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Board of Directors Officers

Advisory Board

“North Beach Citizens represents the joining together

John Buoymaster

place to live or without the financial ability to eat or

Richard K. Grosboll

Ben Golvin

who need help getting through governmental red

Vice President

Seth Katzman

Ruth Yankoupe

Denise McCarthy


Jimmie Schein


Francis Ford Coppola President

Stacie Kowalczyk Secretary

Gussie Stewart


of the community and other San Francisco residents to help those in need, whether it be those without a

tape or whatever other help our wonderful staff may provide to them.”

North Beach Citizens Board President Richard K. Grosboll

Honorary Members Eleanor Bertino

Richard Armanino

Jeannette Etheredge

Curt Cassels

Mel Figoni

Claudine Cheng

Gyöngy Laky

Janet Crane

Jo Schuman Silver

Susan Daniloff Anne Halsted Peggy Knickerbocker George Hamel Jeanne Milligan Simon Snellgrove

Top: Irene Lindbeck Tibbits, Richard K. Grosboll, Gail Switzer Middle: Ruth Yankoupe, Stacie Kowalczyk, Kristie Fairchild, Janet Crane Bottom: Claudine Cheng, Jeanne Milligan, Curt Cassels, Gussie Stewart Not pictured: Richard Armanino, Susan Daniloff, Anne Halsted, George Hamel, Peggy Knickerbocker, Simon Snellgrove, Lynda Spence

Lynda Spence Gail Switzer Irene Lindbeck Tibbits

North Beach Citizens’ Staff Kristie Fairchild

Alexandra Neidenberg

Executive Director

Operations and Development Assistant

Amy Wickstrom Development Director

Theresa Andrews

Brandon Castronova

Support Staff

Intensive Case Manager


NBC Annual Report 2010-11.9  

Theresa Andrews Brandon Castronova Alexandra Neidenberg Operations and Development Assistant Ruth Yankoupe Francis Ford Coppola Stacie Kowal...

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