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Has Your PS3 Suddenly Stopped Reading Games? It’s been happening a lot lately. The PS3 will suddenly stop reading your games and anything blu ray in general. My Ps3 started acting up with the sound blowing out first. Some people have even found out that they’re PS2 games have stopped working. So … why did this happen? It was the new firmware upgrade from Sony for the PS3. What the update does is overclock the blu ray lens on the PS3, obviously not every PS3 will be able to handle this update. What are most people doing to fix the problem? From what I’ve read up online most people are actually just contacting Sony, if your PS3 is under warranty than they can just fix it for you. If it’s not under warranty I believe they’re charging about $150 dollars to replace either the lens or the drive (I’m not sure which one) What can you do to fix the problem? If you’re like me and your PS3 is not under warranty, and you don’t have the money to pay to get your PS3 fixed (which we shouldn’t have to pay anyway considering it seems like it’s a fault from the company) you can try these following tactics. Simple Fixes: 1. Reset your lens: If you hold down the eject button for about 10 seconds you should hear a “whirring” noise. Let the PS3 do it’s thing and then try playing your games. (From what I’ve read this works for about 50% of the people) 2. Reset your PS3: Turn your PS3 off by holding down the power button, then when turning it back on keep holding the power button and it should beep two or three times. This will reset your audio and video settings. I have no idea what this has to do with the lens but it’s also working for people (Same thing .. about 50%) Un simple Fix: Now keep in mind the only reason I call this a “un simple” fix is because I lost all of my data when I tried it. So before trying this BACKUP YOUR PS3 (Mine didn’t even let me do a backup, in which case I guess you have no choice but to lose your data) You can do a backup by:    

Turn on your PS3 (This is obvious but you never know Go to Settings Then Go To System Settings Then Backup Utility


(You can backup to external harddrive, usb key etc BUT your format must be FAT 32. If you’re unsure how to do this just contact me)

Once you got your backup it’s time to try the fix. What your essentially going to do is format your PS3. You do this by:  

Go to Settings Then Restore PS3 System and then follow what it says on the screen

You don’t have to do a full format you can just do a quick format when it asks. I personally did a quick format and it took about 5 min, then I did the new update again and my PS3 took it perfectly. My PS3 has been running problem free since. If your PS3 had a different problem but you still want to fix it yourself I would recommend going here: PS3 REPAIR MANUAL Yasin Khan

Has Your PS3 Suddenly Stopped Reading Games?  

If your Ps3 has suddenly stopped reading games then this guide maybe able to help you solve the problem. Follow this simple procedure which...

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