at the fact that you have

Kennesaw, COBB EMC, and other Georgia companies, the fair garnered strong media coverage and press for busithe 300,000 attendees. However, fair-goers faced overcrowding due to numerous venues and attractions. Attendees attended multiple entertaining attractions that appealed to all ages. The Sea Lion Splash! showcased talented creatures that balanced balls, caught rings, and stood on their hands for their trainer. The Tiger Encounter, run by 19-yearold ninth generation tiger trainer Felicia Frisco, focused on tiger education and preservation. Horses, Horses, Horses provided audience members a spectacular show of animal mastery, with three horses and nine American miniatures. Oscar the Robot paraded a day with his built in video system, using cameras, VCR, color TV, and communication devices. Wit Carson’s petting zoo housed rabbits, horses, cows, roosters, and Brian “Master of the Chainsaw” Ruth presented his incredible talent by carving

logs in front of spectators. Bobby Brantley from Lizard Lick Towing meets fans in the Carolina Carports Exhibits near the petting zoo. Randy Rooster Puppet Show uplifts audiences with its hilarious barnyard adventure. A local entertainment stage allowed performers from around the metro-Atlanta area to showcase their talent. The NonCommercial Exhibit and Flower Shows provided award-winning talent. The Georgia Mountain Lift transported fair-goers from one end of the fair to the other in about 15 minutes, and the Yoppi Family Coaster excited all families after manageable heights; both attractions debuted this year. Food trucks, such as King of Pops, provide interesting choices. Attendees ate funnel cakes, large turkey legs, handspun ice cream, calzones, hot dogs, barbeque sandwiches, and even deep-fried Oreos. The food appealed to various taste buds as people walked from attraction to attraction. Each attendee anticipated entertainment on the fairground. For 81 years, the North Georgia State Fair has excited with new amusements and old favorites.

laud the movie as a timeless hit, appreciating the inventive use of color and camera angles that Kubrick especially horrifying. This style persists in much of Kubrick’s work, of the book, A Clockwork Orange the creepy resounds here as well as portraying the story of delinquent teens. A lesser-known Kubrick Lolita, epitomizes the full impact Kubrick brought

and upsetting subject matter depicted in the movie paired well with Kubrick’s dark style and helped to show audiences the real impact his cinematic style held. Kubrick made grim subject matter more accessible in the and accomplished this through gorgeous cinematography that the same freedom as a novelist has when he buys himself some paper,” Kubrick said. The impact of Kubrick and his work resonates to this day. Popular modern directors such as Martin Scorsese, Quentin Tarantino, Guillermo del Toro, and Steven Spielberg all looked up to Kuly stands out in the Tarantino Pulp Fiction, wherein violent stories play out in an interesting and creative style. “The screen is a magic medium. It has such power that it can retain interest as it conveys emotions and moods that no other art form can hope to tackle,” Kubrick said. Fans of strange and colorful movies should appreciate the remarkable contributions Kubrick made publicly loved.

Atlanta’s Bodies Exhibition provides a unique view into the human body by displaying various preserved and labeled bodies. “Using an innovative preservation process, the exhibition allows you to see and celebrate your body’s inner beauty in ways you never dreamed possible. Over 200 actual human bodies and specimens, meticulously dissected and respectfully edented and wholly unique look into your amazing body,” the Bodies the Exhibition website said. Guests enter the building and walk through a series of hallways that lead room showcases bones in the body and includes a full human skeleton. A point of interest lies in the skeleton’s rib cartilage. The uninformed attendee learns through this model that, while partially made of bone, the rib cage contains cartilage that allows it to expand and contract for breathing. “I think [the exhibit] provided an interesting win-

viewing technique took thin slices of the body from the top of the head down to the feet, showing a sliver of what the body looks like cut in half. Overall, the exhibit makes for a remarkable learning outlet and helps attendees of all ages see what occurs inside the body.


Fans discover Walter White’s fate

Bad brea ks

by Luis Trujillo

Walter White’s corrupt lawyer, Saul Goodman, from the epic TV series Breaking Bad lives on in a slow and heartbreaking end on September 29. “This is great. Breaking Bad is one of the best shows ever. It can only mean that I’ll be in front of the TV this much more,” senior Scott Cambell said. AMC and Sony Pictures agreed that Better Call Saul will de-

dow into the human body,” Michael Gleason, medical illustrator, said. The exhibit allows any guest to visit and learn more about the body. Each displayed specimen died from natural causes and came from China. For preservation, each body travels through a polymer preservation process, which helps them stay in top condition for extended periods of time. In fact, the bodies on display went through preservation in the 70s and remain in quality order today. “Seeing promotes understanding and understanding promotes the most practical kind of body education possible,” Dr. Roy Glover, Bodies the Exhibition Medical Director, said. Each viewing room presents the body’s organs and nerves in

but as a television show. The planned series will not air as a sequel, but as a prequel. The series will allow viewers to see Saul Goodman’s slimy work before meeting meth makers, White and Jesse Pinkman. The show’s release date remains unknown, but may


by Hannah Gleason

by Hannah Gleason


Retro Kitsch

Anatomical exhibitions entertain



New attractions meet old traditions


Annual fair produces excites metro Atlanta’s families

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premiere within the next seven to 12 months. The producers and television network announced that Bob Odenkirk will continue to play Goodman. Rumors arose saying that the producers discussed using another actor for a younger lawyer, but Odenkirk’s acting in front of the camera seemed too extraordinary to replace. Odenkirk’s smart and sarcastic lawyer added much-needed humor on Breaking Bad. Goodman’s character brought intrigue to the show and Vince Gilligan (writer and creator) felt that continuing his story would garner attention, just as Breaking Bad did. “Vince is still really busy with the show, so we haven’t talked very in-depth about it, but he clearly thinks it’s a possibility and I’ve certainly told him that if there was some way to see more of Saul, then I would be happy to do it,” Bob Odenkirk said. Better Call Saul should receive immense hype after its parent show ends. The media will continue to talk about the show. Millions anticipate the new twists and turns that writer and producer plan to show. Gilligan seems to create each episode with a jawdropping ending, ensuring excitement for Better Call Saul’s future.

The Chant/September 2013/19

18/September 2013/The Chant



by Kayley Rapp Book lovers everywhere celebrated Banned Books Week by reading challenged and banned books from September 22 to 28. 1. Looking for Alaska by John Green Miles “Pudge” Halter leaves his home in Florida to transfer to a boarding school near Montgomery, Alabama. Pudge’s story revolves around the antics of his boarding school, along with attempting to understand a girl named Alaska. Alaska displays a free spirited attitude which baffles him. The approach Green took while writing the novel resembles the way teenage boys think and react to experiences. He shows teenagers experiencing scandalous activities, not because they wish to rebel, but because they enjoy them. Parts of the novel contain sexually explicit situations between Pudge and a girl named Lara, along with another scene between him and Alaska. Pudge and his friends also smoke and drink. The reasons some parents want Looking for Alaska banned lay within these experiences. Parents protest more over the sexually explicit scenes than the drug and alcohol use. Most people claim the scenes contain too many graphic descriptions for young readers. However, parents fail to realize the Looking for Alaska

appeals only to readers 16 and up, not anyone younger. If parents still wish to ban Looking for Alaska, they should censor their own individual children, not the whole country’s children. 2. The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky Through letters sent to an anonymous recipient, Charlie writes about the wonderful and horrible events of freshman year. The Perks of Being a Wallflower deals with feeling like an outcast and discovering what makes individuals unique. Charlie begins his story as a lonely introvert, but as he slowly gains confidence, he learns that his friends will never disappoint him. Controversy over Chbosky’s novel comes from

his blunt descriptions of drug experimentation and mental illness during adolescence. In the past decade alone, this novel ended up on the Most Challenged Book List five times. Chbosky hides nothing about how teenagers discover sexuality and how it affects them. Charlie and various other characters experiment in and try to hide matters involving this complex subject. The novel displays the topic’s dark side as well. Charlie remembers repressed memories of his aunt molesting him as a child, showing why he requires psychological help. Later, Charlie ends up in the hospital after an unexplained incident. Readers assume he attempted selfharm or suicide. Mental illness, a subject often viewed

as taboo, plays a major role in The Perks of Being Wallflower, and this may explain why many parents want the novel banned. Drugs and alcohol experimentation occur frequently through the book. The drugs range from marijuana to LSD. At a party, Charlie decides to try LSD, and then wanders out into the freezing cold night. Chbosky shows the terrible events that occur in relation to drug use, not to promote but to prevent. Understandably, parents fret over their teenagers reading The Perks of Being . However, this novel portrays real life and the mistakes teenagers make in order to mature. Censoring teenagers will only shield them from the truth they will eventually uncover. 3. Fahrenheit 451 by Ray

Bradbury Ray Bradbury’s novel follows the life of Guy Montag, future, where book burnings occur daily. Guy begins to realize that the books he burns everyday contain valuable information and ideas. Upon reaching this conclusion, his world begins to crumble. In the past, people wanted Fahrenheit 451 banned for the novel’s content, including foul language and large amounts of violence. In 1987, the Bay County School Board in Panama City, Florida banned the book until student and parent protests caught the attention of the media. Some church organizations even claimed the novel wrongly portrayed Christians and promoted Bible burning. The Bible was classified as a book, so the firemen burned them as well, and Guy actually manages to save a copy from being harmed. However, people wishing to ban the novel only further enforce the message Bradbury’s novel tries to display. In Fahrenheit 451, the government played no role when book burnings first began. The public started to demand the destruction of controversial books, and with this in mind, the government began to take advantage of the situation. “You don’t have to burn books to destroy culture. Just get people to stop reading them,” Bradbury writes. This novel epitomizes the ideas behind censorship and truly shows the sprit of Banned Book Week.

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New iPhone amazes with high-tech features PHOTO BY MADELINE MCWHORTER


Debated novels teach life lessons

by Madeline McWhorter Apple’s iPhone 5S displays numerous new features to entire and awe customers. Customers consider the 5S the “next step up” from the previously released iPhone 5. Although style and shape remain similar, what lies underneath the metal shows what Apple added to make the phone the best novelty product today. Fingerprint touch technology showcases one of the phone’s most prominent features. This scanner allows the owner to record their fingerprint ID in the phone and unlock their phone with just a touch of a button. The feature seemed sketchy and difficult to work with at first; however, the identity sensor works with ease and recording a fingerprint in the phone takes only 20 seconds. The phone also provides the option to record up to five prints, giving accessibility to anyone (at the owner ’s discretion, of course). Video and camera quality have changed drastically. The new “True Tone Flash” detects the color of the lighting and then fires white and amber lights together to result in a perfectly lit image with realistic quality. Although these pictures come out with incredible quality, the delay of the new flash feature, which varies from time to time, irritate may owners. Also, depending on the phone case, some

pictures develop an obscure glare. Slow motion and photo burst also feature on the new camera. Slow motion allows for 120 frames per second video shooting, and then the viewer selects what section of the clip they want slowed down. This feature amazes owners, letting the buyer experiment with several features. Photo burst happens after holding down the picture button, which subsequently takes 10 pictures per second. This feature comes in handy when wanting a perfect series of photos in a short amount of time. As for looks, the 5S comes in 3 colors; space gray, silver, and the newest of the group, gold. Yes, gold. The iPhone’s quality remains incredible. Heavy duty, yet light in the palm, the phone weighs in only at four ounces. Visual appeal runs high. However, looks come with a price. The new

iPhone 5s sells for $199, at the least. Depending on storage space preference, the 16GB goes for $199, 32GB for $299, and the

64GB for $399. This makes quite a dent in the average consumer ’s wallet. Overall, Apple amazes their customers yet again as

they features up and provide the unexpected to capture the customer’s attention, as Apple always seems to achieve when releasing a new product.

ceedings within the house, startling the characters and viewers alike. Critics of Insidious 2 might point to the occasional corny dialogue or similarities between the sequel and the original. However, the lackluster jokes become humorous after lengthy periods of tension, providing much needed comic relief from the inescapable terror that abounds. While noticeable similarities between the two installments inevitably occur, Insidious 2 masterfully intertwines sequences from the original, which creates a movie that successfully

utilizes both plots to tie up loose ends. Insidious 2 represents a must-see for both horror addicts and average moviegoers. In addition to the movie’s overall quality, suspenseful and startling scenes, a chilling soundtrack, and intriguing sub-plots all contribute to branding Insidious 2 as the best scary movie of the season.

Insidious 2 shocks audiences


9 (2009)

9 opens in a post apocalyptic world where humanity no longer exists and only nine puppets that a scientist left behind to help restore humanity remain. The main character, called Nine, obtains a key to save the human race. In the beginning, a monster awakens with the intent to stop the puppets and crush humanity. Nine and his friends then have to ban together to defeat all the creatures taking over before the Earth falls. 9 combines terror and thrills in this action-packed movie about the struggle for survival. 2. Big Fish (2003) When Ed Bloom faces death, Will, his son, rushes to his side in However, Ed angers Will when he starts to tell the tales of his youth that Will believes are false.

travel through young Ed’s life of true adventure. Big Fish displays family values and a hint of Burton’s childhood memories. 3. Alice in Wonderland (2010) Alice wants to see the world, far away from her mother’s watchful eye and obsession with her daughter’s marriage. When Alice runs away from her inevitable future, she trips and falls down a rabbit hole to a world existing only in her dreams. The young heroine then meets the White and Red Queens, and the White Queen tells Alice that in order to save Wonderland, she must slay a Jabberwocky. This Burton remake contains action, drama, and an imaginary world that anticipates all viewers. 4. The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King, rules Halloween town

and runs the holiday each year. Although happy with his position, he longs for a fresh start. When he finds mysterious doors in the woods, he walks through one and finds himself in Christmas Town, where Christmas spirit always flourishes. Jack then hatches a plan to kidnap Santa Claus and take his place, but when events turn disastrous, Jack must rewrite mistakes. The Nightmare Before Christmas contains excitement for all ages and shows quirky twists in beloved holidays. 5. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005) Charlie Bucket, a poor boy who wants to see worlds beyond, wishes to help his family overcome poverty. Charlie’s life changes when an absurd candy maker, Willy Wonka, offers a tour to the golden ticket finder. Charlie wins the prize and gains admittance into the mysterious factory. This remake by Burton contains quirks and mystery that leave viewers wanting more.

Insidious 2 presents a worthy sequel to the original horror film and frightens audiences while providing a gripping and delightfully disturbing storyline. The film chronicles the events that befall a family already familiar with the supernatural. A ghostly fe-

male spirit possessed husband and father Josh Lambert (Patrick Wilson) during his childhood, and a devilish demon possessed his son Dalton (Ty Simpkins) in the previous installment. The family finally escapes the evil spirits and looks to continue the life they enjoyed before the incidents began.

Contrary to the family’s peaceful wishes, the spirit of the dastardly woman revisits Josh, although only his wife Renai (Rose Byrne) suspected the return. Renai calls in specialists to enter the spirit world and rescue the real Josh from oblivion. However, this act -


by Alex O’Brien Top 5 Beloved Tim Burton Movies For a Cozy Night in:


by Cameron Hines

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20/September 2013/The Chant



540 Tapas exhibits hip, plan and tasty and unique hors d’ouevers to make for a fun night out in Kennesaw. This new restaurant instantly became a hit with locals. Hip music and a classy interior set an amusing yet elegant mood for customers. “The atmosphere there was pretty cool and relaxed and comfortable. The food was really great quality, also,” Jordan Theaker, customer, said about the restaurant. The interior feels similar to a classic Atlanta restaurant with the stylish artwork and pleasurable music. The waiters display a friendly personality and provide helpful advice on what to eat. “540 Tapas brings the Buckhead lifestyle to Cobb County!” said. ed the chips and dips, with vegetables, pita bread, and potato chips setting a signature style to 540 Tapas. Special sauces, such as their edamame hummus, French onion, and eggplant sauce, add

monplace meals transform into a delicious concoction. Interesting favorites include

to the foods. 540 Tapas reinvents classic dishes with their own unique style. Even basic com-

shrimp and grits tots. While chicken and waffles stands as a southern favorite, 540 Tapas puts their

own twist on the meal. They place fried chicken on top of a waffle puree, mixing sweet and salty into a fantastic tasting supper. Shrimp and grit tots derive from the Southern classic as well. The eclec-

tic restaurant combined the two foods and formed them into a ball, forming a tasty sphere. Although the food and atmosphere result in an excellent night, the food may slightly hurt wallets.

Meals range from around nine to 13 dollars. However, the experience makes the price worthy. This promising restaurant provides great meals for any occasion and amplifies the Kennesaw area.

Drake’s new album boasts interesting tracks by Alicia Bush

Aubrey “Drake” Graham, Canadian actor turned singer, artfully exhibits superiority and sappy behavior on his recent album release Nothing Was the Same. Drake boasts about his ability to invade the music industry, conquer a large fan base, and inherit the crown as the finest modern rapper. However, he strategically waited to release his album until the end of summer, after Kanye West’s Yeezus, JayZ’s Magna Carta Holy Grail, and J. Cole’s Born Sinner, which sends all attention in his direction. “All Me (ft. 2 Chainz & Big Sean)” and “Worst Behavior” best establishes his conceit. The “All Me,” collaboration represents a hype anthem that promotes confidence and self-accreditation. While 2 Chainz brags about his expensive wardrobe and attractive female entourage, Big Sean expresses his nonchalant attitude, artistic fashion sense, and new girlfriend Naya Rivera, best known for her character as Santana Lopez on Glee. In “Worst Behavior,” Drizzy mocks all his critics because he reached millionaire status, despite their opinions. Most know that his fame started from

his role as Jimmy Brooks on Degrassi: The Next Generation. Those who doubted his success in the music industry now must bitterly envy him. “From Time (ft. Jhene Aiko)” envisions a young lady who desires a relationship with her old boyfriend, even though his fame complicated things between them. She declares that her heart holds enough love to love herself and him. The couple harbors undeniable chemistry, and their bond creates more trust in the relationship. Aiko’s mellow voice creates lofty vibes and relaxes listeners alongside Drake’s. “I love me/ I love me enough for the both of us/ That’s why you trust me/ So what are you? / What are you, what are you so afraid of? / Darling you/ You give but you cannot take love,” Aiko sings. In “Come Thru,” Drake expresses his feelings for his ex-girlfriend, as he drives past her house, reminiscing on


by Adam Kovel

their times shared. He insists that she come outside, and ride with him to reconciliate. Most fans know about Drake’s dysfunctional relationship with his family, and in “Too Much (ft. Sampha),” he allows listeners to feel his

disappointment. Although he delights in making enough money to support everyone, he feels that his family lacks the same determination he possesses. He discusses how money corrupted his family members, which causes him to

question their sincerity. All in All, Nothing Was the Same impressed his audience. As the music industry continuously evolves, Drakes produces admirable music with catchy lyrics and good vibes.

Regular Column

Whip It by Kayley Rapp Bliss Cavender discovers her place in the world through roller derby in Shauna Cross’s Whip It. In this story of bands and rollerblades, Cross tells 16 year-old Bliss’s story: beauty pageant failure turned roller derby queen. Through roller derby bout and decides to join the hilarious tattooed girls. However, keeping this secret from her pageant-obcult. Bliss worries, but Babe Ruthless, her roller derby alter ego, conquers. Readers fearing long chapters and long books need not worry. The novel contains just 234 pages, and each chapter ranges from two to six pages. The writing style helps readers easily fall into roller derby lingo and indie music. Cross writes in a style reminiscent of movies and books

such as Juno and The Perks of . Bliss’s narration contains all the sarcasm and enthusiasm readers expect from a teenage girl. She rants, raves, and fawns over music, her high school, and a guy named Oliver who ultimately breaks her heart. “And, honestly, if I can give you one teeny, tiny piece of advice, it is this: DO NOT DATE A BOY IN A BAND! But if you insist on blithely ignoring the above wisdom, DO NOT GIVE HIM YOUR BELOVED STRYPER SHIRT,” Bliss shouts at the reader. Bliss’s teenage struggles and truthful voice reassures and entertains readers. Whip It may appear more momentous than philosophiful messages about embracing oneself and loving one’s peers -no matter how strange- lay under the fast moving plot.

through the help of the Hurl Scout’s captain Malice in Wonderland. Malice tells Bliss to become her own hero. Messages like this need to prevail in society, and Cross shows coming of age and “Then get your [butt] on the track and make it happen,” Malice shouts at Bliss. Life as a teenager plays out with surprising accuracy. world where parents and chilBliss and her mother share few, if any, common values on the world, but they care deeply about each other. Cross displays a genuine motherdaughter relationship relevant to all women’s lives. Whip It bursts with realistic characters and real-life siturelate to.



540 Tapas excites local taste buds

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22/September 2013/The Chant


by Hannah Gleason


Elementary’s exciting tales about the remarkable Sherlock Holmes and companion Joan Watson returned to television sets on September 26.

While sub-standard crime dramas litter every station by the dozen, Elementary sets itself above the crowd with witty dialogue and fantastic characterization. When the show premiered, critics remained skeptical about the show’s

Mycroft Holmes (Rhys Ifans) meets to confront Sherlock.

choice to change the original character, John Watson from the classic Sherlock Holmes novels, into a female, but any complaints fade away after watching the smooth character interaction. The new season continues its tradition of strong characters, especially with regards to female characters. Bypassing the “sexy lamp” trope that many series place on female characters, Elementary’s season premiere opens with Joan Watson, played by Lucy Liu, taking down a male criminal by using selfdefense techniques. Showing off the female characters’ independent perHolmes (Miller) and Watson (Liu) arrive in England during the season premiere. sonalities engages viewers that tire of meekly ters remains high quality. tive of a relatable character. The second season of Throughout the first epiwritten women. “I’m curious to know sode, Holmes, played by Elementary opened with which one of us is right Johnny Lee Miller, delivers the same excellence that about my brother. I have humorous lines that lighten audiences grew accusmy money on me,” Holmes the show’s serious tone. tomed to, and each Thurssaid in the season pre- Watson’s insightful com- day at 10/9 central on miere, demonstrating the mentary also adds to the CBS viewers will tune in show by allowing audiences to watch more intriguing show’s amusing writing. Additionally, dia- to understand the criminal adventures with Holmes logue between the charac- cases through the perspec- and Watson.

Bitter Rivals


Sleigh Bells strays from familiar sound

by Jordan Grubb Sleigh Bells released their disappointing third album, Bitter Rivals, on October 8. The band distributed their new 10 song LP from label Mom + Pop. Lead guitarist Derek Miller produced the album and Andrew Dawson mixed. Dawson contributed to other artists’ albums, such as Kanye West’s Yeezus and JayZ’s Watch the Throne. Bitter Rivals displays many differences from Sleigh Bells’s 2010 debut album, Treats, and their second album, Reign of Terror. “This album is in a different headspace, just more up and positive… not a downer,” Miller said to Rolling Stone. Fans agree that Sleigh Bells’s first album tended to sound dark, and now they sound like a completely different band. The band’s transformation from “Heard you say sui-

cide in your sleep/Just get on with it/you were born to lose/Will you hang like the moon/From a rope in your room,” to a lighter tone especially displays in their lyrics. The band seems to change direction with their style. This album only slightly demonstrates

the intense rock sound that usually characterizes Sleigh Bells’s music. Older songs could rile fans up and incite riots; however, the new tracks sound more like a teenage wannabe rock’n’roll star road trip. The pop sound startles long time fans and

may stop them from purchasing this album. However, fans appreciate that Miller and lead singer Alexis Krauss stay true to themselves by writing all their own songs. Thankfully, they refrained from completely selling out or conforming to a major label

with mass-produced songs. Bitter Rivals lacks the heart-pounding beats the group once possessed. Miller ’s past guitar solos excited audiences but now sounds dull and uncreative. Unfortunately, loyal fans must wait for the true Sleigh Bells to return.

Appalling antics enrage audiences by Nneoma Igwedibie


Witty dialogue engages minds

Singer songwriter Miley Cyrus recently released her number one video, “Wrecking Ball,” from her newest album, Bangerz. Cyrus never fails to surprise people with her indignity. She showcased provocative behavior in her new Vevo certishe swings on a wrecking ball naked, trying to express how took everything away from her, and she possesses nothing. She also licks a hammer, showing that she secretly loves the pain, which looks idiotic. Cyrus makes herself look like a masochist. On its own, the music video makes no sense and appeals little to viewers. Looking at the YouTube comments, few people appreciate Cyrus’s style. However, the song itself shows some merit. According to fans, they sensed raw emotion and felt the passion behind her lyrics. She talks about how Hemsworth tore her heart apart, but she the bridge, she states she’s never fallen so hard before, but gaining little because he would not “let her in.” She attempts to look vulnerable. The video begins with an emotional breakthrough, but once Cyrus nakedly mounts herself to the

wrecking ball, all hopes of seriousness disappear. Cyrus recently came out with a director’s cut for the video, projecting only her face while she belted the lyr-

ics. With tears streaming down her face, she seems to think she reaches out to her fans more in an emotional way, but no one wants to see a constant close up for four minutes.

Her song may not sound excruciating, but the fact that she may someday “twerk” her way to the top of Billboard’s Top 100 who has had the likes of true talent like

Michael Jackson, Tina Turner and The Beatles surprises me. Despite her number one status to the world, she’s a solid zero to this writer and avid music fan.

ented cast with actors that strongly resembled what readers envisioned before the movie’s release. Zwart orchestrated the movie by using cutting-edge graphics and vivid location choices.

Harry Potter and The Hunger Games fans alike thrive in the movie’s fantasy and plot twists. The Mortal Instruments displays credible moviemaking and houses suspenseful and vivid reveries that make the movie a must-see.

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

Perfect characters please viewers by Alex O’Brien The Mortal Instruments, containing covert castles and cryptic creatures in New York City, makes viewers relish in scenes similar to the Harry Potter films or The Hunger Games and captures similar imagination. Clary Fray, played by Lily Collins, lives normally amongst her fellow New Yorkers. She lives with her mother, Jocelyn, and a man named Luke a family friend who visits rarely. On her birthday, she attends a club with her best friend. From then on, momentum builds and viewers jump from their seats. Curiosity and spontaneity bring Fray into unlikely situations throughout the movie and provide an edgy aura. Fray winds up at the Institute, where shadow hunters live. Her triumphant discovery starts a series of action packed sequences that capture viewers’ attention and keeps them jittery in their seats. Numerous paranormal scenes, containing werewolves and demon dogs, make the audience gasp in horror or jump in excitement. A plot twist in the end shocked the audience and




stunned them. The sudden reveal snatched the viewer ’s attention and made the movie interesting. Closing scenes sparked eagerness in the audience for a sequel and anticipa-

tion to discover the truth behind the revelation. The director, Harald Zwart, tied together conflict and romance to excite audiences. The Mortal Instruments contained a tal-

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The Chant/September 2013/25



Warrior Way 5K provides exercise for community Kennesaw citizens raise money for charity

Mayweather pummels Canelo in anticipated fight

place in downtown Kennesaw and NC, this was the sixth annual “Warrior Way 5k.”Although the city chose the site for the 5k, Stephenson admires Acworth Beach. “It’s easy to stage the race there. It has bathrooms, nic,” Stephenson said. Participants enjoyed the scenery and the fellowship. Presented with an opportunity to meet new people and to understand their endurance-running backgrounds, many anticipate next year ’s 5k, validating the success in this year ’s event. “The run was really nice—it rained that day so it was not as hot. I love running and meeting new people who share my interests at the 5k’s is a plus. If I am in town next year, I’ll definitely do it again. It was a great experience,” senior Tyra Holloway said. Racer 96 runs through the streets of Acworth.

Regular Column

The Health Expo

Exhale: kick leg up to dog split


by Emily Jones

Inhale: lower hips, move torse forawrd so shoulders are over hands, keep right leg up, hold Exhale: lower leg, raise hips and return to start

Inhale: bring right knee in across body toward left shoulder Exhale: kick leg to dog split

Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather, five-division world champion, reigned in a victory against opponent Canelo Alvarez on September 14 . “I just listened to my corner, listened to my dad. My dad had a brilliant game plan, and I went out there and got the job done,” Mayweather said Mayweather turned the most important match of his career into just another opponent. He started strong from the first bell throwing punches and making brutal yet efficient moves. Alvarez’s larger size visually degraded Mayweather, but his strategies frustrated Alvarez with swift right hands resulting in him looking easy to target. Mayweather received favoritism 117111 and 116-112 on two ringside scorecards while a third predicted the fight at 114-114. He claims that his hard work paid off in the end based on how he did. Alvarez weighed more

than the weight class at 165lbs and outweighed Mayweather by 15lbs, but with no advantage. The morning M a y weather weighed 146lbs and regained the four necessary pounds. M a y weather came in quick with his hands performing great proved even better with the blocks testing his defense. He appeared unafraid to attack often and at different angles, leaving Alvarez in surprise. “ N o doubt he’s a great fighter, a very intelligent fighter.” Alvarez said. M a y weather remained undefeated for

Regular RegularColumn Column

Yoga improves and soothes M e t a b o l i s m improves through consistent physical activity and yoga, a calming and intense exercise, can advance a person’s metabolic rate. The metabolic rate forms through high activity levels, which can assist in weight loss. Because the digestive system and liver reside in the abdomen, yoga exercises that focus on the core improve the digestive track. Inhale: round back & bend right knee, opening it Using yoga breathing out to side. Bring right knee to right shoulder exercises can increase Exhale: kick leg up to dog split circulation and boost the immune system. As muscles increase in size and density, the human body burns more calories with less effort. Therefore, yoga evolves the body’s metabolic rate. Yoga poses, such as those that follow, improve certain bodily functions and if done consistently, the exercises help in Inhale: round back, scoop in abs, & pull right knee to nose weight loss.

by Nneoma Igwedibie

Fantasy 101

Regular Column

Fantasy Football Tips by Cameron Hines

Now that the long-awaited football season has begun and people across the world have completed their fantasy football drafts, many NFL players either have witnessed their stock dramatically rise or fall since draft day. Fantasy owners need to make tough decisions regarding their roster in the coming weeks. Moves made by owners play a crucial role in success. Among the players whose stock rises stands Denver Bronco tight end Julius Thomas. The former college basketball player makes a tremendous athlete and recently produced two touchdowns in a blowout win against Super Bowl champions, the Ravens. Fantasy owners should jump at the chance to grab Thomas, as he looks ready for a breakout season. Future Hall of Famer Peyton Manning throwing the ball to him certainly enhances his prospects. Detroit Lions running back Joique Bell catches fantasy players’ eyes as well. Bell remains the backup to Reggie Bush, but still appears as a focal point for the Lions’ offense, receiving a healthy dose of carries in addition to targets galore from quarterback

Matthew Stafford. Investing in Bell yields exceptional returns. However, some players warrant a less encouraging outlook. Take Miami Dolphins receiver Mike Wallace for example. Opponents’ secondaries focus the majority of their attention on Wallace because he easily stands out as the Dolphins’ biggest threat. With Wallace serving as a decoy, fantasy owners should look elsewhere. New York Giants running back, David Wilson, also shocks fantasy owners— and with good reason. Wilson succumbed to pressure as the lead running back losing the ball twice and gaining a measly 19 yards. The team reportedly searched the market for other options. Wilson skates on thin ice, and owners should deal with the fumble-prone Wilson before he loses his job. Using this simple advice, fantasy owners may outsmart their rival teams, win their leagues, and claim bragging rights over fellow fantasy players.

this 45 0 fight, adding on to his junior middleweight title. When the match

ended, Mayweather bypassed celebration, instead walking over to a corner to observe the

crowd. The match stood as just another payday, just another win for Money May. DIGITAL ART BY ADAM KOVEL

Trailing through Acworth beach, community members ran the “Warrior Way 5k” in celebration of fitness and exercise. “I came to support the cross country team and my brother, Eric. My goal [was] to run the 5k in 30 minutes or less,” Sharon Nzuki, race participant, said. Participant age ranging from three to 75, approximately 600 people contributed to the event, each paying 25 dollars in registration and T-shirt fees; all funds support the NC cross country team and the Acworth Parks and Recreation. “The inspiration for the race came from a desire to bring attention to a very positive group of kids at North Cobb, give some support back to the community, and to help support our program financially,” David Stephenson, cross country coach, said. Previously taking

Competition shows lofty strikes


by Judy Stubblefield

26/October 2013/The Chant

The Chant/October 2013/27


Sports Regular Column

Dukes rises up for a kill against rival Harrison.

the Warriors easily overcame the other team, winning the kills from senior middle Kaitset victory secured NC’s spot The second match up came against Hillgrove. Hillgrove’s Hawks played interesting sets, but NC pulled out the victory in two straight sets, winning

Warrior of the Month

25-18 and 25-21. Miller and Gonzales both tallied four kills in the first set, and the Warriors finished the second set with a combined 27 kills. A combination of aces helped the Warriors breeze past the Kell Longhorns in two sets. The mornings first match ended on a NC victory at 25-21. The Warriors trailed early on, but aces by sophomore setter Taylor Parrish and explosive kills by Miller led the way to a first set victory. The second set, won by NC 25-8, wrapped up the match. The Warriors ended the day on with a 3-1 record, their only loss coming at the hands of Harrison. After the game, the Warriors promised to earn their win against the Hoyas when the sets matter, in the regional tournament.

Cassidy Hurley J o e l Z a l d u m b i d e by Nneoma Igwedibie

Freshman setter Cassidy Hurley contributes positively to the Lady Warriors JV volfall season. “She always gives onehundred percent and never allows a ball to hit the ground,” freshman Sam Aldridge, alternate setter, said. Four years ago, Hurley never anticipated playing volleyball. Her dad randomly registered her for a volleyball camp. Pursuing the camp as a once in a lifetime opportunity, she participated willingly. She came to love the sport, and the coach told her that he noticed potential in her. Hurley now holds three years of experience. She starts

by Tyler Sesan

Several games kickstart the season, which includes some heated matchups such as Nets vs. Cavs, Lakers vs. Warriors, and a ference Finals in the Grizzlies vs. Spurs game. “I expect to see the Knicks win the championship this year. I’m not real sure on that prediction but I am anticipating whether Greg Oden will work out in Miami with that overloaded starting lineup,” senior Storm McClinton said.

Training camp begins SepShortly after camp, preseason starts with a few games, including one in Istanbul for the Thunder vs. FENCER game, on October 5. To refresh basketball fans’ memories, starting forward Andre Iguodala signed a deal with the Golden State Warriors; however, the most important headline that resides in New York. In a package

Pierce and Kevin Garnett, along with lone shooting guard Jason

for washed up players including Gerald Wallace, Kris Humphries, Adding to all the talk about the deal, the Nets signed former Net and recent retiree Jason Kidd as the head coach. In a highly anticipated seatrue starting center in Greg Oden, fans wait impatiently until the season to see if this acquisition actually works well. However, a large fan crowd in Chicago sits idly for their star point guard to make his return.

NC trumps Harrison 46-14 by Cameron Hines

After embarrassing crosstown rival Kennesaw Mountain, NC’s varsity football team continued to dominate by steamrolling Harrison 46-14 on September 27. Defensive back Latrell Gibbs shined under the Friday night lights, totaling four interceptions and returning two for touchdowns. Each interception caused a blow to Harrison’s spirits. “Tonight, he had four interceptions and could have had five. That’s what he’s about and what we expect from him,” Coach Queen said. The game remained a shutout up until the fourth quarter, where Harrison scored two touchdowns. The Warrior defense, led

quarters, several other key

The third quarter proved largely uneventful, as North Cobb’s scoring explosion occurred in the first half of the game. Despite NC’s defensive dominance, no shortage of offensive fireworks existed in the first half. In addition to Gibbs’s

in this game promises to propel NC to a successful season. “Games like these show why North Cobb is the best in the region,” senior Dustin Morrow said. NC looks to remain a region powerhouse in their quest for a state title in coming weeks.

quarter, running back J’Vonte Herrod and quarterback Tyler Queen both rushed for touchdowns, setting the pace for the blowout. Wide receiver Torrance McGee caught two touchdown passes, while dual-position player Cameron Albright recovered an NC fumble and returned the football for another touchdown. “North Cobb is legit this year. We have a good chance to win the state championship if everything goes right,” junior Hunter Clark said. The decisive victory for NC boosts their record to an overall



Only one month away from NBA

Cobb County Tournament,” Hurley said. She plans on playing volleyball in college, and wishes to attend any school that wants her skill. Hurley also pursues a career as either a physical therapist or orthopedist. Hurley’s family supports her at games. Her two older brothers, Devin and Ryan, strive to lift her spirits. Hurley not only looks to them for moral support, but also looks up to U.S. Women’s Olympic Volleyball player and outside hitter, Destinee Hooker. Hurley knows that she works harder than anyone on the court and creates goals to chase after. With her supportive teammates and a determined mind, she knows she will

two seasons on the middle school program at NC and Kell. She spent both years on the advanced A team. Hurley decided on NC for high school because their program provides better organization. She also commits to competitive club playing for Cobb AtShe



court. Regardless of struggles or a frustrating week, she can focus on the game. “A personal goal of mine would be to end the season being able to set proper ones, but as a team it’s to win the

by Luis Trujillo

Every stride that senior Joel Zaldumbide takes during cross country practices and meets places him one step closer to success. “I only want to help my team succeed. I want to lead by example, and inspire the younger runners to reach their maximum potential in cross-country,” Zaldumbide said.


edged the win 26-24. Senior libero Tate Pember recorded 17 digs, keeping the set close and interesting for the crowd. Heading into the second set, the ladies knew to improve on the block, and with a dominant second set from junior outside hitter Abby Miller, who knocked down 6 kills, the Warriors evened the match, winning 27-25. The third set, which once again went into extra points, showcased all players performing in top level. Monster blocks by senior outside hitter Madi Dukes and five kills by junior outside hitter Savanna Gonzales kept the game exciting. However, Harrison finished the match, win-

ning the third set 17-15 in what the referee described as “the most intense sets of volleyball he’s seen.” “I thought we played good as a team. Harrison is really good and we match up well against them. We do need to improve on our blocks and serve receive passing,” Miller said. Matching up against the Pope Greyhounds in the ad-


lost in three sets to the Harrison Hoyas on September 21. In what resembled a back-

area play date tournament, PHOTO BY TYLER SESAN

Lady Warriors varsity volleyball team competed in an

much of his social life to school and cross-country. He realizes that his future requires great dedication toward his resumé. Zaldumbide recorded his best time on the 5k at 17:28 and Keeping his nose in the books Zaldumbide wishes to reach his dreams of attending Stanford University or the University of Georgia. “I know Joel works really hard at everything that crosses his path. He takes anything and everything as a challenge and that really surprises me. Joel is just a great guy all around. I wish him the best of luck once he graduates,” junior Danielle Curto said. Cross-country seems as an easy sport to many. However, Zaldumbide runs for hours up and down hills. Zaldumbide perseveres through cross-country meets and

competitions. He forces his body to keep running at a constant speed, even if he starts to fatigue. “Joel is amazing. He always improves on anything and everything he does. Whether it’s school, sports, or even a video game, he always one ups peo-

ication” He will be successful in life, and I’m proud of him,” senior Alfonso Rojas said. With his commitments to athletics and academics, Zaldumbide establishes himself for a prosperous future.

by Hannah Gleason

With powerful pitches and focused determination, the Lady Warriors varsity softball team conquered the Hillgrove Hawks in a remarkable 8-1 victory on September 19. “I felt as if the whole team was focused and determined to beat Hillgrove. They gave every ounce

of effort they had, so we could come out with the win,” junior short stop Ericka Clifford said. Tension filled the field in the seventh inning as NC fought to keep their lead. Quick outs and a strong defense proved essential to shut down Hillgrove’s offense. NC ended the game PHOTOS BY HANNAH GLEASON

by Tyler Sesan

Queen and Herrod dominate opposing Hoya defense

Mould sets to strike out Hillgrove’s lineup.

leading by seven runs. “ Wo w ! I was impressed by how well those girls rallied together to win a very suspenseful game,” junior Rodé Krige said. Showcasing NC’s defensive strategies in the sixth inning, senior first baseman Jordan Lewis made a swift catch to throw Hillgrove out. The Lady Warriors also caught several pop flies during Hillgrove’s turn at bat, setting up a fast return to the plate for NC’s offense. Adding to a succession of runs for NC, junior Casey Page slid onto home plate, injuring her hand. In a poignant display of teamwork, third baseman Carli Troutman assisted Page in cleaning up her scrape back in the dugout.

O l i v i a Mould came through with astonishing pitches

“I think we performed very well. We had solid defense to back up our pitcher and our bats came alive along with our communication which was very key to our win,” sophomore catcher Taylor Krause said. Despite a slow start to the game, junior pitcher

few innings. While Hillgrove managed to score once in the second inning, all future runs stopped cold thanks to NC’s killer defense. “I did my best to throw strikes on the corners to prevent base hits. The defense was always backing me up and made some great plays. late in the game to provide run support. Overall we played together as a team. Everyone contributed,” Mould said. The incredible win sets up NC’s varsity softball team for a successful rest of the season.

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October Issue  

North Cobb's second fall 2013 issue

October Issue  

North Cobb's second fall 2013 issue