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Lorelei Muller

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1– 4-H’ers from the Valley Clubs participate in the Judging competition at Ormstown Fair 2– Members of the new Aylmer 4-H Club try their skills at soap making 3– Shawville 4-H’ers participate in their Canada Day Parade (Page 5) 4– Howick 4-H’s try their hand at Photography. (Page 4)

In this Issue Club News….………………………..…………..………………….…..…3 Club News………………………………………………………….……...4 Club News………………………………………………………….……...5 Ormstown Fair..……….……………………………………………...……6 4-H Canada Science Contest…………………………….………………...7 Upcoming events and Opportunities………………………………………8 Pizza Party/ Online Auction....……………………………………..…….10 Job Opportunity……………………………………………………...…...11 4-H Canada AGM…………………...…...…………………………...….12 Tractor Safety....………………………………………………….............13 Featured member: Julie Neal………………………………..……………14 Junior Junction……………………………………………………………15 Rally Sneak Peak…………………………………...……………….……16

Quebec 4-H Motto: Leadership tomorrow through learning today. Canadian 4-H Motto: Learn to do by doing.

I Pledge My Head to clearer thinking My Heart to greater loyalty My Hands to larger service My Health to better living For my club, my community and my country.

Staff Announcement August 7 will be Norma Tolhurst’s last day as Quebec 4-H Office and Communications Assistant as she moves on to a new opportunity at the Gérard Maheu feed mill in St. Louis de Gonzague. Norma’s work has had a great impact on the efficiency of the provincial office including implementation of a publication agreement with Canada Post, introduction of Access database system, regular maintenance of our website, and more. I thank her for her contributions and wish her well in her endeavours. Please see page 11 for job posting. Lorelei Muller, Executive Director

Thank you to our Partners 2

Quebec 4-H News Spreader

August 2015

Hatley 4-H Achievement Day By: Samantha Young On June 27th, the Hatley 4-H members gathered together at the Fair Grounds in Ayer's Cliff to participate in Achievement Day and show their 4-H projects. The different animals included beef and dairy cows, goats, horses, chickens, sheep and rabbits. The day started off bright and early as animals and members were allowed to show up at 6:00 a.m. to start preparing their animals for the big show. The conformation classes began at 9:00 a.m. followed by showmanship classes and immediately after the overall showmanship classes began. When everyone was done showing we gathered together to enjoy a BBQ lunch and hear the winners of the overall show. Congratulations to all winners and thank you to all the judges as well as the organizers for a successful Achievement Day!

Quebec Junior Beef Show 2015

Champion Hereford Female - Allison Mastine On July 3rd, beef juniors from across Quebec gathered in Brome, Champion Hereford Bull - Colt Mastine By: Allison Mastine

Quebec for the 4th Annual Quebec Junior Beef Show. With 35 juniors in attendance and 50 animals shown, this year's show was a success. 5 different breeds were shown including, Angus, Commercial, Hereford, Shorthorn and Simmental. Juniors participated in many events including, grooming, judging, arts, showmanship and a cook-off, judged by fellow beef breeder, and renowned chef, Tammi McGee. Friday morning we welcomed Peter Enright from the Farm Management Technology program at Macdonald Campus and Sandy Reid from RK Animal Show Supplies to give demonstrations and educational clinics. On Saturday, July 4th, we were accompanied by the Quebec Simmental Association for their picnic. We went on a farm tour to Todd Farms and returned to the fairgrounds for an amazing steak dinner sponsored by Cargill. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Quebec 4-H members on their winnings.

Champion Shorthorn Female - Samuel Dempsey Champion Simmental Female - Dylan Mastine Reserve Simmental Female - Shelby Drew Champion Simmental Bull - Shelby Drew

Champion Showman - Colt Mastine Reserve Showman - Krista Whalen Champion Commercial Female - Krista Whalen Reserve Champion Female - Adrianna Whalen

Pictured above is the original Mastine crew who have been showing together for 12 years. This first picture was taken the first time all four exhibited at Richmond Fair. The second image, is a picture of the four, 12 years later, at this year's Quebec Junior Beef Show. (Colt Mastine, Allison Mastine, Dylan Mastine and Jason Grandsire-Mastine)

August 2015

Quebec 4-H News Spreader


Welcome to the Aylmer 4-H Club! A new club in Aylmer, Quebec has joined the Quebec 4-H Family! Members are currently working on Handicraft and Life skills projects. See a photo from their soap making meeting on the front cover!

Lachute 4-H and its Community By: Melanie Gedeon, PR Assistant Home to the second oldest expo in Canada, Lachute is a place of history and community. Opening its gates for the first time in 1825, the expo has just recently celebrated its 190th anniversary. About a century after the start of the expo opened in 1925, the originally autumn fair was moved up to spring. It was also the founding year of what is now known as the Lachute 4-H club, which is now celebrating its 90th anniversary.

dent Matthew McOuat is a third generational member of Lachute 4-H and he recently wrote of his connection to the club as well as how being bit by the “[Dairy] show bug” brought him closer to his family. For the past 90 years, the Lachute 4-H club has been closely intertwined with the community. While 4-H on its own helps develop strong leadership qualities, it is being a member of a club that develops a sense of the importance of family and friendship.

The club found its roots in the outskirts of Lachute in StPhilippe by Alex Bothwell, a county agronomist. Starting with approximately 25 members, the St-Philippe Calf Club was sponsored by the town’s Farmer’s Club. With its modest beginnings, the club slowly rose up the ranks in dairy shows and became the Chatham Calf Club. A year after the creation of the 4-H Canada Council in 1952, Lachute 4-H Calf Club was born. Around the same time, two Lachute 4H’ers, John Oswald and Kenneth McOuat, went on to win top honours at the National 4-H Competition at the Royal Winter Fair. Moving towards the late 60’s and 70’s the club had grown to approximately 70 members in activities relating to garden, handicrafts, horse, and field crops. Although there are now only approximately 35 members, the club is truly running strong with a large percentage of the current club being juniors or younger. New club presi-

The current members of the Lachute 4-H Club during their local fair’s parade. Photo Credits: Tara Kirkpatrick.

Howick 4-H Photography Day Lindsay Gruer, Howick 4-H Reporter Members of the Howick 4-H club met at the home of Joanne and Doug Lang on July 10th for a photography class put on by professional photographer Janice Lang. She taught the group some technical pointers as to how to properly take great photographs. A power point presentation was shown to the group to give ideas on how to properly position and angle pictures using a digital camera. Members were split up into groups of three, and were instructed to take photos of each other anywhere on the farm property. We all had a fun day and we all came home with some great photos.


Quebec 4-H News Spreader

August 2015

Alberta-Quebec 4-H Exchange By Emma Hooker, Ormstown Participant Ten Ormstown 4-H members and two chaperones, Milly Duncan and Lexie Tucker went to Buck Lake Alberta to take part in a youth exchange with their 4-H beef club for ten days. On July 5th the Ormstown members flew out to the Edmonton airport where we were greeted by the Buck Lake participants. We all took a bus back to the Alder Flats Community Centre where we had a pizza lunch and took turns introducing ourselves. We had many fun days that were well organised so we could get to know each other better. We went to the West Edmonton Mall to the water park, where we enjoyed the wave pool and slides. We also spent time in Calgary where the Olympics were held, and everyone tried the summer-time luge course. We had so much fun there many of us decided to go up a second time. Also, we were able to take part in the Buck Lake Parade and Rodeo. All of the 4-H members and chaperones on the exchange rode on the float that we had decorated the night before. We had also prepared candy and water balloons to toss to the kids watching the parade. Watching the different events at the rodeo was really interesting because most of us had never seen anything like it before. Another highlight was the day we spent in Banff. This was a good place to shop and get souvenirs to bring home for our friends and family. Just outside of Banff we went up the gondolas to the top of a mountain, where we took many group photos with the mountains in the background. There were other days where we learned more about Alberta’s history. Our first full day in Alberta, we travelled to Drumheller to the Royal Tyrell Museum. This museum taught us about the fossils that were found all across Alberta. Later on that day we took a hike to see the Seven Wonders of the Badlands. We also took a tour of the Leduc #1 museum. This tour showed us a big part of Alberta’s economy, the oil industry. To recuperate from our busy schedule we had a few quiet days during our trip. One of the first days we were there we had an entire day off to get to know the family we were staying with and their business or farm, and it was a great opportunity to see a different way of life in Alberta. We visited the quiet tourist towns of Em-Te Town and Ponderosa to walk around together and get some more souvenirs. One night we had a camp out, and some of the chaperones showed us some fun indoor group games and we had a friendly game of volleyball. At the end of the ten days everyone was sad to leave, but we were so happy to have had this opportunity. Many people helped our club be part of this exchange. We want to thank our chaperones, our parents and local farmers and businesses for their amazing support. Ormstown 4-H leader, Janice Bar, was a big part of putting this exchange into action, so above all we thank her for her tremendous encouragement and organization. We’ve met so many great people who we will be friends with for a long time because of everyone helping us in our community. Now that we are home we are excited to finish planning the activities we want to do when the Albertans come visit us in August. Thanks to 4-H Canada, Youth Exchanges Canada and the Department of Canadian Heritage for making this opportunity possible.

Canada Day Parades The Hatley and Shawville 4-H Clubs celebrated Canada Day this year by entering floats in their local parades. Shawville 4-H decided to try something a little different this year and had some of the members bring their animal projects on the float with them. A rabbit, goat and calf were a delight for spectators. Hatley 4-H members met at the Trepanier’s barn in their pyjamas to put finishing touches on the Canada day float. Members cut out paper clouds that had a different dream displayed on it to go along with the theme of the parade "Canadian Dreams". It was pouring outside the whole parade but we all still had a lot of fun, We all waved to the crowd the whole time we drove around. Everyone was very happy to see us and we all had a good time! (Submitted by Samantha Young)

August 2015

Quebec 4-H News Spreader

Hatley 4-H stays dry before the parade begins (See Shawville float on front cover)


Ormstown Fair: From the Past to the Future By: Melanie Gedeon , PR Assistant The second weekend of June brought a gloomy heavy rain as well as bright sunny heat. The weather was not the only thing that changed that weekend, so did 4-H. On June 11th, as 4-H representatives from across the country gathered in New Brunswick for the annual general meeting, they also celebrated the unveiling of a brand new logo. There is a beautiful simplicity of the logo that ties in tradition with modernity. In other words, moving from the past to the future. At the same time, in la belle province, Expo Ormstown opened its gates for the weekend. The first event in the Quebec 4-H summer fair season, Expo Ormstown celebrated its 101 st edition with its theme, “Proud of it’s Past, Farming into the Future”. The theme of the fair built upon last year’s centennial theme, which focused more on the past. According to expo manager, Christina Franc, “Now we want to look at the future and the potential”. All of this talk of embracing the past but walking towards the future was why Quebec 4-H thought it would be a perfect idea to have the official Quebec launch of the new logo on the opening night of the fair, June 11th. When the parade reached its end and all the floats from Release of balloons marking the Quebec local schools and businesses finished gathering in the arena, Quebec 4launch of the logo H presented three large boxes. Andrea Soesbergen made a speech before the crowd and spoke of the roots of 4-H as well as how it will further grow by saying, “[New logo] honours the past 100 years of the organization’s successes and positions the organization for the next 100 years.”

Fellow members opened the boxes after the speech to release balloons of green and white featuring the new logo whilst new flags and banners were unfurled. While Quebec 4-H did not have a float for the parade this year, they certainly contributed to the theme of the fair by taking a step forward just as everyone else did. The association thanks the fair committee for allowing us to share the excitement with the rest of the community. As well we must genuinely thank the members of local 4-H clubs by representing 4-H with enthusiasm by wearing their new logos as well as presenting their new banners. To strongly march into the future, we must firmly embrace what was to know with what will come. 2015 marks the 60 th anniversary of the Alvin Ness Memorial Trophy donated in honour of a Owen Ness talks to winner Brandon Maither former Young Farmers’ member, who unfortunately passed in an about the award attempt to escape from his plane during an engine mishap during WWII. The trophy is awarded to the winner of Senior Showmanship in honour of demonstrating patience, leadership, confidence, knowledge, and most importantly, presentation. In honour of the 60th anniversary, Owen Ness, representing the Ness family, presented the award to the winner, Brandon Maither of Huntingdon 4-H club. People are taught to look forward and walk into the future and sometimes they view the past as distant and not relative. What we learned as a community during the Expo Ormstown is that the only way to move forward as a society, is to embrace what used to be so we appreciate what will become.


Quebec 4-H News Spreader

August 2015

August 2015

Quebec 4-H News Spreader


National 4-H Members Forum

Classique des Jeunes Ruraux REGIONAL TRACTOR August 21-23 SAFETY CLINIC Montmagny Exposition Grounds Quebec 4-H is looking for clubs to particiTheme: “The Circus” pate in their “Tractor Safety Throughout The

November 25-29, 2015 Members 16-21 participate in workshops, site tours and visits to points of interest in Jersey Canada Youth the province of Saskatchewan. Join other 4H’ers from across the country. Visit the Scholarship Canadian Western Agribition..Participate in Applicants must be involved with the agricultural focused sessions where you’ll Jersey breed and be enrolled in at least share your own 4-H experiences and learn their second year of post-secondary from other 4-H’ers across Canada. studies Apply to Quebec 4-H Two $750 scholarships available. Deadline August 5 More info at Deadline: September 15, 2015

Nolan Brown Continuous Achievement Award

4-H Quebec AGM 2015

A $1,500 scholarship is available to be November 21, 2015 won by a student who is keenly Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue involved with Jerseys and is entering or Open to all members, leaders, and continuing post-secondary education. others. Come join us at the banquet as we Must demonstrate community celebrate 4-H achievements from involvement, ambition, leadership, indeacross the province. pendence and work ethic. Applicants must send their CV as part of their application. Info at:

Deadline: September 15, 2015 Jersey Canada Youth Judging Contest Demonstrate your individual judging skills, and/or participate on a judging team while competing for prizes! There are two divisions: Junior (12 years and under) and Senior (13-21 years). Deadline: SEPTEMBER 15

CJSA Ian McRae Memorial Scholarship Two $500 scholarships are available to CJSA members attending post secondary studies. Selection is based on 4-H AgriVenture Scholarship extracurricular activities, career Opportunity goals, CJSA involvement , an Sponsored by AgriVenture Global and the essay, and references. International Agricultural Exchange Association (IAEA), Info at: 4-H Canada is pleased to announce a $3,000 scholarship will be awarded to one Deadline: November 1, 2015 student nationally, to be used toward an AgriVenture travel and work program. Applicants can choose a placement in Denmark, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand or Japan. Visit: Submit application to your province by :

November 1, 2015


Year” initiative this fall by hosting a clinic in their region. Contact for more information. Thank You to C.A.S.A. and FCC for funding this project.

Does your club hold an Achievement Day with more than 6 dairy heifers? Agropur awards a 300 $ grant each year to each 4-H club on its territory that plans to hold a local dairy heifer exhibition. This is Agropur’s way of supporting 4-H clubs with their training and education efforts. Grants are presented at the various Agropur regional assemblies, and a representative from each club is invited to attend.

Deadline: September 1 Trevor Vance Memorial Scholarship & Allan A. Dixon Memorial Scholarship Two scholarships valued at $1,000 each are available to Canadian Simmental Assoc. members or their children, Applicants are to use the same one application to apply to both scholarships. Applicants must be involved with the Simmental breed, their community, and be entering or currently pursuing post–secondary education. Must provide references. More info:

Deadline: October 1, 2015 QFA Pasture Management Contest

La Relève en Action! Clubs to seek out a local producer who is a Do you have a project you are excited good candidate for effective pasture management/ land stewardship and make a short about, a proud accomplishment or a video, no more than 6 minutes. Learn about challenge to inspire? Tell us your story! Send your 150-250 word story to pasture management techniques and showcase a local producer’s efforts! Holstein Quebec by August 31 for a Cash prizes for participating clubs! chance to be published in the October edition of the Revue Holstein. Deadline September 15, 2015. Quebec 4-H News Spreader

August 2015

Become a 4-H Host Family: Experience another culture, and share your traditions! 4-H Canada is looking for 4-H families interested in hosting a 4-H

Young Quebecers Leading the Way Award

To be eligible, candidates must be under the age of 30 and have demonstrated outstanding leadership and contributed Young Townships Leadership Award to an initiative with measurable impact in their community. Candidates must be Celebrate the youth who serve as role models nominated by a community organization culturally, socially and so Quebec 4-H is looking for recommeneconomically in your community! dations. Email Chelsea, Agricultural For eligibility criteria and nomination forms, Liaison to make a suggestion.

member for a week or more during summer-time periods. Apply at:

Deadline is AUGUST 28

Agricultural Liaison, Chelsea, is looking to attend club Achievement Days this summer, contact her at to let her know the date of your club's Achievement Day and whether or not you would like a staff member to help out the day of your event.

CYSA Jointly sponsored by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and 4-H Canada, the Canadian Young Speakers for Agriculture (CYSA) competition is held annually in November at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto. It is a fantastic opportunity to develop your public speaking skills and acts as a forum to express community concerns. For more information and to sign up, please visit

Deadline: September 30

August 2015

visit or contact Cathy Turner at or call 819-566-5717

Deadline to nominate is August 28

Merial Box Back The IVOMEC & EPRINEX 4-H BoxBack Program makes earning money for your club easy. Just collect box labels from IVOMEC and EPRINEX Pour-On purchased this season. For each eligible box label you send in, Merial will donate $10 to your 4-H club. For more details:

Show Season is here! Dates to remember: Coaticook

August 6-9


August 7-9


August 6-9


August 20-23

Ayer’s Cliff

August 27-30


September 3-7


September 4-7


September 10-13


September 12

Canadian Western Agribition National Judging Competition Regina Saskatchewan November 23, 2015 Compete against 4-H members from across the country! Contact

Junior Junction Activity Answers

Answers to word scramble

Nominated by community members, the Outstanding Townshippers Award is presented to individuals, couples or groups from all ages and linguistic backgrounds, who have made a considerable positive impact within the community through volunteerism or philanthropy beyond the usual expectations of their job or profession. For eligibility requirements and a nomination package, visit, or contact Kate Holbrook at, 450-242-4421

Bee Hive Colony Drone Honey Larva Nectar Pollen Queen

Nominate Your Everyday Heroes!

Quebec 4-H News Spreader


BACK TO SCHOOL PIZZA PARTY Wednesday, September 9th If you’re a 4-H member and a student attending John Abbott or Macdonald Campus, or just in the Ste– Anne’s area, be sure to join us for this year’s Pizza Party! A great opportunity to meet other 4-H’ers staying on campus, and visit the Quebec 4-H Provincial office! Pizza is FREE for members and $5 for friends. Be sure to watch for a Facebook event coming soon.

Don’t miss our 3rd edition of the

Coming soon! Open from Tuesday, September 1st to Wednesday, November 4th at 9:00pm

Interested in supporting 4-H Youth by making a donation? Contact us at: Stay up to date on all the auction news by following us on social media!


Quebec 4-H News Spreader

August 2015

Quebec 4-H Association Macdonald Campus, Harrison House, 21,111 Lakeshore Rd Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, QC H9X 2V9 Tel : 514-398-8738 Fax : 514-398-8652

JOB POSTING – OFFICE AND COMMUNICATIONS ASSISTANT Quebec 4-H is a community based organization, which is dedicated to developing life skills such as leadership, cooperation, responsibility and independence for the English-speaking rural youth of Quebec through achievement and skill development. Our employees enjoy a casual work environment, opportunities for professional development, and the satisfaction of making a difference in the lives of youth. Position:

Office and Communications Assistant, Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue 20 to 30 hours per week, to be discussed $11.00 to $13.50 per hour, dependent on experience

Purpose: Reporting to the Executive Director, the Office and Communications Assistant is responsible for administrative tasks as well as the implementation of marketing, communications, and brand strategies at Quebec 4-H. Responsibilities:  Response to email enquiries, filing, data entry, and maintenance of membership lists  Processing of event registrations and fees  Editing and layout of bi-monthly newsletter as well as other print and digital communications  Regular maintenance of association website and social media presence  Acceptance of other assignments as required Qualifications Required:  Experience and/or education in Marketing, Public Relations, or Communications  Bilingual with excellent English communication skills  Possess excellent interpersonal and relationship building skills  Possess a high degree of efficiency, attention to detail and accuracy  Proficiency with Microsoft programs and social media  Self-directed, with demonstrated ability to work in a team environment  Strong analytical, organizational, and time-management skills  High degree of discretion and professionalism  Ability to work flexible schedule with occasional travel  Demonstrated interest in the field of positive youth development  An understanding of agriculture and operation of non-profit organizations would be an asset To Apply: Forward your cover letter and resume to Lorelei Muller, Executive Director, at by application deadline of September 25, 2015. Select candidates will be contacted the week of September 28 to schedule interviews for the week of October 5. While we sincerely appreciate all applications, only those candidates selected for interview will be contacted. Please note that the selected candidate will be required to complete a screening including criminal records check with vulnerable sectors search. August 2015

Quebec 4-H News Spreader


4-H Canada AGM Lorelei Muller, Executive Director On June 11, the 2015 4-H Canada Annual General Meeting was launched with much fanfare as it was also the launch of the new 4-H logo. Balloons spilled from the ceiling as New Brunswick members took to the stage in Fredericton wearing t-shirts featuring the refreshed clover. When the music and cheers subsided, it was on to the business of AGM. Reports were given and financial statements reviewed. A resolution submitted by the Quebec 4-H board of directors was deemed operational in nature and so not presented for the consideration of the gathering; national staff and our provincial executive team have since met to discuss concerns regarding the limited dates of travel for the Youth Exchanges Canada program. Donna Bridge, a volunteer from Ontario, was proclaimed as the new president of the Canadian 4-H Council. The 4-H Council of Alberta was announced as the host for the next national AGM, a reminder that it will be Quebec’s turn to hold the event in 2017.

Meetings of the 4-H Canada Foundation, Fund Development Network, and other committees were complimented by a banquet during which two local members presented award winning speeches. The following night, we took a drive to 4H Night in the Country which is always a highlight of the event as it is a chance to meet members and see their achievements. A young 4-H’er demonstrated how to care for and clean a rabbit/chicken while some older members provided a taste of their homebrewed root beer. Members had crafted the beautiful decorations in the hall and helped to serve the supper they had prepared as part of their food project. I’m looking forward to seeing our members shine in 2017 when we welcome the rest of the country to la belle province. During a provincial sharing session, I was proud to present the achievements of our members to colleagues from across the country as I focussed on the community service efforts of our clubs. Kudos to all of you for the great work you do; it sure was impressive to see it all brought together in one slide show presentation. During the session we learned that Ontario volunteers complete training in person and online, Alberta has a raise-and-release pheasant project, Nova Scotia has a staff person at half time focussed on screening, and the New Brunswick provincial show in early September includes a life skills class completed on site. AGM is a great opportunity to learn from the best practices across the country, meet other staff and volunteers dedicated to the 4-H program, while keeping informed of national initiatives. If you’re interested in attending in 2016 or helping with the planning for 2017, let me know.

Members of the Table de Concertation show their support for Supply Management Together with the FRAQ and the AJRQ, Quebec 4-H wish to express their support of the GO5 Coalition which defends the fair farming model that is the framework for agricultural production in Canada. It is essential to guarantee young producers a business environment that ensures a decent future with a stable income. United and strong, the rural youth in Quebec are thus calling for the integral protection of a system that provides financial stability to future farmers, and that ensures the economic vitality of our regions.


Quebec 4-H News Spreader

August 2015

TRACTOR SAFETY Quebec 4-H is looking for clubs to participate in their "Tractor Safety throughout the year" initiative this fall by hosting a clinic in their region! Help promote safety and save lives! Contact Chelsea: for more info! We gratefully acknowledge the support of C.A.S.A and FCC in funding this project .

Throughout the weekend, Rally played host to many Tractor themed happenings, including a series of Tractor Safety Clinics. These clinics were brought about in an attempt to bring attention to the potential dangers of operating or playing around a tractor as a young person, with the raising of awareness Quebec 4-H is hoping to help prevent injury from coming to its members. These clinics were presented by Keenan’s Territory Manager of Canada, Paul Mastine, with the assistance of Will Dutka, both former members of Richmond 4H themselves. Paul presented messages of awareness to groups throughout the weekend, emphasizing the idea to “THINK” before operating around tractors. The safety clinics included a power point presentation and demonstrations on a real tractor, which was kindly

Members used the knowledge they gained through the Tractor Safety clinics to identify potential hazards as part of the mystery class during Friday’s judging competition.

August 2015

1 of 3 Tractor Safety Clinics held throughout the weekend. Over 120 4-H members had the opportunity to participate.

supplied by Le Groupe Agritex, a local John Deere dealership. Mr Mastine pointed out the dangers of PTO shafts regardless of their protective guards, to which Mr Dutka was able to give first hand testimony of how very easy it is to get caught off guard, having suffered a PTO accident himself in the past. Among many other points, the clinics also brought to attention how easily overlooked things like a loose wheel nut or a damaged step could lead to injury. Later on, members were given the opportunity to put into practice what they had learned; the judging competition’s Mystery class was taken directly from the safety clinics. Members had to inspect a second tractor to identify 10 incorrect or missing safety features, reinforcing the notion to stop and look at the everyday farm tool with a different perspective.

Quebec 4-H News Spreader


Julie Neal, Ormstown 4-H Norma Tolhurst, Office and Communications Assistant

At the provincial level, Julie has been involved on the Board since 2009, as well as on the Programs and Regulations Committee for the past 5 years, where she acted as chair in 2014. Having participated in numerous Innovative Ag Tours and Provincial Rallies, Julie had the opportunity to meet many of the other members from across the province who quickly became lifelong friends. At the national level, she has participated on an interprovincial exchange to Saskatchewan, National Conference (now National Members Forum) and most memorably One of Julie’s first 4-H projects was a dairy calf, even though she didn’t live on a Garfield Weston International Exa farm, some of her relatives encouraged change with which she travelled to Jamaica. her to try it. Proof that 4-H isn’t just for farm kids, Julie’s membership for over 13 years with the organization stemmed from her mother’s involvement when she was young. With her older sister leading the way and many relatives who encouraged her to take on different projects, Julie quickly fell in love with 4-H. Officially a member by age 9, Julie began showing dairy calves for her cousins, and participating on the square dance team for the Ormstown 4-H Club. Her 4-H career has had her explore a number of different projects which include dairy, square dancing, goat, quilting, garden and public speaking. Now at 22, Julie has taken a step back from her main projects, but still remains active as a member helping the younger kids to “Learn to Do by Doing” alongside her mother who is the current Square Dance Leader .

“My favorite memory isn’t so much something that happened, but more all the friends I got to meet. I now have connections in many parts of Canada and the world because of 4-H” While she is unsure of what the future has in store for her, one thing she is certain of is that she is not done learning. Julie hopes after she is done her undergrad to continue with a Masters Degree and eventually work in a job that allows her to continue to travel. Her advice for those looking to get involved in 4-H: “Don’t be scared, it can be hard, but if you are willing to learn and really get involved, you will open yourself up to many great opportunities.” “My motto in 4-H was always to say yes to everything. I went into many experiences not knowing what to expect, but even if you don’t always win, you will always learn.”

One of Julie’s many adventures with 4-H included swimming with dolphins during her exchange to Jamaica.

Currently, Julie is studying International Development in Agriculture and the Environment at McGill University where she will be finishing up the last semester of her Undergraduate degree this fall. This past spring, Julie had the opportunity of a lifetime to travel to Africa for a semester abroad which brought her to Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Cool fact about Julie: Julie credits 4-H for her Public SpeakDuring her recent trip to Africa, Julie ing skills which has led her to many summited Mount Kilinmanjaro, the jobs as a tour guide for different locaworld’s highest freestanding mountain tions, and most notably the parliament at 5895 meters. building in Ottawa.


Her Favorite 4-H Memory

Quebec 4-H News Spreader

4-H was one of the reasons Julie fell in love with travelling. Last semester she studied abroad in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

August 2015

Only a few days left before Junior Camp, and we are so excited to welcome all the participants at Camp Kinagaliwi, in Spooner Pond! If you are coming to camp, we hope you have completed the puzzle in the last edition of the News Spreader! If you have, be sure to bring it to camp for your chance to win a prize! At Camp we will be visiting a working honey operation to see bees in action. While you are anxiously awaiting camp, be sure to do these fun bee activities!

Can you spot the Differences? Bee Word Scramble! Unscramble these letters to make words that have to do with bees and beekeeping!



See Answers on Page 9

August 2015

Quebec 4-H News Spreader




Rally Preview

Watch for the Special Rally Edition of The News Spreader in September!

News Spreader August 2015  
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