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Inside this Issue; Jules Cheret—life & Works Early Posters in History Propaganda Posters of WW1 Early Auto Posters Poster Books by Norman Clark

Love it or loathe it it’s here to stay! It has always been fashionable to criticize Promotional activities and Advertising in particular. Yet a hundred or so years ago, streetscapes were not the vibrant places they are today, and products were not sold and judged as swiftly as they are today. Of course there has always been the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, but in many ways this has been the appeal of advertising to aficionados, and Social Historians alike. Above all it has been a source of information about historical events, and social conditions of the time.

name a few. There have been artists and illustrators and designers of enormous talent less known except to some enthusiasts like the author of this Newsletter, This publication is aimed at all those who find advertising fascinating, but as the title suggests it is about past works and not current campaigns. It is also predominantly a homage to the previously mentioned artists and designers, and as such very few computer generated images will be included unless regarded as of exceptional skill.

Although not regarded in the same light as so-called ‘Fine Art’ the Poster for example has nonetheless been at the forefront of graphic styles - and even largely responsible for propagating and making them popular.

It is planned that it will be produced monthly and supplied to interested parties as a .pdf file. and I am currently working out how to make it a download if possible. Being a non-techie it takes a little while to learn these things!

Posters have also been the means by which many famous fine artists actually made a living - Lautrec, Degas and Picasso to

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1642 Posterist Tool of the Trade!

tails. For the moment however, it is FREE and also free to share amongst anyone else you think might enjoy it. This first issue takes the Early Days of Poster Advertising as its theme, and Posters Advertising will always be a mainstay of the content as it is a particular interest of the Editor. We will always welcome images and stories from anywhere in the world for possible inclusion, but please do not send current campaigns as they will not be covered. Remember the title!

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Jules Chéret - King of the Poster Jules Chéret was born in 1836 in Paris and was to become the single individual to most change the image of the poster and open up the possibilities of using full-colour and vibrant images. He is rightly referred to as the King of the Poster.

Jules Chéret- widely regarded as the Father of the Modern Poster. (Self-Portrait)

He was born into a print world as his father was a typographer. He always wanted to be an artist but economic needs made him become an apprentice when he was 13 years old, but which was to

prove invaluable to his subsequent career, as he was ‘onthe-spot’ to learn the intricacies and potential of Lithographic printing. This was of course , stone lithography at the time, where polished stones were used to impress each colour. He devised a method of incorporating transparent colours which had never been used before, and which transformed the technique. He is attributed to the successful use of Complementary

Colours which had absorbed the Impressionists of the late 1880’s. His out put was vast, although often irrelevant to the product. He employed others to provide the actual product lettering, whilst he concentrated on producing (by now in his own Print shop) the images for which he is renowned - and still popular vibrant, happy young women. He produced more than 1,000 Posters in his career. He died in Nice in 1932.

Examples of Jules Chéret’s work “la fleur du paradis, danseuse de Chéret” Popular song

Tributes to Chéret From Figaro Illustré 1904 “ - this sweet man, this dear fulfiller of dreams (who) has caused a revolution all by himself. He has changed the décor of the streets with a peal of laughter…..a stroke of beauty…..He creates posters which, assembled together, for the most interesting



monument there can be to the Paris chronicle against a backdrop of industrial activity” The Color Revolution—Phillip Dennis Cate “To reinstate color lithography as a creative artisitic medium would take over twentyfive years of effort by one


man, a Frenchman, Jules Chéret” It is hard to believe that any other poster artist would receive such accolades no matter how talented they were. However there were plenty to follow who also deserved the plaudits, as we will see in later issues.

Early French Posters in History


The French Revolutionists were ardent users of Posters to advise, and control the French people. The first poster shown here is particularly poignant as it refers to the sale of possessions of the ‘Ci-Devant Reine’ (ex-Queen) - MarieAntoinette. The second reveals how deep the Committee of Public Safety (a misnomer if ever there was one!), declaring that the songs that were to be sung in any theatre had to receive approval by the Committee. The penalty for ignoring these edicts was very well known!

By the 1830’s the industry had grown! They say there is nothing new in the world, and certainly sandwich board men were operating by the mid-1880’s - plus a couple of other variants! It wouldn’t be long before politicians woke up to the power of the poster and the use of propaganda wasn’t far behind.

Posters of World War 1 World War 1 was a turning point in the use of Posters as a Propaganda medium. In later issues we will be discussing this development in some detail. What was interesting is how close many of the posters were despite emanating from different countries and cultures. Here are just a few to ponder on: L-R: USA, Australia, USA and France

“To ca tch the rea der's a tte nti on, place an in te res ting s en tence or qu ote fr om the s t ory her e.”




Favorite Auto Posters When it came to pure design class, it was hard to go past the series of Automobile Club de France Salon posters. Produced anonymously so no single artist can claim credit, even though there is a case for assuming it was the same one in each case.- and what a shame.

Just big enough to read in the coffee break!

The above three are classic Art Nouveau presentations, however within a few years a more composite ‘posterised’ style was emerging as silk screen started to be used more widely.

Look at the differences in technique between the upper three and the lower three!

Which is the oldest Poster?


Of course much of this stems



from the obvious fact that a design style is not dropped on one day—or year for that matter, and a new one adopted immediately. Even in the world of 2007, there are examples of Art Nouveau and Art Deco presentations. Which of these is the oldest? B—dated 1896 Georges Gaudy. A—unsigned dated 1900

One of the more fascinating activities of the study of Old Posters is trying to establish actual dates of production. Sometimes the design styles were so far advanced as to be almost impossible to believe they were produced in any single era.




Champagne - Moët & Chandon Of all the posters advertising alcoholic drinks, probably the most prolific have been those promoting Champagne. As befits the drink, the quality of posters produced has always been extremely high—if sometimes a little odd, as these Moet & Chandon examples show quite clearly!

Shameless plug for my own books! No apologies - just Self-promotion! Over the past three years or so I embarked on using my own extensive collection of historical Poster references to produce a series of A4 full-colour collections in different sectors. To date there are 20 titles available as PDF files or shortly as printed books via Mosaic Publishing. Vintage Advertising -Old

Automobiles is available now. These are mainly picture Books and as such carry limited but pertinent text - and after all that’s what posters are all about, isn’t it?

Automobiles, Theatre, Beer, Wine & Spirits, Food, WW1, Trains & Trams, Ships, Flight, Cycling, Tobacco, Motorcycling, Exhibitions, WW2, International Cinema, Sport, French Tourism (2-vols), Ladies Only (2-vols)

The books have different page numbers, but each carries between 400 and 1000 images.

Others on their way include;

More to come - but here is the current list;

20th Century Design styles

A History of Propaganda Pot Pourri de Paris

Next Month! In the next Edition I will be including the following; Those fabulous Monaco GP Posters Ludwig Hohlwein’s Life & Works Best Beer Posters French Cinema Posters Old Train Posters ….and more, so don’t miss out on YOUR Free copy!

Poster books have similar format - lots of pics.!

‘Most of a country's history can be derived from its advertising - and Posters in particular’


I am 73 years old, a long-term International Ad-man, now living in Puy d’Arnac, France with my French wife Laure. I Started my career as a Commercial Artist (as present-day Graphic Designers were called) in 1956, and have since travelled half the world in my chosen field.

About Norm Clark

It’s been a diverse career - General Manager, JWT Direct in Australia. Head of Agency - Michaelis Bayley, Australia; Agency Owner, Activart Ad Services also in Australia. Partner with Lintas-Clark Direct & Promo in Hungary and Partner in NCTraining with AGEcom (Saatchi & Saatchi partners) in The Baltics and Ukraine.. Studio Head for Falcon Publishing in The Gulf, where I handled American Express DM amongst others.

Le Peyratel, 19120 Puy d’Arnac France

Professor Media Studies with European Business Schools, Professor Marketing Psychology, Research in Marketing, and International Marketing with United Business Institutes in Brussels, and with them Visiting Professor International Marketing to Universities in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Apart from this publication I also produce my Advertising & Marketing Courses on DVD - contact me for details.

Tel: +33 (0)5 55 91 49 72 Website to come Skype: Normlaure8

I have also published via Mosaic Publishing Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Australia, 22 Books under ‘Posters & Graphics’ series title. Other titles include ‘Fitting in the 4th P-an IMC Primer’ (now also available as a series of chapter eBooks) and The Basics of Marketing Communication (in conjunction with AGEcom/Saatchi). I now offer the Posters & Graphics books as Lectures to English-speaking audiences.

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And my latest venture which is a series of 50 Mp3 CD’s of books, plays and radio dramatisations under different themes, and for people on the move, or just with too much time on their hands. Again contact me for details.

right to indulge myself as and when the mood is upon me. I will also consider Advertising in its widest sense, so don’t be surprised to see other Outdoor or Ambient media included if it appeals to me - like this one;

First, send me YOUR favorite poster or advertisement for inclusion - and even better if you have some information about it. I don’t guarantee inclusion, but if I think it is interesting enough it will have a very good chance!

If you want advertising, then talk to me separately (see opposite panel) I hope to keep this entertaining and above all interesting, but I do reserve the

This Advertising History World is currently available FREE OF CHARGE. However, advertising or sponsorship revenue will always help the poor OAP who is putting this together to survive. I am more than happy to showcase your company work IF you are prepared to contribute to the running costs.

Remember though I am interested in historical documents more than modernday examples. Secondly, let me have your letters about posters, or tell me your favorite campaigns and why. Thirdly let me know how you think I can make Advertising History World more interesting for you, bearing in mind it is not my intention or desire to make this a monthly news magazine. So please don’t send Press Releases about your company activity as it won’t get included.

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Like to use Advertising History World as a promotional vehicle JUST for your company at any time, then make contact and we can work out a deal - even a special issue. I also reserve the right to promote my own publications as well! Comments and suggestions are welcome but keep them nice eh? See you next month! Norm

Talk to me! Norm Clark E-mail: Skype: Normlaure8 Yahoo Messenger : Normlaure8 Tel (France) +33.(0)5 55 91 49 72

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