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N O R M Y I P I N N E W YO R K P R O J E C T C ATA L O G U E I N D I E G O G O C A M PA I G N T H E O T H E R A R T FA I R B R O O K LY N 3 - 6 M AY 2 0 1 8


American Playground, Brooklyn, New York © Norm Yip 2018


N O R M Y I P I N N E W YO R K P R O J E C T C ATA L O G U E I N D I E G O G O C A M PA I G N T H E O T H E R A R T FA I R B R O O K LY N 3 - 6 M AY 2 0 1 8


New York Clouds © Norm Yip 2018

Studio 8 Hong Kong Publishing Ltd Design, text and photography by Norm Yip

Copyright © Norm Yip 2018 All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be used or reproduced in any manner without written permission except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews.



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About Myself

In January 2018, I decided to apply to The

I am an architect by trade but left it in

Other Art Fair in New York City, a fair where

1999 to pursue my career as a visual artist

only non-represented artists are allowed to

and photographer. I have concentrated on

enter. To my delight, I was selected to have a

photography for the majority of my time, as

booth at the show, which took place on May

it’s easier to engage with an audience, but my

3-6 in Brooklyn, New York.

instinct lead me to paintings and abstraction. I have exhibited sporadically in various galleries

To help fund the exhibition, I created a

and pop-up in Hong Kong, but haven’t had the

crowdfunding campaign using the Indiegogo

right opportunity to show my work outside, that

platform. This project catalogue documents

is, until now, at The Other Art Fair.

both the Perks (or rewards) in the campaign and the generative ideas behind the paintings

Most people will know me by my male nude

that are shown in The Other Art Fair.

photography of Asian men. I’m really proud of the work that I did there and I still am working

This catalogue is available both pubically in

on that project, although to a lesser degree than and through my website at



The Journey

When I left my trade profession of architecture, I was immediately compelled to create artwork, things which I thought was beautiful. My first artworks were monochromatic graphite artworks, but I soon became interested in painting.

Since 1999, I have been looking for a language of painting that speaks to me, that reflects a personal authenticity or my own ‘style’. Instead of going to an art school, I scoured Youtube and found all the inspiration and guidance I needed in the works of Cy Twombly, Basquiat, Cecily Brown and abstract expressionists Jackson Pollack, Willem de Kooning and Robert Motherwell.

Brooklyn Expo Center, Brooklyn, New York. © Norm Yip 2018


The Other Art Fair | Brooklyn

The Other Art Fair was founded in 2011 by Ryan Stanier as a means to offer reasonable prices to artists exhibiting work outside of the gallery route, essentially removing the middleman from the selling of art. Currently, they have art fairs in London, Bristol, New York, Melbourne, Los Angeles, Chicago.

Saatchi Art ( is an online platform for independent artists to sell artwork. Their commission fee is hefty, at 35% of the listed sales price. The payout is rather high for an online business, but after working with them, the benefits are worthwhile. I have found there business operations professional, their website system, and the communication level exceedingly of a high calibre. They know what they are doing within the context of operating a complex business where actual products are shipped between buyer and seller.

When The Other Art Fair and Saatchi Art joined forced (along with both entities snapped up by Demand Media in 2016) their collaboration would prove to be ideal, if not an ideal business affair.

The Other Art Fair - Brooklyn 2018 is my first art fair and I am deeply grateful for being accepted as an exhibitor.



Brooklyn Expo Center, Brooklyn, New York. © Norm Yip 2018


The Exhibition The Other Art Fair takes place in Brooklyn Expo

Subsequently, I chose to showcase only paintings.

Center at 72 Nobles Street, Brooklyn, New York

Given that there were over 130 artists with an

City on 3 - 6 May 2018. 134 artists from around the

array of different mediums and genres, I believed

world participated in this art fair.

it was best to maintain consistency throughout the display booth.

My booth was located at Booth 87 at the southeast corner the exhibition space.

The booth size is 12 x 4 feet, which allows for 20 linear feet of hanging space. Since I was at the

Before the exhibition, I created a layout to

end of the aisle, I had an exterior end wall that

determine which paintings would be showcased

was not technically not mine; however, one of the

at the fair. This would enable me to easily install

fair organizers kindly offered the space, which

the artwork at the venue.

gave me a total of 24 linear feet.

My initial layout included a combination of


photography, graphite artwork, and paintings.


Schematic layout of booths at The Other Art Fair Brooklyn, Brooklyn Expo Center and Booth 87 for Norm Yip


The Other Art Fair Brooklyn Fair Guide

Booth 87 - signage for Norm Yip | 葉灃

Mockup of artwork for my booth display


Indiegogo Campaign

Upon hearing that I was accepted into showing

So how does the Indiegogo platform work?

at The Other Art Fair in January 2018, I thought

Basically, the person asking for financial

it would be a good idea to create an Indiegogo

assistance creates rewards or Perks that people

Campaign, a crowd-funding platform, to raise

in your social network can purchase in support

funds. The money would go directly to facilitating

of your project or cause. For me,, I have many

the numerous costs involved, including flight,

artworks in the form of paintings, drawings and

accommodation, meals, and the shipping and/or

photographs that can be offered as Perks from

framing of artwork.

which people could support my campaign.

I estimated a cost of US$12,300, assuming that the artwork would be sent by ship. My breakdown was as follows:

Registration Fee:


Air Tickets:


Accomm. for 10 nights:


Shipping of Artwork:


Food & Beverage:




Staff Help:

$500 However, the Indiegogo campaign was mildly



successful, generating only US$1,620 within a 30-


day period. Thankfully, several previous collectors

Add 15% Miscellaneous: Total:


of mine and one private sponsor purchased artwork directly from me, easing my own

The only major surprise was the quotation I received from the shipping company for the transport of artwork, which came to a whopping US$6,650. Clearly, I had underestimated. I decided to only showcase paintings and to hand-carry canvas in a roll. I located a framer in New York City and had the guy make strainers (fixed-size wooden stretchers) that cost about US$1,000, a substantial saving of over $5,000.


expenditures substantially.


The Indiegogo Perks Art Prints (Signed Limited Editions)

Asian Male Photographs (Signed Limited Editions)

Hard:Rewired Drawing Series

MISHMASH A5 Drawing Doodles

Project Catalogue



Early Inspiration

In 2016 I decided to take a side trip to New York City after attending my sister’s wedding in Orlando, Florida. I had not visited New York in over ten years; I cannot recall how long exactly, but that trip made an important impression on my artwork entitled Ode to New York, as shown on the next two pages.

I traversed the city streets alone both day and night. Google map was my guide, but it was not infallible, leading me to trains that were not operating and to lifeless streets in the late evenings. There was a complexity to the city that technology had not fully resolved. Lost or not, it lead me to explore the city in a more real way. I brought my Nikon D3200 with me. Normally I loathe taking a camera with me on holidays, but this time I felt it was going to a part of my journey, whether as an artist or spectator.

The most impressive places I went to was the newly built World Trade Center Oculus, followed by in no particular order the Aperture Foundation Gallery, the Highline and the Whitney Museum. In the Whitney, I was delighted to see the work of minimalist artist Carmen Herrera.



Empire State building at night. © Norm Yip 2018


Ode to New York

When I returned to Hong Kong after the New York trip in 2016, I was ready to tackle the canvas with renewed energy and life. I was not interested in trying to paint the city of New York. I was interested in releasing the energy it provided me during the brief stay. That energy was a mix of colour, jazz, boldness, strength, maturity and soul. The question was whether that feeling could translate itself into my paintings when I returned back to Hong Kong.

The following two artworks are the result of that connection to New York, and I aptly named them Ode to New York, No. 1 and 2. They are saturated paintings with dark bold brushstrokes that command the canvas. The underlying colours are intense with fervour and thin swirling lines counter the thick brushstrokes. It was something I hadn’t imagined I could do and much of the painting was from the subconscious realm. I, myself, had very little to do with how it all happened.

I subsequently tried to paint a third piece, but for whatever reason, that never came about. I ended up destroying several canvases.

It was not until late 2017 after the dog bite that I returned to the Ode to New York series. I owe part of this return to my friend Angus Addison, an extraordinary interior designer with whom I have had the opportunity to photograph several of his many projects in Hong Kong. He and his partner May Mei came to my open studio event Hard:Rewired and commented on the two New New York storefront at night. Š Norm Yip 2018


Ode to New York, No. 1, 2016 Acrylic on canvas, 140 x 140cm Private collection


Ode to New York continued...

York-inspired pieces. He simply said, ‘... they speak to me.’ Those words resonated deep into me and propelled me to reinvestigate the series that had been sitting idly by for more than a year.

I pulled out an unfinished painting that I had stored away since 2016. It was signed, but I was reluctant to show it to anyone that came to the studio and proceeded to white-wash it. Threequarters of the painting was covered in white and I felt good. Very good.

The result of that painting was Le tourbillion de la vie, No. 1, followed shortly by No. 2 and the Visitation Series. Something had happened. I felt for the first time in all my years of painting that I was creating authentically. It was me.


Hatstore, New York. © Norm Yip 2018


Ode to New York, No. 2, 2016 Acrlyic on canvas, 140 x 140cm Private collection


Hard:Rewired The Second Satori In October of 2017, I was badly bitten on the arm by a friends’ dog. The wound was deep but luckily, there was no major damage to my nerves or tendons. There were no infections and I began my healing process after several weeks of wound cleaning. What mattered more was learning that the dog had a history of biting, leaving the situation between myself and friend at best tenuous. The following is the writeup from my Hard:Rewired Open Studio that was held in December 2017.

\O/ “Hard:Rewired is a reactionary creation of artwork in light of what happened. As my arm healed, a disturbing unease settled into my being. A deepness rose within me that was horrible with discontent. I was torn inside. I found solace in reading Molecules of Emotion by Dr Candace Pert, a neuroscientist whose seminal work in opiate receptors brought together science and spirit. Her thoughts and words found a path into my drawings. My hand and fingers move in what is known as automatic drawing, derived from the subconscious mind and body. The style is reminiscent of Basquiat’s heavyhanded graffiti marks and Cy Twombly’s whimsical yet restrained scratches. These works are the first drawings or paintings that I have signed with my newly adopted Chinese name of 葉灃, rather than Norm Yip as if forging a new life or new character into being.”


DONOTDO, 2017 Mixed-media on paper 89 x 59cm



Left Page: Clockwise from upper left

This Page: left and right

Seven Chakras, 2017 Mixed-media on paper 89 x 59cm

Separation Unity, 2017 Mixed-media on paper 70 x 50cm

Ego Death, 2017 Mixed-media on paper 89 x 59cm

She comes to you at night, 2017 Mixed-media on paper 70 x 50cm

West East Fusion, 2017 Mixed-media on paper 89 x 59cm Assimilated, 2017 Mixed-media on paper 89 x 59cm


Synaptic Hard Wiring, No. 1, 2017 Mixed-media on paper, 42 x 59cm Synaptic Hard Wiring, No. 2, 2017 Mixed-media on paper, 42 x 59cm Private collection


Synaptic Hard Wiring, No. 3, 2017 Mixed-media on paper, 42 x 59cm Synaptic Hard Wiring, No. 4, 2017 Mixed-media on paper, 42 x 59cm


Temper tantrum in the cerebral cortex, No. 1, 2017 Mixed-media on paper, 59 x 42cm


Temper tantrum in the cerebral cortex, No. 1, 2017 Mixed-media on paper, 59 x 42cm


Self-destruction is eminent, 2017 Mixed media on paper 89 x 59cm


Space-time continuum, 2017 Mixed-media on paper 59 x 52 cm

Molecules of emotion, 2017

Mixed media on paper 61 x 51cm Private collection


Receptor Field (Red), 2017

Mixed media on wood 28 x 67cm Receptor Field (Blue-Grey), 2017

Mixed media on wood 28 x 67cm Receptor Field (Green-Grey), 2017

Mixed media on wood 28 x 67cm


Top: Seed, 2017 Mixed-media on wood 42 x 61cm Left: Opiate Receptors, 2017 Mixed media on wood 61 x 42cm


Exhibition Artworks

With the realisation that space was limited and I would only be bringing with my paintings, I decided that I would focus the artwork on the latest artwork from Le tourbillon de la vie series and the Visitation series, both powerful statements that commanded and resonated with energy and emotion.

Le tourbillon de la vie & Visitation Series Hashing it out on paper and wood was my way of self-help therapy. I didn’t throw paint around, but let my feeling release itself into the studies, as shown in the Hard:Rewired pieces. Then the time came to approach the canvas, and what surfaced became a mixture of bold and thick brushstrokes combined with drip marks. The title Le tourbillon de la vie was suggested by my friend Brigitte Julien, which translates to the whirlwind of life; it describes perfectly the way I was feeling at the time.

The Visitation series borrow from the works of Le tourbillon de la vie. It is essentially a continuation and morphing of elements into something that is more recognisable as cloud formations with floating objects in the sky, or perhaps water flowers that sprout out from a pond. The interpretation is loose-ended.




Visitation, No. 2, 2018 Acrylic and pastel on canvas 180x 120cm Private collection


Visitation No. 1, 2017 Acrylic on canvas 153 x 96cm


Le tourbillon de la vie, No. 1, 2017 Acrylic and pastel on canvas 140 x 140cm


Visitation, No. 7, 2018 Acrylic and pastel on canvas 100 x 100cm


Visitation, No. 8, 2018 Acrylic on canvas 100 x 100cm


Visitation, No. 8, 2018 Acrylic on canvas 100 x 100cm


Exhibition Postcards

Four A5 postcard designs were created as part of the Perks using images from the latest artwork from Le tourbillon de la vie and the Visitation series.

These postcards are avaiable through the website

NYinNY Postcard - Visitation, No. 2.indd 1

15/3/2018 3:56 PM



Mishmash Doodles These spontaneous A5 doodles or ‘automatic’ drawings were created shortly after holding an event called ‘Give-a-doodle’. The idea was to quickly draw, with as little thought as possible, anything that came into your mind.

For the Indiegogo campaign, I felt these made for a perfect Perk or reward. They are all done using a permanent marker on thick A5 card. To make these even more special, they are all embossed with my Norm Yip | 葉灃 logo.

To see the entire Mishmash doodles, please go to



NO. 3

NO. 4

NO. 5

NO. 6


NO. 7

NO. 8

NO. 12

NO. 16


NO. 17

NO. 18

NO. 19

NO. 20


NO. 21

NO. 22

NO. 24

NO. 27


NO. 32

NO. 33

NO. 39

NO. 42


Asian Male Photographs (Signed Limited Edition Prints)

As part of the Perks in the Indiegogo campaign, the following selected photographs from my Asian male collection was offered to the public as fine art prints.

For those that are not familiar with the collection, the Asian Male project started initially as a personal interest, a simple desire to photograph friends of mine from an artistic view. My influences were based on a number of things, including photographer Herb Ritts, my Canadian upbringing on the Saskatchewan prairies, my architectural training, and my quest for beauty in the human body and face.

I have published three hard-cover books on the subject, namely The Asian Male - 1.AM, 2.AM and 3.AM. These books are available on Amazon and at selected bookstores.



Barry 1



C alvin 2


Barry 2

Feels like I don ’ t belong, No. 2


Daniel 1


Alan 1

Alan 2


Jun 1


Alan 3

Jun 2


M onika

Nono 2


Daniel 2


Cyrus 1 & 2


R icky 2



There are many people involved in putting

To the wonderful ladies at The Other Art Fair,

together this art fair. Every contribution whether

you did an excellent job. This was my first time

large and small counted. I owe my greatest

exhibiting and you guys (gals?) made it go

gratitude to the Patrons, whose funds really came

so smoothly. The space was extremely well

in during a time when I needed it most.

organised. I owe particular thanks to Rebecca Wilson for helping secure my first sale at the fair.

The eclectic and sometimes flamboyant entrepreneur and businessman James Tong was

With the kind help of Jeremy Ng, I was introduced

gracious enough to sponsor my plane ticket to

to Harry Pang, who volunteered on setup and

New York. I know there is so much that you are

teardown, the most crucial days of an art fair.

deserving of and your passion in helping others

Thank you for arranging to find the wonderful

on their journey in life. It is not easy, but having

volunteers Luna Chai, Leo Lin and Joyce Lin on

you around makes everything a lot brighter for

the days you couldn’t make it.

all that know you. Keep the spirit and never let anything pull you down!

Thank you Patrick Lam for sharing your time with me at the art fair. I won’t forget wandering

To Tom Van Blarcom, Philippe Fromaigeat and

around Williamsburg looking for that second-

Patrick Keen, you guys have been shown support

hand antique store and finding that $10 bargain

of my work for quite some time and I always feel

table. What a steal! And what a treat it taking me

deeply honoured when you help me in my artistic

out for my birthday dinner. I won’t ever forgot the


burger I had at Five Leaves Bistro. Delicious!!

Angus Addison, you are one of my earliest

To Wilfred Wong, was it serendipity that we had a

supporters of my work, and for that I will always

chance share so much time together? More than

be grateful for everything that you have done for

the time I have known you in Hong Kong! It was

me. You are one of the most talented individuals

great exchanging thoughts about our careers

I have ever met, with principles and values that I

and aspirations in life, living each moment with

truly admire and respect.

hope and passion for what drives us. I know I will be back in New York for more and hope that we

It would not be fitting to say something about the

continue with more get-togethers in that amazing

incorrigible and charming Ivor Shrago. You have


put me to the test as an artist is so many ways, and I have enjoyed so much of our collaborations,

To all the friends and fans that came out to

filled with excitement and the unexpected. Thank

see me, you don’t know how much it means to

you for having me document your artistic journey

me. Thank you Mark Day, Jim Vivyan, and Brian

and for sharing me your trust.

Connolly. I owe a particular thank you to Kenneth Clark for inviting me to dinner; I believe there is much to with work on the Asian male project.


The Other Art Fair Brooklyn

Patrons & Supporters Angus Addison Ivor Shrago James Tong Tom Van Blarcom Philippe Fromaigeat Contributors Jacopo E Gasparrini Niko Klansek Jason Lim Benjamin Tsui Marius Frederick Patrick Keen Cherry & Jeff Chaicharn John Yip Eelin Lee Nigel Tsang Fern Ngai

The Other Art Fair & Saatchi Art Team Rebecca Wilson Sophie Lucas Laura Scudder Emma Ward Jessica Chow Anouka Pedley-Egan Jessica McQueen Michael Trombetta

Volunteers Harry Pang Luna Chai Leo Lin Joyce Chin

Special thanks Jeremy Ng Patrick Lam Wilfred Wong Preston Handbuilt

This particular art fair meant a great deal to me.

To the people and all the visitors at the fair that

There were intuitive signs for me to push this

came to my booth, I loved and enjoyed all the

event through even when it felt impossible to do

conversations. Maybe because this was my virgin

so. Somehow, the universe had all the elements

art fair, the feelings are more enhanced; but

there for me; it was just a matter of knowing

nevertheless, they were meaningful and special.

and trusting that everything would turn out fine. \O/

Lots of smiles and group selfies taken at the art fair


Norm Yip at The Other Art Fair Brooklyn - Booth 87


Left: Wilfred Wong in a quick fashionstyled shoot next to my artwork. Just for fun!

Below: The amazing volunteers clockwise starting next to me: Harry Pang @harry_pang, Luna Chai @chai.77, Joyce Lin @not_in_pt, and Jiachen Liu

Quick group selfie with other art exhibitors at the fair. Lovely women and great smiles!

Artist Roger @roger.ridleyy

Norm Yip and actor Patrick Lam


Norm Yip was born in Canada in 1963 to Chinese

to appear in publications 2Blue and Dreamboys 2,

parents. He received his Bachelor of Arts

both special editions of aclaimed Blue Magazine,

degree (cum laude) in 1984 at the University of

known for its excellence in fine art photography

Saskatchewan and his Bachelor of Architecture

of male physique. Since then, his work has been

degree in 1989 at the University of Toronto. In

featured in The Best of International Nudes

1994, he moved to Hong Kong where he worked

Photography III by Feierabend Unique Books and

as a project architect for Wong & Tai Associates

The Romantic Male Nude by James Spada.

Ltd and RTKL International Ltd before pursuing his greater interest in art and photography.

Norm has taught photography courses at The Open University of Hong Kong and has been

In 1999, he co-founded the art collective Meli-Melo

a guest lecturer at the Hong Kong Art School.

Artists Alliance (MMAA) along with Betty Cheung

In addition, he has been invited by the Cathay

and Wilson Chik, where he curated several

Camera Club to act as a judge in their monthly

exhibitions with artists such as Gavin Tu (Hong

photography competitions.

Kong), the late Neung or Panuwat Hoonbamrung (Thailand) and Oksana Movchan (Canada).

In 2008, he moved his studio to Chai Wan, an industrial neighborhood, where he continues to

Shortly thereafter, he formed his own photography company Norm Yip Photography, in addition to Studio 8, a semi-public photographic and art space located in the district of Sheung Wan -- where he hosted private and selected exhibitions in the mediums of photography, painting and graphite.

As a photographer, Norm’s work has appeared in HK Magazine, WHERE, Global Investor and American Express’ Centurion magazine, Prestige, and Luxury Properties Magazine. Celebrities he has photographed include Zhang Yimou, Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin, Destiny’s Child and Korean pop-star Rain.

In photography, Norm’s work was first recognized when his photographs of Asian men was selected


photograph, paint and draw.

Exhibitions, Recognition & Events

May 2018, Community Business, Selected

June 2015, Pride Art Exhibition, Group exhibition,

painting for charity, Hong Kong

Clifford Chance, Hong Kong.

May 2018, The Other Art Fair - Brooklyn,

May 2015. Selected artwork Infinity, No. 4 in

Exhibitor, Brooklyn, New York.

curated collection New This Week - 5-25-2015 by Saatchi Art (online), Los Angeles.

March 2018, Love & Inclusion, Group Exhibition, Aids Concern, City Hall, Hong Kong

May 2015. Selected artwork Infinity, No. 3 in curated collection New This Week - 5-11-2015 by

October 2017, Identity, Group exhibition, Pink

Saatchi Art (online), Los Angeles.

Season Event, Era Barbers, Hong Kong. May 2015. Selected artwork Spring rejoicing in March 2017, Solo Exhibition of Graphite Artworks,

curated collection Bright Abstracts for under

Embryo Collection, Consigg Art, Hong Kong.

$2,000 by Saatchi Art (online), Los Angeles.

December 2016, The Wild Collection, Selected

April 2015. Selected artwork Heaven is here in

paintings from Seven Sacred Sins collection,

curated collection New This Week - 5-4-2015 by

Awethentic Gallery, through Consigg Limited,

Saatchi Art (online), Los Angeles.

Hong Kong. April 2015. Selected artwork Infinity, No. 1 in November 2016, Two Minds One World, Group

curated collection All Things Abstract by Saatchi

exhibition of selected paintings and photographs

Art (online), Los Angeles.

with Alexis Reynaud, Gallery Box, Zurich, Switzerland.

April 2015. Selected artwork Will you remember? in curated collection New Portraits by Saatchi Art

November 2016, Aids Concern Charity Event,

(online), Los Angeles.

Painting Rapture, No. 2 was sold during live auction, Aids Concern, Hong Kong.

December 2014. Embryo, Solo graphite drawing exhibition, L’s Where, Hong Kong

August 2016, Pulsation, Solo painting and drawing exhibition, Tree of Life, Hong Kong.

October 2014. The Asian Male, solo photography

June 2016 Pride Art Exhibition, Group exhibition,

exhibition, Gallery Box, Zurich, Switzerland.

Clifford Chance, Hong Kong. October 2014. Andy Warhol X Absolut, group June 2016 Pride Art Exhibition, Group exhibition,

exhibition, Pink Season Factor, Azure Restaurant,

Clifford Chance, Hong Kong.

Hong Kong.


Exhibitions, Recognition & Events continued...

October - November 2013. Cool on the Inside; Hot

December 2008. Group exhibition.

on the Outside, photography exhibition, Studio 8

Curated and participated in the charity art

HK, Hong Kong.

auction Sexpression benefiting Horizons Group in Hong Kong, Studio 8 HK, Hong Kong.

July - August 2013. The Narcissist, photography exhibition, Studio 8 HK, Hong Kong.

September 2006. Solo Exhibition, Skin Deep, Selected photographs of the new male nude/

July 29, 2013. Collections, Selected artwork Greed

semi-nude photography, Baileys at the Fringe -

in a group online exhibition, Saatchionline, London.

Fotogalerie, Hong Kong.

July 26, 2013. Story of the Creative, Selected

November - December 2005. Group

3 image transfer artworks to appear in See |

exhibition, Gay Artists: Gay Art?, Selected

Exhibition Space, Angel Orensanz Foundation,

photographs of The Asian Male, Art Statements,

New York.

Hong Kong.

November 2012. Curator and exhibitor. Seven

August 2005. Solo exhibition, NudeNotNaked,

Deadly Sins, Voxfire Gallery, Hong Kong.

Selected photographs of the Male Nude, Three Boxes, Hong Kong.

August 2011. Group exhibition RetreAttack – RA Vol. 2, Selected photographs of Janice, Dahlia

April 2005. Group exhibition, Moonstruck, Acrylic

Gallery, Singapore.

painting submission, Club 64 and the Venice Biennale 2005, Hong Kong and Venice.

February 2011. Group exhibition Heat, Selected photograph and painting, Charity Art Sale for

March-April 2005. Selected group exhibition, Nasi

Hong Kong Aids Foundation, Voxfire Gallery, Hong

Campur, exhibition of acrylic paintings, Gallery


Taksu, Kuala Lumpur.

November 2009. Group exhibition. Selected

October 2004. Selected artist featuring selected

graphite Verge V. Zonta Club of Hong Kong II.

graphite images to appear in art book Eyes of the

Charity Art Sale. Rotunda, Exchange Square, Hong

Soul – Exploring Inspiration in Art; written and


compiled by Philip Rubinov-Jacobson; foreword by Ken Wilber. RRR Publishers, Germany, 2004.

May - June 2009. Oxford Pride 2009. Group exhibition to the theme of 1969 Stonewall. Two

August 2004. Selected Group Exhibition, Private

bondage photographs were selected to appear in

Edge, selected fine art photographs, B2G Gallery,

the show. Oxford, UK.



June 2004. Solo Exhibition, Secret Constellations,

January 2000. Co-curator/Exhibitor Light +

exhibition of acrylic paintings, Studio 8, Hong

Shadow, black & white photography, Meli-Melo


Artists Alliance, Hong Kong.

November - December 2003. Group

October 1999. Co-curator/Exhibitor Entanglement,

Exhibition, Art in The Winter - Gardens Exhibition,

group exhibition, mixed media, Meli-Melo Artists

selected paintings, Lee Garden, Causeway Bay,

Alliance, Hong Kong.

Hong Kong June - July 2002. Solo Exhibition, Persona of Spirit, exhibition of new graphite drawings and paintings, Studio 8, Hong Kong. May 2003. Solo Exhibition Intrepid Terrain, exhibition of paintings. E&J Gallo Gallery, The Fringe Club, Hong Kong. June - July 2002. Solo Exhibition, Embryo of Intelligence, exhibition of graphite drawings, Home Boutique, Hong Kong. May - June 2002. Solo exhibition, Verge, exhibition of paintings and graphite drawings, 5 opt Studio / Gallery, Hong Kong. March 2002. Artist and curator of a group exhibition Buddha Buddha. Other artists include Neung (Thailand) and Gavin Tu (Hong Kong), Studio 8, Hong Kong. November 2001. Solo Exhibition Navigation. Selected paintings, drawings and photographs. Studio 8, Hong Kong. March 2000. Solo Exhibition First Level, exhibition of graphite drawings, Meli-Melo Artists Alliance, Hong Kong.


Contact NORM YIP | 葉 灃 Studio 8 Hong Kong Publishing Ltd. Room 809, 8/F Hong Kong Chai Wan Industrial Building 26 Lee Chung Street Chai Wan, Hong Kong T +852 2540 6267 M +852 6838 8948 E

W (Fine Art) W (The Asian Male Project) IG normyip


Williamsburg Bridge, New York © Norm Yip 2018


View from Brooklyn Bridge, New York © Norm Yip 2018


Norm Yip in New York - The Other Art Fair Brooklyn  

In May 2018, I exhibited at The Other Art Fair in Brooklyn, New York, my first art fair. To raise funds, I created a crowd-funding a project...

Norm Yip in New York - The Other Art Fair Brooklyn  

In May 2018, I exhibited at The Other Art Fair in Brooklyn, New York, my first art fair. To raise funds, I created a crowd-funding a project...