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Selected Works 09 February 2018


Selected Works 09 February 2018


Le tourbillon de la vie & Visitation Series After an unsettling few months during recovery from a dog bite and drawing only on paper and smaller works, I finally came back to painting onto a large canvas. Drawing upon the work from Ode to New York, the paintings that surfaced became a mixture of bold and thick brushstrokes combined with drip marks. The title is Le tourbillon de la vie, which translates to the whirlwind of life, describes perfectly the way I am feeling. The additional work entitled Visitation borrows from the works of Le tourbillon. It is essentially a continuation and morphing of elements into something that is more recognisable as cloud formations or floating objects in the sky.



Visitation No. 4, 2018 Mixed-media on canvas 120 x 180cm



Visitation No. 3, 2018 Mixed-media on canvas 120 x 180cm



Visitation, No. 2, 2018 Acrylic on canvas 180x 120cm



Visitation No. 1, 2017 Acrylic on canvas 153 x 96cm



Le tourbillon de la vie, No. 3, 2017 Acrylic on canvas 122 x 147cm



Le tourbillon de la vie, No. 2, 2017 Acrylic on canvas 140 x 140cm



Le tourbillon de la vie, No. 1, 2017 Acrylic on canvas 140 x 140cm



HARD : REWIRED HARD:REWIRED is a reactionary creation of artwork that I was compelled to do after being bitten by a dog. I found refuge in executing a more aggressive approach using the medium of paper and wood. The style is reminiscent of Basquiat’s heavy-handed graffiti marks and Cy Twombly’s whimsical yet restrained scratches. As my arm healed, a disturbing unease settled into my being. A deepness rose within me that was horrible with discontent. I am torn inside. I found solace in reading “Molecules of Emotion” by Dr. Candace Pert, a neuroscientist whose seminal work in opiate receptors brought together science and spirit. Her thoughts and words found a path into my drawings. My hand and fingers move in what is known as automatic drawing, derived from the subconscious mind and body. These works are the first drawings or paintings that I have signed with my newly adopted Chinese name of 葉灃, rather than Norm Yip, as if forging a new life or new character into being.



Self-destruction is eminent, 2017 Mixed media on paper 89 x 59cm



Space-time continuum, 2017 Mixed-media on paper 59 x 52 cm



Molecules of emotion, 2017

Mixed media on paper 61 x 51cm



Opiate Receptors, 2017 Mixed media on wood 61 x 42cm



Receptor Fied (Red), 2017

Mixed media on wood 28 x 67cm



Receptor Fied (Blue-Grey), 2017

Mixed media on wood 28 x 67cm



Receptor Fied (Green-Grey), 2017

Mixed media on wood 28 x 67cm



Energy/White Noise

The energy and white noise drawings are

Eventually the drawing starts to take

intense, organic creations of an immediate

form as something begins to appear like

and direct nature. They are drawn using

a web or matrix. The music is the guide,

lead pencils, a material that for most of us,

as the artwork is somehow ‘channeled’

have become closely associated with at a

into my fingers and hands. I try as

very early age during childhood. Being so,

much to let it happen as it is without

it is imbued with our first markings onto

intervention on my part.

paper, thereby creating one of our earliest associations or foundations to using our hands and fingers to communicate through drawings. The energy or white noise drawings are essentially the same, using trance music to facilitate the process of drawing from a higher consciousness. I only draw these drawings in the evening in the comforts of my studio. Lights are turned off with the exception of where my table is situated. I play selective trance tracks that that are engaging. The initial start of a drawing is tense, and I usually take repeat or play the music until I the feeling is ‘right’. When that moment reaches, my fingers release and the drawings starts. The first few minutes, the drawings appear uncontrolled, but there is a rhythm and an order within the motion.



Zygote, 2007 Graphite on paper 110 x 84 cm



Embryo of the Soul, II, 2002 Graphite on paper 79 x 74cm including frame



Embryo of Intelligence, III, 2002 Graphite on paper 64 x 53cm including frame



One III, 2007 Graphite on paper 79x 74cm including frame



Energy, No. 2, 2016 Graphite on Paper 78 x 63 cm including frame



White Noise, No. 1, 2016 Graphite on paper 86 x 120 x 86 cm including frame



Profile Norm Yip’s work eschews any one medium

Norm further expanded his artistic

or genre; it weaves in a constant circle

repertoire when he began photographing

around photography, graphite drawings

the Asian male body. Inspired by

and paintings. The essence of his art

the chiaroscuro aesthetic of Herb

permeates at several different levels;

Ritt’s sculptural subjects, his series

reflecting varying aspects of his mind and

of photography books - aptly named

heart at play.

‘the Asian Male’ - brought a renewed sensibility to the Asian man as

Graphite drawings dominated his early

monuments of beauty, desire and

repertoire and remains some of his


most philosophically and emotionally influenced pieces today. Pencil and paper

In 2012, Norm set out to combine his

meet to inscribe his awakening into

disparate interests; allowing photography

the mysteries of life and death. At first

and painting to collide and fuse into an

appearing as symbols, the drawings tend

altogether different form of expression.

towards the formless - the ‘being-ness’

Through a process of image transfers

of existence represented in a series of

using an ink toner printer, paper and

embryonic circles.

acetate with animals and portraits as his initial subjects, the pieces that emerged

Where graphites provided glimpses into

were highly textural and tactile; vivid

his deeper sub-conscious, it was acrylics

in their raw emotional energy and vigor

that gave Norm’s thoughts full voice -

while tempered with a tenderness and

a vocabulary exciting and rich in both

sensitivity born from years of observation

colour and form. His visual language of

and experimentation.

choice is that of abstraction, with recent works inspired both by nature and the malleability of the medium; using colour to capture movement and guide the eye. In another series, he uses the infinity symbol ∞ to represent the unending consciousness of life; bound neither by birth nor death. 50



Norm Yip was born in Canada in 1963 to Chinese parents.

In photography, Norm’s work was first recognized when

He received his Bachelor of Arts degree (cum laude) in

his photographs of Asian men was selected to appear in

1984 at the University of Saskatchewan and his Bachelor

publications 2Blue and Dreamboys 2, both special editions

of Architecture degree in 1989 at the University of

of aclaimed Blue Magazine, known for its excellence in fine

Toronto. In 1994, he moved to Hong Kong where he

art photography of male physique. Since then, his work has

worked as a project architect for Wong & Tai Associates

been featured in The Best of International Nudes Photography

Ltd and RTKL International Ltd before pursuing his greater

III by Feierabend Unique Books and The Romantic Male

interest in art and photography.

Nude by James Spada.

In 1999, he co-founded the art collective Meli-Melo Artists

Norm has taught photography courses at The Open

Alliance (MMAA) along with Betty Cheung and Wilson

University of Hong Kong and has been a guest lecturer

Chik, where he curated several exhibitions with artists

at the Hong Kong Art School. In addition, he has been

such as Gavin Tu (Hong Kong), the late Neung or Panuwat

invited by the Cathay Camera Club to act as a judge in their

Hoonbamrung (Thailand) and Oksana Movchan (Canada).

monthly photography competitions.

Shortly thereafter, he formed his own photography

In 2008, he moved his studio to Chai Wan, an industrial

company Norm Yip Photography, in addition to Studio

neighborhood, where he continues to photograph, paint

8, a semi-public photographic and art space located in

and draw.

the district of Sheung Wan -- where he hosted private and selected exhibitions in the mediums of photography, painting and graphite.

As a photographer, Norm’s work has appeared in HK Magazine, WHERE, Global Investor and American Express’ Centurion magazine, Prestige, and Luxury Properties Magazine. Celebrities he has photographed include Zhang Yimou, Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin, Destiny’s Child and Korean pop-star Rain.


Exhibitions, Recognition & Events

October 2017, Identity, Group exhibition, Pink Season Event, Era

April 2015. Selected artwork Infinity, No. 1 in curated collection

Barbers, Hong Kong

All Things Abstract by Saatchi Art (online), Los Angeles.

March 2017, Solo Exhibition of Graphite Artworks, Embryo

April 2015. Selected artwork Will you remember? in curated

Collection, Consigg Art, Hong Kong

collection New Portraits by Saatchi Art (online), Los Angeles.

December 2016, The Wild Collection, Selected paintings from

December 2014. Embryo, Solo graphite drawing exhibition, L’s

Seven Sacred Sins collection, Awethentic Gallery, through Consigg

Where, Hong Kong

Limited, Hong Kong October 2014. The Asian Male, solo photography exhibition, November 2016, Two Minds One World, Group exhibition of

Gallery Box, Zurich, Switzerland.

selected paintings and photographs with Alexis Reynaud, Gallery Box, Zurich, Switzerland.

October 2014. Andy Warhol X Absolut, group exhibition, Pink Season Factor, Azure Restaurant, Hong Kong.

November 2016, Aids Concern Charity Event, Painting Rapture, No. 2 was sold during live auction, Aids Concern, Hong Kong

October - November 2013. Cool on the Inside; Hot on the Outside, photography exhibition, Studio 8 HK, Hong Kong.

August 2016, Pulsation, Solo painting and drawing exhibition, Tree of Life, Hong Kong. June 2016 Pride Art Exhibition, Group

July - August 2013. The Narcissist, photography exhibition, Studio

exhibition, Clifford Chance, Hong Kong

8 HK, Hong Kong.

June 2016 Pride Art Exhibition, Group exhibition, Clifford Chance,

July 29, 2013. Collections, Selected artwork Greed in a group

Hong Kong

online exhibition, Saatchionline, London.

June 2015, Pride Art Exhibition, Group exhibition, Clifford Chance,

July 26, 2013. Story of the Creative, Selected 3 image transfer

Hong Kong

artworks to appear in See | Exhibition Space, Angel Orensanz Foundation, New York.

May 2015. Selected artwork Infinity, No. 4 in curated collection New This Week - 5-25-2015 by Saatchi Art (online), Los Angeles.

November 2012. Curator and exhibitor. Seven Deadly Sins, Voxfire Gallery, Hong Kong.

May 2015. Selected artwork Infinity, No. 3 in curated collection New This Week - 5-11-2015 by Saatchi Art (online), Los Angeles.

August 2011. Group exhibition RetreAttack – RA Vol. 2, Selected photographs of Janice, Dahlia Gallery, Singapore.

May 2015. Selected artwork Spring rejoicing in curated collection Bright Abstracts for under $2,000 by Saatchi Art (online), Los

February 2011. Group exhibition Heat, Selected photograph and


painting, Charity Art Sale for Hong Kong Aids Foundation, Voxfire Gallery, Hong Kong.

April 2015. Selected artwork Heaven is here in curated collection New This Week - 5-4-2015 by Saatchi Art (online), Los Angeles.

November 2009. Group exhibition. Selected graphite Verge V. Zonta Club of Hong Kong II. Charity Art Sale. Rotunda, Exchange


Square, Hong Kong.

May 2003. Solo Exhibition Intrepid Terrain, exhibition of paintings. E&J Gallo Gallery, The Fringe Club, Hong Kong.

May - June 2009. Oxford Pride 2009. Group exhibition to the theme of 1969 Stonewall. Two bondage photographs were

June - July 2002. Solo Exhibition, Embryo of Intelligence, exhibition of

selected to appear in the show. Oxford, UK.

graphite drawings, Home Boutique, Hong Kong.

December 2008. Group exhibition. Curated and participated in

May - June 2002. Solo exhibition, Verge, exhibition of paintings and

the charity art auction Sexpression benefiting Horizons Group in

graphite drawings, 5 opt Studio / Gallery, Hong Kong.

Hong Kong, Studio 8 HK, Hong Kong. March 2002. Artist and curator of a group exhibition Buddha September 2006. Solo Exhibition, Skin Deep, Selected

Buddha. Other artists include Neung (Thailand) and Gavin Tu (Hong

photographs of the new male nude/semi-nude photography,

Kong), Studio 8, Hong Kong.

Baileys at the Fringe - Fotogalerie, Hong Kong. November 2001. Solo Exhibition Navigation. Selected paintings, November - December 2005. Group exhibition, Gay Artists: Gay

drawings and photographs. Studio 8, Hong Kong.

Art?, Selected photographs of The Asian Male, Art Statements, Hong Kong.

March 2000. Solo Exhibition First Level, exhibition of graphite drawings, Meli-Melo Artists Alliance, Hong Kong.

August 2005. Solo exhibition, NudeNotNaked, Selected photographs of the Male Nude, Three Boxes, Hong Kong.

January 2000. Co-curator/Exhibitor Light + Shadow, black & white photography, Meli-Melo Artists Alliance, Hong Kong.

April 2005. Group exhibition, Moonstruck, Acrylic painting submission, Club 64 and the Venice Biennale 2005, Hong Kong

October 1999. Co-curator/Exhibitor Entanglement, group

and Venice.

exhibition, mixed media, Meli-Melo Artists Alliance, Hong Kong.

March-April 2005. Selected group exhibition, Nasi Campur, exhibition of acrylic paintings, Gallery Taksu, Kuala Lumpur. October 2004. Selected artist featuring selected graphite images to appear in art book Eyes of the Soul – Exploring Inspiration in Art; written and compiled by Philip Rubinov-Jacobson; foreword by Ken Wilber. RRR Publishers, Germany, 2004. August 2004. Selected Group Exhibition, Private Edge, selected fine art photographs, B2G Gallery, Singapore. June 2004. Solo Exhibition, Secret Constellations, exhibition of acrylic paintings, Studio 8, Hong Kong. November - December 2003. Group Exhibition, Art in The Winter Gardens Exhibition, selected paintings, Lee Garden, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong June - July 2002. Solo Exhibition, Persona of Spirit, exhibition of new graphite drawings and paintings, Studio 8, Hong Kong.



NORM YIP | 葉 灃 Room 809, 8/F Hong Kong Chai Wan Industrial Building 26 Lee Chung Street Chai Wan, Hong Kong T: +852 2540 6267 M: +852 6838 8948 E:

Norm Yip Fine Art - Selected Works | 09.02.18  

Fine art portfolio of paintings by Norm Yip including the most recent works from the Le tourbillon de la vie and Visitation series.

Norm Yip Fine Art - Selected Works | 09.02.18  

Fine art portfolio of paintings by Norm Yip including the most recent works from the Le tourbillon de la vie and Visitation series.