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How Fractional Lasers Work Norman J. Pastorek MD, FACS 12 East 88th St New York City, NY 10128

The Process • Laser beam divides into thousand microscopic beams • Penetrates epidermis, pass through dermis • Targets just a fraction of skin at a time

Your Skin • Laser creates treated tissue surronded by untreated tissue • Result: most patients experience quicker healing with factional laser therapy than with traditionnal laser therapies • Procedure stimulates skin’s own natural healing process, including production of collagen • Production increases, skin looks younger and fresher

Ablative vs. Non-Ablative Ablative • Does targeted damage to outer layer of skin • Subsequent healing process creates smoother, softer skin

Non-Ablative • Heats skin but less aggressive • No damage to surface • Results: fresher skin but may require multiple treatments

Treatment Conditions • Wrinkles • Scars • Age spots • Skin Discoloration • Textural discrepancies

Areas Treated Any area of body from: Face Neck Chest Back Arms Legs

Our Practice • Attractive option for patients with range of skin issues • Obtaining wonderful results with gentle nonablative fractional Clear + Brilliant laser • Develop personalized combo of nonsrugical treatments to meet unique concerns

Janice Pastorek, RN, BSN • Dedicated many years understanding and advancing skin rejuvenation therapies • Constantly seeking new therapies, technologies and therapies • Passion- helping you achieve our self-image aspirations

How fractional lasers work