26th October 2022

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Four page ADVERTORIAL WRAPAROUND St. Arnaud, Charlton, Wedderburn & Surrounding Districts

Est. 1864

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St. Arnaud, Charlton, Wedderburn & Surrounding Districts

Est. 1864

18 Napier Street, St. Arnaud. 3478. - Advertising & Editorial Material - Ph.: (03) 5495 1055; Fax.: (03) 5495 1937. Email: ncn@iinet.net.au Published weekly. Registered by Australia Post, Publication No. VAC 4217.



Circulating in:- St. Arnaud, Charlton, Donald, Rupanyup, Bealiba, Stawell, Marnoo, Navarre, Dunolly, Wycheproof, Wedderburn, Birchip, Korong Vale, Stuart Mill, Redbank, Avoca & Moonambel.

Sunny skies welcomed racegoers on Weir’s IGA St. Arnaud Cup Day UNDER sunny skies with lush grass under foot for both horses and people, the Weir’s IGA St. Arnaud Cup was held on Saturday 22nd October. With unpredictable weather creating uncertainty across the State, it was with excitement that the St. Arnaud Turf Club committee could present the races to such a high standard. The grounds and facilities looked great, the services and catering where perfect and the racing was full of quality horses. People who came, many dressed in stunning frocks and suits, reaped the benefits and had a brilliant social day catching up with friends and acquaintances.

Families and old school groups held reunions on the day, many of the race day attendees return year after year. Dave Russ Chairperson of St. Arnaud Turf Club said that the Club appreciates everyone’s efforts and ongoing support of the day. “It was great to see people back on course getting together after so long. “The St. Arnaud races are a community event and it’s the people really who make the day. “Everyone said they had a good time and that is what it is all about” Dave said. The Bendigo Bank and Adelaide Bank Kids Brumby race was a huge success, every kid loves a chance to run down the straight

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A b o v e : Trackside for the Weir’s IGA St. Arnaud Cup with (INSET) the winning horse, ‘Anirishman”.

- Contributed More pic pages 13, 14 & 15. on Cup Day and the crowds drew to the fence to watch the spectacular. The Weirs IGA St. Arnaud Cup was won by ‘Anirishman’ trained by Patrick Ryan Jnr of Warrnambool and owned by a syndicate managed by Australian Bloodstock. All jockeys that rode in the Weirs St. Arnaud IGA Cup wore black armbands to honour Alan Weir who unexpectedly passed away recently. Life Member of St. Arnaud Turf Club Bill

Knights delivered a speech acknowledging Alan’s long-time support of racing, his ongoing commitment and sponsorship of the St. Arnaud Turf Club and the friendship and support that Alan gave to so many people. The Weir grandchildren amidst tears also honoured their grandfather by bravely giving a speech and presenting the trophy to connections of ‘Anirishman’, the Cup winner, in front of a large crowd.

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Postal voting Tyebally Award comes to an end reminder ABID Tyebally came to Charlton in 1969, and attended what was then Charlton High School.

POSTAL vote packages are currently being delivered and are required to be mailed by 6pm on Friday 4th November. If you are going to hand deliver you must do so during business hours to the Community Meeting Room at the Town Hall, 40 Napier Street. It is compulsory to vote if you are a stateenrolled voter in the Kara Kara Ward. Council-enrolled voters are encouraged to vote but it is not compulsory and these voters will not be fined. Council-enrolled voters include people such as ratepayers who qualify to be automatically enrolled by the council, or who apply to council to be enrolled, such as those ratepayers that reside outside the Kara Kara Ward.

Charlton Rotary exchange student Abid Tyebally, 1969.

He was the first Charlton Rotary exchange student. Abid enjoyed his experience and continued his contact with the Charlton community. He wanted to contribute something back, and donated $40,000 to be placed in trust with the Rotary Club to provide a scholarship to the highest achieving student of the school, to provide $1,000 for a period of 3

- Contributed

years towards University costs. This scholarship has been made available for the last 15 years. Sadly, with the Rotary Club not continuing beyond 2022, the Tyebally scholarship will no longer be made available. The College is very grateful for Abid’s generous donation and thanks the Charlton Rotary Club who have administered this scholarship during this time. The funds have

gone a long way to assisting the students further their education. The College is now seeking a new donor

for this award. If you or your business is interested, please contact Jamie Daff at the College.

Editorial What do we want from our Councillors NORTHERN Grampians Shire is currently holding a by-election to replace the late Tony Driscoll in the Kara Kara Ward and this column will as always refrain from political bias. This by-election is however not like the average byelection as the three candidates standing, are all members of the ‘Women for Council’ group and none actually reside within the ward. ‘Women for Council’ is about promoting and advocating gender equity on local council as well as supporting the female councillors in their role on council. Being a member of this group or living outside this ward does not exclude candidates from being able to carry out the normal traditional duties of a councillor. What do we want from our councillors and our council? Generally, we want to see our Councilor at events and see them contributing to the organizations in the area and we also want our councillors to represent our views. Meaning we want our councillors to take our views, our majority views, to the table of the council. These views may not always be relevant to the discussions and the decisions that the council make, therefore, we want them to contribute to a strong and effective council. This is the wider issue of what we want from our councillors and councils. ‘Women for Council’ encourages greater participation of women in local government as both councillors and senior managers, in recognition of ongoing under-representation of women in these roles. Supporting women to full participation in our community is the firm action required to address the barriers that act as disincentives. Gender equity is important for workplaces because it is fair and just, and it is good for everyone’s well-A being and for the country’s economic performance. Above all there is real benefit to our council in having a strong cohort of female councillors. Women F bring different ways of looking at things, they come from different angles to tackle issues and byE doing so will contribute to a strong Council. Diversity in decision-making bodies, means better decisions. As the level of government closest to communities, it is vital that councils reflect all the people they serve. The three candidates for Kara Kara Ward of the Northern Grampians Shire are ‘not local’. They cannot actually vote for themselves in this by-election and there are some voters that have complained about that. Apart from the obvious answer that no one from Kara Kara actually C put their hand up, each of these three women will contribute in ways far beyond what we have traQ ditionally accepted as the role. Each will, we are C sure, attend events in this ward, will take an active interest in what is going on in this ward, and each will understand the needs and opinions of those that they talk to. They can fundamentally and truthfully reflect the people that they serve and represent. They are all intelligent, articulate, fair and just women who we should all appreciate and thank for their willingness to represent us. Any one of them will make D an excellent representative of the people of Kara Kara on Northern Grampians Council and contribute to healthy debate and fair decision making. Good luck to each of them and may the better woman win.

North Central News is published weekly by Peter Marland, 3279 Charlton/St. Arnaud Road, Slaty Creek for NCNews Pty. Ltd., 18 Napier Street, St. Arnaud. A.C.N. 146 461 903. Printed by Western District Newspaper P/L, Camperdown Vic. Registered by Australia Post Publication No. VAC 4217 - Recommended and maximum selling price only.

Ballot packs mailed for Northern Grampians Kara Kara by-election

18 Napier St., St. Arnaud, Victoria 3478. Phone: (03) 5495 1055; Email: ncn@iinet.net.au St. Arnaud, Charlton & surrounding districts

VOTERS in St. Arnaud, Stuart Mill and surrounds should check the mail for their ballot packs for the Northern Grampians Shire Council, Kara Kara Ward by-election. Due to current weather events, Election Manager John Lyons is encouraging people to vote as early as possible. ‘With the whole election being conducted by post, it’s

Catch Bullet Train at the St. Arnaud Cinema STEP onto the fastmoving Bullet Train bound for Kyoto, with five assassins aboard who find out that their missions all have something in common.

incredibly important voters complete and return their ballot material as soon as possible to make sure their vote counts,’ Mr Lyons said. Ballot material must be in the mail or hand-delivered to the election office by 6 pm Friday 4th November. Voters are advised to check their local mail clearance times. If voters have not received their ballot pack by today Wednesday 26th October 2022 they should call 1300 595 014 during business hours to arrange a replacement. Candidates, Ruth

McAllister, K aren Hyslop and Amelia Kingston are listed in the ballot packs but can also be viewed at vec.vic.gov.au. A photo and statement will be included. Voters can also view answers to the candidate questionnaire online. Voting is compulsory for voters who were on the state roll for this election at 4 pm Friday 9th September. State-enrolled votQld who if ers are those A do not4215 they vote, may be fined. Council1 800 652 284 enrolled voters are F encouraged to vote but E not be fined if they will do not vote.


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Ted 6 Whillier 7 10064 Peta Mandrakas




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ACROSS Thin fog Sharp at the end Seraglio Make silent Flower Army chaplain Useful thing Unmarried woman Freed Fish Laid bare Grappling Fold Ventilates Wild prank Large coarse fish Lines of soldiers Horrify Superior English college Fondness Become less tense Halt Stains

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 12 13 15 18 19 21 23 24 26 29 30 31 33

DOWN Fall into disuse Affray Apes Plant of the mint family Snakes Punish for moral improvement Monarch’s seat Plant used medici­ nally Less fast Worshipped image Bearing a claw or nail Old sayings Protective garment Scoundrels Prophet Little wave Rate of progress Trees Retard Drug­yielding plant




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70 Woods Street, Donald — 5497 1211 See this week’s solution on page 6

St Joseph’s Community Charlton celebrate laying foundation stones MEMORIES were recalled and reminiscences shared when St Joseph’s Community gathered on Sunday, 23rd October to celebrate the laying of the foundation stones of the Presbytery and School/Hall on 8th October 1922. The day began with the celebration of Mass. A tour of the presbytery followed, with a booklet available giving details of

the building and the priests who have served in Charlton. The parishioners then went to the school/hall where memorabilia items

were on display. Church objects, such as chalices and monstrances were admired. Photos were displayed and old

records, such as ledgers from the 1880s, were available to view. A slideshow of school activities from 1907 proved of great interest. Fr Gerry said grace before a delicious lunch was served. Af ter the main

course K ath Armstrong, the oldest parishioner present, had the honour of cutting the cake, made and beautifully decorated by Julie Bourke. During the afternoon those present continued to share stories and enjoy each other’s company.

Left: Standing (left to right): Julie McGrath, Fran Byrne-Lee, Sandra and Brian Patton, Maree Hooper, Bill Russell (partly hidden), Jo Russell, Fran Lanyon, Chris Binney, Frank Bourke, Bernadette Zagame, Brian Fitzpatrick, Moira Olive, John Powell, Sonny Nisbet, Francie and John Stahl, Margaret Byrne, Mary and Jeff McLoughlan, Aurelia and Brian Monaghan, Des Lanyon, Joe Monaghan, Anthony Zudetich, Margaret Arnel, Moira Sheahan, Val Bourke, Anne Kenny Sitting: Margaret Fradd, Fr Gerry Prunty, Val O’Connor, Beth Dillon, Kath Armstrong, Eily Rosewall Front: Mia Wright, Megg Fitzpatrick, Tessa Wright, Rosie Fitzpatrick, Ruby Wright.


Above: Kath Armstrong, the oldest parishioner present, had the honour of cutting the cake.

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“BULLET TRAIN” Fri 28 Oct @ 7.30 pm & Sun 30 Oct @ 2.00 pm


St Arnaud Citizens’ Brass Band Film & Supper Fundraiser “SEE HOW THEY RUN” Fri 14 Oct @ 7.30 pm Tickets $17.00 pp at NewsXpress, 53 Napier St. Ph. 5495 1276 or from Band members Enquiries Ph. 5499 8265 ________________________________________________________

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37- 47 Napier Street, St. Arnaud

PLEASE NOTE This Thursday, 27th October we will be CLOSED between 11am and 4pm (Minimal staff will be operating on this day)

The Weir’s car park will be CLOSED all day. NORTH CENTRAL NEWS, WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 26th 2022 - Page 3

St. Arnaud 100 Years Ago - 20th – 26th October 1922 Sunday School Picnics The Church of England, Presbyterians, Methodists and Salvation Army [650 passengers] travelled by a special train to Cope Cope where the picnics were held in Mr Pilgrim’s paddock near the railway station. The churches picnicked in separate groups on the banks of Round Lake nearest to the Cope Cope – St. Arnaud Road. The Catholic children enjoyed their picnic in Mr Ted Murphy’s paddock near St. Arnaud, followed by a children’s dance in St Patrick’s Hall.

Accident Mrs Dean wife and her husband Murtoa

schoolteacher Mr C Dean was staying with her parents Mr and Mrs George Coates of Traynors Lagoon and they went to a dance in the local hall. On the way home the lights of the vehicle went out near a culvert and the car struck the side of a bridge, throwing Mrs Dean against a window badly cutting her face.

Farewells Master Monty Center, employed at Bray’s Department Stores was presented with a travelling case prior to leaving for Melbourne where he will join the Marconi Amalgamated Wireless Company. After five years as manager of Edward’s Big Store Mr H Nicoll retired and the staff presented him with a writing case prior to his leaving town.

He was given a formal farewell in the Mayor’s Room at the Town Hall where members of the St. Arnaud Male Choir, of which he was conductor, presented him with a travelling rug and bag. He was given a farewell supper by Mrs L awrence and the boarders of the Farmers Arms Hotel where he was given a set of hair brushes.

Wedding Miss Nellie Coath of St. Arnaud and Mr Norman Liddle of Donald were married at the St. Arnaud Methodist Church. The bridesmaid was her sister Florrie and bestman her cousin Les Coath. Miss Richards sang during the signing of the register and Miss Tinney Richards played the organ. The wedding breakfast was held at the residence of the bride’s parents in Golden Street. Nellie was the librarian and well-known member of the Methodist Church Choir. The happy couple left in drenching rain for Ballarat and will make their home in Mildura.


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The management of the Jazz Dances desires it be clearly understood, no committee member is responsible for the UNAUTHORISED and STUPID act by some unknown and evidently BRAINLESS person in posting to the St. Arnaud Tennis Club’s president a dance dodger with certain offensive additions thereon – signed B Davidson, organizing

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secretary of Jazz Dance Series.

Tennis Tennis was held at Coonooer Bridge despite the very boisterous weather Burrumbite 5 sets 41 games defeated Coonooer Bridge 3 sets 36 games.

Cricket Donald 54 defeated Traynors Lagoon 48 with most runs for Donald by Broad 21 and Golding 12 and for

Traynors Lagoon R Cossens 14 and G Bartholomew 13.

New Business Hi Lee has opened a first class Chinese laundry in McMahon St.

Record Wool Prices Record prices for St. Arnaud and District wool clips were obtained at the Geelong Sales. Jones of Emu 30 ¼ d, D

Reseigh 29 ¼ d, Randall 27 ¾ d, Hewitt 27 ¾ d, H Reseigh 27 ¾ d, Arbuckle 27 ½ d, Wandel 27d, Jones of Wallaloo 26 ¾ d and Holland 25 ½ d.

Sales Angus McLeod of Marnoo East who has sold his property holds a clearing sale – horses, horse drawn vehicles, harness, travelling chaffcutter, 8 hp portable steam engine, boring outfit, 440 bricks, 31 red gum

by Heather Pritchard slabs etc. Martin Lange sells 27 acres at Gowar East, sec C allot 41 G. McNeill sells 3,000 off - shears sheep. C W Maisey’s Trust – 20 acres recently occupied by Earnest Evans, one mile from Carapooee Railway Station on main road to Kooreh Post Office with homestead etc. Logan sale - 1,270 off-shears sheep.

St. Arnaud 50 Years Ago Engagements Ann Vallance and Kevin Adams.

Weddings Rosalie Mullins and Daniel Connelly. Judith Donaldson and Colin Forster. B e r n a d e t t e McErlain and Peter Ryan.

Births Lee and Faye Day nee Andrews a son, Christopher John. John and Pat Sutton nee Coleman a daughter, Sophie Louise. Gerr y and Joy Madder nee Halfhide a daughter, Shelley

Evelyn. John and Pat McGee nee McLeod a daughter, Tracey Patrica. Jeff and Sally Wright nee Pritchard a daughter, Vicki Joy. Peter and Brenda Burke nee Darlington, a daughter Anne Brenda. Allan and Lynette Arbuckle nee Harty a daughter Melinda Kim. John and Maree Lee nee Shanahan a daughter Karen Joy Peter and Marabeth Torney nee Hufer a daughter, Kylie Michelle. John and Jenny

Fees waived for flood waste NORTHERN Grampians Shire and the Buloke Shire are two of the flood-affected communities that will be assisted in the clean-up and recovery with the State Government removing charges to dispose of flood waste. In announcing the measure s P r e m i e r Daniel Andrews has said that they are not wasting any time to clean up flood-affected communities. “We’re working with councils and communities to remove any barriers to getting on with our recovery.” The waste levy for flood waste will be completely waived, and landfill operator gate fees covered, in flood-affected local government areas until the end of the year, ensuring all flood waste can be disposed of at landfill free of charge. In collaboration with councils and the waste industry, the Government will work to ensure that all impacted communities have access to a facility or site to dispose of their waste quickly and safely. The waste levy for flood waste and the gate fee usually charged by the site

operator will be waived for 46 of the worstaffected local government areas (LGA) until 31 December: Other LGAs impacted by floods will be added to the list as required, ensuring affected communities can undertake clean up and recovery activities without paying for the disposal of their waste. The rebates will make sure all flood waste can be disposed of at landfill free of charge, with the waste levy usually between $62.95 per tonne and $125.90 per tonne, depending on the type of waste and the location of the landfill. The Environment Protection Authority will work with councils and landfill operators to implement the waste levy waiver. It is projected that 300,000 tonnes of waste will be sent to landfill as a result of the October 2022 floods.

Blobel nee Rice a daughter Kylie Marie. Ian and Jill Bath nee Moreland a son, Craig Andrew.

21st Birthdays Garry Stopps, Ross Torney and Greg Schulz.

Deaths Emily Baldwin age 65 years. Mary McNaughton age 87 years. Mar y Evelyn Marshall age 70 years. Andrea Joy Carroll age 7 ½ weeks, daughter of David and Joan Carroll.

Governor Spends afternoon in St. Arnaud St. Arnaud school children met the Governor of Victoria, Sir Rohan Delacombe

by Heather Pritchard and Lady Delacombe outside the Shire Offices where local dignitaries officially welcomed the couple to St. Arnaud. The Governor unveiled a National Trust Plaque at the Lands Office, before walking through the Borough Gardens and planting a tree at the rear of the Mechanics Institute. They enjoyed afternoon tea with the St. Arnaud L adies Bowling Club before going to Bray’s eucalyptus plant.

St. Arnaud Show Miss ShowgirlJanet McDonald. Miss Junior Showgirl – Jan Macgowan. Miss Tiny Tot – Meagan Walker.

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Reece Mastin tours with his Buloke Shire boosts recycling by 10 year Anniversary Tour reducing landfill REECE Mastin is a BULOKE Shire is one of several regional Victorian Councils that will benefit from the introduction of new drop-off points that will reduce landfill and improve recycling with new separated glass and organic waste drop-off points opening across Victoria.

young man who has matured since the heady days when he was a 16 year old Pop sensation and the winner of the X Factor in 2011. Now in the fortunate position of being able to choose his direction, Reece’s love of Rock N Roll music has steered him into the Australian Rock scene, now counting Aussie legends like Jimmy Barnes, Diesel and The Living End’s Chris Cheney amongst his supporters. With two platinum Number One albums, three consecutive chart topping singles and a successful pop career under his belt, Reece has spent the past 5 years proudly earning his place on the Australian rock circuit, proving time and again that raw talent and rock ‘n’ roll are at his core. With hits such as ‘Shout it Out’, ‘Rockstar’, ‘Good Night’ and ‘Shut up and Kiss Me’ Debuting his first independent album at #1 on the iTunes rock charts in 2018, the distinctive voice that made Reece Mastin a household name, combined with his cool, native British rock sensibilities and true-blue Aussie rock chops, sees the band regularly featured on rock festival lineups around the country. Reece says that he

Above: Reece Mastin, today and appearing at the Sporting Club this weekend. has always wanted to do a gig in St. Arnaud. “My family is in Adelaide and we pass through St. Arnaud on our way home. “It is a beautiful town and we hear you don’t get too much in the way of live shows”

Reece said. Reece is touring currently at a hectic pace in his 2022 “10 Year Anniversar y Tour”. Go along and see him at the Sporting Club on Saturday 29th October.

Minister for Environment and Climate Action Lily D’Ambrosio said that the government is supporting regional communities to build thriving recycling networks and build a circular economy that creates jobs and reduces waste. “We’re transforming the way we think about waste – boosting jobs in regional Victoria as we target diverting 80 per cent of landfill by 2030.” A $3 million State Government investment will support 11 regional councils to introduce the new dropoff points allowing tonnes of glass to be recycled into new glass bottles and jars and organic resources to be recycled into compost. The other regional councils who will benefit from this support are City of Greater Geelong, West Wimmera Shire Council, Strathbogie Shire Council, Mitchell Shire Council, Macedon Ranges Shire Council, Hepburn Shire Council, Moira Shire Council, Towong Shire Council, Swan Hill Rural City Council and Mansfield Shire Council. The funding is part of the $129 million investment to roll-out the new four stream waste and recycling ser-

vice to Victoria’s regions, provided through the Transfer Station Upgrade Fund. Last year, the fund helped 28 regional and rural councils upgrade drop-off points in areas where kerbside services

might not be appropriate. The Government’s $34.9 million Regional Recycling Fund is also helping our regions create local circular economies through material recovery and sorting facilities in regional Victoria. Round 2 is open until 27 October 2022, with grants available for regional sorting facilities.

Victoria’s new four stream waste and recycling system will help divert 80 per cent of all material away from landfill by 2030, including 20,000 tonnes of glass, as part of the State Government’s waste and recycling reforms that will create nearly 4,000 new jobs and boost Victoria’s economy by up to $6.7 billion by 2030.

ArtSpace St Arnaud

St Arnaud ArtSpace Presents the Spring Art Show St Arnaud Town Hall OPENING NIGHT, 4th November - Doors open at 7.00pm Official opening at 7.30pm Nibbles to follow Exhibition from Saturday the 5th – Saturday the 12th November 10.00am - 4.00pm all days Special exhibition by the St Arnaud Secondary Collage students. ALL ART WORKS FOR SALE.

Northern Grampians Shire Council, Kara Kara Ward by-election Your council, your vote Check the mail for your ballot pack

Voting is compulsory

Ballot packs containing voting material were mailed to enrolled voters from Tuesday 18 October 2022.

Voting is compulsory for all voters who were on the State roll at 4 pm on Friday 9 September 2022.

This is a postal election only. Voters who haven't received their ballot pack by Wednesday 26 October 2022, should call the election office on 1300 595 014 during office hours to arrange a replacement. Please note the election office will be closed for the Melbourne Cup public holiday on Tuesday 1 November 2022.

You may be fined if you do not vote — this includes homeowners and tenants.

How to vote correctly

Your completed ballot pack must be in the mail or hand-delivered by 6 pm* Friday 4 November 2022

You must complete your ballot paper correctly for your vote to count. Put the number 1 in the box next to the candidate you most want to see elected, then number ALL the other boxes in order of your choice. You must number EVERY BOX and only use each number once.

You are encouraged to vote, but you will not be fined if you don't vote, if: • you live outside this local council area OR • you are enrolled directly with the Council to be on the voters' roll for this election.

*Local mail clearance times vary. Ballot packs must be mailed before final clearance times in the last week of voting. Don't risk a fine.

How to return your completed ballot paper Follow the instructions on your ballot paper to complete your vote. To return your completed ballot paper, put it in the ballot paper envelope then use the reply-paid envelope provided or hand-deliver it during office hours to:

State-enrolled voters can register for free VoterAlert SMS and email reminders at vec.vic.gov.au

Community Meeting Room, Town Hall, 40 Napier Street, St Arnaud

vec.vic.gov.au | 1300 595 014


Authorised by W. Gately, AM, Electoral Commissioner, 530 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria.


QUOTE OF THE WEEK Women are like teabags. We don’t know our true strength until we are in hot water. Eleanor Roosevelt


Potential independent candidates encouraged to get informed VICTORIANS considering standing as independent candidates at the upcoming State election are encouraged to attend a dedicated online information session to understand the requirements, processes and responsibilities associated with nominating. Electoral Commissioner Warwick Gately said candidates need to ensure they abide by electoral law and understand the democratic process. ‘The election is conducted within a strict regulator y environment, and it is in the candidates’ best interests to be well informed and avoid any issues.’ The online information session will take

place at 2 pm on Sunday 30th October. Hosted by the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC), the session will cover topics such as: • nominating as a candidate or group • registering howto-vote cards • funding and disclosure laws, including rules around political donations • electoral matter, campaigning and

Call for a free Quote

0409 517 064 Fully Insured & Qualified

advertising • counting of the votes. ‘The information session will also include an opportunity to ask questions about nominating and all potential independent candidates are invited to attend,’ said Mr Gately. The session will be recorded and made available to view on the VEC website at vec.vic.gov.au

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WARNING !!! Note to Editor:

SLUDGEBUSTERS Septic Tank & Grease Trap Cleaning Now servicing the North Central Area


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Hire of all products (exc. scooters) Sale & Service Open: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 9.00am to 4.00pm 79-81 Napier St., St. Arnaud. Ph: 0483 821 090

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7 Monarc

17 FishDevelopments 12 Plant u COVID Updates and 20 Laid bare nally

18 Napier St., St. Arnaud. Phone: (03) 5495 1055

Spring in November in the Wax Garden THE high rainfall this season has produced massive growth in the St. Arnaud Wax Garden and the flowering of the more than 70 species.

Above: Hooded Caladenia.

In full flower now are Common Fringe-myrtle, and if you take the right-hand track just past the information board, swathes of the gorgeous blue of Shrubby Dampiera stun the eye. In many areas through the reserve are the small white flowers of the Hooded Caladenia orchid. Silky tea-tree can be seen along this same track, its beautiful white flowers a magnet for insects. Because of the rain this year, many plants are having an extended flowering season and it is worth a walk to see such an amazing display. The Wax Garden is only 5 minutes from town. You may like to cover up if you are planning to walk there - the mozzies are ferocious. www.starnaudfieldnats.org.au shows the map and the Wax Garden brochure which you may print.

Above: Silky Tea-tree.

Above: On the Mallee Track- floral display. Left: Common Fringe-myrtle.

Above: Shrubby Dampiera.

Kara Kara Combined Probus Club report AT the St. Arnaud Sporting club on 12th October we were very fortunate to induct two new Members to join our club. They were Christine McIntyre and Joulieta Stoimenova. - Contributed President Wendy Prior presented them both with their certificates and name badges and wished them both all the best to partake in the fellowship and activities within the club. After morning tea Rhonda Marchment introduced the Guest Speaker, Warren Vigor who owns Dahlia Heaven in Carapooee. Warren is the President of the Dahlia Society of Australia and has just returned from America after attending the Dahlia Conference. He said that he has

had 1800 dahlias in the last two years in twenty different varieties. After Warren had finished his talk Members were able to ask him many questions and he is hoping

to have another Open Day in January or February as he did earlier this year. We were hoping to have a mystery bus trip on 27th October but due to the current

weather pattern we have had to cancel it until early next year. We wish President Wendy Prior all the best for a speedy recovery after her mishap after the last meeting.

Left: (left to right) Joulieta Stolmenoua, Wendy Prior President and Christine McIntyre.

WEEKLY RAINFALL ST. ARNAUD . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .22.0 RAINFALL FOR OCTOBER . . . .153.6 YEARLY RAINFALL TO DATE . . .567.8 CHARLTON . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .29.4 RAINFALL FOR OCTOBER . . . .123.6 YEARLY RAINFALL TO DATE . . .526.8

DOORS OPEN 7.30pm Above: Rhonda Marchment (left) with Guest Speaker Warren Vigor.



CHARLTON ROTARY ART SHOW CANCELLATION For help with any State Government matters, my office is here to help you.

5461 1255 LouiseStaley.com.au Louise.Staley@parliament.vic.gov.au

The Rotary Club of Charlton wish to advise that they have regrettably cancelled their planned Art and Photographic Exhibition on the weekend of 28th October, 2022. Unfortunately the flooding of most of the state, and deteriorating road conditions, have restricted the collection of entries from pick up points, many of whom are in areas still being impacted by floodwaters. The club would sincerely like to thank the many members and volunteers who have worked so hard over the past 6 months.


ORDER NOW Wreaths for Remembrance Day at


St. Arnaud Community Garden Annual General Meeting

Ph: 5495 1161

2nd November 10.30am at the garden. All Welcome.

89-93 Napier Street, St. Arnaud

Phone: 0408 966 564

St. Arnaud Allsorts

Authorised by Louise Staley MP, 177 High St, Maryborough. Funded from Parliamentary budget

St Arnaud Community Resource Centre Inc.

NOTICE OF ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Wednesday, 16th November 2022 at 7.00 pm at the St Arnaud Community Resource Centre 85 Napier St, St Arnaud

EMPLOYMENT Mill Production Operator

St Joseph’s Primary School Charlton

• Leading Agribusiness based in St Arnaud • Fantastic career opportunity • Permanent full-time position Ridley has been an integral part of Australian agriculture for over 30 years. Our purpose is to lead animal nutrition by solving the production challenges of today and tomorrow. We are currently seeking an enthusiastic Mill Production Operator to join our team in St Arnaud. The successful applicant will initially commence employment as part of our team as a general mill hand in our feed manufacturing operation. In return for your skills and commitment, Ridley AgriProducts offers a supportive team environment, great culture and excellent benefits. Key responsibilities for this position include: • General Process - meeting daily production and quality targets • Unloading and loading trucks • Forklift operations • General cleaning of the workplace • Operation of the grain intake system including testing of grains • Accurate dip measurements and assistance with inventory control including stocktakes The key skills required for this role include: • Be able to work shift work and overtime • Good communication skills • Physically fit to undertake manual and repetitive tasks • Be a team player, reliable and self-motivated • Basic computer skills • Current driver’s licence & forklift licence (desirable)

Wednesday, 9th of November 2022, 7pm

Job Opportunities Campus Negotiable • Dietitian • Graduate Endorsed Enrolled Nurse • Graduate Registered nurse • RUSON (Registered Nurse Undergraduate) Charlton • Associate Nurse Unit Manager St Arnaud • Laundry Assistant Wycheproof • Enrolled Nurse • Food & Domestic Service Assistant • Nurse Unit Manager Further information is available at ewhs.org.au/employment.html

Applications close 6th November 2022 To apply, please visit www.ridley.com.au/about/vacancies and provide your resume. Open to applicants with Australian unrestricted work rights only. Shortlisted candidates will be required to undertake a comprehensive pre-employment medical (including drug & alcohol testing) and police check.


Lord Nelson Park Sporting Centre. All encouraged to attend.

St Joseph’s Primary School

We are excited to invite a dynamic educator to join St Joseph's Primary School Charlton in 2022. Applicants are invited to apply for the fixed term teaching position for the 2023 school year with the possibility of becoming ongoing. Applications to include a cover letter, current CV and three referees. Ability to work as a team member in a small school structure is essential. Applications close on Monday 31st October, 2022 Principal: Mr Frank McGrath P.O. Box 116 Charlton, 3525 Email: principal@sjcharlton.catholic.edu.au




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SANDERS - LLOYD Congratulations to Sarah and Ben on their

Engagement on 5th October 2022. Best wishes to you both for all the years ahead together. Love Mum, Dad and Em. Well done Dad. Mum said yes. Love Leo.

116 Napier St., St. Arnaud

Practical, experienced advice in plain English Appointments also available in Charlton, Donald & Wycheproof

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HAIRDRESSING SERVICES 9.00am - 5.00pm TUESDAY TO SATURDAY After hours by appointment Situated at the back of the St. Arnaud Health & Fitness Gym by entering Mewkill Court from McMahon Street.

DEATH FREEMAN (Moore) - Valerie Lenore of St. Arnaud passed away peacefully on the 20th Oct. 2022 aged 96 yrs. Loved wife of Gordon (dec) and loving mother of Donald, Austin, Richard and mother-inlaw of Lynette, Deirdre and Michelle. Loved Granny of Nicholas, Lachlan; Darcy, Chloe, Eloise, Alec; Ellie-Rose and Great Granny of Grace, Tess, Harvey; Alfie, Lewis and Elma. Re-united with Gordon.


Phone: 0410 066 244

In remembrance of Valerie Freeman.


Jim and Christobel Anderson.


Happy 90th Birthday Lola Fletcher 5th November May your special day be just as special as you are. Love from all your family.

SILVA (Hoare) - Sandra 22/10/2022 Although life’s directions had changed our friendship remained. Little did we know your last visit “Home” would be your final one. Rest in Peace Sandra, you have earnt it. Love and caring thoughts to all your family. Leanne and Greg Fithall and family.

DEATH WEIR - Alan Raymond 18/7/51 - 16/10/22 Result of tragic accident. Loved husband and soul mate of Carmel. Treasured Dad and Best Mate of Michelle and Mark, Andrew and Melissa. Loved and special Pa of Lucy, Harry, Zack, Abby and Sami. Loved friend of Bryce. Our hearts are completely torn in two. We will love you and miss you forever. WEIR - Alan Raymond (Al) We thought of you today but that is nothing new We thought about you yesterday And the days before that too. We think of you in silence we often speak your name All we have are memories and the shop will never be the same. Al, you were more than a boss, you were a friend who genuinely cared for your staff. We will miss your ‘Good Mornings’ to every staff member and smiling face when you came in. All our Love and Support to Carmel, Michelle and Mark, Andrew and Melissa, Lucy, Harry, Zack, Abby and Sami. From the IGA staff WEIR - Alan Raymond (Al) How can we find the words to say goodbye to someone who was not only our boss, business partner and mentor but our friend and mate. The advice you've given and the opportunities you gave us have been immeasurable and will stay with us forever. Thank you Al. "Days will pass and turn into years but we will remember you with silent tears." Our continued love and support to Carmel, Michelle and Mark, Andrew and Melissa, Lucy, Harry, Zack, Abby and Sami. Rod, Tania, Zach & Indiana Notting


The St. Arnaud Football Club Committee, Players and Supporters extend our heartfelt condolences to Carmel, Michelle and Mark, Andrew and Melissa, Lucy, Harry, Zack, Abby and Sami on the passing of Alan Weir. Alan was a much valued and well respected supporter and member of the St. Arnaud Football Club. Alan’s overall love and interest for our community as a whole will be sorely missed.

community expresses our deepest sympathy to the Weir family on the recent passing of Alan. Alan was much a loved and highly respected member of the community and neighbour to our school. Our thoughts and prayers are with Carmel, Michelle, Andrew and their families. Rest peacefully.

Est 1860

Saturday October 29th 7.00pm Mass BANYENA

Sunday October 30th 11.00am Mass CHARLTON No Mass DONALD No Mass ST. ARNAUD No Mass WYCHEPROOF

Sunday October 30th 8.30am Mass Parish Coordinator: Noeline Hogan 0476 617 976



Ph: 5495 1043

136 Napier Street St. Arnaud

FREEMAN A celebration for the life of Mrs. Valerie L. Freeman will be held at the Anglican Church Old Cathedral St. Arnaud on FRIDAY Oct. 28th at 1.30pm. The Cortege will then leave for the St. Arnaud Monumental Cemetery. KELL FUNERALS ST ARNAUD NFDA

EST: 1860

5495 1043 WEIR A service of celebration for the life of Mr. Alan R. Weir will be held at the WEIRS IGA Carpark, St Arnaud (McMahon St entrance) on THURSDAY OCT. 27th at 1.00 pm. A private family burial will then be held. Condolences at lifelived.com.au KELL FUNERALS ST ARNAUD NFDA

EST: 1860

5495 1043

NAFD Member

Birthday wishes to: October 26th Nicholas Birthisel October 27th Bruce Gifford Kylie Disanto October 28th Joy Cross Kim Allen Paul Tillig October 29th Rebecca Postlethwaite


October 30th Nell Cameron Mark Jorgensen Margaret Pritchard Anika Torney October 31st Hannah Morris November 1st Naomi Sutton Teaghon Torney Noel Fithall Chris Goode

ST. ARNAUD UNITING CHURCH Sunday 30th October No Service in St. Arnaud. Cluster Service in

WYCHEPROOF 10.30am With a shared lunch to follow. PARISH OFFICE Chris & Rob Batters Pastorial Co-ordinators Enquiries 5495 6223

ST. ARNAUD CHURCH OF CHRIST Cnr. Queens Ave & Alma St. Celebrating faith in our Lord Thu 27th October 10.30am: Faith Group Sun 30th October 9.45 a.m.: Prayer time 10.30 a.m.: Worship & Communion Speaker: Norma Hunt All welcome Enquiries: Brian Eccles Ph: 5495 2267

Donald Regional Roundtable Do you live or work around Donald? Are you interested in land, water and biodiversity management? The new North Central Regional Catchment Strategy has been launched and we are hitting the road to talk with local communities about how to put it into action. Come along to our next Regional Roundtable where you can s (EAR ABOUT CURRENT PROJECTS IN YOUR LOCAL AREA FROM the organisations involved. s $ISCUSS LOCAL ENVIRONMENTAL PRIORITIES AND IDENTIFY OPPORTUNITIES TO WORK TOGETHER IN THE FUTURE

Wednesday 2 November $ONALD 3OLDIERS -EMORIAL (ALL 3UPPER 2OOM McCulloch St, Donald, 5.45pm to 8pm

Supper will be provided, so please RSVP by Friday 28 /CTOBER AND ADVISE OF ANY DIETARY REQUIREMENTS VIA INFO



POSTPONED Please note that the North Central CMA's Donald Regional Roundtable community meeting scheduled for Wednesday 2 November from 5.45pm - 8pm at the Donald Soldiers Memorial Hall has been postponed. We will reschedule in early 2023, date to be confirmed.


Instant Passport/ ID Photos Have your passport or ID photo taken at:-

18 Napier Street, St. Arnaud. 3478.

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In The Paddock Support for flood-affected businesses and farmers PRIMARY producers and small businesses across Victoria affected by the devastating floods will be supported to get back in business, with an initial package of support to help kickstart the relief effort. A $73.5 million package will deliver grants to help farmers and business owners clean up their properties, while business mentoring, concessional loans and transport subsidies will help businesses get back on their feet. The $19.5 million Primar y Producer Flood Relief Program will deliver a one-off $10,000 payment – administered by Rural Finance – to primary producers directly affected by the floods to help them clean up,

re-establish their properties, and get their businesses up and running again. The grants will cover activities like the removal and disposal of debris and injured or dead livestock, repairing essential equipment, fixing and replacing fencing, buying fodder, water and water storage, salvaging damaged crops, grain or feed, and hiring or purchasing materials to clean up a property or equipment. Primary producers whose properties have

REEVES EARTHMOVING Calder Highway - Wedderburn

EARTHMOVING • Dam Sinking, Enlarging & Cleaning • Land Levelling and Filling • Land Clearing, Driveways etc. • Gravel For Sale Phone Mike: 0408 316 394 RIED KS CAR Truck Available. Y L WOR AL

For a no obligation Quote Phone:


(03) 5494 3120 For Sale By Tender Yeungroon via Charlton 474 Acres Cropping & Grazing Land 192 HA • Allotments 26, 27 & 27A Sec 5 Parish of Yeungroon, situated Cossar’s Road, Yeungroon

• 1 paddock presently canola, growing crop not included Soil types of rising red loams

• • Well-watered

with 3 impressive catchment dams Ideal add-on or lifestyle property

• • Adjacent • •

to Mount Gowar Scenic Reserve offering stunning elevated views Significant tree plantings with well managed existing natural vegetation 16km from Charlton, 98km from Bendigo

Unique opportunity to secure this ideal parcel of productive farmland in a well held area. Tenders close Wednesday 23rd November at 12 noon. Tender documents available from the selling agent.

been directly hit are also eligible for concessional loans of up to $250,000 to restore or replace damaged assets, and meet general expenses incurred while the clean-up is underway. Flood-affected primary producers can also claim up to 50 per cent of transport costs – up to $15,000 – for the transport of emergency fodder or stock drinking water, and moving stock to agistment, sale or slaughter. Small business

Slugs a focus of IPM workshop at Rupanyup SLUGS were a key focus of the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Landcare Workshop held at the Rupanyup Community Centre recently. IPM Technologies’ entomologist Paul Horne and Jessica Page answered a plethora of slug related questions from farmers, advisors and Landcare group members at the audience-led event. “Monitoring,” Paul said “is the first step. It is important to know if you have slugs and what type. “Once the species in known, a strategy can then be developed to target the slug present most effectively. “It is important however to continue to monitor as new species may appear as weeks pass” Paul said. IPM Technologies has published a slug guide which attendees received to help identify slugs and differentiate between species. Attendees were also able to see close-up live specimens and gain hands on experience

identifying each slug species. Attendees also heard how the adoption of IPM practices can help delay and prevent the emergence of chemical resistance among target insect species and how adopting IPM practices can reduce the potential impacts of insecticides on non-target insects and animals. In doing so, landowners can boost the beneficial insects in-crop which can help control the insect pest they are seeking to control. With the EU banning certain insecticides and the prospect of import bans from these countries into the future, as well as the potential for these insecticides to be banned here, the conversation between presenters and attendees was hopeful, interactive, engaging and insightful.

LISTINGS WANTED Residential, Rural, Commercial & Leasing See your local

Nutrien Harcourts Real Estate team Sharlene Bertalli: 0447 952 320 Damian Drum: 0428 952 284

Inspection by appointment only. Elders Wycheproof 03 5493 6400 Jim Coffey 0419 830 682 Kevin Thompson 0419 857 377

owners whose livelihoods have been affected by the floods will also be supported through the $54 million Small Business Immediate Flood Relief Program. Directly impacted small businesses will be eligible for a one-off payment of $5,000 to support clean-up, safety inspections, repairs, the hiring of equipment and purchase of stock that businesses need to get back in business as quickly as possible. The program will also support a dedicated Business Relief Service – with dedicat-

13-19 Napier Street, St. Arnaud


ed mentors to guide business owners through the available Commonwealth, state and local supports, manage insurance and landlord issues and build a strong recovery strategy. Applications for both grant programs will open on Thursday, 20 October – with applicants for the agriculture grants encouraged to visit the Agriculture Victoria website. For small business grants, call the Business Victoria hotline on 132 215. This natural disaster is a distressing time for many Victorians, whether their homes have been inundated, they have been temporarily displaced or lost part of the business they have given so much to – and a $4.4 million initial package will support any extra mental healthcare flood-affected Victorians need.

Mental health support The government’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Hubs, which were stood up during the pandemic to support extra mental health demand, will see $1.5 million in surge funding in the worstaffected areas across regional Victoria and Melbourne’s west, supporting Victorians doing it tough as a result of the floods. A further $2 million will support trusted community mental health organisations to deliver care when it’s needed most, while Neighbourhood Houses and Aboriginal Community-Controlled Organisations in affected areas will receive $400,000 to run local events, connecting flood-affected residents across communities. Primary producers whose properties, live-

Week ending Wednesday 19 October 2022.

stock or crops were lost in the floods will get the dedicated mental health support they need, with $500,000 for specialist agriculture organisations including the National Centre for Farmer Health. The government’s School Mental Health Fund has now rolled out to every government school in regional Victoria, offering an evidence-based menu of wellbeing options for schools to choose the mental health support that suits their unique cohort. Children and their families who have been affected by the floods are strongly encouraged to contact their trusted school leaders, who can help them access that care quickly. Victorians are reminded they can contribute to flood recovery efforts at givit.org.au/stormsand-flooding.

— By Glendon Hancock

THE Australian wool market recorded a second successive week of strong gains. On the first day of selling, from the opening lot in the Eastern centres all the way to the closing lot in the West, buyer sentiment was extremely high, and strong widespread competition helped to push prices higher. Main buyer interest continued on the better style and spec fleece lots, however all merino fleece types and descriptions posted gains in the rapidly rising market. The individual Micron Price Guides (MPGs) across the country added between 18 and 75 cents for the day. These rises combined with gains in all other sectors pushed the AWEX Eastern Market Indicator (EMI) up by31 cents for day.

Interestingly, this was the largest daily rise in the EMI since the same time last year, when the EMI added 50 cents for the day on the 19th of October 2021, re-enforcing the view of many in the industry that the market rises at this time of year. In fact, if we go back a further season the EMI rose by 123 cents on the 20th of October 2020. The second selling day buyer activity was as buoyant as the first, with further strong rises felt. The merino f leece MPGs added another 4 and 83 cents. The EMI rose another 21 cents for the day, adding a total of 52 cents for the week. This was the largest weekly rise in the EMI

National Offering Centre North South South NZ West Total

Week 16 16 16 16

Days Offering 19, 20, Oct, 9,254 19, 20, Oct, 19,099 19, 20, Oct, 1,227 19, 20, Oct, 5,827 35,407

Future Offerings Week


19, 20, Oct,

Source - AWEX


since the 17th of June 2021. The EMI closed the week at 1,323 cents. In the last two weeks the market has recovered the losses of the previous six weeks, the EMI is now back above where it finished at the end of Week 10, when it closed at 1,319 cents. Next week quantities rise, due in part to the rising market. There is expected to be 42,433 on offer nationally. Ind.

16.5 17 17.5 18 18.5 19 19.5 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 28 30 32 MC

Melbourne 1268 L +51 2378 +71 2297 +105 2129 +134 1918 +158 1728 +90 1644 +90 1551 +83 1488 +76 1378 +29 1322 +51

855n 696 375 335

+35 +45 +25 +17



Charlton 100 Years Ago: 21st October – 25th October 1922 By Charlton Golden Grains Museum

Charlton Croquet Club The Charlton Croquet Club opened its season on Thursday, 19th October when the president (Mrs H. Grainger), in appropriate terms, declared the court open, and played the first ball. A gymkhana followed for prizes presented by the president, and Mrs Luth, and Mrs Ogburn. Tea was provided by the members, and an enjoyable afternoon was spent, which it is hoped will be the forerunner of many during the season.

Weather The highest temperature registered at the Charlton Post Office this week was 99 degrees on Sunday. The month opened with 61 degrees as maximum, and maintained the same level until 17th, when it

jumped to 78 degrees, succeeded on 18th by 94 degrees; on 19th, 78 degrees; 20th, 82 degrees; 21st 93 degrees; 22nd, 99 degrees. On Monday there was a cooling off and 2 points of rain fell; and yesterday (24th) 44 points of rain were recorded, with a temperature of about 62 degrees.

Fire An alarm of fire, which brought out Captain Arundell and his merry men, in a hurry with a hose reel on Saturday morning, was sounded from the campanile in Sunshine Avenue about 10 o’clock. The cause was a chimney on fire at Mr Arthur Chandler’s house, High Street, but when the brigade arrived on the scene the incipient conflagration was extinct, consequent upon the initiative of Mr R. Scott with a bucket of water. No damage was done, and the fire-

fighters returned to brigade headquarters.

Personal In honor of Mrs Dan Dew, an “afternoon” was given by a large number of lady friends, in the Presbyterian Hall on Saturday, 21st inst, prior to her departure to the metropolis, after a residence here extending over 15 years. Her late husband was a prominent townsman in his day, and paid the supreme sacrifice, in the late war. Mrs Dew’s pretty and cosey home in High Street has been the scene of many informal “at homes” of gracious hospitality. Mrs D. Drew presided at Saturday’s gathering, and at the prompting of Mrs E. N. Peverill, presented Mrs Dew with a xylonite toilet set as a token of ver y high esteem, expressing best wishes for her future welfare. Mrs Dew was also the recipient of a lovely

bouquet of roses, the gift of Mrs Luth. A musical programme was rendered by Mesdames Drew, Taylor, Le Lievre and C. Curnow. The singing of “Auld Lang Syne” terminated the proceedings.

St Martin’s Dramatic Club Presentation Mr R. Edwards, who left today for his new place of business in Beechworth was presented, at the beginning of the week by the St Martin’s Dramatic Club, of which he was honorary secretary, with a fountain pen and briar pipe in recognition of his services in that capacity. The Rev. C. D. Crigan voiced the regret of the members on the eve of his departure, and wished him and Mrs Edwards every happiness and success in their new home.

A handsomely bound book of common prayer was presented to Mrs Edwards, with a suitable inscription upon the fly leaf. At a meeting of St Martin’s vestry, of which Mr Edwards was a member, the Rev. Crigan testified to the valuable assistance rendered by their departing member during the three years he had resided here. It was imperative that Mr Edwards should be in Beechworth on Monday next to take over the town band, to which he has been appointed conductor in charge.

Agricultural Show The first general meeting of the Charlton Agricultural Society after the show was held in the Mechanics’ Institute. The secretary stated that the approx. profit on the day’s show was £145 1s 2d.

Tennis season commences with local derby IT was a case of “weather” we will, or “weather” we won’t, in the lead up to the commencing matches for the local start of the North Central - Contributed Lawn Tennis Association draw. Given the soggy lead up to last Sunday’s derby between the two St. Arnaud teams, Kara Kara and St. Arnaud, it was a credit to the efforts of Greenkeeper, John Goode, to have the courts in any playable condition at all. Denied any preseason practice due to the rain, players took considerable time to adjust to the understanding that if they were to hit a ball, they had to first move their feet

towards it! Nevertheless, as matches progressed marginal improvement was noted but, in the end, it was Kara Kara that showed the greatest improvement to win by a comfortable margin 126 games (8 points) to St. Arnaud 82 games (2 points). The K ara K ara Men’s’ Doubles combinations proved far too strong on the day winning 47-17 games. A highlight however was the titanic struggle between Will Jackson-

Bailey Durward (St Arnaud) and Jake Male-Luke Jackson (Kara Kara) with the latter victors 8-7 games. The L adies’ Doubles was a cliffhanger with the St. Arnaud top half players, Sharyn Erwin, Trudie Jackson and Wendy Shaw leading the way, while Kara Kara’s lower half ladies Kim Nevill, Alex Baldwin and Chris Goode balanced the ledger. Net result a one

game win to St. Arnaud. The Mixed Doubles section saw a widening of the margin with Kara Kara winning 4227 games. Three set winners for Kara Kara were Kim Nevill, Alex Baldwin, Chris and John Goode, Sam Male and newcomer Jarryd Kell who put in an awesome performance on the day. For St. Arnaud three set winners were Trudie Jackson and Wendy Shaw. All in all an enjoyable start to the tennis season albeit with players complaining of sore

and tired muscles! This Saturday St. Arnaud meets Donald at home, while Kara Kara enjoys a Bye. Fingers crossed weather wise, the Juniors’ season will commence this Saturday at 9.30 am with a “come and try” morning so parents looking to encourage your children to enjoy sport, and learn better hand and eye coordination, in a welcoming environment now is your chance! Parents are encouraged to assist too. Enquiries to Will Jackson 0437 898 332.

Mr Dwyer regretted the absence of a merrygo-round. Mr Judd moved that a higher charge be made for the boxing tent privileges. Mr Dwyer said a mistake had been made in lowering the prize list for the ring events. Some of the horses that were present in 1921 were absent this year, and yet were good enough to gain prizes at the Royal Show. Mr S. Wood moved that the cookery and preserve sections be separately judged. Mr A. R. Jenkins moved that a 1,000 gallon tank be erected on the show ground. Mr Edwards moved that the Shire Council be written to, asking it to supply poisoned wheat to ratepayers for the destruction of sparrows.

Dashed Over Precipice Mr James M. Curnow, who carried on business as a tailor in High Street, and whose name is not even obliterated from

the façade of the building occupied by him 17 years ago, was killed in a motor accident, on 15th inst, at a spot on the road 4 miles south of Dargo.

Methodist Church Anniversary Despite unfavorable weather conditions, successful anniversary services were held in the Methodist Church on Sunday, 15th October. A special appeal is being made to the congregation, with the object of wiping out the existing debt on the church property, and, judging by the hearty response to date, the decision to have their church free of debt has met with the approval of the people, and the full amount should soon be in hand. The special feature of the anniversary services is the singing by the choir, under the conductorship of Mr E. O. Stowe. (Information from East Charlton Tribune)

SUDOKU Sudoku is an 81 square number grid with nine blocks each containing nine cells. To solve the puzzle, all the blank cells must be filled in using numbers from 1 to 9. Each number can only appear once in each row, column and in the nine 3x3 blocks. You can successfully solve the puzzle just by using logic and the process of elimination.

Markleigh Caz wins again THE Charlton trained mare “Markleigh Caz” was the only local winner at the transferred “Charlton at Maryborough” meeting last Wednesday. - Inside Running by Archie Starting the $1.95 favourite the 8yo free legged pacer sat parked outside the leader for the majority of the 1609m race until driver Denbeigh Wade pressed the “go” button at the 400m point running the last quarter in 28.1 for the easiest of wins. At Swan Hill the previous night the Birchip owned, Cabarita trained “Cutty Sark” showed that his Region Championship form was not an aberration when he started the $1.20 favourite and lead most the way for a 2.6m win. Driven by Ryan Sanderson the 4yo has won twice and been placed 3 times from it’s last 5 starts. The spotlight this week is on the two day all Trotters Redwood Carnival at Maryborough with a probable 10 race programme on Friday and on the second day, Sunday, the card includes the $70k “Haras Des Trotters” Derby Final and the $50k 2YO Redwood Classic.

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Rhonda wins Country Club 21 up Above: Winner of the 2022-23 St. Arnaud Country Club Bowls 21 up was Rhonda Pole defeating Colleen Bond 21 to 19. It was a very enjoyable game to watch as it was close all the way.

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St. Arnaud Country Club Weekend Pennant Bowls ST. ARNAUD Country Club played at home against Charlton Bowling Club Divisions 1 and 2 - Contributed for what turned out to be a successful bowls day for the Country Club. After all the rain we've had in the last couple of weeks, the green was challenging at times requiring a little more effort to play and placement of the bowls. Overall, the green played reasonably well.

Division 1 At the start of play, Charlton had the jump on the Country Club in the early stages of the game, Mark Esmore and team were slow to get going and did not score until the 5th end,

but never looked back from there on with the half time score of 18 to 7 and winning the match 31 to 11. Bill Rodger and team were challenged through the first half of the game, with the half time score of 8 to 16,

however they rallied in the last half to win the game 25 to 20. John Nevill and team were slow to meet the challenge from Charlton in the early part of the game, but caught up and were winning by 2 shots at half time and battled 'tit for tat' throughout the game. At end 24 Country Club were holding a slender lead of 1 shot, going on to win the final end by 3 shots and the match 21 to 17. Results: M Esmore [31] def. L Southwell [11] W Rodger [25] def. K Willey [20] J Nevill [21] def. W Keenan [17] 77 / 48

Division 2

Above: Charlton’s John Headon prepares to bowl watched by Country Club’s Bob McGregor.

Thanks to a fantastic winning margin by Amanda Marland by 31 shots, the Country Club cruised home winning 2 of the 3 rinks at the match. Amanda Marland and team, were in control from the start, winning the first 7 ends 14 to 0, and at the

Above: St. Arnaud Country Club’s Tony Marland (right) awaits the result of Charlton’s Neil Cossar’s bowl during their match last Saturday. half time break were up 23 to 5. After refreshments they continued on their winning way to win 40 to 9. Chris Webb and team played a tight game for the first half of the game 11 to 7 and cruised to a convincing win by 11 shots and the game.

Wycheproof clean sheets Saints A. Dyke 13 lost to D. Groves 19 G. Hancock 15 lost to E. Rayes 31 Wycheproof 73 shots defeated St. Arnaud 44 shots - 12 points to 0. Other Division 1 results Boort 57 shots lost to Wedderburn 66 shots -- 2 points – 10pts Donald 53 shots lost to Donald Golf 88 shots – 0 points to 12 pts Country Club 77 shots def Charlton 48 shots -- 12 points to 0 pts.

Ladder Wycheproof Wedderburn Donald Golf Country Club St. Arnaud Charlton Boort Donald

LAST Thursday 25 bowlers enjoyed a perfect evening at the St. Arnaud Bowling Club for the opening round of Twilight bowls this season.

pts 40 40 34 28 26 8 8 8

Division 2 St. Arnaud beats top team St. Arnaud Division 2 bowlers had an important 6 shot win over previously undefeated Wycheproof last Sunday. The win was due to a very good comefrom- behind effort by

There is always next week in bowls. Results: A Marland [40] def. E Rosewall [9] C Webb [25] def. C Bateson [14] D McAllister [22] lost to R Porter [24] 87 / 47 Next Week Country Club play Donald at home.

It’s Twilight Time again

PLAYED in Wycheproof, last Sunday, the fourth round Division 1 bowls clash between Wycheproof and St. Arnaud was expected to be a close - Contributed contest, but this was not how it panned out. Wycheproof won all three rinks, claiming the maximum 12 points for their 29 shots victory. St. Arnaud started promisingly leading by 4 shots after the first 5 ends, but Wyche scored 19 shots to St. Arnaud’s 7, 28 – 22, over the next 5 ends and extended this margin as the game progressed. St. Arnaud’s Phil McRae, Col Marchment, Gerald McIntyre and John Prendergast lost their lead on the 8th end to A. Mead and could not wrest it back. The match between St. Arnaud’s Ashley Dyke, Terry McSwain, Darren Shepherd and Greg McNally and Wyche’s Dale Groves was keenly fought with single shot results on 20 of the 25 ends. The Wyche four managed a couple of telling 3s to secure the win. Glendon Hancock, Maurie Wood, Kerryn Dyke and Kell Bibby started well against Eric Rayes’ four and there was only one shot separating the two after 14 ends. However the Wyche four scored 5 shots on the 17th end and took control, running away to a 16 shot win. Match details P. McRae 16 lost to A Mead 23

Don McAllister and team met stiff opposition from a ver y competitive side in the first half, losing two ends by 6 and 5 and were down by 10 shots at the half time break. They rallied in the last 3 ends to score 9 shots, but insufficient to win the game going down by 2 shots

Above Winning style - Colin Coates the skipper of the best St. Arnaud bowls rink in action at Wycheproof last Sunday. Colin Coates, Marg McIntyre, Frank James and Terence Robertson. Trailing 1 – 7 this four came home strongly winning 10 of the last 12 ends for an 11 shot win. This was enough to get the overall win for St. Arnaud. Match details C.Coates 31 def S. Barratt 20 D.Petrie 26 drew with P. Coles 26 W. Rourke 16 lost to

G. Allan 21 St. Arnaud 73 shots defeated Wycheproof 67 shots – 9 points to 3. Ladder pts Wycheproof 31 St. Arnaud 31 Donald Golf 30 Wedderburn 28 Country Club 26 Boort 20 Donald 16 Charlton 10

There were several close games and they couldn’t get any closer than on rink one, the scores tied on 9 all after the 10 ends. On rink two it was 8-6, and rink three 9-8. However on rink four, Darren Shepherd and John Prendergast went strongly against this trend winning the Country Kitchen pizzas with a 19-0 score over a pair who shall remain nameless. O n r i n k 5 Ke l l Bibby and Terence Robertson were not

- Contributed challenged, winning 8 of the 10 ends for a 155 win, claiming the runners-up prizemoney. Fi r s t - t i m e t w i lighter Ellee Picken was warmly welcomed, and it was good to have Wendy Peacock back on the green. Twilight Bowls is held every Thursday evening at the St. Arnaud Bowling Club from 6.30 to 8.30,followed by supper and some socialising fun.

Next Round 5 St. Arnaud v Donald Golf - Division 1 and 2 at St. Arnaud.

Bealiba Hall Indoor Carpet Bowls IT was pairs night this week and the winning pair was Shirley Coburn and Malcolm Campbell with two wins and a draw just edging out Lyle Streeter and Gary McClelland who - Contributed had two wins. Above: Good to see Margaret McIntyre back in action bowling well assisting her team to a very good win at Wycheproof.


Not many weeks of play left now until the end of the year and the race is on for points. After play supper was shared and the winner of this months raffle was Shirley Coburn.

Above: Darren Shepherd and John Prendergast the first time big winners of the Country Kitchen pizzas at Twilight Bowls.

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The Weir’s IGA St. Arnaud Cup Day

Above: The Bendigo Bank and Adelaide Bank Kids Brumby race, where ‘Riders’ were joined by a not-so-young Jamieson Hunter (left) well beaten by the Kids.

Above: The JackDeck catering team (left to right) Talisha Johns, Trinity Johns, Louise Marland, Neve Cheesman, Hamish Tannock, Taylor Tannock, Dana Decker, Aleisha Tannock, Allegra Decker and Liz Pickthall.

Above: Enjoying his buck’s party at the races Jamieson Hunter from Geelong joined in the children’s horse races after race 5. Above: The after-race entertainment supplied by ‘No Mistake’ kept the crowd on their toes.

Above: (left to right) Duncan Kirk, Charlie Baldwin, Forbes Kirk.

Above: Amanda Harvey. Above: (left to right) Harley Durward, Jake Male, Tom Douglas, Bailey Durward and Tom Jackson.

Above: (left to right) Russell Marland, Kate Haynes, Bianca and Luke Garton.

Above: (left to right) Ken and Susan Jackson, Paul and Jenny Bibby, Mark Swanton and Kerryn Dyke.


Above: Col Jesse (left) presented a whip manufactured by Brett Prebble to winning jockey of the Ridley/Jesse Family Handicap, Remi Tremsal who rode a double for the day. Chairman St. Arnaud Turf Club Dave Russ (right).

Above: The Jesse family held a reunion at the races with Race 8 the Ridley/Jesse Family Handicap. Col Jesse based in Hong Kong had his son, daughter and grandchildren in attendance. Back row: (left to right) Ben Jesse, Colin Jesse, Elizabeth McDonald (nee Jesse), Felix McDonald, Issey McDonald. Front row: Molly McDonald, Samantha Jesse and Jack Jesse.

Above: Jarryd Kell with dad Allan (Wokka) Kell and Rob Block. Above: Race 2 the Northern Grampians Shire Council Maiden Plate, Celtic Brut ridden by Harry Grace is first past the post.

Right: Greg and Fiona Simpson.

Above: (left to right) Bree Davidson, Tash Ezard, Georgie Reyne and Kara Harberger.

Above: The Darby family, Roydon, Allison and Ella.

Above: (left to right): Sam Penfold, Brett Douglas and son Tristain.


Above: Evie Ezard and Indy Johns.

Above: Fairy Rhoden and daughter Joanna Medlyn.

Above: Ten year old Grace Baldwin sang Advance Australia Fair before the Weir’s IGA St. Arnaud Cup.

Above: Black arm bands were worn by the Jockeys in the Weir’s IGA St. Arnaud Cup in respect of the passing of Alan Weir. Picture is Tahlia Hope riding Saint Ay as they head toward the starting barrier. Saint Ay came third over the finishing line.

Above: (left to right) St. Arnaud Turf Club Committee members Glenn Wellard, Greg Baldwin and Melissa Drum.

Above: (left to right) Naomi and Brad Medlyn, Nigel and Alicia Greenaway.

Above: Kate and mum Jenny Gifford.

Above: (left to right) Hollie Ciurleo, Carolyn Needs, Bec Arbuckle and Tania Scarce.

Above: (left to right) Marilyn Knights and Eileen McRae.

Above: (left to right) Pheobe McPherson and Rachel Downs.

Above: St. Arnaud Turf Club Committee Bill Knights, Brett Douglas, Greg Baldwin, Penny Penfold (Club Manager Wimmera Racing, Dave Russ and Nick Baldwin.

Above: (left to right) Molly Hendy, Lucy Gorrie, Jenna and Johanna Meagher





Above: Cup Day Honours (left to right) Neil Farley jockey, Grandchildren of Carmel and Alan (dec) Weir - Sami, Lucy, Harry, Abby, Zach, couple from Top Notch syndicate, Dave Russ President, Greg Toll owner, Patrick Ryan Jnr trainer, Bill Knights Committee member, Peter Gallivan and Deb Hobbs.

Sunny skies welcomed racegoers on Weir’s IGA St. Arnaud Cup Day • From front page. Ten-year-old Grace Baldwin sang the National Anthem as the horses headed onto the track for the 2022 Weir’s IGA St. Arnaud Cup. The race crowd was filled with the bright and stunning in season colours that will make up Spring Racing 2022 and added to the celebration of the day. The Best on track lady was won by Adele Griffin, Best Millinery Alison Van Bree and Best on track gent Roydan Darby, Junior best on track was Maeve Patton.

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Left: Best on Track - (left to right) Ladies Racewear winner Adele Griffin from Warrnambool, Best on Track - Millinery Racewear winner Alison Vanbree from Ballarat, Best on Track - Gents Racewear winner Roydan Derby from St. Arnaud.

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