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Stubborn Belly? Use A Stubborn Fat Burning System! What Fast Food Should You Eat to Avoid Unwanted Fat? By Jolon Warren Losing weight can really be hard sometimes. It's not made any easier when you have a random craving for junk food or when you are out with friends and someone just has to stop at the local fast food place and grab a greasy meal. What's the best thing to do if you have a sudden craving for junk food or a friend wants some and you are too polite to say no? Obviously the best choice would be to just NOT eat it, but if this can't be helped then the next best thing is to make the healthiest choice possible. You'll be doing your body a big favor by picking the lesser of the evils on the menu when you order something. So just what should you order to avoid eating anything fattier than your body needs? The number one menu item to avoid is anything that has been deep fried and or has had bread added like hash browns or chicken nuggets. These kinds of menu items are drenched in trans fats from the industrial hydrogenated vegetable oils and consuming even a small amount can potentially have serious implications for your weight and health. This includes hardening of your arteries, heart disease and many forms of cancer just for starters. You have probably noticed now that most fast food joints now offer a "healthy" menu. Salads and other menu items have been added that we never saw before. Take advantage of these "healthy" menu choices by ordering them, but keep in mind that you should be careful of what you add to them. A good example of this would be a salad. Sounds healthy, right? It might be until you look at what kind of salad dressing is added. Sometimes it is the little extra things that you add on that make the difference to how much fat is in a meal. No-one but you is going to look out for your health and tell you what kinds of food you should and shouldn't eat. While the best way to speed up weight loss is to completely avoid eating junk food coupled with a daily exercise routine, there is always a time when you either just need to have a bite or your friends do and you can't say no. If this happens, just make sure you make the healthiest choice possible. Your stomach and body will thank you for it later. Click here to discover which foods burn belly fat, how to reduce your junk food cravings and the truth about those bogus "fat burner" pills and much more. Article Source: Tried Everything? The One Fat Burning System That’s Working For Everybody!

What Fast Food Should You Eat to Avoid Unwanted Fat?