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friday, sept. 10, 2010

‘Ali’ film steeped in boxing history “Facing Ali” is a documentary about the legendary boxing champion Muhammad Ali, as told from the perspective of 10 boxers who fought him and with the assistance of a great deal of archival footage. The film is so much more than a sports documentary. What really drives it are the stories the boxers relay about themselves and their opponents over the years. As such, you don’t really need any understanding of the sport itself or even have to enjoy the sport as a whole to gain something from this very interesting and touching film. As Ali’s health is such that he was unable to give an interview for this film, his only voice is presented through the archival footage of his boxing days. While I had seen some of the clips before, I was still blown away by his commanding presence

Kelsey MartynFarewell DVDs On Parade at such a young age, as well as how bold he was in talking about his boxing talents. The current-day interviews feature such notable boxers as George Foreman and Joe Frazier, which were the only two boxers I knew of before the film. Perhaps my favorite interviews were given by Canadian champion George Chuvalo and British champion Sir Henry Cooper. Other boxers interviewed were Larry Holmes, Ron Lyle, Ken Norton, Ernie Shavers, Leon Spinks and Ernie Terrell. On top of the boxing history that the film tells, it also tells the story of Ali’s role in the Civil Rights movement and his importance to the

African Americans from the 1960s through today.The film demonstrated how white America turned against Ali when he converted to Islam and changed his name.The filmmakers also included footage of Ali voicing his opinions about the war in Vietnam, denouncing the violence and refusing to be drafted, resulting in a threeyear absence he was forced to take from competition. What is clear from the present-day interviews is that they all have a deep respect and, in some cases, love for Ali. What is most surprising to me is that their feelings have nothing to do with who was declared the winner of their fight together. There are four features on the DVD for this film. “Animated Trivia Cards” gives a list of boxing stats and personal factoids about each of the 10 boxers interviewed

in the film. “Bringing the Fights to Life” is a compilation of production crew interviews, where they talk about the technical details of filming using a new camera technique, as well as the process of cleaning archival footage. “Facing Ali: From Book to Screen” relays the importance the filmmakers placed on letting the boxers tell the story to create a unique perspective, as well as the selection of the titles and music used for the film. “After the Bell” provides a behind-the-scenes look at the boxers in the film, as told by the filmmakers, as they relate the stories of shooting the interviews and giving updates on the boxers’ lives. This film was the recipient of two awards, one for Most Popular Film at the Vancouver Film Festival and the other for Best Film at the

Vancouver Film Critics Circle. For a captivating documentary that happens to be set in the history of boxing, check out “Facing Ali.” You can find it in your local store in new releases or special interest. Please send your comments, questions and DVD recommendations to Kelsey at DVDsOnParade@

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2nd Friday full of fun, artistry pop staff reports Norman’s 2nd Friday Circuit of Art brings an explosion of art to those both residing in and returning to Norman this month. Offering the best variety, September has something for everyone to enjoy. The Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art participates 6 to 9 p.m. each month, providing hands-on art activities, live entertainment, independent films and refreshments. The Norman Public Library continues to bring Hispanic culture from around the world inside its walls during the Hispanic Heritage Gala today at the library on 225 N. Webster Ave., with food and

entertainment scheduled to last 6 to 8 p.m. The Form+Function lab displays different mediums of art including “Normania,” an interactive community campaign-sign recycling art project and a painting of a giant 16’x8’ mural backdrop. The Firehouse Art Center Gallery is featuring the work of students who participated

in its Children’s Summer Art Program. The exhibit will run until Oct. 15. The Jacobson House will celebrate the art, life and films of Mexican-born artist Emilio Amero 6 to 8 p.m. with a display of Amero's works. Included in this month’s art walk is the grand opening of Stash,412 E. Main St.

Stash will host an open house 6 to 9 p.m. As always, all events are free and open to the public. For more information, please visit, or call the Norman Arts Council office at 360-1162. To see a complete list of events for the night, visit

$7.00 Bargain Matinees - All Shows Before 6PM $7.50 Student Admission With Valid I.D. • $3 Surcharge applies to all 3-D Tickets

RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE 3-D • (R) 1:10 1:45 3:45 4:30 6:45 7:30 9:15 9:55 EXPECTING MARY (PG) 1:20 4:00 7:20 9:45 THE AMERICAN (R) 1:15 4:05 7:10 9:50 GOING THE DISTANCE • (R) 1:25 4:15 7:25 10:00 MACHETE • (R) 1:35 4:20 7:00 9:40 GET LOW (PG13) 1:50 4:40 7:15 10:05 THE LAST EXORCISM (PG13) 2:05 4:25 6:50 9:25

THE EXPENDABLES (R) 1:30 4:10 6:55 9:30 TAKERS (PG13) 1:30 4:10 6:55 9:30 NANNY MCPHEE RETURNS (PG) 1:05 3:55 6:35 9:10 THE SWITCH (PG13) 1:55 4:45 7:35 10:10 THE OTHER GUYS (PG13) 1:00 3:50 6:30 9:20 DESPICABLE ME 3-D (PG) 2:00 4:50 7:40 PIRANHA 3-D (R) 10:15

pop - Sept 10, 2010  

Norman's entertainment magazine

pop - Sept 10, 2010  

Norman's entertainment magazine