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Plumbing Tips from Your Local Plumber In North Brunswick NJ

ďƒź Prevent drain clogs. Use strainers to help prevent any vegetable matter going down a kitchen drain.

ďƒźAvoid any garbage disposal plumbing repair and do not overuse it.

ďƒźPour a salt-water solution down the drain once a week to help keep your drains from clogging.

ďƒź Do not pour boiling water down plastic pipes.

Home plumbing tip: Maintain your septic system Hire a certified professional to flush your septic tank every 5 years.

Take care of your plumbing supplies, like your aerator. Clean it. Remove and disassemble it. Wash the inside with vinegar.

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Best North Brunswick Plumber in NJ Shares Tips for Your Home - An expert North Brunswick NJ plumber shares tips to prevent plumbing problems and clogs on y...

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