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Shedding Light on the Subtleties of Facial Plastic Surgery Thoughts and Views on Facial Plastic Surgery by Norman J. Pastorek, MD

Norman J. Pastorek, MD, PC, FACS Dr. Pastorek has practiced Facial Plastic Surgery in New York for more than three decades. An Illinois native, he received his medical degree and surgical training at the University of Illinois and the University of Illinois Hospitals in Chicago, where he was elected to the Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society. Although he is dedicated to his private Facial Plastic Surgery practice, Dr. Pastorek is also a highly respected medical educator and teacher. For over two decades, he has volunteered one day a week to a facial plastic surgery clinic to educate residents. He feels that teaching young doctors “finds the soul of the surgeon,” and it is “vital to give back knowledge and share wisdom with the profession in order to complete the circle.”

5 Goals for Facial Rejuvenation •

Normal Appearance- I believe in a conservative approach to facial rejuvenation—I don’t want my patients to look as if they have had surgery.

Long-Lasting Result- The goal of facial rejuvenation surgery should be to look youthful for years, not several months.

Safe Surgery-Patient safety is paramount for every procedure. I have performed over 2,500 facial rejuvenation surgeries.

Negligible Scar- Scars detract. I have adopted techniques that leave the finest scars possible

Rapid Recovery- I have devised a regimen for rapid recuperation that begins two weeks prior to surgery by eliminating all of the possible causes of bleeding and bruising

Facelifts What they can do for you

What they can’t do for you

A facelift is a safe, reliable surgical procedure. If you find age-related changes are concealing your great bone structure, a facelift can reduce the loose skin and deep lines on your face and neck. By tightening the muscles on your face and neck, repositioning some of the subcutaneous (beneath the skin) tissue and fat, and removing excess skin, the procedure: • Reduces the sagging that accompanies aging • Smoothes out deep wrinkles • Trims excess tissue from your neck • Improves the profile of your jaw, chin, and neckline

A facelift also can’t make you look like Charlize Theron or George Clooney. While it will eliminate significant wrinkles, it won’t change your overall appearance. You will still look like you— only younger. In fact, that is my goal for every patient: to make it look like you had no surgery. Instead, you look refreshed. If you desire a true change in your facial appearance, come in to speak with me in a personal consultation. We can discuss procedures that will permanently and positively change your features—including rhinoplasty or chin augmentation.

Rhinoplasty • Most common facial surgery • Reshapes the nose • Complex procedure requires surgeon’s careful attention to internal anatomy • Recommended for patients who: wish to make a permanent cosmetic change, experience breathing difficulty, have birth defect or nose injury

Rhinoplasty Procedure Procedure • Out-patient, 1-2hrs • Local anesthesia with intravenous sedation • After incision, gently elevate skin and then shape bone and cartiledge • Re-drape skin and use tiny, dissolving stitches

Post-Operation • 1 hour in recovery room • Experience some mild discomfort and minimal bleeding • 6 days with nose splint • Recommended ~1 week off for recovery

Blepharoplasty • improves the aging or • aesthetic surgery of baggy appearance of extreme accuracy and your eyelids delicacy • Causes of baggy eyelids- • developed a suspension age, heredity, and/or suture technique to sun damage permanently support the lower eyelid. • Dr. Pastorek has performed over 4,900 blepharoplasty procedures.

Creating a Graceful Neckline Noninvasive • Loose skin only concern • Ulthera- ultrasound therapy for tightening skin • Exilis and Venus Freezeradiofrequency technologies • Clear and Brilliant lasers combined to improve color and texture of skin

Neck Lift • Extensive issues including skin and muscle • Neck lift tightens skin, repairs the platysma muscles, removes excess fat • Liposuction can enhance the results

Dr. Pastorek’s Philosophy • “Know all you can about the physical human face—not just the surface, but the depths— understanding all you can about the hopes and dreams of patients as they consider Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery. Treat all patients as family, strive to improve on everything you know, embrace the truth, and do the very best you can. Yes, it is a practice; yes, it is a profession; but mostly it is a passion.”

Dr. Pastorek’s Upper Eastside Practice 12 East 88th St New York City, NY 10128 212-987-4700

Shedding Light on the Subtleties of Facial Plastic Surgery  

Dr. Pastorek explains the different asepcts of facial rejuvenation including noninvasive and surgical options.

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