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a year of giving and growing NORTH BEACH CITIZENS ANNUAL REPORT

We’re successful because the community works together to achieve progress for each individual, as success with some clients requires patience and resilience. Kristie Fairchild and our staff have worked with our coalition partners and our neighbors to help people in need. It has been very rewarding to see improvement in the lives of so many individuals. - Richard K. Grosboll President, Board of Directors North Beach Citizens

Board of Directors Francis Ford Coppola Chairman

Richard K. Grosboll President

Ruth Yankoupe Vice President

Stacie Kowalczyk Treasurer

Gussie Stewart Secretary

Board of Directors

Advisory Board


Richard Armanino Curt Cassels Claudine Cheng Janet Crane Susan Daniloff Diane Filippi** Anne Halsted* George Hamel Peggy Knickerbocker Jeanne Milligan Erik Newton** Simon Snellgrove Lynda Spence Gail Switzer* Irene Lindbeck Tibbits* Briana Zelaya**

John W. Buoymaster Ben Golvin Seth Katzman Denise McCarthy Jimmie Schein

Kristie Fairchild Executive Director

Honorary Council Eleanor Bertino Jeannette Etheredge Mel Figoni GyĂśngy Laky Jo Schuman Silver

Amy Wickstrom Development Director Brandon Castronova Intensive Case Manager Alex Neidenberg Operations and Development Assistant Theresa Andrews

*Board term ended June 30, 2012. **3-year board term begins July 1, 2012.

... a catalyst for change ... Every day when I enter through the door of our center on Columbus Avenue, I hear the stories of those who are struggling. Working to times, but in the past year, with the support of an expanded team and a dedicated Board of Directors, we have seen many successes. Unique to North Beach Citizens is our individualized approach, which ensures that every client in our four interconnected programs (our SEEDS Program, our Housing Program, our Community Food Pantry, and or she needs. Our service-oriented approach provides a welcoming environment for our clients and serves as a catalyst for change. Our that they, too, can recover and ultimately help others along their of those we serve, and I would like to thank all of our supporters for

Kristie Fairchild Executive Director North Beach Citizens

Derrick, Derrick,

a 57-year-old Hawaiian native, moved to San

Francisco in 1981. After working steadily in the restaurant industry for 22

which ensured he maintained stable housing. Regrettably, after missing one eviction from his subsidized housing due to his inability to pay.

As a result, in 2005 Derrick

became homeless in his life.

In 2007,

amount of $834 a month. Unfortunately, due to the high cost of living and lack of affordable housing, Derrick continued living on the streets as he was unable to identify a suitable housing opportunity. It was at this desperate time that Derrick was approached by a community member about the services of North Beach Citizens. Hopeful of engaging who outlined the necessary steps for him to transition off the streets. Each day at the center, Derrick was welcomed with a cup of coffee, access to nutritious food, case management services to meet his individual needs, and

permanent, affordable housing. Empowered by his stable housing, he became a peer mentor for new North Beach

This year, out of reach:

reuniting with his family after nine years of separation.

The average monthly income of a Community Food Pantry participant is $797. Those surveyed spent an average of $43 a week on food and other vital supplies. With the weekly support of North Beach Citizens, purchasing food and paying rent, thus decreasing the probability of becoming homeless.

Distributed a total of pounds of food to low-income individuals residing in





intensive case management SEEDs Program, its Resource Center, and its after-care case management program.

$330,000 The Eleventh Annual Spring Dinner, An Italian Dinner Celebration, which was held in the basement of the historic Saints Peter and Paul Church, was attended by 400 guests and raised $330,000 programs and services. Special thanks to Jack Morton Worldwide, Rose Pistola, and Saints Peter and Paul Church.

$108,000 The Eighth Annual Community Recognition Awards Dinner, which honored Alessandro Baccari, Jr., and Carolyn Zecca Ferris, was attended by 240 guests and raised $108,000 to support North Beach

Brandon Castronova, Licensed

as an Intensive Case Manager. With over seven years of experience, Brandon offers innovative methods to support

Beach Citizens, sponsored by the Academy of Art University, featured 59 community artists who utilized mirrors as a medium for artistic expression.


volunteers removed 1,651 bags of garbage and debris from the North Beach neighborhood. This program is particularly

neighborhoods in the city. and low-income clients.

2011-2012 income

Special Events | $374,284 Individuals | $76,228 Corporations | $37,900

July 1, 2011 – June 30, 2012

Foundations | $38,055 Government Grants | $14,672 Interest | $868 Individuals Total | $542,007


Special Events 70%

Corporations 7% Fou nda tion s 6% Government Grants 2% Interest 1%

2011-2012 expenditures July 1, 2011 – June 30, 2012

Housing Program

SEEDS Program* | $309,626 Resource Center | $203,991 Advocacy | $58,314 Outreach | $22,795 Nutrition Support | $10,966 Medical | $10,806 Transportation | $2,474

Housing Program | $100,360 Development | $75,160


SEEDS Program 57%

Deve lopm 15% ent

Program Community Food Pantry | $5,000 Total | $534,773

Community Food Pantry 1% * Securing Employment and Engagement through Dedicated Services

donors $25,000 and above

$5,000 to $9,999

Pamela and George Hamel Harqua Foundation

$15,000 to $19,999

Greg and Vicki Eckert

John and Tina Keker $10,000 to $14,999

Trudy Scammond Foundation

$1,000 to $2,499 Angela Alioto Paule Anglim Richard and Angela Armanino $2,500 to $4,999

$500 to $999 $250 to $499 Jim and Katie Shanahan

Greg Kay Valeria Kim

Ken and Angela Free Anthony Gantner Roy Glah

Valerie Velardi

Julie Hanlon and Greg Fujita John Perino

John Goodman

a community working together 415.772.0918 | 720 Columbus Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94133 |

North Beach Citizens Annual Report 2012  

North Beach Citizens Annual Report 2012: A Year of Giving and Growing.

North Beach Citizens Annual Report 2012  

North Beach Citizens Annual Report 2012: A Year of Giving and Growing.