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Noise Monitoring Norsonic Hosting Services Monitor noise from: • Building construction • Harbor activity • Airports • Motor sport race tracks • Industrial noise • Community noise • Traffic noise • Wind farms • Mining and tunneling etc... Norsonic central server Analyse data real time in your office

Cloud computing

Collect measurements and send data via mobile broadband

Why hosting?

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Cheaper: No need to invest in additional computer hardware. Rent software for a limited time.


Safer: Norsonic takes care of trouble shooting and secure backup procedures.


Simpler: Direct access to noise data through the internet.

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Getting started with live noise monitoring

Rental of server

• Select the spot for permanent or temporary monitoring and install the Nor1530 terminal with wireless data transfer

The central server is the heart of any noise monitoring system. It is recommended to dedicate a powerful, reliable and secure server for this purpose. For many customers, it is too expensive to invest in a proper server solution. Furthermore it gives more work for your IT support staff that probably already have full working load. Therefore Norsonic offers the service to operate your noise monitoring system and store your data securely on a dedicated server at our premises. This way we will take care of the management of the noise system and you will have secure access to the noise data through a web interface. All communications will be secure links with password protected login. Noise data will be safely archived so that old measurements can be easily retrieved if you should later on need to document historic values.

• Check data online on the web from office or smart phone • Reports directly available from web page • Download detailed measurement data to your PC • Software installed on a dedicated server at Norsonic premises. • Norsonic takes care of system maintenance to ensure continuous operation

Continuous noise monitoring with a Norsonic noise monitoring system is today a fully automatic operation. Still, things can go wrong – unforeseen power cuts can stop the measurements, equipment can be intentionally or unintentionally damaged and communication can drop out. Therefore the status of the noise monitoring terminals should be verified at regular intervals.

Rental of software If you rent server capacity from Norsonic, we also offer a rental solution for the software. This way you can distribute your cost over time and you will always have the latest software versions running your system.

Norsonic offers a subscription service to do regular checks of incoming data and to do scheduled health checks of the system. The client will be notified if there is any interruption of the service, and appropriate measures can be taken. Events will be registered in a service log.

Select station Download data

See realtime levels


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Whenever your activities create noise that disturbs the local community, a continuous noise monitoring system will help you plan your activities and be a useful tool for tackling noise complaints. If the noise is too loud you can get a message by email or SMS You can playback recordings from events to identify the noise source, or you can even look at a video clip to actually see what happened. Rain, wind speed, wind direction and other weather parameters can be synchronized with the noise measurement data

Cloud computing: Save expensive investments in hardware and software, use Norsonic server park and lease the software.

Generate report Norsonic can also provide daily, weekly and monthly noise reports with details such as Lden, Ln (statistics), number of events etc, all on your company customized report template.

The report will be generated automatically and can be made available on a website or sent to an email address.


PD NoiseMonitoringHosting Ed1Rev0 Eng 0512

Example cases Smaller regional airports in Norway have installed Nor1530 cabinets that send measurement data to Norsonic server room. Here the data are stored and published for the customer (restricted access) on a webpage with noise data graphically presented. The customer can also download individual measurement files for further analyses or connect to a database for detailed analyses with NorReview. Road construction noise in a residential area in Washington DC. Noise data are sent to Norsonic server room in Norway where it is stored and presented for the US based consultant. Email warnings are sent when set threshold is breached.

Kvernberget Airport, Kristiansund, Norway

Several Norwegian harbors monitor their noise every hour throughout the year. Noise data not only from the harbor but also from monitors in neighbourhood is sent to a server at Norsonic premises where noise data are stored and noise consultants can download data and generate reports. See f ex ormoya/mnd_dag.htm where the daily noise level is presented for the local community around Oslo Harbor.

Oslo Harbour, Oslo, Norway

Ordering information NorHost – rental of server capacity in Norsonic server room facilities Nor1022 rental – rental of NorMonit control and datamanagement software NorHost/keep-alive – regular check of incoming data in the noise monitoring system NorHost/report – automatic generation of noise reports at regualr intervals.



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