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Dino Fever Rules version 1.5

Game Design: Jeppe Norsker



35 m

In a crazy desire for fame, a group of paleontologists try to discover (or simply put together) new species of dinosaurs. The results get weird sometimes, but the paleontologists do not care. Fame is everything. In this game, you are not only assembling your own dinosaur fossils. You also finish the work of others to get listed as a second author in the publications. This gives you nearly half of the fame. Regarding to your own fossils you of course try to keep all the fame for yourself. And then we have the muesum directors who request special fossils to their collections. Two heads, No heads. Four hands and things like that can boost your fame a little extra. When the area is fully excavated, the most famous paleontologist is declared winner.


10 Bonus cards

1. Shuffle the tiles and put them upside down in a pile in the middle of the table. 2. Shuffle the bonus cards and draw five random cards. Put them face up on the table. Discard the rest. 3. Let each player draw four random tiles and keep them secret. 4. Choose a starting player by chance.

How to connect tiles

A personal scoring pile In order to be able to find a winner at game end - each player reserves some space on the table for a personal scoring pile. Tiles are kept in a stack or face down so that the players don’t know exactly how many points they have. Each tile has a value equal to the number of gold coins on the tile.


Game preparations

Rule sheet


(Carcassonne size)

Fi ni

72 tiles

Tiles must be connected so that the bones on each tile are continued from one tile to the next. The connection can either be a narrow spine OR a wide double bone. There are no other kind of connections. You must never move a tile once it is part of a fossil on the table.

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A fossil is finished when it is not possible to add more tiles.

The game The game is played over several rounds. All rounds are played in the same way. Start with the starting player and continue in clockwise direction.

The game round 1. Draw a tile from the pile in the middle of the table. If your tile was upside-down you must also turn another tile face-up and leave it. 2. You may hereafter lay down one or more tiles on the table. You can either: A. Start a new fossil by laying down one or more connected tiles in front of you. Now you are the ”owner” of that fossil.

Gem tiles Some tiles contain a gem instead of fossil bones. They are used in two ways. If you add them to your scoring pile, you get one point. However, if you keep them on your hand until game end you get a bonus of five per gem tile.

B. Add one or more tiles to one of your unfinished fossils in front of you. C. Add one or more tiles to another player’s unfinished fossil. You may only do so if you finish it. D. Discard a gem tile from your hand and score one point by adding it to your personal scoring pile. • Remember to pick up bonus cards when a finished fossil meet the requirements. It is the player that finishes a fossil that gets the cards. • If you finish your own fossil, you move all the tiles to your personal scoring pile. • If you finish another player’s fossil, you split the tiles. The owner of the fossil starts by picking the first tile. Then the other takes the second tile and vice versa. • There is a hand limit of four tiles. No player may have more than four tiles on his/her hand after his/her round is finished.

Game end The game ends when the last tile is drawn from the table and that player’s turn has ended. 1. Unfinished fossils are discarded. 2. Add together all the coins on tiles and bonus cards in your scoring pile. Gems in the scoring pile count as one point. 3. Add five points for each gem that you have on your hand at game end. Other tiles on your hand are discarded. The winner is the player with the most points.

Contact: Norsker Games Jeppe Norsker Oxford Have 167 2300 Copenhagen S Denmark +45 26738218 jeppe@norskerdigitaldesign.dk facebook.com/norskergames

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