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Picking the right camera to photograph your grandchildren By Doug Bardwell | July 24, 2013

DSLR with a fast lens. That’s the only way you are going to get sharp action shots inside a

The generally accepted rule of camera selection is simply: buy the smallest camera that will do what you need it to do. Why the smallest? It stands to reason that a camera will only take great photos if you have it with you when picture taking opportunities present themselves. Hence, the smaller the camera, the more likely you are to have it with you. A pocketable camera or one that will clip to your belt or purse is the one most likely to be available whenever that priceless moment occurs.

determiner, but if two cameras are similar in price, compare the following features: Sensor size - the larger the better. Megapixels - more is better, but get at least 5 if you plan to make small prints, or 8 to 12 if you want 8 x 10’s or larger.

Maximum aperture size - usually measured in f-stops. The smaller the A waterproof camera is always a great idea if you f-number the better. spend lots of time at the beach or near a pool. f=2.0 is better than f=5.6. This lets you take better school. You’ll be saddled with pictures in dim light. a much larger camera, but you’ll be more pleased with the results.

So what do you give up with a small camera? Usually two features - fast shutter speed and large apertures. Let’s decide if those are deal breakers.

If you primarily shoot parties and outdoor activities for your family, you won’t need the speed of a big DSLR and you can look for a compact camera.

If you plan to shoot a lot of sports in school gymnasiums, you might want to forget the compact camera and go for a

So what else do we look for when comparing cameras?

more dramatic child photos if you don’t take them all from a standing adult’s perspective. Put your camera on the floor and see life from the childs eye-level. Waterproof/water resistant - if you plan to take a lot of photos at the beach or near the pool. Video capability - many compact cameras offer HD video modes. Look for a camera that can autofocus and zoom while shooting video if possible. Zoom ratio - the larger the optical zoom, the better. Don’t be sold on digital zoom - it rarely works well. Zooming lets you make your subject larger in the pic without moving closer to it.

Price is going to be a major

A tilt-screen LCD viewer lets the photographer shoot from any angle great for shooting children.

Burst capacity - how many photos can be taken in rapid succession. More is better. When your grandson starts moving, you may want to get a half-dozen shots as quickly as possible. Burst mode makes that possible.

If you shoot indoor sports, you’ll be happiest with a DSLR camera and fast lens.That combination is best for fast action shots.

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Tilt screen LCD - many of today’s cameras come with tilt-out viewing screens. This enables you to see what you are shooting even if you hold the camera on the floor or high over your head. You’ll get much

In the end, just remember, the best camera in the world won’t take any great shots unless you have it with you. Always be prepared and carry your camera.

Doug Bardwell writes for CBS, Examiner, Technorati and his own blog:; where he covers technolgy, photography and travel.

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