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U O Y K N A H T Thank you for being a Superhero and joining more than 1,100 employees who picked their passion, made a financial gift and changed lives in 2017! Because of your commitment, more than 96,000 employees, patients and community members will benefit from a new piece of equipment, staff training or education. Your donation to the Norman Regional Health Foundation assisted in our mission to enhance excellent health care by: • purchasing equipment for our health care system and providing training and continuing education for our healers • awarding scholarships for those pursuing health care-related degrees • supporting community health and wellness initiatives iGive is a four week campaign throughout February for Norman Regional employees with a simple challenge: find your passion and make a difference. There is no dollar goal, only a call to participate at any level. Your personal investment in our nonprofit health system helped advance our ability to care for patients. Through the Foundation’s 2017 grant process, approximately $167,000 was distributed for training, education, scholarships and equipment. Inside these pages is a listing of those grants awarded. Your contribution is making a difference today and for years to come. We are grateful for your generosity!

Lynn Weber

Norman Regional Foundation Board President

Erin Barnhart

Norman Regional Foundation Executive Director


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H  ome Medical Equipment – Hospice patient recliners Imaging Services – MRI goggles and audiovisual system C entral Sterile – Instrument board pegs and medical storage system E nvironmental Services – Chariot floor polisher and stainless steel cleaning cabinet F ood and Nutrition Services – XM Radio system for the cafeterias at both Porter & HealthPlex campuses, FoodWorks software, and special event décor W  ound Care – Laboratory refrigerator and medical equipment B ariatric Program – Exercise equipment and educational presenter B reast Care Center – White noise machines I maging Services – Patient waiting room TV’s

STROKE • P rogressive Care Unit – Therapy balls and booklets for stroke patients

WOMEN’S & CHILDREN • L abor & Delivery/P.R.I.D.E. – Neo-natal/peri-natal fetal death brochures

CRITICAL CARE •W  omen’s Care Clinics – Two Trophon EPR disinfecting systems • I ntensive Care Unit – White noise machines • I ntensive Care Unit – Critical Care Registered Nurse exam for nursing staff

HEALTH & WELLNESS •H  ealth-Wellness Services – Standing desk risers • Fitness Works at HealthPlex – Weight station for workout room •Q  uality Performance Improvement – Standing desks


L earning Resources – Luttrell Leadership Institute R isk Management – Patient Experience Leadership Program M  other-Baby – AWHONN convention for nurses P harmacy – Educational seminars for staff and pharmacy rep computer

PASTORAL CARE • P astoral Care – Grave markers for Baby Land at Sunset Memorial Park

CANCER CARE • C ancer Management – XM Radio system for 3 treatment rooms • C ancer Management – Jean’s Cream for breast care patients •O  ncology – TV’s for patient rooms and breast prostheses/bras

EMERGENCY • E MSSTAT – Manager’s vehicle • E mergency Department – TV’s for patient rooms

DIABETES •D  iabetes and Nutrition Education – Diabetes Health Fair

BEHAVIORAL HEALTH • S enior Counseling Services – 15 passenger van and curriculum for outpatient program

SCHOLARSHIPS • $ 49,000 was awarded to NRHS employees or family members pursuing a degree program

HEART • C ardiovascular Service Line – Cardiovascular Invasive Specialist Course for NRHS staff

REHABILITATION • Inpatient Rehab – Security entry doors

in the community YOUR FOUNDATION AT WORK IN THE COMMUNITY. • Moore Flu Clinic • Noble EMS – EKG wireless transmission system • Norman Public School Health Assistant Program • Give Kids a Smile Dental Program • Robin Hill Public School – AED machines

WE HOPE YOU WILL JOIN US IN MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN 2018! If you have any questions regarding the iGive campaign, please call the Foundation (307-1089) or stop by the office, located in the south entrance at Porter across from the chapel.


P.O. Box 1655 Norman, OK 73070-1665


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Igive impact report 2018 final  

Foundation Gifts awarded in 2017 making changes and saving lives for Norman Regional Health System.

Igive impact report 2018 final  

Foundation Gifts awarded in 2017 making changes and saving lives for Norman Regional Health System.