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Packaging product database Makes plastics data accessible, functional and easy to use.

Sibyl - enabling your innovat

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comparison of different grades of PE and PP

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for packaging applications.


Sibyl v1.0 is now available and contain

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essential polymer data as well as a wide range

all your development and

of application related tests and properties.

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You can compare products and make your

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own graphic presentation.

compare immediately.

speed up your product development REDUCE YOUR COSTS Real comparisons of products in the market give a direct value for quality assurance and product development. The result is less need for own testing during development of new products, when choosing material equivalents and when comparing yourself with competitors. Furtermore: • Identify alternative suppliers • Identify the better performing grades. • Avoid costly “over engineering” • Translate polymer producers datasheet into one-lab comparable data. • Easy access to data addressable directly to your packaging producer


IMPROVE PRODUCT QUALITY Advanced packaging often requires polymer properties to be within specification. This specification is dependent of packaging format. For thin wall packaging dimensions, stacking strength and strength (impact) can be key to the success of the packaging. For blown film process stability, seal properties and mechanical properties can be the key to success. To meet these targets some questions need answer.



E X T E N S I V E DATA Sibyl contain polymer data

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density to rheology, DSC amd

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FTIR curves. Furthermore it contains a wide range of film and moulding specific

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test data. All products have

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been processed and analysed

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at Norner under equal conditions. This ensures the

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quality, reproducibility and your confidence in the database.

more reliable decision-maiking W E B S O LU T I O N

IMPROVED PERFORMANCE High performance of polymer very often results in opportunities to achieve better performance of your packaging. The results for you can be faster and cheaper processing, packaging properties allowing you to enter new market segments and business and opportunities for downgage with weight saving and better “green� profile.

The database is web based which means you can practically have it available anywhere. You can generate and customise your product comparisons.

To get to this level of performance, knowledge and facts are needed. Select grades on real facts from one lab. Compare grades to se if your preferences should be adjusted. Data sheet values are good, tests done on your type of product is even better.

GRAPHIC FUNCTIONALITY Sibyl contain advanced graphic functionality which facilitates your comparisons. Curve overlay for rheology, DSC and FTIR or X-Y plot, histograms and spider graphs of technical data.

reduce your costs

E A S Y T O U S E D ATA B A S E Sibyl database is easy to use. You begin with a search for the right product by: Screen 1 = selecting polymer and application Screen 2 = selecting grades and properties This gives a table of selected products and properties. You can look up and compare data or generate graphic overlay of rheology, DSC or FTIR curves. Also XY plot, histogram and spider graphs of product data can be generated. All graphics can be downloaded as picture files for later use.

1 - Search application

2 - Search product & analysis

3 - Work with data

P P T W P D ATA Haze/gloss, Tensile properties, Flexural Modulus, Tensile creep (23 °C/2MPa), Charpy notched (-20°C, 0°C and 23°C), HDT (met.B ), IFW (-20°C, 0°C and 23°C), Drop test on cup (-20°C, 0°C and 23°C), Top load on cup, Spiral test (600, 1000, 1400 bar at 230°C) Analytical: MFR (2,16kg/230°C), Density, Melting temperature, Crystallisation temperature, Specific heat capacity (25°C and 200°C), Crystallisation speed. Multipoint: Capillary reheology (200°C, 220°C and 250°C) and DSC thermogram.

4 - Multipoint data plots

P E B L O W N F I L M D ATA Haze/gloss, Tensile properties (MD/TD), Puncture resistance, Dart drop impact, Elmendorf Tear (MD/TD), Sealing range and SIT, Hot tack properties, Thickness profile, Gel count. Analytical: MFR (2,16kg/190°C), Density, Melting temperature, Crystallisation temperature, Antioxidant analysis. Multipoint: Dynamic rheology 190°C, DSC thermogram, FTIR spectrum.


Norner AS Asdalstrand 291 NO-3960 Stathelle Norway Tel Fax Web Mail

+47 35578000 +47 35578124

5 - Graphical analysis

For more information and subscription Mail: Visit: Visit: login: user=demo/pw=norner

Sibyl - Packaging product database  

Sibyl makes plastics data accessible, functional and easy to use.

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