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: Nortel 920-258


: Nortel WLAN 2300 Rls.6.0 Planning & Engineering

Version : R6.1  

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1. A customer is integrating a WLAN of 150 distributed Access Points into an existing network infrastructure. The existing network does not currently use DHCP, and all devices are statically assigned an IP address. What is the best way to deploy the new Nortel WLAN equipment in this configuration? A. Assign the Meridian 1 as the call server. B. Add a DNS server to the existing network. C. Add a DHCP server to the existing network. D. Assign static IP addresses to the new wireless devices. Answer: C 2. A customer has multiple radios in use at their main facility. They are having problems getting the radios to work together. Which two are attributes of a radio profile? (Choose two.) A. 802.11 B. Encryption C. Auto-tune D. SSID Answer: AC 3. A maintenance team is using third-party monitoring equipment to monitor and control hundreds of high-pressure valves at an oil refinery. During the installation of their new WLAN IP Telephony solution, they want to deploy a device that will provide the capability of interfacing the IP Handsets to this control system? Which device will do this? A. Passport 5430 B. Application Gateway 2246 C. IP Telephony Manager 2245 D. WLAN Security Switch 2350 Answer: B 4. A new WLAN 2300 series customer does not use a RADIUS server. They want to use a local database to support users with AAA security. What are the three parts of AAA security? (Choose three.) A. alias B. algorithm C. accounting D. authorization E. authentication Answer: CDE 5. A large call center would like to provide wireless Internet access to allow its visitors and potential clients to conduct business while visiting the site. The call center supports several Federal Government departments and security is a major concern. Which solution should be recommended?  

A. Create a VLAN on the call center's network, with a VPN solution. B. Create a separate network, using a wireless mesh topology, to connect visitors to the Internet. C. Create a separate network, using a Nortel 2300 Wireless solution, to connect visitors to the Internet. D. Create a VLAN on the call center network for wireless access and allow anonymous access to the wireless network. Answer: C 6. A customer wants to provide network connectivity to a new building on its campus, but does not want to run cables between buildings. You determine that this can be accomplished using mesh services on the WLAN 2300 series network. Which Access Point model can support this configuration? A. 2330 B. 2330-A C. 2332 D. 2350 Answer: C 7. A new WLAN 2300 series customer has two RADIUS servers. They want to use both RADIUS servers for user authentication. What is a benefit of this type of solution? A. logging B. scalability C. shared solution D. authentication solution Answer: B 8. A large corporation in the United States has expanded into two other countries. The new locations have been completely built for a solution that requires complete wireless access for voice and data. The complete world-wide solution will require at least 200 wireless Access Points (APs) to provide 100 percent coverage for all three campuses. Considering the WLAN Security Switch 2380 can handle up to a maximum of 120 APs, which statement is true? A. They would have to establish three completely separate WLAN 2300 based wireless networks. B. They should maintain a wired network at its headquarters and only implement wireless at its expansion locations. C. They can network multiple Security Switch 2380 systems together and use distributed APs to create a global wireless network. D. The corporate headquarters in the United States should use a WLAN 2350 solution, integrate the two new locations, and use a WLAN Security Switch 2380 solution. Answer: C 9. A new WLAN 2300 series customer does not use an external RADIUS server. Because they are  

concerned about security, they are attracted to the WLAN Security Switch (WSS). Which two methods of security are available on a WSS? (Choose two.) A. VSA B. EAP C. MAC D. VLAN Answer: BC 10. A new WLAN 2300 series customer uses a RADIUS server and has a local database on a different server. They want the RADIUS server to be used for security on the WLAN, using the database and mutual authentication. What is required on the RADIUS server? A. certificates B. user names C. client names D. mutual ID numbers Answer: A 11. A new WLAN 2300 series customer does not use a RADIUS server. They want to use a local database to authenticate users and apply restrictions to the users. Which feature will support this? A. user-id networking B. MAC-id networking C. identity-based networking D. authentication-id networking Answer: C 12. A new WLAN 2300 series customer uses a RADIUS server and has a local database on a different server. They want the RADIUS server to be used for security on the WLAN. Which database type would be compatible? A. EAP B. LDAP C. user-id D. password Answer: B 13. A customer wants to implement mesh services on their WLAN 2300 series network. They currently have two buildings that will need network access using mesh services. They are concerned about expandability of the system for a new building in the future. How many mesh points can be supported by a single mesh portal? A. 2  

B. 4 C. 8 D. 16 Answer: B 14. A new WLAN 2300 series customer uses a RADIUS server. They want the RADIUS server to assign the users to Mobility Profiles. Which attribute is required for this? A. Mobility attribute B. WSS security attribute C. Nortel specific attribute D. VSA (vendor specific attribute) Answer: D 15. Which three parameters may be made available by the DHCP server on the subnet to which the Access Point is connected? (Choose three.) A. Static IP B. Routing table C. Domain Name D. Gateway address E. DNS Server Address Answer: CDE 16. A customer wants to implement mesh services on their WLAN 2300 series network while maintaining 802.1q VLAN tags across the mesh link. Which solution will support this configuration? A. bridge mode B. Multipath mode C. Point to point mode D. This configuration is not supported Answer: A 17. A customer is reviewing the server requirements for their WLAN. They want to know the specifications for a DHCP server, believing they may be able to reuse an existing server for this purpose. Under which condition is the DHCP server optional? A. When third-party APs are being deployed. B. When the DHCP server is located inside the firewall. C. When the DHCP server is located outside the firewall. D. When the 2332 access points are directly connected to a security switch. Answer: D 18. A large department store is considering a VoWIP solution to be used in all 20 store locations. The plan  

calls for at least one employee from each department to carry a wireless handset for voice communications and a data link to a centralized inventory database for price lookup and inventory checks. Currently the company has a robust wired network in place at all of its locations including large data links between them. How should the design specialist approach the site-to-site voice trunking solution? A. Use the excess capacity of the inter-site data links for voice over IP traffic. B. Convince the customer to keep a wired telephone system in place at all of its locations. C. Recommend that the customer install additional data circuits between all of its locations to accommodate the new VoWIP traffic. D. Use the existing TDM trunking with their carrier to eliminate network congestion on the data links with the addition of IP telephones. Answer: A 19. A customer is using wireless VoIP. You have been instructed to conduct a site survey for potential dead zones at the customer's complex. Which two devices would be best to conduct the survey? (Choose two.) A. wireless laptop B. RF power meter C. WLAN Handset 6120 D. WLAN Handset 6140 Answer: CD 20. Which three functionalities are available in version 6.0 of the network planning tool? (Choose three.) A. defining RF obstacles B. automated planning of RF coverage C. importing site survey information from Ekahau Site Survey D. awareness of external antennas and their unique RF patterns E. importing floor plans from AutoCAD drawings with file references Answer: ABC 21. A company is considering a Nortel Wireless solution for its single floor open concept office space. Which two factors will ensure that the maximum number of calls per Access Point (AP) will not be exceeded? (Choose two.) A. stated capacity of the AP B. anticipated call volume per AP area C. estimated number of wireless handsets D. frequency band and channels being used Answer: BC 22. A new WLAN 2300 series customer does not use a RADIUS server and does not have a local database. They want to use a local database to support users. Which hardware device would support this request?  

A. a MAC filter B. a Profile Server C. a database authenticator D. a Wireless Security Switch Answer: D 23. A small business wants to convert its entire network to wireless. They also would like to install wireless IP telephone sets to allow employees to be completely mobile. How should the convergence of voice and data on this network be accomplished? A. Create two separate wireless networks. B. Prioritize the data traffic on the wireless network. C. Create separate VLANs for voice and data traffic. D. Prioritize the voice traffic on the wireless network. Answer: D 24. A customer has asked you to explain the processes involved in the development of a WLAN. You explain to them how to use the software tools involved in the process and where they fit in the implementation. At which stage of WLAN deployment do the capabilities of the WLAN Management System (WMS) allow you to determine the appropriate placement of hardware components? A. wireless design B. capacity planning C. coverage planning D. floor plan integration Answer: A 25. An old three-story building, which is being used as a medical clinic, houses six suites of doctor's offices. All offices will need to share a LAN so appointments can be centrally managed by third-party service. The building construction will make it extremely difficult to create a wired network. A sales engineer is in the process of creating a WLAN network plan using the WLAN Management System (WMS) software, and the three floor plans he can find are in BMP format. How should the sales engineer proceed? A. Convert the BMP file to JPG or GIF format. B. Import the BMP files into the WMS software. C. Convert the three floor plans into one floor plan. D. Create three new complete sets of floor drawings using AutoCAD. Answer: A 26. When a forwarded packet on a wired interface, which has 802.1Q tagging turned on, arrives at a port, the packet 802.1p value is set based on the incoming QoS value. This type of queue is used to assign priority. Which device is responsible for assigning priority to voice packets in a Nortel Wireless LAN  

configuration? A. WLAN IP Telephony Manager B. WLAN 2300 Security Switches C. a Nortel 460/470 POE Ethernet Switch D. any third party Layer 2 or Layer 3 devices Answer: B 27. An engineer is preparing for the RF site survey on a new WLAN location. To finish the survey in a timely manner, what should the engineer do before arriving? A. Sources of RF interference should be recorded. B. Sources of RF interference should be eliminated. C. Test the laptop with its wireless card and wireless software. D. Identify the Access Point test locations by analyzing the facility floor plan. Answer: D 28. A small hospital is currently servicing most of its departments with a voice network of BCM 400 Rls. 3.7 call servers. At the present time, the emergency room (ER) is operating on a completely separate analog telephone system. The hospital would like to wirelessly integrate the ER into the rest of the BCM solution to allow their staff to monitor patients' vital information using their handsets. It is anticipated that there may be as many as 30 handsets in use at any time. Which VoWIP solution would you recommend? A. All BCM 400 systems will need to be upgraded to Rls. 4.0. B. The addition of three Access Points (AP) and one security switch will accommodate the customer's requirements. C. The addition of one AP, one security switch, and a BCM 50 will accommodate the customer's requirements. D. BCM 400 Rls. 3.7 software cannot accommodate VoWIP. The software will need to be rolled back to Rls. 3.6. Answer: C 29. Areas with a high-use density must receive RF coverage at the highest data rate of operation. A customer's wireless handsets are operating near the limits of the radio frequency (RF) coverage from the Access Point. To which speed of operation do the wireless handsets automatically adjust? A. 1 MB/s B. 5.5 MB/s C. 6 MB/s D. 10 MB/s Answer: A 30. When a client is making changes to the network plan, the plan is locked and cannot be modified by  

other clients. What is the current maximum number of clients that can be logged into the server at the same time? A. 2 B. 4 C. 8 D. 16 Answer: C 31. A company is considering a Nortel Wireless solution for its single-floor open-concept office space. When determining the minimum number of Access Points, what is the minimum signal strength level that can be received by the wireless handset? A. -50 dbm B. -60 dbm C. -70 dbm D. -80 dbm Answer: C 32. A support provider needs to manage a WLAN location with multiple WLAN Security Switches. They need to be able to administer the system both onsite and from remote locations. Which system of administrating the WLAN Security Switch (WSS) 2300 systems will work best for the administrator both locally and remotely? A. 24/7 support onsite B. the WLAN Management System (WMS) C. unique web browser session to each WSS 2300 D. web Browser Interface (WBI) to each WSS 2300 Answer: B 33. A customer has multiple WLAN Security Switch (WSS) 2300 systems deployed and needs to remotely administer their operation. Which method of access will best meet this need? A. Connect each WSS 2300 console port to a dial-up modem and dial-in using a PC. B. Enable the Web Browser Interface (WBI) on each WSS 2300 and connect via a web browser. C. Have a local technician connect to a WSS 2300 console port and then direct them over the telephone. D. Setup a WLAN Management System (WMS) at the customer site and connect to this system via the WMS client. Answer: D 34. A Voice over WLAN customer is determining the type of WLAN handsets to provide to their users. The customer's environment is industrial and noisy, so maximum durability and loud-environment ringer and speaker is required. Many users will also need push-to-talk (PTT) capability. Which WLAN handset should  

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