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Mission Help world becoming more efficient through decision support systems and services that will optimize physical, social, monetary and time resources.

Social Vision To be recognized as a valuable partner on consuming decisions making process, an intermediary between consumer and providers relations that generates optimized choices.

Our Principles Optimization is a continuous cyclical process Everything can be more optimized Optimization cycle = monitoring, analyzing, find best option and implement Humans, systems and information, together, creates optimizations

Optimizations = lower cost at right time with right physical usage and best social impact Information comes from observed variables and its constraints Great and big optimizations are a sum of small and simple optimizations All resources are important no matter its value, size or unity Excellent optimization today does not guarantee forever optimized situation

These Questions Challenge You?

Can I Efficiently manage my commercial relationships? Save money doing better allocations? Save time automating processes? Offer stockholders a better return on their investments? Increase corporate governance? Help world becoming better?

About Providers and Licenses Are my company’s employees using and satisfied with services? How frequent are they using? Can I efficiently collect and store usage data? Can I track changes like add-ons, relocations, removals? Are they charging the contracted amount and correct price? Can I efficiently and easy allocate costs using usage data? Can I run reports and download information to do integrations?

VF Optimus Enterprise Make optimized decisions regarding yours interaction with providers

= VF Optimus Services Executed by our expert analysts it will help you in many monthly and quarterly activities like checking invoices, doing cost allocations, mapping workspaces, interviewing users and more important, giving optimization advices. Installations, maintenances, trainings and supports are also other included services.


VF Optimus Client Installed and runs on customer employees' devices in hide mode using minimum consumption of hardware and network. It collects provider’s software usage data such application name, user name, logon and logoff time moreover communicates securely with VF web application to store those data.

+ VF Optimus Web Installed and runs on VF cloud network it can store unlimited amount of data, offers a very clean interface, superior reports and complimentary forms that can save vendors invoices, licenses costs and licenses swaps/changes.

Features & Service Level Agreements VFOE - VF Optimus Enterprise Features Cycle SLA Requires VFOS - VF Optimus Services 01 invoices digitalization monthly D+5 invoices 02 invoices checking monthly D+5 1 03 upload pro-rate criteria monthly D+5 2 04 cost allocation monthly D+5 3 05 optimization advices monthly D+5 4, 12 06 mapping workspace on demand 07 interviewing users on demand 08 installation on demand 09 maintenance on demand 48 hours 10 support on demand 48 hours 11 training on demand 48 hours 12 enhancement on demand VFOC - VF Optimus Client A 13 track vendor usage real time 14 automatic transmit data 5 minutes VFOW - VF Optimus Web B 15 contracts, invoices, users, usages and cost centers forms 16 pro-rate automation that easy handle cost allocations 17 cost allocations by usage 18 predefined reports 19 predefined data export 20 reports customizations on demand D+5 21 data export customizations on demand D+5 A- VFOC - VF Optimus Client - processor: Intel Pentium 4 w/ 3 Ghz - memory: 1 GB RAM - hard drive: 100 Mbytes - operational system: Windows XP Pro - internet network: 512 Kbps, port 80 - machine administrator permission. - DotNet Framework 4.0

B- VFOW - VF Optimus Web - internet network: 512 Kbps, port 80. - browser: Internet Explorer 9 or Firefox - monitor resolution: 800 x 600 pixels

Because All Resources Matter

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VF Optimus Enterprise solution electronic brochure.