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TECHNOLOGY Five for the road Doug Bardwell | July 24, 2013 Five small gadgets to make your next trip more enjoyable. The Card Ninja is a simple but very effective way to turn any cellular phone into a wallet. Simply peel off the adhesive back and attach to the phone of your choice. The elegant, “Made-in-USA” Card Ninja will expand to hold money and/or

12 x 12” size is about the size of a silver dollar while compressed, and the largest one, the 30 x 60” is about the size of a hockey puck. As compact as they are, there’s no excuse not to keep a few in your backpack, messenger bag or camera

30” x 60” Lightload Towel

case. http://ultralighttowels. com Available online. Priced by size from 2/$2.75 to $9.95 MSRP

Card Ninja

credit cards. I’ve held five credit cards and my driver’s license when I wanted to travel light. And it doesn’t interfere with my iPhone 4’s camera. http://www. Available at Walmart. $19.95 MSRP

Probably the best accessory lens available for iPhone, Olloclip can be carried in your pocket, it’s so small. When you see a photo opportunity, merely pull it out, slip it over the corner of your phone and you are ready to start shooting. No apps to load, nothing to fool with – it

I’ve always been a fan of little things that do a big job. I recently discovered Lightload Towels and they certainly meet the criteria. Compressed in a waterproof cellophane wrapper, they take up virtually no room when not needed, but open to a fully useable towel when the need arises. Lightload Towels come in 12 x 12”, 12 x 24”, and 30 x 60” beach towel size. The


aligns itself and you are ready to go. The Olloclip is really three lenses in one – depending on how you attach it. One way it give you a much wider view than the standard iPhone lens. Flip it 180 degrees and it gives you a fisheye lens. Unscrew another part of the lense and you have a wonderful macro lens for super closeups of tiny objects. http://www.olloclip. com/ Available at Target, Best Buy and Apple stores. $69.99 MSRP Kaufmann Mercantile has put together a set of tools that you can easily add to your keychain and you’ll be prepared for all the stuff the world throws at you on a weekly basis. Whether you travel around town or around the world, we always seem to come upon opportunities when we need some basic tools. Unless you are a carpenter or laborer by trade, chances are you don’t carry a toolbox wherever you go. The Every Day Carry (EDC) kit includes a military grade mini pry bar, precision tweezers, phillips and straight screwdrivers, a titanium key ring and a one-inch long waterproof lighter. Small enough to always have it with you, tough enough to actually do the job, these are no

Every Day Carry kit

toys. Order online from http:// $54.95 MSRP The PocketMonkey is a credit-card sized, 1 m.m. thick, hardened-steel multi-tool that does a dozen different things…and does them well. Despite its compact size, here’s one more tool that can really can come in handy. It can function as a bottle opener, flat screwdriver, micro screwdriver, door latch slip, letter open-

Pocket Monkey

er, hex wrenches, phillips screwdriver, orange peeler, banana nicker, ruler, straight edge, and phone kickstand. Buy the Pocket Monkey online at $12.00 is MSRP.

Doug Bardwell writes for CBS, Examiner, Technorati and his own blog:; where he covers technolgy, photography and travel.

Our own, Lou Acosta, arriving at the games.

PHOTOS The NSGA is a 501(c)3, non-profit, corporation dedicated to promoting healthy and active lifestyles for athletes age 50 and over. A recognized multi-sport organization of the United States Olympic Committee, the NSGA is comprised of 49 Member Organizations and 2 Associate Member Organizations who conduct state or national multi-sport competitions, which serve as qualifiers for the National Senior Games.

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