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JANUARY 28, 2010


Top tips on how to give up smoking


Exercise does not have to hit you in the pocket


Tackling the growing trend of obesity in children


Follow our chart of the best exercises


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JANUARY 28, 2010


Top tips to quit CONTRARY to what some people may think, just stopping smoking is not as easy as it sounds. With a huge number of different products on the market it can be a minefield for those looking to quit. Here is a list of some of the things you could try to try and kick the habit. ● Avoid alcohol ● Eat light meals little and often ● Try sugar free mints or gum ● Change your routine: Avoid shops where you would normally buy cigarettes ● Use your imagination and see yourself as a contented non-smoker who is fit and healthy. Remember your personal reasons for quitting. Your imagination is much more powerful than your will power. ● Use quick and easy relaxation techniques. Begin by taking a long, deep breath, pulling the air into your tummy and hold for a few moments. Then exhale slowly and deeply, thinking “calm and relaxed”. As you breathe out, just let your jaw relax and your shoulders droop, and then press your tummy tight towards your backbone. As you practice doing this any tension will flow out of your body. Practice this every day for a few moments to help you release any tension that you may have. ● After a meal do not light-up. Get up from the table and go and have a drink of water. Break old patterns and associations by sitting in a different place from your usual one. Find something to do instead, read a book or go for a walk. Keep your hands busy. Keep a pen or pencil handy to fiddle with, or find something to do with your hands. This need to do something with your hands will gradually go within a few days, if it happens at all. ● Satisfy your oral need. Drink lots of water or low calorie drinks to suit you. If you feel peckish in-between meals, then crunch on a carrot or some celery, or eat a banana or some other fruit or chew sugar free gum.



hat is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

How to try and avoid becoming another smoking statistic this year

Some might rush to get a morning dose of caffeine, some might switch the alarm off and catch an extra five minutes under the duvet, and some will light up a cigarette. It is estimated that around 9.5 million people in the UK are currently smokers, and a quarter of adults in Wales smoke. Around 17% of smokers admit to lighting up a cigarette five minutes after waking in the morning, and heavier smokers are more likely to light up immediately. However, according to statistics around 66% of smokers said they wanted to give up, with around 86% of them naming health issues as the main reason for wanting to quit. With free help and advice available from Stop Smoking Wales (Dim Smygu Cymru) there's no excuse not to quit. Over 15,000 people contacted Stop KICK THE HABIT: Two thirds of smokers say they want to stop with health issues being their main reason to do so. Smoking Wales last year, and more than half of those were successful in quitting using their 6-8 week like to quit, it's not always as Officer for Wales said: "We are It may be impossible to see the program. The service offers advice straight forward as going cold determined to do all we can to damage being done to your body on and support to those trying to kick turkey. Withdrawal symptoms like educate people about the dangers of the inside, but other effects such as the habit, with trained specialists loss of concentration, headaches, smoking. Research shows levels of bad breath, stained yellow teeth and helping to determine when and why coughs, and agitation can make exposure to second-hand smoke have fingers, and premature facial you are most likely to smoke. The wrinkles may be more obvious. It quitting that little bit more fallen significantly since the ban on service also offers free information also greatly affects your fitness difficult. This is where Nicotine smoking in enclosed public places about different kinds of treatments levels. Replacement Therapies can help. was introduced in 2007. This will that are available, such as Nicotine Dr Jewell added: "The hard fact is There are numerous products bring benefits in terms of reduced Replacement Therapy. People using – smoking kills. Every year in currently on the market, including risk of heart attacks and respiratory the service also receive follow up Wales around six thousand people gum, inhalers, lozenges and illnesses and, in the longer term, of appointments to monitor their die from smoking related diseases, patches. The treatments are a way cancers such as lung cancers." progress after four weeks and yet almost a quarter of adults of getting nicotine into your According to Cancer Research UK twelve months and can attend continue to light up." bloodstream to reduce cravings and there were over 39,000 new cases of relapse prevention sessions if they ● For more information see negative side effects of giving up lung cancer diagnosed in the UK in feel that they are struggling. or cigarettes. 2006, and in 2007 over 34,000 people Although most smokers would call 0800 085 2219 Dr Tony Jewell, the Chief Medical died from the illness.

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Top tips


ANDS UP all those who paid the joining fee and bought the latest fitness gear, with the best intentions of hitting the gym – but never quite made it?

Well there are solutions to that problem which won’t burn a hole in anyone’s pocket. As part of its Shape Up on a Shoestring campaign, the Sports Council for Wales reveals its top tips on getting slim – even without the gym. Pound the pavements Make the most of local paths and tracks go for a run. Not only is it the least expensive and one of the most effective ways to get fit, it is also one of the best ways to combat the battle of the bulge. Running burns more calories per minute than any other form of cardiovascular exercise and the natural dips and hills of running outdoors make it even harder than a workout on the treadmill. Pull on those trainers and take to the pavements two or three times a week for at least 20 minutes – for maximum fat-burning benefits. Log on to Calorie calculator – 590 calories per hour. Make a splash Put local sports facilities to good use and add a once a week swim to your fitness routine. It will give those muscles that you never knew existed a good workout. A half hour, vigorous swimming session can burn up to 395 calories. The cooling effect of the water disguises the intensity of the workout, allowing swimmers time to exercise for longer and harder. And people with children aged 16 and under, or those aged over 60, have no excuse as they can splash for free. For more information, visit Calorie counter – 790 calories per hour. Get on your bike Dusting off the two-wheeled friend and heading out for a cycle ride is one of the most efficient and fun ways to

Move your body

SHAPE UP: Jogging, swimming, cycling and skipping are great ways to exercise while keeping an eye on the purse strings.

Shaping up doesn’t have to break the bank

Get active without counting the cost keep the heart healthy. According to the British Heart Foundation, cycling for at least 20 minutes per week significantly reduces the risk of coronary heart disease. An hour’s riding can burn up to 450 calories and adding a few hills to the route can intensify the workout. A bike ride is one of the easiest ways to fit exercise into a daily routine. Double it up as a form of transport and save money, while getting fit at the same time.

Calorie counter – 450 calories per hour Jump to it Skipping is a great way to increase cardiovascular fitness and get the heart pumping. A 30 minute skip will not only shift up to 320 calories but will improve agility and tone up the muscles in legs, back, chest, shoulders and tummy. Calorie counter – 640 calories per hour

Check out Shape Up on a Shoestring on Facebook for more handy hints and tips on exercising on a budget, nutritional advice and even tutorial videos showing you exactly how to shape up for free by making the most of your local park and living room. Always consult a GP before undertaking any new form of exercise and remember, best results will always be achieved alongside a balanced diet.

AS the famous proverb says, ‘He who has health has hope and he who has hope has everything’, so try these simple steps to a healthier life on a daily basis. ● Try to find different ways to move your body every day. Walk up the stairs instead of taking the lift or escalators, walk your dog, take your kids out, do some housework. Anything that gets you moving is a fitness tool and a stress buster. It’s great if you’re up for going to the gym for an hour or take part in a 45 minute aerobics class, but you don’t have to do that all the time, just move more. ● Try to avoid foods that are processed, high in fat and have added sugar such as ready meals, fried foods, cakes and sweets. Dairy products such as cheese, milk and cream should also be eaten in moderation. Don’t forget that there are lots of low fat versions around and that won’t compromise the taste – just watch out for the hidden sugars! ● Everyone knows that smoking is harmful to your health, so just stop! Research has shown that exercise can stop cravings for up to four hours, so why not take up exercising and give up smoking. ● Some techniques recommended by experts are to think positively. Take action and get control by breaking down long-term aims, goals or targets into smaller, more manageable and realistic steps and reward yourself when each of these is achieved. Spend at least 30 minutes everyday doing something that makes you feel good, for example, take a hot bath, try out a new exercise class, read a book or hire a personal trainer together with a friend. Meditation is also recommended for stress, just take a few moments to clear your mind of all thoughts. ● Research shows that a glass of wine or one drink a day can help to protect against heart disease. However, more than that can cause other health problems such a liver and kidney disease and cancer, so take it easy.

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Our highly skilled dentists and hygienists can provide you with a full range of treatments to straighten, lighten and even permanently replace missing teeth. Our treatments include: ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆


Cosmetic dentistry Dental implants Tooth whitening Crowns & bridges Veneers Invisalign* clear braces

Graham Roy Dental Care Make everyday a smile day, call 01248 712925, or visit Graham Roy Dental Care, Menai Bridge, Anglesey Tel: 01248 712925


JANUARY 28, 2010

Fitness Instruction National Training Centre Of Excellence Canolfan Hyfforddi Hyfforddiant Ffitrwydd Genedlaethol Ragoriaethol

The club you deserve is finally here... Mae’r clwb rydych yn ei haeddu yma o’r diwedd... * Cynigiwn brofiad ymarfer unigryw a chyflawn * Yr offer ymarfer diweddaraf gyda sgriniau diddanu personol * Staff cyfeillgar ac arbenigol * Ystafell Aml Bwrpas i’w Llogi * Plat Dirgrynu * Partion Plant Prysur * Beicio dychmygol tu mewn * Hyfforddiant Personol * Lolfa Goffi CLWB 21 * A mwy....


* We offer a unique and fulfilling exercise experience * State of the art exercise equipment with built in entertainment consoles * Friendly & highly qualified staff * Function Room Available For Hire * Crazy fit Vibration Plate * Active Childrens Parties * Virtual indoor cycling * Personal Training * CLWB 21 Coffee Lounge * And more.....

Can you afford not to join? Fedrwch chi fforddio peidio ymuno? Clwb 21 Ffordd Glanhwfa Road Llangefni LL77 7EY Tel: 01248 750 332


Everything you need is right on your doorstep EXERCISE DOESN’T HAVE TO BE INCONVENIENT


during those weeks to help you achieve your aims…all for £1.00 per session! LET’S WALK GWYNEDD Walking is recognised as one of the best forms of exercise Centres across the county are and there are several walking open to all and can be a clubs and Nordic walking springboard to a healthier groups in Gwynedd to help you lifestyle. Gwynedd Council put your best foot forward. have a team of sports For more information development officers who work contact your local leisure in the community promoting centre or Sharon Jones on and helping clubs, groups and (01341) 424410 individuals. MEND This a fun and free From feeling the burn in the programme for children to fitness room to a knock about become fitter, healthier, and on the football or hockey pitch, happier. or even just a leisurely swim, If you are worrying that your the leisure centres offer a children (between seven and 13 convenient and affordable years old) might be at an option to combat the new year unhealthy weight call the blues and can also offer programme on 0800 230 0263. meeting rooms for hire, MEND is a tried and tested disabled facilities and free programme tested and run by parking. qualified trainers. It gets Special activities include: children healthy and fit in just FREE SWIMMING 10 weeks, and helps them stay If you are 16 or younger that way. Find out more at Gwynedd swimming pools their website, offer free aqua www.mend activities throughout the school holidays. All Gwynedd leisure There is also year centres offer direct round free debit and monthly swimming for the ticket packages. These over- 60s. can give customers the PLAY SCHEMES opportunity to use the Be active and join centres for as little as a in the fun during the pound a day. Members school holidays with can use all Gwynedd play schemes for centres. Contact your eight to 13 year-olds. LIFT: The exercise referral scheme is very popular.. local centres for Activities include

WYNEDD Council leisure centres have something for everyone for a healthier lifestyle in 2010.

arts and craft, all sorts of games, sports, swimming, disco, quizzes and much, much more. BIRTHDAY CARD If you’re turning 16 you can look forward to an extra birthday present – a year’s free membership at the leisure centre. This enables teens to use the facilities at a discounted price as well as five tickets to use the fitness rooms free of charge. EXERCISE REFERRAL A great way to kick start a healthy lifestyle, this programme is for people who have a medical condition which would benefit from an increase in moderate exercise. If you think you would benefit, contact your GP or practise nurse about getting referred. As part of the scheme you will receive a personal consultation with an exercise professional and access to a 16 week programme. You will be given advice and support


JANUARY 28, 2010

CHOICE: You can exercise in gym, main, a class or alternatives such as climbing walls.

Helping you get the body you’ve always wanted From out of shape couch potato to fitness fanatic, anybody can do it! with classes including meeting room. Fitness classes further information, or visit boxercise yoga and childrens are also available. activities. leisurecentres. PORTHMADOG: LEISURE CENTRES GLASLYN LEISURE CENTRE, PENYGROES: PLAS SILYN LEISURE CAERNARFON: Stryd y Llan, Porthmadog. ARFON LEISURE CENTRE, CENTRE, Ffordd y Sir, Tel 01766 512711. Ffordd Bethel, Caernarfon. Tel Penygroes. Facilities include:Swimming 01286 676 451. Tel 01286 882047. pool, health suite, sports hall, Facilities include: Facilities include: fitness suite, weights room, Swimming pools, sports hall, Fitness room, sports hall, function room, tennis and squash courts, climbing wall, squash courts, all purpose squash courts and an all health room and weights room, weather pitch. room, and an all weather outdoor floodlit pitches, outdoor pitch. Swimming lessons for all meeting rooms. Activities for adults include ages are available, plus PARC COED HELEN, aerobics, Chinese kickboxing, snorkelling and water polo. A Aberforeshore, Caernarfon. plus a selection of sessions for new weights room to open The recreation park is within the next few months. schoolchildren. managed by the Arfon centre BETHESDA: BANGOR and includes football pitches, a PLAS FFRANCON LEISURE BANGOR SWIMMING POOL, skate park, childrens play CENTRE, Ffordd Newydd Ffordd y Garth, Bangor. area, golf course, bowling Coetmor, Bethesda. Tel 01248 372529. green. Tel 01248 601515. Facilities include: ARFON TENNIS CENTRE, Facilities include: Swimming pool, water slides, Ffordd Bethel, Caernarfon. Tel Fitness room, sports hall, diving boards, all weather five01286 676945. squash courts, all purpose a-side football pitches, cafe and Facilities include: room, cafe, and an all weather viewing gallery. Indoor and outdoor tennis outdoor sports pitch. New for 2010 is Gwynedd’s courts, half court practice The centre has coaches for first family gym, with cardiac wall, ball machine, fitness football, cricket, squash and and fitness equipment, regular room, pool table and general fitness instructors, family sessions will soon be cafe. Daily lessons are provided. available. BLAENAU PWLLHELI: FFESTINIOG: DWYFOR LEISURE BRO FFESTINIOG CENTRE, Heol SWIMMING POOL Hamdden, Pwllheli. AND SPORTS HALL, Tel 01758 613437. Heol Wynne, Blaenau Facilities include: Ffestiniog. Swimming pool and Tel: 01766 831593. water slide, climbing facilities include: wall, fitness room, Swimming pool, sports hall, squash sports hall and fitness courts, tennis courts, outdoor pitches and a EXCITING: Children play indoor hockey to get active. room.

Tired of the gym? Bored of the workouts where nothing ever changes other than the numbers on the machine? If you can’t stand it you are not going to give it your best. In fact, you probably won’t even show up. In fact your gym is probably counting on it. Get involved in a dynamic, social activity where you progress from one level to the next and learn new practical things . . . call today! NEW YEAR’S SPECIAL OFFER


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New Beginners Classes Starting Next Week! First two classes FREE!

Tel the number below to book your place today! (Hurry, Class Size is Limited) call now! Only available at: John Lynn’s Black Belt Academy,

Tel: 01286 677717


Web: North Wales’ Premier Family Martial Arts Facility for Character Education and Development 29 Bangor St., Caernarfon



JANUARY 28, 2010


Eight great exercises to

Shake off those winter blues by treating yourself and a friend to a luxurious spa day at The Langley Spa.

Buy one half days spa indulgence package and get a second half price* £80 Treatment Package Includes:

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• Leighton Denny File & Colour • Full use of Langley’s Country Club facilities: pool, steam room and jacuzzi

Tel: 01492 596621 | E-mail: The Langley Spa at the Aberconwy Park, Conwy LL32 8GA |

Salon Harddwch - Beauty Salon

T: 01766 515870 E: 1st Floor, 117 High Street, Porthmadog (above the Lemon Tub)


We offer a range of facial peeling treatments that can improve and may remove:

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Fine Lines & Wrinkles Pigmentation/Freckles Broken Veins/Rocessia Sun damage/Smokers Skin

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Acne and Acne Scaring Blackheads/Millia Enlarged Pores Stretch Marks

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New professional peeling’s line mesoestetic presents a new peeling line only for professional use. 4 different acids with different graduations ®

• Lactic Acid: For the treatment of fine wrinkles and photo-aging • Mandelic Acid: An alpha hydroxy acid extracted from almonds and especially useful for skins with a combination of photo-aging with acne and hyperpigmentation • Salicylic Acid: Used to eliminate acne scars, hyperkeratosis, dischormia due to photo-aging and wrinkles • Glycolic Acid: For the treatment of fine wrinkles and photo-aging. Can be used for all photo-types, and for skin with only slight problems.


Exercise: Squat Target area: Legs - quads, hamstrings, gluts. How to perform: With a bar sat comfortably on the backs of your shoulders slowly bend the knees moving the body downwards. Drive back to the starting position using the legs. Points to avoid: Keep the back straight. Do it at home: Do the exercise without weight but with more repetitions.

Exercise: Lunge Target area: Legs - quads, hamstrings, gluts How to perform: With the bar in the same position as the squat step forwards with the right leg bending at the knee. Push back up and repeat on the left leg. Points to avoid: Keep the back straight and the knee over the foot, not beyond. Do it at home: Again no weight but lots of reps. Exercise: Shoulder press Target area: Shoulders - deltoids, traps, How to perform: Take an overhand grip of the bar and raise to shoulder level. Press above the head not quite locking the arms, return to shoulder level and repeat. Points to avoid: Keep the back straight and don’t use the legs to push. Do it at home: Use weighted cans or dumbbells

Exercise: Chest press Target area: Chest - pecs How to perform:S it on seat with upper chest just above horizontal handles. Grasp handles with wide overhand grip. Press lever until arms are extended. Return weight until chest muscles are slightly stretched. Repeat. Points to avoid: Ensure weight is taken to the chest on each rep. Do it at home: The humble press up.


JANUARY 28, 2010

Instant Comfort Fast Delivery

get an all over workout Exercise: Biceps Curl Target area: Arms - biceps, forearms How to perform: Hold bar with shoulder width under hand grip, then raise until forearms are vertical. Return to bottom and repeat. Points to avoid: Control the movement and do not ‘swing’ the bar up. Do it at home: Use weighted cans or dumbbells.

Exercise: Triceps dips Target area: Arms - triceps How to perform: Grip the machine handles. Lower body so upper arms are parallel to floor. Lower and raise the body using the arms. Repeat. Points to avoid: Keep a full range of movement. Do it at home: Stand up off a chair. Place palms on the seat and feet away, push your body up Exercise: Sit up Target area: Stomach - abs How to perform: Lie on the floor or a gym ball with feet on the floor. Raise the torso up keeping the hips on the floor. Lower down and repeat. Points to avoid: Keep the neck in a comfortable position and do no place hands behind the head. Do it at home: A really easy exercise to do at home Exercise: Back hyperextension Target area: Lower back How to perform: Lying face down on the floor or a gym ball raise the upper torso keeping the hips on the floor. feel a squeeze in the lower back. Points to avoid: Do not over extend the movement. Do it at home: Another easy exercise with no equipment needed

• VAT Free if registered disabled • Reclines to sleeping position • Helps Arthritis, Rheumatism, MS, Poor Circulation/Mobility Restrictions • Dual Motor for perfect comfort • Made in UK

Pine and Oak Chair Warehouse

By Ruthin Tesco Freephone for Catalogue 0 8 0 0 7 3 1 1 4 9 0



JANUARY 28, 2010

Top tips WHEN it comes to helping children lose a few pound the message is simple - have a healthy balanced diet with plenty of activity. The gut-busting burgers and sugar filled sweets and drinks are to be replaced by low fat alternatives and fruit and vegetables. Also to be cut down are the long hours sat in front of the television or games console. Instead and hour of exercise can be introduced to get out and get active. ● Sugar Swaps: It’s time to swap those sugary snacks and drinks for ones lower in sugar. ● Meal times: It is very import for kids having regular, proper meals as part of a routine ● Me-Sized Meals: Ensure kids get just the right amount for their age – not too little and not too much. ● Snack Check: Keep a careful eye on how many snacks kids are having. ● Five a Day: Give your kids five portions of fruit and vegetables a day – for kids, one portion is roughly a handful. ● Cut Back Fat: Get up to speed on which foods are high in saturated fats and cut down on them. ● 60 Active Minutes: Make sure kids are getting least 60 minutes of activity a day – but it doesn’t have to be sport. ● Up and About: Try and get kids to spend less time sitting down doing nothing and up and about being active so their bodies burn off enough fat.

CUT DOWN: High fat diets need to be replaced by some more healthy options.

FREE Taster sessions throughout Feb - phone/e-mail for details

Dads welcome too ! Private antenatal classes from an experienced practicing midwife, including

earlybird sessions (from 12 weeks)

& preparation for childbirth (from 30 weeks)

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T’S a New Year and many people will have already added the words ‘lose weight’ to the top of their list of resolutions.

However, it might not be your own dress size that you need to be concerned about. With high-calorie snacks such as chocolate, sweets and fast-food readily available to youngsters it’s not surprising that more and more are becoming overweight. Children with overweight parents are usually at a greater risk of being obese or overweight, and a lack of exercise and shared unhealthy eating habits are usually the main cause. It can sometimes be hard for parents to identify that their child is overweight, with many assuming that it is just ‘puppy fat’ that will disappear as the child grows older. In Wales 36% of children are overweight and of those 20% are obese, this can lead to more serious health problems in later life, such as type 2 diabetes and cardio vascular diseases. It can also cause emotional distress to the child as many are often victims of bullying because of their weight. However, help is at hand for children and their parents in their battle against obesity. In January 2009 a Welsh Assembly Government funded programme was launched in Wales with the aim of making the country a healthier and happier place. The programme, called MEND (Mind, Exercise, Nutrition...Do It!), originally launched in four areas of Wales, and now there are programmes available in numerous locations

Trying to tackle the worrying trend of obesity in children PROBLEM: 36% of children in Wales are overweight and of those 20% are classed as being obese. across the country, including Colwyn Bay, Rhyl and Caernarfon. The programme is aimed at children across Wales between the ages of 7-13. In an attempt to get secondary school pupils active for at least 60 minutes a day, five times a week, 5x60 was launched. The programme, run by the Sports Council for Wales, is active in 99% of secondary schools in Wales, and over 24,000 individual sporting activities were held during the school year of 2007/8.

Older children taking part are also offered the opportunity to gain coaching qualifications, meaning they can take a leading role in delivering sporting activities at their school. Not only has the programme managed to increase children’s participation in sport and raise their self-esteem and confidence levels, it has also been shown to improve behaviour. Local leisure centres have been offering a range of new and exciting activities aimed at getting the county’s children fit. These include

Dance Mat classes for children and adults as a fun way of exercising, and 5x60 teams offer the classes after school and during lunch breaks. Despite these activities being offered, poor turnouts during school term time means that the skills of qualified staff are not being used to their full potential. Other exciting activities like cheerleading and circuit training are also running at leisure centres, and with this wide range of services available it shouldn’t be too hard to keep your kids active.

YOGA for beginners am ddechreuwyr (*See website for directions – cyfarwyddiadau ar y wefan) Details of classesmanylion am ddosbarthiadau Phone: 01286 650647 Email: Website:

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JANUARY 28, 2010

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3 Market Square, Pwllheli, 01758 612503 Tuesday 5pm - 9pm Wed to Fri 3pm - 9pm Sat 10.30am - 5pm

Vibraxis - Vibroplate training, 10 mins = 1hr Gym. Get in shape for the New Year

INDULGE * UNWIND * DE-STRESS * RELAX * SOOTHE Indulge yourself with a luxury holistic treatment either a HOT STONES massages, INDIAN HEAD massage, HOPI EAR CANDLES GIFT VOUCHERS * BESPOKE GIFT PACKS Book your appointment now to avoid disappointment

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hristmas cake, Christmas pudding, chocolate...the list goes on.

During the festive period we are surrounded by delicious yet fattening foods, and it's easy to see how most of us can over indulge, expanding our waistlines by a good few inches! If you've added 'lose weight' to the top of your list of goals for 2010 then this year your resolution doesn't need to be that difficult to stick to. Although they might seem tempting, crash diets and detox can often do more harm than good. Completely depriving yourself of the foods you love will leave you craving them, and make sticking to a diet even more difficult in the long-term. Maintaining a healthy, balanced diet while still allowing yourself the occasional treat is a much easier way to lose weight. Although crash diets may promise instant results, these are usually short lived. In a bid to lose weight after the festive period you might think that skipping meals is a good idea. However, skipping meals means your body doesn't receive the nutrients it needs, and evidence shows that adults and children who eat breakfast regularly are less likely to be overweight. By the time you wake up in the morning, your body hasn't had food for hours and eating a healthy breakfast provides you with the energy you need to face the day ahead. Porridge is a cheap and healthy option for breakfast, it releases energy slowly and can be sweetened with fruit instead of sugar. Your body needs to be refuelled regularly throughout the


day and skipping meals won't do anything for your metabolism. Sticking to a well balanced and healthy diet is a much better option for controlling your weight and remaining healthy. A good diet should include plenty of starchy carbohydrates such as pasta, rice, bread and potatoes, and main meals should be based

around these foods. Most people will know that a healthy diet should include plenty of fruit and vegetables, and fruit can be used as a substitute for unhealthier snacks such as chocolate and biscuits. Fruit is great for helping to fight infection, keep your heart healthy and is good for your skin.

Gwasanaeth Maethu I Deulu O 3 O Blant Gwynedd Foster Carers For A Family Of 3 Children

GOFALWYR MAETH • A ydych yn chwilio am her? • Cyfle i gyfrannu’n adeiladol i ddatblygiad plant? • Boddhad personol? • Cydnabyddiaeth ariannol? Mae Cyngor Gwynedd yn chwilio am ofalwyr maeth arbennig ar gyfer: TEULU O 3 O BLANT • Bydd y lleoliad yn cynnwys Lwfans Maethu hael. • Pecyn cefnogol ychwanegol, e.e gofal ysbaid, help yn y cartref. • Bydd yr ymgeiswyr llwyddiannus yn cael blaenoriaeth ar gyfer eu asesu. • Cynigir hyfforddiant a chefnogaeth rheolaidd. Am drafodaeth anffurfiol cysylltwch â’r Tim Maethu ar 01286 682660 neu e-bostiwch ar FOSTER CARERS • Are you looking for a challenge? • An opportunity to contribute positively to the development of children? • Emotional rewards? • Financial recognition for your efforts? Gwynedd Council is looking for exceptional foster carers for: A FAMILY OF 3 CHILDREN • This placement will attract a generous fostering allowance. • A support package e.g. respite care and help in the home. • The successful applicants will be assessed as a matter of priority. • Training and regular support is provided. For an informal discussion please contact the Fostering Team on 01286 682660 or e-mail

Sian Caldwell, a dietician for the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board advises: "Snack wisely! Try to choose snacks that are low sugar - quite often we can be misled by choosing low fat snacks or drinks but they can sometimes be full of sugar which is not great for the waist line. Snacks that will fuel your body include fruit, vegetable

JANUARY 28, 2010

MODERATION: Snacking on fruit and milk is advised, but look to cut down on your intake of pastry and cakes.

How a change in diet needn’t mean cutting out all the things you enjoy - just moderate sticks, a glass of milk or a yoghurt, a handful of nuts or seeds, some plain popcorn, a slice of toast with mashed banana or even some good quality peanut butter, a slice of malt loaf, a scone, teacake or crumpet, or some crackers with a little grated cheese. And choose fresh foods as much as possible automatically this will cut down

your intake of salt, additives, fats and sugars." Some protein such as meat, eggs and fish are essential and you should aim to eat oily fish like tuna, salmon or mackerel twice a week. Reducing the amount of saturated fat in your diet will reduce cholesterol therefore

reducing the risk of heart disease. Foods such as cakes, biscuits, cheese, butter and pastry should be eaten in small portions or less often. You may think that you need to cut sugar out of your diet but some foods like fruit contain natural sugars which you don't need to avoid.

Instead, you should aim to gradually reduce your sugar intake by avoiding products which have added sugar such as fizzy drinks, and when it comes to choosing products like squash you should favour the 'no added sugar' options. Even making small changes like reducing the amount of sugar you have in your tea or coffee, and switching to a lower fat milk can make a difference. Keeping well hydrated is also very important as the body is around 70% fluid, and you should aim to drink a lot of the right fluids. You need to drink at least a couple of litres of water a day, and although tea and coffee are okay, they can leave you dehydrated. The healthiest way to lose weight in the long term is to combine a healthy diet with regular exercise as this helps burn off excess calories. There are sports and activities available to suit a range of ages and skill levels and exercising doesn't have to be a chore. You don't necessarily need to spend money joining a gym, as cheap exercise classes are available at most leisure centres. Alternatively why not go for a jog in the park or take the dog for an extra long walk? Get your friends and family involved and make them your 'fitness buddy'. Having someone else to cheer you on and keep you motivated can make all the difference and soon you'll both be noticing the benefits. Leading a healthy lifestyle this year will leave you feeling great on the inside – and looking great on the outside – so why not make these small changes to your routine today!


Quit smoking today great tips to stop P2


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Vibraxis - Vibroplate training, 10 mins = 1hr Gym. Get in shape for the New Year

INDULGE * UNWIND * DE-STRESS * RELAX * SOOTHE Indulge yourself with a luxury holistic treatment either a HOT STONES massages, INDIAN HEAD massage, HOPI EAR CANDLES GIFT VOUCHERS * BESPOKE GIFT PACKS Book your appointment now to avoid disappointment

Call Lindsay on 01758 612503 to book an appointment. LOOK OUT FOR MONTHLY SPECIAL OFFERS ON THE WEBSITE

YDYCH CHI YN OFALWR MAETHU PREIFAT? Beth yw Maethu Preifat? Mae maethu Preifat yn gytundeb preifat lle mae rhiant yn gofyn i oedolyn arall ofalu am eu plentyn am 28 diwrnod neu fwy yng nghartref y gofalwr ei hun. Nid yw’r oedolyn yn perthyn i’r plentyn, fel ewythr / modryb neu daid neu nain ac nid oes ganddynt chwaith unrhyw gyfrifoldeb rhiant. Mae’n berthnasol i blant dan 16 oed, neu berson ifanc o dan 18 sydd wedi eu gofrestru’n anabl. Oes angen i mi ddweud wrth y Gwasanaethau Cymdeithasol fy mod yn maethu y plentyn yn breifat? Oes, mae’r gyfraith yn dweud fod yn rhaid i’r gwasanaethau cymdeithasol lleol gael gwybod er mwyn sicrhau fod y plentyn yn derbyn gofal da. Mae rheolau a rheoliadau arbening yngly^ n â sut mae plant yn derbyn gofal, hyd yn oed os ydyw’n drefniant maethu preifat. Mae’r rheolau hyn hefyd yn cynnwys pwy all ofalu am blentyn. Mae gan gofalwyr maeth preifat ddyletswydd i hysbysu’r gwasanaethau cymdeithasol o unrhyw drefniant tebygol cyn iddo ddigwydd, neu cyn gynted ag y bo modd ar ôl i’r plentyn ddod i’w gofal. Mae angen i rieni hefyd hysbysu’r Gwasanaethau Cymdeithasol o’r trefniadau. AM FWY O WYBODAETH CYSYLLTWCH Â: Tîm Maethu & Mabwysiadu Swyddfeydd Penrallt, CAERNARFON Gwynedd, LL55 1BN

ARE YOU A PRIVATE FOSTER CARER? What is Private Fostering? Private Fostering is a private agreement where a parent asks another adult to care for their child for 28 days or more in the carer’s own home. The adult is not a relative of the child, such as an uncle/aunt or a grandparent and has no parental responsibility. It applies to children under the age of 16 or under 18 if the child is registered disabled. Do I need to tell Social Services that I am a privately fostering a child? Yes, the law says that your local social services must be told so that they can make sure that child is well cared for. There are special rules and regulations about how children are looked after, even if it is a private fostering arrangement. These rules also cover who can care for a child. Private foster carers have a duty notify social services about the proposed arrangement before it takes place, or if this is not possible, as soon as possible after the child has come into their care. Parents also have to notify Social Services of the arrangements. FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT: Gwynedd Foster & Adoption Team Penrallt Offices, CAERNARFON Gwynedd, LL55 1BN Phone: 01286 682660


JANUARY 28, 2010

Top tips

Tips for holidays IF you have been successful in your new healthy regime then holiday illness could set you back. Here are some tips on avoiding some common problems but do seek medical advice if you become concerned about sudden changes in your health. ● Probiotics: Those friendly bacteria can help prevent or stop travellers’ diarrhoea and other digestive upsets. ● Pycnogenol: A super antioxidant which may reduce the risk of DVT while flying and for those prone to ankle swelling. ● Rescue remedy: A flower essence used by people of any age to reduce fear of flying. ● Tea tree oil: Has antibiotic properties and can be used in many ways from sanitising surfaces to treatment of minor bites. ● Arnica: Cream, lotion or homoeopathic remedy. This herb can be used to improve recovery from bruising and injury. ● Aloe vera gel: Can be of tremendous help to soothe sunburnt skin. It may help itching from bites or prickly heat rashes. ● Immune system defence: Olive leaf or goldenseal are available as herbal food supplements. These can assist the immune system from viral or parasitic infections. ● Respiratory protection: Use a nasal inhaler to reduce infection risks from air conditioning systems in aircraft. ● Natural based sun creams: Beware of sun blocks or tanning products with synthetic preservatives or sun filters, which may make skin more sensitive to the harmful oxidation effects of the sun’s UV rays. ● Insect bites: Those who are most prone should consider taking vitamin B1 prior to their holiday and during their trips. Neem oil skin sprays can be very effective against the most voracious mosquitoes.

Get in to shape with the Green Goddess

DVDs up for grabs

SEVENTY-year-old fitness guru and model, the Green Goddess Diana Moran, has recently released a revolutionary fitness DVD that is designed for those who aren’t marathon runners or fitness freaks, but are later on in life; haven’t exercised in a while or are just unable to do the type of exercises they used to.

Easy Fit with Diana Moran, has been produced by Stannah Stairlifts and aims to help those who have been largely neglected by the fitness industry, mainly those over 50, stay active for longer. The program involves a range of simple exercises specially designed for the less active participant. They include a mixture of warm-up and stretch, muscular strength and cardio movements, which can all be practiced from the comfort of the living room, even sitting down. Diana Moran, who celebrated her 70th birthday in June 2009, says: “This is a fitness program with a difference. For the first time, our

newly developed EasiFit exercises will ensure that working out isn’t exclusive to the super fit, but accessible to everyone. Easy Fit with Diana Moran will ensure that whatever your age or level of fitness – you can Ease Into Fitness simply and successfully. ” The fitness program follows the success of a similar video produced by Stannah nine years ago when they realised an ongoing gap in the fitness market. The new DVD addresses a similar gap, with the hope of keeping the less active fitter for longer. ● The DVD will be available now. Orders can be made via the Stannah website but we have five copies to be won just fill in the blank: To enter tell us: Diana Moran is also known as the Green what? ● Send in your answer to: Diana Moran DVD, c/o Linda Roberts, 14 Eastgate Street, Caernarfon, Gwynedd, LL55 1AG by the closing date Thursday, January 28.

FIT: Diana Moran has brought out a new DVD for those people who may not have exercised for a while.

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