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2016-17 ANNUAL REPORT North Central Michigan College

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In the early 1950s, at least four years before a local college became a reality, the vision for establishing a community college began with a small group of thoughtful citizens who shared a vision for our community’s future. With a sense of unity, conscience and purpose, these citizens began a journey to create North Central Michigan College, ensuring that education beyond the high school level would be available, financially possible and conveniently located.

Our Purpose . . .

Over the years, North Central has continued its mission to provide educational, economic and cultural opportunities for student learning, personal growth and community improvement. The College’s central philosophy–to be an institution that improves the quality of life for its students and the communities it serves–has never wavered.

Our Inspiration . . .

As North Central heads toward the 60-year mark in 2018, we will be reflecting on the growth and progress that has been made. Like the small group of thoughtful citizens who gathered in the early 1950s, no one can forecast the future. However, we are confident that the inspiration derived from our shared purpose, as well as our solid performance in meeting our goals, will continue our success story well into the future. It is our belief that a shared purpose motivates people, and when people are motivated, they can accomplish amazing things. So it is with pleasure that I present this annual report, depicting some highlights of our 2016-17 academic year!

Cameron Brunet-Koch, Ph.D. President, North Central Michigan College

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8/3/17 4:45 PM

Thank you for making a difference! North Central Board of Trustees Philip Millard, Chair

Dr. James Shirilla, Trustee

Dave Kring, Vice Chair

Marion Kuebler, Trustee

Irma NoĂŤl, Secretary

Melissa Keiswetter, Trustee

John Fought, Treasurer

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Early College The first cohort of 25 Petoskey High School students graduated in May 2017. Petoskey High School has 3 remaining active cohorts. Boyne City and Gaylord also have 3 cohorts. Next May, Petoskey, Boyne City and Gaylord will each graduate a cohort from their programs. How many Early College students are enrolled this upcoming academic year? Petoskey High School has a total of 69 students, Boyne City High School has a total of 40 students and Gaylord High School has a total of 170 students.

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Garland Swenor was a member of the first Early College cohort through Petoskey High School at North Central Michigan College. She graduated this spring with an Associate of Arts degree and will be transferring to the James Madison College at Michigan State University in the fall, where she plans to major in Social Relations and Policy. Here is Garland’s story, in her own words: “Joining North Central’s Early College program has been one of the most rewarding decisions of my life. Being a triplet, I knew paying for college was going to be a struggle financially. So when this program was introduced to our school, my family and I knew that this would be too great of an opportunity to pass up. My triplet sisters, Ayriss and Breton, who were also in the Early College program with me, would agree with me on the endless benefits this program has provided

us. The financial relief lifted a serious burden off of our shoulders, but the advantages do not stop there. Students in the Early College program are allowed to jumpstart their college experience while still in high school. This allowed me to gradually transition into life as a college student, rather than just diving right into college without the collegelevel maturity needed to succeed. Students also learn valuable lessons here at North Central, like responsibility, time management and selfawareness. I have realized that I have to be my own advocate, and that my success is determined by the dedication and effort that I put into my education. And most of all, I have been exposed to a wide variety of classes and people, including professors and my peers. Because of North Central, I have more of an idea of what I want my future to look like.”

8/3/17 4:15 PM



Enrollment Activity • •

• •


Fall 2016 Enrollment – 2,590 Winter 2017 Enrollment – 2,692 o Online and hybrid course registration up by 16%. o Out-of-state residents up by 15%. o Men up by 3%. o 2016 Emmet County high school grads enrollment up by 10%. o Dual/concurrently enrolled students up by almost 7%. Average age is 27. 328 graduates with 350 total degrees o 277 associate degrees o 41 certificates of development o 32 certificates o 44 students graduated with Distinction o 43 with High Distinction o 22 with Highest Distinction 108 honors graduates 40 students inducted into Phi Theta Kappa The 50th nursing class graduated in 2017

North Central is seeing a continuation of the trend toward younger and full-time students. The graph below illustrates this.


Mission continued

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8/3/17 4:15 PM



With the exception of the holiday break in December, North Central Michigan College hosted community-based and college-based events every week of 2016-2017. The events included: The Student Senate Color Run

• • •

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McLaren’s Colossal Colon Exhibit

Junior Achievement met every Monday at 6 p.m. from October 23 until end of school year 2017 Women’s Resource Center Non-Traditional Career Day for high school girls Local Food Alliance, which started as a result of North Central’s farming programs, met once per month The Beekeepers Guild, another group started through our CCE programming, meets monthly

CCE hosted 20 farming workshops

Festival of the Book held the only event outside of Harbor Springs on our campus – a teen author panel discussion

Three candidate forums for the November 2016 election

Two Lecture Series Programs

Windows of Opportunity Early Childhood Education Conference

Northern Michigan Fire Chiefs Conference

Home Builders Association Home Show

• •

College Night

• •

Veterans Breakfast

3 Starting a Business Workshops

• • • •

Career Fair

College for Kids

2 International Lectures

• •

14 Luncheon Lectures Plus the Garden Party, the annual Cookout, the Founders Society Awards Luncheon and more

Around the Table Farm Expo

Martin Luther King Jr. Day events

50 CNA Testing days Just in Time CNC Training 7 Earth Week events

8/3/17 4:15 PM




Emmet County voters approved the renewal of 0.9946-mill for funding College operations for a period of 10 years. This tax generates 16.8 percent of the College’s operating budget and accounts for revenues to North Central of $2,720,000 during the 2016-2017 school year. In return for their support, Emmet County residents who attend North Central pay a greatly reduced tuition rate. Forty-two percent of North Central’s students are residents of Emmet County.

Budget 2016-2017 Revenues Emmet County Property Taxes $5,686,157 Tuition and Fees $6,914,890 State Appropriations $3,716,877 Other $131,924 Total $16,449,848

Expenses Salaries and Benefits $10,849,770


In-district: Out-of-District: Out-of-State:

$113.00 per contact hour $188.00 per contact hour $244.00 per contact hour

FINANCIAL AID North Central awarded $5,856,476 in financial aid last year. Sixty percent of students received aid. SCHOLARSHIPS Scholarships awarded totaled $535,938, with $321,344 coming from the NCMC Foundation.

Operational Expenses $4,567,091 Transfers to Other Funds $932,987 Capital Outlay $100,000 Total $16,449,848



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8/3/17 4:16 PM


GET PAID TO DO SOM Lisa Stabile is one of the fortunate few who knew her calling from a young age. Lisa wanted to be a nurse from the age of 12. That year, her brother was born critically ill and she got to see all of the procedures he underwent at Mott Children’s Hospital. Seeing all of the children thrive under the care of the nursing and medical staff, she decided that medicine was her vocation. At Michigan State, she received her Bachelor of Science in Physiology, but decided not to continue toward a degree in medicine. She received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at NMU, and her Master of Science in Nursing with a specialization in Family Nurse Practitioner from MSU. From there she has worked in hospitals and medical centers, most recently in emergency at McLaren Northern Michigan from 2009-2012. But in 2012, North Central called upon Lisa for short-term help on the nursing staff while a search for the full-time instructor was underway. “I’m not a teacher. I never wanted to be a teacher,” states Lisa. “But from minute one, I loved it.” Within the first month, she knew this was what she wanted to do with the rest of her life. So she applied for the full-time position,

Char-Em Initiatives The Growth of Allied • Commitment to local schools with specific attention to Health Health Occupation

Emergency Medical Services

Current active credit programs

• • • • • •

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Emergency Medical Responder Emergency Medical Technician Advanced Emergency Medical Technician Paramedic American Heart Association-Basic Life Support, Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Pediatric Advanced Life Support. Provide local response agencies training and continuing education

Certification of Health Occupation class instructors to teach in-class CPR Grant from Petoskey-Harbor Springs Area Community Foundation for Emergency Medical Responder training for eight high school students, providing them with professional licensing within the state of Michigan and National Certification in the emergency medical field. EMR course being coordinated and conducted within Pellston Schools for 2017-2018 school year.

and five years later, she is still in love with the job. “I was amazed at how deeply I care for every single one of the students,” she states with a smile. Lisa teaches clinical on the medical surgical floor at McLaren. Her students are in their third and fourth semester. “The best part of my job is watching these students grow, from starting with one patient to taking on more patients, more difficult assignments – all with the goal of being a nurse at the end.” Her teaching philosophy is very similar to how she educated her patients as a nurse. “I understood that if you explain how and why to the patient, then they will do what you ask.” That’s why she sets clear expectations with each of her students, and she believes in consistency in how she treats and interacts with them. “I establish a relationship with my students from day one. I have an open door, and students can come to me with problems, goals and successes.” She said that students want to please their teacher, and she challenges them toward success. “I tell them, ‘My job is to make you uncomfortable.’ You must be uncomfortable to learn.’” And the relationship does not end with the pinning. Lisa goes above and beyond to help Public Safety Initiative

Emergency Medical Services specialized programs o Offer certification-only programs as part of for-credit classes o Registered Nurse and MD to Emergency Medical Technician o RN to paramedic o Instructor Coordinator courses starting this fall University of Maryland/Baltimore County (UMBC) Critical Care Program site – North Central is one of only two site locations in Michigan offering this high level of training for area paramedics and nurses.

8/3/17 4:16 PM


Vocation students prepare for their nursing board exam (NCLEX), often using personal time and resources to ensure their success. She writes letters of reference for students to apply for scholarships to continue their nursing education. And she maintains her relationship with them after they have gone on to their

• •

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North Central is now a training site for the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT). We provide advanced training in EMS to current students and local/regional providers and agencies. National Registration Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) Psychomotor Licensing Testing Site. One of five in State of Michigan. North Central is part of the Northern Michigan Regional Training CenterPetoskey. Jim Cousino, College Coordinator of EMS/AHA, serves as the Chairperson for the Training Center. We now offer Fire Certification

new jobs. “I’m proud to call them colleagues after they graduate,” she says. “They are going to do great things.” North Central and our nursing students are very fortunate that Lisa Stabile found her renewed vocation to be teaching and mentoring others with the same calling.

• • •

Special Programs ENVIRONMENTAL AND SUSTAINABILITY STUDIES The new Environmental and Sustainability Studies program began in Fall 2016. Several new courses were introduced to support the program, including environmental policy in the 21st century, environmental economics and environmental literacy. To support the program, the College invited Dr. Elizabeth Del Buono, a surgical pathologist, to speak about the health impacts of climate change for a Lecture Series presentation. The College also presented a week-long series of programs and events during Earth Week, including several films and presentations by area activists on the Straits pipeline and the Paris Climate Accord. All events were free and open to the public.

Courses for pre-service as well as existing firefighters and officers within the Northern Michigan region. o EMS Students have access to fire certification for greater job potential as a FirefighterParamedic o Support Local Fire Departments with scheduled trainings for all levels Firefighter 1 and 2 base certifications partnered through local agencies for equipment and facilities Officers training and development New firefighter instructor development

8/3/17 4:16 PM


Corporate and Community Education-CCE Corporate and Community Education created a partnership with the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center (MMTC), bringing a focus to the Lean manufacturing philosophy and training programs centered on Lean for our industry targets of health care, manufacturing, tourism, technology and agriculture. CCE has become the leader in training Lean Agriculture in Northern Michigan. Manufacturing Training CCE worked with 10 companies receiving State grants totaling $250,997 for workforce development training. A total of 271 people were trained through this program. Health Care Safety CCE again brought a series of Ergonomic Safety training sessions to long-term health care facilities in Northern Michigan through a $35,000 grant from MIOSHA, training 578 employees how to lift and transport patients safely, avoid injury and illness and remain safe on the job. Agricultural Business Education CCE’s farming programs have continued to grow over the last several years. This year, CCE provided education and training to 636 workers, farmers and individuals interested in food, farm, gardening and beekeeping. Lean Learning Consortium In partnership with MMTC, CCE introduced this consortium to businesses in our area. There are 11 local companies involved with this effort meeting monthly on topics of best practices for Lean implementation. This networking opportunity provides strategic benefits supporting the growth of our business community and economy. CCE Training programs This past year, CCE worked directly with several companies on workforce development, designing training programs specific to each business’s unique needs. Included in these programs were allied health training programs in CPR and First Responders and a continued focus on CNC (working with the SEEDS grant and Michigan Works!) These workforce development programs supported our industries by training more than 475 people.

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Garden Party North Central Michigan College hosted the first Garden Party on Sunday, August 14, 2016, in the Harris Gardens on our Petoskey campus. This 300-guest gala featured exceptional cuisine donated by area restaurants and extraordinary wine and beer distributed by Great Lakes Wine and Spirits. Guests wore their best garden party chic (including hats for the ladies). In addition, guests enjoyed a display of classic cars.

The event raised more than $65,000 in scholarships for students enrolled in North Central’s Computer Numerical Controls (CNC) program. These funds covered the tuition, fees and books for 91 students enrolled for Fall 2016 and Winter 2017 semesters and also enabled the College to purchase equipment for the CNC program.

Also, as a result of the Garden Party, Petoskey Plastics donated an Ultra Micro Film Blowing Line Type LUMF-150 machine as an excellent addition to the mobile Fab Lab. The LUMF-150 will help students develop a new skill set and advance their knowledge and understanding of manufacturing. Furthermore, it will give students insight into the advanced plastic manufacturing processes and the exciting careers available in manufacturing.

8/3/17 4:16 PM


Computer Numerical Controls - CNC •

• •

• • • •

C3 – CNC Completion Camp where four students in 2016 and eight in 2017 participated in an intensive four-week camp in North Central’s Stationary Lab. Program graduates have more than an 80% employment and/or continuing education rate. We have almost completed year three of the SEEDS (Sustainable Employment and Economic Development Strategies) grant with more than 100 new students enrolled, equaling more than 230 students participating in just under three years. Eight students participated in Just in Time CNC Training programs with a 75% employment placement rate. We have dual-enrolled students in the Fab Lab at Boyne City, Central Lake, Wolverine, Pellston, East Jordan and Ellsworth High Schools. Petoskey High School and Concord Petoskey send students to the Petoskey campus. The CNC Career Center is in demand, providing employment support services for students to find jobs in manufacturing while helping employers fill their CNC job openings. An articulation agreement was reached with Lake Superior State University for a Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Engineering Technology. Corporate training agreements with ej, Bay Shore Steel Works and LexaMar. Continued participation in 50+ community events and promotional tours in both labs.



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8/3/17 4:16 PM





AN EXCEPTIONAL PARTNERSHIP In 2009, Pier and Renee Borra read an article reporting that the state of Michigan was cutting funding to community colleges. Residents in Harbor Springs since 2003, Pier and Renee decided that perhaps there was something they could do to help people in our community get an education and local employment. They called Cameron and talked about the College’s needs and the value North Central provides for students and the community. From that beginning, the Borras began providing annual scholarship support to students in allied health and nursing. Pier states, “We believe that North Central is a tremendous resource for our community and one that needs to be nurtured and supported.” They

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believe that North Central Michigan College provides a low-cost, quality education to students who otherwise could not afford to go to school. “It gives them the skills needed to get a good job that can support them,” they say. North Central is not the only college whose students are supported by the Borras and the Borra Family Foundation. According to Pier, their first experience was with a community college in Ohio. “There we began to understand the important role that community colleges play in the education and training of people in the community,” he said. Pier continues, “Our mission is to provide financial aid for the most capable students and those with the greatest financial need,

so that they can get an education and then a job in the community. In a sense, we think that the old Chinese proverb – ‘Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime’– is very appropriate to what we and others do in supporting community-based education. Education is the key to being able to get a good job and to make a contribution to society.” The Borra Family Foundation supports allied health scholarships at Rhodes State College in Lima, Ohio, and nursing scholarships at Dominican University in River Forest, Illinois. “Our philanthropic efforts have been focused on education and health care. We support a program similar in scope to the one at North Central

8/3/17 4:16 PM

IS TO DISCOVER YOUR GIFT... at a community college in Ohio; a program at a four-year school at a Chicago-area university that helps community college graduates pursue a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, a physician assistant program and of course, our local hospital.” Pier and Renee’s focus has been on nursing and allied health but principally on nursing education. There is a great need for nurses to provide quality care in our community and throughout the country. Although it is very important to support students pursuing the associate degree, the reality is that the entire health care system is changing rapidly, and the role of nursing is becoming more and more important. The demand now is for nurses with a BSN degree. Hospitals and other health care providers are placing more responsibilities on nurses, and it is becoming mandatory for them to employ people with a BSN. “As the former CEO of a nursing home company, I know from first-hand experience the importance


50th Nurse Pinning

Jeannette Rockwell (Rocky) leads the International Pledge for Nurses for the 50th graduating class of nurses in May 2017. Rocky was one of the graduates from North Central’s first nursing class – the class of 1968. Rocky has worked at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in Ann Arbor and at Little Traverse Hospital (now McLaren Northern Michigan) in almost every department. She has devoted 44 years to a career in nursing that all began at North Central.


Borra continued

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8/3/17 4:16 PM



of having well-educated and well-trained nurses. Renee and I both have a deep respect for the value of nurses and the important role they play in providing health care,” states Pier. When the College announced the Healthy Investment campaign to build the Health Education and Science Center in 2010, the Borras enthusiastically supported the construction. Their annual nursing and allied health scholarships have now supported 192 North Central students, and our students get the advantage of working and learning in a state-of-the-art facility. But the commitment does not stop here. Studies show that 80% of the nursing workforce should have a BSN by 2020. To meet this need, Pier and Renee are working in partnership with the College to develop a nursing pathway program to prepare students to go to selected schools to pursue a BSN degree. This program provides students with course credits at North Central that otherwise would have to be obtained at a four-year school. It is designed to assist the most capable students with the greatest financial need to obtain an Associate Degree in Nursing at North Central and a BSN at North Central-selected preferred-partner schools. Upon graduation and obtaining positions in the nursing field, they will be encouraged to work in our community, set good

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Passion Brothers Cory and Conner Mills are 2015-2016 Martha Curtis Memorial Scholarship recipients, graduating from North Central in May 2017. Conner was also a Presidential Scholar. Both brothers graduated from Boyne City High School (Cory in 2008 and Conner in 2014). They were in the nursing program and plan to get their BSN after graduating from North Central. Cory has been the president of the Student Nurses Association since 2015. Conner is a member of the Student Senate and the Student Nurses Association.

examples and promote North Central’s nursing program. This scholarship is now available at North Central Michigan College. Pier and Renee are both from the Chicago area, met and married there, but lived for 35 years in Lima, Ohio, where Pier enjoyed a long and distinguished career in quality health care delivery. In 1997, they established the Borra Family Foundation, with Renee as the principal contact, with the primary purpose of supporting education. They have a history of

vacationing in Michigan and moved to Harbor Springs in 2003, now calling this area their home. They say, “We love the people, the culture and the sense of community here. This is the best place that we have lived.” Northern Michigan is very lucky indeed that the Borras chose to live here. Their support and commitment not only makes our students stronger and more likely to succeed, but contributes to the overall quality of life for our whole community.

8/3/17 4:16 PM

Thank You

This list represents donors who made a gift to the Foundation between July 1, 2016, and June 30, 2017. We do our best to keep an accurate, up-to-date list of donors and apologize for any errors or omissions. Please contact our office with corrections.

President's Circle Gold

President's Circle Bronze

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ames Anonymous Joanne N. Arbaugh Bauervic-Paisley Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Pier C. Borra Fifth Third Bank Ted and Brenda Frey Frey Foundation The Garden Party Foundation Niles and Shirley Hill Louis Kasischke Paul and Melissa Keiswetter Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Newmann Petoskey-Harbor Springs Area Community Foundation Petoskey Plastics Dr. Jack R. Postle Jim Rand and Irma Noël Thomas and Mary Lou Smith Susan J. Van Gee and Michael G. Schirk Daniel and Jeannean VerBurg

9and10 News/Fox 32 Bay Harbor Foundation Neil and Marsha Bidwell Dr. Paul and Lisa Blanchard Ronn W. Blodgett and Gordon Masters Tim Bondy Physical Therapy Kathryn and Martin Breighner Bill and Shannon Brower Max and Chris Bunker Bunker, Clark, Winnell & Nuorala, P.C. Chemical Bank Citizens National Bank Sam and Kristin Clark David and Teresa Crouse Cliff and Jane Denay Renee DeYoung ej Robert and Connie Eaton Edward Jones Investments James and Evangeline L. Fabiano Arthur Francis Great Pine MARSP Nancy Hodgkiss Gene and Carolyn Hodulik JP Morgan Chase Lawrence F. Kaine The Kent Foundation Dr. Ben and Joan Kleinstiver Dave Kring Chevrolet-Cadillac Dr. Richard and Barbara Kutcipal Dr. Russell F. and Suzanne LaBeau Phyllis Linck Fred F. and Barbara J. Malpass Emer A. Mathias NCMC Foundation Fund Matt Mathias Memorial Scholarship Fund Meijer, Inc. Doug Melvin Peggy and Philip Millard

Gifts of $5,000 or more

President's Circle Silver Gifts of $2,500 to $4,999

Baiardi Family Foundation Dr. Cameron Brunet-Koch and Bruce Koch Greg Czarnecki and Sue Dempsey Emmet Revenue Sharing Board Marion Fearon Andrea Fisher Carol K. Keith Ernest and Judy Mainland Michael K. Patterson Ham and Barb Schirmer Dr. and Mrs. James Shirilla Mr. and Mrs. W. Richard Smith Marana Webber Tost Charitable Fund Dr. Gustav Uhlich

Gifts of $1,000 to $2,499

Foundation Highlights • • • • •

• •

Dr. Lisa M. Watson joined the Foundation as Executive Director. The Foundation Annual Campaign received contributions of more than $650,000. More than $320,000 in scholarships was awarded to students. North Central Michigan College Foundation honored Pier and Renee Borra at the 8th annual Founders Society Luncheon in May 2017. The 21st annual Scramble for Scholarships golf outing and the 19th annual North Central Cookout raised more than $24,000 for the NCMC Foundation Scholarship Fund. The inaugural Garden Party raised $65,000 for full scholarships for 91 students enrolled in the College’s CNC program in Fall 2016 and Winter 2017. The North Central Michigan College Foundation Board of Directors recently approved four grant requests from faculty and staff. The total amount awarded was $15,936.


Donors continued

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8/3/17 4:16 PM

Mitchell Graphics, Inc. Morley Foundation Northern Michigan Medical Society Northern Michigan Review Northern Trust Odawa Casino Sean and Kelly Pollion Craig and Mary Rapin Stone Funeral Home, Inc. Dr. John and Mary Lou Tanton Howard Ternes, Jr. Michael and MaryAnn Van Lokeren Daniel and Dee Hagberg Wickham Dean's List Gifts of $500 to $999 Tom Adams Jane and Dr. Michael Bacon Major Dale L. Baird, USMC, Ret. Bearcub Outfitters John and Martha Beechler Norm and Kathy Bennett Robert and Susan Bleyaert Ronald W. Broquet David Bultynck Susan B. Carruthers Dan Clark Clark Construction Colorphonic, Inc. Mike Czerkie Dr. Allen and Jane Damschroder Keith and Sallee Engstrom Larry and Jamee Fry Phillip Harrison David and Denise Hartnett John E. and Judith A. Hoffman William R. and Carla Kanine Gary Kersting Drs. Melanie S. Manary and Charles J. Huebner Markiewicz & Co., LLC William T. and Ann D. McCormick Bill McMaster Cathy and David Meyer NCMC Physical Plant Staff Charles E. and Diane J. Neal Otsego County Community Foundation James Tisdel Victor Tsaloff James E. Ulberg Hugh D. Winnell Scholarship Fund

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Professor's Club Gifts of $250 to $499 Jason and Suzanne Allen Ernie Almerati Rick Barber Shawn Bauman Jean and Roger Beckley Howard and Denise Berger Thomas Bernardin Jane Bowe Erik and Meredith Brown John Carlin Robert and Maggie Charlton Jeffrey and Margaret Comstock Kay D. Daly Chris Etienne and Dennis Lindeman Jack Garber and Trish MacDonald Glenn Haight Jim and Carol Helmer Susan and Edgar Howbert Megan and Casey Iaccino Ann and Dave Irish Chet Jessick Joe Kanine Jo-Anna Kolodziej Richard and Gail Kozlowski Marion Kuebler Barbara and Ron Kurtz Keith and Janet Lamkin Robert and Helene Maldegen Susan JS Malone, DDS, PC Robert J. Marsh Cindy McSurely and Patrick Faylor Dr. Josh Meyerson Drs. Bill and Jane Millar C. Michelle Murphy NCMC Student Nursing Association NCMC Student Senate James C. Neff Clas M. Nilstoft Pete and Marta Olson David Payne David Pott and Mary McCartney John Queen Fred and Linda Rachwitz Jim Reid Shanna Robinson David Schulingkamp Jeff and Fran Shepard Scott and Dibby Smith Stafford and Jan Smith Ronald and Donna Snyder Straights Area Ostomy Association Laura and Joseph Taylor

Douglas and Jaime Rae Turnbull Dr. Lisa Watson Paula Welmers and Fred Mulhauser Nick and Betsy White Kevin Whitmore Kurt Wietzke Todd and Jennifer Winnell Scholars Gifts up to $249 Liz Ahrens Eliece B. Aiman Dr. Anthony Alessi Rick and Sharon Anderson Rod and Jodie Anderson Dr. Mark and Denise Antonishen Richard and Annette Babcock Kathryn Bardins Steve Barney Steve Berry RenĂŠ Bieganowski Mark and Jami Blaauw-Hara John Blair Terry and Arlene Blissett David Boring Nicholas and Paulajean Bosch Cynthia Burgett Nancy and Thomas Campbell Dr. Gretchen Carroll Stuart and Carma Case Kathleen A. Charboneau Charlevoix State Bank Sara Christensen Perry and Karen Clark Kimberly Coelho Maury and Irene Cohen Laurie Cornett David R. Crothers James and Marilyn Cusenza Deborah Olson-Dean Maise Dever Adriane deWindt Robert Dominic Ryan and Andrea Donahoe Dr. James Doull Tony Dunaske Jason and Patricia Eppler Steve and Kathy Erber Thomas N. Fairbairn Sr. Annette and Paul Fettig Charles Fletcher Flight Path Creative Mark and Julie Fonger Wendy Fought

8/3/17 4:16 PM

Jean and Arthur Frentz Kathy Joy Furgeson Tad Garber Jeff M. Gardner Gregg and Debra Garver Dr. Sara Glasgow Stephany Goddard Cheril Lin Abeel Gritton Mary Gruler Dennis Gunderson Erick Haight Dr. Joseph W. Hance Ed and Sally Hara Harbor Brenn Agencies Phil Harrison Mary and George Helliesen Edward and Nancy Hirschenberger Randall and Susan Hitts Leo Hoffman Michael and Linda Hume Robert Jess Broc Johnson Charles Johnson D.J. Jones John Jorgensen Jim and Debbie Kan Alex and Mel Killian Shana Kingma Jim and Frances Kochensparger George and Brenda Korthauer Richard L. Kowalski Dr. Scott and Nikki LaDeur Carol Laenen Judith Landis Dan Ledingham Helen Leithauser Fred and Kathy Liederbach Dianne Litzenburger Gow Litzenburger Christopher Lund Dr. Jennifer Maginnis Jan Mancinelli James McCullough Mary Ann McCullough Mark and Laurie McMurray Christine Meister Ernest and Kathy Miller Miller Forest Products Susan C. Monton Anne Morningstar Cynthia Nagle NCMC Library Staff Howard Newkirk Maureen Nicholson Rod Niswander

Thomas and Linda Oelke Anas Orfali Liz Otto Erayna Paquet Leland Parsons Dave Patterson Eric Peterson Patricia A. Pontbriand Justin Rashid and Kate Marshall Dr. and Mrs. John Rasmussen Meredith Richter Larry and Elaine Rochon David Rodgers Angie Ross Daniel R. Rupp Ernst Rusche Polly Ryan Faith Sando Charles Schafer George and Carra Schoene Dr. John Scholten Charles L. Shearer Paula Jo Shingler Dr. Suzanne Shumway Troy Slater Clark and Sally Smith George Snyder Diana Souza Donald and Julie Stolt Tammy Strom Edward and Diane Strzelinski William and Sally Swanson Travis J. Szarenski Ted Teller Tom and Margaret Teske John Thompson Margo Todd Marsha Tompkins Stephen J. Tresidder Michael and Patty Turnbull Megan and Joshua Van Horn Susan and Gordon Van Weiren Robert Vance and Susan Bowman Tom VanDeventer Kathryn Varga Bridget Waldvogel Delana Wert Ann Irish and James Wilderom Keith and Karen Williams Barbara Worgess Teresa Yell Dr. and Mrs. Louis R. Zako

Corporate Partners Companies providing matching gifts Dow Corning Corporation Matching Gifts IBM International Foundation Intel Merck Partnership for Giving MetLife Other Supporters The following contributors supported Foundation special events or made gifts in kind. Adwings Media, LLC American Spoon Foods American Waste Ballard Benefit Works, Inc. Barrel Back Restaurant Bay Area Turf Care Bay Street Orthopaedics Bay View Association Bearcub Outfitters Bill’s Farm Market Tim Bondy Physical Therapy Boyne USA Bradford’s Master Dry Cleaners, Inc. Brown Motors Bunker, Clark, Winnell & Nuorala P.C. Carter’s Imagewear Chandler’s – A Restaurant Charlevoix Screen Masters Inc. Chickadee Woods Circuit Controls Corporation Citizens National Bank City Park Grill Clark Construction Coca-Cola Bottling of Michigan Colorphonic, Inc. Comfort Keepers Crooked Tree Arts Center Crooked Tree Capital Advisors Cutler’s Dave Kring Chevrolet Cadillac Dry Harbour Marine Edward Jones Investments Emmet Brick and Block Emmet County Recycling Emmet County EMS Esperance Evening Star Joinery, Inc. The Farley Calendar Company First Community Bank Fletch’s GMC Buick Audi


Donors continued

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8/3/17 4:56 PM

2017 Presidential Scholars Lilliana Cassio

Central Lake Public Schools

Meganne Costello Alanson Public Schools

Ian Dailey

Inland Lakes Schools

Karlee Dunson

East Jordan High School

Hannah Eby

LaSalle High School (St. Ignace Area Schools)

Ben Elzinga

Concord Academy Boyne

Mary Grosskopf

Harbor Light Christian School

Brooke Harris

Petoskey High School

Riley Hoffman

Concord Academy of Petoskey

Anika Kierczynski

Johannesburg-Lewiston Area Schools

Emily Modd

Pellston High School

Zoja Northrop

Cheboygan High School

Collin Olds

Wolverine Community Schools

Paul Ransom

Onaway High School

Nicholas Rhudy Home School

Jill Smigielski

Mancelona High School

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North Central Foundation Board of Directors Richard Ames Dawn Bodnar Kathryn Breighner - Vice Chair Cameron Brunet-Koch, Ph.D. College President Max Bunker - Treasurer Chris Etienne William Kanine Melissa Keiswetter

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“A shared purpose motivates people, and when people are motivated, they can accomplish amazing things.” Our community spoke to us, and we listened. Since 2002, two significant building projects were completed on campus to address student and community needs. The Student and Community Resource Center (SCRC) houses the College’s gymnasium, which is the heart of many student athletic activities and also serves as a community resource center. In addition, this building houses Student Services and Learning Support Services, as well as the College Book Store and the College’s cafeteria and food service operations. Its usage has exceeded all expectations. During the last week of 2016, 4,200 community members utilized this space! The Jack and Dorothy Harris Health Education and Science Center was completed in 2013 with 43,000 square feet of new and renovated classroom and lab space to support the College’s well-established nursing program and growing allied health and science programs. The growth of these programs to better serve our community has also exceeded expectations. The mobile digital Fab Lab fulfills area manufacturers’ need for technicallyskilled workers and enables high school students to prepare for these jobs. The Fab Lab provides students with the opportunity to train on-site in the highly competitive field of computer numerical controls. A new lab in the Technology Building on campus has allowed North Central to expand this program to include welding. To date, more than 540 workers and high school students have been trained, and 40 new jobs have been created in this region. This summer, the Library on the Petoskey campus is undergoing renovations, including new mechanicals, a new roof and other structural repairs. In addition, there will be new carpeting, new lobby furniture and a great new outdoor patio. Our Gaylord site, housed in the University Center in Gaylord since 1973, will be moving to the former Early Childhood Center building at 620 East 5th Street near Gaylord Middle School in January 2018. “The North Central site project not only increases opportunities for our students and community, but also allows GCS to transform a space that is only usable for storage into a state-of-the-art learning center,” states Brian Pearson, Gaylord Community School superintendent. After a year of on- and off-campus planning, the College will address the need for transformative learning environments with the renovation of the main administration and classroom building. This 50-year-old building is the most important classroom facility on campus, with students taking more than 150 classes per week. In fact, every student in every degree program takes courses within its walls. This building now needs to reflect the changing trends in education with well-designed, cutting-edge, digital classrooms, conference rooms and laboratories to facilitate and support the face-to-face engagement of students with their peers and faculty in idea exchange and development.

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1515 Howard Street Petoskey, MI 49770 1.888.298.6605

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