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Holiday’s at Andrews park

This years Holiday Celebration at Andrews Park for the first time included an ice skating rink that was placed inside the Bob Villani Basketball Courts.

Highlights ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICES Location: 201-C W. Gray St. | Phone: 405-366-5472 Fax: 405-366-5470

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Jud Foster, Director of Parks and Recreation Bill Ulch, Parks Superintendent JEFF HILL, Recreation Superintendent James Briggs, Park Planner Mitch Miles, Park Planner Wayne Parrish, Sports Coordinator Suzanne Terry, Program Coordinator Sherrel Sheriff, Administrative Tech

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Event calendar

12th avenue recreation Center Location: 1701 12th NE Ave. | Phone: 405-292-7275 Steve yohn, Recreation Supervisor

Irving recreation Center

Daddy daughter dance - More than “just a dance”

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Daddy daughter dance |Feb 8

Trout derby & clinic |April 4 & 5 Earth day celebration |April 27

Location: 125 Vicksburg | Phone: 405-292-9774 Harold lee, Recreation Supervisor

Junior Jammer Volleyball deadline |March 7

Whittier recreation center

Youth baseball & Softball deadline |March 14

Location: 2000 W. Brooks | Phone: 405-292-9703 Jason Olsen, Recreation Supervisor

Hershey track meet |May

Senior citizens Center

Location: 329 S. Peters | Phone: 405-329-4200 Sandi lassiter, Recreation Supervisor

Little axe community center Location: 1000 168th Ave. NE | Phone: 405-292-9770 Pam sharp, Recreation Supervisor

westwood golf course

Location: 2400 Westport Dr. | Phone: 405-292-9700

Westwood tennis center

Location: 2400 Westport Dr. | Phone: 405-366-8859| David minihan, Tennis Pro

2014 Winter Season Issue Vol. 1 Issue 1

DANCE Tippy toes Dance Class

Irving Recreation Center Monday Classes $50/Session Toddler & Me (18 mo.- 3 yrs.) 5:00pm Tippi Toes I (3-4 yrs.) 6:15pm Tippi Toes II (5-7 yrs.) 7:00pm Thursday Classes $50/Session Tiny Hip-Hop Jazz (4-6 yrs.) 6:00pm Hip-Hop Jazz (5-7 yrs.) 6:45pm 361-3620/ Flamenco Irving Recreation Center Friday Classes Kids Zumba Flamenco Adult Zumba Flamenco Beg./Intermediate Flamenco Advanced Flamenco 326-2848/

$8/Class 5:00pm 6:00pm 7:00pm 8:00pm

Clogging class Whitter Recreation Center Tuesday Classes Kids Clogging (6-12 yrs.) Intermediate (13 & up) Thursday Classes Advanced 360-8018/

$48/8 Classes 6:00pm 7:00pm $48/8 Classes 6:00pm

Sydney’s art in motion Little Axe Community Center Monday Classes $25/Month Ballet, Tap & Jazz I (5-8 yrs.) 4:00pm Pom Dance I (5-8 yrs.) 4:45pm Mini Company I (5-8 yrs.) 5:15pm Mini Company II (5-8 yrs.) 6:00pm Jazz & Lyrical II (9-14 yrs.) 6:45pm Pom Dance II (9-14 yrs.) 7:30pm Tuesday Classes Senior Company (5-8 yrs.) 6:30pm Ballet, Tap & Jazz I (3-8 yrs.) 7:15pm Whittier Recreation Center Monday Classes $25/Months PreBallet & Jazz (2-4 yrs) 6:15pm Hop & Jazz II (9-16 yrs) 7:00pm Contemp & Lyrical II (9-16 yrs) 7:45pm Pom Dance II & III (9-16 yrs) 8:30pm Wednesday Classes Mini Company I/II (5-8 yrs.) 6:00pm Senior Company II (12-19 Yrs.) 7:15pm Intro to Improv Dance 8:00pm 816-7333/ 4

Park Spotlight

PARKS SPOTLIGHT Tale of the trail

By JAMES BRIGGS, Park Planner


ot long ago, there was a series of run-down gravel yards and pole barns along the railroad tracks north and south of Norman’s downtown Main Street that were home to various garages, recycling and repair shops, and storage buildings full of leaky, broken cars and other machines that had long-outlived their usefulness. Before that, there was a modicum of useful trade happening up and down what is now the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Rail Line that strikes a diagonal line that splits the town into East and West Norman—everything from a lumber yard and livery stables to (later) a neighborhood gas station, a rendering plant, and even the old Rhodes Grain Silos (which were torn down just last year). But somebody saw potential in this land, and after a sizeable investment by multiple groups, the Legacy Trail project came to pass. The origins of this wide, multi-use path date from the early 1990’s. An OU planning professor named Bob Goins spent years working with the idea of renovating the unsightly railroad corridor into a park-like setting. In fact, the 1889 Original Town site of Norman was centered on the railroad; and the area around the Norman Train Depot was maintained as a city park (Edwards Park). It was a grand space that was the site of many turn-of-the-century parades, picnics and celebrations. However, Edwards Park became more of a lawn and less of a park over time. So, with Goins leading the charge, the initial trail design was completed in 1996, and construction began in 1997. The old buildings were removed and a mile-long meandering trail was constructed—10 feet wide and lined with trees, pedestrian lighting and an irrigated landscape. Over time, various benches and sculptures were established along the trail, and the Santa Fe Depot was restored to its original glory to act as the Norman Station for the AMTRAK Heartland Flyer (a daily

route connecting Oklahoma City and Fort Worth, Texas). Five historical sculpture plazas along the trail in the downtown area tell the tale of Norman—from pre-European settlement up to the state’s centennial in 2007 (with a special stop along the way for the James Garner Plaza, where Norman’s Favorite Son can forever keep an eye on the old Sooner Theatre across the street from him, at the corner of Main Street and the Trail). The success of the original project inspired the construction of other segments of trail both north and south of the original mile of Legacy Trail. In 2013, the Parks and Recreation Department completed a “missing link” in this trail along Duffy Street from Jenkins over to Asp and then down Asp to Campus Corner. All of this is part of a plan to link Norman’s major sites and events along a single, identifiable trail system, which uses the same paving, lighting and site furnishing details. With this just-completed section, the trail now stretches from Highway 9 & Chautauqua Street (by the Lloyd Noble Center), across the OU Campus, through Campus Corner and Downtown Norman, up to Robinson Street and then west to the University Town Center shopping area and over I-35, where it will end up at the Ruby Grant Community Park at Franklin Road & 36th Avenue Northwest. There are even plans to someday construct an extension that will head east along Highway 9 towards Lake Thunderbird. All of this provides an alternative mode of transportation for those who would rather walk or bike; and that idea of getting out of your vehicle and reducing traffic and air pollution is a basic tenant of the Legacy Trail system. The Parks and Recreation Department has been a proud partner in this project, from its origins as downtown’s Edwards Park to what is now Legacy Trail across the whole town. 5

Fitness Jazzercise 12th Avenue Recreation Center Monday-Thursday Saturday

5:45pm 9:00am


Boot Camp 12th Avenue Recreation Center Mon, Wed & Fri Mon & Fri Tues & Thu 308-3523


6:00am 8:15am 6:15am $35/10 weeks

12th Avenue Recreation Center Saturday Sunday 514-2022

10:30am 6:00pm

Sit and be fit Senior Citizens Center Tuesdays & Thursdays (Seniors Only)


Stroller-based fitness Andrews Park Monday, Wednesday & Friday


BOOT CAMP @ THE PARK Andrews Park 308-3523/

Cardio Plus/Zumba Senior Citizens Center Monday & Friday (Seniors Only)



Martial arts TAE KWON DO


Monday & Wednesday Norman High School South Gym Beginner Youth Tae Kwon Do (Ages 5-12) 6:15pm Advanced Youth Tae Kwon Do (Ages 5-12) 7:00pm Adult Tae Kwon Do (13 & up) 7:45pm Tuesday & Thursday Norman High School South Gym Mixed Adult & Youth Classes 6:30pm 329-6846/

American Karate Monday Advanced Karate Beginner Karate Adult Karate Tuesday Beginner Karate Advanced Karate Adult Karate Saturdays Karate

$50/10 Weeks

12th Avenue Recreation Center 5:00pm 6:00pm 7:15pm 12th Avenue Recreation Center 5:00pm 6:00pm 7:15pm Whittier Recreation Center 10:00am

Buijinkan budo taijutsu

$40/8 Weeks

12th Avenue Recreation Center Tuesday (13 & up) Friday (13 & up)


12th Avenue Recreation Center Wednesday

Goju karate Irving Recreation Center Tuesday (8 & up)

9:00pm 8:00pm

$40/Month 329-9024 6:00pm

$20/Session 706-621-8778/ 6:30pm

kung fu 12th Avenure Recreation Center Thursday Saturday


Judo 12th Avenue Recreation Center Saturdays


7:00pm 3:00pm





By BARRY TRAMEL, & Oklahoman Columnist

ome arrived in limos. Others arrived in pickup trucks. Some wore tuxedos and prom dresses. Others wore blue jeans and hair ribbons. Some danced the night away. Others basked in the splendor of a great party. Some preferred Disco. Others preferred Country. But there was unanimity in countenance. Everyone wore a smile. The annual Daddy Daughter Dance, sponsored by the Norman Parks and Recreation Department, is one of our city’s finest traditions. It’s a chance for fathers and daughters, ages four to infinity, to spend time together and deepen a bond and make memories to last a lifetime. Last February, I made my Daddy Daughter Dance debut. My son-in-law was deployed with the Oklahoma National Guard, so I pulled pinch-hit duty, taking my six-year-old granddaughter, Riley, to the dance at the Embassy Suites. We had a fabulous time. Danced a lot, laughed a lot, ate a little, rubber-necked a little. Posed for photographs. Walked the Embassy hallways like we were the king and queen of the court. In general, just acted like we were out on the town. Which we were. It was a chance for a grown man to relive a little of his youth, and the chance for a little girl to act a little grown up. A chance for busy men to take a breath and remember what’s important. A chance to see people from all over town come together for the greatest of causes. To draw closer to the most precious thing in our lives. Our children. You don’t have to waltz or tango or two-step. You don’t have to do the Mashed Potato or the Twist. You don’t have to do the Moonwalk or the Macarena. You don’t have to do the Watusi or the Hustle. The dance is not about the dance. Just as playing catch with your son is not about the ball and the glove. The Daddy/Daughter Dance is about daddies and daughters. This year, my son-in-law is back from Afghanistan and available to take Riley. But her sister Sadie turned four in November. She’ll want to go. And I think she’ll need a date. 8


WWW.NORMANFUN.COM | 405.366.5472


12th avenue Recreation Center

Whittier Recreation Center

JAZZERCISE Monday-Thursday Saturday

Clogging class Tuesday Classes $48/8-Classes Kids Clogging (6-12 yrs.) 6:00pm Intermediate (13 & up 7:00pm Thursday Classes $48/8-Classes Advanced 6:00pm

Location: 1701 12th Ave. NE Phone: 405-292-7275

Location: 2000 W. Brooks Phone: 405-292-9703

5:45pm 9:00am

Boot Camp $125/3 classes or $210/5 classes Mon, Wed & Fri 6:00am Mon & Fri 8:15am Tues & Thur 6:15am Zumba Saturday Sunday akido Tuesday & Thursdays

$35/10 weeks 10:30am 6:00pm


kung fu Thursday Saturday

$30/month 7:00pm 3:00pm

Judo Saturdays

$20/Month 8:00am

Other programs After School Program $135/Month Eisenhower Elementary Karate $50 for 10 weeks Adult League Basketball $50 per Player Open League Church League

Irving Recreation Center Location: 125 Vicksburg Phone: 405-292-9774

Tippi toes dance class Monday Classes $50/Session Toddler & Me (18 mo.- 3 yrs.) 5:00pm Tippi Toes I (3-4 yrs.) 6:15pm Tippi Toes II (5-7 yrs.) 7:00pm Thursday Classes $50/Session Tiny Hip-Hop Jazz (4-6 yrs.) 6:00pm Hip-Hop Jazz (5-7 yrs.) 6:45pm Flamenco Friday Classes $8/Class Kids Zumba Flamenco 5:00pm Adult Zumba Flamenco 6:00pm Beg./Intermediate Flamenco 7:00pm Advanced Flamenco 8:00pm gojo karate Tuesday Classes Ages 8 & up Bricks 4 kids Wednesday Classes Lego Building

$20/session 6:30pm $30/4-Classes 6:00pm

Other programs After School Program $135/Month Kennedy, Reagan & Washington CIT (Counselors in Training) Program Irving Middle School Students Paint & Play $7/Class 2nd Tuesday of Each Mo. (Ages 5-11) Kids in the Kitchen $7/Class 4th Thursday of Each Mo. (Ages 5-11) Boom, Fizzle, Pop! Kid Science $7/Class 4th Tuesday of Each Mo. (Ages 5-11)


Sydney’s art in motion Monday Classes $25/Months PreBallet & Jazz (2-4 yrs) 6:15pm Hop & Jazz II (9-16 yrs) 7:00pm Contemp & Lyrical II (9-16 yrs) 7:45pm Pom Dance II & III (9-16 yrs) 8:30pm Wednesday Classes $25/Month Mini Company I/II (5-8 yrs.) 6:00pm Senior Company II (12-19 Yrs.) 7:15pm Intro to Improv Dance 8:00pm American Karate Saturday Classes $50/10 weeks Ages 5-12 10:00am Other Programs After School Program $135/Month Jackson, Truman & Truman Primary Junior Jammer Basketball $60/Season Fall & Winter - Ages 5-13 yrs. Junior Jammer Volleyball $55/Season Spring - Grades 3rd-5th Grades Junior Jammer Cheer $95/Season Winter - Grades 3rd-7th

NORMAN Senior CENTER Location: 329 S. Peters Phone: 405-329-4200

Westwood Park

Location: 2400 Westport Dr Golf Course: 405-292-9700 Tennis Center 405-366-8859 Pool 405-329-5422 Westwood golf course Green fees Regular Fee After 2pm After 4pm After 6pm Senior Fees Junior Fees OU Student Military

$24.50+tax $20.00+tax $15.25+tax $13.25+tax $15.24+tax $7.50+tax $17.00+tax $22.50+tax

Membership Regular Senior Junior

$1,250+tax $960.75+tax $385+tax

Additional Activities 18 Hole Cart (2 Riders) $28.00 18 Hole Cart (1 Riders) $14.00 9 Hole Cart $16.00 Driving Range $3.25/token Golf Lessons - By Appointment Westwood tennis center Junior programs Tennis classes for ages 3-18 Visit website for details & program cost Adult programs Walk-in Drills $10 per Drill Tuesday Beginners 7:00pm Monday & Thursday Intermediate & Advanced 7:00pm Casual play

$3 per player

Westwood water park Open May-August

Mondays Dominoes Ceramics Cardio/Zumba Canasta Duplicate Bridge

8:00am 9:00am 9:00am 12:00pm 12:15pm

Tuesdays Dominoes Western Line Dance Sit and Be-Fit Canasta Bridge

8:00am 10:00am 10:00am 12:00pm 12:15pm

Wednesdays Dominoes Cardio Plus Canasta

8:00am 9:00am 12:00pm

Thursdays Dominoes Sit and Be-Fit Canasta Bridge

8:00am 10:00am 12:00pm 12:15pm

Friday Dominoes Cardio Creative Writing Class Canasta Bridge

8:00am 9:00am 10:00am 12:00pm 12:00p

Activities All persons age 55 and over can participate in activities. User fees $30 per year or .50 cents per day Congregate meal site Must be over 60 years of age call 366-1472 for more info or to make Reservations for lunch. Reservations must be made 24 hours in advance. Tax aide Feb-April by appointment.

Little Axe Community Center

Location: 1000 168th Ave. NE Phone: 405-292-9770 Sydney’s art in motion Monday Classes $25/Month Ballet, Tap & Jazz I (5-8 yrs.) 4:00pm Pom Dance I (5-8 yrs.) 4:45pm Mini Company I (5-8 yrs.) 5:15pm Mini Company II (5-8 yrs.) 6:00pm Jazz & Lyrical II (9-14 yrs.) 6:45pm Pom Dance II (9-14 yrs.) 7:30pm Tuesday Classes Senior Company (5-8 yrs.) 6:30pm Ballet, Tap & Jazz I (3-8 yrs.) 7:15pm The Little Axe Community Center provides outreach and referral services to the community. The center operates a food closet and assists with crisis intervention. Pioneer library Information Station Agencies Absentee Shawnee Tribe 275-4030 Veterans Service 456-5184 Crossroads Head Start 579-2352 or 292-6440 Cleveland County Health Department 321-4048 Native American Commodity 1-800-256-3398

11 11

PARK Information LEGEND

Sutton Wilderness

A Picnic B

Playground Equipment

C Tennis D BackStops

Andrews Park


18 Hole Municipal Golf Course


Municipal Swimming Pool


Splash Pad (Memorial day - Labor Day)


Lake/Fishing (State license required)

I Shelter/Building J

Monroe park


Lighted Ball Fields/Rental

K Gazebo

Blake Baldwin skate park


Jogging/Walking Course


Basketball Court


Soccer Goals


Lighted Tennis Courts


Disc Golf Course


Restrooms (April - October)


Handicapped Accessible/Some Facilities


Skate Park


Dog Park

PARK SITE 12th Avenue Recreation Center Andrews Park Adkins Crossings Berkeley Brookhaven Canadian Trails Cascade Park Castle Rock Centennial Cherry Creek Chisholm Cattle Trail Colonial Commons Colonial Estates Creighton Park Crestland Deerfield Doubletree Park Eagle Cliff Earl Sneed Eastridge Eastwood Faculty Heights Falls - Lakeview Frances Cate George Sutton Wilderness Griffin Community Park High Meadows Irving Recreation Center June Benson Kevin Gottshall Memorial Kiwanis Legacy Trail Lions Lions Memorial Little Axe Community Center McGeorge Monroe Park Normandy Northeast Lions Oakhurst Oaktree South Pebblebrook Prairie Creek Reaves Park Rotary Royal Oaks Russell Bates Ruth Updegraff Sequoyah Trail Sonoma Springbrook Summit Lakes Sunrise Sutton Place Tulls Vineyard Walnut Ridge Westwood Whittier Recreation Center William Morgan Woodcreek Woodslawn

ADDRESS ACRES 1701 12th Ave. NE 201 W. Daws 17.2 2136 24th Ave SW 6.7 3750 Astor Dr. 3.1 1801 N. Brookhaven Blvd. 3.0 3600 Canadian Trails Dr. 2.5 3499 Astor Dr. 4.5 4136 Castlerock Rd. 10.0 411 W. Symmes St. .28 530 W. Stonewall Dr. 6.2 2515 Wyandotte Way 5.6 1909 Beaumont Dr. 5.1 1641 E. Lindsay 5.1 2001 Creighton Park 2.0 501 Crestland Dr. 7.1 2501 Queenston Ave. 2.4 2009 Timbercrest Ct. 1.5 3901 Eagle Cliff Dr. 8.0 1381 Classen Blvd. 1.0 1700 N. Clearwater Dr. 6.0 1001 S. Ponca 6.9 1014 E. Lindsey 1.1 3280 108th Ave. NE 2.5 333 N. Carter 14.5 1920 12th Ave. NE 160 1001 E. Robinson 160 1525 High Meadow Dr. 3.3 125 Vicksburg 209 E. Vicksburg .75 5399 Cypress Lake Dr. 3.0 635 Sherwood Dr. 3.5 200 S. Jones Ave. 15.0 450 S. Flood 5.1 514 Parkside Dr. 10.0 1000 168th Ave NE 10.0 631 E. Eufaula 1.5 1601 S. McGee Dr. 4.1 209 Westside Dr. 2.6 1800 Northcliff Ave. 40.0 1900 Oakhurst Ave. 2.2 2881 Oak Tree Ave. 4.1 2500 Overbrook Dr. 2.9 2025 Pendleton Dr. 3.5 2501 Jenkins Ave. 79.9 1501 W. Boyd 5.7 430 Coalbrook Dr. 5.2 800 24th Ave. NW 5.5 505 N. Peters .5 410 Sequoyah Trail 1.9 1432 Glen Ellen Cr. 2.0 816 Branchwood Dr. 2.3 3000 Summit Crossings Pkwy. 2.7 324 Skyline Dr. 2.4 301 Sandpiper Ln. 2.5 100 W. Vida Way 2.2 3111 Woodcrest Creek Dr. 3.3 3319 Walnut Rd. 1.0 2400 Westport Dr. 137 2000 W. Brooks 1701 Schooner Dr. 2.5 1509 Schooner Dr. 10.0 1317 Regent St. 4.9


Lions park shelter

Reaves park shelter

Colonial estates shelter

Rotary park shelter







BUILDING: // $40 per hr (2hr minimum) // $100 deposit required

Lighted: ROTARY & Lions Park // $15 per hr (2hr minimum) UNLighted: // $10 per hr (2hr minimum)

Frances Cate park NE lions park Rotary park Ruth updegraff Lions park reaves park Westwood park Little Axe // $15 per hr (2hr minimum) Lions gazebo // $20 per hr (2hr minimum)

AMPHITHEATER: // $25 per hr (2hr minimum) // $100 deposit required SHELTER: // $20 per hr (2hr minimum) GAZEBO: // $20 per hr (2hr minimum)

Recreation Centers 12th avenue Irving Whittier:

// $50 per hr (2hr minimum) // $100 deposit required

COLONIAL ESTATES SPLASH PAD Shelter: // $20 per hr (2hr minimum)

ROTARY PARK BUILDING: // $30 per hr (2hr minimum) // $100 deposit required

Parting Shot AJ Ward hits a free throw during the 2013 Fall Junior Jammer Championship game for the Senior Division at Irving Recreation Center. Norman Parks and Recreation offers several youth sports, including baseball, softball, basketball, volleyball and cheerleading. Check out what we can offer your young athlete at www.

2014 Norman Parks and Recreation Winter Brochure  

2014 Winter Brochure for the Parks and Recreation Department in Norman, Oklahoma.